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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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katie pavlich. fun show. happy new year. what a day. we're staying right here for "outnumbered" overtime. the fun continues on line. join us. we'll see you tomorrow. "happening now." alert. and a sad one, according to people, magazine as well as tmz and the associated press, the actress and screen writer carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. you might recall last week she was on a flight inbound to the united states from london when she suffered a series heart attack. doctors and emergency medical crews had rushed her to the hospital and for the time there was a great deal of optimism that she would beç okay. now we are getting multiple reports carrie fisher the original prince us leia has
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passed away. >> she's been part of the lexicon. in 1977 she was in the first star wars movie. i didn't realize she was only 19 years old. so many films along the way. when harry met sally. she wrote the book postcards from the edge. you know, based in largeç partf her life. married to paul simon in 1983, of course, she was the child of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher, very much hollywood royalty. >> and had a role in last year's star wars film. not the new one, not rogue one, but had a role in that continuing franchise. just an absolutely prolific actress and did a lot of work behind the scenes. apparently she was one of the best script doctors in hollywood. that's what people said. >> you're right.
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she returned in the force awakens that we saw last year. i don'tç want to spoil the fil. there was a little homage to her in rogue one. >> will carr has more on the amazing life of carrie fisher. >> carrie fisher best known for her role as princess leia had a heart attack. she had been promoting her book about what happened behind the scenes.
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she published her first novel in 1987. she adapted the book into a screen play and then into a movie. she went on to become a successful screen writer revising hollywood's scripts. she recently reprised her role as princess leia and finished filming star wars eight. over the years, fisher spoke publicly about her struggles with bipolar disorder and drug abuse. rolling stone magazine featured fisher in this month's edition. when asked do you fear death. she added i had seen death it didn't look like fun. if i was going to do it i'd want someone like me around. carrie fisher was 60 years old. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> wow.
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all right. let's bring in the he's a star wars superfan. he joins us on the phone. give us your thoughts, your memories, your reflections. >> you know, it's such sad news. as you said, like millions of others i'm a huge, huge fan. it is a monumental film in my youth. i was six years old when i first saw her on screen. like millions of other guys, you know, she was like my first crush. she was a generation's princess in a lot of ways. you know, as i got older i realized there was more to her. she was one of the funniest person you could interview or see being interviewed. her books, several of which were best sellers, were so sharply witty and well-written. the obit you guys just ran, touched on her writing career. she helped write some of billy
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crystal's funniest jokes when he was hosting the oscars. she worked as an uncredited writer on movies like hook in the early 90s for steven spielberg. lethal weapon 3. she worked in really big movies because she was that well respected as a writer in the industry. >> it's amazing because most of the world knows her as an actress. you've seen her in iconic films besides star wars, when harry makes sally stands out. >> a great role. very underappreciated role. >> so funny. but really, she's such a talent for writing, for people who don't know what a script doctor s. you know, they've gone as far as they can with the movie and they feel like it's just not right. we need help that somebody is so good that they can pick up the project and they can punch it up to the next level. to think that a star like her served in that role that is so intellectual is impressive. >> yeah, well, you know, she
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also -- a little remembered series called the young indiana jones chronicles in the 90s. george lucas did that. george lucas when he needed somebody to punch up scripts and make thir tigem tighter he call carrie fisher to do it. it's a shame she was supposed to have a much bigger role in star wars episode 8 coming out in december. because, you know, in the force awakens she had a glorified cameo, it was more about hans solo. this next chapter supposedly, princess leia who is now a general is supposed to have a much bigger role. boy, she would have been so much fun to see on the press tours. she had reached that point in her career where she said whatever was on her mind and was very funny and she'd always have her dog with her which makes it more entertaining. such a tragedy on so many different levels. >> and with the new chronicle coming out with the force awakens, the next episode, you know, there's so many more fans.
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it's fraught through a whole new generation of fans for the whole franchise. like you said, she was a big part of it. now we go on and find out how the characters are, how they relate to the original cast. she's in the next one, but then what happens from there since she was going to be an integral part going forward had. >> she said apparently she didn't think that star wars would be a hit. she loved the script, but she didn't think the rest of the world would get it. >> that is correct. >> it went on to become one of the biggest box office franchises ever. and she's a big part of the reason why. what a loss. carrie fisher, dead at the age of 60. she was also in that -- you mentioned harry met sally but also postcards from the edge. that book, her autobi -- >> loosely based on her life sure. >> it went into great detail talking about the struggles she had had both as the child of two hollywood actors, and obviously,
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a huge musical star. what that meant to her having her life, right under a microscope. she struggled with mental illness. she's very open about that. >> yeah, absolutely right about that. i think a lot of people also forget how important she was to a lot of people who have mental illness. she talked about it openly and honestly and quite often. she never shied away from discussing her issues with that. that served as an inspiration for a lot of people to come out and discuss that openly. you know, because mental illness for a lot of people is hard for them to open up about. seeing someone with the stature of carrie fisher talk about it and share it in interviews and like in postcards from the edge where she put her story out there in a fictionalized version helped people more than people understand. >> it's very true. bringing new awareness to really bipolar disorder.
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thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. what a turbulent childhood she had. michael michael tammero jones uins us. what a loss, stunning, especially after the events of last week. >> i had spoken to a cardiac surgeon earlier over the weekend. it was rumored she was unresponsive for about ten to 15 minutes. he did not paint a very positive picture of the outcome. so sort have been expecting this, but very shocking. and very sad. i just saw rogue one last night. i heard you a little bit earlier today, john, and for those who haven't seen rogue one or who have seen it, there is an incredible tribute at the end for carrie fisher. not to provide a spoiler. but there is something in there for people who are sort of
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mourning today. >> yeah, and people watch the film, it will mean even so much more now. she had a big role in force awakens, was starting down this trail of a, you know, reviving the franchise, to have a whole new younger cast, people waiting in the next movie to see what the connection was between her and some of the younger characters. and, you know, what can you tell us about that? that film is totally completed right? >> final right now. she had a cameo in it. think about the character, princess leia who became a general. one of the most iconic characters. she was not a damsel in distress. just a great role model for young women going to the movies and just incredible. >> 19 years old, as you pointed out earlier when star wars began filming. what an impact she had on that franchise and really on the entire series. as you say, despite the travails she experienced during her years
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in hollywood, i mean, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, that kind of thing. she seemed to bounce back and do so with a vengeance. >> she did and she talked about it very openly and honestly and really paved the way for people who were also struggling with it. i've had the honor to sort of socialize with her in very intimate settings a couple times the last couple of years. the first time i met her, she was just a real down to earth person which just struck me. someone who is hollywood royalty, you know, and i remember being there in the room and sort of staring, oh, my god that's princess leia, she put her drink down are you going to stop staring or are you going to come over and say hello. that's who she was, you know? >> it's so true. to little girls everywhere, i remember like i said before braiding my hair in a bun and play star wars. for men, it was a little bit of a different thing.
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me husband talks about the gold bikini. men everywhere grew up with the very famous gold bikini, right? >> they did. and what was that, the return of the jedi, an iconic costume, you know. >> you're giggling a little too much. >> a little bit. >> not a hollywood costume i would everidary, you know, she -- >> she was -- one more way in which carrie fisher was very brave in life and on the big screen. >> i think she came to resent that moment. i remember reading about a conversation she had with the star of the force awakens. >> yeah. >> and said don't let them put you in a gold bikini. >> she was very out spoken and honest. she said how she felt. she was very out spoken about the fact she had to lose weights for her recent role in the force awakens. she was not happy about that and felt like men would not be asked to do the same thing. >> yeah. very much. and that's interesting you're talking about the conversation
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she had with the actors who played ray. you can see between the two characters how the feminist ideal has involved. ray is truly much tougher character. you would never see in a bikini and maybe in that way carrie fisher made a difference in the franchise. >> absolutely. >> even her initial princess leia 1977. that was character that wasn't the typical female heroine. she had great one liners. could pick up a laser blaster and use it to much effect, you know it's something we hadn't seen before in movies. >> absolutely. >> quite a loss. michael tammero host of in the fox light, michael, thank you. we'll continue our discussion about the life and untimely death of carrie fisher. also, much more news to get to ahead on happening now.
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fox news alert if you n, ca fisher dead at the age of 60. she suffered a heart attack on friday on a flight from london and los angeles and she has now passed away. fox news's anita vogel will have a live report coming up at the bottom of the hour with more details on what comes next for the memorial and what happened. john?
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more on that ahead. but democrats are looking back, still struggling to figure out what went wrong for them in 2016 election resulting in hillary clinton's devastating loss. now vice president joe biden is putting some of the blame on elitism. is that a fair assessment? the politics editor for the national review. i never thought of elitism as being one of the democrat party's hallmarks or strong points, maybe weaknesses. what's the vice president saying? >> what he sees is how poorly hillary clinton did in scranton, pennsylvania, a lot of working class communities. these are areas many voted democratic in recent elections. they voted for president obama. joe biden thinks the party has
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gotten too elite. they've focused at the liberal affluent base. he has a point. i think in hindsight i think he may have been able to win the voters that hillary clinton was unable to win over in 2016. >> talk about liberal and affluent. when you find out somebody is getting $250,000 to give a speech, you know, that kind of sums up the problem that people, that hillary clinton had relating to people. >> yeah, she was a uniquely weak candidate for the very voters that she lost in the midwest and among the working class set of voters. at the same time, though, she had baggage and kept trying to defend the president, president obama's policies. i mean, president obama has a solid job approval rating, when you look under the numbers, a lot of his particular proposals were not very popular. a lot of voters, a majority of voters disaproproved of foreign policy, his healthcare law was unpopular. hillary clinton had a unique challenge of trying to both
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energize the president's base while trying to win over the working class voters who didn't like the president's policies. and that was a very thread to needle. >> in this interview, he talks about sitting in his office one day in october and watching a donald trump rally in wilkes barre, pennsylvania, and he said i think we may lose this election. i don't know of too many experts who were saying in october that donald trump was going to win. >> joe biden saw the trend lines before the election. it's remarkable that pennsylvania in that northeastern corner of pennsylvania voted for obama in large numbers both in 2008 and 2012. and it swung to donald trump in 2016. hillary clinton's performance there was about as poor and the trend lines were poor as any part of the country. joe biden has his finger on the pulse as to why democrats lost
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so many votes. it would have been challenging for anyone, any democrat to defend some of the policies the president advanced in his second term. there was a lot of baggage that obama himself had that cost democrats the election. >> there is an interesting piece about charlie cook where he talks about the analytics. that was supposed to be hillary clinton's strong point. her team was supposed to be able to mind data and motivate particular groups of voters and it failed them, why? >> well, you can have as much data at you want. if you don't know how to interrupt the da interpret the data you'll have a problem. they spent less in wisconsin and michigan. they didn't see the working class white vote shift in the final weeks of the campaign away from them and decided to spend their money in states donald trump comfortably won. it doesn't help you if you can't
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interpret the data. they weren't relying enough on the polling that suggested that hillary clinton was struggling with these working class white voters. >> as the president elect is not shy to point out, they spent a lot more money than he did and still lost the election. >> money ball. the trump campaign played money ball and hillary clinton's campaign spent a lot of money and didn't get a lot of bang for their buck. when we come back we have more on the reaction of the untime untimely passing of carrie fisher and we'll learn more about the berlin contradihristm market talk. new fallout from role the u.s. played with world of iron clad information linking the white house to the language in the controversial resolution. what needs to be done now and
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why a former u.n. spokesman says the world body really shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place. we'll go in depth when we come back.
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a fox news alert. and her fellow actors and actresses are reacting to the
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news that carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. the movie star and screen writer suffered a fatal heart attack friday on a flight from london to los angeles. ultimately fatal i should say. she has just passed away today. whoopi goldberg just tweeted carrie fisher has passed. she was funnier and smarter than anyone had the right to be. say along silver girl. condolences debbie and billy. rest in piece. billy her only surviving -- her only daughter i should say. carrie fisher dead at the age of 60. right now israel intensifying its attack on the u.s. for not blocking an anti-israel resolution. by using its veto power in the security council. instead, our ambassador broke with past practice and abstained from the vote allowing it to pass on friday.
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now a spokesman for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there is iron clad information that the white house crafted the resolution and pushed hard for its passage. this as ben rhodes, the president's deputy national security advisor defended the obama administration's position on the settlement issue adding the white house had raised concerns about it in the past. >> when we see laws that aim to legalize out posts, when we see rhetoric that suggests this is the most pro settlement israeli government in history. when we see the facts on the ground, again, deep into the west bank, beyond the separation barrier, we feel compelled to speak up against those actions. >> joining us now is the former advisor to four u.s. ambassadors to the united nation and a fox news contributor. sir, thank you for joining us. first of all, what do you make of the idea there is iron clad evidence that the u.s. was
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deeply involved in crafting this document? >> well, look, i could see it on twitter. i could see the french ambassador to the united states talking about how the united states was being helpful and that they were looking at this resolution and they were trying to convince the obama administration. so i think the evidence was clear. anyone watching what was going on at the u.n. security council could see the flirtation. look, melissa, as someone who spent eight years inside the security council, this is an easy problem to get rid of. when experts meet early on to discuss language of a resolution, the united states' representative should show up and say this will be vetoed. we are not going to engage in a resolution that tries to have the international community telling israel which lands to give up. look, this is a typical land dispute between two countries.
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and the international community should not be trying to pronounce on this issue. and push other countries. this resolution is dangerous because it calls on other countries now to punish israel for not giving up land. >> what are the implications? what do you think was behind the obama administration's stand, what were they trying to signal and what are the implications for the u.s. going forward? >> this was a sneaky attack from the obama administration right at the end of their administration. there's just no explanation why they'd veto a 2011 resolution. but then at the last minute -- look, i think it's -- they lost an election, this election was a rejection of the obama foreign policy. they knew what was coming. they had democrats lobbying them, high profile democrats saying, do not allow this resolution to go forward. so president obama and, reben
10:29 am
rhodes who has been running our foreign policy for a long time. he said he was outraged that there was this land dispute and that israel was building settlements on what they classified as their land. look, it's one thing to say that you have an opinion about a land dispute between two countries. but it's quite another to reject u.s. policy decades of u.s. policy and then engage in trying to tell a country how to solve that dispute from the outside. we have a long-standing u.s. policy that the two parties should talk amongst themselves and they should figure this out. this is a typical land dispute that arises after wars and they should be able to figure it out. >> okay, what are the implications going forward for the trump administration as they come in? because they have signaled out of the gate that israel is our friend. you know, that donald trump does not believe that president obama has treated israel with the respect it deserves. that was the rhetoric.
10:30 am
what does this force the president elect into a corner to take action? what does it mean? >> well, look i would advise the trump administration to stand with israel and to recognize that they've got to do two things. one you've got to offer a resolution that's going to reverse this so that it's not a standing resolution to punish israel. because that's what this r resolution encourages countries to stand against jaeisrael. if they won't change the resolution and they won't redoing it, then i think the united states has to be very clear that any country that tries to punish israel for not giving up land or entering this equation and taking sides, any country that does that, the united states should act diplomatically against. we should make it clear in our policy that this was a mistake and that you shouldn't implement this resolution in any way. and if you do, there will be a
10:31 am
diplomatic issue. and we will stand against it. we will stand with israel. >> thank you for coming on, appreciate your time. good to see you. >> good to see you. some new information now on the prime suspect in the berlin terror attack. and where he was before he died in a shootout with italian police. surveillance cameras capturing anis amri in italy just an hour before he was killed. investigators say he was the man who drove a truck into a crowd of shoppers at a christmas market a little more than a week ago. killing 12 and injuring dozens more. isis claimed responsibility for that deadly attack. we've continuing coverage of the death of carrie fisher, with a live report from los angeles, that's straight ahead. also, chaos in malls across the country as fights break out. what we know about the cause and whether they were organized online.
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. a fox news alert. carrie fisher is dead at the age of 60. the movie star and writer suffered a heart attack friday on a flight from london to los angeles. she has passed away now today.
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anita vogel has more from los angeles. >> we're hearing the sad news this morning. it might be surprising to some because we had been hearing she was in stable condition ever since she suffered the massive heart attack on friday. just to recap what we know it was last friday when she suffered a massive heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. passengers on the plane said she had stopped breathing and she was in quite a bit of distress when she landed paramedics were standing by. they treated her aggressively and took her to a local hospital. at the time her uncle told the media her medical condition was brought upon by a combination of fatigue and too much travel. she was reportedly on stable condition. on saturday her brother reported she was in critical condition. of course, this morning the very sad news that she had, in fact, passed away at the age of 60. she was the daughter of eddie fisher and debbie reynolds, really hollywood royalty. she was an actress and a writer and, of course, best known for playing the role of princess
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leia in the original star wars. in her first and best known book, she wrote about her turbulent relationship with her mother, drug addiction, mental health issues. she said she was bipolar. she was in london promoting her new book and filming the third season of a british tv comedy. she's loved by fans around the world and will be missed. i have to tell you that twitter is blowing up with news this morning. we're getting tweets this morning here from ryan seacrest who says thoughts and prayers to carrie fisher's family. carrie fisher -- another one from seth farland saying carrie fict fisher was smart, funny a hell of a fun time to be around. and the family guy will miss her intensely. we're also hearing from her daughter, billy lord, the one daughter she does leave behind.
10:37 am
she said that her entire family thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. she was loved by the world and she will be profoundly missed. again, john, the sad news coming in this morning. after suffering a massive heart attack on friday. we'll have more on this story throughout the day and we'll be of course hearing more from reaction around hollywood. back to you. >> for those of us who were a whole lot younger when she first premiered in star wars, it makes us feel a lot older. what loss, thanks very much. anita vogel in los angeles. and kevin mccarthy is a film critic and a fox news contributor. he joins us now live on the phone. thanks so much for joining us. you know, obviously, we heard that she had been traveling a lot and there was a lot of exhaustion involved. she was in london not promoting this film, but promoting her new book and working on a series that she was filming. what does it mean, though, that this happens at the time when
10:38 am
rogue one hit theaters. >> it's devastating. for people who like me, who grew up on star wars. i think anybody, i think she transcended just star wars. star wars is such a cultural phenomenal everyone has been touched by it somehow. even if you're not a movie fan you know who princess leia and who carrie fisher was. she was so full of life. you see her interviews, everything she did with her dog. gary was the name of the dog. she was funny, very witty. she was an incredible writer. she has written so many incredible books, screenplays, plays. obviously, you mentioned postcards from the edge, the meryl streep film . i remember her in blues brothers. she was really funny in that.
10:39 am
it's a devastating things to lose somebody who has touched so many lives. what i'm saying on twitter is a lot of people saying how much of an icon and role model she was to them. just in regards to being the characters she played. she had a lot of things that were going wrong in her life as you mentioned. she was somebody on screen that portrayed a strong character. a lot of people were invested in that idea. when harry met sally was another great role of hers. she has done so many things. it's sad when someone passes, but the beauty of being an actress and being in this business and having these movies is that she will live on forever. i mean, anybody can go home and watch star wars, anybody can go home tonight and read her book, watch one of her films and that's kind of the beauty of what actors and musicians and anybody out there who is in the entertainment business can give us that we can still continue to watch their work forever.
10:40 am
so it is very, very sad. and i'm kind of in shock. i had absolutely no idea this was -- we knew friday she had a heart attack but, i was hoping she was in stable condition as her mom said. so, i don't know, i'm very upset. >> okay. kevin mckarkcarthy thank you fo sharing your thoughts. china make as bold military move, sailing its aircraft carrier group into the disputed waters of the south china sea. we'll take a look at what kind of message this sends to china's neighbor and to the u.s. military as well.
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. . .
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right now, china's only aircraft carrier is sailing in the contested waters of the south china sea. the carrier and the group of five other warships were spotted heading into open water. to conduct what china calls routine exercises. but neighboring countries say beijing is trying to send a message about its military capability. gordon cheng is an author of the book nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. thank you for joining us. what do you make of this aggression? >> i think the important point here is that of course china is trying to intimidates his neighbor and u.s.
10:44 am
military officers have a view of the world that is sharply different from that of not only countries in the region, but of course in washington as well. >> yeah, i mean, it's interesting to juxtapose, it happens on a day when you have the president having bilateral meetings with japan. at the same time, you look at what's going on with china, and how it has become is it fair to say one of the lead aggressors. you'd have to look at its relationship with korea and its neighbors. >> absolutely. you know, japanese prime minister shinzo abe is not apologizing to the united states. but the u.s. and japan as you say have closed the book on world war ii. japan has so many times apologized to the chinese for world war ii but beijing won't let it go. today we've seen from state media and the foreign ministry
10:45 am
very provacative statements about abe's visit to pearl harbor. >> how do you put that in context? when you look at the aggression that's going on with china. we have a lot of pots that are boiling over all around the world. you look at the middle east, what's going on with russia, how big of a threat, how would you categorize it? >> china grabbed scarborough shoal from the philippines in 2012. the united states didn't do anything about that. and so right now, china has sort of enlarged the problem, by now starting to say it wants not only the senkaku islands but also okinawa. there has been little push back from the international community. the one thing about abe going to pearl harbor is for many japanese, this is the end. the symbolic end of world war ii. japan can act independently in the region to defend itself and to help the united states. that is a very good thing.
10:46 am
japan and the u.s. are very powerful combination. >> at the same time, we see the temperature rising between the future administration and china. donald trump has talked a lot about trade relations with china but he's addressed this very specific issue, the island grab, the military aggression. how do you think his relationship will be different? >> well, trump is basically saying to the chinese, look, you know, you challenge american administrations in their first months. you did that with president bush, you did it with president obama. what trump is doing is he's saying the united states is setting the agenda. not china. and he's doing it before he took the oath of office. so this is an important change in the relationship. basically he's saying to the chinese i'm not afraid of you. that's an important message we need to get across to beijing. >> gordon, cheng, thanksgivings for -- thanks for your time. a weekend of chaos for malls across the country as fights break out. there's been some speculation it
10:47 am
might have been organized online. if so, what's the legal fallout? >> [ bleep ]. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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right now investigators are trying to determine what led to fights breaking out in malls across the country, one day after christmas. in some cases, there were even false reports of gunfire, gunfire, terrifying shoppers that ran for safety in the chaos. rob schmidt is live in our new york news room with more on this one. what can you tell us? >> brawls at shopping mauls all across the country on the day after christmas. some of the most compelling video we were able to find here. steens starting to throw fists. recorded by a shopper's cell phone. police responding to gunfire. you can see they were jumping in to stop this. although there appears to be no
10:51 am
connection between all of these fights. >> the small fight erupted at which time slamming a chair down. another patron called that shots were fired. fox valley mall in illinois had fights break out there. two individual fights may have been coordinated online including this one in aurora, colorado. toons starting to fight.
10:52 am
there were five arrests, no mall customers were able to do their returns or shopping. >> for more on this, let's bring in our league panel. troy slaten is a former prosecutor. i can't remember a weekend after christmas like this with so many fights breaking in and out so many different malls around the country a dozen states, at least, and they all seem to have a common theme. there is word that some of them in ohio, may have been organized online. if that is the case, can prosecutors pursue charges. >> you accurately framed the legal question.
10:53 am
is it a coincidence or a conspiracy? this kind of chaos, coordinated chaos, can make a very big difference legally. let's face it, there are lots of disturbing the peace kind of charges that apply here, but a seerns charge make it's a fron. it could potential i will be very serious if we find the post christmas chaos was coordinated. >> the good news is in this day of digital and instant communications, police can go back and look at some of that and pull evidence against some of these people who may be coordinating these things online. do you expect to see that happen in these cases? >> john, i certainly expect that investigators will follow the digital footprint, but i have to disagree with my colleague in that it is very difficult to
10:54 am
make a charge for insightment. anything you put online is protected speech unless they can show it could cause imminent harm. the person making the postings knew it would insight people to immediately act out. >>. >> when they're on the hook for failure of security there. >> malls are soft targets, and they're filled with distracted shoppers. you look at whether or not it was foreseeable, it's just a matter of time before we have a metal detector at malls. one of the other things you worry about is the insightment doesn't have to be necessarily that, it can be any conspiracy to commit a crime.
10:55 am
so it comes back to foreseeability for them. >> we know that teenagers do a lot of stupid things. a lot of them were begun by teenagers and juveniles. the fact that they're probably under the league age of adulthood, is that a protection or an explanation in some cases. >> it is certainly a protection as to the potential punishments that could happen here if someone is under 18 they're only likely to get a slap on the risk. even if the theory is correct, the conspiracy theories to commit the crimes, they're not going to be in that much trouble. when you hear shots fired, i'm worried about the children.
10:56 am
>> there was one mall that had something like 13,000 people sam people out of it. my you a young hour with a child in a stroller or the elderly, that could be very strengthening. i would want to take action against someone responsible. >> absolutely, and i think we had a good discussion about really and civil liability. who was to blame. was there enough security kaurds? everybody about expected to be post christmas shopping and that is why the attack was coordinated. >> everyone just settles down,
10:57 am
still a lot of fwifts to return. wendy patrick, thank you. >> and we're back in just a moment. your insurance company
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aspira aspira aspiras pricess lea. america's news head quarters starts now. >> hi, i'm heather and we gind with a fox news alert, carrie fisher passed away at a hospital after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight to los angeles last wednesday. >> you're acting like a scoundral. >> stop it. >> stop


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