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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 17, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> zipping over to trump tower now i'll sit down with president-elect donald trump. it will air tomorrow at fox and friends. >> see you back here on the couch. >> stay within yourself. >> bill: good morning, getting ready for a new administration. not everybody is. three days from now donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. a growing number of democrats, now more than 40, vow to not attend the festivities on friday. hasn't been done like this before. that number could go higher. we have a packed show today. welcome, i'm bill hemmer. welcome back, shannon. >> shannon: i'm shannon beam. more high profile meetings are expected today. team trump brushing off opposition to democrats and even extending an olive branch. >> we hope this democratic members of congress reconsider.
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they're welcome to come. >> bill: breaking moments ago you have this out of moscow. russian president vladimir putin accusing the obama administration of trying to undermine trump's legitimacy. wow, team fox coverage. peter doocy at trump tower in new york. governor mike huckabee with his take on what he expects to see and the reaction for the number of democrats who say they won't be there. governor. >> bill, i don't think it makes a lot of difference. opening up more seats for people who want to come and celebrate the new president. i think it's petulant on the part of these democrats to say donald trump is not the legitimate president. hillary clinton ought to give her las vegas speech it is and how horrifying it is to question the legitimacy of our system. a lot of us don't like the results of an election but we accept it and move on and we
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make our country work. that's what these guys need to do. >> bill: they are making a point it's a form of birtherism for democrats. much like they accuse donald trump of questioning legitimacy of president obama. brit hume has looked back at history and said the following to o'rielly last night. >> this is usually a time when the partisan bitterness and disappointments of an election are set aside if only temporary, set aside because of this remarkable event. the peaceful transfer of power. i think the partisanship and bitterness is the worst i've ever seen. >> bill: 16 years ago you had a supreme court fight over the white house and it did not happen that way. brian fallen ran hillary clinton's campaign. he said put it behind . >> i'm among those that wishes the president-elect would have done more to this point to help
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bring the country together and heal the country. there is no question he won the electoral votes necessary. he won the election on november 8th. >> bill: now you have a party of resistance. how will that go? >> i don't think it helps the democrats going in. i think it delegitimizes their ability to be a true force of opposition based on philosophy. they're basing their opposition on the personality of donald trump, on the election itself and i do think that the election and all a politics is behind us. the inauguration is not celebrating the individual who is being inaugurated by the constitutional peaceful transfer of power. i think the democrats could show up and say we don't like donald trump. we didn't vote for him. we may not find anything to agree with donald trump, but we agree with our form of government and we agree that it is a peaceful and remarkable
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system of constitutional power and we celebrate that today even if we don't celebrate donald trump. that would be a wonderful statement they could make. they aren't going to do it. they'll sit it out and look like children. >> bill: now the moscow the news breaking 30 minutes ago vladimir putin suggesting the outoging administration is trying to undermine donald trump and called the story from last week a hoax about trump and activity in moscow from several years back. now you have donald trump reacting to vladimir putin and vice versa. what is the best case scenario for this new administration in dealing with putin and that russian relationship, governor? >> i think it's to be strong, be tough, be quick in saying to putin we understand your attempts to go and rebuild the old soviet union. it is not going to happen. we're not going to sit by and let you invade places and run over major pieces of europe.
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and we'll sit down and talk with you, we'll work with you in common interests, for example in fighting isis and islamic terrorism. but we're not going to be the pushover government. you won't be flying fighters 30 feet above our naval ships out in international waters. that isn't going to happen. we have to make that very clear and i think donald trump and rex tillerson and general mattis will all be very clear to putin, this is a new administration and this dog doesn't just bark, it will bite. >> bill: mr. trump is suggested he could get a nuclear deal with moscow as a form of negotiation. do you see that as possible? >> look, i don't underestimate anything donald trump can do. everyone underat the same timeed his candidacy and cabinet and now i would think it would be a fool's errand to think what he can or can't do
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as president. i'll stand by and watch and applaud as he makes history. i think he is going to make some major shifts in policy that will be historic but also that will be good for america and good for the world. >> bill: about 75 hours from now. thank you for your time today. out of florida, mike huckabee will speak soon. >> shannon: confirmation hearings for the president-elect's cabinet picks continue today. nominees today. peter doocy is live at trump tower with the latest. what should we expect from the devos hearing on education? >> it could be contentious. devos is one of the eight nominees that minority leader chuck schumer says he wants to slow down. she is well-known as being an advocate for school choice. according to excerpts from her opening statement she will say
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i share president-elect trump's view it is time to shift the debate from what the system thinks is best for kids to what mom and dads want, expect and deserve. it hasn't been as clear yet where she stands on a lot of other educational issues. it should become more clear later today. >> shannon: mr. trump once he is sworn in will have to start working with the folks on capitol hill and he says he doesn't like the gop tax plan that's been around since last spring. how will that work out? >> shannon, he specifically says that he doesn't like the way they plan to bring the corporate tax rate down from 35% down to 20 because the trump plan wants to have it lower, 15% corporate tax. the president-elect is calling out a mechanism called order adjustment, an import tax because he thinks it's too complicated. he says any time i hear border adjustment i don't love it. usually it means we are going to get adjusted into a bad deal.
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that's what happens. so this could start being an interparty problem a few days from now after swearing in. first of course all the festivities, inauguration weekend and a few minutes ago the president-elect tweeted this. people are pouring into washington in record numbers, bikers for trump are on their way. a great thursday, friday and saturday. the inaugural committee just told us mr. trump will be sworn in using two bibles. one he got at his sunday school graduation in 1955, and another that was used to swear in president abraham lincoln, shannon. >> shannon: see you there in washington thanks. >> bill: the obama first family getting closer to moving day. they've gotten a head start. pictures showing a moving van spotted outside the first family's new home in washington, d.c. the rented home is an 8200 square foot, 8 bedroom, 9 1/2 bathroom house. they've said they plan to stay in the nation's capital while their younger daughter sasha
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finishes high school. he will have some influence in washington >> shannon: that's not my hood. the breams aren't rolling there. nice house. >> bill: isn't that where trump's daughter is living? >> shannon: they won't be far from each other. >> bill: everybody is neighbors in washington, d.c. >> shannon: do you think they'll borrow a cup of sugar? it's a nice neighborhood. president-elect donald trump talking about national unity in a meeting with the son of martin luther king senior. what about the feud between him and georgia congressman and civil rights icon john lewis who says he has a moral obligation to skip the inauguration. then there is this. >> this is a failed presidency and i think the reason is he overreached and he also sort of overestimated himself. the supreme self-confidence that you see even to this day.
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>> bill: charles krauthammer making the point the obama policies are built on fan. is that the case? three days from now congress and the white house go to republican control and vow to undo much of what president obama has done for the past eight years. if that's the case, what does it say about the obama legacy? we'll debate that today. >> shannon: a fox news alert, the suspect wanted for killing dozens at a turkish nightclub on new year's eve is now in police custody. the breaking details next. ♪ glad forceflex.
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ask about nuedexta and go to >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. police in turkey arresting the suspect wanted for the new year's eve attack on a nightclub in istanbul that killed 39 people. there are reports the suspect has confessed and that he says he did it in the name of isis in retaliation for turkey's military involvement in syria. turkish police also arresting three women who were with him saying they may be an active isis cell. >> his presidency will be remembered as a historical parentheses. he isn't willing to admit that. i understand. you spend eight years of your life as president of the united states, you don't want to admit your achievements are written on sand.
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>> he arrived with radical left wing beliefs and he surrounded himself with only left wing beliefs and so by the time he left, there was no reason for him to have grown. >> bill: president obama leaving the white house on friday with a successor and congress planning now to undo what of what he accomplished during thinks two terms in office. gentlemen, good day to both of you. wow. so the point the former speaker is making there, rich, is that obama was surrounded by people who believed what he believed and there was no incentive to change. is there evidence to back that up? >> particularly stark in 2010 when he suffers this historic rebuke in the mid-term elections and he doesn't do what bill clinton did.
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he moved to the center. bill clinton had olive branches for republicans and signs bipartisan legislation to reduce the deficit and reform welfare and there was none of that from barack obama. he doubled down on the left. he began to govern unilaterally and part of what created the reaction in this election that defeated his -- the person he wanted to succeed him, hillary clinton, and that means a lot of his legacy will watch away. >> bill: if there is truth to that, why the stubbornness as you look at this in the rearview mirror? >> as a former clinton man myself i agree that president clinton pivoted to the center more than president obama did. i agree with that point. but i think it's impossible to study the obama presidency in a vacuum without looking at congress. i would use stubborn for mitch mcconnell who said we'll make our number one goal the defeat of president obama and make him a one-term president and say no to everything.
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that was pretty stubborn and it didn't work. president obama was reelected. >> bill: i don't believe they even sat down for lunch. that's a direct result of what the people were saying back in november. you can point to a trump victory in part because people saw washington not working. now, on krauthammer's point to both of you now, he says if you do not cooperate, then your ideas are built on fan and it is just a question of time, rich, before the other side comes in and tears your ideas down. what about that? >> not necessarily. if hillary clinton had won a lot of this would have been cemented and barack obama could make the case he was the liberal equivalent to ronald reagan. you need the third team that reagan got with bush and obama thought he would get it with hillary. he didn't. we'll see things ripped up and reversed in very short order here after friday, including obamacare which the party -- >> bill: they are built on sand
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then, krauthammer is right? >> if you don't get the third term and defeated by someone from the other part, yeah, a lot ofist will wash away if you did it unilaterally by regulation by is easily reversed by the pen and the phone and the next guy. >> each presidency suffers a kind of setback with the next but also things endure. a lot of ronald reagan's executive ordered went through the clinton presidency because they made sense. because that was a view the country had come to. i take the point about obamacare. i do think things will be rolled back but also listen to what donald trump is saying. he is saying things that many democrats would agree with. there should be coverage, there should be price controls. these things were republicans against them from obama. some ideas will sustain the test of time. not all. but some. i also think --
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>> bill: rich, i think the extension of what you were trying to express is that the president was buying time. >> i thought i was expressing it, not just trying. [laughter] >> bill: good. very good. is that he was buying time thinking hillary clinton wins and the ideas continue. i get that. now to both of you gentlemen, you work in the media, you've seen the way they've reacted to donald trump. and after eight years of president obama, ari fleischer with the bush white house said the following with martha last night. >> where were they checking things out for the last year? the coverage for eight years was soft and now they want to change their tune. >> bill: the media already has been different. try again, rich. >> the media fell in love with barack obama in 2008. the coverage in the primaries was tilted in his direction and against hillary clinton. almost enough to make you feel sorry for hillary back in 2008
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and the press never fully fell out of love with barack obama. and now they are in this freak-out about donald trump. i think tough coverage is good, fact checking him is good, but the goal shouldn't be to oppose him and that's what the media has talked itself into. it has a major credibility problem. gallup polling says trust in the media is the lowest it's been. they can fix it by being more responsible and more fair instead they're doing the opposite. >> bill: relationship has changed already. david quickly. >> i hope, bill, that you are as tough on donald trump as you have been on barack obama because look, where you get your news matters. msnbc has a lot different coverage than fox. i like coming on fox and i think it's important we talk to each other. when we see the media in general i hope we see a devotion to facts and accurate reporting and digging in. that's only good for the democracy. >> bill: i would tell you, they
6:21 am
could have elected one person to this country, the 45th taking on this role in a way and dimension that we've never seen before. david, thank you, rich, thank you. >> i see the point you're trying to make there, bill. >> bill: trying. see you fellows, talk to you soon. >> shannon: the women's march on washington bringing thousands of people to the nation's capitol this weekend. several groups helping to put together that event by leaders of the march say one of those organizations is no longer welcome. >> bill: also general motors getting ready the make a big announcement today. what could that mean? maybe more jobs? stay tuned. that's next. >> i appreciate that from ford. i appreciate it very much from fiat chrysler. i hope that general motors will be following. and i think they will be. i think a lot of people will be following.
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>> bill: 25 past the hour. word today on jobs from a big automaker. the wall street journal reporting general motors will be announcing plans to invest at least a billion dollars at home. sources suggest it will create at least 1,000 jobs. that's cool. it comes as the president-elect has been putting pressure on a lot of american companies to bring more jobs back home or to keep them here or to build here or face the possibility of a fine or a tax. so general motors. >> shannon: thousands of people heading to our nation's capital on saturday for the women's
6:26 am
march on washington several groups helping to organize it. one organization is no longer welcome. they are removing the pro-life new wave feminists as a sponsor of the march because the group's pro-life. we're live in washington with more. doug, what prompted this disinfilevation. >> a backlash from pro-choice feminists who realized one of the sponsors of the march are a pro-life group. once that word got around the disinvitation came. organizers put out a statement woman's march platform is pro-choice and our stance from day one. the anti--choice organization in question is not a partner of the women's march on washington we apologize for the error. according to life site news a spokesman for the new wave feminists said it appears the women's march on washington only wants to include a diverse array of women who think exactly like them, she said.
6:27 am
that's unfortunate but we will not be deterred. they plan on attending the march anyway, shannon. it will be interesting to see how the two groups get alongside by side. >> shannon: this is happening while we're waiting for the supreme court pick, funding for planned parenthood. pro-choice groups are worried. >> that's why this feminist march controversyy is getting so heated. organizers believe so much is stake after friday's inauguration from the failure of hillary clinton to break through the glass ceiling and trump's promises about supreme court nominees and defund planned parenthood. they see their agenda is under tremendous assault. at the same time, they need to broaden their base to achieve the myriad other planks on platform to military parity and glass ceiling. pro-life feminists think it will be harder to achieve
6:28 am
without being more inclusive. they're united by one thing, their opposition to donald trump but perhaps not to his daughter who will make parental leave and childcare rights one of her missions from the office in the east wing of the white house. the office of first family. >> shannon: doug, good to see you. we'll cover that march. >> bill: we have a road trip coming up, don't we? starting tomorrow we'll head down in the afternoon and be live on thursday from washington, d.c. then on friday -- friday will be a big day. it all starts around 8:00, 8:30 in the morning. lafayette park where you and i will be anchoring from on friday and then the inauguration, the swearing in starts at 12 noon. that's when donald trump raises his right hand, i donald john trump >> shannon: do solemnly swear. >> bill: we'll have all the coverage of the parade and everything else into the evening with the inaugural balls in washington, d.c. i love inaugurations.
6:29 am
they're fantastic. when you cover them. i've done several now, you never forget the moments and these images that stick in your mind forever. going back years. it is really, really a great part of american history. >> shannon: it will be a lot of fun. >> bill: it may rain all day on friday. >> shannon: your hair will look great. i'll bring an extra umbrella for you. >> bill: umbrellas and hats. thursday morning washington, d.c. russian president putin now accusing the obama team trying to undermine trump. he hopes for a nuclear deal. >> shannon: check this out. american ingenuity at its finest. why walk anywhere if you can get there by chain saw? amazing video coming up.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we're learning now that ukraine a filed a case in the united nations highest court against russia. demanding an end to russian backing of separatist. vladimir putin has denied sending troops or military equipment to eastern ukraine. >> bill: vladimir putin today accusing obama administration of trying to undermine the legitimacy of president-elect trump saying reports that russia had compromising material on mr. trump was nothing more than a hoax. congressman ed royce with me here in new york. nice to see you, sir. thank you for coming back. it is a big week in washington thank you for making time for us. where can this russian relationship work? >> i think one of the things i would like to see a better
6:34 am
relations with russia but to do it you've got to be dealing with russia from a position of strength. and i think what we've seen from the obama administration was weakness. what we saw, for example, with the invasion of the ukraine, congress passes legislation overwhelmingly to direct the administration to give weaponry to the ukrainians to help defend themselves. anti-tank weapons. the president blocks that legislation. vetoes the legislation. we need to be dealing from a position of strength. and this was pointed out, by the way, by mr. tillerson. he laid out this argument during his confirmation hearing. i think what we're going to see is an outreach for a better relationship but one that comes from strength. >> bill: when you talk about strength and building strength, you need cards in order to play that hand. times of london from yesterday the incoming president said the following, quote now. let's see if we can strike a
6:35 am
few good deals with russia. there should be less nuclear weapons. sanctions, russia is suffering lots from it but there are things that lots of people can profit from. put it into words for us. what is this shadow boxing between these two men mean? >> i think the calculus here is if we can get a deal with russia that pulls russia out of eastern ukraine, then a lot is on the table in terms of a warmer relationship with moscow. >> bill: everything i read russia does not take that seriously. they want this land bridge that connects them to crimea which means they would stay in eastern ukraine. where do you get the incentive to get vladimir putin to say all right, i'll do it and get out? >> one of the difficulties, bill, is for example in the past, for example, during ronald regan we had radio free europe and i was in eastern
6:36 am
germany and saw the effectiveness of those broadcasts. today you only have putin broadcasting with rt television and with other types of media into eastern europe and around the world. you do not have an effective counter to that into russia in which we give people the truth about putin or facts about what is really going on. we don't have a surrogate free radio or social media effectively countering putin today. that would give us leverage. what is missing is leverage. putting the anti-tank weapons into eastern ukraine would have given us leverage. that was blocked by president obama. but since that's been raised by our incoming secretary of state, since the argument is being made that we'll come back in with leverage, now would be the time for putin to come to the table. >> bill: recent history, the reset button with president obama. president george bush trying to see into putin's soul and bill clinton the efforts he made, too. and i see all of these efforts
6:37 am
going nowhere. then i've got john mccain last night with martha saying the following about vladimir putin and he did not hold back. just watch here. >> i am worried about this president's view of russia. listen, it's vladimir putin who sent planes with precision weapons killing -- hitting hospitals in aleppo. this guy is a war criminal, okay? he is a butcher and a thug. >> bill: how are we supposed to understand all this? >> this is one of the reasons that be able to bring up the issue of war crimes and have that connection, have that case, push that argument. these are cases that we need to
6:38 am
push against putin, but there is -- there is a goal here in terms of what we would like to do. we would like to set the stage to move public opinion behind u.s. leadership, behind u.s. strength in order to get to a point of a better relationship. >> bill: it will be a fascinating development. on russia we'll leave that aside for a moment. perhaps putin and trump meet in iceland. the first meeting from a foreign leader will be the u.k. prime minister theresa may. at the same time he is suggesting that nato is obsolete. is nato after keeping the peace for 70 years obsolete? >> nato is critical to the defense and security of the united states. but nato is in need of being reconstructed in a way because under nato today, you have
6:39 am
commitments towards a defense burden made by our european allies which they don't keep. so we're going to need to leverage them into stepping it up and making their share of the payments and that's what i think the president-elect is trying to do right now is to get them to commit so that the lion's share of the always on the backs of the united states. that's part of the strategy. >> bill: do you see that as possible? >> i certainly do. for the first time and not just in nato but in nato plus three with respect to japan and korea, you have foreign secretaries of state or foreign ministers saying all right, we'll look at making our full commitment. we will look at paying more so that we pay our share of the burden. and that is necessary because frankly, this costs us in the united states, a greater tax
6:40 am
burden, fewer jobs here. we have to get an equitable relationship with our nato partners. >> bill: he will be a busy man. see you in washington, d.c. chairman, thank you. ed royce with us from the house. thank you. shannon is next. >> shannon: the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter due to make her first court appearance today. her arrest comes more than seven months after the terror attack which left 49 people dead. we are live at the courthouse. >> bill: new fallout on the controversial painting on capitol hill depicting police as pigs. will it come down for good? we have developments on that in a moment. >> shannon: tensions ratcheting up in washington and dozens of democrats are vowing not to attend the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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we believe everyone deserves a great night's sleep. becau(announcer)s nat boll and branch,d.
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so we created the perfect sheets. made from pure, 100% organic cotton. we made it our mission to perfect every detail. until finally, the softest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. >> bill: that is a man taking the beach boys to a new dimension.
6:44 am
man in alaska using a chain saw to pull off that stunt. he is using the machine to propel him forward. nice looking camera angle. he is trying not to cut too far into the ice so he didn't fall through. the man filming the video said the guy approached him about doing it and he posted it on youtube. great shot. nothing counts in this world unless it's on country. if you don't have a picture, it is just a claim. it did not happen. >> shannon: people say if i don't see a photo it didn't happen. it has to be happening. ingenious. >> bill: beautiful. >> never give up. never give in. stand up. speak up. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something to say something and not be quiet.
6:45 am
>> shannon: that is congressman john lewis speaking publicly for the first time since igniting a war of words with the president-elect. the back and forth began when mr. lewis suggested mr. trump is not a legitimate president. mr. trump fired back on twitter, their feud coinciding with the day we honor. the day we honor martin luther king junior. mr. trump marked the day by meeting with reverend king's eldest son. our good friend is. rich, a number of leaders have stepped up to say from the african-american community one meeting with a very prominent african-american is not going to solve the concerns that they have. where does trump go? >> well, you know, i think trump's populism and economics has potential to reach across racial and ethnic lines but he would like to avoid unnecessary controversy.
6:46 am
i think what john lewis said is ridiculous. he is an american hero, two, he is a hyper partisan as well whose pronouncements can and should be protested. trump has a lot of aides and allies who can engage in this ticky-tacky trench warfare and he doesn't have to do it all himself. that's why god gave him kellyanne conway who is very good at this sort of thing. >> shannon: she enjoys doing it as we can see. i want to read a statement or a quote from the president of the national urban league reacting after this meeting with mr. trump and martin luther king iii. there is a lot of anxiety and distrust. people have expressed that they're scared of what his policies might entail. david, is there an option of giving him a chance to move forward as president? when you have someone with someone like congressman lewis saying he isn't legitimate, he
6:47 am
is starting in the negative on day one. >> well, i sort of flip that around and say donald trump won the presidency without the majority of votes, without the majority of the popular vote and has a lot of building to do himself. i think my friend who just said that the populist economic message should be one that crosses all kinds of boundaries is right. i agree with that. look, george w. bush at this point right before being sworn in had a popularity rating of 60% even after that contested election. barack obama was 80%. donald trump is at 40% and does not seem to be doing a lot to try to expand that. i think the olive branch has to come from him as anybody else. he has work to do. republicans up for reelection in less than two years watching those numbers wondering whether it will be liability to be the trump or not. the bridge building has to be both ways. >> shannon: there is room for improvement is what you're saying? >> i think so. >> shannon: we have more than
6:48 am
42 democrats who say they aren't coming to the inauguration. we know where representative lewis stands on this and years ago for president george w. bush the "washington post" said boycotting that inauguration because he didn't think he was the true elected president of the united states. it seems like there are some democrats out there saying listen, the guy has been elected, let's move on. when you have someone with the stature of representative lewis saying this, now you've got 40 more democrats on board. it seems like it gives a lot more credence to this argument. they didn't like it when they said it about barack obama. >> these members can do whatever they want. i think it's childish, infect taou all.
6:49 am
you don't want this sore money of this country to become a partisan event. democrats only go to democratic inauguration. i would counsel them one day put aside your spiteful feelings about donald trump and your fears, sit there, applaud and enjoy the day and then go and get into the partisan food fight. but not on friday. >> shannon: what advice would you give democrats? >> well look, i'm here on fox news because i think it's better when we're together talking to each other. >> shannon: he is using the slogans and everything, better together. >> i do think that our process does require a certain amount of ritual where we come together around an event. at the same time, it is a free country. these are elected officials who have to face constituents back home and they are speaking for a large number of people who are very worried and upset. on balance i would say if
6:50 am
you're an elected official you should reflect the views of the people who sent you there. if they are that upset and don't want to see their representative there, i guess -- if there is one thing members of congress know how to do it's get reelected. they're reflecting their base. >> shannon: i don't think my member is going. i'll check for sure. thank you both. >> bill: peter doocy, donald trump has practiced on the teleprompter and practiced taking questions from the media. america first come friday at 12 noon. the head of the cia putting donald trump on notice. john brennan blasting the president-elect's suggest that he is the one who leaked that unverified report. where did it come from? congressman peter king on that and more still to come here.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> bill: we're getting word police say an american teenager among the dead in the shooting in a nightclub in mexico. an 18-year-old from colorado was not shot in the attack, police say she died in the chaos while the club was being evacuated. it may have been accidentally trampled by the crowd. five people killed after shots rang out at a music festival. 15 others injured. it was a dispute inside the club and was not related to any form of terrorism. >> shannon: the f.b.i. arrested the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter charging her with aiding and abetting. along with obstructing the investigation. she is expected in court later today in california. our reporter is outside the courthouse in oakland.
6:55 am
>> good morning. in a few hours she will face a federal judge here in oakland on charges she knew what her husband was planning and did nothing to stop it. she was arrested at right around this time yesterday morning outside san francisco at her childhood home where she had been living with her young son since moving back from florida. a woman seen leaving the house ignored reporter's questions but she has been under close scrutiny since her husband killed 49 people in orlando. in november she told "the new york times" she knew nothing about her husband's plans but also told authorities she tried to talk him out of it. she drove with the teen as he caseed the nightclub before the attacked and she was with him at a wal-mart when he bought bullets. sources say during that massacre the two exchanged text messages saying they loved each other. though after the man died in a shoot-out solomon said he was abusive and controlling and that will likely be her defense strategy. >> one of the factors is
6:56 am
whether she willingly did this. and if she was under coercion, duress, abuse, that will negate the element of the willingness or intentional act. >> the government says it has proof solomon was complicit in the rampage and orlando police chief expressed some relief in knowing that someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime. the case was filed in florida and shannon, that's where norah solomon will be transported to face federal charges. charges that could send her to prison for life if convicted. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> bill: donald trump now getting ready for his swearing in three days from now, america. and the rest of washington is getting ready as well. now we get word about how he is preparing and what his possible theme will be. what will he say to our nation of 300 million plus?
6:57 am
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>> shannon: just days away team trump getting ready. new reports the president-elect is practicing his speech here in new york. before heading to d.c. for a pre-inauguration dinner. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. transition focusing on confirmation hearings as they map out priorities for the first 100 days. president-elect donald trump taking -- tweeted this. people are pouring into washington in record numbers. bikers for trump are on their way. a great thursday, friday and saturday. end tweet. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in washington, d.c. at the trump transition office and where we begin this hour. john, good morning. >> good morning to you. the business of putting something a government goes on the feud between donald trump
7:01 am
and john lewis continues. he tweeted john lewis said about my inauguration it will be the first one i missed. wrong or lie. he boycotted bush 43 also because he thought it would be hypocritical to attend bush's swearing in. he doesn't believe bush is the true elected president. sound familiar? courtesy of the "washington post" which reported back in 2001. we report evidence that last night, by the way. on special report. now to the business of putting the government together. friday 12 noon that's when trump takes over. i'm hearing from sources inside and outside the transition that things are going a lot better now than they were in the early going. people are getting their feet on the ground. the various factions have been at odds in the early days after november 8th are said to be working well together. the big issue is this government, the incoming government's ability to deal with a big issue before all of the confirmees are in place.
7:02 am
the career folks are ready. agencies have held exercises with incoming staff and sources say all of that is going very well. that said, sources who have been through this many times before because they get a lot of help from the outside said no administration is ever 100% ready to take over. but people have varying degrees of preparation and the trump administration is said to be prepared fairly well for what is going on. now, to trump, he is taking some flak because he said that the first day of work is going to be not friday the 20th but on monday, the 23rd. some people are saying hey, he revealed this in this interview with the times of london over the weekend but they haven't done complete research because he actually said it at the press conference last wednesday. here is what trump said about it. >> it will be our first business day as opposed to doing it on friday. on friday people will have a very good time at the inauguration and saturday as you know we're having a big church service and lots of good
7:03 am
things are happening. >> so trump decided that because all of that is going on and the federal government will be closed, he will wait until monday to start signing the executive orders he plans to sign. the first one we're told, bill, will be about insuring we have strong borders in the united states. >> bill: good deal. you're getting some details, john, about the inaugural speech. what have you learned thus far on that? >> we are told by sources that it is going to be very much a kind of i am the president of all americans type of speech. america first, as he said many times during the campaign. he has done a run-through with the teleprompter in new york. you can imagine he would. he wants to make sure he can go through it quite well out there in the elements. it might rain on friday. you want to make sure you have the theme of your speech down. we're also told by sources that very much like his speech after he won the election, that he is very much taking a hand in crafting all of this. he spent much of the weekend rewriting certain sections.
7:04 am
steve miller is his official speech writer. he said by sources in the transition to be a terrific speech writer but donald trump wants to put it in his own words. one more thing left to announce before the transition happens on friday and that will be the agriculture secretary. we understand that it's going to be sonny purdue, the former governor of georgia. it is likely they'll get the announcement out before the inauguration at 12 noon on friday. >> bill: we'll wait for more details on that. john roberts in washington, d.c. >> shannon: the decision by congressman john lewis to boycott the inauguration after calling president-elect trump's victory illegitimate sparking a major disagreement among democrats. some of them say they'll join the boycott while others disagree. byron york is a fox new contributor. good to see you today. it sounds like some people are trying to walk a very fine line here. i know you point out in your excellent piece on this that
7:05 am
senator sanders at one time contending for the democratic nomination himself was asked about whether or not he thinks trump will be a legitimate president and his answer was he will be inaugurated on friday. not exactly taking a hard line position on this. puts democrats in a strange place. >> senator sanders said the controversy was just words. so he was given an invitation to declare trump illegitimate and he did not go there. right now we have around 40 house democrats who say they'll boycott the inauguration and that just happens to be about the size of the left-most wing of the house democratic conference. if you look at some of the various rating agencies that rate the voting records of members of congress, there are 41 democrats who have perfect liberal voting records. one of those is john lewis. the question is whether questioning trump's legitimacy
7:06 am
will spread to more moderate democrats. we've seen joe manchin say he believes trump is absolutely legitimate. we've seen david axelrod, the aid to president obama said he disagrees with john lewis about this. we've seen dennis mcdonagh, the white house chief of staff stress that president obama believes that trump is the freely elected president of the united states. a lot of democrats aren't going along with john lewis on this. >> shannon: do you think it was a lesser democrat and newer to the game who sparked this conversation. somebody lesser known, not an historical figure, do you think it would have as much sway as we know the pickup we're getting the congressman lewis? >> you're right about that. if it were some obscure back bencher who said this it wouldn't have caught fire. john lewis with his stature
7:07 am
among democrats and republicans and everyone else. attention had to be paid. if you notice even the people who say they disagree with john lewis also include in their disagreement a a statement of respect what he did 50 years ago in the civil rights movement. this got to be a bigger deal because of the influence and stature of john lewis. >> shannon: i want to play a little reaction coming in from congressman john duffy a republican. here is what he has to say to the 40 plus democrats who say they aren't coming. >> in the future, what happens with the next democrat presidential elect that goes to their nomination? are republicans supposed to say we'll stay home? that these events become partisan in nature? that's bad for the country. show it, be part of it. put your big boy pants on and let's start working together. >> shannon: put your big boy pants on. that's the advice from congressman duffy. >> that may not sit well with
7:08 am
democrats but his basic point is true. if there is any place with what goes around comes around it is washington, d.c. you see it all the time with changes of power that one party that was out is now in, one party that was opposing is now ruling. and that will happen. so you have to think -- i think that everybody would have to think that this does not start a tradition of large blocks of the opposition party boycotting the inauguration of a new president. >> shannon: you always hope it's a day everybody can come together across the political spectrum. byron york, great to see you. >> bill: thursday we'll start the coverage live in washington, d.c. we'll be down there and a lot of other folks here at the fox news channel. colleagues will join us as well. friday morning we'll kick things off across the street from the white house. that's the big day swearing in is at noon and then bret and martha will take you between we're 9:00 to 11:00. they are 11:00 to 5:00.
7:09 am
and bob beckel is crawling around this thing. you'll see "the five" at 5:00. what a time you chose. you come to new york to work for martha. >> then go back to d.c. i will welcome you to my now adopted hometown of d.c. i would say cook for you but everybody knows i can't. i can make reservations. >> bill: big week. controversial painting on the hill now no longer on display. this has been up and down and up again. the painting created by a high school student caused an uprohr because it depicts police officers as pigs. a lot of debate out there. the architect of the capitol decided the painting violates the house building commission's rules. it has since been removed. ed henry is on that live in washington how in the world did we get to this level of the back and forth. it is up, down and up again ed, where is it now?
7:10 am
>> good morning. this tit-for-tat may be over. early this morning this finally taken down by the architect of the capitol's office. we got to this point because it was basically a tit-for-tat between republicans and democrats normally sparring over various issues and now a painting. you can see the empty spot in the basement of the capitol. the other paintings there -- this depicted police officers as pigs in the wake of ferguson. republican congressman duncan hunter took it down. he and other republican lawmakers were upset it was playing out as the police officer in orlando, debra clayton, had been killed. her funeral a couple of days ago where she was promoted to lieutenant. officials note to us there have been five police officers killed this year alone in the
7:11 am
line of duty and that was particularly frustrating them. >> who was the lawmaker who put the painting up in the first place and what's the defense on behalf of that person? >> democrat william lacy clay from missouri. his defense has been freedom of expression. contests each congressional office lets people in their district submit artwork and they post it in the basement of the capitol. the problem this time is there are actually rules saying it can't be contemporary political issues because it will spark controversy like this. >> bill: more to come. ed henry in washington save room for us down there, will you? >> we're excited. >> shannon: bill, in case you didn't know don't mess with the c.i.a. john brennan offering harsh criticism for the president-elect amid accusations his spy agency leaked the dossier. how damaging is the feud?
7:12 am
congressman peter king live after the break. >> bill: trump signaling a possible shift in washington's relationship with china, wow. how is beijing reacting to that? we'll explore it coming up. >> shannon: the last man to walk on the moon has made his final journey. >> put yourself out there, that's what it was like looking back at the earth. it is a spiritual experience.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
7:16 am
>> shannon: the russian president pushing back against accusations he helped donald trump win the presidential election. vladimir putin dismissing reports of a secret dossier and accusing this obama administration of spreading lies to try to undermine the authority of the president-elect. congressman peter king is a member of the house intelligence committee. good to have you with us. what do you make of the latest allegation by president putin saying he in his view the obama administration is trying to delegitimize the president-elect before he takes office? >> well, i think the dossier itself is totally phony but again, i don't want to rely on vladimir putin. i do think that putin is an enemy of the united states and understand why donald trump tries to reach out. i can accept that. i don't want to rely on what putin says as to whether or not the dossier is valid or not. i think it's invalid and phony but i don't want to rely on putin. >> shannon: there has been
7:17 am
pushback from john brennan talking about these accusations that maybe he or somebody with inthe agency are the leakers. he said it's when there are allegations made by leaking, dishonesty or lack of integrity and where the line is crossed. will we get to the bottom of who leaked the document? >> the fact is that dossier was out there for four or five months and the media wouldn't release it until they had rational to do it. it was the intelligence committee that gave the two-page summary to donald trump at the briefing they gave him. nobody knew that except the trump people and the intelligence community. once that was leaked the two-page document was turned over, that gave the media, certain elements of the media the excuse to release it. who would have released the
7:18 am
information that the two-page summary was given to donald trump? once that was leaked, that the two-page summary has been given you had to know that the full dossier itself would be released. i'm sure the trump people didn't put that information out. it had to be just by exclusion, it had to be the intelligence -- somebody in the intelligence community. we go back to december 7th. just last month where somebody in the intelligence community leaked out that the finding was or conclusion was that putin had favored trump in the election. we had been told that wasn't the case. suddenly there was no meeting with congress, no formal set of conclusions. instead you had "washington post" getting a leak from somebody in the intelligence community.
7:19 am
>> shannon: the president-elect feels burned. he is wary of the intelligence community and he has made that clear. but at the same time he is trying to make an effort on occasions to praise members of the intelligence community to talk about the hard, tough work they do and the sacrifices they make. how does he come into office now and mend that relationship? there are those within the intel community who feel insulted by some of the things he said. they're wary as well. that's a relationship that has to work, a president and the intel community in the u.s. it should. >> 99.9% of the intelligence community does an outstanding job. patriotic and do a great job and we need them so much. i think mike pompeo, the fact that president-elect trump has appointed him to be the director of the c.i.a. is a real show of confidence. mike is an outstanding member of congress and intelligence committee. fully supports the intelligence community. by having him confirmed as director of the c.i.a. i think he will do more than anything to reestablish faith between the intelligence community and
7:20 am
donald trump. also having senator dan coates as the director of national intelligence is also a real show of support. these are solid pro-intelligence community officials who are going to be heading up those agencies. this is -- no doubt it will a close working relationship and john brennan is making this much too political. he is the one who is hurting the image of the c.i.a. by attacking the president-elect. that's not his job. >> shannon: you mentioned a number of the nominees up for various national security and intelligence community. some have had hearings and some haven't. do you have confidence they will be confirmed? >> i hope so. i know a number of them. i think they should be confirmed. also let me say with the c.i.a. barack obama came to office who was actually attempting to indict members of the c.i.a. for what they did post 9/11 even though they were under a legal authority to do it.
7:21 am
so again, the first real investigation and condemnation of the c.i.a. came from president obama back in 2009. >> we have to leave it there. good to see you. >> bill: 21 past. is the next change in washington aimed at the united nations? after a vote over israel trump talking about funding. >> shannon: new controversy over the battle for the control of the dnc. one top democratic official raising eyebrows with comments about the party and white voters. first here is tucker carlson. >> what would happen if republicans said we don't need black people leading the party. well, you denounce that. you do all this research
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:25 am
>> shannon: a united nations security council meeting getting underway, israel and the palestinians will be the main focus. a number of anti-israel u.n. member states expected to lash out at israel. this is the first meeting since the council passed a resolution in december condemning israel's settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. >> bill: the passing of the anti-israel resolution prompting president-elect trump to question american funding of the u.n. the u.s. gives the most money by far of any nation and could cut and would cut a significant blow to the world body. this has been threatened in the past. it did not happen. eric sean live in our newsroom in new york city to tell us whether this time is different. is it? >> it very well may be. after many instances there are new calls to pull american taxpayers contributions to the united nations. when the ambassador to the
7:26 am
united nation abstained on the security council vote on israeli settlements last month it caused critics to question the role of the u.s. at the world body. those on both sides of the aisle criticized the resolution, republicans have raised the possibility of cutting u.n. funding. american taxpayers pay for roughly a quarter of the u.n.'s budget or says the u.n., about $10 billion a year to the whole system. >> when you see the united nations solving problems , they don't. they cause problems. if it lives up to the potential it is a great thing. if it doesn't it's a waste of time and money. >> it could damage america's foreign policy but unfairly impact the u.n.'s mission. >> this would be extremely detrimental to u.s. interests. the only beneficiaries of our pullback of funding from the u.n. would be countries like
7:27 am
china and russia. >> a former u.s. diplomat at the u.n. is now at the university of school of diplomacy and international relations saying the controversy has refocused attention on what u.s. taxpayers are getting in return for their money. >> it has energized washington and critics on the hill and in the fourth coming administration to look at deeper problems at the u.n. where it is not delivering. it is not efficient. it is not effective. >> the future of u.n. funding will be raised tomorrow on capitol hill when the senate foreign relations committee will talk to nikki haley as the trump administration united nations ambassador. >> bill: that will be interesting, too. eric sean in our newsroom. >> shannon: president-elect donald trump is ready to negotiate when it comes to the one china policy. our next guest says it is high time we revisit the decades-old approach. ambassador john bolton is here for more on that. >> bill: looks like something
7:28 am
you would see the jurassic park. wait for it screen right. this is not a movie, folks. apparently it's not fake news, either. >> shannon: no way. that's the real deal. >> bill: look close. what do you think? make a call. >> shannon: it's florida. those are my people. ♪ raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:31 am
>> shannon: search for malaysia airlines flight 370 endsing today nearly three years after the jet vanished without a trace over the indian ocean. the hunt covering 46,000 square miles west of australia. angry relatives calling on australia, china and malaysia to reverse this decision but unless new evidence pinpoints the exact location, the decision is final. >> bill: president-elect trump could bring about changes to a decades-old policy that governs the u.s. relationship toward china and taiwan.
7:32 am
mr. trump has already tested the one china policy saying he is not committed to it. that would be a change. john bolton writing in the "wall street journal" the following. it is high time to revisit the one china policy and decide what america thinks its means. mr. trump has said the policy is negotiable. negotiation should not mean washington gives and beijing takes. john bolton senior fellow american enterprise institute. >> to many people the one-china policy has become like the lord's prayer. you can't question it. it was reached in 1972. times have changed. in particular china's behavior in the south china sea and elsewhere is very belligerent. i think as china has tried to
7:33 am
convince everybody its interpretation of the policy alone controls, it is time for the united states to say actually, we have a different view of what that means and we'll implement it in a number of palpable ways. perhaps increasing, for example, defense cooperation with taiwan. >> bill: you continue to write this. that's beijing's style. making unacceptable long distance phone call and an aircraft carrier shows up in your backyard in the strait of taiwan. did you discuss this and to what degree -- which degree did you talk about this with mr. trump? >> not at all. this has been my view for quite some time. i think that the predominant view in the state department for many years and much of american business and academia, wish taiwan would go away. it's this inconvenient island with 20 million people on it. it has actually turned into a
7:34 am
democracy and that makes it more won't go away. they won't into the chinese mainland any time in the foreseeable future. we need to acknowledge that and think what relationship should we have for taiwan in an american strategy with china. >> bill: do you think beijing is concerned about this? yes or no. >> absolutely. they should be. every time beijing growls and american foreign establishment says you better not do anything that might irritate beijing. it gets what it wants. there is no give and take. though announce what their view is and everybody says beijing holds a lot of american debt. we'll have to give in. if we put other things on the table. china has declared the south china sea a province of china. that's unacceptable to us. they want to talk about greater american military cooperation
7:35 am
with taiwan. love to sit down and talk with them about that. >> bill: flip it around. you write the following. america could enhance its east asia military posture by increasing u.s. military sales to taiwan and stationing military personnel and assets there. probably negotiating favorable financial terms. china would see that as instigation. >> well, they would see it, i think, they should see it as a response to their building islands and air and naval bases in the south china sea. we had military facilities in taiwan for many years until jimmy carter derecognized the republic of china in 1979 and congress responded with the taiwan relationships and we have plenty authority to increase our military relationship. if china doesn't watch it. it is an urgent subject for discussion. >> bill: let's get together and talk. some people would argue you are adding fuel to the fire there.
7:36 am
>> it's always american's fault. be nice to china. >> bill: sean spicer echoes what you said but a specific question at the end of this comment. watch here. >> he understands the importance of a one china policy here but he will use the skill set that has made such a tremendous business to the benefit of this country. he understands we have to stop projecting to our adversaries and allies every move we'll make and we need to come into negotiations with the ability to have an upper hand. >> i don't think you're debating that point. is this all a negotiation, mr. ambassador? >> no, negotiation is a technique. what we need first and foremost is a strategy that looks at what america's interests in east asia are. for example, stability in the region, freedom of navigation in international waters, and a range of other things. that is something that china is threatening right now in a variety of different ways and
7:37 am
that conduct has been unacceptable for some time. it is under obama, the united states has not responded. that has to stop. >> bill: thank you, sir. mr. ambassador, thank you for your time in washington, d.c. >> shannon: a creature straight out of jurassic park caught on camera in florida. take a look. this giant dinosaur looking alligator turned plenty of heads. walking across the grassy path. witnesses say it looked to be about 12 feet long. apparently this guy is a local fixture. people living in the area have named him humpback. bill doesn't think it's real. >> bill: way back when martha and i were working together, when megyn and i were working together, we had this thing called the haoy card. you take it out and say i think
7:38 am
it's a bunch of haoy. the way this thing moves and taking note of the 5-year-old kid about 10 feet on the other side and i was just wondering if it was a little mechanical in its motion. what do you think? >> shannon: i think it's legit. having grown up there we wrestle those guys. i would tell the people laying there they move so quickly to be that big i wouldn't be that close. >> bill: have you ever seen something that big? >> shannon: not in person. not going to tell a fib. >> bill: we'll hold the heuy card for a moment but reserve the option to throw it at another point. >> shannon: he is so skeptical. fireworks over the role of race in our political process. >> do you think it's okay to say we don't need white people leading the democratic party? i'm expecting you will say that's an appalling thing to say. you can't say that about an entire racial group. >> it is not the right message that needs to be out there right now.
7:39 am
>> shannon: new backlash coming days before donald trump is sworn into office. does it always come back to race? we'll have a debate that will be fair and balanced. >> bill: may not be the warm send-off you would expect in southern california, right? these two towns are going at it. we'll tell you why in a moment. ♪
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> bill: a shout-out to the mayor of a small town in
7:43 am
michigan getting credit for helping this pilot of a small plane after he crashed into a field. the mayor said he saw it land and skid off a road and land upside down. he and others ran over. helped the pilot. minor injuries. he was the only one on board. the cause of the crash is under investigation but he is okay. well done, mayor. >> shannon: growing tensions over the role of race relations in our political process. the issue under the microscope after congressman john will you is suggested donald trump is not a legitimate president. last night jimmy green, a candidate to head the dnc faced off with tucker carlson on that. later brought race back into the conversation when tucker was asking about trump's plan for drug imports. >> i haven't seen the exact plan you are talking about. i won't play this gotcha game and cheerlead somebody who is
7:44 am
refusing to even celebrate martin luther king day and understands >> why do you bring it back to race? >> you are the one who picked the topic. >> i'm asking you about healthcare. >> shannon: richard fowler is a democratic strategist. people want to debate policy, to go after people on issues. but so often the topic of race is brought back into it and it kind of either blows up or completely shuts down the conversation. where do we go? >> i think you're right. shannon. we spend a lot of time talking about race and here is the thing. i think we have to talk about it but we can deal with the elephant in the room so we can actually have a conversation about policies and issues. when you talk about poverty, it affects white and black america. we have to have this conversation about race and deal with the inequities and
7:45 am
then let's talk how we deal with the economic inequities across america. we have to acknowledge that race is a factor on some issues. >> shannon: sarah, i want to bring in a poll. this is from pew looking forward into the presidency in 2008 when president obama was about to take office 75% of black voters thought there would be a better positive change in race relations after him. now looking into the trump presidency in 2016 black voters polled said 74% think that race relations will be worse after trump. those are completely flipped numbers. he has homework to do. >> he does. and we know that he is talking a lot lately what he will do to heal that and laid out a plan forward for working with the african-american community. how that plays out we'll have to see. he is very aware. he met with martin luther king
7:46 am
junior's son yesterday. i think he will push hard at the beginning to make it clear that he is the president of all people. >> shannon: it's interesting. one of the things we heard post meeting there was apparently they talked about this idea and voting rights and voter i.d. but talked about this idea that martin luther king iii wanted to talk to trump about these free voter i.d. or government i.d. cards so everybody having a driver's license or not would have i.d. it sounded like trump was interested in that. are there areas they can work to move things forward politically on issues of race? there have to be some common ground issues. >> i think there are a couple of things that donald trump could do to improve race relations. first a trillion dollar stimulus bill if he can get it to republican hawks in the congress. rebuild america's inner cities one step in making america great again. the second thing that has to happen is we have to reauthorize the voter right's act and donald trump is part of
7:47 am
the conversation. what the african-american community is looking for is a president that will listen to them. what they had for the past eight years is a president who heard them on some things. not everything. if donald trump -- i think he has to take a moment and visit the inner cities talking about how they're crime infested and issues. go to an inner city and have a conversation with people who live there and what are the solutions to fix it? we've seen over and over again for the past 50 or 60 years a lot of people trying to say i know how to fix the inner city by throwing things at it but never lived the experience, never been there and they think if you put more police on the streets you solve the problems. that's not true. >> shannon: you mentioned infrastructure and spending and deficit hawks. they don't like us being $19 trillion in debt. how do you make these things work together, reach out to communities who feel like they have specific needs as richard said, you don't want to throw money. you want to have conversations with people. do you think a president trump will do that? >> i think so. let's not forget president
7:48 am
trump is -- president-elect trump is from manhattan. he doesn't visit harlem every day but acutely aware of the problems that exist. it is on his plate to do this first thing and the economy is the first thing he looks at. whether it's a tax reform bill, whether it's deficit. we'll see this out of the gate and in addition i think the other thing trump can do and he has appointed betsy devos to be his education secretary. how do you make education fair for everyone? a chance for kids to go to the school that will serve them best. >> shannon: she has a lot of opposition from the left and unions and see how that plays as part of her confirmation as well. great to see you both. >> bill: news continues next.
7:49 am
jenna lee standing by "happening now." >> we have new poll numbers and a closer look of two of mr. trump's pick for cabinet and a long list of new jobs and investments. some of the biggest names in business have just announced. what is the impact of the trump effect. one of our topics at the top of the hour. >> bill: see you then. 11 minutes away. the last man to walk on the moon making his final journey. gene cernan and what he leaves behind is indelible. ♪
7:50 am
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>> the earth moves are logic and purpose. i can tell you there is a creator of this universe because i saw a small part of that creation and it is just too beautiful to have happened by accident. >> bill: remembering astronaut gene cernan. he died yesterday. we are told he fought to the very end. he was the last man to walk on the moon. with his passing only six people alive have ever done it. the youngest now aged 81. he was a friend of the fox news channel and a friend of our program here and gene cernan has left this earth at the age of 82. mike is a former nasa astronaut and author of the book spaceman. he teaches at columbia and class is in session tomorrow. how are you doing? i think i have to overarching ideas about the life of gene, what he leaves behind. the first one is he was a
7:54 am
technology pioneer. he was a technology guru in his day. and he did it not with a computer but he did it with life and death on the line. >> yeah. he is known for a few things particularly walking on the moon, but he also is one of the first astronauts to space walk. the second american to space walk. the first one was a fairly short space walk. he went out there on the second space walk for a fairly long time and learned how difficult it was to space walk and it changed the entire approach to space walking and made a big influence what they would do on the moon and space shuttle and space station. they were pioneering. the first ones to do all this stuff. >> bill: he held a seminar with us here maybe two years ago. i was with him when his film debut downtown here in new york and we sat next to each other. he was so proud about sharing his story and seeing the level of interest that he perceived on the faces of others.
7:55 am
but i thought his most poignant moment. when you feel like when you look into the abyss of space, the darkness and emptiness out there. he would flip the entire idea around. what i felt is what i saw. what i saw is darkness on one side and the only life i could find was the blue planet. planet earth. >> it's an oasis. you can turn -- that's what struck me as well. i could turn my head and see the planet, how beautiful it is. but i can see how dark it is everywhere else and there is nothing in the neighborhood that we can live on and i think intellectually one of the things we've learned with things like the hubble space telescope and studying the universe. the possibilities for planets that could support life are pretty high if you look at all the possibilities. all the stars, all the stars with planets around them. we're discovering more and more. maybe there is another place that could support life. when i look at the earth from
7:56 am
space similar to what gene thought, or felt, was that i can't imagine anything more beautiful than our planet earth. maybe there is another place i that could support life but i can't imagine anything being quite as beautiful as where we are. we're very lucky to be here. >> bill: somebody who has had a couple of space walks himself and hubble, cernan was a pioneer for you and many others. >> a great example on a life well lived. some of his quotes might not be as famous as neil armstrong but what he just said in his piece when he stepped off the moon about the future, he is very, very poetic and spiritual guy and a good guy to look up to and follow. >> bill: thanks, mike. >> thanks for remembering gene. >> shannon: we need good heroes like that. new polls on president-elect trump as american consider his ability to turn things around plus what mr. trump has to say about the polls. you may not be surprised. that is straight ahead.
7:57 am
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>> we report, you decide, is the alligator a real deal or not? >> there is no herky-jerky, that is either the best anime tronics or it's real. >> a lot of folks in florida telling us it's real. >> we will go down and broadcast and you can see them. >> see you tomorrow, have a great day, everybody. ♪ >> we've got more on the gator ahead, but the inauguration is kind of a big deal, too, just days away now, and president-elect trump taking to twitter on a host of topics, good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> jenna: hi everybody, i'm generally, as the trumps transition team said in a conference call, a series of new tweets from the soon to be commander-in-chief, as mr. trump highlights what he says he has already accomplished so far. well, not backing away from the controversy involving his presidency, his upcoming inauguration, and civil rights icon congressman john lewis.


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