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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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christmas. good night. hello, everyone. merry christmas. i'm juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." welcome to our christmas special. we're so glad you are able to join us tonight. we have a big show ahead. santa stopped by a little while ago to drop off presents for us. we will open them later. before we do, we want to reflect back on this remarkable year 2016. we made a lot of new memories together here on "the five," particularly during our two-week road trip to the convention. grab some eggnog. it's time for our road trip rewind.
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>> the driver's name is glen. >> i could put -- he wrote a country song. >> you don't want me to do it now. ♪ i once met a girl ♪ i just couldn't quit her ♪ then she left me ♪ found out on twitter ♪ >> hi, everybody. >> my head can't get any further. >> got it. >> this is greg learning how to milk a goat. charity. >> this is harder than a friday night date. i will tell you that much. >> we're here at the columbus zoo. feeding these lovely giraffes.
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>> okay. hi. >> we are live in cleveland. we arrived a few hours ago after a very fun -- believe me, fun, two days on the road. >> day one of the republican national convention. >> all those in favor say aye. all those opposed no. the ayes have it. >> what's it like on -- on the water and not being able to see anything? >> it's a wild ride. being out here on the water gives me the ability to have freedom. >> republican delegates are about to nominate donald trump. >> it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top. congratulations, dad. we love you! >> night three of the rnc
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convention here. >> when marco rubio speaks tonight, i actually brought him -- >> oh, no. >> two large hams. give me a hand, everybody. >> how you can be in ohio and not come to canton, ohio, the pro football hall of fame? locked and loaded. ready to play. >> ready to go. >> tonight's the night. we are a few hours away from donald trump's shining moment. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> it's amazing. this is the ballpark i didn't get quite to. >> it's eric bolling.
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>> it's day one of the democratic national convention. but the city of brotherly love not so brotherly. >> enough is enough. >> what's up with the shirt? >> this is the i'm with her shirt. but i'm wearing it because i like to change it to i'm with herb. >> moments away from the roll call of the states to officially nominate hillary clinton for president. >> i move hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party. >> it's hillary's big moment on the final day of the democratic convention. >> i accept your nomination for president. >> we're going to see you in new york city tomorrow.
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>> come on you guys. i want to go home. that's a wrap, philly. >> adeoes. >> leave the -- >> we want to take free stuff. >> gregory, what happened to the i'm with her t-shirts? they're valuable. >> they're in the third world country. there's about a million i'm with her shirts with soccer balls. one thing we didn't know enough of was what happened inside the bus. what happens with the road trip. >> well, what happens on the bus stays on the bus. >> you can't do on the bus. when you go on a road trip, always do a low residue diet. >> what does that mean? >> no spicy food. no fiber, caffeine, things that make you do number two. >> all did you was drink red
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wine. >> dana, there was that touching moment with the veterans on the water in cleveland. >> yes. actually, what's interesting is steven was the young man we saw that greg was talking to. a few months later i was an event doing a speech and i actually saw him again. >> we're going to come back to that. it was an amazing moment. eric, i was watching you. i was thinking, man, eric, this played out for you. you were so positive during that republican convention. i'm going to say i was not. when you look back on it, do you have a height light? >> i think the actual -- when he was nominate and donald trump came out and the speech. i happened to be right -- >> on the floor. >> in front of the stage. the balloons came down. trump came out. he pointed to me and he gaveny a thumbs up. the family came out. it was a moment of -- >> that didn't happen. >> i have a video. >> he's going to show the video. >> i gotta see that. >> i have the video.
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>> i will show you -- boys, it's christmas. we have to get along. >> i will show you video. >> anyway, while you do that, let me ask -- >> it was like sitting on santa's lap. he was so excited. >> kimberly, i think you had several moments. i remember standing with you -- >> here it is. >> in convention hall. >> i found it. >> hold on. there were a -- i believe they were ohio national -- >> homeland security. it was the security detail there. i took pictures with them. they brought me to a secret location. there were 40 men there. oh, my gosh. >> that was a good moment. >> that's kg's heaven. >> let me tell you something. it was heaven for them. they got a thrill out of meeting you. >> thank you. you are very sweet. >> you are stuck on them. >> i have to see this. there you go. he did it. that was you. i stand corrected. >> every one of them comes by.
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i took a lot of heat for that. >> good boys and girls, everybody. >> you are like those people at the state of the union. >> we spent a lot of time on the road together this election, as you can tell. in february, we went to new hampshire to cover the first in the nation primary. resided to hold a race of our own to try to predict the outcome of the gop contest there. >> welcome back to "the five." the five of us are going to pick the top five candidates. we don't know who we will have. we will slide down the hill. greg has never been sledding before. it's the first time. whoever wins there at the bottom, that's our prediction of who will win tonight's election. here we go. randomly handed them. kg is a competitor. juan thinks he is going to win. you know that bolling is an athlete. who do you got? >> john kasich right here. i'm going to take the victory in new hampshire. >> i got cruz.
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>> i got trump. >> it was random. >> rubio. >> ted cruz, you are mine. are you ready? >> i bet he dreamt of that. on your mark -- i'm not cheating. on your mark -- >> why are you like that? head first? >> yes. >> who do you have? >> on your marks. get set. go! >> no. cruz is going to win. >> you have to touch the camera. >> i did.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my gosh. >> i hate to see that there are people standing with coffee when i just got here. >> did trump win? >> trump won. congratulations, donald trump, you heard it here first. >> we need to build a wall. >> cruz came in second. >> unbelievable. >> who was third? >> i beat greg. >> kasich. >> i beat you. i was here. >> rubio? bush? >> bush came in third. >> all right. that's it for us. >> i would like to say that this whole exercise is racist. look at the snow. white. >> oh, my god. that was so brutal. you helped me. bolling helped me back up. i was so nervous. i was trying to pull my pants up. they did not fit. i ended up with ice down them. i didn't know what i was doing.
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>> you are a california girl. >> i had never even seen snow. >> both the fbi and cia confirmed that was not rigged. sg . >> the russians didn't hack it. >> are you sure comey wasn't there. >> we did a recount. he got 30 more votes. >> i convinced you to do it. >> that's what i was thinking. >> it was the night before. i had been on air. had you been at the restaurant. we meet back up. it was snowing. nobody had boots or anything. we decided -- i had this idea. what if we went sledding? i said, you heard it here first. and donald trump went on to win. >> no one knew you are a snow assassin. you are really good at this. you did a practice run. she's a killer. don't bet against her. i love it. >> that was the first time you went sledding? >> yes. >> too bad you came in last. >> think of the sled. >> last place. >> the sled should thank me for the low residue diet. >> let me see your hands.
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you were rubio, right? >> much more to come. next, we pay tribute to 40 american heros. the heros of flight 93. we will look back and dana's visit to the national memorial for flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania. please stay tuned.
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this christmas, we're taking a look back at some of the moment memorable members on "the five" over the past year. for me it was a visit for the national memorial for flight 93. thanks for having us to this amazing memorial. i've always wanted to come. having worked in washington and having had so many friends working in the capital at the time, this flight makes me extremely emotional. >> when you think about the brave actions of these men and
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women on that particular morning, it really kind of culminates with this tremendous 2200 acre memorial. >> i wonder if you can show me a little bit of how this turned out. >> i would be honored do so. here along the flight path, it shows at 8:46 american airlines flight 811, the first plane that went into the tower. it was at this point throughout america i think we could all agree people really weren't sure what was happening. united airlines flight 175 crashed into the south tower. at precisely 9:03 and two seconds. i think at that point, we all knew that america was really under attack. the men and women on flight 93 had the ability to communicate with loved ones and others from the outside. so they were receiving information in real time. they looked at one another and said, we're not going back to an airport. >> at the site of the boulder where it crashed.
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thanks for being willing to talk to me. your brother was on the flight. >> yes. >> so this is the final resting place. >> yes. this is where i truly believe the spirit of the 40 heros of flight 93 are. it amazes me that 40 individuals from all walks of had life were put in such a situation that no one is trained for. people coming together. putting it together. then the most democratic thing we have in our country, the right to vote. they vote on a plan. >> while terrorists are -- >> watching. >> piloting the plane. >> then they kick it off. they execute the plan. they prevent that plane from striking its intended target. i don't think when they started
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their assault that they thought they were going to lose. i think they had all the drive to go home. and have dinner with their families. >> president bush said it was the first act of counterterrorism in the war on te terror. >> they launched the first counter offensive on the war on terror. most likeliy lily lily target w united states capital. >> first battle won. they didn't reach the intended target. they took their lives, their destiny in their own hands. and they said, not today. not tomorrow. not ever. >> do you feel pride? >> more than that. it's hard. i keep waiting for joey and all of them to walk out of the trees. they will dust themselves off.
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>> you said you shed your last tea. >> i did, didn't i. >> joey was an amazing dad. husband. brother. cousin. and friend. >> and patriot. citizen. >> yes. very well said. >> this is him? >> yes, it's him. you know, i always come by. i rub my hand back and forth, just to let him know i'm here. >> i'm here with park ranger robert franze. what is the most frequently asked question. >> why did we fill in the impact site. when the fbi finished with the investigation, it looked nothing like it did on september 11th, 2001. they turned it over to the coroner. he looks at those large piles of dirt. he gathered 8% of the remains. he realizes he will never gather
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anymore. that earth there, the piles of earth are the final resting place. the question, why did they fill it in? that's why. >> it's sacred ground. >> it is. >> one of the things president bush said in 2011 is that we have a duty to remember and a duty to live. >> we have a duty beyond memory. we have a duty to live our lives in a way that upholds the ideals for which the men and women gave their lives. >> you probably have younger people come. how do you help them understand the importance of the site and the historical significance? >> i hope to plant a seed. one day, i say, i won't be here to tell the story. hopefully, one day, one of them will be. because it's a story that has to be told. >> flight 93 always takes my brother away, the bravery, what it symbolizes in terms the first act on terrorism, to counter the
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evil that has come to us. one of the things about shanksville is that you actually have to make an effort to go there. it's likely in your life that through business or travel you will come to new york or washington, d.c. but i wanted to encourage people to make an effort to go to shanksville. i had never been before. >> you always wanted to go. i think it probably brought everything full circle for you. this is very emotional every time i see it. the journey you took there, the people you spoke with, it really brings it home what it means to be an american, to make the ultimate sacrifice. the people that have fought for liberty for our country and for our freedom, defending it for years through so many countless wars, you think about that. it puts everything in perspective in life. >> it's a national park. the park service director he pointed out that you over the years always talk about flight 93. that was something that they remembered about you. >> i kept -- whenever we talk about terror, i use the phrase, think like 93. there was a group of people --
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the most heroic act in my lifetime. i don't know -- they overcame free. they overcame panic. physical barriers. the disorientation of being on a plummeting jet in space. they overcame all of these barriers to save untold numbers of people, including possibly a president. they knew they did this knowing they were going to die. that's the mentality you need at a disco in miami. at a rock club in paris. at a community center in santa barbara. you need to have that mentality. >> or a side line in a football game when some punk decides to take a knee instead of standing for the national anthem. they represented americans. they knew they were going to give their lives. that's the american spirit. watching the world trade center, i watched that go down. then when shanksville happened, when flight 93 happened, i realized this was bigger than anything we imagine.
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thank god we have people like the people who were on flight 93. i bet you a lot more people would do the same thing in the situation. that's what you have to ask yourself. what would i do? >> god bless their families who live with this every day. >> something that people might not remember about that flight is that they -- the passengers won -- they took a vote. the most american thing you can do. they took a vote. >> in this christmas season, i think we all look back on relatives that have gone. in this case, you look back on fellow americans that are gone and have done us proud in such an emotional and direct way that we can understand. i just am struck whenever i see the memorial down at ground zero here in new york or walk over to the pentagon. just remember where i was that day. it gets me emotional. this christmas season, i think when you look back this part of the christmas spirit that talks about relatives that have gone by but also patriots this christmas. >> as you said, that's a story that needs to be told every year. stay with us. we pay more tribute to more
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this is a new news break. one israeli cabinet member says the government feels betrayed and angry following the abstention in the u.n. trump said it will be different. the israeli ambassador will join me here at 6:00 p.m. nearly 4,000 people and 45 ships are scouring the black sea looking for the wreckage of a russian military plane that
2:30 pm
crashed on christmas day. the cause is still under investigation. president-elect trump has announced that he plans to shut down his foundation in order to mitigate concerns of conflicts of interest. the charity will be forced to remain open until the investigation is over. join me tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern for "special report." now back to a christmas edition of "the five." when the five of us were in cleveland this summer for the republican convention, dana and i took a side trip to watch a tournament of races hosted by team river runner. the competitors were wounded vets operating kayaks designed for heros who lost limbs or experienced other injuries. they refuse to let their disabilities change their lives and encourage us to do the same.
2:31 pm
>> tell bus paddus about paddli patriots. >> they help some of our wounded warriors. it's a classic support group where they help guys to work with each other to help each other. it goes beyond that. it's about self-esteem and self-confidence. they sustained serious injuries. they can't play football or do basketball, whatever. but they can get in a kayak. >> this is our event. >> listen, any of this for veterans needs all the love that can give. that's why we're here. >> that's true. >> let's get out there. >> i'm not a bad kayaker. >> go get 'em. >> i know this is a very dumb question. because it says blind kayaker. could you tell me what your
2:32 pm
injury is? >> i lost my sight during combat operations in iraq. on may 13, 2008. >> thank you for your service. i have to ask you, what's it like on the -- on the water and not being able to see anything? obvious question. >> it's a wild ride. i really -- the best way i can put it as someone with a so-called disability, being out here on the water gives me the ability to have freedom. the world -- i stare in a still world. i could complain about being in the darkness. it's important to keep moving forward. >> what's up? >> nothing much. >> good to see you here. i strolled in with this young river. thought we would say hi. >> you were in the army? >> yes. >> you sustaineds injuries. you can describe them? >> i'm an amputee. i lost both of my legs and several digits on my left hand.
2:33 pm
internal injuries. >> if there were wounded warriors who were watching this who might not be ak active as you are right now, what might you tell them? >> i would say, try something new. get out in the water. kayak. it will change your life. it changed mine. >> nothing like being out on the open water. bet you didn't know i was a seaman. a lot of experience. doing this sort of thing. hard work i gotta tell you. think i'm in the water? i'm not in the water. i don't like water. dana, do you know why the elephant is red? >> why is the elephant red? >> because it's embarrassed. actually, an elephant is known because it never forgets. it is important that we never forget. >> never forget. >> about our veterans and the
2:34 pm
contributions that they make to preserve our freedom. i can ruin a segment with a bad joke any time. >> funnier at the time. >> it was. go to if you want to find out more or donate. these guys have more hobbies than i do. >> the volunteers are amazing. they have these all across america. if you are interested in volunteering in some way, take a sport you love and help a veteran. it's amazing. >> quickly, skiing is another one. we go skiing and quite -- it's a great thing, the volunteers that help wounded warriors, wounded people, heros, help them get through the skiing up and down. make way, also, when someone who has a disability. let them cut the line. >> what was striking is i was recalling how much fun we had at the cleveland convention versus philadelphia convention. the way they had it set up was more fun. we were able to get out and do things like kayaking. >> you couldn't go kayaking in philadelphia.
2:35 pm
>> this is a great memorable moment, bringing home at the holidays about the tremendous service. as you see physically the sacrifice they have made. look at greg at the positive attitude. you could learn a lot from that. >> i know. it won't change me. i will be a sour puss. >> our annual secret santa reveal. don't go away. that's me.
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welcome back to "the five "christmas special. it's been an exciting year. here are more flashbacks from
2:40 pm
2016. >> hello, everyone. >> it's 5:00 in new york city. >> this is "the five". >> the five of us are back together again. >> oh, no. >> my head is going to explode. >> happy caucus day. >> it's 5:00 in new york city, 4:00 p.m. here in des moines. this is "the five". >> look at this. i know this is -- you are going to love this. >> bernie sanders? >> it's bernie. >> oh, my god. >> look at that. >> happy five-year anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> we are outside on the plaza at fox new s headquarters. we're very excited to see our fans here with us. >> live from hofstra. >> it's debate night. and disco night here on "the five". >> it's 2:00 in vegas. >> wikileaks leaked an e-mail
2:41 pm
that had juan's personal phone number on. so i have been answering the phone for juan. >> he has. >> for the last couple of hours. it might be the funnest thing i've ever done. >> election day in america. >> congratulations, everybody. >> we made it. >> we're still together. >> i love me some chris wallace. that was great. kimberly's food court. the smell delicious bacon. i'm about to eat it all. i hear you. i feel you. time for kimberly's royal news. everybody, greg especially, royal cuteness alert. feed your woman. >> i never heard of this tip. >> the blue skies came out to warm the green hearts. everybody feeling a little irish today. i would have green shakes. >> you don't know the name of
2:42 pm
it. >> a mcshake. >> it's a shamrock shake. >> whatever. >> somebody the other day in the park -- a guy said, is that the jasper from fox news? i went to get a picture with him. he was want the picture with jasper. debuting a new graphic. check this out. dana's corny joke of the day. what does a nosey pepper do? g they told me i had type a blood, but it was a typo. >> twitter, spotify -- >> what about -- >> i don't know about that one. it's a -- have i i have no idea going on. >> you don't know what grinder is? >> should we do this?
2:43 pm
i think we should call this the right board. >> the path -- >> i'm saying, i believe this. contrary -- >> as promised -- talk about how this recount will never, never change. three in 10,000 chance. >> so you're saying there's a chance? >> thank you, obama. guess what? guess what? guess what? guess what? guess what? just about over. >> you want me to get you anything? >> i would go for an iced coffee. >> i could get you one and bring it over. >> look at this. look who arrived. there's no milk in this. >> i got the two equals. >> who let you on this floor? >> i still have a security pass, believe it or not. >> that's weird. >> he's going to suck the life out of it as they take over the universe. this is the first step in robot dominance. adorable robots. i hate these people. get in the back of the line. >> you did this already. >> i'm doing it again. they keep doing it.
2:44 pm
i hate you. you have to come back and pay your expenses. they made your expenses impossible. look at that face. head over to lou dobbs. he just walks all over my body. i don't leaving in else has popped. >> my god, i love it. >> we had a really, really good time. >> that makes the year look better than it felt. >> high five. >> greg, you stay there. >> stay right there. a big secret santa reveal coming up next.
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2:48 pm
i love it. the time has come. the wait is over. we find out our secret santas right now. let the gift giving begin. i'm going to kick it off.
2:49 pm
let me give greg his gift. >> my gift? >> open it. >> don't yell. you take all the fun out of it by yelling at me. is it this? >> open both, please. >> okay, okay, okay. >> i have safety scissors. >> go, go, go. >> what is -- >> i mean it nicely. >> all right, all right. >> she's excited about this. >> she really is. >> this is the last time you are going to see excitement from me directed at you. >> very good. >> it's a buzzer. >> your imagination is your best friend. >> it is. >> a rainbow and all your dreams will come true. >> that's a lie. life is short and painful. >> when you get debbie downer. >> i got two. >> this is important. stand up. >> i am standing. >> i didn't know you were standing. you looked like you were seated. this is very important. step your feet into the little
2:50 pm
things. into the leg holes. pull the costume up. >> the headpiece is kimberly. >> it's me. you are not doing it right. step into it first. >> there you go. >> put your leg -- >> this is hard on live television. >> put your feet in the leg. >> i am. it's stuck. >> it's inflating. >> god help us. >> this is the most amazing gift. >> it's really amazing. >> you know what? kimberly, that's the thought that counts. >> i got it. come here. cooperate. it's going to go well. >> i'm beginning to feel like -- >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> right here. like a horse. >> it's great. >> there you go. >> i'm going to wear this on --
2:51 pm
>> kimberly -- >> i will sit down when i want to sit down. you put me through this i will take my tief. >> do you recognize this person? let's see. do you recognize that person? >> i don't -- >> are you sure? >> i'm not sure. >> go back to 1984 -- >> yeah. >> that's woody hikey who was the manager of the gulf coast league pirates. that was your manager. >> holy cow. open your gift. we tracked him down. we found him. he is 79 years old. >> that is unbelievable. >> his wife is ann marie. >> my baseball coach. my first coach in pro ball. you found woody. >> we found woody. we got things for you. his wife is ann marie. she helped us. >> the theme of this segment is finding woody.
2:52 pm
>> my gosh. >> there you go. this was the one when you were first drafted. this is the official one now. >> i absolutely lost touch. i cannot believe you found them. >> now we know where they are and how to get ahold of them. >> amazing. >> very nice. >> we have his contact. >> woody, i'm going to call you. i miss you. >> can i do dana? >> this one first? >> this is yours. >> rushing, rushing. we have a lot to do. >> you are like the exhausted man in an orgy. >> i'm trying not to look at you. >> my goodness. >> look at the teeth and the lips. >> that's so -- it's jasper. >> cutting board. >> every time you cook and you can cut and chop and -- >> peter, every time i cook. >> that's beautiful. >> there's one right here. >> juan is next. >> greenies. excellent.
2:53 pm
>> dog treats. >> these are good for next time jasper comes and you need to keep him calm. >> adrian thought this was amazing. >> you had me at wolf. you did. very good. that's great. awesome. thank you. >> juan, you are next. >> juan, focus. >> it's from you. look at that. >> i think you will like this, juan. >> don't pop it. >> it's no inflatable unicorn. >> you can't beat it. >> it's true. we tried. we tried. >> i think the other one first. >> thank you. >> did you not see the bag it came in? >> trump -- >> i gotta show the bag. >> i went to the trump store and loaded up on some trump. >> is it made in china? >> you weren't tasers when you went there? >> you know i like that.
2:54 pm
i got you a trump tie. >> too much. >> these are nice. hannity wears these. >> what a surprise. i like the color. >> that's incredible. >> this is an actual trump tie. >> no joke. this is gorgeous. that's really nice. >> this is really heavy. what is it? it's chocolate. >> trump chocolate. have some. trump milk chocolate. >> made in america. >> love it. >> it's right next to my heart. >> what's next? >> you are next. >> i don't know. >> you go. it says manufactured in brooklyn. >> it's my turn. >> kimberly. >> i did. >> get your act together. this is so special for you. >> really? >> you are a regal sort. i think this will fit you perfectly. >> is it a crown? almost. this is gorgeous. thank you. look at the beautiful cup.
2:55 pm
white with gold. did you get this at trump tower? >> no. there's more. >> what's this? >> shortbread. >> it's something quit for a -- >> queen. >> you got it. there we go. >> i've always wanted it. >> because kimberly's royal court. i thought you were a kim. >> kimberly's -- >> you should have hot tea and very british and -- >> i want to tell you something. not kidding around. this really suits me. merry christmas. >> i'm glad i made you happy. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's end this. >> my loyal fans and followers and consorts. get the -- real be right back. >> it can't help itself.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
hi. i'm deployed to southwest asia. i would like to wish my family a merry christmas and happy holidays. >> currently here in afghanistan. stay happy holidays to my mom, dad, friends and family back home. >> we want to thank our troops who can't be home tonight
3:00 pm
because of their service overseas. thank you so much for your sacrifice. we will see you back here tomorrow. merry christmas, everyone. happy hanukkah, too. betrayed, frustrated and angry. that's how one israeli cabinet member describes the feelings of his government following the united states intentional inaction at the u.n."special re" good evening and welcome to washington. the relationship with the united states closest ally in the middle east has not been a simple one the last eight years. as the obama administration winds down israeli's believe the united states played a key role in orchestrating one last parting shot. they say they can prove it. kevin cork is in hawaii with the president. good evening.


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