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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 20, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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bow-wow is part of a breeding program and is now on the way back to chain. bow-bow goes by by and makes the 16-hour flight tomorrow. i'm jon scott. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> thank you, jon. you're looking live at west palm beach florida, air force one, where president trump will be leaving the sunshine state and getting back to washington. not before announcing he found a replacement for be michael flynn who resigned as his national security advisor a week ago today. h.r. mcmaster is slated to replace him. we have the very latest now. kristin fisher in west palm beach. kristin? >> president trump came down here with one main goal. gentlemen, he had these meetings about obama care and the big rally in melbourne. his main goal was to find a new national security advisor. president trump has done just that.
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he met with four candidates over the weekend at mar-a-largo. one man has won out. that's h.r. mcmaster. he's a career army officer. he graduated from westpoint and served in iraq an afghan stand currently the director of the army capability center. he's now president trump's next national security advisor. >> a man of tremendous talent and experience. i watched and read a lot the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. we're very honored to have him. >> mr. president, thanks very much. i'd like to say what a privilege it is to continue to serve our nation and look forward to the national security team and protect the interests of the american people. >> two of the other finalists also got job offers today.
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lieutenant general keith kellogg who had been serving as the acting national security advisor. he was offered as chief of staff of the national security council. john bolton, the former ambassador to the u.n., he will be offered a job in some capacity. we don't know what that is. president trump didn't say today. he's also likely going to have a job on the security council as well. we don't know what exactly. now, president trump will be leaving mar-a-largo in about an hour, heading back to washington with his new national security advisor. once he gets there, the other big thing we'll look at from the trump administration has to do with immigration. they're putting together right now a new version of his immigration order that was struck down by the courts. that is expected to come sometime likely later in the week but earlier in the week, perhaps today. the other thing happening are the implementation memos. they have to do with border security and deportation.
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they were signed by secretary kelly on friday and they could be finalized as early as today, neil. >> neil: thanks, kristin. the president now is settling on mcmaster as his national security advisor. why the lieutenant general and why not some of the other names that popped up including david petraeus. we're talking about vice admiral horowitz. he was offered but declined. following up, scott brown from massachusetts. if it true, senator, that the key to this in the couple of other cases is that they have their own team around them, that obviously the president had another thing in mind. we don't know. what do you make of this chase? >> first of all, h.r. mcmasters is an intelligence, thoughtful warrior who has a lifetime of incredible work and serving our
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country militarily. it's a great choice. the fact that the president wants some of his team within that team -- listen, he's the president. he can do whatever he wants. it's up to the others to conform. i'm excited about the choice. he is something that will buck the system and question some of the decisions. that's appropriate to always have somebody questioning, sir, we are we doing this? that's what he is known for. that's a good thing. >> you think this michael flynn de-stormtrack -- distraction goes away? that's what the markets have been looking at. they've been rising on the believe that it will happen. what do you make of that? >> first of all, the fact that we have general flynn not in there anymore, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing to show to administration what can happen if you don't cross the ts
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and dot the is and the fact that you're getting h.r. mcmaster is in there is even a better choice. he's not part of the trump team and can speak frankly and independently. we spoke two weeks ago that the president doesn't have his team in place, still doesn't have his team in place. in until that happens, i'll going to give him a pass in terms of moving forward with that agenda. i think it's remarkable what he's done with the tools he's been given. in fact, i know for a fact that they're working on obama care, repeal and replace. i don't care what word they use, they have to fix it. the tax breaks are happening. whether you get a combination approach or some pay fors and some not, it's going to happen. the president needs time to get a team in place to move the issues and agendas for ward. >> so might be a delay but not a stop? >> when you say delay, neil, are we at a month yet? that's not a delay yet. i'm sorry.
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>> neil: some people pounced on this to say, well, we admire what republicans are trying to do with repeal and replace, obama care. it's a worthy goal and might get their eye off the ball or delay on this tax cut stuff. you say what to that? >> i say that they need to a little longer than leaving thursday at 2:00 and coming back monday night and work through the weekend and get the people's business done. because they were sent down there to do our job. the president is working 24/7 like anyone i've seen before. congress needs to follow. that being said, it's not been a month. maybe a month and a day or two. give the guy two months and a full team. how about that? then start criticizing. i know for a fact and neil you do, too, because we speak to steve more regularly, they're working on these proposals. to unwind a mess like obamacare and to screw it up again will be
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worse. so they're going to take the time, do it right and make sure they can move forward with a plan that deals with catastrophic coverage. deals with the pre-existing cars, eliminating steps, allows for all the things that everybody is complaining about that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and everybody knows need to be fixed but they won't fix it. when i was there, we had hundreds and hundreds of amendments and they did nothing. so they have an opportunity to if exit and put the american people fort. >> thanks, scott. former massachusetts senator scott brown. president trump is looking at the best dow performance of the first 30 days in office since 1909. charl charlie gasparino, we know how
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things can go in washington. something that gets delayed gets pushed back and then this notion that you can do things at the same time and all of a sudden tax cuts that look big don't look as big. what do you think? >> that's the one fly in the ointment. the president came out with a great economic plan. we know how much he wants to lower the corporate tax rates. we also know that he wants to roll back regulations. he had some meet on the bone there. it wasn't like obama care where he said i'm going to fix it. yet that plan isn't there. the markets believe there will be a plan. i will tell the average investor this. if there's no plan this year, if we're not hearing anything about it because they're debating the size of the cuts and the tax cuts might not be that big, the
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regulations might not be taken away that easily, guess what? dow 21,000 is overpriced. you have to get this stuff done this year for in market -- remember, the market reflects corporate earnings. earnings have to be generated. at some point the investors say it's not worth the dow at 21,000. keep that in mind. >> neil: what do you make of that, bryan? the markets look pricey if a big tax cut is delayed. >> i think charlie is right. if we don't get the tax cuts as big as promised, that will be a massive market correction. >> what is a massive market correction? >> you at least come back close to when trump was elected. the bigest -- >> wow.
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that's a couple thousand points. >> but think about what he's rom missing here and how big it is. this is a significant issue. i having said that we're asking for respects very quickly here. we have to give the president and his administration time to deliver big complex things. if you ask for it in the first month, you're being unrealistic. that's what the chatter has been about. if he doesn't get this done, the correction is very big. i think the lime line he has to get it done is a little longer than what we've given him right now. >> neil: no, i do think you're right about that. charlie, a president can propose and have a tax couple solution. he's been working with the house ways and means chief kevin brady. so you can have a package on the table or something for congress to chew on in the next months or 2. >> and that would be great. >> neil: the question is do they get bogged down in the repeal and replacement for obamacare
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because they want to finish that first. >> if they come out with a concrete plan and they put meat on the bones, that will suffice. particularly -- i talked to republicans like you talked to. they say it's coming before the first half of the year. that is a good thing for the markets. the markets will say they have a complex plan. they control both houses. shouldn't be hard to pass. the problem is if they start -- this is where it gets tricky for the average investor. do they start horse trading the tax stuff, the regulatory stuff -- >> neil: or the size of it. >> with the infrastructure thing. >> neil: bryan, what do you think -- the president is departing west palm beach and heading to the white house. one of the things the president said is it's going to be a big tax cut, it's been echoed in the house and senate. does it make a difference if you have a plan, ready to, go all
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distractions are gone, or are they? >> you have to say this is what we're going to do and this is when we want it done by. if you give people the details, give them a sense that the republicans and congress are on the same page and they'll have patience to get it done. they know it takes awhile. look at the reagan tax cuts. they came months if not 1 1/2 years after he was elected. we're getting into sort of this -- crazy when is it going to get done? slow down. we want to do it right. >> neil: we might saying markets let us do that. i'm not sure -- those are all charlie buddies. >> even charlie -- >> they're my sources so i would never call them worms. >> they're your bread and butter. >> neil: the president on route heading back to washington d.c.
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and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. >> neil: all right. air force one taking off from west palm beach right now. the president looking at another shot at a revised travel back that will make null and void his prior one. this one we're told will not necessarily single out syrian refugees. it will protect those with green cards and it will still include the same seven countries that barack obama did as sources of angst for this country when it comes to security issues. iran, iraq, somalia, yemen and
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syria. we're going to talk about the second shot at this. if it were tightened up in all of those areas that presumably were loosy goosy in the first go-around, would that make it appeal proof or what do you think? >> everybody has a chance to go to court. there's no such thing as court-proof. i do think we will see a much stronger executive order. i think it will address notice, which was one of the largest problems in the first order. like you said, i think it will tighten up a lot of things and address the refugee issue. if we point out in the last executive order, he did limit the number of refugees. that still has a limit even under the present state. that wasn't addressed by the court. he will reiterate that. i think you'll see challenges. i think it will go the same way before but it will be stronger. >> neil: all right. like i said, i wonder that once challenged, no matter what you
1:18 pm
offer in a follow up, isn't that going to be challenged? lawyers on the opposite side can smell blood. >> there's two avenues here, too. we're seeing that trump has said i will resend the first executive order. that doesn't make it fool proof that it wouldn't go forward. a court could decide on their own to take this in the ninth circuit could address it. would that do that? generally, no. in this situation, you have a very specific situation in the ninth circuit where they're a very democratic court. they tend to rule liberally. if that were to happen -- >> and they're overturned. >> yes. they're the second most overturned court in the country. that's not in fay favor. then it would be a cry. you would see a court limits presidential power and it would go to the supreme court and everything we're talking about,
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the court needs another justice. what you're likely to see, a new executive order, a stronger order that is march palatable. what people would like to see, congress or the senate back this up. in the current environment, i don't think you'll see many representatives that want to get involved in a hot bed issue. >> neil: all right. the president is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. if he submits something that, let's say, someone doesn't like and goes to the supreme court and there's eight justices and you don't have his choice approved yesterday, it goes to the lower court ruling which rejected the old plan. >> it does. you're getting into a lot of legalese. bear in mind, he can reexecute new orders. he's the president. what you have to look for, this needs to not be a temporary
1:20 pm
order. that may force people to want the ninth circuit to rehear it on the larger panel and you need to look at the gray areas that are not gray anymore. we need to see the constitutional issues that have been addressed and the carve-out for refugee orders and green card holders. and the notice requirement. we need to provide notice to people. that will happen in this next executive order. we hope it's a stronger order going forward. >> neil: lisa, thanks very much. i understood that, lisa. that is how good you are. thanks, lisa, attorney extraordinaire. ever wonder who is behind all of these leaks, the president speaks to someone on the phone, that gets leaks, intelligence gets leaked, conversations regarding the russians gets leaked? what if i told you there's a top congressman that seems to think it's coming from the obama white
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>> neil: you ever wonder who is behind the leaks that is coming out of the trump administration? private phone conversations, data on who was saying what to the russians and when they were saying it, word for word. devin nunez is playing top obama administration officials for this. general what do you make of that? that the prior administration or at least officials maybe still in the capacity serving in this one was and is behind all of that? >> well, i think there may be something to it. the reality is, some of these transcripts were released were
1:25 pm
released at the time that we had president-elect trump. he had not been inaugurated yesterday. clearly the obama administration had senior officials actually seeing the transcripts. very few people get to see actual transcripts of phone conversations. that's what has this administration so concerned. the president talked about it, in particular his own phone conversations with world leaders were released to the media. that is not go on. our president has to have classified conversations with world leaders. they're trying to undermine his capacity to be president of the united states. how shameful is that? >> neil: you know what worries me, i remember chuck schumer's warning to donald trump after the election. he was criticizing intelligence agencies saying be careful. more or less saying you might regret doing that. almost sounded like a threat and
1:26 pm
all of these revelations come to pass. it is true that, you know, those inside these agencies are still doing this sort of stuff. how do you weed them out? >> good leadership, focus on the mission, assessing your people properly is part of that. not all of the leaders are in place yesterday. that will take a few more months to get the first tier in and then the second tier as well. it's shameful how long it takes for us to assemble a government. most of our government in terms of the all of appointees won't be in place until the summer or fall because we're so far behind. there are 54 appointments to the department of defense. only one has been filled. the secretary of defense. the committee, the senate arms services committee has no nominations they're looking at.
1:27 pm
there's some kind of constipation in this process. >> neil: i'm wondering how it will go for general mcmaster in that capacity replacing michael flynn? obviously he has to be extra leery of who he is talking to and when he is talking to them. what do you do? >> he will be himself. i said what do you think? i said just go in there, be yourself. be the 800-pound gorilla that you are. this guy is a come bad experienced veteran. graduate of westpoint. very intelligence, very articulate. a bit of a change agent. he has such a strong personality, everybody knows where he stands on everything and he works because he grew up in the circles of the military, he knows how to work with people and works being a part of a
1:28 pm
team, not just leading a team. >> neil: will it be his team, general? the talk is that others considering this position, if this is true, because they couldn't quite have all their folks behind them. >> i can't speculate on that. most military people -- when we talk over an organization, neil, that organization exists. what we try to do is take that existing organization and improve it and add value to it. we don't just run people out. we don't treat them that way unless there's some unbelievable cause to do that. we grow the organization and develop the people. that's mcmasters. he's not worried about his own team. that team is in place. he's going to strengthen it, help it grow and develop. >> neil: all right, general. duly noted. good seeing you. >> good seeing you. >> neil: all right. president trump drawing this large crowd in melbourne florida, saturday and then these crowds protesting his policy
1:29 pm
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>> neil: there's a new star for the president. it's called air force one. makes a very impressive backdrop, doesn't it? j.f.k. felt the same way. why that plan matters more than you know next.
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it's the size of the crowd that matters? a trump rally over the weekends, huge. all the trump protest rallies across the country, some pretty big. kevin, we're going to begin with you. do crowd sizes matter? both seem to be very capable of bringing out their loyalists. what do you think? >> i'd say absolutely. hillary clinton found that out during the campaign when they tried to denigrate the size of the trump crowds. i love that trump got standing room only crowds and prove that he's still a rock star. coming on the heels of people that were protesting the entire time, obviously protesting guys like milo yiannopoulos in cal and so forth. >> neil: kathy, depending on the
1:34 pm
city and the local and the protest demonstrations, some get good numbers. we're well-organized. much better than they used to be. what do we make of that? >> neil, size does matter. the numbers in new york are getting better. there were 14,000 protesters and trump pulled out 10,000 in his rally. so they're calling it the not my president's day rally. they're pulling out people from l.a., new york, d.c. austin is in on it. boston. they're protesting different issues that they have problems with. >> neil: what are they protesting? the guy just started. a lot of them are preprotesting. >> he's done so much. they're protesting the ban on muslims. which he called a ban -- >> neil: it's not a ban. >> it's an order. >> it's a pause. >> neil: what was it when barack obama did it? >> he didn't do it. >> neil: okay. >> they're protesting climate
1:35 pm
change. so this are -- >> neil: you're never going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, cathy? >> no. >> neil: kevin what are you saying? >> they get what they pay for. these are paid protesters. the people that come to see donald trump are there to see donald trump. that's it. in fact, many people -- >> neil: you know, they're not paid. but they show up, they're angry, this is a collective sort of rage here that -- it's not the first time we've seen this in politics. should trump respond to this? >> yes, first of all, i want to make a point. i've been to many of these protests, especially when it was ferguson and things like this. many of these people are paid. let's pretend that's not the case. if we want to -- >> neil: how much to show up? you get paid money to show up at these things? >> yes. people are paid money. leftists are paid to show up. we've proven that time and time again. if you want to know what it
1:36 pm
is -- >> neil: i'll go so far to say if that's the case, it's a small portion. but i'll say that should the president respond, paid or not, to what is going on here as he gets the crowds as he did in melbourne, don't worry about it. his the king. >> they brushed the parties off -- >> neil: you think it will hurt him in the end? >> he has to. he's not the president of all the people. >> neil: don't you think it looks like are fringe groups -- >> they're not. >> neil: and people at home that are saying they're nuts? >> i have friends protesting -- >> neil: that confirms my point. >> these are very formal point protesting. >> they're normal people pro testing a guy who has brought jobs back to carrier, back to indianapolis, brought jabs -- >> they were coming back anyway. >> no, they weren't. >> that's what you'd like to believe. >> neil: guys, i want you to share the love here.
1:37 pm
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>> neil: so what do you think? melania or the jet? what if i told you both, in a way? the backdrop of that incredible air force one doesn't hurt when you're president trying to wow a crowd. he's good at that himself. john kennedy learned as well that that impressive plane has a way of making a powerful statement. who knows that better than best seller author, uva center for politics, larry sabado among so many great books. think about it. donald trump has greatly used
1:41 pm
not only air force one but all the perks of power to sell a case, hasn't he? >> yes, who of the three premier tv presidents so far in american history? j.f.k., ronald reagan who had a lot of experience in hollywood and donald trump who had that triumphant series? so they know how to use television. this is part of the picture. this is the majestic air force one, swooping in for a landing. once you have seen it, you can never forget it. >> neil: even beating the trump plane. >> it does. >> neil: i've noticed, too, the president -- the first and recent to grant reporters to the front office where he is. you're seeing in action. all presidents utilize the same
1:42 pm
plane or have since j.f.k. but it makes a statement. what kind of statement is it? >> this is the traveling white house, but it's also the symbol of the united states of america outside washington d.c. it's the statement of the presidency outside washington d.c. it's a traveling office for the president. it has everything he needs to run everything. so when a president uses air force one, he's using the substance of the plane, the history of the plane and the style of the plane, which was designed by jackie kennedy, first rolled out in the fall of 1962. while there been up-to-date planes adapted, newer planes adapted as air force one, that's the same color scream and the united states of america along the side that jackie kennedy designed. one of her many contributions to
1:43 pm
the united states as the first lady. >> she was even big on the colors. bold and clear. no doubt. i guess, obviously if the economy isn't going well, there's only so far a plane can take you. your office is in it. but do you think that matters at this stage? it's early on and the president gets it when it comes to marketing what he's doing? >> yes, no, everybody agrees. friend and foe that he's a champion marketer. he recognized the first time he flew on air force one that even though the trump plane was good, this is better, this sends a signal to his supporters and the country here's your president for the next 48 months. you want to use air force one to
1:44 pm
make your point not only at home but abroad. >> thanks, larry. when we come back, remembering a special friend that out of the blue we lost today. more after this. ♪ why do so many businesses rely on the u.s. postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. ♪ that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you
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>> neil: finally, sad news to share with you today. our brenda butner has passed away. she was the host of "bulls and bears" but she was more. alet me to tell you how much more. she was a road scholar. she was top of her harvard class. all that smart stuff is in her file, but the more important thing filled her heart. motorcycles. she loved them. even briefly quit her
1:48 pm
astonishing broadcast career to edit a motorcycle magazine because she thought it would be fun. we used to joke that brenda had sort of a different bucket list in life. when you saw hers, you realized your bucket list was the odd one. hers captured what really mattered in life. like how much she loved animals and couldn't help but retweeting how delighted she was when ringling brothers announced when they were shutting down and how much she loved her daughters and the pride she took seeing her youngest vote for the first time last fall. little things in life that define the big things in brenda's life. a woman who would gloss over talking to financial and political king pens as another day at the office. for more eager to share her plans for girls night out with her daughters after that day in the office. no bravado.
1:49 pm
just brave. you never knew how much was going on in her life. just that in her sickest moment battling cancer, there was brenda sheering you on, whether it was staffers birthday who she never missed or sick colleagues she was always reaching out, including me checking in after my heart surgery and urges me, me to be strong as she carried a far greater life and death burden but never said a word. she was separated from everyone else in the business, not just dollars. brenda had depth. it seems fitting that brenda was among the very first to put a kind female face to this once male bastion of business. it was she's that invited into this off-putting world with somebody called the money club. she wants told the sun sentinel, being a woman gave her an edge.
1:50 pm
women are not afraid to simply admit they don't know about something, which men rarely do, she said. so women realized there's no such thing when it comes to understanding an investment. thing is, brenda didn't ask stupid questions. she asked real questions and woe to the guest that wasn't ready for them. she kept scores without settling scores. everybody deferred to her or listened to her maybe because everybody respected her. a woman's whose only bias was the clock and only goal was giving equal time to all. >> everybody be quiet. hold on. please. you guys don't talk over each other. >> majority -- >> sir, just a minute. you had your time. >> malia, hold on. let gary be finished. >> thank you. >> that always went well.
1:51 pm
a critic once said of brenda, she does panel shows right because she gets the fact that it's about treating your audience right. she had their back and reminded them that fox did, too. even sick at home. let it be known that brenda buttner made us want to watch a business show with heart, her heart around her spirit. she just made cents. >> welcome, everyone. i'm brenda buttner in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." major conviction of one of the top doings of the biggest countries in the world. neil? >> i think i can see the lead of the bulls and bears in the morning. >> you got it. >> people say how do you make money on wall street? watch neil. that's the secret. >> first to brenda buttner at
1:52 pm
imex. >> neil, get ready. you think you're paying at the pump? not close to it. >> what happened? >> it's easy. it's hot. it's summertime. it will cool down. >> you spend more time paying attention to the smartest woman on the show. she's right. >> i think he's really smart. >> it's up significantly since this began. >> we've done amazingly to stop this war on terror. i don't think you can be -- you have to be prepared. what does that mean artificial? the market goes up. it goes up. >> my next guest, they generate a lot of heat. as neil would say, wait, wait, this is a very important business story. i'm talking about the hunky's members of the new york city
1:53 pm
fire department. gets out there and tell the story, the truth. >> the truth. >> in the world i live in, it's a scary world. places are stable, there's no inflation, there's no down time. >> it's a good world, gary. >> you can be a politician, too. any question you don't like, you don't answer it. you still make me feel like you did. i have the answer to this whole holiday sticker shock. dominoes! >> how much sugar have you had today? >> okay. john, are you a bull or bear on that? >> i like our coke and your domino's pizza and your fridge is my favorite meal. >> so you're coming to dinner. >> yes or no. are you available? >> no. i'm taken. >> you? >> i'm taken. still good. some days when i'm so glad neil is on vacation.
1:54 pm
>> let's get right to it. >> i do not have a right to pay them to sit at home and watch us on television. that is insane. >> hold on. you know what? he also wrestled a bear. most people can't do it the same way he does. >> today, 2015, people will be wearing athletic clothes all the time. >> back to the future. john, what did you look like back then? >> that was a bilevel cut. that was not a mullet. >> you're cute. >> your best shot at gary. >> i've had bigger lunches than gary. >> no doubt. >> don't tell anyone that. >> this would save a lot of money. gary could be the host and the best. >> touche.
1:55 pm
>> didn't have to wear your shirt today if you didn't want to. >> what about me though? >> same reason you wear polyester pants. >> oh, my gosh! john, please, save us! >> predictions, predictions! take it away. >> lu lu is a dolphins cheerleader. >> she's a true treat. >> looking dogs in the eyes is good for humans as well. that's the latest research. they're the largest global company in medicine. >> you're like a treat, right? you're a treat. >> i'm a treat. >> there's a lot of female viewers that would like to be a treat right now. >> krispy kreme is under 50% in a year. >> i want the jonas diet. >> this is a like that i want
1:56 pm
after a hard day's work. >> can you blame them? >> where is the good stuff? where is the boxed wine. come on. >> save our animals, okay? >> you don't get toys like this on the other shows. >> in new york, brenda buttner, fox news. >> neil: when is the last time, the last time you laughed at a business show? i don't know. business journalism is never going to be the same. i just don't know now that she's gone whether there will ever be.
1:57 pm
brenda buttner, gone way too soon at 55. runs on intel? that ride share? you actually rode here on the cloud. did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪ i wonder what the other 2% runs on...(car horn) mom,on my car insurance of money by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years.
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man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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>> i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob boling, dana perino. this is "the five" ." we have breaking news from mar-a-lago. president trump may be new national security advisor to replace general michael flynn who asked to resign last week. he also named a chief of staff for his national security team. >> president trump: general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor. he's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. he is highly respectedhe


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