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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 14, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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here. because we are looking out for you. >> tom: welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" desk. >> coming up on the big show, the new republic things the democrats should run a celebrity cap or like leonardo dicaprio in 2020. mind you, it would take six nominations until he actually won. when i get it! [laughs] >> plus, a lefty dutch vegan is denied a passport because she's too annoying. i think she will wind up moving to brooklyn with no problem. and finally rolling stone counts down the 30 best sports movies. since i won't be a part of the
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discussion, only 29 is a bad list. >> tom: thank you, andy. nominations were like the oscars. let's welcome our guests. her favorite show is "prison break," remi spencer. local crawled out of the cellar. that is an insider comedy joke. comedian dan naturman. this is the only time i will support gun control. radio host mike gunzelman. and he's got more arms than a hindu god. sitting next to me is the host of the "anthony cumia show" on compound media, anthony cumia. let's start the show. with the 2022 presidential election around the corner, should democrats consider running a famous person? a writer for the new republicanc think so made the realization that
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donald trump is a celebrity. donald trump won the election, ergo celebrities win collections. he dismisses the idea that celebrity endorsements lost or the race, noting that hollywood is winning the cultural war. he writes... the whole business of hollywood's popularity, which is also the whole process of winning elections. he said we live in a media saturated world where fans have prayerfully -- here is the suggestions. the democrats could run leonardo dicaprio, beyonce, matt damon, or rosie o'donnell. all extremely popular americans. [laughter] what do you think? okay, out of that list of suggestions, who would you think is the most likely -- >> no, none of those people. >> tom: none? >> i kind of like the idea. i don't think it's that
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far-fetched. one of the things donald trump did is he shook up the whole scene. you don't have to be born and bred to become president anymore. i think we are going to see more interesting characters and i bet we do see movie stars running for higher office, may be in the presidency in 2020. but my vote would go first to indiana jones -- >> tom: indiana jones! >> the actor? >> [laughs] >> but because he was as david letterman called him the ass kicking president on "air force one." >> yes. >> and bill pullman, because he gave the best speech as president on "independence day." i still get the chills when i hear it. >> i get the chills, too. >> running up your leg... >> here it comes! "independence day"... >> tom: anthony, look. rosie does on the following.
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i think she could win the castro district of san francisco. don't you? >> middle america loves her. >> tom: that was the old rosie. the new rosie is so despised now, there is no way. >> why did he put rosie? >> what about matt damon. he was in the "martian"... >> tom: dicaprio! people like dicaprio. >> but is it "titanic" dicaprio... >> "the departed" ." >> now in titanic, he is sketched one like a french -- that's going to be controversial. >> i got a look likes to make nice than that. >> he jumped in the middle of somebody's romance! >> yes! he wasn't nice with the icebreaker. >> i think -- i don't think it's
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the movie celebrities. we look at them as kind of elites. they are like regular americans. i think it's reality show types. what do you think! >> like a snooki? >> made before congress. >> may be they reenact "america's most wanted." one of those guys. >> like, what? they play the criminals or will they be playing a president or something? >> i don't know, was the president ever in one of those? [laughter] i don't think we are on the same page. >> i don't know. what is the deal? who are they going to run? they got to find somebody. >> somebody like rosie or perhaps -- if you know this is why trump won because we are tired of the celebrities that are holier than thou. the electoral college video that you have with all those people like martin sheen and all of them trying to show their great influence on the electoral college. "please, don't vote for truck."
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it felt there was a funeral packet because they are so out of touch. these days people love chelsea handler, lena dunham. all the celebrities are on suicide watch anyway because the way they are reacting right now. they might not even be around in four years. >> maybe it's time, dance, to go to canada. >> they aren't living up to their promise. how can we expect them to live up the promise and office? dan, what about comedians quick mike al franklin, he made it in there. maybe that's where they should look. >> your average canadian doesn't have good ideas. they just cover it up with a stick. [laughs] >> they can't necessarily deliver the goods. >> what's this? global warming? >> they are often high-minded peer comedians often think they know more than other people. they think that, don't they? >> i don't know. >> are you running for
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something? >> i don't think i would run, but they could handle my way. i could get around a debate. once you sit down and make policy, that's not my thing. >> i know my limitations. >> you do? >> quite friendly, doing the show was me doing my limits. [laughter] >> you've got to go to limitations. moving on, donald trump is looking very much forward to the inauguration. >> i look very much forward to the inauguration. it's going to be a beautiful event. we have great talent, tremendous talent. we are going to have a very, very elegant day. the 20th is going to be something that will be very, very special, very beautiful. and i think we are going to have massive crowds because we have a movement. >> tom: he does have a movement. it just doesn't include a ton of hollywood celebrities. so who will perform on the 20th? earlier this week, marie osmond seemed instrument interested. >> have you been asked to perform at the trump inauguration? >> i have not. >> with you and thought into it? >> i don't get political, but i
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think when it comes to our country, we need to unite. if and to not support our president -- i think it's wrong. either we should. i think we should all support whether we are happy or sad or everything else, this is americ america. >> she then added i want to make salt lake great and i just bought 13 pounds of nutrisystem. >> she does look great. >> on thursday, marie said she had no intention of performing at the inauguration. but i think marie would be the perfect choice. she and donnie could reprieve the "star wars" duet from the reagan inaugural, i will never forget it. >> i've heard this song before. ♪ before they find out where we are ♪ ♪ they find our hiding place ♪ they don't know we are gone ♪ got to hide from them in
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space ♪ [laughter] >> tom: we were coming up on the chorus. that is the best part. ramey, look. they asked her. when you go on yahoo finance they throw the tough questions at you. not like they through the -- she said if asked i would because i'm an american. >> yes. i respect that answer. she seemed stunned, although it was hard for me to get her reaction to any of the question questions. she seemed stunned by the question, not prepared to answer it. >> she doesn't want to be political! it's hard when -- she's a celebrity. huge celebrity. marie osmond is huge. >> i lost so much weight before of her commercials. her and jenny cracked together. >> you appreciate how big -- look, i've got to tell you. anthony, you know how big donnie and marie were. they have the pop stars on their show. giants. >> in the era of the variety show, which is something like a dinosaur now. they were the giants.
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they were the biggest ever. >> this might be a memory that was implanted by mia farrow in my brain. did they have skating? >> they had skating! they skated all around the place and they did duets. he was contrary, she was rock 'n' roll. they did everything. >> i thought it was osborne not osmond is not doing it. i thought ozzie was going to come out to the inauguration. >> look. trump is very heavy metal. he has that spirit. he should have ozzie. he should have those guys. i >> i think tribute bands of real bands that you know what hit them. bruce springsteen tribute band. that way you get someone doing songs better than bruce without listening to that travel between songs. "we are living in a dangerous time!" "rosie, you are wanted -- "at celebrity look-alike's,
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imagine her coming up and praising donald trump. it would be hilarious! brilliant! >> they've got to do this. they've got to do it. somebody get them. i think we know somebody on it -- there >> "i love donald trump, rosie!" >> gunzelman, i don't want to talk to you because you insulted rihanna. >> i don't know -- >> get it up. >> the second generation... >> he might be there. >> the next generation, they are very talented. moving on. i can't believe you people don't know about -- the left wing dutch woman, a left-wing dutch woman has been denied a swiss passport because she's too annoying. nancy holds and seen here was born in the netherlands and moved to switzerland as a child. she has swiss children and speaks the language, but when she applied recently for a passport, she was rejected because locals were tired of her questioning swiss traditions.
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for instance, an animal rights activists loudly objects to the use of cowbells complaining, "the sound data cowbell makes is 100 decibels." she also would not want such a thing came close to our ears. also, the bells are especially heavy. it burns their skin. she has been denied before out of 206 citizens voted against granting her swiss nationality. a local politician said she didn't respect the swiss way of life and had it, a big mouth." holton recently admitted, "i think i spoke my mind too often and i say it out to loud" ." and, what do you think? should they deny someone for being annoying? >> well, the swiss have their own way of doing things. i am trying to stall for time. i don't have an answer. [laughter] i don't think it's over for her. i think she can appeal now. i think the citizens give their opinion, now she can go to a higher authority.
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>> she can. you can appeal. but i don't know why -- why do they allow the citizenry to do that? don't they have a system? >> it's funny, because i heard christopher walking is actually applying for swedish citizenship because of the more cowbell. [laughter] >> i should've seen this coming. i don't know why you were about to bring a minute. >> i would want to do that joke. >> the fact that you hold off. dan quick's make that give you credit. >> i'm not trying to be to schticky. >> he's way over thinking. >> it's not that -- we don't get a lot done on the show, do we anthony? >> not much. i was the king of locking her in a room and playing "mississippi queen" and "don't fear the reaper was quote over over agai again. ♪ just like the left hand it
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does ♪ >> what vegan goes to a country known for their cheese and milk? come on now. >> the legal anger angle here. >> i have been on the government web site to see who might how you become an official national, if i were to get dual citizenship. what would i need to do. other than living there for an amount of time, there are different ways. one of the primary things it says is that you have to be willing to embrace the swiss way of life. you will have to be willing to accept the traditions are to make that are typical in the country. she's speaking against it. she's rejecting rejecting the basic tendencies. >> unless one of these traditions is speak out against things. >> not listed on the web site. >> dan, did you think that there was much difference between the touch and if was? come on. >> a little donnie in there... [laughter]
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once again, stalling for time. >> dan, i didn't realize -- i kd of lumped all of these blond countries together. >> yes! why do you do that, dan? >> because i am in a racist. >> is that your jewish heritage? >> it might be. >> she said a spoon on a night is stupid. they shunned her after that. >> swiss army knife. >> thanks. >> i thought you meant for. >> can we cut that and maybe start over? >> could she make up for it in the usual round in the yodel round? >> thank you for bailing me out... [laughter] >> i wanted to let you guys know this. coming up, plenty more. how to lose your racism.
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>> tom: live from america's news headquarters, i matt finn. president-elect donald trump setting the bar for china and russia. speaking to "the wall street journal," he said sanctions against russia imposed by the obama administration will stay in place for a period of time. mr. trump saying he would do away with the sanctions would reach other goals important to the u.s. the president-elect also telling the journal that he will cannot commit to a one china policy until he sees progress in beijing and their trade practices. chinese leaders where fear is when mr. trump accepted a phone call from the president of taiwan which china views as a renegade province. congressional republicans taking
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their first steps to appeal obamacare. the house voting a budget resolution which would go back major parts of the law. how >> paul ryan says that he is working to scrap the wall and replace it at the same time. >> we have to step in and rescue people from the collapse of this law. there are good objectives they sought to coach even though the law. but we want more choices. more competition, no monopolies. that's what we want to replace it with, that's what we are working on right now. >> wells fargo pulling the plug on more than 400 bank branches. they will shut down by the end of 2018. the bank says the branches are lit closing because of preference for online and mobile banking and not because the banks' recent scandal involving the creation of fake customer accounts. producers of the "star wars" films say they have no plans to digitally recreate the character of plaintiff's lawyer. she was portrayed by actress carrie fisher who died in
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december. fisher had finished the upcoming eighth episode of the series prior to her passing. i am matt finn. now back to your late-night favorite, "red eye" ." >> tom: hr spaceman, folding chairs in a circle. a table with snacks. of course, people stand and introduce themselves. not as alcoholics, but as racist. started by raven ron buford in sunnyvale, california. he modeled after aa because, he said, the first step in aa is to admit you have a problem. the same rules apply here. the difference with aa, not everyone is an alcoholic. once you accept the fact that we are all racists, it's just varying degrees, said the reverend. adding, in our culture it's impossible not to be racist to some degree. so far, it's his group of
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california, but he created a kit so others can start their own group. the reverend says the number one admitting you are a racist, but important lowering the bar for what racism is to include all external differences like gender and sexual orientation. of his participants, he said, "it's like a parent watching their kid learn." he says, "you can't make them. you have to wait and let them learn." well, i am glad the program is free of condescension. remi, what do you think? racists anonymous? people are going to sign up for this? >> it's just so ridiculous. i don't know where to start. >> tom: start with the idea do you think -- he said everyone is racist, they only the program. >> but he also says, "i am going to change the definition of what a racist is. we are going to say if you look at people differently, that makes you a racist." he's redefining the term racist in order to create this group he
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thinks everybody belongs in. i think that one of the -- people who are actually racist, right? >> tom: yeah. >> unlike alcoholics, they think they are right. right? they aren't inclined to say that they have a problem. they believe in whatever their racist beliefs are. they aren't going to go and stand in a group and, "we need to fix this." >> tom: they think they are okay. >> an alcoholic, a drug addict. they may like their drug of choice, but they know at some point in their thought process that what they are doing is harmful to them and it's wrong. so, no. this is going nowhere. >> tom: racists aren't going to do that. anthony, is that true? this is in for racists. it's for white liberals who want to have something to do once a week. >> of course. it's just ridiculous. i will take this opportunity go to address people and say that, yes, i do have a problem with people that are different than me. [laughs] no, it's utterly ridiculous.
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i am in control of it. i can pull out one or two epithets. i'm in control of the whole thing. don't tell me i have a problem, all right. >> tom: dan, would you need something like this, 12 steps for racism? >> no, i'm completely in accord with remi and anthony. it's absurd. this buford character -- i am going to give them credit and i think it's just a scheme to get more lights on his facebook pag page. >> tom: two people do that? >> i don't think he's serious about it. it's an era where people are trying to get clicks and hits. this is a guy who is like, this could be controversial, maybe i will get a lot of clicks and hits and people would be talking about it. can you believe this? >> he says it's a scam. >> there is a lot of snowflakes out there who actually do believe this kind of stuff, that there is this whole privilege thing. have you ever been to the appalachian trail, there is no privilege there.
12:25 am
i work 60 hours a week and still end up on my knees in penn state bathroom -- >> that's a whole another story... a whole another meeting. >> there is no privilege going on! don't tell me i'm a freaking racist. you don't know anything about the! >> i know you have richard spencer hair. [laughter] >> anthony, you said. he said the appalachian trail. is that where the property is? i think that is where -- and whatnot. [laughter] >> the "oregon trail," the video game. >> i can imagine the people standing up. yes, i'm a racist. one day, i was cut off by somebody and of course they were asian. >> and you tell the story of how you are getting over your trying. >> it was featured in ""mother jones"," they featured one of the meetings. people were getting up, they
12:26 am
were confessing to their racism, they said that one woman said it was hard to pronounce some other weird names names. and then they said -- that's what they said, that's the first one. you probably shouldn't call our names weird. >> i haven't dropped the f-bomb in ten days! >> anthony, the most difficult step is the first one. what would you do if you get to the point where you contact everyone that you defended and make a phone call? >> i would strap on some kevlar, first of all, i don't think people are going to take too kindly. >> well... coming up. he is the watson to my holmes. and our podcast, fox news radio
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>> tom: welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and we've missed from tvs andy -- >> should the democrats run at celebrity candidate in 2020? you said the person, jeet heer, is at the new republic. remi, you think that indiana jones should run? you understand that is a
12:31 am
fictional character. [laughter] >> i would still vote for him. harrison ford, of course. >> i'm not happy either that he's a fictional character, remi. i'm with you on that. anthony, you said it would be the dicaprio from the "titanic" or the one from "departed"? >> i don't think a president is ready for with that article of a boston access >> when will that happen? >> i don't know. >> i think it can only be a kennedy. >> that is the upper crust. >> [in boston accent] are you a cop? tom, how was my boss boss and ask them what to make >> tom: not bad. it's like several people in "the departed." >> exactly! >> so true. gunz, you brought up all those
12:32 am
awful celebrity videos. i think america doesn't want to be lectured by liberal actors. are they going to vote for them? >> the only one who had a chance was kanye, he went for trump. the democrats are screwed. >> they are wasting their time. >> who are they going to vote for, vin diesel? >> well... vin diesel is, by the way, the best vin diesel we could ask fo for. nobody is better than being vin diesel. then, you said your average comedian doesn't have good ideas, they cover it up with schticks. i have news for those people. marie osmond said she'd be willing to perform at the what to make an authorization. remi, you said that she was done by it. that is because she's not at the point of the career to be asked to perform at an presidential
12:33 am
inauguration. >> that's not nice. she's never looked better. she doesn't have any wrinkles. >> absolutely. >> she lost all that weight. >> she's not exactly an a list celebrity. that's all i mean. it's just reality. i grew up watching her show. >> do we know the a-list celebrities who are going to be performing? >> we will get to that in a moment. tom, you said trump is a very heavy metal. >> yes. >> could you picture him headbanging with the hair? >> the fact he has that hair. >> he'll never do it. >> i think the heavy metal community, they appreciate trump. >> i think they appreciate someone who keeps the same here for 30-40 years. i totally agree with that. anthony, you suggested a bruce springsteen tribute band. believe it or not, the band called the b street band, one of the biggest cover bands, they are performing at the garden
12:34 am
state gala in washington, d.c. they are playing the inaugural. what a unique name for a cover band. they never seem to take an album name or a song. so unique. they apparently played the same party for president obama in 2009 and 2013. >> is the singer of that and obtain >> as a springsteen fan, i'm going to let that go. >> you used to be a springsteen fan, though, right? >> i saw bruce watts at the apollo theater. it was great. it was a great show. there were 800 people on stage. but then he starts talking and you are like, shut up. >> i find it hard to believe because we are the same age going up on long island, i don't know how you avoided being a springsteen fan. >> that was long island. i was billy joel. jerzy was springsteen. >> what about bon jovi...
12:35 am
>> gave me pat benatar and eddie money and billy joel. i don't have to leave my county. the dutch vegan denied the passport because she's too annoying. dan, of course this was half their own way of doing things. what did you mean by that? >> i think that self-evident. >> i think you are right. i think it's interesting they let the villagers will vote on whether or not you can become a resident of the country. >> the villagers, they are kind of like the judges on "last comic standing." they give their input, and they are ignored. [laughter] >> wow. >> all right. >> there is a higher authority, they give their input. >> you are right about that. the government can overrule the decision and give her a swiss passport. what year did this happen? villagers and elders... cobble shoes...
12:36 am
>> they made the announcement next to a big, long trumpet. [laughter] >> 12 step program to overcome know you were invited to come on a tv show tonight... [laughter] >> all, my god! my family is here! >> we all love you. >> i don't need this man... >> tell me, you pointed out that the founder of this racist anonymous said that we are all races. what a great way to grow your business. it's a genius idea. he is the best capital as possible. >> week even regional aa guys, they didn't think that. >> but according to the left, we all are. you are! all of you. not me. all of you. gunz, between the appalachian trail and the penn state bathroom, i don't know what's
12:37 am
going on... >> i'm a millennial. this is what you have to look forward to. >> he's right about your richard spencer at hair. you should look into that. lastly, i think we have this tape. anthony, what the hell is this? >> she said it's been on a knife is stupid and they shot her after that. >> swiss army knife? >> why did you have to rub that in? >> once you said you wanted it gone... >> that's true. okay. >> never saw a swiss army knife. >> i thought it was funny. >> to be fair, requited out of the original. >> man... i'm done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, the 30 greatest sports movies of all time. speaking of great sports...
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>> tom: >> live from america's s headquarters, i am matt finn. the justice department and the city of chicago agreed to reform the city's police department. u.s. attorney general a letter alleging release the findings of a year-long investigation friday. >> the part of justice has
12:42 am
concluded there is reasonable cause to believe that the chicago police department and engages in pattern or practice of use of excessive force in violation of the fourth amendment to the constitution. >> black lives matter activist say they do not trust chicago mayor rahm emanuel to reform the police department as that he has pledged to do. services were held for stephen mcdonald, a detective with the new york city police who died of a heart attack. he lived for more than 30 years after being shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. thousands of fellow officers coming to st. patrick's cathedral for the services. as expected, chief john roberts will be the one to administer the oath of office for president-elect trump. it's now been announced that clarence thomas will give it to mike pence, known as a staunch member of the conservative wing. another victory for the
12:43 am
president-elect, saying they will cut the cost of the f35 jet fighter program. this comes after vocal request from trump. the ceo says the program will bring a lot of jobs to the u.s. and if you wanted to live longer, try more spicy food. researchers finding people who ate chili peppers had less heart attacks and strokes, helping them with longer. they can present more of without chilis in their diet. i am matt finn. back to the show that spices up there late nights, "red eye" ." >> tom: "rolling stone" made a list of the top 30 sports movies of all time. and somehow neglected to include an "air bud: golden receiver," the story of a golden retriever who can play football. let's see who did make the cut.
12:44 am
"rudy" was at number 26. "the natural" at number 13. here is the top ten. "friday night lights." "when we were kings." >> "raging bull." "rocky." "hoop dreams. >> "caddyshack"... i don't think that's a sports movie. >> its golf. come on. >> it is golf. there is a lot of golf in it. but golf does not really the pinnacle of that movie. i don't know. i project myself in the future, i think "rollerball" was kind of nice. >> that was fantastic! speaking of james condon, do you know who was in there? >> brian's song. guys don't like remembering that fake crying. >> they balled their eyes out. didn't even know what we were talking about. the remake happened after you were born.
12:45 am
okay. what should've made the list? >> i passed off because he should not be close number one, because you didn't even have sarah tiger blood himself charlie sheen from "major-league" and it! they made three of them, and you didn't even have "the sandlot"? >> sandlot, that's ridiculous. "karate kid part three" was not even on it. >> i didn't get into part three. i didn't see the first circle. >> they send movies. they didn't specify. there are some great sports tv movies. i'm talking about "top of the head" with wayne rogers. and let's not forget, "shining season" with timothy bottoms. >> you are right about that. you aren't kidding. also, what about -- >> and they came from left field >> host: left field! >> it's not made for tv, that was hbo. but all good points.
12:46 am
>> karate kid. i'm forgetting the name of the baseball movie with tom hanks and all the women... >> "a league of their own!" >> may be the girls' list. >> excuse me? >> you can have your own list. >> top 15 girls of austria sports. >> what about the batting cage scene in "when harry met sally," would that put it over the top? >> "cool writings"... an american classic. i don't know -- speaking of movies that made it on here, i don't think documentaries should be allowed on this list. that's a different category. >> no, it's a movie. if you are putting documents, you've got to put -- i don't have any idea -- no >> "and we were kings" is a good film. >> that should make his own lis list. >> they do sports in that one. >> no they don't. >> it's nothing with that in the "entourage. it's like "the real housewives
12:47 am
of new jersey." >> what? what is the problem with jersey? >> you have "rocky two." >> that easily should be number one. >> boxing... a lot of great boxing films and "raging bull was on the >> the other one that is not on there, "the champ." >> it's terrible. >> they have something against ricky schroeder who made this list, because silver spoon, once that happened we never look at on the same way again. >> you know what? you are right. he also did great and "nypd blue." it was "the silver spoon" that knocked it off. >> there were no sports in "nypd blue." just like no crying in baseball. coming up, don't you have great abs? you could still get a date. find out how the next find out how the next
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>> tom: coming on on the next "red eye" ." ♪ a 25-year-old canadian has found the secret to getting a date. poetry. the young man who goes by the name of joe bagel claims he gets responses from 95% of the women he contacts on tenders simply by writing them and acrostic or name poem. for instance, he wrote lillian, love interferes loudly and on the various enterprises. lillian responded, way to my court. that seems to be the case with all women. to the chlamydia afflicted mayo mayor, she responded with tears of joy. and when he said, healthy, coach leaves. -- you are a doll. how did you know that acrostic
12:53 am
makes me weak in the knees? it's hard, because girls will be so enamored with the poem that they will ask you about themselves. you have to be more careful about how many problems i send. this is interesting. remi, would you be affected by acrostic poems? >> i'm not a poetry kind of gal. >> you don't respond? >> i don't think anyone has ever written a poem about my name -- >> i thought he wrote you. i looked online, and he said, "release every murderous inmates," remi. you didn't answer him? >> no. what's his name? i should look them up. >> it's joey bagels, i think. he could be -- >> i send people to prison, so i have to send him? [laughter] >> has he hit close to the target? he keeps splattering on the
12:54 am
pavement. [laughter] dan, girls love when you take the time, though. don't they? >> yes, they do. you have an older fellow compared to this guy. the girls that match up with me on tinder don't require this kind of effort. [laughter], i only ask for a bo, they think i'm interactive att. >> i have used 321. i haven't had very good luck. >> you should use the problems. you never know. >> wait a minute... >> i feel that i saw that on "red eye." get your own gimmick. >> i think that is right. >> i used to do this, but i didn't think it was poems. "catherine unleashes never ending -- --
12:55 am
>> the art poems... >> i sent a girl the poem of nantucket once. >> did it have a happy ending for! >> welt... she once lived there. >> wait, my producers tell me that you have an admiring her and they are sending you a message. clean uzis make immaculate arms. i'm in love! this is your kind of medium, right? swiping the right, swiping left? >> is worked out great for me in my life. >> it seems every young person uses tinder. >> i went on one tender date in my life and she kept asking how tall i was, i am 5'7", 5.8. oh, i'm 5-foot five. did you think i would not notice? instead of doing the obligatory two drinks and leave, had the one drink for her. >> what? >> atoll
12:56 am
>> i had a pair. i'm screwed. >> are you are intimidated by tall women? >> they scare me. >> i want to know how this works. you saw her, shook her hand, and left? >> i went to the bathroom and then i left. >> you just c block to yourself, from any kid watching the show. >> i'm available now for anybody out there! >> gentlemen, i'm getting a message. a woman is writing in. gunz. that's terrible. mom, damn it! >> i was going out with a weird guy with a hairdo, heinrich himmler hair. was she big like a wnba big? speaker she lied to me. >> you know... i have been on several dates
12:57 am
from internet. >> the show was ending. >> they all lie about their height. they are shorter than i am. >> ray spencer! mike gunzelman and anthony cumia. that does it for me, tom shillue. good-bye. t" is next.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> bret: a rhetorical line been crossed, john lewis says russian interference makes the donald trump presidency illegitimate. this is sb 18. ♪ good evening, welcome to another two-hour edition of sb 18. we are coming to live tonight from gorgeous naples, florida, as the sunsets over the gulf. one of the most senior democrats capitol hill says he does not consider donald trump's election to be legitimate. critics say this is an


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