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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 30, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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a -- demanding he stop playing christmas music. he walked into the restaurant in largo, florida. threatened workers. he heard the festive tunes, demanded they play muslim and hindu music instead. happy new year. "fox and friends" is next. i'm abby huntsman. this is a fox news alert. it happened again. an officer is shot in the line of duty. we have the latest on his condition at this hour. and what prompted that shooting. just breaking overnight as well. russia responds taking aim at the u.s. after the obama administration issues a series of sanctions for alleged election interference. so was the president's play another shot at donald trump? we're live in washington with the latest breaking details. in the good old days, you used to have to wine and dine them to win a lady's heart. not only is chivalry dead, but
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so is the dinner date. did you hear that? we're actually having dinner all morning on "fox and friends." we have bacon. i can smell it. we're going to eat it. if you want it, you should wake up and join us and have it with us as well. mornings are better with bacon and with these guys. congratulations, pete, that was the longest opening for any individual source with "fox and friends." >> i realize that. >> once you commit, you have to commit. >> it is. we've got bacon like half a mile down. you can smell t it's so strong. we're going to be celebrating bacon all morning long. we've got a huge show. we've got gene simmons on the show. we've got rudy giuliani. everything that's been breaking over the past 24 hours with
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russia. eric bolling, kimberly guilfoyle. >> we want to know what everyone is thinking about their new years resolutions. >> all people cooler than us. >> absolutely. >> we're going to be piling on the bacon as we talk about -- >> bacon! >> come on. >> 2016 and you improve in 2017. do it now while you can. >> have you figured out your new year's resolutions yet? >> no. >> send us yours. >> help us out. we haven't decided yet. >> we have news to cover. >> fox news alert. russia retaliating after being slammed with new sanctions for alleged election hacking. >> putin alleging sanctions of his own and swift revenge. >> let's get to garrett tenney live in washington with the breaking details. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. russia promised they o would retaliate against sanctions.
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it appears they've done just that. reuters news agency is reporting that russia announced plans to expel 35 u.s. diplomats and ban u.s. diplomatic staff from using two buildings in moscow. that comes in response to a long list of sanctions the white house announced yesterday, including plans to shut down two compounds in maryland in new york that have been used by russian personnel for intelligence purposes and declaring 35 russian intelligence operatives persona non grata and give them 72 hours to leave the country. with that announcement, the president says the u.s. may take additional steps against moscow as well. we will continue to take a rah right of actions at a time and place of our choosing some of which will not be public loy-sized. they widely mocked it. saying president obama expels 35 diplomats in cold war deja vu as
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everybody, including american people will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration. lame duck. as for the incoming president-elect, donald trump who has long questioned the intelligence community's findings of russian interference surrounding the election said in a statement it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. of course, the big question with the sanctions is what will president-elect trump decide to do? last night incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said they will wait until they've met with the intelligence communities and gotten that information before making a decision on how they will go forward. back to you. >> thanks, garrett. >> serious intellectual thinkers are rolling over in their graves when they see this tweet, lame duck. modern diplomacy.
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>> it's important to clarify, yes, no one wants or believes there should be foreign interference in elections. let's be clear up front, the election itself was not hacked. the vote count was not hacked. >> according to who? >> according to this administration. >> even president obama said that. >> not a single vote was affected by what russia did in the actual implementation. >> were they trying to tamper with our process? >> yes. >> that's a big question. why are they coming out with three weeks left in his presidency? here's what the white house deputy press secretary said yesterday? >> the president is leaving the white house, he's the president from now until then. the president-elect, once he assumes office on january 20th will be in a position to make decisions. what russia has been engaged in over the last few months and years is outside the norms of diplomatic behaviors and the president is sending a message to tell them to cut it out. that's why he ordered aggressive action. sniemts a couple things. cut it out? i mean, that doesn't sound --
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hey vlad cut it out. eric schultz, good person, know him. worked with him a lot at the white house. i think what he's trying to say is yes, they're pushing back now. trying to get aggressive. when we're talking about timing, this hacking situation started some 18 months ago, summer of 2015. why didn't they do anything sooner if this was an imperative part of it? they didn't want to interfere in the election, didn't want to pour gasoline on the fire. if this was going on and it was so awful, so horrible, we need to teach vladimir putin a lesson, why did we wait until the final three weeks? when you put this together with the israel resolution story, it looks like a president in the last three weeks is not taking bold action, but is trying to salvage a legacy here. >> and doing the opposite instead. he's looking political and not salvaging a legacy. just doubling down on a legacy. kellyanne conway articulates
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these kind of things and was on talking about why would this be happening? does this have anything to do with politics? she was on hannity last night and this is what she said. >> i was disappointed to read in the piece this evening about the allegation or the supposition that perhaps one reason the sanctions are taking place is to quote box in president-elect trump forcing him to take a position or otherwise once he takes office. i hope this isn't motivated by politics even a little bit. i would say it's remarkable to me that we're talking about sanctions against russia just days after i would call sanctions against israel. so i think in the last couple of days you see this flurry of activity by a tough president obama as he exits the office and i guess semi-colons worth of his legacy. at the same time, the new president will have an opportunity to re-examine the relation shifs geo politically.
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>> there are two big questions here. why now anditical was the move? you brought this up ed when the resolution came forward at the u.n. last week. you said would this have happened if hillary clinton was the incoming president? i wonder the same thing. >> because you're leaving a mess for donald trump and you're exacerbating some of the mess as well. by taking on an ally like israel. >> also attempting to delegitimize. >> the headline in "the new york times." i also did label it properly as the failing new york times. >> i was wondering. i added that on top. over election hacking, there was no election hacking. when you try to -- >> there was hacking of e-mails. >> the result itself was not hacked. we should be very clear about that. >> he was way ahead of the curve on russia. >> it was the other guy.
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watch. >> russia indicated is a geo political foe. >> excuse me. it's a geo political foe. i said in the same paragraph, i said iran is the greatest national security threat we face. >> in the 1980s or now, calling to ask for their foreign policy bank. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> really strong moment for mitt romney. >> you look back on that and here you have president obama trying to get tough on russia and you have to wonder with these sanctions, we've been here before, haven't we? >> sure. >> a few years ago with the crimea and all of that. what did that do? >> the foreign policy back. you underestimated just how big of a deal russia and vladimir putin turned out to be. at the time in that debate, isn't it also interesting that president obama appeared to be, got to give vlad a chance here. we can work together. now you flip it around, donald trump is too close to vlad and putin is a bad guy. wait in 2012 in that debate, you
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said we were going to be friends. >> exactly right. they cross red lines and support the assad regime. we do nothing. now for the election violation, we expel spies and close down two compounds. it's a slap on the wrist diplomatically. we would have done it in the cold war. happened all the time. this is a big decisive action? no, it's not. >> it's like fixing a broken arm with a band-aid. what does that do at the end of the day? why not hit on the inner circle? where does he get hit the hardest? is that the question? >> absolutely. the compounds we're going after, they're mysterious. one in maryland outside of d.c. you can see it there. it's about an hour and a half outside of d.c. on the eastern shore of maryland. beautiful area. been there many times. never been to that compound, i can assure you. >> apparent live, they've got great parties there. they've served them vodka. >> we go there because we want to be secret and -- what is
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happening? >> when do we call things compounds versus houses? >> i don't know. >> i'm just saying. >> how long has that house been there filled with russia? >> late '60s, early '70s. >> why are we doing something about this now? what impact will that have on our relationship with russia? >> nothing. >> negligent lijable. >> they're going to do the same thing to us. kick out spies under diplomatic cover. it's a hit tat. we're with russia still running the table. >> be interesting to go in that compound now. see how they left it. all the bugs that were left behind. >> like a summer rental where at the end, there's a like -- >> it's become a summer rental. up for rent. >> it's a beautiful area. they'll flip it around now. help cut the deficit a little. let's get other headlines. toss over to jillian. good to see you.
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>> good to see you. you should get that puppy up on air bnb. >> i think you're right. here are headlines for you. this is a fox news alert. a texas police officer shot during a routine traffic stop. shots ringing out across a parking lot as officer chris bum pus tried to arrest a man outside ft. worth. the officer and the suspect were hurt and rushed to the hospital. the officer is out of surgery thankfully and in stable condition. the navy veteran was recently named rookie of the year. good for him. developing now, unprecedented security in places as the world prepares to welcome in 2017. isis warning about brand new attacks. a live look at times square where you can see trucks are blocking the streets filled with sand filled trucks. 7,000 officers will patrol the crowds and helicopters will keep watch from overhead.
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right now, there are no credible threats against times square on this new year's eve. now to extreme weather achlt major winter storm slams parts of the northeast at this hour. heavy snow and whipping winds making for a dangerous commute. more than a foot of snow falling. in maine, a car rolling on to its side over the slick roads. but the good news, much of the mess is moving out just in time for new year's eve. those are your headlines. >> good news. thank you, jillian. >> times square looks vacant. it's going to be crazy. >> i'm sure we'll have a few live shots. the obama administration is rushing to resettle refugees during the last days in office. was this another attempt to hurt and complicate things for the incoming administration. we'll ask congress louie gohmert when he comes in. where were those principles when they performed for
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tension growing between the u.s. and russia. already at an all-time high following president obama's decision to impose sanctions on that country. some members of the president's own party speaking out, though. saying the sanctions should be tougher. congressman adam schiff saying we must evaluate the success of our response using one critical metric. has it dissuaded russia from bad conduct. i believe other punitive measures will need to be undertaken from a democrat. texas congressman louie gohmert is here. >> good morning. >> great to be with you. >> a big news day. first off the top, the reaction
3:17 am
to president obama's actions yesterday. >> if you're going to punish somebody, what he did is not all that much of a punishment. i was hosting for sean hannity yesterday. mike from ohio called in and said, this is really not a punishment because these 35 russian expelled diplomats just choose the sanctuary city they want to go there. you don't have to leave, go to a sanctuary city and go there. chicago, san francisco. it's not so bad. it's not really punishment. >> why now? so many violations, so many things russia has done over the last -- under this administration. now this and this action. >> we sell these kind of actions when we were each in middle school. when somebody got their feelings hurt, what did they do? they tried to slap back. if you look at what this president has done, 2012, i know you remember, you reported on it ed. but the president said, tell
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vladimir, i have a lot more flexibility. when he was willing to sell out the country and vladimir didn't take him up on his offer, then it was a slap back just like in middle school. but if you look at what the president is doing at the same time with immigrants, i immediately thought of batman begins the one with liam neeson. what do you do if you want to destroy the big city? first they let the criminals go. what's the president doing? he's letting as many criminals go as he can. then you bring in outsiders to destroy what's left. this president, he's been told by isis, we're going to get terrorists in with the refugees and he says, great. let's bring them on. we'll have them all here for trump. keep sending them. >> is he the superhero? >> i see trump as the guy that comes sweeping in with the medicine that saves the city. >> how does he do that, though?
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when you're dealing with vladim vladimir putin and russia, every president can set the reset button. trump will have that opportunity. what does he do to get it right? >> the thing that trump has going for him, as a student who majored in history, i told donald trump this in september, we were talking privately. when you look at the presidents that did best with foreign policy, they were presidents perceived as being a little bit crazy. teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan. remember when reagan was portrayed as where is the red button, i'm ready to launch missiles. he said they say i'm crazy. that's why you will be great for foreign relations. >> he came to talk about this sharp increase of refugees coming into this country. how do you make sure they're vetted and they don't become -- they're not terrorists. >> you take the testimony of comey and those that have
3:20 am
testified before our committee on this issue. they have said yes, they will vet them, but they have absolutely no information with which to vet them. there is no way to know. comey said when they came from iraq, we had all of iraq's governmental records we could check against. from syria and the other places, we've got nothing, we have zero. we have nothing to check their records. >> so the president should be in the position of a doctor. first do no harm and this president is doing harm as he goes out. it's a mess. >> congressman louie gohmert. thanks for coming in. >> it's a pleasure. thank you. hollywood a-lister boycotting president-elect trump's inauguration based on so-called principles. where were those principles when they performed for dictators and others around the world? in the good old days, you used to have to wine and dine them to win a lady's heart. not only is chivalry dead, but
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welcome back. now, quick headlines.
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the parole hearing for a notorious man son cult killer has been pushed back. the court says it needs time to investigate brand new information that reportedly involves allegations patricia kren winkle was abused by charles manson or someone else. she was found guilty of helping manson murder seven people nearly five decades ago. and drexel university is defending its professor who tweeted "all i want for christmas is white genocide." in a statement, the school supports the rights of its faculty members to freely express their opinions calling the professor's tweet protected speech. they protect that, but not other forms i guess. many celebrities have proudly announced they want nothing to do with president-elect trump's swearing in celebrations. something he says he doesn't care about. >> in a recent tweet trump said the so-called a-list celebrities
3:25 am
want has -- look what they did for hillary. >> performed for thugs, dictators with literal outrage. author of con job and editor of black crystal wright. crystal, good morning to you. >> good morning, abby. >> good morning, ed sneemt let's show you a list of celebrities who have declined to perform at the inauguration, elton john, gene simmons, andrea bocelli, the list goes on. president-elect trump says i could careless about this. >> liberal hollywood was in the tank for hillary clinton. remember? you had lena dunham. the list goes on and on. they say we're not going to perform for trump. not going to put country first. that's what liberal hollywood stars do. as you pointed out in the tease before we started talking, a lot of celebrities don't have any moral high ground or ethics when it comes to making money and performing for libyan dictator
3:26 am
kadaffi, beyonce, usher, they were happy to perform for him. >> we have that list. >> they performed beyonce, usher, mariah carey, nelly furtado and 50 cent. they haven't been involved in this trump deal but they did perform for him. nicki minaj and mariah carey. what message do you take from that? they take the money from dictators. but people are outraged about the possibility of performing for a republican president. >> the message here is that celebrities like beyonce and usher are utter hypocrites. they have no moral high ground and no ethics. nothing says that you hate america and your country more than refusing to perform for the next. right? what happened to the peaceful transition of power that hillary clinton lauded? remember that? she kept ribbing donald trump.
3:27 am
speaking of beyonce who loves to perform for gadhafi. she performed for president obama, one of the inaugurals. >> second one. >> trump is a white republican. so of course, oh, no, you can't perform for him. we all know, guys if the roles were reversed, the same liberal celebrities would be calling their peers racist for not performing if it was obama and it was happening. if celebrities were daring to boycott the first black president. oh, you guys are a bunch of racist. it's okay to boycott the white guy coming in. >> so many talented individuals to get up on the stage and perform, that's what it's all about. that's what his campaign was about from day one. >> i nominate abby huntsman. i don't know if you've heard her voice. we might get her by the end of the show to do a -- this is a new year surprise. i'm not joking. >> i'm ready, abby. i want to hear it. >> crystal, i don't think it's
3:28 am
going to happen. >> good to see you. have a good new year. >> one of the members of kiss will join us on the program. we'll ask him about this as well. >> the ultimate disrespect for our nation's cops. this painting depicting police officers as pigs is hanging inside our nation's capitol. who approved that? it's not an official national holiday. but it should be. it's national bacon day. up next, a special "fox and friends" bacon taste test. it might be why pete is not here now. >> look at janice. that's hilarious. happy birthday to lebron james. he's 32 years old. happy birthday lebron. what's the best way to get
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♪ ♪ this is your shot of the morning. it's like real life hatchimals. can't stop watching two bald eagles eggs in this live feed. tens of thousands of viewers on the edge of their seat. >> watching bald eagle cam streaming live from ft. myers, florida. waiting for the moment from the eaglets will be born. >> that's why i'm not here. i've been watching this. >> at any moment, one egg is slightly cracked. we're going to see the births of two bald eagles. >> how long does it take from that meeoment for the full hatc to happen? >> maybe in the three-hour show. >> if it does, we'll bring it to you. >> we'll bring it to you live on "fox and friends." this story we've been teeing up this morning. where is the love from millennials. they're killing the dinner date.
3:32 am
>> i feel like -- i don't want to say it's obvious. this generation dates differently than previous generations. >> it's not dating, pete. it's hanging out. you text someone and you say you want to hang out tonight. you don't go to like a movie or a dinner. you go to starbucks or in and out and chick-fil-a. >> it listed the popular first date hotspots for millennials. i don't know. i feel like those are just -- except for the olive garden and cheesecake factory. those look different than our generations. >> chipotle. >> it's more about the experience and the tradition of taking someone out on a date, making them feel like it's not a friendly hangout, it's something that's real. >> you can't go to a nice restaurant when you live in your parents' basement. i'm sorry. that's not all millennials. it is. it's totally different. it's a generation that you used to have to pass notes and maybe talk to the dad and get it set up. do a date.
3:33 am
>> maybe it's refreshing that they're saying we don't have to spend $400 on crazy steakhouse dinner. we're going to go to panera. >>. >> we live in a different environment. no longer meeting someone on the street. everything is really online today. i can't tell you how many of my friends met their now spouses online dating. >> that's true. that's legitimate. people do that and that's fine. the planning that goes into when you go on a date, who is going to pick who up. what time. where are we going to do it. don't have to make a reservation at chick-fil-a. and then you have to have the courage to sit there for an hour and a half. at chick-fil-a, you need 20 minutes. >> she's sitting on the your every word. >> she's not impressed at all. >> a starbucks latte is $8. it's not such a cheap date if you add that up. >> good point. >> thank you, jillian. we need another woman in the staud studio.
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search for answers this morning. after the texas woman and her two daughters were riding the lift at the ranch in colorado when they suddenly dropped 25 feet down into the snow. her 12-year-old was treated at a nearby hospital. the condition of the 9-year-old is not yet known. the resort insists the ski lift was working just fine. now we know the names of two soldiers killed in an explosive helicopter crash. the army identifying chief warrant officer dustin mortenson and chief warrant officer lucas low, the two texans on a routine training mission in an apache helicopter when it crashed down in galveston bay, texas. witnesses say the chopper was flying unusually low before breaking apart midair. the cause isn't known yet. crews are working to recover the black box data recorder. just like on an airplane. now go to jail or do 200 pushups. that's the choice one officer gave a teenager who he caught
3:35 am
smoking weed outside a texas movie theater. sniemts he decided he wanted to be smoking weed on the property. i said instead of going to jail, this is what they're making him do. >> the officers saying the kid responded respectfully but he wanted to teach him a good lesson. the boy's mother subsequently gave that officer a big hug and said she would have made her son do even more pushups. those are your headlines. tossing outside to janice dean who is looking nice and cozy despite the fact that it is frigidly cold out there, it felt like that to me this morning. >> everything is better with bacon. it's national bacon day. oh, my gosh. >> look at this. i'm next to a cleaver. and we have bacon blt, bloody marys on the way. you don't want to miss it. first of all, we need to check the weather. people are wondering what's going to happen on new year's
3:36 am
eve in my city. there are your current temperatures. it's not that cold. no complaints. looking at the radar, we had a storm system across the northeast. it's moving into new england and bringing blustery winds and they've got a wallop of snow up there. the good news, by new year's eve and new year's day, this will be gone. for times square, here's your official forecast. cloudy skies, 40 degrees. that's pretty darn good comparatively speaking to other years where you've had freezing temperatures and storm systems moving through. there are some of the cities, the big cities celebrating. again, no big storm systems on the horizon. temperatures seasonal and above average. that's pretty darn good. by the way, not only are we going to be talking about bacon. i'm off to carnegie deli. this is the last official day for this institution. we want your pictures. if you've ever been to carnegie deli, please bring them to us at twitter or we have a website. what is our website?
3:37 am >> send us your pictures if you've been to carnegie deli. national bacon day. >> pastrami sandwich. >> i'm going to be taking orders. the whole crew when they found out i was going to the carnegie deli, i have a list like the size of this. >> that place is wonderful. >> we're celebrating big time. >> all over this. a taste on the plaza thanks to two really wonderful restaurants. smithfield and bar bacon. >> who will come out on top with the best bacon? joining us now, smithfield chevy ronnie trotter and from bar bacon executive chef peter sherman. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> the competition is on. we've been excited for this all morning long. >> i don't know how much bacon is left. you're doing a good job eating everything on the table. >> this is a limited edition from sugar and bourbon. it's delicious. first i want to show you how to
3:38 am
make a smithfield bacon bar. it looks beautiful. super simple. the carmel bacon, it's a new fun flavor that you can make at home. all you do is take baked bacon, drizzle it with carmel. drizzle a little bit of sea salt. put it back in the oven for a couple of minutes. >> comes out as this? >> it's ridiculous. >> this is the perfect opportunity to really entertain and show your guests everything that you have and it keeps them out of the kitchen. if you have a bar full of delicious bacon, it gets them out of kitchen, you can finish your work. >> i've been eyeing these. >> we put bacon in the drop biscuit dough. really delicious.
3:39 am
super simple recipe. >> i don't know if you want to give that a try. i added a little bit of zing. i took tabasco, everybody loves that. you can add as much heat or as little. you put it into your mayo. >> you can't have regular mayo. >> of course not. >> look, if we're doing a bacon biscuit with bacon and a tabasco mayo -- >> i know -- it's going to be tough. >> bacon bloody marys. >> look at this spread right here. bacon, bake could be and more bacon. >> we like to have fun with bac bacon. we like to do it in a lot of different ways. we have barbecue burnt ends. it's our version of the -- why wouldn't you like that. pork version of the beef. >> that's amazing. >> we can end this now.
3:40 am
that's good. >>. >> it's okay. it's not over yet. >> a couple days ago, i actually made this -- >> will you marry me. >> bacon blueberry jam. i made a bacon bourbon cornbread. you would put that on. i made a breakfast -- i made that same jam on top. four different kinds of bacons. we serve this at the restaurant all the time. >> what's your favorite? jalapeno. >> which one is that? >> there's maple, a pecan woochltd there's a corn cob smoked. >> i love blt. s. you made this for me. if i'm voting -- >> are you voting? >> it's very spicy. >> the shady blt named after my wife. >> this isn't fair. >> plenty of food. >> vietnamese brussel sprouts.
3:41 am
again, you cook bacon in a lot of ways. these are bigger chunks. it's not like that crispiness. it's more meaty. it's a healthy dish. >> of course it's healthy. it's got green. the glaze i would just put on and then we finish this with honey and a little greek yogurt in the restaurant. >> oh, my gosh. it looks fabulous. >> let's do this. >> you can't really choose. bacon is so good. >> everything is better with bacon. >> this has eggs and avocado. i'm a white bread guy. >> i really -- the bacon there, the bacon here, you can't beat it. >> bacon salt on here. >> i'm willing to do anything. >> who won the bacon-off? >> we love you both. >> coming up, did hillary clinton lose the election because of alleged russian hacking or did voters find out too much about her? we debate it next. and my mouth is full.
3:42 am
what are the top political moments of the year. >> if you're elected, about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> there's plenty more where that came from. the top political sound bites of 2016 ahead.
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test test test test test. test test test test. test test test test. test test test test. test test test.
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an update to a story we brought you earlier this week regarding fraud in the food stamp program. we reported that in 2016, $70 million was wasted on food stamp fraud. that was incorrect the. the latest information shows the fraud at 1.3% which is approximately $853 million for
3:45 am
those three years combined. nationally food stamp trafficking is on the decline. with that, over to you ed. my friend and colleague, i support you. one republican congressman arguing russia may have actually done the u.s. a favor by exposing the corruption of the democratic party. watch. >> i'm all for doing what's necessary to protect the election here, but there's no suggestion that russia hacked into our voting systems or anything like that. if russia succeeded in giving the american people information that was accurate, they merely did what the media should have done. >> does he have a point or is he missing the snoint here to debate it, dr. gina louden and democratic strategy dplp good stein. i want to start with you. isn't this republican congressman missing the fact that people were harmed here. the democratic national committee was hacked. john podesta had his e-mail hacked. that seems to get lost in some
3:46 am
of the comments. >> i think it's important to note that john podesta had his e-mail phished. meaning their own security blocks or protocol did not preclude him from actually giving up his own password -- >> sure, but his e-mail was stolen. regardless of how it was done, his e-mails were stolen. we'll get to the substance of the e-mail. but they were taken. >> they were. but this is the thing. no one is denying that they're true. no one is saying that anything wafs released is untrue. you have to consider too, ed, that there are other sources that collude with the fact that there was a lot of corruption going on within the democratic party. there was a james o'keefe tapes, of course. there was quid pro quo -- why can none of us say that. that fox uncovered. there was a lot of instances that said there's a lot of
3:47 am
corruption going on and the mainstream media was doing nothing to expose it. >> richard, you can respond. >> i've heard, gina and other trump surrogates say that podesta had this coming. that would be like richard nixon saying oh, this watergate break-in was nonsense because if they had better security, my goons would never have gotten the materials from the watergate. that's what we're hearing. number one. imagine, ed, if criminals, russian criminals had gone into trump towers and stolen donald trump's tax returns for the past 20 years and made them public. would congressman franks say, hey, they were just doing what the press should have been doing. what are they saying the press should have been stealing? it's stealing. is that what they're saying, the press should be stealing information and putting it out there willy-nilly? i don't think so. >> i'm going to come back to richard on the substance of the
3:48 am
e-mails so we can get that in as well. there's a fair question. if the russians had stolen the tax returns, you'd be okay with them being put out there? >> well, some of trump -- let's not forget that some of his tax returns were stolen. >> a couple pages. >> i don't think that's the point. no one is saying okay that the russians meddle in any way. what we are saying and it's important to note and i think there is a story here, is that the mainstream media did no investigation. where is the evidence, ed, that any investigation was done into the corruption of the democrats? if they were that desperate, we have to ask ourselves logically, if they were that desperate to win the election, willing to go to that kind of corruption, then why don't we believe that they're desperate right now and willing to do just about anything to undermine the trump administration? >> i've pressed gina before. richard, on the substance of the e-mails, as gina pointed out, one example with the clinton
3:49 am
foundation, millions of dollars that went to a moroccan king. we didn't know about a lot of that until we saw the e-mails. the substance of the e-mails were not pretty for the clinton team. >> right. what you're saying, ed, is that stealing somebody else's private information, you know, the ends justify the means, right? you know, i actually heard very little on this and other networks about what we call a classic textbook pay for play, which is donald trump giving money to the attorney general of florida so that she could shut down an investigation of trump university. all this stuff about morocco, incidentally, there was zero, zero that came out from wikileaks or anything else that tied any official actions by hillary clinton to anything done by the foundation. she was disassociated from the foundation. we can relitigate it. what congressman franks is saying, the media should be stealing information from whoever they want and putting it out there.
3:50 am
i'm suggesting to you and each gina would agree that that's wrong. if it was trump, if it was clinton or anybody else, i don't think fox wants to have dirty hands, nor does anybody else. everybody feels oh, it's fine. whatever, it's out there. let's just go with it. >> ten seconds for you. >> i think we expect our enemies to do things to sabotage our system. what i don't think we expect is for that party, the democrat party, to be so corrupt and for the media to collude with them and not investigate the corruption. >> you both got your points in there. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year to you. >> still ahead, the ultimate disrespect, a painting depicting police officers as pigs, literally as biggs, hanging inside our nation's capitol. who approved that. that's next. we're counting down the top political sound bites of 2016. who could forget this one? >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the
3:51 am
basket of deplorables. >> okay. . . . . tall married small? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer.
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3:53 am
as the new year comes closer and closer, it's time to rewind politically. after a contentious election season, we're about to take a stroll down memory lane.
3:54 am
who better to break that down for us than lee carter. who joins me now with a look back. you've done an outstanding job throughout debates, everything that's gone on, conventions, covering the top political moments. pick some out for us. some key moments that moved the needle in 2016. we'll play four of them. you could play 50. first one is talking about self-funding in a political ad. take a look. >> the establishment, the media, the special interests, the lobbyists, the donors, they are all against me. i'm self-funding campaign. i don't owe anybody anything. i only owe it to the american people to do a great job. >> so the interesting pick, not one that would have jumped off the screen to me, initially, why that one? >> the reason is he had a theme throughout the campaign that he was not the establishment, that he was different, that he was on the side of the people, and that
3:55 am
whole message turned in to drain the swamp and i think what's so important about this message is this wasn't about donald trump the man. this was about a movement against the establishment and by setting it up, it was a really, really smart strategy and it continued throughout the campaign and it's one of the reasons -- >> interesting. straight to the cam remark straight to the people, became the tag line of drain the swamp. but the end was i'm not part of the machine. the next one we're very familiar with. let's go to the clip. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> all right. deplorables who are irredeemable. in some ways the election was litigated on that. >> this was an absolute unfortunate moment for hillary clinton. this is one of the moments that things really shifted in donald trump's favor. it's one thing to criticize your opponent which she did throughout the campaign, her whole strategy was donald trump was dangerous but this was criticizing the supporters and she said i was going to be a
3:56 am
supporter for all americans. she said that we're stronger together, and you know what, this showed that that wasn't authentic, it wasn't true and she was really only on the side of her supporters. >> she didn't misspeak. this is part of a speech. >> this is part of a speech and this is something that she obviously felt and really it emboldened trump supporters. people wore it as a badge of honor to say i'm a deplorable. it really back fired and this is one of the biggest gifts that hillary clinton gave to donald trump in the election. >> caught on tape. donald trump had this to say at a debate and you are saying it's the top moments. >> you are saying you are not -- >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> i will keep you in suspense about the election outcome. >> he was not -- he was a nontraditional candidate with unexpected answers. with what was so fascinating for this, he was criticized for this moment. people said over and over again, this isn't right, this isn't fair and look at the results at the end of the day. he wasn't the one that was
3:57 am
leaving us in suspense. >> that's exactly right. the irony, sometimes it can't be written. the fourth and final one for today is a moment that, well, we all remember. just a moext. take a listen. >> name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico. >> i'm giving you the whole world. anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- >> well, name anybody. >> he had that brain moment. he also had the aleppo moment. >> it was really unfortunate for gary johnson. up until that point, we were talking about how much he was going to hurt the candidates. i think at this point we just realized he wasn't going to be a real threat to either candidate. >> you are right. the libertarian candidate had a chance in this election cycle and he gave it away. bristol pay -- palin causing
3:58 am
celebrities cysty -- sissees for refusing to perform at the inauguration. with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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it's friday, december 30th. we've made it to the end of the week. i'm abby huntsman. we begin with a fox news alert. breaking overnight, russia responds, taking aim at the united states after the obama administration issues a series of sanctions for alleged election interference. so was the president's play more about trump than about russia? we'll have more coming up. the ultimate sign of disrespect, a painting zpicting police officers as pigs now hanging inside our nation's capitol. who in the world approved that? we're going to take a closer look. and hollywood a-listers being called sissees for refusing to perform on inawr rags for donald trump. one not available, kiss frontman gene simmons.
4:01 am
we'll ask him live. mornings are better with kiss. >> yes. ♪ >> perfect way to get up and excited about the weekend. i love kiss. >> you seem too young for that. >> i grew up listening to the band. >> i grew up listening to the weight room in high school. that's the only place i heard heavy metal work. >> working on my pecs. >> gene simmons is joins us. rudy giuliani is two hours ahead. eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle are going to be hosting saturday night.
4:02 am
>> we're going to ask them what their new year's resolutions are going to be. we'll ask you what yours are. send them in. >> we'll ask gene simmons is. >> making it's working out more to get pecs like pete. >> i'm never going to mention the weight room ever again. >> yeah, i love that music. >> i was 17. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we have a lot of news. you are seeing president obama going out with like this furious burst of activity. first going after israel at the u.n. now going after vladimir putin and russia with the sanctions, but immediately, just like the israel situation, actually, you don't have republicans saying these seem kind of weak, you actually have top democrats on capitol hill saying why are you attacking this critical ally? others are saying, these are weak. we're throwing out diplomats. if you really believe that
4:03 am
russia did these horrible things, then why are we not going after them harder? >> here's what they have done yesterday. u.s. actions against russia. so you can better understand this. nine russian entities and people sanctioned. 35 russian diplomats were expelled from the u.s. two russian compounds closed in the u.s. and possible covert cyber actions. that breaks it all down. the big question is what impact is that ultimately going to have. >> in the failing "new york times," as it's properly labeled there. >> it's not written in there. >> it's going to be renamed. the first cia asked about it says it's a slap on the wrist at best. it's not going to affect the way russia operates in this country. they are going to spell 35 of ours and close two facilities in russia. so this is nothing going to impact how they actually operate. that's important. if you are going to be punitive, make it work, make it hurt. in this case, it doesn't at all. it's purely symbolic and after
4:04 am
all the things that russia has gotten away with, crimea, what's going on with assad. >> the timing is interesting. he said what is the purpose of this, why three weeks before president obama is out of office and how political was this move. >> the ahacking started 18 monthsing a. >> the white house has been saying look we didn't want to further impact the election this past sner to -- summer to start going after russia, pouring gasoline on the fire. some critic obviously not buying that. eric schultz spokesman for the white house explaining their side. >> he's leaving office in three weeks, he's the president from now until then. president-elect once he assumes office on january 20th will be in a position to make these sort of decisions. our bottom line is what russia has been engaging in the last couple years is unacceptable. it's outside the norms of diplomatic behavior. >> when you tell vladimir putin to cut it out, that's what he
4:05 am
does. >> you ever do that on with your sisters. >> that doesn't work. kellyanne conway often speaking out and laying out these things in a way that's helpful to understand from their perspective. >> another side of the story. >> this is all being handed to the next administration coming in, to president-elect trump. [ voices overlapping ] >> kellyanne conway says she shoeps this is not just about politics. >> i'm really disappointed to read in david sanger's "new york times" piece this morning the allegation or supposition that perhaps one reason that these sanctions are taking place is to, quote, box in president-elect trump forcing him to take a position or otherwise when he take office. i hope this isn't motivated by politics even a little bit. it's just remarkable to me that we're talking about sanctions against russia just days after i would call sanctions against israel. in the last couple of days, you
4:06 am
see a flurry of activity by a tough president obama as he exits office and i guess is burnishing his last couple of moments, semi cold lons of his legacy. the new president will have an opportunity to reexamine -- >> there she got her shot in, a semicolon of a legacy. let's not forget in 2012 when mitt romney said this is our biggest geopolitical foe and barack obama says the 80s called and they want their foreign policy back. he was mocked. he was right four years ago. president obama said maybe let's be friends with vladimir putin. remember the other moment in that campaign, i'll have more flexibility to work with putin. >> we weren't supposed to hear that part. >> it was a hot mike. >> now donald trump is the guy that they are accusing of, oh, he's just too close to putin.
4:07 am
>> exactly. we're being told too that it was their influence that turned this entire election. let's be clear, no one wants any foreign entity meddling into our election. that's not good. this was not an election hacking. but the mainstream media is still trying to tell us -- >> hacking of emails. >> there was hacking but nothing with votes and vote counting on election day. >> that's what's so interesting because president obama was the one who said it wasn't hacking that impacted the election. he said that. do we have that sound? >> i don't know if we have that. if we do, we'll play it. we have headlines from different newspapers today still using the phrase election hacking. look at that. the failing "new york times" says obama strikes back at russia for election hacking. usa today, election hacking. abc news, election hacking. it's hacking related to, you know -- [ voices overlapping ]
4:08 am
>> it just says "the new york times." i don't know. the paper boy didn't bring it in at the hotel. [ voices overlapping ] >> we have the sound now of president obama saying just a few weeks ago that it wasn't hacking that impacted this election. let's play that. >> i can assure the public that there was not the kind of tampering with the voting process that was a concern and will continue to be of concern going forward. that the votes that were cast were counted. they were counted appropriately. we have not seen evidence of machines being tampered with. so that assurance i can provide. >> you can see how tortured his answer kind of was -- well, he was admitting there this at the end of the day didn't impact the actual election results. >> isn't that what he said
4:09 am
yesterday? the reason why they put forward these sanctions. >> well, that they were trying to interfere. >> meddling. >> meddling, but at the end of the day, president obama himself at that news conference acknowledged it didn't change the election results and the fox poll, i've got the numbers, the effect of russia's attempts to influence presidential election using these cyber attacks, no real effect, 59%, helped trump, 32%. in the days ahead, when he take office, donald trump will have to deal with this. he's going to have an early decision. that's what kellyanne conway is talking about. there's a trap by the obama administration. the new president has to decide do i let these sanctions go forward and reverse them. if he reverses them, the democrats are saying you are being nice to vladimir putin. it's going to be a test on him. >> it's not about slaps on the wrists anymore. this is a new opportunity to engage differently with russia. you don't want these roadblocks being thrown up in the last
4:10 am
three weeks. >> a lot of people are saying this is what this is. land mines to leave for president-elect donald trump. we've got to get some other headlines and gillian turner is here this morning. >> i'm going to be reporting on what you guys say off mike all morning. be careful. >> folks at home want to know. i got the info. we're going to turn to some headlines now. fox news alert, texas police officer shot during a traffic stop was hit by his partner's bullet it turns out. officer chris bumpus shot in the stomach as he tried to arrest a man with an outstanding warrant just outside ft. worth. it's partner opening fire on the suspect as he attacked bumpus, both were found wounded. he's now out of surgery thankfully and in stable condition. as you know, he's a navy veteran who was just named rookie of the year by his department. so congratulations on that. we hope he gets better soon. unprecedented security now in the works for times square on
4:11 am
new year's eve as isis warns of new attacks. this is a live look at times square where you can see sand-filled trucks will be blocking the streets to protect the nearly 2 million folks planning to ring in the new year there. 7,000 police officers will patrol the streets as helicopters keep watch from overhead. right now there aren't any credible threats against times square in particular, but police are warning folks about the concern over lone wolf attacks. a manhunt ramping up this hour for an escaped inmate. the police say you'll know if you spot daniel ortiz because he's still wearing his leg shackles. he was taken to the hospital before being taken to jail. this security photo shows him after he slipped out of an exam room and took off. now some celebrity news. outrage by the list of celebrities snubbing the president-elect trump. one famous face says it's time
4:12 am
for the qo, quote, sissees to stop going with the status quo. bristol palin says she's sick how uncool it is to be conservative. either hollywood is that far off. >> there's no sissies as fox news. there's this painting hanging in the u.s. capitol. we've learned about this and it depicts police officers as pigs in a year when 135 officers were killed in the line of duty. 64, by the way, were shot. you can see the painting there. the congressman involved in this, i should say by way of context, they typically are a lot of paintings in the capitol when you walk between office buildings because they do these contests from schools and kids. my district has this really cool piece of hard. a landscape or something. but to throw in the mix and have
4:13 am
somebody say wait a second, this one is offensive, the colors may be nice, but the message is disgusting. why would you put that up in the capitol? we talk a lot about the celebrity deaths, george michael, great legacy, debbie reynolds and all of that it fine to talk and remember. but how much time do we spend on the police officers who try to protect us and were killed? >> not just them but the family members, they have to kiss them good-bye and they are in harms way. we've said this numbers, 135 of cops killed in the line of duty. 64 cops were killed by shooting in the line of duty alone. [ voices overlapping ] >> hopefully, that changes by shining a light on it. icy relations between the obama administration and moscow getting worse, so where does this leave president-elect trump when he takes office? former u.n. ambassador john bolton is going to weigh in
4:14 am
next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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4:16 am
we're back with a fox news alert. tension between the u.s. and russia at an all-time high following president obama's decision to impose sanctions on that country. so what happened to the russian reset? what could this mean for the president-elect? mr. trump weighing in with a statement saying it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interests of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. here to weigh in former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. good morning. i wonder first of all, when you have some senior democrats in capitol hill, that building behind you saying these are pretty paltry in terms of sanctions and don't have a lot of teeth, what real impact will
4:17 am
they have? >> i don't think they will have much impact at all and i think president obama searry compromised the signal that he was trying to send by mushing together both the cyber attacks and the harassment of american diplomats in moscow. it's the latter that really explains the png of 35 russian diplomats in this country and closing two compounds which the russians are preparing to reciproca reciprocate. the real issue is getting our arms around what we know about what the russians actually did and this administration has so politicized intelligence over the past several years, its comments during the election period, its comments now, that i think both the senate and house committees that are looking into this and the new trump administration are going to have to consider the actual facts very carefully and decide what they are going to do. >> is the second question, you mentioned the big question, the second question, what of the legacy of one barack obama in terms of russia? first of all, they have that russian reset.
4:18 am
he and secretary clinton. that clearly did not go well. secondly, in the 2012 campaign, it was barack obama who mocked mitt romney for saying russia was our biggest geopolitical foe and now here he is on the way out the door seeming to try desperately to slap vladimir putin. >> well, look, the russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years. it's really been a pathetic performance. so what this last burst of activity has to do is hard to say. i think it's intended to try and box the trump administration in. i think it will fail. this is simply an executive order. if president trump decides to reverse it, it's easy enough to do. we really need to get past the politics of this, because if even a piece of what is alleged about this russian activity is true, it is utterly unacceptable. it is an attack on our constitutional system. it is not enough to say, and
4:19 am
people should be very careful about this, to say, well, it didn't actually have an impact on the election. the fact that russian efforts were incompetent or insufficient shouldn't make us feel better. if japan had attacked pearl harbor and all of its bombs and torpedoes had missed, no americans killed, no ships sunk, would we have said no harm, no foul. no, it's the effort that they made, if this is accurate should trouble us. not the fact that it failed. >> great point and we have one minute. that leads to the final question which is what then should the incoming president, donald trump, actually do about this? he's been accused to be fair here of being too cozy with vladimir putin. so moving ahead, what must he do to respond to what you just said? >> well, i would extend the question to chinese hacking, north korean hacking, iranian hacking. lots of hacking that the obama administration has failed to respond to across the board. look, we want to try and minimize this and to do that you've got to build up both our
4:20 am
cyber offensively and defensive capabilities and create structures of deternts so it doesn't happen again. how do you do that? in this case, you make the russians feel pain. the white house press spokesman you had at the top of the show saying president obama is sending a signal. that is utterly usele. if you make them feel pain and others feel pain, then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases. that's what we need to do. >> great. a lot of noise on this issue. ambassador bolton cutting through that noise as he usually does. we appreciate you being on. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> coming up, they are here illegally but they are legally allowed to drive. up next, the shocking number of illegal immigrants are hitting our highways. all year, he told us which movies to see and to skip. next, kevin mccarthy joins us to reveal the best and worst mov. thank you for dining with us.
4:21 am
hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck.
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4:23 am
time for your news by the numbers. first, 806,000, that's how many illegal i am dprants are on the road legally in california. that's thanks to a 2015 bill
4:24 am
allowing undocumented immigrants to get drivers license. next, 52%. that's how many americans feel optimistic about how things are going in the u.s. right now. the number according to a brand-new fox news poll. just over 50. and finally, one second. that's how much extra time you are getting in 2016. one leap second is added every few years because the earth take a little bit longer than 24 hours to complete a full rotation. ready? up, your second is gone! >> i want to spend it like that. maybe you go see a movie. it's almost time to say good-bye to 2016. what were some of the best films of the last year? >> let's ask kevin mccarthy. >> hey, kevin! >> honestly, i see you guys more than i see my own family. we're talking all the time. i love you guys so much, and ed and pete and abby, happy new year to you. thank you for having me on. >> you've got five of the best this year. >> i'm going to run through
4:25 am
them. there are so many great films and honorable mentions like "hidden figures" and "captain america." number five this year is a movie called "moon light." when the academy award nominations come out, this is going to be one of the biggest nominated films you will see out there. it's about a young boy growing up in a poor neighborhood in miami. it's a would be der -- wonderful story. this film will be nominated for best picture and it will also win best supporting actor at the oscars this year. a phenomenal movie. it's number five. >> number four, you had "sing street." >> i've been mentioning this film a lot. i mentioned it a lot on christmas day. this movie is under the radar. it is about a young teenage boy who creates a band to impress a girl. the best part about this movie is the music. this year, there's been so much great music in cinema from
4:26 am
hidden figures so this film as well as well as la-la-land. this movie puts a big smile on your face. it's been an interesting year. if you want a massive smile on your face, it's available on netflix. i recommend it. it's called "sing street. i. >> la-la-land, you going to see. i did on monday. it was life changing. it was fabulous. if you couldn't love ryan gossling anymore. >> abby continues to -- abby continues to become my best friend. she loves "dumb and dumber." la-la-land. it transcends the musical. the movie director has the greatest opening shot of the year when they are on that highway with the dance number. it's unbelievable to watch and ryan gossling really plays the piano in the film and emma stone is unbelievable. this movie will win best
4:27 am
picture. >> what about "rival"? >> this is very poll lar rising. number two, arrival. >> and we've heard you geek out on this number one. >> yes. i'm so excited. i've seen this movie nine times. no question the movie is "dead pool." i love it. i think it's a brilliant film. i think it was well-done. very r rated. very raunchy. very violent at times but overall is a well-made movie in regards to story telling. it's a passion project for ryan reynolds. there are so many cool things that went on behind the scenes of this movie. when he did all the scenes with the mask on, he would redo them again to make the eyes move. every joke about x men made me laugh so hard. >> you've seen it nine times? do you ever stop counting or do you keep a count? >> no, i watch it all the time. >> how many movies have you seen this year and what was the worst one you saw?
4:28 am
>> i saw well over 100 movies this year. the worst movie i saw this year and this is just disappointing to me because i loved the first one is zoo lander 2. this movie was so bad. honestly, i want that time back in my life. it was an awful script. there were too many cameos and i love ben stiller but zoolander 1 was great, but 2 was absolutely awful. >> abby's worst movie. >> anything that did not have ryan gossling. >> that's true. >> jenna mccarthey -- >> i'll tweet out my top ten which is at kevin mccarthy tv. i'll put the full top ten on there. >> good to see you, kevin. >> happy new year. >> he is one of the most iconic and successful rockers of all time and he is not slowing down any time soon. the legendary front man of kiss, gene simmons is here live. come on in. >> after eight decades.
4:29 am
a new york institution closing its doors. janice dean live at carnegie deli getting a final taste. >> here we are and i've met bob and isabel. how long have you been coming here? >> 30, 40 years. >> and it's closing today almost 80 years. what's your favorite part of carnegie deli snnch the pastrami. >> we're going to go in and talk to people in line for the last day. this is carnegie deli and we're live at "fox & friends." send us your pictures if you've ever been to carnegie deli, we want to see them. this is a big day. we've got hungry people in line. stay with us. come back. "fox & friends." is there an elk in your bed?
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♪ ♪ >> it's a great intro. we've been teeing this up all
4:32 am
morning long. gene simmons is in the house this morning. >> we've gotten a lot cooler. >> i can't believe you guys get up at zero owe clock in the morning. this is about the time i go to sleep. >> there have been some expectations that kiss would be -- that they would be performing at the inauguration. you got to clear that up for everybody. we want to know why you won't be there. >> this happened at the airport. this happened anywhere we go. the paparazzi show up and i think it's about my appendage. why does anybody give a squat what a guy in a band thinks about or anything like that? the last time -- the last thing i want to do is ask president obama what he thinks about l.e.d. zeppelin. >> but were you stwietd? >> as far as i know. nobody ever called me. i know donald trump. i know our president-elect well enough i suppose, but i never got a call.
4:33 am
>> would you do it? >> either case, would you -- >> would you perform if it were on the schedule? >> the problem with even talking about this is everything has become so polarized, people should give it a rest and stop trying to use politics or what our president-elect means or doesn't mean as some kind of tool. look, a wake up call is al qaeda, and brexit. they don't like americans. make we should sign up for the american political party and get used to it. we have a president-elect. now let's move on. >> that sounds like a new year's resolution for a lot of people. >> my new year's resolution is to get up every day and decide, you know what, i don't need anything else. i live in america and if you can get used to that idea -- because the quickest reminder is if you wake up in another country, it's the real cold water.
4:34 am
i'm glad you asked me that question because, see the reason i'm here, i would be remiss in my fiduciary duty if i i didn't tell you rock and brews, our restaurant chain, which is exploding so fast, two in cabo and two at l.a.x., and we opened up the san maunl manuel casino. we were and rancho cucamango and kau nation are attempting up and january 12th, we're making a big announcement, we're getting into the rock and brews casino and resort business. >> wow. >> we're going to really ramp it up and give everybody bang for the buck and look at the fans who -- they are just having the time of their lives.
4:35 am
we opened up -- i'm glad you mentioned it, we just opened st. louis is opening up the day before and then we're going to oklahoma city, and within a month or so we're going to start touring europe. starting many costco and -- in moscow and kiss is america's number one gold-winniaward winn. >> the oral appendage. >> i would stick it out here but the floor is dirty. >> does this guy look in shape to you? >> no. >> he grew up listening to you at the gym. >> weight room's across america for high schools definitely had kiss blaring. >> and other places too. >> i grew up listening to kiss. who didn't, your dad -- >> your dad. if you go to our rock concerts,
4:36 am
we do lots of them. this is our 43rd year. boy, do i look good! this is our 43rd year doing this. we're in better shape than we have been in before. we continue to be the juggernaut of the merchandising and licensing of them all. we literally out sell elvis and the beatles. rock and brews are opening -- >> you are a man who knows -- >> do you have a big announcement? >> on january the 12th, we'll be talking about the rock & brews casino and resort. >> how amazing is that? >> no inauguration for you? >> well, look, if you in america, you are at the inauguration. there's going to be a new president-elect and everybody just take a rest. [ voices overlapping ] >> what do you expect as donald trump as president? >> it's never just one person. let's get used to the idea.
4:37 am
>> you know him well? >> well enough. over the decades. he's a good family man. let's talk about the important issue. he's a good father. there's no drugs, booze, no craziness going on. the rest of it, do what the founding fathers of this country actually sort of created. there's a ballot box. you vote your conscience. you draw the curtain and that's the end of it and it's nobody's business who you vote for. we should all take a deep breath and get on with our lives. we should be blessing this haloed ground call america every day. warren buffett is going to invest in america and so will i. >> you heard it here first. you are going to be in the inauguration, maybe in person, maybe not. we'll have to wait and see. i know where you will be on january 12th. >> where am i going to be? i'm going to be opening up a
4:38 am
rock & brews. >> gene simmons, happy new year. >> all the best to you guys. >> we have some other headlines too. gillian turner is here with headlines. >> thanks, guy. i feel cooler already. new overnight, a desperate search under way after a plane vanishes near lake erie in ohio. so far the u.s. coast guard says there's been no sign of debris or those six passenger who are on board. the plane was headed from cleveland to columbus when it disappeared from radar screen. the three adults and three kids on board were on their way back from a cleveland cavaliers game. >> and the obama administration giving tens of thousands of your tax dollars to deported illegals, just so they stay home. kentucky senator rand paul highlighting the taxpayer funded program in his annual wasteful spending report shows 50,000 of your hard earned dollars went to deported criminals in el salvador alone. the money used to start businesses after the illegals
4:39 am
get kicked out of the united states. busy millennials are killing the dinner date, instead opting for starbucks and chick-fil-a for their first dates, that's ating app. we asked you about it and your comments have been pouring in ever since. sandy tweeting i'm surprised they don't just text each other and consider it a date. >> yep. sad. >> sounds like a good date to me. >> juliette emails they are missing out on the magic of romance in many sideways. modern romance lacks substance. and matthew says on twitter who wouldn't want to go on chick fail -- chick-fil-a on a first day. come on! >> it's true. >> they have good milk shakes as well. not just chicken. >> they do. i tried them. they are great. >> january 12th, they are going to be rolling out -- >> no, no, no. it's a sad day for a new york landmark carnegie deli. it's closing its doors after
4:40 am
almost 80 years of dolling out the pass tropical -- pastrami. >> he wrote i went last week to let my daughter and wife experience this great deli. >> she and her husband had lunch there last week. >> travis tweets out my first meal in the u.s. i waited in line for two hours in november. totally awesome. janice joins us live. she delivered us endless pastrami sandwiches. how is it going? >> it's great. this is a sad day. this is an institution. they have been for almost 80 years. we've got a lineup of folks waiting to get in. 8:00 a.m., the doors open. what's your name? from are you from? >> i'm david. i'm from springfield, new jersey.
4:41 am
it's 35k in the morning, i'm a teacher, i said, let me come here and check it out one last time. >> and what's your favorite part of this place? >> pastrami. >> the pastrami. >> the pickles, the rye and the cheesecake it's fantastic. >> amazing. where are you guys from? >> we're from delaware. >> and what brought you to carnegie deli today? >> it's the last day. we decided to check it out. >> you drove all this way to come here? >> we took the train. >> what's your favorite part here? >> we're going to try the reuben today. >> reuben. are you sad? this is a sad day? >> i know. it's iconic. >> it really is. i hear rumors that somebody might make an offer today. we'll talk to the owner in the next hour. what's your name? >> nicolas. astore i can't. i came here yesterday and the line was around the corner. i said, wow, got to try it again. came today. happy we're 10th in line.
4:42 am
pastrami, awesome. >> you said you were shy on camera. you are doing amazing, my friend. what about you? >> joe, from jamaica queens and what better way to end 2016 than to come to carnegie deli. >> have you been here before? >> this is my first time. >> better late than never. >> amen to that. >> what are you looking forward to tasting the most? >> the mountain high pastrami. >> i hear they load it up. you have to bring left overs at home. the doors open at 8:00 a.m. we're going to go in there for one last day. carnegie deli. an institution near in new york city. are you excited to see them open for the last time? yes. oh, my gosh. i have a list of pastrami that i will be bringing back to fox news channel but i'm so glad that you got your sandwiches. that will keep you happy. >> nice job. >> this is exactly what i love about new york city and what i love about america is what carnegie hall -- not carnegie
4:43 am
hall -- i love carney hall but what carnegie hall represents. >> and bacon. >> and champaign over there too. >> it was one of donald trump's signature promises, extreme vetting on refugees, but the mainstream media says the current system is just fine. our next guest says they could not be more wrong. former fbi special agent tim clemente joins us next. former new york city mayor, trump cabinet candidate, rudy giuliani is here to weigh in on the rocky relations with russia next hour. and new year's eve almost here and these two will be hanging out with you all night long, but first they hang out with us. eric bolling, kimberly guilfoyle here with a preview of our new year's eve special next hour. you won't want to miss it. next on the curvy couch.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
we're back with this. an update to a story that we brought you earlier this week regarding fraud in the food stamp program. we reported that back in 2016. $70 million were wasted on food stamp fraud. that was incorrect. the latest information from 2009 to 2011 shows the fraud at 1.3%, which is approximately $853 million for each of those three years and nationally food stamp trafficking is on the decline. so sorry about that mistake. over to you, pete. >> we forgive you. president-elect donald trump plans to use extreme vetting of u.s. bound immigrants but "the washington post" suggesting that's a waste of time. writing this, americans deserve to know that those entering the country have been screened carefully but it will be difficult for mr. trump to fashion an even more musk collar inspection and monitoring regimen without subjecting visitors and immigrants to outlight religious profiling.
4:47 am
here to join us is tim clemente. "the washington post" is saying we can't do more than we're already doing. are they right? >> absolutely not. you can always do more because it's not possible for us to know what we don't know in this regard and you just had a story on 30 seconds ago about fraud in the food stamp system. fraud occurs everywhere. you have identity fraud within the united states. we have the greatest databases that exist anywhere on the planet to track who people are and to identify them and yet beside that fact you also have people that are able to steal your and my identity, pretend they are us, buy cars, get credit cards, steal things. if somebody can steal the identity of you or i easily and do something within this country, how much easier is it for them to be from a third world country where there are literally no databases and take the identity of another person and come to the united states. if i can give you one quick story, i was actually in a cab last week talking to my cab
4:48 am
driver, and this individual had come from pakistan 30 years ago, and it was during the ronald reagan amnesty program years, and he was in a rural village in pakistan. heard about this program. got contacted by an individual that would be able to help him once he got to the united states. he was able to buy a false passport with his real picture on it. came to the united states illegally on a flight on a visa that was obtained during an illegal false name. once he got in the united states, he contacted a man who owned a farm in california. that individual fraudulently wrote a letter for him saying this guy has been a farm worker for the last six months and he used that to get amnesty under the ray gab program and eventually became a citizen. he wanted to be able to send money back to his family back in pakistan. he was able to game the system. >> what's the default? if someone shows up with shady
4:49 am
paperwork or no paperwork, is the default to let them in or give them deference or is it to say until you come up with something that looks legitimate, we're not letting you. >> the default system is these people appear to be legitimate refugees or asylum seekers, less let's find them, a refugee is applying to come to the united states as a refugee. an asylum seeker somebody who is already here or at a port of entry to the united states. they are the same basic program, but we consider them as two different types of entries. so when somebody comes here to the southern border of the united states or seeks through the united nations refugee programs to come to the united states, all they have to say is i'm facing persecution because of my heritage, my nationality, my clan of origin, or my political affiliations or the social group i belong to. those are the actual parameters that we use. so if an individual is fleeing a war torn area of syria and says
4:50 am
i have no possessions but the shirt on my back, i don't have any identification, but i'm from this village, it was destroyed. i have no way to go back there because i would be persecuted, we cannot, we cannot, we cannot in any effective way determine who they really are other than to interview them extensively, if they have family members, interview them. >> there's a lot of holes in the process. what is the biggest single step the president-elect could take to move closer to extreme vetting? >> i think what he has to do is look at whether it really helps these people to bring them to the united states borders or to possibly do more to help them within other third party regions, like in jordan, you have a lot of syrian refugees. maybe we can help them better save their own countries and stay close to their borders and make it safe enough for them to go back. because it's not always easy for them when they come to country like america, it's such a culture shock and it's not easy for americans. >> absolutely. thank you for your expertise. we appreciate that. it was one of the top
4:51 am
political moments of the year. >> please clap. [ applause ] >> i didn't know that clip was coming. >> but there's plenty more where that came from. lee carter is here with the top political sound bites of 2016 next hour.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
i love that. welcome back. it is almost time to pop the champagne while we ring in the new year but what kind are we having this morning? >> director of brand education at moet hennesey usa. you are a good person to know. >> i am. i'm invited to a lot of parties. >> we're starting from least expensive to most. where do we begin? >> on this table, we have your must-have selection for this new year's eve. it does range in price from $18 to $160. we have a wide range of selection in terms of flavor profiles. what's really fun is getting to know your style and which one it is. >> this is the bruet classic,
4:55 am
chandon. it is under $20. it's made in the same way that champaign is made but not in france. california. >> sparkling wine is made in california, not in france. >> the half bottle is a great idea because it keeps the price down, and also this is veuve cliquot. >> you can't save champagne. >> in terms of quality, how does it go? >> this is moet and chandon. it's the leading --
4:56 am
>> can we open it? >> sure. please do. you want to take the tab, you want to pull that right off. and then you look for the cage. >> oh, my goodness. happy new year's. >> live television. >> maybe you should be a professional. >> i thought you said you just twist it off. >> can we get a re-do on this unwith. >> i got it all over you. i'm really sorry. >> you can use my pocket square. it's all right. >> oh, wow. you guys are going crazy. >> let's get to the top of the chain there. how far up does it go then? in terms of price. >> moving on to veuv cliquot. this is veuve. that means widow.
4:57 am
this is absolutely incredible champagne. >> how much is that? >> this is $57. this is a rose. it was the window cliquot who invented. >> we've got krug which is your luxury choice if you are going to be showing up at a party. this is krug. >> you recognize this one. >> you recognize dom perignon. >> a pretty penny. >> it is $169. >> pete is taking it home. >> we appreciate all the information. >> we've got some big news coming up. america's mayor, rudy giuliani is here live, is president obama using russia to under mine president-elect trump? we'll ask him next. he has become a pint-sized viral sensation after totally schooling a random girl with his street ball skills.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. good morning. it is friday, december 30th. i'm abby huntsman, in for ainsley earhardt this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. the obama administration taking aim at russia and issuing a series of sanctions for meddling in the election. is this just another shot at trump? rudy giuliani is live with his reaction coming up. new outrage over the college professor who tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. why then is the university supporting what he said? we have that. remember when you used to have to wine and dine the ladies to win their heart? not mi more. not only is chivalry dead but so is the dinner date. but we had champagne earlier and
5:01 am
now it's on my tie, because of abby, mornings are better with her and better with you because you are with friends. ♪ >> that is manny love. >> i may not like my chances here. >> he is unbelievable and went viral yesterday for schooling this woman on the street at a crosswalk and she was a great sport about it. >> one-on-one, each of us. >> we are. it's not going to be pretty because he's really good. >> i used to play but not well. >> you played in college, pete. >> you lose your skills quickly. >> you spent a lot of time in the weight room. >> your expectation is really low. >> i set them low. >> chivalry is not dead because the champagne was flying, abby was all of it all over her dress. >> i'm sorry. >> look at what i did.
5:02 am
>> it's terrible. >> no one has invited me to their new year's eve party at all. >> i feel bad because your suits are now covered in champagne. >> this is all wet and here's the thing i had a backup pocket square because i got the one with abby. you always travel with another one and i got this in secret santa so i got abby's face and peter doocy's hair. >> we were talking about millennials not going on dinner dates anymore, but you are such a gentleman. a pocket square, giving to the ladies. old school. so nice. >> handkerchief, that is super old school. >> it is. and we have a fox news alert. russia refusing to go tit for tat with the obama administration. >> the stunning development comes after the obama administration issues sanctions for alleged election hacking. >> good morning. >> it now appears that russia
5:03 am
will not be taking those retaliatory actions against the u.s. for the sanctions that were issued, at least for the time being. earlier this morning, russia's foreign minister sergei laugh rock relinquished -- lavrov recommended that they issue actions. he will wait to see what actions donald trump takes once he is sworn in. yesterday, the obama administration took a series of actions against russia in response to its cyber campaign and it's not to influence our election, including sanctions of two of russia's leading intelligence agencies, shutting down two russian compounds in maryland and new york that have been used by russian personnel for intelligence purposes and
5:04 am
giving them 72 hours to leave the country. russian officials widely mocked these sanctions including the russian uk embassy and tweeted, president obama expels 35 russian diplomats in cold war deja vu. as everybody, including u.s. people, will be glad to see the last of this helpless lame duck. >> a statement was issued saying it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. the story long from over,y' all. >> this is a story that will be ongog and we're going -- let's bring in rudy giuliani, america's mayor to give us his take on this.
5:05 am
this isn't something as you know that president obama is dealing with. this is something that's landing in the lap of the president-elect as well. what do you make of this most recent development, russia not retail yating and the back-and-forth going on. >> i find it extraordinary in what president obama is doing. i've never seen a president try to create more problems for a future president. first, he double crosses israel and after many times and many other presidents vetoing the condemnation of israel for taking the settlements, he does it and creates lack of leverage for israel and the united states in trying to trade land for peace or try other negotiations in the last hours of his presidency. he completely double crosses one of our biggest allies, and now after 18 months of this hacking, he does something about it. why didn't he do something about it 18 months ago? it wouldn't have happened. somebody can honestly say none
5:06 am
of this would have happened if president obama had been awake -- if president obama had listened to mitt romney when mitt romney said russia was a threat and he laughed at him. >> yeah. >> if he didn't reset the relationship with russia and give up the defense of the czech republic and poland, if he didn't invite russia into syria and bring russia back into the middle east after 30 years of being out of the middle east, after all that, and letting this go for 18 months, two weeks before he goes out of office, he does a bunch of these sanctions just to create a problem for russia, and it's not only too little too late, it's almost silly in the way he did it. >> yeah. >> and "the new york times" reporting that they are trying in the white house to box in donald trump, your friend, so i wonder what you would counsel him to do in reaction. this is basically an executive
5:07 am
order. so as you know, on day one, donald trump can reverse all of this, but then he has his critics out there saying you are already too close to putin, if he reverses them, would that be a mistake? >> you make the right decision. you get your own people to review it. there's no question that the intelligence that president obama has been getting has either been incompetent or politicized. this is the jv team, right? isis was the jv team? this is the president who couldn't figure out how dangerous the islamic state was when people were telling him that, including me, on your show. this is the guy who thought russia wasn't a threat back just four years ago. this is the guy that allowed this hacking to go on for 18 months. if the democrats want to be angry about the hacking here, they should get angry at barack obama for doing nothing about it. also, if they hadn't written awful things, the hacking would have meant nothing. if they had actually been
5:08 am
writing legal and ethical things and not talking about quid pro quos and not talking about how miserable the candidates were, none of this would have meant anything. look, hacking is illegal. i do it for a leaving. i don't do hacking for a living. i do cyber security for a living, and this is prolific, and there should be very strong reactions against anyone who do it. >> right. and something that -- go ahead. >> i would -- i would urge president trump, when he becomes president trump, have his own intelligence people do their own report, let's find out who did it, and let's bang them back really hard. not some moving a couple of this ones or that ones around. they are not hacking from those places. it's totally absurd. >> yeah. and a concern that everyone should be aware of and concerned about, so we see an acknowledgment publicly on twitter between vladimir putin and president-elect donald trump. what's going on behind closed doors with president-elect
5:09 am
trump? have there been any real conversations with russian officials up to this point that you know of? >> i wouldn't comment on that. you know, i shouldn't -- it wouldn't comment on it and the reality is there is only one president at a time, and i think president-elect trump's statement was correct, you know. that he's going to take a very good look at the intelligence reports that the obama administration has, and then i would recommend to him that he have his own people do an independent report so we get beyond what has been very flawed intelligence. all those reports we had last year that president obama was getting the intelligence reports he wanted to hear, that we were winning the war, that isis wasn't that dangerous. i would want my own independent analysis of this and i would want to hit back harder than president obama hit back. i would want to hit the right
5:10 am
target. if you are going to -- if you are going to solve a murder, you arrest a murderer. not the candy store the murderer went to before he committed the murder. >> yeah. >> mr. mayor, you mentioned there's only one president at a time. usually that's leveled at the incoming president. >> but barack obama has made these decisions in the last three week on israel, and russia and elsewhere, is he trying to box in the president-elect? >> of course, he is. >> what is he trying to do? >> of course! the 18 months of hacking, why didn't he do something ten months ago, it nt nt never would have happened/he had done something about it 18 months ago? >> what does it say. [ overlapping voices ] >> what does that say about the legacy of president obama? >> i don't think there's much of a legacy at all, but what it says is there's a certain pettiness that i hadn't seen before. i mean, to do this after 18 months, when you could have prevented it ten months ago, to double cross israel in the last hours of his administration,
5:11 am
after pretending that he was a friend of israel which no one believed, i never believed it, not after the iran agreement, but at least he pretended to be a friend of israel, to do those two things, to basically reduce the leverage of the next president, look, a report like this done correctly could be tremendous leverage against whomever the hackers are, whether they are the russian government, russian operatives, or some other operatives. this would be tremendous leverage that could be used to help us. he's taking that leverage away from the next president. same thing with land-for-peace. he's taking tremendous leverage away from the state of israel and the president of the united states in dealing with the middle east and that's a shame, and annex president should act with more dignity and respect for the presidency than to do that. >> doesn't this go beyond just hacking? in order for president-elect trump to hit the reset button and get it right in his next term in office, don't you have to understand what it is that
5:12 am
russia wants and it goes beyond just hacking, they want to under mine the west. this is a much bigger picture than that, right, mayor? >> it's a much bigger picture. it has to be seen in a much bigger picture and that's why petty little actions like this don't mean very much. it's almost a mockery to say this is too little too late. it should have been done ten months ago, 11 months ago, 12 months ago. if it is really true, the response should be much stronger, but i want to see that report, and then i would want my own people -- i do investigations of hacking. i would want my own people to investigate this, and i would want to know who really did it and then i would hit them back so hard they wouldn't be able to do it again. >> mr. mayor, would you recommend -- we've got 30 seconds, would you recommend on day one donald trump let these diplomats back then and reverse some of these actions? >> i recommend that on day one he get his intelligence people together and gather all the information independently and then make a decision.
5:13 am
>> great. >> make decisions based on facts. not just on, you know, political reactions. >> sure. we hope you get some down time with your family down there in florida. happy new year, mr. mayor. >> happy new year. save a little champagne for me. >> there may be none left. i spilled it all. good to see you. have a good new year. a popular tourist destination and new york city stable is closing its doors for good in just a few hours. >> we send janice dean of course to the carnegie deli to catch up with last-minute diners and the owner. the big moments in politics in 2016. will hillary clinton's basket of deplorable comments be most memorable? lee carter is on deck with a look back. >> to be just grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
after a contentious election season, we're taking a stroll down campaign memory lane. isn't it nice? some of the hits and misses. lee carter president and partner joins us with a look back. you are the best person to do this. you bring in the dials and you show us what the voters are actually thinking. this comment from hillary clinton, i want to play it, really blew up the campaign. >> to be grocery generalistic -- -- >> to be grossly genalistic, you would put half of trump supporters in the basket of
5:17 am
deplorables. >> it changes things. >> this was a real shift in momentum. there was no way after this that hillary clinton could say that we are stronger together. there is no way that she could say that i'm a president for all americans because she basically said half of trump supporters are deplorable. and it back fired completely because it energized the base. people wore deplorable with pride. you saw so many people on twitter change their name to deplorable joe. it is one of those moments that things really shifted. >> also, donald trump, when he really sort of, you know, highlighted those outsider credentials and said this. >> we've taken in millions and millions and millions of people within the republican party. they came out from the democrats. they came as the independents. i'll tell you, the thing i'm most proud of, and i see it when i sign and when i shake hands with people, every 20th person says to me, you know, mr.
5:18 am
trurp -- trump, i've never voted before. we're talking about 40-year-old people. we're talking about 50? you, are you going to vote and you never voted before? thank you, man. that's so cool. >> and the mainstream media time and time again says he's not going to bring in these new people. there are these sort of trump reaganesque democrats, they were so wrong. >> they were so wrong. wisconsin, michigan, they switched to trump. new people came out to vote for him. people were switching sides and he really was somebody that gave the working class americans real hope again in a time that they haven't had some in a number of years. >> something that kept hillary clinton stuck in neutral so long. at the beginning of the campaign, this whole email server issue. she tried to make light of it. watch. >> thank you very much, mrs. clinton for being here. critics have questioned some of your decision-making recently and you doing this show, i hope it finally lays that rest.
5:19 am
>> oh, i absolutely proves your case, don't you. >> this has been a lot of furn, mrs. clinton. we should stay in touch. what's the best way to reach you? email? >> you've got mail. >> real quick. you've got mail but also she tried again and again to try to connect with millennials, bernie sanders, didn't work. >> she went all over. snl, all over the place. jimmy kimmel, trying to show a more human side of it. it never came to life. she seemed forced. she didn't seem natural in these settings. >> similar problem for jeb bush. >> i think the next president needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal that we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country. to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> devastating and when donald trump branded him as low energy, never recovered. >> bless his heart.
5:20 am
you can imagine, june 15th of last year, they said -- "washington post" published an article says five reasons jeb bush is going to be the next president of the united states. >> no money, the endorsements, the media. >> it was the day before donald trump announced and you can see by february 15th, we all knew it wasn't going to be the jeb bush. >> lee carter from the very beginning, your insights have been very valuable to us especially here at "fox & friends." from the end of a reality tv era to a rash of celebrity deaths, 2016 made plenty of entertainment headlines. we're breaking down this year's big stories. some of them sad next. plus, he's become a pint-sized viral situation after totally schooling a random woman with his street ball skills in this video that went viral. this morning, he's going to try it again against us right here at "fox & friends." we're going one-on-one coming up.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
good morning, again. quick headlines. the obama administration is giving tens of thousands of your tax dollars to deported ill lels just so they stay home.
5:24 am
kentucky senator rand paul highlighting it in his annual spending report. $50,000 went to help deportees start their own business in el salvador. a washington, d.c. restaurant won't add president-elect trump to their world famous mural. it features 11 of our nation's leaders from president eisenhower to president obama. the restaurant claims it's not in the budget to administer trump. >> from tv shake-ups to relationship break-ups, 2016 was a year full of scandals and tragedies. >> here to break it down, is inside edition correspondent megyn alexander. >> happy new year. >> it's fun to look back and especially on entertainment. >> 2016 was a very full year for some good news. let's reflect on the fact that in the sports world people hardly agree in sports, everyone
5:25 am
was excited when the chicago cubs won the world series. it was an incredible seventh inning win for them. they actually took it to the 10th inc. 7th game. ending a 108 year winning streak. >> it was a sad year. even in the past week alone of deaths of celebrities awe've lost. david bowie, unbelieve, he passed away at the age of 69 after battling cancer. country music great merle hag guard, prince passed away. mooumed -- muhammad ali, george michael, and carrie fisher, and then just a day later, her mother, debbie reynolds. funeral arrangements still under way. >> this is a natural time to think about that too. another one you talked about is a show that's ending.
5:26 am
>> "american idol". >> i forgot this year was the last one. >> 15 seasons of american idol. think about the super stars have come from this show. first winner, kelly clarkson, and carrie underwood, jennifer hudson, she took home an oscar. jordan sparks, country singer, kellie pickler. adam lambert did not win the show and i got to ask you guys, who won the last season? >> i watched it from the beginning. i didn't watch it last season. >> trent harmon. >> congratulations. >> we need that album. it's in the works. what would be in the entertainment headlines break up? >> brad and angelina. >> i think we were all devastated when this superstar couple announced they were
5:27 am
splitting up because of their beautiful family, adopted children and biological children. angelina pulled out the legal team pretty quickly on this one which surprised a lot of folks. they are still figuring it out. >> we'll be following this story well in 2017, i believe. >> there is another one that happened on broadway. >> hamilton, the hottest ticket in town. everybody wanted a ticket to hamilton. 17 tony nominations. took home 11 tonys, perhaps the biggest story was when vice president mike pence was in the audience. >> we have that sound. let's watch. >> we have a message for you, sir and we hope that you would hear us out. we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> yeah, we covered that here on "fox & friends." that was a huge moment. also how vice president elect mike pence handled that moment. >> so classy. it's been a big year. 2017. what's ahead? >> it's been a big year for you?
5:28 am
>> it was. face in the spotlight. it's a great message. >> it's possible for faith and work to coe exist. it's my motivational guide for these kids that want to enter our industry. >> i love that. >> a good new year's resolution. >> great to have you here. >> we've got a fox news alert. all eyes on times square as we are seeing an unprecedented ring of steel around the perimeter to stop lone wolf attacks. and rumors swirling that gene simmons turned down an invitation to perform at the inauguration. we asked him the question. it wasn't true. we set the record straight. and the good old days, you used to have to wine and dine that lady to win her heart. not only is chivalry dead but so is the dinner date. we're going to ask these two, eric bolling and kimberly
5:29 am
guilfoyle about that and about new year's eve. they will be joining us very shortly on the curvy couch.
5:30 am
mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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♪ ♪ >> you have the calm before the storm. look how quiet that is. not major crowds but the people who will be right in the middle of it all is our a team. that's right. >> "fox & friends" has become "the five" and they are here. >> we're so excited to have you guys on the couch this morning. you guys are the it team to bring in 2017 tomorrow night. >> we're the only ones who agreed to do it. >> did you not have plans? >> last year, it was really cold
5:32 am
and kimberly, we stood outside for three hours straight in heels and everything, toward the end, a little secret no one knows, if you took the camera shot down, her feet were so cold they were wrapping them in blankets to stay warm. >> i was on a little pedestal thing. >> what about your heels? >> mine were fine. thank you for asking. >> we did have a fantastic time last year. >> what we did last year before the show, we were doing some stuff for fox, for fox broadcast and we were down in stiems square on a stage and we're walking around and it's amazing. the energy was crazy. so we said, hey, next year, if we do this, let's get right down in the middle. >> right in times square. >> right in the middle of it and just getting down and dirty. >> you are going to be down -- [ voices overlapping ] >> there were some volunteers. the brave men of the nypd. >> the nypd. by the way, they have that place
5:33 am
locked down. it's so safe. come oun and join us. >> the military there as well. >> they want to take pictures with kimberly. >> obviously. >> i was a good photographer. >> eric takes the photos. >> we were doing that and i would say hey, boling, and vanilla ice and so many people were down there. hey, boling. >> it was like oh, my god. what next. >> you see this on "the five" today and getting into russia and all stuff as well. >> vladimir putin laughs off president obama's sanctions. i'll be the bigger man of the two, but the good news i think it is great news because it doesn't box donald trump into a corner when he becomes president. he can come in and say look, we can continue this relationship, this dialogue that we have. >> how does he handle that? any move that he makes will be pro russian or pro putin, perceived. >> we closed down a couple of
5:34 am
spy centers. putin clearly says i don't have a problem with it. i think it is great for foreign policy going forward. >> i call it impotent range. it's not doing anything. president obama says he's very angry about this. i get it. we shouldn't have the russians meddling. if you had any advanced knowledge about this prior to this occasion, why didn't you do something before, ned you are doing it right on the heels of a new administration coming in and president-elect donald trump will not be boxed in by anybody. >> at least president obama was far ahead of the curve about russia being our biggest geopolitical -- oh, wait. >> the reset button. i have a lot more flexibility after i get reelected. here's the thing, 21 days until he leaves office. he's done two things. he's done the u.n. resolution to vote against israel and the russian thing. all you have to say is thanks, obama, can you hand over the keys and have -- how about this? how about a nice smooth transition of power to the next administration? >> both of them -- both donald
5:35 am
trump and barack obama, in the beginning, it was like a bromance. it was supposed to be 15 minutes. 16s an hour and a half. a couple of days donald trump was tweeting out, i'm done with this. it's not as smooth. >> they talked on the phone it sounds like a couple days ago and said let's not publicly bash anybody. >> i asked reince priebus about this. from my perspective, it looks like president obama is throwing a lot of roadblocks to the transition of power, the road to transition. he said, you know, we're talking. they talk -- proposal and donald trump spoke -- president obama and donald trump spoke on the phone. valerie jarrett is talking to kellyanne. it goes on and on. the administrations are talking to each other and that's a positive sign. >> no one likes to talk about when things are working, when things are smooth anyway. we want to get your thoughts on this story. >> we have to get their thoughts on this story. >> millennials are apparently killing the dinner date.
5:36 am
>> no more dinner and asking for days. it's chick-fil-a and starbucks. >> let me tell you something. chick-fil-a date is right up my alley. i think it would be a great choice. starbucks date, i have an issue with. that seems a little too chintsy unless you get the protein packs. >> why are they doing in. >> it's safe. you can go there. get starbucks and meet someone else. free wi-fi. >> i let him use the krart. i see starbucks and all the various different food chains, that's all they do. they go from one fast food chains. they are meeting each other at these places. it's easier -- >> it used to be the dare qi queen and the 7-eleven. >> they are texting each other
5:37 am
instead of facing each other and speaking to each other. >> do you guys have any resolutions? >> yeah. boling and i keep take new assignments. he's in for o'reilly and i'm in hannity. i'm going to do kimberly's food court. it's a way to warm the heart. >> i think there should be a kimberly's cookbook. she knows what's good. she knows what she likes. people want to hear what you like. >> it's a very good idea. like my amazing "fox & friends" -- >> can i be your agent? >> a little apron, cooking with kimberly. i made salami sandwiches. >> we will be partying with you saturday night. everyone can do it. it starts 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. kimberly and eric come on, 1ek p.m. to 1:00 a.m. eastern. >> hold on. >> 10-to-1. they made us --
5:38 am
>> maybe they think we're getting tired -- >> they didn't tell you about it. >> we have the next hour. [ voices overlapping ] >> that's the shout-out right there. we'll be watching you. >> let's go over to headlines. >> kimberly, we're going to need your salami sandwiches because the deli is closing today. we're going to bring you some headlines with a fox news alert. unprecedented security is now in place as isis warns of new attacks for new year's eve. this is a live look now at times square where you can see these dozens of sand-filled trucks that are going to be blocking streets in order to protect the tons of people that are going to be there tomorrow night. the nypd is making the decision following the deadly isis truck attacks in berlin and nice france just a couple weeks ago. nearly two million folks are
5:39 am
expected to pack the cross roads of the world tomorrow in order to watch the spectacular ball drop at midnight. a texas police officer shot now during a traffic stop was hit by his partner's bullet it turns out. officer chris bumpus was shot in the stomach as he tried to arrest a man with an outstanding warrant right outside ft. worth. his partner opening fire on the suspect as he attack bumpu su. both he and the suspect were wounded. bumpus is now out of surgery and in stable condition. he was a navy veteran who was named rookie of the year by his department last week. drex i will university is now defending his professor who tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. the university vigorously supports the right of its faculty members and students to freely express their opinions in the course of academic debate and discussion. in this vein, we recognize his
5:40 am
tweets are protected speech. his words don't represent their values. legendary rock band kiss under fire for rejecting an invite to perform at the presidential inauguration, but is that the real story? frontman gene simmons joined us earlier this morning to set the record straight. >> as far as i know, nobody ever called me. i know donald trump. i know our president-elect well enough, i suppose, but i never got a call. >> simmons went on to say people should really stop trying to political size every little thing, and those are your headlines. [ overlapping voices ] >> pretty simple. >> thank you, gillian. >> appreciate it. coming up, shocking video, a pilot stumbling around, possibly drunk and getting ready to fly. we'll show you what happens next. >> really? >> next, janice is live at new york city's carnegie deli for
5:41 am
the farewell to the big tourist spot. we're sad about this. how is it going out there, janice? >> we have a lineup down the block and around the corner and here's tony. what are you looking forward to tony besides carnegie deli? >> the sandwich. the famous pastrami sandwich. >> are you guys hungry? >> yes! >> we're going inside carnegie deli one last time. join us on "fox & friends."
5:42 am
5:43 am
an hour long u-haul chase ends with shots fired. phoenix police shooting the driver and suspected armed robber after he got out of the truck and reportedly got into a car with a woman and child inside. >> next, a pilot stumbling through airport security in
5:44 am
indonesia. he's suspected of being drunk and somehow made it all the way to the cockpit before being replaced. he's since been fired. you can actually fire people in some places. >> finally, a dump truck driver slams into -- look at that. the top slams with the box raised in the air. it rips right off, the man keeps driving down the canadian highway. he was are charged with exactly what he was doing, which is careless driving. it's a sad day for a new york landmark carnegie deli. it's closing its door for good today after 80 years in business. you've been sending us your photos. >> bob from florida sent us this photo. >> nancy tweeted this photo saying i traveled at thousand miles for my first visit and a mile high sandwich. >> debbie sends in this photo of her and her gospel singing
5:45 am
group, the steel magnolias getting ready for their first big sandwiches at the carnegie deli. >> janice dean is live from the iconic deli. sad news with this deli closing. everyone is really upset about this. >> mary ann harper is with us. you are the owner. how long have you worked here? >> since 1976. from the first day my father opened up the restaurant, i shattered out -- started out as a cashier. >> that was 40 years ago. >> what makes this place so special? >> it's a quintessential deadly -- deli because people come from all over world, politicians, actors, heads of state. everyone comes together. it's important to new york city.
5:46 am
>> we're looking at your hall of fame here. give sme some examples of some of the pictures. >> i have barry manilow. i have john glenn. that was very, very significant. i have a lot of sports figures. i have actors. you name it. they are here on everybody who is on the wall has eaten in this restaurant. >> they have actually been here. >> any good stories you can tell us. any gossipy stuff. come on. i won't tell anybody. >> i have one person who come in who got divorced from his wife and he saw her picture and he smashed it. >> he smashed the picture in here? >> yes. >> he was getting divorced? >> yes, he was divorced. he saw her picture but i'm not going to say who it is. >> but it's somebody pretty famous. >> yes. >> that's a good one. you could write a book about this. >> i plan to. >> you plan to. >> yes, i do. >> what are you going to do after this we have to tell the viewers at this location at 55th and 7th is closing but you have other carnegie deli? >> yes. we have another carnegie deli at
5:47 am
the my -- mirage hotel in vegas and sands hotel in pennsylvania. we're at the u.s. open every august for two weeks of tennis, and we're add madison square garden for all the sports events. >> everyone wants to know, especially the lineup around the block here, why are you closing? >> because it's enough already. i started when i was 10. like we said, and that's enough for me. i just want to go in another direction. i want to license the name, sell more products for distribution. >> take a vacation. >> yeah, that would be nice. >> so people can buy the carnegie deli items on line? >> yes. we have some on line now and i plan to expand the line some super markets. >> write a book. and the person who smashed the picture. i know this is the last day here, so i was wondering just for me, can i put this up on the wall? >> absolutely. for sure. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. my picture up in carnegie deli for the very last time. >> you have to sign it. >> one more thing.
5:48 am
i have an order for about 200 people for pastrami on rye, is that doable? >> for you, anything. >> i love it. we're going to come back after the break. they are all cheering. we're going to come after the break and talk to some of the people outside that have been waiting. >> it sounds like she's going to be even busier as she closes that location. >> writing a book. >> this is the mile high pastrami sandwich from carnegie deli. look at this thing. it's like the size of my head. >> you got a pretty big head. i'm joking. i'm kidding. >> what happens when a 4'5" street baller goes one-on-one with an unsuspecting stranger. [ laughter ] >> video of that face-off went viral, but this morning, he's taking on our own pete hegseth. >> look at that. schooled him. totally schooled pete hegseth. >> i love it. >> let's get on some nikes and go out there.
5:49 am
♪ ♪
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5:52 am
what happens when a 4'5" street baller goes one on one with a stranger, check it out. >> that video going viral over night after the girl challenged in the crosswalk tweeted a video of it. >> joining us last night is a man who broke those ankles. thank you for being here. >> thank you for being here. tell us about this video.
5:53 am
how did it come about? do you normally just are around new york city and try to get people to guard you. >> normally in new york city, people try to guard me. they see basketball and tempt them. >> you didn't know her? >> i didn't know her. >> pete actually played hoops in college at princeton. we've got a picture. >> we're going to see this morning what happens. >> you play street ball, though, proel. >> yeah. i play street ball professionally. been around the world, china, philippines, venezuela. malaysia, taiwan. all over. keeping my passing going. trying to keep my inspirational going. >> let's see some of your moves. >> let's try them on abby. zoom in on these. >> i brought my nikes in this morning. >> she's more prepared. >> she's prepared to play defense. >> better recreation of what happened. >> come on guys. >> are we pulling for abby here? there we go. >> all right. >> you got to get up here. you got to guard him, you know. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. >> she's good. >> she's not bad. >> whoa. she's going backwards.
5:54 am
>> there we go. >> that's pretty good defense. >> nice! >> she's so good. >> you are playing good d and she did not fall. >> no. >> that was well-done. >> let's see it. >> i got to make him go left, right? i've played a lot of defense. >> whoa. >> fadeaway. no good. >> he got me and you saw before this segment, he got it through my legs the first time. the only reason i got that one is because i saw it coming. >> you were so proud of yourself at that moment. >> and can we quit right there? he schooled me coming from here. how many games a year do you play? >> a lot. i would say over about 100. >> and have you ever played someone as good as me? >> every day. every day. >> here we go. oh, you know, i'm just going right in for the win right here.
5:55 am
>> travel! >> all right. that's why -- >> great job. pleasure to meet you. >> thanks for being here this morning. you are awesome. coming up, after eight decades, a new york institution is closing its doors. fans are lining up around the block and janice dean is live at carnegie deli talking to these pastrami lovers. that's coming up. >> next. at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online.
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5:58 am
glimpse of the final countdown and official will make sure it goes out without a hitch. in a few hours they will test the iconic ball that is covered in 2,700 waterford crystals and 12,000 pounds. >> well, there's this. president-elect promised some big things. >> we can make our country so great. >> is there any place better to be? you'll be so proud of your country. >> and a brand-new fox news poll shows voters are feeling about pretty good about the year ahead. they feel optimistic about things going forward now. 52%. as we prepare to ring in 2017, so many are making resolutions. diane tweets do more volunteering to those in need while focusing on positivity and health. and susan says stay off of
5:59 am
amaz for 30 straight days. >> and brian to be part of and do my share in helping america be great again. >> we were talking about a sad landmark for carnegie deli closing its doors after 80 years in business. >> janice dean is live with us about the iconic deli. everyone is feeling sad today, janice. >> it's a sad day. i met these guys out in line and we made it in here. what do you think? >> it's amazing. i can't wait to try the reuben and it's a shame this place is closing down. it's so icon ib. >> better late than ever. i got a pickle. what did we order? >> pastrami and brisket. >> this place has been open almost 80 years. are you excited to be here? >> it's bitter sweet. i'm excited for the reuben and corned beef sandwich. >> and by the way, my picture is right next to geraldo rivera's right there. we put it right there.
6:00 am
better late than never. we made it. what a great day. thank you for sharing this day for us here in new york city. okay, "fox & friends," happy new year? happy families, 72 hours to leave the country as well as targeting russian intelligence


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