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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 19, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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thank you for joining us. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the right i tease a deck. >> andy: donald trump reveals his campaign slogan for the 2020 race. plus, ringling brothers it says 452 people will be out of work when they shut down. the biggest tragedy to hit the circus since the final performance. final, liberal preparers stock up on guns before trump's inauguration.
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>> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she hosted tlc's "all about sex," which i believe was a cooking show. heather mcdonald. comedian mike cannon. mtv passed on his show, comedian jimmy failla. and he spends his free time working on the farm, yeah, the one where they train a new agents how to murder foreign spies. sitting right next to me, former cia, mike baker. okay, let's start the show. ♪
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>> tom: donald trump hasn't been sworn in yet but he already has a slogan for the 2020 election. i'm starting to think he likes to campaign. in an interview with "the washington post," he revealed his new tagline will be "keep america great!" wheat trademark and register, if you would, if you like it, i think i like it, right? it isn't bad, but we came up with some other options just for him to consider, here they are. "make america great again, part deux" ." "2 great, 2 furious." and lastly, "really lock her up this time" ." that would look great on a hat. i'm jealous that he has something that he can say hey, trademark that. i think i come up with funny stuff all the time, where is my
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notebook, but just to be like hey, trade market, do it with the explanation mark. do it without. he's thinking ahead, hopefully it will be great. if we really doing worse, we are going to still try to make it great. i don't know. >> tom: obviously, he's assuming it will be great. you just want to keep it great. >> ! or not. some people think they're cheesy, if you use too many. >> tom: i don't like to use them, i don't know what to do when i'm being excited online. >> first of all, put your pants back on. >> tom: you went there immediately. trying to beat the over/under on when i start on the show. >> tom: it used to be that you wanted to the butler next to you, but now you have to have
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the lawyer next to you. >> possibly a cpa. i think if he hadn't had the exclamation point, he might have squeaked through. i give him credit, he's looking towards the future, he's being optimistic, i can't believe were talking about this, but yeah, keep america great, why not? >> credit where credit is due, he didn't scream for one of his jews to come in the room. >> tom: he hasn't ever done that, has he? >> that's how such a winner, a sociopath he really is, he doesn't have any interest, he does want to compete. striving to win the championship, then he wins and he's depressed because he has nothing to win anymore.
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>> but then he strives to win the next championship. >> but shouldn't we focus on legislation coming up? >> he had a great idea, it popped in his head, "keep america great!" >> tom: i'm also sick of legisl, mike. they said that obama passed 1200 plus bills and that's the lease productive. that's too much. you should be able to one thing a year. >> i was kinds of all elite reassured that he was thinking of a 2020 slogan because i means he has great confidence in his ability to run the country. i think "keep america great!," if were being fair is better than hillary's 2020 slogan. i think she's running.
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>> no way. >> shall have to go against kanye. >> we've kind of been pushing the kanye thing on this show, just so you know. >> tom: are the you the only one who thinks hillary is going to run again? >> she's doing a lot of image rehabilitation, they shut down the charity, which is a devastating blow to the paper shredding industry, by the way. she's doing those cell fees in the woods, she's not hiking in the woods, she's trying to find her server. if you look close you can see a shovelful of dirt in the background. i think she's running. >> we can all be the new york mayor. >> i hate that. >> she could make mayor of new york city, i could see her winning that. she's not running for president again. >> that's what she should do,
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have some fun, stay in new york, the beloved, everyone loves you here. don't try so hard, girl. >> tom: she seemed happy, once the election was over, when she was walking in the woods, i thought "oh, hillary, you look at -- "i don't think one of the 70s want to be running around. >> and waiting for trump to say i'm done with you being so mean to me, i'm leaving. i think, i'm waiting for him to get fed up and say "now you'll see, i'm not going to do anything close will. >> i think it's beloved as opposed to beloved. i just wanted to point that out. >> that's the problem you have? >> it's a movie, "beloved." but i thought that was the girls name.
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i think you can be beloved and beloved. >> tom: before trump is reelected, he'll have to begin his first term. incoming white house spokesman shawna spicer said that on friday after being sworn in, he may take four or five executive actions. one of the first orders he'll sign will be for strong borders, but he has a stint slightly different timeline then spicer, saying he'll put pen to paper day one which i will consider to be monday instead of friday or saturday. i don't want to be signing and get it mixed up with the celebration. it makes sense, doesn't it? >> if you became the president when she want to have some cocktails and not be having someone come out and say can you come over here for one second, what am i signing? >> chardonnay, you think trump is drinking chardonnay? >> when i'm president it's going to be buttery chardonnay, i'm going to have some fun.
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>> documents on the same mirror you're doing blow off of. >> tom: let me continue reading. don't worry, trump has been hard at work on his speech for a while now. he tweeted this picture on wednesday. writing my inaugural address, three weeks ago. looking forward to friday, #inaguration. he appeared to be writing the speech in chart become his favorite pen. >> you don't want to make any corrections. it's an important speech, fine, write it, i hope it goes well. half the people in washington, d.c., this week are going to be ecstatic, the other half are going to be angry and vindictive. >> tom: you think half of d.c.? >> the people that come to town for this, 99% of the people who live in d.c. are going to be angry and vindictive. his comments about when the
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first day starts, it starts on monday as opposed to saturday because saturday, it reminds you of that scene in "the jerk." the week seems like a week, but wednesday which seems like tuesday, so it's actually three days, so it seemed like half a day, i don't know where i'm going with this. >> tom: it's a classic. i remember. >> you've just got to jump in. >> that photo is absurd, also, they posted a photo -- he also posted a photo of melania googling her first speech. >> does he have a someone that's kind of in charge of taking the photos? let me see it, i don't like that filter. >> tom: it looks like that, it looks very planned. >> why does he look like he always came off of ski lift?
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the goggles are clearly aligned. >> tom: it reminds me of, or member those little viewmaster's? it looks like i want to look at after a viewmaster so i can see the eagle and see slides of the next photo. it >> it's burrito bowl. >> tom: people were laughing about the tweet about monday, but jimmy, isn't that the way it goes? they have the inauguration -- speak out no historical precedent supply. people only know how to react to him in hysterics. he's had a very productive transition in terms of negotiating with manufacturers and addressing employment situations, i feel he's kind of earned of the day. other presidents definitely, what do you think they do on the friday of the inauguration. obama danced to the beyonce son song. who starts saturday? >> there aren't even that many parties, right? in the past, things are a lot
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more, didn't obama have like eight parties? >> tom: it never ended. >> he had so many parties leaving. >> his inauguration was like clooney's marriage. remer how we keep throwing marriages? >> tom: i thought he kept getting divorced and remarried. >> i think that his inauguration is too much. i can see the 1890s and every one of the top hats, you have a big to do. what i think first of all it's dangerous, there's gonna be weirdos down there, i don't like it. cancel the whole thing, i don't like the inauguration. >> i think it's perfect or anybody that voted for him, and every day guide to kind of run the country, they sure got it. he's taking his first weekend off. saturday and sunday, apparently it's the purge and we can do whatever we want. >> tom: not to do those things, but moving on. >> i want to point out that no
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president after their inauguration has worked on the weekend. >> tom: they haven't, that's what i -- >> i'm not a trump guy, but it is what you said. it's hysterics now, nobody can talk about this reasonably. and that's on both sides. >> everything you said -- >> hysterical on either the right or the left. i just wish everybody will woum the [bleep] down. >> tom: moving on, the ringling brothers circus announced it was shutting down after 146 year run with the famous circus soon to be gone, who should now get the title of the greatest show on earth? >> i thought it was going to be cirque du soleil, that's not bad. >> tom: ringling's closing is sad news all around, many performers have little work experience outside of the circu circus. a show opening clown told the "tampa bay times" that he's sad and devastated because he was born and raised on ringling. this is my home.
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some performers have artie begun to transition to more traditional jobs. it's not going to be easy in the beginning. but i'm sure they'll land on their feet. we wish them all the luck in their new careers. heather? >> yes. >> tom: i'm sad about the circus closing down, a lot of people are saying good riddance, they don't like the circus, the animals, what do you think? >> i'm sorry for the sad clown, the satcom. there are industries, where is the one hour photo when you need it? i went to the circus a couple of years ago because i got free tickets to go to the circus, my family is very cheap so we said let's go. all the protesters were there, showing and shoving these pictures of bloodied animals in front of my kids, don't look, we
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got free tickets. >> we paid extra so we could punch an elephant. >> i was so scared, i don't want people to think i am against animals or something at the circus, so then you stop going, it's like sea world. it's a big bummer. >> tom: i think that's the thing, they really don't feel bad about these elephants walking around in circles, they just feel like they showed. >> you do think so? i kind of do. this is kind of like people betting their future on a coal mining position in 2017. the job was hot in the 1800s. are you baffled that this is no longer applicable in 2017? i wouldn't be blown away if comedy failed me and i'm all of a sudden just the world's most charming. >> tom: baker, these are talented people. they learn the skills.
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>> i agree with you in a sense, i don't doubt that it was on its way out the door at some point, but i feel a sense of sadness about it. i guess the good thing is you can put 406 to two people all in one clown car. they can all go to the same job interviews. i don't know where i was going with that. >> i get your numbers for something really awful, they were good seats, the elephant poo was right there. that wasn't fun. >> tom: the elephant dung is not a bad smell -- >> horrendous, it's pretty bad. when you see it you want to bar barf. >> we live in manhattan. every now and then they bring in an elephant on the one training to freshen things up. >> tom: i think they can find
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work, so that cirque du soleil, all these other -- >> there are options, but you do have to feel for some of them because the reality is beyond those options, cirque du soleil, big top, stuff like that, if you are sticking your head in a lions mouth for a living because you don't have a lot of options. that's a "no" one's opener, if everything works out i'm going to have my head in a lions mouth next tuesday for minimum wage. my dad, he used the circus as a scared straight. the elephant job he described, there were certain jobs that are supposed to be in society is nobody wants to do them, you can point to them and scare your kids into studying harder. my mom would get us a glow-in-the-dark laser and my dad would say you see that guy with a broom? that's going to be you. >> the bearded later he met lady needs to be a cam girl.
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>> tom: coming up, liberals are stockpiling guns and food. how conservative of them. ♪
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♪ >> good morning and live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. george h.w. bush remains hospitalized in houston and this morning. he is being treated and ice back in the icu for pneumonia. he's 92 years old. misses that bush checked into the same hospital. they recently celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. ward out of washington this morning, donald trump has
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completed his cabinet picks, the nomination of a former georgia governor to serve as agricultural secretary. he has no ties to the poultry company purdue farms. mr. trump will do no more foreign deals while he's present, but now plans to expand his golf course near aberdeen scotland. expansion isn't a new deal, the lawyers who specialize in government ethics aren't convinced. an ice storm is causing havoc in parts of the northwest. it shut down major highways in oregon and washington state. paralyzed towns along the columbia river are gorged with up to 2 inches of ice. rising temperatures in portland are raising the danger of flooding after the largest snowstorm in years. mudslides are also a major threat. word out of italy this morning.
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heavy snowfall and a series of earthquakes have triggered a deadly avalanche. a small mountain hotel was buried in snow, no further details are available at this hour, of course will work on getting more for you as they come in. for now, i am jackie ibanez, back to "red eye" ." ♪ >> tom: remember when it was just the far right that was stockpiling guns and freeze dried food? now the left is getting in on it, spurred on by irrational fear in of life interrupts america, they're preparing for the apocalypse. a bernie supporter recently bought a 9mm handgun who is scared that something will happen under tom, he's just not sure what. he's made a bags stuffed with ammo and energy bars and assorted survival gear.
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browsing real estate listings in colorado, where he is determined to be a liberal safe haven. it good for him, because liberal safe havens are much different than conservative safe havens, right-wingers mostly want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, may maybe libs will learn to think that way as well. i miss the days when leftists one turn on, drop in, and a drop out. stop doing things, guys, think like a hippie but act like a patriot. maybe trump really isn't bringing people together. that was a really positive message, wasn't it? >> no, it was good, i can't think of anything -- funnier than a liberal safe haven, a lot of liberals have purchased weapons because they have no idea what it is, they're
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trying to stuff the wrong caliber, i just can't think of ending funnier right now. the idea that perhaps yeah, i guess in a big sense, what they're experiencing right now, right this moment is the same thing that conservatives have been experiencing for some time. where you feel as if you are demeaned at every turn, nobody's demeaning the left, they're just keeping a lot of this on themselves right now, because they're so frustrated and angst he over what's happened with the election. and you know what, honestly, if they just backed off and chilled out a little bit, i think they could probably organize themselves, maybe look to the future, maybe two years on the road, when congress comedies in the productive. right now they're in this hysterics mode. >> tom: i like it, baker. when they want to do some thing productive, then they start getting in there. i don't like it. >> i like this idea, i want them to go off the grid.
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i think they're going to change their views. >> this meltdown is every thing we dreamed it would be. if we are being honest about it, everybody wanted to watch this happen because it's hilarious, it's exactly what we thought it would be. i feel that for the gun dealers in this case because they have liberals walking in and asking for artisanal bullets. locally sourced guns, it's got to be a difficult situation to be in. here's my biggest suggestion to all of the trumpet mania, there are groups out there that he's never mentioned, people that are trying to glom onto the fear. i'm redheaded, is he going to send me to internment camp? he's never mentioned you, i'm sick of these posers that are trying to get on, if your mother is an immigrant, you're entitled. there are other people jumping and that have a "no" basis to speak of. >> he likes gay people and he's there treating them like they're
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going to internment camps. >> tom: the liberal propers, they think that liberals haven't been tough enough, they want to toughen up and learn how to use firearms. you got to respect that, right question at >> you have two on some level, that's kind of being bipartisan. trying to form a venn diagram of common ground. to do whatever we've got to do, the problem is that i'm kind of a conspiracy guy, i think a solar flare is going to knock out our electrical grid. you know, you get locked up for a long time, so instead i just been stockpiling on drugs and alcohol. >> tom: even out there in brooklyn? out in the wild? >> where locked down. >> you can even be the lone ranger for halloween in brooklyn. >> i think this a thing to do is stockpile on birth control.
12:28 am
that's an actual concern that people have. okay then get it. the day of the election, my stepdaughter was crying. just like everyone was getting guns, thinking hillary's getting wins, they got the guns before. go get your pills. go, go get your pills, make sure you have all your pills. make sure you're protected, make sure. then you won't have a problem. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> tom: are you going to wear them on a sash? >> exactly, i've got them. all these people that have stuff, my husband and i, we don't want to be that house on the street that's got everythin everything. then when stuff goes down, no one has anything. >> a little bit of something isn't bad. >> like you said, a solar flare. a natural disaster, in terms of a weather problem, you all member that? the power went down in a big wa way.
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coming up, tvs andy levy returns with have time. and the "red eye" podcast. on itunes and
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over on the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: trump already has his 2020 slogan, "keep america great!" ." i would have gone with "make america great again again."
12:33 am
>> tom: he should have that one, too. >> andy: heather, i believe you kept calling it an explanation point. it's a beloved -- >> i say a lot of words wrong, i say picture wrong. so now i just say photo. i say a lot of words wrong, and at this point it's just endearing. thank you for pointing it out. >> andy: you talked about hillary doing image rehab, you think she's going to run in 2020. there is no way. >> i think they're keeping her alive by telling her that, i think her inner circle is like keeping her forward. she'd lose in a second, but that's why she can't eat mayor of new york, either. that's a consolation prize. >> andy: she's never lived in new york city ever. >> she's never been black but she can do a black accent, she's
12:34 am
adaptable. guess. baker, beloved is an acceptable pronunciation for beloved. >> is not a u.s. pronunciation? >> beloved is english. >> andy: you refer to the geico trump has as the guy he has trademark -- it's a british-english word. >> from the latin. >> andy: big question is, is he a wartime conciliatory? >> he is a twitter wartime. >> andy: the inauguration stuff, you asked if trump has an
12:35 am
official photographer that takes all these pictures. i do know people are freaking out over the fact that he has yet to appoint an official weight house photographer. because that is interesting. maybe because he's not that happy with the photos so far. people are trying out for the job. he needs to get that kim kardashian light that goes around your iphone, it lights you beautifully. i'm going to send him one for friday as a gift. it really just blows out all your wrinkles, gives you a nice skin tone, he'll go from orange to peach. >> andy: my, you said trump starting work on monday, saturday and sunday it's going to be the purge. >> me mike or him mike? >> andy: your baker. >> two days, let's get busy, what's your number one crime? >> andy: i will be securely indoors.
12:36 am
>> i'm going to somehow authorize myself to be trump's photographer. >> andy: by the way, in the interview where he said day one will be monday, he asked if there was anything typically german about you, and he replied "i like order." that is not at all scary to me. >> that's a real thing he said? >> andy: i like order, i like things done in an orderly manner. >> you like that, too, andy. >> andy: i did actually manage to get an advance copy of his inaugural address, can we show that? [laughter] >> all work and no play. >> andy: ringling -- it's funny to me.
12:37 am
i also like the fact that i made the clip 20 seconds long. ringling brothers shutting down will cost people jobs, tom, you said you're sad about the end of the circus? are you going on the last day? >> tom: i am going on the last day, i immediately went on the web site and it started buying tickets, i was trying to buy some tickets and they got sold out, so i bought four of the last tickets. >> andy: that's amazing. you're not going to the actual last show, though? >> tom: i'm going in the afternoon, i didn't want to deal with the kids at night. i'll just say last day, most people won't call me on it like you just did. >> andy: jimmy, you brought up the other options possible for these people, they also operate marvel universe live, monster jam, disney on ice and a disney live. they own all of those.
12:38 am
>> here's an interesting thing, i didn't see that he won a class action lawsuit for defamation about the elephants, they got a $25 million judgment, they're probably just going out on house money. because they were losing money off this already. it >> andy: good point. >> tom: it's well-timed for them. also, what was your dad's nickname it really smokin' joe failla? >> andy: liberal propers, for decades they have been saying that the second amendment is not about hunting. and finally liberals are saying yes. >> i thing it's great if they take an interest in the second amendment, i think it's wrong, the idea that they're buying weapons because i think that trump is somehow going to cause the apocalypse, okay, fine, everyone has their own opinions. as long as they buy them and train up on them and use them responsively improperly, and learn actually how to use and
12:39 am
then just buying it and shoving it in a drawer somewhere where it's a danger. >> andy: i think we all agree on that. mike, not baker, you brought up how you can't get a gun in new york city so you've been stockpiling drugs and alcohol. thank god both of those are either really easy to find here. >> super easy, for there is pretty much a delivery service for anything. >> andy: not a lie. i am done. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, smartphones get a whole lot dumber, but first, kennedy. >> hey there, read i storm chasers, suggestions on how to crank up the inauguration party and meghan mccain has ideas as far as what we can expect as far as a last-minute pardon-o-rama from obama. gele on my head and i looked
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♪ >> good morning and live it from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara both hospitalized in houston. he was moved to icu following a procedure to clear his airways due to respiratory issues. armor first lady barbara bush went to the hospital as a precaution after feeling under the weather. 45th president of the united states donald trump and vice president elect mike pence sat down with brett fox news.
12:44 am
>> the information flow has been very positive, whether it be our incoming nominees, leading the cia or department of national intelligence have all been working very closely with the administration, the safety and security of the american people is the top priority. >> meanwhile president-elect trump has set to return to washington today. word it just out earlier this morning, heavy snowfall and earthquakes triggered a massive avalanche. no further details are available. a result police worker regain control of an overcrowded prison, now moved to hunter from the penitentiary and rio grande where people were killed in a bloodied right over the weekend. this is the latest in a violence
12:45 am
string of disturbances across the country in just the last two weeks. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto you're watching the most powerful name in news, that's a fox news. have a good morning. ♪ >> tom: what if i told you there was a phone that didn't have texting or email or a snapchat or anything. a phone just for calling. it exists. it's called the light phone. the company behind it has raised over $400,000 on kickstarter, and another $3 million from investors, so clearly there's a demand. here's a picture. [laughter]
12:46 am
>> tom: that's not it, it's not it. here is the cofounder. >> the light phone is a slim, credit card sized cell phone, it's designed to be use as little as possible. it's her second phone, so he would take this phone out, leave your smartphone behind, keep the same phone number, ten speed dials you can call, the idea is that you use it as little as possible, a piece of mind. we call this experience going light. >> let the other dude talk. he's just sitting there. heather, when i first saw this i thought it was dumb, and then the more i thought about it, i want one of these things. >> what's interesting is that i was trying to get a hold of someone and they weren't answering my text, i was with the millennial and i said "unders going to call him" ." and she said "that's pretty aggressive." to call someone? i'm not showing up at their door. it's seen as so aggressive, wow, i don't know. just to have the phone and that's all you can do is call, is that sort of limiting? i guess it's nice in that you would be more focused on the thing at hand, just for emergencies. i see the point but i'm telling
12:47 am
you, people find calling on the phone and leaving a voice mail very aggressive and very bold. they don't expect to ever -- >> it's like the emperor's new clothes. it's a [bleep] phone. it's a phone. they've raised money on kickstarter for what we used to call a phone. right? >> tom: it's got a good look to it. that nice credit card size, and baker, heather is right. it's about less. you want to go out, you don't want to be bothered, i can see if you don't want to be bothered but you want your wife to be able to reach you, it's a good idea. >> you could just use your phone is a phone. just a thought. >> it's tempting, that's the thing. it's like to discipline you so you're not tempted to do other business and things when you're supposed to be focused on having dinner and actually talking to people. >> tom: baker is going to keep
12:48 am
arguing with you. >> i don't get one 's paying $1r this. i have sprint so i can get an email or send a text anyway, just get a different provider and your gold. >> tom: i like it. you may made me feel like an i, i don't want it. >> the absolute last thing i want to do is talk to 70 on the phone, i hate talking and speaking in real time, i prepared for this show for six month. the only time i want to pay more for less services is when i'm getting a monthly metro card. that's literally the only time where all do that. >> i'm going to do a kickstarter and create this thing that you can call people or receive calls in your house. it's connected to the wall, or maybe you put it on your nightstand. >> tom: i think you're being sarcastic. >> this is where we've come, look at how ridiculous this is, this guy has made $3 million,
12:49 am
it's a phone. am i wrong? >> tom: you know what, your little monologue there, your rant, he's raising more money off of you right now. >> he's in on it. >> i'm an investor. >> tom: it's tucker time next. ♪ hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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♪ tucker carlson has a new show, it's not getting a lot of attention so we thought we'd give him a little help. give him the old "red eye" bumped by airing clips from his show. last night, tucker interviewed a young man named dom. >> where joined now by dam, director of operations in los angeles. thank you for joining us. >> no problem, tucker. >> this is a sham, your company isn't real, this is a hoax. let me start at the beginning with your name, which is not your real name. it's a fake name.
12:54 am
we ran you through law enforcement level background checks, so let's start out with the truth. tell me what your real name is. >> tom: okay. i tried to be more welcoming to my guests, but i guess tucker has a different style. let's see more. >> tell me what your real name is. >> it's dominic. >> that's a lie and you know it's a lie, we asked you for i.d. at the los angeles bureau and you said you didn't have i.d. with you, but you have a wallet on you, every grown man it does. hold up a credit card to our camera, cover the number, show us any piece of documentation with your name on it. you can't because that's not your real name. >> sure. >> tom: i just do whatever tucker says. anything else, tucker? >> your name is fake and this company is fake, you are not legitimate, you are lying. we know that, that didn't happen because you don't have a
12:55 am
physical address because you don't have a real office, your web site was just put out, you haven't been receiving hate mail because you don't exist. did you think we were going to fall for that? >> i'm just surprised you put me on. >> tom: it's an interest in idea for a business, we all wish dom a lot of luck. i think that guy, i feel bad for him. you can't walk into tucker unprepared. >> i do feel bad for him but i think it's great. i had heard about this, people have been having rumors that these protesters were being paid. i think it's great that he called them out, that it doesn't exist. making a greater divide, all those people are getting paid, paid $50 an hour to protest,
12:56 am
they don't really care about it. i'm glad that he called it out. >> tom: he kicked it up a notch, he announced that he was changing from anti-trump protests to anti-anti-trump protests. >> it's shia the 's new art installation. >> tom: jimmy, what do you think of this guy? >> the guy is completely a scam, i'm starting to doubt his claims that he has a wardrobe department, too. he looks like he's dressed like a mannequin, remember the store errol postel or whatever. this is the most annoying person in society, the guy who think she's a rebel, i pretended to be something, i was on tv for a week. he just booked a month of unpaid coffee house gigs. i hate this guy, i'm pro tucker,
12:57 am
i'm not going with my care. >> tom: i bought the shirt with the invest on it, it was one piece. heather mcdonald, mike cannon, jimmy failla, mike baker.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> bret: president obama, in his final news conference, ask about the commutation of the prison sentence of an army intelligence private who leaked state secrets. insists justice was served but his own defense secretary and top army brass disagree. vice president-elect is here to respond as well. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. president obama says he's comfortable with his decision to let former army private bradley, no chelsea, manning out of prison. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is herded to tell us how what the president t said about this controversy


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