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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 23, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> you are seeing ted cruz take a few photos at cpac, meantime chief strategist reince preibus ends and stephen bannon will speak live. we will bring you that in the second hour of "happening now." >> we will see you for that, as reince preibus and stephen bannon get ready. "outnumbered" is now. >> harris: it is chilly south of the border relationship wise, before meeting with mexico's president, secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary john kelly are set to make remarks, we will carry them live. in two countries are less than smooth, like i said, relationship wise following president trump's new guidelines for immigration reform which also includes building that wall, you know that one. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today sandra smith, meghan mccain, host of "kennedy" on fox business kennedy and today's #oneluckyguy being the flow in sunshine to new york, he is
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"outnumbered," almost 70 degrees outside. >> alex: you're welcome. it is what i do. >> harris: thank you very much. we have a lot to get to today come i cannot wait to get your expertise both as a judge but also as an immigrant. which will be interesting. >> alex: i will do my best. >> harris: let's go. we are again waiting remarks for the top of the back dilemma and security chief, we are looking to decrease tensions between the united states and our neighbor to the south, mexico's foreign minister will also be making a statement alongside secretary tillerson and kelly slammed president trump's renewed focus on immigration reform. he said his country does not have to accept the plan and it could go before the united nations to defend the rights of immigrants. meanwhile, despite that rocky start, the white house appears to have a more positive outlook on the relations between the two countries. white house press secretary sean spicer, watch. >> i think their relationship with mexico is phenomenal right
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now. i think there is believable and robust dialogue between our two nations. i think secretary tillerson and second kelly are going to have a great discussion down there and to walk through the limitation of the executive order. >> harris: "robust." you could say that, does not really mean anything emotionally. where are we really? >> alex: apparently our relationship with mexico is phenomenal. [laughs] >> harris: also not really emotional. >> alex: i don't know how you did not notice that. i like this thread to go to the united nations, the most toothless organization that exists out there. as if they can do anything but i am curious how this is going to be unlimited, what are we going to do? push people across the border, what happens when mexico does not take them? put them in checkpoint charlie? how does the u.s. forced them back? i understand why you want to force them back, it has been a conduit for people funneling from south america. you are telling me the mexican government cannot protect its own borders or stop people from
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guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, from just marching through like moses leadi them in the desert? >> harris: that is the point, they are marching through, not staying in mexico, they're trying to get to tucson or dallas, those areas down by the order just to pick on arizona. >> harris: it is really a structural issue in mexico will look at the united states to say, a border while on the southern border and have your neighbors to the south pay for it. not a horrible idea because they are going to have to rethink their immigration policy as well which is of course vastly different than ours, not nearly as inclusive. a majority of the people coming into this country through illegally through the southern border are not mexican country. duke back -- contrary to populay come from decimated countries come as you said like honduras that have been casualties of the drug war, so mexico, they have to have a conversation amongst themselves about their immigration policy separate from ours, but if someone is a
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passport holder from another country, then that is that. >> harris: here is one, talk about a magnet on this side of the border being a sanctuary city. do we know if they have century cities in mexico? i am being facetious. >> meghan: can i start with phenomenal from you? sean spicer is almost becoming a parody of himself. president of mexico will not even meet with our president come he canceled his visit, everyone knows that our relationship is far from phenomenal. i have high hopes that rex tillerson can bridge the divide and have better communication between the white house and country of mexico in the interim, but i question some of the things sean spicer says because it is ridiculous. again, not -- she should say rex tillerson, we are sending some of our best advocates over there, going forward, we are going to discuss this and be better, but it's just lately saying that to the american people, no one believes we have a phenomenal -- i have a phenomenal relationship with them. that is a code.
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[laughs] >> harris: you know what is unfortunate? these men do not get to watch each other because they are so busy. we carried remarks from the white house of the president just a short time ago, we were all watching in the green room. he actually called this a tough trip, so i don't know what sean spicer said. >> sandra: anyone shocked about a chilly reception in their arrival in mexico has not been paying attention to news paid this is an opportunity to have a really important conversation that's going to affect these two countries, their economies, people for many years to come. there is a lot of confidence behind rex tillerson and john kelly for that matter that they will have the right conversation. >> alex: this is an important meeting and important relationship. we should have a good relationship with mexico just like we do with canada. we should have -- >> harris: can we have one if we build a wall? >> alex: i think we can, we really can because we have a problem not being solved. i honestly think that wall is necessary. a lot of people feel that it is a waste of money.
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i think it's absolutely necessary for national security and to extend the drug trade stem the drug trade. >> kennedy: that's not going to work unfortunately. >> alex: at least you will have tried, but sicko needs to realize it is a problem, they are a conduit for immigrants coming to our country. we can develop good relationships with mexico or keep the animosity going and stay with the "phenomenal" relationship we have. >> meghan: i have a question, some of the land is privately owned especially in arizona, how do you deal with taking private land? >> harris: two-thirds of the border in texas alone. >> alex: the government has eminent domain one for the public good, they can take over public land, it is not popular. it is much less popular when the government takes private land for private purposes than it is when they do it for public purposes.
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they do that with your property when they are building a freewa freeway. >> kennedy: that is true, part of the constitution, but it is actually meant to protect the home owner or the private property owner from the government and we believe in this country that private property ownership is sacrosanct, but also the big problem, and you know this, judge, people when they are fighting the government will take their support and it will make its way through the system, and that could take years. every single parcel, let's say one of every 15 is challenged in the judiciary, imagine how much that is going to delay. >> alex: i think that will go concurrently with the building of the wall, so they may not build that section until it is passed. the constitution does not protect that you can absolutely prevent, it protect that property cannot be taken from you without just compensation which is a different thing. >> harris: hold one second, i want to get this in. we are just learning now that the president is calling the actions to remove criminal illegal aliens, remember we
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carried his remarks earlier, so we are going back through them. he is calling it a military operation. talk to me about the legality. we know that in this of the memo section we saw yesterday was that the wording that it was going to be local, municipal police report meant -- departments, immigration officers if you will, but this is different, a military operation, why would he say that? >> alex: i do not know if he thinks denoting it as in military operation will limit constitutional protections. i think the approach he was taking was originally she is section 287g of the immigrant and nationality act which allows them to deputize police officers across the country and make them generally an army of immigration officers all over the country. >> harris: houston is not going to play ball with that. >> alex: some states absolutely won't. >> harris: they can still opt out. >> alex: at the end of the day, the president and congress controlled the purse strings just like they are dealing with
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sanctuary cities peer they have a true menace amount of influence and power when they start limiting federal funding if the states do not cooperate. >> sandra: look at the timeline, talk about legal challenges it faces, right now the administration is saying this while could be built in the next two years. is that realistic based on what you know with your legal background? >> alex: legally, yes, it is realistic if he is willing to throw enough department of justice attorneys added. it is realistic and can be done. the legal issues are not unsurmountable. they are not unique, the question is more can he construct a wall like that in two years peered look at what he did and other construction projects where he said i will bring it and under budget and faster, he actually did. >> meghan: what about the terrain? that is the $64,000 question. this terrain in some areas, i am not an architect, but it seems beyond logic that it will hold up. >> alex: i don't think he will have a wall over certain areas.
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>> kennedy: there are literally parts of the wild and end and then a rock formation that people can climb but you can no longer build the kind of fencing you have, but you raisen the southwest desert in california, arizona, new mexico, texas, rather, you have so much of this terrain that is not just mountainous. waterways. >> harris: what they have done particularly in areas that are just south of the checkpoint as you go into mexico out of arizona is they have hired extra border patrol agents. the president has already said he's going to order some 15,000. >> alex: you can use technology, they are using drones, video cameras. the massive area you're dealing with -- >> harris: down there, you can hear them buzzing around and see them. there are different ways the area can be patrolled, but on the question is what you ask, what do you do with all of the people? building detention centers, what does that look like?
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>> alex: i think the practicality of the limitation is where the difficulty occurs. right now, as i said, you say we have residents who came across mexico but actually came from nicaragua and honduras and guatemala, we are going to push them right back across the border to mexico, practically, what do you do in mexico refuses to accept them? you do do not leave families in between and no-man's-land. it is like checkpoint charlie, you do not leave families out there like they used to do where they will not take them. >> meghan: the political objects of that could be lethal. >> alex: it would not happen because the u.s. would never do that. it is really more sending a message to the world and specifically to latin america, don't leave your home's income here because we are serious. i think that is the point he is making. i am willing to battle with mexico over this, i am certainly not going to turn my back. >> harris: talking about political objects, what does it do for the presidents base if it doesn't actually happen? what you are saying is we will
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not see people and detention centers like 80 80 demilitarizd zone down at the border, something will happen. >> alex: i think he will take concrete steps to deal with immigrants coming across the border, but i think he's getting rid of catch and release of that is going to require detention or immediate expulsion. >> harris: bottom line, does it make us safer? >> alex: i don't know. it depends on who the people are that are not come across the border. if there is a legitimate fear, national security issues are something i am not privy to, but if there are people trying to come across the southern border with the intent of doing terrorist attacks, does make us safer. >> sandra: what you think the conversation looks like with rex tillerson and john kelly meeting with officials in mexico? how do you go about warming over relations especially knowing where they stand at this very moment? you can even look at past presidents, which ente fox has been extremely vocal in critical of this president do my preside, it is hard to follow him on twitter because he has these
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horrible words, but they are certainly getting a chilly reception. that conversation is going to be difficult. >> alex: absolutely, that is why they have to be good at diplomacy. you are going over there, and you cannot criticize your boss. you cannot go over there and say, well, it's president trump, you know how he is. >> sandra: there has been some of that in the past. >> alex: you have to try to mend that relationship. >> kennedy: that is the good thing about rex tillerson and his economic background. that is the binding common language is mutually boosted economies and rex tillerson can certainly speak to that with a more calm head. >> alex: that is exactly right. that's the only thing that's really going to unite them. policy issues like whether or not we should allow mexican immigrants to come into the u.s. with more frequency, with or without visas, we may differ on that, but one thing for the countries are going to agree on his economic benefits and that is where you are right.
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>> harris: one thing that meghan said yesterday is that the president of mexico, pena nieto, he has been slumping in the polls and he needs to help himself politically a little bit. he is part of the meeting today, it will be interesting to see going forward what concessions are made and what tough talk consists of considering what we heard from them yesterday. and so that brings us to the picture you see live in the middle of your screen with the two lecterns where we expect there will be four gentlemen showing up because there will be our secretaries of state and homeland security and also their counterparts, the foreign minister of mexico and again, i just mentioned, the president. this will be very interesting to see. we will cover it live as it happens. we understand statements will be made from each of these men. trump meditation, moving on now, is listing federal guidelines in lifting the guidelines that let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice. they claim it gives power back to the states, but democrats claimed that it is discrimination. the legal battle that could play
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out. and kellyanne conway debunking that she was sidelined by the white house from being on tv to make messages. she was on tv last night and this morning. whether this is more mainstream media bias or what. stay with us. ♪ picking up for kyle.
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♪ >> sandra: the trump initiation is lifting federal guidelines from the obama era that allowed transgender students to gives bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. white house counselor kellyanne conway saying it is all about letting states decide issues like this. >> this is all about states rights. the president believes in federalism and thinks each state has the right to decide what is best wrist respect to this particular issue. this is very consistent with the president who has promised to ring power back to the states. that which is not reserved to the federal government belongs to the states. spacing about senate minority leader chuck schumer objecting to the move saying "equal rights and equal protection under the law are not issues that should be left up to the states, they ought to be guaranteed for every american including all students." the federal government has an obligation to protect the rights
9:20 am
of every citizen and shirking that responsibility allows states to step in and discriminate." do you believe that to be the case? >> alex: i think it is a states rite issue until the federal government decides to step in and say it is no longer a states rights issue because they can pass laws just like the civil rights act that basically take decisions out of the hands of the states appeared federal government has the authority to do that. within the parameters of the authority that has been granted to the federal government and the u.s. constitution. the states gave the federal government the power accommodate did not give power to the state states. could they come in and say through legislation, we are going to protect transgender students? yes because just like they created the civil rights act and protected blacks, race, religion, gender, what happened in this case is under the obama and meditation, deferment of education stepped in to say we are defining gender to include gender identity. that is the fight, some people are saying gender and gender
9:21 am
identity are separate things big you're born with with a specific gender. that is where the trump initiation is coming in and saying that was not really legally analyzed, we are going to leave that decision to the states. i still think states and schools still have an obligation to protect students, transgender students just like anything else. i am completely against bullying and think they should be protected. >> sandra: let's get to the libertarian on the couch, where do you fall on this? >> kennedy: what i see here is betsy devos who was complete and demonized by the left really stood up for the people and stood up to the president and did not want to back down and it came down to the choice of her having to resign her position or falling in line with the president, but she did and released a very strongly worded statement saying that these kids in these schools have to be protected. i really appreciated her soft spot. there are a few things they are, of course you're going to see an emotional overreaction from the left like chuck schumer. you really have to read the
9:22 am
legal guidelines and the legal wording in this decision. we also have to remember that the obama mandate was stalled in the courts. i agree with the judge that as far as states rights, if the states get together and sue on behalf of the students where they live and it becomes a federal issue once again and makes it way to the courts in that regard, then i think that -- i have to say this very quickly. i think the social issues are a big distraction for the right the way that climate change is for the left come in at this point, coming up with problems to argue about and deciding where people go to the bathroom and making national argument is a huge distraction. >> sandra: the timing is weird, sean spicer was asked about why this is being made a priority. it just happened to be they had to make a decision on this at this time. it's not that it was a priority, that is the white house respons response. >> meghan: politically it didn't seem like a strange time
9:23 am
for donald trump was the first republican candidate to say lgbtq on a national stage, in front of a very conservative audience he told caitlyn jenner she could use any bathroom she wanted in the trump tower. for me, it lies in the category of civil rights issues versus states rights issues, for abuse, murder rates, suicide rates of trans students and teenagers especially trans women of color is very high, i do a lot of work in the lgbtq community, i am worried this is opening doors for discrimination in schools. as you said, kennedy, i don't understand the focus on these issues when donald trump has certainly much bigger fish to fry, and i quite faintly that this had already been put to bed. >> harris: as you said, the admonition is saying it was a deadline issue. i will say this really quickly in terms of where the cases have been. much of the global discussion about bathroom laws including in canada and here has been around a 6-year-old, a child that had problems in school, and they were trying to accommodate that one child.
9:24 am
because this was a little muddy, it probably legally, from what i am reading, needed a review anyway. just to give everyone an opportunity to view this orca get back to the states is the big question i would have that i do not think we can answer. >> sandra: we are tracking the events down in mexico, secretary of state rex tillerson and his mexican counterparts that you speak after what has been described as some heated discussions over president trump's renewed focus on immigration. we will bring you their remarks when they happen live. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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9:29 am
person who put out the alert that they will not accept the changes that they are making to u.s. immigration with regards to our southern border. talking about building a wall, you know the details of this, we have been reporting them. as they step up, we will take this news conference live, meghan? >> meghan: fox news earlier, we now know what will likely be in president trump's revised travel ban which he is expected to sign next week. the complete details according to a senior admission official, the revised portable target the same seven countries in the original order and will drop the "indefinite suspension of syrian refugees," meaning they will not be singled out for exclusion. also, the revised order is expected to maintain the same 50% reduction in refugee admission for this year, capping the total number aloud and at 50,000. and it will exempt legal permanent resident or green card holders and current visa holders. meantime, u.s. press secretary sean spicer insists the president is not backing down from his original goals in will
9:30 am
continue to take necessary steps to protect the country. >> i think we have been very clear about understanding what the court said and trying to tailor that specifically while achieving the same goal of keeping america safe and ensuring that people do not come in to this country that seek to do us harm. it is written in a way that is clear and consistent with u.s. code and the authority the president has to protect the nation. >> meghan: i'm going to you first, what you make of the syrian refugee element being removed? >> alex: well, the reason this is such a difficult area when it comes to banning an entire country is because you have arguments that can be made through different perspectives. the president is at his strongest power when he acts on immigration with the support of congress pre-1952 under the immigration and nationality act, the included language that they can include -- the president connects good any aliens that would put the nation at risk. that was amended to include a
9:31 am
ban on disco nation based on national origin, you can see where they would conflict if he sees and says syrians are detrimental to the u.s., at the same time, a conflict with the part that says you cannot ban people based on their national origin. you have that issue, then you have the power of the president which is considerable when dealing with national security. the courts are constantly struggling with, is that a blanket? in other words, say i'm doing this for national security, no one can question it? that lends to tremendous possible abuse. you have several competing provisions that can limit the president's power to do this especially when it comes to the nationality or religion, which conflict with a treaty that the u.s. is a big part of that says you cannot discriminate on immigration based on religion. all of these factors coming together to limit president trump, so whatever he does is going to be challenged. >> sandra: let me ask a very simple question. does the new el look a whole lot
9:32 am
different in your opinion or is a very similar? >> alex: i think it takes away some considerable problems because people who are just coming to the u.s. have never been here have no constitutional rights. they do not have the right to come and say you are banning me because of religion and that is flying in the face -- go >> harris: i think you should say that i will get louder. >> alex: they don't have constitutional rights but that does not mean that president trump can do it because there are the restrictions. people who live here say i have constitutional rights, you are banning religious groups. >> sandra: the biggest improvement legally is what? >> alex: i think his taking away the restrictions on green card holders because as people coming and have no right, people who are here permanently under green card or temporarily under a visa have been given rights, and they have new prices rights before you can take those away. >> kennedy: i have a question for you looking at these orders, anticipating the order and looking at them side-by-side. do you think these orders are
9:33 am
going to be written differently, anticipating some sort of judicial review, anticipating that they may go to the court system so they are written with both fox ability and strength so they are flexible enough to allow people and not have so many unintended consequences like the protests and lawsuits and everything else but also be able to stand up to what a judge might rule? >> alex: absolutely. i would hope so because he already knows you're not going to avoid protests and lawsuits. those are coming about or what he puts in the order. they are already geared up for that, probably just in a phase where they can pick up paragraphs from the lawsuit they are going to file depending on what it says. i guarantee that. he knows he's going to get that. what he wants to do is get it to the point where a court says deference goes to the government on this, and at least we are not going to pass an injunction, we let it go through to the merits to let the lawsuit be decided as opposed to trying to state it in advance which is an extra
9:34 am
ordinary measure. >> harris: i mention at the top of our hour that your family came here from cuba. i acceded not even give that much detail. you went through the legal way of doing this as an immigrant, someone who comes into this country, what do you think about the president's support first of all and also his outright fight to get this done? not just to keep a promise but because he believes in it. >> alex: obviously, yes, my family came here through legal immigration. i was very fortunate that the american people open their arms to the cuban immigrants at a time of dire need, and i benefited from that clearly. i understand the rancor of other minorities to say you got the benefit that others didn't, and that is true. nonetheless, my entire career has been regarding law enforcement and the laws of this country, and i think that when you disagree with the law, all of us have the same right, and that is to push for a change in the law. we don't have the right to ignore the law. it irritates me to see people flaunting the law.
9:35 am
when i see immigration activists in the country illegally on our own news show flaunting the fact they are here illegally and being angry about the fact that we are somehow trying to prevent them from being here illegally, it flies in the face -- it is what irritates most americans. at least show some humility. you're in the country breaking our laws, why do you flaunt it like that? yes, i believe -- i don't believe trump is a racist, i don't think he hates hispanics. i think he said look, the laws of the laws, we are not enforcing the law. where else in our system of justice do we just flaunt the laws like that and not enforce them? for not going to enforce them, we should remove them. >> meghan: can i ask a question? my biggest problem but the executive order by far was that iraqi translators were being detained at airports peer soldiers in iraq right now fighting and dying. what can we do to make sure that these transceivers are protected? and why are iraq and iran in the
9:36 am
same category when it comes to this executive order? >> alex: i would assume he probably has some information about going on in iraq that i do not because i certainly would put iran in a different category. i think iraq is at least a because i ally, i don't know what is going on internally, but as far as what you can do, he can make exceptions in the order just like in legislation for people who are important toe u.s. military and its war againt terror, in the military can come forward with a certification process to say, this translator was instrumental and beneficial to us in our fight against terror, and have that exclusion applied. that is easy to do peer that is not difficult. >> meghan: i sorely hope they do that, you are a smart judge. kelly ate conway clamming a cnn report claiming that the white house is sidelining her media reporters over messaging concerns. but she appeared last night and again this morning, wait until you hear what she has to say, plus a new video could be giving
9:37 am
weight to president's argument that the mainstream media is unfair to him. major league speaking direct lead to mr. trump and it is not pretty. we are going to debate. >> sincerely. >> ps, do not build a wall around mexico. >> pps, please, please do not stop the refugees from coming. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist.
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my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. >> sandra: welcome back, this is, of course, "outnumbered." kellyanne conway slamming a cnn report that the white house sidelined her from tv princes over messaging concerns. in fact, the counselor to the president appeared on "hannity" just last night and "fox & friends because were just this morning. she said the reports are totally false and that she has been busy being a mom. watch this. >> i spent the last several days with four kids looking at schools and homes in d.c.
9:42 am
i do feel that there is a different set of questions for me, but now that he has president, he is his own best messenger. the message of the day and what needs to be communicated and connected direct lead to the american people comes mostly from president donald trump. >> kennedy: we saw that in the 75 minute press conference last week. she think she has been unfairly called out by media. >> harris: first of all, i take her at her word. we know as women we are often asked those questions, we are asked a complete different set of questions then you would become a judge, based on gender, that is completely true. i will say this, i think the white house probably would not hurt itself by acknowledging the fact there were some mixed messaging where she was concerned for just a call out the elephant in the room. this is how it is, this -- i think they should backer up on this. >> sandra: she said she would call into the president's office, he had a conversation with her, she got effort of the camera and said i wish every woman had the opportunity to
9:43 am
work for a boss like this. they did along the mixed messaging acknowledge it. >> harris: i just think now that she is back -- this is presidents week, a lot of kids are out of school, school shopping, you have had to do this as well, this is the time of year you would do it if you are moving. i strong heartedly feel like it would not hurt them to backer up here. >> alex: extra heartedly feel why is this news? why is a network concerned with whether kellyanne conway is getting airtime or not? >> meghan: the implication is she was not doing her job well. >> alex: i think more of it is that it fits into the time slot they set aside for trump bashing which is 24/7. anything negative about trump or anyone on his cabinet, anything negative about anyone who works for him is going to be aired and talked about and discussed. look at the channel any time during the day, you see that. >> kennedy: it's an ongoing
9:44 am
war between the media and president. what is interesting is the public we talked you don't want to hear any of it. in fact, take a look at the most recent poll, 50% of people who were polled disapprove of the way the media is addressing the president and covering his message, what he says and the events surrounding him. 61% disapprove of the way the president is talking about the media. so they really don't want any of it. >> meghan: regarding kellyanne conway, let's not pretend she is not completely omnipresent in the media. she's a giant fixture in pop culture, people who don't fol politics know who she is. she's a fixture every weekend on saturday night live, so i would not say she is at trump level, but she is pretty far up there. when she's not on tv after having a week of saying things that again were factually inaccurate about the bowling green massacre, saying controversial comments about ivanka trump and her shoes, there were as heroes pointed out, missteps. i keep advocating on the couch
9:45 am
that i know people in this administration who are fantastic that i rehire myself if i were somehow president to be on tv. i think having a diversity of spokespeople on behalf of the president when he cannot go on television himself would be healthy for this administration at this point civilly because whether they like it or not, sean spicer, kellyanne conway, when you are borderline being bigger news than the president, you are taking away from the principal and changing the narrative, and that is never good. >> sandra: almost like the networks created that narrative. this is the same media that barely acknowledged she was the first female to ever run a successful president campaign. >> kennedy: that is a really good point and summing the president has railed against. >> sandra: to say she is irrelevant -- i'm not saying you are, they are. >> harris: speaking of they come, and bc put kids on camera asking impressions about the president. we don't know how they were edited or the specific questions the kids were asked or if they were directed to give some of these answers, watch. >> i'm hopeful for the economy
9:46 am
and jobs that you will create. >> i think on the inside you are a good man. >> some of my friends are really scared about you building a wall and a travel ban because a lot of their families live in different places. >> most of my family is black. i'm afraid that you're going to hurt some of us black. >> just because we're mexican doesn't mean you can build a wall for the country. >> please, mr. trump, make america great again. >> meghan: this makes me so uncomfortable, i hate people using children for propaganda one way or the other. it makes me wildly uncomfortabl uncomfortable. this is despicable. >> harris: those children will have to live with the consequences of some of their words for the rest of their lives because we know that video doesn't go away. he hopes the president doesn't hurt anybody who is black. we had a president who set this week with leaders in the black community and has done it several times. it is disturbing because those children are not being shown the
9:47 am
facts, and they are too young to challenge. >> alex: my gut feeling is a lot of what was given to the children come a lot of it was given to them to read. it was put in as close to their words as possible but scripted for them. who knows? >> kennedy: i have a feeling some of those people interviewed did not come from wisconsin and michigan. >> sandra: i don't know that it sits well with anybody, ever since we ran the tease of those voices before the commercial break, i've looked onto social media. people are up in arms. >> meghan: is a gross political trick, really dirty and lowbrow, i'm surprised nbc would put their name behind us. it is something that desperate campaigns do to get judged and involved. whoever did this should remove it immediately and apologize. it is disgusting and as you noted, these kids have to live with it the rest of their lives. >> harris: if they are based on experiences their families have had, then that would be something different. if that is genuinely where this would be coming from, you have
9:48 am
to draw down, i don't even care what is out there, want to do my own reporting to figure out where their stories came from and talk with us kids to see what their experiences are because the words have been put into their mouths, that is not okay. >> sandra: some of them are positive, it was a 70-30 split. on a positive note, we are awaiting some remarks from secretary tiller's and aunt kelly, they're in mexico city meeting with their mexican counterparts again as soon as we have that, we will certainly bring it to y. more from the couch in a moment. ♪ see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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>> sandra: we are keeping and i on the conservative political action conference underway in maryland today. the president to speak there tomorrow and in just a few moments, white house chief of staff reince preibus and white house chief strategist steve bannon scheduled to speak. we were just chatting on that we are not quite sure when the last time we heard steve bannon publicly speak. this will certainly be a moment. i think some of us are saying i am not sure i could even pick out his voice. >> harris: we do this around here at fox, they usually get back within seconds, so we're looking into the last time he made any sort of public address. we hear from reince preibus all the time, but judges on the couch. what do you think?
9:53 am
>> alex: the last time we heard from steve bannon? >> harris: you're not our brain room. >> sandra: we are waiting for them to speak at cpac, a big week that we are hearing from a lot of voices, and they are about to take to the microphone. >> meghan: and allegedly they have a quite contentious relationship, putting on a good face right now. >> kennedy: they are fighting for the soul of the white house, judge. >> harris: he trying to stay out of it clearly. >> alex: i don't want to be a target with steve bannon but what i brought on is his position on the nsc. i'm curious to what he has to say. >> sandra: it's fair to say there are questions about how well they work together. questions about who is really in charge in this demonstration whether it is reince preibus, steve bannon or someone else. meghan, you can wait in on that. >> meghan: there's always infighting with campaigns and loyalists are always angry at new people coming in, so steve
9:54 am
bannon being a loyalist, reince preibus aid establishment republican type. he ceased to be winning the war with staffing, sean spicer is a big indication he may have more power. power and policy wise, steve bannon may be winning. i find the whole political theater aspect of it fascinating. they did a really interesting interview together with new york magazine where it seemed a little forced, we are best friends, we get along great, and is always uncomfortable. >> sandra: you might see that. >> alex: that would be exactly what i would say if i had known any of that. >> meghan: it's really fascinating, the internal dynamic of white houses and campaigns. >> kennedy: they are human beings, absolutely right, people have to take with the white house, are they writing with reince preibus or on the steve bannon wagon. >> harris: what is interesting is that it's not like it's just happening at the white house, it's at cpac which has its own political identity. when you get them up on stage,
9:55 am
you have to be yoked with someone in some regards otherwise your credibility goes down. this is an audience very politically mature. and they know the platform. by his head, does look like tha that. >> meghan: ideologically, this is a place where people like ted cruz have been rock stars and have very warm welcomes in their day. this one is going to be an indicator depending on who speaks and what the reception is if the conservative movement has truly and utterly become trump ism. if that is what it is, steve bannon comes from breitbart, so i am curious. >> harris: which man do they identify with? can they pull it together because they represent one white house? you cannot just have steve bannon verses -- this cannot be like the dinosaurs in the wild back of the. >> sandra: as we look at life pictures, we are awaiting reince preibus and steve bannon at cpac. i remind you we are also waiting for two people to step up and
9:56 am
speak down in mexico city as we reminded you at the top of the hour, secretary of state rex tillerson along with dhs secretary john kelly are expected to speak after meeting with the mexican president. we are going to have all this coming up. stay tuned, this is "outnumbered." we will be right back.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
judge alex joining us, all is great to have you here. so much more coming up on fox news, keep it right here, back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right no now. >> leland: fox news alert as more republican lawmakers are facing angry cards, angry constituents at their town halls across the country. >> jenna: right now, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is taking questions in kentucky, we are watching that and covering all of the news "happening now" ." geo president trump's top advisors take the stage at the conservative conference this hour, chief strategist stephen bannon making a rare appearance along with chief of staff reince preibus. plus secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security second john kelly in mexico right now, looking to calm tensions with our neighbors to the south after president trump's new crackdown on illegal immigrants. and a bird's-eye view from outer space as astronauts make a special delivery to the


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