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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 12, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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i do? eric: they've been on fire. arthel: melissa mccarthy was back at sean spicer. we are back again at 4:00 eastern as well as 6:00 eastern. eric: will see you in three hours from now. arthel: and then again three hours after that. >> north korea launching its first ballistic missile tests, setting up the first major foreign-policy confrontation for mr. trump's white house. >> the president joined by the japanese prime minister in condemning the task. mr. trump back mr. trump got to stand by and send america's allies in asia. live to the winter white house in south florida for reaction. >> members of congress get of congress getting an earful of congress get in your os and town halls this weekend over their plans to repeal and replace obamacare. health care just one of the many issues are republican controlled congress is about to tackle. we'll take a closer look.
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>> welcome to america's -- "america's news hq. leland: put a busy week and it is. i am transfixed. onto our top story. if fox news alert as north korea launches another ballistic missile, setting up a major international test for the trump administration. some would say its first international test. japanese prime minister abe speaking at a hastily arranged news conference in the winter white house, calling the missile test absolutely intolerable. resident say the united states back japan 100% to south florida in a minute. her stomach eric and he is tracking the developments here in washington. reporter: k., lee land. north korea has not made it clear -- it is capable of
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hitting the united states and has been working towards that goal. a spokesman for the u.s. strategic command and it was likely a medium or intermediate-range ballistic missile, meaning it didn't have the range to reach the u.s., but could have easily reached allies in the region. the missile landed outside of japan's territorial waters, but the pace and scale of these tests to be of major concern. north korea has attempted 24 missiles in to nuclear tests. donald trump became president in his widely seen as north korea testing a new administration. chuck schumer made this morning on cbs face the nation. >> north korea has shown itself to being a responsible nation in every way and i'm sure they are testing president tribe. i was glad he issued the statement, but the prime minister of japan, but he also
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what to do it quickly with south korea. south korea is probably more susceptible to north korea's vera lynn's than any other country. reporter: south korea has strongly denounced the ballistic missile launched in pyongyang is obsessed with nuclear development. hours after the launch, the joint chiefs of staff says the military stands ready to respond immediately to any provocation to threaten their safety and warned that if the northern regime does not give up its dilution of nuclear missile predication, that they will ultimately destroy themselves in the near future. in the latest test, like all of the previous funds in the last year was in violation of u.n. security council regulations, many more sanctions could be placed on the north in the future though it's important to note can jog un.
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>> here in washington, thanks, garrick. this has more. elizabeth: north korea's missile launch is a new test for donald trump. he responded last night following news that the incident as just a few words, about 14 seconds. kristin fisher is live in west palm beach with the very latest. hi, christine. reporter: hey, liz. prime minister abe is on his way back to japan return with some very strong assurances from president trump, which is exactly what he came here for. president trump promised the u.s. will continue to defend japan but got our first real world taste of what is newly committed relationship will look like in that hastily arranged press conference late last night. the two world leaders for just about to sit down to dinner here in palm beach for north korea fired off this missile. three and a half for hours later, prime minister abe called the launch intolerable for launch intolerable while president trump said this in
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response to the first north korean missile response of his presidency. >> i want everyone to understand fully that the united states stands behind japan, its great ally 100%. reporter: a brief response short enough to fit into a tweet. the question now is will he respond even more once he gets back to washington. next week, president trump is poised to meet with two more world leaders at the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau and benjamin netanyahu. the president is considering a new executive order in immigration to counter what happened to the controversial first-order, which i start out of court. white house chief policy adviser stephen miller this morning. >> the three judges made a broad overreaching statement about the ability to check the executive power and not did not address what i was talking about which
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was 1182 ad, the power of the president to exclude aliens in the national interest. >> as for what's next, miller says all possible options are on the table comment including seeking an emergency stay at the supreme court. elizabeth: kristin fisher reporting live on a working weekend. appreciate it. >> foreignness of fox news contributor, jack king. good to see you, sir. hard to imagine the timing is a coincidence here. >> not at all. prompted clearly by secretary mattis visit to the region and the prime minister's visit to the united states. leland: not only his dinner, but his golf game with news of a missile test. the journalists i know pretty well described north korea as the ultimate shakedown machine or extortionist if you will. what do they want out of all of this?
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you want to test president trump or they want them pay off or both? >> first of all, the nuclear weapons guaranteed the regime, in other words, there's not going to be a conventional attack of north korea as long as they have nuclear weapons. that is what i believe saddam hussein wanted in other countries in the world as well. what ballistic missile as they are trying to achieve, and intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the united states of all things. are they thinking about firing such a thing? likely not. capabilities are what we look at. the reality is is getting back to your cia analysts. 26 sessions largely from the south koreans and also from the united states. that is what they're doing. they use it as leverage. leland: they want money? >> financial, economic assistance. and just destitute state. what money they do have these to militarize this day. you can see the people
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themselves, the physicality is germanic weak different than south koreans. leland: is there any reason to make a deal? how we got there and got there in having a nuclear weapon because the date deal, food, money, agriculture assistance made by president clinton in return for them allegedly destroyed nuclear program. didn't happen, but they still got all the goodies. >> we've had three presidents, two decades plus trying to work china as leverage against the north koreans. what we have this nuclear weapons arsenal now and heading towards ballistic missiles capable of delivering them. so, the policy with china certainly as leverage has failed. we will see. president trump is determined to negotiate better deals in china than their predecessors. leland: he can negotiate deals with everybody. >> you will be tested on not to be sure. i do know this. the countries in the world to get president trump has a decisive, strong leader. likely somewhat unpredictable,
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but he has spent the weeks in office reassuring allies that american leadership is back and that is basically a good thing. >> we are to kristin fisher report from president trump 33 words, 14 seconds in terms of saying we stand with japan. didn't say we stand with south korea. didn't say there's going to be consequences. didn't have much teeth to it other than this is bad. is that a misstep? >> now, let's get them a little benefit of the doubt. this took place. he wanted to make a statement that he standing behind japan, reassuring japan the american leadership will be there. that is the principle statement to be made. the policy as it pertains to south korea, david della terry capability as part of general mattis visit there. he's looking at what capabilities do they have, the same thing with japan.
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i also think his check in metal. in other words, how much time do they have? i am just speculating. general mattis central command, middle east expert, far east doesn't know as much about it. leland: go kick the tires. obviously there's a lot more u.s. military hardware going bare, et cetera, et cetera into south korea. general, appreciate your insight. all the best. elizabeth: let's continue our conversation and our conversation and bring in our fair and balanced conversation to win present transactions regarding north korea. republican strategist at edward murrow fellow, adam goodwin. thank you so much for joining us, gentlemen. i want to start with you. i think i may knew your response to this. were you pleased that the president's response last night? >> i'm glad he responded. the initial response was about mark cuban. so it is for sharing. i do think what is happening
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with north korea as well as iran, as well as russian aggression around the ukraine is a natural consequence of this president and bolt main our adversaries and our enemies and at the same time, alienating our allies. you see what he did with australia and the prime minister. elizabeth: we are getting a different message from the white house. i want to play a quick soundbite from my house adviser, stephen miller and then your response. >> the messages we are going to reinforce and strengthen our vital alliances in the pacific region as part of our strategy to deter and prevent the increasing hostility that we've seen in recent years from the north korean regime. elizabeth: that's what we are from the white house. alienating our allies. i do want to get your response. >> well, i can tell you what you are seeing right now is
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reaganesque. it's called peace for strength. we live in a fairly dangerous world. and a reminder about what we're dealing with in the last 12 hours. we seen a mad man who leads the country with nuclear choice. it is starting to basically send a message to not just donald trump, to all of us to see what was made of. i like the fact that last night the president said that prime minister abe and they stood shoulder to shoulder inside were in this together. we saw the prime minister of great britain when he came to america do the same. i think this is the time in a dangerous world when we deal with transnational jihadist, the series of award, iran and iraq and russia, that we have to first reinforce our alliances. i think last night at the southern white house, winter white house, we saw an example of where donald trump is going to be very reagan like and he will stand tall with our allies and stand tall for security.
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trade too so you are saying is reaganesque. you're getting a different interpretation. what do you want to see from the president situation like this when you see a provocation from another country, what do you want to see from the white house? >> i'd like to see a consistent message. i'm glad he made the statement that prime minister abe yesterday commended during the campaign he was threatening to withdraw u.s. troops from the region. he said he would consider withdrawing from nato. that is not standing by our allies. that is sending a very mixed message. elizabeth: adam, your response. >> or respond by saying with our alliances, we have to do a better job, all of us, all the countries in nato. 28 countries only five pay their fair share. it's time for all of us to stand tall together, measure up to become far more dangerous. donald trump is showing the leadership that i think puts america back not just on the world stage, but back in the
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lead. elizabeth: we only have a minute left but i do want to get on the panel in regards to the fact what could be seen a new executive order. hari sevugan, i want to start with you. you would see a new executive order or do you want to see the executive order that took place at two weeks was challenged in court. >> either way there are fundamental problems with the executive order in terms of the legal standing as well as constitutional standing. the law they rely on was actually amended in 1965. see you cannot discriminate taste on nationality. so there is a legal problem there. >> i want to give you the last word. there were those seven countries not necessarily specific religions lay down in the executive order. >> these countries for the same countries of concern to president obama was worried about. the president has statutory authority to do what he set out to do and we need to do this to reassure the american people.
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elizabeth: wimberley repair. gentleman thank you for joining us this sunday. we appreciate it. stay turned after the show for fox news sunday. chris also the talk of a senior policy adviser stephen miller. we played a quick point and senate foreign relations committee ranking member ben cardin. stay here right after the show. leland: remembered this awkward encounter between president barack obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this is 2011. they didn't look so happy in their relationship. now a new leader in the white house. will the israeli prime minister get a better reception when it comes to town this week? preview of that coming out. president tribes reach for the stars, how the new president is changing the course of america's space race. astronaut clayton andersen on how nafta is responding. you never want this to happen. passengers on united flight from
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boston to san francisco had a strange and disturbing encounter with their pilot just before takeoff. we will tell you what happened to the pilot and passengers. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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i'm ricardo, a sales and service consultant here at the xfinity store in bellevue, washington. here at the store, we offer internet, tv, phone, customer service, home security. every situation is a little different. it could be about billing, simple questions like changing the phone number. sometimes, they want to upgrade, downgrade, but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ elizabeth: this is a fox news alert. toxic air in one of germany's busiest airports like 50 people
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injured and caused hundreds to flee the temperatures outside. air traffic at the airport has resumed now, but halted after people started really noxious. they started feeling their eyes burning and had trouble breathing. firefighters responding, believing pepper spray may have spread through the system but as of right now they do not know how this happens. >> it's important to figure out. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't shy away from the main u.s.-israeli relations were on rocky ground and former president obama left office. on wednesday, president trump will attempt that relationship when he meets with mr. benjamin netanyahu here in washington. trent campaign is dodge out of israel but tone down some of the talk in the week since taking office. today, he would present reasonable policies to president trump, signaling to some of israel's far right, perhaps tone
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down their expectations. church commission are expected to play a key role in those meetings. elizabeth: more in a story we just told you about. 30 strange behavior by united airlines pilot now under investigation by the company. the pilot was removed from a flight after a bizarre rant about politics and divorce over the intercom while preparing for takeoff. the full story on sunday and probably none of us really want to ever ask. reporter: hayek, elizabeth is one of the last things you want to see before you board a flight. your pilot having a mental breakdown. according to terrified passengers on united flight 455 and saturday, which is going from austin, texas to send a disco. according to passengers on board, to airline pilot in front of the entire cabin wearing civilian clothing asked for a vote on whether she should change into a uniform. then she got into politics,
10:22 am
explained a passenger she did not vote for hillary clinton or donald trump because they are both liars and insert expletive i cannot stand tv. the airline pilot began ranting about her divorce. according to passengers who began tweeting to get a new pilot fast. reportedly some 20 passengers said they did not feel safe and got off the plane. like randy rice who treated, so y'all i'm shaking right now. i just left united flight 455 because the captain demonstrated she was not mentally in a safe place. a new pilot was brought on in a two-hour delay later the flight took off. this into some passengers though after they landed. >> she started off by saying she had not voted for either of trump or clinton because they're a bunch of liars. so that's an odd way to start off the welcome to your flight. but it just really sort of went downhill from there and didn't
10:23 am
make a lot of sense to any of us. >> in a statement, united airlines said we hold our place to the high standards. they replaced the with the new one. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. united said they will discuss this incident with the pilot, but a bizarre miscarried truthfully sad story on board the flight. we all have tough days. who knows what is going on in her head. unfortunate for all those involved. >> hopefully she gets the help she needs. thank you. appreciate it. leland: north korea violates u.n. sanctions again. new details coming in on our top story and the president's response. plus, congress back in session tomorrow. will president trump get any closer to filling up his cabinet? >> his cabinet, heartbreak, billionaires, conflicts of interest, and people who want to
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10:29 am
winter white house. mr. abe is the guest of mr. trump down there for the weekend. the president said the u.s. stands with japan 100%. prime minister abe is by florida. u.n. sanctions have killed so far to curb the kim regime. north korea said its close to testing an intercontinental range ballistic missile. elizabeth: president trump wrapping up his trip and saturday. lawmakers preparing to go head-to-head in the fight to come from members of mr. trump's cabinet. first on the docket, steve mnuchin. here with the very latest. >> the fight on capitol hill to confirm president trump's cabinet have not been pretty. slowly but surely the members have been confirmed that the trump administration says the hold up is hurting americans but democrats say they are doing their due diligence.
10:30 am
>> we can't stop these nominees. we know that. we are going to use our time to make sure people understand the background of individuals are connected to the agency they are being appointed to them so they hold them accountable. in some cases we would hope republicans may join us in questioning whether this person is the best person. elizabeth: on monday, the on monday, the senate voted and former goldman sachs executive stephen mnuchin to be the next executive. then in a holding pattern on capitol hill. balloting for the senate to schedule a vote on the confirmation. >> the last election. in the process of losing their mind. the bottom line is the left has gone nuts. they can understand why they lost that they want to attack trumpet every stage. >> of the republicans seem to be united front in getting president trump's remaining nominees confirmed, there are still deep disagreements between the president and some members of congress.
10:31 am
president trump tweeting his displeasure to senators on both sides of the aisle. the king and blumenthal for criticizing his policies to the media. after senator mccain question success of a recent raid in jenin that left one u.s. servicemember dead and blumenthal told reporters during a private meeting of supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch expressed concerns about the judiciary. the president has said the press is nick characterized and gorsuch comments and has used his twitter account to criticize blumenthal and mccain. mccain has not formally responded to the tweets, will blumenthal says he hopes trump will listen to his own staff. elizabeth: what would we do without twitter? thank you so much. leland: live on twitter and other places as well, the decision freak show at the "washtington examiner." great to see you. right now, big topic of confirmations on the cabinet. there are a cabinet positions
10:32 am
last so far for president trump for confirmation votes. this week we saw betsy devos need the vice president to break the tie. anyone of us ate on the screen have that type of the time? the >> i've got my eye on the latest secretary nominee, andy pazner is struggling right now. he has had his confirmation delayed in the hearings four times now and in part because some paperwork is coming from the office of government ethics. governments have their eye on him. he saw the job they did on betsy devos. they were successful putting on the spot and we can her candidacy but democrats and republicans. she lost to republicans because of her so-called poor performance. hoping to do the same. leland: does you picking pazner had to do with the fact that it is a major democratic richard
10:33 am
c.? teachers union betsy devos, labor unions. >> that's it. his stance on these issues as well. he's in favor of job automation. he's not a fan of wage increases. doesn't like obamacare. he checks up all the boxes for several democrats who would be opposed it. i think you will see the questions. they want to take them down. his hearing has been scheduled for next week. it is time for now. got the paperwork in. republicans are hoping by delaying that they provide a cooling off period between the betsy devos confirmation hearing and now. transport no problem for mnuchin? >> effect to be confirmed on monday. he was delayed. don't forget to try to slow walking and managed to do so. leland: full show after this, that he brought the point that essentially president trump had half the number of cabinet
10:34 am
members confirmed as president bush did at the same time 16 years ago, a little less than half of a president obama did eight years ago. he then asked the democrat's base. >> isn't this blatant democratic obstruction? >> not at all. we can't stop these nominees. we can't block when it's brought to the floor, when the boat state place. that's the republican leader decides. all we can do is use the time allotted to us to make her point and that's what we're doing. we are not talking these appointments. >> they are admitting they can't block them. they played to their constituencies are there something else going on? >> their endgame is to stop the trump administration. they been quite transparent. chuck schumer, minority leader in the senate say pretty explicitly they were doing this to try to stop trump implementing his agenda and they
10:35 am
are succeeding in doing that. i went into february, we barely got the hhs secretary and the treasury secretary hasn't been confirmed yet. it also hobbles them and look what's happened so far. >> we haven't even got anywhere near the obamacare. building the wall, all things pushed back to deal with this. >> is tripped them up several times. the cabinet position would have made it much more smooth so far. leland: we certainly saw that in terms of the travel ban situation. looking forward, how dangerous is this what democrats in the sense you've got a number of democrats who are up for election come 2018. a significant number of senators at the 20 team and stayed that trump one. are they worried for folks like mansion afraid or are they willing to continue this schumer obstructionism?
10:36 am
>> this'll play it with a supreme court nominee which will be a test for the ate up in 2018. it is hard to determine how influential with their view in the supreme court nominee is. it's not really known at this point. depends how well they explain it to their constituents. my prediction is they won't be the nuclear option that mnuchin will be confirmed not because they went about 2018 but democrats will fear there may be another appointment because we've got two or three judges in the 80s. they may decide to hold their fire for more important justice in the future. i think that actually outweighs your last question about the 2018 issue of democrats. democrats are more worried about that. >> we saw this election turn on the issue as well. great seeing you. thanks for being here. elizabeth: after the break, president trump wants to boldly go where no jobs creator has gone before. the president wants to reimagine the state program with a focus
10:37 am
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as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. toujeo® helps me stay on track with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. elizabeth: after now, president donald trump promised jobs on the campaign trail and now wants to create job opportunities in the final frontier. internal documents reported by "politico" detailed the trump administration goals for promoting economic development in space using private companies. so what does the future hold for the trump space race? farmer nasa astronaut, friend of the show joins us now to talk about the features-based travel. we appreciate it. thank you for having me. >> reports on the political are ambitious. the president wants to send humans to the med and reach
10:42 am
large-scale economic development is it feasible. he wants to do that by 2020. >> yeah, i can't answer the question of can we do that by 2020, but i'm an advocate for going back to the moon first and i also agree and commercialization of space. best way to go as well. elizabeth: that's a big debate between public and private. i want to read a quote from the article. the proposed strategy with potential for igniting a new industry appeals to trump's business background and job creation is influencing the white house for leaders to run the space agency and sending off struggle for supremacy between aerospace contractors and the type of mayors who have put that money into private space ventures. the question of privatization, your reaction to that. >> up we'll look back, nobody
10:43 am
knew we would be flying airplanes to abu dhabi with the opportunity to go to the bar, shower to sleep in her room and do work. the idea of commercializing spaceflight is a popular paradigm shift. but there's still a risk involved. in order to do this and do this successfully, we have to keep that in mind. better, faster, cheaper, pick any two if you want to consider those things. you can't have all of it. so if you want it to be better and faster, you have to pay for it. >> wondering what the landscape looks like it hot as the private sector get involved in work alongside nasa? would they compete with each other? how would that work? >> i'm not sure i know thethat. we are doing it now. nasa folks working with these various commercial countries. astronauts who are supporting their efforts to make sure that we try to do this safely and
10:44 am
minimize the risk as much as we can. elizabeth: this may be a stretch here. there was talk of utilizing resources than the topic of property rights came up. for someone like me that is just really unfathomable. i want your reaction just when you hear that. how would that work in space? >> i'm not sure they know the answer to that either. if you look at the analogy of the folks that went west during the gold rush, when gold was found and claims were states, it was a different time. i think we did have organizations today at universities across the united states and the worlds that are actually looking at the legal aspects of space and trying to establish constraints in ideas and philosophies to take forward. we have to wait and see how that plays out. elizabeth: my final question is what would you do if you are called upon if you had a job offer? >> well, i would consider it. that's for sure.
10:45 am
elizabeth: clayton andersen, thank you for joining us. pretty exciting stuff for those who are fans. >> event. my pleasure. leland: after the break on the snowstorms continued to pound the northeast this weekend and it ain't melting anytime soon. adam cloud standing by with the big freeze after the big snow. tonight is the ur sunday without the wall. but there is this. the grammys. the red carpeted with whites and i could also be a contact sport. hi, michael. >> that is right, we land. life on the red carpet. during the six biggest night, we'll have it all covered foradt you. ople i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis.
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leland: folks in the northeast and this weekend they cannot have mounds of snow. now there's another big big freeze along with some more snow. say again so from extreme weather center. reporter: cave bear. you are correct about this next round of snow. here's what's happening. the large system moving across some fairly warm air. normally portions of the midwest and south, but the system will
10:50 am
continue to lift up into the east and that is where we see the winter weather. the system running into the cold air, you begin to see a ship slowly for brain injury wintry mix. portions of new york city right now and into just now. this will continue to intensify. boston towards portland beginning to see the snow. future radar as this continues to move off coast and the kind more of a nor'easter appeared on the backside you seen my share wrapping back around and it's going to be upstate new york stretching portions of name that we will see some really impresses no-fault totals. future radar continue through sunday, eventually monday morning. a bit of a slow mover sunday into monday. consistent heavy snow in upstate new york over to maine. how much snow are we talking about? areas where the numbers get really impressive. again, not a lot done in new york city. more rain, wintry mix. you start to see some of the deeper colors at getting up to
10:51 am
18 inches to two feet of snow. they will be most likely snow didn't come tomorrow morning, especially towards portland, maine and further to the north or that is very look right now at a winter weather advisory. winter watches all across the area. this is a system we pay close attention to for the rest of the day into tomorrow as well. leland: good reason. thanks, adam. elizabeth: february is the month for award shows. full display tonight is the 59th annual grammy award. while celebrities are on the awards stage, we see more and more of them is in time to take a political stance against the president. but everything you need to know about the show, michael camero is live from the carpet. it is nice to see you. you look great. >> good to see you, elizabeth. the 59th annual grammy awards. music's biggest night.
10:52 am
>> music's biggest names are taking center stage for the 59th annual grammy awards. just load it. bruno marasco make katy perry, great duets with carrie underwood and keep their bed. the academy in our purview to attribute and do it right. the unexpected airings and unique performances. anytime the artist@, they want to give the performance of a lifetime. >> all nominees at nine knots followed by connie west, with eight nominations each. all eyes will be on queen made going head-to-head in a major category. ♪ >> it really come down to the
10:53 am
outcome of the year. i do think lemonade by beyoncé will win album of the year. formation is that by beyoncé. i don't think that's going to win. i think in those categories that will go to hello by adele. a great song, it is classic. >> for the first time, james gordon is hosting the show. >> i'm incredibly honored to be part of it. we will try our best to make it a great show. reporter: as unpredictable as the show can be, they're a couple of things you can expect this year. tributes to george michael, print and lots and lots of politics. protesting will go on, especially since the executive producer for 37 years told variety yesterday he's
10:54 am
encouraging artists to go oscar tonight. buckle up, guys. >> we were talking about that. i did read in the article that the only thing off limits before 10:00 p.m. is perhaps profanity. >> at the folks out there need any encouragement, to talk politics from the stage. good question, is there a delay button? do we have any idea but the contingencies are? >> i'm sure there is. i'm not sure but i will find out before my next head. elizabeth: i want to put you on the spot and ask you your prediction for album of the year simply because i'm curious. i'm going -- >> i'm going to go with adele. leland: getting up awfully early tomorrow morning. but he does come a dedicated correspondent from the red carpet to 2:00 a.m. call. good to see you. let's talk about tomorrow morning. >> take care.
10:55 am
the sights and sounds of one of the biggest chinese lunar celebrations in the world. it happens right here in the u.s.a. we will tell you what they are celebrating coming up.
10:56 am
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leland: also about north korea as well and the missile launch which has serious implications when it comes to the chinese. >> general jack keane said the timing of it -- leland: not exactly a
11:00 am
coincidence which is sort of par for the course so far. that does it for us. we'll see you back here next weekend. meantime, here's chris wallace. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump says he'll move this week to protect the u.s. homeland after a federal appeals court blocks his controversial ban on travel from the seven largely muslim nations. ♪ ♪ >> we will continue to go through the court process and, ultimately, i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. chris: we'll discuss what the president will do next on the ban, his domestic agenda and his supreme court nominee with white house senior policy adviser steven miller. and and we'll ask ben cardin can, the top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, on his party's plans to block trump's policies and his nomi


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