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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 4, 2017 9:00am-11:01am PST

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your guy did in eight years and longer. talks the talks and walks the walk. or runs the run. the deplorable's turn. don't worry, you'll get another shot at it in 2014. leland: president trump tweeting a bombshell allegation about president obama at the crack of dawn. is he trying to distract the media or does he have evidence to back up the accusation. elizabeth: jeff sessions still feeling the heat over the russian meeting admission to congress despite recusing himself. leland: and house speaker and others in congress, senator ronned paul and others accused of keeping health care charges underwraps. we talk with a kentucky senator about that and what his plan
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would be to repeal and then replace obamacare. >> what if the repeal goes through and replacement doesn't? >> i can't guarantee what wins or loses. ♪ >> for all of you who thought it was going to be a quiet saturday morning, it is not. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm leland vittert. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth prann. thanks for joining us. president donald trump's waking up the world with a shocking allegation on twitter, fox is working on the developing story. and we start at mar-a-lago where the president is spending the weekend. kristin is standing by with the latest. what can you tell us? >> well, liz, these are explosive allegations. if true, it could lead to the indictment of a former president and his staff.
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but if false, then critics of this new president, who is accusing of playing loose with the facts, just got an entire arsenal of ammunition against time. here are the allegations from president trump just this morning. he tweeted out, quote, terrible. just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. in a second tweet he said how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. this is nixon, watergate, bad or sick guy. now, president trump has so far offered zero proof, zero evidence to back up these claims. so, where is all of this coming from? well, yesterday there was a report in breitbart and that breitbart report was referencing some claims made by a conservative radio host, mark levine and that quote used police state tactics, allegedly
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including wire tapping trump tower. these are just allegations, but these reports claim that last june, in the middle of the election, the obama administration submitted a request, a highly secretive foreign intelligence surveillance court to monitor communications involving then candidate trump and some campaign officials, it was reportedly turned down and then in october right before the election, right when the allegations about the trump campaign and russia were heating up it was reportedly renewed. our bret baier asked house speaker paul ryan about this very claim just last night and here was his response. >> have you heard that? >> well, again, and like i said, none of us in congress or anybody i know in congress has been presented with evidence to the contrary of what you just said. so you believe it to be true? >> yeah, that-- we have seen no evidence that anybody this this campaign or any other american was in on it with the russians to meddle in our electionings, we know they meddled, russia is an adversary and that's something that we
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had to work to counter act. elizabeth: now, so far there's been no official response from former president barack obama. but one of his former aides, ben rhodes, just tweeted out, no president can order a wire tap, those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you. and he was referring to president donald trump in that tweet. so any chance of the former administration and the current administration getting alodge and playing ni safe to say that that's over now. in the word of senator lindsey graham, he was commenting on all of this just this morning, he said, if true, or even if it turns out to be false, either way, this could be the biggest political scandal since watergate. liz. elizabeth: we'll follow it. kristen fisher. there's more fallout on premium's tweet. senator lindsey graham spoke out at a town hall. >> the comment about the latest, have you seen it?
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so apparently this morning, president trump tweeted out that he believes that president obama ordered wire tapping during the campaign-- and that would be-- so i don't know what happened , but i can only say that the president of the united states is cla i am-- claiming that the former president of the united states ordered wire tapping of his campaign last year, i don't know if it's true or not, but if it is true, it would be the biggest political scandal since watergate. leland: there you go, from senator lindsay graham. help us following the bouncing tweets here. gregory korty of usa today, good to see you. >> sure. leland: we thought we would have a quiet morning. evidently mr. trump's aides thought they'd have a quiet
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morning and all of us woke up to this. up he is unpack. what's new? we've seen the reports before that there was perhaps a request to a court, a secret court for national security for wire taps against a couple of trump aides. there's a big distance between that and president obama, quote, unquote, ordering mr. trump's phones tapped. >> yeah, anytime you see an early morning tweet from president trump, you really have to figure out what he was watching, or what he reading before that. leland: looked like a breitbart article on friday. >> a mark levine an old and substantiated story back from november that somehow the obama administration, the fbi, was tapping, wiretapping trump tower in an effort to figure out russian connections between the trump campaign and some russian banks. that has now resurfaced because the president of the united states tweeted it's not
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something that we were talking about. leland: the president tweets something, whether it's relevant or not. and robert costa, a great reporter by all accounts sent this out. trump left white house in fury on friday, fuming about sessions recusal and telling aides that sessions shouldn't have recused himself. follow-up from mike allen, an inch of retreat seeming an apology, is unforgivable. is that why now? >> president trump had a rollercoaster of a week. he delivered a speech that exceeded expectations and basked in that before the latest revelations about jeff sessions's talk with the ambassador. and said, no, sessions should not recuse himself.
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sessions later that day recused himself and so that's why you have this sort of whiplash by the white house, having to respond to events. leland: now, all of a sudden the president managed to pull everybody off the sessions story, essentially, pull everybody off of the russian involvement story. now, attention is focused on was there some type of surveillance on the trump campaign by the administration or by the doj. if true, as senator graham pointed out, explosive. how does this story develop? >> i mean, certainly, we've not heard anything from president obama himself. president obama himself would not order something like this under the system of laws that we have. leland: the president can't order it unless it is watergate, you have to go through the court and get a warrant. >> absolutely. so if something like this is happening it's happening in the fbi and secret for obvious reasons. either there's a criminal investigation against trump himself or members of his campaign, or this is a court
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investigation which the fbi is investigating foreign nationals and contact with u.s. persons who they believe may be acting as agency of a foreign power. either way if there is an investigation there it's not good for the trump administration or his white house. leland: and the attorney general who head such an investigation, he's recused himself. we've heard from the white house sort of scrambling what's going on behind the scenes and see if they can get more information to get out. who is running things in the department of justice if jeff sessions recused himself. >> it would fall to the deputy attorney general, the acting attorney general before jeff sessions was sworn in. he's the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. the trump's nominee for deputy attorney general, has a confirmation vote coming up in the senate. >> that confirmation hearing just got a lot more
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interesting. >> it does thicken the plot, yeah, absolutely. leland: raises the stakes for sure. and obviously, considering that senator sessions at least ran into, shall we say, some complications of his hearing, you ought to think they're perhaps retooling and scrubbing through the second hearing. >> let's remember how the hillary clinton got in trouble and how that investigation got off the rails. it was because the attorney general then, loretta lynch, had to recuse herself because she had talked to former president clinton on-- in an airplane in an i remember air and had to recuse herself, leaving jim comey, the fbi director in charge of the investigation. leland: history doesn't repeat itself, but often rhymes. thank you, we'll be reading your stuff in usa today. elizabeth: and allegations of perjury and allegations on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions agreed to clarify statements he made under oath he made during the hearing
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possibly on monday and looking at contacts with russian developments. lauren has more on the story, what can you tell us? >> according to the department of justice, attorney general jeff sessions will not answer democrats questions in person. instead, in writing on monday. this, after nine senate democrats sent a letter to judiciary chairman committee chuck grassley asking for sessions to be called for a public hearing to explain why he did not disclose discussions with the russian ambassador during confirmation hearings. senator grassley denied the request and this as sessions recused himself into any investigation into russian hacking isn't good enough. >> and for him to say this was the normal course of a senator meeting with an ambassador, the russian ambassador, everybody knew was hacking our system, is beyond naive. it's almost pathetic.
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>> meanwhile, republicans are trying to save face as another one of president trump's key officials has charges of russian ties leveled against them. republicans say that sessions recusing himself from the investigation isn't necessary, but it may help the credibility of the justice department. >> he listened to advice of people within the justice department on how best to maintain the integrity and the independence of the justice department so i think he-- i don't think he had to do this, but i think he did what he thought was in the best interest of the justice department, which i think is fine. he was a surrogate for the campaign and so, i think he just wanted to err on the side of caution and remove any shred of doubt or concern whatsoever by doing that. >> russian allegations have already brought down one of trump's cabinet, he michael flynn, others are calling for sessions to step down. and others say what sessions did meeting with the russian ambassador while he was a congressman wasn't illegal nor
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did he perjure himself during confirmation hearings. elizabeth: thank you so much. let's talk about another top story, believe it or not, this weekend. senator rand paul is on the hunt for a draft of the health care bill. we'll get to that in a moment. i asked him when he visited in the studio, about the attorney general's recusal. >> i think on both sides of the aisle, there's a little misremembering which ambassadors. we had someone on the other side of the aisle saying she had never met with the russian abbotted and someone looked at her twitter feed, and she had met with him. i think if i were looking at that testimony, i've read the testimony, he sort of asked did the campaign have anything to do with the russians, first impressions no, we didn't have anything to do with the russians, he wasn't thinking in his capacity as senator. i don't think he meant to try to mislead. i think he honestly thought that that wasn't the same and he didn't think, oh, gosh, i
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had a meeting on august 3rd, but who would try to obscure that when everybody knows your schedule is somewhat public and that would come forward. i don't think that he meant to mislead. i thought he was talking about the campaign, and not his official capacity as a senator. >> part of his response was that the leaks are being hyped beyond reason. it was a little out of control. there's been the word witch hunt being used. agree or disagree? >> well, i think there have been things that are very, very important that have been leaked that are felonies. so, for example, if i call a foreign leader on the phone, like mike flynn called the russian ambassador on the phone, i understand we may be eavesdropping on people because we think they're spying in our country, but the american that makes the phone call, presidents make phone calls to foreign leaders. the information that goes on in that conversation, i would think would be about as classified as it comes, and if we have people in the white house and some of them may have been president obama's appointees or career officials, if they're leaking the content of conversations between our
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leaders and foreign leaders, that's a very, very serious crime and that's what many of us worry about, that you could end up having an nsa that collects so many information on our that we could be black mailed by our own government. >> i don't think that's the last we'll hear about it. there have been discussions and media reports that house members will be voting on a repeal and replace as early as this month. i want to know have you gained any access? we saw you up and down the halls of the capitol, and we saw you with a cart and copying machine and trying to gain access to see a copy of this? have you yet? >> i have not. i know if exists and i haven't been given access. that troubled us, we read news report, it was available and under lock and key and top security clearance. elizabeth: is that really usual? >> very usual. you could only get into it if you were on the committee and you couldn't take it, even the committee members couldn't take it. i think it's a big mistake. i think once anybody in the public, conservatives and
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republicans don't like the establishment republicans doing this, nobody likes it. republican or democrat, if a bill is completely created in secret and nobody gets to see if. elizabeth: what if they say listen, we just want to get it right. we've waited this long and we want every detail and looking for ways to compromise, we know you have a totally different proposal and they want to present it to the senate in a form that-- >> i think it's worse than that though. i think that conservatives don't want obamacare light and we think what they're creating is obamacare light. elizabeth: what is obamacare light. >> three instances in the bill. a new entitlement program if you don't pay any taxes, they're going to give you tax taxpayer money, a significant amount and it's going to be based then, its growth, over time on inflation, about 5% increase a year. that's a new entitlement program so we're going to-- >> those are the tax credits? >> refundable tax credits. it's not a republic type of ideal. to me it's a democrat idea trying to dress up in
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republican clothing. that's obamacare light. keeping the cadillac tax, naming it different. if you have really good insurance, they're going to tax it and third thing, they're keeping a form of the individual mandate. you remember everybody complained, the republicans said individual mandate is terrible, they're keeping it, instead of paying a penalty to the government you're going, it's a mandate, a law, pay a penalty to the insurance company. elizabeth: your proposal is just going back and both on the repeal and do a blanket, a clean slate. two proposals, one, clean repeal and i think all conservatives will be on board. we did this a year ago. elizabeth: millions will be uninsured. >> lets me finish. i'm for clean repeal and same day, a separate vote on replacement. i wouldn't put them together because there is disagreement on replacement. what i'm saying vote on a clean repeal, everything, and then vote on a replacement the same day. elizabeth: what if the repeal goes through and replacement doesn't. >> i can't guarantee what wins and loses, the only way they're going to get repeal, if they want to get conservative votes
9:18 am
they're going to have to give us a clean repeal like we voted on before, but if you want conservatives to stay on board, you know, you've heard from the house freedom caucus, 40 members of congress. senators on our side. they're going to have to negotiate with us. elizabeth: with all of these different bills and proposals, you're going to have people say, listen, you're preventing progress, too much going on. >> we should get it right. i think we should completely repeal obamacare, it's been terrible for the american public, insurance rates have gone through the roof. nobody likes it, we're suffering this downward spiral of it. it's a terrible, terrible, system, let's get rid of it and you know, we have different ideas on replacement. we're unified as republicans for repeal and not so unified on replacement. let's go to a couple of different versions, that's the way it should be in democracy. come together with your ideas. if they force us to have big government replacement bills, obamacare light on the repeal bill.
9:19 am
they're not going to win. elizabeth: and the thing i found most fascinating, we saw speaker ryan on bret baier last night and he said he's fond of rand paul, but he thinks it's a little bit of a publicity stunt and the fact they're working on it and marking on the bill isn't something unusual. you're certainly hearing two different sides. leland: anytime you call the press to follow you through capitol hill with a copy machine on a dolly, it does, perhaps, call into question if it's a publicity stunt. elizabeth: trying to get-- >> he certainly has a way of doing that, no one ever doubts that, as does mr. trump have a way of getting his point across, more on the tweet storm and this. >> tell you what, you're going to get kicked out in 30 seconds-- >> back to health care, emotions running high over obamacare at town halls like
9:20 am
this one, led by senator lindsey graham in clemson. more on what happened when he was shouted down. and president trump's spending increase, so what will it actually give our military. >> after years of endless budget cuts that have impaired our defense, i am calling for one of the largest defense spending increases in history. boost
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♪ >> a fox news alert. updating you on the tweets this morning of president trump accusing president obama of authorizing wire taps on him during the campaign. this, from our white house unit, current obama spokesman tell fox news to expect some sort of reaction from that i remember camp, meaning president obama's camp re: president trump's team, they're fired up. and members of the powerful house ways and means committee are working through the weekend to hammer out their version of obamacare replacement. we're going to be speaking to chairmen of that committee, texas republican kevin brady
9:25 am
about that as well. until now, the process of repealing and replacing obamacare has been cloaked in secrecy. >> all right. get him out of here. leland: but in south carolina today, senator lindsey graham has been getting an earful of constituents worried about the fate of their health care coverage. rich edison monitoring this and other town halls around the country and we saw this all last week and wooe've seen it again. >> so much or an easy weekend. lindsey graham is fielding questions on the russians and health care. in that rowdy clemson south carolina town hall, senator rand paul in criticizing republicans leaders for as graham says, acting like
9:26 am
democrats did in 2009, writing their health care proposal privately among a small group of lawmakers. >> can i give you a little secret. i don't know what the g.o.p. plan is. let me tell you, did you all see rand paul on tv. you know, rand and i don't agree on much, but he's right about this. what was our big knock on obamacare? they did it without any of us. >> graham says the affordable care act or obamacare is driving up the rights to replace it. and the house ways and means committee will unveil their initial proposal and democrats and republicans will have an opportunity to amend or change it. vice-president mike pence joined house speaker paul ryan yesterday and expects in a matter of days a very brisk pace of legislative activity. republicans are generally proposing to give americans tax credits to buy private insurance plans that are less regulated than obamacare insurance.
9:27 am
democrats claim the idea's republican support will leave millions without sufficient health care coverage and democrats oppose the republican efforts, even republicans are add at odds over how to rewrite the health care system. leland: deja vu all over again. the vice-president saying there will be brisk activity. how is this different from january and february, we're a matter of a couple weeks away? >> right, right, with the republican process and congressional process is here, to have committee with markup where democrats and republicans can propose in public changes. that's the thing. they have yet to in a formal setting announce it. leland: read it before they pass it? >> there might be a piece of paper out there from a committee as opposed to these ideas from different republicans. leland: if you want five ideas in congress, ask four congressmen, thanks, rich. liz. elizabeth: keep it right here on fox news all weekend for the latest on the trump administration. media buzz will be speaking with katrina pierson, a former trump spokesperson and now part
9:28 am
of a pro-trump nonprofit and she'll be speaking about the sessions recusal tomorrow at 11 a.m. eastern. and on sunday chris wallace will be speaking to two senators, tom cotton and chris koontz over the latest on russia. check your local station for times and channel. from leaks to finger pointing. the trump administration heats up as there are demands for independent investigations. we'll take a look at consequences to the new administration. a campaign promised to rebuild america's military. up next, just how much money will come out of taxpayers' pockets to foot the bill. ♪ ♪
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>> and right now, you are
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looking at live pictures of a pro-trump rally in raleigh, north carolina. if you've been following our coverage this inauguration, we've seen protests across the country in opposition to the administration, but we're also starting to see some of these rallies in favor of donald trump's agenda. this is just one of several planned today, we know there's one planned for trump tower and d.c. at the washington monument. we're going to follow all the rallies and bring you any news that develops out of this. leland: and speaking of mr. trump, we're continuing to get reaction from president trump's bombshell tweet this morning accusing president obama of wire tapping trump tower during the election. we are waiting for a response from the obama folks, but in the meantime, house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted this, quote, the deflector in chief is at it again, an investigation by an independent commission is the only answer.
9:34 am
more on this with congressmen from both sides of the aisle coming up a little later in the sh show. >> president trump is proposing is $54 billion increase in military spending, that's nearly 10%. but he may not have an easy time getting the plan passed. mckinsey is a national security analyst with the american enterprise institute. she joins us live. thank you for joining us. i'm glad you're going to break this down. when we heard that he was initially going to take funds from other areas of the budget, if you will and pump it into the military. what was your reaction and how does it impact the overall budget for the military? >> i think there's a plurality of congress that supports growing the defense budget and building up the military. elizabeth: is this how you would do it though? >> that's the issue, mr. trump is proposing a partisan way to do it and you're going to need democratic votes to get this passed.
9:35 am
by growing defense and cutting nondefense discretionary, programs like head start and environmental protection agency, national endowment for the arts and state department, even foreign aid, that's going to be a nonstarter in congress, there aren't enough votes to pass it because they're leaving entitlements like social security off the table. elizabeth: the money has to come from somewhere. we did see some of the places where he was going to cut, you mentioned the state department, you mentioned the epa, and we also heard that obviously, noaa would get slashed as well. what type of impact does it have on those organizations? is it a nonstarter and dead on arrival with some of these congressmen? >> dead on arrival and not only have a unified democratic party and pick up republicans. lindsey graham said this can't pass congress as it is. what you see is washington is big government no matter the proposal and mr. trump will have to find a way to cut a deal. elizabeth: how does he do that?
9:36 am
>> grow everything, but perhaps by a lesser magnitude. say, maybe a dollar for defense, one dollar increase to defense. 30 cent increase equivalent for nondefense programs. elizabeth: if you're a member of the military. how do you react to this? if you're not sure what the funding is going to look like? how do you react for that? >> it's a huge problem for the pentagon. it's the largest agency. half trillion annually they do long-term, five to 30 year planning. it's disruptive to a department that buys good and services and can't move forward with all of their plans. elizabeth: i think that the president is in a little bit of a conundrum here because this is what he ran on. i mean, this is why he is put into office, i mean, he's here for a reason. so, i'm-- i guess i'm perplexed as to why folks are so surprised that the news that he's making these cuts and putting the money elsewhere because this is why he was elected. >> that's right. fair enough.
9:37 am
he's publicized what he was going to do and now he's doing it. grow the military and cut government and trying to do both. what he's going to find out, however, new to washington, there are aren't enough votes for his plan. i think it's a messy progress to build that up. elizabeth: we'll talk about the budget more and more, could there be a compromise and what could that look like? >> first you'll see congress take a series of votes to show that mr. trump's putting can or can't pass and it starts in the house where they originate. and when they see they can't pass the house, usually it's the senate that's the problem. they're going to eyed it's going to lead to other problems. if you can't get a budget passed, you can't operate in regular order and pass the spending bills so it's going to look like a do-nothing congress, nobody wants to do that, so, eventually the message will get through to the white house that they're going to have to cut that deal. either debt finance a lot of this growth or you can bring in entitlements, which mr. trump
9:38 am
says he doesn't want to do. elizabeth: i was going to ask you that. are we going to hear the word entitlement sometime soon? >> i think there are acceptable approaches in entilements that both parties can live with, they're small, they're not big cuts, not big tweets or changes-- >> it will be hard for people to follow. >> it is. like i said plurality, the voting majority of congress would go along with modest changes to entitlements. mr. obama even, his team was looking at some of this. he had proposed a couple of changes. if you want a bipartisan bill to pass, only way to get the votes, that's probably going to be the only alternative. elizabeth: this is a developing story, we hope to have you back. interesting. leland. leland: coming up, another day, another twist in the russian connection. we're going to look at the latest accusations hitting the trump white house over connections to vladimir putin and what could go wrong with this? airport screeners are now
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>> president trump is using executive powers to restart construction of two major oil pipelines. but one of them will not be made with american steel, despite the president's public comments it would. the keystone xl pipeline started before president trump took office has the steel ready to be used and falls outside of the president's executive order. his directive to use american steel is only for new pipelines or those being repaired. the president's tweets this morning about alleged wire tapping of trump tower during the election, refocuses
9:44 am
attention on the russian connection. revelations this week that attorney general jeff sessions failed to disclose meetings with the russian ambassador only adds to the story that the president was angry about the attorney general recusing himself from possible russian investigation. a foreign affairs correspondent, great to have you as always. old saying in washington, where there's smoke, there's fire. there's a lot of smoke. have we found any evidence of a real fire yet? >> not quite. not quite. it's-- but you have to remember at the end of the day, this is a big story. the idea that all of our intelligence agencies believe that russia interfered in our election to help president trump's win, that's not going away and i just believe that the more that the trump team tries to push this away, dissemble say they didn't know
9:45 am
and oh, yes, we have meetings. they're fanning the smoke. leland: the democrats have said the same thing, we had nancy pelosi say, hey, gee, i never met with this russian ambassador and all of a sudden pictures of the ambassador. >> it wasn't under oath. leland: fair to say although it would hope that politicians tell the truth whether they're under oath or not. something as simple as being in a meeting. question though, this russian ambassador, it seems if you meet with him, you're somehow indicted as being a comy which is odd. sergey kislyak is his name. he's very well, very well-connected. it seems like now days he's radioactive. nobody wants to-- >> you know, it may be tough for him to get an invitation for thanksgiving this year. as a matter of fact, he canceled, supposed to be at gridiron dinner, he canceled
9:46 am
because of skits going on about russia, maybe those kinds of things. it goes to a more important point. we heard from the russian foreign ministry that all of this smacks of mccarthyism and this morning, hear the same words from the president of the united states. >> yes, there could seem to be some echoes, between the russian messaging and american messaging. leland: the first time that's happened? >> it's not the first time, actually and it seems to-- >> there was a history lesson, when was the last time. >> the other day, the russian foreign minister said there was a witch hunt going on and suddenly, president trump uses the phrase witch hunt as well. this is interesting, maybe some of it's a coincidence. leland: in a sense this isn't anything new. the russians being involved in american elections or for that matter, the americans being involved in other elections in other countries, it's been going on since the cold war started.
9:47 am
>> well, but there's a big difference between how involved you are. it's one thing to say, you know, well, it's up to the american voters, but we would like to have a good relationship with america no matter who wins and a whole other thing to hack the dnc or rnc or whatever and only reveal certain e-mails. leland: what do the russians want out of this. >> i think at the end of the day they want to cause chaos in the western world. they're probably enjoying seeing the fighting going on right now and at the end of the day, what makes them happy to a degree-- >> i want to stop you one second. a flash from the ap, reuters make that, president obama's spokesperson commenting on these allegations in president trump's tweet. obama spokesman denies trump's claims. neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen, any suggestion otherwise is simply false. that is a fairly shermanesque statement.
9:48 am
>> what do you mean by that? definitive? >> i'm saying it's a definitive. a full-throated denial every way, shape and form. >> which makes you wonder where president trump got his information, was it breitbart news or on twitter, what's going on. leland: it seems in fairness to president trump, it seems there's been reporting not just from breitbart, but from the guardian, intercept, among others, there were wire taps ordered or approved by the court that may have involved some of his aides looking into possible russian connections. >> correctly. and when you have 140 characters on twitter, perhaps you don't quite get that nuance into your language and that yields a whole brouhaha of confusion and what does he mean and what is he saying? frankly, it draws more attention to a story that he was probably hoping to get away from. leland: you could have thought that you could have reset that story, to your point about the sort of brouhaha, we're hearing from our white house unit, that white house staffers had no
9:49 am
idea this was coming out and they woke up this morning to seeing the same tweets we did and now are sort of trying to go back and figure it out and get some things out later today. we're expecting a little bit more from the white house in the next couple of hours. and i'll appreciate your insights. >> thanks for having me. leland: one last thing i keep going through with this, where does this go from a foreign policy perspective? especially as relates to our allies? >> well, our allies right now are very skittish. some of them are wondering, where does america stand? are we pro russia, an i alley with them. leland: and we heard post the transition, isn't what we're hearing now. from him or somebody like his national security advisor, his secretary of defense has been very pronato. >> sending mixed signals. that's what's happening and frankly, i don't think that reassures a lot of people overseas, they want
9:50 am
predictability, want a more black and white message coming from this administration and they're not getting it. i would like to add one thing though, as far as the russian ambassador, sergey kislyak, if he wants to meet with me, i'm happy to, i've been trying to. leland: you'll host the thanksgiving dinner? >> he's not radioactive to me. leland: mr. ambassador, if you're watching we'll set up lunch. maybe i could come along well. i appreciate it, we'll go dutch. thanks, liz. elizabeth: more on this story of course. and also going through airport security is normally a hassle, but for some passengers it may get a little bit more intense. we'll explain after the break. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all.
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>> fox news alert. we're getting more reaction now to president trump's tweets alleging wire tapping ordered by the obama administration, where president obama himself, turing the campaign, bombshell allegations. if true, as senator lindsay graham said, the biggest political scandal since watergate and now this from president obama's spokesperson, kevin lewis coming in. a cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. as part of this practice,
9:55 am
neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. this story now about seven or so hours old and it is a bombshell by any measure. reaction from congressmen on both side of the aisle, including the powerful chairman of the house ways and means committee, kevin brady, coming up at the top of the hour. >> all right, here is a story fore travelers. tsa agents may get more intimate. they're calling for more intimate screening after handguns were found. they found a record number of
9:56 am
handguns in carry-ones. 21 in one day. the process will delay only the person patted down. i will say it doesn't give you a lot of ainsurance. if you get a patdown. leland: a more intimate experience by the tsa i was going to say, we'd love to hear from travelers how that goes for us. tweet us if you've had a good tsa experience. elizabeth: how intimate it is. ahead, a lot more on america's news headquarters, including the very latest fallout from president trump's tweets this morning accusing president obama of wire tapping the trump tower during the election. stay tuned. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> more breaking news in the past ten minutes on mr. trump's tweets this morning. nice to be with you here i am leland and welcome to the second hour of america's new headquarters. former president obama responding to the bombshell accusation that his predecessor wiretapped. we will have more fallout from the top story today. >> meanwhile president trump's attorney is still under fire for omitting the russian officials report for congress. reaction for about what this means from both sides of the aisle.
10:01 am
>> elizabeth: more republican lawmakers feeling the heat over healthcare town halls this weekend. we'll talk to the chairman of the house ways and means committee, just ahead. >> leland: starting now, top story. president obama denying president trumps claim that he ordered wiretapping of the trump tower right before the election. the president, president trump trump that is, spending the weekend in mar-a-lago, florida where he made the accusation on twitter early this morning. that got christian fisher out of bed very early to cover the story. she is in west palm beach on the
10:02 am
winter white house. a lot of questions about what they mean, what, what evidence he has, any news from the white house staff about what they think is in the presidents head? >> so far the white house has not read least released any statement. barack obama has. it is a flat denial of all of these accusations. i will read it to him full "a cardinal rule of the obama administration is that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the justice department. as part of that practice neither president obama or any white house official ever ordered investigation on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false". >> those came from donald trump in a series of tweets this morning he tweeted out "terrible, just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just be for the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism" he then said "hello has has president
10:03 am
obama gone for tapping my phone. this is nixon, watergate, bad or sick" those tweets have been inspired by a report yesterday by same name maimed that obama administration had tapped some phones inside trump tower during the election and were able to do it during the request. according to there's report which fox has not been able to independently verify, that request was rejected in june but approved in october right before the election, right when all the allegations about the trump campaign in russia were heating up. that is a claim by president trump of the white house has yet to offer any proof or any evidence to back up that claim. >> leland: we will come back to if there is proof or evidence offered by the white house. in the meantime, it is saturday morning and a lot of folks were very surprised waking up to this. any reaction from other republicans?
10:04 am
>> senator lindsey graham said if these allegations are true, it would would be the biggest political scandal since watergate. note also be the biggest political scandal from watergate if the obama administration was able to lawfully obtain a warrant to monitor his campaign for breaking the law. [inaudible] i would be very worried if in fact they were able to obtain this lawfully. [inaudible] >> he said it is my job to get to the bottom of this. now, white house officials and department of justice officials are scrambling to get to the bottom of this. it's safe to say they were caught offguard by this as well.
10:05 am
>> leland: president obama's camp is getting together in the past couple of minutes denying this in every possible way. more for them later in the day i'm sure. it it is good to see you. >> onto another top story, the paper trail into the trump campaign is getting longer. attorney general jab jeff sessions has agreed to further clarify answers under he gave under oath in his confirmation hearing. this comes two days after he recused himself from the investigation into russian meddling in the election. lauren is covering all this for us. do do you think this will satisfy sessa sessions critics? >> took count on it. democrats. democrats didn't miss a beat thing recusal is in him enough especially sensei called on chuck grassley to order sessions that before the panel for a public hearing. all they are
10:06 am
going to get our written answers on monday. >> the very idea that the top cop will go to his colleagues in the senate and withhold the truth, this is not a -- person. this is a prosecutor, himself he knows what is fair. it's just a reflection of the week authority of this administration. >> this after nine senate democrats sent a letter to senator grassley asking for sessions to be forced to explain his ties to russia, and why he did not disclose recently discovered conversations with the russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing for attorney general. senator grassley has denied the request and democrats eight sessions recusing himself from any investigation into russian and election hacking doesn't solve the problem or adequately answer their questions.
10:07 am
>> elizabeth: what about the other side of the aisle? are republican sticking by the president? >> is too cozy a relationship has brought down one of the cabinet members, former national security advisor, michael flynn. democrats are calling for sessions to step down. republicans are trying to save face. democrats democrats are blowing the latest allegation out of proportion. >> i think there is an interest to make sure we can find out exactly what russia is up to and what they have been doing. yes, you are right. if this is a fishing expedition we are not interested in doing a fishing expedition. having said that, congress has always been oversight. this is our job. >> republican say that what sessions did by meeting with the russian abbasid or while still a senator isn't illegal, nor did did he perjure himself in the confirmation hearing. sessions recusing himself from the election hacking investigation isn't necessary, but it it may help the credibility of the justice department's by one lauren reporting live, thank you. let's get reaction.
10:08 am
congressman, thank you for joining us. i want to get to the attorney general and get your reaction. first and foremost the news of the day cannot be ignored. this morning around 630 we heard from a sitting president making accusations from the predecessor. very serious accusations. he is the word wiretap. what was your reaction when you first saw that this morning? >> that's a very serious charge and it has to be taken very seriously area meaning, there needs to be an investigation. >> elizabeth: what is that look like? >> iv this entire situation where you take out the partisan environment of congress, a point made bipartisan commission. >> elizabeth: just moments ago was a reaction from president obama who said very frankly, that stopping the conversation those allegations are false. >> it that was a very clear statement. one thing to keep in mind,
10:09 am
president trump tweeting out an allegation like this at 6:30 a.m. without his white house staff with him, this is really not responsible behavior. now, the facts need to come to light, no question to light, no question about it. i don't think we can gloss over this cavalier approach to a very serious charge against the former president. >> elizabeth: what does this tell you? do you think this is what the kremlin wanted? what were having now. >> no question about it. they they benefit from political chaos in the united states. donald trump so far, president trump is a willing foil. >> elizabeth: i want to continue our conversation about jeff sessions. i could be wrong. it is your reaction from you, i saw a reaction on twitter. tell her and what you feel what after you heard the news what
10:10 am
you feel should be the proper action. >> i think attorney general sessions should step down. michael michael flynn who is the national security advisor had meetings with the russians, lie to the vice president about it, and that was the basis of his dismissal. not the fact that he had these meetings. people do meet with diplomats all the time. >> his credibility is completely shot. >> elizabeth: is that cause for stepping down? >> if is cause for michael flynn to step down. >> elizabeth: michael flynn step down because he lied to the president-elect and vice president. >> i don't think it's a lower standard for someone to take an oath of my. >> elizabeth: but attorney general sessions that it was a misunderstanding. in his statement that we'll see on monday it wasn't that he was lying, it's that he misunderstood the question. >> i don't buy that. and and i don't like most people do. he was asked about this. he was not asked whether he had
10:11 am
contact, keep this in mind. he offered without being asked whether he a personal if he personally i contact and he said i've acted as a surrogate in the past and i had no contact with the russians. >> elizabeth: so you're saying is perjury? >> i'm not a lawyer's are not making judgments about that. but the way i the way i grew up if you say something that you know is not true. >> elizabeth: he will tell you at the time he was answering the question he was interpreting. >> i'm not saying he was. but i'm. >> i've seen witnesses be very careful how they answer questions they have to go, how
10:12 am
does the person whose very job it is to be the chief law enforcement officer can do basically the same thing under your sworn testimony of the american people. he can continue by saying i misunderstood. his statement was close crystal clear i did not have a communication. >> are not using the word perjury. >> you could still use the word. >> i think we have to be responsible. the way i grew up when you tell something is not true you don't say your perjure, you say you're a liar. >> elizabeth: will get reaction from the other side of the aisle. take you for joining us. we will see reaction on both sides of the aisle.
10:13 am
>> it congressman brady house of chairman of the house ways and means committee. >> leland: i'm not sure how much of that interview you heard, but will start with reaction from the very top, meaning mr. trump's tweets this morning. congressman just said that his tweeting was whether true or not, not responsible behavior, do you agree with that or not. >> i don't know if that's the case. this president speaks his mind and speaks directly to the american people. he obviously have facts that lead into this conclusion. i do know this. >> it seems like you don't know -- >> i don't know about that either to be honest. look, this weekend he has us focused on delivering on what he asked house republicans to do just four days ago which is
10:14 am
repeal obama care. all of of the damaging impact and replace it with personalized healthcare. that's where i have had my head on since before the state of the union. >> we will get to that right now. when can the american people expect to see, not the repeal parts, but actually an idea of what is going to be in the replace part. not talking points but a bill we can read? >> it very soon. as we breathe house and senate republicans we are working through the final details of this. we want to make sure we get it right into liver right we will have those bills finished here soon. >> it struck me earlier, senator
10:15 am
that agreeing with senator rand paul that how this has been done in secrecy. senator graham, perhaps a little bit more nuanced. all give you a secret speaking at a town hall. i don't know what the gop plan is, why is, why is this being done in secret? >> no, it is not. in my view we have briefed the house and senate republicans repeatedly. >> now, look i was with senator paul and senate lindsey graham two days ago going through the full element. >> congressman. [inaudible] [inaudible] it would be hard for those two things.
10:16 am
>> look, senator graham they both have both good ideas on healthcare. we are listening to their ideas as well. let me tell you, tell you, we are moving ahead with delivering for president trump the repeal and replacement of obama care. i don't know about the political theatrics, but house republicans are focused on delivering for the president. >> what is the plan it's going to be delivered? give us the insight that we haven't heard so far in terms of the definitive parts replacement. >> let me tell you exactly what were doing. we are repealing all of the dangerous taxes, the penalties on the mandates of the subsidies that have failed the american public. were beginning with two major replacement principles, start to return the control of healthcare to the states so can be tailored to the families and communities of each state, and begin to restore the free market. then individuals individuals can buy healthcare that's right for them.
10:17 am
we do that, now wait a minute, we do that as president trump asked us to do. by reforming medicaid medicaid to get more control to the states and governors, and for individuals giving them better control of their health savings account and a tax credit so that people who work for small businesses or entrepreneurs can get the same tax help is the people who work for big businesses get. that's the repeal and replace bill, there's no secret about that. it's been part of every serious republican bill for the last five years which many republicans have sponsored as well. >> will leave it there and have you back once we have the bill to talk about the finer points. i appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. >> fax news has all the latest with the trump administration. that that means so many things right now.
10:18 am
now part of a pro- trump non- profit about this the recusal and tweets this morning. on fox news sunday, they're speaking to todd cotton and chris coons about the latest ties between russia and the trump administration. and and about the accusations this morning. check your low local listings for time. >> elizabeth: coming up that it isis may be using chemical weapons against iraq he forces. plus we'll have a fair and balanced debate about the future of the environment protection agency. it's facing major cutbacks and two months into the republican-controlled congress some in the party or say it has not accomplished any major goals quite yet. while keeping major legislation
10:19 am
like repealing obama care under wraps. >> were just doing what democrats used to do which is just cramming legislation down the throats of the dark of night, not in a transparent transparent way. >> are you kidding me?
10:20 am
10:21 am
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>> elizabeth: you are looking at life pictures from a trump rally outside of trump tower in new york. it is one of several march for trump rallies being held today in cities across america. there's showing support for the president and to counter many of the anti- trump protest missing across the country. in some of these shots there are some anti- trump protesters who are on the scene in new york. we will continue to watch this one and there's one out of raleigh and one planned for here in washington, d.c. we will monitor them and bring you any news that develops outside of the rallies today. >> leland: american warplanes have launched over 30 airstrikes in yemen over the past two days. they are targeting al qaeda and they are arabian peninsula. a spokes person said they
10:24 am
airstrikes have targeted members of the terror group and their facilities and equipment. last month there is a rating yemen in which a member of seal team six died going after al qaeda. >> elizabeth: more international headlines as a battle to liberate the iraqi city of moselle continues. there's concerns about the use of chemical weapons in an attack earlier this week. if those allegations are true it would constitute a were crying. john had a joins us from jerusalem with the latest. >> this is in the time that isis has been accused of using chemical weapons. in the past, it happened last january. if the latest attacks and easternmost are true, it would constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. that said, easter moselle as we know have been liberated by a reiki forces in january. at this point at least a dozen people we know including
10:25 am
children have been hospitalized with burns, respiratory problems and basically other ailments and conditions that are consistent with chemical weapons exposure. witnesses describe mortars landing in some of these neighborhoods where the people were injured. we know thousands of people are trying to escape or have escaped from western muzzle as that military continues its military there. isis has continued its attack and while also using people sadly as we have seen as human shields executing families, men, women and children as they escape or blending into clip crowds and launching attacks. it is not the first time isis has been accused of using chemical weapons. in january as the pfeiffer
10:26 am
eastern moselle rage, they found isis chemical weapons lab and that was loaded with mustard gas and clearing gas and as that continues to lose the ground in western moselle, they will use any and all means, including chemical weapons to try to kill iraqi troops and also innocent civilians. >> that's that's a hard thing to hear. >> the actors on capitol hill at as the lawmakers in search child over paul ryan's healthcare bill. will republicans be able to deliver the vote? are fair and balanced a panel on that is up next to. >> first, lindsey graham having a tough time getting a word in edgewise as constituents demand
10:27 am
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up. boost. be up for it. >> elizabeth: an update for you. our top story of the day saw a reaction after president trump's bomb shelter week of a a wiretapping trump tower during the campaign. the president treating this morning, terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing like mccarthyism. and then tweeting how long has he gone to tap my phones during the sacred election process. a spokesperson for obama denied the ministration ordered it in a
10:32 am
statement releasing "a cardinal rule was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the permit of justice. as part of that practice neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen, any suggestion otherwise is simply false" as the white house team points out, the department only denied white house official did not order it. we will follow this developing story. as lawmakers return home to their districts there being confronted with difficult questions about the future of the affordable care act. rich has the very latest. arif publicans facing criticism from members and their own party? >> they are. specifically over how their reading the replacement bill. bill. in south carolina, south carolina lindsay graham joined others and criticizing others as acting as democrats did in 2009. writing it privately among a
10:33 am
small group of lawmakers. >> i don't even know what the gop plan is. let me tell you, did chelsea rand paul on tv? you know we don't agree on much but he's right about this. what was our big knock on obama care? they did they did it without any of us. >> at relevant committees are working as they should to write a bill to replace the affordable care act or, obama care. once they assemble a proposal democrats and republicans will offer amendments. >> elizabeth: so when will republicans unveil their plans? >> that could begin as early as next week as house committees could merge their house healthcare bills. visiting with mike pence he said
10:34 am
congress is about to get busier. >> we expect in a matter of days you will begin to see a very brisk pace of legislative activities. we are going to repeal and replace obama care and we'll do it at the same time. >> democrats generally oppose the effort arguing that it will eliminate sufficient health care for millions of americans. republicans have been discussing a plan to offer tax credits to buy insurance plans that would be less regulated. >> elizabeth: thank you so much. they're certainly plenty of speculation about what republicans will propose and what they'll be able to pass when it comes to healthcare and other issues such as tax reform. let's bring in a political panel, political panel, of republican strategist and dan, a vice president at -- group. thank you for being here. i want to start with the news of the day with dan. we initially saw the tweets this morning and woke
10:35 am
up to them. huge accusations for a sitting president to make the remarks about his predecessor. what was your reaction this morning? >> i first saw the tweet about arnold schwarzenegger and the apprentice which was later in the day and found the first tweets from earlier this morning. i have no idea what cause the president to make this accusation. all i can i can refer folks to is the statement from kevin lewis in the tweet from ben rhodes, former security staffer indicating that presidents simply cannot, do not issue wiretaps on civilians. that would come with an independent panel from doj. if in fact there was a wiretapping nobody has denied that it was there it wasn't that president obama ordered it, that would be against the law. i don't know president trump looked at this to decide if there's something happening. there has been some questions about the surveillance of trump tower. what got him to set morning is anyone's guess. we can speculate there some news on >> elizabeth: like dan mentioned we can speculate where the source of that particular topic came from.
10:36 am
at the same time with the tweets we did not get any evidence from the president. what are your thoughts? >> he is going to have to explain what he is talking about where you get the from. did he get it from his own government received reading it online? does he have some other information? the justice department under obama did tap journalists lines, we, we know that from fox's own james rosen and naming a code. >> what about foreign? >> it is not up out of the realm of possibility that a happen. we need to learn more about what he's talking about. >> if your republican lawmaker how do you stay focused right now? >> they have their place full and are moving forward on obama care repeals as early as maybe this week. we'll know more about that in tax reform is coming next.
10:37 am
we have regulatory reform. they're busy and focused on that stuff. they may have to investigate this at some point. it may rise to a level where everyone needs to take a closer look. congress started looking at it. i don't where this goes. probably the president will need to explain more. >> elizabeth: kevin brought up repeal in replace. we've seen a few reactions this week from the fact that we could be seen a bill as early as this month. do you you feel it should be made public right now? >> i'm not sure what, it, is. if there is something in there is a plan and has some substance to it i think it's better to do within the light of day. >> why not get it right and then present it? >> i'm fine with that too. were looking at the natural conclusion on what happened when the tea party caught the car in over 60 votes repealed their sin there was no real plan that anyone would agree to.
10:38 am
when there is not a plan that republicans agree to come i think they're stuck in there either going to take healthcare away from 20,000,000 people who had it didn't realize it was obama care. >> just repealing isn't an option, correct? >> they started a long and deliberative process that after paul ryan took over speaker of the house. they brought members together and worked out a framework for repeal and replace. they put it online and did press conferences about it. now there fine-tuning the legislation and it will go through the regular order through committee process and you'll see that come out very soon. that is what should work. it's not top-down or in written in harry reid's officer nancy pelosi's office on christmas eve like in 2009 when nobody knew what was in the bill. you'll see the bill and the committees and they will debate it. and you can have their say.
10:39 am
>> elizabeth: that's all the time we have today. thank you for joining us. major changes may be coming for the eta under president trump. what does it mean about the air you breathe. experts will way and. just pa? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
10:40 am
>> and will all get your freak will what do you do
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10:43 am
>> leland: the spokesman for president obama issued a statement denying the white house ordered surveillance in response to president trumps wiretapping. that broke on twitter about 6:0. at into the already wild story, there's there's a tweet from a former obama speech writer by the name of john favreau who said this, "i "i would be careful about reporting that obama said there was no wiretapping. the statement just said that neither he, meaning president president obama nor the white house ordered it " that leaves
10:44 am
up in the distinct possibility that there was unwarranted wiretapping, meaning the justice department out or fbi went to get a warrant through the top-secret court for wiretaps against a couple of trump aids that have been reported over the last couple of months. that peered in breitbart on friday. then we had president trumps tweets about this, this morning. a lot. a lot to break down on the story throughout the day. the white house, the aides to president trump were caught offguard this morning when these tweets came in. we are told the white house is now looking into this and preparing a response to back up with some facts or concrete information what president trump tweeted this morning. news on that, as it happens. more news from the president. president trumps a budget is is
10:45 am
expected to hit congress later this month. it has one federal agency in its crosshairs. that agency, the epa. their task with protecting the health of the environment could see its funding cut by 25%. some critics are nervous that we may see more disasters like the flint water crisis. other see an opportunity for more local oversight. here to sorted out are two experts. gentlemen, great to have you. is it fair to say, and, that a lot of federal agencies could have a lot of fat cut out. wise and the epa cut one of them? >> one, there's a rationale this
10:46 am
is an agency that has far exceeded its statutory authority and promulgating regulations that have increasingly high compliance cost passed onto families families and businesses for diminished marginal return. almost to a vanishing point. there's that opportunity and putting responsibilities on the stage to have their conservation programs and departments of environment of quality can respond to community needs and responses. >> leland: bill i want you to respond but this is an agency that spent 700,000 dollars in thailand to help reduce methane from swine farms. $100,000 in india for the feasibility of capturing methane from distillery and winery waste. there's not a lot of fat to be cut out? >> there is but let's put it in perspective. 40,000 people die each year from air pollution. >> how do they die from air pollution? because a? because a breathing in and die? >> because air pollution cause cancer and heart attacks, they
10:47 am
cause many other toxic impacts. more. more people die from air pollution then drunk driving fit fatalities and gun violence, that's a fact. congress enacted the clean air act to try to ameliorate this health problem. they gave epa the resources to do the job. the problem with the budget cut or three. this this budget is going to reduce epa's authority, staffing and resources by 20 or 25 percent. it will eliminate will eliminate 28 very important programs that are bipartisan. >> leland: there are bipartisan, why will congress allow them to be eliminated? >> we hope they won't be but why is president trumps supporting that? many of these programs leverage private money for the federal expenditure. diesel emission reductions, great lakes, and let me say one more point. >> elizabeth: made.
10:48 am
>> leland: maybe you should've mentioned that first. >> president trump trump wants to delegate authority away from washington d.c. to the states. many people may applaud that. in the same breath, with the, but the budget is doing is reducing this funding by 30 percent. we cannot do more with less. >> leland: a lot of people would say you shouldn't do more with less, you should simply just do less. >> you can do less, the climate change programs with the epa's funding, the regulation for clean powerpoint should all be on the chopping block because it's only going to increase energy bills across the country and make no meaningful difference when it comes to climate impact. >> the epa's own cost-benefit analysis has said those co2 would be negligible. >> we have to leave it there and part of president trump saying he's gonna put coal miners back to work has to do this. now onto another thing president
10:49 am
trump talked about during his address, chicago in this soaring crime rate. he's looking to fix america in their cities. up next will go in one groups a fight a fight to stop gang violence inside the windy city. mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet!
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>> foxy senior correspondent has been following the story out of chicago. >> don is a chicago gangster. he was planning a robbery in red lake the information. >> is going to go take care of them. it is what it is. i'm not going to let him get me for anything. >> he keep his own so chicago is set for one more gunbattle. the violence interrupt or stirred about it, interjected themselves and talk to both guys down. >> we ended up cool but it's not tight. you don't trust him and he doesn't trust me.
10:54 am
>> while the president promises more resources they plead for tougher gun laws and jesse jackson with the national summit on violence. violence violence interrupters have talk is under 15 murder plots this year. >> if you interview someone and they can tell you the last time they stopped a potential shooting they need to shut up. the only way you're going to makes things happen is you have to hit the concrete jungle. >> most have checkered past which have politicians and police nervous. they been accused of withholding information from police and breaking laws. the catch is if they're not street guys who behave like street guys the kids in the yanks won't listen to them. >> only listen to a few guys from the hood. i don't trust no new ones.
10:55 am
chicago is on pace to rival past the 766 murders. february saw an uptick in the number of shootings. it's difficult for the interrupters to claim success because there's no record for gunfire that didn't happen. >> one lucky can stake in the phrase do-it-yourself to new heights. you decide if it's thrilling or not. >> he just love the simple coaster he had their how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions... we think you deserve the financial freedom to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org.
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>> oak harbor, washington washington a navy pilot built his own backyard thrill ride. he doesn't have to pay for a trip to disney. instead he spent about $1000 to build a backyard roller coaster. he got help from a retired boeing engineer. the the ride is for his family, mainly his son wyatt said he can feel like a kid again. why it just became the most popular kid in the entire neighborhood. >> elizabeth: i don't know if my a lot my husband to see that he might try to build one. that's a kids tree. >> leland: there's going to be a lot of kids coming to his birthday party. even as a go pro camera on there so they can relive it again. two hours went as fast as that roller coaster ride. >> elizabeth: stay tuned here, it's can stories are continuing
11:00 am
to develop. >> leland: there might be more developments tomorrow morning. we'll see if the president tweets again. we'll see you back here at one eastern tomorrow. more news. more news starts from new york right now. >> explosive accusation from president john claiming president obama attacked tapped his phone at trump tower during the campaign. brand-new reaction from president obama. welcome to welcome to a new our inside america's new headquarters. trump letting loose a barrage of accusations. accusation including is it -- turned down by


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