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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ >> hello i am arthel neville welcome to "america's news hq". >> everyone this at this hour president trump getting back to the grind stone.every campaign style rally held in florida. his interview with candidates to replace general michael flynn, the job national security advisor. >> plays a major push against isis. to recapture the western half of mosul. and what could be the bloodiest days of the operation so far. >> fingers crossed as the oroville dam in northern
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california as the water level we are told continues to receive. the potential danger they say is far from over because radar shows more storms moving in. >> we begin with president trump getting back to work at mar-a-lago in palm beach. and shifting gears this sunday. wednesday after staging the campaign style rally in melbourne florida. there the president was very much in campaign mode. touching on the themes that part of his supportive during the campaign. today mr. trump is making close to three foreign leaders. and is focusing on filling in one of the most influential and important jobs in the white house. that of national security advisor. the president personally interviewing these four candidates we are told following the resignation of general michael flynn. lieutenant general keith kellogg, former ambassador to the united nations john bolton, lieutenant general mcmaster and lieutenant general robert
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hazlitt. what is the president looking for? we will have more details on that in a moment. a new "washington post" report provided more details about the trump administration's plans to crack down on illegal immigration. memos detailing plans to hire thousands of enforcement agents and partner with local law enforcement to make sure moore, we are live for washington with more. >> reporter: this report comes from two draft memos. allegedly from homeland security for john kelly laying out the ministrations plans to aggressively enforce immigration and border security. in addition to hiring 10,000 more ice agents and 5000 more border patrol officers. the 19 page memo details significant changes to how the government handles illegal immigration. if unlimited, federal agencies would be given greater authority to detain and deport those who are in the country illegally. regardless of when they arrived or how long they have been here.
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the plan also calls for new procedures to speed up deportation. currently they take months or even years to run their course. rather than detaining the individuals or releasing them until their court date, they now plan to immediately return anyone caught crossing the southern border that to mexico. this memo also includes plans to continue to continue to target sanctuary cities and a public shaming campaign. by releasing a weekly list of criminal aliens who released after being arrested for committing a crime.not included in the plan is something president trump talked about this past week at his press conference. there are currently no plans to overturn the obama administration program that allows hundreds of thousands of immigrants that came in illegally as children to remain here. important to note, none of this is set in stone. they report that white house officials are reviewing the draft memos which have not been released publicly. and they are looking to make
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changes. >> thank you. meanwhile immigration is becoming a top priority of the administration. this week fox news anchor will host a town hall event on that topic live in jacksonville florida. be sure to tune in on tuesday at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. gradual success against radical islamic terrorists of isis in iraq. the country's forces launching a large-scale offensive today to try and finally pushed out isis militants from the western half of iraq's second-largest city, mosul. at 26 days after the government there declared it liberated the eastern part of the city, and american forces are against reporting the operation to finally take mosul back. where do i live with more on the operation. hi kenny. >> reporter: they're expecting a tough fight in western mosul. the engage in streetfighting which they anticipate when they are in more confined areas.
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there are several villages into the west side of the city. the next step is to take control of the airport which is also to the south. now iraqi forces launched this in the early morning hours. they went into full force helicopters firing rockets and armored vehicles moving in on the ground. isis fighters are expected to be in the western part of mosul. coalitional abstracts are harboring those them to background forces for us defense secretary jim mattis us forces are still very much involved in this battle. >> the us forces continue in the same role that they were in in east mosul. and the coalition forces or in support of this operation. and we will continue as you know, with the accelerated effort to destroy isis.
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>> the fight to free mosul from isis has been going on for four months now. the iraqi army faces this in eastern areas which they now claim to control. but militants have continued to carry out the attacks there. meanwhile you and says also that hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in their homes in the western part of the city. as the finest place, concern for the safety, this will no doubt last for some time to come it will be a tough one eric. >> that it is. thank you. meanwhile there is a pressure on iran.the top administration says they are considering designating iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps as a foreign terrorist organization. that only a few weeks after slapping new sanctions on iran over the use of ballistic missile tests. and other revolutionary guards are in charge of their tests as much of the economy and security of iran. the move supported by the largest iranian opposition group, the national council of
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resistance of iran.which points to their long support of terrorism. critics of warning against the designation saying it could only damage any hopes of improving ties with iran. and they note the country is array local leaning list of nations that are state sponsors of terrorism. back here at home another round of heavy rain could cause a problem in northern california. as emergency crews worked around the clock to sure up the spillway at the oroville dam. this ahead of a storm that could bring as much as 10 inches of rain by tomorrow night. alecia is there and joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the national weather service does have the entire region under a flood warning. both look at the damage. water levels have gone down. you can really get an idea of what emergency crews are dealing with now. right here behind me, this cement slab that you see is the main hallway. the week before last, crews discovered what was then a
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small hole. so they decided we are going to shut off the water on this site right here from the damage on the other side of the hill and start using the emergency spillway so they could work on what had been a small hole. now if you come to the left, emergency spillway is just to the left. that they discovered, after they started letting water out of the dam and actually had experienced quite a bit of erosion already. the bedrock was so much softer than they thought. the word of started to come through and as it came through, he started to break away the emergency spillway. created a huge problem. once they realize how bad it was, they evacuated 188,000 people who live below the dam because the fear was that there could be a 30 foot wall down all of the same time so they had to get those folks out. that evacuation has since been lifted. over to the right you can see the spillway, they had to stop the water. so the emergency spillway could go. that did not work.
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so they had to start the releasing water because the waters were rising on the lake. on the reservoir. so they start letting that water come through. it goes there and that one small hole becomes a huge crater that you're seeing now and water is figuring it's only around down into this riverbed down here below. the delicate balance, they have right now as we speak. they're trying to release water from this whole area down to the spillway to the other spillway without causing any more damage. they need to get the water down on the reservoir on the other side because rain is on its way.the national weather service is 10 inches of water is expected to fall in this area starting tonight and into tomorrow. there are people have been told that live below to expect the possibility of future everybody has to be ready. >> unbelievable pictures. what a predicament. eric. >> perhaps the nation's most
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important job interview process ongoing this weekend. help wanted, national security advisor. president trump meeting with four candidates to potentially fill the job here we expect an announcement in the coming days but as for the job interviews, we have details on them from outside mar-a-lago.a president trump is getting back to the business of governing. he will be taking phone calls with three more world leaders and also going to be interviewing for candidate for his national security advisor and they are west point superintendent lieutenant general robert acting national attorney advisor, keith kellogg, john and the tenant general mcmaster. one maybe not unless, they say he is out and this comes after reports that two of the present topics replace general phlegm, they were passed over and declined the job because they really wanted more control over
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how the national security council operates. but today on fox news sunday, chief of staff reince priebus pub reports complete garbage. >> the present has a very clearly that the new nsa director will have total and complete say over the makeup of the nsc and all of the component of the nsc. there is no demand made by president trump on any candidate for nsa director. >> and including -- >> the reports that you are saving, they are more fake news stories that are completely untrue. but right here this is one of the first executive order signed by president trump which essentially gave the chief strategist steve bannon a seat on the national security council. today on meet the press john mccain said he was worried about the council membership. listen to this. >> that has never been cloaked advisor as a permanent member of the national security council. and mr. bannon's role as both political advisor and member of
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the national security council, i am very worried about it. >> another word for the temp administration for several senators but republicans and democrats of formally sent out a letter to about a dozen agencies and individuals asking them to say all materials that might be relevant to this ongoing investigation into russia's alleged interference into the us election. keep in mind this letter was sent out on the very same day that the senators were briefed by fbi director james comey. >> thank you. it looks like the campaign but now mr. trump is the president and that rally firing up supporters in florida the first of what will likely be many more. our next guest tells us what it means the commander-in-chief back in campaign mode. >> we are all brothers and sisters. we share one home. one destiny. in one glorious american flag.
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there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ >> let's take a look at some headlines we are probably not. the death toll rising after a car bombing in somalia's capital. officials say 34 people are dead. dozens are hurt in the marketplace bomb. a head on collision killing a father and son in alabama. 50-year-old jeffrey and 20 old austin. each driving pickup trucks colliding with each other. there are reports and neither was wearing seatbelts and state troopers say alcohol was a factor. after saturday's lunch, space x send a rocket to bring kroger to the international space station today.
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the launch from historic cape canaveral. >> one president trump during the election promise all of these things that he was going to do for us. i know he was going to do this for us. [applause] >> a star is born. >> the áthere is gene -. it certainly looked and felt like a campaign rally. when the president appeared on the doorway of air force one and his 757 it became very familiar during the race. the crowd welcomed him for the first time is present here 9000 people packing the orlando melbourne airport to raleigh for the commander-in-chief. mr. trump using the platform to continue his controversial criticism of the media. let's the dishonest media which
1:19 pm
has published one false story after another, with no sources, even though they pretend they have them. make them up in many cases. they just do not want to report the truth and they have been calling us wrong now for two years. they don't get it. >> is that true and will that continue to we have a political reporter from the daily news joining us. he was firing up the people who stood in line there for hours and hours. what about the impact on the wider national audience intent >> that is a good question. right now the ratings are kind of astoundingly low for the most recent numbers are only 38 percent of americans currently approved the job he's doing as president. but of course, that data point stands in stark contrast to the practice only folks in this part of florida, and melbourne florida, the eastern post and
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an important swing state, central florida matters a lot in elections. with these folks were willing to get in line for hours to listen to the president speak. that is a big deal and i think what it shows is that some of the campaign trail promises that he made towards the end and also promises he made on inauguration day. that he would bring the country together. that very much has yet to be brought out. i think in fact, good contrasting, this event that he had with the antitrust women's marked a couple of years ago in washington d.c.. people are more engaged in politics than they have in any moment in recent decades. so fiercely supportive and fiercely opposed is a moment with extraordinary decision. >> there hearing that the russian probes are heating up with the letters. asking for information about what happened and any potential contacts during the campaign. which have been denied by the trump team of course. but look, during the values that he talked about his
1:21 pm
executive orders. talk about obamacare having some new legislation by next month. he touted a long list of accomplishments. some of what he has achieved in the past month, is kind of being overshadowed by all of the drama? >> i'm not sure that is totally fair for the first month of the presidency is always complicated and it is tough to get a team together quickly. one of the signature things that he tried to do, the travel ban executive order has been defeated in court. his legal team, department of justice is no longer challenging the circuit ruling right now. they're hoping to have a do over the president is going to have to issue an executive order in the coming week. of course some of the campaign style event that we saw last night might draw the attention away from thepolicy details . but compared to where obama was at this point in the presidency there are some discrepancies. member there are hundreds of federal employees that have to be appointed to their jobs or
1:22 pm
the president or his team. and they have to be confirmed by the senate. donald trump is it to nominate 94 percent of those people according to data from the "washington post". so he has a lot of work to do. of course, the campaign rally makes it look easy but behind the scenes has a bunch to catch up on. >> i wonder if it is the statue of liberty 's in some ways, he is out there at the rally which was paid for by the way, by the campaign. technically was a campaign rally. here is what the "washington post" says about the rally this money. say quote many of the news reports of the president has labeled false. perfectible. but contain information he does not like. reports of crowd size of the inauguration to the intelligence community's finding that russia meddled in the us allies acknowledge that they are dangerous for mr. trump if his numbers drop of gop lawmakers who support they need to pass an ambitious agenda.
1:23 pm
and this is what rand paul had to say. >> i thought all presidents have tried to gain too much power. this is more about the words and personality of president trump. i was very concerned about president obama and how much executive order, how much executive power he tried to exert. i think i want to be in a think congress would be to check in any executive republican or democrat that tries to grasp too much power. congress will be a check on any president. what will happen when the president runs up against his brother who may not like everything he does and capitol hill? >> you will quickly discover that being a president might not be all he thought it was cracked up to be. as obama or any previous present will tell you, working with congress is a hard thing it is a lot like herding cats. donald trump of course is already quite aware of this given until he has had getting some of the cabinet secretaries conference. the on that, if he starts pushing a massive infrastructure bill, when he tries to do a healthcare
1:24 pm
overhaul he will see significant complications. pushing forward his agenda when it comes to working with moderate republicans. remember the republican congressional conference is historically large.many house republicans are in districts only one there races by one or two percentage points. these are republicans running in a moderate district may be over performed for their districts. who worry every single day about getting reelected and if they see the trump agenda is a drag on their way to election, it will not be on board. of course, in contrast, some republicans will see the kind of support that he gets like in melbourne florida. and they think maybe this guy is more appealing than i thought. and particularly in michigan, wisconsin, they are going to find stuff in the trump agenda that republicans and southern texas with southern arizona might have more trouble with. there will be a l be complicate. and he will have to have a strong relationship with people
1:25 pm
on capitol hill and we have yet to see if his recent relationships are powerful as he needs them to be. >> being the boss at trump towers, it is a lot different than being sitting behind the oval office desk. thank you for joining us.>> sure thing. >> the death toll is rising every powerful storm slams southern california. we will have details on this dangerous weather. thus, legal questions whirling around michael flynn over his contacts with russia. the former national security advisor break the law? our latest panel digs deep. and president trump interviewing candidates to replace general flynn after he was forced to step down. who will be the next national security advisor? >> the president has said very clearly, that the new nsa director will have total and complete say over the makeup of the nsc and all of the components of the nsc. and there is no demand made by president trump and any candidate for nsa director. what if we could stop the next
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at mar-a-lago. for national security advisor. after the first job holder resigned in the second choice turns the offer down. and they have met with him in person. so who are they? we have more on who is in the running. >> reporter: lastly the president told
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
the white house has confirmed that staffer is no longer with the nsc. >> thank you warren. >> meanwhile general michael flynn's resignation as national security advisor marks the beginning of the drama. patient pulled mr. flynn's connections with russia. getting to the bottom of all of it is like a very skewed with many moving parts. against that background, white house chief of staff reince priebus defending general flynn. >> whether he was telling the vice president the truth or the
1:33 pm
whole story or whether he forgot, that is a totally separate issue. as far as his job of speaking with world leaders, that is what general flynn was supposed to be doing. >> does the president believe it was correct for him to talk about sections with a russian ambassador before the election? >> the president did not comment on that. >> let's bring enough to the legal panel with a criminal defense attorney and former chief senior prosecutor. rebecca, also here as she is a criminal defense attorney. nice to have you both. we have got lots to uncover so let's get to it. let's start, all of this with general flynn's resigning after it surfaced that he was not honest with vice president pentz or the fbi when the general said he did not discuss tensions with russia's ambassadors to the us. back in december of course, this while president obama was still in office. and in general flynn's still a private citizen. it has been reported as above
1:34 pm
will know that general flynn will likely not face charges for lying to the fbi. but the question is, could flynn still face other criminal charges and if so, what? >> well, absolutely he should. because it is absolutely illegal by federal government for any private citizen to correspond or to have any kind of conversations with an agent from a foreign country. it is in our federal requirements that he make sure that he is in office. he was not sworn in. president trump was not sworn in. however will he actually face any type of penalties wait while looking at jeff sessions being the person for making a chart i doubt that to be a case. we know that president trump has made it very clear that he is in support of michael flynn and believes he is a good guy. he is also ellen that he think the only thing he has done wrong was by not telling the truth to vice president mike pence. and that is not the case. there is room for him to be prosecuted but i doubt it will happen.
1:35 pm
>> rebecca you know there are reports that president trump knew more about the doj investigation if you flynn's conversations with the russian ambassador for three weeks but withheld it. which perhaps raises the question who else knew? is there a cover up? what sort of charges could come with us and with whom? >> yes, it does. there is a lot we do not know right now. was there any obligation to immediately correct the inaccurate statements that were made by members of the administration about contact with russia? no, i do not think there is any legal requirement that they fixed the record. unethical quite possibly. but what else is going on is the question? and they are focused on who will investigate because if there are other people who are directing general flynn to make these calls and may have had other times that are undisposed to russia, that we are talking about a much bigger and more serious issue then should you talk to ambassador before the
1:36 pm
inauguration? that is an issue, it is usually not prosecuted under any administration.but if what you have a something broader with our ties to the russian government that we don't know about you, it is incredibly serious and we need to investigate that. >> while the other side of this coin if you will, how the information is becoming public. >> three weeks. if they can be uncovered, what, if any charges with the leaker space? >> absolutely. there are violations of law for anyone who spreads information that belongs to the federal government and in writing or in person to the broader community. the question is what zappa was included in the leaks? in order for that to be a criminal act has to be something that will hurt or injure the united states. i think in this question, it is, were these people acting what we recall in other instances whistleblowers? were they acting to protect the united states. we know the information was not being shared and appropriately and frantically it was just being lied about.
1:37 pm
and again, depending who is prosecuting it, it is very likely that, there are 2016, they should be able to track them exactly who is monitoring, who got copies of transcripts, who had copies of the recordings and they can track down who is involved. >> right it is 2017. it is all good but let's move on because i want to show a tweet from senator marco rubio this weekend. saying i am now very confident that the committee will conduct thorough bipartisan investigations of # putin. on a scale gauging legal concern, how much weight would you put on the importance of all of this played. >> well i think it is incredibly important that you have someone independent investigating the allegations that something is going on with russia. >> we are talking of the content. >> will the content of, there
1:38 pm
are two different things that people have talked about investigating. folks who are leaking to the media. and that is the kind of thing that can be handled by the department justice. there is plenty incentive for them to see who's out there leaking this to the media. but is there something going on between donald trump circle? really need independence and congressional committees are an independent prosecutor of some sort or both. the only way you will get that. >> and how do you feel? the good news is whoever the leakers are, more than likely they were acting what they believe was in the best interest of the us. there will likely be protected by the first amendment. whether it is an independent committee or someone by the instruction of the executive branch, if they are able to track down who exactly reported the information, they should be protected. what i hope to see is now this will ties into some of the
1:39 pm
other concerns that many americans have. when we circle numbers investigation, will an independent panel be able to actually connect that there was any discussion during the campaign is a much bigger issue. and having those communications. >> the 22nd if you have anything to say. >> i agree with that. i think will be interesting to see, is the constitutional system of government strong left to make sure that another branch of government or an independent prosecutor look into this carefully and in a way that is sufficiently transparent to the public. we need answers whatever they may be. we need to leave it there. rebecca legrand and lashawn jones, you may have been referred to 2016 when this ulta place appears to have been my bad but thank you both for your analysis this afternoon. we will have you both on again. >> the president works on a new executive order on immigration. a syrian family initially caught up in the temple band is now settling into his new life
1:40 pm
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>> and noticed the united states will continue to hold us accountable. even as a search for new common ground which as you know president trump >> that is mike pence speaking to nato member state. after another week of russian aggression against our country. moscow reportedly violated a landmark arms treaty by trying to test a new cruise missile and then saying that sponsor close to some of the east coast naval bases, all causing a major task for the trump administration. during his now we have the president of the washington strategy group and former deputy assistant secretary of state and the obama
1:45 pm
administration. joe, first of all we have this stuff in the black sea and in the eastern ukraine. and then on top of everything we have seen from vladimir putin and moscow, what is he up to? what are they trying to achieve? are they testing a new administration weight. >> thank you eric for having me. and yes, russia has been increasingly hostile towards united states over the past year. on policy grounds, we just mentioned about over flying and buzzing of the neighbor ships. a special part of the coastline near connecticut. adding to that, harassment of the diplomats in moscow. it really paints a dark picture. but additions that the invasion of our democracy, we are in a moment of near crisis with russia.and we have to take this very seriously. >> the french politicians are saying that russia is interfering right now. with the french election. >> russia has a history of this. senator chris murphy spoke about this, there is ways that
1:46 pm
russia has behaved pushing fake news into political campaigns and really messing with campaigns in eastern europe and the baltics. it is deeply concerning. there is no reason to believe they're not going to continue to do so. it has been effective for them. quite frankly. >> and your former boss, president obama just before he left office had what should be trump administration do? >> what they should do is really get its policy aligned up. right now we are not hearing a clear message from the trump campaign. and from the ministration. it is important to note the past week that we learn the trump campaign was in contact with russia for the past year during the election period. so we really need to understand if and when the new national security advisor comes and, what will the policy be for this administration? general medicine is talking
1:47 pm
tough, secretary of state tillotson right now has been very quiet publicly. about his position on this. and without that, russia can take advantage of the gap in the policy and really >> refer to the alleged contact during the campaign and there were reports of what they say quote repetitive contact among top levels and officials and associates of the president during the campaign. with the russians. this has all been denied. they've been denying this. they reince priebus: bogus. and they say this is not the case. meanwhile, we have the democrats and the intelligence committee sending letters demanding more information. what is the next step in terms of the intelligence investigations as well as an fbi investigation that is ongoing? how do you think this will play out? >> the good news is the bipartisan investigations right now in the intelligence and this senate, the bipartisan letter is being sent to the
1:48 pm
administration to get more information. in the intelligence community said that there were contacts that russia, russia did engage in trying to mitigate our election. so we need to get to the bottom of this. need to have clear information for the sanctity of our democracy. an independent investigation very very well need to be where we end up. certainly, if the bipartisan work can go forward and it is not politicized, it will be to the credit of all of us and be democracy. americans deserve that in our elected leadership. >> finally, he worked at the highest levels of government. and some of the most sensitive top-level secret jobs. personally. how do you feel? what is your sense in your gut about russian interference? how do you feel about that? >> i find it deeply troubling. i've heard the privilege to serve in the last three administrations. including in the bush
1:49 pm
administration. all national security positions. -- president bush tried to work with vladimir putin in the beginning of his initiation. no one has cracked that not yet. and is very concerning and we do have our eyes wide open. >> we have to remember that vladimir putin was perhaps and still is a kgb officer as it stands. and that is deeply embedded in his soul. joel rubin, thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> my pleasure. >> eric, is kind of like the air force addition of noah's ark. a new facility in one city really lets you pamper your pets while you are traveling. >> can we get that treatment? >> we need to get this. this is between flights. we will tell you all about this.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
>> move over frequent flyers. jfk airport is rolling up the start treatment for your pets. now feathered friends and furry friends traveling with their owners can pass through the big apple and style. laura got a look at the new facility and she takes us there.
1:54 pm
>> reporter: the first of its privately owned terminal for animals has open. they call it the ark of jfk. >> the entire facility was designed to accommodate the needs and desires of any animal. the first phase opened. -- >> if i travel from california to new york to have to come here? >> you do not have to come here. because there is no quarantine requirement. the quarantine requirement is only coming in and out of the united states. >> okay. >> however, would you want to come here is the question? and the answer is probably yes. >> long flights and the need for rest would be one reason. the ark is open to all but it is not free. prices range for services rendered. animal traveling internationally will get cleared by customs and will
1:55 pm
also be checked out by a vet. >> if they have any parasites especially where they came from. >> reporter: the $65 million warehouse facility includes an overnight kennel, diagnostic labs, on-site veterinary care and a usda approved import quarantine area. once fully completed, the ark will have an aviary wing where feathered flyers can pool their parts while being evaluated in a secure bio containment unit. subcontractor spots i facility for dogs. also plans for the last phase which will feature a full size bed, flat screen tvs ended splashing pool for pooches to play. >> before the ark opened, everything happened out on the tarmac. >> not ideal during cold and hot months. but thanks to the ark, life cargo handling will be safer in years to come. >> meanwhile, a family of eight
1:56 pm
syrian refugees are getting used to life in new jersey. with some local help from a church. they were allowed to come to our country after a three year vetting process. but they were initially blocked from entering the country by the president's first immigration order. now that they are here, volunteers are helping them get settled in their new home. assisting them with everything from apartment hunting and learning english. good luck to them as they settle into our country. >> that is what they want to do. it's just like any other american really. so it is really our chance to show an idealistic term, what the us is meant to be. >> certainly, good luck to them. >> we will see back here in one hour. craft 6:00 p.m. eastern. be right back. things you buy.
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