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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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not having hispanics in the cabinet. >> martha: thank you. before we leave tonight, and inspirational quotes to keep us on track. "always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest." us o'reilly is up next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is up next. >> people trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. i think it is very, very unfair, what has happened to general flynn. >> martha: president trump saint general flynn's demise was partially the fault of the press. but is that true? "talking points" will deal with it. >> that was a 9/11 scale event, they attacked the core of our democracy. that was a pearl harbor scale event. >> bill: a "new york times" columnist said russia committed an act of war toward the usa. boling and rivera on back. >> when someone points a gun -- that is something that i take very, very seriously, would we
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are doing what we have to do, going after bad guys with guns. >> bill: a gun wielding 18-year-old shot dead by police after being released from custody by a judge. a shocking situation. caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." sb 16 begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. mass hysteria over general michael flynn. that is a subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. as we reported last night, the national security advisor has resigned because the trump administration says it lost confidence in him. the story is a bit complicated but it boils down to this. flynn had contact with the russian ambassador in late december, while barack obama was still president. according to leaks from the intelligence agencies, flynn discussed mr. obama's a sanctions against russia.
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then, general flynn denied that to vice president mike pence. the fbi also interviewed general flynn and if you lied to them can better be a crime. however, that is a big if. it is not a crime for mr. flynn to informally talk with the russian ambassador before donald trump took office. but it is highly inappropriate if policy was discussed. so, at this point, flynn is out and it looks like retired vice admiral burl robert harward will take his place. he is 60 years old, extensive military experience, served in afghanistan. it looks like a solid choice but you never know. by the way, the fbi is still investigating the whole russian situation, but that is all we know at this point. however, lack of facts doesn't stop the anti-trump press it from whipping up hysteria. there are two things in play. first, the trump haters are fervently hoping they can link the trump campaign to the russian hackers, who disrupted
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the content campaign. that is the ultimate goal for the haters. if they cannot achieve that, they would like to have general flynn tell the world but donald trump ordered him to call the russian ambassador. so, that is the media game plan. yesterday, the bombast on our cable competition was actually humorous. "the new york times" columnist thomas friedman compared the russian hacking to war. >> we have never taken seriously from the very beginning russia hacked our election. that was a 9/11 scale event. they attacked the core of our very democracy. that was a pearl harbor scale event. >> bill: here is how crazy that statement is. say president trump declared war on russia, as we did after pearl harbor. would thomas friedman support that? of course not. so, this is just madness. however, the anti-trump media loves this kind of stuff. i will give you another very simple example. it has to do with speculation.
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>> do you think flynn acted alone when he made that phone call to the russian ambassador in washington? >> i don't think that anything in washington happens alone. >> bill: now, that man, congressman seth moulton, is a tron pager. also, he has no blinking idea whether general flynn acted alone. he couldn't possibly know. wolf blitzer, generally a responsible guy, asked a speculative question based on nothing. there could not have been any credible answer that shed light on the flynn situation. so, why bother with that 90 speculation? the answer is there are millions of trump haters who will sit there in front of the tv hour after hour after hour and watch this kind of bilge. and that is why they do it.
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summing up, there is no credible evidence at this point that the trump campaign cooperated with the russians in the hacking of the clinton campaign. none. there is no credible evidence that general flynn was directed to do anything. yet, the ant spends hours talking trash. one footnote, hard news reporters should be looking into all the russian intrusions, including the flynn a situation. if those reporters uncover evidence of wrongdoing, it should be presented. but speculation by the media is garbage. and that is "the memo." now, the top story reaction, joining us from washington, legendary investigative reporter, bob woodward, associate editor of "the washington post." why am i going wrong, mr. broad word? >> there is an anti-trump press, there is the pro trump press. i think the hard news reporters,
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as you said, should keep digging on this. here is my reaction. i know general flynn a little bit. and if the idea that he misled about one thing, as you know, bill, people in the white house always mislead somebody on something. that became a firing offense does not make sense to me. and all my alarm bells went off, why is he gone for this? and i think the alarm bells went off for lots of reporters. >> bill: let me give you the explanation is coming out of the white house. vice president pence, very powerful guy, talk to flynn, and flynn told him, i didn't talk about any of the sanctions. and then, the vice president went on network television and said that. hey, general flynn didn't do it. now, it turns out, because of tabbed conversations, and transcript that nobody has seen but nobody has denied it
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anymore, that flynn did talk about sanctions. so, when you come at that level, mislead a vice president and it goes out and, you know, says something, that is a firing offense, bob, and you know what. >> not necessarily. >> bill: oh, come on! sure it is. >> you come on and i am telling you, my alarm bells went off. i think lots of people had the same feeling, who were in the media, they are asking the question -- >> bill: don't be speculative questions to trump haters or something else. one of our competitors, they have nine people, i don't know where they find all the launch chairs. they just line them up, two conservatives, seven trump haters, they go down -- this is watergate -- if i were you, i would sue anybody saying this is watergate. if i were you, woodward, i would sue them. they have nothing to back it up.
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it is all crazy speculation. that is what we are getting into in this country. nobody knows the facts. nobody knows anything. it is all speculation. >> okay, there is a letter speculation and a lot of nonsense. so, let's get the facts. there will be a congressional investigation, the fbi supposedly is looking at this. here is the remedy, if i may really put something that is concrete out there. that is for the trump white house to get the council and the white house to look at this. the president has authority to release anything, even material that is classified, and put out a report and say, this is what really happened. this is what went on. because the congressional investigation is going to take months. the fbi, god knows how long that is going to take. when do have created the environment of suspicion and
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anxiety. >> bill: i think i would like to know what i want to -- >> why don't they do this? >> bill: there are unintended consequences of every action, as you know. if you wanted to make an enemy out of general flynn, which president trump obviously doesn't want to do, you hang him. all right? you make an enemy out of him. >> he has fired him. that is a pretty serious matter. indeed, it is. >> bill: i am agreeing you. he said nice things about him today. he doesn't seem to want to alienate him or make him what they call a scapegoat. then, flynn would have to defend himself, then, flynn can come back and say so and so told me to do this. if he comes -- it becomes a real mess. i'm not saying they shouldn't. >> you don't think it's a mess now? >> bill: last word. >> okay, the white house counsel could conduct an inquiry, look
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at all the classified documents, talk to general flynn and put it out or have some reporters who are neutral in all of this in to the white house and say, here are the documents, here are a people are saying come and put it out. believe me, this is going to fester for weeks if not months, if there are answers to very serious questions. >> bill: all right, neutral neutral reporting. where would -- would we have to go abroad to find them? all right, bob, always a pleasure talking to you. next on the rundown, is all the trump hatred now damaging the company beyond repair? later, miller, martha maccallum, lou dobbs, karl rove, all upcoming. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins.
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a joint press conference with israeli product prime minister netanyahu. >> from intelligence play papers are being leaked, criminal acti, criminal acts. it has been going on for a long time, before me. now, it is really going on. people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. i think it is very, very unfair, what has happened to general flynn, the way he was treated >> bill: joining us not to react, geraldo rivera and eric bolling. bolling, president trump thinks what happened to general flynn was unfair, why did he ask for his resignation? >> he can think what was happening to general flynn was unfair. i do come too. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. if you are the president, you feel the general is a patriot, really served his country well, treated unfair, why do you boot him out? >> he said treated unfairly by the press.
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of course -- >> bill: why would you stand behind them? >> as trump said, or a spokesman spicer said, there was an eroding trust factor with general flynn. that was likely because a vice president pence. the process taking apart general fund because of his conversations with russia, which i don't think amount to a hill of beans. "the new york times" article was extensive. i read it three separate times, they alluded to accusations of a possible fbi involvement. >> bill: "the new york times" doesn't know, you don't know, rivera doesn't know, i don't know -- >> he has been excoriated in the press. these two things aren't mutually exclusive. >> bill: i don't know if -- if he is being treated unfairly, and you were the president, rivera, oh, my god, -- >> i would be and less of a jump in our front president trump is right now. number one -- if you did not complain about hacks and leaks
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when they were damaging to hillary clinton, you have no moral right to complain about the hacks and leaks that took down general flynn and there will be others. secondly, you have a situation here, people have to get their arms around what this is. there are now between four plus sign internal sources saying that there were four people in the trump campaign in his transition team who were in "repeated and constant communication" with russian intelligence. meaning, the kgb. all through the election, the united states -- >> the only man -- >> you are doing something un-american. you are convicting -- >> i resent that. i deeply resent that. it's >> bill: you are not giving it to them! >> you heard from bob woodward -- >> bill: you are not giving them, now, you are using a anonymous sources with no factual backing --
5:17 pm
>> when you have nine sources -- >> bill: you are taking that from whom? from home? what are their names? what are their names? there are no names on them! >> to destroy hillary clinton's candidacy -- >> you don't need names for hillary clinton's destruction, now, suddenly -- 's view on the presumption of innocence. >> this is an extraordinary thing that just happen. >> what is it? >> you have a presidential campaign and communication with our arch enemies of russia -- >> bill: who in the campaign? >> you busted the president -- >> how can you be friends with a killer? >> bill: because you have the facts to back it up! >> you have the trump campaign -- >> bill: no fax! >> bill: who? who in the trump campaign? >> do you believe the that there was no communication -- >> bill: i don't know! >> why was general flynn fired?
5:18 pm
>> bill: because he bit slide pence. >> do you believe that? >> bill: i think that is why. >> what did he did mislead him? >> bill: i don't know! >> if you misled vice president pence, it was about his human occasions with russia. ergo, whatever it was -- >> bill: pence was teed off. go ahead. >> 100% right. he was asked for his resignation because he said to pence, no, i didn't have any discussions with russia. not with the discussions were, what you think happened. >> no, pence said he spoke with flynn and he didn't speak with the russians. subsequently, nine separate sources said they did in fact talk. pence was out on the limb. he put the vice president on a limb. flynn needs to be fired for that reason not because of what we do or don't know the actual conversations. all we know, geraldo -- >> bill: the most recent -- all right, shut up now. gentlemen, thank you very much. directly ahead, lou dobbs, the
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stock market going crazy. it is not dangerous for you and the country? later, awful story out of baltimore, 18-year-old shot dead by police after being released from custody by a judge. those reports after these messages. ♪
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♪ >> bill: who's the boss segment tonight, stock market up today, dow jones industrial average, now, record all-time high. some feel that can be dangerous. here now, fox visit next work superstar -- told me to say that -- lou dobbs. the stock market keeps going up but there doesn't seem to be any reason for it to go up. it is not like there is great earnings or a tax cut yet or anything like that.
5:23 pm
>> but there is a spot on my prospect of a tax cut and there are real earnings being discovered, about 5%. we are looking at relatively strong performance in earnings. so, there is substance to what we are watching. the issue becomes, the longer this bull market continues, and it is getting aged, the more the risks rise. in addition to that, we have got a congress that looks like it wants to be a stubborn, rather than go along with the trump program. that ultimately will make the market and investors very nervous about -- >> bill: the reason i mind doing the segment, a lot of people are watching are retired and they have mutual funds, and they are worried about it. you know, at this level, the market at this level, this is high prices for these stocks. >> these are very high prices. looking forward, we are looking at forward earnings of 17 times
5:24 pm
earnings, that is historically high. >> bill: what is the average? 12? >> the average is around 15. we are looking at -- >> bill: everyone should be very, very careful now. >> without question. >> bill: because here is what is going to happen. i think they will get the tax cuts done, they get the majority in the house and senate, why wouldn't they get the tax cuts done? >> because they were republicans? >> bill: no, i don't think so. i think they will get the tax cuts. i would be very surprised. but then, interest rates will go up, right? so, the cheap mortgages, they are already going up now. >> but we have only seen one interest rate hike by the fed in the course of -- >> bill: over the next couple years, it will rise, and it will make buying stuff more expensive. particularly, big ticket. the one factor that is not going to stop is this trying to get trump. we are living in an age where they are trying to get him. they being the democratic party and the media, which have combined -- >> and the establishments of both parties.
5:25 pm
you go across the line. you are right. this white house is under assault from all fronts. >> bill: it is not going to stop. sooner or later, they are going to come up with something that blows it up into this big national crisis. >> what you are talking about, bill, is balancing. for every investor listening to you and me right now, the issue is the same as always. balance risk, which are rising for part because of the reasons you are talking about, there are internal risks in the market. there are external, whether it be russia, china, iran. but it is a balance between risk and reward. right now, prudence is to invest in a market that is rewarding on the level of current risk. >> bill: i don't understand what you just said. you put money in now, lou? >> if i had a company that i think will be profitable and has demonstrated -- >> bill: selectively. which is not to mass at -- >> mass anything, mass exodus, that is not a good idea.
5:26 pm
>> bill: all right. because it is a dangerous world we're living in right now. where anything can happen at any time. and i just -- it is unhealthy. last word. >> last word. we are not even a month into this administration. a word of caution from bill o'reilly, appropriate. >> bill: thank you. >> this is an optimistic time for most of us. this is a time to be optimistic about the prospects, something that we haven't been able to enjoy for eight years. >> bill: then, you will see the stock market go up to 30,000. all right, lou dobbs, everybody. plenty more had sb 16 moves ahead. miller says that americans cannot get along, drastic action should be taken. we will get his point of view. also, martha maccallum on the radical left attacking the trump administration by using wounded veterans. fascinating story. we hope you stay tuned for those stories.
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♪ >> bill: "personal story" segment. as we mentioned, israeli prime minister netanyahu met with president trump today. as you may know, israel and the usa were not on the same page and a president obama. even more confusing is a political band of american. they make up 3% of the electric and voted for hillary clinton over donald trump by a whopping 71-23. 2008 was even worse. barack obama got 78%. john mccain, 21. remember, senator mccain is a fervent friend of israel. joining is not from austin, texas, karl rove. it seems that a liberal domestic
5:31 pm
ideology overwhelm security for israel. when american jews go to the polls, or am i wrong? >> since the 1930s, since the onset of the new deal, jews have voted democrat, overwhelmingly so. prior to that, they voted overwhelmingly republican. a social justice impulse of jews caused them, the onset of the new deal to begin to vote democrat. now, they were comfortable doing that because for most of the last 80 years, democratic nominees for president, with the exception, perhaps, of george mcgovern, were reliably pro israel. the democratic party was a party of scoop jackson and john f. kennedy and hubert humphrey, great supporters of the state of israel. that change in a president obama, though, it hasn't shaped the conviction conviction -- >> bill: it was interesting because netanyahu made it clear that he thought president obama was not an enemy but not a friend of israel. he made it very clear.
5:32 pm
and hillary clinton vowed to pretty much -- she was assistant secretary of state, she carried out that policy, yet, 71% is still voted for her. an interesting phenomenon. okay, we have a new pullback -- >> one more thing about that, bill. adjuster member, i think donald trump is authentically potent on my pro israel. this is very important to evangelical christians. the general election victory. i know the leadership of the evangelical community to discuss israel with him and try to make certain that he was solid on the issue from the start. >> bill: trump has been pretty consistent in saying that we are going to protect israel. the reason evangelicals are interesting is because the holy land is there. the christian sites are there as well as the muslim sites and the jewish sites. all right, brand-new foxhole just handed to me, on a supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch, would you approve him, 42% -- 49% would. no, 37, no opinion, 14. and then, we have another
5:33 pm
question. the democrats doing everything they can to block mr. gorsuch from becoming a supreme court justice, do you prefer that? 42% approve. 54% don't. that seems to say that the american people -- okay, here's another one. supreme court, is it too liberal? 31, about right. too conservative, 18. so, neil gorsuch looks like he's in pretty good shape. i think you'll be confirm. i'm not sure about the timeline on that. >> the mic the poll is a good news for him. a an even higher percentage of the electorate dislikes the democrat approach, don't ever vote on him, obstruct him from serving, then, -- you touched briefly on this. an indication of how on anchored a lot of public opinion is. if you look at that final question, which is, "do you think supreme court decisions are too liberal, about right, are too conservative," the last time fox news asked that
5:34 pm
question was in 2015. 45% back then said "too liberal." today, 31, about right, 34, two years ago, 47% today. i think it is because a lot of people say, oh, there's a vacancy on the court, trump has made a nomination, the guy seems pretty good, therefore, the current delacorte is in a better place. a very odd in my opinion. >> bill: the supreme court has been contentious the last year or two. it is hard to calibrate that. also, an issue that is not very well educated in the public eye. when you ask your questions to randomly, and it is a very sophisticated analysis you are asking here, the tendency of accuracy drops through the floo floor. it is not like it is trump doing a good job, everybody has no opinion. the supreme court is a little murky. they don't really know what is going on. >> they have an opinion but it is not well anchored, you are right. it isn't deep and well convicted. it is an opinion. they have already made a decision. this guy seems to be okay with me.
5:35 pm
the court is going to be about right. >> bill: i like it when you say you are right to me. >> but i was talking about the poll. >> bill: no, no, no. >> i was talking about the poll. mostly about the poll. >> bill: karl rove, everybody. miller on duck. he says americans are no longer unable to get along. miller is next. ♪
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♪ >> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. in the "miller time" segment, two weeks ago, d-man and i discussed his idea, putting a wall between california, oregon, and washington state, dividing the folks. also, walls around the northeast in chicago because attitudes are so different in those places. tonight, miller would like to expand his theory. he joins us from florida. what are you doing at florida? are you hanging at mar-a-lago, miller? >> i am down here for the big phil keating harris seminar. we sat with phil and he talked about the latest cutting edge paul mays and stuff like that. then, i go up the road next week, i am at the burt reynolds dinner theatre and jupiter,
5:40 pm
florida, doing love letters with nancy pelosi. today, i find out she can't read, so, we have to teach her the script phonetically. >> bill: [laughs] phil keating, by the way, a fox news correspondent based in south florida. [laughs] all right, miller, now. you are saying that americans are no longer going to be able to get along. >> bill, let me quote the great buffalo springfield, there is something happening here and what it is is all too clear. we are going through a divorce. this is like getting war of the roses ugly. if you want to check the docket in the court, has been filed as the deplorable's versus the insufferable's. i think we are basically incompatible right now. some of the things the democrats are doing are scaring the living hell out of me. can i enumerate a couple of them? >> bill: certainly. >> while, they have turned into dr. strangelove versus russia. we have gone from this silly thing where hillary is standing
5:41 pm
there with a jeopardy button, you know, asking them to hit it, now, every day, i wake up and they are completely hawkish. and i'm worried about them vaporizing moscow like failsafe. you know something, billy, gave me a good idea when i was watching pelosi talk about this earlier this week. we should make pelosi's face the decal on the front of the unmanned drones. wouldn't that scare the living hell out of you coming down the pike? now, schumer has turned into donald's to graddy, you are history buff, from the nixon days. he is into the dirty tricks. he will do anything to screw this president. i watch the news every night. they say there is a peaceful protest, and i watch kids throwi the window of banks that i think, this is what is passing for peaceful right now? the only good thing about those protests i can tell you, bill, for the first time, a lot of those kids have a steady job. it is nice to see them out working that hard. before, they were home on the couch. now, you are history buff, like i said earlier, have to ask you
5:42 pm
a question, bill, i mean this in all seriousness, obviously, we came to a primal fork in the road in the 1850s, 1860s come over slavery. in the country, it could not abide anybody believing in slavery. we had to break up. but after that moment, i sometimes read stories about grant and lee and these west point guys being friends. do you think outside of the fact that a house divided had to be because we had to eradicate slavery, do you think the country was this polarized as far as banners of each other? or was it better off -- better than prior to the civil war? >> bill: the hatred after the civil war was pretty intense. and leading up to it. people were being whipped up. when you are stabbing each other to death with bayonets, i mean, that is a pretty extreme situation. [laughs] >> before the civil war, what was it in the country? like this? >> bill: no, because it -- what is happening now, the difference now, back then, you had to make a living or you died
5:43 pm
of. there was no welfare, okay? you were out in the fields, or you are doing what you did, ten, 12 hours a day. and being able to watch cable. it wasn't cable. now, there is cable. but even worse, due to little machines, that just whip stuff up like crazy and get you people emotionally, so, they are walking around, taking their frustrations out on people they don't agree with politically. take their frustrations out. >> bailey, he would concur, though, it is as rough if you have seen it right now. >> bill: i have never seen america more hateful. even worse than the vietnam era. it is worse. last word. >> i knew our leaders were in washington, i just didn't realize it was the state. that is how split we are. we can't even decide if we are going to have a border anymore. i heard when i was coming in here today that the seven countries on the president's
5:44 pm
state, the seven countries have sued us. today, they issued a statement in the ninth circuit court, the seven countries that, listen, we've got our crazy terrorists in. we need you to shut it down. you are diluting the work pool. they are going to run into bad crazies. mike flynn, by the way, just signed to be hillary's new webmaster on her new web site. there you go. it all comes full circle. >> bill: there he is, dennis miller. martha maccallum. i have to go to martha and she is on deck. an awful story out of baltimore. the 18-year-old shot dead by police after a judge put them out on the street where she should not have done that. martha moments away. and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most.
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♪ >> bill: "back of ]the book" segment tonight, "did you see that?" in baltimore, a
5:48 pm
19-year-old named curtis deal arrested three times as the first of the year on drugs and weapons charges. nevertheless, judge nicole taylor allowed mr. deal to avoid jail, even though the prosecution told her he was dangerous. one day later, deal was shot dead by police. >> dramatic video caught by body camera worn by a walter mar city police officer, still pictures show the suspect emerging from an alley with a gun in his hand. his finger on the trigger. he pointed at the office there. a loaded 9mm handgun, police say. then, the decision, seemingly without only three seconds, officer kincaid fires his weapon, shot deal three times, killing him. >> bill: here and on to explain further, fox news anchor martha maccallum come you see here at 7:00 p.m. right before "the factor." a harrowing deal for this kid. >> large-scale drug deals, he
5:49 pm
had been arrested three times since january of 2017 address the past few months. they brought a man on the third charge. she let him go, this judge, nicole miller. she said, essentially, that she -- nicole taylor, excuse me. she said she wanted him to go back to school, she said he felt he was a basketball player, wanted to join the army. the safest thing for this young man for the community around him was for him to stay in that jail. he would be alive today if she had put him in jail most likely. an officer could very easily have been killed in this moment. i mean, he turns and points his gun back. you get the screenshot -- >> bill: we want to make it clear, there has been no demonstrations or anything that are criticizing the police. it is pretty clear that the body cam on the officer shows what happened. here is the deal. if you are a judge, a sitting criminal judge, and you have a guy come in three times in 30 days, all right, on guns and heroin charges, and you let him
5:50 pm
go the third time, you should not be sitting on any bench anywhere. this is happening all over the country. >> she's a former public defender. she clearly had -- >> bill: public defenders defend poor people. >> it is exactly right. he was also safer if she had put him in jail. >> bill: right. >> he needed to be in jail, this young man. now, he is dead and not a police officer could have very easily lost his life. >> bill: the point is made. it is so outrageous that we are living in a time, you know, everybody is screaming about gun control. this guy had a gun and she lets him out. if you have a gun, you shouldn't be out. anywhere. okay. no, there was an ad that caught our eye made by a veterans organization, and anti-trump ad. go. >> president trump, i hear you watch the morning shows. here's what i do every morning.
5:51 pm
look. you lost the popular vote. you are having trouble drawing a crowd and your approval rating keeps thinking. but kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the affordable care act and banning muslims won't help. that is not the america i sacrificed for. you want to be a legitimate president, sir? then, act like one. >> bill: okay, so, that is put out by a far left organization. nobody knows what that is. you see a guy who lost his leg in the service of his country, complaining about the presidents. what is the background of this organization? >> it is a progressive group that supports veterans. they have also done a lot for gay rights issues, labor issues, and this instance, it is a pretty powerful ad. they placed it on "snl," they placed it on morning joe, and places that they feel president trump is watching to . they are talking out against what they see as cutting benefits, health care benefits, if obamacare goes --
5:52 pm
>> bill: it's a truly political play that exploits -- >> very much against donald trump, they have spoken out against him many, many times. >> bill: you could get just as many wounded veterans to say good things. >> absolutely. we have seen that. >> bill: it's america, you can do it, but i don't think it is very dignified to do. now, we told the audience we will find out who is beyond this grab your wallet deal that has organized the nordstrom's attacks and getting the trump products out. so, tell us who is doing this. >> her name is shannon coulter, 45 years old, a marketing executive's from san francisco. this is what she does all day. she is given over all of her client business for someone else to take care of because she is so obsessed with the grab your wallet movement. the screen that you just as a list of companies who not only sell trump products but who have any affiliation with trump products, even amazon is on that list because there are trump products you can find on amazon. she is encouraging people to boycott. >> bill: this is a san francisco woman who was a
5:53 pm
successful business person, who now runs this grab your wallet, and she wants to intimidate companies that sell any trump products. that is what she does full-time. again, are perfect right to do that, is it really nice to do that? is at the american way? i don't think so. >> bill: here's the other thing, it's probably not effect. there is no indication >> bill: nordstrom's booted ivanka. >> because it is not a public company, you can't see it that clearly. studies show that the trump brand went out about 35% after he was elected. people burn out on these things. they like to buy the stuff. they tend to go back to it after a momentary boycott. we'll see. >> bill: martha maccallum, everybody. "the factor" "tip of the day," do you drink too much water? "the tip," moments away.
5:54 pm
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>> bill: back to "tip of the day," drinking water mania. but first... a little irony from coaster rica there. this is a debate program, tom. both sides did speak. impossible to forget, not here. we reported accurately on the obama administration.
5:57 pm
period. of course it is speculation, the elephant even knows that. when facts emerge about russia and what they did or did not do, we will report and assess that. please forward the facts on that, diane. we will be happy to discuss the them. sure it is.
5:58 pm
well, you are welcome. yale and other ivy league schools used to represent the best of america, now they have become propaganda centers. well said. very happy birthday in west virginia, 100 years old. factor "tip of the day," drinking bottled water. for some, it is an obsession. true story, at mass on sunday, a woman comes in carrying a giant bottle of water. not holy water, it is right on the pew. this lady cannot go 45 minutes without slugging it down.
5:59 pm
drinking water is a good thing, carrying water wherever you go is dopey unless you are auditioning for lawrence of arabia, you do not need a constant watering. whoever thought that hydrating thing up is genius. here is the tip, drink when you are thirsty. water is the best quencher. ease up on carrying the bottle around. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site which is different from we would like you to spout out about this factor ever you are. word of the day, do not be saturnine when writing to "the factor." we look at tv ratings compared to five years ago tomorrow, it is amazing what is happening in this country, aare not watchingr morning tv. want to find out why?
6:00 pm
it will be an interesting segment. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: i'm ed henry, i will be your host tonight and for the rest of the week. in just a moment the democratic national committee who claims trumps ties to russia are already on day 26 a scandal bigger than watergate. overreach much? the dnc calls at the trump war room, he will get a chance to make his case. for decades, presidents and both parties have been pushing a two state solution to resolve the israeli-palestinian concepts flicked a whole new approach that has got the mainstream media having another hissy fit. is it a good idea to have some


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