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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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judge alex joining us, all is great to have you here. so much more coming up on fox news, keep it right here, back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right no now. >> leland: fox news alert as more republican lawmakers are facing angry cards, angry constituents at their town halls across the country. >> jenna: right now, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is taking questions in kentucky, we are watching that and covering all of the news "happening now" ." geo president trump's top advisors take the stage at the conservative conference this hour, chief strategist stephen bannon making a rare appearance along with chief of staff reince preibus. plus secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security second john kelly in mexico right now, looking to calm tensions with our neighbors to the south after president trump's new crackdown on illegal immigrants. and a bird's-eye view from outer space as astronauts make a special delivery to the international space station.
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it is all "happening now" ." ♪ >> leland: at 1:00 eastern, we are awaiting a large, secretary of state rex tillerson in mexico and also for remarks from two of president trump's top advisors peer this is where conservatives hold their annual conference, the cpac convention down in maryland, second hour of "happening now" busier than the first, i am leland vittert info jon scott. >> jenna: i am jenna lee. the president chief strategist steve bannon and chief of staff reince preibus both participating in an upcoming panel, you can see right there. sit down happening as rumors swirl about a contentious relationship between the two, but admittedly, those rumors have swirled for a long time including during the campaign. it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other. the president himself will speak at the conservative conference tomorrow, so a lot to watch
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there. associate editor for "the wall street journal," nsb mentioned, we have live news event we are waiting in mexico, so a lot going on this hour. appreciate your time. what are you going to be watching for when we see these two key players in the white house come together on this stage today? >> what do they say and how they make up and how they defined themselves as conservatives. the conservative political action conference where they are speaking is primarily made up of the social conservatives. trump did not even go to the meeting last year. they have a straw poll every year saying, who are you going to vote for for president? last year, ted cruz won by 40%, trump was a distant third at 15 15%. he is seen by this conference is not quite the conservative, more of a populist leader, and yet they realize that the best opportunity that they have now to advance the conservative agenda with both republican
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house and republican senate is with this man who is now president of the united states. they have not entirely got along in the past. >> jenna: very interesting as you point out, reince preibus head of the republican party, traditional republican if you will. steve bannon, preibus i don't know if he would appreciate the term republican as much as he would appreciate the term conservative. you can see their marriage inside the white house. there have been rumors about whether or not they have got along. what have you heard, what can you report to the viewers, how much effect do you think is behind the plate up hype of drama that quite frankly so many like in any white house? >> i think there's plenty of chirping and the white house at the moment not just between preibus and bannon, people with the president's ear, bannon particularly, but other players and with that same sort of chirping that got michael flynn in trouble, former national security advisor. it will be very interesting to hear bannon today. how much of a conservative is he, how much of a creature of
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the albright, which this particular conference does not necessarily embrace. it sees itself as more of a traditional conservative group. it looks at president trump and says, great on his porch against regulation, great on his pledge to lower taxes, not so great that in the past, he has supported abortion, and he supported gay rights but has a different you on that now, how do you reconcile all of that? what is bannon going to say? is he going to be sounding the nationalist, protectionist tone that he has helped engender with president trump, or is he going to take a more moderate role and sound more conservative? >> jenna: interesting as you are talking, i realize how little we have heard from steve bannon in his own words. he has been described from outsiders a myriad of different ways, so we encourage our viewers to stay with us so they can actually hear from him, but he things on certain issues.
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>> exactly, it's going to be one of the most interesting things about this conference. exactly right, we have not heard from him, he is not out front. kellyanne conway has claimed that role, priebus is playing that role on saturday and sunday talk shows. steve bannon is perhaps next to president trump may be the most important person in the white house, save his family because he is the ideological push behind president trump. he has been there in the writing of a lot of those executive orders. he now has a position on the national security council which a political figure had not had before. it will be fascinating to hear this person out in public articulating his views and the views of the president for the first time that i can remember. >> jenna: yet we hear time and time again that the president is his unmanned, makes his own decisions, sometimes does not share all of his opinions with his team and decides when he's going to announce her and things as well, very
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independent. that will be also very interesting to see not only steve bannon today but the president tomorrow. i would be remiss in not mentioning, and i want to keep up the life history of the cpac, but we have two other life events dimension, mitch mcconnell speaking to his local constituents in representing, if you welcome another story we are watching which is all these lawmakers from congress back in their home districts and getting some pushback on issues like obamacare, that is happening. at the same time, were also watching mexico to see rex tillerson, and our new secretary of state really stepped to the microphone for one of the first times in a foreign country and answer some questions from the press. perhaps on all sorts of issues. so these two events are happening at the same time, and they all flow back to the white house and what does the republican party look like today, what are the main issues that republicans are grappling with and how does that defined the party and the presidency really? in the weeks and months to come, what do you think rises to the surface of all this we are watching? >> is a republican party, conservative party, what do
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those terms mean today? is it a nationalist party, it has a nationalist president. is it a protectionist party. republicans have not been protectionist in the past. how do they reconcile the president's trade which are protectionist with the traditional views of conservatives, of republicans? i think a lot of these terms that have guided us in the past are not at all antiquated, but they are up for some redefinition. i think that we are going to see some of that redefinition happening in the days to come certainly, but also at this conference, the language that is used to articulate the worldview of the presidency and quite frankly, you are to point out the rex tillerson event, we have not heard from him either. this is a bit of a coming out for rex tillerson in a very difficult position of a fraught relationship between the united states and mexico which for the last couple decades has been a strong ally. >> jenna: it will be very interesting to watch. here we are talking about the
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limits of language as well as the importance of word choice. that sort of sums up the sensitive position of some of the topics we are talking about. great to have you, glad to see your perspective, we will be watching the live events. here we are looking at mexico city where we expect that secretary of state and secretary of department homeland security. >> leland: not ready as we continue to look at mexico city, fox news alert awaiting those remarks in mexico city. the press comments between secretary of state rex tillerson and his mexican counterpart was supposed to take place last hour. we were told by the pool that travels with the secretary of state that things ran a little bit long in that meeting. what to read into that if anything? rich edson live in mexico city with how this visit is going so far. hi, rich. >> good afternoon. boy are these two countries waiting to hear what these men have to say.
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they are putting out secretary of state rex tillerson's first bilateral trip to a foreign country, flooding out the importance of the relationship between the united states and mexico. the white house yesterday said the ties between the two countries are phenomenal. we have heard from the mexican government of late something a little different especially when it comes to the specifics about what the trump administration has put forward on the policy that potentially the united states could be dropping off and mexico nonmexico migrants into the country to leave that government of mexico to deal with peer to that, the mexican foreign minister said essentially that no country can dictate to mexico unilateral policy. on top of that, there is the history between president trump and president henrique pena nieto here in mexico. the mexican president was scheduled or going to schedule to come to the united states in visit washington and visit president trump, those two had a falling out. that trip was canceled because of the comments from president trump that the u.s. is going to build a border wall in mexico was going to pay for it.
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that remains an issue here. we have not really heard much from the u.s. about all of this ever since, of course, the statement that we got a few weeks ago that they have agreed to disagree. so there are an awful lot of issues that the two secretaries, secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary of homeland security john kelly meeting with their counterparts in mexico today. we expect them to come out within the next few minutes here and hopefully give us a little bit more into what that relationship holds. there is also issues on the trade front and a number of bilateral issues that that you are expected to discuss. leland, back to you. >> leland: a lot to talk about as they already have, rich edson live in mexico city, thank you. jenna? >> jenna: republican lawmakers are facing a sea of angry constituents at town halls this weekend, bill cassidy dealing with a raucous crowd yesterday in new orleans. >> that accomplishes the president's goals.
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[crowd shouting] >> jenna: constituents or attendees creating these issues confronting lawmakers about obamacare and the environment, et cetera. it is a long list, quite if you think they have issues with. >> very simple way to do it, you did it perfectly. what is interesting is that voter anger is what fueled the republican rise to power, not just for president donald trump but also they have the house in the senate and as you suggest, maybe now it is boomer ringing on republicans. largely about obamacare, one of the latest examples we see is senator tom cotton, the republican from arkansas. had a very contentious town hall last night, hundreds and hundreds of people turning out, many of them talking about obamacare, pushing back on the senator and suggested that the benefit to obamacare is so strong that they are concerned about republicans talking about repealing and replacing it, watch.
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>> everyone in this room has been hurt more than they've been helped. >> obamacare changed my life and saved it, senator. >> nobody here has not been affected by obamacare. >> yes, because it saved my life, senator. >> you hear that women say that obamacare saved my life, but there is a lot of skepticism among the president's supporters about whether or not these stories are true, whether people are reading groups at these town hall. look at this video of some of the recent protests around trump tower and elsewhere around the country, the president's supporters say look at the scripts being distributed, the fact that many of these signs have the service employees international union on it, they idea the left is hiring people to get out there and manufacture this anger, something that sean spicer said at the white house podium yesterday and it sounds similar to something from the obama days. >> i think some people are clearly upset, but there is a
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bit of a professional protester manufactured base in there. >> i think what you have seen is they have -- they have bragged about manufacturing to some degree that anger. >> robert gibbs back there in 2009 saying the anger was manufactured. that of course a reference to the tea party. remember the obama white house sort of underestimated the anger across the country. trump white house in washington should not make this a mistake. >> jenna: we will watch that, thank you. >> leland: right now, we are waiting for some rare public remarks. secretary of state john and mexico, but all eyes right now, national harbor maryland, chief strategist stephen bannon and white house chief of staff reince priebus expected to take the stage at cpac any minute. a fascinating conversation, lots to watch for, as important as what they say is how they say it. life from cpac when we come bac
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>> jenna: fox news alert, live look at mexico city where we are awaiting for secretary of state rex tillerson as well as his mexican counterpart who will speak soon. this is ahead of the secretaries and meeting with the mexican president and it is our understanding that the meeting has been for the last several hours and has produced some interesting thoughts on issues of the day. we are awaiting -- they are a little bit late which might tell us something about the meeting, but we are awaiting secretary of state rex tillerson to step to the microphone momentarily. when he does, we will take you back there. >> leland: in the meantime, fox news alert as tempers are flaring and protests erupting in california. this after an off-duty l.a.p.d. police officer clashed with a group of teens. hundreds now are protesting in the streets of anaheim just hours after video surfaced
10:18 am
showing the officer tussling with the teenagers before pulling his weapon and then firing it. there is video of that event as well. jonathan hunt and our west coast bureau with more on this. press, the little later, right? >> yes, later this afternoon. so far the video we have seen does not show the beginning of this incident, but according to police, it seems to have stemmed from the off-duty officer getting fed up with teens crossing his lawn. he then grabs one of them, accusing that tenet of threatening to shoot him. >> i did not see that, i didn't say that. [bleep]. >> get your hands off me then. >> students gather around them then to other teens charged due to my challenge then charge the officer, knocking him down here he gets up and we see clearly ae reaches into his waistband, pulls out a gun and fires it,
10:19 am
the teens scatter at that point, no one was hurt, police arrived a few minutes later. that video was widely viewed on social media yesterday and several hundred protesters then showed up outside the officers home last night, some windows were smashed nearby and around two dozen arrests were made. the anaheim police department says it is investigating the initial incident and in a statement on its facebook page said in part "the videos posted online do not depict the entire event. our job is to collect all of the facts and evidence to present the clearest and most accurate information to the district attorney's office as they make their decision on the filing of criminal charges." a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old were arrested after the initial altercation with the officer. the officer, by the way not part of the anaheim police department. he lives in anaheim but is actually an officer with the
10:20 am
l.a.p.d. the l.a.p.d. is also investigating that initial incident of why the gun was fired. >> leland: if we went anything in that press conference, we will go back to you, thank you, jonathan. >> jenna: democrats are slamming president trump after his new planter crackdown on illegal immigration peer by others say this problem started long before president trump took office. we are going to discuss that ahead. also waiting to hear from two top advisors to president trump this hour, chief white house strategist stephen bannon and the chief of staff reince priebus at the annual conservative political action conference in maryland. we will bring you their life when they start to speak. we will be right back with more.
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>> leland: we are awaiting a joint news conference at this hour, secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security chief john kelly are in mexico for a meeting with that country's president. rex tillerson and the mexican foreign minister are expected to speak at any moment. they were expected about an hour ago but evidently their meeting before the press conference ran a little long. read into that what you will. this all comes after president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. mexico's foreign minister slammed the white house plan. others say the problems started a long time before the trump administration. >> donald trump did inherit a mess when it comes to immigration. i was one of the people who raised my hand earlier that i am disgusted with how this presidency is going, but i was disgusted with how president obama's presidency went on this topic as well. he betrayed us. he betrayed us to the tune of 2.8 million deportations. immigrants have already been betrayed by one presidency.
10:25 am
and what donald trump did today by offering daca kids today was a good thing, a very good thing. i applaud him for it. >> leland: that was pablo manriquez, former dnc official speaking at the first 100 days town hall with martha maccallum earlier this week. also with us, all by rick salazar, egger at mega, former telemundo anger, great to see both of you, thank you very muc. big picture here, as we look at what has come out in the past 38 or so days, 40 days of the trump administration, we see rex tillerson in mexico. what is mexico's next move here, do you think? >> mexico has the same problem we have when it comes to immigration, and that is one of the things many of the audience should really know is that mexico controls the flow of immigrants coming into this
10:26 am
country. the majority of the people that are knocking on the wall or on the border are not mexicans pair they are central americans. and i said that at the town hall meeting. the big problem is the majority of people coming into the united states are from el salvador, guatemala, and honduras, and i have to go through mexico, so it is very important for us to really smooth things out with the mexicans because they controlled the southern border. and they do not want to have hundreds of thousands of people in a humanitarian crisis that could erupt if we are going to be deporting them back to mexico. many of the people we are going to be departing with this new executive order and the new guidelines from homeland security. >> leland: pablo, we know you are against the wall and this extra enforcement and the current trump admonition plan to deport people who have already been suspected of committing to crimes, first one being here illegally than the second one is the crime they committed. would you be okay with her plan,
10:27 am
rather than us paying or mexicans paying to build a wall on the u.s. border, should they build a wall on their southern border and stop the flow from honduras in nicaragua and el salvador, then you would be okay with it? >> i think the point here is that walls, no matter what -- first of all, mexico is not going to pay for the wall, they already said that. american people are going to pay for the while, in is that what we really want to pay for right now? people and town halls are good. do not complain about healthcare and other things. >> leland: 80% say they do not like the idea of a sanctuary city, either. there are a lot of issues with immigration as well. >> that is true but in the case of chicago for example, the chicago public school system said they would not honor i.c.e. people, the immigrations and customs enforcement agents coming into their schools and taking kids out without a warrant. we are getting to the point
10:28 am
where we are attacking century cities, but now we have to create things like sink spray schools, century universities. >> why don't we go back to mexico? >> it is turning into a war on hispanics. >> leland: hold on, i want you to respond to that. from your perspective, is president trump declaring "war on hispanics?" that is both serious, incendiary and a large charge. is this a war on hispanics? >> for me? i am sorry, i thought you were talking to pablo. some people feel that way. >> leland: i guess do you feel that way? >> no, i feel very much torn. 30% of hispanics voted for mr. trump, 60% of cuban-americans floated for him because they would like to see some order when it comes to immigration. but i believe that order comes with a comprehensive immigration reform law, not necessarily doing immigration topics through executive order.
10:29 am
>> i agree. >> yes, we could solve all these problems and have the best relations with our mexican neighbor, like i said, our third most important business partner in the world. it controls the people that come in here. we could do two things come immigration reform law number one, number two, go to nicaragua, guatemala, talk to them. mr. trump is a coalition builder. he knows how to deal with different cultural sensitivities. that he can sit with the three presidents and say, hey, guys, let's put our house in order. let me help you not export people. those countries, guatemala, endurance, el salvador would love to talk to him. just like right now, mexicans would love to talk to rex tillerson. >> leland: have not seen quite yet how much trump admonition has an appetite for foreign aid -- pablo, you have 15 seconds. >> i'm going to tell you, $280 million is all we are giving them.
10:30 am
that is a tiny little piece of money to prevent people, this countries exporting people to the united states, very little of what we are giving. >> leland: yet 15 seconds, go ahead. >> i want to make sure i am not taken out of context. i think present obama is going to go down as one of the best presidents in u.s. history, but for hispanics and immigration, he spent a failure. president trump's entire presidency so far has been an american failure -- >> leland: by your own words, you said is an entire failure but you liked what he did with this before and dreamers. >> as hispanics, we need to do better than getting a morsel of a morsel. daca was a morsel of compassion. >> that is why we are here. >> leland: a lot of people we disagree, 30% of hispanics voted for mr. trump primarily because of his views on immigration. thank you, guys. all right.
10:31 am
screen left now, we have the press conference we are still awaiting with rex tillerson. we will see if that is as contentious at that press conference as it is during the conversation we just had. i suspect not. >> jenna: we will see. we have no idea really what to expect now as we have been awaiting secretary tillerson and his mexican counterpart for a a while. we will bring you back their life what happens. in the meantime, we will be right back with more "happening now" "
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>> jenna: fox news alert, back to mexico city life where we are watching a news conference to take place between our secretary of state rex tillerson and his mexican counterpart who you are seeing on your screen there. he is the foreign minister, and his name is luis videgaray. he is speaking on what has transpired the last several hours which has been a meeting taking place between the two. we should also mention secretary kelly, department of homeland security kelly is also in mexico city, and they will all be meeting with the president in mexico shortly paired let's listen here to the translation that also go to hear from secretary tillerson momentarily. >> they participated first of all, we would like to express that and this visit, we are really honored and really thankful because it has taken place in a very key moment for e united states. as you know, there is a concern among mexicans about what has
10:34 am
been perceived as policies that might be harmful for mexicans and for the mexican industry. i would like to say that this is the first meeting that we have with our counterparts. have had by bilateral intermediary meetings, but this is the first we've had as a group. these have been done after a few weeks of the administration and the position taken by rex tillerson and secretary kelly. for the united states, it is important to have their relationship with mexico and as for the mexican government, it is highly important for this relationship of the united states, and we would really like to think secretary tells in secretary kelly, their attendance, their presence here in mexico and a moment where we have notorious
10:35 am
differences, the best way to solve them is through dialogue. honest dialogue, clear dialogue that finally can take place between two nations that have a deep bond and brings us friendship, closeness, and of course, the high society and north america. we have had space to dialogue on different topics of the agenda. i acknowledge that this is a long-term process, that it won't be necessarily simple what we are taking into the proper direction. today, we took some steps toward this direction. we have coincided on some issues and the first one is the need to continue working on continuing
10:36 am
our dialogue and continue exchanging points of view so as to achieve agreement. for mexico, we have mentioned this and have expressed this to the secretary of state and secretary of homeland security from the united states, dialogue shows that the united states must have a comprehensive approach. this is to say and has to enclose all topics. this is why it is really important to have the presence of the secretary of state. the secretary of state has the faculties and power to see that a conference of approach to the relations between the foreign ministry would be the main access for articulating this
10:37 am
dialogue. a dialogue that will include topics including migration, security, and of course trade. this last topic has not been touched yet, but we are planning to start it in the future months as we have explained. i would like to focus on the migration because we have expressed to both secretaries rex tillerson and kelly first of all our concern, concern to rest the rights of mexicans living in the united states. more specifically, human rights, and we have listened to deep conversation from secretary tillerson and kelly and very positive situation that we will face this topic with mechanics
10:38 am
and dialogue that will continue growing between both of us. we have also talked about the legal impossibility of a government to take decisions that will affect another government in a unilateral fashion. therefore, there is the need for these types of decisions that undoubtedly expect both countries would be a full agreement and dialogue. in these fundamental principles, we coincide. i would also like to mention a very significant coincidence that concerns central america. for all of us, the immigration phenomenon is completely different.
10:39 am
mexico has not been the source of migratory people, they are a transit country. main countrieso america are el salvador, honduras, guatemala, the mexican government seeks a shared approach, an approach that not only will help migration and cover the different issues of the migrants, and we have agreed that in the next month, we will summon forth the meeting together with mexico and the united states, we will invite all of their countries and their regions such as canada, colombia and other countries from central america so as to hold a very
10:40 am
constructive dialogue with responsibility, understanding that through the development of stability whether we can solve the different causes of migration. it will be a long way to go to build agreement with the united states, but today, we have taken a good step. differences between mexico and the united states are still there, and we must work to reach agreements that will serve both interests. to overcome the aggressions, to overcome the negative feelings that are prevailing nowadays, more than words would be the facts. today, we have traced through
10:41 am
different facts and actions that will consolidate the relationship between mexico and the united states and joint work and reliable friendship and relationship. thank you very much and welcome again to mexico. thank you, now we will invite second tillerson. >> as i shared with others since my arrival, i am delighted to be in mexico city. i am particularly pleased that secretary kelly has traveled with me so that we can have very comprehensive discussions of issues of great 8 importance between our two countries. as i shared with others, i am a native texan. i was born in texas and spent almost all of my life living in texas, so mexico for all of my life has been a very close neighbor. i have a great affection for the mexican people.
10:42 am
so i am really pleased to be here. we have just concluded very productive meetings last night and this morning with our counterparts, secretary of government rosario, secretary of foreign relations, luis videgaray, secretary of national defense, secretary of the navy, admiral, and circuitry of finance and public credit. during the course of our meeting, we discussed the breadth of challenges in the u.s. and mexico relationship. although our two nations share a long history, our visit was forward-looking, focusing on common interests that would advantage security and economic well-being. in our meetings, we jointly acknowledged that in a relationship filled with vibrant colors, too strong sovereign countries from time to time will have differences. we listened closely and
10:43 am
carefully to each other as we respectfully and patiently raised our respective concerns. our conversations covered the full range of bilateral issues. we reaffirmed our close cooperation on economic and commercial issues such as energy, legal migration, security, educational exchanges, and people to people ties. we agree that our two countries should seize the opportunity to modernize and strengthen our trade and energy relationship. we also reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order among our shared border by stopping potential terrorists and dismantling the transnational criminal networks moving drugs and people into the united states. similarly, we understand and underscore the stopping of illegal firearms and bulk cash that is originating in the united states and flowing into mexico. there is no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both
10:44 am
sides of our border. we recognize the existing u.s.-mexican cooperation to curtail irregular migration, both by securing mexico's southern border and by supporting efforts of guatemala, honduras, and el salvador through the alliance for prosperity to reduce violence and stimulate economic opportunity in the region. on this issue, we discussed the importance of fair treatment of all of those in this transit. finally, we universally agreed on the importance of strengthening existing institutional mechanisms. their meetings where the continuation of a purposeful and productive exchange that is setting our two countries down a pathway to greater security and long-term prosperity. we look forward to further meetings, perhaps in washington, d.c., to continue to progress are important discussions on these issues.
10:45 am
both secretary kelly and i look forward to and are honored by the opportunity to meet with president pena nieto. [speaking spanish] >> secretary kelly and if you have time, can you please come to the podium so you can address some birds. >> good afternoon second tillerson and kelly, i represent the media. undoubtedly, it has been a very significant meeting as mr. luis videgaray mentioned. as we have mentioned, and the last year, mexico and the united states have shared the purpose of building up the most prosperous and safe region for
10:46 am
all of their people. the understanding and mutual respect has been the foundation on which cooperation and relationship has been built that has proven to be essential to both countries from the point of view of the security and immigration flow, these relationships have been strategically this is why today we have expressed to the representatives of the united states the need of building up dialogue that will allow us to have united states working. we have already stated that we could not agree on the different measures that were stated by the government of the united states that have an immediate -- that will effect mexico.
10:47 am
we have expressed our concern on the increase of deportation and the possibility of citizens of other countries that could be returned or sent back to our territory so they can add weight extradition. we have asked that all actions, safety issues are migration go beyond borders. therefore, we have to get to a consensus as much as possible. the government of mexico has considered coordination of the different mexican business cooperation and staffs and we need a permanent dialogue that will set the needs of both countries. in this regard, we are in need of maintaining the teams in an ordered fashion as to guarantee
10:48 am
the human rights of all of mexicans your country. likewise, it is highly important to continue the close relationship with all of the countries of central america to build up collaboration that can help us to have a good regional development strategy. on this issue and approach, we also review the systems that have allowed organized crime, terrorism and we have expressed the need to strengthen the exchange of intelligence as well as to continue with actions to stop the flow of weapons and money coming from the states so as to hinder the possibility of groups causing great harm to our populations. expressing the needs of the mexicans regarding safety, we
10:49 am
also found some coincidences of strengthening the cooperation between both nations. for these corporations to be possible and for both countries to benefit from this, it is necessary to create a better understanding with both nations. mexico needs the united states, and the united states needs mexico. our nations will always be neighbors, therefore the most convenient thing is to have things worked equally on both ends based on respect that both countries deserve. and history has already shown that is the best way to go. thank you very much, mr. secretary, now we will invite mr. kelly.
10:50 am
[speaking spanish] >> i always enjoy returning to a place of friendship. the relationship between the united states and mexico is among, i believe, the most critical of the world. not only are we connected by 1900 miles of border, we are also connected by trade, culture, history, and a commitment to democracy. >> jenna: kateri kelly kelly, deferment of homeland security kateri speaking in mexico city but we have to run from this event and we will continue to watch what is happening in mexico city. in the meantime, we will go back to maryland to cpac where to top advisors for president trump have taken the stage. we're going to show you that live, reince priebus and stephen bannon, steve bennett rarely making appearances publicly to speak about strategy or relationships or anything inside the white house. this will be a very interesting conversation, to listen to and we will do that now. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you.
10:51 am
on that front, i also think it is a perfect moment to say thank you to all of you for helping us elected what will be one of the greatest presidents that ever served this country. and it is because of your work that he made it happen. >> i want to thank you for finally inviting me to cpac. [laughter] speak about was the name? >> "the uninvited." many alumni in the audience. >> i did not like the uninvited. here's what we decided to do at cpac with the uninvited. we decided to say that everybody is a part of our conservative base. that is what donald trump has done to so many of us around the country politically. you guys have put together an amazing operation. i know you all know this, but the last time a president came to cpac and his first year, it was ronald reagan, saint ronald
10:52 am
in 1981. you have put together -- the president has put together the most conservative cabinet we have ever seen according to our cpac ratings. i think a few of us are pretty happy about what looks like it's going to happen on the supreme court, too. let me ask you to two, i'm lookg in the back of the room as well, let me see -- because >> is that the opposition party? [laughter] >> let me ask you to, we read a lot about you too. >> it is all good. >> i bet not all of it is accurate. i bet there are some think that do not get written correctly. let me ask each one of you, what is the biggest misconception about what is going on in the donald trump white house? >> in regards to us, i think the biggest misconception is
10:53 am
everything that you are reading. we share an office suite together. we are basically together from 6:30 in the morning until about 11:00 at night. >> i have a little thing called the war room, he has a thing called a fireplace, nice sofas. >> it is actually something that you all have helped build which is when you bring together, and with this election shows and what president trump showed. let's not kid ourselves. i can talk about data and ground game and steve can talk about big ideas, but the truth of the matter is donald trump, president trump brought together the party and the conservative movement, and i've got to tell you, if the party and the conservative movement are together, similar to steve and i come it cannot be stopped. president trump was the one guy,
10:54 am
he was the one person, and i can say it after overseeing 16 people kill each other. it was donald trump that was able to bring this party and these people together. steve and i know that, we live it every day. our job is to get the agenda of president trump through the door and on pen to paper. >> since august 16th, look at the opposition party, how they portrayed the campaign, how they've portrayed the transition and now the administration, it is always wrong. on the very first day that kellyanne conway and i started, we reached out to sean spicer, it is the same team that every day was grinding away on the campaign, same team that did the translation, and if you remember, the campaign was the most chaotic by the media's description, most disorganized, most unprofessional, had no idea what they were doing, then you saw them all crying and weeping that night.
10:55 am
and the reason it worked, the reason it works is president trump. trump had those ideas come had that energy, had that vision that could galvanize the team around him of disparate -- look, we are a coalition. a lot of people think i have strong beliefs about different things but we understand you can come together to win. we understood that from august 15th. we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt he was going to win. i think that is the power of this movement. >> on top of that, furthermore, president trump laid out his vision for five years ago here at cpac. it was that vision. there's nothing different. if you go back and watch the tape of president trump four or five years ago, that was the trump agenda. one of the things i used to say all the time, governor walker and everyone gets sick of me saying it, but i think president trump found it which is what this country, what all
10:56 am
of us were starving for the whole time because we are so sick of politics and politicians in spite of the fact that we loved being here, we hate politics. but what we were starving for was somebody real, somebody genuine, somebody that was actually who he said he was. the media attacked us on the campaign. they attacked me come you cannot spend money on trump come he will give it to the senate, attacked us on the transition good president trump put in the best cabinet and history of cabinets, i think. now these ridiculous stories, and all we do every day and all president trump does every day is hit his agenda every single day. whether it is tpp, whether it is deregulation, whether it is neil gorsuch, whatever it is, his promise is coming through every day. >> he's even leaving bathrooms alone, that is a refreshing thing for a lot of people as well. >> at the state issues.
10:57 am
>> going back to the point that reince made, president trump when he was running -- this is the other thing that the mainstream media or opposition party never caught. if you want to see the trump agenda, it is very simple. it was all and the speeches pretty went around to these rallies and speeches had a tremendous amount of content in them. i happen to believe that he is probably the greatest public speaker in those large arenas since wayne jennings bryan. and remember, we didn't have any hillary quinton had over $2 billion, we had a couple million, it was those rallies and speeches. all he is doing right now is laying out a agenda with those speeches in the policies he made and our job every day is to execute on that. it is sickly to get a path to help those get executed p is maniacally focused on that. that is one of the powers of the transition where many, many people tried to come in and convince president trump, hey, you wanted this, this is what you want to do, and he said, i
10:58 am
promised the american people this, this is the plan we're going to execute. by the way, that is what you have seen, these executive orders, supreme court, the way he has gone through, and by the way, the 102 judges that were going to be picked, it is methodical p or that was with the mainstream media will not report just like they were dead wrong on the campaign, dead wrong in the chaos of the transition, they are absolutely dead wrong about what's going on today because we have a team that is just grinding it through on what president donald trump promised the american people in the nation has to understand something paired all those promises are going to be implemented. >> that is awesome. steve, you're a really likable guy. you should do this more often. >> he is not so bad. >> what a 30 days of action paid you guys have touched on some of that action appeared each one of you, tell me the one or two things that have happened the last 30 days that you think are
10:59 am
the most critical and what is the one thing, like you said, maniacally focused, that has got to happen early in the administration to really turn this country around? start first with the first 30 days, what is the focus after that? >> there is a lot that has happened in the first 30 days. you look at the world order, some of the things going on that i think will be dealt with soon. the first thing i think is neil gorsuch. for a couple things. number one, we are not talking about a change over a four year period. we are talking about a change of potentially 40 years of law, number one. but more important than that, it established trust. it established that president trump is a man of his word. we always knew that, but when he said here are 20 names and a piece of paper back in july,
11:00 am
remember? he said i'm going to pick my judged out of these 20 people that are on this piece of paper. he did it. that is number one. because neil gorsuch represents a conservative, represents the type of judge that has the vision of donald trump and will fulfill and second thing, deregulation. what hasn't been talked about a lot, president trump signed an order that puts in place a constant deregulatory form for the government. for every regulation presented for passage, that cabinet secretary has to find two to eliminate. that is a big deal. [applause] and lastly immigration. immigration, protecting the sovereignty of the united states. putting a wall on the southern border, making sure are that criminals are n


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