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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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aspira aspira aspiras pricess lea. america's news head quarters starts now. >> hi, i'm heather and we gind with a fox news alert, carrie fisher passed away at a hospital after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight to los angeles last wednesday. >> you're acting like a scoundral. >> stop it. >> stop what.
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>> stop what? >> my hands are dirty. >> mine are afraid too. >> what are you afraid of. >> you're trembling. >> i'm not trembling. maybe it's because i'm a scoundral. >> live for us in los angeles with more. tell us what happened here. when she went into cardiac arrest she was taken to a local hospital. tmv is reporting she never regained consciousness and her condition never improved. she had recently been out promoting a book. she also talked about the affair
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she had with harrison ford. when she got the role at the sage of 19, she said she loved the script, but wasn't sure that anyone would go see the film. it turned out to be one of the most famous movie franchises in history. carrie fisher was born into hollywood roilt. people forget that carrie fisher was one married to paul simon. fisher was also outspoken about her proms -- problems included
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drugs. even though fisher appeared in other hit movies like shampoo, when harry met sally, her acting took a back seat to her writing career. mark hammill says no words and billie d williams tweeted this. i'm deeply saddened by the passing of carrie fisher. what a career she had. i just watched the first one a little bit ago. thank you. >> president obama says he could
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have done what hillary clinton couldn't, defeat donald trump in the election. he says he could have persuaded america to give him a third term. >> i think if i had run again and articulated it, i think i cou could've mobilized and won. peter, what did the president-elect have to say about president obama's claim. >> the president-elect is now just reminding president obama something he reminded voters of a lot in the long campaign. he said president obama said he thinks he would have won against me? he should say that, but i say no way. just leaving isis, o care --
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>> they have been talking about the transition and the way things are going in the world recently. there is no word yet. a third obama term impacted their relationship negatively. >> all right, so there is another issue big in the huz right now. he is talking about the trump foundation. how is the president-elect now addressing that? >> he is not addressing that investigation specifically. he said he wants to shut down his charitable foundation. new york's toernl general says he can't do it, whether or not money that was donates was used for political or personal
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purposes. he posted "i gave millions of dollars to djt foundation, raised or received millions more, all of which is to charity and the media will not report. never paid fees, rent, salary, or any expenses. one of the big knocks against mr. trump from democrats, when he made this announcement, that was he was trying to bury the news by announcing it on christmas eve, but that seems to have gone away. >> peter, thank you. for more on all of this, let's go to simon rosenberg. always caleb, a republican campaign consultant. gentleman, thank you, both. let's start with you, simon.
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democrats can't get over this loss, what is going on here. >> as better said, this is a little bit of a hypothetical, but it is a basic do noproblem. so i think that both parties, neither party is where they want to be, right? we don't have as much power as we want or voters have who they want. >> we're talking state and also federal seats and governorships as well. what do you achibt that to? >> i think is a misunderstanding
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to how it is how they're living the bulk of the voeks came have very large states. the progressives, but he did that. he campaigned with hillary clinton time and time again. he harticulated those principal and he lost. >> he was speaking with the congressional black caucus late last year, and he said if you don't turn out to vote to hillary clinton,ly take it as a personal insult to my legacy. >> he is more popular now than --
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>> yeah, but it is not fair, he has a higher pool rating than ronald reagan did at this point, and he is 20 points higher. she has gone out well regarded as president. the country is clearly better. barack obama was not on the ballot. at the end of the day it was her campaign to win or lose. >> so are we willing to admit it was not russia or james comey that lost hillary clinton the election. >> i believe, and i said this on the air, i think it was a combination. the comey stuff had an impact on the election. >> what if it were a republican.
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like michelle obama said, people have no hope now. what if it were no way around. if you were looking at republicans needing to reprioritize, but the truth is if you look at the past eight years, governorships were held by 2018 been we care about jobs, ba obama care is failing and that is what they are running on. they went for someone more real. zllt leaders of the u.s. and japan coming together today at
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pearl harbor. it plunged the united states into world war 2000 two. it is in honolulu, hawaii. tell us about the gathering, how long have they been planning it? >> we talked about this on numerous occasions. just leading up to this, i think it is remarkable when you consider the history that we're marking here today. and the american forces at pearl harbor, but this is a day of remembrance and reconciliation propelling into the u.s. as the americans fought back on that fateful day.
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the president joined the prime minister for a ceremony. we were there and it was a powerful day to be sure. now for prime minister abe marked the past and a hopeful future between the two nations. >> i think the alliance is so strong and had so much support, i think they will recognize that. >> a relationship born out of con flikt, but they were blocked into a very close and enduring friendship. >> we understand there will not be an apology. thank you. >> the intense fallout, abstaining on a u.n. vote.
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we'll have a live report coming up. what happened to all of the christmas cheer out there, a outbreak of violence from coast to coast. all of this mayhem, is it being coordinated? we'll look at that when we come back. >> right when i was getting in, they were like everybody get back. they were putting the gate down, and i was like oh my god, what's going on.
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welcome back, rising tensions between the united states and israel. benjamin netanyahu lasting the decision to ab stain from voting at the united notions, withholding a veto and then allowing it to pass. we have a look at the story and what officials are saying about it now, hi, john. >> heather, yes, a senior official told me early near he personally has seen "sensitive information and material proving, without a doubt, that the obama administration was behind this resolution, how they orchestrated it and crafted it.
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that is the stance that benjamin netanyahu continues to take on this, calling it a shameful ambush, and that israel will hold their ground. they say some of the settlements are moving forward. that said though, the prime minister in respond to all thof is taking option. he recalled the ambassadors to ten countries that voted in favor of the revolution. now president obama's deputy national security advisor said that the accusations are false
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and they it is no secret they have concerns. so will they continue to take a hard-line stance and approach on the issue? >> is there anything coming in the future before president obama leaves office. live for us in jerusalem. thank you. >> thank you for joining us. explain to our viewers here why we should care. why is this vote so important? >> well, it is very important and it is very irrational. long standing american policy for american interests. this is very irrational hot only
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because staffing an ally in the back sends a very bad signal to any current or future ally, but the united states has always today up for leadership positions, not allowing the u.n. to come in. they are very corrupt and cynical, and they never brought any peace here in the middle east. so by allowing the un to take over, it is certainly leaving the u.s. with less prestige and lev advantage. >> think of some of the nations over there involved in the united nations. what do you make of that? >> that shows the real moral
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character of the -- voting against any western values, and supporting dictators like assad. it far super seeds the resolutions against iran, rak, and any other dictatorships around the world. >> let's talk about what this looks like going forward. do you say it will lance late, what do you think it will be? >> as i say, it's not only upsetting to israelisy, i think it hurts lip all over the world.
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pretty much the same resolution was vetoed by the united states. and they said not only is the un not the right forum, but it will harden the positions of parties. >> why do you think if the palm administrationment today do this. they're saying it will make peace tougher to achieve. >> slously, because it is so incomprehensible. it was not a rational decision, but irrational, and i quite frankly cannot explain. >> thank you for joining us this evening, we'll keep a close eye on what happens next.
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shoppers across the united states duking it out and it's not even black friday. what is behind the brawls? one teenager girl getting a lot of attention for her birthday. why it then tended in tragedy.
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welcome back, a washington woman missing since christmas has now been found dead. . she was found in her car with signed of ka that. she missed a christmas dinner on saturday. police say they have someone in custody. it was employees -- he was arrested this morning after the car was found. >> several people were injured, police had to evacuate some of
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those malls. so people go kra crazy for sale but this? >> yeah, large groups oop seens and young adults mobbed the local mall. teens started throwing fists at a small in text, police arrived after calls of gunfire. you can see they were jumping in to stop the melee. there appears to be no connection. >> and we have other video voeing more of the same, teens all meeting at a local mall. shoppers fleeing the exits.
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>> i saw a girl get run over, it was really scary, for real. >> a outlet mall? elizabe elizabeth, new jersey sent people into a panic because they thought it was a gunshot. customers were sent running for the exits. maybe 1,000 strong, fights started to break out. four juveniles arrested. four more fights may have been arrested. one officer trying to take control saying he was surrounded by an unruly crowd. the malls were very busy, people
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were cooped up for the weekend i guess, a guess. >> that would be so frightening. >> you don't fwhee to make of it, very scary, and we started thinking could they all be coordinated snotogether? it sounds like at least two of them were coordinated. >> the birthday party in central mexico that made news because of the viral video invitation. a boy died after being trampled by a horse race. the video piling up nearly six
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million views with more than a million people vowing to attend and thousands of people reportedly showed up for that party. president-elect donald trump will take office in about three weeks and that will be quite a party dloun in washington. how folks are feeling about the incoming administration. and a search on the way for a fugitive in tennessee. how he and another inmate broke out of jail. you won't believe how. we'll tell you about it. gs she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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welcome back to a quick check of our headlines. a russian military yet crashed into the sea over the weekend. and the suspected berlin christmas market attacker at a train station in france. authorities say they're not sure how he entered that country. and then more than 150 on board. there was a growing sense of optimi optimism. 55% of americans believe that 2017 will be better than 2016. scott broup is a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us.
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what do you make of this? 55% think things will be better. >> i think it is great. i think it is time we got rid of the doom and gloom. i think that is what people are most excited about. having a president-elect who says he will get rid of the bag redlations. for every won he will take away two. lowering corporate and individual taxes, it just helps create an environment of business. they can plan six, to nine, to 12 years instead of six to nine to 12 months. >> democrats say they're trying to prepare for blocking things coming through congress, specifically obama care and taxes. what will happen with all of that? >> i want to thank harry reid.
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he allowed a simple majority, to all federal judges, all cabinet positions. everything but the supreme court, and obama care. you can also take it away through reconciliation. the challenge is, now, that what are you going to replace it with? that technically means 60 votes. i would not be surprised if they changed it to a simple majority. how will that go over with the american public? >> they can't, he changed the rules. the nominees don't even need to produce tax returns. they can go through the motions and the hearings, but they have no authority to top it. >> we'll keep watching that one, i'm not sure the american public
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would like to see things go down that way. i want ask you about the incoming press secretary at the white house. he was talking about trump, and trump using twitter, and he described it in an interesting way. >> i think it will be something never seen before. he has a direct pipeline to the people. and i think that allowed mif to add an limit of conversation that never occurred. >> he has a direct pipeline to the american voters, it seems to be working well so far. >> that's the whole point, we had other presidents that used the radio, now she using socie using social media.
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the media is not going to give him a fair shake. they're very upset and i'm glad. >> as a journalist, i know you can appreciate that because you spent time at our shop, we need to be able to quickly fact check and you can't fact check a tweet that goes out. >> i can't disagree with that. hopefully they will have a check and balance. one bad tweet could really spark an incident. i'm hopeful that he will use it, and use it in a very productive manner. she going to address a real concern out there instead of justly willy nilly. >> let me talk to you about the
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inaugural address. it is being described as dreaming big, what would you like to hear? >> i want to hear how we put america back in terms of having our allies trust us and our foes fear us. i want to produce energy and the like. i want to be feared. i want to be the leader in all of these areas and i think we can do it and i think that is a good thing and that is what the american people elected him for. >> we'll see you back here in new york, and i heard that your daughter could be singing at the inauguration. read that in one of the local papers. >> thank you, yes, she is doing great. thank you so much. >> president-elect trump tapping a veteran as his chief homeland security advisor and giving him elevated status in the white house bureaucracy. say they thomas bossert will
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advise him on counterterrorism, cyber security, and more. one fugitive is still on the loose today in tennessee. they removed a leaky toilet to break out of jail. the other five guys are back behind bars. trace, any sightings of this guy? >> not yet, they have good tips they following up on. escaping down the drain, that is exactly how these six inmates fled. because of a water leak, the bolts were rusted and the porcelain was weakened from earlier repairs.
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listen now to the local sheriff. >> we had multiple issues with this facility concerns water breaks, sewage breaks, deterioration of the facility. and it is a never endi ining tao keep this place, this facility, operational. >> one of the inmates was nabbed after a foot chase. only54-year-old david wayne phrase sere still on the run. he is considered the most dangerous of the bunch. he informs jail awaiting rile for aggravated rop ri they have followed some leads, and they said they're getting a lot of tips, but nothing has panned out. . at inmate stayed behind to put
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the toilet back in place. it appears that the inmates that were serving jail time will be in fair lie tight quarters. just in january, some man tried to great out through a toilet, and he got about halfway into a sewage pool thing. >> yeah, everyone watches shawshank and they think the drain is the way out. >> i hope the police get him soon. the storm that blasted the plains may have weakened a little bit, but thousands of families remain with no power. one of the areas and vast stretches of highways that had been closed are now reopened to
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forecastic. the weather lead to the closure of an airport. so we'll look for that cold here. and sitting on top of a car in tasmania, a seal was found sitting on a car. it dented the hood and cracked the windshield. then he rolled over and took a nap. he was tranquilized and taken in for a check up before he was released back into the waters. boeing looking to be a beneficiary of the iran nuclear deal. flow is a contract to sell dozens of planes to tehran, and that could be at a cost half as much as they originally thought. how is boeing cutting them a
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deal? president-elect donald trump says things are starting to change in the economy for the better, but will the rally continue into the new year? we hope so, we'll be back with more and a look at that. the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at
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the fox news desk. president-elect donald trump covering a lot of ground on twitter. he is saying no way would president obama have beaten me in a reelection.
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we'll break it all down in the next hour when i fill in on shepherd smith reporting. >> twlel will be a little more pain at the pump for millions of drivers beginning in 2017. the gas tax will go up in seven states. the money will go to fund major road producting it will include pennsylvania, which has the highest gas tax in the nation, as well as michigan, indiana, and florida. billions of cash flowing into and out of iran as a result of the landmark nuclear deal. boeing with a contract to sell 80 passenger jets to iran, but we're learning that tehran may get them at a bargain price. how much of the discount is iran
11:46 am
getting and why. >> we know they're no friend to the u.s., and certainly not family, but they're getting 50% off. that sounds nice for jeans, but for commercial planes, that is tens of millions of dollars. it is 80 planes. $17 million, but now tehran is saying they were able to haggle their way to a half priced deal. on sunday, iran's deputy transport minister says considering our nature, the purchase contract is worth about 50% of that amount meaning iran could now pay less than $10 million for the deal. >> and by the way, are they civilian aircraft? >> commercial aircraft. the fleet is very outdated here and that was one of the key
11:47 am
points in the nuclear deal. boeing has not said anything since it came out on sunday, but these tweet discounts are pretty comment for some manufacturers, particularly during down times. both of those manufacturers have signed massive contracts with iran and those deals, those were some of the biggest economic opportunities, and it was a key bargaining chip repeatedly used to get them to the table. >> how is it a good idea that they might want to sell iran aircraft technology, for example, while they continue to fund a missile program that threatens our allies of the region and the united states. >> i think it is a good example of how their diesire to reengag, got them to make a lot of
11:48 am
serious commitments for their nuclear program. >> president-elect donald trump said that he plans to fully renegotiate the iran nuclear deal, and that is what made the deal possible. >> you know who is paying for those planes? we are, we decided to give that money back to iran. thank you for joining us. boeing just one of the companies that president-elect trump has been talking about recently. live for us as the new york stock exchange. how are the stocks of many of the companies doing these days. i know you been following the defense stocks. how are they looking? >> sometimes they really have a knee jerk reaction, especially when they get tough talk from jump. all three are still higher. four where we had trump saying don't you move production to
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mexico. now they're saying they will keep it here. that sets up 8%, and lockheed martin, now giving their personal commitment to cut the cost of the f 35 fighter jet. our pentagon could be upwards of 24 million. and trump says listen, i want bowing to make money, but not that much money. he was saying that $4 billion was outrageous for the new air force one. there was a knee jerk reaction selloff. >> i love how over the weekend, the ahead of lockheed martin said we'll work with you, trying to make it a little less expensive. that was some of the good news coming out of that. also good news, the dow closing
11:50 am
in on 20,000. >> no doubt, that is exciting. we're about do minutes today. everybody calls it the trump bump, and himself is taking credit for the recent rally. he tweeted the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope and now the market is up nearly 20% and christmas spending is over $1 trillion. he wasn't wrong when he said nearly 10%. it was up about 9%. and the trillion dollar spending for the christmas season, those numbers are not out yet, but the he has bumped optimism into these markets. >> i'll take it. baby needs new shoes. three robbers blasting through a new york city window snatching pricey merchandise. what they took coming up.
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college bowl season beginning and the next game is
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moments away, but the issue of violence against women is overshadowing those games. some players are facing suspension and one star in oklahoma may have to sit out in the cotton bowl. we have the latest going on with these teams. >> reporter: when the holiday bowl kicks off it will happen while some minnesota fans are calling for the out ster of the coach. ten players had a sexual encounter with one woman. an 80 page investigation by the university goes into disturbing detail of the encounter, but includes the fact the woman was drunk and confused. she said she attempted to refuse the advances of at least some of the players. the police determined the case did not meet the threshold of criminal charges but ten players were suspend. the rest of the team boycotted. the coach tweeted support for his players saying i have never been more proud of our kids. i respect their rights and support their effort to make a
11:55 am
better world. some 400 parents and teachers have signed a petition calling for the coach to be fired. the petition reading in part the tweet fails to acknowledge the tragic historic treatment of women dem traiting he is not an effe effective of young player. >> i don't have time to worry about my job. i love working with the kids and that's my responsibility to make sure they're repaired. >> clay said he knew the tweet could get him fired, but he needed to get behind his players. >> all right. interesting debate that could be had. thanks. the actress carrie fisher passing away this morning. we'll take a look at some of our favorite moments of this out of this world actress. >> i should have expected to find you holding the leash. i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board.
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you are short for a storm trooper. >> you stuck up half whited. >> you would know. >> you look like -- >> like her? i've been hearing it all my life. >> it's uncanny. >> i was this close. who gets it? >> all right. here we go.
11:59 am
he's been married for over a year. >> really? he's married. >> i don't know who you are or where you came from, from now on you do as i tell you, okay? >> look, let's get one thing straight. i take orders from just one person, me. >> it's aen wonder you're still alive. will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way? >> i'm saying the right man might be out there right now and you if you don't grab him someone else and you will have to spend the rest of your life knowing someone else is married to your husband. >> "star wars" fans will say -- she had been in the hospital since friday after suffering a cardiac episode on board a flight to los angeles. fans around the world expressing shock, sadness and condolences.
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carrie fisher was 60 years old and she will be missed. thank you so much for joining me today. hope you're off to a great week so far. i'll see you back here tomorrow. donald trump won't give up his twitter. his spokesperson saying we can expect trump to keep tweeting while in office and if the last day is an indication it's going to be interesting. obama claiming he could have beaten the billionaire in the election. plus what to watch when republicans have control of the white house and congress. we'll look at the gop's priorities from obamacare to tax reform. and the brawls at the the malls, why did so many fights break out? also, remembering carrie fisher, the actress who played


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