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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 23, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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going to continue to say comrade. >> greg: got to go. >> bret: i am bret baier in washington. president trump as taking aim at a regulation tonight, this one concerns students who identify as transgender. garrett tenney is live with details. good evening. >> these guidelines are expected to be released. they will reverse the obama administration directive that public schools must allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom they identify with. the guidance from the white house last may sparked a string of lawsuits after the administration threatened to pull funding from any school that refused to follow it. 13 states sued the administration which argued that transgender students were
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protected under title ix, a federal opera bidding discrimination in schools based on sex. student sued his virginia school district. his case is set to go before the supreme court next month. at today's white house press briefing, sean spicer said the administration needed to lay out its position. >> it's not a priority. there's a case pending in the supreme court in which we have to decide whether or not to continue to issue guidance to the court. i've made this clear and the president has made it clear that he's a firm believer in states rights and certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the federal level. >> transgender advocates. "the consequences of the decision will no doubt be heartbreaking. it's not a states rights issue. it's a civil rights issue."
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as a candidate, mr. trump sent conflicting signals on where he stood on the issue. >> leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go. they use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble. >> today the white house pushed back on reports that this new directive had sparked infighting between jeff sessions and education secretary betsy devos. sean spicer said while there had been discussions about the wording and timing there was no disagreement about the conclusion. >> bret: thank you. we will get details and bring them to you. sometime next week we expect to get president trump's reboot on his executive order about immigration. the first attempt was suspended by the courts and it's now in legal limbo. the two-point -- john roberts joins us from the north lawn. >> we've been told we could
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expect this executive order on friday but i was told this morning that it may be pushed to next week because they want to make sure they got the letter is dotted. what we know of the order keeps some things the same. the new executive order is expected to target the same seven countries as the original one. iraq, iran, syria, libya, sudan, somalia, yemen. white house insist the danger posed by the countries is a factual determination already made by the obama administration. when the courts can argue with. in a nod to the courts, the new order will drop the indefinite suspension of syrian refugees. instead it will likely call for a temporary suspension of all refugees from any country until those countries can put in place a background security test that can pass u.s. standards. the new measure will implement the same 50% cut in refugee admissions this year, limiting admissions to 50,000.
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some 35,000 refugees have already after the country in 2017, meaning there would only be about 15,000 slots left for the remainder of the year. in another nod to the courts, the new version is expected to contain language specifically exempting legal permanent residents and other visa holders from the band. -- this ban. it's the intention is to block admission of people with no prior status in the u.s. who are currently overseas. stick with the president was clear that these were countries that will we didn't have the proper venting for when it came to ensuring the safety of americans. >> the white house also responded to claims some cabinet secretaries are chafing over the white house i comanaging the hiring of sub cabinet level staff. the partnership for public policy says only 14 of 549 positions requiring confirmation have been filled.
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no apologies from the press secretary. >> we want to make sure the people who staff the trump administration are committed to a trump agenda. >> is the president met with senior staff to talk about the budget, he revealed an acceleration in his plans to reveal and replace obamacare. 17 days ago in his pre-super bowl interview with bill o'reilly, the president articulated an extended timetable. >> president trump: i would like to say by the end of the year, at least the rudiments. we should have something within the year in the following year. >> today the president dramatically altered the clock suggesting it could happen in three to five weeks. >> president trump: health care is moving on -- moving along nicely. maybe mid to early march we will be submitting something i think people will be impressed by. >> the timeline is one thing, the legislative process could stretch for many, many months but we should point out the president wants to get it done
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quickly because it has to be done before he can tackle his signature issue which is his big tax reform proposal. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. vice president pence you to visit this afternoon to a st. louis jewish cemetery were more than 150 headstones were vandalized. vice president joined in volunteer efforts to help clean up the cemetery. he called the defacing of the headstones a vile act of vandalism and said there's no place in america for hatred, violence, or anti-semitism. the search for life beyond the solar system is getting a big boost tonight. nasa scientists say they have found seven earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star and some of them could, could possibly contain life. kristin fisher is here with some big news in science. >> this is huge news. the astronomers haven't just found a new planet. they have found an entirely new
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solar system. seven planets and every one of them could have liquid water which is a key component to life and at least three of them followed to what's called the holy grail category. that means they sit within the temperate zone that could support alien life. two of the planets were first discovered last year by the trappist telescope in chile. then the spitzer space telescope discovered five more. initially it was tough to tell how many there were because the planets are so close to one another, so close that if you are standing on the surface you would easily be able to see the other planets in the sky. some would even love twice as big as the moon dust from earth. they are much closer together than the planets in our solar system. but the scientists say the similarities to earth are striking. same size, rocky surface, orbiting around a single star just like earth. >> with this discovery was made and accelerated leap forward in
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a search for habitable worlds. >> the discovery itself is exciting but what makes it even more exciting is that all seven planets are perfectly suited for a future by space telescopes. the star in the solar system is smaller and fainter than our start which means it'll be easier for the telescopes to see and study the atmosphere around the planets and the solar system is only 40 light-years away. i say only because that's relatively close in astronomical terms. it would still take you about 40 million years to get there by an airplane. >> bret: amazing. thanks. do you think there is life elsewhere in the universe? let me know on twitter. at @bretbaier. you can use the hashtag #specialreport. or on facebook at a big question in washington,
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not necessarily the solar system but the timeline for the obamacare transition and what it means for the insurers who provide coverage. it's on the minds of a lot of lawmakers facing constituents at home. peter doocy looks at how they are preparing for a major upheaval. >> my health insurance is without the ac $460. >> there is something people may not realize. if there aren't major changes to the health care law, there may not be major insurance companies participating. anthon says it's not committed to selling plants. company waiting to see if the market is stabilizing. marketplaces are fragile so they are going to wait until spring to see if they want to stay in our get out. humana said it won't offer plans after this year and aetna's ceo
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is using the word death spiral. >> premiums are going up and access is going down. for those who are worried, help is on the way. >> expert site insurance companies are making the only move they can since it's still a mystery what republicans replacement plans will be. >> the first device is if you are in a hole, stop dating. they don't want to expand their losses. might be overoptimistic to assume a ladder to get out of the hole. other moves to stabilize the markets. >> one of the aca's architects says problems aren't financial but political. >> lots of uncertainty created around the exchanges by republicans threatening to repeal obamacare and other things. the uncertainty makes entrance comedies very nervous and they will withdraw. >> leaders believe problems with the law are so severe they need
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to be addressed even if president trump wasn't in the white house. >> if hillary clinton have been elected president and chuck schumer were the majority leader, we would be revisiting obamacare. >> if you asked me was the most important thing to do to get affordability in the system, it's changing how we pay doctors and hospitals and try to incentivize them for higher quality, lower cost care. >> republicans have been crawling towards repeal and making sure that voters stand their side, outside groups are beginning to pump millions of dollars into anti-obamacare tv ads in swing states. >> bret: thank you. many republican lawmakers on recess are being met with crowds protesting president trump's policies. this is a town hall for mitch mcconnell in kentucky. several hundred protesters organized by the state
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democratic party. >> shows the energy that's building in the democratic party and it's been absent for a while. >> i am proud of those folks. they don't much like what i'm doing. they don't share my agenda but i respect their right to be there and to express themselves. that's what we do in this country. >> bret: president trump is fighting back. he tweets "the angry crowds are in some cases planned out by liberal activist. >> the response, they are our fellow americans with legitimate concerns paired we need to stop acting so fragile. i am proud to defend liberty on the constitution." we will talk about this with the panel. timing could not have been stranger for the first visit of
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america's newest top diplomat to mexico. he arrived moments ago. with immigration reform, a major and contentious issue the trip could define relations for some time to come. here is doug mckelway. >> it's rex tillerson's first meeting as secretary of state with mexican president enrique nieto. >> translator: i want to say clearly and emphatically that the government of mexico and the mexican people do not have to accept provisions that one government unilaterally wants to impose. >> it was a reference to immigration enforcement memos released tuesday. john kelly will accompany tellers and -- tillerson to mexico. they call for a hiring 5,000 new
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border patrol agents and 10,000 i.c.e. agents. local law enforcement officers can perform duties of immigration officers as a means of forced multiplication. they mediate design, construction and maintenance of a border wall. today john kelly play down the memos of significance noting that policy administration lacks immigration enforcement. >> intercepting immigrants from any country on our border, treat them humanely and return them to their country of origin. >> the white house played up to visit, noting that the meaning is intended to highlight cooperation in fighting drug cartels. >> secretary tillerson and secretary kelly are going to have a great discussion. walking through the implementation of the executive order. >>
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>> border officials say the number of people seeking asylum has soared. since november 4 than for 200 people have made claims, more than the total in 2015. >> usually in the winter months, it would be a quiet time but we've seen the increase has occurred over the winter months.
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>> immigration advocates cite the contrast between justin trudeau's message of welcome and the actions of u.s. president donald trump who was cracking down on immigration for motivating the rush. >> [speaking french] >> translator: the information given to us recently is about the new immigration policy. people without status in the u.s. fear being arrested and deported to their country of origin. >> some seeking safe haven track across world worlds -- rural roads. others take a cab to the border. while there is compassion for the migrants plate, authorities are watchful. >> we are being placed under arrest but we are interviewing to make sure there is no national security threats. >> is keeping police busy, forcing them to add additional
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manpower at the border with warmer temperatures coming, resources will be stretch. >> bret: live along the border. thank you. up next, why some protesters are refusing to leave their campground near the dakota access pipeline. here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. fox 6 in milwaukee, the american civil liberties union is accusing police of operating a stop and frisk program mostly targeting black and latino residents. a lawsuit is being filed on behalf of people. the police chief denies the department has used a stop and frisk policy. fox 10 in phoenix. uber testing self-driving cars. an employee will behind the wheel to monitor. live oak at seattle from our
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affiliate. one of the stories there, ed murray is proposing a tax on sugary drinks pretty wants a 2% levy on distributors of soda, energy and sports drinks. he says the money will go toward education. critics say it will hurt small businesses. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." "special report." we'll be right
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> bret: the deadline has passed for protesters to leave land near the dakota access pipeline for demonstrators there say they are refusing to go. william la jeunesse's and cannonball, north dakota live
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with some details. >> brats, you're right. in the last hour, several dozen protesters confronted police, taunted them, according to a spokesperson and when they were given a warning to back off, nine were arrested. >> i'm terribly sad. terribly sad. >> dave cooley arrived to protest the north dakota access pipeline. today he was cleaning up and preparing under government order to leave. >> we are not interested in getting arrested if we can help it. >> police are shutting down campsites once occupied by tens of thousands environmentalists and native americans fighting the pipeline. >> north dakota has spent 33 million to protect the
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pipeline that president obama stopped. >> dakota access pipeline. >> president trump reverse the decision. >> i'm not sad. i'm not upset. i am just watching what's going on and trying my best to figure out how to move forward. >> police moved in declaring the camps as a potential health hazard has abandoned tents, stoves, kerosene tanks, cars and human waste could be underwater from spring flooding. to get protesters out, police offered a hotel voucher and a bus ticket to any city in the u.s. others were offered a ceremonial arrest so protesters could enjoy a photo op for their social media pages but none took the offer. >> it's a good deal and i think north dakota, we are doing the right thing. we are bending over backward a little bit but we can say we are
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taking the moral high ground. >> it's not the ending many hoped for, most do not regret the fight. >> i would like people might see this not to be apathetic. to feel that it mean something. these are real people. >> there are about 75 individuals left. police will not go in at nightfall. as for the pipeline, drilling continues under the missouri river. i'm told they are 30 to 40 days from completion. the rest of the pipeline is done and may begin pumping one to two weeks after that. >> bret: william la jeunesse north dakota. thank you. another indication tonight that the federal reserve could raise interest rates soon, minutes from the last fed meeting indicate officials are worried on a plane plane and could fall and trigger inflation and that might require boosting rates at a faster pace than expected. the fed meets in march.
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stocks were mixed. dow gained 33. s&p 500 lost 3. nasdaq dropped 5. survivors of the san bernardino terror attack say they are not getting the care and treatment they need and were promised. they are blaming local government officials. will carr reports from los angeles. >> on december 22, 2015, armed terrorist changed valerie's life forever. >> we locked eyes and they were cold and dark. apparently i was in and out of consciousness and they came back and shot me in the back as well. >> emergency crews rushed weber to the hospital. >> in the first 30 days i had 20 surgeries and five blood transfusions. >> more than a year later, weber struggles with simple tasks. days after the attack, readers pledged to help. >> we should continue to support them. >> all of us in
1:27 am
san bernardino county are one family. cigarette first, they raised $2.5 million, the majority going to the families of the deceased. the county placed survivors into the state workers comp system, a network not meant to address battlefield type wounds. survivors and their family members are now taking their frustration to county meetings. >> every day i wish i could turn back time. i wish i could walk into the building and be happy. >> can we talk to you on camera about some of the problems? >> county leaders have refused to answer our questions on camera. >> do you think you continue to support the victims? we got answers from pete aguilar. >> i think every level of government from the federal government of the state to the county can do better pray to >> pete aguilar helped get a
1:28 am
grant for $3 million split by at least 36 families impacted. he says government is not always the solution. >> the programs i'm aware of involve private donations. the government plays no role. >> as weber prepares for another surgery, she said she has no other choice than to depend on the people who promised to help. >> i don't have time to fight bureaucracy. >> survivors have grown so frustrated they are not partitioning -- petitioning president trump for help. still on the top general in charge of u.s. forces in the middle east as more american troops may be needed in syria to defeat isis. this comes as we learn just how dangerous things are getting for american troops in iraq. pentagon producer lukas tomlinson has specifics. >> as a new battle begins against isis and western muzzle,
1:29 am
and admission of what u.s. troops are facing very close to the front lines. >> they have come under fire at different times. they are returned fire at different times. in and around mosul. >> a u.s. defense official tells fox a number of soldiers were wounded in mosul but declined it to say how many. soldiers from the 101st airborne division have been supporting the offensive against mosul closer to the fight. after fighting isis from the air for more than two years. head of president trump's 30 day deadline for new plan to defeat isis, the top u.s. commander for the middle east told reporters traveling with him that more american forces may be needed in syria to finish off isis inside their headquarters. "we might bring potentially more of our assets to bear if we need to as opposed to relying on our partners. there could be other forces that we potentially bring them to this." one option could be artillery
1:30 am
units in syria. gps guided artillery rounds against some 3,000 isis fighters in the city. b-52 bombers, apache gunships and other fixed wing jets then used in the mosul fight could be used to ramp up operations in raqqa. uss george h.w. bush has conducted 150 strike missions since arriving earlier this month. u.s. officials in baghdad, those leading the fight against isis, have already submitted a request to the pentagon ahead of the deadline next week. >> we have provided input to the general. my understanding is he provided those to the chain of command. at this point, where we are with that is we are awaiting the decisions. >> president trump will address the nation in the joint session
1:31 am
of congress on tuesday. it could be his first opportunity to lay out his plans to defeat isis and fulfill his campaign pledge. >> bret: live at the pentagon. thank you. now to one of the most bizarre stories we've covered recently. we are learning more tonight about how the brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un was killed. the details seem something right out of a spy movie. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the story. >> new developments involving last week's killing any malaysian airport of kim jong nam, the estranged half-brother of kim jong-un. for the first time malaysian officials in a north korean official, a diplomat at the embassy in kuala lumpur, in the alleged poisoning death. he and two other north koreans in malaysia and others are suspected to have assisted the killing at the airport and fled. >> we strongly believe they have
1:32 am
arrived in pyongyang. >> the two women directly involved doused their hands with a toxic chemical and applied it to the victim's face. they practiced prior to the event. attempts have been made to break into the morgue. there are no definitive autopsy results, not even any official identification of the remains. >> no family members have come to identify. and giv >> the regime of kim jong-un denying any role. the diplomatic fallout continues. malaysia has been one of the few go-between countries and efforts to deal with the rogue nations growing nuclear threat. malaysia recalling its ambassador to pyongyang. >> [indistinct]
1:33 am
>> malaysian officials are reportedly willing to accept a dna sample from kim jong-un himself to help identify the victim's body. the north korean leader had reportedly tried to kill his family in the past. >> bret: thank you. fox news has learned china has constructed two dozen new buildings across three artificial islands in the south china sea. u.s. officials say that facilities could potentially housed surface-to-air missiles, although none are present at this time. china has laid runways on the islands which were built atop reefs. this comes as the u.s. navy has deployed an aircraft carrier to the south china sea for the first time since president trump took office. president trump gets ready to sign a new executive order on
1:34 am
immigration and travel, prepares to rollback a transgender bathroom regulation, talks about the budget, taxes, infrastructure, obamacare. it's an average wednesday paired we will talk with the panel after
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on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet? >> we are going take this budget. i've only been here for weeks so i can't take too much of the blame for what's happened but it's absolutely out of control and were going to do things that are going to be tremendous over the years. we have to take care of our military. health care is moving along nicely. >> bret: president trump talking about the budget and the upcoming rollout of an obamacare replacement. also you have tax reform that is said to be readying in the next couple weeks for a rollout of
1:38 am
his -- of its own. let's bring in our panel. mercedes schlapp, a.b. stoddard, charles krauthammer. mercedes, you hear the president. i think a lot of people get focused on the day-to-day. you have some big things happening. one is the obamacare replacement which is expected at the beginning of march and the tax reform rollout that at some point is going to be coordinated probably also within the month of march. >> congress has been trying to move forward on obamacare first. they are trying to figure out the component of what they're going to do with the obamacare taxes. concerned if they take it out, leave it in. that impacts tax reform. it's something i think we are all anticipating, winning to see if the republicans can find the common ground on obamacare. will that be repaired or
1:39 am
replaced. but it comes to tax reform, it's something i think so many republicans in the mainstream are saying we've got to do this now because they're going to lose political capital. >> bret: is there enough momentum on tax reform to get a big win here for the trust administration? >> no, not right now. what is going on right now is the battle between house leadership. speaker ryan is pushing a border adjusted taxpayer he can't get the white house to back it up publicly. trump has had a couple different things in the last thing was negative. doesn't mean he's not going to change his mind and sell it like a tiger but it's not on the table right now. that's worth a trillion dollars and it helps pay for cuts, lowering the corporate rate. he presents it to the senate leadership. senate republicans say no way. you've got high-profile senators all expressing their skepticism
1:40 am
saying it's a new tax. you've got caucus members sing were not going to do a new tax. the people behind team ryan and team brady say if you don't get behind that they will be no tax reform. they don't say it publicly but their staffs do. there's not momentum. chairman dave camp came up with a bill that his own conference when it didn't have to go to battle because president obama would've found a way to veto it or rip it up. their own conference didn't rally around it. it has many enemies. it has very few friends, too many constituencies and there's no momentum. >> bret: dolls always seem we are one election away from dealing with the big ticket items that the country has to deal with. if there's anybody you can get it across the finish line you
1:41 am
would think the art of the deal guy might be able to. to correct the irony. you are always one election awa away. we have united government or at least the same party controlling everything with a lot of momentum. the beginning of every new presidency they give him the benefit of the doubt and the great irony is that congress has become so dependent on following the lead of a president in general, allowing its powers to be usurped. one presidency after another. this is not problem of one party but it's -- now that it's in control i can't get its act together. strong presidential leadership, president saying this is what i want on tax reform. that would be the decisive
1:42 am
event. in the absence of that is showing how weak congress has become and how it's become habituated to look into the white house for leadership. it's not getting it. it's not going anywhere. >> bret: i want to talk about the regulation rollback, what's expected, the details later tonight we were told any minute this deals with the transgender issue, the bathroom issue. here is the white house press secretary today. >> can you give us an update on the administration's plan regarding the transgender bathroom. >> he said caitlyn jenner could use whatever bathroom she wanted to trump tower paraguay's in our priority? >> it's not a priority. let me answer the question. it's not a priority. there is a case pending in the supreme court in which we have to decide whether or not to continue to issue guidance to the court. >> bret: there's that case,
1:43 am
mercedes, headed to the supreme court in the administration obviously is changing its perspective from where the obama administration was on the issue and needs to let the court know. >> the guidelines are simply guidelines. they are presenting their position and this has to be something that local and state deal with. not at the federal level. it's interesting when you look at the poll numbers, about two-thirds of americans oppose the obama guidelines on the transgender bathroom. it was an issue that you had 13 states suing the federal government because of this directive. it's emotional. it's a divisive issue that we are seeing i think with the supreme court it makes it work obligated when you have, it could be another split. if judge gorsuch is not confirmed or we are still stuck in the nomination battle, it makes it complicated. you could have a split court. >> bret: a very small percentage of people affected,
1:44 am
obviously but it's an emotional issue. >> you have to ask yourself, how did this become sort of the civil rights issue of our day? it's a tiny percentage of the population. it's an issue on which i think everybody is somewhat ambivalent. do you define gender by undeniable biology or individual identification? it's a difficult issue and why the federal government under obama felt it had no way in dictate to the country on this is beyond me. let it be a local issue prayer let people decide. there are places in the country where i'm sure they feel one way or the other. i think the best thing to do is get out of the business. one more example of the administrative state out of control in the sense of not knowing any boundaries. there is no reason to be involved in this. >> bret: as we get more details, will bring you them.
1:45 am
finally we have the executive order on the travel ban. this is what we know about the new one. the new order will drop the indefinite suspension of syrian refugees. instead the order will likely call for a temporary suspension of all reviews from any country until those countries can put in place a background security test that can pass u.s. standards. the new measure will implement the same 50% cut in refugee admissions this year, limiting admissions to 50,000 and another nod, the new version is expected to contain language exempting legal permanent residents and other visa holders. it's basically a cleanup on aisle to on the first executive order. >> even though sean spicer keeps talking about how they are going to prevail, this is a smarter call which is to rewrite the order. if you want pull off the other order from the court challenge? >> it's almost like president trump wants to do bot
1:46 am
both. it was smarter to do this. it's the better course. they can make it airtight legally. i don't know what happened today, the cleanup on aisle 2 is taking longer because it's supposed to come out this weekend tomorrow is thursday and they're pushing into next week but the best registry for them is to be really, really disciplined, do their homework, do the prep. get everyone ready. beyond board and have it legally airtight so this ends and the travel ban is in place for the 90 days and that's the end of i it. >> the cleanup is delayed because it was a huge mess on aisle 2. >> they have run out of paper towels. >> the fact is trump ought to pull on obama and see if you have a visa, keep the visa. will honor the visa. none of this idiocy that happened in the first rollout. i don't think they need to suspend anything. they probably will out of pride.
1:47 am
they don't want to be shown to a made a mistake but you fix the vetting and forget about the suspension of entry. >> bret: next up, political town halls. it, what's not, what's
1:48 am
1:49 am
1:50 am
♪ >> 10,000 folks that say, you are my representative, you have to meet with me. we want to do that but when we showed up and get booed down... we are going to disagree on some is fine. that is what democracy is all about. we want to be intimidated protests. >> i will sit down and shut up
1:51 am
like elizabeth warren. >> do your job. >> what is disrespectful are those in that room who actually want to hear what their member of congress has to say. >> let me finish my answer, please. >> just because they are allowed doesn't mean that they are many. >> bret: they are getting coverage a lot more. these are town halls happening, a lot of republican lawmakers facing constituents, some of them obviously organized to stand up and make their feelings clear. the president acknowledging that, the so-called angry crowds at home districts of some republicans are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activists. sad. >> referring to so-called angry crowds of these town halls. is he suggesting this is manufactured anger? this is not real anger? >> i think there is a hybrid there. i think some people are clearly upset. but there is a bit of a professional protester manufactured base in there. obviously, there are people that
1:52 am
are absent. >> bret: we are back with the panel. what about this, mercedes? >> you have a mix of both. part of it is organic. they create a practical guide for resisting donald trump's agenda. i think republicans need to be ready for these challenges. they are going to need to answer the questions on what are they going to do in terms of replacing obamacare. guess what? we are in america, this is allowed. people can go in and have these conversations and protests. they have to respond. with that being said, there's a lot of a lot of these g.o.p. congressmen in the swing districts who are not having town hall meetings. they are holding a small roundtable because it's a concern of the backlash that can come from these organized efforts. >> bret: hillary clinton said the smaller venues were more intimate. >> that work for her. [laughter] >> bret: indivisible, this guide, just one of the pieces. the following chapters offers
1:53 am
step-by-step guides looking to replicate the tea party success in congress. the guide is intended to be equally useful for stiffening democratic spines and weakening pro-trump republican resolve. members of congress regularly hold republican district events to show that they are listening to constituents, make them listen to you and report when they don't. don't let them get photo ops without questions about racism, authoritarianism, and corruptio corruption. a.b. >> i think that i am going to start out by saying it is time to woman up and man up. this is their job. i agree with mercedes. you go into this, you have to take these questions by the democrats blew this off at their peril in 2009 and 'to ten. they tried to believe that it was some sort of strange coke brother artificial -- >> bret: astroturf. robert gave us at the podium. >> we have the internet. just because it is organized doesn't mean it is powerful. i think that shouting is wrong. i think the booing is wrong.
1:54 am
it cuts into the credibility and the meaning and the emphasis and the influence of these protests. if they came with those agree to disagree sign, do your job, investigate drum, that would make a huge statement. screaming at your member of congress is going to make you look bad. i think that is a mistake. these issues of trumps business conflicts are real. people's health care, they were scared and 2010, now, they are scared again. their health care is personal. it is a very charged from a real issue. i think there are a lot of republicans in districts that hillary clinton won who should answer these questions. even ones in trump's districts, time to answer. until you have a product, and the words of ron republican -- keep saying, i just want to help you, give you an answer, i don't have one yet. look like you are trying and it will defuse the anger. >> bret: here is vice president pence on this topic. >> despite the best efforts of
1:55 am
liberal, the american people know the truth. obamacare has failed and obamacare must go. obamacare is a job killer and everybody in america knows it. we are about to change all of that. we will repeal obamacare once and for all, get rid of its mandates and its taxes and its intrusion on your lives and on our businesses. >> bret: mid-march, early march, sometime in march, that is for the president says. >> i think all of this, as a.b. implied, is a product of the fact that the republicans have been campaigning against obamacare for seven years and now, to continue to campaign against it like we just heard from the vice president, is futile. that battle was won. they won market in the election. the reason there are people out there, yes, i'm sure there is some astroturf, who are anxious, that is precisely why they are anxious. they are worried about what is coming. the republicans have no answer.
1:56 am
this is a casualty of the delay. as long as the republicans talk about her appeal without having a replacement, people aren't going to imagine -- they are going to lose their health care, their doctor. republicans have to have an answer. it will continue until they put something on the table. >> bret: we still will bring it to you when they do. up next, remembering what might become of the greatest upset in the history of sports, 3 3 3 3 3 . .
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1:58 am
>> bret: it was perhaps the greatest upset in sports history. 37 years ago today, coach herb brooks in the u.s. team upset the mighty soviet union in the semifinals of the 1980 olympic hockey tournament in lake placid new york. goalie jim craig celebrates as the clock expires right there. it was broadcast on tape delay, not alive in the u.s. team usa went out to be to finland for the gold medal. people are still talking about the miracle on ice today. you can see that final minute of the historic game on do you believe in miracles? it will still give you goosebumps today. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is the "special report." that is the "special report." heather: it is thursday february 23rd, while you were sleeping the trump administration rescinding the rules on president obama's controversial transgender bathroom guidelines. reaction pouring in from all sides
1:59 am
overnight. clayton: chilling voice of a killer secretly recorded by the victims, the man who murdered two teenagers in cold blood. heather: good samaritans who saved his life. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ clayton: dark and quiet here at 5:00 a.m. in mid-town
2:00 am
manhattan. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" i'm rob schmith. this moving strong reaction from both sides of the aisle. jackie ibañez. jackie: this after president trump announces the end of the obama era guideline allowing transgender public school students to choose bathroom due to gender identity. >> when you look at the guidance that was issued under the obama administration, first of all, let's remember to the best of my knowledge that was stalled and there was various reasons for that. several legal reasons and several procedural reasons, the


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