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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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kennedy and jesse watters kings things off and eric bolling and i will be live in times square to kick offht from washington. "tucker carlson tonight" with guest host ed henry starts now. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ed henry in again for tucker. the white house keeps saying there is only one president at a time. the question tonight is who is that president? since world leaders from moscow to london are now saying for the first time they are already looking past president obama. so where is that one president? hawaii or florida? after all, it certainly seems like american diplomacy is being conducted at least in part from palm beach where a short time ago president-elect donald trump used twitter to congratulate vladimir putin for dismissing those u.s. sanctions imposed by mr. obama. the russian president said he is not really going it bother to respond until he sees how mr. trump handles all of this.
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leaving the president-elect to tweet great move on delay by v. putin i always knew he was very smart. we will press two key trump allies whether it's a good idea to appear so cozy with a leader in russia who rules with an iron fist. but we'll also explore mr. obama's fading power. today he was even dissed by the british with whom we are said to have a special relationship diplomatically. now apparently not so special. british prime minister theresa may unexpectedly scolded secretary of state john kerry saying it was inappropriate to spend so many time attacking israel earlier this week. that was widely seen as a sign that even the british are done with the obama years and waiting for the trump administration to get going. major developments to chew over though tonight we will get you ready for new year's eve. several live reports and make time for other intriguing stories. maybe it's not surprising that another singer tonight is saying she will not perform the donald trump's inauguration. but you can believe that she went so far as to say it's because she could never, quote: throw roses to
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hitler? oh. did i mention that this flame-floor is not a hollywood liberal? she a performer for the mormon tabernacle choir. and we will also check in on lindsay lohan's latest exploits because, why not? tucker has given me the keys to this place for one more night so let's have some fun. first, the very serious stakes tonight for american foreign policy. get to the director of cia jay woolsey senior trump advisor. it looks like on his way out the door president obama is blind siding the president-elect. >> well, i think president obama is not taking any particularly effective action against anyone. he's barely getting by his propensity for dealing with what his white house calls the narrative. starting with the story you want and working backwards to the facts and then if the facts don't mesh you say
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whoops and fiddle around with the fact. he has gotten himself, i think, into a situation where he is trying to control everything, president obama is but failing badly. he, for example, seems to want to be the investigator, prosecutor, judge, and jury for everything having to do with this hacking. but he is has not got the credibility, i don't think, to carry it off. people see that he thinks the hack something important in and serious and one of the things that i think is degrading a lot of people's assessment of the hacking. >> mr. director, earlier this morning on "fox & friends," i asked rudy giuliani about all of this, and he also ripped into the president. listen to this. >> barack obama has made these decisions in the last three weeks on israel, on russia and elsewhere. is he trying to box in the
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president-elect? what's he trying to do? >> of course. why -- the 18 months of hacking. why didn't he do something about it 10 months ago? it never would have happened. >> after all of that and letting this go for 18 months, two weeks before he goes out of office, he does a bunch of these sanctions just to create a problem for russia. i have never seen a president try to create more problems for a future president. >> so how i, i think the big question is how does president-elect trump try to pick up the pieces on this and repair the key relationship with russia? >> i don't know that he has got a lot of repairing to do. i think people have exaggerated the notion that by saying more or less friendly things on several occasions in response to what putin has said, that he somehow embracing the russians or given in to them. i don't think trump has really done that i have negotiated on four major treaties with then soviet union.
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three of them they were very hard to get along with we never really got anywhere. there was table pounding, et. on the fourth one, we negotiated a very substantial treaty in five languages covering all the nations of europe's military forces. and the russians were really very easy to get along with. they wanted to work on the problem. you know there are russians and then there are russians. and if you can work with them on something, okay. give it a try. if not, then i think teddy roosevelt had it right. speak softly but carry a big stick. >> right. but in this case you have a situation where the president of russia as you know has led with an iron first. fist. he has hardly been small d democrat. the smaller nations are suggesting that they were interfering in the american election process. and so i wonder why is donald trump out there saying he is a very smart man? >> well, that's still, you
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know, not some kind of giving in. that's a compliment i would say. and one sometimes does that in diplomacy. he didn't give anything up by saying that he didn't give anything away. and i think that it's important that obama really has been so badly weakened by the way he has handled all of this that he is increasingly irrelevant. people really don't care that much. these sanctions are nothing burger. they are -- they involve 35 russian intelligence officers and their families having to move back to russia and probably about another 35 moving to the united states. and we close down a couple of two summer houses that the russian embassy. you know, so what? about moving forward then.
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that's interesting assessment. moving forward are you saying complimenting putin on twitter is not a big deal opens the door to working with him on the cease-fire in syria. is that the view plymouth here or there will open the door to diplomacy? i'm just stating my own views i think it depends on the circumstances. putin is being very clever in the way he is handling. this he has this steered over in a direction that he is making the issue of sanctions look tiny by comparison. basically he is using sanctions now as an occasion to invite american children to the kremlin for a new year's eve party. [ laughter ] he is basically kind of being brushed aside. >> but last question. i understand your broader point that each situation has a different push on diplomacy. but when you think back to reagan, why republicans thought he was good in terms of dealing with the soviets, was that he was tough with gorbachev. not that he was out there
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sucking up to him. >> he was tough but he was also very friendly. he was very much in the world of wanting to get along with the russians but being tough where he had to be tough. he had, i think, exactly the right balance. i don't see that anything has happened so far that would say trump can't strike that kind of a balance, too. >> okay. that will be the last word. director woolsly, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> today putin tried to tweet president obama again by inviting children to come over for a new year's eve party at the kremlin. mr. obama is spending his holiday as is accustomed in hawaii. that's where we find kevin corke live in honolulu. good to see you, kevin. >> hey, good to talk to you, ed, once again. what a difference a day makes, right? yesterday was a kremlin in the white house going back and forth, sparring over accusations that the russians tried to influence the u.s. election by using cyber attacks. well, that was then and this is now. what i mean by that is
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simply. this vladimir putin doing something a bit unexpected today. and that's playing a bit of a game of wait and see. now, we do have pictures from around the country. we are talking coast to coast, similar seen, ed, playing out. we are talking about with those russian operatives. nearly three dozen of them heading out of the u.s. next several hours. trying to leave their respective places of residence and business. all of this in retaliation for what the white house called russian cyber intrusion during a run-up to the election. even as the administration closed the facility in new york and another one in maryland, russian president vladimir putin fired off what could be described as best as his owns a when they go low we go high statement. let me show this to you at home. although we have the right to retaliate we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy but plan our further steps to restore russian-u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration. of course, the kremlin's decision, ed, comes a day after the fbi and the department of homeland security released a joint report detailing how the
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federal investigators are linking the russians to the alleged hacking of the dnc. but critics still wonder and worry, frankly, if the diplomatic fallout won't have a major ramification on america's standing in the world. >> the world looks at our country to have peaceful and a productive and a smooth transfer of power. this type of nonsense is what i would expect from a 10 dictatorship that just became a democracy and can't make the democratic system work. america demands better. >> know, just how the trump administration responds to the sanctions and obviously this back and forth remains to be seen. but i can tell you, this ed, white house officials even now are warning the trump administration not to stray too far from convention. >> in the next administration wants to lift sanctions against senior russian intelligence unit to make it easier for them to interfere in our election you can go ahead and do that we just don't think that
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makes much sense. >> but even tonight my friend, as i'm sure you well know, the pr battle continues. vladimir putin in a statement saying, listen, it's regrettable the way the obama administration has ended, nevertheless, we have extended new year greetings to both the obama and trump families. score one for diplomacy in that respect for vladimir putin. we will see if it makes a difference into the new year. back to my my friend. >> kevin corke, thank you. while foreign leaders may be looking past president obama we learned today is he trying to scramble to on the home front. the president will make a rare visit to capitol hill to huddle with democrats to come up with a plan to save obama care. who better to check in on this than our friend jessica tar leave. >> good to see. >> you do you think the president wishes he had done this kind of work a couple of months ago? a couple of years ago? instead, he fight even every minor tweet to obama care. thinking that hillary clinton was going to win and
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all was going to be well. >> it was a mistake on president obama's fault to not recognize that there were little tweaks that could be made to make obama care better for the american public. something that -- >> -- hillary clinton talked about it. >> she did. absolutely. she had to. remember when she said you can't throw the baby out with the bath water there are things you can do here. one thing i never understood why they fought so hard is just purchasing insurance across state lines. so the democrats could look like we're willing to compromise a little bit. but i think he knew going out of this that this was his signature legacy item and he wanted it the way that he wanted it. >> how do democrats read it now because you remember in the first interviews he did donald trump as president-elect with our own sister publication in the "wall street journal" as well as 60 minutes, he suggested he was going to keep parts of obama care. >> absolutely. >> and but then he sort of, when conservatives pushed back on that suggested well we are still going to repeal it, keep some things. >> oh, you mean when he became a conservative? when that transfer happened somewhere in the middle of the campaign. >> that's your characterization so walk me
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through it what are democrats thinking about how much of obama care can survive? >> i think we know keeping kids, young adults on insurance until 26 has to stay. that's popular on both sides and also the preexisting conditions clause. what's difficult there is that you need the mandate. that's something republicans hate. >> you have some of the goodies. how do you pay for it. >> exactly. >> republicans have another challenge to be fair here, bloomberg in h. a piece on this several years after talking about repealing owe bowl' that care they haven't come to a consensus in the house and the senate about the possible replacement plans they don't know point b. that was from douglass holts achin' a republican economist telling that to bloomberg. are democrats thinking strategically and is that part of what president obama is going to do behind doors next week that republicans still don't have a plan b. >> absolutely. democrats should hammer that to say okay they are going to come in here 20 million people who have gotten insurance what are you going to do for those people. donald trump made it clear,
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one of my favorite things he actually said. >> wait a second, that's news. >> there are like three other things, probably. i will have to think of them. when he said we are not going to kick people off of insurance. we can't have people dying in the streets as it were. that congressman who said you tonight necessarily need to go to the e are with a broken arm. my kid broke his arm and we just waited it out. that can't happen and that's not a policy. it's a big mistake. if you look where the polls are the kaiser family foundation healthcare poll basically split approval at this point. last few months 25% more republicans want the law to stay but to be tweaked rather than repealed. >> real quick i want to play this bite. president obama, president-elect trump just days after the election. this is how it went. my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. because if he succeeds then the country succeeds. >> this was a plea of guilty that was going to last for
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maybe 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. >> it started out almost like a bromance. like we're -- you know, we spent so much time. >> twilight zone day. what is happening? >> now it appears that the obama white house is throwing stink bombs look what we can do on middle east peace and russia. >> i think mideast peace is the most difficult one doing that with 22 days out. i actually think it's handing trump a pretty good deck that now he has another best friend in netanyahu. so he has putin and netanyahu. one of those i like better than the other. i think that's a good thing for him. >> and low expectations because nobody thinks. >> the bar has never been lower for anyone than donald trump. we talked about this going into the debates as long as he doesn't really blow it. people are going to think that he won. depends what poll. >> he did. he ended up winning the election. so you have it there. with the pro-man's thing i think it's interesting. important for president obama to make this a smooth transition.
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you know, country above party and all of that jazz. but, at the same time, he was still sitting there, staring at a guy who was one of the leading birthers who said that he founded isis. and those are things that are hard to get over. >> i think also and donald trump doesn't stick to something for that long himself. if something upsets him is he going to tweet about it. >> jessica tarlov, we appreciate your insights. >> welcome to the 7 p.m. slot. >> find our man at mar-a-lago peter doocy live outside what you might call tonight the southern white house. good to see you, peter. >> yeah, it is the southern white house. good to see you too, ed. three weeks from tonight, donald trump will become the most powerful man in the world. but, tonight he is also a media critic tweeting about the recent coverage today and last night of his response to the obama administration punishing russia. he wrote this: russians are playing cnn and nbc news for such fools. funny to watch. they don't have a clue. fox news totally gets it. that post about the russians playing american reporters
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was the seconds thing mr. trump tweeted about russia. both of them seemed favorable enough. and that's just one day after he announce he would listen to high ranking intelligence officials who have expressed tremendous confidence that russia was responsible for interference with the american election. mr. trump today had 10 meetings and there seemed to be as big a focus on finding the next agriculture secretary as any other day during the transition. one of the four remaining cabinet positions unfilled at the end of the day. susan colmes a former texas ag commissioner was here. henry bonea a former texas congressman. laura vector group real estate and to tobacco company. al-hubbard one time economic advisor in the george w. bush white house. all part of the official schedule. the highest profile guest today though at mar-a-lago was the world famous actor and model fabio. that's who mr. trump was hanging out with at the end of the day. tomorrow night though he is going to have 800 guests over for a glitzy new year's
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eve party in the grand ballroom. we saw them setting up for it last anytime. it looks like it is going to be quite a spectacle and up to trump tower which he is going to call home for just the next two fridays, ed. >> peter doocy he totally gets it as well. peter, happy new year. ♪ >> and now it's time for twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. you remember lindsay lohan from heir hit movie mean girls and well other stuff. >> only schooled. that's really interesting. >> thanks. >> you are like really pretty. >> thank you. >> so you agree? >> what? >> you think you are really pretty? >> well now lohan says she is like totally eager to make a sequel to the movie. but, bro, she is forgetting one important fact. there already is a mean girls two. well, that has people on twitter talking. ron globe tweeted hello mean girls two came out in 2011. i'm with lindsey on this one.
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really? who knew? again stephan know mean girls 2 was already made and disgraced sweep it under the rug and replace it for this one. fair enough. life of a blonde added a little spice i love the fact that lindsey low man doesn't even consider mean girls 2 as the real mean girls 2. and girl meets blue ray says mean girls 2 could be awesome, actually though blue ray left us hanging why, why, would it be so awesome? we may simply never know. others on twitter quick to point out maybe stew too much time as passed since the original mean girls. who is she going to play the teen's grandmother? and deplorable jane was even harsher saying she is not aging well, if she waits any longer she will have to do a mean old lady. wow, look at that this started as twitter storm and morphed into mean tweets. take that, tucker. anyway we are up on that stuff. not just politics stuff. mean girls two is not each the sequel talking about.
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city cast set to make a has anyone checked to see if there is sex in the city 3? maybe that could be monday's twitter storm. president obama boxing with donald trump in last minute moves. we will take a look at the evidence coming up. terrorist scares have forced police to step up security at new year's eve celebrations all across the coununununun
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yesterday, the russians called out president obama, labeling him a lame duck on twitter. they even drew a pretty little picture of a duck as you can see more important question as you look forward
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becomes are these moves boxing in president-elect trump. time now nor political panel john mccormick senior writer. let's start with julian. we worked inside the national security council at the white house. and theresa may, i mentioned this at the top. british prime minister put out this statement saying today we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally. she was obviously referring to the fact that secretary of state john kerry and the obama administration has spent so much time in the last week attacking israel. what do you make of an ally like britain coming out and calling out the obama white house? >> what's so funny about that quote is you could also read it not knowing the context and think she was talking about russia and the united states. >> um-huh. >> they their alleged interference in our american election. that was interesting point there not knowing the context of that tweet myself. that was the first place my mind went. obviously reels between the united states and our
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adversaries around the world are strained with many of our allies, too. like our western european allies are not as great shape as they have been in the past. you know, the eu is undergoing its own identity crisis. i think on the issue of if this -- these sanctions sort of -- are going to cramp donald trump's ability to get done what he wants to vis-a-vis russia. you could make that argument. i was thinking about this earlier today. in a certain sense it's going to be helpful for donald trump because i think there has been such a backlash the way the administration has handled this that it's going to be almost be -- it's almost going to free donald trump up to engage even more closely with russia if you follow that logic. >> i want to bring john in though because john i pressed this with director james woolsey, the former director of the cia. he was having none of the idea that maybe it looks bad for donald trump to be codesying up so much on twitter and elsewhere with vladimir putin. there are republicans like
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adam kinzinger on fox earlier today expressing real concern within the republican party that maybe president-elect is too close to russia. >> yeah. i think there are a lot of republicans who are concerned and really want president-elect trump to remember that, you know, he is going to be elected -- he is going to be inaugurated the leader of the free world. this issue with russia, it's not just about a petty squabble about how hillary clinton lost the election. i mean, russia, over the past few years, i mean they have invaded ukraine, journalists have been murdered in russia. look back and look at the evidence in terms of this hack and determine for himself the extent to which russia was involved as they are alleged and to evaluate on behalf of u.s. interest what exactly the proper response should be rather than tweeting about how smart vladimir putin is. >> jillian, you worked in both bush and obama administrations in the national security council. transitions can be difficult. this one started out friendly. and now it's become pretty intense. i have never seen a
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situation where you have almost duel willing foreign policies. >> completely. it's very different from the bush to obama transition which despite the major policy differences between the two administrations remained friendly. remained cordial. remained very tightly knit. the transition teams were working together for like six months before the end of the bush administration. just to enhance this russia point, the beautiful thing about a transition in this country is that the new president, whoever he or she is always gets to start with a clean slate. so i think donald trump should be commended for having kind of optimism about russia. he wants to make the bilateral relationship stronger. but my worry. >> yeah. >> i hope he succeeds. but my worry and my concern is that once he has been in office for a very short am of time, is he going to learn very quickly that dealing with vladimir putin as a counterpart, a foreign head of state is very different than dealing with him as some guy on the news. >> john, real quick, i want to get to another part of this transition.
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i mentioned a singer on the mormon tabernacle choir. i could never throw roses to hitler and certainly never sing for him. she was talking about how she will not go to the inaugural. what happened to civility for whether it's a democrat or a republican being inaugurated? >> well, that's definitely some over the top language, i think. maybe people will have a now found respect for conscientious objectors. the obama administration was not too friendsly to them whether it was little sisters of the poor. maybe president-elect trump and vice president elect pence can show magnanimity toward those that don't respect them and kind of brush it off. >> yeah and move on. happy new year and maybe start fresh. john, jillian thank you for coming. >> in thank you. happy new year. >> it we mentioned looks like a brewing bromance calling each other barry and donald. what happened to that smooth advance session between mr. obama and mr. trump. key ally to the president-elect will join us to talk about that.
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first, alexa, can you solve a murder? investigators are calling on amazon to release information on one of their amazon echos that may have witnessed a murder. guilfofofofofo
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this year's hottest christmas gifts may solve a murder. a warrant has been issued in a major murder case for amazon echo. device is only activated after the user says activation word alexa. then it will read you the weather or let you buy something, of course, on
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amazon. also record snippets of conversation in that room that are then sent to the amazon cloud. so investigators in bentonville want information from a echo belonging to james andrew baits who have accused of strangling a man in a hot tub. amazon has twice denied that request. kimberly guilfoyle is here. we have hot tub, amazon device and whole lot of questions about privacy. >> i'm expert on amazon devices on devices named alexa and hot tubs. a big afficionado of hot tubs. i got one for my son reason than. he loves it. fantastic. great technology but with great technology and recording becomes froth with privacy and implications and you see it here as a former prosecutor we want to get any kind of evidence we can social media has been a big tool as far as forensics for people to be able to get information from text messages, email, facebook
11:33 pm
accounts and now mini robot the computer in your home that actually can record conversations or what's going on. it's interesting because amazon is an issue of privacy. they don't want people to stop buying these and feel that they are going to be compromised me say we won't do it. >> this with apple as well. >> and san bernardino. >> and terrorists texasing each other go here do that you obviously want to get that information. when someone buys an amazon echo to you want to say, you know, play this dance track. play this music. >> what's the weather. tell me a joke. >> you are not expecting that they are eavesdropping on you. hopefully people are not committing murders and getting caught with it. you don't expect that they are recording you all the time. how do you think you walk that line? >> that's why this is so fascinating. do you have to be careful. you really do. you have to make sure that alexa isn't hearing or recording anything that you might not want her too. imagine, this is going up to an amazon icloud so you are really not sure, in fact, what information she could have that they can
11:34 pm
store like an hour's worth of information, et cetera. there could be something relevant here. listen, if one of my loved ones was murdered and god forbid something happened to them and i thought a device like this could be probative. >> could crack the case. >> absolutely you would want to get ahold of it. go before a judge and make those arguments. it's really case where the law has not caught up in good measure with technology. >> absolutely. >> that's what we're seeing here. they are coming to over and over again to this same issue where they are hitting one another in the divide. so now the courts are going to have to make some rulings, establish some precedents in this area because it keeps coming up over and over again. like you said, so important with respect to the terrorist investigation. >> correct. >> also preventing acts from occurring, too. you want to make sure not to talk about it and investigate it after if you want to preempt it. >> this week happier talk you and eric bolling are getting together. >> we are going to kill it
11:35 pm
on fnc. >> everybody wants to know what's going to happen on times square. >> last year we had safe space up on top of the knicker backer. get down and dirty on times square with the people. taking it to the people. so anything can happen. you know, i have done eight new year's eve shows for fox news channel. i know it keeps on giving. u.s.? ask kimberly she will do it. right there with the mix of it. down into the crowd, criminally actually, and so that is going to be fantastic. >> into the more pit. >> that's what the energy is. people have saved all their life plans saved up to be in times square. the bucket list to be there new york city on times square. i'm excited. incredible team jesse and kennedy. >> we won't miss it. happy new year. we are looking forward to it. >> thank you. >> everyone at home watch eric bolling and kimbler
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live fox news all-american new year starts foam 8:00 p.m. eastern. tonight she is appearing on o'reilly after this and hosting hannity. tune in to fox news channel throughout prime time tonight. we have one stop shop for all your news. want the weather? got it want to know what is being done to keep people safe which is more important? we have that coming up. is president obama blind siding donald trump? one donald trump supporter is here e e e e
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>> it's been a very busy few days. andy card the white house chief of staff under president george w. bush had this to say. quote i tend to believe outgoing presidents should be as respectful of the burden of the incoming president as can be and not try to saddle with the incoming president with obligations that weren't readily anticipated. so i do feel there is a little blind siding going on. joining us now is sean
11:41 pm
duffy, a long-time trump supporter. good to see you, congress map, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> what do you think about obama blind siding president-elect trump. >> i think there is blind siding going on. the bromance is on skid row because you have barack obama who is in essence going to the u.n. with the israeli resolution. we have artic drilling. now we have sanctions on russia. we have had obama come out and say he would have won the election against donald trump. mrs. obama saying that now we're going to know what know hope feels like. i think this has been a personal affront to trump and i think these two men are going further apart. they have different views of the world. if any of us think that barack obama on january 20th is going to ride off into the sun set like george bush. it's not going to happen. is he not going to go away. i think donald trump is going to have to deal with mr. obama for years to come, which i think is going to be a new era of how
11:42 pm
expresidents deal with current presidents. >> interesting point there. because donald trump is also going to have to deal with a lot of important players on the world stage like vladimir putin as well. and so we have been talking about it this hour. this tweet earlier today where donald trump said, quote: great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart saying that he is going to delay responding to president obama directly a tit-for-tat on u.s. sanctions. and wait, maybe critics say, until he has a better hand and deals with donald trump who is out there praising vladimir putin on social media. >> ed, i have got to tell you. what during the campaign twitter works really well. and donald trump was a master at driving his message through twitter. but when you are dealing with foreign governments it becomes far more challenging. what does donald trump really mean by the tweet. it's hard for us as a head scratcher to go what message is he trying to drive? what i'm taking away from this is donald trump is
11:43 pm
going to be unpredictable. one breath this week saying great, smart move, vlad. last week as he was talking about modernizing nuclear weapons donald trump was like so are we. if we want to get nuclear arms race. have it. you it were destroyed. try it again. trump is unpredictable. i think that's going to be a new changeup in the way he deals with foreign leaders and also with the u.s. congress. >> sure. >> we don't know where this guy is going to go. >> congressman, i have to pressure you yes i get the positive side of that being unpredictable and other world leaders they don't know what you are going to do and maybe they're a little scared of the u.s. more scared than they have been over the last 8 years, perhaps. on the other hand, some of your own republicans, adam kinzinger was on fox today saying is he a little concerned about all of this. watch. >> it's okay to say we want to reengage the russians and have talks. that's great. but it's another thing entirely to say hey, they are really our friends. they are really the great protecterrer. that's not the case at all. i hope some of his words change. but i think he is going to be a fantastic president on
11:44 pm
at love fronts. >> it's important to be fair there he is saying he will be a fantastic president. is he expressing concern that maybe is he being too nice to this russian president. >> i think put this in a context i don't think vladimir putin is a good guy. i think is he a thug. i don't think russia is an ally or friend of the united states of america. they might help us as we both deal with radical islamic terrorism but we don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. but, you know, i think mr. trump is trying to navigate a fresh and new relationship with putin. but if anyone around the world or united states thinks they will walk over donald trump, you just have to look at his business record. no one gets the better hand on donald trump in business and no one got the you were hand on him in this presidential election. is he a savvy operator and he will play his cards effectively and usually comes out the winner. so i have all the faith that donald trump knows what he is going to do. is he not going to get pushed around like barack obama did from slant and other leaders. tough american leader using american force and strength
11:45 pm
for good in the world as opposed to this idea that barack obama had where is he going to travel the world over and apologize for american power. and i think that transition of obama weakness to trump strength, i think is going to be seen on day one and is going to be a positive for the kind of respect that the rest of the world has towards america. look back at on americans. strength. obama has been weak. owe demand respect from putin and china and everyone else. >> much bigger playground and the world is watching. congressman duffy we appreciate you coming in and happy new year. >> you, too. >> you have seen phil keating all over fox news. but did you know he can sing in japanese? i didn't know that. he will explain when he steps into the friend joan
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
>> time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our friends from within the building here in fox or somewhere in beautiful miami onto the show. tonight we are joined by correspondent phil keating who you usually see near a beach somewhere with his hair softly blowing in the wind. what a head of hair it is, phil. >> thank you so much, ed. it's freezing here today. 63 degrees. a cold front came. in everybody is wearing their sweaters and scarves. >> i was in miami recently at the winwood diner with my wife shirley. and you walked by and we didn't know we were going to see each other. you walked in and i didn't know you because it was shorter. you are standing in front of a be ben benehana. >> i'm supposed to share a funny story that doesn't deal with news career. i will go back to one of my
11:50 pm
favorite jobs. i had a lot of jobs in high school and college worked at bass kin robbins. bag boy grocery store and worked in pizzeria. start in show biz started in benahanarobota of japan owned by the sister. chef cooked at the table. 8 people sat around it i had batchhibatchistyle. sweet mullet. sweet photo from my high school years. i would go to the pool every day. bake, go home, shower, go to work at 4:00. party after, you know, afterwards. it was the greatest job because you know when you are 18, 19 years old, you are just out really to have a good time glawnd learned thousand sing in japanese that way. is that how you learned thousand sing japanese. >> i would do the birthday
11:51 pm
song at the table in my tuxedo, all right, we have a birthday. and so i had the whole table's attention and we would go like this. [singing japanese] and we would take a photograph, polaroid. >> i love it. >> i was going to ask you to sing. you are so good that you seemlessly went in there. i got 15 second. you are always part of the new year's eve coverage as well. it will be the same tomorrow night, right? >> yeah. it will be a lot of fun. we will be at the w. hotel south beach. german dj a couple of number one hits. robin schultz is spinning. out pool side. hopefully no crazy moment like we had a couple areas ago interviewing some ladies live about new year's eve resolution we're going to blank stuff up in much different words than that on live television. it was quite the viral
11:52 pm
moment that should be fun. a lot of pretty people. >> always professional. never shaken up by that we appreciate you coming on. your singing voice that was awesome. happy new year. thank you, sayonara. >> millions of people head to times square tomorrow. they have to brave the cold? and what is being done tooooo
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
>> nearly 30 hours from right now the ball will drop in times square and 2017 will be here. we have live team coverage from times square plus your forecast if you are planning on hitting the streets tomorrow night. let's begin with bryan llenas live in times square. good to see you, brian. >> good to see you, ed. pretty much this time tomorrow night some 2 million people from all over the world will be standing here in times square to watch the everexciting 62nd ball drop and welcoming 2017. these will be standing side by side no toilets or alcohol to watch history.
11:57 pm
security will be tight. nypd really employing for the first time ever sanitation trucks to protect this event. some 65 trucks will be put in place around times square. they weigh about 20 tons each. they will be packed with some 15 tons of sand. they are meant to be unmovable to protect this area from positive vehicular terror attacks like we saw in niche, france over the summer and berlin, germany less than two weeks ago that killed some 12 people. now the nypd says they have used these trucks before but never at the new year's eve big event. also, some 100 police patrol cars will be put in place to block intersections. some 7,000 police in plain clothes and uniform will be here as well. some radio detection equipment, boat patrols, helicopters, bomb-sniffing dogs, you name it the nypd says there is no real specific credible threat here, and they also say that this will be the -- among the safest places in the world tomorrow night.
11:58 pm
should be a fun time here . quare, ed? >> fun indeed, brian, and happy new year. fox news chief meteorologist like reichmuth is tracking all the new year's eve weather. rick and i sometimes get to spend a little time on "fox & friends weekend." i'm sleeping in tomorrow but i hear you are actually going to be right there at the ball on times square giving a preview on "fox & friends." >> if anybody needs a break on saturday morning it's you after how much you worked. i will be up tomorrow at that ball on the top of the building right there on times square all morning on "fox & friends." tune in and get all kinds of history on the ball and more what's coming up on times square tomorrow. tomorrow night midnight 42 degrees. above our average daytime high. things across the northeast looking good. very good news after the big storm that moved through and brought snow across maine. still people without power. lake-effect snow going on. then a storm brewing out across parts of the south. one here in southern california, that's going to be with us until tomorrow and then this moisture you see there across parts of texas. that is what we're going to watch kind of really building and bringing a lot
11:59 pm
of rain here across parts of the southeast, including tomorrow night at the time that the ball drops. tomorrow, atlanta you will be washed out for all activities that go there where the peach drops. east coast looking good. other big story central plains are good but seattle probably getting in on some seattle getting in on snow tomorrow night into sunday. that does 23409 happy very often but a big storm there. if you are on the couch nursing a hangover, the weather is not looking bad. >> happy new year and good luck with that alarm clock in the morning. >> thank you. >> that's about it for us tonight. tune in each night at 7:00 eastern. and don't miss the fox all american new year tomorrow starting 8:00 p.m. eastern. the o'reilly factor up next. thanks for making me feel
12:00 am
welcome. good night and happy new year. welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the show, millennials are creating a permanent protest base near the white house based on the "hunger games" books. and bryant gumbel says that technology is ruining sports. and stick around if you


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