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tv   Americas News Hq Housecall  FOX News  March 5, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i also appear on siriusxm radio, media minutes. we are back here next sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. [♪] eric: explosive allegations of the obama administration surveilling trump tower. the president accused his predecessor of wiretapping trump tower before the election. administration calling on congress to investigate whether the obama administration abused its powers. welcome to america's news heath head quart kearse. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. president trump comparing it to watergate but offering no
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evidence to support the allegation. kristin fisher is in florida. reporter: the white house won't say where exactly this news is coming from. instead what the white house is doing is trying to shift the responsibility over to the congressional intelligence committees already investigating allegations of russian interference in the 2016 election. here is principal deputy press secretary sarah huckabee. >> let temperatures have an investigation. if they are going to investigate russia ties, let's include this as part of it. if this happened. if this is accurate, this is the biggest -- reporter: a spokesman for former president barack obama denied it. he says neither the president nor anyone in his white house
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ordered the wiretap. today the former director national intelligence james clapper said if that had happened he would have known by the and he says that that absolutely did not happen. listen. >> there was no spuch wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect, the candidate or against his campaign. reporter: these safe cue saightss from president obama caught a lot of law makers by surprise. democrats say this is a diversionary tactic. even some republican senators say they don't know where this information is coming from. >> i have seen no evidence of the allegations we have seen in the media, whether it's a fisa court application or denial of that application. that doesn't mean that none of these things happened, it simply
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means i haven't seen it yet. >> i never heard the allegation made before by anybody. i have never seen it before. the president put that out there and now the white house will have to answer exactly what he was referring to. >> reporter: but the white house is saying no further comment on this matter until the congressional committees look into it. eric: let's go to ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and chairman of the gait dem stone institute in new york. what do you think is behind the president's tweets? he doesn't provide evidence. what do you think is motivating this? >> i have to say the same thing as the senators you just broadcast. i don't know what the evidence is sow we'll have to wait until it comes out, whether the white
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house prove sides it or whether it comes from thes congressional committees. but let's be clear, the obama administration has used intelligence gathering for political purposes, at least as the media have reported it. i think it was late 2015. the squall street journal reported that the president was reading interest accepts of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu conversations with members of the house and the senate over what to do to try and thwart his nuclear deal with iran. that's about as political a use of intelligence as i can think. so there is some reason to be suspicion here. -- to be suspicious here. if i can comment on clapper's denial. people are parsing trump's words with considerable precision.
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let's parse clapper's words with precision. he says there was no fisa wiretap to his knowledge against the president or his campaign. but he doesn't deny there might be a fisa wiretap against trump's associates. there is a lot of lack of knowledge out here, a lot of careful afte avoidans of of -- f avoidance of real questions. the white house may have done us a favor rather than sitting here and speculate by the. let's have congress look at it. eric: in order to get the foreign intelligence surveillance act to tap something, you need probable cause and a federal judge to sign off on that. reports have been that this a server in trump tower that may have had communication with two russian banks.
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you have got 6 who say they spoke with russian officials before or after the election. is it feasible the fisa warrant would be specifically for that computer and they were looking at some type of potential alleged connection between any of these six or others and the computer and trump or someone's business? >> there is that possibility. there is also a possibility there is a law enforcement surveillance effort going on here as well. i think you can safely conclude what president obama was talking about was surveillance in the broader sense, not necessarily a specific wiretap. this is something that unfortunately goes to a real problem we have in law enforcement in this country. we have a director of the f.b.i. who is widely december side of y december spie -- widelyderks spf
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the aisle. then interest feared not once but twice -- then interfered not once, but twice by making the statements during the campaign. we have an attack on the integrity on the f.b.i. that we need to get cleared up at the earliest possible minute. i think that explained why you couldn't say have the justice department conduct the investigation itself. let's have the congressional committees do it. we have to stop this vein core back and forth -- stop this rancor back and forth. eric: is it possible that they are look at something else? we have been talking about that server. let me do a quote donald trump,
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jr. was scwoatd saying quote, russians make up a disproportion amount in cross section of a lot of our assets in dubai and our project in soho. he said we see a lot. money pouring in from russia. the president said he doesn't have investments or loans in rurve. but is it possible there could be russian funds, russian investments in the trump organization that this subpoena had something to do with? >> it's certainly possible there are russian investors in various trump end prizes like there are in the hedge funds, venture capital, private equity funds whose executives supported barack obama's campaigns in the previous two election cycles. i think the hype and hysteria has gone the totally out of hand.
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people are asking me when was the last time i talked to sergey kislyak. i don't remember when it was. i talk to russians all the time. how about that? i think there needs to be some mechanism to bring it to closure. and i hope the house and senate intelligence committee investigations and allegations of russian interest force in the election might be that vehicle. now perhaps they need to be given this additional asignment as well. eric: always good to see you, thank you. arthel: house republicans trying to take a closer look at the planning of repealing and replacing obamacare. but republican leaders aiming to give president trump a healthcare bill within weeks. but some lawmakers save they still have not seen the latest draft of the measure because it's being kept under wraps.
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lauren blanchard is live in washington with the details. reporter: congressional republicans need to settle their disagreements on how the repeal and replace should work. paul ryan needs 216 votes in the house to push legislation to the senate. but kentucky senator rand paul believes lawmakers should be able to review the bill as it's drafted, something he says they haven't been able to do, though ryan says the bill hasn't been kept secret. >> we are unified for repeal, we are not unified on replacement. try to get people to come together for your ideas. if they force us to have big government replacement kind of bills, obamacare light on the repeal bill, they aren't going to win. reporter: republican leaders think if there are too many cooks in the kitchen on the
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repeal bill it won't pass. >> i think this is a meeting in the middle. this is what typically happens. if we don't get after markup, then we have got a problem. we are getting a little bit ahead of ourselves for pushing for a full drop of a bill that hadn't been committed at the committee area yet. reporter: by giving members only one option on a final healthcare bill, leadership may force republicans to vote for whatever they come up with. arthel: thank you very much. for more on this we'll bring in susan crabtree, the senior correspondent for the "washington examiner." why wouldn't all lawmakers have an all-access pass to the draft of the bill? >> we saw an easter egg hunt
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going on thursday. it was a funny event, maybe a bit of a spectacle by senator rand paul with a horde of reporters following him from room to room. there is a lot at stake. so many people ran on repeeling and replacing obamacare. speaker ryan is in an awful position here. now you have so many people on both side of this issue, they know there is going to be incoming fire immediately it's dropped. certainly by the democrat and also by conservative republicans who are already unhappy with the bill and calling it obamacare light with the thanks credit and other provisions in the bill. he's in a rock and hard place, the speaker. and we can see him trying to negotiate this very, very carefully before the bill is
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dropped. arthel: speaker ryan would like to get something on the president's desk by easter sunday which is six weeks away. what part of the affordable care act will most likely get cut and what parts do you think will remain in place? >> conservatives and senator rand paul are concerned some of the more populist provisions will be retained even in the repeal itself. they are using it the budget reconciliation process and they say that cannot be used to replace all of the bill, things like preexisting conditions and having your 25, 26-year-old on your plan. arthel: some of the other sticking point, the tax exemption for employer-provided insurance, medicaid exemption and refundable tax credit to help people buy health insurance.
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>> conservatives are concerned a lot of this will be pushing low-income people on obamacare on to a grand medicaid expansion they think the states should be deciding how the obamacare is replaced and they should have the flexibility to decide how this medicaid money is being used and not create another entitlement with these tax credit and big huge medicaid expansion that they expect. you have some conservatives i talked to even going to the extent of asking for senator mitch mcconnell to blow you have the senate rules and go nuclear on the legislation. in order to fully go back to the drawing board and fully repeal this bill. they say there is no way you can partially repeal it. it will be congress-care and obamacare light. they don't think that's what the american people and the voters
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wanted them to do and why they elected donald trump. >> i'm part of the legislature. shouldn't i be part of the process? i was elected to represent my state and i'm not allowed to read the working product so i can comment on it? arthel: what you were just speaking about. if the only changes to obamacare ultimately end up being more semantics and substance, can president trump put a new label on it and rebrand it as trump-care and would that be enough to satisfy mr. trump's campaign promise to get rid of obamacare and how do you think it will go over inside the republican party? >> i think it will be a complete debacle. it will divide the republican party so much. we have already seen hint of that with the freedom caucus saying this is not what they
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want to do, pushing the senate to push the senate rules, get rid of them and change really truly repeal obamacare so it's not this obamacare light. i think donald trump -- it's difficult to figure out where he's been. he's been all over the map on this issue. sometimes frustrating conservatives and republicans on capitol hill saying he thick everyone should be insured and his new plan would help divide that. this is really frustrated conservatives on capitol hill. he was looking for change. but it's the people who have been fighting for this on capitol hill for four election cycles who are concerned if they do not deliver a true obamacare repeal and replacement, that they will feel the wrath from voters at the polls in 2018.
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arthel: a new york man accused of trying to join a terrorist organization make an appearance in federal court. the 26-year-old reportedly lives with his parents in eastern long island new york. he's charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization after facing a judge yesterday. he repeatedly traveled to the middle east to try to join isis or the al-nusra front. he's being held without bail. eric: there are reports iran successfully tested a major iran defense system. russia delivered the powerful s-300 almost billion dollar missile system to iran after the iranian jeuk nuclear deal was
9:22 am
lifted. russia first in 2007 refused to sthonnor that deal. joining us the minister of energy. how concerned rough that iran has this billion dollar missile system that can protect itself. >> it has to do with russian weapons supplies to iran. i think we have to be even more vigilant with the long range missile development that iranians are aiming it. because there is clearly an iranian attempt two years from now to launch ballistic missiles
9:23 am
from iran to the united states of america. this is extremely disturbing for us. eric: you think iran will have the capability between two to three years of hitting the united states with an intercontinental ballistic missile? >> that's what they are work on. they want to be able to hit. it will take two or three years to reach the united states. a conventional war, a chemical war i don't want to see strawnian capacity to put that threat to the united states of america. eric: under that they were allowed to test ballistic missiles up to a certain range, and that range is tehran to basically tel aviv. now you are saying they could
9:24 am
widen that. >> they are widening it. in development. eric: what would you suggest the united states do? how can we protect ourselves? >> put enormous pressure on iran by different means because it's a violation of the nuclear agreement. it's difficult. eric: they are routinely violated. >> the iranians are violating almost everything. so i think the world generally speaking, the information community should put an end to this. but another challenge which is forth coming and extremely disturbing is the iranian attempt to transform syria into an iranian military government.
9:25 am
so the big question is, whether it's the end of this brutal civil war with syria when we get the northern border for a weaker syria or stronger iran. if iran [inaudible] it will be an extension of iran. it's dangerous to saudi arabia and jordan. you don't want to see iranian bases in the mediterranean and air forces and ground forces bases in syria. eric: they already are supposedly fighting in syria with russia. >> i think it's one thing that iranians to put scene extension of the syria on the
9:26 am
mediterranean coast on our northern border. this is extremely disturbing. this is the next big challenge of the community in general. and also for the united states of america. eric: your fell benjamin netanyahu is going to moscow and meeting with vladimir putin on this issue. what do you think he will tell putin and will he listen. >> it's a great threat to israel, to moderate arab countries like jordan and saudi arabia. it's a threat iran will make syria actually an tension of iran. nobody in the region wants to see iran are guidance presence on the mediterranean coast. it's against the interests of
9:27 am
the united states and israel and moderate arab countries. past nuclear agreement, everybody told us now iran will behave itself. what we have seen is that iran is attempting to destabilize if the region and to develop longer range and intercontinental ballistic missiles. eric: that's the challenge iran on your border. doctor, thank you for coming in with this warning today. arthel: thousands of civilians fleeing the violence in mosul as troops face heavy clashes with isis fires. the progress iraqi forces are make as they push into the western half of the city. only invisalign® clear aligners are made with smarttrack® material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile.
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arthel: the white house now calling on congress to investigate claims that the obama administration wiretapped trump tower before the election. joining me now on the phone is congressman dana for barker who is on the house foreign affairs committee. i want to start their spirit president trump as you know now saying that he won't comment any further until congress investigate his claims to wiretapping by president obama which a president can do. what is your reaction to president tran's accusations and should congress get involved? >> well, i think there is an investigation into russian involvement with politicians, meaning they hold political power. it certainly needs to include both the obama administration's absurd to end the campaign.
9:33 am
we know that they've made efforts and the intelligence apparatus to delve into the russian issue which could have given them an excuse. it sounds like it did. the wiretap or at lease under surveillance at the republican presidential candidate. that is sort of worse than watergate. you are using actual intelligence. so what we've got here is that democrats have been frantic. frantic to explain why they lost the election. they've gone so far left that the american voters have rejected them. they have to have an excuse. by bringing this up and claiming they are sinister forces by people who work with russia, before an oscar the administration ended up selling
9:34 am
our uranium asked that to russia. >> mr. rohrabacher, and not only study claims about a president, if there was a warrant, it was only granted by a federal judge. it would only happen if there is probable cause that mr. trump had committed a federal crime. this is dangerous stuff as you said. this has a foreign affairs impact? >> well, it does have a foreign affairs impact. right now we have an organized effort to destroy and kill americans through these radical islamic, well-funded islamic well-funded movements. all of this stuff about russia trying to make it look so sinister is preventing those
9:35 am
areas of national security, that we could get rid of radical islamic terrorism. it is having an impact on imation security. arthel: i'm sorry, little bit of a delay. congressmen coming to your point, there's a lot of murky stuff out there regarding russia and perhaps some political motivation behind this, perhaps as you know not intelligence agencies have come earned by russia did interfere in the u.s. presidential election. not necessarily any impact on the outcome of that, but there is that investigation. now you have the nation lead attorney with the russian investigation and some democratic lawmakers saying attorney general session should resign. what do you think mr. session should do? >> well, i think mr. sessions is one of the most honorable people
9:36 am
in washington d.c. everybody who knows him has worked within. this is just an example where the democrats are so frantic that they are just striking now, trying to see if they can hit somebody and make something stick. well, this is a great disservice to our country. it is humiliating mass, our election process and they should recently -- the democrats should admit a loss and quit trying to play these games because it has all these international implications. let me tell you, there are all kinds, not just in russia, where there is murky stuff. arthel: medicinenet concerning, sir, and should there be focused to get to the bottom of this? should a special prosecutor be assigned to this investigation or what a select committee be more?
9:37 am
>> you know, i'm not sure if it would be more effective than an actual congressional investigation. all i know is that seeing all the evidence now see that we have not had any intelligence agents actually say they actually hacked into the female that are the faces that this crisis. arthel: but that has been a concern. >> no, no. that is not right. what is right is that the intelligence agents he's made it -- have said that with caveat, that covered themselves that they did not have been. these could involved in acts conducted by any number of different people who know how to hack into the service. number two, even if it was russia doing that, which i see
9:38 am
is very, very possible that the russians hacked into the system. the united states hacked into -- arthel: congressmen, we have to go here. i've just been told by my producers. the concern of americans is that russia did icann to and interfere in the election, the democratic process of electing the president of the 90s dates is very concerning to people. i think what most americans would want is for all political lawmakers yourself, both sides of the aisle to get to the bottom of it. i think the political sparring is what is confusing people and making it very, you know, just unsettling in general. final 20 seconds, sir. >> okay well, there has been an unrelenting towards russia, even though they are doing exactly what we are doing. we hack into people's systems all over the world.
9:39 am
[inaudible] we get involved in other people's politics all the time. we shouldn't have a double standard. we should have peace with russia to defeat our common enemy. arthel: congressmen dana rohrabacher, it thank you where the phone line. we do appreciate your calling in this morning. thank you on the sir. eric. eric: controversy over the two minutes between attorney general jeff sessions when he was a senator and russian ambassador david kissed a lot. now comes campaign manager cory lewandowski. he is accusing the obama administration is somehow listening into this conversation. did they? the former assistant director of the fbi spying on ourselves straight ahead. ou look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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arthel: the battle to liberate mosul from i.c.e. is intensifying. one iraqi commander said government forces are seeing their toughest combat yet as they push into the western side of the city. dozens of civilians are fleeing the violence amid reports isis may be committing even more atrocities. doctors say they are treating multiple patients or chemical weapons exposure. eric: welcome the first president accused president obama of tapping has found. that of course denied by obama spokesman. now come a former top campaign official taken allegations earlier. trump campaign manager cory lebowski claiming the obama administration to the conversations that then senator jeff sessions and russian ambassador sir jay kiselak. he made those on the fox news show sunday night. >> what we've seen if they did spend time listening to
9:45 am
conversations between then senator sessions and ambassador to russia while he was in his u.s. senate office. if that were to take place, which supposedly dig take place, what other conversations today listen in on? eric: is this true? former chief executor for the fbi new york miami and denver. bill, listening on the u.s. senate office comment is a stunning charge. do you think the u.s. administration would love to capitol hill senate office of virtually elected democratic representatives? >> eric, this has taken on some new proportions today. cory lewandowski is the only one who said supposedly this occurred. i suspect it didn't occur. i think what is getting confused here as we unravel this bowl of spaghetti that we have, what is getting confused is the fact that over here is what general
9:46 am
lynch do exist. i don't think there's any doubt about that. over here then senator sessions with the ambassador, nobody has ever made that claim except for lewandowski to the best of my knowledge. i've been wrong before. that said, the only thing we know is then senator sessions said that he did have many that the russian ambassador in two different occasions after the confusing moments where he said he didn't. now, he is saying -- morphing alleged affair into the sessions affair into the trump towers affair saying they did it to the senator and his chambers, then they probably did it in trump towers. this is insane to think that all of this is occurring without any predication. it is just sheer conjecture by somebody. eric: and make sense. there has been found predicate
9:47 am
for this. 2014, the cia going to the senate e-mail a legally apparently. an internal investigation by the ca has found the officers penetrated a computer network by the senate intelligence committee are paring its damning report on the interrogation program. the inspector general also found for cia officers read the e-mails of the senate investigators and sent a criminal referral to the justice department based on false information. the cia secretly monitored a congressional committee charged supervising its activities. apparently, this has been done before albeit though not listening. >> that is true. not listening in. i don't know the genesis of the cia's intrusion into this if in fact it is true. "the new york times" has found debatable truth or facts they commit sometimes. this could very well have come out of a legitimate size that
9:48 am
the cia was that he not in a in time. right now to say that trump tower falls were bugs, you would have to have probable cause. the white house isn't going to bring this to the judge. but you have to have probable cause now if it is a foreign counterintelligence type of inquiry that would be before a fisa judge. if it was a criminal act is somehow popped up along the lines, and you would bring it to a judge to get the authorization for a title iii communications. i don't know that this occurred. i don't know that it didn't. when lewandowski says that they listened in on conversations, i doubt that very seriously. i think probably if there were any conversations at any point in time, i don't doubt the white house might have received transcripts or maybe tapes, and go when he says this and then come it applies they're actually occurring and that is probably
9:49 am
ridiculous. >> finally to put s'more ziti on top of your spaghetti, something even more confusing this morning. vigier james clapper, former director of the dni said, talking about reports that the server in trump tower in which allegedly may have intercepted communications with russian banks. clapper this morning that there was no fisa order as has been widely reported. here is what he said. >> there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president -- the president-elect at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign. i can't speak for other title iii authorized entities in the government or state or local entities. >> if the fbi for instance had a fisa court or surveillance, would that be information you would know or not know? >> he would be told is that there is a support order in something like this. >> something like this. you can't confirm or deny
9:50 am
whether this exists. >> i can deny it. eric: you just denied it. but he think of that, bill? >> the very fact he has denied a fisa application or a title iii was in a fact, that is absolutely right. he would know it wouldn't happen unless he knew it, particularly at this level. and then we take that out of play. now, any contention that there was over years in trump tower sponsored by whether, it would have to be on the criminal side of things that we would have to unravel that as well. this is the most confusing set of facts have ever seen. eric: that is true. as you'll be berra says it ain't over until it's over. it seems to be our firm over. arthel: eric, argument string in physical and the free speech movement. demonstrators on both sides of the debate over president trumps policy is flashing yesterday. next, what we know about how it started and ended.
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arthel: a rally in support of president trump turning violent in california. a group of protesters gathered
9:55 am
near the pro-trump group yesterday before the clashes broke out. seven people first-come at least 10 arrested. reporter: the situation got out of hand quickly. one resident saying it looked more like a wwe brawl than a political rally. a number of fights broke out as president trump supporters and protesters clashed with pepper spray, two by fours. american flags and make america great again were burned. all while for the most part berkeley police stood by and watched. broke the police and campus police were criticized for not making any arrests last month after protesters destroyed $100,000 in property. yesterday was part of a larger pro-trump movement across the country. supporters taking to the streets to show why they voted for president trump and why they believe he will make america great again.
9:56 am
for the rallies across the country there were peaceful. arthel: thank you, well. eric. eric: congress investigate the allegations. the obama administration made wiretapped trump tower. this across a probe of any russian connections at the trump campaign. we will have the latest from inside the administration next. ,
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arthel: that does it for us. we'll be back beginning at 4:00 eastern. eric: that is just three hours from now. live coverage in three hours about the explosive allegations that president trump, troops, russians and what they have happen in the election. a lot of developing stories on this very busy sunday. arthel: we hope to see you in a few hours. leland: the white house to many congress whether president obama abuse of executive powers after president trump tweeted that mr. obama had tapped his phone to trump tower during the 2016 election. shannon: all this is congress investigate the supreme trump campaign officials and campaign surrogates now attorney general jeff sessions. leland: plus, despite repeal and replace obamacare replace obama carries out. we'll talk to the pharmacist in congress. republican buddy carter of georgia about the changes he would like to see.


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