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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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a great place to take in a show. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. thanks for joining us today. your world is next, trish regan in for neil cavuto. you are looking live at mar-a-lago where donald trump is spending the holiday week, but no holiday for democrats who are vowing to battle his nominees and pretty much his every move. one is even refusing to meet with him. >> no, i don't trust him, i don't believe him, i have no intentions of sitting down with him. i'm going to fight him every inch of the way. and i'm going to help show the american people that they, too, cannot trust him. >> so is this really how we'll start the new year, how we'll start a new administration? welcome, everyone. i'm trish regan and this is your
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world. so why is what maxine waters said is okay? >> if a president like donald trump is going to appoint individuals who will be bad on national security, bad on defense and especially bad on civil rights, i urge my party and leaders in the house and senate, the confirmations will go to the senate, but -- >> but maxine waters is not even talking about the appointments. she will just flat out refuse to meet with him, block him at every chance she possibly can. and this is a sentiment that we're hearing echoed by many members of the democratic party. my question to you, is that really okay, is that really what you should be doing at this point in time? >> and that is her prerogative. again, if donald trump is going to carry out some of the policies that he's promised, which will be disastrous for america and for our people, i strongly urge democrats to stay
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firm, stand for civil liberties, stand for economic freedom. and block him. i already has caused plenty of damage by appointing people who, a, don't know anything about the job, b, have terrible resumes or, c, do not have the temperament or the right background for those jobs. >> so let's talk about some of -- rex tillerson, the guy was ceo of exxonmobil. kind of like running a small condition. he knows putin. betsy devos will go after the teacher's union hard. i'm sure you take issues with those both. a few goldman sachs guys which i'm sure you take issues with. but i can say this having once worked there that they're smart. >> i don't. i take issue with trump hitting hillary hard about gold than ma and then appointing the rich cats from goldman sachs.
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[ everybody talking at once ] >> wilbur ross, self made billionaire doesn't tdeserve a shot in thecabinet? >> i take issue with him appointing rick perry. i take issue with him appointing ben carson who should stay away 50 feet from any -- >> so will you have that conversation with him then? if you're in favor of seeing some progress and getting your views across, wouldn't you want to sit down with him unlike max se even waters who won't even entertain the idea? >> if trump wants to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, i'm all for it and i urge democrats to vote for it. but if trump wants to appoint people to key positions like jeff sessions who has a terrible record on civil rights, i'm opposed temperature general mattis, i think he will made a
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terrific secretary of defense. he is someone that can be a great voice of reason. also general kelly, i disagree with a lot of his policies, but again, a solid resume. but there are a lot of people -- >> i don't understand why you want to -- >> -- the department they want to destroy. >> but why wouldn't you -- listen, i don't agree with you on all thris, but i'll say if yu feel that passionately, why wouldn't you if you're a democratic lawmaker actually sit down with the president, why would you put up this road block, why would you say you absolutely would he refuse to? and this is exactly what these members of the party are doing. look, they lost, right? they -- >> you named one. you named one. >> nancy pelosi, harry reed who is on his way out. >> donald trump, donald trump, donald trump -- >> a lot of partisan chatter coming from all of these folks and i'm only asking is it in the best interests of the country to move forward and actually try to work with him on some things?
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hey, you named it. infrastructure, should yyou sho all for that. >> and that's what your party did. >> for the not my party. i'm an independent. but i see both sides up like many members of the speed i can't media these day. >> fine, then you're i said, just a conservative bent.i can't media these day. >> fine, then you're i said, just a conservative bent. as someone who is a conservative, you and your party or the party that is the conservative party obstructed every move president obama tried to make. >> i will tell you this, it's time to move on. and if that's the case, two wrongs don't make a right. >> we won't oppose the good things. we won't oppose the good things. i'm all for infrastructure. merry christmas to you and april holidays to everyone watching. is president obama still not
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ready to give donald trump the win? the president saying he would have defeated trump. >> i'm confident that if i had run again and arctic could ytic think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> so is this about the president defending his own lag any after all, democrats have lost more than 1,000 seats federal and state level ever since he took office. our strategists are with us. robin, why do you keep losing seats? >> that is a tough one. trish, i will say i agree with the president. you're taking a 15 second sound bite from an interview that was one hour with his former campaign strategist. so they were just talking about strategy. you know, and there were five states that were within five points. barack obama won 200 counties that donald trump had won.
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so he's just talking about his message and the campaign strategy saying that he -- had they implemented the same stranlg strategy that we had in 2008 when i was regional director that they would have won. i don't think that it's not that he's ready to give up, i think he's talking strategy. >> so you think if they had used his strategy, they would have won. k he could have won where she failed. was this a big slap across the face, jason, to hillary clinton or when you really think about it, the policies that barack obama put forward, maybe a combination of both, but the policies didn't leave people in a place where they were willing to embrace another four years. >> i think it's that. i think obama is a little bit confused about how the electorate interpreted his policies. the second time, hillary clinton was very similar to president obama on many issues.
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and the country spoke and said we don't want this any more, we want republicans if charge. and now republicans will have control for four to eight years and then we'll see what happens after that. >> ken, 1.8% annualized gdp growth over the last eight years. is that nothing. you got 10.7 million more people on food stamps than were on food stamps before obama took office. our economy has really lacked any kind of promise in recent years. you look at the international situation, the rise of isis, and it certainly feels as though despite the fact that she was a lousy candidate and we can talk about that all day, she was a lousy candidate, the reality is people are rejecting something else. for the democrats to lose that many seats, not just the oval office, it has to be a response to something bigger. >> you're hitting the nail on the head. president obama is living in fantasy land. first and foremost, how could he have run on the platform of hope and change when he has governed
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so differently? and all of the things you mentioned go against him. but if he can with a straight face talk about hope and change, i don't think that's what the eelectric terrlek troctorate wa. they wanted strong bold clear leadership and that's what they saw in donald trump. >> and this is an important point that is occasionally missed. i don't think parties per se really matter anymore. people were so disappointed in the status quo. they were so fed up with washington as usual that it didn't matter because in many ways, and a lot of people, could be seven differences, have accused donald trump of it, he has embraced ol ci ed policies s that would have been the democrats for years prior. i mean, i think about blue collar voters and how they flocked to him for example. >> trish, that is it exactly.
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donald trump was the anti-candidate. he fought against republicans, his own party didn't want him for the longest time. he had to beat all those other candidates. and he rose to power on a populist message that appealed to middle americans. and the dnc should never have abandoned their 50 states platform. granted we won the popular vote by 2.9 million people, but what good does that do when donald trump won the presidency. so that's why barack obama was talking about from a strategical point that we need to appeal more to middle america and your average >> they vote. >> yes. >> guys, good to see all of you. the dow making another try at 20,000 today, but falling short. all this as consumer confidence surges to a 13 year high. how about that? economists citing increased optimism about the economy and jobs after this election. a week after that deadly terror
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attack by a refugee in berlin, seven more refugees arrested this morning in a much different type of attack. we'll explain. and in the wake of that anti-israel vote at the u.n., president-elect donald trump blasting the group calling it nothing but a club for people to have a good time. so is it time that we stop gi giving it $8 billion a year.
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>> seven refugees under arrest in berlin, they are suspected of setting a homeless man on fire. >> reporter: the incident took place in a berlin train station during the christmas holiday. six suspects turned themselves in and seventh was arrested. it's understooded the men are from syria and libya. german prosecutors say they all came to berlin as asylum seekers. the homeless man had been sleeping on a bench in a subway station and they set his clothes al light in the early hours of the morning. passers by helped put out the flames but suspects could face
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charges of attempted murder. this incident follows a deadly attack at a christmas market in berlin just over a week ago which killed 12 people earlier this month and before that attack the european border agency released the report saying that they believe more isis inspired attacks are likely to happen again in europe in futu future. they could be carried out by individuals or groups. and the agency says isis followers would likely attack soft targets just as they did in berlin. according to the u.n., fewer refugees are coming in to europe now. deportations are on the rise. in recent weeks, germany sent a number of asylum seekers back to afghanistan and german authorities are under fire for not doing more to crack down on the suspect in the berlin ta attack. he was known to authorities and due to be deported. and new developments prove
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we need donald trump's extreme vetting plan here in the united states. and colonel, welcome. can we vet against this stuff? i mean, a lot of these people may even in fact already be here. people that sympathize with isis that is. >> yeah, hi, thanks for having me on. we absolutely can vet against this. ich nev i've never liked the term extremist vetting because we haven't been vetting in the first place. if we had been doing it in the first place, we koopcouldn't ne the term extreme vetting. so political correctness has gone amok. >> give me an example of what is practical, normal vetting. what we should be doing that we have not been doing. >> for example we should be looking at their social media
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activity for folks not living here if the united states. and if we see spikes or indicators that there is jihadist sympathizers or activity under way or, you know, proclaimed activity, we should dial into that. we should look at if they're on the terror watch list, we should look at affiliations that they have. and i don't think we even consider that right now. >> and how do we know who to look at? should we be looking at people for example from some of these suspect countries and say all right, let's spend a little more time and attention trying to give them a visa? but maybe we also need to be looking at people in general because, gosh, you think about the people in berlin, you think about the people in paris, they could have held european passports, they could have come here. in other words, it's a big world and there is unfortunately a lot of people that are sympathizing with pretty bad folks out there. >> well, i mean, look, there are a number of people coming into western europe and the united states. but we know how to vet people. we know how to look at potential
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and emerging threats. we're not doing that. we're not considering this. so certainly source countries of terrorism like afghanistan, pakistan, syria, tunisia, these are countries where we know automatically isis will try to apply a concept known as stealth jihad, they overtly told thaws they will try to infiltrate refugee populations with bad actors. so that's a good starting point, but we're not even trying to do that. and frankly -- >> but we're so worried that you will get labeled islamophobic? we hear it over and over and over again from members of the left. i mean, they don't seem to want to enforce borders. gets back to the issue if you're a country, got to have some borders, right? doesn't necessarily mean any controversial about enforcing them. but yet they make you feel like it is. >> yeah, every country needs its own culture, its borders, its language. every nation state in the world enforces it and has a procedure
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for vetting people that would come in and do harm for the inside out. and look here's the thing. what isis is doing in western europe and most recently in germany, we can expect to see in the united states if we don't recognize this inflection point that we're at and make responsible changes on how we look at those who could do us harm in the u.s. when donald trump asserts pressure on isis in the coming months, and he will, you can bet they will displace like a balloon when you squeeze it and try to strike us locally at home. if we don't get responsible measures here in place, we will feel it. >> all right. well, thank you very much, colonel. good to have your perspective. israel's ambassador to the u.s. urging us to cut off funding to the u.n. after that anti-israel vote. is that something president-elect would want to do? we're on it. and so much for holiday cheer. fights breaking out at malls across the country. this is unbelievable video and this is saddening to see why are
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u.s. to stop fighting the u.n. after its anti-israel vote. is that something president-elect donald trump would do? well, take a look at this. he just tweeted, the united nations has great potential, but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad! reaction right now from our u.n. watchers. claudia, good to see you. is there something to what he's saying here? in other words, the u.n. has kind of lost its way and it's more a social club than actually an organization that is contributing meaningful to the world in any way. >> actually, it's even worse than that. it's not that the u.n. has lost its way, it's that the way it's configured, the whole way it's set up, is actually always going to produce the kind we just wit. president obama took advantage of the u.n. to do an end run around congress, the american people, after the election but just before leaving office. but the u.n. has for decades
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been a problem, a well not just of anti-semitism, but basically hostile to democracy. and it's not only a place where billions of your tax dollars go every year for people to have a good time, it's a place where billions of your tax dollars go to fund people who are actively doing damage not only to israel, but to the interests of the united states. >> you say it's the way it's set up. what do you mean by that, why is it intrinsically flawed in your view? >> so an enormous collective of governments, it sounds line it's democratic. they have votes, a general assembly. it is not actually representative of the will of the people. the majority of the countries there are not free countries. and the greatest incentive at the u.n. is for the worst states to actually exploit it. that's why you see cuba under virtually every program, that's why you see the second largest voting bloc in the general assembly headed for most of the
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past six years by iran. and that is why you see this really incredibly bigoted destructive ruinness vote at the security council where the u.s. usually runs interference but did not under president obama. >> and president obama has made it clear that our long time ally in his view is not the fripd that it once was and hopefully that changes with president-elect donald trump there for the safety and security of israel and for us, as well. but how do we do that? do we just cut off their funding? we're giving them $8 billion a year. do we say no more where that came from? >> yeah, we're probably actually giving them even more that because it's five years since the obama administration actually gave us the full figures for that. but there are two things that we can do. one, yes, cut their funding and cut big. it's not going to hurt the united states, it will help. the second thing is start
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looking at ways to work around the u.n. the problem is this is a collective monopoly. like trying to have an animal farm trying to run the world. we need ways around it. competition is what makes markets work and democratic politics work. so it's an impeding factor to the u.n. >> yes. start looking for other institutions, things like nato, but more. things for the 21st century. the u.n. is out of date and it is a truly pernicious influence on world politics. >> claudia, thank you so much. fights breaking out, this is tear to be see. we have this video we can show you. malls all over america have seen these incidents. it's sending post-holiday shoppers scrambling for safety. so we want to know why on earth is this happening more and more lately? and what is it that we can be doing to guarantee american safety? i mean, they deserve that, right? we're on it next.
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genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. a chaotic day after christmas for shoppers across the country. those searching for post-holiday deals left rushing for the exits. mall fights in at least 12 states prompting several arrests and evacuations. i'm joined by former fbi agent steve rogers. mall fights? this is really what it's come to. shouldn't we be able as a society to be able to guarantee people a better experience than that the day after christmas? >> the first responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens from what he we call
1:31 pm
domestic or for violence. in this case, yes, we he should have apexpectation that when we go to a small that we're safe.s have apexpectation that when we go to a small that we're safe. police did best they could. the mayor says we will take lessons learned from what has happened in new jersey, but here is the lesson learned. we need to have a very strong and visual police presence in these malls. the may bar bury is gone. >> we understand at port authority, it's a transit point. and there are concerns about terror, et cetera. but malls? >> that's what we've come to. it shouldn't be happening, but you know what went through my
1:32 pm
mind? terrorist groups saw what took place. over what? over screaming, yelling, fighting and what? social media. that attracted thousands of people to commit these -- >> let's back up. because that an important point. there was some connection amongst these hell raisers on social media. they connected and encouraged people do this? >> yes. look, five, six, seven or eight states at the same time were going through these acts of violence. so again, we go back to this, we have to have our police departments get this to a proactive mode meaning that the way you prevent this probably -- you can't prevent it all. >> has to be a technological component. >> yes. but also visible police presence is very important especially during the holidays. >> and it makes me think though increasingly we are going to have to shift our way of positioning. this sort of natural security that we feel in general every day, that is really shifting,
1:33 pm
that is really change. you look at we were just talking about israel, you look at a country like israel where there is a whole lot of police pref s presence everywhere you go. and we have concerns about our own people who act like you just saw. you call that whatever you want to call that, but to actually be brawling in a mall like that, i mean we're guarding against a couple threats. >> these are thugs, probably a lot of these people have criminal records. there was no reason for them to go other than commit acts of violence. so as we move forward, policing has to change in this country. you're right, we have to start thinking about the technological component and looking at social media at least in the short term. get a very strong and visible police presence in these malls. >> i guess it's good for private security companies because they could probably do something here. but you're also talking about a commitment from the government, as well. >> from the government. we have to give the police the tools they need to protect us.
1:34 pm
>> so here we are in the middle of manhattan, but there are vulnerable places all over the country. what is your concern about new year's eve and do you think that we have the proper tools and people in place to guard against any threats? >> new york city will be the safest place on earth new year's eve, i can tell you that. the police department here is the best in the world. they have an intelligence capability that will stop and prevent any major terrorist attack. i can tell you that. as i said, we can't prevent everything from happening, but you are living and working in the safest city on earth. we'll be in good hands. >> but you look at what happened in berlin or the streets of nice, france, where somebody just takes a vehicle and mows down individuals. how do we guard against that? >> well, like i said, we won't be able to prevent everything, but we can prevent a lot and we have. so things we don't hear about or read about that would make us feel very safe. >> we all need to stay vigilant.
1:35 pm
thank you so much, good to have you here. outspoken republican governor says he won't come after companies who refuse to pay the state's minimum wage. is that right or is that wrong? you have a law now. we'll debate it next.
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minimum wage in maine will be rising to $9 an hour in 2017.
1:38 pm
but the state's republican governor paul lepage says he won't go after companies that fail to comply. and of course people disagree. good to see you both. john, i'll start with you. they decided that they would have a minimum wage in maine and whether you agree or not, they decided that they would do it and now the governor says we don't need to enforce it, businesses do what you want. how is that right in your view? >> well, i think it is a slight nuance. the governor didn't say he wouldn't enforce it, he would he would give businesses a 30 day window to get their act together before they crack down on it. eventually the governor has to let it stand, but i think this is just an example that the governor understands that the minimum wage does nothing but kill jobs. i live in los angeles and when they jacked up the minimum wage to $15, all parking lot
1:39 pm
attendants disappeared and mcdonald's rolled out self automatic make burger machines. this isn't good for the country. >> i'm happy to have that debate for you because i think it's an important discussion to have, whether or not we should enforce a minimum wage, whether there should be a federal minimum wage. i think if the state decides they will do something, the governor has to enforce what the state decided to do. he sort of has to get it together eventually, but it seems as though john is bringing up a broader issue here which is the question of are you creating or are you destroying jobs by guaranteeing this minimum wage? >> you're creating jobs because you're creating more consumer demand. you're pumping more money into the bottom of the economy so that it can rise up. thank you, trish, for making my point. my question here for governor lepage, what happened to the rule of law. if you speed, you don't get 30 days to get your act together.
1:40 pm
small business people don't get 30 days to get their act together on health and safety, on consumer rights. >> but it took a while to phase in obamacare, right? you gave businesses a chance to phase that one in. >> yes, but that was written into the law. and in this case we have a referendum by the voters of maine who voted by over 55% to raise the minimum wage not only for general retail employees, but also for tipped employees. and so their minimum wage will just -- let me finish high poinpoin my point. >> i want to move on. we're agreeing pand by t. and by the way we're -- >> but i have nor -- >> but we're agreeing. >> it's not a lot of money. >> i promise you we will disagree here. promise. hang tight. so john, we will break.
1:41 pm
t agree he. the governor will need to enforce the rule of law and he will have to wake up and enforce what the state of maine decided do. now let's talk whether minimum wage helps or hurts jobs. stewart very clearly says it help z because you're putting more money in the hands of consumers. john, what about businesses somewhat about the small business owner that says to himself, gee, i can't afford that extra employee or the employees i have because i can't spring for 9 bucks an hour? >> that and the small business owner goes, you know what, i can't afford that second employee anywhere more, so instead of taking saturdays off to be with my family, i'm just two to work it myself. and i'm going to have to let that employee go. or a parking lot attending company, they didn't want to forg fork up the money to automate the machine, but now items just dollars and cents. >> we don't need anecdotal
1:42 pm
evidence. we have the data. 21 different jurisdictions have raised the minimum wage. jobs have not been lost because of increasings? the minute muchl wage. and bottom up does work. that's what created the american middle class. it's what gave america the strongest economy in the history of the world. and that's what will return us to a strong economy. increasing the minimum wage only makes sense. i don't understand why republicans want all the wealth to go to the top one or two percent of the people in the country. are the other 98% of us not americans, john? are the other 98% -- >> that's not what we're saying. in fact we're fighting for the parking attendant's job. that's what we're trying to do. government is killing the box
1:43 pm
boys so we go to self check skrout. that's what is happening with minimum wage. >> let me ask stewart another question here. are you in favor then of a federal wage or a state wage? do you think every state should be able to set its own level or would you like to see the federal government come in? >> i think there should be a federal bottom and then every state have the right and every city had the right to raise it on top of that. absolutely. our federal minimum wage is way, way too low. it should be at least $15 an hour. and you will see the economy rebound strongly if we get more money into the bottom of the economy. >> it's a tricky issue because you look at the restaurant owner that can't afford to pay the 9 bucks an hour and said look, i have a waitress or wait theirit is -- >> the restaurant owner doesn't have to pay $9. don't confuse the facts. it put people from $3.50 to $5
1:44 pm
an hour about that. >> so if it goes out of business, all those people lose their jobs. >> all i'm asking is that you stick to the facts. just the facts, ma'am. it's going there $3.50 to $5 for restaurant employees. >> and stewart, my question here is if it goes to $9, it's that much more of an increase. >> it's not going to $9 until 2020. >> in maine -- all right. 020. if it goes up at all, it's more money out of business owner's pocket. >> more money into the pocket of working people. >> i'm not saying that people should not be paid more. but it seems that as though we need to have the right incentives all aligned by all parties. i have to leave it there, gentlemen. i'm out of time. >> thank you, trish merry christmas y'all. christmas weekend in chicago, morel story here, turning deadly. 61 people shot. 11 now dead. someone here says this will not
1:45 pm
stop until politicians stop blaming guns.
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1:47 pm
take a look, this video just in to us. president obama and japanese prime minister abe earlier today touring the uss arizona memorial
1:48 pm
at pearl harbor. this as chinese warships entered the contest the south china sea just yesterday. kevin corke is at pearl harbor with the latest for us. you're right, to sort of watch not only what is happening overseas, but marking a very important day, an historic day, one that marks a day as president roosevelt famously said a day that will live in infamy. this is back end of the earlier trip that we took japan along with president obama marking the attack at hiroshima. and now a chance for the japanese prime minister to not only really reconcile what has happened here, the history of what has happen here, but to also look ahead to the promise of what has been an enduring relationship at the beginning of a very devastating history in our world. and of course at the end of a
1:49 pm
war that will never be forgotten. i should also point out that as we continue to a wait the president's comments today, we also expect the prime minister to speak as well. and i think for the people who are looking for an apology, trish, they will go wanting. we do not expect the prime minister to apologize for his country's role in the attacks at pearl harbor, rather we expect him to strike a tone similar to what we heard president obama strike during his visit to her hiroshima where he talked about humanity and the need to work together to avoid the sins of war. we expect he will do that as well and of course we will bring it to you. but for now, back to you. and as president obama and prime minister abe tour the uss arizona memorial today, we're wondering whether they should be worried about the rising threat of china in the south china sea. i want to go to retired lieutenant general thomas
1:50 pm
mcenernie. good to see you. you have prime minister abe there at pearl harbor, does he need to apologize, should we have apologized for apologize? should we have apologized for hiroshima, should he apologize for this, do you think we've moved on from that due to the big threat we're facing, china. >> we've moved on, trish. the fact is, he's not going to apologize and the fact is, we need to look through the front window, not the rearview window and we have china which has expanded out into the south china sea when i was the commander in the philippines at clark air base. that used to be part of my air defense identification zone which i would cover. that is now under chinese
1:51 pm
control. they have made it a manmade aircraft carrier. they are arming it. and there are other locations, as we know, that they have done out there and they now own the south china sea. i don't know how we're going to turn that back but it's got to be turned back. >> general, let me ask you -- >> because it's a huge threat. >> you say it's a huge threat. look at what happened recently. they took our drone. our drone was minding its own business, they took it, they did say they would give it back and donald trump said, nah, keep it. what is it that we need to do with china both from a military perspective and from a diplomacy perspective? how do you react, for example, to what donald trump said to them regarding the drone? >> well, the fact is, president-elect trump is probably right. but we need to rebuild our
1:52 pm
military and economic strength and he's going to do both and the fact is, chinese have no regard for the obama administration. look what they did when they landed in china and they wouldn't even put steps up to the front cabin of air force one. they made him go out the back through what we would call the cervix entrance. the issues are, we need to regain our respect and lead from in front and that's going to be economically they depend upon us economically. and if you think about t. china is on the hook. if we said, yeah, bye-bye, it's like the subprime lender. china runs the risk that if we
1:53 pm
say -- not that we would do that but, in other words, we have, perhaps, general, more leverage than we think? >> we have a lot of leverage. and you get it, trish. that's a trillion dollars of our debt. that's their problem. and this administration is going to grow the economy. a lot of those jobs that went to china need to come back to america. how about tim cook, you build a factory and make iphones. we're creative to do that. and the people that have the trillion dollars overseas to bring it back at a very low or zero tax rate. >> it would be great to see americans get back to work again and earn more money. general, good to see you. thank you very much. >> more after this. see you here. onto the shag carp.
1:54 pm
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breaking news now, police are evacuating trump tower right here in new york city. video shows people in the building running out. police say there's been some kind of suspicious package left there. now, the lobby of trump tower is essentially what amounts to a public park t is open to the public, not just the people who live and work in that building. so it's not unusual that something might get left there.
1:57 pm
the fire department is standing by as we get more information on a suspicious package left in trump tower and the evacuation of that building. we'll bring it to you. worth pointing out that the president-elect is not there. he's at his estate in florida. more as we get it. i'm john scott from the fox news deck. >> we'll be watching for that, john. thank you very much. i want to go to rod weilder. trump tower is being evacuated because of a suspicious package. >> right. several police agencies are going to be on high alert anyway around the trump tower. they have been ever since the election and, you know, it's really routine for us to respond to situations like this, trish, but the main thing here in this situation right now is that president-elect trump is not in the building, although there are other people in the building, they are going to need to make sure that whatever that package is, they are going to have to find out what is t is and get
1:58 pm
them out of there and detonate it. >> he's actually in florida now where he's been working. that's a live picture. detective, in terms of the secret service staff, they are with him right now. what happens to the building as it is left behind? because i would imagine it's still under threat. >> well, the building is going to be protected like we protect the white house here in washington, d.c., because that is where the president-elect and his family have a lot of security around here and there's a lot of secret service and nypd officers and it's going to be very well-protected. we have sharpshooters on the rooftops. and we're really prepared for situations like this but at the same time, going into the holiday weekend, new year's weekend, what's important, trish, is that the viewers realize the terrorism threat is really high. >> and you can see the hysteria, right? >> that's right. >> you can see people running out of trump tower.
1:59 pm
it does not seem to be unfolding in a really organized way but you see the chaos, you feel the chaos and all of the concern. >> that's right. >> and you see that police officer yelling, go, go, go. they were evacuating this building very quickly, aggressively evacuating. >> that's right. that's what they are going to have to do. they are going to have to get the bomb squad out there and the police dogs out there to sniff to make sure that the building is secure. it's going to take a few hours before they get the situation under control. trust me, the nypd is very trained to handle situations like we see going down right now, trish. >> and, you know, look, they've had to deal with it before, of course. >> that's right. >> it's always scary, especially around this time of year. rod, real quick, before we go to break here, what are your final thoughts for americans in terms of being vigilance as we head into the holiday season. >> excellent question. quickly, everyone needs to be vigilant. we need to celebrate the holiday but don't be naive.
2:00 pm
if you see something as simple as this, say something to law enforcement so we can take action, trish. >> i want to point out, the president of the united states as well as shinzo abe are about to speak. "the five" will carry that for you next. you're looking live at pearl harbor in hawaii where president obama and shinzo abe are about to speak. the attack that drew the world into world war ii. >> translator: i stand here at he pearl harbor of japan. if you listen closely, we can make out the sound of res


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