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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 2, 2017 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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"happening now" starts right now! >> a fox news alert. an update in the deadly new year's attack in istanbul, turkey. hello. welcome to "happening now." i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. >> a lot of news. i'm leyland vittert in for john scott. isis claiming responsibility. eight people have been arrested, but the gunman is still at large. he's struck at a popular nightclub on new year's eve. the attack killed 39 and injured dozens more in istanbul. an american says he was inside when the gunman opened fire. here's how he survived. >> all i can say is it's massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. i don't want to talk about what happened inside the club, but you know, i want to say this is a very good country. it's so unfortunate this is
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happening to you guys. i feel for everybody here. for me, i wake up in the united states, i eat breakfast. you guys wake up and have to think of this. it's so sad. i really wish everybody here the best. i've only met very good people. >> turkey under siege in so many ways now. benjamin hall now live in london with the latest on the man hunt and the investigation. hi, benjamin. >> hi, leland. istanbul on edge tonight and still they are trying to track down and catch this attacker. his identity still isn't known. but as you say, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack which killed 39. today the funerals of some of the dead began taking place as the identities of more victims were revealed. among the 39 killed, 27 were foreign including victims from israel, germany, russia, france, india and belgium. earlier today isis stayed in a statement the attack had been carried out by a heroic soldier
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of theirs. the club was chosen because it's where christians were celebrating their pagan feast. more details have been emerging. the gunman that fired bullets and threw grenades stopped to change magazines five times. he waited 13 minutes inside the kitchen where he changed clothes before leaving amid the chaos. police are still trying to learn the identity. he may be part of the same isis cell which attacked the istanbul airport in june killing 41. as a result, turkish officials may be from the central asian countries of uzbekistan. today president obama reached out and offered his condolences to the turkish people and said the u.s. stood ready to help in whatever way they could to catch this attacker. leland? >> for so long turkey has been pulling away from the united
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states. benjamin hall live. thanks. heather? >> let's talk more about that and possible i'm my cases. danny coulson joins us with more insight. thanks for your time. >> good morning. >> so you just heard some of the specifics that are coming in in reference to this shooter, that they're still on the lookout for. it's being reported that he fired 180 bullets, stopped to reload multiple times. took a break in the kitchen, threw out grenades as well. where does the investigation as per your knowledge and things you experienced go from here to try to track him down? >> well, they have some suspects, i guess and associates. knowing how they do business over there, i'm sure the associates will be talking to them. they have very good intel service. so they will track this guy down. the one thing that is important to remember about this, this happened in turkey. it's coming here. every time we see a significant high publicity event oversees,
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they get copycatted over here. we need to be vigilant about that and look at the way we do security. having an armed policeman outside is nothing more than a target. we have to think about how to protect facilities and do a better job. >> they detained eight people, i believe, as you mentioned so far. that's why i mentioned some of the logistics that we believe happened here inside of this nightclub to be firing that in bullets, to reload that many times, to be able to take a break in the kitchen for a period of time and continue. what lessons can we learn from this to avoid it happening here? >> well, first of all, security has to be done in layers. can't just have a man standing outside that is your security. you have to have security inside. i prefer to not have them in uniform so they know who they are. that's how we set up security for our clients. he had 30 minutes inside. what were the police doing? when you have an active shooter situation, you go in.
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you don't stand around and wait. people bleed to death, kill more people. you have to make entry. i know he was throwing hand grenades. but sometimes as a policeman you get a bad deal and you have to deal with it. the fact that he had 30 minutes to change closed? he had no perimeter? how did he get out? a lot of tactical questions here that they need to answer so we can learn from it. a lot to be learned from this. sometimes you looked from good deeds and sometimes from things that didn't go well. how did it go on so long? no perimeter? people in my business need to know these answers. >> there's a lot of similar comments that we heard following the orlando incident here that happened in america. some of the same concerns that you're expressing. >> exactly. orlando, they had a perimeter. he didn't get away. but they didn't go in. i didn't command that operation.
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but when you have an active shooter, you go in. you take your chances and neutralize the death. people bled to death in orlando. i'm sure they did here. it was a bad situation. i was in the hostage rescue business. it's a hard task to do. there's techniques you can use with stun grenades and shields and gas and things. i would like -- i would love to get a briefing on this and maybe some day i will. there's things that we can learn from this. most important thing is go in, neutralize the guy. don't wait for him to change clothes and put on a santa claus suit and walk away. >> so isis has claimed responsibility and claimed that it was direct attack against christians known to frequent this specific club. isis has said that they will target the inauguration coming up. what do you think can be done from this incident to possibly move forward and protect the inauguration? >> secret service does a great job. i got a chance to work with them
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a lot in my profession as an fbi agent and now profession in the private security industry. they do a great job. the mpd will do a nice job there. we have to be vigilant. police are minutes away. seconds matter. we have to be prepared to protect ourselves. if there's something going on, don't look around and say what is this? just run, get out of there. find an exit if you're in a restaurant, hotel, church, wherever, escape. get away. we need town leash our intelligence services. the fbi operates under restrictive guidelines and don't let them do a whole lot, things they should be doing. the new administration has to look at that. let the internal services do their job. we're at war. we can declare we're victims of a war. >> and you know what you're talking about. if you get a briefing, let us know. >> i would love one. >> thank you, danny. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too.
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>> bye bye. >> to politics now. senate democrats saying they will fight president-elect trump tooth and nail on eight of his cabinet picks. among them, exxon ceo rex tillerson, the nominee for secretary of state. jeff sessions for attorney general and betsy devos for secretary of education. you see all eight on the screen. experts predict bloody confirmation hearings that include dives into finances and business ties. incoming democratic minority leader chuck schumer saying in a statement, if republicans think they can quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they're sorely mistaken. joining us now, for "boston glob globe", trent spinner. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> sharon, first to you. there's eight folks now that the democrats are targeting.
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each one of these a hill the democrats you think are willing to die on or trying to make the republicans spent political capital here? >> eight is a really large number. if you look at history, the last 50 years, the senate has thumbs down one appointment to the cabinet. that was back in the 80s. so what i really think this eight number is, it's chuck schumer's initial salvo to mitch mcconnell that they negotiate over how many of the nominees will have long hearings, how many days they'll last, how in depth the questions will be. so i think it's really just the first part of what we'll see as a long drawn-out battle over the negotiation over how they will vet the nominees. >> trent, it's important to separate the political maneuvering over what will happen. we took a look back at president obama's nominee for secretary of state. that being hillary clinton. she was confirmed the day after
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president obama was sworn in. vote 94-2. a number of his cabinet secretaries confirmed by voice vote. chuck schumer didn't have a problem with it back then. is this sour grapes now? >> i think that you bring up a great point. in the first week of the obama administration, he had 12 cabinet members approved by the senate. chuck schumer was okay with that then. so i think sharon is right. this is a lot of maneuvering. which senate democrats need to watch out for, a lot of people -- this was a difficult election. in new hampshire, hillary clinton won by 1,000 votes. there's a lot of high-level republicans that said i'm not going to vote for trump, i'm voting for clinton. at that point, they want the government work. they think trump won. he's the president-elect. they want to see the government be able to function. senate democrats need to be careful about obstructing what he would like to do. >> let's drill down pretty hard
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in terms of each one of these nominees. for example, jeff sessions. republican senator from alabama picked to be the attorney general. the flip side of this would have been eric holder picked to be the attorney general in 2009. he was sworn in, confirmed about ten days after the inauguration. 75-21. is jeff sessions any more to the right than eric holder is to the left? >> really difficult to measure that exactly. you know, there are some concerns and the democrats have been outspoken about some of jeff sessions previous positions on issues. it's notable in the past senators have given one of their own a pass. you mentioned john kerry, hillary clinton when they were up for secretary of state. they had overwhelming approval from the senate. jeff sessions won't get that. it's possible they'll drill
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down. they know jeff sessions is not only the nominee for attorney general, they have donald trump's ear on a lot of issues because he's been such a loyal supporter of his. i'd expect senate democrats to dig in despite the fact that he served next to them for so many years. >> not too many friends in the senate these days. look back, trent, on rex tillerson. ceo of exxon. this is emblematic of the number of the picks of president-elect trump like betsy devos who have real business ties rather than policy or agency experience ties. is this sort of a brave new world in terms of being able to get financial disclosures on these nominees? we know there's a fight over rex tillerson's tax returns. >> that's right. it's unclear if rex tillerson will release all of his tax returns or just his tax information. some senate democrats are going to focus on that. but i think it is kind of a brave new world.
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you saw that during the election where trump refused to release his tax returns. so i think the tillerson battle will be interesting to watch. do people care whether or not he's going to release his full tax returns? the one thing that really surprises me so far about this tillerson fight is that the trump campaign, the incoming administration, i should say, hasn't made a bigger push to focus on some of his business successes so that the public can start to -- >> or they're holding their ammuniti ammunition. senator tim kaine on february 12, 2013, said we owe deference to a president. we'll see if the democrats live by those words. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> heather? >> we'll see. north korean leader kim jong-un giving his annual new year's
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address vowing to violate international restrictions with a test of a missile that could reach the u.s. why our next guest says that it won't be long before north korea can actually wage nuclear war. a waitress in georgia taking justice into her own hands after her restaurant was robbed. why she said self-defense cost her her job. at planters, we put fresh roasted flavor into every can, which has its drawbacks. guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance >> right now north korean leader kim jong-un says that his military is close to testing an intercontinental missile that goes against sanctions. some 30,000 american troops are stationed in south korea to deter nuclear advancement.
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thanks for joining us today. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. we hear these threats periodically. we see the threats done periodically. is there a reason that we should take him more seriously this time? >> right now he has three launchers that can reach the lower 48 states. now, that i may not be reliable and they may not be accurate, but with this this between the obama administration and the trump administration, what is at risk? >> the risk is that first of all, you have an outgoing president that will never want to hand a crisis to a successor. you have trump that is not able to deal with it because he's not in office yet. in south korea, which is also an actor in this, they have an impeachment crisis right now, which means south korea the next
10:19 am
four or five months won't be a factor, which means kim jong-un can do whatever he wants and will get off scot-free. even though the pentagon said there will be consequences, i'm not is sure. >> and with the consequences or not given by the obama administration. >> right. it's been eight years where there's been no sanctions on north korea. you go back to the bush administration, they weren't doing very much either. so kim jong-un and his predecessor, his dad, have been able to do almost anything they want. they have china at their back. they have russia at their back. ney don't have anybody like us sort of pushing them the other direction. >> how do we do that? what type of sanctions would matter or make a difference? >> the sanctions that would make a difference on chinese banks that have been participating in north korea's illicit commerce. if we unplug them, beijing will
10:20 am
realize we're serious. we haven't wanted to do anything since the sanctions in 2007 that the bush administration put on and took off prematurely. there needs to be pressure on north korea's backer, which is china. >> and pressure on president-elect donald trump to do something and make this a priority early on? >> i think it will be a priority. the "wall street journal" reported that the obama white house told the trump transition team that their number 1 security threat to the homeland was north korea. north koreans, if they wanted to, could smuggle in a nuclear weapon to the city of new york and set it off. they don't need a long range missile. all they need is a toyota pickup truck. >> you think that will be one of the first things the administration deals with? >> i hope so. for too long the north koreans have done what they want without
10:21 am
the united states paying attention. we talked about sanctions but we have not been serious. we've been more concerned about not alienating beijing than doing something with regard to north korea. i hope that ends right away. >> we'll see. it's coming up quickly, the changeover. thank for joining us. happy new year to you. >> thank you, heather. >> leland. >> president-elect trump responding as russian diplomats leave the united states over election hacking allegations. why his words are warning cyber security experts and president obama heading to capitol hill for a last minute, last-ditch effort to save obama care before lawmakers begin a new session. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> right now, president obama has returned to washington from
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vacation for his final couple of weeks in office. planning he says to head to capitol hill on wednesday to meet with democratic lawmakers in an effort to save obama care from republicans. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel also back from vacation and joining us with more. good to see you, mike. >> happy new year, leland. it will be a closed-door meeting between president obama and capitol hill democrats to discuss a plan to replace and repeal obama care. democrats are warning of chaos in the healthcare system if the law is repealed and not replaced. you can expect democrats to say it's not possible to keep the good popular parts of obama care while getting rid of the unpopular aspects. the interim dnc chair is taking a wait-and-see approach. >> let's see what he intends to do in terms of obama care. will he just repeal it without putting up alternatives that will strengthen it or will he continue to, you know, just say
10:26 am
i'm going to get rid of it. >> fox has confirmed the incoming senate democratic leader chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and vermont senator bernie sanders are calling january 15th a call to action day for democrats and allies. they plan to criticize republican efforts to repeat the law and hope to spotlight those covered by obama care. republican leaders have signals repealing obama care will be a top priority in the first 100 days of the trump administration. they're expected to allow transition time to a new replacement system and the president-elect spoke about the healthcare law on saturday. >> he's president until january 20th. after that, it's our turn. so we'll see what happens. he has to protect what he wants to do and perhaps his legacy. but if you look at obama care, in many cases you have over 100% increases, it's unaffordable.
10:27 am
>> democratic sources say the capitol hill meeting is expected to focus on obama care, medicare and medicaid. it would not be shocking if other top obama legacy items were to come up. leland? >> we know you'll be there to comfort it. more on this with the panel next hour. thanks, mike. >> thank you. >> we told you earlier that senate democrats may want to slow down the confirmation votes for some of president-elect trump's cabinet picks. so how will mr. trump respond? this as we take a look at his agenda in the days leading up to the inauguration. the president-elect this week to get an intel briefing on claims of russian hacking during the presidential election and a cyber security analyst is here to talk about the allegations. and a waitress opens fire on three robbers after they steal $200 in cash. she says she was scared for her life. why our next guest says she did more harm than good. (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight?
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some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose your own doctor or hospital as long as they accept medicare patients. and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> right now, the president-elect back in new york after spending the holiday down in palm beach, florida. so what is on his agenda? especially as we get word some senate democrats may be looking to slow-roll the confirmation votes for his big cabinet picks. peter doocy back from travelling with the president-elect outside trump tower in new york. hi, peter. >> hi, leland.
10:32 am
the latest word is about crime statistics. he tweeted this one awhile ago. chicago's murder rate is record-setting. 4,331 murders with 762 murders in 2016. if the mayor can't do it, he has to ask for federal help. the president returned last night and a guessing game continues today. president-elect trump teased reporters about what exactly he knows with alleged interference in the election that makes him skeptical that the russians were involved. the complete opposite by the obama administration. >> i want them to be sure. it's a serious charge. i want them to be sure. if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. they were wrong. i want them to be sure. it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking.
10:33 am
hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> mr. trump isn't just skeptical about russian interference with the election process. he made a point to say he hopes to have a better relationship with russia and china when he takes over. he's not just talking about intel. he's talking about filling out the four remaining cabinet level jobs that are vacant. reuters is reporting that sonny purdue is the leading contender for the job of agriculture secretary. even if he gets the nomination, it's not guaranteed he gets the job. the senate minority leader, chuck schumer, is threatening to drag confirmation hearings out until march and put all of the nominees before complex confirmation hearings. something that mitch mcconnell's office thinks is kind of a double standard. they say they cooperated more
10:34 am
when they were in the minority and president obama was filling out his cabinet. leland? >> the facts support that there was a number of nominees confirmed the same day or the next day after confirmation hearings. peter doocy live outside trump tower. thanks, peter. >> i think there's an intelligence report that is due out later this week. once that report is made final and the president-elect is briefed, i think we'll have a better idea of what to make this judgment. rushing to judgment on this is not in anybody's best interest. >> that was chuck spicer on the claims of russian hacking. his comments come in the shadow of reports that moscow could be found on malware only by a
10:35 am
vermont utility company. thanks for joining us today. >> you bet. >> are we rushing to judgment? we heard sean spicer speaking there and president-elect trump making similar comments over the weekend. >> if the report that they released was their analysis, if that's what they're hanging all of this on, i would say yes, a rush to judgment. that report failed in so many ways to make a case for a parking ticket much less kicking 35 people out of the country. into until we get -- there's a trap there. nil we get all of the information or somebody with the clearance to see the information, bipartisan says yeah, that's what happens, you have to view this with skepticism. >> so in what ways did that report fail to make the necessary connect? >> i did a word count. it's about 3,900 words. out of that, 398 words with an analysis of the attack. less than a blog post. out of that, they made some various assumptions, which was
10:36 am
on page 4 of the report, they said here the intelligence services that were responsible or operating in this apt 28, 29 that we heard so much out of. they took black emergency, the malware package. it's not an intelligence service. power shell, a tactic, not an intelligence service. so when i looked at that, i said they're inflating things together. 398 words is not a compelling case to kick people out of the country. not saying they're not involved. it's not compelling. >> so why would our intelligence agencies make these public-type statements saying that the russians hacked the dnc, the russians are responsible for the hacking? why would they be doing that? seems irresponsible. >> well, look, if they have other information not being disclosed, that's the trap that was talking about. russia is good about deny, deny, force our hand that people say do you have any proof or not. we disclose sensitive information, sources and methods, country that have
10:37 am
cooperated with us. what we should have people that are bipartisan including people from the technology and the intelligence community to come together and come out and say, yeah, we agreed together collectively bipartisan, across the agency that russia was behind it. but what we're doing undercuts the analysis. if i saw this report, i say i didn't believe that. why should i believe this? >> tell me about the black energy attack and the laptop specifically. >> look, december 23, 2015, kiev, ukraine, the first use of black energy to take out 700,000 homes. almost a year to the date, kiev was attacked again. another substation was taken off line. almost a similar attack. that same type of malware was found on a laptop at a utility company in vermont. people are saying, it wasn't connected to the grid. that's not the question. the question is what is it doing on a laptop in a utility company to begin with.
10:38 am
the question is did their security fail, did they miss something and if they missed that, is it possible they or other utility companies have missed malware in their systems rights now. >> we haven't we heard more about it? >> you know, heather a good question. it's not sexy. nothing is blown up. somebody hasn't died. when we heard about istanbul, you know, that makes the news. it's very dynamic. a loss of life. it's getting covered. there's nothing here yet and nobody covers this stuff until something bad happens. when it happens, then we get the coverage. i think a lot of people aren't taking this seriously because it's not sexy right now. >> and very quickly, something that called cause somebody to happen is a reliance on automation, correct? >> yes. we're too relied on automation. not enough controls on nuclear plants. that's why the substation was out of commission for so long. everything was too automated. they didn't have the ability to
10:39 am
take back control manually. >> thanks, morgan. we'll see if what the president-elect says is true, if you want something secret, write it out and have it taken by courier. thanks, heather. >> thanks so much. >> right now, a waffle house waitresses in georgia claims she was fired for shooting her gun at three robbers. the suspect reportedly took off with $200 after demanding cash from the register. the waitress followed the robbers out to the parking lot, retrieved her gun from her car and fired a round into the air. joining us now, heather hanson, trial attorney. ladies, nice to see you. thanks for being here. >> happy new year. >> hi, leland. >> let's put aside the relative brilliance of firing a shot in the air in a busy parking lot as the robbers are getting into their car to leave. the waitress now says she was just trying to protect herself and her co-workers. she would like her job back. jonah, does she have a case?
10:40 am
>> she does. perhaps you and i are on different sides of the story, leland. restaurant was robbed b three people that claimed they were going to shoot everybody in the place. she chased after them with a gun which she had a right to do and told them with a bullet in the air and don't come back. >> all right, heather. where does this go from here? as far as we know, i don't think this woman is facing any charges. does she deserve her job back? >> she does not deserve her job back. she could be facing charges, leland. you're correct this is not a good idea. second amendment fans are aware that it's not a good idea to shoot a warning shot. it's a risk to bystanders and gets rid of any argument that she shot in self-defense.
10:41 am
waffle house is protecting themselves. you cannot have employees putting customers in danger. the gentlemen, the three guys that robbed the place, were on their way out of the restaurant. they never pulled again, had the money. for this woman to grab a gun and begun shooting into the air certainly put customers at risk. in addition, they have rules against having firearms on property. all and all, waffle house is in very good position if there's a lawsuit. >> where does it go from here? this woman, she has a go fund me page. she's asking for money to help support her family. she's going to have to sue waffle house and get her job back or simply move on. >> as a practical matter, leland, she's probably going to walk down the street and get another job as a waitress just as well. that's my hope. but she could probably sue waffle house on this ground. that is, did she violate the waffle house policy.
10:42 am
waffle house is within their rights -- >> conceivably she may not have violated the policy but she likely violated the law by firing a weapon in the air as people ran away. >> she hasn't been charged with violating the law. if everybody that violldn't hav people. waffle house canned her for violating their own anti-firearm policy, which i say this employee did not violate any way. >> and that's an important point, heather. we looked on the internet, a lot of waffle houses have signs up that say "gun-free zones." they allow law enforcement. but the fact that she did it outside, albeit on waffle house's dime because she was still working on the clock, does that matter whether she's inside or outside? >> unless they said to her, you're being fired for violating this policy, they can -- it's at-will employment.
10:43 am
the fact that she's put customers at risk -- listen, leland. if anybody had been injured, waffle house would be on the line for that. they're not on the line for robbers robbing the place but liable for someone that works for them hurting a customer. waffle house and other employers have to protect themselves. >> you both would agree, where we're fortunate here, nobody got hurt from the round that she fired for sure. >> the robbers. >> that true as well. ladies, thank you. >> thank you. >> left field? >> thank you, leland. >> coming up, a man rescued from a burning car and you won't believe who the hero turned out to be. plus, if your new year's resolution included doing this, leland -- >> no, no. >> no? all right. some people it did. so how can you make sure you stick to your goal of losing weight and staying healthy in 2017. we have the tips you need to know. >> i have the tips. i need lots.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> welcome back. a california driver recovering now from a fiery crash after he was rescued from his burning s.u.v. on new year's morning. boom! there's the crash. all right. the hero in all this was a photo journalist who was about to take pictures of the crash to document what was happening there on the highway when another car slammed into the s.u.v. he put down his camera and ran to help. >> less than five seconds to live. i managed to just get him out. i took a big gulp of black smoke. i couldn't live with myself if i
10:48 am
didn't get him out. this is stringer video. this means that the person decided not to get paid for the video that he could have captured and ran for help instead. no word if alcohol was part of the crash or the subsequent one that caused the explosion. >> glad they're okay. the number 1 new year's resolution for most people is to lose weight or to maybe exercise more. but the truth is that most people won't stick to the resolutions. so what can we possibly do this year to really, really finally realize that goal, to get healthier? we have dr. prem with us. he's a new york city gastroenterologist and weight specialist. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> you make this resolution, you're going to get healthier, going to lose some weight. first of all, is that a wise resolution to make? >> if you set adequate, realistic goals, that's very important. >> that's the number one thing. realistic goes. >> yes. and set a timeline.
10:49 am
don't just have for the new year's, i want to lose ten pounds. i want to lose ten pounds by february. other tips, set a project or a trip up in a nice warm sunny area. say hey, by february 15, i'm going to miami beach. i want to lose ten pounds. >> incentive. you don't want to say i want to lose ten pounds by next weekend. >> yes. slow and steady wins the race. takes awhile to put it on, takes awhile to take it off. >> decreased calories. a little bit each day? >> yes. one of the things to do, if you decrease your calorie intake by 250 to 500 calories a day, over the course of a week you can potentially lose one point of fat. >> okay. >> so if you do the math, one point of fat is about 3,500 calories. if you want to lose ten pounds,
10:50 am
that's 35,000 calories. the important thing to tell my patien patients, document how many calories you take in and try to keep track of it. >> you want to keep your activity level above the amount of calories that you're taking in as well. >> correct. that's the other flip of the coin, where you want to increase the amount of exercise and activity. every activity you do, you'll be burning calories. increase activity as well. >> so unfortunately, you have to eliminate one evil pleasure you say? >> trying to be fair and not being drastic is to say if you have one evil pleasure, whether it's chocolate, beer or whatever the case may be, if you try to eliminate or even soda drinks -- >> pasta. mine is pasta. >> so eliminating it. if you can't eliminate it completely, scale back by 75% of what you normally do. >> if you need help, what is
10:51 am
this? >> this is a nonsurgical option that i do perform. it is a weight loss balloon system which basically you place it into your stomach endoscopically so it's not surgical. what you can do, it's a two-pound saline -- >> takes up space in your stomach. >> thanks so much. happy new year. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> u.s. officials are grappling with a massive surge of
10:55 am
immigration. there's a 15% spike since last year. ad adam housely is live with more. >> we've seen the surge recently in 2014. the surge happened over the course of the last few decades. the 2014 one and the one that just happened are the ones that are most alike. the majority are coming from central america, specifically three countries. the numbers are up big. in fact, there's some people, human rights advocates specifically that are urging the obama administration to treat this as a refugee crisis. there was some criticism also lodged to the administration back in 2014, the last time they dealt with this for a lack of message and a lack of action on this side of the border to stop the poll. the trek is perilous for those coming through mexico, where they deal with everything from the drug cartels and human smuggling to wide reports of rape and robbery. according to the numbers released by the feds, total apprehensions jump by 67,000 as
10:56 am
compared to 2015. homeland security officials apprehended more than 430,000 illegal immigrants and sent 451,000 back home to their home countries over the 12-month period that ended in september. the figures were released friday. the majority came from central america. the border patrol arrests alone were up 23%. significant increases across. it comes always a report that this year's surge could be linked to president-elect trump's tough stance on the border and keep in mind, leland, there's argues that the sanctuary cities is polling people this way as well. this will play out on the border as our agents are dealing with the surge yet again. >> on the border and in the sanctuary cities again after january 20th. adam housely live in los angeles. thanks, adam. >> all right. >> we're not done yet. up next in the next hour of "happening now," turkish authorities getting a closer
10:57 am
look of what happened during the new year's eve massacre at an istanbul nightclub. witnesses recounting what happened. and the number of e.r. patients on the rise in the states where marijuana is now legal. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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wheyou wantve somto protect it.e,
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at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
11:00 am
>> a fox news alert. eight people have been arrested in connection with the deadly nightclub shooting in istanbul. isis claims credit but the gunnman dressed in a santa hat is on the run. welcome to the second hour of "happening now." >> nice to be here with you. everyone at home. at least 39 people as you heard killed and dozens injured when the suspect stormed the packed nightclub during new year's celebrations a police officer among the dead. investigators have been pouring over surveil lanls video and other evidence to explain what happened that night. we're getting terrifying new accounts, from with its who escaped with their lives.
11:01 am
benjamin hall is flooif lon dhon with more at this hour. benjamin live from london? >> istanbul on high alert as they desperately search for the attacker who is still at large. his identity, still unknown. police are concerned have a possible followup attack. today the funerals of some of the dead began taking place. the identities of more victims released. among the 39 killed, 27 were foreign including victims tr vab, jordan, israel, russia, france, belgium. isis said in a statement the attack had been kor carried out by a heroic soldier. they said the attack was retaliation for turkish air strikes in syria. the club was chosen it's, quote, where christians were celebrating their pagan feast. more details of the attack emerging. the gunman fired up to 180 bullets and grenades stopped to change magazines five times. he waited for 13 minutes inside the kitchen and changed clothes
11:02 am
before leaving in a taxi amid the chaos. experts say they can tell he was clearly well trained and planned his escape route carefully. >> what else do we know about the attacker himself? he was well trained. >> the identity still hasn't been revealed but they have their fingers brints. and the hunt they say is very much on. they believe he was part of an isis cell that attacked the istanbul airport last june killing 41. they believe the man play frb a central asian country of uzebekistan or kirk stan. victims are talking about the harrowing scene, including businessman william raak. >> it's a massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. >> i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. sefbl of us were shot. >> isis thought they might start to ramp up attacks abroad as
11:03 am
they lose ground in sir va. they have started 2017 in a big way. >> benjamin hall, thank you. joining us for more on this, rebecca heinrich, fellow at the hudson institute, cliff may 789 of the foundation for defense of democracies. nice to see both of you. rebecca, starting with the ladies first, you get the sense that things in istanbul are going to continue to deteriorate as long as the president continues with his same policies. >> that's exactly right. it's urduwon but you have to zoom out to look at the situation geopolitically. and turkey is a nato ally. the united states needs turkey, we need that air base to fight isis, what we're doing in syria. the terrorist attacks continue to rack turkey. russia wants turkey in its corner. if you have russia acting as the one that knowing what it's doing and fighting islamic state, the
11:04 am
one projecting power and strength, the one with leadership, that we could see turkey being pushed into the hands of russia in the region as it sorts itself out and fights the islamic state. you have the religious aspect of it, and you have the geopolitical ramificationtion as well. >> cliff, i remember in 2010, 2012 president owe cam a used to talk about president urduwon, told jokes about being with their kids tonight. president obama said he really knew president urdowon as a pier and thought he was close to. now, we're seeing a president in turkey who allowed the rise of isis, codying up with russia. is this an emblem of the end of the obama presidency and what it left us with in terms of foreign policy? as heather and rebecca pointed out, the geopolitical ramification is a round the globe? >> that's an important part of it. i think president obama has miss under hood what's going in much
11:05 am
of the world, hasn't understood turkey and hasn't understood international jihadism. turkey y is an islamic controlled country, follow the muslim brotherhood line woushgs think that would give them dispensation but it doesn't. they went after this nightclub on new year's eve, urduwon has been fighting against isis, supported various groups linked to al qaeda, and you had a place in istanbul that is celebrating what is considered to be a pagan holiday. that's why it's called a pagan feast, new year's eve. the doctrine of hisbah says that good jihadist should be prohibiting evil and promoting good. you go and celebrate new year's eve, we kill you. you better understand it and stop doing it. >> certainly that's what they wanted to us do to be fearful. but rebecca, to that point, now,
11:06 am
president urduwon allowed isis to grow inside siria, allowed the trail of foreign fighters to go through turkey into syria. now, as you point out, they're getting squeezed more inside of siria, inside iraq. do you run the risk much having the jihadie highway reverse direction and well-trained guys like this attack don't stop in istanbul and head farther west to paris, berlin, to london and to the united states? >> of course. i mean, this is a global problem. as cliff said, this is an international enemy. the jihadist ideology and the movement is not restricted to one geographic location. the united states is not an island. what happens in turkey, affects the united states, there is spillover effect. if we don't get a handle on the is lackic state and affiliates, you see these refugee crisis, of
11:07 am
course, thing my grants flowing throughout europe. of course that has an effect then on the united states. so, all of this is very connected. what we need to see is the next administration coming in with a clearer understanding of what the islamic state is, what the ideology behind it is. they're being very, very clear as cliff said, they have identified the enemy, why they're doing what they're doing, what who they're targeting. we have to understand that. >> is it possible to unscramble the egg, once all of the isis fighters have the training this guy in istanbul, is it really impossible to stop them, as they head back out? >> it's pretty difficult. one of the things that's happening in turkey, the border, particularly with syria, are now awash inside turkey with islamists of various stripes. those that are isis connected, al qaeda sected. you have shia ma lish as that answer to iran, hezbollah fighting in syria. we have many fa varieties of jihadism, islamism. the current administration, you
11:08 am
have no strategy for dealing with this, it's all done piecemeal. the new administration needs to come up with a strategy for fighting jihadism in its many forms. >> we start 2017 on this sad note. rebecca, cliff, appreciate you being here, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> heather? >> the blackout on media coverage not assisting things there as well. german police arresting a syrian man saying he tried to get money from isis to pay for terror attacks. the 38-year-old coming to germany two years ago as refugee. police saying he was trying to get nearly tdz 200,000 in euros to buy trucks for bomb attacks and planned to fill them with explosives and drive them into large crowds. isis claiming sfont for three attacks in germany last year, all carried out by refugees. >> police in poland charging a to you anything man with murder -- to you knees man of murder. investigators say the polish
11:09 am
citizen stole several drinks that night. the tunisian man a cook at the business stabbed him twice with the knife. the murder leading to anti-foreigner protests outside the restaurant the next day. i don't think those were celebration fireworks. the cook could face life in prison if he's convicted of that crime. >> back at home president-elect trump casting doubt on claims that russian hacking helped him win the election saying that he has information that the rest of us don't know about. incoming white house presentation secretary sean spicer commenting this morning on fox and friends. >> i think what the president elect is referring, to he gets briefed on a daily basis on different threats and issues facing the nation by his national security team and by other members have the intelligence community. he is privy to information that nobody else is. he's driving at there doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence within the intelligent agency. >> peter doocy is outside trump
11:10 am
tower in new york city. do most agree with donald trump, we should wait until there's more evidence about the hacking before deciding what to do in russia? >> there are some republicans, prominent republicans in fact taking the opposite stance that, mr. trump is taking, and actually saying they wish the white house would have gone further with the pun shirment for russia. -- punishment for russia. >> it's not enough, shannon, certainly too late. vladimir putin is kgb. he always has been, he always will be. president obama has consistently looked the other way from russia's provocations. the dnc hack was one minor item in what russia has done over the last eight years. >> senior transition officials aren't saying what the next president plans to do with these sanctions, just handed down by the obama white house, keep them or get rid of them. that decision is parentally not going to be made until after mr. trump sits with high ranking
11:11 am
intel officials and has them lay out the case, and show him the evidence that makes them so sure russia had something to do with election interference. >> hmm. what are democrats asking the president-elect to do with the intel about russian interference in the election process? >> heather, democrats just want mr. trump on listen to the experts, they insist the intel is good. >> it's very solid. indeed overwhelming and the president-elect as you know also said that he knows things that other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way. if he's going to have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way. he needs to stop denigrating the intelligence community. he will rely on them. he has to rely on them. >> and this afternoon, reuters is reporting citing transition officials that georgia's former governor, sonny purdue, is the leading candidate to become u.s. agriculture secretary, that is a position some democrats or
11:12 am
business people had been rumored to be in the running for. now purdue, possibly poised to join a group of other nominees that may have a really tough confirmation fight if senator chuck schumer gets his way. he says it could last until march. >> interesting pick. peter doocy live from the streets of new york city. happy new year, welcome back home. >> happy new year. >> doing great work. lawmakers arriving on capitol hill today, as leaders in both the house and senate aim to put obamacare on the chopping block tomorrow. what does the republican plan to replace it look like? plus, think your new year's eve was a little rough? oh, boy. how did this suv go tumbling off aer iffy? we can laugh about it when we
11:13 am
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wrench in your new year's celebration. [ background voices ] there goes their car. a group of people celebrating new year's in australia watched helplessly as their car rolled off a ferry and into the ocean. now, you might be able to figure out, because they were videotaping it, nobody walks hufert, nobody in the car. they did lose their cell phones, debit cards their passports and their car which could make cloe swift new year not so happy. >> not so great. >> good luck. >> good luck with that. >> president obama heading to capitol hill this week, to meet with house and senate democrats in a bid to save obamacare from republicans. who vow to repeal the affordable care.
11:17 am
we have a pollster and strategist for shchlt o. en consulting. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> hey, heather. >> shaping up to be a busy new year on capitol hill. we have january 15 coming up, chris, the call to action day to protect one of the president's key, what, legislative pieces, part of his legacy. what do you think about that? >> well, i think that elections have consequences, as president obama said in 2009, on the republican control of the white house, will soon. and the senate and the house. and they're going to be able to have their way with president obama's signature piece of legislation. which by the way, my personal experience is quite catastrophic when it comes to obamacare. i personally went from $300 a month to more than $900 a month. the women who i blissfully live in sin went from $250 a month to
11:18 am
$800 a month. i certainly hope they repeal it? you aren't alone. a lot of people seem to disagree, jessica. you can look at the outcome of the election, you can see people wanted changes, most recent poll by the kaiser family foundation, 26% of people want it repealed all together, 17% want to scale it back, only 19% want to move forward as is. >> but that's actually a shift. that's a positive shift for the law from where it started. beggars can't be choosers. so, it's doing better than we thought it would. public approval is about split on it. chris is completely right, premiums have been going up even though the overall cost of healthcare has been gaining at a slower rate than the ten years before obamacare was implemented. but there's no doult ocean bam a has to try to preserve this, woupt obamacare his legacy is looking bleaker. >> is it just about his legacy or the people? >> it's making sure americans have affordable health insurance. i know the premiums are going
11:19 am
um. i think there are quick fixes, purchasing insurance across state lines, but the republicans have a tough roold ahead of them. they said they'll make sure the kids can stay on the insurance until they're 26 and won't get rid of the pre-existing clause. then they say they want to get rid of the mandate. if you want to see premiums go up go ahead and do that. if they don't have a plan i don't know what the point in repealing it is. >> they do have to have a plan in place, chris. is that going to be a problem? >> we'll see what they come up with. buying across state lines has been a republican proposition for years that democrats have obstructed. staying on until 26, the parents pay for that, the insurance companies are fine with that. everyone broadly agreed pre-existing conditions is something you have to do something about. we're back to square one, before obamacare was passed. now republicans have the microphone. and they have the house and the senate and the white house. it's going to be completely different. i think the democrats plan is to obstruct their efforts.
11:20 am
remember obstruct was a bad thing, according to the washington most, new york post, obstruction will be a good thing. they aren't going to get away with obstructing it, harry reid showed us the road map for getting rild of the filibuster and giving everything the bum's rush. the democrats did to it get it passed in the first place. >> couple of other things and we mentioned this a little bit. >> some the republicans want to make sure that some of these misnomers out there and i think were you going to talk about one of them, jessica, 20 million people will lose healthcare coverage. they say that's not true, that that kind of is the new lie of what the other one was, which is if you like your healthcare, if you like the doctor can you keep your doctor. that wasn't true. >> that didn't end up being true. there are a lot of lies thrown around in politics. we know the democrats passed obamacare without republican support. it's a partisan piece of legislation. more democrats like it than republicans. there are millions of trump voters who have said they don't think their obamacare will be taken away.
11:21 am
they're relying upon. that donald trump said himself, i'm not going to just let people die in the street. it's well and good to talk about and say that the republicans have the microphone, you need a plan if you have the microphone. kevin mccarthy has said he doesn't think this is going to get done until 2018. then it's an election issue. i don't think this is something where the republicans are really going to get ahead with. with the law becoming more and more popular and people appreciating the fact they have insurance, even though the premiums are higher than many like, i don't see why republicans can remain popular and take it away. >> we'll see what happens. >> 19% support isn't great. and people weren't dying in the streets before. >> the congressman said my kid broke his arm and we're just going to let him sit there. >> never happen. >> we'll see what happens for real. thank you both for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thanks, hether. >> preview of what might be happening on capitol hill over
11:22 am
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11:25 am
>> welcome back. happening right now, at least 60 inmates have been killed after a prison riot in brazil. authorities say they believed it all started with gangs dueling for control of the prison. among the dead are both guards and inmates. some of the victims were decapitated. unconfirmed number of inmates escaped. the riot started yesterday afternoon and went through this morning. >> u.s. officials say they are dealing with a major surge in illegal immigration on the southern border. most of these are crossing the border, folks coming in aren't
11:26 am
necessarily from mexico. department of homeland security saying tens of thousands of illegal immigrants coming from central american countries. adam houser live in los angeles with more. so, adam, just give us a snenls the beginning, raw numbers. >> raw numbers, you mention central america. obviously they're coming from other countries as well, as far away as africa, asia, mexico. the greater numbers are guatamala, el sal rator and honduras. we saw this during 2014. the numbers that come in, according to dhs on friday, basically coming mostly from central america, part of the ongoing flight, they say coming from high crime and vie violence. according to the numbers, apprehensions jumped by 67,000 as compared to 2015. homeland security officials apprehended 530,250 illegal immigrants. and sent back 450,000, almost 451,000.
11:27 am
that's over the 12 month period ending in september. now, again, the argument, though, is how many are allowed to stay here. border patrol apprehensions up 23% since 2015 overall. and, really, comes down to the issue of how many are allowed to stay. many argue those numbers, but the surge is on across the border. >> when donald trump becomes president january 20, he talked about ending illegal immigration and building a wall. is that what's behind this orring? else? >> well, you know, depending who you talk to. they say 2014 donald trump wasn't going to be president, why did it happen then. the argument then and argument by a lot of people, a lot of imgrant rights groups, it is a push from those countries because of crime and poverty. people on the other side there's always been poverty. they had a civil war in the '80s. both sides agree that the new president and his tough stance, his tough rhetoric about the
11:28 am
border is part of it. also you have the sanctuary cities poll, the dhs themselves say that sanctuary city situations that made it difficult as well. there's multiple reasons here, leland, one is poverty and crime, two is the fact you have a new president talking about tough border policy, and three you have sanctuary cities where people are allowed to stay. >> border patrol on the front line of it all, adam thank you. heather? >> coming up, marijuana is now legal in a lot more places. after many states voted to legalize it in the new year. many tout the benefits and there is a mysterious new illness that may be traced to the drug. we will explain what chs is, and the warning signs showing that you may have it. plus, did they or didn't they, questions within the american intelligence community about whether or not the russians hacked the u.s. elections. and to what extent. your insurance company
11:29 am
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11:31 am
won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
11:32 am
with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. what evidence intelligence officials may have to support their claims russia interfered with the presidential election. russian president vladimir putin has denied involvement in alleged hacking and president-elect trump has suggested the intelligent against russia is weak. chief intelligence correspondent live in washington to separate the fact from the spin. hi, katherine. >> thank you. after the joint analysis report from the f.b.i. and homeland security fox news learned is
11:33 am
there a healthy debate within the intelligence community over how much additional information should be declassified to show the hacks were a rush-led operation. they say there's much more information than was released but the concern is ever exposing sources, me thosdz and collection by foreign governments who work with the u.s. on fox and friends, the future white house press secretary urged caution. >> it's not what i believe, it's a question of what happened. there's an intelligence report due out later this week. once that report is made final and the president elect is briefed, will have a better idea of what to make of the situation. >> the key issues are the hackers' intent as well as motivation and that is a high threshold to cross when it comes to having that kind of intelligence. meantime, the senior democrat on the house intelligence committee says the evidence against russia is there and undefiable. >> how solid is the evidence
11:34 am
that was the russians? >> it's very solid, overwhelming. and the president-elect also said that he knows things that other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way. if he's going to have any credibility, as president, he needs to stop talking this way. he needs to stop denigrating the intelligence community. >> for context, in the past the russian government has denied major events and in one case forced the u.s. to declassify highly sensitive information we've heard the as part of the russia's m.o. how is the president-elect responding in. >> reportion last heard when he when he do you know played the i will tell jeans assessment from last week. >> this is a serious charge and i want them to be sure f you look at weapons of mass destruction that was a disaster and they were off. so i want them to be sure. i any it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking and
11:35 am
hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be something else. i also know things that other people don't know. and so, they cannot be sure of this situation. >> mr. trump gets indepth intelligence briefs about midweek this week. where he can assess the facts for himself. the final report that was requested by the president should be public within the next two weeks, maybe about ten days. so americans can look at the information for themselves. >> so much unfolding before the inauguration, katherine herridge thank you. >> president obama returning from vacation with plans to meet with democrats on capitol hill about saving obamacare from republicans who want to undo his signature healthcare law. chief congressional correspondent mike manual is with us live on this. happy new year, mike. going to be a busy one. >> happy new year. >> democrats, what are they saying about the upcoming meeting and plans to counter the gop? >> it will be president obama
11:36 am
meeting with house and senate democrats. sources say they're expected to discuss the idea to strengthen obamacare and warn that repealing without a remine replacement would create chaos. a top house democrat took aim at his colleagues on a offense call a short time ago. >> republicans still call appeal and delay plan, is code for repeal without an alternative. and six years, demanding immediate repeal, and no alternative to replace it. the truth is, they don't have one. and their plan is simply to turn back the clock. make america unhealthy again, perhaps. >> fox has confirmed plans by the new democratic leader schumer, nancy pelosi and vermont senator derby sanders to make january 15 a call to action. it sounds like an effort to rally the grassroots who now
11:37 am
have healthcare coverage thanks to the law. >> is repealing the healthcare law in doubt? >> no, to be an issue, house and senate republicans have been anxious to scrap this law for a long time. republicans, majority in the house and senate and new gop president about to take office, they should be able to pass a repeal and get it signed into law. experts say the much bigger issue, is what comes next. >> the hard part is the replace. and republicans have had a lot of plans for a number of years now. but this time they have to pick one. and that's a party unite behind it and pass it that,'s going to take genuine hard work. >> the president elect reiterated his concern over the weekend that obamacare is unaffordable and in his opinion doesn't work. heather? >> all right. mike emmanuel, thank you. >> with the start of the new year, you can now light up a recreational marijuana joint in a total of eight states and the district of columbia. that news has emergency room
11:38 am
doctors preparing for a flood of what they call chs cases. what is that? a syndrome caused by heavy marijuana usage leading to nausea, vomiting and rather uncomfortable symptoms that we won't name on television. the two possible cures, hot showers or just foregoing your daily joint. dr. kelley powers, surgeon at sam ford hospital and research fellow, todd mitchum, co-founder of "high there," aptly named social met networking too many for cannabis users. >> hello. >> nice to be here. >> todd is this just an attempt by folks against marijuana to sort of scare possible users into changing the conversation here about the health risks of marijuana or is this really an epidemic? >> i think it's something i've been saying for the last three years after i got into the industry, which was there are going to be some unintended sequences that we have to pay attention to.
11:39 am
this is certainly one of them. i think we have to be watching all kinds of sequences. this is something we have to pay attention to closely. there might be a little hysteria around it, certainly the easiest way to stop it is to stop consuming. we need to still look at it. >> kelley, give us a sense, there's two issues. one is people who come down with this and it's uncomfortable, there is a pretty easy cure for it. on the flip side, though, you end up using a lot of e.r. resources, a lot of people going to the hospital on the taxpayer dime and use up ems and everything else, because they smoked a little too much pot. >> that's right. it is a rare gastrointestinal condition. it is caused from chronic marijuana use. whether it's ingesting or smoking it. what it leads to, is nausea, vomiting, done nominal pains and anybody who presents with nausea and vomiting goes to the e.r., they can end up with dehydration, long-term effects, kidney failure and even death in rare cases. agreeing with todd, and i do agree with you, a lot of this is
11:40 am
unknown. we don't know. of course e.r. resources, lee land like you said, are going to be used up. much more research is needed. there is a correlation between the recent legalization of marijuana and increase incidences we're seeing in e.r. and call centers around the country. >> is 24 an argument, todd, to take a step back from the rapid legalization that we've seen starting in denver where you are among other places? >> well, i tell you, what i'm concerned about, if we ignore those things and pretend they're not real we could see a rollback. we don't know what the next administration is going do. as a person who deals with major company is a round these issues you can't ignore what pops up as potential hazard, then can you put the whole industry at risk. you can't put your head in the sand. we have to pay attention and pay attention to any new unintended sequence that comes up in a new industry. we don't want a disruptive industry that's largely positive to become destructive because it's ignoring inintended
11:41 am
consequences. >> it's a little difficult to feel bad for people who suffer from chs, and there is that part this. but the other part of it is parents who have kids who live in colorado, who for one way or another get their hands on marijuana, you're supposed to be 21, or 18, shockingly high school students get it then end up with this. do you view this as an argument for those who say we don't know enough about the legalization of marijuana and more importantly the arguments from todd and others, marijuana is totally safe, may not be all true. >> well, there is truth to that. again, as we mentioned, more research is needed. most importantly, leland, awareness. and you mention children, unfortunately children, teenagers or parents seeing this. some one, anyone, a patient is presenting to the e.r. approximately three to four times a month, we're seeing, presenting with that, very unique statement of hot shower relief, i'm not sure why but they are presenting with that statement. they have nausea and vomiting and dehydration.
11:42 am
this should be included in the workup, so patients and parents alike should be on alert for these symptoms and put it into the dif renshl it may not be a 24 hour virus, it may be chs. >> took one guy 3 or 4e.r. visits to realize what the problem is, one could wonder why he's smoking marijuana, but that's for a different day. dr. powers, todd, appreciate your guys coming on. thank you. >> thank you, leland. >> all right, leland, did you blow your budget on holiday shopping? >> on your christmas present. >> really, where is it? well, we will tell you how you can recover as well as exactly what you need do to get financially fit in the new year. and tired of your boss trying to reach out to you after hours? >> you think? >> one country making that a very ill legal thing. >> you may
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
coming home from your christmas vacation, with the new year some not so happy drivers because of higher gas prices. the average price per gallon of gas coming in at $2.34. if you're counting that's 35 cents more per gallon than this time a year ago. the rise coming because of that opec production cut. rise in crude oil prices. and vob vowelsly rising taxes as of late. drivers can expect to spend 25 to 50 cents more at the pump than last year. >> that's not helping with what we're about to talk about, lots of us making new year's resolutions this week, and many of those have to do with how we save, how we spend our money. financial experts saying it all starts with sticking to a bung elt. -- budget. joining me, vera givens, from >> i should point out leland was
11:47 am
talking about gas prices, they predict that consumers will spend $180 to $200 more at the pump this year. >> more important what we are talking about, how to save more. >> it's becoming increasingly hard to do given the fact that the costs are going up from gas to healthcare to housing costs, rent is going to rise 1.4%, groceries as much as 2.5%. you have to set specific goals. research actually shows if you have goals and they're specific, you are more inclined to save regardless of what is going on. >> same advice bee got about losing weight as well. easier said than done. >> you have to think of the goal attainable. that's the problem, people say i'm going to lose 30 pounds, go on a liquid diet. you have to make them reasonable, realistic, timely, actionable. >> what is reasonable? >> something is that attainable. you have to, you know, they say for new year's resolutions it should be smart, it should be
11:48 am
specific. specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. >> that's easy to remember, "smart." >> the second resolution is to spend less. people have trouble with this but it requires you looking at what is coming in the door, what is going out the door and figuring out where can you cut the fat. last year, we spent more on going out at the bars and restaurants than we did on groceries. maybe that's one area can you cut back o eating out. >> and then avoiding debt. credit card debt specifically. >> this the biggest one. celled it card debt is costly. consumers spend about $1,000 over the holidays, average household over $16,000 in debt. this is variable rate. we had one interest rate hike in december, we expect three more in 2017. that credit card debt is going to be more expensive. each quarter point rise in interest rates makes that debt $25 more per $1,000 of credit card debt. if you have $16,000 in credit card debt, that's going to be
11:49 am
expensive debt in 2017. >> first thing you do, if you can save money, pay off that debt. >> try to pay it off first. make this a priority. >> that helps you have good credit. >> credit is important, especially now, mortgage rates are rising, 4% now. potentially going to go to 5% in the new year. key to getting the best rate on your mortgage is to have very good credit. when mortgage rates rise by just 1%, affordability drops by 10%. it's really important to have good credit in the mid 700s to get that best possible rate. >> what do you mean avoid convenience and being lazy? >> a lot of us do, if you saw this, over the holidays, a lot of us have our credit card information scored on sites that makes it too easy to buy. found a survey, we are too complacent, going to the stations most convenient. you don't want to do that. as leland pointed out, gas prices a little over $2 last year, are going up considerably this year, 20 to 30 cents more in the new year.
11:50 am
i would say watch the convenience spending. watch the shopping online. watch the budget. be a little more aware. a lot of people shopping for loans don't do their research, they spend more time researching tvs and vacations than loans. your loan is your big expense. >> okay. >> these are the things you need to pay attention to. >> be smart. thank you so much. happy new year. >> you, too. >> leland? >> great conversation, ladies. or you can go to france where french workers have won the right to ignore their business e-mails after hours. a new labor law allowing employees to disconnect from electronic communication once the work day is over. unions in france have been pushing for the rule saying smart phones are pressuring workers to stay connected after work. the ministry of labor saying it will ensure a balance between jobs and family life. and eating croissants. >> president obama coming out with some news about his
11:51 am
upcoming farewell address. why he's choosing not to give it in the nation's capital. stay tuned for that. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. babdo you want any?p. no thanks. i have a salad. there's nothing like a bowl of campbell's chicken noodle soup... and salad. made for real, real life.
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tradition, president obama will give his farewell address on the nation next week. he's set to deliver his final speech as president next tuesday in chicago. shannon breen live from the white house as the president and his staff works on the address. what can we expect? >> well, as you mention, leland, he is citing back to the first president, george washington. he said in 1796, he set the perfect example of a peaceful, diplomatic transfer of power. that's how he's framing these remarks n an e-mail announcing them, he had that to say. he said i'm thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for the amazing journey to celebrate
11:55 am
the way you've changed the country for the past eight years and offer some thoughts on where we all go from here. we may get some clues from recent tweets he put out as well over the weekend about what he'll talk about. he said after decades of rising healthcare costs, today nearly every american has access to the financial security of affordable healthcare. also this, quote, we brought home more of our troops and strengthened u.s. leadership leading with diplomacy and partnering with nations to meet global problems. we should know specifics soon. it's next tuesday in chicago. some say it's important for him to have that moment of going home to where all of his political ambitions and aspirations started. >> we've heard so much from the white house about running through the tape, really finishing his presidency strong. he says how much of this is about that, about the fight over his legacy? >> i think a lot of it will be about that. you know, we've talked about the fact that he continually mentions obamacare, the one
11:56 am
major legislative achievement most people point to for his legacy. you remember it was passed without a single g.o.p. vote at the time. you know, it is in their cross hairs. so, arriving back here in washington today, into the area, it's cold, chilly that, may be setting the tone a contrast to the sunny days in hawaii. the president is gearing up for a meeting on capitol hill on wednesday, where he'll meet to come up with a strategy while preserveing what they expect to be the full jaunl slaught under a president trump when it comes to obamacare. as you know, gop lawmakers and president-elect trump said it is one of their numberne goals to get red of it. >> hank thank you, shannon. >> coming up an incredibly close call on a roof top in texas. how did everyone involved in this crash, walk away from the scene uninjured? ugh. heartburn.
11:57 am
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>> this isn't supposed to happen. ultra light landing on house. turns out, new year's miracle. everybody walked away without injury. >> good thing. >> good way to start off 2017. on that note -- >> some of the dead could be americans in a terror massacre overseas. that's the latest word from istanbul. investigators found new clues as they search for a cold-blooded killer who isis claims is one of its own. donald trump knows more about hacking than you do. that's what the president-elect says about the hack attack. the obama administration is blaming squarely russia. today trump's incoming press secretary facing questions. >> was russia behind it yes or no? >> his response, plus the debate inside the intel community and later, mariah's


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