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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 5, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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eric: it is super bowl sunday. welcome to a special edition of "america's news hq." ilan leland the dirt live in houston were some 70,000 fans at this started to make their way into the hottest venue in america. the toughest ticket in the world to root for either the new england patriots for the atlanta falcons. vice president pants we are told is heading to houston to watch the big game. elizabeth, he will have slightly better state than we do. he's watching along with the
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governor of texas from the owner's box. elizabeth: not a bad date i would imagine. i'm elizabeth tran six. the white house did everything it can prevent the federal federal court ruling early this morning. denying president trump's request to reinstate a temporary ban against refugees and to southern muslim dominated countries. mr. trump is at the white house tomorrow lago estate. i run bill o'reilly sat down with the president for a one-on-one interview following tradition of course that will air in the pregame show. the interview already making news when the president spoke out against russian president vladimir putin. >> is a killer. >> a lot of killers. you think our country is so infinite? ♪
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leland: more on the news from that interview and of course more from houston on the big game. but first, the temporary hold on president trump's travel ban will remain in place at least for now. here's how it went down. early this morning a federal appeals court rejected request of the justice department to immediately reinstate the travel ban on certain refugees and immigrants from southern muslim countries. breaking down what it all means for not only has in the united states but into the united states from washington. >> the ninth circuit court has refused the trump administration to reinstate the travel ban in that case remains with the court. both sides issue responses up in the next day. james rocard of seattle, an appointee of her chevy versus monday the travel ban friday. as a result, the state
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department says it is allowing those with diabetes from the seven countries the travel ban target to travel to the united states. the department of homeland security says it has suspended implementation, adding the expected of action ordering is lawful and appropriate. trying to immediately reinstate the ban, the department of justice appealed to robert's ruling to the ninth circuit, claiming such judicial second-guessing would constitute an impermissible intrusion on the political branches with constitutional authority over foreign affairs. national security and immigration. they open the border to very bad people and on fox news sunday, mike pence that the administration will continue its legal attempts to resurrect the travel ban. >> we believe the judge made the wrong decision. the boston court made the right decision. we will continue to use all legal means at our disposal to his day that order and move forward to take the steps
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necessary to protect their country. >> we listened for months while republicans said that obama was issuing too many executive orders and exceeding his authority on executive orders. so what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the dinner. >> one the ninth circuit rules is only one judicial level beyond that come the supreme court united states. reporter: and a person supreme court that the majority. we'll see how confirmation hearings go. by then washington. liz has more. elizabeth: that's right. president donald trump's visa plan has been in place for less than two weeks that has become a defining issue the trump administration early days. citing the order during a trip to the pentagon late in january, in getting a travel ban on seven muslim majority countries including an indefinite ban on syrian refugees.
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mr. trump is specified certain minority religions could get priority. hundreds of travelers from those nations have been blocked from entering international airports across the country. lawyers from the aclu and other civil rights groups to assist travelers. as we remember, protests at airports and cities and buildings here in d.c., both last weekend and this one as well. the first motion by a corporate card in a travel ban was placed within days. a federal judge in new york, and motion was made in boston as well allowing immigrants blocked by the executive action to enter some major cities. the latest court holdout was out of washington state. it's much broader. it puts a hold on the ban nationwide. since then, may have been able to enter the u.s. let's bring in our fair and piano. and senator schumer, michael tobin and the editor of the
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weekly standard and host standard and host of the larry o'connor show. and i want to get your take of where we are now in the most recent is this morning. >> the thing about judicial review governmental action as though you disagree today, a ruling tomorrow reserving property rights are protecting due process rights for lunch or snack will serve you and protect you then. it is a foundational democracy of american government, judicial review governmental action. disagree the judge, lose an appeal, to the u.s. supreme court and then you have to decision that navigates and instructs moving forward. if that decision you don't like ken lay to a decision to mother protecting about is that the review is about. >> that being said, does that bring any clarity? there could need a story that it could be a different story for monday morning. >> i'm here to bring clarity.
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inks are asking. i love our constitution. it's a wonderful thing to see our constitutional process take place? i senator dianne finds time, but the whole goose for the gander flaws, there is no for tat in the bill of rights. just because republicans objected to president obama's executive order doesn't mean they were wrong and it's not okay for president trump to put through the executive order. he's about this executive order and restrictions on certain countries under the guise of national security. that is a trump card if i can use it on. it really is. >> my question to you because a lot of people at home are wondering that claim is this judge claiming when it comes to the constitutionality of executive order? >> i'm off there because he doesn't because he does another
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solid ground. i'm not a constitutional lawyer, but our legislative branch through congress passed a law and specifically made for president committee executive branch executive branch for the purpose of national security deems it necessary to put certain travel restrictions and didn't allow people to enter their borders. >> before the current numbers of congress is a great-grandparents were born, and marbury v. madison provides judiciary absolutely has the right to review governmental actions that it is a basic foundational premise that our government. law is the language of politics. despite what my colleague is saying. after the campaign and after the press conference, the executive order, if not withstand judicial scrutiny as it is challenged. >> haeckel, thank you for that very generous way you disagreed
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with me. we actually don't disagree. i didn't say the judicial branch has the right to review. what i said under the guise of national security. elizabeth: i hate to interrupt you and i wouldn't have if we didn't hear the new salt from an interview he had with bill o'reilly and president donald trump. there is obviously as you know i'll be speaking at 4:00 p.m. surely before the super bowl. i want to pray a preview for the clip because it is making headlines and i want to get your reaction. >> you respect? >> i do respect him. i respect a lot of people that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. i say it's better to get along with russia than not. in the fight against isis, which is a major fight all over the world, not that it ain't. are we going to get along with
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him? i have no idea. >> putin is a killer. >> there's a lot of killers. what you think our country is so innocent? elizabeth: i listen to then bot. some people are outraged. you're comparing the u.s. to russia. you can bring up crania, you can bring up their committee in syria. there is no comparison and it shouldn't have been made. what is your reaction? >> elections have consequences and the democratic party lost the election and their consequences. the campaign has consequences as well. whatever the allegations substantiated in terms of russian involvement interference with her election as open to door to this conversation. it was a fair question and i think it is analogous. we can talk about the united states will internationally come historically in what russia did here in discussions in syria places.
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the world is a moving thing. it's not a static situation. it's not a photograph. the moving picture. these are fair questions and what happened with the campaign opened the door to these hard questions specifically in russia. elizabeth: larry, 30 seconds per the last word is >> donald ciampa snatcher typical politician. he does things in a way of wish he wouldn't say them. perhaps he was trying to say in the same way as yard winston churchill found a common allied with joseph stalin come a murderous to and adolf hitler. maybe he can find some common ground against isis. maybe that's what a saint. buckley of not my job but i wish he said it like that. >> you did an excellent job. thank you so much. we appreciate it. you don't want to miss the rest of bill o'reilly's pre-super bowl interview but donald trump double airing of local fox nation of 4:00 p.m. eastern. bill will have even more from his interview with the president on "the o'reilly factor" monday and tuesday night right here in
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the fox news channel. at 2:00 p.m. eastern right after the show, chris wallace will be sitting down with vice president mike pence and will talk about the administration's reaction to the latest court ruling on the travel ban. the fight over confirming secretary of education nominee will come to a head this week in the senate with a possible final vote as soon as tomorrow. some republicans have split from the majority of their party saying they will vote no on the confirmation that setting up the possibility that vice president mike pence could be delivering a tie-breaking vote. >> we are very confident that if you devos will be the next secretary of education. it will be my high honor to cast the tie-breaking vote on the senate next week. elizabeth: later in the shell, molly cooper joins us to weigh in on the upcoming fight in the senate. you don't want to miss it.
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leland. leland: here in texas, football is more than a game. it orders religion really but there is a concussion and the aftereffects of organizers of the sport worried that parents won't let their little boys take to the field. that of course causes big concerns for the nfl as to the long-term future of the game so many play a month. they tell us the game, especially for young kids playing that is changing. one at the forefront of changing the game on the ceo and executive director of u.s.a. football joins us now. do parents have a right to be worried about their kids playing football versus plain soccer? >> first of all, we need to educate parents on important changes going on. practice guidelines are now adopted. they were certified cashier. there's a real commitment to reducing contacting practicing. so they need to be informed about all of those changes and
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what we are lucky not is how this game can continue to evolve. there's 11 person tackle it and we are looking at how you can add additional entry points to the game. they had eight different goals of the kid develops through the sport. looking at all those innovative approaches to how we developed a sporting kiss progressed the net. >> give me a sense of the latest iteration. it seems as though there is something from flag football and what we think of as full contact football. >> at present, there's flag football, five on five and and 11 person tackle football. what we are looking out like a soccer or baseball that has tivo and coach pitch in player page. the idea that player development track. the notion is go from flag, play a year or two from a transition to what we call the modified game, which means you split the field in half. kids could play seven on seven. no special teams.
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kids play multiple positions. it's an opportunity to develop them and their skills. >> developing skills with less chance of injury. >> that the exact record opportunity. reporter: their numbers that point to whatever you're doing is working. the numbers in 2015, about 1.23 million kids, age six to 12 play tackle football in 2015. fast forward -- rewind to 2014, 1.216. flag football numbers that substantially more. it does to defend that parents say i'm either willing to take the risk or not willing to tell my son now. >> we hear from parents actually want to learn more about this game. they want to hear what coaches are doing to adopt better safety practices. but they are engaged in about the value of the game. they see the difference in their children when they gain the confidence within the sport.
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the message to coaches and from coaches and educate the parents. let them know which are doing from a safety standpoint but tell them about the incredible values of the young players. reporter: is the game safe enough for four, five, six, eight, 12-year-olds. the >> is develop at different ages and stages. we think that the decisions solely by the parents. we are trying to say here is an opportunity and flag are participated not paid when your child is ready, move to the modified game. if and when come it transition to 11 person tackle. it gives them options. reporter: i know at least from your organization's death, working to provide research and science behind the game, behind what you're doing. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. i know lives will be inside the game where we all wish we were. when we are here, you do feel an excitement and energy that's very different than any other sporting event in the world.
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elizabeth: yeah, it's so fascinating. we've had some caps-on and we will in the show when we talk about the big game, the impact of football and the impact of today an entire weekend. keeping an eye on all those ads coming up. it's really become a family event. we've had guests on the show to talk about it. people watch it for all sorts of reasons. a lot of excitement. >> not only do they watch it for the add since so many people come all over the world to houston. it's the super bowl of everything when it comes to town. it is super bowl for folks to sell souvenirs, for the car services that drive everybody around her super bowl for caterers who have to attend all the parties for entertainers who come in as well. think about the economics of just this week and what it does for houston, a town that certainly hasn't had a great run in the past couple years that oil prices have crashed and so many people today driving over around and working various parts
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of some of the things that aren't at the stadium but all around the city say this is a chance for houston to kind of get back on it feet from the past couple years. >> a little break from politics and a little good for the economy. we like it. coming up, an olympic superstar joins us issues at the super bowl today. we will get her to open up about her brand-new book. plus we will go live to our president trump. before we left for washington coming ... the us a message to the american people. >> we are here to serve you, the great and loyal citizens of the united states of america. the forgotten men and women who will not ever be forgotten again. from now on, it's going to be o america first.
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dallas cowboys did not make it either horse to the big game this season. although there is one he's an athlete who's up enough when to make the entire day proud. five olympic gold medals by 19. she is just getting started. someone just wrote a new autobiography, cursed his sword in its you're taking part in all sorts of super bowl festivities. nice cover shot. i've got to ask off the top, what's more exciting? olympics are super bowl? >> now that they don't have to perform, it's nice to watch other people achieve their dreams and goals. this is one of the best moments of my life that i'll never forget it. >> you've got something on tom brady. france olympic medals. any more advice? spinach is to do what she do in trading. you've made it this far, so don't change anything.
10:24 am
reporter: to talk to somebody yesterday, former pitcher that had two super bowl victories. great former linebacker. he said you experience the same thing. there's this commonality among leaves in the idea that you want to think it's just like practice, going out there to do the same thing. but it's either the olympics or the super bowl. same thing for you? >> yeah, but the rest of the little bit different because we can't change too much of our movement on equipment or we might be off. but they can change their plays and stuff. so it is different for them. leland: give us a sense of what this has meant for houston. he came back an enormous success. what has that done for this time? >> it's been huge. it's brought everyone together. the super bowl, we are such diehard fans. it's exciting. leland: are your texans grow our cowboys girl?
10:25 am
>> my whole family has season-ticket. leland: will take a year a texans fan. disappointed they're not playing in the game. what has been the best part so far? aside from this interview? >> i think just being home in houston because i don't have to travel too far for anything. and yeah, it's nice to stay home because i'm always traveling. leland: you are an ambassador for the city. anything to say about the traffic issues? >> i don't know. i did pretty good. we had a police escort in everything so it's good. trade you a match is not good funny how that happens. we should grow to more often. what are you doing for the game? >> we are going to tailgate before and had to the game. leland: are you ready for anybody? >> just for a good game. we will see. leland: give us a sense. your story is so unique. one of the reason politics that
10:26 am
has gotten behind in after the olympics the whole country did. what lessons for young athletes whether they play football, gymnast of the message of your boat? >> it doesn't matter where you start. it's what you do to use it more you want to go. leland: give us any vignette from here and he is done by you can share to illustrate that. >> i came from foster care. a lot of kids don't realize how hard it is. even as pro athletes, we have and are where we are. leland: how old is too young to read the book i should write is a geared towards teenagers >> anyone can pick up the book and read it. >> a lot of lessons they are. we'll check with some of the teams and see if any of them read the book. they can get an autographed copy coming their way.
10:27 am
>> if they haven't read the book, they need to. coming up, the senate vote to confirm that the devos may be the most heated of the cabinet nominations yet. at on the floor this week. coming up, the president and the first lady enjoyed last night despite protests outside the presidents resort. standing by with the details of the evening. >> nearly two dozen protesters here last night to protest the president and the executive order and immigration while the white house is continuing strategies going over to get that order. we will have more on that comin up. ght used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at
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welcome back to houston. more on the big game. the super bowl kickoff six hours from now. a little bit more as they relate to exactly the security preparations here. not only terms of what's going on in the stadium, but all around has used in his getting ready for this in the secure in the skies above nrg stadium caseys depot standing by. early this morning, federal appears court from the justice department to immediately reinstate president trump's travel ban on certain refugees and immigrants from seven muslim countries. the administration has to respond within the next day. the super bowl sunday and mara lago palm beach. the latest on how the white house is truly working through the weekend and around the clock on this. >> hey, leland. you can tell by the presidents twitter feed that his executive order was front and center in last night at the red cross gala, he spoke to reporters for
10:33 am
a few minutes briefly and told them about the ongoing legal battle. he said we will win for the safety of the country, we will win. today the president has been silent thus far, including on the twitter sphere. we know he has been meeting with the risers at trump international club and were told initially they would be discussing a number of policies and executive orders to rollout this next week. this executive order being overturned is now factor into discussions as well and how to move forward from there. this morning, vice president mike pence said the administration will use all legal means at their disposal to get the president's order reinstated. >> we believe the judge made the wrong decision. the boston court made the right decision. we will use all legal means at our disposal to stay that order and move forward to take the steps necessary to protect our country.
10:34 am
>> democrats weighed in on a sunday morning shows and on the this week, amy called the chart that a lot of these legal charges that the administration of all. >> when you put out an order that basically suspends the refugee program, not just in those countries that every country in the world. and the businesses and professionals when you've done it. i don't think it's a surprise as court challenges or chaos. >> the president will have a few more phone calls including the secretary general of nato and the president -- prime minister of new zealand. today but much of the country you will tune into the super bowl in what i am sure is a very large inmates tv. leland: a huge night. the interview coming up at 4:00 p.m. on xbox. thanks, gary. it is quite interesting in houston.
10:35 am
politics are never far away, even with the big game going on. above us, some planes circling with the banners. one of those reading no one is above the constitution. clearly a political message on what is the great american game. >> absolutely. a lot of political undertones. a guest speaking about some of the ads will see tonight. political undertones of those as well. in the meantime, let's continue our conversation. republicans expecting a showdown with democrats over president trump's nominee for secretary of education, that the devos. she's experienced to be screwed me and some republicans say they may withdraw support in the final bow for her position takes place this week as early as monday. herewith a look ahead, capitol hill reporter, molly cooper. thank you for joining us today. you are go to to clarify everything going on on the hill. democrats are telling you no denying whether you're a democrat or republican.
10:36 am
i want to ask you what you foresee this week as a take away from what you saw last week, many democrats that some committee hearing. but they are still getting through. bring me up to date on what you foresee the next couple weeks. >> first and foremost, betsy devos is likely to be confirmed late monday or early tuesday. a certain number of hours the democrats have, at 230 working hours to basically continue holding out until they have the bow. ultimately she will be confirmed. two republicans, lisa murkowski from alaska and susan collins from maine will against her. the democrat who has been voting with republicans, joe manchin said he will against her as well. ultimately, mike pence said on the sunday show that he's going to have to break a tie. it will be the first time the president has had to break the tie since 2008 and that was dick cheney on some tax bills.
10:37 am
however, if it goes to show that democrats can't filibuster these nominees because of the rule change that their own later pushed through several years ago. however, they are doing whatever they can come at their level to delay confirmation. >> i heard someone say cabinet and will not see rejection although we may because there is nothing short of unusual when they talk about this election cycle. >> that's a really interesting point and i was watching the interview on another network. and he was speaking pretty critically of the fact that republicans may or may not use the nuclear option with the threshold to a simple majority when approving some of these nominees and ibc also talking about the supreme court. i find it odd that he was so critical when the nuclear option would not be on the table if it weren't for democrats. >> that's the whole thing. the term nuclear option goes
10:38 am
back to george w. bush nominee in 2004-2005 judicial nominee when there was a threat the republicans would railroad democrats say we are getting rid of the filibuster. we can't use it. there is a deal struck at the time. fast forward to 2013, harry reid is in the senate. he holds the majority in the senate. president barack obama in the white house and republicans were still able to filibuster executive level nominees as well as lower-level court judicial nominees. harry reid basically says we are not doing this. we are changing the rules. the nuclear option will use it, pull the trigger for all these nominees with the exception of the supreme court. we will go there for the supreme court. this is after são tomé or was confirmed. i believe was after president obama. so when he did that, this mitch mcconnell, minority leader looking like it was not clear
10:39 am
they would win the white house the white house. they had a tough election ahead of the mid-2014-26 intake that the senate. if you do this, you're going to regret it. we are eventually going to be in power. >> i was an understatement look at what's happened now. while there's a lot going on this week, we have you back because there is inherent to sleep. it is the cabinet was seen in a long time so there's a lot of pressure to get these then. >> absolutely. we will see what happens with the other outstanding confirmation battles. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. i see now, hours away from super bowl 51 from the kickoff as you know. houston has been prepping all week. 1 million people expected to attend events throughout a week. of course it all leads to tonight's big game. emotions running high and security will be tight.
10:40 am
casey siegel at nrg stadium with all the details. great to see you. >> good to see you. we talked an awful lot of security about the bat like this. what is happening on the law enforcement, something a lot of people don't take about is the medical preparedness that has to be carried out. hospital and trauma centers across the city are on high alert today. additional doctors and staffing, x-ray technician, you name it have been brought in. they must be on the ready for any possible scenario, from an increase in car accidents due to the extra traffic on the roadways, to the unthinkable, a mass casualty incident were hundreds of patient would need to be treated at one time. lessons have been learned from history. medical teams have leaned another community is hooked up with tragedy. >> several catastrophic events
10:41 am
across the country. we took that opportunity to compare our notes and look at the victims from the boston marathon bombing. >> they also talk to other super bowl host city is. one thing is for sure, this is not houston's first rodeo so to speak. the city hosts large events quite frequently, so those disaster preparedness plans were already in place. as you heard, it's really a matter of revisiting bad and doing dry runs so that everyone is on their toes. and the world-class medical facilities. we are told that they feel very prepared for anything that could read their way. of course the hope is that none of the plans put into place actually have to be used.
10:42 am
elizabeth. leland. leland: as they come back outside nrg stadium in houston, they are still not letting fans and yet, but the tailgating has certainly begun here is to talk about. already a lot of lyrical overtones to the game in the nfl has gotten political as well. the guy here is that the stadium we've seen some of those planes trailing banners but lyrical messages as well. obviously tonight all the focus on what is on the field and what is on television. the $5 million apiece adds double play between the place between the patriots and falcons. who will take a look at a few of the high ticket commercial that are making people laugh and also some of those commercials raising some political eyebrows when we come back. join directvy
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>> super bowl li kicking off a few hours from now. almost exciting in living rooms across the country. you know what i'm talking about, super bowl commercials. it took $5 million for a 302nd thought. others such as the carmaker audi are getting political wisdom gender equality undertones. >> what do i tell my daughter? do i tell her that her grandpa is worth more than her grandma? that her dad is worth more than her mom? elizabeth: pretty heavy stuff there. let's bring in the editor of adweek magazine. some of the commercials we saw make us laugh, some cheer you up and some are heavier. they had serious political
10:48 am
undertones. i want your reaction to that particular commercial and also what is the endgame of body hair. the product isn't cheap. who are they marketing for? what is the endgame? >> some of these ads are about sentiment. it's about identifying with the brain in some way. but they are trying to is appeal obviously to women, to female consumers. it's a message of empowerment, celebrating gender equality, pay equity. but it's not going quite the way they thought it wise, that it would go. there's been a lot of backlash on youtube and other social media outlet. with complaints that this is anti-now propaganda. audi also has been slammed for having two out of 14 women on their executive committees.
10:49 am
>> i'm a woman. i want to ask you why are these commercials released early? does not take away from the experience of the super bowl? >> again, you are paying $5 million or more for an ad, plus additional, you know, for talent, digital push, created itself. they want to get the biggest bang for their buck. by doing that, the way to do it really is to go on social media and get the word out. elizabeth: we are seeing mr. clean on another condo. it's not because they're good advertising. >> even if it isn't all that
10:50 am
great coming out at the, which is always a point. it does build momentum and people are talking about it. you know, this kia one is hilarious in its getting passed around. the around. my also better. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. i'm willing to admit that i've actually watched a commercial a couple times as it is hilarious to they did their job. thank you so much. we so much. we appreciate it could enjoy the game. >> thank you. leland: more from houston ahead of the big game coming up to live to trump tower right now taking pictures of protesters gathered outside of the presidents manhattan home. he is not there. he is in florida. we will tell you what they have one coming up next. z282sz zwtz
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y282sy ywty
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leland: we are still a few hours away from kickoff of super bowl he won here and use them. happening right now in new york, a rally is broken out in front of trump tower in support of president donald trump and administrations followed these. who else but branyan is outside of trump tower. are they talking about the travel ban or something mouse? >> hi, leland.
10:55 am
it's a little bit of everything to the heart of new york city, used to seeing protests -- antitrust protests which voted overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. this is a pro-trump rally. 50 to 100 people here since none have really had it with the disrespect over president trump. they believe people should be respecting him, and given him a chance and a chance of the knob is antitrust protests is a little bit too ridiculous. some supporters of the president have pacifiers in their hand, saying essentially those protesting against the president need to grow up and they told me they need to stop being babies and essentially support their president. they just darted and essentially they are saying give this guy a chance. he is our president. that is the sentiment outside trump tower. new york city is no stranger to protests. this is in a big protest by any means. it is a pro-term protests in the heart of new york city. believe in. leland: we will see what
10:56 am
transpires. part of trump tower. the president isn't bear. he is enjoying the sunny weather. or the sunny here in his den as well as they look around here. brian coming thank you. invite throughout the afternoon. we are here at nrg stadium. what a great day for us to burble. a non-believable setting. cleared here in houston and is warm enough for tailgaters to enjoy the next four or five hours until kickoff. elizabeth: unbelievable to think their 72 house and if i'm not mistaken and millions watching on the tv. we hope that you get some time to enjoy the fact thank you so much for joining us ooohh! tonight. strength and style. which one's your favorite?
10:57 am
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yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? chris: i'm chris wallace reporting from houston. as america's sports stage gets set for its biggest game, president trump fights a judge's ruling blocking his travel ban and raises tensions with both foreign friends and foes. ♪ ♪ >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. just don't worry about it. they're tough. we have to be tough. it's time we're going to be a little tough, folks. chris: we'll discuss the trump administration's blunt words for world leaders. >> we are officially putting iran on notice. chris: and his controversial immigration order with vice president mike pence. and mr. trump urges senate republicans to go nuclear if


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