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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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your local fox station around time for the president. i'll see you there. 9:00 eastern, 6:00 on the west close. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up. the dow about flat today. the nasdaq down 5 and the s&p down 5 as well. neil cavuto is here. >> neil: about five hours from now, the president of the united states has a big selling to do. it's not a state of the union but his state of how things are going thus far in this country. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" from the nation's capitol where the. of the united states will outline an aggressive budget plan that calls for increasing the military budget by $54 billion. and lay out a blueprint for revealing and ultimately replacing obamacare and spelling out how he will try to cut taxes in the most dramatic fashion since ronald reagan 36 years
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ago. for the dow, a quick update. it doesn't look like 13 will be the charm. we have to leave it at 12. 12 record. the length of which we had never seen before dating back to of course the early part of 1987. if we had done so today, the dow would have gained, would have broken all records. need not worry about that. it stops for the meantime at 12. we're going to give you sort of a layout of what is at stake tonight with the likes of joni ernst. we have richard trumpka and his views and what the unions say about the president's plans. congressman louis gutierrez of illinois not liking what he
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sayses from the. unlike other democrats. not too many. nothing like the case with the inauguration. blake burman has more on what's on the line nor the president tonight. hey, blake. >> hi, neil. a busy day for the president. he signed four executive orders throughout the afternoon. now he gets to turn his attention to this major speak before congress about five hours from now. grabbing the headlines at this hour leading to the speech tonight is the possibility that the president could make a push for an immigration bill, one that would require both back and forth on both sides of the aisle. we talked about taxes and what we could hear from the president tonight in regards to that. i spoke to a white house official a little while ago asking what the president might say tonight in regards to taxes. i was told when the president brings it up, talk about it in more broad strokes versust in p.
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neil? >> neil: thanks. and steve is here with us, the majority whip. congressman, we don't call this a state of the union address. it's the first opportunity for this president to address a joint session of congress. already we've got an indication out of some, hardly all democrats, who will not be waiting along that line to get a chance to shake hands with him. so it sounds like there's still many that are wincing at the thought that it will be donald trump in the well of the house and not hillary clinton. what do you think of that? >> neil, clearly there's some over in the liberal side that haven't gotten over the fact that hillary clinton didn't win. the american people said that they want donald trump to be president. he's doing a great job as president at moving forward on his agenda to create jobs and get the economy back on track. i'm looking forward to an optimistic message. if liberals are still trying to deny what the voters said they wanted, that's their problem. what i'm excited to see is he's
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really focused on keeping his promises in the first few weeks of office. this is what he ran on and said i'm going to focus on jobs and getting the regulations of killing jobs out of the way. today you saw action. last week, he signed a bill to save 70,000 coal miners jobs. good for american energy. and neil gorsuch, a great recommendation for the supreme court and he's following through on that promise. >> neil: what about the budget parameters that he's laid out? some of the questions whether he can get the $54 billion he wants to add to defense, for example through other means? he's talked about cutting the state department budget by 37%. almost mitch mcconnell is saying he's leery and concerned about that regardless, it wouldn't come close to addressing the 54 that he wants to add to defense.
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he's talked up the growth with taxes. is that timetable do able to you? >> it's looking doable. the budget will formally come out seen. we had barack obama ignoring threats around the world. donald trump is laying out a real aggressive plan to strengthen america's national security. if you look at the other things that he will be laying out, it deals with creating real optimism, lowering taxes, neil, as you know, is something that our economy has needed critically. >> neil: do you see -- i want to be clear. you see that timetable is still on? you'll be able to do this in the time frame that has opinion talked about, right? there's some concern with the repeal and replacing of obamacare. that can push things back because you guys are not in agreement on how to go about that.
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>> we're working on the details now. our committees have been having hearings and filing bills in the upcoming days and weeks to repeal and replace obamacare. >> neil: are they doing to do it concurrently and repeal and replace or -- >> there's some things in the repeal bill that we're going to include, some limitations the law has. as much as we can do to not just repeal obamacare but replace it with reforms that put people in charge. medicaid, we would like to see the states have flexibility. every state is different on how they run medicaid. yet there's a one size fits all program where government bureaucrats that make those decisions. let the states be innovative on medicate. that's something we want in the repeal bill. so strengthening health savings accounts. something successful at giving
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families a choice and lowering costs. something we want to include as well. >> shepard: congressman, thanks for taking the time. we want a slightly busy evening. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> looking forward to it. >> we have senator joanie earnst joining us from key way. you were with the president earlier today. you know how quickly he wants to do it. some say the timetable has to be exact. >> it does. what i'm hoping to hear tonight from the president is focus on national security. of course something that is near and dear to my heart. i want him say that we need our allies. our allies should be joining in on this fight, whether it is against isis or extreme terrorism, whether it's pushing back against aggressive russia and -- >> neil: you want him to spell
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that out tonight? do you know if he will? >> i don't know if he will but i'm excited apartment the opportunity that this percent -- i hope he delves into that. i want to hear him say we're strengthening our military. >> neil: we mentioned the military and the extra spending. it's near and dear to you. you served the con try honorably. he had a couple of quick phone calls cut two big contracts, one for air force one and the fighter jet program. he did that in his spare time. if he could extract the savings there and potentially could be in hundreds of millions if not billions. why give more money to defense when you might be able to do that with the entire defense budget? >> i think the president can work on some agreements to negotiate praises. i'm glad for that. overall, we're facing a military that has rapidly declined the past eight to ten years.
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so whether it is troops strength, training, whether it's renewing our small arms, weapons modernization programs, any of that, it is going to take a significant booth. >> neil: beyond what we have. you can't reprioritize some of the money being spend. >> when we have 42% of aircraft that can fly, the others can't. when we have a number of brigades that would not be able to deploy tonight in our army. there's so many issues that have been spelled out by the vice chief. i'm in my third year here in the united states senate. i heard the same message over and over again every year. the only difference is every year it's increasingly worse. >> neil: and he's not going to give away the full isis plan he's getting from his generals. but i'm sure when you met today and you heard him now, he's talking about still the tax cut, talking about aggressively, you know, beefing up the military.
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but we mentioned at the outset this idea that everything has to roll out as planned. some in the financial community have priced in perfection that he will get all this and then some and retroactive tax cuts. the repeal and replace on obamacare will be done. if any one of these things falls behind schedule, let's say the repeal and replace obamacare, the tax cut stuff is delayed, right? >> right. there could be a delay. that's possible. what we're also working on through the house and the senate is also working on repealing a number of rules and regulations put in place in the last several months during the obamacare. i've heard from a number of business leaders, too, that have stated not only is tax reform important to getting our economy going again, but also we have to get rid of unnecessary and overburdensome rules and regulations. if we do that, that will be a great shot in the arm for our
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economy. >> neil: these things are about reading body language sometimes. the talk is that some democrats, hardly all, i should stress are either opting out or choosing to say nothing. some maybe to protest as he's speaking. what do you think of that? what should their role be? what message does that send? >> if they want a seat at the table, they should be willing to listen. they may not agree with all of the ideas presented, but being there in itself is a willingness to say, if my ideas are to be accepted or at least discussed at the white house, i should be there. >> neil: any advice from the president -- you can get under his skin if someone yells at home. you low or whatever. what do they do? >> he maintains his calm. the president does have a great sense of humor. i hope that some people have picked up on that.
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but i think he just pushes forward. this message will be reflective of what he promised our american voters moving forward and he will do a good job with that. i want to hear more about security. >> neil: thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> neil: again, this is called a joint session of congress. a lot of people lose sight of that. the president wants to make it clear that he has an agenda. he wants to spell it out with the american people. some of the oddest coalitions are agreeing what he's attempting to do, including unions. richard trump does, the head of the aflcio, why he likes so far what he heard out of the white house who tonight will be trying to sell this plan. more after this. and can you explain to me why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing?
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>> neil: welcome back from washington. you think all union guys have a problem with this republican president? think again. exhibit a, richard trumpka. take a look. >> our members come in all stripes. they have one thing in common. the rules of this economy have not worked for them. they're looking for somebody to change the rules, not for wall street or corporate america but for them. he had a message where he wasn't going to let wall street run wild and he said the american economy works best when it works for american workers. now they want him to put that into action. if he does that, he will find support from not only all workers quite frankly. if he will we write the rules, we'll help him. >> neil: to that end, he's been
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pushing for more american jobs. reopened a pipeline that was considered dead under his predecessor. how you feel about those efforts and are they sincere and real as what he's doing as president? >> here's what we're going to do, neil. we're going to put everything he does to two tests. one, does it comport with our values and is it good for working people. if it is, we're going to work for it. if it isn't, then we're going to be against it. we'll tell him exactly where we are on every issue. >> neil: where are we now, richard? you think he's done more good for your workers? i know it's still a little more than a month in. what do you think? >> it's been a mixed bag. what he did on t.p.p. was good. the thing he's trying to do with infrastructure is good. there's a lot of those things. on the other side, he put some people in there that were anti-union. tried to put him in position.
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one got defeated. puzder got defeated. >> and his new labor secretary choice you like him more. >> much more. he has a public servant and a record of enforcing the laws that he's been in put in charge of. we think he deserves absolute serious consideration. yes. >> neil: you know, we're told that -- it's hard to preview these things. a number of democrats are going to protest. some are talking about not going tonight. nothing like the numbers we saw at the inauguration. but what do you think of that? people that react that way? >> look, we have problems in the country. i think everybody ought to just step back a little bit and say let's fix the problems. we may disagree on how we get them, but we can't disagree that we do have problems in this country. i'm all for trying to fix them.
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as i said, we're going to call balls and strikes. if he does something that is good for the economy and workers, we're going to be behind him. if he does something that weakens winners, bad for the economy, we'll oppose him and not let it get personal. >> neil: this comes at a time when you and the president, your counter part has been mentioning from the auto workers, he got ford to rethink making more cars in this country versus mexico. a similar push for carrier air conditioning, intel to build and expand a plant and on and on and on we go. now he's concerned that the media, that have the president says the media ignores that. you obviously did not. at the outset, you were referring to those types of developments and find it encouraging. >> absolutely. >> neil: what do you think of the fact that the media will pounce on negatives and that's
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their want, they're fair to do that but not mention this other stuff? >> i don't know. all i can do is speak for what we do here. when the. does something that save jobs, we herald it. it's a good thing. we support it. we're going to continue to do that. we think that's is what is best for the american worker, the american economy and quite frankly our country. the press has to be fair and balanced. recognize that phrase, neil? i thought you might like that. >> neil: very nice. i'm glad you brought that. i owed you that one. >> neil: you did. >> look, what we have to do is try to put a little bit of this stuff aside and look at the policies and where the country is headed. let's try to fix the problems. there's a lot of them. workers haven't had a raise in three or four decades. the rules are rigged against us. if this president wants to help us rewrite the rules so that workers get a fair shake and they get a little bit more power
1:21 pm
in the marketplace so that they can have ordinary wages and decent benefits, we'll be with him. if he does stuff that will strengthen wall street and corporate america, we'll oppose him. we're not going to get mixed up. we'll tell you where we are on every single issue, neil. >> neil: that's a significant development that is richard trumka. we said we like what we heard out of this president, what we heard out of the teamsters and other union workers that say they like what they see. for a republican president, that's like never happened. we want to update you that the president is -- this is coming from the "wall street journal" -- a travel ban that will likely apply to only future visa applicants, not existing holders. the read from congressman gutierrez on that and the significance of that after this. [ sighs ]
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>> neil: it stops at 12. welcome from the nation's capitol. i'm neil cavuto. we're about 4 1/2 hours away from the president addressing a joint session of congress. not a state of the union address. it will give him a chance to talk about the state of his priorities for congress. we have got louis gutierrez from illinois. congressman, a lot of your democratic colleagues that are opting, those willing to go, not to applaud, just sit there silently. what do you think of that? >> well, here's what i think.
1:26 pm
i think it's going to be a very solemn night for me. i intend to go, listen, be quiet. yes, sit on my hands and listen. i have a town hall meeting that i want to prepare for next monday. so i'm going to be there to listen first hand. there's a great gap between the president and me and my community. i don't believe he will tonight. he has set course on a path of massive deportation, even though he knows he can't round up 11 million people -- >> neil: but congressman, he's not talked about rounding up 11 million people. why are you scaring people like that? >> neil: that is the fear that exists in our community. it's very -- >> neil: but you have to admit
1:27 pm
it's misplaced fear. he never said that. >> neil, it's the consequence of his words and his action that i'm responding to. i would invite you any day of the week, cavuto to come to my office. people are trying to figure out how to protect their wives and husbands and loves ones -- >> neil: we're talking to louis gutierrez. one of the things we're trying to say in a fair and balanced approach to this is what you make of what he wants to do when it comes to illegals. illegals in this country, illegals continue to try to get in. what solution what are you offering in return? you said you're going to be silent. you heard your colleagues are frustrated. but you have to work on him -- you can't say he's going to go out and start deporting 11 million people. >> nobody has worked more closely with my republican
1:28 pm
colleagues than i have. you know, four years ago, i was with then congressman ryan, not speaker ryan, in the city of chicago working on a comprehensive immigration reform. you saw what happened in 2013 in the senate. 68 votes, 68 senators voted. our position is clear, yes, we want to stop the deportation, have a system of immigration that allows people to come legally to the united states to fulfill -- >> neil: all right. then i would think that you -- i think that you would think that when he wants to pass immigration legislation, when he wants to find an acceptable way to deal with this problem once and for all, you would work with that and not sitting on your hands because you're angry with if results. >> here's what i have to say to you. bannon, when he names senator sessions as his attorney general, the message was loud
1:29 pm
and clear to our community. no one, no group of people or influencers on the president -- >> neil: how do you know, congressman? you would hate -- sir, sir, you would hate people jumping to that conclusion about you. here you're saying i'm interested in reform. i want to work with you. show me. if he offered that olive branch tonight, what would you recommend to him? leaving bannon out of this, leaving the idea of deportation of 11 million people. getting back to reality. what would you do? >> here's what i would do. i would say to the president of the united states, stop the deportation. stop the deportations against that lovely mother who for eight consecutive years reported herself to the immigration agent, has american citizen children and when she reported herself under the trump administration was immediately deported from the united states. >> neil: did you say that to barack obama when he was deporting?
1:30 pm
>> neil, neil, not only did i say it to obama but you have the film footage when i announced him at the white house and arrested and taken away in handcuffs not once but twice -- >> neil: but if you're here illegally, you will have a sob story for a lot of people. that's the reality. when they are here illegally, what do you do? >> there's 11 million undocumented workers -- >> neil: i understand that. we're talking in circles. what did you offer to work with the president? >> we're not talking in circles. we're talking about 11 million -- five million children. their parents -- >> neil: you wouldn't deport a one? >> i didn't say that, neil. if you look at the proposals that we have and that we have submitted before the congress and indeed were passed by the senate in 2013 with ample bipartisan support, 68 out of 100 senators, obviously there's people that come here to do ill, people that come here to do
1:31 pm
harm. for me they're not immigrants. they're foreigners. i don't want them here in this country either. i'm talking about -- >> neil: you have common ground with the president. there you go. so don't sit on your hands and be quiet. you have an opportunity to work with him. >> it's not common ground. when we have dreamers that are being threatened and one has already been deported. look, neil, i want to work with the other shied. we have to find a common ground -- >> neil: i gave you a some monday ground. i found it. >> one thing before i leave, hopefully the next time i'll sit in the studio and not talk to cameras. i thought today was going to be the day. >> neil: you're a busy man. you're voting. you have things to do. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: love having you on. agree, disagree. we think we get more of each side than any one.
1:32 pm
never one side, both sides. all the time. all right. we have kevin brady from the house ways and means committee. he will be working with the secretary state of the united states. how he can save you a boat load of money.
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sell his agenda. we'll see if he can do it tonight.
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>> neil: this will be the first opportunity for the treasury secretary to spell out some of the numbers the president hopes to lay out tonight in an address to the joint session of congress. ahead of that, the man of the house that has to find the means to do it. that's a good thing. he runs the house ways and means committee. it was dan rowskawokski who helped reagan with the biggest tax cut of a generation.
1:37 pm
here's the orchestrater that can play a big role in that. congressman, great to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: how does the time line look right now? >> good on tax reform. not just for this year but for this summer that is the optimum political momentum to do this. clearly we need the house, the president and the senate headed the same direction. i feel good. >> neil: is everyone in the same direction, sir? >> same direction? absolutely. are we working through the bolder provisions? yes, as well. should be. we're not shooting to go to the middle of the pack. we're shooting to go to the lead pack. that means stretching it hard to make sure we're competitive. so i'm looking at all these discussions at healthy, exactly what we need right now. >> charm, are you in broad agreement on cutting corporate taxes to 20%? >> yes, we are and trying to do
1:38 pm
that in a way that we're lowing them to the lowest rates in history. whether you're the largest company in the world or the mom and pop, we think all of those job creators ought to get more than 40% cut in rates. >> neil: and you're in broad agreement taking the seven tax rates and reducing them to three? >> consolidating them down, flattening them out, lowering the brackets. we're absolutely headed the same direction. >> neil: as is the treasury secretary, you and he have dotted the same is and dotted the same ts, you're in agreement on the that? >> yes, sir. >> neil: repealing and replacing obama care. everything hinges on that and then this. >> it is. that's our immediate challenge right now. hope the president talks about this. we know obamacare is failing. we can't just repeal. we have to put in a replacement right now. you'll see him talk about our three big steps in replacement, which is starting to return control to the state to approve
1:39 pm
more tailored plans. start told restore the free market in the states and giving people far more control over personalized healthcare that works for them. >> neil: got you. i understand that, sir. i just want to be clear. there will first be a repeal vote, a quick replacement. but first a repeal vote. sounds like the effort is to dare members, republicans, to vote against it. you're confident that the first move would be a quick repeal vote? >> so, no. i think they go together. mainly because we will get few opportunities to move a bill guaranteed -- >> neil: i didn't think you had that replacement approach in place. are you saying that it is? it's ready to go? >> that's what we're working on as we speak. we're all in agreement on pushing control to the states. the individual tax credit is really key to those working their way off medication, people that don't get healthcare -- >> neil: i was already told that speaker ryan's approach to this,
1:40 pm
chairman, was not every republican's cup of tea and some wouldn't accepted it. you're saying otherwise. >> i'm not saying we have 100% agreement now. the elements of replace have been long in our republican an conservative healthcare plans. we have work to do to grow support. we're having the discussions right now with the whole range of our members in the house. >> neil: and tax cuts in place by when? >> well, my goal would be by august. that's the president's as well. so we're working on that timetable. >> neil: all right. by august. we'll be watching. chairman, thanks very much. nothing comes without him and he started it years ago. we have karl rove on that and the likely head of getting any of this done by august. after this.
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>> neil: all right. ahead of the president outlining an agenda tonight and trying to get congress to work with him and move much more quickly, he would not be the first president to demand that congress move much more quickly, even within his own party. karl rove knows what he's probably feeling here. i'm sure president bush would feel the same way. the blessing this president has is republicans in the senate and house. you think it's possible, karl, despite kevin brady's best efforts this will be delayed? >> well, it's going to take awhile to begin with. back in 2001, bush had a 50/50 senate. a republican that you're -- majority in the house. we got the tax cuts by june. that was a first priority. this president has a white range
1:45 pm
of activities he's involved in and senate that is far less pliable and interested in working across aisles. so my sense is though that there's a good chance this could be done, moved well along in the house during the late spring and early summer and by the fall this could be a reality. >> neil: you think it would have to be retroactive? that would be roughly the same time frame as ronald reagan had his tax cut in august and staggered in. that's a different environment now, a different economic environment right now. if it's pushed beyond that, it could run into some trouble. >> yeah, look, i think the economists would tell you they would like to have it retroactive to january 1. they absolutely have to have it as of the date of passage. you don't want to make it january 1 of next year. then people will engage in
1:46 pm
certain uneconomic behavior. so yeah, the preference would be putting it back to the beginning of the year. there's a cost to that. you look at how the cbo and the joint committee on taxation will score that bill, that is going to have an impact on the total "costs" of the tax cut. >> neil: there's those that think you should cost the tax caught like you would any spending initiative. anyway to be creative in the accounting. but there's some that are not too keen about a big tax cut saying we don't have the money for it. even secretary mnuchin says that they won't see much of the tax cut for the upper income. so the party is divided on this issue. what do you make of that? >> you put your finger on one of the two or three biggest issues of the tax cut. that is to say is it going to be revenue neutral? three ways of looking at it.
1:47 pm
one way is you don't worry about it, pass it. whatever the impact is on the deficit that's what it is. another one is that you try to make this revenue neutral. that is to say by lowering the rates, you get rid of the provision theres the code, the advantages you give people, get rid of the advantages and by taking away the advantages, you in essence make the whole thing revenue neutral. others suggest you have to take into account how the economy will grow. so you have dynamic scoring. so you cut the taxes, get rid of the preferences. you can offset some of the cost by projecting what kind of economic growth will come about. this is one of the big battles, over which one of those three main courses are you growing to allow yourself to take. >> neil: i know. that will be news to the upper income when that find out that the net is a wash and they might not be too happy. we'll see what happens. karl rove, thank you. good seeing you.
1:48 pm
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>> neil: former democratic governor of kentucky will be delivering the democratic response. he's going to argue for obamacare and how beautifully it worked in kentucky. governor, what do you think of that? it's an odd choice. when i step back and started thinking about it, i could see
1:52 pm
what democrats are up to. they want to use a conservative state like yours to remind people of how obamacare worked in your state and how this guy led the effort to make it work in your state. what do you think? >> it is an odd choice. i would bet it's not their first choice. it's an interesting one. i say this, it did not work in this state. i inherited the mess that he unilaterally created. he will get on there to try to defend his own legacy and explain why it was good. it's never been good. we added many people to the rolls at a cost that we can't afford with the subsidies at 90/10. it won't stay at that. we're down to three carriers. humana announced they will remove themselves in the future that means two carriers in our state. the reality is this: there's currently only one carrier in half the counties in kentucky.
1:53 pm
obamacare is failing. it's a disaster. it's financially unsustainable. the idea that it was ever good for kentucky is a absolute false. we enrolled 450 to 500,000 new people, gave them a card but we didn't create better health outcomes. we didn't give people access to healthcare. this idea that we created a medicaid card, which is an entitlement to healthcare insurance is absolutely false. they're two different things. >> neil: what i can't -- >> it's unsustainable. >> neil: here's what is weird. republicans are not in agreement on a replacement vehicle. maybe that will come. we're getting separate reports from politco and others and the president wouldn't outline that replacement in his speech tonight. we just heard from a number, including joanie earnst that don't have a clear replacement.
1:54 pm
although it's repeal and replace at the same time. the reason why i'm mentioning this, this has to go through before the tax cut things. i don't know. i see problems. >> i don't. i'll tell you why. i'm confident -- i met with chairman brady yesterday. we met at length with him and other members of the house and senate that are wrestling with this and various committees. the degree to which they're thoughtfully considering every angle from every political perspective, from states that have expanded and those that have not, states like ours where feel have come in having been left with something that made in the previous administration. all these angles are being considered. everybody knows this is collapsing. everybody knows it's failing. everybody know us it's unsustainable. i applaud congress like no time that i'm aware of, working with governors that are responsible for this, to make sure that we come up with a good solution. i'm confident they won't repeal
1:55 pm
without having a thoughtful methodology for moving forward. that's what we're working toward. there's not a final decision yet, nor will there be immediately. it will be soon and near working toward that end. >> neil: time is the enemy of all. thanks, governor, for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: one of the things we're following is who lined up for the golden moment of shaking hands with the president of the united states. there were some democrats that prominently noting for the day before and camping outside the door. not are saying not with this president. there's not as many sucking up for that opportunity. what to read into that after this. i accept i don't race down
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too.
1:58 pm
eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. state to democrats saying they will not be camping out and have not been camping out for hours.
1:59 pm
for the opportunity to shake the president's hand. they are not going do that. >> there are some members of the democratic party who don't want anything to do with this president. the democratic caucus chairman said he thought everyone would be on their best behavior. there would be no organized mass protest. this is one of those moments where people don't want to appear curlers. they want to be respectful. i looked inside the house chamber to see how many spaces had been saved. only 5 had been saved. four on the republican side, one on the democratic side. members will start to go in there and try to camp out anyway. it still is the president of the united states. it might look good if you are shaking hand from the president even if you are from a swing district. it >> neil: we watch closely. beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight,
2:00 pm
we have our own exclusive camp. we will be able to see how many lining up for an opportunity to shake the president's hand, even if they don't like the guy. 8:00 p.m., we join you. we are there throughout the night for the speech. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling and meghan mccain. "the five" ." president trump addresses congress tonight. what should be the first thing out of his mouth? >> how do you like me now? how do you like me now? how do you like me now? how do you like me now? >> greg: i wouldn't blame him if he did that because no one in that room expected him to be there.


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