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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 24, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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already. it's almost christmas. we hope you have the best one ever. we will see you in 2017. it's going to be a great year. i have that feeling. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." let's check in with tv's andy lee vee. >> coming up, millennials are creating a permanent protest base named after the "hunger games" notorious gate 13. . we'll show you the clip frame by frame to see if his comments were out of bounds. and finally, over 4 million viewer responses to our new year's resolution #sorry not stopping. 4 million, tom.
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>> unbelievable. thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she's a fem fetal. comedian, alley green. a perfect name for a new suburban development, comedian michael sommerville. bald and beautiful. two for two. comedian lewis jay gomez. and his friends call him ant because he ruins picnics. sitdi sitting next to me is anthony cumea. let's start the show. ♪ a group of antitrump millennials are opening a permanent protest space near the white house to insure that the president elect quote doesn't succeed. the house has been dubbed district 13 in reference to the defiant community in the hunger games and organizers say it will be ready by inauguration day, a
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space for the best kind of trouble makers from around the country. many have tried to stop trump and failed. you may recall before the electoral college voted, they tried to persuade them to vote for anyone but trump. they sent letters, lots and lots of letters. let's see what one elector from ohio did with all the mail. >> got a lot of letters to burn. going to be burning letters all night. >> anything else to add, sir? >> no more letters today. we've got our electoral votes and a new president. weevl a we've got our trump sign and our cows ovhere. they're supporting trump also. >> are they? we asked one of the cows. [ moos]
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>> anyway. the gentleman burning letters was sheriff of butler county ohio. he's a trump supporter but doesn't look like one. oh, wait, i guess he does a little bit. got that trump quality. welcome to the show. what do you think of this? what's going on? >> i'm going to be honest with you. it's his puraugative. i'm surprised he had time to get on periscope when he's busy hunting all those pesky vurmant rabbits. >> that's pretty good. he's pretty good with the new technology. he's a sheriff, he's got to keep up with this stuff. >> that's very true. >> they want to be near the white house but it seems the protests -- everything they try to do, it just makes trump stronger. will this happen again with trump? >> why do they want him to fail?
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if he fails we might bow in the streets, we might be homeless. let's hope to god that he succeeds. >> that's if. alley, this happened when obama was president. >> sure. >> i remember rush lim bah said i hope he fails. everyone came down on him how can you ever hope for him to fail? but there's a big swath of the country that feels that way about trump. >> and there's already a permanent protest base it's called brooklyn. and why are they sending letters to yosemite sam? he's obviously going to burn them. and make a big stink. >> it seems they didn't put their resources correctly. there was no hope. >> and half of the letters were death threats so they should be glad he's burning them. how are they not getting prosecuted for sending death
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threats to an elector? >> they're just going to bend his gun in his own face. >> that would resonate. i mean, in a way it's the ultimate f-you. well, here we go. it's all your letters. >> and now he's pussing off the epa. >>i used to burn stuff as a kid but now i don't think you'rer supposed to. he doesn't care, this guy. he's a sheriff. no one tells them what to do. you know that? he's the law and the real law. because if you're the head of the cops, the chief. the chief has a chief and it keeps going up and up. no one above a sheriff. >> he had the cows vote. >> got the tin scar. >> he's used to burning crosses
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i'm sure anyway. >> he also got that job by killing the sheriff before him. walk in to town -- >> that's the way it's done, isn't it? >> and it's the worst episode of "real world" ever. i can imagine the whining that will go on in that house. who took my sign? i need my sign that said trump is hitler. stop it. you lost. get over it. it's over. >> but look. you know what. barack obama ---ing. >> who's that? i forget so quickly. >> it's amazing isn't it? but he started as a community organizer. he was in spaces like this. so maybe in this little space of young millennials is our future president. >> great. just whining cry babies. that's what got left. that's all they do is cry.
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try to figure out some way to keep him from becoming president. >> the model has been protesting. obviously that doesn't seem to be working. what should they do? >> i think first of all good practes for these people, these kids to have 50 roommates for their future. you got to get used to it, right. >> this is the kind of thing that strikes to me as trump will love. i think he'll wind up renting them the house and it will be the world's worst criminals -- i think this could be watchable television. >> if i had trump money, i would just buy the property. what a boss move that would be. i bought the building. beat it. old man, the landlord's here. and just like oh, no . >> it's about like getting heat from the house.
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>> he's like the snider of the house. all right. earlier this week miriam webster revealed its word of the year. the word is "surreal" which they define as marked by the irrational reality of a dream or unbelievable, fantastic. yes, 2016 was a very surreal year. remember this? secretary of state. the publishing company picked a surreal based on the number of look ups on theron line dictionary. the liberals were hoping they were living in a scene of "saint elsewhere." for oxford it was post-truth.
12:09 am, xenophobia. fun buzzal. it's fun to say isn't it? i think it means to confuse. thumb puzzled him. i thumb puzzled all of america. >> you note aspattern with these dictionary picks. they all seem to be picking what? >> things that there -- >> give me some clues. >> this is a game show. >> what do you got? you got the post-truth. that's a dig, right. >> they're all digs. digs at trump or trump supporters. >> why? why do you think the world of lexiconography are against trump? >> anything in charge of giving you any information is against trump. >> what is it? >> i don't know he's an evil person in their eyes. i love him. i was surprised literally he
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wasn't the word. talk about over using literally. i see people say it three times in one sentence. >> they literally say it literally. >> thicks that are not literally. he literally went into space. it's the opposite. so surreal. >> this is words that people don't know what it means. they keep looking it up. >> literally. >> surreal was the top word that was looked up? there's no way that's true. it's got to be something filthsy tha filthy that's a top word. >> i don't know what that is. i'm not going to look that up etho. i won't look that up either. >> the real words have to be something you could not say and maybe number eight is surreal. but who doesn't know what surreal means? that's sad. >> it is sad. but the word "surreal" is
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literally of this year. people say surreal and it doesn't mean anything anymore. this was so surreal. i talked to my friend and it was surreal. it was not surreal. >> last time i was on the show i revealed that my website is -- and now surreal as >> from this show? how did that come together? >> the story choice gave you that? that's brilliant. so what are you going to do? is this e commerce? >> you guys look up what ziet gist and phone it in my ear. i'm going to hangout with my good friend xenophobia and get some drinks. it's a solid word. how do they define the word of
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the year. is it life is surreal? i don't think they're looking up just the definition. >> like tom said using it completely wrong. >> they said after someone explained in the news story this was surreal, people looked it up because they didn't know what it meant. >> why does everything have to do with the election? word of the year, everything is trump these days, isn't it? >> speaking of one of my favorite things he one of the top 10 words was bigly. and turns out it's a real word from the 1400s, which made me so happy. turns out he was just speaking old english. it's a little befuzzling. >> my favorite type of gun. >> i thought he was saying big leag league. >> but he'll say big league. >> big league chew. my favorite. >> it was pretty good.
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>> the my friend -- sile a or kayla. my friend, kayla the doll looked innocent but is she really a secret spice? saying these dolls are essentially spying on your kids' private conversations. ask her can i tell you a secret and she'll say go ahead i promise not to tell anyone. it's between you and me because we are friends. what the doll should say is i'm recording everything your child says and transmiting it via smart phone back to my parent company. privacy advocates say without consent from each parent the doll maker could bow in violation of federal law. federal law? they got in trouble on their hands, right, anthony? >> that's rr what we want the feds doing, keeping tabs on talking dolls. i blame the parents for thought being informed enough. when you pulled a string and
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they would talk, that was one something but they transmit these things. they're little rats. the whole family's rats. you would have been a rat. you got to take them out on a boat. >> anthony, they're not ratting on the kid. it's the actual kids voice going backing to the parent company. >> the doll's wearing a wire. it's terrible. you got to pat down your doll before you play with it? >> you could say parents head to to teach their kids not to nark on themselves, right? >> first of all why do we care what toddlers are saying? they're never saying anything interesting. i have a 4-year-old and literally the -- that comes out of this kid's mouth, nothing even slightly intriguing. paw patrol opinions. he'll call his cousin a
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poopoohead. he doesn't -- he loves bananas. that's what he's been saying all day today. what information are they give sng. >> it's interesting because most people love to listen to their kids talk but you demand intrig intrigue. >> you can't tell a story, tom. i'm a professional comedian and -- >> they learn later on. they don't have beginning, middle and end. >> no ability to keep people's interest in a story. >> come a year or two he'll start. maybe it's better than subterfuge he's really planning a cue or something. >> and the question says tell me your deepest secret which is so creepy but it's a great way to weed out anybody molesting your kids because suddenly someone
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gets uncomfortable and you shouldn't have that doll and someone's really worried what the kid might say to the doll. that's great. what did he say? my name's talking tina? that's why you know what -- michael, i think that parents would love having this doll. it protects the kids. >> you would think so. meanwhile, adults just grow up and tweet all their stuff. i feel bad for women named cayla. now it's synonymous with being a snitch. >> i get the white doll snitching but that ricky doll's not snitching on anybody. we don't do that. >> i don't think there's people at mattel listening to these dolls. i don't think it will help at all. >> if it's china. >> if it's a company they give
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the voice recognition to the fbi because they have voice recognition soft ware. technically if it there's somebody wantd and their voice is picked up, that information would be sent to that company. >> everything's recorded anyway. you saw mark zuckerberg has the new device you talk into it. the computers are on, phones are on. why not start them early? >> why is everybody surprised when you're plugged into the world wide web that somebody's seeing everything that's happening? >> next thing you know we won't be able have oo a conversation like this without being recorded? >> coming up, should sports get rid of instnt replay?
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live from america's new headquarte headquarters, putrickau stark. fisher was flying from lundn to los angeles when she suffered a heart attack before landing. she was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after her plane touched down. the 60-year-old actress and author is best known as princess leah in the "star wars" films. she was in luntden filming a series for amazon. air force says there's a personnel shortage and it needs another 30,000 airman in the next five to six years. they say it needs more personnel for intelligence and maintenance jobs. there's roughly 317,000 airman in the air force. meanwhile, military personnel
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seeing a pay raise. president obama authorizing 6$61 billion for the military as well as additional benefits for personnel and their families and keeps the prison open autoguantanamo bay, cuba. and holiday travel gets ntd way. a winter storm watch in effect from montana to lake superior with much of the dakotas under a blizzard watch. the minnesota vikings' football team experiencing some of that winter weather first hantd. their plane sliding off an icy way. the vikings playing the green bay packers later today. and dogs are roaming the concourses at the dallas fort worth airport. they're on hand to keep travellers cheerful and calm as they get to their destinations and back to your late night therapy "red eye."
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♪ did we rethink instant replay? bryant gumble says in his humble opinion it's ruining sports viewing. >> in my humble opinion, technology is ruining viewing ability. they stop every two seconds for a replay. they go under the hood for a review. it's insane. what's next? we put a chip in everybody's cleet so we can tell if they reach the bag before a tag? >> let's say they do. >> supposed to be a game. it's not a technological experiment. it's a game. >> wow. >> their panel's bigger than ours. i'm jealous. see that they go around in a whole circle. lot of guys talking sports
12:24 am
there. first of all is technology ruining sports? >> first of all technology made sports what it is. before technology you had to buy a tick squt go to the polo grounds. and it made bryant gumble a millionaire. i don't see him complaining when it goes to a commercial break to pay his salary. >> self stating. >> you notice no one else at the table chimed in. >> they depend on technology. what's he talking about? >> it's funny he stumbled on to a good idea when he's like what's next? putting chips -- yeah, that solves all the problems. >> it's perfect. >> it's brilliant. >> stop and go to the replay. it's perfect. technology's helping in a way because you see things you'd never see. they have the guy masturbating
12:25 am
on the san diego chargers' field. i watched it like four times. i would never watch a chargers' game otherwise. that's amazing. >> more masturbation in sports? >> absolutely. that's my stand. more masturbation in sports. >> anthony, it's true. it's everywhere. sometimes i wonder why you need these refs. everything is done with computers. the first down is a laser beam. >> no judgment calls in football for the most part. so, yeah, they could computerize the whole thing. i think you've got a point where you don't want to completely take the human element out of it then you might as well have robots in a futurestic game. but what do they have in hockey? that tracked the puck for a while and it was distracting and annoying. that chip in the shoe in the base, that is brilliant.
12:26 am
i really think they ought to do that. >> there's no down side to that. >> he sounds like get off my lawn. >> he just doesn't like new technology. >> and is it slowing the game down because they have -- i feel the technology can help speed up the game in some ways. . >> look, here's the thing. i think the thing everyone is ignore sg we're grown men watching other men play games and that is kind of ridiculous. it's crazy to me as an adult i' down a field with a ball to another man. am i had the only one that finds that whole concept very silly? >> people live and die by sports? >> mma because it's the only sport you need to watch. it's two men, they fist fight each other. we don't need balls and this
12:27 am
aggressive sweaty men activity. we don't need a bunch of balls being thrown around as well. >> i don't know. you're a sports guy, right? >> huge sports guy. sorry. >> what am i going to do? >> you're very convincing and now sunday is screwed. >> most of their life is sports. work, etc. but do you think it's been too technologyized. ? >> i don't. i understand sitting there for four minutes on the instant replay. show me the technology. absolutely. the masturbating, i'm not so -- >> that is the most unsettled guy in the world. >> he wasn't even hiding it. >> he loved sports. he wasn't looking that defensive line, right? >> and that's something where he should have been using the newest technology and he's using
12:28 am
old school real cheer leading. an old-fashioned kind of guy. >> he's a romantic. >> and a few years ago they tried to do sensors in their uniforms so you could tell how tired they were on the field and they would pull them out when they were more fatigued. but if you have the technology available, it just helps the game. >> coming up. #andy levee. and
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. welcome back. time to find out what we missed. over in the red eye news desk. >> how are you? >> it's our last show of the year, isn't it? >> it is. unbelievable, isn't it? about to go on holiday. >> can't believe we made it. you showed the video of the electorer who said the cows supported trump too? i'm guessing cows would not vote for a guy who usesed to make steaks. >> there are the two kinds of animal spokespersons, the kinds that want you to eat them and the kind that don't want you to eat them. tony the tuna wanted to be put in a can. >> he was kind of dumb. why would they want trump to fail? if you fail, we might be nude,
12:33 am
hungry in the streets. i guess in their minds all those things will happen if he succeeds. >> and you're right, we're screwed. thanks, andy. >> imagine the smell. >> that would be terrible and puck's eating it peanut butter with his finger nails. >> chewy everywhere. you said nobody tells a sheriff what it do. obviously you've never seen "smokey and the bandit." >> okay. >> mike you said it would be good for these kids to learn what it's like the have 50 roommates and also the first time theyvent lived with their parents. >> the plan was conkaukted. >> how can we get them out of the house? terrible plan. >> surreal is miriam webster's
12:34 am
word of it year. you said interesting it spiked right after liberals were hoping they were living in a episode of "saint elsewhere." that's a great personal experience. watching and going yeah. man. >> did you write this story? >> i didn't. >> okay. andy does that. >> i do do that. >> he'll write a story and then criticize what came out of my mouth. >> this was not one of those times. no charley the tuna. alley you said the real words have to be -- words like surreal should be further down on the list after reverse lumpcon. which i looked up and ew. they would probably be urban dictionary's word of the year. i checked and they don't which is weird. they should. >> that's the only one that would be interesting. >> i know. i was really upset. you said the word of the year
12:35 am
should have been literally. i thought normalize. it came on kind of late but right after the election all we were hearing is don't normalize trump's behavior. >> i never heard that. maybe your friends. >> you really haven't heard it? >> normalize. it should be word of the year. that or puck. >> very clever. >> lewis you asked how miriam webster picks it. is it people typing things like life is surreal into search engines? it's just based on how many people look up a particular word on their website, that's it. there you go. the spying doll. you said you blame the parents for not being involved enough. it needs to be made really clear that if you buy this doll the things you say are stored on the company server and that's up to the parents.
12:36 am
>> maybe they're not going to sell many dolls if thatd warning label's on there. >> also you mock the idea of the feds getting involved and the doll is basically wearing a wire. >> that's true. >> so i don't know. i don't like the feds. >> and they don't like you. >> alley you said the doll asks kids to tell them their secrets. >> their biggest secrets. >> i don't think it does. >> i think that was the quote we showed. >> a kid saying to the doll can i tell you a secret? >> i thought it was the doll saying tell me your deepest secret. >> that would be creepy. >> really creepy. >> you said what kids say is nonsense. why do we care what they're say sng maybe the doll does say things like tell me your mom's atm pin. >> i would find out a lot of information about the family's
12:37 am
social security numbers, all the major family secrets. very smart. >> absolutely. you said parents would love this doll, it protects their kids. i think the -- i don't think the feds have to ban it. >> and when the kid says things, you see what the kid said in secret. >> oh. >> don't parents set up baby monitors anyway? spying on their kid? >> iphones are great for that too. you slip them under the door. >> bryant gumble said technology is ruining sports. he kept saying it's a game, it's a game. it's not just a game at the professional level. ask anyone who gamblees. >> or even at the college level. >> the first down in football was not done by a laser beam. >> what are the lines? >> the line is only on your tv.
12:38 am
it's not real. >> but it's based on real information. >> but the announcers always say when it's close to the first down. they say the line on your screen is not 100% accurate. they remind viewers don't judge it by that yellow line. >> they should remind me more often. >> you should pay attention and do this less. >> dude, what was that? >> what i do? >> could have been a variety of things. anthony, you said gumble sort of sounds like get off my lawn. i agree to some extent. i think replay is killing football. there's too much time spent not playing the game. i feel like you should use replay. if a ref is standing behind a player and thinks it was a catch and you instantly see that the ball hit the ground first and within five seconds you can overturn that. but if you have to check eight
12:39 am
million angles in slow mow for 20 minutes, let the call stay. >> if you'rer home, you'rer home. you're watching a game. it gives you time to grab another beer and if you're at the game, i'm in a rush to get to the parking lot and sit for 30 hours and drive home? >> no, you're freezing your as off. >> it takes an extra five minutes to get an actual legit call. i care. i don't have to pee that much. i don't have to take that many bathroom breaks. >> maybe stop doing this. >> oh, i'm done. >> you're done? >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, you know your state bird and flower, now learn your state christmas movie after the break. this holiday season, people have a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag,
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live from america's news headquarters. actress carrie fisher remains in stable condition at a los angeles area hospital. she suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. she's best known for her role as princess leah in the "star wars" films. russian president vladimir putin says he agrees with president elect donald trump saying quote they can't get any worse. putin says he would like to work
12:44 am
with mr. trump on improving relations and would visit the u.s. if invite fwhied new administration. uber shipping its fleet of so-called self driving cars there after california blocked them from operating on the roads even though they still came with a human driver. arizona's governor offering his support. >> just another sign along a list of many that see arizona as a great place to do business. they're fleeing california. they're ditching the over regulation and high taxation and arizona's a place open for business. deutsche bank agreeing to a $7 billion settlement with the u.s. justice department. bank s securities which contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. and the columbus zoo's coco celebrating a milestone, turning 60 years old. she's now the oldest guerilla
12:45 am
living in a u.s. zoo. she's a motherer o three, grandmother of 16 and great grandmother of 12 and great great grandmother of three. i'm patricia stark and now back to your favorite late night celebration "red eye". when it comes to beloved christmas movies, one classic seems to be at the top of everyone's list, "santa buddies the legend of santa paws." but what are other favorites? households in the south. home alone, charley brown christmas and how the grinch stole christmas. the northeast prefers classics and it's a wonderful life. atlantic seaboard enjoy family
12:46 am
oriented fair like home alone and alf. and the nightmare before christmas weirdos. that is strange, isn't it? it's amazing what these maps are really different -- >> we are a united states. of course, die hard. you forget that is a christmas time movie. >> it is not a christmas. it's a christmas time movie and it's one of my favorites. so i'm throwing it in there. welcome to the party, pal. >> christmas party. >> now i have a machine gun. ho-ho-ho. >> it takes so little to make a christmas movie. you think "die hard" is a christmas film? >> 100%. cristmous lights and love and
12:47 am
redemption. a little fighting. >> holiday at the irish house. i'm used to that. it's more accurate of a depiction than any of these other movies. >> yipy cia mother -- >> potty mouth tonight. >> i know. but lewis, it's been in the news this week and i think it was proved that "die hard" isn't a christmas movie but we don't want to beat that horse. >> they are. sure. it's a christmas movie. i like the classics. i like it's a wonderful life. i'm from the northeast. i'm like right in there. what's this one? the nightmare before christmas? >> it's a bit scary for the kids. a little bit of halloween, little bit of christmas. i forgot about "skroojed."
12:48 am
doing something finally for this country and reminding me about "skroojed." one of the best of all time. >> it is. and i love "the christmas carol." >> i have a favorite that's eve. more debatable. planes, trains and automobiles. that's christmas, right? >> why? because there's a snowflake in it? >> i think it's meant to be thanksgiving but you can carry it over. it's like the holiday close to christmas and it gives you that spirit. >> you have some criteria for christm christmas. a serial killer came with the ax and killed that one. >> you're driving them nuts. >> has anyone even heard of a christmas in connecticut? killing tom's christmas spirit.
12:49 am
>> dying right in front of me. you mix it up with "miracle on 34th" because that ends in connecticut because they get the home. >> the natalie wood one? >> yeah. the ghost of christmas past is dpoeing to come back. >> that film "it's a wonderful life." a classic. >> and as a kid i loved all those animated things. they were good. >> i want to be a dentist. >> and now you can watch them all year. you used to have to wait. >> if you missed it, you missed it. >> your year was ruined. i think we're done with the show. coming up -- i mean done with that. we'll be right back.
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♪ every new year people make resolutions and promptly break them. i say this year don't bother. you're perfect just the way you are. earlier this week we asked you what habits you are resolved to keep doing. using the #sorry not stopping. let's look at some of the responses. the resident artist won't stop
12:54 am
drawing "red eye" every night. good. keep it up. sorry not stop living with my parents even if trump finds me a job. laurie says sorry not stopping arguing with liberals on twitter. too easy. and that one thing i do that no one else knows about. believe me she knows. daniel won't stop waisting my children's inheritance on my frivolous hobby. collecting mannequins is not frivolous. although it's horrible for my well being, i will continue to watch "red eye." good for him. cigars, they are essential to manlyness and say waw fair. and sorry not stopping the writing of my "red eye" fan pick. i can't wait for the one where andy and i have a sleep over at
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ikia. what do you think? what are you not going to stop doing? >> video gaming. i'm not married or in a serious relationship because of my video game. i need to be able to play whenever i want until i want. >> it qualifies a as a bad habit. that's all i do with my life. it's all i do. i love it and will not stop. >> not stopping, lewis. there's been a whole thing. your boy has been on a no wink campaign and i'm going twice in the morning, twice at night. nobody makes good decisions when they're -- what are we doing here? >> what are we doing? >> you're pent up, you're walking around, you're angry. you need to wink. you need to get it out and live life clear headed. >> i don't know about that.
12:56 am
well, he's not stopping. i wanted to the sorry not stopping and i got it. >> he doesn't watch sports so he has the time. >> maybe if he watched a game once in a while. what are you not going to stop? >> i'm not going to stop setting the bar too high and setting myself up for failure. i'm going to run a marathon, write a book. and everybody says you set too many goals but i'm going to keep doing that this year. >> you're going to set the bar. that's good. you know where you're going it end up then. alley, not stopping. >> i'll piggy back on that one. i think our friends should make our new year's resolutions for it. i would by like i'm going to quit chocolate and my friend would be like maybe you should
12:57 am
stop that ex-boyfriend. >> that would not cause any fights, would it? >> alley green, lewis jay gomez, that does it for me. i got to go to 2007.
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hanukkah to all who celebrate. this is a fox news alert. a huge policy shift tonight for the u.s. regarding israel. president obama choosing not to veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israeli settlements in palestinian claimed territory and demanding they stop. the u.s. has in the past almost always vetoed such measures but not this time. not even after israeli leader benjamin netanyahu urged a veto and not after president-elect trump did the same. we have fox team coverage. kevin cork with the president in hawaii on why the administration made such a bold move. we begin with david lee miller at the u.n. tonight. good


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