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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 13, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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many people show up wearing her color. >> i asked her before we came on, julie, you need to put a jacket on. >> i told you two hours ago. [laughter] >> happening on the air. not pretty. the reporter put a black jacket on. abby: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> my belief is we have to stay focus from a military that's so lethal. on the battlefield, it will be the enemy's longest day and worst days. >> what is the best possible thing we can do for somebody who is on government assistance? >> get them off of it. >> what do you consider the greatest threat of the united states of america? >> terrorism. >> fbi director james comey broke the rules, looks as if the democrats on the way out of the door are trying to leave behind as many land mines as they can
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-- >> joe, for your faith in fellow americans and for your lifetime of service i'm please today award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] >> he had no idea the medal was coming. he thought it was a good-bye and how great he was. he knew something was coming but clearly moved by that moment. ainsley: emotional moment. he had a tough last year and a half. lost his son and now saying good-bye to the house. brian: and the friendship between those two is absolutely -- steve: seemed real which is extraordinary in the job. speaking of presidents, we are going to have a new one one week from today but i will tell you, aside from those hearing things we just showed you, we are going to talk about it today, it was a
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weird day on capitol hill, during the pompeo hearing they were talking about russian influence. mark warner was and suddenly the lights went out in the hearing room and on c-span they were talking about russia, once again, it's replaced by russia today. brian: that's unexplainable as far as i'm concerned. ainsley: not a coincidence. what's going on? brian: i can't get rit -- what is it called, rt, at my house. ainsley: try coat hanger. brian: all of a sudden it comes down, james comey once again is in the eye of the storm as the justice department inspector decides i'm going to look at the handling of the private server investigation by james comey. >> we are aweek away from the inauguration and many are saying that this is the democrats attempt to debunk the election to say, discredit donald trump,
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they're saying the reason is james comey came out and held the conference and condemned hillary clinton and at the very end he did not indict. brian: that got republicans upset. ains apes that got republicans upset and the democrats were prizing them. remember, nancy pelosi. brian: i want my kids to be just like him. he decided to close the investigation. many people said he lost the election for hillary clinton. steve: of course, look, of course, they are talking about the private server so she set up so how can that possibly be james comey's problem? there's more to it than just that. remember we were talking about the deputy director andrew whose wife got half a million dollars, super pack when she was running for state senator down in virginia, they are going to look at that to make sure that was above board. plus the guy peter who was john
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podesta's roommate, he's at the department of justice as well and apparently he leaked some information about an ongoing foia, freedom of information act request, regarding hillary's e-mail server. they're looking at that too. the headline is they're looking into comey. >> it looks as if the democrats on the way out of the door are trying to leave behind as many land mines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. i'm not sure this is the best way to assure a good transition, one where you transfer not just the authority of office but the legitimacy, but that seems to be what the democrats want to do as they get out of power. brian: in a way it's working because if you look at the media
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travel ratings, donald trump got the boost. controversy from the electoral system being the wrong system from fake news really giving the election to him to russia hacks the reason, now the comey investigation and now we spend all of this sparring, now only has the honeymoon lasted eight minutes. now the ratings are down to where they were right before the election, which by the way, he won convincingly. if you look at all of the things together, it's a concerted effort, one after another from the recount on down to take donald trump and make him a legitimate, if, indeed, he does get to the white house which i believe he's going to get to next week. it's unbelievably un-american. ainsley: right, what do you think about that? send us your comments. do people really care about this? this is something that america dealt with months ago. steve: it's time to move on. the democrats have had a million excuses, get over it.
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he won fair and square. brian: that affects the election, the emails come out, they reveal the dnc's in cahoot with hillary clinton to make sure bernie sanders doesn't get the election. that is something that was exposed. it wasn't doctored or faked. what about the bully bush tape? how did that affect the election? who leaked that out? who leaked out donald trump's tax returns? how is that fair. that's call the process. things come up, people come out, more evidence comes forward, that's part of it. the russian hacks are the last thing but reveals what was going on with the nominee that was about to get -- ainsley: after the bully bush tapes came out donald trump wasn't blaming bully bush, he wasn't blaming -- brien: nbc. ainsley: hillary clinton is blaming everyone else and she's responsible for the e-mail server. donald trump came out and
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apologized to his wife and american people and he wins the election. hillary clinton is blaming everyone else. blaming james comey, she's the one that did this. she had the private server. steve: a win is a win. trump won, let's move on. when you look at the people who he has nominated to make up cabinet, they are great americans, dr. ben carson at hud, crazy questions yesterday, we are going to play some of those for you. also mad dog mattis, he got the waiver from the senate overwhelming so he will most probably be our next defense secretary and mike pompeo, the guy who is donald trump ice pick to run cia, first at his class at westpoint and harvard business, rather harvard law. ainsley: you're saying he's smart. steve: a smart guy. essentially what he said, yeah, russia hacked us, no, we won't bring back enhanced
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interrogation and both mattis and pompeo said as well they are going to get tough with russia. watch this. >> i think it's under the biggest attacks since world war ii, sir, and that's from russia, from terrorist groups and with what china is doing in the south china sea. >> it is going to require incredibly robust american response, response that's security-related response, we have to get better at defending against these and then a response that holds actors accountable who commit these kind of actions against the united states of america. >> look at mike pompeo, look at general mattis, look at general kelly, they disagree with the president elected of the united states. the president of the united states has position on things, what if we get along with russia, that doesn't mean he's prorussia. you have three people with 40 to 50 years of experience answering questions honestly. the current president of the united states went to four
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secretary of defense, it's not a big deal that everybody doesn't sing in the same hymn sheet. together they will make this president better. that's the question. if they all stick to the same thing they have to be related somehow to the each other or memorized answers which is not the point of this confirmation. ainsley: every time we watch confirmation hearings, there's always one senator who is trying to get the got-you question in there. it might not have anything to do with it -- steve: nothing. ainsley: why are you asking that question. we have seen that several times last week and yesterday was no different. trying to ask a question to mad dog mattis and listen to his response. it's pretty strong. >> do you believe that openly serving homosexuals along with women in combat units is undermining our force? >> senator, my belief is that we have to stay focus on military that's so lethal that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and their
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worst day when they run into that force. steve: the way he answered that question, there was one other extraordinary question and that was from the new senator from the great state of california. camila harris asked mike pompeo, okay, he's going to run the cia, ask him about climate change. maybe she thinks the c in cia stands for climate but it doesn't, it stands for central. brien: what about climate change and your vision of the world, wait a second, climate change is an issue but we can't be the only one fighting for it specially when it cur -- circumvents our defense. he was so good yesterday -- people were in awe of what he was saying. ainsley: he's just tough, tough when he comes to the military and i like that.
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steve: a guy that you want for the job. brian: if there's one guy tougher than steve doocy, it might be general mattis. steve: in the meantime heather joins us on this friday. >> happy friday to you all. mysterious white powder forced plane to make emergency landing, three alaskan crew members getting sick. powder blowing through air vent on flight from seattle to san francisco. that's where it was forced to land. the substance turns out to be, it was actually deicing fluid. the flight carrying 200 passengers and six crew members took off a short time later. president obama ending a controversial 20-year-old immigration policy for cubans just one week before he leaves office. effectively immediately the u.s. will suspend the wet-foot, dry-foot policy, that a lose any
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cubans to reach our shores to stay in the united states. president obama saying that that policy was, quote, designed for a different era and cubans will now be treated like any other migrants. brand-new wikileaks bomb shell, the founder julian assange agreeing to be extraditing on the united states on one condition, he tweeted this, if president obama grants man i -- manning clemency. chelsea manning was formerly known as bradley manning serving 35-year-old sentence for leaking documents to wikileaks. the obama administration currently has open investigation into assange for releasing classified information. he, of course, has been live living in asylum in london since 2012. heros who put their lives on the
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line for the country, ceremony to be held later today. well, this comes over concerns that they hadn't initially received acknowledgment that they had earned. this includes michael mendoza, silver star will be updated to navy cross, platoon was attacked in iraq. military members will receive medal upgrades to silver stars and those are your headlines. steve: thank you, heather. it is the heated exchange people can't stop talking about. our next guest says this is just the latest example the mainstream media to attack mr. trump. you have cnn versus trump right there. brian: another major bomb shell, the woman in the background behind general mad dog mattis, who she is and who got to pat her down before she went in? steve: what?
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>> mr. president elect, can you give us a question -- you're attacking, can you give us a question? >> don't be -- i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> sir, can you -- steve:
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brian: many slamming the reporter for asking the questions and others saluting him about asking the question and for the network and others publishing these rumors about donald trump, this is the latest example of some of the mainstream media blurring the line offense journalism, perhaps to attack the president elect. when you saw the exchange, you saw something bigger, in what way? >> sure, well, i think journalists have an obligation to tell the truth and i think that, you know, we have an old news room that we like to repeat as reporters if your mother says she loves you, you should check it out. i think that that's very clearly sums up the ethical obligations that reporters have, we have an obligation to publish the truth and not just what we think is the truth but what can be verified as true and i think when reporters don't do that and when they cross the line, they need to be called out and we need to police one another to make sure that we do that. >> the fact that somehow the
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intel source came forward and said that the fbi director did personally brief donald trump friday, does that change anything? >> absolutely not. i think it's very clear that russia's involvement in the election to whatever extent that truly was was an attempt to make americans, you know, unsettled or distrust our electoral system and distrust our government and i think that reporters when thawr not precise about what happens, i think that they're aiding and abetting moscow's information campaign and aiding and abetting the kremlin. >> he compared the birther push that donald trump was behind to this. let me take a look at the tweet as we move prompter forward. there's an old saying, live by the sword, you know what it means. so is donald trump feeling some of the wrath that he brought forward five years ago?
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>> no, that's completely ridiculous. it's a reporter's job to publish claims that are verified and can be completely a 100% corroborated as true. i think in the climate that we have today where only 4% of americans have a favorable view of the media and an overwhelming number of them think that we are align and we have bias when we are reporting, i think we are fighting uphill battle and proving ourselves to be trust worthy and he's under mining the cause and the fight and i think that that's frustrating to watch as a reporter myself. brian: he made so much news about border wall, supreme court justice, it was swamped by the combative nature of the press specially with the reporter in particular and the other thing was he fights back and i don't think many people were prepared for that after clinton, bush and obama. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour straight ahead. you want your kid to be a doctor
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>> we have some troubles with some schools and this is the school edition of schools. more than half of the college is female but apparently the word women makes them feel excluded. the women student body, feminist group at the university of california want to get rid of the word in their title, why? they want everyone to feel included. and you can't take doughnuts in bible study, the university in
3:25 am
missouri canceling class after the association complained that employees use treats to lure students to christian meetings. the school says they suspended it because it did not comply with district policy. finally banning pink and blue. a campaign, you're not going to believe this, aiming to stop all kinds of discrimination including banning sign that is designate areas in pink for women and blue for men. that also means no more girls night out because it leaves guys out and if anyone see that is on campus they are suppose today file a comp plain. good job. ainsley: i am offended. take off your blue tie, brian. talk about a doctor dilemma, a recent survey found nine out of ten physicians would not recommend practicing medicine as a profession. so problems with the current healthcare system adding to doctors' concerns, dr. nina joins us now. good morning.
3:26 am
>> good morning. ainsley: what is your opinion. if a child cape up to you and said i want to be a doctor, what would you say don't go into health care? >> absolutely, go into it, there's some great rewards and, yes, of course, there are stresses but what job doesn't have stresses? ainsley: i have a lot of doctors that are saying this because every time i go to the doctor's office they want to talk about obamacare and how it's affecting, it's not what it used to be, would you really change your core, you have house on the hamptons and house in the upper east side and you seem like you have a great life, i know many go because they want to help people and not because the money, when you're really having a conversation with your physician friends, are they all saying -- >> they are not.
3:27 am
there are things that we need to address. health care is changing for the better. we are seeing changes -- we are now seeing a trend where we are preventing people from getting sick and this does require changes and this is what we are learn to go deal with. i absolutely will say go for it. ainsley: what are the problem areas if you could fix anything about medicine? >> that we are no longer small businesses, we are being bought up by hospitals. i've been a hospital employee for most of the career, there's wonderful benefits. we don't have the overhead that we have to worry about and that way we can focus on patient care, we don't have to worry about billing. when i close the door and you and me are in the examination room, i pit out all the bureaucracy, we barricaded that, that's one of the one you can ever have. >> life or death. >> right. while i'm taking care a one patient at a time, for that patient, that's the most important -- the biggest thing
3:28 am
in their life at the moment. i'm a third generation physician, my mom was a physician, my grandfather was a physician. this was a calling for me. ainsley: wow, what about health care, repeal and reform. congress is talking about that now, what's your opinion? >> we need to see what the president elect has to say about this. we know that there are changes that need to be made and we always want to get better. if there's an issue we need to address it. i'm excited to see what the president elect will be doing. ainsley: all right, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. ainsley: any woman who has had a baby, you are the one we are calling for in the hospital. >> thank you. ainsley: every time republicans take down this anticop painting, democrats put it back up. this morning something has changed. we are going to tell you what it is. that's next. a new celebrity breaking away from hollywood elite backing donald trump. carly is here with what nicole kidman just said that would have
3:29 am
tinselton in tears. first happy first to liam h hemsworth, the actor turns 27. happy birthday.
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can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> president obama awarded joe biden the presidential medal of freedom with distinction which 3 of his got over the last 30 years, then biden gave him a double-figure gun with a wink. steve: the whole proceedings were on fox news channel yesterday, brought a tear to many eyes.
3:33 am
ainsley: turned around. steve: what is trending on your smartphone? we talk to reporter carly shimkus, let's start with something taking the inter-web is by be change all week long liberals have been promoting boycott of l.l. bean after news broke that linda been donated to approach from pack. on this couch yesterday addressed those critics. take a listen. >> bullying me, bullying the company that i own. if the boycott succeeds, we are not the only ones. that is all they are. a small kernel of high bullying on the west coast trying to
3:34 am
control what we do, what we buy, what we sell, the wrong way to go. steve: a little spike in business since they declared war but something changed. ainsley: she had a bigger spike yesterday, seemed like a fighter, not backing down and minutes after the interview donald trump said thank you to linda been for your great support and courage. people will support you even more now. listen to these tweets of people who are still going to boycott the company. allison said i am about to find and throw out the l.l. bean backpack i had in elementary school. richard said l.l. bean will get no support from me, trump's endorsement is the kiss of death. >> in the last two election cycles, the ceo who is her
3:35 am
cousin is one of the biggest donators from the state of maine to barack obama. >> donald trump's tweet, numbers go through the roof. >> we will keep an eye on that. i have a feeling you are right. when the lights were not going out on capitol hill, a lot of people, this person is talking over their shoulder. >> i am looking at ainsley. which brings me to this. general james matus's confirmation hearing, did you notice heard during the hearing? i am talking about that. that is very pretty. we picked the g rated tweets, who was the hot blonde asking
3:36 am
the question everybody wants to know, was anyone paying attention to general mad dog james matus or watching the blog sitting behind him? the answer is column and column be. she is the communications director. >> you could have been looking at me. you are a good-looking guy the do. >> the liberal left is supposed to love the left. >> nicole kidman did an interview yesterday that said a lot of things people find surprising regarding the election. she said she is now elected, whoever is president because that is what the country is based on. >> like tom hanks. >> she is now taking heat online. data tweeted to do it is time for nicole kidman to move to
3:37 am
russia. sometimes celebrities shouldn't be political commentators. >> if you support the political right you get boycotted or have to move to russia. >> the president should not be a controversial thing. >> her husband puts on a mean show. >> thank you very much. meanwhile while you are standing there talking i'm looking over your shoulder at heather in our. >> just like the hearing yesterday a couple quick headlines, there is a good samaritan who shot and killed a suspect who ambushed a police officer, then saving his life was the police officer pulling over a woman who had been in an accident with a gunman appearing out of nowhere and opening fire, hitting that officer but a driver passing by stepped in
3:38 am
gunning down that suspect, saying thanks to the hero who stopped to help, in arizona. if you can't beat them, join him. the flag above the controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs on capitol hill. the center of the controversy for days now. and -- a new study warns marijuana is bad for you. andrew cuomo says people caught with pot on them shouldn't be in jail. the governor wants to decriminalize it citing a shift in public opinion on the issue as more states legalize the drug affecting those caught with a small amount, convicted dealers and face harsh punishment,
3:39 am
currently new york is one of 28 states and washington dc legalizing medical marijuana and russia taking over headlines and airways in a bizarre glitch, here is what happened on c-span yesterday, one from the house floor and broadcast of russian television. >> the sec, literally obliterate. >> that is what viewers saw, the russian program ran 10 minutes. c-span says it is investigating internal routing issue. given all the russian hacking concerns a lot of people talking about this. >> lights as well as they did in the super bowl. i read it on both of these.
3:40 am
straight ahead we are looking to the weather. prepare for bitter cold and ice. >> the storm causing a travel nightmare in chicago. train passengers stuck for five hours, their train was frozen on the track. >> here is a parent that wants to talk about it. >> it is a big deal. and an inch of ice, that brought the power out for weeks where i am from and a perfect set up, the ice storm will last not only today through sunday. ahead of the boundary, warm springlike temperatures, 60 ° in new york city and north of that the cold air, watching a shallow
3:41 am
lane of icy cold air near the surface, the water, gulf of mexico moisture falls through the shallow layer of ice and freezes on the roads and power lines and that will cause extensive powerline damage bringing down trees and this could last days. ice storm warnings in texas and indiana across the ohio river valley. a huge headline this weekend if you live in these areas paying attention to the forecast listening to local officials. >> one week to the inauguration, 60 ° in washington next. are we going to wear shirts? >> you are fired. >> i will pack anything. >> american history with
3:42 am
politically incorrect, which president snuck out of the white house before their turn was even up? and wardrobe. >> put a jacket on, i asked before we came on. >> the australian meltdown, we tell you what happens in 2 won. >> the battle of the news anchors.
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brian: the american presidency has evolved over time but how has it changed from what the founding fathers had in mind? that is what gerri asked in a new series the politically incorrect guide to the presidents part one.
3:46 am
good morning to you. i love the fact that george and thomas jefferson, make america great, mega presidents. you look at the first 26 presidents, why the first 26 and not all of them? >> the second part was done by a colleague. he wrote the second part first and said can you write the first part? >> donald trump puts his hand on the oath of office, he will be our 45th president of the united states. i understand that you say usually despite what we see from barack obama the president can't wait to get out of dodge. >> it could be -- two adamss who left before the next guy took office couldn't wait to get out. >> who is running the country?
3:47 am
>> the key is taken to the janitor. >> there have been three times in american history where we did not have a vice president. >> both times the first two times, the incoming president who had been vice president did not appoint a successor. pork's vice president died in office. >> how would it work? >> the line of succession down to speaker of the house. >> when it comes to heft, we are talking william howard taft, our biggest president by far. >> 300 pounds and just before he became president he was governor general of the philippines and he got sick so he cabled washington, riding a horse to convalesce in the hills and the secretary of state in the house
3:48 am
of horrors. brian: that is interesting. for a long time you have dropped by to talk about the craziness on campus. it is still going on. >> one of the reasons i retired. some things might not be possible to teach much longer and honest way. you guys on fox not long ago had this woman from georgia tech who had to quit because her climate data contradicted the climate science data and it is getting to be a problem. brian: you have written many ing's about how textbooks are written a certain way to advance an agenda and you couldn't take that anymore. >> that and the fact that i like arizona, 70, 77, you are invited anytime. brian: if you want to learn about the first 26 presidents
3:49 am
check out the politically incorrect guide to presidents part one, it is available online. thank you very much, good luck with your retirement. >> love it. coming up the man who killed usama bin laden weighed in on the confirmation hearing for general bad dog matus. a navy seal's point of view. fake news dominates the headlines facebook pushing for better journalism including fox news, how are we going to do that? the changes you could see on your facebook feed. you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these.
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>> coming under fire for circulating fake news in the presidential election facebook is trying to clean up its act pushing for higher journalism standards with a new initiative that involves working more closely with fox news. brian: kurt the cyberi. how long have we been here? we have been going hello? all this junk on facebook is the problem and facebook, mark tucker berg, the ceo saying we are not a media company, we have nothing to do with that, that is everybody else. that is why. you have a lot to do with it. there are millions of eyeballs looking at facebook every day. we all look at facebook every single day. ultimately, i hate to pat myself on the shoulder, eventually a
3:54 am
lot of big media names. and the barometer of what is real and fake. and he announced the initiative. and going to fox news and organizations to partner with them and find out a better way to identify information and access multiple stories from one source at the same time looking at that and local news and visit newsrooms and journalists, the idea is if they put our thinking caps together we will come up with a solution to identify what is fake and what is real. they do have this, they want to educate people on how to discern between what is fake and what is real. >> how big a problem was, they
3:55 am
said it is really big and that is the reason they have many reasons. >> you can set politics aside. so much junk online. it is any -- internal joke. it has got to be true. it is an alarmist kind of thing like the sky is falling and posted on facebook. how many times, they are absolutely certain the sky is falling because they read it on facebook so it is a huge problem. he has his eyes on the white house. visiting all the states. he hired some in the political realm. >> trying to get fox viewers -- >> look at the bigger picture.
3:56 am
keep your eye on this project was what we know for sure is this will end up with facebook having all these media companies be part of it and if fox news didn't contribute to this we would be on the outside and look like we don't want to fix that. watch what is going on. who is not going to control the media with this move. >> facebook will be fair and balanced. >> to some degree. brian: coming up this friday donald trump sending a message to american businesses, stay here or pay up. what do you think of that? strong feelings. i can't wait to hear them and stuart varney is here. how do i know? that is exactly what he looks like.
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>> my belief is we have to stay focused on a military so lethal, that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and their worst day. >> what is the best possible thing we can do for somebody on government assistance? >> get them off of it. >> what do you consider the greatest threat to the united states of america? >> the threat of terrorism as it extends into the homeland. >> office of inspector general is investigating whether fbi director james comey broke the rules. >> looks as if the democrats on the way out the door are trying to leave as many landmines as they can. >> joe, for your faith in your fellow americans, and for your lifetime of service, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause]
4:01 am
♪ brian: emotions high at the white house as barack obama about to say good-bye. he gave a wonderful tribute to the vice president. he called him his brother. so that is a great relationship in a town, in a city, in a occupation where they said you don't have any real friends, those from are real friends. ainsley: he got emotional. lost his son recently. saying good-bye to the white house. they have been through a lot together. >> that whole team is on the way out of the white house because it is one week from today, donald trump will put his hand on the bible and become our 45th president of the united states. before he put his hand on the bible he is putting his thumbs on twitter. he is tweeting out moments ago. what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi. based on information they had she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. that is the president-elect
4:02 am
writing. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm. inspector general of the department of justice. ainsley: exactly right, saying he will investigate the fbi and james comey for the way he handled -- brian: that inspector is investigative the lead investigative agency in our country. steve: i have to diagram that. brian: maybe best in the world. what donald trump was referring to, efforting to be the nominee, looked as though actually he already had the nomination but hillary clinton, when they looked at her, they wondered if she is going to survive this investigation, then she will be the nominee. if she didn't survive the nominee, then bernie sanders would have stepped up and somebody else would have stepped in. question is, should she have been stopped in july after the information on her server. donald trump is saying she should have been stopped this july, if anything. that is what the information revealed.
4:03 am
ainsley: democrats are upset with james comey that she lost the election because he reopened the investigation three days before the election. republicans say it was her own fault. steve: that is dumb thing for her to do. i'm sure she kicks herself every day, what was i thinking? brian: i don't know, does she? steve: if i had not done that i would be president of the united states and there could be something to that, in the fact that the administration is bringing this up in the 11th hour, charles krauthamer sees politics. >> it looks as if the democrats on their way out the door are trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can to, at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. i'm not sure this is the best way to assure a good transition, one that you transferred not just the authority of office but the legitimacy, you but that
4:04 am
seems to be what the democrats want to do as they get out of power. brian: after donald trump won, it was disbelief. then there was ridiculous recount. then there was a complaining about the electoral system because she won popular note. then fake news. then blame the russians. then plame james comey again and do formal investigation. ainsley: what is next. brian: continue to do the things to divide the country to make donald trump look illegitimate which i think is un-american. ainsley: will they stop next week? brian: if they did it to george bush it would be wrong. if they did it to barack obama it would be wrong, they would say it is racist but something for donald trump they seem to accept. ainsley: will we see more of this in the next four years? steve: we'll see it next week. there is whole week before this and the inauguration. intel community stuff came out of left field. is there more to that? who knows. all we know president-elect
4:05 am
donald trump is preparing his cabinet. he has nominated all these people. we saw "mad dog" mattis yesterday. he was great, was solid, actually at odds when it comes to russia when it comes to the president of the united states. as was mike pompeo, four-term kansas congressman who has been tapped to do something about the cia. good luck to him on that. brian: ben carson was solid too. add one more thing about the big controversy about the false information included in dossier. i have thought president obama's response to getting that information was fascinating. joe biden said, yeah, we were told about this information that russia supposedly had that would compromise donald trump. when the president was told that, why are you telling me this? why are you even briefing me? president obama said, why are you saying this. this is guy got eight years of briefings. this is makes no sense. ainsley: this is non-story. why are you telling me this.
4:06 am
brian: this is nonsense. steve: according to nbc, mr. president-elect, the next day, this is material verified. this is stuff unverified. that was dossi air about the made up stuff. what is interesting with joe biden bringing that up, obviously somebody from the intel community who leaked that stuff that got the ball going but maybe somebody from the current administration because they were all briefed the day before. get a briefing right now. stuart varney is joining us live. come on over, stuart. brian: a little nervous. >> approaching the couch. steve: senior poster. ainsley: yesterday was odd, elizabeth warren questioning dr. ben carson. bizarre questions. >> i mean that word. ainsley: we have a clip of it. >> okay. you roll it now? okay. ainsley: sure. >> the problem is, that you can't assure us hud money, not 10-dollar have varieties but
4:07 am
multimillion-dollar varieties will not end up in the president-elect's pockets. the reason you can't assure us of that is because the president-elect is hiding his family's business interests from you, from me, from the rest of america. and this just highlights the absurdity and the danger of the president-elect's refusal to put his assets in a true blind trust. brian: what an insult. think the president wants hud money for his own pocket. ainsley: he is not taking is a salary. >> two points to be made here. donald trump has small stake in affordable housing project in brooklyn, new york, he has a very small part. elizabeth warren was trying to say look, hud programs may end up benefiting donald trump financially. well mr. carson immediately responded said look, if there is a real good program that benefits millions of americans, millions of people, you expect me to drop it and cancel it
4:08 am
because one person who you are targeting, that is mr. trump, targeted by elizabeth warren, you want me to get rid of all because they might gain $10? it is more posturing. steve: no senator spend out against another one but jeff sessions should be attorney general. >> step back, this is senator elizabeth warren not truthful about her minority status which she got a job as law professor. she has a couple of nice houses. ben carson has experience in housing of youth. brian: donald trump called her pocohontas, has no native-american blood. >> that was bizarre scene in congress. ainsley: is she settings herself up to run for president? that is what people are saying why cory booker what he did.
4:09 am
>> this is another attempt to go around ben carson and go after mr. trump, imply a conflict of interest. imply he will make a ton of money in housing and urban development programs. thereby discredit the incoming president. brian: during the campaign what a bad business man he was because he lost money in the0's. now they're saying how many difficult businesses he has could benefit from, we want him walking away from that which is it? >> good question. also raised in the hearing and in a letter to the committee before the hearing, co2 emissions that was a question leveled at ben carson who is nominated to -- ainsley: like set up night before, hold on, what can i do to attract the democratic party? what questions can i ask they're concerned about, nothing to do with what this guy is going to handled because i will ask it because i want to look good for my party? >> similar to reinvestigation of the fbi. another attempt to delegitimatize the incoming president donald trump number
4:10 am
45. it was bizarre. i keep using that word. but you looked at it -- ainsley: it's a trench. >> what is going on here. brian: you look great today. >> thank you. steve: he looks great every day. check him out on fox business sometime, during the commercial on fox news. then come right back to us. brian: how much hemmer and maccallum can you take? >> varney is the alternative. you put me in awkward position. ainsley: it's a great day because you don't have to wake up early tomorrow. you can sleep in. wait a minute -- you have to work tomorrow? >> maybe. we'll see. steve: stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you one and all. steve: meantime about 7:11 in new york city. heather has story about crazy white powder on a plane full of people. >> this is so frightening. you will be working hard to make up apologies to bill and martha. that is why you're working this morning.
4:11 am
a mysterious white powder, what steve was talking about, forcing a a plan packed with people forcing to make emergency landing in california. three alaska crewmembers getting sick. blowing through an air vent on flight from seattle to san francisco. turned out deicing fluid got into air system. hazmat crew was called in. they met the plan on the runway. this happened in san jose where it was forced to land. tragic train accident involving two members about the band tower of power. you know these guys? ♪ >> well the drummer, dave garibaldi and a the bass player, were hit by a train crossing set of tracks in oakland. they survived. recovering in the hospital. not clear why their vehicle was in the tracks. the band played here on "fox & friends" back in 2016.
4:12 am
wishing them a speedy recovery. make-or-break vote in the quest to repeal obamacare now hours to take place now. it will be in the hands of the u.s. house. this after the senate approved a budget resolution that would strip the health care law of its funding. house speaker paul ryan is working closely with the president-elect how to roll out a replacement effort. >> i have spoken with president-elect trump probably two times in the last three days on this. mike pence was in my office yesterday to discuss this. so we're in complete sync. we agree. we want to make sure we move these things concurrently, at the same time repeal and replace. >> moments ago the president-elect tweeting this, quote, the unaffordable care act will soon be history. voting begins at 10:00 a.m. today. president-elect donald trump certainly did it his way and got to the white house. now singer paul anka will reportedly performing at his inauguration. ♪ i did it my way
4:13 am
>> terrific. sources telling radar on line, that the 75-year-old singer will sing a special version of the long way with lyrics written for his incoming friend and president. brian: he is certainly doing his way. >> i have a feeling that is it, he did it his way. paul anka is the perfect guy. everybody identifies frank sinatra but paul anka wrote it. ainsley: janice, our music expert are you impressed. >> i knew he wrote that. brian: why did he let frank sinatra have it? >> it was a great deal for frank sinatra. the college marching band going to be performing for the president-elect is going to perform. we'll talk about that one week from today. ainsley: general "mad dog" mattis is facing some questions like this. >> do you believe that openly
4:14 am
serving homosexuals along with women in combat units is undermining our force? ainsley: is that really the first thing our next secretary of defense needs to be worrying about? thethe man who killed osama bin laden. come on in. rob o'neill mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. involve two parties discussing something? why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack® finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates.
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4:18 am
♪ ainsley: retired general james mattis, president-elect trump's pick for secretary of defense was grilled on the hill. the senate voted overwhelmingly to grant him that waiver required to make him eligible for the position. is that a sign that the general did well? let's ask the "the man who killd usama bin laden," former navy seal and fox news contributor rob o'neill. good morning. do you think this guy is the pick for the job? >> he is best pick you could ask for. ainsley: why is that. >> he is a marine's marine. marines are problem solvers and good at deterring if they need to. he is the top marine. all his guys love him. he is a smart guy, thoughtful guy. he cruised yesterday getting a waiver. you need to be out of the military for seven years before you can take a civilian job which is the secretary of defense. he cruised through the waiver and he will smoke it. ainsley: that is sign he will be confirmed? >> yeah, yeah.
4:19 am
ainsley: what people like about him, he doesn't minutes words and dance around he wants to kill the enemy. >> he wants a military if we meet the enemy on the battlefield that will be a very long stay for them, and they will wish they never met us. that is true. ainsley: kirsten gillibrand was trying to get in the gotcha question as a lot of people do during the confirmation hearingses. she asked him a question about homosexuals in the military. listen to his response. >> do you believe that openly-serving homosexuals along with women in combat units is undermining our force? >> senator, my belief is that we have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and their worst day when they run into that force. ainsley: you love it. >> i love it. that is, that is what the military is supposed to do. he realizes it is not social experimenttation. he doesn't care what people do in the bedroom.
4:20 am
when i was in military i should we repeal "don't ask, don't tell," none of us cared. that didn't matter to us as well. i love general mattis, quote, he said people before him did a good job. if someone comes to me with a problem i will look at it. i'm not look for a problem. he is a very smart military guy. ainsley: last thing on my mind. that is not my priority. my priority to wipe out isis. >> they spin it up in the media. they make a big deal about it politically, the people, men and women really don't care. i served with hundreds, thousands of special operators. didn't matter to me what they were doing. ainsley: rob says, soldiers patton but now finding more and more of your friends in the military quoting him. >> thank you very much. ainsley: we're out of time. happy friday. coming up donald trump sending a message to business owners, stay in america or stay up but is that really good for you the consumer? will you wind up paying more? mike roe, who is so smart, heard
4:21 am
him interviewed? he is so smart. coming up next. wardrobe, we have a problem. >> but a pack jet on, i put a jacket on, julie you need to put a jacket on. ainsley: wait until you hear what happens next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
♪ brian: time for the news by the numbers, from the trump transition team, first 30, how many mock hearings mr. trump's cabinet picks took part in preparing for grilling on capitol hill. they seemed to be very prepared. 70 hours, how many the mock hearings took to prepare each nominee to face the gnat hearings. finally 2600. that how many questions the transition team was bombarded with to make sure they left no
4:25 am
stone unturnedturned in their preparation. now i want to hear from mike rowe. steve: president-elect donald trump putting companies on notice at his first press conference in months. outsource? at your own peril. >> there will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving and getting away with murder. steve: so far donald trump successfully convinced a number of corporations including ford and carrier to keep jobs here in the united states. that's good news right, or is it? here with reaction and t show star and host of podcast, mike rowe. joining us from fox 35 in orlando. good morning. >> how are you steve? steve: i'm okay. what do you make of donald trump saying, companies, i'm not going to toll you what to do, but if you leave, go to another country, there will be a bigrd boor tax. >> sounds like he is serious to me. look, i said it in a couple of
4:26 am
ways. i truly believe you can't underestimate impact and morale of country and digging back to making things again. steve: sure. >> it's very, very good but i do think that maybe it doesn't make perfect sense to penalize companies who don't break the law, who are simply acting in their own best interests. i'm not an economist but it seems like there are always unintended consequences to whatever policy that you put in. steve: sure. >> you know, i don't have anything against a company who doesn't break the law, who decides it's in their best interests to make their products elsewhere anymore i would fault somebody who files for unemployment insurance who's legally qualified to get it even though they might not actually need it, right? steve: sure. >> to me more about the policy and having a conversation where everything is on the table and we're not vilifying a company
4:27 am
who is not breaking the law but at the same time, trying to rewarded behavior we want to encourage. steve: i think people like the idea that donald trump is actually, in some cases becoming a negotiator of jobs, not just policy. he is sitting down with a guy that runs the company. saying hey, what can you do for me? how many jobs can i write you down for? >> it feels wonderful to imagine those exact conversations going on. i have no reason to suspect that they're not but, again, above and beyond all of it, it is kind of like the weather in a way. if you walk outside, and it's sunny and the breeze is cool but you know, the sun is warm and the humidity's low, it doesn't mean a good thing is going to happen to you on that particular day but feels good. steve: sure. >> it feels really, really great as a consumer and worker to sit home and look at the reports of big, smart people with giant brains sitting down to do something that treichs the
4:28 am
average joe as commonsensical. it just feels good to hear that going on. peel back the layers and look what's under it? i'm not sure what we'll find. right now the weather is kind of nice. steve: fair to partly cloudy although always sunny in orlando where you are. tell me about your brand new podcast, the way i heard it, over at the real mike rowe on facebook? >> well look, there are no new ideas, steve, as you know, but paul harvey had a good one, 30, 40 years ago. he used to do a show called the rest of the story, which were basically five or six-minute mysteries. they're rooted in biography and history. i used to loveliesenning at those, we got to the end, we figured out you've been talking about person. oh, crap, i've been roots for the wrong guy the whole story. this is called "way i heard it." same basic thing. i write them, took a different approach.
4:29 am
we tested six months to see if anybody cared, we got 40 million hits. people called said, hey, do more. doing more, thanks for mentioning that. i write them on the plane. nothing else to do on the plane. gratifying to be efficient on a plane. steve: that is not a dirty job. that is a great job. mike rowe, thank you very much. >> yeah, anytime, steve. thank you. ainsley: coming up the words thaw never want to hear. >> officer down, officer down, come in please. ainsley: person making that call, not a fellow police officer. it is total stranger who saved the cop's life but shooting the suspect. incredible story coming up next. city of chicago has a big problem on its hand because it's a sanctuary city but it's a problem even if you don't live in chicago. judge janine pirro has a story
4:30 am
for the country. come on in, judge. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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4:33 am
♪ steve: this story, talladega college marching band hit with major roadblocks after being tapped to perform at inauguration?nds great, right? ainsley: they needed to raise$5,000 to get there. the president of the historically black college is being attacked for allowing them to go perform. >> i had folks to say, that you know, that i'm a disgrace to my african-american race. this is a great opportunity for our students. brian: after that interview, our own bill o'reilly's, on with bill o'reilly, donations poured into the gofundme page. right now they have raised $278,000.
4:34 am
steve: that's fantastic. brian: judge jeanine pirro is here, contributing regularly, i watch promos on "o'reilly factor." steve: she is not contributing financially. maybe you would. brian: editorially. emotionally you file -- feel for talladega college. >> you have to give them credit. they have to be excited. good for them. to their luck and to their advantage all these other people said no, we don't want to do it. you know what? good for them. steve: a lot of people said we don't want to do it. and others said you will do it? we'll pressure you. like the l.l. bean boycott. >> outrageous, people will see as we get into the administration, in the end people who are with america, with the president, who are going to succeed. that simple. brian: one thing they're doing, preventing him getting momentum every other president had from, bush was up 36%. obama was up 71%. donald trump has lost seven points during this interim
4:35 am
process because the constant badgering. >> i did street justice t will be on my show tomorrow night. i was saying to people, aren't you excited for a new president. well, what do you want? we want jobs. have you seen what he has done with carrier or ford? like it doesn't count. i have never seen a president treated the way this president-elect is being treated. ainsley: how about the justice department now investigating james comey and the fbi the way they handled hillary clinton's email scandal? >> the inspector general now looking at james comey. it is part of this continuing, there is reason hillary losts not because she is horrible candidate or because she put our secrets at risk on a private server, it is james comey. it is nonsense and nonsense to look at james comey. loretta lynch, who is the attorney general, she should be one who is subject of a inspector general's investigation. she is one that met with the target's husband secretly, hoping no one would find out about it. instead they're going after
4:36 am
comey. when she said i will leave it up to the fbi. jim comey said this is what i think. i didn't agree with his decision. now those october letters lost the election and now the inspector general look at what comey did? bottom line they can't do anything to comey. it will not matter. but part of the continuing l.l. bean, what you're talking about. steve: donald trump echoed that. he just tweeted in the last half hour, what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm and of course that private server in the basement didn't help. >> i love it. bottom line she lost, i won. get over it. steve: that's right. ainsley: there is a story in daily caller talking about how mexican immigrants are being fromming to the city of chicago, rahm emanuel made it a sanctuary city. they're trying to get there
4:37 am
before the inauguration. >> this is happening in the biggest cities in america run by democrats. we have all the illegals going there, and democrats like rahm emanuel are saying we'll protect you. they're doubling down, agesly. they're putting money into fund like d.c. and california to hire attorneys to fight the trump administration. our money, taxpayer money. and what's going to happen is, donald trump will come in say look, i'm he deporting illegal immigrants who are criminals. we'll prioritize the criminals. and no state, no city, can withstand the lawsuits. they can withstand what we're going to do. we're going to win. so this is just more of them versus us. we ought to start putting taxpayer money, our money into veterans and people who are homeless. steve: sure. >> americans who have done things that are honorable as opposed to illegals that we're paying to be here like, if you look at the kate steinle case, there is an illegal protected by
4:38 am
a sanctuary city san francisco steve deported five times. >> convicted of what, five, seven felonies? about time americans stood up and they did in the last election. they said we're not on that side. we're on the side of americans. rahm emanuel can spout off all he wants. he will lose. brian: i don't care what bill o'reilly says, you like this couch better than his chair and our table, right? >> i take no position. i take no position. brian: most opinionated judge jeanine. what a diplomat. >> thank you. brian: i was going to shake your hand. >> next week saturday and sunday night in d.c. brian: you're going to the inaugural, right? >> a lot of them. going to the balls. brian: not allowed. no balls for us. >> why? ainsley: we are allowed, we're allowed if we're there reporting. we're not allowed to buy tickets. brian: we can not enjoy ourselves. >> who said? steve: look at the party
4:39 am
planning we have going on right now. it comes down to? we do a morning show. we think we can go to a gala stay until 3:00 in the morning. >> i do a weekend night show. steve: she is night owl. i have seen her show. brian: part all the time. ainsley: no sleep for brian. straight from the gala to the set. we'll pull-all-nighter, guys, right? we've done that before. >> good morning to all of you hope you're off to very good friday. news headlines to bring you right now. good samaritan shoots and kills a suspect who ambushed a police officer. that good samaritan saving the cop's life. the police officer in arizona stopped at an accident, when a gunman seeming came out of nowhere and opened fire, actually hitting the officer. a driver though passing by, stepped in and gunned down the suspect. aa second driver used officer's radio desperately calling in for
4:40 am
help. >> officer down in tonopah. down. he is needs air support. there are two civilians on the roads, laying unknown condition. >> well that officer is expected to be okay. a brand new wikileaks bombshell. the founder of wikileaks, julian assange agreeing to be extradited to the united states on one condition. he tweeted this, quote, if obama grants manning, refer to chelsea manning clemency, assange will agree to u.s. extradition, despite the clear unconstitutionality of the doj case. chelsea manning, formerly known as private bradley manning, is a soldier serving 35 year sentence for leaking secret documents to wikileaks. they have a open investigation into assange for releasing classified information. he has been living in asylum in london since 2012. this may be the found aniest thing you see all day. australian news anchor in the
4:41 am
middle of screen has a epic meltdown because a reporter showed up wearing the same color as she was. the woman on the right is a guest. she didn't get the memo, but the anchor made it very clear to the coworker on the left, do not wear white. watch. >> julie need to put a jacket on we're all in while. i asked her before we came on, julie you need to put a jacket on. this is clear, 2 1/2 hours ago. >> if it is an issue i can get on out of here. >> it is an issue. go ahead and grab a yakket. >> somebody grab me a jacket, please. if it is an issue. >> i wasn't saying it for no reason. >> wow. well that reporter bullied to put on a black jacket. the anchor later admitted that she quote, probably overreacted. >> can you imagine that? we have the issue in the morning where we have to figure out what we're going to wear. sometimes there are glitches where you show up in the same color and we work it out and nobody really cares.
4:42 am
brian: usually don't air the exchange as you decide how to work it out. we watched them working it out. >> even if we did, this would be our exchange. heather, what color are you wearing today. i'm wearing yellow. i wear navy. we don't wear the same color and sometimes have the same dresses. we don't want to wear the same dresses. steve: we're missing out. >> you and i shown up before in something a similar color and we work it out. we work it out. she just was stressed. probably not a mean person. doesn't look good in the video. >> i don't think she is a mean person. >> if you listen to it, she says like, i've been telling you this, i tell you this for a reason. like she is just frustrated. needs to focus on the show, not what she is wearing. giving her the benefit of the doubt. >> come on, ainsley. steve: it happened during the commercial. we're trying to figure out how it got out. >> janice sent the video, we were it wering back and forth last night. anyway, that won't happen again.
4:43 am
steve: that happens in another country. meanwhile, coming up, take a look at this, this is live look at andrews air force base. it is being transformed for the presidential inaugural. brian: that is the nation's cap tome. don't believe everything you read. >> what will donald trump arrive in? his own trump force one or will he take what we know as air force one? ainsley: a day america will never forget. now the boston marathon bombing told on the big screen. kevin mccarthy is here with the movie we're talking about the last few weeks. it is called patriot's day. steve: can't way. >> when it comes to terrorism, everybody wants to talk. they're talking about the wrong people. photos of our guys sit back and listen. trust me. during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn...
4:44 am
all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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4:47 am
steve: well the countdown is on now, we're seven days, one week away from donald trump's inauguration. brian: before the president-elect swears an oath in the united states he will land at andrews air force base in maryland to make his way to washington, d.c. ainsley: we have live look inside of the base for preparations underway. good morning, annie. reporter: hey, good morning to all of you. it has been a busy morning at joint base andrews. a lot of demos goings-on. big behind the scenes look at everything. we're only seven days away. i have major general darrell burke joining me. >> good morning. reporter: thanks for spending a few minutes with us. some members of the air force band and honor guard drill team. they just finished a demo. there are a lot of ceremonial units taking part in the inauguration. give us a sense of everything involved? >> that is part of the joint task force participating in the inaugural parade. major general becker is commander.
4:48 am
we'll have army, air force, navy, marines marching on inaugural day. reporter: we see the band as well as drill team and honor guard front and center at many events. we don't see the sort of behind the scenes reports as far as medical goes and things like that. we warrant to show our viewers all that's involved on the big day a and there is a lot of moving part. if you can explain what we're seeing here. >> air force district of washington does three things. we do ceremonial honors contingency response and operational senator. we'll do the ceremonial piece and at same time we have some of the things going on behind the scenes. for example, we're 79 million medical wing. we participate behind the scenes in case after medical response or crisis that needs to take place. so they have been practicing last six months to prepare for this event. again with our eod, explosive ordnance folks. they will prepare for security of the event, working with inneragency, and other folks, washington, d.c., police department and fbi, secret
4:49 am
service all those providing for security of the inaugural parade. reporter: there are some people involved and some layers, but before i go you will also be in the parade. >> i will march at the front as presidential escort. reporter: thank you for spending time with us. thank you for your service. back over to you guys. steve: annie, thank you very much. live report from joint base andrews. the big question is we were talking in the newsroom at 4:00 hour, will donald trump travel from new york down to washington for the inaugural on air force one? and the answer is, no, because, air force one is the official designation when it is carrying president. he won't be president yet. he could actually be flying in trump force one, and they would call it air force one after he is president. ainsley: we learned he will fly his own plane. my question, are you allowed to fly in a government-issued plane like air force one, can't call
4:50 am
it that until he is president, will they come pick you up, or do you have to fly, if you don't have your own plane do you fly delta down to washington? brian: they definitely have to do this in a secure vehicle. that would be a bar car at amtrak. that is what i'm thinking. ainsley: the bar car? steve: that is how we're getting there. one week from today is the inauguration. ainsley: a day that we will never another get this. the tragedy of the the boss -- boston bombing on the screen. kevin mccarthy talking about the movie "patriots day." >> a lot of people are talking but they're talking about the wrong people. released photos of our guys, listen, trust me. with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback.
4:51 am
new expressmax caplets.
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♪ ainsley: you watched it all unfold as it happened live on fox. now a new movie giving a whole new perspective on the boston marathon bombing and incredible four-day manhunt for the terrorists responsible. >> in this city, when it comes to terrorism everybody wants to talk. look you have a lot of people talking but they're talking about the wrong people. release the photos of our guys sit back, listen, trust me. let boston work for us. steve: the marathon is held on patriots day. that is the name of the movie. kevin we're look forked ward to see the movie. tell us it is great. kevin? brian: sometimes he will not talk to us. this is one of those times. happened at the christmas party. remember when he blew us off at the christmas party? ainsley: you said tell us if it is great. does that mean it is not? steve: we're plugging things in.
4:55 am
right now here he is talking to mark wahlberg, how playing these characters changed him. watch. >> got to decide who's running this and we have to decide quickly. >> if it is terrorism, it's yours. >> gentlemen, the moment we label this terrorism, everything changes. it is not about boston anymore, not a local investigation, stock markets, it is politicians, knee-jerk reactions, anti-muslim backlash. what if we're wrong? there is no take-back. i been through this before. >> we already know what it is. >> when you're in "deepwater horizon," tell how each of us have changed you personally. >> that is a good question. especially marcus. i talked to marcus the other day. we talked quite often, mike, god, the amount of love he has for his wife and his daughter. they made me want to be a better person and father and husband. >> do you feel you changed as a person. >> oh absolutely.
4:56 am
certainly with this, this is my home. this is where i grew up. i went to school 250 yards from the finish line. when this tragedy occurred, everybody ran towards the problem. and it just inspired me so much and made me so proud to be a bostonian. brian: peter berg right next to him. mike, kevin, excuse me. [laughter] ainsley: kevin -- steve: how many stars? >> good morning. the movie four 1/2 out of five. absolutely incredible film. one of the most important films i've seen in a long time. peter berg has amazing ability to tell us a story we already know. the beauty of the movie, love trumps hate. i love idea that something so horrible happened and love came together and boston came together. phenomenal movie, i love the way they did it. gave it four 1/2 out of five. peter berg is brilliant filmmaker. i love it. 4.5 out of five. steve: kevin mccarthy, sometimes michael.
4:57 am
>> technical error i apologize. my tone went off. i apologize. >> why we turn them off. brian: major update on geraldo rivera. he has shaved, he has shaved in the building. and joining us now. steve: not completely thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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5:00 am
>> my belief is that "we" to stay on a military that is so lethal that on the battlefield, it will be the enemy's longest day and their worst day. >> he's the best pick they could have asked for. >> he's a marine's marine, which i've always said a marine is a problem solver. >> what's the best possible thing? >> what is the greatest threat for a united states citizen? >> terrorism. >> the fbi director james comey broke the rules. >> part of this continuing oh, you know, there's a reason hillary lost.
5:01 am
not because she's a horrible candidate but because of james comey. >> for your faith and for your fellow americans and for your lifetime of service, i am pleased to award the highest civilian, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] ♪ ♪ steve: oh, what a journey. heralda is on the couch. >> that's after my time. steve: on tuesday we will be there when donald trump becomes the 43rd president. >> we're heading on a exciting adventure and where this roller coaster stops, nobody knows. brian: it's impossible to notice the fact that systematically since he won this election, people are trying to knock him down to
5:02 am
the russian hack, the recount, the fake news, and now the investigation of james comey. remember the indictment on the electoral system that donald trump dominated? over and over again i've seen something i've never seen in my life. the total -- the attempt to discredit a president-elect. >> well, i don't necessarily disagree with you a big picture. but take james comey specifically. i have to disagree. james comey last week admitted that he had that very triple x-rated fake, fictional sex tape, et cetera, on donald trump in moscow. >> sex tape? ainsley: the d information. >> and he didn't release it because he didn't want to interfere with the election, was not corroborated. >> why would he do? >> so he did not release it. steve: and it was made up. >> and yet the anthony weiner
5:03 am
computer story with the stunning impact that it had eight days before. also, i absolutely do. steve: a piece of fiction from russia? >> i think james comey will be lucky, brian, to hold onto his job. inca what he did was absolutely unprofessional. and the department of justice is currently investigating whether or not he unduly interfered with the election. that has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the 45th president. donald trump didn't do anything. he was dual elected. brian: but do you know what this is an attempt to do? the people who didn't think he deserved to win blame james comey. so what? i'm going to have an investigation of james comey. >> let them blame bigfoot. let them blame the eclipse. i don't care. donald trump is the president. brian: we agree with that. but it weighs down on the credibility of the candidate. >> the fbi has never been in more disrepute than right now
5:04 am
because of the actions of james comey. one-size-fits-all. if you don't release the donald trump because it's not properly vetted, then you don't release the story of the anthony weiner e-mail. ainsley: what they're mad at -- >> both which are equally false. ainsley: they're not upset with james comey about it, they're still saying that they were happy with him when he didn't is indict hillary clinton -- >> democrats were, yeah. republicans were furious. ainsley: before the election, he's going to reopen the case and closes the case. now dems r mad because they're saying she lost the election because of him. what about taking responsibility for the fact that she had the server? she made the decision to do that. >> ainsley, you always have to walk in the other guy's shoes. what is eight days before the election? coming just three weeks after the access hollywood tape. you heard about this russian with all the allegations that are absolutely false. ainsley: that's fake news. steve: the server's real.
5:05 am
that story's fake. >> it is not, brian. brian: it's not a real story. >> how is it different when he releases eight days before i found new e-mails. brian: he did. >> he did not. they were copies of the old e-mails. why didn't he vet it first? here's what you do. let's say eight days before he gets the anthony weiner laptop, and he checks. now, let him check it out, check those e-mails, are they new? do they add anything? oh, i come to the conclusion, they're all copies. then that's the only announcement i make. i found another computer, i check it all out, it's all old e-mails, has nothing to do with hillary clinton. that said. brian: why didn't he just do that? steve: great question. brian: no, that's a great question. why did he do that? that's a great question. steve: everybody and their brother in washington and in new york in newsrooms had it. they never ran with it because
5:06 am
it's not true. they could not verify it. >> that's true. brian: a private server, which was real. holding an illegal server. >> people write stuff and now with the internet, there's going to be some percentage of the people with tens of millions believe it and it becomes a polluting cancer. steve: you're right about that. let me ask you this quickly. and donald trump tweeted about this whole thing earlier today, and we read it earlier. but how much harder has buzzfeed made every reporter's job? >> if they release everything all the time, what are you going to do? see, the problem is that it's like -- steve: it was a dumb thing for them to do. >> don't give up candy for a diet or something like that. and someone puts a big bowl of candy in front of you, very hard to ignore it. steve: but you want to make sure that it's right. >> we are journalists. the people who are on the internet are not journalists. they are sensationalists who
5:07 am
want to get hits and mentions and retweets. they don't care. you get it, you put it out there and consequences be damned. i think we flave world now that is so different than any world we've ever had because of the immense power of the internet. and then afterwards you say so sorry it happened. brian: we should go to another planet and start all over. steve: should we just do that? and keep in dossier made up stuff who was put together by donald trump's opponent. there he is right there. has now gone into hiding because he fears for his life. >> i love trump at the, you know, when he was reacting at the press conference to the dossier and talking about every room, every hotel room in russia is bugged and everyone knows that, which is true. steve: it is true.
5:08 am
>> and he would never touch anybody because he's a germ aphobe. hey, come on. steve: all right. speaking of shaking hands, we had mike pompeo, he did well yesterday. donald trump would like him to be the cia guy. and then general mattis, he did a good job as well. >> excellent for our accident department of defense. >> and got the waiver. steve: he did get the waiver overwhelmingly. it looks like both of them along with ben carson will be approved. >> i think that, first of all, in terms of james mattis, what a wonderful guy for secretary deputy. i love this guy. everybody in uniform loves this guy. a real fighting general. a man with real substance and character and pompeo is a partisan, and he's a hard
5:09 am
right guy. but you have to like him because he's sincere and consistent. brian: i'm not worried, but i'm very interested to see how flynn, kelly, and mattis get along. they advice they get and how donald trump takes it. >> well, that's very interesting you say that because look at homeland security saying the wall's not going to do it. brian: alone. >> the wall alone is not going to do it. and donald trump has to come to that realization and also water boarding, none of them are going to violate the wall with pompeo, god bless them. i think what trump has done with these nominees is really pick a great bunch and not all repeaters of trumpism, and i think it's going to serve him and the nation well. i like this cabinet. i take them all right now, nice balance. ben carson, my goodness. what a wonderful choice.
5:10 am
what a great example for young americans. it's really good. ainsley: how about the crazy bizarre gotcha questions that have nothing to do with the -- steve: climate change. ainsley: what they're going to be running. >> i don't think -- my daughter's listening, so i have to be careful. but i don't think that climate change is an urgent, immediate national security issue. i think that long-term, it's really very vital that we deal with it. all you have to do is look at beijing, look at the smog in beijing. and tillerson was so right on it. look at the smog in beijing. wren this is heading. it's no good. but it's not like the north korean's have icbm that can reach seattle. you know, it's not that. steve: climate change is a good question for the epa guy not for the guy who is going to run cia. by the way, from climate change to face change. >> face change. >> what happened here? you had a beer last week? >> i had a beard. i did o'reilly last week. i looked at myself and, first
5:11 am
of all, it came in sort of white. so i bought this -- i bought this just for men. i'm making a confession here. this is very important. so i put it on myself, and i didn't read the instructions. so then i went, and i was doing something, and i said okay. i guess it's time to wash it off. and i said, oh, my god i'm supposed to only leave it on for three minutes, and it was, like, 15 minutes later. and i came out, and i went on o'reilly, and i had the black thing in my face, and it looked like a squirrel died on my chin. isabella called me and said dad. my 24-year-old. dad, you can't go on television again. no one's listening to what you're saying. they're only looking at your chin. steve: now people are thinking this is just for men. >> no. but, look, this is for real. come on. what do you. are we going to start going through people's hair now? ainsley: you weren't wearing a shirt.
5:12 am
and you use the same raiser my dad uses. get 12 in a pack and. >> it took me 12 of them to get the beard off. brian: if there's anything you read directions on, it's dye. >> and the funny thing is. steve: that's all funny. what are you talking about? >> erica's coming -- brian: your wife. >> she's very busy, she has a million charities. she comes home and says and then you put this stuff in the car and she goes around. honey, honey, you notice anything, honey? what? what? what? oh, the beard. it's, like, were you looking at me? brian: you're so insecure. >> i'm the most uninsecure. brian: well, you have to mention it. steve: we'll see you next friday in washington. >> thursday. thursday and friday. steve: okay. good.
5:13 am
we're going to see you in three days. corrected us in the beginning and corrected us in the end. ainsley. ainsley: we just talked about general mattis but there's more to discuss. like this. >> do you believe in openly serving homosectional along with combat units is undermining our force? ainsley: all right. you have to hear how he answered that one. that gotcha question coming up next. steve: and did you see this? c-span suddenly interrupted by russian tv. conspiracy theories? they're floating around on capitol hill now. there she goes. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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brian: all right. a strong story on capitol hill for some of donald trump's most popular cabinet picks, including general james mad dog mattis. ainsley: liz is live at trump tower with a look at what's next with just one week until the inauguration. good morning, liz. >> good morning to you guys. this has been an unprecedented move. the senate approved a waiver that would allow retired general james mattis -- and
5:18 am
this is unprecedented because it's an exception. the law normally requires military vets to be out of uniform for a minimum of seven years before they can begin working at the pentagon. mattis just retired in 2013. but lawmakers voted 81-17 approving the waiver hours after mattis testified, before the senate armed forces committee. and he had a little back and forth with new york senator kristen dealing with gays and women. >> do you think gays and homosectional is undermining our force? >> senator, my belief is that we have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and their worst day when they run into that force.
5:19 am
>> also on the hill yesterday was retired neurosurge ben carson why he should be the next department of housing and urban development secretary. and mike pompeo answered some questions about intelligence agencies and said he would not reinstate torture as punishment. now, next week those will continue. nomination for secretary of education and secretary of commerce. of course republicans would like to have these confirmations all said and done before trump i's inauguration, but of course we do know democrats have the potential power to sort of stall this process. we're live outside of trump tower this morning. send things back to you guys. steve: liz is live on 5th avenue where the new york city police have closed 5th avenue because it's not so a, too, far from saint patrick's cathedral where morning big funeral mass for steven macdonald, the hero cop who died three dazz ago.
5:20 am
they're expecting 5,000 people in attendance. sharon: and his son became an officer, they came on here, they made the announcement. he goes way back. in fact, he's famous for forgiving the criminal that shot him and paralleled him. steve: the teenager. brian: this is live video coming into this city. steve: it is. ainsley: heading here for the funeral. steve: his wife was part of the town council there. a solute of the fire department from new york. they are expecting as i said earlier up to 5,000 people in attendance, including most new york city police and most new york city fire department. ainsley: what was his story? he was shot and killed -- steve: not killed. brian: shot and paralyzed. ainsley: in a wheelchair. had a feating tube or oxygen tube. steve: for 30 years. ainsley: and forgave the man who shot him. steve: he did. brian: yeah, and just a great person. he's been on our show before. and we don't see it here.
5:21 am
but i understand people on long island were standing in a line on the street to solute him as the body passed by. steve: the line was so long, it was down the block and extended three or four blocks. ainsley: god bless him and his family. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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ainsley: hey, good morning, everyone, welcome back to fox and friends. a mysterious white powder forcing planes packed with people to make an emergency landing in san josé overnight. the powder blowing through the air vents onboard. making three crew members sick. it turns out somehow the icing fluid got into the air system. president obama ending a controversial 20-year-old immigration policy affecting cuba. effective immediately, the u.s. will suspend its wet
5:25 am
foot, dry foot policy that allows any cubans who reached our shore to stay. it is designed for what he calls a different era. steve: thank you very much. there's a lot of big stories this morning but what are the ones that are trending? which mean what people care about the most. ainsley: fox news headlines 24/7 to break it all down for us. >> good morning, well, all week long liberals have been pushing the #grab your wallet to protest ll bean. that's because linda bean, one of the company's co-owners donated money to a pro trump pac. well, yesterday on this couch, she addressed those critics. take a listen. >> it's bullying me. it's bullying the companies that i own, and bullying the one that i am partly on. the ll bean company. the company's employees if the boycott succeed in these cases. we're not the only one. i'm not going to back down. i never back down.
5:26 am
if i feel i'm right, and i do feel they're bullies. that's all they are. hard-core bullies on the west coast in california trying to control what we do, what we buy, what we sell in maine. it is definitely the wrong way to go. steve: here's the thing. it wasn't a corporate donation. it was she as an individual decided to write a check to donald trump for something like $25,000. but the lefties, they were so upset, donald trump saw her on our show and then tweeted out. ainsley: yeah, he said grab your wallet and then go buy. >> he said thank you to linda been of ll been for your great support and encourage. people will support you even more now. buy ll bean. but then of course there are other people on social media that still say they're going to boycott the company. allison tweeted i'm about to find and throw out the llbean
5:27 am
backpack i had. and someone tweeted ll bean is the kiss of death. brian: i think we're going to be back on monday talking about how ll bean had this huge boom. >> we'll certainly be tracking that. and nicole kidman is in the news today. she did an interview with the bbc, and she had some interesting things to say about the election and president-elect trump. she said he is now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever is president because that's what the country is based on. steve: okay. the lefties aren't going to like that. >> you're right. they didn't. and a lot took to social media to complain. dan asaid i think it's time for nicole kidman to move to russia. brian: think about how stupid she is. she's saying we live here, we want to stay here. >> yeah, and mike said sometimes celebrities shouldn't be political commentators.
5:28 am
steve: so it's okay for people to have civil discourse if it's positive to democratic causes. but when you support the >> nicole kidman's comment was not controversial whatsoever. she just said support the president-elect. brian: tom hanks said something similar and, by the way, one of those two was married to tom cruise. ainsley: now she's married to keith urban, they're right but you never get over tom cruise i hear. ainsley: exactly. >> are you speaking from personal experience? brian: no, never met. steve: i think you are. [laughter] thank you very much. ainsley: all right. doctors warned us and now it's coming true. the super bug is so powerful. steve: oh, no. ainsley: antibiotics no longer work. what it means for you and your family, brian. steve: that's right. they need a pill, though, to get over tom cruise apparently. and he was there for the transition for the clinton and bush white houses. so how does the trump transition compare?
5:29 am
carl live in austin. carl, you're next on fox and friends. tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
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5:32 am
steve: remember last week when we were talking about son dabbing while his swearing in photo op. ainsley: i remember that. well, first speaker paul ryan thought he was sneezing. but now the hipper speaker is all about the dab, apparently. watch this. >> i actually do know what a dab is. okay? just for the record. it's this, you know?
5:33 am
[laughter] i do. brian: and that was last night just trying to define what he actually knew and with that controversy there. meanwhile, just last week marble joined us said he didn't find his dabbing very funny, and he definitely didn't get away with it. >> the official groundings between he and me, but he's hoping to get a presidential pardon. ainsley: we'll forgive him. steve: a closer eye to see if speaker ryan asked for a pardon as well. meanwhile carl is the former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. he joins us from the beautiful city of austin, texas. good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. i'm now understanding why brian camped out overnight in order to see the first jack reacher movie. now i understand. brian: you're referencing tom cruise? >> yeah, you never got over that man crush you had on tom cruise. ainsley: that's right. he jumped from the sofa in order to imitate him.
5:34 am
brian: i am over it now. but i was just trying to bring a little color to the segment. steve: oh, sure. now you're over. brian: like i'm going to do now as we talk about something you know intimately well and that is the transition from one administration to the other. you have advice, a four-point plan, some advice to give to trump's -- to the obama's, from the obama's to the trumps. >> no. actually what i did was i talked to four former advisers and said if you could talk to a incoming staffer in the new trump white house, what would you tell them? and that was my column yesterday in the wall street journal. it was a great exercise. i really enjoyed doing it. brian: right? >> i talked to a couple of aids to linden johnson, and they had some of the best advice at all. larry temple, a friend of mine here in austin said don't be intimidated by the president. and speak fearlessly about what you believe and even most importantly if you think the president disagrees. he said johnson used to intimidate his staff saying
5:35 am
you've never been elected, so who gives you -- why do you think you could give me advice? but he said if you hung in there and gave a persuasive argument, he said oftentimes lbj would be repeating your arguments the next day. steve: that's interesting. also a bit of advice, you say essentially some of these aids who are working with the president should be like the cheese cake factory. and that is you should have a lot of choices. when you go in, present them with a lot of choices. >> well, you did read the piece. yeah, the decision -- i talked four baskets. the president, the second one was decision-making, and it's really important for the white house to offer up to the president a wide range of options. and some white house people would attempt. okay. i want this issue settled this way, so i'm going to hide from the president and other potential options. and this was -- this is bad. you ought to have a wide range of options. you ought to argue those things in front of the president. no end run. president is ill served if he
5:36 am
has aids coming in saying this individual ought to do a. this person coming in ought to do b. sometimes that ends up with the last person you talk to is who you follow. everybody has to be in the room. make those arguments. if you haven't particularly expected, make sure the strongest arguments are made in the meeting in order to get the most robust range of options and the fullest amount of information in order to get the decision. ainsley: you have confidence to keep a respective mind and keep an open mind. >> absolutely. and i have to tell you. this -- i almost did not go to the white house because of the stories i heard about the conflict between staff in previous white houses. and one white house, they literally had to seat the people on the opposite sides of the table, the factions were so strong. but as a white house staffer, it's really important to not play games, to return their phone calls, listen carefully to what they had to say, be open to changing your opinion if they're convincing.
5:37 am
and one white house, literally the guy in charge of a particular set of decision-making meetings would invite his friends to the meeting at 12:00 noon, and he would invite the people that he didn't like and that whose opinions he wanted to diminish at 12:30 so that they would arrive late and towards the end of the meeting. i mean, this business is too important to engagement like that. steve: and also remember too, your behavior reflects on the president because he's going to be in the middle of it. he hired you. he nominated you. and what you do reflects on him or her. >> that's absolutely right. and in addition to that, you need to save time for your personal life. because i've seen too many white house staffers who are there early in the morning and there way too late at night. and you can get burned out. if you don't have save time for family, faith, and friends, and a personal life, you're going to get burned out. and when you're burned out, you're of no utility to the president of the united states. steve: sure and would your advice be members to the obama administration do not pry any
5:38 am
of the letters off of the typewriters or the word processors? like the clintons did pried all the ws. >> well, i'm confident the obama staff is not going to stoop to that. president clinton i suspect was horrified when he found out what some people had done, and we couldn't have been a better treated by the clinton people. there were some more people who did some bad things as they walked out the door. >> so stay classy. >> stay classy, san diego. brian: a lot to do with why the clintons and bushes get along so well now. >> thank you. brian: chris will be joining us from 9:00 to noon. not the whole time, i promise because ainsley has to get some quality time too. ainsley: i know. brian: we just don't have a picture for you too. ainsley: geraldo will be there too. steve: i'm going to have to get myself a radio. ainsley: you're on thursdays.
5:39 am
>> it's called kilmeade and friends. we're all on. ainsley: we get paid to be his friends; right? we certainly do. >> thank you very much. >> i'll take it away from here. i've got a serious story i want to bring you, and it's a very heartfelt one. a friend of our show here died earlier this week, and wither so sad about that. we're talking about detective steven macdonald. we are taking a live look at this man who was an inspiration of faith to so many i in the new york area and beyond. his funeral precession is now taking place. he is being transported from long title new york city. and that's where his funeral is being held today at 9:00 a.m. at st. patrick's cathedral. now, macdonald -- this is his story -- he was shot on the job with the nypd in central park back in 1986. he was left paralyzed from the
5:40 am
neck down. he forgave the shooter. his son followed in his footsteps. this tuesday steven had a heart attack and lost his life. this is a live picture of that as they come into the city with the family. steven macdonald was 59 years old. and he will be missed. well, good samaritan shoots and kills a suspect who ambushed a police officer, saving that officer's life. the cop in arizona stopping in an accident when a gunman came out of nowhere and opened fire, hitting the officer. but a driver passing by stepped into gun down that suspect. a second driver used the officer's radio to call in for help. >> hello officer down. officer down. come in, please. he's in real bad shape. please send air support. helicopter, please. >> well, that officer is expected to be okay, thanks to that good samaritan. well, doctors warned us and now the super bug is here. it is so powerful that 26 antibiotics don't even affect it. the cdc confirming a drug resistant infection killed a
5:41 am
woman in nevada back in september. she was hospitalized after she contracted bacterial infection while being treated for a broken femur in india. she later died from septic shock. well, russia taking over the headlines and now the airways? possibly. there was a bizarre glitch on c-span yesterday. take a look at this. it goes from the floor of the house of representatives to a broadcast of russian television. watch. >> cop on the block, the scc and literally obliterated -- ♪ >> okay. russian tv. this program running for ten minutes on c-span. c-span said it's now investigating to figure out how this happened. they say it was an internal routing issue but with lots of russian news in the headlines. some are saying maybe it was something else. brian: something else happened later in the day, didn't he? steve: talking about russia. brian: no, there was another hit. another russian thing that happened in the day.
5:42 am
i'm going to look into that. >> what are you talking about? >> where do you find russian cable? ainsley: you get twitter pages that come up. over elevator music. steve: thank you, heather. ainsley: thanks, heather. steve: meanwhile, coming up, senator elizabeth warren striking with dr. ben carson but does she have other motives? we're going to talk to ed henry. good morning to you, sir. brian: and this nfl coach just made history. what he's doing that's never been done before. ♪ ♪ americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins.
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one a day men's in gummies and tablets.
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>> time for a quick look at
5:46 am
sports headlines as ainsley glances at me. a very emotional time for both fans as san diego team leaving at 55 years to go 100 miles to hollywood. and fans are not happy. they are piling up their jerseys and setting them on fire. not even dan fouts is safe. and the los angeles rams newest coach is the youngest in nfl history. he's 18. the team is named sean mcveigh, he's just 30 years old as their head coach as they prepare for a second season in los angeles. mcveigh spent the last six years as an assistant with washington. man, he must be considered a genius. that's a lot of pressure. ainsley: that's awesome. steve: it is. ainsley: good for him. steve: speaking of washington, another fiery change on capitol hill in washington as democrats continue confirmation hearings to slam the incoming trump administration. ainsley: senator elizabeth warren going after ben carson. brian: is that the way ed henry would describe it? he's in washington d.c. hi, ed. >> good morning. you know what's really going on here? she's probably running for president. >> of course.
5:47 am
>> we saw the same deal with cory booker a few days ago. he became the first senator to testify against another sitting senator, jeff sessions, the nominee for attorney general. even though there's videotape of cory booker is as you know about a year ago praising jeff sessions and accepting civil rights award along with sessions. so you see the flip-flops because booker is probably going to run for president as well. and just in the last few moments, by the way, al, democratic senator from minnesota announced that he's going to vote "no" on sessions. but despite booker and other democrats opposing him, he's still very likely to go through, anyway. as is ben carson. elizabeth warren went after him and, look, she wanted to get a headline. she got it. just look at the huffington post, they have a big banner that basically says elizabeth warren asked ben carson if he could promise whether money intended for the poor will not go to donald trump, and he refused. well, that's not exactly what happened. watch.
5:48 am
>> can you just assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the president-elect or his family? >> it will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any american. for all americans, everything that we do. >> do i take that to mean that you may manage programs that will significantly benefit the president-elect? >> you can take it to mean that i will manage things in a way that benefits the american people. that is going to be the goal. >> so you can see the context that elizabeth warren wants to pound donald trump about the business interest, fair question, no doubt. but to pin him down and say hud money is going to go to donald trump and benefit him, taxpayer money. and you can see very clearly that ben carson said i'm not going to, you know, push through programs are going to benefit any one american. donald trump or anyone else.
5:49 am
i mean, programs he said that are going to benefit millions of americans. he also added that he's going to bring moral values to his approach there at hud. so that didn't sound like he's going to hand out taxpayer money to donald trump. brian: i've heard a lot of people could you say donald trump for many things. but a lot of people think he came to washington to get rich. he was already rich. >> brian, you should come to washington to get rich. brian: i'm going to come next week. many do. and then we'll see how much money i make. steve: thank you. ainsley: thank you. our next guest nearly lost his life until he ate his way back to health. he's a chef. his name is shane mcmullin. here's his story. next. he's irish. brian: your last name is irish. how irish are you? >> good morning, guys. good to see you this morning. so the fbi director james comey is now the one who's
5:50 am
investigation for his actions on the presidential election. is this a last gasp political move? congressman will weigh in and chris wallis with his take on the buzzfeed fake news stuff and whether the russian dossier will. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx...elevated. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these.
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5:53 am
. ainsley: our next guest nearly lost his life until he ate his way back to methamphetamine. brian: he's the author of this book right here. god's love. we deliver cookbook. steve: chef is here right now with his incredible story and to share one of the recipes that nurtured him back to health. and the recipe is trout. >> yep. steve: but you had rheumatoid
5:54 am
arthritis to the point that it was doing what to you? >> well, i mean, it's a really debilitating disease and then food help me get my life back on track. ainsley: how much weight did you lose? >> about 65 pounds. ainsley: how did you do it? >> diet. i was able to thank you very much get that butter going. i was able to move around and be more active. ainsley: but you still use butter. >> butter's really good for you. steve: what about bacon. >> bacon in modulation is also not so bad. steve: good because that's what we have. >> well, the great thing about this cookbook is it really speaks to what i believe in is that food is medicine and food is love. and what do we with god's love is we deliver over 1.6 million meals a year to new yorkers and people in the area that in the metropolitan area that are after you went different diseases. steve: you guys have been doing it for a very long time.
5:55 am
this is not a trout. >> it's a whale actually. this is from up state new york. and this is a very simple dish. this is a dish that i actually used to make with my grandmother. brian: are you afraid of this stuff getting in the fish's eyes? >> no, at this point it has 20/20 vision. it's fine. brian: okay. >> this is a little chickpea flower. instead of using all purpose, i'm using chickpea flower. >> i thought it should have more. but that's a different recipe. >> a little bit more butter in there. and then what do we is brown it up. and once it's cooked through, nice, beautiful brown, we'll finish it with a little pan sauce, a little bit of butter, a little juice. steve: you leaved head, though. >> yeah, all the flavor. gelatin in the cheeks and the eyeballs. steve: look at that. ainsley: you should try it. >> absolutely.
5:56 am
brian: i haven't had a retina in a while. steve: how long do you cook? >> this is not as hot as i want it to be, but it takes usually seven minutes or so. steve: okay. >> wheel brown it nicely, you don't want to overcook it. this is a classic pan sauce. brian: so not only do you learn to cook, you learn to be healthy and live longer. >> absolutely. and this book is a fantastic book. steve: celebrity recipe. >> yeah, there's 71 of us that have all contributed to the book. you can buy the book at gods love and 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the cause. each goes to buy five meals for those in need. brian: more fox and friends in a moment. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours.
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it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin. roc®'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks. chest, neck, and face cream from roc®. methods, not miracles.™ >> what a week we've had this week. next week historic with the
6:00 am
45th inauguration of president donald trump. >> we'll be here monday and tuesday and wednesday morning here. >> it's friday. >> have a great weekend. >> after the inauguration the super bowl. that's football. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bill: good morning. a fox news alert. critics call it a political witch hunt. f.b.i. is said to be under investigation. the justice department examining the f.b.i. director james comey. it wants to know how and why he handled this hillary clinton email investigation in the final days before the election. when will it end? good morning, on friday. special day today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: i'm martha maccallum. president-elect donald trump we acting to the news with a twitter tear of epic proportion. he says what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the f.b.i.? based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell, he writes. th


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