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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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until april because of course that's when the temperatures start to warm up and they will mail. he said -- they say the wishes sent from all over the world will come true when the wall smell. arthel: i believe that. arthel neville eric shawn we will see tomorrow at eastern time. right now julie banderas is up next. julie: president trump slamming a federal judge who blocked his immigration order. the state department reverses course. good evening i am julie banderas and this is "the fox report." the president is spending the weekend at oceanfront estate in florida as a potential battle looms between the administration and the legal system to. the state department restating revoked the visas and some airlines allowing the people expected to board their flights. the president criticized the judge to put a hault to the order and asking on twitter what is our country coming to when a judge can hault the homeland
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security ban with anyone. anyone with bad intentions can come into the u.s.. protesters marching by the thousands in major cities like new york philadelphia washington and they have gathered near the presence palm beach estate mar-a-lago. we have fox team coverage on all of this. molly hennenburg is standing by with more on the federal judges decision steve harrigan with the latest on the protest but we start with gary -- we start with garrett. hey garrett. >> to put it simply the president did not appreciate the judge that overruled. all you need to do is take a look at his twitter feed to tell. throughout the day he's been criticizing the judge who overturned the order and he started this morning saying the opinion of the so-called judge which potentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. this afternoon the president
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warned our national security could be put at risk as a result of this decision tweeting because the ban was lifted by a judge many very bad and dangerous people may come into our country, terrible decision. democrats were quick to respond to the presence decision. senate minority leader chuck schumer indicating the comments will factor into the confirmation process of the president supreme court nominee. his statement reads in part with each action testing the constitution and its personal attack on a judge president trump raises the bar even higher for judge gorsuch nomination to serve on the supreme court. his ability to be an intended check will be front and center throughout the confirmation process. still julie the white house maintains it is not backing down from the executive order and plans to get it up and running again as soon as possible. julie: garrett while he is in florida he's not taking the weekend off to talk to the
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president of ukraine today. how did that phonecall go? >> yeah yet a series of meetings and took phonecalls one from italy's prime minister and in that phonecall with italy's by mr. they discussed the crisis in europe as well as nato. the president reemphasized his commitment to nato but he also said it's important that all nato members share and the defense for the white house describes a phonecall which the ukrainian president as having gone very good and the president said they discussed russia and the ongoing conflict with ukraine and the president said quote we will work with ukraine russia and all other parties involved to help them restore peace along the border. tonight the president and first lady are attending the annual red cross gala at mar-a-lago. plenty of supporters have shown up. julie: i have to say it's a
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pleasant surprise to see them. we haven't been seeing a lot of supporters out there and i've been wondering where are they with all the people coming out and protesting. there they are in florida. good to see them behind you. thank you very much. our bill o'reilly goes one-on-one with president trump in an interview that airs tomorrow but for the super bowl on fox sports. the conversation includes his question. listen up, about making claims without proof to back them up. >> is there any validity to the criticism of you that you say things you can't back up factually and as the president you say for example that there are 3 million illegal aliens who voted and then you don't have the data to back it up pick some people are going to say that's irresponsible for president to say that. is there any validity to that? >> many people of come out and said, people that are not citizens and their on the registration rolls, we can be
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babies. if you take a look at the registration you have illegals in your dead people. it's really a bad situation. it's really bad. julie: see the rest of the interview with president trump tomorrow but for the super bowl at 4:00 p.m. eastern time during pregame coverage on fox sports and get more the conversation on "the o'reilly factor" monday and tuesday only hear on "fox news" channel. meantime president trump is spending the weekend as you know in mar-a-lago for the first time since taking office. the florida club hosting an elaborate red cross ball but thousands of protesters marching near palm beach speaking out against president trump's policies which they say are at odds with the red cross mission. we just saw some supporters. let's hear it from you near those were protesting. >> that's right julie. these are the people who don't
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like president trump chanting no, no he's got to go. about 2000 people strong here marching for the past hour. right now they are about one mile from mar-a-lago. this protest had to get shifted around a couple of times. the initial organizers failed bailed out after the members became too large. experienced organizers came in and they are shortened the route so it's not clear how close they are going to get. the protest today has been peaceful. they have stayed on the sidewalk. there has been a steady police presence at no sign of any of violence. the mood is festive and a lot of families are out here. there have been protests in other cities as well. philadelphia and houston as well and even overseas. in london several people arching in downtown london to protest not only u.s. immigration policies but also potential visit by donald sent to the uk sometime later this year. julie back to you.
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julie: thank you very much steve harrigan covering the protests in florida. this justin just minutes ago president trump tweeted and i will read it for you. the opinion of the so-called judge which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. why aren't they lawyers looking at and using the federal court decision in boston which is a conflict as green cardholders try to figure out what comes next. >> i was planning to stay for three months. with the ban i couldn't stay. he could affect my future. julie: molly hennenburg is live. is this order and constitutional? >> julie that's not what he
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wrote. the u.s. district judge james robart agreed that the plaintiff washington and minnesota in this case had legal footing to bring this case and challenge the executive order said he agreed to a temporary restraining order or tro because he said the states quote have shown they are likely to succeed on the merits of the claim that would entitle them to release. the states are like you to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary release and the tro is in the public's interest. robart appointed into dust and 35 president george w. bush said at tro applies nationwide. this decision is at odds with the decision of another federal judge in massachusetts who said the trump administration does have the authority on national security grounds to apply extra vetting measures to travelers coming into the country from 07 countries listed in the executive order. julie. julie: what does the department,
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security do now? >> for now the barbara poma securities following the seattle judge's orders. dhs said in a statement quote in accordance with the judge's ruling the agency has this -- suspended the executive order entitled protecting the nation from foreign terrorists entry into the united states. he order to protect the homeland and the american people and the president has no higher duty and responsibility than to do so. the attorney general and again one of the plaintiffs in this case says he will quote make sure president trump honors the judge's decision. >> it's obviously a historic decision and an important one for the rule of law and for the people of the state of washington and the people of our country. i said from the beginning it is not the loudest voice that prevails in the courtroom. it's the constitution.
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julie: now what happens? it's like this case will go before the ninth circuit court of appeals and possibly to the supreme court. julie: it's getting interesting, thank you molly. i just want to put that tweet back up on the screen because we unfortunately read an earlier tweet that he did. this tweet now while he was in mar-a-lago florida. why aren't the lawyers looking at using the federal court decision in boston which is that conflicts with ridiculous lifts ban decision? that's his latest tweet and of course we will continue to watch also he will be attending the red cross ball. right now how recent political events are affecting some of the players as they get ready for the big game plus fox goes
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julie: the u.s. department of justice has formally appealed the seattle court ruling the suspended president trump's travel ban across eras. remember that was tempered just as executive order was temporary. the seattle judge u.s. senior judge james robart of seattle on friday issued a nationwide restraining order basically blocking the travel ban put in place i president trump to the travel ban essentially applied
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to predominantly muslim country seven of them in all and refers to him putting his b rejecting it at least temporarily delaying the process rejected all of those pieces from 60,000 depending on who you speak to two up to 100,000 people whose visas were rejected. whether you had to green card reedit descent rate to enter this country according to the original band you could not get into this judge has reversed that so essentially what it means the state department came out with 60,000 net numbers grown to 100,000. the white house has maintained the number is much smaller. they originally came out and said things were going very well as we know the executive order was signed to some of those in the white house administration disagree with it. once it was signed the protest started across the country. it's interesting to note despite
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the fact that the ban was reversed temporarily by the judge in the seattle the protest continued. back today we been covering different protests happening in in particular in los angeles at lax. the protests will continue which basically shows the last many of them whether this ban is temporary halted or personally halted are never going to be happy and that's how the justice department works. this will now go to the ninth circuit court of appeals. it's potentially elevated to the supreme court which then brings neil gorsuch into play. remember neil gorsuch is the nominee which donald trump wants to see elected to the supreme court. he wants the appointment to move swiftly. he is going to be replacing justice scalia someone with whom he was very close with. they became close friends and neil gorsuch being a well-liked and respected intelligent and educated judge that republicans and democrats have a great amount of respect for her. in fact it was understood that
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you would need at least eight democrats in order to stop this. president trump and talking about how he would go forward with the nuclear option. the nuclear option essentially means you would need a 60 vote majority but you can actually get down eight votes to 52 which then would eliminate the need for the eight democrats that would have to vote against the pointing this judge. it was pretty much no question that this appointment was going to be no problem but now when you have a judge that comes out and reverses a band and president trump and as adamant as he is to make sure this goes through the democrats are going to use this and potentially fight trump on this. in fact democrat charles schumer came out and said pointblank you know what now you really face a challenge because we are going to get the fire under your toes
4:18 pm
when it comes to making the supreme court judge nomination and appointment so we will stay tuned to watch as this unfolds. the doj filing an appeal and travel ban ruling so this will continue on. we will go to molly hennenburg from washington d.c. and what a quick turnaround. this happened yesterday. this white house move so quickly it's incredible that we are just everyday being bombarded with more elements in they are certainly not taking weekends off. we have to say president trump did promise one thing that he said that he's going to work hard and it's amazing. has this guy slept in two weeks? >> they say he gets for five hours of sleep that night. this is not a total surprise. we knew this was going to happen and in fact the part of common security tipped us off a little bit when they said in their statement comment dhs said in a statement that shortly or very soon the department of justice would be filing, will be filing
4:19 pm
this and this evening it happen. i think the trump white house didn't want to go the whole weekend and go into the next week with this hanging out there with the trump administration do business administration that likes to act quickly as you were saying. a judge in seattle ruled yesterday the trump administration responding today. as you were saying julie there are federal judges in conflict over what to do with this executive order putting up a judge in seattle saying it's a. ♪ and you have a judge in boston saying this is allowable on national security grounds. we expected this to happen. perhaps we didn't expect it to happen this quickly but it has happened and now the court system will have to figure it out. julie: it will be interesting to watch because how is going to affect the appointment of neil gorsuch? here you have democrats coming out right after yesterday and basically saying look with donald trump making these accusations calling this judge
4:20 pm
in seattle a so-called judge obviously calling into question the independent judiciary, something that presidents in the past haven't necessarily gone after judge in this way. this is also a judge by the way that was voted in by 99 votes. george w. bush brought him in and he he had been very much liked by republicans. now we have a republican president whose calling into question his actions, his reasoning behind his decision. earlier today in fact i had a guest on the air that talked about the fact that they feel this judge could potentially be fired. black lives matter came up in the courtroom and that's not something you necessarily want to hear from a judge but i guess the question i'm asking is what happens now and if this thing has been overturned and now this will continue to be appealed where does it go next? what are the chances that makes it to the supreme court before
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gorsuch is appointed? >> i think it will be unlikely but eventually likely will go to supreme court. julie: molly hennenburg thank you so much from washington and much more coming up after the break.know t stay right there.brn the news never stops. help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults within the first few months. other serious side effects include seizures, increase in blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, manic episodes, glaucoma and allergic reactions.
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julie: we are less than 24 hours from the super bowl tomorrow at houston is ramping up security for the big game. how is the immigration ban affecting players? >> julie it's not just affecting football players but directly or indirectly the president trump travel ban could affect athletes for many the seven countries listed who trained or lived here in the u.s. and that includes british olympian mo farah.
4:25 pm
he was born in somalia and that's one of the countries on the list. he has a home in portland oregon with his wife and four children. he lives and trains in the u.s. but one for gold medals and says he's worried he may not be welcome here anymore. some nfl players are expressing concern as well including wide receiver mohamed sanu who is the only muslim playing in tomorrow's game spent time growing up in sierra leone which is not on president trump's list. he's spoke to runner's world about the immigration ban and he said it's a very tough pitch -- situation but he says i pray that the world can be united as one. the nfl players spoke out on this immigration ban and said we have their backs referring to the 15 muslim players nfl. their families are our families that they needed thing we are within 100% so something julie they are talking about here at
4:26 pm
the super bowl as you mentioned kick off less than 24 hours from now. julie: understand there was a protest in houston today. >> houston police were ready for it. expected there might be demonstration on any number of topics and houston pd is the lead agency was on hand with several people gathered at city hall this afternoon and marched here to discovery and did not disrupt the super bowl festivities that were going on but they were attracted to a designated protest area. we heard from pd who told us they been preparing for demonstrations regardless. >> the houston police department put a very good plan in place to deal with any type of protesters or demonstrations that may interrupt downtown venues are the super bowl game itself. we think we have a very good plan in place to deal with them.
4:27 pm
>> there's a designated protest area outside of nrg stadium julie but it's unlikely that anyone will get any closer to the venue than the three-mile security perimeter that's been set up unless they have a ticket in hand. julie: rick leventhal thank you very much and of course we will be watching tomorrow as well. thank you. president trump's travel ban sparking another day of new protests. despite the ban temporary reversal we got a live report from an international airport where anti-trump protesters weren't the only ones demonstrating. find out next. >> the party is over. there's a new administration. they are going to be serious and they're going to be tough on iran. julie: the trump administration on the sing a new round of sanctions against iran that the islamic republic evidently not islamic republic evidently not getting the memo. the
4:28 pm
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moments ago the department of justice formally filed an appeal against the federal judge's ruling the temporary suspended prison terms travel ban to the president clearly not happy with the judge's ruling tweeting out a short while ago, wired the lawyers looking at and using the federal court decision in boston which is a conflict on the list ban decision.
4:32 pm
meanwhile sparking demonstrations nationwide. rival groups squaring off at los angeles international airport and that's where we find will carr live at lax. hey will. >> hey julie and other chaotic day at lax. behind me we have a number of donald trump supporters protesters and a large contingents of police officers. we are in the middle of all of it. take a look at what we saw. the police forces increase in the past couple of hours at lax. it's a start difference from what we saw last sunday with protesting into the street and created a traffic nightmare. i want to show you exactly how it's playing out. we have 100 officers on the right in donald trump supporters not allowed to go past the officers because beyond them are hundreds of protesters. i spoke with one supporter. take a listen.
4:33 pm
>> i went to the hapless peaceful conversation with them. they surrounded me in the police officers grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me out and said i had to leave. >> throughout the course of action and hundreds of protesters have been marching around lax and staging demonstrations. at the tom bradley international they are voicing their opposition to the immigration ban even though it's been suspended as of right now. he spoke to one of those protesters. take a listen to what he had to say. of the immigration issue, the initial ban i know the judge just lifted the order but i still feel like it should be brought up. it takes attention away from us is going to come right back so we have to keep the focus on making sure the country it once was that we are not abandoning people for no reason. >> beyond the supporters and protesters there were a lot of international travelers coming here many of whom have told us
4:34 pm
they are very confused. in fact we spoke with one mom and her families coming in from mexico a country that was not on the banned list and she wasn't sure if they were going to get in or not. take a listen to what she told me. >> my family is coming. i was really concerned that they would have some issues with immigration but she said everything was okay and she didn't have any trouble. >> to help with that confusion their immigration attorneys who tell us they will be at lax around-the-clock for the next couple of days, julie. julie: thank you so much will carr from los angeles. iran defied white house sanctions with a major military exercise. state media saying tehran tested missile and radar systems as well as the cyberwarfare program. it comes one day after president trump slammed new sanctions on
4:35 pm
iran for recent ballistic missile tests remember the white house also said it's putting iran on notice. iran obviously not taking it seriously. john huddy has more from our middle eastern bureau. >> julie one of iran's revolutionary guard generals warned any steps from iran's enemies will result in missiles rain down on their heads. tough talk clearly aimed at the united states and president trump. today iran's revolutionary guard aerospace unit tested its missile radar and cyberwarfare systems along with its command and control centers a day after the trump administration -- on those above the ballistic missile tests. president trump tweeted iran is playing with fire. u.s. defense secretary james mattis said today iran's conduct and behavior will have to be addressed adding that the country is the quote single
4:36 pm
biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. still secretary mattis said the recent tension with iran doesn't warrant an increase in the number of u.s. forces in the middle east. u.s. officials have indicated that more actions. the fire rhetoric wasn't only coming from iranian officials. iran's senior cleric called the u.s. a country of wolves. >> they're living in a world of wounds, such as the arrogant government of america. >> his followers went on to chance death to america. iran's foreign minister said his country will never initiate war or use its weapons on anyone except in self-defense but clearly all of this is a concern for u.s. officials and officials here in israel who are keeping a close eye on these latest developments. julie: john huddy think you. the u.s. announcing sanctions
4:37 pm
that the recent missile -- working on measures to possibly impose more. tehran responded with threats of legal restrictions on americans. >> good evening julie foudy is sanctioned more than two dozen iranian entities and individuals and officials warn iran are preparing to enact more. iran launch another ballistic missile january 29. administration officials called that a trigger events for the u.s. to enact sanctions. officials say the economic restrictions are responsive that missile launch and what they say are iran's support for terrorism and destabilizing activities. >> today's sanctions really represent a very strong stand against the actions iran is taking and make it very clear that the deal that they struck previously was not in the best interest of this country and president trump will do everything he can to make sure iran is --.
4:38 pm
>> officials say these sanctions against iranians are unrelated to the nuclear agreement. that 2015 deal lifted other sanctions in exchange for curbs on iran's nuclear program. u.s. is iran's recent missile launches in violation of the u.n. security council resolution that eye round claimed the missile program is only for self-defense and says it's unmoved by the trump administration's announcement. >> today i can definitively announce that the sanctions on defense system imposes totally destroyed. today we are totally self-sufficient. to make u.s. lawmakers are writing legislation that require more restrictions against iran. the pentagon has announced the destroyer uss cole has arrived off the coast of yemen. u.s. accuses iran of backing rebel militias in the country and they say have attacked saudi's emirates and u.s. ships. julie: thank you very much and we will go back to florida where we have been rewarding -- recording from two different sites.
4:39 pm
where steve harrigan is this is seen in palm beach florida are protesters coming out. donald trump the president has been spending the weekend in mar-a-lago and will be attending the white house ball tonight. moments ago we saw supporters there so we have both sides here. let's go to steve harrigan. do we have him? we are going to be going to steve harrigan after the commercial break. there you have it, there's the scene in palm beach, florida. we will be right back. thank you, i feel good. it starts with eating right, that's what mom always taught us. that's why i bring amaz!n prunes with me now, they help keep my body in balance. yeah! you want one? mmm, they're delicious! hey, mom also said to share! sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit.
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julie: this is a "fox news" alert. we go to the protests in mar-a-lago in palm beach florida. steve harrigan is live at the scene. hey steve.
4:43 pm
>> julie this is something that organizers were worried about. this is the main road out of mar-a-lago where president trump's and there's a debate going on between these protesters. some want to block this road across the bridge. that will be an inevitable conflict. the people in these protests are saying get off the road and get on the sidewalk. we are seeing a heavy police presence around the area but so far they're holding back. seeing if organizers can get this crowd under control and off the road to allow entry and exit onto mar-a-lago. a short time ago we saw a trump supporter vehicle is picked up up -- the vehicle got smacked a few times before was allowed to pass through periods tensions are certainly running high after a two-hour peaceful protest march with 2000 people. the debate between two different groups. one group wants to block the
4:44 pm
road and march forward at under mar-a-lago where the president is in the other group trying to maintain order. not clear at this point which group is going to win out. julie: you mention how in the last two hours things have escalated their and i'm sure once these protesters check their phones and i'm sure they are when they hear the u.s. department of justice has appealed the seattle court ruling that suspended trumps immigration band across the u.s. , that filing has been officially filed so basically 24 hours later president trump's and florida spending the weekend with the family at attending the red cross ball. u.s. department of justice is not taking the weekend off either. are you noticing if anyone is reacting to that appeal ended officially been submitted? >> what we have noticed from this crowd of about 2000 is not
4:45 pm
in a 10 attention to specific policy and the specific immigration policies but in general hatred of the president himself. president trump must go, love trump, hate just general reaction is the group is trying to move down in the organizers are trying to keep them back. bit of a standoff between hard-liners and protest organizers. this. julie: steve harrigan thank you very much. live in west palm beach florida, thank you so much. securing the skies on the super bowl. we are behind the scenes of the people in charge of tomorrow night security. for the past they have. that's next. did you make that? i did... n't. hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. mhm, lisa. you roasted this?
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julie: julie: hey you know the super bowl is tomorrow night. is anybody here rooting for the patriots? i lived in boston so i kind of like them but i can't admit that around here. anyway federal officials are working to make sure everyone stays safe it again tomorrow. safety is number one and then i guess the game. it's creating unique challenge. houston's oil and gas refinery because those are certainly in the area and they must be kept safe. she corresponded catherine herridge goes behind the scenes to see how they patrol the area around nrg stadium. >> securing the skies is a massive undertaking. the defense department and homeland security. this week "fox news" when inside the air operations with customs and border patrol teams from their bases in houston where
4:50 pm
they briefed an emergency effort. >> what is the procedure? >> we will be airborne prior to and during super bowl li. julie: we are up as a having a bit of a technicality here or there. there's a lot on the line tomorrow though. despite the security and all that going on behind the scenes there's actually a football game is going to be taking place in the patriots clash with the falcons in houston but what could be more important? who will take home the trophy for best super bowl commercial? have you seen any of the super bowl or marshall's? they're really awful. trace gallagher gives a preview of the ads to watch for on game day. >> for many advertisers the chance to reach 100 million viewers is too good to pass up especially when the ads are a big part of the game day experience.
4:51 pm
opportunity does not come cheap. this year the cost of a 30-second super bowl spot, five to $5.5 million. >> still looking good. >> the ads will feature conflict and loss of star power. >> do you have a tax question? >> there's the return of bud lite's favorite mascot. an appearance by patriots quarterback tom brady and audi using it 10-year-old gender defender to make a statement on the gap between men and women. >> what do i tell my daughter that her dad is worth more than her mom? >> no doubt super bowl ads are held to a higher standard.
4:52 pm
>> super bowl ads need to have incredible production value. they need to have good music and a great on brand message. they need to be fun or heartfelt or engaging or entertaining. it needs to be an incredible combination of things. >> it's beautiful. >> over the years the standouts have been memorable from cindy crawford -- cindy crawford pitching pepsi to "mean" joe greene trading security for a coke. and of course apple's classic 1984. julie: i was trace gallagher reporting. two companies by the way of bypassing the traditional route this year but snickers will air live commercial for the very first time in history and hyundai will film its ad during
4:53 pm
the super bowl and air it immediately after the game. don't miss the game tomorrow on fox. chris wallace will be anchoring "fox news" super sunday tomorrow for the super bowl. among his guests vice president mike pence. chris will be asking him about president trump's language with international leaders and the controversial immigration order which as you know that the state department has now appealed. that should be new jersey interview. chris and sam at the under the new england patriots who will face the atlanta falcons and are going for their fifth title. >> you have been 27 super bowls. you have won four of them. what is special? what is different about this game? >> we have gone through an experience the last couple of years where you know in life difficult things happen sometimes. you think you get treated unfairly and you try to
4:54 pm
persevere and have mental toughness and pick yourself up and do what's right so you can get where you want to get. julie: we will hear more from robert kraft owner of the patriots tomorrow. check your local listings. president trump says he wants to tackle the skyrocketing cost of lifesaving drugs. this week he met with pharmaceutical rep in the white house. brian anderson on the president's proposal and the executive response. see the president trump talking mr. companies on tuesday in a meeting at the white house with top ceos. mr. trump proposed ideas that drug companies welcome. >> we have to get even better innovation and i'll want you to move your companies back to the united states and manufactured in the united states. we will be lowering taxes big leak and getting rid of regulations. >> the president understands
4:55 pm
what is at stake radius we have to be responsible with regard to pricing but we absolutely have to continue to have incentives for companies to take risks. >> president trump's change in tone came after the call that drug companies last month for rising drug prices. and he emphasized u.s. government should begin negotiating lower drug prices for medicare and medicaid and idea companies payment we oppose. drug companies in effect from monopolistic proposals to drive prices down. on monday night -- filed a class-action lawsuit against the nations three and some manufactures accusing them of colluding in simultaneously increasing their drug prices. the average sticker price for a vial of insulin has increased 87% in just the last three years alone according to centers for medicaid and medicare services.
4:56 pm
mt. sinai dr. says the increasing price especially affects diabetic seniors on a fixed income. >> one of the patients recently came to our emergency room with completely uncontrolled blood sugar levels. he told me that he literally had to decide whether to buy insulin, the prescribed insulin or eat. the 80 drugs covered by medicare in 2015 insulin accounted for the second-largest purchase by the government.ontrol in new york right in llenas "foi news." julie: for leisure. ryan, thank you. we will be right back. -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
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what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. reporter: the department of justice filing an appeal against a judge's ruling that temporarily suspended president trump's travel ban. the president on twitter tweeting the judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and on the horse don't have our best interests at heart. bad people and very happy upon
5:00 pm
hearing the. there are protests and some in support. that's the fox report. saturday, february 4. jesse: "watters world" is on tonight. iran threatening america with roaring missiles after a twitter war with president trump. could this lead to real action? with it house press secretary sean spicer is here. explosive comment by president trump. >> putin is a killer. jesse: "watters world" running wild at super bowl li. we are he where. >> this is your world. jesse: that's right.


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