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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 3, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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oh, my gosh. >> the intel community. the obama administration takes action but the incoming administration wants more evidence. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. happy new year. i'm bret baier. the intelligence community wants you to know in their view of russia was definitely behind the hack of u.s. political figures leading up to the election. fox news has learned intelligent officials -- intelligence officials are weighing what to reveal without giving away sources and methods. critics are saying not so fast.
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they want firm evidence. the president-elect is meeting with intel officials and insist there's more to this story. chief intelligence correspondent joins us. >> there is a debate within the intelligence community over how much information should be declassified. in intelligence source says there's more information about russian involvement in the election hacks and what was released by the fbi and homeland security. the concern is exposing sources, methods, as well as collections of foreign allies. >> once the report is made final and the president-elect's brief, i think we will have a better idea of what to make of the situation. >> the hacker's intent and motivation were not fully addressed in the joint analysis report last week, proving that amir putin's alleged role are
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higher standards to meet. >> it's indeed overwhelming. they weapon iced data. they dumped it during an election with the specific intent of influencing the outcomes. that is not something china has ever done. >> after this chinese military hacking unit was exposed, the justest department indicted five people. >> espionage by members of the chinese military. >> one when china sold the rec, the obama administration did not publicly punish beijing by expelling diplomats. sanctions were only threatened. one cybersecurity analyst said the response to russia does not seem proportional. >> taken action like this for a report that's 398 words of analysis and expel 35 people.
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they should've been 3035 chinese diplomats expelled, not 35 russian diplomats expelled for bad security processes. to stick over the weekend, the russian diplomats boarded a jet and left the united states. given the alleged russian hacking began in 2015, a senior republican said the administration waited too long to act. >> what vladimir putin needs is a sense of boundaries. he's had a free reign throughout the world over the last eight years. he needs to have a sense of boundaries and to know that things will be imposed. >> mr. crump plans to get his own in-depth briefing. president obama has requested a compressive report -- copperheads report. >> eight people are in custody in turkey following a new year's attack on a nightclub that left 39 people dead. the shooter is still at large. turkish authorities say they are close to identifying him.
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benjamin hall has the latest tonight. >> is temple remains on high alert today, as the huge manhunt continues to find the attacker who killed 39 new year's eve revelers. more details have been emerging. the gunmen stopped to swap out magazines five times. he changed his clothes in the kitchen of the club before leading amid the chaos. according to experts, the suspect appears to have been professionally trained. >> a sort of suicide mission. it was planned as a hit-and-run mission. the attackers on the run and he planned his exit strategy. >> isis issued in a statement saying the attack had been quote carried out by a heroic soldier." police are still trying to learn his identity. there are suggestions he's part of the same isis cell which
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attacked is temple airport in june. they believe he may be from his pakistan or the identities of more victims were released. among the 39 killed, 27 were foreign, including victims from israel, saudi arabia, jordan, germany, russia, france, india, belgium. the turkish prime ministers spoke today, saying that terrorism was everywhere, a global problem. >> tara cannot intimidate us. we will intimidate terror. we will continue to fight against it. >> there is an american among the dozens injured. he was celebrating his birthday when the shooting broke out. >> a massive tragedy. very unfortunate. i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. >> president obama offered his condolences to the turkish people today and said the u.s.
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was ready to do whatever it could to help bring this attacker to justice. >> benjamin hall in london. suicide bombers carried out deadly attacks in iraq today. at least 36 people were killed at a market in baghdad when a truck loaded with explosives detonated they are. isis claimed responsibility. two other attacks were launched by suicide bombers outside of police stations. at least seven officers were killed in the two attacks. in the coming weeks, the uss george h.w. bush will be back in the middle east, helping in the fight against isis. the aircraft carrier was delayed for six months for technical reasons but now the ships crew says it's ready to go. pentagon producer spent time on deck and files this report. >> half of the navies f-18 hornets can get off the ground. they are losing valuable
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training officers, a problem some pilots say it can never made up. today that number has been reduced to 750 flight hours and 150 carrier landings. on our recent visit to uss george h.w. bush, the head of the ships air wing says his pilots are as ready as he was. >> there are hours are indicative of the hours i got sprayed when i would say is that our training system to include our aircraft as well as our training evolutions are far superior to what i received when i was a young guy. >> some critics question whether the u.s. can fight to conflicts at once. >> all we can handle is one major theater of war, then that encourages adventurism on the part of someone else. we have to be able to fight and win in a minimum of two major
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theater wars simultaneously or near simultaneously. we are not they are in terms of actual capability. >> fox news has documented some of the challenges facing the u.s. military when it comes to readiness. a different story here aboard uss george h.w. bush. the pilots and commanders i've spoken with say they have the mining, funding, parts they need to conduct the training. >> we have some of the best trained, highly smart kids that we've ever seen come in the navy right now. they come out here and you look on the flight deck. 18 222-year-old kids are demonstrating responsibility and demonstrating tactical proficiency at the jobs they do. >> they stressed the navy must grow its fleet by 30% and the air force must add 30,000 more
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airmen. >> lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. the biggest challenge facing america's military, let me know on twitter. north korea's leader is kicking off 2017 with promises of more missile tests and a stronger military. the north korean leader wants the u.s. to end war games with his rival south korea. president obama is leaving office in 18 days. he is showing he is not going quietly. correspondent shannon bream reports on the president's plans for his final days in office. >> as critics roll out their assessments of president obama's terms in the white house, he is
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preparing to make a final pitch of his own. citing the example of george washington in 1796, president obama says he will give a farewell speech from chicago next tuesday evening. >> i hope it's a nice balance of the big achievements he's had and the call to action to keep the progress moving forward. >> in an email announcing the remarks, mr. obama said "i'm thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you've changed this country for the better and to offer some thoughts on where we go from here." >> chicago is the place where he started his political career. chicago is the place where he based his two national campaigns. chicago is a place where he met his wife, raised his family. chicago is in a part part of obama's story. >> this weekend he began tweeting items of quote remarkable progress, including today nearly every american has
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access to the financial security of affordable health care. a claim critics question. >> it's unclear how many more people now have health care or health care insurance. those are different things. then before obamacare. a lot of the growth in obamacare exchange insurance is simply people who have lost the plans that they liked they were forced now into these worse obamacare plans. >> on wednesday the president will meet with capitol hill democrats to talk about coalescing a strategy to say what many regard as his signature legislative accomplishment. the president also tweeted about gains in the economy, bringing u.s. troops home, and bolstering clean energy. >> i do think he feels a burden to be talking about those things. you look at air >> there there's a matter of te legacy made up on the heavy emphasis of executive power. >> i would expect on day one,
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two, three of the trumpet administration there to be a rescinding of a lot of rules and regulations, a lot of orders. >> the president -- pardoning people and commuting their sentences. the white house says we should expect more of that before he leaves office. seco live on the north lawn. any hope for an easy nomination process for the next president's cabinet picks are being quickly dashed. senate democrats are promising a fight on at least eight of president-elect trump's picks. democrats pledging to drag out several fights. >> it's going to be quiet in the cabinet room until springtime if senate democrats get their way. democratic minority leader chuck schumer. complex confirmation hearings designed to last until march. that means the 45th president
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may go months without about half of his cabinets. positions that require senate approval targeted for partisan reasons. present electronic is attempting to build his cabinet with nominees that would break keep promises and have made billions off the industries they would be tasked with regulating. republican leaders are quick to point out they helped president obama for his cabinet. a spokesman for mitch mcconnell saying "the senate confirmed seven of his nominees on day one and nearly all were confirmed in two weeks." schumer and others approved wholeheartedly at the time. sean spicer hopes senator schumer remembers republicans cooperation eight years ago. >> for these democrats to talk about how they are going to obstruct the qualified cabinet members from taking office is rather static.
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chuck schumer was there. he understands there's a difference between opposing people on policy and allowing them to choose his cabinet. each one of these people is unbelievably qualified to serve and bring real change to the departments. >> one thing democrats want are the financial records of the eight trump nominees, especially rex tillerson, who has been in charge of exxonmobil for years. analysts aren't so sure it's good politics for democrats to be so aggressively opposed to a recently elected president's picks. >> i don't pick will have a huge appetite for listening to eight long drawn out confirmation hearings. but i don't think that's what's going to happen. i think in the end democrats are going to zero in on between one to three, one or two and question those. you will see democratic senators zero in on their biographies, histories. it will last a couple days. >> people trying to become the
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highest ranking members of the trump administration may face the most resistance in decades. that is with agriculture secretary still open. leading contender is sonny perdue. >> let's take a closer look at one of the trump nominees democrats plant a slow walk through the hearings. doug mckelway reports on trump's choice for education secretary. >> conversation with our new secretary of education. >> and her first capital held visit, betsy devos enjoyed a bit of calm before what could be a storm of a confirmation hearing. school choice advocates embrace her.
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>> what a phenomenal strong woman. she will do an extra ordinary job as secretary of education. we all are looking forward to working with her. >> teachers unions despise her. in nominating betsy devos, trump makes it loud and clear that policy will focus on privatizin privatizing, defunding, and destroying public education in america. she has contributed part of her wealth to candidates and causes that push for school choice. it has paid off with about 300 charter schools in the state. in detroit, 53% of students go to charter schools, second only to new orleans. test results are mixed. the well-regarded 2013 study says "the typical student gains more learning in the year than its traditional public school counterparts. >> ""the new york times" reported "it's one of the worst places to argue that choices make schools better."
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one former education second secy offers an explanation for thehod school choice. >> the the dash hate the loss f control. it's about a power struggle. >> many parents continue to clamor for school choice, an anecdote from jeb bush partly explains why. he describes a public school senior answering a simple question. >> game starts at 3:00 and ends at at 4:30. how long is the game? >> the pick for secretary comes at a time when parents, teachers, school districts are chafing at federal mandates and bureaucracy that they believe inhibits local control. doug mckelway, fox news. >> of next president obama's last ditch effort to save his health care law. let's hear what some of our fox
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affiliates are covering. fox 9 in minneapolis where three people face charges for a protest during an nfl game sunday. two people are accused of repelling down from the roof during a minnesota vikings game to hang a banner protesting the dakota access pipeline. the third person was arrested for obstructing the legal process. fox in boston, elizabeth warren is leading an effort to get legal marijuana shops banking access. warren has joined nine other senators asking the financial crimes enforcement network to issue guidance to banks so they can accommodate the financial needs of legal pot shops. a live look at los angeles from our affiliate fox 11, the santa monica peer. the big story there tonight, the
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search for the person who alred the hollywood sign to read "hollyweed." the new message was altered using tarps. the suspect or suspects has misdemeanor trespassing charges. we will be right
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>> after ending the year with the most murders in two decades, chicago police are starting this year with a plan to curb the deadly violence in that city. >> what matters is that we have to send a message to these individuals to not pick up a gun in the city of chicago. if you do pick up a gun and you use it, you will be held accountable. right now, we don't do that. >> toughest gun laws in the country. chicago ended 2016 with 762
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homicides. today donald trump weighed in on the situation on twitter, saying if ron emmanuel can't do it, he must "ask for federal help." the hunt is on for an inmate who escaped a rhode island detention center. massachusetts police say they have recovered a stolen car believed to have been used by the 35-year-old who escaped over the weekend. james moore alice got out by scaling the building and climbing over razor wire. the department of homeland security reports a surge in illegal immigrants over a 12 month period . despite the growing number of illegal border crossings, the obama administration insists there's good news when they look at the numbers. senior correspondent adam housley reports. >> for the second time in the last three years, the u.s. is seeing a massive spike in illegal immigration.
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new data released by the department of homeland security shows a surge in the last fiscal year. according to the numbers released on friday, total apprehensions across the country jumped by 67,000 to more than 530,000 all told in a little goal -- illegal immigrants apprehended. most recently we saw the same type of spike in 2014. surges mostly coming from central american countries. while the administration argues many of these migrants are fleeing ongoing high crime and violence, migrants tell him and other officers. >> they are saying we are coming over before the other administration comes. it won't be that easy to come across. >> the report says sanctuary cities are significantly impacting the removal of
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immigrants across the country. some human rights advocates have urged the the obama administran to treat this as a refugee crisis. jay johnson said the latest numbers show the administration policies specifically target criminals. "we continue to better focus our interior resources on removing individuals who may pose threats to public safety, specifically convicted criminals." an increasing percentage of those deported from the interior were convicted of serious crimes. dhs says shifting the demographic has placed an added strain on resources due to the cost of sending people back to central america. >> adam, thank you. arizona's most outspoken sheriff, one of the most outspoken sheriffs nationwide and one of the biggest proponents of enforcing immigration laws, is off the job
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tonight. sheriff joe arpaio left his job after 24 years. he may be best known for housing inmates intense. and his five year investigation into president obama's birth certificate. still insists the birth certificate is not real. even present a elect joe arpaio lost reelection in november after six terms in office. he is leaving after being charged with a crime, misdemeanor contempt of court. the first day of the new congress is tomorrow. even with days left in office, president obama is not giving u
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up. chief correspondent mike emanuel reports. >> president obama and democrats in the house and senate will meet wednesday to make a last-ditch effort to save the presidents signature health care law. today ahead of the closed-door meeting the house democratic leader issued this morning to the g.o.p. >> the fact is it's the old thing of going into a china shop. you break it, you own it. they are dealing with something -- when i say complex, it's sophisticated. >> it may be complex but over the weekend the president-elect said obamacare is also unaffordable and doesn't work. >> he is president until januar. after that, it's our turn. let's see what happens. he's got to protect what he wants to do and perhaps his legacy.
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if you look at obamacare, you have over 100% increase in many cases. it's unaffordable. >> the interim dnc chair is taking a wait and see approach. >> let's see what he's going to do in terms of obama care. will he repeal it without an alternative? or will he continue to say i'm going to get rid of it. >> fox has confirmed chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and vermont senator bernie sanders are planning a call to action on sunday, january 15th for democrats in congress and their allies. they plan to criticize republican efforts to repeal and replace the law and hope to spotlight those covered by obamacare. republicans are expected to have the votes to scrap the law. experts say the bigger issue is what's next. >> the hard part is replaced. republicans have had a lot of plants but they have to pick one
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-- a lot of plans. unite, pass it. that's going to take hard work. >> on the same day president's meeting with democrats, house republicans will have a visitor as well. fox has confirmed mike pence will rally republicans on wednesday. pence will discuss with lawmakers a plan to dismantle the health care law. >> the new year means new laws in this year the laws target everything from cell phones to service animals. a look at some of the more interesting laws on the books. >> good evening. for some, a new year will mean new resolutions. across the country, there are more than just resolutions being put into effect. there are new laws. this year you may find yourself forced into texting less or dropping those extra pesky pounds whether you choose to or not. in the city of brotherly love for example, it might be a little easier to battle those
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love handles thanks to a new city law. philadelphia becomes the first major american city levying a tax on sugary sodas. $0.1.5 per ounce to be exact. the beverage industry already challenging the law in court. >> i would hope that the soto folks would understand how important it is to our city's future. >> the temptation to text while driving will take a toll on your wallet, if not much worse. in california a new statewide law prohibits you from even holding your phone behind the wheel. >> if it's in your hand and your vehicle is moving, you are in violation of the code. >> in new york, there's a new law preventing a type of fish from being called white tuna. in illinois, don't try to catch
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a catfish using spear, gun, or bow and arrow. speaking of weapons, anyone 19 or older who owns a gun in missouri can now carry it concealed in public without training or permits. >> there's no possible way you can point to this bill, anything in this bill, and show me that it's going to allow bad guys to have guns or carry guns. >> wild dogs may be man's best friend, i know my mabel roses, new colorado law is making sure your canine is no more than a new claim it is. it's a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. officials say untrained pooches interfere with the real service dogs. we know you love your golf but you may need to spend more time swinging the nine iron in ohio where residents are now allowed to use their cards on the road.
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the one caveat, you can go over 35 miles an hour. >> always good. thank you. here's a new law that many of our staff here on "special report" might enjoy. france has established a worker's right to disconnect law. it requires companies with more than 50 employees to establish hours when staff should not spend or answer emails. supporters say the goal of the law is including making sure employees are fairly paid and preventing burnout. opponents say suck it up. email. it's the new year's eve performance. it seems everyone is still talking about it today. >> happy new year. i'll just get through the moment. >> did you see this? mariah carey. the blame game continues.
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mariah carey's disastrous performance. her representative blamed technical difficulties for the singer stumbling through her sets. dick clark productions said the technical fail sale is absurd. president-elect trump questions the intelligence community. our panel weighs innnnn
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>> did russia give you this information or anybody associated with russia? >> not a states party. the answer for our interactions is no. if we look at, we look at the most recent statement by the u.s. government, the 29th of december, we had five different
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branches of government. treasury, dhs, fbi, white house presenting their accusations to underpin obama's throwing out 35 russian diplomats. what was missing from all of those statements, the word wikileaks. it's very strange. >> sean hannity's interview with juliana stage, the head of wikileaks, airs tomorrow. misses the back-and-forth between the intelligence community and the president-elect. we are hearing that we -- there will be a final report likely in coming days. hearing from the president-elect on new year's eve that he plans to possibly say something as well. let's bring in our panel. mollie hemingway. mara liasson, national political correspondent. and charles krauthammer. okay you hear julian assage and
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you hear what affairs are saying privately. there's a call for more hard evidence. >> last week president obama put out the report and i think a lot of people were hoping there would be more specific spirit turned out to be kind of paltry, vague. didn't provide a lot of detail that skeptics were hoping for. that comes from cyber security experts, people who aren't big fans of donald trump. jeffrey carr said it added nothing to the conversation about the extent of russia's meddling. took a listing that a private company had put out of groups that are thought had ties to russia and grouped that under russian intelligence services without providing corroboration or substantiation. a lot of people are worried that the manner in which this information has been shared makes it seem like it's a domestic political operation than foreign policy -- that russia is a threat.
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>> they say they are debating what to reveal because of sources and methods. >> they want to show that what they have is real and they've come to this conclusion, it's a consensus conclusion that russia did hack into the dnc and weaponize the information. sometimes the intelligence community has to go farther than they want to make it really clear that this happened. they certainly seem to have convinced most republicans on the hill that this happened. they've convinced almost everyone except for donald trump. >> let's be clear. there is a melding of the words. when they say hack the election. we have to be clear. we are talking about hacking officials. >> it not the balloting process. >> the voting. >> that's important. this is where donald trump is sensitive, somehow saying that russia is the reason that he
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won. no one is saying that. he won decisively. he won fair and square. nobody is taking that away from him, but during the campaign, he acted, certainly wanted those emails to help him because he talked about them on the stump over and over again. he even half jokingly said russia should find the missing 30,000 emails of clinton's. this is a cyber attack that most members of the national security community and most republican officials on the hill think was really serious and needs stronger, tougher measures than what they say was the week obama administration response. >> here is what the incoming trump administration is saying. they are pointing to the chinese hack of opm where they took millions and millions of identification numbers. security numbers of government employees. "new york times" "the obama
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administration has determined that it must retaliate against china for the theft of personal information of more than 20 million americans from the databases of the office of personnel management. it's still struggling to decide what it can do without prompting and escalating cyber conflicts." the trump folks are saying they chose not to say anything there and yet here they are expelling diplomats and talking openly about it. >> i think there case of this is largely political on the part of obama is true. but that doesn't mean that the russians weren't behind it and that the u.s. ought to make a strong response. when you heard assange say we did not receive our information from a state actor, that's completely meaningless. all they have to have is a
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single cut out between the russians in them and they can say that. of course it came from the russians. i'm sure it's all in the intel. i think it would be a mistake for us to release this. but the trump people are absolutely right. this is our president who would appease the russians from day one. cancels the missile defense system as he comes into office, obama did. he then lies down, does nothing about syria, essentially nothing about ukraine. does nothing about all the trespasses of the russians vis-a-vis the u.s. they learned about the hacking 18 months before today. they do nothing at a time when it would actually have an effect. all of a sudden with a month to go, he decides to do this. the timing and severity of what he did is clearly -- this is obama's revenge on trump for the birther thing.
1:43 am
trump, he perceives, obama perceives, tries to undermine his legitimacy. no better way for obama than to imply, there's no connection to the actual election but most americans think this is about the election, to imply that trump won because of this. that's what all of this is about and that's why i think trump is right in protesting this. nonetheless, we as a country can't take our example from obama as he did for 18 months. we can't let it go. we should punish the chinese and we should next time. >> let's say that president-elect in the briefing gets the evidence he wants to see, specific, whatever that is. it's tough when you come to hacking about how to track all that down but let's say that happens. he tweeted today about putin deciding not to retaliate and
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dispatch u.s. diplomats from russia saying "great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart." if the evidence is they are and it shows russia's activities, what happens in the trump administration in the early days about all of this. >> that is what makes this so interesting. the context in which this most recent, all these allegations of russian meddling, are taking place. the current administration didn't really do much in face of russia invading crimea, meddling in syria. we had our debacle with the reset. we've had all these problems and no major action was taken by president obama. only when john podesta's email, he clicks on a link he shouldn't have, we are elevating the threat. i assume and i think based on what we are seeing already, trump hopes for a more nuanced approach with russia to have some sort of good relationship from which to navigate what is
1:45 am
surely going to be difficult months ahead. >> we should warn that every administration in recent memory has wanted to start with a reset or looking into the eyes. >> something different. instead of doing, saying obama has been weak, let's do something tough. trump seems to be saying the opposite. putin is a great guy. he's really smart. he seemed to be going totally in the other direction. that's what worries a lot of people. >> quickly on north korea. trump tweeting out moments ago about north korea and saying north korea just stated it's in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. could that be the early test for this president. >> if this occurs, if the north koreans test in intercontinental ballistic missile, that means they could wipe out los angeles tomorrow.
1:46 am
they could mount a warhead on it. that would be the single most important and threatening action one can imagine for 2017. when trump says it's not going to happen, i don't know what he quite means. if he means a preemptive attack by the united states or something of that sort, we are looking at a crisis of the ultimate proportions. >> we should be careful. we don't know what he means by that. it won't happen, like they have not been successful. >> no idea. >> all i am saying is he's aware of the fact that we are looking at what could be a strategic point in history. that would be serious. this is an insane regime with the ability to push a button and wipe out a u.s. city. that has never happened. we have had the chinese, the russians. but they are not insane. that's quite different. i think he is recognizing we have an issue. i think he ought to be asked in the next press conference what
1:47 am
exactly do you mean by "it ain't going to happen." >> next up, the president's final moves in office, how they may make a successors move to the oval office a little more
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>> there is the difference between opposing people in policy and allowing the president to have the constitutional right to choose his cabinet as long as they are qualified. >> you are going to have the greens going crazy over the epa. teachers unions going crazy over school choice. >> the outlines of what he's about to do are not understood by the american people. they are in for a rude awakening. >> a number of democrats that will fight but there are other
1:51 am
democrats who say put them on the table. >> well, fox news confirmed there are plans by senate democrats to slow walk the confirmation hearings have at least eight cabinet picks for president-elect trump. here they are on screen, including the secretary of state designated nominee rex tillerson, and the others who may face some challenges from senate democrats. they don't have the votes. we are back with the panel. mollie, they can't stop it but they can slow it down. >> they can. it's almost comical that chuck schumer puts out this list of eight nominees he wants to obstruct. picking one or two would be one thing but going after eight is completely ridiculous. it's worth comparing to what happened in the obama administration when obama was inaugurated, the house had approved seven nominees by that day. another five came through that week. you had senator john mccain
1:52 am
and other republicans talking about giving obama the team he needed to get his work done. there was a lot made of republican opposition to obama that people started talking about a few years after obama took office when he pushed obamacare through and whatnot. that's very different than just out of the gate deciding you're going to obstruct. i'm not entirely sure it's the wisest course of action for democrats to take. rather than picking and choosing a few key areas to oppose him, just reflexively hostile approach could give the impression they are being unreasonably difficult for president-elect trumped. president-elect trump would love to send the message he was still fighting washington and that he needs more support from the people. >> there is this push to list these eight, which seems kind of strange. talked to a senior democrat
1:53 am
before the holidays who said we can't get apoplectic about every nominee. >> my understanding was that democrats were going to pick and choose their battles. there were some that were important. you want to make an issue out of climate change, ask questions. ask rex tillerson about climate change in russia. russia is such a big issue. you want to find out as much as you can about what president trump's policies going to be toward russia. who better to ask then rex tillerson, secretary of state, he has done a tremendous amount of business that's what democrats should be focusing on. >> there are also a number of democrats up for reelection in 2018 from red states where trump could push the leverage. >> i think the pressure on them comes later. i don't know if it comes so much in these confirmation hearings since democrats can't stop any of these nominees and they won't. they won't. i think what they want to do is forget -- get information out of them, financial information.
1:54 am
a lot of these candidates haven't put forward their financial disclosures yet but also they want to try to figure out. donald trump has tremendous amount of blanks and his policy. we don't know what he wants to do about russia or nato. we know the things he said but that's why i think these hearings are going to be important. i think eight is a little long of a list. they are not doing anything that different than other opposition parties. >> we expect at least one of these cabinet nominees to have something that pops up, at least if you look at recent history. every administration has had one. we thought tam tom daschle wout make it through and he didn't. >> bad strategy on the part of democrats. they have spent eight years accusing republicans of being obstructionist, of caring about nothing but stopping the obama agenda. it hurt the republicans. they are now going to start,
1:55 am
they democrats are going to start their tenure in opposition by throwing sand in the gears of nominees who haven't even started. this administration hasn't even begun. what's the basis for saying you want to stop them when you don't even know what they're going to do. question the nominees, have a good debate. climate change or the russians or whatever, but to announce in advance. slow them down so he can get started until march, that's not good for the democrats. they got shellacked. they have to come up with an agenda. they can't say we are just here to stop. >> mollie, the latest push by the left is that president obama will recess appoint merrick garland to the supreme court in the 5 minutes when this congress ends and the next congress comes in. 11:55 tomorrow. no way. >> i want to say no way. that such a crazy conspiracy theory. i'm a little bit nervous about saying it.
1:56 am
>> a lot of things have happened. we will keep you covered either way. thanks, . . .
1:57 am
gym-goer attack his
1:58 am
session with zeal. he is going to town. apparently i've been doing it all wrong. this may be my problem. congratulations to him. hope he gets those calories going. thanks everybody. before we leave you, thanks for watching in 2016. making "special report" the third highest show in all of cable news. the other two on this channel as well. we >> it's tuesday january 3rd, this is a fox news alert. face of terror, brand-new images of the turkey nightclub killer.
1:59 am
>> i wake up in the united states, i eat breakfast, you guys wake up and have to think of this, this is so sad. >> how he played dead to save his own life. >> air rage, travelers across the country stranded for hours after a custom computer crash forces agents to force everyone in by hand. >> good old days. >> brand-new twist over blame game of mariah carry's meltdown. >> the monitors on, please. >> we've got the new proof that could spell out sabotage after all. fox & friends first starts right now.
2:00 am
note ♪ ♪ >> good morning, to you from the rainy streets of new york city to wherever you're waking uch this morning. thank you for joining fox & friends first on this tuesday, i'm heather childers. >> suspected nightclub terrorist taking a selfie and smirking before the attack. heather: arresting in dozen people in late-night apartment raids. police have fingerprints and know who he is. the seoul american shot as to how he played dead to survive the massacre. he layed motionless while the gunman hit dozens around him at point-blank range killing 39.


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