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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i'll be filling in for sean for the rest of the week. we'll see you here tomorrow on "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> welcome again to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ed henry in for tucker. you are looking at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida. we're awaiting a possible appearance from president-elect donald trump that could come later this hour. earlier he commented on the economy as well as his anger at the united nations over that anti-israeli resolution. will the president-elect weigh in more directly on israel? we'll find out and take you there live as soon as we get more definitive word. in the meantime prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not mincing any words do not need to be lectured by president obama and his cabinet. now the war of words is growing a little bit more personal tonight. netanyahu posted this to facebook a photo of then senator obama wearing a yawm
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can a and praying it at the western wall when it helped him politically. 2008, presidential candidate barack obama at the western wall. 2016, u.n. calls the western wall "occupied palestinian territory." seriously? the post concludes, that post came just after searing remarks from the prime minister blasting a long speech today by u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> now i must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of john kerry. a speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-israel resolution passed at the u.n. last week. palestinian rejection of israel and support for terror are what the nations of the world should focus on if they truly want to advance peace. and can i only express my regret and say that it's a shame that secretary kerry does not see this simple
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truth. >> nations was about preserving the two-state solution. that's what we were standing up for. israel's future is a jewish and democratic state, living side by side in peace and security with its neighbors. there are a similar number of jews and palestinians living between the jordan river and the mediterranean sea. they have a choice. they can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. but here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. and it won't ever really be at peace. >> here now why key newsmaker israel's diplomat to the united nations. welcome, we appreciate you
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coming n such a busy time. >> thank you. >> i want to start with that very basic claim by secretary kerry. he said if the choice is one state israel can either be jewish or democratic not both. what does that mean to you? >> it's not true. it's not correct. jewish democracy. today we have more than 1.7 arab israelis who are not jewish who live in a very strong democracy. we do not accept that what we saw now was a failed attempt to defend the indefensible. you cannot protect the decision that was made by the administration last friday when the u.s. actually allowed the resolution to pass at the u.n. for more than an hour secretary kerry tried to justify what happened at the u.n. security council. i was there in that room. that was a shameful moment because the u.s. is the closest ally of israel. we work together. we share the same values. and to see the u.s. voting with venezuela and other countries that are all against israel, it was very disappointing. >> they didn't vote for
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them. they abstained. >> by abstaining actually what you said is correct because usually the u.s. stands with israel and apply the veto power it happened in 2011 and 2014. without the veto the u.s. blocked the resolution. now when the u.s. abstained, all the rest voted to support the resolution and it passed. when you read the resolution, it's so one sided, we have no legitimate right to the wailing wall, to the jewish border with jerusalem. this is insulting. >> are you planning for the possibility of president obama potentially pushing more anti-israeli u.n. resolutions before he leaves office in three weeks? >> we hope it will not happen but after last friday, who knows. because security council people side of the u.s. stand with israel. now new environment security council. maybe some of the countries come with new resolutions against israel. and we don't know what will happen. >> okay. we have talked about the obama side. let's talk about the israeli government. you can say unequivocally
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tonight that prime minister netanyahu is still in favor of a two-state solution. >> he said it himself. he is willing to negotiate. >> does he mean it? is it real? >> prime minister says something he means it he said willing to negotiate everything with the president abbas. he is willing to go to new york to negotiate. after the resolution passed in the security council, no reason to come back to the negotiating table. because for them it's much easier to get whatever they want in the security council without negotiating, without condemning terrorism, without stopping the violence. it will be very hard to move forward and we welcome president trump committed to israel and he will continue to work to support israel. >> you mentioned president-elect trump. had you put out a statement saying that you appreciate his unequivocal support. you said it in recent days. you say it now. in the republican platform this summer in cleveland, then candidate trump and his aids pulled out language supporting a two-state solution. since you say you are for a
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two-state solution, would you condemn that action by donald trump. >> bipartisan issue. 88 senators asked the president to apply the veto power before the vote on friday. and he ignored it. not democratic or republican. >> hold on one second. he is going to be the president of the united states and in the republican party platform it no longer says that they want a two-state solution. that is counter to what you want. >> prime minister netanyahu will come to president-elect trump and they will discuss all the issues. they ran agreement. the peace process. speak about everything. but it's not so simple. when secretary kerry speaks for more than an hour about the settlements. what about hamas? what about radical islam? what about terrorism in the middle east? you saw he focused only the issue of the settlement. obstacle to peace. >> i hear this criticism of president obama that the obama doctrine has become basically be tougher on your friends like israel than enemies like iran and assad in syria. do you agree with that criticism? >> many ambassador approach
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and ask me what happened. what happened to the relationship between israel and the u.s. and we know that the timing is crucial because transition period and within a few weeks there will be a new administration in the white house. but the relationship between israel and the u.s. will continue to be strong. it's based on shared value and i'm optimistic about it. >> what about how personal this has gotten. i mentioned facebook post by the prime minister a couple moments ago where is he showing president obama as a candidate on the western wall and sticking to it. when he needed it politically to say is he praying at the western wall. it's opposite of what happened friday. it seems this has gone much further this time and this has gotten personal. >> we are disappointed. we did not expect it from closest ally. i'm used to those kind of resolutions coming from venezuela, yemen, syria. for them to bash israel. when the u.s. pinged with those countries and the u.s. was a major player on the
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resolution, we were very offended about it. >> mr. ambassador, you are intimately involved in all of this. give our viewers some hope about the future then. we know your criticism of what's happened today and what happened last friday. what is the way forward for peace? >> we hope that the new administration will make sure that achieve peace through direct negotiations. we did in the past, ed. we negotiated with egypt and jordan. it was hard but we achieved a real peace. and palestinians and to the rest of the world you cannot impose peace treaty on israel by passing resolutions in the security council. you should call both sides to engage and have real negotiations. >> when you look at president-elect trump nominating a hard line ambassador to israel, and prime minister netanyahu appearing to dig in with his comments today, last question, how can you get peace when it looks like the hardliners are digging in their heals? >> when the prime minister was elected in 1977, it was considered to be a hardliner. people say what will happen in israel tomorrow?
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look what's happened, the first leader to achieve peace. we found sadat in egypt as a real partner. today we don't have a viable partner among the palestinians. that's why they keep coming to the u.n. instead of coming to talk with us. >> ambassador, we appreciate you coming. >> in thank you very much. >> happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. >> president obama is taking heat over senior democrats over his relationship with israel. steny hoyer released a scathing statement last night demanding secretary kerry not each give that speech today. the statement read in part i urge secretary kerry and the united nations not to set forth a formula which will disadvantage israel in any negotiation. though we would like to get beyond all of these statements from official washington tonight and give you inside glimpse of what the israeli people are actually thinking about all of this turmoil. who better to do that than our ace foreign correspondent john huddy live for us tonight if our jerusalem bureau. good evening. >> hey, ed, good evening to you. like friday's resolution, u.n. resolution vote, people here in jerusalem are
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disappointed. they're dismayed but they are not exactly shocked, shocked about what was said tonight in secretary kerry's speech. based on just the history, the relationship between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and secretary of state kerry and specifically president obama. some people can understand some of the points. others not so much. and along with prime minister netanyahu, not to get too detailed about the politics, but other israeli leaders are also firing back at secretary of state kerry. one israeli official told me that while the middle east burns, secretary of state kerry talks about home construction and another senior israeli official said he questions if the obama administration truly understands what is happening on the ground here. well, president obama and as you heard secretary of state kerry said they both understand what is going on. secretary kerry also said
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tonight this is a personal thing for him. but, as far as if they understand what's happening, that's really been the sentiment that's been expressed to me on the street. you know, people that i know, friends, neighbors, and all of this really, ed, has been on people's minds, absolutely. at the coffee shops, place called aroma here in jerusalem. that's kind of a social scene. a lot of people hang out there. at the restaurants along one of the main drags, busy shopping area also here in jerusalem, and, of course, in the settlements where really the focus all this focus has been at this said palestinian leaders are also sounding out tonight about the future of peace talks. mahmoud abbas said that palestinian leadership is ready to resume talks if i can't recall is ready to freeze all settlement activities including those in east jerusalem.
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they want negotiations to be based on friday's u.n. resolution. ed, that alone may be a nonstart are for israeli leadership. tonight's speech israeli backlash from officials, word on the street, people talking about on the street is, i guess you could say the climb max of several days of fierce political battles, fiery political rhetoric after friday's u.n. resolution vote. and there certainly, ed, was no love loss between israeli prime minister netanyahu and secretary of state kerry. i'm sure people will be talking about this tomorrow as well. as one official said to me earlier tonight boy, what a night, huh, john? ed, back to you. >> to say the least. thank you for cutting through all that rhetoric. we thank you for staying up well past 2:00 a.m. in jerusalem to give us that report. if i don't get to talk to you before the weekend happy new year, buddy. >> you too, ed, thank you. >> just a short time down in mar-a-lago president-elect
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trump made a statement on economy. took a few questions. it's been a little while since he held a full news conference. good evening, peter. >> good evening, ed. all day long the transition team had been teasing an announcement they said would be upon for american workers. at about two hours ago we found out what it was when the president-elect came out and announced that one really big company is going to bring 5,000 jobs back to the united states. and one smaller company is going to create 3,000 here. >> a new company is going to be hiring 3,000 people so that's very exciting. we have a combination of sprint for 5,000 jobs. and that's coming from all over the world. and they are come back into the united states, which is a nice change. and also one web. >> the president-elect also said he thinks this was only possible because there is a spirit of hope in this country. and even though transition officials insisted today the president-elect knows there is only one president at a time, which some white house officials have been trying
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to remind him of, he is making a lot of big news with regard to the economy. because this follows the boeing and lockheed martin negotiations also at mar-a-lago that seemed to have yielded promises of on-budget air force one and f-35 project. it also follows the big carrier announcement and the announcement with that bank ceo to create 50,000 jobs in the state. today we also learned that even though the president-elect and the current president had been hyper critical of each other in the press lately with president obama saying he would have beaten mr. trump in 2016 if that was legal or possible. and mr. trump saying that there is no hope anymore in this country and that the president is disrespecting israel. the two are apparently still talking on the phone a lot. transition official told us this morning they have been in regular contact and they will be for the next few weeks. mr. trump said when he talked to reporter that he had a nice conversation with president obama today. he wouldn't go into details. he said it was general in nature. we also saw something extremely rare in any situation covering a
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president-elect or a president today. as the press was all packed up and ready to leave mar-a-lago in a van too head off the property the president-elect came back out to say he wanted to talk some more about the v.a. he then had an official with him, explained the transition team is working on a public-private option for veterans that would let them get treated at the private facility of their choice and that followed a meeting here at mar-a-lago with executives from some of the nation's best hospitals, including johns hopkins, the mayo clinic, and the cleveland clinic. and the equitiesive who was here from the cleveland clinic dr. toby cosgrove is, we are told, a leading contender to become the next v.a. secretary. so a lot going on here at mar-a-lago in between christmas and new years. ed? >> i wish you a happy new year, i bet we will be talking live a couple more times before the weekend. see you, peter. >> oh, yeah. >> it is time for twitter storm, our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. president-elect donald trump
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is in the eye of tonight's storm over this tweet which reads: the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly 4 points to 113.7. the highest level in more than 15 years. thanks, donald. the president-elect's self-congratulatory ending to that tweet did not go unnoticed from mocking to the down right ridiculous. #thanks donald quickly went viral. mike levin said our commander-in-chief talks talks about himself in person pro-wrestler but with worse vocabulary and poor spelling. thanks donald. joe gasper said there was toilet paper in the stall at the gym today, thanks, donald. charles ellison tweeted: my brother's house in florida hasn't fallen into a sinkhole yet, thanks, donald. as always on twitter there were dissenting opinions many to use #genuine maybe snarky attitude toward president trump. leah tweeted thanks donald for almost two month of hysterical liberal
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meltdowns. it's been glorious indeed. drumming said thanks donald for giving me the tears of every social justice warrior on the planet for me to drink. it was delicious. see you on the 20th. presumably january 20th. finally chuck tweeted thanks, donald, for showing the world that the mistakes of the last eight years can be undone in 100 days. don't set expectations that high. that's tonight's twitter storm. for a while it looked from the outside that the president and president-elect were against all odds getting along splendidly but is the relationship now on the rocks? that's next. also, how will the trump white house work with israel after that u.n. resolution? ambassador john bolton is here. he says it's time to scrap the two-state solution, replace it with a three-state solution. we'll have details coming up.....
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>> a brief honeymoon between president obama and president-elect trump appears to be over. the two appear to be having a bit previous man's in the transition process. earlier today mr. trump appeared to borrow a line from t. swift never ever getting back together. going my best to disregard the many inflammatory o. statements and road blocks thought it was going to be a smooth transition, not. that last appear to to be quoting borat: columnist lauren. good to see you both. lauren, what went wrong? >> well, first of all, call calling it a bromance from the beginning. >> calling it a stretch. >> a little stretch. they are cordial, pligh polite o
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each other. fundamentally when you are president of the united states you can disagree with him on any number of issues but fundamentally barack obama respects the office of the presidency. respects the peaceful transition of power and offered repeatedly to help the president-elect in his transition. he has tried to do that. unfortunately the president-elect takes any statement that is not in his favor as a personal affront hence the not, very presidential of him by the way. you know, it's unfortunate that he is calling -- you know, the president is president until january 20th. he has every right to continue to underline his own policy positions and his perspective on the election. >> in fact, let's go back to november 10th and hear how they described it all at the beginning. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.
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and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. >> just getting to know each other. the reason why i called it a bromance is that donald trump had questioned whether he had ever been born in this country and then was saying falling over himself to say is he being really nice to me. caitlin, what's happened here? for example, the anti-israeli resolution, that really sets things up poorly for donald trump. >> right. i think this is certainly a reaction to that. it's a reaction to president obama saying that he would have won the election. and so given that back drop. also given the back drop of donald trump is preparing to take office as the most unpopular incoming president. and so he is really, i agree with lauren, is he on the defensive on a variety of different things, trying to kind of confirm his stance. the russian hacking element of this, too, is important because he is seeing that as efforts to or the focus on that is efforts to try to delegitimize his presidency. is he really fighting those ties. i think these tweets are more representative of his defensive posture not so
11:23 pm
much the relationship between himself and obama which they talked on the phone today. >> and they ended up talking on the phone. so maybe there is a little bit of a thaw there. laura, interesting. because some of the other tweets from obama today were specifically about israel. we cannot let israel be treated with disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. not anymore. the beginning with the end with the horrible iran deal and now this, u.n. exclamation point. stay strong, israel. january 20th is fast approaching. talk about the states now for donald trump. this is a bigger foreign policy challenge, perhaps perhaps, than anyone anticipated immediately out of the gate january 20th number 1. number two, are expectations being set so high for this man as well that somehow he is going to fix this in addition to draining the swamp and everything else he promised? >> he is setting those expectations for himself he continues to insist he alone can solve the ills of the world. every president since the state of israel has descrulgd with the most complex and most difficult
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geopolitical situation in the world. i appreciate that the income president believes he is going to be the one to fix it. it's an extremely difficult time. wherever you are on israel, the issue with the settlements continues to be that it makes it more and more difficult to find agreement between the two sides: i appreciate president-elect is a, you know, a supporter of israel. i think president obama is, too. they have different views on the future of the state and the peace process. but, you know, to say that he is going to solve something automatically that, you know, the last 48 years of presidents have been unable to solve. >> democrats and republicans? >> setting himself up for a pretty impossible task. >> weigh in on that if you want. also, i want to note the flip side of coming into office with all these problems is when the economy appears to be doing well, you get some credit, too. >> right, exactly. he is already starting to take credit for kind of the economic, positive outlook, right, which is another reason why obama is going to be -- is weighing in and is probably going to continue to weigh in. i think what's interesting about the foreign policy challenge surrounding israel kerry's statements today i
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think kind of unite republicans in a way around donald trump. that is not the case on other foreign policy issues particularly when it comes to russia. i think donald trump can take away from this day something of a step forward in terms of the republican party, at least on capitol hill. supportive of that element. >> especially perhaps when he has democrats like steny hoyer challenging the obama house and suggesting they are going to support israel whether it's republican or democrat. >> exactly and chuck schumer as well. >> incoming senate democratic leader. >> yes. >> we appreciate it as well. happy new year. >> two sides to every story. secretary kerry says israel's greatest friend. netanyahu says not so much. john bolton is here next to give us inside dope on what the real story is.s.s.s.s.
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>> illegal immigrants. that's right. the poo become that white house wants $3.9 billion aimed helping illegals as well as refugees. brian babin calls that program a trojan horse. congressman joins us live from houston. good evening, congressman. i wonder what's your beef of the spending of the money and we will break it down. >> my beef is that the top priority of us is american elected officials is to keep americans safe. and we have seen over and over again the refugee program turning a trojan
11:43 pm
horse not only in western europe as we have seen but right here in america. so when the president want to double the funding for his office of refugee resettlement, more refugees toward the end of his career he is going to be doing this toward the last days hours and minutes of his president to makes a much mischief, to try to keep president-elect trump from undoing what this president has done in terms of endangering citizens and so president trump will be at a disadvantage. is he trying to -- he is has also dismantled our national security entry exit system to make it more difficult to mr. trump to undo this -- these refugees to the president is trying to bring. in just trying to throw as many road blocks in the way.
11:44 pm
>> dig deeper on that. in terms of the refugees. it's the christmas season. i would assume that at least some of these refugees you are willing to spend some taxpayer money on because you would acknowledge they are not likely terrorists. you want to sort out the good from the bad obviously and here on the christmas season you do want to help some of those people who are coming over legitimately as refugees. >> we want to help those people in safe zones right where they are. near their home lands. we are compass passionate nation. america always has been. we don't want to bring them into the country. well over 75% of americans have spoken loud and clear. the polls show refugees coming in to the united states from these terrorist hot beds like syria, iraq, and somalia, et cetera. and so we have a bill to try to stop this. i introduced this bill a year and a half ago it has
11:45 pm
to get to the floor. americans have spoke. they will not tolerate anything other than stopping this program so that we can keep safe and make sure that our children and our citizens are safe. that's our first priority. our highest priority. >> congressman, last question. president-elect trump as you mentioned has talked about extreme investigating. what's the line there? what would your bill do so that we can separate the good from the bad? >> my bill would pause the program until we could determine evacuately what evacu- exactly what that extreme vetting would con access of. the president and his administration have absolutely classified the vetting procedures where we were told in classified briefings earlier that it would take up to 24 months to vet these people. and now we are seeing evidence that it may be as short as a few days. so we want to make sure that these people coming in to our country are safe, that we are not introducing a trojan horse. and at taxpayer expense
11:46 pm
literally setting terrorists up in business in the united states of america. and we want -- this is exactly what we're going to be doing. i am urging president trump to honor his promises to undo what this president has done for eight years and that is endanger the national security of our country. and that's what. >> we mentioned christmas season in terms of helping the refugees but also over the christmas season people very jumpy about terror right now and making sure the country is safe. we appreciate you weighing in on. this absolutely, ed. thank you. >> happy new year to you and your family. we appreciate it. you have seen kennedy hosting her show on the fox business network and co-hosting outnumbered. did you know her previous job put her in the middle of the musical world? kennedy steps into the frieieieieie oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless...
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time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our friends from within the building here at fox onto the show. tonight we invite kennedy host of the aptly named kennedy on the fox business network. before we graced us with her presence she was a dj on mtv 3. >> there was 3 in there did i read the channel i don't think wrong. >> there is mtv. probably is a 3 now. good old days. horse and buggy. there was nothing competing with us. it was a completely different era. and it felt very new because at the time we all got email for the first time in 1993. and we felt very technologically advanced. >> and enabled you to meet some people like george michael, prince, david bowy, some of these legends who have very recently passed. >> yeah 2016 has been
11:51 pm
incredibly tough year tore music. especial solid losing people so young like prince and george michael. david bowie wasn't even 70 and wrote a beautiful haunting record before he died. and it's interesting because the nice thing about the digital age is i don't know if you remember carting all of your cassette tapes on a plane or put them in a car. >> i'm old enough for 8 tracks. >> ed, slow down. i don't want to be uncomfortable here. i didn't realize i was talking to betty white. i used to take a box of cassette tapes to my grandma's house in indiana each summer we got all this music on our phone like beats and spotify. where you can go back and revisit all of -- entire catalog from musicians and that's what i have been doing with george michael for the last few days. >> i want to talk about the transition to fox. you can weigh in on any one or all three of them. legacy for george michael, prince, i mean, amazing. amazing legacy. >> no, it's true.
11:52 pm
and i was saying the other day that i have been listening to george michael. i hear sweeping vocals and these emotional changes in the song and i wonder how directly someone like adele who has been influenced by george michael who is obviously influenced by david bowie and elton john and, you know, and elton john and george michael had that beautiful duet together. the grammy winning one he did with aretha franklin. >> you are doing a duet on new year's eve. you will be hosting big new year's eve coverage. we see jesse there and is he crazy. crazy in a good way. >> that was at the democratic national convention. so that was jesse and i in philly. jesse and i got into some parties at the correspondent's dinner in march. we walked up to a party where you had -- your name
11:53 pm
had to be on a list to get. in i knew mine wasn't. i walked up and your name i said kennedy. she looked at jesse, and said anthony kennedy? jesse said yep, that's me. >> supreme court justices. what's the transition to fox been like for someone who is so deeply into music and now getting into news and politics. so passionate about were music and politics. and it's interesting because i have always found a way to blend the two or at least have a foot in one of those worlds. so you know, when i was at mtv, it was very political time, 1992 was when bill clinton was elected and mtv news had a big choose or lose campaign. you had a lot of people. >> is that when you got the boxer or briefs question was mtv, right? >> exactly right. in one of those forums that they always kicked me out of building for because i was never allowed to be around bill clinton or albert gore. i don't know why. you had a lot of musicians
11:54 pm
who were singing about the time and were energized by bill clinton and his presidency and then doing talk radio and music radio in l.a., sort of a bridge in between, continue that and here i have a lot of musicians who come and visit me on the fox business show which i love. >> you bring so much energy to your show, both shows really at fbn and fnc. >> thanks, ed, for hosting. >> don't forget to watch kennedy and jesse watters as they kick down the downtown counsel. 8 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. coming up next, you are almost out of time to tell us what you would do if you were king for a day. tweet me at ed henry or email me at turcotte
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>> consider yourself crowned. you're king for a day. if you are salute power and could do one thing what
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tweets pomposity. that's about it for us tonight. tune in each night at 7:00 much the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. dvr the show welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump's thank you tour continues in hershey, pennsylvania. i bet there will be a lot of kisses. i crackle myself up. and celebrities couldn't get hillary clinton elected, but can they get donald trump unelected? watch as hollywood's finest act out einstein's definition of insanity. and finally a fight breaks out at a memphis grocery store as she holds up the line going through coupons. it made me rethink my opposition to the death penalty. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy.


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