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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 16, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> he doesn't look like he's ready to take off at a trot. [ laughing ] looks like he just ate a vol, waggen and is going to digest it. >> hauling a lot of weight. no offense. >> america's headquarters starts right now. >> with the inauguration only days away, president-elect trump just wrapping up a meeting with martin luther king iii a few moments ago on this day, which honors his father's life and work. hello, i'm sandra smith. the son of the civil rights leader addressing a recent sparring match between the president-elect and civil rights leader and georgia congressman john lewis. the president-elect calling out the outgoing cia director, john brennan. just after brennan told fox news sunday for trump doesn't understand how big a threat russia is. theater ducey is live outside trump tower. a lot of action outside there
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today. but is this what sparked owl that action from donald trump? >> it is. sandra, john brennan, the cia director said over the weekend he thinks the president-elect needs to be careful what he does and says with regard to russia. and mr. trump did not appreciate getting that advice from brennan. he took to twitter, first to quote a fox news headline that appeared on screen, ongoing cia chief john brennan blasts prez-elect trump on russia threat. president-elect said look at syria, crimea, and the buildup of russian nukes. was this the leaker of fake news? and the soon to be press secretary, sean spicer, added this a few hours ago. >> this is an individual in brennan that's supposed to be some one that the president and president-elect should be able to trust. you see him making outward comments.
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frankly don't understand the bredded of donald trump's understanding of russia. to make a comment is not to understand who he is and the understanding that he has of russia and the geopolitical landscape. >>nd with respect to russia, mr. trump said in an interview with the times of london over the weekend, he will begin his administration trusting president putin but it may not last long at all. sandra? >> very good. thanks for joining us. and by the way, what is on the president-elect's schedule today, what more do we look forward to? >> it was just that meeting with martin luther king jr. iii, the oldest son of dr. kwing on dr. martin luther king jr. day. the transition team said they would be upstairs talking about dr. king's legacy. it comes the monday after a weekend spent going back and forth with john lewis, lewis called truch an illegitimate president, trump said lewis
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should focus on cleaning up his district. the word from transition officials about all of that was one of disappointment this weekend. they say they have respect for the platform congressman lewis earned as a civil rights leader. they just wish he would use that platform for something else instead of knocking the president who is going to be sworn in four days from now. >> we will have monther on that in a -- more on that in a few minutes live outside trump tower, peter doocy. president-elect trump saying we will have health insurance for everybody, adding, quote, it won't be their plan, it will be another plan. but they will be beautifully covered. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live on capitol hill. what does he mean? >> his team is explaining what mr. trump's vision is on healthcare. that he would use his successful business and negotiation skills to drive down costs and create more plan and doctor options. his incoming white house press secretary talked about it on "fox and friends".
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>> right now, what donald trump is talking about is actually instill a massive sense of competition into the system that gives people that choice they have always wanted. by doing so, also lowers the competition. i mean the cost. >> on friday, paul ryan talked about healthcare for all being a noble goal. >> everyone in america should have access to affordable healthcare. including people with pre-existing conditions. this is what we want to achieve. but that's not what is happening under obamacare. >> the president-elect warned congress can't get cold feet because the american people will not let that happen. sandra? >> what are top democrats say agent this stage in the game? >> well, they have made fun of republicans for not having a concrete gop healthcare plan ready after years of saying they want to scrap obamacare. before house lawmakers left town last week, nancy pelosi sounded ready to northbound. >> the affordable care act, don't diminish the number of
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people covered, or increase the cost, do damage to medicare and medicaid, let's talk. >> the initial goal was repeal in a hurry and then replace later this year. now most republicans seem to want to do repeal and replace around the same time. sandra? >> all right. we have a lot more to learn on this. mike emmanuel, thank you. david goodfriend is the president of goodfriend government affairs, former deputy surrogate to bill clinton and former strategist to george w. bush. donald trump is promising health insurance for everyone and he's getting close to the product. what do you make, now, of what you're seeing, mercedes? >> i think, you know, the way trump is. he thinks big, he thinks bold, he's willing to take on the challenge to ensure that all americans have access to affordable healthcare. that's obviously not what we have seen under obama hair.
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under obamacare we have seen increased premiums in the individual markets and the family markets as well. what we have seen is nearly three-quarters of the individuals who signed up for the obamacare have ended up on medicaid which we know limits their choices in terms of the best doctors. and, really, it's been a system that is not working, you have one in five americans that really only get to choose one option in terms of a health insurance. this is not what i call a success and it's why we need to repeal and replace immediately. >> mercedes, you led by saying he thinks big. that is a concern coming from the right of donald trump's plan here. they're concerned that this is going to expand government too much what he is readying ride now. >> i don't see how. >> well, david, could he face opposition from the right on what he puts forward? >> well, absolutely. you will have to excuse my voice today, i'm hoarse because i was cheering for my home state green
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bay packers. who won a great game yesterday. [ laughing ] in answer to your question, mercedes, talk about wisconsin, where paul ryan the housekeeper is from, a state that donald trump carried just barely by 2,000 votes. first time since 1984 the state went for a republican presidential election. under the aca, uninsured dropped by over 40%. now they're about 210,000 people in the state. who can thank obamacare for having coverage. those are the people that republicans and donald trump in particular really have to be concerned about here. the coverage. if they lose coverage as a result of any changes, that's a real political hot wire in states precisely like wisconsin, my home state, which is an example of the state where coverage did increase under the aca, obamacare. but if there's a change, and this is what is really important, donald trump is talking about increasing competition. i think that's a good thing. democrats have wanted, for
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example, federal government to be able to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. all good things. no one on my side, i don't think works say that's bad. >> mercedes, look at this, there's going to be one of two outcomes. he going to put forward and day one he'll get in there, and implement it, 1n. the first 1900 days it'll work or it won't. will democrats support the plan if it looks like it's working? >> that's the biggest challenge to bring the democrats onboard to support a replacement. about 60% of obamacare can be dismantled by the budget reconciliation. the other 40%, you need 60 votes in the senate to bring it through, you have to bring with you republicans need to bring some of these democrats along. so i think that's the bigger challenge, bringing those democrats to support you, the republicans in the process. with that being said, it's going to be, the detail, looking into the specific details which i think need to be laid out. you're going to see donald trump
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will take many of his, the advice from tom price, who would hopefully be the incoming hhs cabinet secretary. where he, himself, came up with a plan while he was congressman. talks about refundable tax credits and increasing competition by allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. those are going to be some of the proponents. are you going to see more of a piecemeal approach rather than comprehensive. but i agree with david, there are political consequences, you can't afford to allow the 20 million of those who have been insured to just be in limbo, there needs to be -- >> that timing is going to be everything, david. and right now, as democrats look at donald trump laying out a plan to lower costs, increase competition, increase availability across plans, options i should say, how can you argue with that? >> well, you can't. the reshtd have the sentence is, and no one will lose their coverage. people under 26 can stay on
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their parents' plans. no preexisting condition will disqualify you. those all require acts of law which to a republican conservative is big government telling business what to do. but you can't have one without the other. i think that's the delicate tightrope that donald trump is walking. i will say this, i do believe that there are democrats who are gettable for donald trump. there are democratic senators up for re-election in states that he carried. clare mccaskill in missouri, heidi highcamp. provided that the base line, i don't want to vote for something and see people worse off. what is interesting to me, democrats had a hard job proving the negative, going home and saying obamacare, you're in better position than you would have been without it. that's hard to prove. the republicans, ironically are in the same boat f they make the changes and something goes wrong, they have on argue you're better off than you would have been. >> the democrats haven't owned
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the failures of this, of the current plan, the affordable care act. we have to leave it there, david, mercedes, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> civil rights icon and president-elect in a war of words as a growing roster of democrats say they will not attend the president's inauguration. what congressman john lewis said about their feud, just moments ago. plus, a lone gunman opens fire at an electronics music festival in mexico. the details of this deadly attack. >> we were able to hear the shots very clearly. even though the music was extremely loud in the club. and the music continued playing throughout those five minutes as we were panicking and hiding. for lower back pain sufferers,
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>> we're learning more about those behind the new year's eve attack in turkey. they say it was carried out with the help of an intelligence organization. 35 people were killed. the gunman is still on the loose. isis previously claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was revenge for turkey's involvement in syria. >> just days to go until inauguration day, 26 democrats are announcing they will skip the ceremony. some making a decision after the president-elect attacked civil rights acon congressman john lewis on twitter. the president-elect calling him out after lewis said mr. trump was not a legitimate. . vice president elect mike pence weighing in, saying it is time for all americans to come together. >> i serve with john lewis, i
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disagreed with him on many issues. but i respect the role he has played in the civil rights movement and voting rights movement. that's why i was just so disappointed that he would make the statement that he made. >> chris of fox news political politics editor an editor of the halftime report, good to see you. >> howdy. >> what do you make of the back and forth happening right now. >> well, at least we're not talking about the issues. no, i'm kidding. the reality for washington is they're not talking about the issues, right? that's the, all of the noise, all of this thunder over, what is essentially nothing. democrats have not been able to come to terms with donald trerm's -- i shouldn't say democrats, a lot of democrats haven't been able to come to terms with donald trump's election, legislate mizing an illegitimate. . you're too late o friday it's going to happen. while they are focused on
11:17 am
complaining, they're focused on protesting, donald trump is putting together a government. the republicans in congress are putting together a legislative agenda. democrats aren't fighting that. they're protesting what they see a unacceptable behavior by donald trump, domd trump criticizing, donald trump acting this way or talking this way. they're upset about that. that doesn't help them advance their agenda. that doesn't help them turn back to republicans. that just leaves them out of the discussion. >> should the president-elect be responding to these type of attacks or comments on twitter? i think we find ourselves asking that question almost every time. should he let it roll off his back? his team says he has the right to defend himself. >> so can and should are two different things. is donald trump going to change, no. we've seen it. this is what he does. and it works. in this case it works really well by attacking lewis, right, so you get more dem krts up in arms, more people with hurt
11:18 am
feelings, more people outraged, more people talking about that. they're not talking about russia, they're talking about whether or not they're offended by the tweet that he issued. >> john lewis is still talking about it and he talked about it this morning at the mlk bring fast. hered what he said. >> never give up. never give in. stand up. speak up. when you see something that is not right and not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something, and not be quiet. [ applause ] >> stand up, say something, not be quiet. chris? >> so you can do all those things. my point is, that stand up and not show up? stand up and shun the event? okay. that's fine. you want to say donald trump isn't a legitimate president. when republic answer said that barack obama was not a legitimate president, people like, including donald trump, said he might have been secretly born in kenya, that was, that
11:19 am
hurt our system. it hurt the credibility of our system. drove us further apart. we have a new president and people on the other side saying he's not legitimate. on we go. we pour the sulphuric acid on to the institutions and hoping that they stand up. well, i promise when they crumble or if they fail us, it will be because of these decades, now, of people doing this harm. >> some of those that aren't showing up, kurt shrader, representative from oregon, said he's not a big trump fan. met the guy, never impressed with him. that was his reasoning for not attending. california representative barbara lee, i will not be celebrating, i will be organizing and preparing for resistance. so, those are just some of the excuses, i guess you -- well, chris, good to see you. >> happy monday. >> a plane drops out of the sky and the crash kills dozens on impact. what went wrong? the late oernt the
11:20 am
investigation. and we are just four days out from the historic inauguration. we are live on the parade route with a look at security preparations, there are a lot of them. some, like the country has never seen before.
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turkish cargo plane crashes in central ashia. the boeing 747 barrelling into a village in kirk stan today crashing -- kyrgyzstan just
11:24 am
short of the airport, before destroying 15 buildings and killing at least 33 on the ground. the number of victims rising as bodies are found in the wreckage. investigators say the pilot was trying to land the aircraft in thick fog. all four crew members on the plane were killed. at least five people dead and 15 injured after a lone gunman opened fire at an electronic moussic festival in mexico. police saying the shooting happened early in morning at a nightclub inside a hotel just south of cancun. some of those killed appear to be part of the security detail at the event. four people under arrest, but remains unclear if that includes the shooter. jonathan hunt joins me live with more on this. what do we know about how this all unfolded? >> well, san drashgs it was about 2:30 in the morning in playa dell carmen, 44 miles south of cancun, when gunshots rang out of the blue parrot nightclub. the final night there of an
11:25 am
electronic dance music festival. when the gunshots rang out as you can see, it sent panicked club-goers literally running for their lives. rally lee is an american music journalist, she was in the -- valley lee was in the club at the time. listen to her experience here. >> all of a sudden we heard four to five very clear shots and everyone kind of stopped to hear what was going on. and quickly processed what had just happened and started running away from the main entrance and towards back exit. >> among the five dead, sandra, we are told that by canadian authorities, two canadians. as far as we know at this point, no americans were killed. we still are waiting nationalities on 195 who were wounded in the gun attack. >> what do we know about a motive at this point?
11:26 am
>> well, be only when you hear shoot things a nightclub, sadly in the wake of istanbul and orlando, your thoughts turn to terrorism. but that appears to have been ruled out in this case. the state police chief saying this shooting was the result of a, quote, disagreement inside the venue. now, what was behind that disagree will be the subject of the investigation given that this is mexico, drug links will be looked at although it has to be said that playa dell carmen has not been at the center of a lot of the drug violence we've seen afflicting other areas of mexico. whatever the cause of this shooting, the sad fact is, that today five people are dead as a result of simply afending what should have been a joyful music festival. >> jonathan hunt, thanks for the report. fox news alert, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter arrested by the fbi. her his bapd, omar matin, killed
11:27 am
49 people when he opened fire in june. he was killed in a shootout with police. police say his wife was taken into custody in northern california where she moved after the shootings. she faces charges in florida relateded to obstruction of justice. unpress dpenlted levels of security to deal with, unprecedented of the incoming president and his inauguration. what's different about this ceremony compared to previous ones? we are live on the parade route. the president-elect giving details of how he would handle one of the deadliest foreign policy problems of the last five years. >> possibly the worst decision made in the history of our country. just like throwing rocks into a beehive. it's one of the great messes of all time.
11:28 am
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crunch time in d.c. as our nation's capital gets ready for the big inauguration. adam shapiro of the fox business network has a preview live from the inaugural parade route. how much is all this goes to cost and who's paying for it? a question you're used to asking on the business network. >> that is correct, sandra. good to see on you this monday. it's going to cost about $175 million to $200 million. before you clasp your chest and say that's a lot of money, it's roughly when you adjust for
11:32 am
inflation the same amount that the inauguration of president barack obama, that inaugural festivities cost roughly four years ago. who's paying for all this? as you look at the video of the prep prigss and practice that have been under way, they did a practice parade yesterday with marching bands and people filling in for the president-elect and his family. marching down pennsylvania avenue. when you ask about who's going on pay for this, boeing has donated about $1 million, u.p.s., j.p. morgan-chase, a lot of sponsors donating roughly $90 million to the inaugural committee. that is a record for donations. if you're wondering, by the way, what you might experience on friday, here's what vice president-e leekt mike pence had to says to what we can hear from the president-elect. >> i'll let him speak for himself on friday, i think the american people will see the same donald trump they saw every day of the campaign step up to the podium.
11:33 am
he's going to speak from his mind, he's going to speak from his heart, and he's going to lay out a vision to make america great again. >> and i just want to show you one thing, you're familiar with washington. right over here on the parade route is the famous willard hotel, washington's premiere luxury hotel, it's so fine even the grey poupon mustard asks for grey poupon. you can still get a room for $450,000 for four nights that,'s a bar began on your expense report, right? >> wow, really, $450,000. >> 450. and it's an incredible room. you going to do a story on this? it's a sweet package with a huge suite, you get to overlook the parade route, quite the deal. >> sounds like you thoroughly checked it out. adam shapiro, good to see you. well, security will be tight, before, during and after the
11:34 am
inauguration. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with what it will take to keep everyone safe. what will be the main focus of the fbi? >> sandra, the fbi's focus is on counterterrorism, running down leads, then pushing at the intelligence to partner agency. there's more concern this year about the use of drones and vehicles as weapons. fox news went inside the fbi command center with lead agent paul abate. they have a surge capacity o this wall they have the ability to track agents in realtime with gps technology. >> the smaller scale, more simplistic attack is something that's much higher on the radar now versus four years ago. but in terms of our approach to it, it's -- we're considering and thinking about and planning for and looking out for the whole spectrum of threats. >> the capital, some of the perimeter fencing is going up,
11:35 am
and homeland security, said about 28,000 people will secure this event from the national guard to the feds as well as d.c. police. will be a hardened security perimeter including trucks with sand or cement like you saw in new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade a direct response to the isis-inspired plots where they use trucks as weapons. >> huge undertaking. how is all this coordinated, catherine? >> the multi-agency communication center known as the mac is really the brains of the operation. it has reps from 47 different agencies. and we asked the secret service director friday whether more security is in place given the fbi's concern about these lone wolves or self-radicalized terrorists. >> are there any security measures in place? >> there are some new security measures in place, i'd say. but they're incremental over years. as, again, emerging threats develop. certainly, we always talk about the physical security. but there's also a virtual security here. the virtual environment, cyber
11:36 am
environment. >> it's important to note that doane flights are banned in d.c. air space. the fbi said they have the technology that can not only detect the drone, even if it's not in the air, there will be consequences even for bringing it into the crowd, san draft. >> that, you, catherine herridge. >> you're welcome. >> president-elect trump has blasted president obama's handling of the war in syria. now he's condemning russia's role and at the same time offering details on his vision for a path toward peace. listen. >> i think we should have built safe zones in syria. would have been a lot less expensive. get the gulf states to pay for them who aren't coming through. that money that nobody has, we run it, they run it, would have been a lot less expensive than the trauma that germany is going through. >> jillian turner, former white house security staff under
11:37 am
president george w. bush. and barack obama. george bush and barack obama and fox news contributor. good to see you here, jillian. what did you take of the president-elect's plan there, on syria? >> i took a lot of heart, i think he's right twochlt-fold. it looks like he is willing to hold russia accountable for the atrosities they've committed there. number two, he's talking about a safe zone or no-fly zone, maybe both together. he's right to point out it's something that could have been implemented a few years ago to much greater effect. i'm glad to see he's looking at. that sounds like it's still an option that might be on the table moving forward. it's one of the better ideas putting forward to deal with the civil war that wages on. >> he criticizes russia for its role, he wants to see russia's arsenal reduced. this is the most specific we've seen the president-elect get. >> well, it's the most specific and also a little bit of a reversal.
11:38 am
which i personally welcome. his language so far has been quite complimentary of the putin regime for good reason, he wants to try and repair the by-lateral relationship and have lowser relationship on fighting isis, commendable. his language publicly has veered toward the supportive. when i think that it would have behooved him all along to be more critical of the russian regime, i'm glad to see him stepping forward and saying he will be holding them accountable. >> this has been a huge talking point during the campaign, during trump's campaign. and now, as president-elect everyone is still left wondering what will donald trump's relationship, what the trump administration relationship look like with russia. and can we trust russia? >> well, i don't think there's any doubt in anybody's mind who's been following the u.s.-russian bilateral relationship for a few years that we can trust them. we can't trust them as far as we
11:39 am
can throw a stick at them. they've lied to us over the past few years about everything from their illegal military incushions into georgia -- incursions into georgia, u crane, annexation of crimea, moat tyvations going into syria. they maintain they're there to help combat isis, a little bit become ridiculous at this point. there's no question as to whether or not we can trust them. the question probably donald trump is asking himself and his new administration is what degree can we work with them to help achieve those narrow areas where we do have mutual interests, like fighting isis, how closely can we work with them. >> gillian, chinese state media issuing a three clet to president-elect trump, saying beijing will, quote, take the gloves off if mr. trump continues to negotiate a closer relationship with taiwan. where is this going?
11:40 am
>> his -- president-elect trump's time where he can say things and not have them quarry the full force of policy is narrowing. we have four days left. i think what he was trying to do on this issue up until now is sort of hedge against china, maybe threaten them a little bit with the idea that he's going to be working with the taiwanese government. as soon as he becomes president of the united states on friday, his ability to communicate with that government ends in the sense that anything he does do is going to be done in an official capacity and will officially represent u.s. foreign policy. starting friday he has to not have communications with that government. unless he wants to indicate to the chinese that the one china policy is coming to an end. i don't think that's something he's decided yet. these are three huge foreign policy discussions from syria to russia, to china. >> gillian, these first 100 days after friday is over, will be closely watched.
11:41 am
his performance will be measured, he will -- the scrutiny will be tight. what does that first 1900 days look like when dealing with these three topics alone? >> well, i think -- first 100 days? >> a lot of things will be topsy-turvy as donald trump gets in the drivers seat. remember, he's approached everything up until now, as a private citizen, not exactly private but, you know, in the colloquial sense. also from a business perspective. now when he becomes commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces, he's the president, he's in charge of u.s. foreign policy, it will be a different perspective. one i don't any he can anticipate a few days out. once he's there and he has military leadership and he has civilian foreign policy leadership coming to him for tough decisions, i think it's going to change his world view a little bit. as it does every president. particularly, a president who is not worked the foreign policy apparatus before.
11:42 am
a little bit of unpredictability is definitely going to follow. he will have a steep learning curve during the first 1900 days. where we fall out on russia and china, i didn't kre ticket. >> steep learning curve and tough decisions to make. >> yes. >> gillian turner, thanks for being here. >> thanks, sandra. >> a wild night of severe weather leaving a mess in some states midwest and plains. items not clearing away so easily. plus, agents finally nabbing a man on the fbi's most wanted list. how long this man was on the run. >> we got a tip from a call line, public access line, stating that i think i recognize this person.
11:43 am
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>> shepard: shepard smith. ahead on reports of the trump tr transition officials are considering removing the press corps from the white house proper. we'll speak with the "wall
11:46 am
street journal" white house reporter. he said this isn't the first time an incoming administration has considered limiting access to the president. top of the hour. >> ice threat lingering for a few states, storms move through the center of the country. in oklahoma, an ice storm hitting hard leaving streets slippery. authorities saying the conditions are likely behind a string of vehicle crashes. in st. louis, freezing rain leaving plaments at the botanical gardens glazed in sheets of ice. one tornado suching down in central texas knocking out power lines. moat rl jiesht adam clock in the fox weather center with the latest. hey, adam. >> hey, there. everything you mentioned all coming from one system. it continues to work its way across the country. beginning with those storms we saw yesterday in portions of texas. really tornadoes running right near dallas, outside of arlington as we saw the football game wrap up last evening.
11:47 am
we shift to the east, stretching into arkansas. these are areas where we could see severe weather a little later today. heading in to that time frame right now, heat of the day, to spur on some of these. farther to the north, it's all this exact same system stretching up to the upper midwest. that's where we see the frozen precipitation. it is heading farther and farther north, maybe less folks being impacted. but we've seen freezing rain moving through pourings of chicago, lifting up to my, extreme upper midwest running into michigan over toward minnesota as well. timing this of the in the next couple of days, we will be watching this system sweep across very top of the country, eventually settling itself in wednesday getting closer to the north east. as far as our winter weather warnings it does follow that exact track, maybe possible ice and snow across extreme northern portions of the country. everything in the south actually dealing with extremely warm area. air f you head through the week,
11:48 am
we have an inauguration end of the week, temperatures way above average in d.c., mid-50s. for your friday. keep the umbrella handy, about 30% chance of rain, temperatures above the seasonal average. topping off closer to 51 degrees for inauguration coming on friday. >> wow, welcome news for many. >> very warm. >> maybe no coats. >> just the umbrella. >> thank you very much. dangerous weather conditions in kansas. scary new dash cam video showing just how dangerous. take a look at this. a semitruck jack-knifed into the path of oncoming trfk. kansas highway patrol trooper swerving to the shoulder just missing the semi. the whole moment captured on cruiser camera. wow. u.s. officials sounding the alarm over drug tunnels crossing the border saying mexico needs to do more to prevent any security risk. why mexico says that is not
11:49 am
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what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
11:52 am
>> one of america's most wanted captured in texas. terry strickland arrested in el paso after being on the run for six months. he is on the fbi's ten most wanted list for allegedly killing two men in milwaukee. officials say it happened when a fight broke out in front of a home back in july. strickland came outside and fired gun into the crowd. he fled, leaving his 18-month-old daughter alone inside. strickland has been charged with two counts of homicide.
11:53 am
u.s. officials are calling attention to underground tunnels used by drug smugglers in mexico saying they pose a security risk if mexico doesn't do more to seal them. chris gall a gear with more. >> thank you. we're not just talking about crawl spaces to get from mexico into the u.s. these tunnels are very large and in some cases very elaborate with their own ventilation system, even their own rail systems with the capacity to carry tons of drugs across the border. here's the problem. on the u.s. side of the border, the tunnels have been filled with concrete. but on the mexican side of the border only the openings of the tunnels have been blocked off. the mechanics con government says it doesn't have the money to fill the passage ways with cement. experts say because the tunnels themselves are largely intact, the drug cartels are trying to reactivate them by digging a new entry point in mexico. and then digging a new exit point on the u.s. side. so far at least, four of the
11:54 am
tunnels have been reused including one near the tijuana airport that opened up near san diego. the tunnels were dug by the drug cartels, but now there is a big concern they could pose a security risk. for example michael flynn who has been tapped by the president-elect to become the next national security advisor, recently said he believes islamic terror groups and sun countries that support those groups with cutting deals to get access to the routes. listen to texas congressman who chairs the house homeland security committee said in september. watch. >> we know that jihad interests are looking at every route into america from sneaking across the southwest border to flying in as tourists and refugees. >> a little factoid november of 2013 to july of 2014, 143 individuals on the u.s. terror watch list were caught trying to gain access into the u.s. from
11:55 am
mexico. sandra? >> trace gallagher, thank you. >> dozens forced to wlun the roof of a new sports arena starts to collapse. this was the scene over the weekend in the czech republic. there were 80 people inside at the time but no one badly hurt. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. there was a small layer of snow on the roof but officials say that should not have caused the collapse. >> all right, crews now hard at work fixing this massive sinkhole near san francisco. the 40 foot wide, whoa, 15-foot deep hole in a parking lot near a church in pacifica, california. residents say it started out smaller before storms pounded the area last week. crews say it could take six weeks to repair. president obama squeezing in one last executive meeting with some hometown heros who are dear to my heart.
11:56 am
what awesome team rejigered their schedule to get the president's official congrats. a chicago girl is happy to bring enthusiasm story next. ♪ you could spend the next few days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds. skip the bank, skip the paperwork, and go completely online. securely share your financial info and confidently get an accurate mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket
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>> the chicago cubs have waited a very long time for this moment. the 2016 world series champs making the ceremonial trip to the white house to meet the president. president obama greeting the champs about an hour ago as they continue to celebrate their first world series in over a century. the moment might be a tiny bit bittersweet for the president, however. he is, of course, an adopted son of chicago, but is actually, as we all know a big white sox fan. congratulations again to the cubs. life size wax figures of presidents auctioned off over the weekend. president lincoln drawing
12:00 pm
$8,500. president obama going, going, gone for just $2,000. all right. that's it for us. i'm sandra smith. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in new york city where donald trump says he has a better health plan than obamacare. so how is it going to work? trump going after the intelligence community after the c.i.a. boss john brennan questioned trump's understanding of russia and trump fired back blasting brennan on twitter and questioning if he leaked fake news. on this martin luther king day, more about john lewis. let's get to it. >> shepard: first f


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