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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 3, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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right after this weekend? >> it was chilly, now i am hot in here. [laughter] >> we will be back on tv monday at noon eastern, thank you for joining us today, have a fabulous weekend. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: fox news alert, we are moments away from live comments by vice president mike pence. >> jon: questions are raised by a personal email account the vice president used while he was governor of indiana. we are covering all of the news "happening now." >> i think i have performed exactly correctly for an attorney general of the united states. >> jon: the white house standing by the attorney general after widespread criticism of his contact with the russian ambassador. so who is this diplomat from moscow? we take a closer look. plus... >> this is crazy. this is not how you live your life. >> jon: after nearly 100 bomb threats to jewish community centers and schools, now an arrest. we have the latest in the
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investigation that is getting nationwide attention. and why are so many attorneys general filing lawsuits against the president? >> sometimes the best way to help president trump is to sue president trump. >> press secretary spicer: it is all "happening now." ♪ >> jon: we began with president trump and vice president pence hitting the road, the emaciation tackling american education in the well-being of small businesses, the backbone of the u.s. economy appeared will come to our second hour of "happening now" on this friday, i am jon scott jon scott. >> jenna: >> jenna: i'm jenna lt time from now, president trump will be visiting a catholic school in orlando, florida, highlighting his push for school choice. a small business also on the agenda with vice president pence touring farm to patient centers and janesville, wisconsin, hometown of house speaker paul ryan.
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>> jon: steve harrigan is following all of this, live from orlando right now. >> they are making preparation here for the presidential motorcade to roll into this catholic school here in orlando. cost about $6,000 a year, but the families who send their kids to school there, most of them make less than $25,000 a year. they are able to pull it off because of florida's tuition tax credit program. we've talked to some parents including amy cook, a waitress who works 14 hour shifts and now sensor sent to that school. she said the public school where he went previously was failing. >> the education, they took out all extra activities. the kids had no dance, no music, not anything of any other interest besides reading and math. >> her son's favorite subject at the new school now is art. she said the school has been life-changing for her son. when he talked to people here, not everyone is on board with this new program. >> i am very concerned that
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anything that takes money away from public schools is not going to be for the betterment of the majority of folks throughout the country. >> here in florida, corporations get 100% tax credit for money they give for scholarship funds to help send needy children to private schools. that is something the president is likely to push to get 8 today in orlando. back to you. >> jon: steve harrigan in orlando, thank you. >> jenna: meantime, we are awaiting mike pence and an event and janesville, wisconsin, the vice president is about to give a speech before an invitation-only audience. we will find out if he mentions his use of a private email as governor when he conducted official business on aol, it is according to a newspaper that the account was hacked last summer, they were asking for records. we will also see if brett vice president pence mentions the attorney general recusing himself of any russian investig. elect to talk about, glenn holcomb might editor for
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"the wall street journal," normally in new york, down in d.c., glad to see you on friday. "the wall street journal" has a lot of interesting original reporting on all of these topics, but doesn't it feel like we've been talking about russians or emails for the last 12 months? [laughs] >> it absolutely has. it's been summing that keeps coming up, sometimes unforced error, sometimes something the democrats wanted to cling to as they are attacked against the trump administration, so it's been both of those things. >> jenna: let's take them each one by one again and again as we mentioned to our viewers, the event doesn't start in wisconsin, we will bring them there. vice president pence female, attended comparisons between him having business on personal email to hillary clinton use of personal email and having a personal server, do you think the comparisons work? >> it is not exactly apples to apples because on the one hand, mike pence himself criticized hillary clinton during the campaign mainly focusing on her
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use of a private server and private email while secretary of state and handling classified information here he's the governor of indiana at the time come using his aol account. not handling the same type of information the secretary of state would handle. yes, there were some things that the indianapolis star found in there that were of a sensitive nature or discussing issues of terrorism response and those kind of things, those are some things that were held back because of confidential reasons and others. the question about whether he should be using it that way, why he was going off-line, but i also should note that in indiana, it is okay for a public official to use private email as long as they make sure that all of those records are available for public access. >> jenna: that is something vice president pence's office said he is having someone look at those emails and make whatever needs to be exposed to be exposed. again, this is now we are toggling between two events. seeing the arrival of president trump in florida. he's going to be talking a
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little bit about education, steve harrigan was just reporting for us. one of the big news items that continues to percolate around capitol hill and nationally is the issue about healthcare. it's interesting to note vice president pence with paul ryan, speaker ryan in wisconsin, and there seems to be some disruption as has been reported by members of the republican party, the freedom caucus for example, feeling that perhaps they are not being lived into the republicans plan when it comes to obamacare. what can you tell our viewers about that? how does that appeared to be shaking out as far as seeing what a replacement plan would look like? >> the president has said he's going to bring his plan very soon this month. meanwhile, vice president pence is up there in wisconsin as you said come he's going to talk a little bit about affordable care, also a listening mission to talk to business leaders up there. what we are hearing on the hill as they move forward with their own legislation is a plan to address the concerns of
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governors across the nation who were republican and democrat, concerned about scaling back the expansion of medicare and the federal funding for medicare, so there is a compromise we here being worked out on the hill in the house were they would give all of the states until 2020 to continue as is, and then after january 1st, 2020 start scaling back to move to a kind of system where the federal government gives each state a proportion for the amount of medicare recipients in their state and then they get more flexible he had to manage it but it would only grow indexed to inflation. >> jenna: thank you very much. interesting to take a look at that, big topic of conversation. we will watch those events in wisconsin to see if anything is mentioned about healthcare. glenn hall in washington, d.c., for "the wall street journal," thank you. let's take these pictures. it is sort of fascinating to watch. we see this quite a bit. you can take me off the camera, it is okay per can we show that school? we might as well. air force one, it's interesting to see the guy opening the doors
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standing there waiting for the stairs. >> jon: you are about 30 feet up in a 747, that always has to be an interesting view as that air force officer, guessing he is one of the stewards on board the aircraft, brings that stairway up for the president and his staff to use as they deplane, again to make the catholic school visit that jenna was just talking about. windy day in orlando, looks like, we will continue to follow that president and vice president as they are both expected to be speaking at events later on. in the meantime, the white house is backing up attorney general jeff sessions as he announces he will recuse himself from any russian investigation. sessions decision stems from meetings he had with russian ambassador sergey kislyak, the ambassador who also played a key role in the firing of former national security advisor michael flynn. rich edson is live at the state department, he has more for us now. >> good afternoon. the russian ambassador to the
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united states, sergey kislyak has been a visible fixture in this city really since the end of the presidency of george w. bush. it is his job to learn as much about this country as he can, transmit that information to moscow and then sell his government's positions here in washington, d.c. taking greater importance over the last decade especially since the relationship between the u.s. and russia has soured, and one russian foreign policy expert says sergey kislyak is performing his job very well. >> sergey kislyak has always done a good job of making sure that he is talking to everyone, so when democrats are in power, he talks to democrats, but he also talks to republicans, travels a lot and gives lectures and talks to students. he clearly is getting the sort of zeitgeist sense of what is going on in american society, which during the election, very, very important. >> he says he is unaware of anyone working in foreign policy, russian policy in washington, d.c., who has not
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has at lease had a conversation with kislyak peer he's an expert and arms control. he came back to the united states in 2008 to take up his current position as ambassador from russia to the united states. days after the election in november, he was speaking about u.s.-russian relations at a talk in stanford university in california to which he said "most probably we are living in the worst part and our relations after the end of the cold war. there are no ideological divides by difficulties still exist and they proved to be significant a more difficult than i would have expected when i came here after the events in 2008 with the conflict in georgia." he says russia in the united states to have items in common, they should be able to work together. he cites the examples of countering extremism, terrorism and working together on the issue of climate change. >> jon: fascinating. rich edson, state department, thank you. we are finishing off a busy week in washington with a big interview on "special report because what tonight, brett barrow speaking excessively with house speaker paul ryan.
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that is 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. going to be taking you back to orlando momentarily. we just saw the president deplane from air force one, and he is in the presidential limousine there, the beast about to head off to the catholic school that are steve harrigan just told us about. >> jenna: very busy day again, orlando, watching a live event for the president at catholic schools to talk about education in school choice, something the administration has tried to put on the forefront of their agenda in the first early weeks of the administration. in the meantime, the fbi director is facing some new criticism, director james comey giving a closed-door briefing to lawmakers about russian meddling in the u.s. election, causing an uproar by democrats. we will tell you why they are upset, plus an investigation of hate crimes targeting jewish committee centers nationwide, and of the big story we are watching as federal authorities arrest a suspect, details on that person behind bars.
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plus awaiting the vice president now, comments and wisconsin in janesville, we will bring you there live as it happens. umbrellas!!
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aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. >> jon: the european union apparently wants to give president trump a dose of his own medicine. parliament is proposing an end on visa free travel for u.s. citizens because the u.s. excludes five e.u. countries from its visa-free policy. those include bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, poland, and romania. parliaments of outcomes after a publicly condemned the president's initial executive order banning travelers from seven majority muslim countries. if it is implement it, the policy could backfire on the european economy by causing a decrease in the number of american tourists. >> jenna: we're learning more about fbi director james comey's classified briefing to the house intelligence committee. democrats accusing him of withholding information about the russian investigation.
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chief intel just correspond to catherine herridge's live in washington with more. >> thank you, fbi director james comey is now in the crosshairs after the classified briefing to the house intelligence committee, raking democrat adam schiff now accuses him of not being forthcoming about the probe's scope in the number of the trump campaign aides under investigation for alleged contact with russia. >> in order for us to do our investigation and a thorough incredible way, we need the fbi to fully cooperate and be willing to tell us the length and breadth of any kind of intelligence investigations they are conducting. at this point, the director was not willing to do that. >> fbi director at comey's investigation is looking at contacts between trump admission asian officials and russian intelligence and whether there was collusion. to that end, fbi interview the national security advisor who hasn't since resigned. republicans at the same briefings at the fbi director's brief was full and complete. >> jim comey did more today to update us that i have ever had
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done in the six years i have been there, and for adam to treat it that way, that dismissively, clearly he and i were into separate rooms this morning. >> congressional sources say the fbi briefing was not consistent with reported claims of a broad conspiracy in collusion between trump campaign associates and russian intelligence, adding that the democrats apparently did not like what they heard from the director. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: president trump tweeting this morning, claiming a witch hunt asked targeting his administration. we will talk with our media panel about his comment scanned by the president seems to have toned down his tweeting a bit this week.
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with stronger, clean sea-bond. >> jon: we were all set to do our media panel today on the president's more restrained use of twitter after his widely
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praised address to congress on tuesday night, but then came eight tweet storms this morning. take a look at it. the president claiming them a message that a "witch hunt" is underway against his administration. is that a fair characterization? let's bring in our media panel, kristin is a columnist at the "washington examiner" and a republican pollster, betsy is a political reporter for the daily beast. we have a brand-new tweet from donald trump we are going to show you in just a second, but betsy, first of all, the notion this is a witch hunt, is it? >> i don't think that is fair. democrats on capitol hill, democrats at the dnc are going to try to capitalize on any news development is to go after president trump, that is what democrats do, that is what republicans did when obama was the president, that is how these things work. but the reality is there is an important vital reporting going on on connections and communications between folks in trump's inner circle and folks close to the russian government. whether or not those meetings
10:22 am
were scandalous, i don't think anyone thinks that jeff sessions had a meeting with the russian ambassador while he was in the u.s. senate as the scandalous, whether or not, this is important, valuable, useful information, and people deserve to know what's going on behind the scenes. characterizing it as a witch hunt for reporters just to do their jobs is hyperbolic to say the least. >> jon: hot off the presses is the tweet we just showed you from the real donald trump account, it's a picture of senator chuck schumer along with vladimir putin, in the president rights: "we should start an immediate investigation into senator schumer and his ties to russia and putin. a total hypocrite!" this, of course, because senator schumer has called on the attorney general to resign before disclosing to congress he had a couple meetings with the russian ambassador over the course of the summer. kristen, in that latest tweet, does the president have a point? >> one, donald trump is excellent at the medium of twitter, it is part of how he became president of the united states. it doesn't surprise me he's not being silent on twitter, and
10:23 am
that we as an example of him using the medium very effectively. it is kind of funny, pointing out what he views as hypocrisy, i'm sure it's going to get thousands upon thousands of retweets. between this picture of chuck schumer and yesterday there was senator claire mccaskill criticizing jeff sessions and then it coming out that she had been in a couple meetings with the russian ambassador too, it is not always nefarious when someone is meeting with the russian ambassador, they themselves are at a high level of the u.s. government. i think it becomes a witch hunt if there is an assumption of guilt until proven innocent where if you met with somebody involved in the russian government at all, you are presumed to have been colluding to rig the election instead of perhaps doing something else in the execution of their job. reporters should investigate, congress should investigate, sure, but there has to be a sort of assumption that we need to get all of the fact to line up before we declare that someone has done something horrible. >> jon: political put out eight piece about this time yesterday, and it reads thus: "g
10:24 am
investigation -- referring to this russia situation -- in that fallout from flynn and session's statements for political gain, in the case of sessions, it's already distracting from the trump ageny a day after his speech to a joint session of congress garnered positive news coverage." a lot of skeptics i guess you could call them or cynics may be think that is part of the reason that all of this russia stuff is being dropped on the press because so much attention had been focused on the presidents joint address to congress. >> it's understandable when people are suspicious of news cycles, but as of now, there is no evidence indicating there was anything nefarious going on behind the scenes regarding these stories. in fact, sessions at his press conference yesterday which i covered said that he had been going through the process of deciding whether or not to recuse himself from some of
10:25 am
these investigations ever since he was confirmed as the attorney general. he basically said, he would have announced his recusal from investigations connected to the trump campaign communications or alleged to medications folks associated with the russian government, he said he would have announced his recusal regardless of whether or not these stories came out. so the fact is that the situation as it has been playing out is not necessarily because of any sort of complex political scheme or intended plan to undermine the president. the reality is that sometimes the stories break, sometimes stories break at times that are politically helpful to the white house, sometimes they break at times that are not politically helpful to the white house. i think in this case, the white house complaining about in this cycle they don't like coming to cycle comps, news cycles come and go, we will see what we talk about this time next week. >> jon: heard you ask that question, good job. kristen, this president is not particularly fond of the press and gets pretty combative with the press.
10:26 am
is that part of what is at play here? >> donald trump has been competing with, fighting with comic declaring that press to be an enemy going back throughout the course of his campaign. this is nothing new for donald trump. he is always really big on trying to set up who the enemy is, who was at fault when something goes wrong. it's actually fascinating to watch him turn his attention to democrats, whether it is chuck schumer or the democratic party from the tweet storm earlier today, so directly. usually, he's talking a lot about isis, the media, talk about other folks, but this is interesting because he is pretty directly putting the democratic party and democratic leaders in the crosshairs. >> jon: we're going to have to leave it there, kristen, betsy, thank you both. >> jenna: republican replacement for obamacare is being kept under wraps, and out of view on capitol hill apparently, but as the political battle rages over it, lawmakers are pulling out all of the stops to find the details with a little political theater and all this and also some truth as well
10:27 am
pay plus, a suspect arrested in a wave of threats against jewish community centers, what we are learning about him and how investigators broke the case. ♪ (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪
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i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. >> jenna: republican lawmakers are continuing the push to repeal and replace obamacare, big g.o.p. leaders are apparently trying to keep their placement plan under wraps, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on the hunt, live from capitol hill to explain. >> good afternoon, i am told they are still working on it,
10:31 am
republican lawmakers expect to work through the weekend ahead of what is expected to be a very big week. house speaker paul ryan is back in his hometown of janesville, wisconsin, this afternoon, joined by the vice president of the united states mike pence in the new health and human services secretary dr. tom price. all three are seen as key players in this g.o.p. effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, otherwise known as obamacare. they are hearing from some of their republican lawmakers in the house, trying to make sure that the replacement is what critics would not want to label "obamacare light." if you like some concerns have become valid with the expansion, it paid for, tax credits, so what we are understanding is that concern has been heard. at the end of the day, you have to put something on the floor and have a real plan and people have to belly up to the bar in vote for it, and we've been telling people for six years that we're going to repeal and replace. i think it's extraordinarily important we follow that
10:32 am
through. >> democrats here on capitol hill are mocking their republican colleagues for not having the legislation done after campaigning on repealing and replacing this law since 2010. this healthcare push is the dominant topic this month with relevant committees potentially voting next week and a floor vote in the house possible by the end of march. >> i am perfectly confident that when it is all said and done, we are going to unify because we all, every republican ran on repealing and replacing coming and we are going to keep our promises. >> if he does nothing to harm the past, lowering cost, decreasing coverage, expanding axis, we also need to talk about. >> nancy pelosi setting a very high bar there, republican leaders are not expecting much help from their democratic colleagues when it comes to repealing and replacing the affordable care act. bottom line, g.o.p. leaders say this is the churn before you actually do something big here
10:33 am
on capitol hill. >> jenna: we shall see, thank you. >> jon: joining us now for more on this, liz smith, former deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley, and amy holmes, rasmussen reports political analyst. mike was just talking about democrat opposition to repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. but it sounds like they may have republicans, they may have one of the biggest problems in their own senator, rand paul. >> donald trump said that healthcare is complicated, it seems like for republicans, the governing might be even more complicated. right now, you have this huge pressure, and it's not just democrats, it's republicans running around the hill. my lord, rand paul running around like he is inspector gadget trying to track down dr. claw. >> jon: there would not be a bit of theater involved there, where they are? on the part of senator paul? >> he knows what he's doing and having a little bit of fun with that but it does underscore a big problem for republicans, the
10:34 am
perception problem which is all of their big ideas, whether it is tax reform, obamacare repeal, are taking a backseat to some of this chaos. every day, here more talk about russia, here more talk about the travel ban getting struck down the end you do about really important things like infrastructure or healthcare, so that is a problem in it leads to a perception that they are a better opposition party than actually governing. >> jon: paul ryan says this is all going the way it should, they are bringing the bill out of committee, the committee has the thing wrapped up, and i guess it makes some sense that you do not let a bunch of drafts out there until you are actually done writing the legislation. >> wright, have you ever written an op-ed for you xd put out the first, second, or third draft before you send it to your editor? of course not. i have to congratulate senator rand paul for the political theater, i thought it was a lot of fun to watch, he certainly got a letterpress. when he was trying to do, i think, is put pressure on house republicans for their bill to conform to the one he has
10:35 am
championed in the senate. i don't think the stunt worked, and i also think does anyone here doubt that whatever the house votes on is going to not get screwed get scrutiny? of course, is going to be down to the letter in for democrats to try to make political hay out of this to mix some metaphors, this is the same party that said you have to pass it to know what it is in it, and passed obamacare using a parliamentary trick where they just need a single republican vote. >> jon: that is a point or memory i was going to bring up, nancy pelosi famously saying "we have to pass this bill before we can find out what is in it." it did not get a whole lot of sunshine before it was already signed into law. >> i do nothing that was a bright, shining moment for nancy pelosi, but what i would say is this. one of the problems is you have republican commerce and chris collins saying this might not even get a cbo score, congressional budget office score before it goes up for a vote, and that is very different from the process with
10:36 am
look, no process with a big piece of legislation like that is going to be perfect, but in june, it was put out there for review, in july, the cbo scored it and it did not go up for a full vote before congress until november, so it does seem like they went through a more transparent process than what republicans are doing now. republicans, of course, could change course, but their initial comment on this is a little bit troubling. >> jon: should they have had more of a solid plan ready to go, or is there more to what they have to present the end we understand at this point? >> i think they should have, of course their argument is they have had different plans floating around, but what they have not had his consensus on what the plan should be. i think part of that is because there has been shifting public opinion. rasmussen reports, we found at election time, 40% of likely voters wanted repeal and replace, that number has gone down to 30%, and in fact, the majority of likely voters want
10:37 am
to see obamacare tackled piece by piece, basis by basis because now we are starting to see what the real consequences are for the program. to be fair, the ceo of aetna said that it is in a death of server farm has to happen, but the republican party has not coalesced on executive with that will look like. >> jon: when it is that big and involves a six of the u.s. economy, is it any surprise that even a political party cannot exactly agree on how to dismantle it? >> no, and remember when mitch mcconnell, current majority leader, brought up obamacare, it was stacks and stacks to the ceiling, and democrats want to tell us they had a transparent process, i don't think so. >> it succumbed comes a gated thing, but then again, it speaks to republicans paid they should have been more honest with voters that they were not going to be able to repeal this bill and replace it on day one. it has been seven years, and they had a president who was going to veto it, but since a couple months, we still have not seen anything from them so i'm
10:38 am
not optimistic they will be able to follow through. >> so you want them to repeal and replace, is that what we are hearing? >> i'm not optimistic for them and their promises. >> jon: we will see what happens, maybe rand paul will get his satisfaction after all. liz smith, thank you. jenna? >> jenna: another big story, break in the case of recent hate crimes nationwide, authorities arresting a suspect in st. louis where threats to jewish community centers as well as the anti-defamation league in new york. the arrest involves only a fraction of that more than 100 threads and dozens of states that we've been watching as investigators say there is actually a romantic twist to this arrest. we are going to need some explanation on that. laura ingalls tracking this story from our new york city newsroom. >> it is the bizarre line we saw in the criminal complaint today, but we want to explain it all. this may actually solve part of the puzzle but not all of it. investigators say they believe 31-year-old juan thompson of st. louis, missouri, was behind
10:39 am
eight bomb threats, called into the anti-defamation league here in new york and some jewish committee centers around the country. investigators say thompson made the threats using an ex-girlfriend's name in an attempt to frame her after she broke things off with him last summer. thompson has been charged with one count of cyber stalking in a case that accuses him of carrying out a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate his ex-girlfriend. the over 100 bomb threats called into jcc's and other jewish organizations since january of this year all turned out to be hoaxes. some of these calls which forced the evacuation of schools and community centers were described as robo calls, others had a live person on the line, calling in specific threats. federal officials say thompson also attempted to flip the script, and he made up an email address to make it look like his ex-girlfriend was sending in the bomb threats in his name. new jersey state senator bob menendez one of many lawmakers
10:40 am
speaking out and vowing to put an end to threats against jewish immunity. >> we will drown out the latest wave of anti-semitism, and i am confident as we evidence in today's arrest in missouri that we will find and we will prosecute those who have committed these acts of hatred. >> the anti-defamation league here in new york is holding a press conference in the next hour to discuss today's developments he representatives say thompson was on the radar of the adl center on extremism which has followed his past activities including deceptive and at times the false reports he made for a news web site about dylann roof, the charleston, south carolina, church shooter. it is not over yet, we have more to follow. >> jenna: not over, but may be a piece of the puzzle solved in the larger issue which we have been watching, thank you very much. what a story on that. we ask you have an update on something that was happening this hour, talking a lot about where both sides stand on this issue of russia.
10:41 am
i note that you shared a tweet that donald trump just put out this hour regarding this whole topic, who is meeting with the russians went, and so here is the tweet from donald trump, he says: "we should start an immediate investigation into senator schumer and his ties to russia and putin. a total hypocrite!" there is the picture between senator schumer and vladimir putin. so there you go. now, senator schumer reply on twitter because who picks up a phone anymore, just do it publicly on social media. he says this "happily talk regarding my contact with mr. putin and his associates, took place in 2003 in full view of press and public under oath. would you you and your team?" so daring, i guess the president to respond back but also pointing out, which is part of the story, that some of the alleged meetings that happened with the senator sessions and others happened behind closed doors. here is one of the bottom line is if there is one to all of this, we don't know the content
10:42 am
of a lot of these conversations, emails, text messages, whatever else. senator schumer saying this meeting took place in public. this is where we are at, tweeting back and forth between each other, between political parties on major issues of national security, happy friday. >> jon: i want to point out they were apparently eating doughnuts under oath according to chuck schumer. >> jenna: lawmakers are just like us, right? there we are. you're welcome. >> jon: even, democrats versus republicans. conservative attorneys general are filing lawsuits against the trump administration in order to help the president. so how does that work? we will explain next. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance the search for relief often leads here.s,
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>> jon: fox news alert, the vice president of the u.s. mike pence isn't janesville, wisconsin, home of the speaker of the house paul ryan. he's participating in a small business roundtable there, talking about a local wisconsin
10:46 am
sort of medium-sized business i guess you might call it, harley-davidson, praising them and also praising the president's attack on regulations. we are going to listen and for just a minute. -- >> about to end. despite the best efforts of some activists at town hall meetings across the country, the truth of the matter is the american people know, obamacare has failed, and obamacare must go. i heard it today. i heard it today. i don't know if we're going to stop by italian house later, but i am hungry. >> no, we are not. >> [laughs] >> jon: trump administration has made elimination of business regulations one of its core priorities, in the vice president has been touting that and some of the other
10:47 am
approaches he says the trump administration will take that will make this administration much more business-friendly and good overall for the economy. we will keep you updated. >> jenna: republican attorneys general filing five lawsuits against the trump administration and planning even more, so what is this all about? live in washington with more to explain that. >> on its face, this sounds counterintuitive, republican attorneys general suing the very federal agencies that their party now controls. but in fact, it is just the opposite of what it appears to be. >> sometimes, turns out the best way to help president trump fulfill his campaign pledges to bring relief to the american people is to sue president trump. that is what we're doing. that is what i'm doing in the state of missouri, we are finding key litigation to bring against the administration that will help expedite, accelerate the process of withdrawing these onerous regulations. >> in missouri, the impetus reaction is a federal protection for the endangered fish called a pellet sturgeon, prehistoric
10:48 am
creature that has outlived the dinosaurs and we produces an river shallows, many of which have disappeared as the missouri river has been dragged and channeled by the army corps of engineers to prevent periodic flooding over the years. but critics say that federal regulations are overly broad. >> all of the agencies have to find that may be in the future one day, and endangered species or any species might live on the land, then they can impose land-use regulations, it is unbelievable and not what congress authorized, that's why we are bringing suits to stop it. >> the litigation tactic is being put in many ways to challenge the obama era clean water plan, waters of the united states plan and overtime rules put into place by the department of labor, but it is not just republican ag's the tactic to democrat 80s led by eric schneiderman and others are using litigation to target trump's agenda as in the travel ban, washington state ag rob ferguson went a huge victory when he convinced a federal
10:49 am
judge to block the travel ban at least temporarily. the bottom line here is that trying to undo all of these federal regulations through the rule making process turns out to be so cumbersome, so time-consuming that lawsuits, as long as they take, are often a better, faster alternative. >> jenna: interesting, thank you. >> jon: right now, millions of people on baby watch for a giraffe. so when will the newborn make its much-anticipated appearance? aren't you glad you are not giving birth? we will give you an update next. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> hi, everyone, i am dana perino, right now president trump is in florida with senator marco rubio and secretary of education betsy devos, we will update you on any remarks the president makes. plus, what is it like behind the scenes in washington, d.c., with these meetings between ambassadors and politicians set up? we are going to talk to somebody who knows. and he wants to see april the giraffe give birth? we do, and we are on giraffe watch on "america's newsroom hq" at the top of the hour. >> jon: yes, millions of people around the world are waiting to welcome one big baby at a new york zoo. as you has been live streaming video of april, a pregnant giraffe, more than 15 million people tuning in, hoping to see her give birth to her baby. live in our near city newsroom with that. >> nice change of pace, and you thought beyonce's pregnancy was causing a stir quest make the latest is a giraffe named april, and she is at a new york zoo but
10:54 am
has captured the attention of fans all over the world. this live stream of april has been viewed by millions of people around the globe for about three weeks now as voyeuristic onlookers anxiously. it sounds innocent enough, but apparently the feed was not without controversy. it was actually brief and taken down after some activists, of course there's always somebody that's going to clean about something, complained it was sexually explicit. yes, that looks racy, right? it was soon put back up and fans cannot seem to get enough of april. in fact, there's actually merchandise going up for sale, and even a gofundme page has been set up to help support the new family. not by the drafts themselves, of course, but by the owner of animal adventure park who set up the live stream to increase community involvement. april is about 50 months pregnant, a typical pregnancy for a giraffe in case you have not followed draft pregnancies until today, it was supposed to be due any day now for the suspense, but there's the owner now admits the due date may be
10:55 am
slightly off and has told the ap labor has not yet begun. >> we continue to use the word imminent, calf is coming, just a matter of land. it could be another hour, could be another day. it is the waiting game, but i think that is part of the fun. >> for now, still a waiting game as the road waits for its newest internet celebrity to be born but unlike most celebrities, luckily no one is fat-shaming april because this giraffe is supposed to be giving birth to a 150-pound baby at 6 feet tall. she looks pretty good. she's carrying her baby weight white well, i must say. >> jon: you're going to need a big historic to carry the giraffe. >> by the way, notice the boy, baby daddy if you will, she is like a cougar because he is only four, she is 15. anyway, he is in the pen next to her because he gets a little too aggressive. isn't that like a boy to get to aggressive with his pregnant mommy? >> jon: i'm going to leave that went right there, thank you, julie. >> enjoy the rest of your show. >> jenna: on a good day, may
10:56 am
be million people watching "happening now," so if we brought in a pregnant giraffe, do we get 50 million viewers? is that all it takes? >> jon: it could happen. note to production folks. >> jenna: it is that easy. snap making its big debut on wall street, and it did not disappoint. how did they celebrate? that is next in "the final 30." ♪ ♪
10:57 am
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>> jon: time for our final 30. we told you yesterday about snap inc going public making some people a lot of money. >> jenna: here's how we decided to get in on the action. using one of the new filters. you said it yesterday. never looked better than that moment. >> jon: there's a good picture right there. >> jenna: two thirds of shares
11:00 am
this week they raised $24 million. why can we be the people who decides early like that's the next big thing? it would be that easy. >> jon: if somebody would just call us with one of those tips. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> jenna: "american news hq" starts now. >> dana: fox news alert. president trump is in florida right now to talk education. as we get more information about the classified briefing director comby gave on the russian investigation. hello everyone. the president is in orlando with marco rubio and betsy devos. this comes as new questions about the president's attorney general. democrats say the decision of jeff sessions to recuse himself from the case is another clue that something is amiss. sources tell fox that the briefing on possible ties between the trump campaign and russia was extensive, but democrats accuse director comey of holding back details.


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