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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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here. because we are looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the inspector general's office has issued or has started an investigation into the department of justice. specifically, its fbi director, jim comey's conduct prior to the election. this is reopening something that is already been closed, we are joined appropriately by james rosen. what is this, james? >> many trump supporters, conservatives and legal experts are questioning the timing and particularly the scope of this investigation into the conduct of james comey. it will be carried out by the
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inspector general. the president-elect himself tweeted before don and i quote, what are hillary clinton's people talking about? guilty as hell, trumpet said investigators will probe his statement about the lenten investigations. and the letters that comey sent to congress just days before the election. and then closing the case again. they urged comey to resign. >> i think it is hard to be a director of such an important institution when that trust is no longer there. >> i think the fate of the people of the fbi are somewhat shaken in their leadership. the fate of the country and the
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director of the fbi is somewhat peerless. given all that, he ought to spend more time with his family. >> tucker: loretta lynch was forced defectively to recuse herself from the clinton email place when it was disclosed that the attorney general had met privately with former president bill clinton. simply an attempt to delegitimize trump before you takes office. >> i think they have a point. i mean, why not look at the entire circumstances here? why not look at what attorney general lynch did, her nonrecusal, i think that is all very important. >> in short, tucker, you ask me what is this all about? experts i spoke to said comey's conduct, his key decisions are the kind of things especially in a such a high-profile case that
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the inspector general would investigate. it is the circumscribing of this case, the narrowing that bothers conservatives. >> tucker: right. where is loretta lynch's component. thanks a lot. appreciate it. hillary clinton's defeat in november might have prompted some soul-searching in the american press. instead, blame has been placed, an alleged plague of fake news. lawmakers are trying to use the scorch of fake news to influence kids in school. introduced a bill that would require schools to keep civic -- the goal to tell students what news is fake, real, and shape their opinions accordingly. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: you have written this piece of legislation that commands, if passed, will command the schools to do this. the ability to judge the credibility and quality of the
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information found on internet web sites including social media. how exactly will they do that? to tell fake from real? >> my bill, the fake news act of 2017 directs the instructional quality commission to develop a curriculum with expert in education on specific online curriculum, civic online reasoning and how to include that in two different courses. civics, history, mathematics and science. it will basically allow them to discern how do you break apart information in the digital age that they consume over the internet as well as social media. they can break it apart and decide for themselves what is credible and what is not. >> tucker: how will they do that? how will you tell a story that is fake from one that is real and how do you tell that is fake? >> footnotes, citations to verify the fact that i was reading.
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one of the things that we know is that online sources, we can't really do that. it is very difficult. one of the things it would do is given the skills who owns a particular domain name. is it the real fox news twitter handle with the checkmark, or it isn't. because a lot of people are having a tough time telling, is this really fox news? or is this some other site? often times, people believe the false site or the false twitter account rather than the real thing. this isn't about telling them what to believe, giving them the skills so that they can actually distinguish for themselves. >> tucker: what that means to be false. does that mean that the content on the site is false if you don't like the domain name? what is false mean? >> one of the things, it's not about -- false mean sometimes web sites give you a little bit of real information, fake information, and they kind of
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blur it all together. i know fox news would never do that. you try to give them the real facts just like every other news station according to their mission. right? we are not here to basically say that this is automatically fake news, we want people to look at every piece of information they are reading online, that they should have been doing for a long time. with a critical eye. and start asking more questions. it's a something i should believe, is it a reputable source? to the fax back up the claims? >> tucker: i guess a lot of questions come to mind. why don't they do that? who are you to make that decision? you keep dodging the core question, how do you know what is fake and what is real? that is the center of this. it is the fake news bill. what is fake news? i'm not getting it from what you decide. for example, buzzfeed, which is a big web site, just released a
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35 page dossier reportedly on donald trump. it reportedly from russia. is that fake or real in your judgment? >> one of the things i try to do is look at every story with a critical eye. and then i try to do more research on it. i don't automatically believe everything i read. but i do want to make sure that we kind of break it apart. i want our students to be prepared. this is a digital age where we get more of our information through online and social media resources than we do from books and newspapers. in the past, we didn't have to question books and newspapers but people think just because they read it online, they believe it is real. that is a big problem. >> tucker: can i stop you there? how do you know that people believe -- you seem to have a pretty low standard of intelligence for your constituents. how do you know that they believe everything they read? that they are that dumb?
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>> carlson, you are putting words in my mouth. what we are trying to do is prepare our youth for a digital age. there is nothing wrong with it. like when technology was changing and people started using computers, we wanted them to learn how to use a computer so they can become cognitive, go get a job, and be able to adapt to a changing environment. we are trying to make sure our kids have the skills necessary to distinguish what information from different sources -- to take it, analyze it, and then decide for themselves. for themselves, what is the real story and what is a fake story. >> tucker: here is the problem. valued, judgment, subjective judgments. what is real and what is fake. what is true and what is false. i keep asking you to explain the criteria for making that determination. and you are not. either because you don't know it
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yourself, i ask you about that dossier that buzzfeed ran. you wouldn't answer. i see a problem here. >> first, i haven't read it. number two, i am not to make a number claim on something i haven't read and i haven't had a chance to verify. >> tucker: i would ask you to. you haven't answered the key question. what is it mean to be fake news? i am worried because he of power and you are telling me that some news should be disregarded. why would that make me nervous? >> i'm not saying that some news should be disregarded because they provide a particular point of view. i'm not implying that. what i'm telling you is that people do need to know, is this story that they are reading on facebook or twitter, is this the headline -- is this a headline they actually used from a particular story five months ago that they are just using because it's catchy and it actually gets people's attention? or are they saying that
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tucker carlson went to school in alabama, which i don't know if you did, is that real? is that something they should be able to verify? >> tucker: people under 18 are probably a little more sophisticated about social media more than you and i. they don't know about math and in los angeles, which you represent, almost none of the kids know how to do math. not many met the math standards, among black students, it was 18%. why would you be spending any time once fake news which you can even defined which only 18% of your african-american students can do math up to us standards. should you be more concerned about math? >> tucker, we provide the curriculum that the districts want to absorb. we are not mandating that they have to incorporate specific online reasoning. it basically says they're going to develop a curriculum with
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experts with public input, regarding specific online reasoning and then the school districts have a choice whether they want to include it or not. we are not mandating it. we are giving them the option. >> tucker: have you introduced any bills to improve the math scores in your district? 18% of black kids meet the standards. how have you improved that number? >> tucker, i've done different things to make sure we invest more dollars into the classrooms and and disadvantaged students so that the money stays there and they do improve their test scores. these are two different things. i believe that you can actually accomplish both at the same tim time. >> tucker: i just read the test scores, they are going down unfortunately. that's sad. we appreciate you. donald trump's in a minute inauguration, he will not accept trump's presidency as.
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john lewis. lewis said this. >> i believe in forgiveness, i believe in the work that people do. it's going to be hard. it will be difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> tucker: because of trumps illegitimacy, lewis says he's going to join five other democrats in boycotting the inauguration next week. donald trump's plan to drain the swamp in washington includes banning all former congressman for lobbying five years after they leave office. would a lobbying band really
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impel this country? joining us now, the cohost of the five, one of our favorite people, kimberly guilfoyle. >> great to see her. >> tucker: i want to keep us on the right track for most things, donald trump was elected in part to clean up washington. which is self-evidently corrupt. i can tell you, voters are right. they believe that. it's a little strange that pretty common sense provision like banning members of congress from cashing in at the expense of taxpayers would be described by the speaker as dangerous. >> i think it is a little bit disconcerting. speaker ryan is someone that i admire, i am sure you admire. i think at the best interest of the country at heart. but when you see president-elect donald trump talking about that as part of the drain the swamp movement, he knows what he's talking about. he wants to make sure that there is an ethical, clear line. that you don't have people
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joining in terms of their public service and civic service in order to profit on the other and back. you want people to be genuine in spirit and heart. they want to be all in because they want to act in the best interest with the utmost ethics and propriety in terms of the country. so people are doing this only to be able to cash in on deals and get a bigger better deal on the other end, there is a problem on that. you have to give pause for all due respect, when the speaker says that's. because i understand where they president-elect is coming from. he is saying let's make it purer, let's make it clean so that we get the best and brightest, the purest of heart to try and invest in the fabric and skin of this country so that we are all the beneficiaries. it is a public service and it is such for a reason. >> tucker: well, of course. i want to read the speaker's words. so the viewers can assessed.
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>> we tried to get speaker ryan to respond directly, he wasn't here of course to respond. but that's with respect. that's ludicrous. i live among lobbyists. nice people, they are not there to help the cancer society, they are here to get rich. which is their right of course. but let's not pretend that this lobbying band would put them out of the mother teresa business. because it wouldn't. >> it may be a little bit of a delay in the game, like a temporary rainout but it wouldn't preclude them from being able to benefit in future. in a free and democratic society. that is what we want. we want them to be invested in this country, dedicate themselves to mike give a public service and that then yes, be able to provide for their families on the other end. but with due measure and to be circumspect in terms of how they
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proceed on that path. i think that is the intent of what the president-elect is saying and i think also as a realist, speaker ryan is saying look, people need to put bacon on the plates, tucker. >> tucker: yes but the effect comes at our expense. that's why all those mandates are an obamacare. that's why everyone but me and you is enjoying some sort of tax break. lobbyists are doing that. sorry, it's true. >> there is lack of purity in the process. we shall cleanse. >> tucker: i hope they do. up next, a fear over an alleged russian hacking, says the kremlin is the enemy of america. what the two countries could gain through renewed engagement. something he says. also, driverless cars coming to the state of arizona. it'll be great for some, what is going to happen to those who drive for a living? what are they going to do when
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>> tucker: most americans drive every day. some of them drive for a living. a lot of them, actually. cabbies, bus drivers, and literally millions of americans earn money behind the wheel. but the driverless car will kill these jobs. recently, goobers driverless cars have started in arizona. thanks for joining us, governor. i think you are doing with this driverless car technology.
6:20 pm
business naturally goes to arizona and you think it's a thing of technology. but what is going to happen to all the drivers displaced by this technology? there are an awful lot of them. >> tucker, a breakthrough in technology are looking to arizona versus california because we are more business friendly. i have we have concern as well for jobs and what is going to happen inside of our economy. the sounds a little bit like what happened when cooper came the first time. everyone said this would hurt jobs come up that it would hurt taxi drivers. what we've seen as more jobs added to the economy. this is a test right now, they are testing this technology. they are actually hiring two people so they can sit in the front feet of the backseat of the car, so they can run the task. this technology isn't going to be ready this year or next year, likely the year after.
6:21 pm
it'll never get into an autonomous vehicle. we think this is good technology, it also helps the disabled. the blind, elderly people that can't drive. there are a lot of conveniences that are possible here. having come to fruition yet. >> tucker: there's a lot that's good about it. but on the other hand, they are not going to be people paying to drive a driverless car. this is not uber. the scale is different. 29 out of 50, the single most common job is driving for a living. i believe this country is the most common job for those with a high school diploma. this is millions and millions of people who are going to be outf work if this technology proceeds as it apparently is. why should the government be making it easier for this technology to make people unemployed? >> i don't think that its government, what government is doing, what we are doing is simply getting out of the way. this is technology that hasn't been proven out yet. you can either embrace this
6:22 pm
technology at the state or you can try to shut it down and in arizona, we are going to be welcoming to new ideas. >> tucker: the obama ad administration has been subsiding this, they have every reason to pretend there is no downside. and get a white house report from last month acknowledged that a lot of this country, its most vulnerable employees will be out of work. it will increase income equality. even they are admitting that. should she and the companies frt do something, i'm not sure what, to alleviate the social dislocation this is going to cause. >> the best thing to do in this type of situation is have an economy where jobs are being created and in arizona, we've created, or 1,000 new jobs over the last two years. we are doing something to write, we have openings in the service economy as well. in terms of what government should be doing to punish companies for new technologies,
6:23 pm
i don't know that that is something i am in favor of. i want to see an economy that is creating new jobs and opportunities so people have options as we have these conveniences and innovations come to us. >> tucker: but not all new technologies produce more jobs than they destroy. in fact, the last 20 years we've seen net job loss because of technology. it doesn't increase jobs or pay. though those service industry ju mentioned. the people who make less are more dependent upon government subsidies. you know this as a governor. where housing vouchers. more unemployment insurance. more disability. flat out welfare. the government bears those costs. >> we want to put people to work, we have an economy that is creating jobs here. this is something worth testing, we are going to continue to attract jobs to our economy. you are going to see some turnover. if this is successful. but i think you will see other
6:24 pm
opportunities to maintain these vehicles. you will see continual people driving other people. i am hopeful as to what is possible here. but at the same time, this is a technology that is moving forward. >> tucker: you are absolutely right on all of that. you are optimistic. i've been asking a lot of people recently, who is thinking about what happens to all these people. not just the drivers, but by the line workers displaced by robotics, physicians by supercomputers. all the people whose jobs are going away because of technology. what are they going to do and who is thinking about that? >> i am thinking about arizonans every day. what is best for them, how i can create more jobs for kids who graduate high school and colleg college. so this going to be in a unique and innovative economy, these opportunities are going to be there. there's going to be some change. we need to be thinking ahead about how we get people working and employed.
6:25 pm
>> tucker: port california. you are already stealing their people. thanks a lot. up next, how the cold war can come back so soon. washington is 1985 again. stephen cohen says there is a reason people in d.c. are trying to prevent president-elect trump from making a. deal with vladimir putin. ...head, no sick days medicine. i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally.
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times they get ridiculed for it, hollywood celebs keep making excruciating videos telling americans what to think. especially about donald trump. it's not their strong suit. they gathered to sing the song i will survive, so their continued defiance for the upcoming administration. >> as long as i know how to love, i know i will survive. >> i've got all my life to live. i've got all my love to give. >> i will survive. >> hey, hey. >> i will survive! >> tucker: so good, and everyone thought to end. oddly, i will survive of course is about a woman escaping an ex-boyfriend. i think this video was made about the wrong president. we will ask.
6:30 pm
the russian establishment and its media hakki 's some have even stooped to pushing unverified documents, the dossier, saying trump has been compromised by russian intelligence. it is the biggest bogeyman in years, but it's actual thinking, what are russia's motives, if anything? they gain or lose anything by working with the trump administration? stephen cohen knows about russia. he is a professor emeritus of russian studies at nyu. he joins us now. professor, thank you for coming on. >> what could possibly be on your mind tonight? whether or not we are going to actually survive? >> tucker: during the rex tillerson hearings, there is an amazing moment when it marco rubio demanded rex tillerson condemn putin as a war criminal. i don't know much about
6:31 pm
vladimir putin as record. would america gain something, do you think, from an incoming secretary of state calling the russian head of state a war criminal? >> no, because it would end what president-elect trump wants to do. creating a new policy. cooperation. we've got a very simple decision in front of us. perhaps the worst relationship with russia in our time, perils anywhere from syria to guys running around as you as i talk tonight, for radioactive material to make bombs and if they set them off, we won't be able to inhabit those places for a generation. trump seems to understand this. he seems to understand that we can't deal with these problems without russian cooperation. meanwhile, you get in this country, already, a bloodied war
6:32 pm
against trump. hardly because he wants to do this. representative lewis saying on your broadcasts a few minutes ago that he doesn't recognize trump as a legitimate president? did i hear that? what about the leaders of the state that trump has to deal with around the world? are they supposed to regard trump as an illegitimate president? >> tucker: trump will have control of our nuclear arsenal because i think they will take them seriously because they have no choice. i'm wondering about the motive here. some of it is to tarnish trump before he takes office. but it seems real from a lot of the ideologues, i think senator rubio is one of them. i'm not trying to degrade them, i'm trying to understand. why are they so anti-russia? >> in a word, let me take the political flips amendment, i am not a partisan of trump or putin. i'm a partisan of american national security. they say these things because they do not know what they are talking about.
6:33 pm
they don't know the dangers, they don't know putin's real role, he is far from the greatest threat to america. think back. you probably weren't born then but you know the history. remember what ronald reagan did. he had called, risen to power, embraced the idea that the soviet union was an evil empire. 1985, good reasons of his own. he decided he wanted to do a time with the new soviet leader, mikhail gorbachev. the republican party savaged him, said he was betraying the cause, they tried to attack his character. but can you imagine, if reagan had been so swerved and the american press? i think reagan is actually the model for trump. at that time, it with the evil empire. today, putin is the darth vader of the east. it isn't true.
6:34 pm
the threat that putin represents to the united states, i would rank probably wouldn't make the top five. but to testifying in congress as this number one, this is a threat to our own national security. >> tucker: i am sorry, we are out of time but i just want to affirm as a non-russian expert, the way you are saying reports to common sense. professor cohen, thank you so much for joining us. good to see you. up next, two men are trying to restore the vote to 1.7 million ex-felons in the state of florida. if they succeed, it could cause a seismic shift in national politics. there joining us in a minute to tell us why we need to do it. and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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6:39 pm
we are joined by catherine herridge. how worried are they? >> third two main differences between this inauguration and the 14 years ago. i put it this way. they are very focused on the lone wolf actor and what you will see along the inauguration roots and the sort of sick cured perimeter. kind of what we saw in time squared for new year's eve and also the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that's to prevent these isis inspired terrorists from using trucks as weapons to mow down civilians. the second change is drones. they have an ability to deliver a payload. we went to the secret service site at maryland where they were doing training this week. what you can see there on the screen is they use a uav in this case, a mock up to do the delivery of a chemical agent.
6:40 pm
that's the kind of scenario. what's so unique about this is that they have to really be ready for every contingency. from melania trump spraining her ankle, they got to know how to deal with that. they also have to know how to deal with a lone wolf or a a chemical >> tucker: so there possible to prepare for a uav chemical agent. >> yes, they are prepared. they do exercises, sort of what you do right here. you talk through different scenarios, it's a way to make sure everybody is on the same page. reinforcing a tabletop and then a drill at a site like we saw in maryland. >> tucker: catherine herridge, who works longer hours than anyone in this building. great to see you. three u.s. of the right to vote for the rest of their lives.
6:41 pm
one of those is florida and they are 1.7 estimate of people there who are disenfranchised due to a prior felony conviction. florida has been decided by less than 200,000 votes, it's a meaningful number. could this have an effect on the out coming elections? they should be able to vote again, the basic seed for votes like theirs could swing the 2020 elections? both campaigning to return the franchise to florida felons. it's great to see you both. i've got to say, desmond, the question that always comes immediately to mind with restoring the vote to felons is, america is a country does not trust you to carry a gun. so why would we trust you to choose the next president? >> good evening, tucker. thank you for having ellis on the show. we are really excited about what's going on in florida
6:42 pm
because it's a group of ordinary american citizens from all walks of life, political persuasion, that believe in second chances. more inclusion in democracy, the believe in just fairness. when you talk about america, i am reminded of george bush, george w. bush's when he said that america is a nation of second chances. when that door in prison opens, we are a society should do everything it can to help facilitate a successful reentry. in society's best interests to help increase public safety, contributing to the tax space and it's all about fairness. this is a country of second chances. >> tucker: i'm totally for second chances. i believe in redemption. and i mean that. but you didn't answer the question. which is, if we don't trust you to have a firearm or to serve on a jury, or to serve in the military, or to serve as a
6:43 pm
teacher, why would we trust you enough to make a decision as profound as with the next president is going to be? >> let me it take a crack at that, tucker. we don't have an opinion on tha that. according to the florida parole commission, people involved are three times less likely to reoffend if they have had their voting rights restored. we think that's a huge deal. it's a huge deal because one, it proves that voter restoration helps stop the cycle of crime. which means we could have safer communities in florida. it also shows that the individual who is trying to grapple for that second chance, something we are familiar with, that allows people with better opportunity to free store their families. we think that's a win-win worth focusing on. that's what we are focusing on right now. >> tucker: i think that's great. it suggests it, doesn't prove it. i'm willing to believe it. you are not answering the core
6:44 pm
question. this is not just about the felons, it's about the other people in this country who want the best possible government they can get. i find it a little odd that the democratic party pushes so hard for enfranchisement for felons without ever answering the obvious question wishes will get us wiser, better political leadership? >> when you talk about people that are pushing this, what i see is when charlie crist was governor of florida and people were able to have their rights restored, he was a republican at the time. the first changes in virginia, the governor and the attorney general were republican. the biggest proponents was senator rand paul who has been for this cause for quite a number of years. >> tucker: i will ask him the same question them. this affects my life too. i will have to live with the president that you choose.
6:45 pm
if you make it more likely that you get politicians, the fair question i think. >> for us, we look at those newly 2 million people, the 2 million voters there were reminded those were 2 million people, those are 2 million families. 2 million stories. if you are person, those are 2 million sons and daughters of god. you have potential. the potential right now is sitting on the sideline. in far too many instances. they need to get back onto the game. >> tucker: you are making me less sympathetic to your case. i had lunch the other day with a felon. a good friend of mine. i want them back in society. but i also just wonder why you care more about voting than you do about your ability again to serve in the military or to serve on the jury or to be a teacher or a cop or fireman. so if we are going to restore felons to full citizenship, why is it just voting that we are
6:46 pm
focusing on? >> in the state of florida, they have what they call as the single subject rule. you can only deal with one thing at a time. when you look at the state of florida and we are person can choose the right to vote for releasing, burning attire and public or even driving on a suspended license, once that person loses their rights. theft of weight 5-7 years to get it back. it's more than that, tucker. because after they weight those 5-7 years, will be seen here in florida is that there is an additional 10-year waiting period. american citizens can wait over 17 years just to have a chance. a lot of those are veterans who have put their lives on the line for this country. if i am in iraq, come back, get in a bar fight, and then you say i can't vote?
6:47 pm
>> tucker: lets just make it bigger than just voting. they should be able to -- we are out of time. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate it. >> tucker: president obama got the presidential medal of freedom, he gave it to joe biden. he awarded it with distinction. colin powell, pope john paul ii, and ronald reagan all got those. everyone likes joe biden, he's pretty likable. but what exactly did he do to deserve an accolade like this? he represented america's second smallest state and he was a bomb is a second twice the department of defense medal for distinguished public public service, for obama. for his great wartime heroics for defending this nation. he put it next to his nobel peace prize.
6:48 pm
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>> tucker: time now for "the friend zone." we invite one of our pals, we are joined by ed henry. you would think that ed henry is a really good guy, really nice guy. i saw jim acosta started barking at president-elect trumps press conference. i thought, where did i see that?
6:52 pm
>> then i got this t-shirt, saddam hussein was captured. bush had all those cards. this is something special to me because it was when i was pressing the bus white house. it says zip it, henry. there's a story behind it. >> tucker: that is tony snow. >> it's a fun story and a sad story. what happened was, was really battling with tony snow. but you've got to push power, and you do this in your stove. he said, zip it, henry. what in the world. i think there was this also undercurrent, he was at fox and cnn, and he wanted to it to me. i wanted to tell you the story.
6:53 pm
i'm sitting there on on a friday. he said not only do we get you this t-shirt, but we leaked it to the reliable source. on monday, your friends brought this because you are battling the white house. i don't know if i really wanted to pay for it. that's funny. i get a phone call from one of my bosses at cnn saying can you talk? i said sure. tony snow just had a recurrence of cancer. and i said what? and so i had this mixed reaction of, first of all, i can't believe tony is sick again. sadly, he died very shortly after. everyone was a one morning it. but i was also thinking, i've got to go back in this restaurant to call "the washington post" and not to an item about how i was celebrating on friday. about my confrontation with tony snow. i'm telling you this story in
6:54 pm
part, these things can get out of control sometimes. after one of our other battles, a few hours later, we were out going to the white house and tony got me really close to me. and he came up and thought we were fighting. his assistant. tony turned to them and said no, you don't understand. ed has a job to do. i've got a job to do as well. there is nothing personal here. i always think back to tony because he was somebody who got even when he was at the podium being skewered by me or jim acosta or someone else, he got that when you are in power, you've got to face tough questions. >> tucker: we've got asked cuff questions as well. >> there has to be grace, and respect on both sides. >> tucker: i just checked amazon for ed's ranking, your book is killing it.
6:55 pm
>> i appreciate it. april 4th. >> tucker: coming up, what would our loyal viewers do if they were giving absolute power over america? we will tell you in our #kingforaday segment, which is coming upof next. once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you you found the perfect car foi'm a robot! yeti rawr ♪ jingle bells tents up guys. and used to find a place to service it at a fair price, too. signal, signal hey guys, how's it going?
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friend of yours? that's frequent heartburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. >> tucker: time for my favorite segment, #kingforaday. you told us what you would do if you had absolute single control of america. i'd watch that. why don't we talk about that? why is it always swept under the rug? many states just did. we will see if it makes things better. while back. wow.
7:00 pm
boy, that's brilliant. i love it. amen. we will end on that. #kingforaday. we will see you monday at nine, martha maccallum is starting. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" ." we will be joined in just a few minutes, but first, the alt let media is gushing over obama over his final days in the white house while viciously attacking president-elect donald trump as he prepares to take the oath of office and that is tonight's opening monologue. it's no secret that the alt radical left media has utter disdain for the president-elect. but we are seeing play out here, obama heads for the exits is a disgusting, despicable double standard. take


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