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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the dad said it was all worth it because he built the coaster to spend quality time with his son. this, after, after an overseas deployment as a navy pilot. >> eric: look at how much fun he is having. >> arthel: it's a little airplane he's flying, like his dad. that doesn't that doesn't for us. thank you for joining us. up next, the fox report. >> the head of the fbi wants the justice department to publicly deny claims that they were wiretapping trump tower. >> the new york times is now reporting fbi director james comay known for the back-and-forth of hillary clinton's e-mails is now asking the top law-enforcement in america to say that president trump is wrong. this following the president talking about the man who used to have his job. at this hour president trump is back in washington, d.c. where his
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administration is turning to congress for help. finding evidence to support his claim that former president obama had telephones that trump tower tapped during the election. we should point out that president trump has offered no proof so far. now, fbi director james comay is taking his concerns about it to the justice department. the new york times wants him to set the record straight because the president's claim imply the agency broke the law. president obama said intelligence chief says is is not truth. >> i will say for the parts of the national security apparatus that i oversaw is dni, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as a candidate, or against his campaign. i cannot speak for other title iii authorized entities in the government. >> harris: leyland begins our coverage from the white house. this sounds like a case case of the fbi shouting, tell them we did not break the law.
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>> you can look at it that way. it also sets up a showdown potentially between the fbi director in the presidency. between the attorney general and the president. the last time we had a showdown like that involve the current fbi director, james comay is a famous to having stood up to president bush and threatening to resign over a situation he did not like during the bush administration. whether it comes to that is yet to be seen. we cannot verify the new york times report but we have been told by law enforcement officials that president trump's allegations over twitter that president obama ordered wiretaps of his own during the election, caught senior law-enforcement officials completely off guard. adding to that, those officials had no idea what trump was talking about. the white house and for its part is not responding to responded to this new york times story either.
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they have not offered any proof in terms of what president trump was talking about or try to clarify what he meant. instead, instead, passing the buck to congress. the intelligence committee in the house have said they will pick up the baton and investigate claims as part of their overall investigation into russian involvement in the election. there are still many unanswered questions, including whether or not the presidents staff believe these claims to be true. here the deputy white house press secretary this morning. >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of a wiretapping him. >> i think this is again, if this happened, if, if. i agree. >> why is the president saying it did happen. >> i think is going off of information that he is saying let him to believe this is a very real potential. >> the presidents information for the saturday morning tweet
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storm appeared to have come from an article on the website, breitbart that was published late thursday nights and early friday morning. that that cited other articles that all used unnamed sources to report that back in 2016 during the during the summer, the justice department asked the fisa court, the federal court that deals with foreign intelligence surveillance warrants, to authorize a warrants that would authorize trump associates for their alleged with russian agents. much narrower request was approved in october and that is when these alleged wiretaps began. important to note that fox news cannot independently corroborate any of these reports. as for president obama, he has been immediately denied that he or anyone had ordered any surveillance on mr. trump or his campaign. >> harris: that paper trail is
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really key. that is how they do this. it is a legal situation. even if it were narrowed, now we have to look at what that narrow language would look like. any word on when that might be public, if ever? >> by definition what if ever? >> by definition what happens inside the fisa court is highly classified. it deals with the most vital of america's national security interests. whether it be be about going after terrorist are going after foreign spies trying to infiltrate parts of the united states. those of the most highly classified. that's why it was set up so federal judge would have oversight of lawrence and could do so with the understanding that what was said and said the court was top-secret. that said, congressional democrats are making hay on just this point. saying that whether tower gate which is what is being called is true or not, they view view it as a positive for them.
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>> the president is in trouble. if he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong, it is beneath the dignity of the presidency. on the other hand, it's if it's true it's even worse for the president. that means that a federal judge independently elected has found probable cause that the presidents, or people on his staff have probable cause to have broken the law or to have interacted with a foreign agent. that is serious stuff. either way the president makes it worse with these tweets. >> there is a third possibility to senator schumer's scenario there. somehow members of the trump campaign or of his circle or associates were caught up in wiretaps that were placed on
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others. perhaps russian agents are those suspected. remember, the response and capitol hill are bewildered. even are bewildered. even the republicans are skeptical. this is in the first time the president has tried to pump punt to congress. we remember when he tweeted 3,000,000 illegal people had voted in the election. shortly after the upper they said there was gonna be a major investigation and the white house left it at that. now the past six weeks we have not heard much on that point either. >> harris: journalist do not have to reveal their sources, i am curious to know if breitbart has offered any evidence based on their own reporting of the story. >> not that we have seen. the breitbart article quoted a radio talkshow host who went through his sources and they talked about it in the guardian newspaper talking about a fisa warrant. those discussions are very specific to trump associates, not to mr. trump himself as he claims in his tweet.
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>> harris: we'll cover the story as it happens. thank you very much. republican lawmakers are now ready to use their congressional majority to start the process of repealing the affordable care act. his what the secretary of health and human services set about it today. >> what we want to make certain is we are being true to the principles of healthcare which is a system assessable to everybody and affordable to everyone and of the highest quality. making sure we incentivize and empower patients through transparency and accountability. that's what we've been working on. we look forward to moving it very soon. >> harris: we have learned that that movement could happen any day now. here is lauren with the news. >> gop leaders are now aiming to give president trump a health care bill by easter. first, congressional republicans need to settle their disagreement on how the repeal and replace should work, and what is in the bill. house speaker paul ryan needs at least 216 votes in the house to push legislation to the senate.
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kentucky senator, ran paul believe lawmakers should be able to review the bill as it is drafted. something he says they've not been able to do. ryan says the bill is not been kept secret. >> were unified for republicans is repeal but not unified on replacement. we need to try to get people to come together for your ideas. if they if they force us to have big government replacement kind of bills, they're not going to win. >> other republican leaders believe that if there are too many cooks in the kitchen on a new healthcare law, it could fail. once the legislation is finished it will head to markup session will likely midweek. >> i think this is a meeting in the middle and typically what happens with a bill that is about to be marked up. if we don't get it after markup that we have a problem. we are getting ahead of ourselves in terms of pushing for a full drop of a bill that
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had not been created at the committee level yet. >> many congressional members must fall on to the promise of repealing and replacing obama care. leadership leadership may force republicans to vote for whatever registration they come up with. >> harris: at this hour i should add, senator rand paul's fear he over not being able to see what is in the hospital is only growing. he's been accused by some on capitol hill by bringing the drama. keep watching. watching. he goes one on one with me tonight and a fox interview. first a news alert. north korea fired what appears to be a missile missile off of the east coast near the border with china. the military says it landed in the seat early monday morning. they are ahead of us. apparently read palliative for joint military drills with the united states which began last week. north korea firing, first we weren't sure what it was, now
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bounty, the quicker picker upper >> harris: a senator notice is filibustered says he is now ready to begin afresh week of showdown. maybe some within his own party if he does not get to see what the house is about to vote on with regard to obama care. he tell me he predicts they will repeal what is now the healthcare law of the land within days. interesting timing. timing. senator rand paul on the fox report interview. >> i want to see the bill. apparently it was leaked to news organizations but not available for any senators. i heard the bill was there they would like to committee members members look at it but not make a copy of it. i do not think that is the way to do the obama care repeal. we complained about democrats and
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we said, we quoted nancy blows the and said we would know what was in the bill would we pass it. that is a bad way to do business but we should not be repeating it when we criticize the democrats for doing it that way. i think it needs to be more open process. i am waiting on a copy of the bill. i want to see the bill. they should know the proposal coming out of the house is obama care like. it includes new taxes on health insurance. it includes an individual mandate, instead of payment penalty to the government you have to pay a penalty to the insurance company. it also includes a new entitlement. this new entitlement may be bigger than the obama care subsidies. that needs to be debated. many members were not excited about that. we wanted to repeal it. >> harris: what you said about the feet going to the insurance companies instead of the government, the irs right now is
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really frightening. they have so much power. they are about as popular as the irs or media right now. how do you put the power back in the hands of the consumer? >> in my replacement though we let every individual join an association. let's say for example you are a member of a credit union, in my state 700,000 700,000 people belong to a credit union. they could all join the health association. then they would have to leverage one person negotiate for them. 700,000 people buying people buying insurance, one negotiator, they would get a good price, they will get guaranteed issue, they will not get dropped. if their family member get six their rates won't go up because they have leverage. i want to power the consumer to have more leverage against the insurance company. >> harris: you talked with president trump about this. how did that go and how did we get to the point now? >> the president is for replacement at the same time. so my. i think we're to the point where campion the same bill, it could be on the same day but not the same bill. the reason why, republicans are
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united about repeal, but we are not united about replacement. i want free market replacement replacement with more power going back to the individuals. some republicans want to keep parts of obama care. i'm not going to vote for that. >> harris: we've heard the president they could take 18 months to get something fresh and new in on top of what they have now. that puts you pass the next enrollment time. what to do with people who are already painted to the irs now? to they get a tax tax rebate? out as it work? >> i think repeal happens in the next week or two. we are not quite on the same page of what is on the bill but some form of repeal will pass in the next week or two. there will be a vote on replacement. some people want that to be in the same boat. i think it is to be separated. >> i want to get to something in your bill that you hear constituents talk about. that is pre-existing conditions. you are calling for a situation where there would be a two year enrollment time. do do you think that language will make it into the bill that you haven't seen that's locked up. what happens after the two
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years? >> what happens in two years as we legalize associations my hope is that over to your timeframe there's no individual left in the individual market. there are 11,000,000 people who are struggling right now in the individual market, my hope is that every one of them will join an association, when they get in an association that protects you from pre-existing conditions. an association plan is a group plan. not only will you get to leverage to get a lower price, you will get guaranteed issue, you will not be dropped and don't have to worry about a family member being sick. everything works in group insurance. we need to figure out how to get individuals into group insurance plans. and that's what my replacement bill does. >> harris: widely the mandate that people are paying for the irs so how do you pay for this? >> in my planned there is no
4:19 pm
government that expensive my plan. we have some tax reductions you get some of your money back but nothing in my plan that has an actual cost to government. >> you think you can cover the sickest people among us? >> i think you're probably going to do people who are very sick with expensive bills will be covered through medicaid. that's why it has traditionally been done. the poorest among us interstates are often some of the sickest among us. i think that is how they will continue to be taking care of. that is a better plan than the house leadership wants to spend $100 billion funding high risk pools. it doesn't make sense to put sick people in an insurance pool. you mosul just by healthcare. >> there are many details in this that have yet to be worked out. it would be helpful if everybody could see the bill. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: this story coming together, syrian pilot found alive after his plane crashed in
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turkey. unknown at this hour what was his mission. plus, the fbi is now involved in a manhunt for for a mast gunmen accused of killing a sikh man ii washington. a racially charged attack that has a religious community calling for justice. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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>> harris: turkey rescued a pilot of syrian jet. it's not clear if turkey is going to return that pilot. the country says it will make the decision after they clarify what he was doing near the border. the crash landed on tape. >> the pilot managed to eject after the plane hit the ground. crews found him after nine our
4:24 pm
overnight search. we were told he was exhausted but he is not in critical condition. siri has not released any information on what his mission was. the pilot told authorities he was headed toward a target in northern syria when he was shot down. turkey said their forces did not intervene and there is no violation of their air airspace. and manhunt is underway. the victim was shot in the arm by a mast man who told him to quote go back to your own country. the fbi is now getting involved after a civil rights group called on federal authorities to investigated as a hate crime. brian is looking into it. >> this all happened on friday night and a suburb of washington at about 8:00 p.m. on friday night, a 39-year-old sikh man,
4:25 pm
was on his own driveway when he was approached by man he did not know. they got into an altercation and the suspect shot the sick man in the arm and fled the scene. not before allegedly uttering a hateful statement, upsetting the police chief and the local sikh community. >> it was approached, confronted by subject and comments were made to the effect of get out of our country, get back to where you are from. our victim was then shot. >> this is very disheartening to see the new says somebody was actually a victim of hate crime in the city that we have never felt that before. >> of their their recovering in a hospital and please describe the man as a 6-foot tall white man with a mass covering the lower half of his face. he had a stocky build award dart clothing. >> so hate crime is very specific legal term are they
4:26 pm
using it here? >> it's early in the investigation and the fbi is investigating. the national secant coalition believes it is no doubt that anti-sikh hey crime with the statement while we appreciate the efforts of state and local officials to respond to attacks like this, we need our national leaders to make hate crime prevention a top priority. tone matters in our political discourse because it's a matter of life or death for millions of americans who are worried about losing loved ones to hate. mail seeks often wear turbans and grout the beer because of their faith. they are not muslim, but even still, after 9/11 seeks nationwide have dealt with this hates. in 2012 a. in 2012 a man shot and killed six sikh worshipers and entered others near milwaukee before killing himself. on february 22 at a kansas bar, a gunman left one indian man dead, another wounded and a hero
4:27 pm
bystander wounded. the fbi's investigating that investigating that shooting is a hate crime after witnesses say that suspect yelled" get out my country". >> you heard president trump talk about what happened in kansas city, raising awareness across the nation through his own words. it's good to have you. thank you. >> a skier in the italian apps got caught in an avalanche and die. three other people including an american were hurt when snow plunged on the mountainside. all three are three are expected to be okay, the survivors. their survey and the damages and looking for other victims of by helicopter. democrats are turning up the heat on attorney general jeff sessions. why they they say is recusing himself from the investigation in meddling in the election does not go far enough. fbi director james comay is how
4:28 pm
we started this hour and is weighing in on the wiretap plan. is comay stepping into the center of another political heo firestorm? i will talk about it with the fox report political panel. stay put ♪ ♪ grandma! grandpa! lilly, look how tall you've grown. look! you brought it. thanks, mom.
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trump got it wrong. the new york times is reporting former president obama ordered a wiretap inside trump tower before the election. law enforcement officials are saying the allegations cut them off and they have no idea what the president is talking about. all this as president trump has arrived back in washington d.c. where some congressional republicans say they may expand their russia probe in order to investigate those allegations themselves. also caught up in the russian controversy, jeff sessions, the, the former alabama senator, is preparing to submit amended written policy regarding his previously undisclosed contact with the russian ambassador. let's go live to washington. reporter: you remember, about a hundred democrats had called for sessions to step down as attorney general and there wasn't much of a chance that what happened so they believe his recusal is a step in the right direction. this morning, democrats took to the sundays show to argue it's
4:33 pm
not enough. a special outside counsel needs to be appointed to oversee any investigation into russia. at the same time they conceded that a number of investigations into russians interference into our election, there have been zero hard evidence of the trump campaign and the kremlin. chris coons said he thanks he knows where the evidence may be. >> i have no hard evidence. i think what hard evidence there might be will be discovered through a full release of president trumps financial interests, concerns and taxes or what the fbi and intelligence community has on conversations between the russians and government officials. >> mike flynn and jeff sessions has a concerning pattern within the trump administration of officials not disclosing ties to russia. marco rubio defended the atty.
4:34 pm
general and said democrats are simply doing anything they can to hurt the president's agenda. >> i think we've got to the point of hysteria. that is ambassadors trying to meet with people all the time. i literally meet with dozens of ambassadors at as do most senators. >> senator rubio also said the real threat of russia trying to influence our election is getting lost in the mix of these investigations. >> i understand, even the man said to take over the investigation for jeff sessions could have a hard time with lawmakers. why is that. >> he certainly could and we know of at least four ongoing investigations. they're taking place in the senate subcommittee of crime and terrorism and the fbi has an ongoing investigation. now that jeff sessions has recused himself, his deputy attorney general will oversee those efforts. before then rosenstein will have
4:35 pm
to make it through his confirmation hearing where he will certainly face some tough questions regarding russia and the trump administration. >> garrett, thank you very much. moments ago we had reported the new york times was reporting former president obama ordered a wiretap inside trump tower before the election. actually, what i meant to say, they are pointing to the fact that james comey wants the justice department to say the fbi had nothing to do with that, but there is no evidence of that. that is with the new york times was reporting. we are still waiting for president trump or anyone in his administration to bring forth the evidence they have or breitbart, the radio host would bring it forth, and when they do we will report it. let's bring in jay who is a former senior advisor to john kasich and doug shown our former advisor to bill clinton and fox news contributor.
4:36 pm
let's talk about this tonight. how unusual would it be for the fbi director, james comey to ask the fbi director to say the president got his accusations wrong. >> when james comey writes his book, i will preorder it on amazon because this is the most fascinating guy in washington. he has been involved in more controversy than he has been standing. he shown no compunction about going against the norm and making announcements were other officials wouldn't. why wouldn't he make this announcement himself? there are a lot of problems that the trump administration.with everyone fighting each other, but i wonder why comay didn't go forward and asked the question himself. >> that's an excellent point. doug, do you know why? >> i sure do because it's not the role of the fbi director and any shape manner or form to
4:37 pm
interject himself. >> then why did he do it on july 5 when he said the prosecutors and justice department should look no further at hillary clinton and her e-mails and the tops are secret server. >> because he was announcing the conclusions of a criminal investigation because loretta lynch herself had gone on, or bill clinton had got on her plane. it made him the most likely person to do it. that was an extraordinary event and that should happen once. >> it happened similarly in september, right before the election. >> yes he said he had additional evidence that required him to come forward and review it. >> so why not now say there's no evidence does show this. >> actually because i think we need a larger scale investigation with both.
4:38 pm
a congressional investigation of donald trump's claims and special counsel to investigate democratic claims about russia and jeff sessions. this should be taken out of politics. it should be done not on a half haphazard basis. we are not a banana republic and we need people to stay in their role and we should let people investigate and come up with conclusions, not shoot from the hip. >> would it be impossible, dog, jay i don't mean to ignore you, you can jump in anytime. would it be. would it be impossible for what the president says happen happen? trump tower is huge. i've heard argument today they may have been investigating and this wiretapping fell into this particular scope. it would be impossible. >> it wouldn't be impossible and the president was pretty definitive. given that he is the president we have to pay attention to what he says. it could be one of the other 17 intelligence agencies that was looking at the president and the
4:39 pm
president himself said that was on obama's orders. they haven't said definitively that there was no wiretapping of donald trump at all, and it's conceivable it was part of the ongoing look at russia's role in the election campaign. i don't rule that out, but we have to get it out of politics and get it to be investigated by neutral parties, not by political partisans or the fbi and justice department doing extraordinary and unusual, extra constitutional things. >> what you expect to happen next in all of this? >> who knows what will happen next. this has been one bombshell after another. >> what should happen? >> i think some independent looks into this is warranted, i think there's enough questions being raised so that is a fair thing to do. here's what the white house has to be careful of. there are a lot of clouds and suspicion. they will have a lot of fatigue
4:40 pm
going into this next legislative session. there's a lot of big things they want to pass. a lot of things the american people expect them to do. when you have clout like this it's very difficult to have it happen. i might be beneficial to let them come in and get past this and move on to the agenda. >> okay, that's what we are going to do. were going to talk about the affordable care act. i don't know if you caught senator rand paul earlier, i was trying to dial back the drama and let's just get the facts going forward. those facts could include repealing obamacare. i want to come back to you. if republicans are like senator paul says, don't don't quite have an even keel on what they have want to have her place,
4:41 pm
where are they on all the. >> i think you have to tread very carefully on all this. repealing obamacare is a very popular thing, but so is the medicaid expansion that happen in a lot of states around the country. if they are not careful about this and don't treat this with caution, there could be massive rows revolts around the country. they have to be careful. i think they can get it done. there's a lot of good idea but timing is very important. i watched your interview and you made a good point about enrollment periods that they have to be really careful about. >> doug, i come to you because they can't really get it done without the democrats. i'm wondering if there are enough of them like you that will come to the table and sit down. the 69 that skipped the inauguration, maybe they were going to get a sandwich, but now it's important to bring the sandwich to the table. >> i couldn't agree more. the problem that jay was skirting around was, while was, while i agree with the general point, we can't forget medicaid expansion, we can't forget the
4:42 pm
20 million people who could lose coverage. they have no clear consensus themselves which is why they are exactly right. we need the democrats because 40 odd republicans have just said no. we could have complete chaos, more demonstration, more town halls and more than just hard-core democrats. if we repeal obamacare but don't get something in its place quickly. >> before we wrap up, i do want to make this point and get your response, no one should be taking political advantage of the. >> as you look at your friend across the aisle, it's a little confusing that people like senator schumer, i don't want to say they are gleeful about the pushback, but here's a chance for the democrats to step up and be able to do the right thing.
4:43 pm
>> i would hope they would come to the table and do the right thing, but this is politics. it's washington. it's 2017. anything could happen. we just have to fight through it. let's go make it happen and do the right thanks. >> harris you are exactly right. this is in a time to gloat or play politics. people's lives are at stake and i hope chuck schumer follows your direction and it's a bipartisan effort. the american people will win. that's what we need as democrats, what donald trump and the country needs. >> look at that. a big old republican democrat goodbye. the next time we talk we could talk about the executive order of the rollout of immigration but we are not there yet because it hasn't happened. we expected it last week and were still watching to see if it happens this week. jay and doug, thank you very much. okay, tensions are rising and fists were flying as protesters confronted trump supporters. injury, arrest, and now president trump is weighing in.l >> if they give them the opportunity to do all the things
4:44 pm
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critics of president donald trump recent executive order calling for a review of federal water regulation say it exposes a conflict of interest in the white house. it targets nepa role which targeted small creeks and wetlands in areas protected under the clean air act. many golf courses have come out in support of the order because it helps them avoid the waters used on their courses. as you know the business in prior include the dozen golf courses nationwide. that's where they're coming from on that. april trump rally turned violent in berkeley california. fights broke up out and supporters of the president were clashing with demonstrators. at least seven people were hurt
4:48 pm
and ten people were arrested. president trump tweeted support to his supporters. will carr is live in los angeles reporter: >> you may remember a couple weeks ago president trump asked his supporters to rally across the country. that was what was happening in berkeley when the situation got out of control. supporters and protesters brawling in a park. once that it seemed more like a professional wrestling match than a political rally. some people left beaten and bloodied and others were behind bars. american flags and pro trump hats were burned. for the most part berkeley police stood by and watch the chaos saying they didn't make immediate arrest because they were worried there might be
4:49 pm
fights or violence. they were criticized last month for not making any arrest when protesters destroyed a hundred thousand dollars in property the night a controversial speaker was set to speak. julie: i'm curious. you had rallies that were planned and in most been a municipalities you would let people know that was happening, but these people that showed up to go against the people who were holding the rallies, what are authorities saying about them. >> you see that a lot 11 side said they're going to show up in the other side shows up too. authorities are left to sort it all out. for the most part the rallies were peaceful. supporters demonstrated in dozens of states. many let the country know why they voted for trump and why they think he will make america great again. we heard from peaceful protesters as well.
4:50 pm
take a listen to what both sides had to say. >> a lot of what trump was talking about on the campaign trail was actually for fifth-generation hispanic, or for the black community, people here who are working class, who want to get ahead and live the american dream. >> i am worried we don't have honesty, we don't have transparency, i don't know if that's ever been a strong suit of the government, but it seems to be getting worse. >> important to note, many demonstrators have said they want to have a dialogue but there is no place for violence at these rallies. >> that would be great. good to see you. julie: let's check in now on taking back a key city from the hands of the isis savages. >> why a senior commander says iraqi forces are facing their biggest challenge yet as they close in on a key location.
4:51 pm
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julie: a commander says iraqi troops are facing the heaviest resistance yet. they are trying to take back an islamic state stronghold. there have been car bombs and sniper attacks. iraqi forces, with our force are closing in. here's more. reporter: even though the territory isis controls continues to shrink, militants are putting up fears resistance. they are desperate to hold onto their last stronghold in iraq. this weekend isis deployed multiple vehicles packed with explosives targeting the iraqi armies.
4:55 pm
they say all of the bombs were destroyed before they reached any troops. iraqi troops have already captured the airport and several other strategic sites in mosul. eight organization say some 40,000 people fled mosul in the past two weeks. hundreds of thousands more remain and are trapped in the crossfire. the fighting in mosul is expected to continue for several more weeks, but the pentagon is already drawing up plans for the battle of rocca in neighboring syria. it could include u.s. troops on the ground near the front line. julie: thank you for the update. okay, just because we can, we are going to show you this. video of a controlled implosion in atlanta.
4:56 pm
i don't know why i like to watch this. this is the iconic georgia art archives building. it has been standing since the 60s and was taken down. some 500,000 hundred thousand pounds of dynamite were used. that was the city i was born in. blowing stuff up. that's great. we'll be right back. let's party! [kids cheering] [kids screaming] call the clown! parents aren't perfect but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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5:00 pm
news as it happens. i will be back with you at noon eastern. we are outnumbered. if you haven't seen it, tune tune in for the first time and have a great week. live next, my friend jesse watters in his world. this is a fox news alert. the white house demanding congress expand its investigation of russian meddling. during the 2016 election to include president trump's claims of wiretapping. welcome to a special live sunday edition of "watters world". i am jesse watters. the president president claimed in a series of saturday tweets, former president obama had his telephones at trump tower wiretaps. let's begin with fox news correspondent who joins us from the white house. leland, besides what had been tweeted about, what has the white house set about this today


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