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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

8:00 pm, @seanhannity on twitter. quick programming note. tomorrow i will be traveling to our nation's capital to interview vice president mike pence at the white house. they sit down tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. hope to see you there then. thanks for being with us. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" from l.a. is on tonight. >> i do want to say to you that in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law. >> bill: that statement is flat-out untrue. a colossal deception. and one of the reasons the democratic party is having so much trouble in america. t tonight, we will have a speciali report. >> wasn't that an interesting rollout? kind of a reality tv rollout? i don't know about this man to tell you that i will be applauding him all the way to the finish line. >> bill: if the democrats reject judge gorsuch, who seems to be a very competent jurist, what does that say about that country? lou dobbs has some thoughts. ♪
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also, ahead, will lady gaga use the super bowl halftime show to spout political gibberish? martha maccallum is investigating. caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." from southern california, "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly, reporting from los angeles. thanks for watching us tonight. is the democratic party in serious trouble? that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memof first of all, we need two vibrant parties in this country. robust debate and different points of view strengthen the nation. but a big change has taken place, the term loyal opposition in politics is now devolving i into just opposition. the loyal has left the buildingh in president trump's case, no matter what he does, there are some democrats who will oppose
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him, and that is harmful to america. also, there is deception. last night, house minority leader nancy pelosi held a town hall. the subject of illegal alienon violence was raised. >> in 2010, one of the illegals slaughtered my son. he tortured him, he beat him, he tied him up like an animal. and he set him on fire. and i am not a one-story mother. this happens every day because there are no laws enforced at the border. >> there is nothing, i'm sure, that can compare to the grief that you have. and so i pray for you. but i do want to say to you that in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the s law. >> bill: that is flat-out untrue. a deceit that is outrageous. congresswoman pelosi well knows that in san francisco, her hometown, an illegal alien deported five times is now charged with murdering
8:03 pm
33-year-old kate steinle. that man, 54-year-old juan francisco lopez sanchez, will be put on trial soon. but the verdict on san francisco itself is in. guilty of failing to hold sanchez, even though the feds asked for him to be detained. they let him go. somebody tell nancy pelosi. now, all over the country, americans are outraged like a beautiful woman like kate steinle was gunned down by a foreign felon who had illegally crossed back into this country six times. yet mrs. pelosi has the gall to say that in the sanctuary city of san francisco, our people are not disobeying the law. did sanchez disobey the law, mrs. pelosi? again, you told a bold lie, madam. if one of the most high-profile leaders of the democratic party is that arrogant and dishonest, what does that say about the
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party in general? mrs. pelosi did not stop there, continuing to criticize our economic system. >> we are capitalist. and that is the way it is. however, we do think that capitalism is not necessarily meeting the needs with the income inequality that we have in our country. >> bill: so americans who are not ideological, hearing this kind of stuff, that the sanctuary cities are acceptable, that capitalism is not "meeting the needs of our people," they turn away. but the democratic leadership doesn't seem to understand that. even though they lost the election. in fact, senator tim kaine, who ran with hillary clinton, but was not a factor in the vote, pretty much disappearing during the campaign, is proud of his party's rebellious stance. >> what we have got to do is fight in congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box. now there is the momentum to bet able to do this, and we are not afraid of the popular outcry. we are energized by it and that
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is going to help us do ourng job and do it better. >> bill: senator kaine said he is not afraid of the popular outcry? well, he should be. "talking points" wants a strong democratic party, as well as a vibrant republican party. that is the way our nation functions best. but right now, there is a political civil war that is actually harming the usa. until politicians stop the deceit and embrace policies that help all americans, that war will continue. and that is "the memo." now, for the top story reaction, joining us from new york city, eric bolling and geraldo rivera. geraldo, where am i going wrong? >> in terms of the undocumented immigrants and the crimes they commit, and whether or not they commit more crimes per capita then citizens do, you and i have had that debate, you clearly won the debate, among our audience, the majority of the voters in the majority of the states thought that undocumented immigrants were an issue so compelling, so profound, they
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propelled donald trump into the white house. but in terms of the democratic party, let me just say that in my view, they will be more effective as an opposition than they ever were when they were in power. they were a dysfunctional power player, i think that now, in their weakness, sanctuary cities is a great example. they are not shrinking, they are spreading. now you have four states, california, rhode island, vermont, colorado, washington state, oregon, you have 39 major cities, all of the biggest ones, new york, chicago, los angeles, baltimore, et cetera, you have six -- i'm sorry, 364 counties that are sanctuary counties. why?y because the law enforcement, the local law enforcement have deemed it necessary that they have the trust of the undocumented immigrants, so they can feel free to call 911. >> bill: all of the places that you named are very liberal precincts, where politicians depend on the migrant votes to win, the immigrant votes to win.
8:07 pm
>> i disagree with that. i totally disagree with that. >> bill: i think the data back that up, a guy like rahm emanuel and bill de blasio -- they couldn't win. >> it is a front line of the culture clash. right now, sanctuary cities will be the front line, it will be blue against red. in towns and cities and states -- >> bill: would you say that nancy pelosi uttered an outrageous deceit last night? >> talking about sanchez, about a murderer, i think you use the egregious anecdote to make a general point. i think it is very unfair. but again, i brought up this argument to you. i apologized -- >> bill: nancy pelosi flat-out stated that people in sanctuary cities do not disobey the law, it is a lie. is it not, bolling?? >> she is saying that local law enforcement isn't disobeying the law.ey either way, there is a federal
8:08 pm
law that says, if you are illegal, we will deport you. >> bill: she said the people. she didn't say law enforcement. >> whatever. but geraldo saying the reason there are more and more sanctuary cities is because local law enforcement doesn't want to use the illegals as snitches, so to solve crimes, that is ludicrous. the reason why there are more and more -- the reason why this is happening, is because there has been no penalty for breaking federal law. once there will be, if the feds, if donald trump is true to what he says, if you are a sanctuary city, we will cut off federal funding, watch how many of the cities or states say, that sanctuary idea wasn't such a great idea for us. >> bill: we'll see.a we'll see. people ought to know that the sanctuary order from the federal government is, if you have any illegal undocumented person in jail, in jail, you have to inform i.c.e., homeland security. that's it! that is the order. anything that you do with
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gardeners, chambermaids, the left lies about it, lies about it! says that the feds and trump want to round up all these innocent people, just working hard. they lie about what the sanctuary is defying. the sanctuary is defying that simple order. you lock somebody up, you have to inform. >> i agree. but they have the absolute constitutional and legal right to comply or not comply as they will.. it is -- >> the third circuit, seventhh circuit, the supreme court of united states, the tenth amendment of the constitution of the united states, all say immigration is a federal problem, local and state cannot be commandeered by the federal government to be immigration officers. >> bill: no, no.le not commandeered. they have to obey federal law. bolling gets the last word. >> you just said it, geraldo.t
8:10 pm
knock yourself out. there is nothing in the constitution that says that someone who is here illegally should have a right, a right to stay. is there a privilege under some sort in sanctuary cities? perhaps. but that will stop again. i will go back to the numbers. as soon as the numbers -- theyto are staggering. hundreds of millions of dollarse in some cases, billions of dollars that could be pulled back from these local municipalities. and watch how fast they cave on sanctuaries. >> bill: all right, we will see if bolling is correct. gentlemen, thank you. next on "the rundown," california says it may declare itself a sanctuary state. that will certainly lead to a showdown with the trump administration. and later, dennis miller says he has a solution to the bigmp dive in america. those reports after these messages. those reports after americans - 83% try to eat healthy. >> announcer: "talking points" are brought to you about one a day at women's. and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for depe but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> bill: "impact segment" tonight, california politicians are advancing a bill that would make the entire state a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.
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in addition, the city of san francisco has filed a federal lawsuit against president trump himself, saying he has no right to withhold federal funding from sanctuary dr. john eastman. a founding director for the claremont institute center for constitutional jurisprudence. how do you get that on a business card? >> it is hard. [laughter] >> bill: let's take the sanctuary state first. can a state just declare itself an entity that is not going to obey federal law? >> the thing, the officials can't be commandeered by the federal government. but we are talking about what they can be required to do in exchange for getting a lot of money from the federal government. $330 billion a year, california and all the cities are getting. all of that is strict. one of the conditions on those grants is that you comply with federal law. federal law is very clear here. no state can tell its officials that they can't cooperate with i.c.e. >> bill: okay, so technically, california can, according to the constitution, call itself
8:15 pm
whatever it wants. but they can lose, then, $330 billion a year. right? >> right. it's a lot of money. >> bill: it is. i think the trump administration would absolutely do that, even though that would cause mass chaos. >> even more interesting, another federal law that says that they are required to do that. that any recipient of a grant that continually flouts federal law, they have to do it. they have to give additional opportunity to come into compliance with the federal law, but at some point, they have to say, if you are refusing to cut federal law, you are not eligible for these grants.av >> bill: here's what i don't understand. as i just said to rivera and bolling, the pith of this is, the federal government wants san francisco and all of the sanctuary cities to inform them when someone is put into jail, behind bars, who is undocumented. >> that is right. that is it. that's right. asking for information has beend held by the supreme court not
8:16 pm
even to be commandeering, which creates the tenth amendment problem. which is giving information. this federal law specifically says you can't -- >> bill: why, you live here, why wouldn't any municipality cooperate with that? why? >> you would think they would. we are identifying people who are a real threat to the community. they have become so ideologically hard-line left on this question that they don't want the enforcement. they just don't want enforcement of the immigration laws. >> bill: no matter even if you are criminal? >> that's right. even if we you are a criminal. that is what led to the kate steinle murder. >> bill: it certainly did. in a lawsuit from san francisco against president trump, saying he does not have the constitutional right to withhold money from the city. where does that stand? >> i am very encouraged by the fact that all of these officials are not recognizing the importance of the tenthic amendment and state rights. the tenth amendment, they forget to read the whole thing.y it said any powers not delegated to the national government are reserved to the states or the people.s the power over immigration is clearly delegated to the federal government.
8:17 pm
the only question here is, can the states be asked to provide information to help the federal government and can they be compelled to do so in exchangep for money, as a condition on the money? and there is no question the federal government can make that a condition on federal money. >> bill: okay. so if you are right and that isc how the courts rule, you know you are going to get some judges that say you are wrong, you know that. ideological judges. so it will wind its way through the courts. but the san francisco people are saying, the president doesn't have the power to withhold federal money. does that have any basis? >> no. in fact, there's a federal statute, i'm drawing a blank onv the number right now, that specifically says, federal grants have to be given, you acknowledge with receipt of a grant that you agree to comply with federal law. so all of these grant recipients are putting these grants at risks and creating the potential that they will be rendered ineligible for future grants if they don't come into compliance with federal law.. >> bill: i find it interesting. i didn't know this until you just said it. the trump administration is
8:18 pm
compelled by federal law to punish the sanctuary cities, if they do decide in california to become a sanctuary state, they have to punish them, they have to withdraw the money. >> the federal law says that the president or administrative agency shall add new conditions on the money to bring them into compliance. but if they continue to refuse, at some point, to declare them ineligible for those federalnt grants. >> bill: okay. now, if sessions, senator sessions, gets confirmed as attorney general, he will be fairly aggressive, i think, in enforcing all of these things. >> i think so as well. finding some lower court judge that will say this is unconstitutional, for many ideological judges, unconstitutional as anything they don't like. but i think when it gets to the supreme court, a full complement of the supreme court with neil gorsuch as the new associate justice, i think they will find at least 5-4 and hopefully larger majority of the fourt to say what the president is doing is perfectly okay. >> bill: thank you, doctor, for coming in. we appreciate it. directly ahead, dennis kucinich
8:19 pm
says president obama is responsible for the refugee problem. wow. lou dobbs has thoughts on howon the president rolled out that refugee executive order. also, is the nfl worried about lady gaga spouting political stuff during the super bowl halftime show? up ahead. up ahead. tomorrow's the day we'll play something >> announcer: this program is brought to you by novartis. that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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♪ >> bill: personal story segment tonight, as >> bill: "personal story" segment tonight, as we have been reporting, there would not be refugee crisis if president obama and the west had dealt with iraq and syria in a responsible way. yesterday, on fox news, dennis kucinich, very liberal guy, said this. >> let's face something here. donald trump didn't create these
8:23 pm
laws. wars create refugees, and president obama, both in syria and in lebanon, has backed conflicts which have created so that is something, if he is involved in the debate, he should have to answer that. >> bill: mr. kucinich joins us now from cleveland. we both agreed that president obama is partially responsible for the refugee chaos. explain your point of view for us.. >> i'm opposed to u.s. intervention, it costs our nation dearly. $6 trillion since 9/11. we have a right to defend ourselves. but look, iraq, president bush's watch, created an enormous amount of refugees. libya and syria created a lot of refugees. that was president obama's watch. if you don't have wars,ha you don't create refugees. so there has to be some responsibility that has to be taken by the president. >> bill: okay. i see it a little bit differently because in syria, which is ground zero for the refugee problem, and that is thl country that president trump has said, we are not going to take
8:24 pm
any refugees until we can figure out a better vetting system, there, we didn't really do anything. we didn't intervene.ny we let assad, the butcher, kill his people, which created a refugee situation all on its own. we have nothing to do with that. am i wrong??. >> bill, i hate to say this, but you are wrong. because the u.s. has been involved in covert action in working with turkey, saudi arabia, and qatar in financing jihadists who come for maybe 100 different countries into syria to try to knock off the syrian government and establish a caliphate. >> bill: all right, you're saying a covert action against assad. but that is a small part of it. assad would have murdered these people anyway. >> no, no, no. >> bill: because they don't like him. come on. >> i am not defending assad. you have to look at syria as a
8:25 pm
pluralist society. the assad regime has opponents, i have talked to the opponents, they don't want people coming in from outside syria to try to upend their country. no more than we in america want china coming in. >> bill: may be true, but there still will be refugees because of the civil war in that country. when you say you don't want americans abroad, you have more in common with trump than you do obama. because trump, he doesn't want to go into these he has made that quite clear. >> listen, i -- right, go ahead. >> bill: in the suspension of the travel to the united states, what the president is clearly saying, if anyone wants to pay attention, is that these states mentioned, syria, iraq, libya, somalia, on and on, they don't have any central authority. so anybody can get on a plane and be in kennedy airport in ten hours. and we have to figure out how to vet this because their governments are all collapsed.e that is not an unusuals unreasonable position, is it?
8:26 pm
>> you know what, i carry this pocket constitution. the first amendment says no religious test. that holds our society together. >> bill: it's a national test on these countries. in those countries, you can't come here either. >> we have to call it what it is.r. it is a ban on muslims. america has never had a religiouss test. >> bill: it's not a ban on muslims. if you are a libyan christian, you can't come here. you know that is true. >> there has been some interpretations that christians can come in. we shouldn't have a religious test. and that's -- bill -- >> bill: i don't have a religious test. >> this is my bible. my constitution, no religious test. >> bill: you know i like you. >> i like you. >> bill: this is where you go off the rails.t i present the facts that people in those countries, no matter what religion they are, cannot come here temporarily, then you pull out your constitution and distort with the order is.
8:27 pm
that is going off the rails. >> bill, it's like a compliment for you to tell me that i am distorting things. i just want to say, bill o'reilly, no religious test. period. now, as far as who created these wars, donald trump didn't create the wars. that is pretty obvious. >> bill: dennis, thank you very much. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. t miller says he has a solution to our divided country. he'll tell us what it is. then martha maccallum looking into the possibility that lady gaga may turn the super bowl halftime show into a political circus. up next. lou dobbs on whether president trump could have handled the refugee problem differently. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. you're a rabbit? im vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. riiight. and that means...? i'm the money you save for retirement. i help you get organized so your money could multiply. see? got it. who's he? he's green money for spending today.
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stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. >> bill: "unresolved problems" segment tonight, the far left still hysterical over the presidential executive order that stops some refugees from coming here, at least on a temporary basis. from justice, it's not the law. it is tyranny. this is a sanctioned, government-sanctioned religious persecution. it will not keep america safe. it is not about national security. this is about white supremacists. >> bill: sure it is. joining us now from new york city, lou dobbs. so sane people, doesn't include some of the critics, know that the overreaction to the executive order is a bit crazy. i mean, i can understand some people opposing it.
8:32 pm
but, you know, to go all of this for a temporary order that basically says we need to redo our security mechanism so that people in somalia who come here unattended -- there is no government in somalia -- we have a mechanism to know who they are. i mean, that is a legitimate point of view. however, the way that president trump handled the rollout gave his enemies a lot of ammunition, did it not? >> it gave them ammunition, but i really believe, bill, that nol matter what he did, it would have been looked upon -- >> bill: let's stay on what he did. friday afternoon, okay, nobody out explaining it before it happened. >> right. >> bill: nobody available after it happened. just plunked it. >> the administration has a perfectly good reason for not having done a broad consensus building program. they wanted not to announce it
8:33 pm
specifically so that they would not be inviting in terrorists and those who wanted to come to this country knowing full well that there would be an extreme vetting program put in place by this administration. >> bill: yeah, i understand that is the explanation. but it would have been hard for terrorists to, within a few hours, to get on a plane and come to new york. >> possible. >> bill: but the way they did it, the trump administration, was, they just jammed it out they didn't explain it as it came out. and they did it on a friday. and they gave the anti-trump people so much propaganda to demonize him, didn't they? >> i would say this to you. the anti-trump people arere precisely the same people tonight as they were thursday before the order went into effect. the attempt to propagandize has been going on nonstop since it
8:34 pm
became clear that this was -- that donald trump was a very successful and likely victorious presidential candidate. from the time he was elected. i mean, we only see his enemies mount within the ideological left. you have elizabeth warren with a bullhorn at the airport cheering on folks. you have got these soros-funded demonstrations. >> bill: you can diffuse some of that. although, i have to say, i saw a reuters poll where the president is actually, and i predicted this would happen, gaining in popularity after this refugee order. but i am always to the fact that if you do something and you really, firmly believe it, put it out the best way you can. put it out with full explanation. have lou dobbs explain it on his show, millions are watching him. all that. >> i think that it's a terrific idea, except for the part where i don't believe donald trump, as president of the united states,
8:35 pm
should be involved in the administration of a program at this he issued orders, others implement it. this administration -- >> bill: but it is his responsibility to put america in the best light. >> think about this. i mean, theresa may, the prime minister of the u.k., is before parliament, just with a screed, excoriating donald trump with whom she has just had anha entirely successful meeting over this extreme vetting order, interfering in u.s. politics. i mean, who are these people? and since when -- >> bill: i'm not justifying the people. i just think it's better for america, all right, if all of our policies are clearlyte explained as they happen. >> see if you will accept just this element, if you will, a complement to what you are thinking. and that is, for the first time, we have a president who is
8:36 pm
making it absolutely clear to the entire world, whether they like it or not, that we are going to take our sovereignty seriously, the safety of our people seriously, and the security of our nation will be the president's primary policy and purpose. i think he has succeeded in that. >> bill: he certainly has sent the message. >> i consider it a notice. >> bill: all right, lou dobbs, everybody. one footnote, "the contributing factor" podcast starring robert samuel is something you might want to check it is all about judge gorsuch tonight. you can hear it on or itunes. we come right back from l.a. dennis miller has been thinking about how to heal holistically, the big political divide in america. and martha maccallum on lady gaga possibly creating chaos at the super bowl halftime show. right back from california. cal. cal. ♪ had a wonderful time tonight.
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8:41 pm
room. you can see about his good luckh elephant bong out from back east. >> bill: it's not a bong. >> hard copy first editions of "killing everybody and his mother." beautiful. >> bill: i know you are a deep thinker, miller. most people think you are a shallow nomadic showbiz guy, but that is not true. you are a deep thinker. and you know that we have this divide in america, and you come up with a way to solve it, heal it? >> i do. it is appropriate if you are here in l.a., the red and the blue states are probably not as balkanized as the crips and the bloods, quite frankly. it is gotten quite nasty. but it hasn't gotten violent. it is not near a civil war. you have to admit, it is probably the most pronounced i have seen it in my lifetime. and i was thinking, well, we don't really hate each other. some people do, but i think mos, people -- and we all have people we love or good friends on the other side of this discourse. i think that it is just like, we can still be friends, but we can't live together anymore. so i came up with an idea for the country to break up.
8:42 pm
i got this from the great scholar of the masses, gwyneth paltrow, when her and her husband, chris martin from coldplay, broke up. they called it a "conscious uncoupling." i think it might be time for a conscious uncoupling. i put together some artwork, billy. it might be time to pick albums, who gets the dog, and split up. i think we need two border walls. i think that there is a west coast and east coast and then there is in the middle. i would make that country on the left, you see, california, washington, oregon, then open it up to mexico too. call it maxico. you have that country over there. then, the right-hand side, you have the bubble, that is the northeast corridor, where the all the intellectuals live. then something around chicago, a mini wall there. then i was listening to elon musk, the tesla guy, thise week, a smart guy, he says we should make the infrastructure tunnels. and i thought, why not build an
8:43 pm
arnold schwarzenegger "running man" tube that shoots between the two coasts so that people can go back and forth and exist in maxico or the bubble and just go underneath, stop in chicago like the old 20th century, get yourself a steak, c then you can connect with a new part of the country. then, you and i -- maybe not you, i can't speak for you, you are fair and balanced, the rest of us are in the middle in a place called norman rockwell-vania where it is like the old world. >> bill: you would have to leave beautiful santa barbara. >> somehow i would pry myself out. that would be all the things that people would have to pick where they want to go. let the other countries do their thing. then mexico could be part of the united states. but one i would have to leave long island. i would have to go to west virginia. if i stay on long island in the bubble country, they are going to kill me.
8:44 pm
they will hang me. >> this would be beautiful because they would get to raise taxes the way they want, spend the way they want, we can have easy visa things or people can go across the borders to visit, don't make it like the brandenburg gate, make it easy. you go see your loved ones e and things like that, and everybody just splits up and we all mellow out. >> bill: the liberal precincts are much smaller than the traditional precincts. >> they don't want anything to do with us. a they hate us. they think we are rubes. they think we are idiots. i am doing this out of a loving gesture. let's split up before it gets really vile. >> bill: but do you think that -- mexi-fornia? >> maxico. >> bill: would they be able tory survive? >> everybody, every day, i hear people saying, no, no, we shouldn't have a border, i think maybe they are right. maybe they are right. washington, oregon, washington, got an idiot like jim mcdermott in charge, he would love maxico. >> bill: it would be a huge wall between washington and idaho and nevada -- >> two walls. infrastructure. >> bill: a lot of jobs, right?t?
8:45 pm
>> behind home plate at chase stadium, we sell signage on the walls, we make a buck off it. everybody wets their feet. >> bill: who would be president of the bubble? >> in norman rockwell-vania, it would be trump. then everyone will be happy. then the best football team in maxico plays the best football team in norman rockwell-vania. boom. we have a true super bowl. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. >> billy, by the way, did you see the commercial? martha is going to talk about it. listen to this, folks. take a bud light and go to anyht one of the seven countries on that immigrant list. crack it open on the main drag. then when you track down your head that they have scimitared off, give a sip of the bud light to the head. >> bill: you got to shut up now. we have a commercial. he is going to be in waukegan, illinois, by the way. go check him out. martha maccallum, as mentioned, is on deck. we will show you that very controversial bud ad that will play during super bowl.
8:46 pm
lady gaga may cause some controversy during the super bowl. when we come back. by the time you head to the bank and wait to get approved for a home loan, that newly listed, mid-century ranch with the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure, qualified mortgage approval in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket]
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>> bill: "back of the book" segment tonight, did you see that? one of the big super bowl commercials will be a budweiser deal with an immigration theme. >> you don't look like you are from around here.e. >> [speaking german] >> welcome to america! >> you get out of here. >> go back home. >> these are my parents. >> thank you. >> next time, this is the beer we drink. have a budweiser.
8:50 pm
>> bill: joining us now from new york city, martha maccallum. so budweiser spending a lot of money.y. what is it, $2 million for 30 seconds? >> $12 to $14 million to make the ad. it is $5 1/2 million for 30 seconds. it is a huge investment, bill. >> bill: do they expect controversy over that? >> i think they will get it. don't know if they expected it when they started. they were putting together an american dream story, which is a very interesting story. he built one of the best american brands in the country. but it sort of simultaneously happening with all of the issues cropping up around the country. they put this ad -- they wrote it by thanksgiving and they shot the whole thing by january. ironically, they delivered it on january 27th, which was the exact same day that this pause or travel ban, whatever you want to call it, was announced by president trump. >> bill: i think it is an
8:51 pm
effective ad, get people talking, that is what budweiser wants. yeah, i don't know whether it is true or not. i don't know adolphus busch, i don't know what happened to him. but if it is true, i think it is legitimate. >> i think it is beautifully shot. it does evoke the american dream. generations of immigrants that have come to this country. you know, i think you could make arguments on both sides in terms of the process for coming to this country and building your own company here. but a lot of people are going to look at this and say, see, he is walking through the streets and people are telling him he doesn't belong here. exactly like what is happeningpe now. >> bill: that message is in there on purpose. i wonder what happened to harry budweiser, do we know where he came from?>> i think he might have been from paraguay. >> i don't know if there was a harry budweiser. but they got together, and the family who owned the company since 2008, now they have taken
8:52 pm
this opportunity to talk about adolphus busch, who came over from belgium, actually. they don't own the company anymore. >> bill: all right, look, now, more power to them. i like ads that arere thought-provoking. certainly is. now, talking about thought-provoking, lady gaga, one of the great politicalad scientists of our era, is performing at halftime, and the nfl, you know, she could do or say any political stuff as she has in the past. roll the tape. >> you have endorsed hillary clinton. i mean, what is it you think that she is going to do for the usa that he will not? >> i think she will do a good job. some people want to win... races. other people want to be president of the united states. >> bill: so profound. so is the national football league, are they worried that lady gaga is going to get up there between songs and say something nasty?
8:53 pm
>> bill, they know where she is coming from. if they were really worried, they wouldn't have chosen lady gaga.. just like with the ad, they love the controversy. they want everyone to tune in. there has been this back and forth, did they give lady gaga a gag order, so to speak, in politics? they say, no, we didn't do that, she is a performer. we know that everyone we work with understands this is a moment for families across america. well, that idea went out the window with janet jackson andks with beyonce's black panther appearance last time. if they really wanted to doer that, they would go back to the paul mccartney noncontroversialy performance. but clearly, they are stoking the fire here. i think there is no way that lady gaga does not make some kind of political statement during this appearance. >> bill: martha maccallum is betting, everyone, that lady gaga is going to use her worldwide platform to inject politics into the super bowl halftime show. you are betting that she is going to do that. >> do you really think it is a risky bet, bill? i mean, why wouldn't she?
8:54 pm
why wouldn't she take that moment to do that? >> bill: maybe she'll say to herself, gee, i know people want to be entertained, i'm not i gog to offend anybody with my ridiculous take on politics. you don't think that she would sit down perhaps and think about what the downside is of imposing her wacky view of the world on everybody? >> i don't. i really don't. let me pause for a moment and think about it.. >> bill: you're probably right.i >> i will make a profound statement like she does. no, i don't think so. >> bill: i think if she does say anything political, then the nfl guys like ray lewis, they will sack her.ey right on the stage] there. >> [laughs] that would be a that would be an interesting part of the performance. i would stick around for that. >> bill: martha maccallum, everybody. "factor" tip of the day, i need your help regarding my upcomingm super bowl interview with president trump. "the tip," moments away. ♪
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>> bill: factor "tip of the day," what would you like to ask president trump? you are right, it was before thl announcement was made. are you kidding me? is there sound on your tv up there?
8:58 pm
it does. anyone is anyone. we appreciate you watching. one correction, it is "old one correction, it is "old school: life in the sane lane." it will be out march 28th. that is so nice of you. thank you so much for reading my books. i hope it helps you in school and history and social studies. my factor "tip of the day," i
8:59 pm
will be reviewing president trump during the super bowl pregame show, about 4:00 p.m. eastern time this coming sunday. this is the third time i've done a presidential interview before ethe super bowl. i always ask you guys to send me some questions that you would ask the president if you had the opportunity. i use some of them. we will give you the address in a moment, it is always good to help people out. i need help. i hope you give me some suggestions. factor "tip of the day." that is it for us tonight, please check out the fox news factor web site. here is the address to send me the questions you would like to ask mr. trump. o' o' name and a town if wish to appl apply. word of the day, do not be doltish when writing to "the factor."ay
9:00 pm
thank you for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly reporting from l.a. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." after a brief one day rest bite from bashing the supreme courtnd nomination, democrats are back to attacking executive order on immigration. >> he can ban catholics, jewish people, we've got to stand for each other right here right now. >> donald trump, 2/3 of your wives are immigrants. your children's mothers are immigrants. do you have any concern for this country? >> tucker: he has shown no sign of backing down.


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