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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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now. keep it here on the fox news channel for complete coverage. the best coverage you'll find anywhere in fact, this is a moment for the president. this is a moment for any president. we'll see how it goes. i'm bill hemmer. here's shep in d.c. as well. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. where president trump is getting ready to address his first joint session of congress. we talk of the opportunities ahead. president trump says he will talk about the promises he kept and what remains to be done including with the u.s. military and immigration. a preview of the speech and the democrat's response. and russia's interference in america's election. paul ryan now promising a bipartisan investigation. what about calls for a special prosecutor? and looking into leaks. the white house is calling for criminal charges.
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judge napolitano says probably not. let's get to it. good afternoon from the u.s. capitol. just hours from now, president trump will deliver his first address to a joint session of the u.s. congress. his advisors are calling it the biggest speech yet. we're hearing from mitch mcconnell that republicans will not rubber stamp his putting. republicans tonight have a plan for healthcare. that contradicts what the president told "fox and friends" awhile ago. he said "we have a great plan". >> healthcare is a very complex subject. if you do this, it affects nine different things. if you do that, it affects 15 things. we have a great plan and congress is taking a lot of blame. it's only been here four weeks.
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somebody said he hasn't done healthcare. they've been working on healthcare for 30 years. all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. we have a really terrific, i believe, healthcare plan coming out. we have to understand obamacare has been a disaster. it's way out of control. doesn't work. we're coming out with a healthcare plan that i think will be terrific, very inclusive and it's going to do what people are wanting it to do. i'll be talking about that, talking about the military, talking about the border. remember this, on the border, and throughout our country, we're getting the bad ones out, the bad people. gang members, drug lords, in some cases murderers. >> shepard: more on that subject. bret baier now reports. president trump may push for an immigration pill that would include a pathway for citizenship, this is brand new. a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
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this just happened inside an anchor luncheon in the white house. in the "fox and friends" interview, the president gave himself a report card. >> in terms of achievement, i'd give myself an a. i and my people. i don't think we've explain it well enough to the american public. i think i get an a in terms of what i've done. in terms of messaging, i'd give myself a c or c plus. >> the president says it's not the substance but the message. he can't communicate his wild successes to the american people. if that is the case, tonight is his chance to change it. his advisors say he will talk about progress including his efforts to secure the southern border, bring back jobs and repeal and repeal the affordable
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care act. some republicans are asking the president to still to policy in tonight's speech. they say they want him to set aside his campaign-style distractions, the fights with the media and the railing on the intelligence community, much of which has centered over russia. the senate intelligence hearing is -- is holding a hearing. susan collins is speaking next door to us. the nominee for national intelligence director is facing some tough questions really about the possible trump team's ties to russia and their involvement in the presidential election. multi-committees investigate the russia contacts, one congressman is calling for an independent investigator to take over the whole thing. first, we go to john roberts who is live at the white house. hi, john. >> shep, good afternoon. let's go back to the breaking
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news. this came out of a luncheon that the president had with the anchors including bret baier. he may make a push for an immigration bill. we don't know what the context of this is, whether it would be comprehensive immigration reform as the gang of eight tried a few years ago. if it would be something less than that. we're told the president is considering a couple of things. this would be contrary to the popul popular belief that he wants to deport everybody. he may have an open path for legal status and potentially a pass for citizenship for the so-called dreamers. those are people covered by daca, the deferred action on childhood arrival ball. the obama era rule that many conservatives cannot stand. the president has promised he will do something about daca. but this is quite a surprise. the president believes that
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congress is in a position now where it can tackle immigration reform. we'll see what he has to say later on tonight. >> shepard: he's proposed cutting 37% of the budget for the state department. we heard from republicans that say this is a nonstarter. >> mitch mcconnell has warned about that. you can eliminate the entire department of state and the epa and only come up with $46 billion, which would leave you about $8 billion shy of his target. he's going to have to look at cuts across the board. the president suggesting that he may be able to make up some of that money by growing the economy. a lot of what he will be talking about tonight in this speech will be about growing the economy. he's going to be talking to members of congress but wants to reach out to everyone in america, particularly the middle class and people that are struggling in poorer communities to say stick with me, stick with my plans.
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i'll make life better through regulatory reform, tax reform, give you something to repeal and replate obamacare that you'll be able to afforce. i'll bring manufacturing jobs back and i'll cut trade deals that will put the united states on a more level playing field than it has been in the future. the president when talking about this increase in military spending saying it's $54 billion. told fox and friends this morning, it could be easily be more than that. listen. >> a lot of people think it's a tremendous amount of money. it could be actually $30 billion more than that. we're going to upgrade our military substantially. i'm also going to get involved in negotiating. >> get involved in negotiating. the president has done that talking with the chairman and ceos of lockheed and boeing off the huge price tag that comes with the f-35 striker program and the replacement for the fleet of 747s that make up air
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force one, shep. >> shepard: you mentioned chris wallace with the president and some other network anchors. this matter of immigration, there's news here, right? >> absolutely. let me put this in a context. i would say it was a kinder, gentler donald trump that we sa talked about when he discussed his speech was the idea of unity. reaching out to democrats and talking about areas where both sides can work together. it was in this context that a senior administration official said that the president thinks the time is right for immigration reform. that came as a surprise. the president apparently feels not necessarily that he's going to mentioned it in his speech, although he may, but this clearly would be something that he would be reaching out to democrats on. you asked about comprehensive immigration reform. yeah, again, according to the senior administration officials,
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he's talking about something that would appeal to the right and to the left. obviously from the right's point of view, tougher enforcement, tougher deportations, although i will say when it comes to people that are criminals. violent criminals. the president said people that are abiding by the law in this country, pay their taxes, work, don't have -- haven't created problems other than coming in illegally, would have no problems and it was in that context he talked about the possibility of a comprehensive immigration reform plan that would include a path to legalization. not citizenship. the president reportedly feels that people that have been waiting online and doing it the right way, the people that broke the law shouldn't jump the line but there would be a path to legalization. he's not thinking about deporting those folks and the dreamers will be fine. so this clearly is an olive branch that he's going to be
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extending, whether it's in the course of the speech tonight or in coming days to democrats to say there are areas of cooperation here. >> this isn't just an olive branch. this is a break from everything we've heard throughout. is this to say that the woman when has been cleaning houses in new york city for the past ten years or the man working in the fields in south florida and southwest florida for the last ten years and is now worried that he or she may have to go back home or be deported for walking around, are those fears now set aside? are those people going to be fine? there's millions that would like a straight answer to that. >> i'm not in a position to give the straight answer. >> shepard: that's what he just said. you were in the meeting. is that what he said? >> the senior administration officials gave the implication -- >> shepard: so they're giving us anonymous sources after railing on using anonymous sources.
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that's hilarious. >> don't shoot the messenger. >> shepard: those anonymous ones are awesome. >> well, there you go. >> shepard: go ahead. what did today's anonymous source say? >> i know how much you like it here. >> shepard: i love it here. >> the clear implication is the people that have not broken laws are going to be fine. the president has given no thought at all to deporting them -- >> shepard: that sounds like where we were a year ago, two years ago. that's no change. that's how things have been for years. you let them in the country, they do work, americans don't want to do. as long as you act right and don't break the laws, you're good to go. that's how it's been. what is the difference? nothing. >> shepard: certainly different than what he said on the campaign trail. >> so many things are. he said there's needs to be a softening on both sides, a
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compromise on both sides. you have to remember, donald trump always talked about this in terms of a negotiation. staking out positions. and then negotiating down. so perhaps -- look, i don't want to get too far ahead of what we know. i don't want to get far ahead of what we know. perhaps the hard line was an open negotiating position and yes, he's not going to back off at all in terms of getting criminals out and more aggressive than barack obama has been on that front. when it comes to law-abiding citizens after they broke the law to come in to the country, yeah, there's a softening. >> shepard: the fake news enemy people, were that there and was there conflict or was it nice? >> no. as i said, it was -- yes, the answer was everybody from all of the major networks including some he's accused of being fake news, they were all there. it was an utterly companionable
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and hospitable and warm and intentioned -- people were trying to get news. >> shepard: of course. >> find out what is on the president's mind. there were no fireworks. i thought to myself, if people could see this president, who is different in private than -- >> shepard: i know he is. that's not what he wants people to see. he wants people to think there's a major war on news. when you're with him, it's all good. on tv, he vilifies you when you're doing something wrong when you're doing everything right. that's annoying. >> i have to say, he's never done that with me. i pushed back as hard as anybody about the enemy of the people. let's take yes for an answer. we were there for an hour with the president. we asked him questions. he answered them. it was about seeking and his
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dispensing information. i got a much better sense -- i have a feeling -- maybe i'm wrong. maybe i'm -- i can't help but think that perhaps you're going to see this tone in his speech tonight. >> shepard: the news continues after this. thanks, chris. on in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know.
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>> shepard: the senate intelligence committee holding a confirmation hearing for president trump's director of national intelligence nominee, the former republican senator, dan coates of indiana.
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a live look where they're grilling him on a host of national security issues, including russia. the senate and house intelligence committees have launched separate investigations to russia's interference in america's election. the fbi is also investigating. democrats are calling for an independent investigation with a special prosecutor to lead the effort. some republicans are pushing back, including paul ryan. >> we have been doing an investigation. we have a bipartisan investigation through the house intelligence committee. i'm not going to get ahead of the investigation right now, but so you know, this has been investigated, we've been investigating it and will continue -- >> shepard: democrats say it's not enough. joseph crowley of new york said the russia matter requires an independent investigation similar to the 9-11 investigation. >> the american people know
12:18 pm
there's a lot of smoke here. they expect an investigation because it goes to the core of the democratic institutions. whether or not we can have faith in the process. other countries are looking at us and questioning whether they can have faith in this process. >> shepard: congressman crowley wants to know the extend of trump's business ties with russia. his tax returns might answer that question. the congressman wants them released the president has refused. house officials say russian hackers targeted the campaign in order to help donald trump. it's been alleged that donald trump had contact with russian officials during the campaign. mike flynn spoke with the russian ambassador. the president has not answered question about his campaign's contacts specifically.
12:19 pm
were promised made? did general mike flynn lie to the fbi? transcripts are ready and available. democrats want them published. the question is, did paul manfort have direct contact with the russians? do the russians have information or videotape that compromises the president of the united states or his team? will congressional investigator pros deuce answers? well, leaders say they're focusing on not on the substance but on the leaks. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with more. >> we're about an hour and a bit into this hearing. democrating and republicans expect to have a straight shooter and follow the facts wherever they lead and to speak truth to power, especially to
12:20 pm
president trump. here's senator warner. >> my intention that this investigation will remain bipartisan and seek to be as transparent as possible and remain free of any political consideration or interference, including interference from the white house. >> a short time ago, the former senator was asked to list his top five threats as he would see it to the united states and national security. number 3 on that list was russia. he said that country is showing a new assertiveness. >> russia's assertiveness in global affairs is something i look upon with grave concern. which we need to address with eyes wide open and a healthy degree of skepticism. >> it's also worth noting that republicans and democrats press senator coates on whether he would make available to the committee the underlying data in
12:21 pm
the investigation and leave nothing to chance. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. we'll talk about how special prosecutors can make things easier for republicans. that's next live from capitol hill. the future of business in new york state is already in motion. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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12:25 pm
i don't think i should talk about that. >> shepard: but when one is involved and whoever the target is, hits or her side, is worried that they may go on a fishing expedition and you look for things, you can find them. that's always the argument if you're a target. >> right. you're seeing people like darrell issa walk back. we saw this with sean spicer yesterday. said what would a special prosecutor do. >> shepard: a special prosecutor would investigate the russians' interference in the united states election. maybe the special prosecutor could got to the bottom of the questions we. have for instance, were promises made. did general flynn lie. this is easy to know. there's transcripts. will the transcripts be made public? why not be made public? do the people not have a right to know in further, did trump campaign manager paul manifort
12:26 pm
have direct contact with the russians? what was with the $12 million? these are questions to the american public deserve answers. >> you're right. you brought up the president's tax records. we'd love to see those. the joke is the irs should release them. >> shepard: and the question is, do you have financial ties with russia that allow russia to act as a puppet? >> absolutely. >> shepard: we're not saying they do. if your taxes are made available, we'll know. of couah, you do. we'll know one way or the other. it's an easy fix. this audit excuse is bogus. >> it is. >> shepard: it's not a real thing. >> i agree. >> shepard: that's not a matter of opinion. you can release it if you're under audit. we're not even sure he is. >> the irs has not said. >> shepard: the special prosecutor, if they were to do it, the republicans -- because near in the lead, they would have to approve such a thing, right? >> they would. it would be hard for them to run
12:27 pm
for re-election if they voted against it. >> shepard: so those up for re-election in areas where the vote is split, some of those might be the ones to break free, especially in the president's disapproval remains at historic highs. >> the real clear politics average, he has yet to be positive. you can bet senators like jeff blake, even ted cruz who might be in trouble might be watching this. >> jeff flake was an early one of open and real investigation. >> absolutely. he has to run for re-election. he was against trump in the primary. >> shepard: where do you see this going? what is the buzz around here? >> that's a great question. the problem is, we don't know. a lot of the questions you brought up, nobody has answers to. the white house has been so quiet. they're not being given specific talking points, to people who will be on tv defending them. that's why you can see everybody
12:28 pm
being so careful. >> shepard: when all you get to specific questions is a dodge, you keep asking the questions. >> exactly. >> shepard: if you keep getting a dodge, that's complicating. >> yeah. making it tougher on republicans. some of whom would like to be defending the president. they need the help of the white house. >> shepard: they need to know the truth. >> yes. >> shepard: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: president trump talking about the white house hunt for leakers. the white house is making this investigation not about the substance, the questions about russia, general flynn and paul manifort and the tax returns, they want this to be about the leaks. the information that allowed us to know this is going on in the first place. a top trump official says that sean spicer demanded two dozen staffers hand over their cell phones so that investigators could look for leaks. in other words, do you have an app that will encrypt a message? maybe you've been sending things out. president trump spoke about spicer's tactics on "fox and
12:29 pm
friends." >> i would have done it differently, gone one-on-one and we don't have a major leak process here. we have a major leak process in government. i would have handled it differently than sean. sean handles it his way and i'm okay with it. >> shepard: president trump said he thinks president obama and holdovers from his administration are doing some of the leaking. in other words, providing the information about what is happening inside our government. president trump has called it criminal and said he asks the justice department to investigation. criminal? judge andrew napolitano is here. i think they call themselves whistle-blowers, judge. >> a good way to describe them, shep. two categories of leaks here that the president is complaining about. you've summarized them nicely. leaks from the intelligence community alleged behavior dee need by the president in a moscow hotel room.
12:30 pm
partial transcripts of general flynn's conversations with a russian ambassador that have not been leaked but people in the beltway have seen. these types of leaks are criminal because they do release national security protected top secret information. leaks in the white house talks to reporter in white house may be a pain in the neck in the president, may not like what are whispered in the halls and revealed to the press but that is not criminal and very little that the president can do about it because that's the stock and trade of reporters and people in the white house. you leak information to a favored reporter and the favored reporter puts spin on it to make you the leaker or the president for whom you work look well. that's the way d.c. has been
12:31 pm
operating since thomas jefferson was there. >> shepard: and the idea is to curry favor. >> yes. >> shepard: and further on the part of some, to let people know what is actually happening in the halls of government. >> the first amendment has been interpreted by the courts uniformly. there's no dissent in this, to articulate the press as the eyes and ears of the american public. all presidents up to the present one have articulated and recognized the value of the press to challenge them and keep them transparent. you can argue the press drove richard nixon to resignation but the revelation of truth is the task that the press performs and the good that it delivers to the american public so the american public has the facts on which to judge and evaluate the people that run the government. >> shepard: so the ones that are speaking to journalists inside the white house, whispering truths, that's not prosecutable
12:32 pm
at all. >> absolutely. may be a pain in the neck to him but not prosecutable. what might be prosecutable is seizing cell phones. i understand that the cell phones were voluntarily turned over. i understand that some people signed waivers. you can look at my cell phone whenever you want. without the volunteering and without the waiver, the fourth amendment prevents the government from taking anybody's cell phone, even people that work for the government. >> shepard: can't wait for the day somebody sells hand me your cell phone. >> they won't say that to you, shep. >> shepard: that will be the last day of something. i'm not sure what. the last day. great to see you, judge. >> a pleasure. >> shepard: more than 100 retired generals and admirals have sent a letter to congress. they signed it. they're asking lawmakers to avoid draft expending cuts for the state department because the state department is the one that makes nice with countries all over the world, that sets the stage for diplomacy.
12:33 pm
it's among the most important things our government does. america needs diplomacy as much as it needs weapons. it's a break with the trump administration and it's serious and leads the news at the bottom of the hour next. s chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. s chair, luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. another vehicle crashed into a crowd in a mardi gras report. an elderly driver was the culprit. >> i could see kids stuck under the vehicle. >> it happened in gulf shores about 50 miles southeast of mobile. officials say they're investigating. early indications suggest it was an accident. they can't confirm whether the man was part of the parade. the department of homeland security reports that the feds are watching the situation out of an abundance of caution.
12:36 pm
saturday a man in new orleans drove into a crowd hurting others. investigators say his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. the news continues with shep after this.
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try succulent new lobster mix & match or see how sweet a lobster lover's dream can be. there's something for everyone and everyone's invited. so come in soon. >> shepard: the president wants the increase defense spending significantly. so how do you pay for it? the president has a plan to slash the state department's budget to pay for it. it's facing bipartisan opposition. as we reported earlier, top republican senator mcmcconnell is speaking against the cuts at the state department saying the blueprint would never get through the u.s. senate. we're hearing from more than 120 top military commanders. remember, this would increase defense spending and cut the state department. the commanders and admirals say, including general petraeus, said they signed a letter to save diplomatic foreign aid programs.
12:39 pm
"if you don't fully fund the state department, then i need to buy more ammunition." the white house has not said how much the state department would lose under the plan. the "wall street journal" has just reported the cut would be 37%. we could get some clarification tonight when the president addresses the u.s. congress. rich edson with the us in. he's live in washington in the newsroom. the "wall street journal" said 37%. where did they get this? >> various reports, shep. they're quoting somebody inside the state department aid program. you look at the various reports. showing anywhere between a third and 37%. the federal government will spend $60 billion on the state department. that's for building infrastructure in foreign
12:40 pm
countries and more. when asked if rex tillerson is consulting on the cuts, the department is working with the white house and omb, office of management and budget to review the budget priorities. the department is committed to a u.s. foreign policy that advances is the security and prosperity of the american people. reporters asked tillerson ahead of a meeting at the state department whether -- if he's okay with the budget cuts. he ignored the question, shep. >> shepard: what are the chances this might happen? to hear from leaders on the hill, sounds like it might happen. >> the president's budget proposal is a suggestion. lawmakers decide how much to spend and what to spend it on. the senate majority leader just rejected that they would cut the state department so deeply. >> i for one, speaking for myself, think the diplomatic portion of the federal budget is very important. you get results cheaper frequently than you do on the defense side. speaking for myself, i'm not in
12:41 pm
favor of reducing what we call the 150 account to that extent. >> foreign aid makes up 1% of a $4 trillion u.s. annual spending budget. >> shepard: rich edson. thank you. ahead, more on possible cuts at the state department and how they could put secretary of state rex tillerson at odds with his boss. that's live at capitol hill.
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12:45 pm
is a nonstarter. >> shepard: they don't want, especially on the right, the tea party group, they're not doing to let the deficit go up. when they gut crushed back home for that? >> yes. this is an answer for what republicans have been pushing for six years when they've been in power, try to go against barack obama and his budget. so in terms of not having anything to do medicare cutting, the other big programs. you raise defense spending, you're in the hole. if your members of your own party are not going to allow that, don't you have to start over? a compromise means you give a little and i give a little, but there's nothing to give. if these tea partiers are saying we can't go deeper into debt. >> the way to look at the president's budget is the road map for what he wants, the dream things. >> shepard: usually he wants what he gets, if he doesn't get
12:46 pm
it, he will rip you to shreds. >> he will have a hard time. you're seeing things on the foreign budget, the state department. it's a nonstarter for both republicans and democrats. it's probably one of those things you'd have bipartisan unity here, which is something we don't see a lot of. >> shepard: but against the president. >> right. >> shepard: unity on capitol hill from republicans and democrats against the president. a, that is weird and b that wouldn't get a budget through. we've had budget issues for years now. we're about to have them again. >> absolutely. >> shepard: how do they resolve that? >> it's a tricky couple of weeks in terms of what does trump do in making the numbers a reality. can he work with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in finding an area to find commonality. >> shepard: mcconnell said earlier today for me, he was very specific for me, but he's mitch mcconnell. he says in isn't happening. sounds like this is d.o.a. >> shepard: that is probably
12:47 pm
right. >> shepard: and then this matter of entitlement. before the advent of the tea party republicans have been talking about entitlement spending. they say if we don't do something and do it now, the system will collapse. where are those voices? >> shepard: some people don't want to attack donald trump. some have raised their hands and said different things get their heads chopped off. many won't want to be the face of opposition. >> shepard: where is rex tillerson in this? >> we've seen him being behind the scenes. he's not been in a lot of meetings you'd expect the secretary of state to be. we've had reportings at political about how he wants to raise his profile. how much juice does he have when
12:48 pm
talking to donald trump. so far doesn't seem like a like. >> shepard: there was a time like a month ago or a little longer than that where the white house had a structure. it always had. you knew who was in charge of everything, knew where to go to get answers or get stalled. you knew where to go. is that still the case? >> i don't think so. it's a team of rivals. there's a breakdown in terms of who is running the show, the power players, senior levels. from the press perspective, you don't have a communications director. you've had sean spicer that had opinion adversarial. you have donald trump that's been shunting the media and saying they're the opposition party. so certainly as far as where does the information flow happen, how is it happening with some of his cabinet members that are finally in place. it appears to be a messy situation. >> shepard: people deserve answers for russia, sanctions, business connections with
12:49 pm
russians. are the press corps, you included, still pressing on these matters or are the distractions working? >> there's going to be continued pressing on that. in the capitol, there's going to be investigations in terms of who knew what, when they knew it. and john mccain said we as republicans need to know, because next election it could be us that are targeted. >> anna palmer from politco. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: president trump is set to make his case to the american people as he stands before the republicans and democratic lawmakers on capitol hill. what leaders from both parties are saying about the president's speech coming up live from washington. what if he gets heckled? if donald trump is heckled in the way that barack obama was heckled, what might happen? your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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>> shepard: president trump facing challenges from republicans and democrats. he's ready to address a joint session of the u.s. congress tonight for the first time. as we heard earlier, leaders of his own party are not on board with some of his plans. democrats responding to the speech before he's given it. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. statuary hall this afternoon. hi, mike. >> shep, good afternoon to you. a first for president trump, addressing both parties in the house chamber. a massive audience at home. the president and top congressional leaders have set out a big ticket agenda for this first year. things like repealing and replacing obamacare, confirming a supreme court justice and building the infrastructure. mitch mcconnell said addressing
12:54 pm
obamacare was inevitable. >> bill clinton said it was the craziest thing he had ever scene. if hillary clinton was elected, we'd be re-visiting obamacare. we think it's unsustainable. it's a new and better approach. >> all will be watching to see how the president interacts with both parties as he's gotten push-back on his agenda. after eight years of president obama, they'll be hearing a new voice with a new style. >> you're going to have massive and devastating cuts in key programs like education and medical research. i think democrats and republicans will both run away. donald trump is showing himself not to understand how to get anything done, just to make a statement out there. that's true on the budget.
12:55 pm
>> based on expectations, democrats say they will be polite but they don't anticipate having much to applaud tonight. let's give you a quick look around here on statuary hall here on capitol hill. just outside the house chamber, you have statues from key figures in american history from all of the various states. we'll see all the lawmakers walking through here on the way to the house chamber and then reaction out of the house chamber. we saw chuck schumer go through and perhaps getting their stuff ready to go into the house chamber later this evening. >> shepard: there's someone over your left shoulder staring at you creepily. who is that? >> that would be alexander hamilton stephens. a key figure from the confederacy in the 1800s from georgia. >> shepard: i know the other alexander hamilton. he has a great thing on broadway. be careful over there, mike.
12:56 pm
the world took a step back from nuclear annihilation on this day in history. we'll remind you. we finish and make way for neil cavuto. hang tight.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> shepard: on this day in 1987, lots of americans took a breath in the end of the cold war. ronald reagan and our communist rival agreed to remove 2,000 missiles from union. the old soviet union wouldn't last much longer dissolving four months later. cool relations got a smidge warmer 30 years ago today. i'll be with you if you're on
1:00 pm
your local fox station around time for the president. i'll see you there. 9:00 eastern, 6:00 on the west close. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up. the dow about flat today. the nasdaq down 5 and the s&p down 5 as well. neil cavuto is here. >> neil: about five hours from now, the president of the united states has a big selling to do. it's not a state of the union but his state of how things are going thus far in this country. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" from the nation's capitol where the. of the united states will outline an aggressive budget plan that calls for increasing the military budget by $54 billion. and lay out a blueprint for revealing and ultimately replacing obamacare and spelling out how he will try to cut taxes in the most dramatic fashion since ronald reag


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