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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 6, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the gator strutting across the course with that giant fish in his mouth. disappeared into that pond to enjoy his meal. clayton: that's considered sushi, right? >> he was just showing off look what i caught. clayton: "fox & friends" begins right now. good morning, everyone. heather: goodbye. >> i think he is right in that there was surveillance and it was conducted a behest of the justice department. >> more allegations. attempt by president trump to change the subject. >> part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw there was no such wiretap, i can't speak for other authorized entities in the government. >> everyone take a deep breath and calm down here. we are working in a bipartisan way to collect facts. >> fbi director james comey is asking the top law enforcement in america to say trump is wrong. >> mr. comey has something he would like to say, i'm sure we are all willing to hear it. >> we're going to follow the facts wherever they lead us.
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>> can you say that no obama staffs have been involved in leaks. >> men and women of our intelligence community are patriots. they don't deserve to be attacked or accused of having political motives. ♪ i think i finally found my u. my hallelujah ♪ i've been waiting for this moment all my life ♪ now all my dreams. brian: andy grammar continues to be the voice of the morning. there is something about his music that wakes you up. ainsley: i'm glad to be alive that is a theme this morning. there was a lot of breaking news over the weekend. steve: where do you start. ainsley: president of the united states saying he was surveilled by president obama's administration and he is now calling for an independent investigation to get to the bottom of this. brian: he will get it. that will be part of it. steve: obama probe on tap. cover of "the new york post." on the cover of the "new york times," fbi chief pushes for
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the justice department to refute trump. this article, which is based on leaks. says that james comey has told people, look, we told the department of justice you have got to tell people that the fbi did not do that because it insinuates that the fbi broke the law. ainsley: that's the report. steve: it's their report but based on a leak. basissed on unnamed sources. brian: so if there is going to be. this is what the accusation was as mark levin laid out wonderfully on his show and on his show thursday. he looked through "the washington post. the guardian, the "new york times" and said this is clear that in july a pfizer request was made to go ahead and tap the trump tower phones to go after one source in particular. and their links to a bank. it was denied which almost never happens. this according to the release. this happened according to the earlier reports. they tried it again in october and got it granted. donald trump sees this on friday and saturday. and at 6:00 a.m. roughly i
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begins to tweet about it how outraged he would be that the obama administration would be behind him as a candidate and as president-elect trying to surveil him. however, the push back is the national intelligence director saying we didn't do it. and a report saying that james comey wants the justice department to come out and say the fbi didn't do it. ainsley: he is saying it didn't happen because it would be illegal according to these reports in the "new york times." but we know that james comey is not afraid to come out and talk. kellyanne conway is saying come on out, mr. comey, tell us if this is true or not. listen. >> mr. comey has something he would like to say i'm sure we would all like to hear it all we saw was a published news report. i didn't see a public statement from him. i don't know what mr. comey knows. if he knows, of course, he can issue a statement. but we know he is not shy. steve: kellyanne conway is going to be on with us at 7:00 this morning. she makes a good point. keep in mind the "new york
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times" story unnamed sources it says that comey wants to do it so far the department of justice or the fbi haven't released any particular statements. keep in mind what this all comes down to says look i just found out i was wiretapped before the elections. bine brian probably in retrospect this was a tweet he caused a lot of consternation in his world by doing it. he wanted to push back. he could push back the same way he has been pushed. he could say i wonder if there is anything to that. put his chief counsel on his story and leak out that the white house is concerned that maybe the previous white house was going after him. steve: i think that he thinks for sure that it happened. i mean, the initial source of all these stories in the other newspapers and with mark levin and breitbart. found out about this secret fisa warrant that was approved, clearly approved. enough to the white house
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counsel, dan -- rather don mcgan is trying to get his hands on that particular fisa warrant. will he do it? don't know. just know james clap his or her is familiar with had a denial about them doing anything wrong. listen to this. >> if something like that happened, would this be something you would be aware of? >> i would certainly hope so he. >> i can't say -- obviously i can't speak officially anymore. i will say that as part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign i can't speak for over title 3 authorized entities in the government or a state or local entity. ainsley: so basically he doesn't know. the question chuck todd asked him if something like this happened would this be
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something you would be aware of ains? he said i certainly hope so. brian: no evidence of any collusion between the russian hacking and the trump administration. none. and when chuck todd followed up he said when i left, there was no collusion. i don't know what's happened since. since we know that president obama has said hey, nsa, you could share all your information with every single intelligence branch. if you are wondering how a leak happens, that might be where a leak happens. steve: here's the thing. when you listen to james clapper testify on -- well, talk on a tv show like meet the press, some people on capitol hill say wait a minute, you can't trust him. remember back in march 2013 when he just flat out lied to a sitting member of congress? >> so, what i wanted to see is if you could give me a yes or no answer to the question, does the nsa collect any type
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of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> >> it does not? >> not whitingly. brian: what does that mean? steve: that was a lie. brian: democratic senator ron wyden asking that question. ainsley: then we know edward snowden revealed all that information that that was not the truth. brian: now let's take a look at what the intelligence community wants you to know and doesn't want you to know. in fact, in terms of what the obama administration did or didn't do, in up ending the trump administration as it became -- as he was president-elect and a nominee. keep in mind, too. as you look at what the president does and hasn't done, we know for sure that the president was able to look at dialogue, at intercepts of benjamin netanyahu's conversation with u.s. congressman and women as it relates to the iranian deal and it relates.
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steve: president obama. brian: president obama. so if he was actually going back and forth on that and also kind of interesting that senator coons says transcripts exist from the trump tower, he believes and some type of russian source, then he later walked that back yesterday. then in comes josh earnest and he was asked about that. now, before, let me back up a second, we have jon favreau saying this and he was one of the chief architects the early speeches of barack obama. i would be careful about reporting that obama said there was no wiretapping. a statement just said that neither he nor the white house ordered it i that's interesting. why was he parsing the words of the president's spokesperson? steve: listen, as we just heard from mr. clapper, you know, i don't know about, you know, nobody under my purview did it but i don't know what the rest of the government was doing. martha raddatz, who really tried to take apart sarah
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huckabee earlier in the telecast yesterday where she was really holding her feet to the fire, when josh earnest came on they had an exchange that was extremely friendly and really didn't have any answers but nonetheless we thought we would play this for entertainment purposes. >seb gorka is accusing president obama being behind recent leaks from the intelligence community. can you say that no obama staffers have been involved in leaks? >> martha what can i tell you is that the men and women of our intelligence community are patriots. these are professionals who have served presidents in both administrations. they don't deserve to be attacked or accused of having a political motive. >> thanks for joining us this morning. ainsley: he didn't answer the question. he said they were patriots. brian: could he have leaked? brian: josh said i cannot see it they are patriots. ainsley: martha raddatz did not press him on the issue.
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isn't she the one that cried when president trump was elected? steve: why would donald trump feel this way? keep in mind from day one it appears that his foes have been out to try get him. they have leaked damaging information to the press in some cases, broken the law. as brian when we were interviewing the president last week, the president feels that some these protests that have turned angry against him, have been organized by the former president. the "new york times." ainsley: oh my word. steve: said specifically the staff spread information throughout the administration to hurt trump. the political team, the obama team when you think about it has a record of abusing power. keep in mind that irs thing was that an abuse of power? hello. brian: got a total pass never type of any angry grom questioning from martha raddatz george stephanopoulos or chuck todd. brian: gotten extremely mad steve bannon. steve: president trump.
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brian: i hope it's a wake up call. we have a guest coming up a little bit later extremely close to him said basically the team around him is letting the president down. he needs better people around him to do -- have either get together and work with him more efficiently because he is new at this. but he needs to have a staff wake uncall. ainsley: kellyanne conway can be on the show we will ask her about it. steve: according to a press report i read he feels besieged by all these leaks because many of them are against the law. ainsley: making america think can we even trust these individuals running our intelligence community. steve: anyway, another slow news day as you can see and we kick things off here on this monday morning. in the meantime heather joins us right now. scary news out of north korea. heather: a fox news alert. north korea intensifying its show of force overnight firing several misses provocatively close to japan. the u.s. strongly con demg the launches calling it a
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violation of u.n. security council resolutions. the chilling intimidation tactics from the communist country coming just days after joint u.s. south korea military drills kicked off. and just hours from now, president trump is set to sign a brand new executive order on immigration. the draft 2 will include some major changes. one of them is expected to be removing iraq from the countries on the no travel list. but restrictions will put a temporary halt on people coming here from six other muslim majority countries. and finally, it is something that president trump has promised since the start of his campaign. >> we are going to repeal and replace obama. we're getting rid of obamacare. it's going to be repealed and replaced. i'm also calling on congress to repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers] heather: now sources tell fox news that top republicans are set to outline their obamacare
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replacement plan as early as this week. the g.o.p. promising a bill that protects americans with preexisting conditions. expands coverage options and does away with the penalties ofor those who opt out of the coverage. there is a bit of controversy around that. brian: rand paul is not happy about it. the freedom caucus are not happy about it the republicans are lashing it out in public. ainsley: thanks, heather. brian: still ahead, attorney general jeff sessions recusing himself from the election probe. could it be employee trying to undermine president trump. we will take a closer look. steve: that's quite a headline. meanwhile from russia with love. was this playboy model really a spy? investigation straight ahead live. ainsley: go faster ♪ this is a drop everything kind of thing ♪ swing on by ♪ i will pour you a drink ♪ the door's unlocked
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3:17 am realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ but who you invest with. z28cnz zwtz y28cny ywty ♪ ♪ >> recommended recusal. i believe those recommendations are right and just. therefore, i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. brian: there you go. attorney general jeff sessions no longer part of the probe of russia interfering in the election. now a new bombshell report says former president obama
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tried to interfere with sessions replacement. here to explain is author of that report mark hemmingway. mark, what are you basing this on? >> well, something fishy happened the final week of the obama administration. the obama white house quietly changed the line of succession of the justice department so that an obama friendly prosecutor would be put in charge should jeff sessions have to recuse himself. now, obviously last week attorney general jeff sessions did recuse himself from certain investigations involving the trump administration. fortunately a fee weeks before that the trump white house caught onto the obama administration had done and changed the line of succession back such as a respected career justice department official will be handling those investigations. however, the prospect of an obama crony having the power to appoint a special prosecutor launch a politically charged inquest into the white house raises a question. did the obama administration try to plant a booby snap to insnare trump white house. in the absence of another explanation that's a lot what
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it looks like. brian: how does sally united states fit into all this. the new person in charge acting investigator would be dana buenta. >> he was appoint by obama. he has a respected reputation from both party as basically being a solid career justice department official. which wouldn't be 'the senior advisor to loretta lynch and eric holder. has a working relationship with eric holder going back over 20 years. i don't think anybody would view him as particularly impartial in this situation. brian: mark, it's incredible what's going on. have you a situation where the current president of the united states sees a major conspiracy here. is he convinced he knows there is nothing behind the russian ties and the outcome of the election but, yet, it seems to be a sophisticated plan that's been laid out after the
3:20 am
president left and went to the beach. >> we have to be very careful as reporters and stick to the facts. having said that i do think there is mounting empirical evidence here that there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes involving former obama officials and before trump took the roin reins of po. brian: thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: intelligence community holdovers from the obama administration trying to undermine trump a man who would know joins us next, a former director of the cia, nsa general michael hayden joins us now to discuss. how far will the media go to take down donald trump? how about the "new york times" actually asking the government to break the law? can they do that? we'll think about it and answer it. ♪ big shot ♪ did ya
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines before we get to next very special guest, a general. from playboy model to undercover agent. this lady right here vicket bonya says she was detained at lax airport because police thought she was a russian spy. tsa agents found a business card for a company that makes hidden cameras in her luggage. the model says she was asked about vladimir putin and the kgb. and illegal immigrants here in the u.s. if ice knocks on your door, don't open it at least according to mexico. the country posting this handy video online with some key
3:25 am
advice to avoid getting deported. they don't want you back. steve: meanwhile former president obama's role in badgering president trump and his cabinet are question are holdovers in the intel community playing games to undermine the president of the united states. to some it's looking like that. brian: joining us is former director of the cia and nsa now out on paperback. go out and pick this up. really great. how the. in sa and cia work. steve: i wish we had something to talk about. ainsley: i know, right? brian: the president tweets out on saturday that it looks like president obama was tapping into him at the tower, wiretapping him at the tower. and is he outraged. is he right? >> my instinct is no. all right. and it looks as if the president just for a moment forgot that he was president. and why didn't he simply use the powers of the presidency
3:26 am
to ask the acting director of national intelligence, the head of the fbi to confirm or deny the story he apparently read from breitbart, the evening before? >> shepard: that particular story, based on heat street article that said in june or july a fisa warrant was sought. it was denied. then in october it was approved. it would allow the fbi agents to do surveillance on trump's campaign and associates as well. >> now, i don't know the operational back ground as you know. i have been out of government. we apparently now have the director of national intelligence saying well, we didn't do anything like that. and through the "new york times" it appears that the director of the fbi is also saying we didn't do anything like that either. neither of them would have done specifically what the president said, which was the president of the united states ordered surveillance on trump tower. steve: the president would never do it. would have his people do it? >> actually, he wouldn't be involved.
3:27 am
you stay way back of this because of the separation of powers. after the mid 1970s the authority is taken away from the president. the only way you get there if you get there at all is a judge. he has to have probable cause that the target. steve: who would to the judge? >> it would be the fbi or the cia or nsa. ainsley: general, will would he be able to see the fisa report? >> no. it would be really unprecedented. we're off the map here. we are in unprecedented territory as well. so perhaps at some point in order to set the record straight we may do something unusual. ainsley: who can see it then? >> right now fisas very narrow chain of custody. let's say fbi goes out and gets a fisa. it's a 100 man shop. there may be only three or four folks who are allowed to see or even be aware. steve: could the president see? >> if the president wants to see it, i believe the president could see it. steve: because it's a story that the white house counsel
3:28 am
is trying to get. ainsley: chance he saw it and that's why he tweeted this out? >> ainsley the way the plumbing works, the president wouldn't see these things. excuse me, but you just said the president could see. >> if the president, by exception, here i'm really talking about president trump, in order to clear this up. ainsley: right. >> key demand to see this? again, it would be unprecedented but we are in unprecedented circumstance. brian: exactly because it has one president hitting another president and somebody leaking out and many think it's within the intelligence agency which is bad for the american people. in terms of unprecedented. tell me what's wrong with, this general. in 2015 the "wall street journal" reported this, behind the scenes the white house decided to keep certain allies under top watch. topping the list was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, foreign entity. believed intercepted information could be valuable to counter mr. netanyahu's campaign and that was to push back against terrible iranian deal. also recognized that asking for it was politically risky.
3:29 am
the white house let the nsa decide what to share and what to withhold. and there is a report that the president was reading the transcripts of interaction between the congress men and women and benjamin netanyahu. so that would be pretty scary and wrong, correct? >> well, it's edgy, all right. so you admitted, brian, benjamin netanyahu is a legitimate foreign intelligence target. brian: yep. >> if we were to choose to go do that i'm reading this through the press just the same way that you are. now, when you have got u.s. persons mentioned, information, we call it to, from, or about a u.s. person, now have you got u.s. privacy involved in special rules click in. normally, normally you suppress the identity of the u.s. person to protect american privacy. by the way, that last. brian: the report that he was reading it. >> the last part that nsa was given the authority to decide how to report the intelligence
3:30 am
in the intercepts, that's actually a good step. that's an a political step. that's allowing the professionals to make the choice without the white house pulling the levers. brian: end of this quote says we didn't say do it. a senior u.s. official said. we didn't say don't do it. steve: plus. didn't. >> in one sense it is. at the political level it's smart. all right. but at the level of intelligence, let the professionals decide what constitutes the intelligence value of the report. remember i said the u.s. identity is suppressed? steve: right. >> unless the u.s. identity is essential to understanding the intelligence. and by the way, nsa makes that kind of decision every day. brian: right. is that what happened with michael flynn? >> yes. i'm assuming everything i have read. brian: had to be exposed? >> i'm assuming everything i have read is correct. in that case, yeah. i could see the logic in that you would -- what's called unmask the identity of the u.s. person because without
3:31 am
that, you don't understand really. steve: general, can i ask one question? what about in "new york times" story that says at the end of his administration barack obama's staff purposely spread a lot of intel, secret stuff throughout the administration so that essentially sandbag him? and it looks like they relaxed the nsa rules to do that. >> i don't know that. i mean, i'm reading the same press reports. but i did note not happening often around here, i guess. i did note that jim clapper said that was not true. that he did not see that happen. brian: that's what he said. >> jim actually said they circled the wagons. kept a tight hold. brian: so it was just the opposite? >> right. ainsley: general hayden, thank you. congratulations on the paperback. steve: i read a bunch of it yesterday. it's great. ainsley: attorney general loretta lynch calling for blood? >> in march, they bled, yes, some of them have died. this is hard.
3:32 am
every good thing is. we have done this before. we can do this again. ainsley: her outrageous call to protesters next. brian: against trump. u.s. soccer making sure something like this never happens again. you will stand to the anthem or you won't play. carlie shimkus with more ♪ suddenly i see ♪ this is what i want to be ♪ you're either ready or you're not. what's wrong? i got ten new guys starting tomorrow. ten? paul, pauline... is pauline a guy? sorry. mike, mike, mike and mike. michelle. okay, you need uniforms, work gloves, goggles, hard hats,
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3:36 am
soccer lighting up social media, they announced a new plan that would ban any player or coach from protesting, taking a knee during the national anthem. ainsley: they play for the american team. >> that's what a lot of people are saying online in response to this. here is. so official language. all persons representing a federation, national team shall stand respectfully during the playing of the national anthem at any event in which the federation is represented. so this is in response partly to a player, megan who followed in collin kaepernick's footsteps in september. saying not on their watch and social media is loving it as it should. if you want to protest the u.s., don't play for the u.s. soccer national team. kind of like what ainsley just said. and then michael said agreed. if you are a member of any national u.s.a. team sport stand for anthem first then for change. brian: club team do whatever
3:37 am
you want that's up to the mls or women's pro-league. also important too they were the first body to condemn when rapino took a knee. they condemned her before the game was done. >> very different response than what roger goodell, nfl commissioner roger goodell said applauded they want them to stand up for social justice. brian: 34 years old trying new players. ainsley: because she is too old? steve: barbara stripes sand says donald trump is making me gain weight. >> yes, exactly. how strange. she took to twitter saying donald trump is making me gain weight. i stuart the day with liquids but after the morning news i eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup. that sounds fun. that's what i'm eating but not because anybody is telling me to. ainsley: no bubbles or therapy coloring books for her. pancakes. she ate too many pancakes.
3:38 am
brian: what is twitter saying. >> one woman on twitter said barbara stripes sand weren't you leaving the country? this is a big rule here. never say you are going to leave the country unless do you. that statement will haunt you for the rest of your life. steve: she could go to france and trade the pancakes for crisps. >> barbara stripes sand gaining weight somehow president trump's fault. personal responsibility fail. ainsley: i had a lady tell me that she cut her hair. donald trump made her cut her hair because she needed a new style to make her feel better. >> wow. was it a good hair cut? ainsley: she is a adorable. brian brian talk about somebody with a sense of human governor mike huckabee. >> he is making people laugh on both sides of the aisle. tweeted at museum in oslo. wouldn't sure if this was edward the scream or nancy pelosi -- i want to know where he comes up with these ideas. is he so funny he should be a stand up comedian. if you ever want a good laugh look at his twitter feed.
3:39 am
one person tweeted in oslo to receive -- this is another tweet that he sent. he was in oslo to receive an award for his support of israel. so that's where he was officially but he had a little bit of fun as well. brian: he did. of course his daughter was doing a great job on the talk shows on this week with martha raddatz without george stephanopoulos. she was good over there. >> great family. steve: carlie thank you very much. ains. >> happy monday we're going to make it a great week. ainsley: we sure are. steve: heather childers has the news. >> i fought that dated barbra streisand. loretta lynch now calling for blood encouraging protesters to help get the president out of the white house even if it cost them their lives. >> they marched, they bled, yes, some of them have died. this is hard. every good thing is. we have done this before.
3:40 am
we can do this again. >> former obama attorney general using that video to accuse the trump administration of trampling on civil rights. however, she failed to offer any shred of evidence supporting that claim. and it is no secret that president trump doesn't like the "new york times." >> failing @ "new york times." the newspaper is going to hell. heather: well now one columnist for the "times" is openly calling on the government to break the law. nicholas chris a tough tweeted if you are in irs and have a certain president's tax return that you like to leak, my address is nyt 620 eighth avenue new york, new york. it is a felony to disclose confidential tax information with a five year prison sentence. the hunt is on for this dare devil who jumped his dirt bike over a california highway. blink or you will miss the stunt instagram posting outrage not only did he put
3:41 am
his own life in danger. he also put those cars below him in danger. police now looking to talk with the man in the video which has raked in over 70,000 views on instagram. wow. and those are a look at your headlines. i don't think i would be doing that any time soon. ainsley: wear a helmet if you do. brian: always happiest when i fly through the air on a bike. steve: with the greatest of ease. brian: couldn't be more happy. steve: make you some pancakes. brian: i want to put on weight. violent protesters clash with peaceful demonstrators. ainsley: clash. [bleep] [bleep] [shouting] brian: a mother of four who was at that rally says enough is enough. she joins us live coming up. ainsley: plus she teared up when president trump won the election. what does martha raddatz think of the wiretaps claims. listen? >> the president of the united
3:42 am
states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. >> i think this is again something that happens. >> if, if, if. ainsley: how does she really feel? but don't tell the left wing immediate evidence comes straight from their own reports. we are going t break them down for you coming up next. if, y'all. brian: if. ♪ momma has always got a plan ♪ when everybody talks ♪
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3:46 am
>> if, if, if, if. >> it was jarring, president trump accusing president obama. >> they haven't given any proof but they have given trump supporters a brand new talking point that trump's problem are really obama's fault. >> steve: but they don't know much of their claims come from their own reporting. here to discuss christopher bedford. steve: if, if, if. according to the "new york times" and others there was wiretapping and information provided to the white house. look at this the "new york times" trump offering no evidence as obama tapped his phones. trump's baseless wiretap claim. all those things where they are talking about how hysterical things are. and, yet, when you look at some of their reportage they have talked about some of these wiretaps. >> the question is not if, if, if. the question is how much did the obama administration work to sabotage the incoming administration to listen in on them. we have reporting in the daily caller. we have a report in the daily times, "the washington post,
3:47 am
says yeah, they were listening in. they were looking in. they were checking in to see what kind of collusion he might have had are with the russian government. there probably wasn't any collusion at all. the question isn't even if. now go back and attack their own reporting to try to say this is different. this is different. is preposterous. steve: chris, what do you make of that. if they have evidence printed in their own newspapers yeah they were wiretaps. no collusion. why is their hair on fire today? >> well, have you seen it living in new york. i see it living in d.c. this weird trump derangement syndrome. steve: pds. >> it seemed like it mighting a passing thing. people may calm down. it's nuts they haven't. i start to wonder. i see people may be respectable a year ago getting more and more and more out of control. "new york times" columnists calling for trump's tax returns to be illegally leaked. people in the outgoing white
3:48 am
house thought of themselves as good civil servants go out of their way to sabotage the next president in a democracy. this derangement system has caused people to -- donald trump has shown a lot of people in the media are exactly what some on the far right have always said they were total liberal shils. steve: look at the record of the obama administration they do have a record of abusing power. just take a look at what they did with the irs and targeting conservatives. that's pretty clear, isn't it? >> it was absolutely. the stuff that richard nixon ended up getting in trouble for didn't hold a candle to using the irs to target private citizens. if you were a guy named charles or david coke. you wake up every morning to hear the leaders of your country attacking you as a private citizen. not only that but even publicly in the months before donald trump came into office. tying him up with executive orders, doing everything they could, changing the succession lines as we talked about earlier at the department of justice. if sessions is targeted then he leaves. most troubling of all deep
3:49 am
state leaks guys like general flynn, these skies who say we have listened to these conversations and leak it to reporters. it's an actual -- shadows of a police state happening while people are afraid and say that trump is leading it. it's crazy. steve: it is crazy. because mike flynn's name was supposed to be masked because he was in the united states. if they are looking at the russia stuff. and somebody in the administration, in the intel community somewhere said let's take the name off so everybody knows and try to blow them all up. >> one the biggest stories of the year easily. steve: why aren't all these channels talking about that? >> because it's trump derangement syndrome. it's crazy. if you are listening in on the newspapers and reading, you think that the biggest story is senator sessions a senator from alabama is colluding with the russian government? that's that is crazy. that's conspiratorial. what's not conspiratorial is that spy agencies that are charged with protecting the united states, protecting the interest of the administration and the united states citizens
3:50 am
are using their power to attack. it's like oliver stone's worst nightmare is coming true. but instead of being outraged the people are excited and celebrating it because it's donald trump as the target. steve: sure. we are not suggesting that the whole intel community is like that. >> of course not. steve: it does appear there could be some bad actors somewhere. chris bedford from the daily caller. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. straight ahead, kellyanne conway is going to join us live with more reaction to our top' story at the top of the hour. stick around. ♪
3:51 am
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3:53 am
brian: we start talking about the president's tweets over the weekend. saturday around 6:00 in the morning he came out and tweeted out that it looks liratr the president himself authorized the wiretaps at trump tower right before he actually took office.
3:54 am
in the summer and then in the fall. ainsley: right. brian: where did this come from? mark levin. where did he get it? one of the most outstanding talk show hosts in the country and one of the most successful. he got it from looking at news reporters. if you look at "the washington post" and guardian newspaper or the "new york times." they chronicle these requests. the rejection. ainsley: fisa requests? brian: everything got reversed. ainsley: last summer there was a fisa request to wiretap his phone. steve: trump tower. they wanted to look at a servener that building that could be communicating with one russian. ainsley: then they did allow it in the fall. those are the reports he is talking about. mark levin was on "fox & friends" yesterday. brian: can i stop you for one thing, this is the confusing thing. james clapper said that didn't happen. ainsley: according to the "new york times." it hasn't come out publicly. steve: james clapper said there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians.
3:55 am
there is no there there. keep in mind that so when mark levin said yesterday on this program was absolutely right. if there was a fisa warrant, let's see it. and if we don't see that let's see the presidential daily briefing pdb. here he is yesterday on the show. >> the issue isn't whether the obama administration spied on the trump campaign or transition or certain of its surrogates. the issue is the extent of it. they ought to release both fisa court applications where they sought the wire. the one in the summer and the one in october so we know exactly what they were doing. that's number one. number two, congress needs to see the daily presidential intelligence briefings over the past year or so. those are the beginnings of an aserious investigation. steve: keep in mind, a number of the big dailies, across this country have had stories about how there were these wiretaps. paul ryan was on "special report" with bret baier on
3:56 am
friday asked him about a fisa warrant. what did he say? you be the judge. >> have you heard that? >> well, again, and like i said, none of us in congress or anybody i know in congress has been presented with evidence to the contrary of what you just said. >> brett: so you believe it to be true? >> yeah. we have seen no evidence that anybody in this campaign or any other american was in on it with the russians to meddle in our elections. we know they meddled russia is an add investor carry sear and that's something we have to work to counter act. brian glin collusion. when we left office there was no collusion between the russian hacking and the trump campaign. ainsley: question did they learn that by wiretapping his phone? did it actually happen? that's why the investigation needs to happen and that's what the president is asking congress to do. brian: you know what also is so telling? fisa almost never rejects. if this story is true.
3:57 am
they rejecte rejected in july. you will be one of the 1.00% that we are rejecting. it's such a flimsy request. steve: because you would think that if that got out there would be an outrage. ainsley: right. steve: now we know more. kellyanne conway is coming up next. per roll
3:58 am
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hey rick, all good? oh ya, we're good! we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> i think he is right in that there was surveillance and that it was conducted at the behest of the justice department. >> these are remarkable allegations. i think another attempt by president trump to change the subject. >> a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes involving former obama administration officials trying to undermine what trump is doing. >> part of the national security apparatus for what i saw there was no such wiretap. >> if it's true it's even worse for the president because that means that a federal judge has found probable cause. >> everyone can take a deep breath and calm down here. we are working in a bipartisanship way to collect facts. >> fbi director james comey is
4:01 am
asking the top law enforcement director to say trump is wrong. >> fisas are a very narrow chain of custody. if the president wants to see it, i believe the president could see it ♪ highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ you're going my way ♪ i want to drive it all night long brian: there is a report out this morning already not only doesn't the president regret doing this tweet, is he convinced is he going to be vindicated by the accusations about the previous white house going after what is now his white house. ainsley: that's a report. i doubt he has ever said that he regrets. brian: i'm saying he doesn't regret it. ainsley: does not. brian: he says he thinks he is going to be vindicated. steve: let's see. we have kellyanne conway with us in a minute or two. very latest from the white house. we will find out. meantime headlines from
4:02 am
heather childers on this monday. heather: quickly a fox news alert, north korea intensifying show of force overnight firing several missiles provocatively close to japan. the u.s. strongly condemning the launches, calling it a violation of u.n. security council resolution. the chilling intimidation tactic from the communist country coming just days after joint u.s. south korea military drills kicked off. and it is something that president trump has promised since the start of his campaign. >> we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we are getting rid of obamacare. it's going to be repealed and replaced. >> i'm also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] >> and now sources tell fox news that top republicans are set to outline their obamacare replacement plan as early as this week. the g.o.p. promising a bill that protects americans with preexisting conditions, expands coverage options and does away with the penalties for those who opt out of
4:03 am
coverage. and house minority leader nancy pelosi sticking by her story still denying that she met a russian ambassador despite this picture of the two sharing a meal. she insists that he was just part of the entourage. >> the question is have you met with him? no, i haven't met with him. i met with the president of russia. who else is in his entourage? who knows? president, heads of state come in. they bring their party. they barely introduce them. this is completely, completely different. heather: politicians mincing words. nancy pelosi has been leading the charge against attorney general jeff sessions for not disclosing his meeting with the russian ambassador. finally the pope urging you to open the bible as you use your cell phone. addressing a packed st. peters square following his weekly blessing sunday. of the pontiff asked what would happen if we read the bible the way we read text messages? the pope is no stranger to social media either using it frequently to reach out to the
4:04 am
faithful. and that's a good question. those are your headlines. steve: all right. thank you very much. heather: back to you. steve: you know that the president of the united states was tweeting and he said it looks like president obama, the exact tweet was head scratcher. he said just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. the political left is saying what is he talking about? that could never happen. well, now on the cover of the "new york times" the fbi chief is pushing for the justice department to refuted the claim. essentially what they are saying is james comey is saying, hey, we look bad with this with e. fbi. so we have got to have the doj come out and say it never happened. brian: there is something strange about this story. why did james comey say it? doesn't he know there is a little thing called a recusal. you want senator sessions now attorney general sessions recuse myself from the russian investigation to come out and say yeah, james comey called.
4:05 am
he doesn't have anything -- the wiretapping never happened with the nsa. then of course it's a big trap. then senator chuck schumer will have a migraine and nancy pelosi will have an embolism because he will come out and be crazed about that. ainsley: puts him in a tough spot because if he comes out and talks he is sharing intelligence information with the rest of the country. usually the spokes people from the intelligence community don't come out and speak even thethough did he in the fall as we saw. putting the president in the tough spot. someone in the white house leaking. someone in the intelligence community putting our country at risk. both sides are put in a corner. brian: so astounding. because you have people like martha raddatz going crazy because if, if, if. well, all these "the washington posts" and "new york times" stories are all if. if these senior officials even exist. if, in fact, the senior officials are true. the nine people that said they know. this is all innuendo. but all i know is this: it's damaging our credibility of the previous white house and
4:06 am
this white house. and no one believes what the other one is saying. not good for the country. steve: just keep in mind this james comey story that is the cover of the "new york times" that everybody is talking about, there are no quotes from james comey. and the department of justice and the fbi both declined to commented. ainsley: right. so the president is saying congress, will you please investigate this? we want to see the warrants that were placed for the fisa, that gave a federal judge -- would give permission for his phone to be tapped. it was rejected in the summer according to reports. it was approved in the fall. if that happened, then they listen to donald trump's conversations with other countries. all of his conversations at trump tower. steve: you know, and when we had general michael hayden with us a little while ago, we asked the question, okay, so if there was a fisa warrant, could the president of the united states get his hands on it. and he said maybe. there is a story that apparently the white house council don mcgan is trying
4:07 am
to do that we have kellyanne conway joining us from the white house. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what is the latest on this thing? because everybody is going he can't say that well he says it because he thinks there was this fisa warrant out there. what's the bottom of it. >> well, let's get to the bottom of it that is the president's entire point. have you a number of -- you have various and credible news sources telling that there was politically motivated activity all during the campaign. and suggesting that there may be more there. i mean, i saw the different introduce over the weekend. and some people left open the possibility that maybe there were departments or agencies or individuals not under their direct purview where this could have taken place. the president's entire point is that the people deserve to know. so why not include in the existing investigation into russia this aspect that whether or not this actually happened. the other thing that's going on here is we have this double standard for anonymous sources. the media loves to use anonymous sources for everything and anything that could possibly be derogatory or negative for this president or this administration.
4:08 am
yet, they refuse to give any credibility to such sources when it may be something positive or expull can a tore. the other double standard is the investigation. have you democrats every single day saying investigate, investigate. special prosecutors, investigate. well what are they afraid of here? let's investigate this and see where it leads. so let's have the house and senate intelligence committee do their work and think about whether to include this but the president has made clear that he would like there to be an investigation of any possible abuses. and that hopefully that oversight activity will clarify for everyone. brian: when is the first time that you guys within the trump camp when you were the incoming administration or when you were trying to become the next president -- when he was trying to become the next president, when is the first time you heard about possible wiretaps in trump tower? >> well, i won't reveal that i will tell you that it's a big place. and i saw what former attorney general mukasey said yesterday on the different network that he thinks it's probably right or correct that this would
4:09 am
have happened. but, again, if we don't know, then let's find out together. and then let's also start focusing on the many things that are going to happen this week. i know people, particularly on other networks want to talk about this one thing. they don't want to talk about the amazing joint session speech where the president laid out his vision and very specific in doing so. and all the activity happening this week. new executive order on travel today. certainly repealing and replacing obamacare. infrastructure. tax reform is coming. there many are things that the american people are focused on that are very prom meant in the fox news polling and elsewhere that aren't being discussed because of this frankly. steve: sure. ainsley: kellyanne conway you said we don't know at this point but that's why you are calling for the investigation. it sounds like from the tweets over the weekend the president does know this has happened to him. how does he know that his phone was actually tapped. >> let me answer that globally. he is the president of the united states. he has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not. that's the way it should be for presidents. i would note that curiously
4:10 am
with the timing, the day after his amazing joint sessions which everybody is polling most honest and analysts said was a complete home run for him, that the "new york times" had a report that clearly showed that there was a rush to preserve and sprinkle intelligence information around the obama administration toward the end of it. now, we should ask why that is. and i would also say, you know, i certainly hope people out there are getting $50 every time they screen the word russia. but imagine if you took the word russia and at least shared some of the space in the country with leaks. this is about bureaucratic leaks. the concern for the president is that we have leaks in the intelligence and security community that imperils all of us. this is serious stuff. brian: well, a couple of things. would you also say that some of the team that used to be around donald trump has not helped the president of the united states when j.d. gordon comes out and says yeah, we did bring up a conversation
4:11 am
about russia at the convention. when it turns out that paul man ford was at a meeting when russia was brought up at a. when it comes out that senator sessions doesn't remember meeting with the ambassador. when carter paige says we did talk about russia at the convention. all these things might add up to nothing. but don't you believe they are hurting the president by not jogging their memory and coming forward with it? >> they are a distraction more than harmful. no i disagree. he got elected about 118, 119 days ago. you still hear the democrats screaming russia every day. they have haven't shown any connection. many people are trying to redo the election results still. this man has been president for a while now and he is going to continue to just move forward with his agenda. brian: you don't think those four people hurt the president? >> i think the president knows why he is here and what he is doing with his agenda. look, again, there is a selectivity out there as to
4:12 am
what really gets the coverage. and certain things that someof e news. other things that obviously are news worthy get covered. but, again, how is this the president -- i was the campaign manager until the end. and i was talking to people in mccomb county, michigan, not moscow. people aren't pointing to things that aren't there. have you these attenuated connections and circumstances. and there is just nothing the democrats every single day you see these kyrons on the lower third on other networks where it's all russia all the time. what about investigating these bureaucratic systematic leaks out of the intelligence and security community? i guess some of which are coming from holder. that's really dangerous to our nation, frankly to all of us. that's not a partisan that's a security and intelligence issue. ainsley: we want you to stick around because we want to ask you the comments that the sunday shows were reporting over the weekend play some sound bites. will you stick around?
4:13 am
>> of course. ainsley: thank you. steve: kellyanne conway coming up from the white house. ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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4:17 am
president's in trouble. if he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong. it's beneath the dignity of the presidency. it shows this president doesn't know how to conduct himself. on the other hand, if it's true it's even worse for the president. because that means that a federal judge independently elected has found probable cause that the president or people on his staff have had probable cause to have broken the law or to have interacted with a foreign agent. now, that's serious stuff. steve: it is serious stuff but it looks like it happened. kellyanne conway is the special counsel to the president of the united states. kellyanne you look -- obviously the obama people did not think that your guy was going to win. they were shocked. it looks to many like they hatched this plan hey, let's get all this secret stuff. we gathered in the final days of the campaign, spread it throughout the administration so that everybody is able to
4:18 am
try to blow him up over the next couple of months, leak stuff to the press. it looks like a coordinated effort by a former president and his team on a scale we have never seen before. >> and what you just said are based on published reports. steve: yeah. >> in the last week that said exactly that. let's make it very clear today. it certainly contra convenience the earlier spirit of cooperation in having a peaceful transition of power. that would be very disappointing. and, again, this is about bureaucratic systematic leaks in the intelligence and security communities. i would say say respectfully to senator schumer, this is a very typical response to the democratic party these days. it's that they have no message. i mean, they have no core. they have no message. their message is we don't want donald trump to be the president. we are going to stop everything he is doing. chuck schumer has been out there many times saying he didn't want to hear who the nominee would be to the supreme court let alone neil gorsuch someone he voted for 10 years ago he and his democratic colleagues.
4:19 am
he would construct any type of repeal and replace measure. he doesn't know what's in it. he doesn't know the tax reform and details of infrastructure. they want to restrict at every turn. truly the minority party with no ideas, no solutions and just try to throw the logs in the way of the president. i think people will cut through that the other thing i would just say is this is a very important week in this white house where the president is going to continue to act on, along with the congress, major pieces of his legislative and executive agenda. ainsley: like immigration. >> that's right. new executive order today, ainsley, that's correct. what's different is it has effective date of march 16th. there are the legal permanent residents who are always excluded from it. that's made much more clear now. if you have travel docs. if you actually have a visa. if you are a legal permanent resident, you are not covered under this particular executive action. also, iraq is no longer on the
4:20 am
list based on their enhanced screening and reporting measures. i think people will see six or seven major points about this executive order that do clarify who is covered. also, a syrian refugees are treated the way all refugees are. brian: great. now, real quick, chris ready reported to be a real good trump friend said she spoke with the president twice yesterday about the wiretap story and he has never seen seen him this pissed off in a long time. when he mentioned obama denial he said i will be proven correct. is that the way you understand the president was this weekend? >> yes. brian: which not many people could blame him? >> indeed. he has said what he said. tweets very clearly. he wants investigation. he wants this to be investigated so we can get to the bottom of it people should know what the truth is. also, in terms of the president being very determined to discover, you know, once and for all what
4:21 am
happened during the campaign. i mean, people really have to. brian: gotcha, kellyanne. ainsley: we will see if there is an investigation. brian: thank you for being with us today. appreciate it. steve: up next, debate from the brothers would th brothers , you know. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
4:22 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: time for news by the numbers. $1 million how much money new yorkers are raising to fight president trump's charities. man hadn't charity creating the liberty fund to help people in fear like illegal immigrants. next, 71%. that's how many americans say the u.s. is losing its national identity. a new a.p. survey also found the majority of our country believes that illegal immigration is threatening the american way of life. and $21.8 million. that is how much was given to
4:25 am
people who weren't eligible to receive obamacare tax credits. the treasury inspector general's office releasing theny new scathing report. steve? steve: thank you, ainsley. president trump taking his case to capitol hill. white house asking for investigation claims that the obama administration illegally spied on trump tower. here with friendly debate we have the president of the americans united for change brad woodhouse and his brother executive brother of the north carolina republican party dallas woodhouse. brothers woodhouse, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right, dallas, you got a hair cut. you look good. >> thanks, steve. steve: let's start with you, dallas, so the president tweeted out, just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower before victory. nothing found. clearly talking about a number of news reports out that the obama administration in june and in october asked for a
4:26 am
fisa request during the presidential campaign which is pretty stunning and eventually got it in october and did some surveillance. what do you make of all of this? because people on the political left are saying this president is out of his mind. >> well, i have been fascinated reading some of the stories by andrew mccarthy of the national review who has covered this for extensively for some time that after attempting a criminal warrant, that found nothing. they went and did the unusual step of trying twice to get a fisa warrant. steve: yep. >> it does appear that mr. trump's phones were tapped and the only people that can ask for a fisa warrant are the obama administration. i think if you are a conservative, and you saw the abuse of power that president obama's people did at the irs, and you look. >> oh, come on. >> they were doing everything they could do to clear hillary clinton, i think the president. >> oh, come on. >> . come on. >> i think the president has
4:27 am
brought. >> come on. >> into a very disturbing situation. well, look. we don't trust these people in the previous administration. it's one reason. >> well, we don't trust this administration, dallas. steve: brad, your brother blake as good point. there is no reason for this administration to trust the last one because they left all these land mines everywhere. >> well, look, steve. look, there is absolutely no reason for the person people to trust this president. let me say this. the president came out and said that this happened. he asserted it. he didn't ask for an investigation. this is the president of the united states. if he wants to find out whether or not this occurred, he can find out. it's his cia director now. it's his justice department. it's his fbi. >> brad, should the obama administration been tapping the phones of a presidential candidate? yes or no? should they have been wiretapping trump? >> well, first of all, dallas, they don't. >> should they. >> dallas you are ignoramus and so is the president. that's not how it works.
4:28 am
steve: whoa. >> a federal judge has to find probable cause. steve: brad, you are leaving -- a judge would have to order the warrant. if somebody from the administration or the intel community or a dozen different places that can go to the fisa judge and ask for it. there are a number of stories out there. steve: there are a number of stories that say the administration or somebody connected to the administration asked twice. the first time they were denied and the second time they got it to go ahead and surveil the server and all the people connected with the trump campaign. >> steve, the president should -- the president then is the one who made this charge. he should produce the evidence. he doesn't need a congressional investigation. steve: you are absolutely right. all they have got to do is talk the fisa judge into releasing the warrant and then we will know whether or not they spied on them. >> and remember this, if a judge approved it, it means a judge believed, not the obama administration, it means a
4:29 am
judge believed there was probable cause that there was collusion or some type of illegal contact with the russians. steve, you should be concerned about that. if a federal judge said that what does that say about what occurred? steve: but, dallas, your brother's point, there was a lot of talk from the administration that there was a connection between the trump campaign and russia at the time. so you can understand how they would go before a judge and say hey, look, we think we have been able to connect these dots. >> i don't actually understand that steve. i mean, apparently the only thing they had was that some people connected to trump somewhere might be doing some legitimate business in russia. which lots of people do. steve: sure. >> i have got to tell you something. the president here has brought to light something that's very concerning. and that is, in fact, that the obama justice department was attempting and apparently did listen to the phone calls of a presidential candidate and
4:30 am
their associates based on. >> because a federal judge found probable cause if it occurred. we don't even know if it occurred. >> we don't know if it required probable cause of a crime in a fisa situation. >> donald trump asserts that this occurred without one however, we do have evidence that donald trump stood before the -- stood before the country and asked the russians to hack into hillary clinton's email. steve: he was joking. come on. >> wow. steve: they wouldn't do this. brad and dallas. >> it looks like the wiretapping happened, steve. that's what people need to know it looks like trump was right he was wiretapped. steve: if there was a warrant let's go ahead and see it and that will put it to rest. brad and dallas woodhouse, boys, thank you very much. there you go. what do you think? email us at mainstream media says
4:31 am
president trump went ballistic with when attorney general sessions ecould you seed himself from the investigation russia. if it's true did very a point? david bossy is going to join us coming up very shortly with an inside perspective on those reports. what happens when you spot a drone hovering over your house taking that picture? find out. ♪ ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away ♪
4:32 am
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4:34 am
brian: senator jeff sessions recused him 168 from the investigation the president apparently went ballistic. >> moments before her departure from florida
4:35 am
president trump summoned his top aids to oval office meeting where senior white house sources tell abc news the president went ballistic. erupting at them in anger. sources tell abc news trump's anger had been brewing since thursday when attorney general jeff sessions caught him by surprise by recusing himself from any investigations into russia's meddling in the 2016 campaign. brian: people got a lot of traction out of that conclusion. but is it true? dave bossy is the former deputy director of the trump transition team and fox news contributor. you can argue there would be no president trump without dave. they have had long conversations before he even ran to understand what he was getting into. dave, first off, do you think it's true? he went ballistic? i know you haven't talked to him over the weekend. but is it likely true? >> you know, i do read these stories about him being animated on friday. look, he is the president of the united states.
4:36 am
this is an credibly stressful job. he has only been in there 40 days. he is learning. he is doing the job for the american people every single day that he wakes up. and he is sick and tired of the politics as usual of this town already. and that's what this is about. this is about the president saying i'm going to come to washington and get tax reform. i'm going to repeal and replace obamacare and i'm going to fix the immigration policies and i'm going to change america for the better. and now all of a sudden he is faced with all these political footballs. brian: on top of that there is another report today that senator schumer is going to make it his mission to not provide the money to build the wall. he says if he can stop that he will look like a failure so the mid terms will look like a success for the democrats. having said that, does the president you knowing hit the -- get as ag aggravated as has been reported when things like this happen and is he being let down by some of those people that are supposed to be blocking for him?
4:37 am
>> cliewrm is the leader of the continuous campaign. there is never ending campaign. they cannot come to grips with the fact that they lost in november. and that hillary clinton was a terrible candidate and that fisted on the americafoisted ofn people. the president of the united states is going to be singularly focused on what's best for his agenda and the white house. chuck schumer is going to be seen as a very, very small man here very shortly. brian: but when you talk about the president, has he been let down by the people around him many of which are your friends? >> well, let me just say. this the president has unbelievably smart, unbelievably dedicated people around him. reince priebus, jared kushner,
4:38 am
steve bannon, kellyanne conway all people i have worked with for a long, long time, many years, are unbelievably dedicated to the american people and dedicated to donald trump's agenda, positive agenda for america. i have got to tell you, i think they are doing a great job with what they have. look, they have opposition party that will stop at nothing. they have a left that will put people in the streets and riot wherever they can to try to get the president off message. and that's what this is about. they need to stay focused and they need more help. that's all it is. they just need to bring in more help. it's not a change. it's just let's fill some more seats. brian: dave, bring me inside the story. over the summer j.d. gordon now admits did i talk to russians. maybe about nothing, maybe about the weather. he didn't say it out right. paul manafort had interactions. they all could be benign. did it hurt the president by not being transparent about it because now it's tripping him up. >> certainly what i would do if i was there and i led congressional investigations
4:39 am
in the 90's and i can tell you i would very quickly, and in short order put together a very small group of people to get all of the information together, grear it all and put it out to the american people because there is nothing there. look, jeff sessions as a united states senator met with the russian ambassador like he met with 25 other ambassadors. i think it's a nothing burger to say the least. but i think by the drip, drip, drip, just the way the democrats play the game, you can beat them at their game by just disforging it all very quickly. brian: talk to you on rumor. thank you for being with us. if anyone wants to go inside the campaign to see what it's like david bossie is one stop shopping. here is heather with more breaking news. heather: we will begin with the tsa they are about to get more invarve. the agency rolling out more rigorous patdowns at airports all across the country. before agents used five different screening methods but now there is only going to be one that involves, quote,
4:40 am
more intimate contact. the change comes after a homeland security report found that agents missed hidden weapons during some basic patdowns. and two children rushed to the hospital with request severe burns to their mouths and throats. their parents say that apple juice served at a restaurant caused the horrific injury. >> as soon as they took a sip of it like they were throwing up. usually when something like that happens, you would think the health inspectors would go and there would be an investigation. heather: this is serious. the children are in critical but stable condition this morning. their parents demanding answers from the star buffet and grill in pennsylvania. the manager says that the juice which came from a grocery store is now being tested. and a college sparking outrage for paying students to learn more about this ♪ pigs in a blanket ♪ fry them like bacon. steve: sam houston university in houston offering scholarship to take classes on black lives matter and white privilege.
4:41 am
the honors program worth up to nearly $3,000 also gives students access to sign up for early courses and a special computer center. the school says it promotes quote community engagement. finally women fed up with her neighbor's noisy drone decided to do something about it first, she tried throwing rocks at the drone as it hovers over her garden in washington state. that doesn't work. so she goes back inside and comes back out with a gun and takes aim. the drone realized that she was not messing around. quickly flying away from the house. not clear though if she actually pulled the trigger. but, it did the job. it went away. those are a look at your headlines. steve: i don't know how safe that is. there could be -- ainsley: don't mess with her though. thank you, heather. >> steve: got the message out there. ainsley: that's right. pro-trump rally turns into chaos as violent protesters clash with the peaceful demonstrators. [shouting]
4:42 am
[bleep], [bleep] ainsley: mother of four who was at that berkeley rally says enough is enough and she joins us live next. steve: cheerleaders on the left blaming president trump for ties to russia while giving one of their own a pass. guess who? the guy who wrote the book on clinton cash peter schweitzer joins us live in the next five minutes. ♪ girl ♪ you really got me now ♪ you got me so i can't -- ♪ grown man now. i don't want to pry... dad. but have you made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son... ...a cash man. dad, are you crying? nah, just something in my eye. the volkswagen 3 and easy event... ...where you can choose one of three easy ways to get a $1000 offer.
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or... badda bloom. seriously? book now at ainsley: a pro-trump rally turns violent in berkeley, california as fights break out and supporters of the president clash with anti-trump protesters. eva peters a mother at 4 and
4:46 am
trump supporter was at that rally and she joins us live now. thank you so much, eva, for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. describe the scene. what happened? you started at the mlk civic center from what i understand a few blocks from berkeley campus. you start to walk and what happens? >> okay. so i first got there. and at first i was approached by protesters who were actually polite and they wanted to hear from a trump supporters a to what my points of view were. everything was civil and kind. every once in a while you would see a fight break out in the distance, i would say probably every 10 minutes there was a fight breaking out and smoke bombs. it was crazy. and then there were people coming up to me, asking me if i was from berkeley and i told them no i wasn't from berkeley. i lived about 20 minutes away from berkeley. and they said well, get out of here. you don't belong here.
4:47 am
how dare you come here and make our citizens angry. and i'm thinking to myself well, isn't that what they are accusing trump supporters of doing to immigrants? and as the day progressed. things began to devolve. there was -- there were more smoke bombs. ainsley: clearly there was violence. we are looking at this video and you are describing the violence. i talked to one mom in new york and she said her son was wearing a make america great again hat on the subway and she made him take it off because she feared for his life. did you fear for your life in this situation. >> did i not. i brought pepper spray. i attached it to my belt visibly. ainsley: you were expecting something to happen. >> i wanted to protect myself and make sure nobody was going to mess with me. they were just swearing at everybody, saying f trump. and calling him a rapist and fascist and a racist. and that's -- it was ridiculous. they didn't want to engage in
4:48 am
anything, any conversation. ainsley: so knowing that -- well, expecting this was a possibility, why did you want to go to that rally? >> i needed to show my support for our president. i didn't want the protesters to be the only voice. i wanted the president to know that there were people in california that support him and we are the forgotten voice. we are the unheard voice, especially in california. we are the minority. and i wanted to be heard. i wanted to show support for ainsley: he does know you were there. in fact he tweeted. he said thank you for the great rallies all across the country. tremendous support, make america great again. what is your reaction? >> i love it. i love that he speaks to us through twitter. i love that he is for the people. he stands for what is right in this country. and i am so proud that he is our president. and that he wants to help us and that he is putting his
4:49 am
life on the line. i mean, certainly he had a great life before all of this. he didn't need to put his life on the line. but he truly cares for this nation and wants to help this nation and god help him. ainsley: okay, eva, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. cheerleaders on the left slamming president trump for his ties to russia while giving one of their own a pass. guess who? the man who wrote the book on "clinton cash" peter schweitzer joins us live next. plus she teared up when president trump won the election. what does martha raddatz think of the wiretapping claims? >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. >> i think that this is again, something that if if happened martha. >> if, if, if, if. ainsley: tucker is going to react to that if, if, if. at the top of the hour.
4:50 am
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comcast business. built for speed. built for business. ♪ ♪ steve all right. cheerleaders for former president barack obama out in full force denouncing president trump's ties with russia. things like this. >> it is clear that president trump is working very hard to try to distract the american public and the news media from the growing scandal about why his administration and why he himself has, at best, not been forthcoming about their talks and their ties with russia. >> he is much cozier to russia than we ever were in the obama administration. >> the security team has condemned the russians and putin and he still winds up defending putin. steve: but, hey, didn't those same people give hillary clinton a pass a free pass on her connections to russia?
4:54 am
our next guest says absolutely the author of "clinton cash" and peter schweitzer joins us right now. peter, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. steve: there is quite a double standard here, isn't there? >> there is. i mean, with the clintons, you have this long history involving the transfer of huge sums of money to the clinton foundation to the clintons personally to people like john podesta, her campaign manager and the russians getting favors in return while hillary clinton was secretary of state. and i have been saying for a couple of years and there has been a lot of reporting by the "new york times" and "the washington post" to confirm those findings that this ought to be investigated. and same people who are now saying investigate trump were completely radio silent when it came to the clintons. steve: of course. >> a glaring double standard. steve: should point out james clapper from the intel community made it very clear over the weekend that he looked at all the stuff before he left office zero evidence of any collusion 2w50e7b the
4:55 am
campaign and the russians. we know according to him there is no there there. but with hillary clinton there is plenty of there there. tell us about the scovo project. >> scovo was this brilliant idea i will say it sarcastically create russian version of silicone valley. the russians would create this freezing rain structure. the problem is that these u.s. companies got involved the a lot of them ended up giving money to the clinton foundation. russian executives involved in scokovo were involved in clinton foundation. all this technology flowed to russia. what did the fbi say. the fbi and other government reports said this was a massive tech transfer that benefited the russian military. so you have this clear instance where technology is flowing to russia. money is flowing to the clintons and what i have said is we need to investigate to see how those two might possibly be connected. steve: sure. >> radio silence from same people who now want to investigate trump.
4:56 am
my view is we ought to look at all of it. we always need to be concerned about what the russians might be doing. steve: sure. i know you have written that essentially john bod john podesa business partner with putin and had she been elected he certainly would have been a part of the administration in some fashion. >> i think about this. this is amazing. again, stunning example of what's the ignored. john podesta was on the executive board of a small energy company called joule, vladimir putin's government invests 1 billion rubles in the company of which is he a shareholder through an instrument called ruth nano which is called putin's child by the russian science minister. he maintained those shares until he went into the obama white house. he then set up an llc and transferred them to his daughter to try to hide the ownership. that is business partnership 101. and that also needs to be investigated. steve: absolutely. stay tuned. it just gets weirder by the day. all right, peter, thank you
4:57 am
very much for joining us live from tallahassee, florida. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. meanwhile straight ahead our 8:00 hour we have got tucker carlson and ed henry and jason chaffetz and michael good win plus you. so put down that remote. value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> i think the president of the united states, he has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not, and that's the way it should be for president. >> i think he's right in that there was surveillance. >> he is going off information that he is saying has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. >> these are remarkable allegations. i think another attempt by president trump to change the subject. >> a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes involving former obama administration officials trying to undermine what trump is doing. >> part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw, there was no such wiretap. >> everybody needs to take a deep breath. we are working in a bipartisan way to collect facts. >> fbi director james comey is
5:01 am
now asking the top law enforcement in america to say president trump is wrong. >> it does appear that mr. trump's phones were tapped and the only one who can ask for it is the obama administration. >> you're an ignoramus and so is the president. that's not how it works. >> what's worse? calling the president an ignoramus or your brother? ainsley: is ignoramus a bored? brian: yeah, not a good one. steve: let's bring in tucker carlson. ainsley: hey, there, tucker. steve: let's start at the beginning. what do you make of the president saying obama wiretapped him. you know, their suggestion that it probably has to do with this
5:02 am
fisa investigation in june. and now the media has a meltdown with their hair. if you -- yeah, i smell hair on fire in new york city. >> this is the most frustrating story i've seen in a long time. i was just talking to gavin our producer through the line. this is a real problem. the u.s. government spying on its own citizens is a long-standing fact. it's a huge problem, and it's clouded by deceit and visaing. just here's one fact. we don't know how many americans have their communications swept up by the u.s. government and swaled because the intelligence agencies won't tell us. not only will they not tell us, they won't tell congress who is supposed to have oversight of them. soss is an infuriating problem. we know when he was a private citizen before the inauguration was swaled by the fbi and that was leaked.
5:03 am
that's a felony. we know this happens, and it has a corrosive affect on our life and yet we're not diagnosticking at all partly because twitter is not the way to raise this issue. and democrats don't want to talk about it. yes, this is plausible. we need to find out what happens. ainsley: well, the president wants an investigation and these fisa warrants have been sought out. so we'll have to look at that and see if they happened. what happens next, though, tuck we are, going forward? will we be able to find out this information? or is it something that can be swept under the rug again? >> the president can find it out, and he can declassify the information. he can unilaterally declassify what he wants. and i hope he will because a lot of people like me have lived here our whole life and very suspicious that this kind of thing happens regularly. and, again, that shakes everyone's face in the
5:04 am
institution of government. it has a chilling affect in the most basic way. if you think the government is listening to you that your political enemies can destroy you if he if you step out of line, you're no longer living in a free society. so it's a huge threat to what we think is worth having. so we need to get to the bottom of it. brian: tucker, for eight years doing the morning show, we watch president obama, everything you brought up something unsavory about the trump administration, that's just fox doing fox. but when they met trump, they've never met somebody who fights like this. he fights harder than anybody in the country. says, oh, you're coming after me. you have this intelligence bureau that seems to be turning on me. fine i'm going after you twice as hard. i think president obama in his retirement might be the dustup of his career right now because he's has had a opponent like this. 14 republicans couldn't handle him. hillary clinton couldn't
5:05 am
handle him. and now he's trying to handle him, and he can't. >> and actually advantage by definition goes to trump because he's the sitting president. he has millions of people who work for him in the executive branch. he has access to any information that he wants. he has a lot of smart people there. and i think the order this morning ought to be is prepare the case for public consumption of what's going on. explain and not in 140 characters but in paragraphs what exactly is wrong with the way that we gather and use intelligence against american citizens. what exactly happened that we can find out and tell us and settle this and fix the problem because there is a preexisting problem that he has the power to fix. steve: sure, and it should not be that hard to find out about the warrants because it started as an fbi criminal investigation in june. and then when they were not granted the warrant, then in october they said this is a fisa thing. a national security. and that's when they were granted. it's not the intel community. you've got the press community
5:06 am
as well fighting back. sarah huckabee, who is one of the spokespeople for the united states was on with martha and was essentially defending the former president. she's skeptical of the current president. here's the sound byte about all of that. >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. >> i think that this is, again, something that if this happened, martha -- >> if, if, if, if. >> i agree. >> why is the president saying it did happen? >> look, i think he's going off information that he is saying that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. and if it is, this is the greatest overreach and the greatest abuse of power that i think we've ever seen and a huge attack on democracy itself and the american people have a right to know if this took place. steve: what do you make of that? >> well, there are two points. one if the sitting president makes a claim, he has to back it up.
5:07 am
if you make a claim, you have to prove it. those are the rules. you can't break the rules. two the press is willingly ignore the truth here that this stuff does happen. they're lying about it. and the immediate response is this didn't happen. really? how do we know that? we know that things like this have happened. it's totally plausible that it happened. so we have to be very skeptical. this is abuse of power. intelligence agencies are acting against citizens? we have to get to the bottom of that. brian: one we know is james roaden, we know reading benjamin netanyahu interaction with some members of congress here. >> exactly. brian: so that has happened. ainsley: makes it hard to trust. >> and it's terrifying that it has happened. and, by the way, notice the reflexive with the press. i can't tell you interviews
5:08 am
that i've done that said all 17 intelligence agencies don't believe russian didn't have an affect in the election. first of all, have to take 17 intelligence agencies? that's the opposite of what we should be doing in press. steve: during the conclusion of the obama administration the person at the head of the department of justice supposed to be, you know, an impartial presenter of the facts as she knows them. and yet we've got a sound byte of loretta lynch, i believe it was about ten days, two weeks ago where keep in mind, she is the former attorney general of the united states of america regarding the protest and this president, she said this. listen, tucker. >> they marched. they bled. yes, some of them have died. this is hard. he have good thing is. we have done this before. we can do this again. steve: we can do this again. it sounds like she's calling
5:09 am
for more blood in the streets. >> absolutely. >> pointed the civil rights movement as a template for all social and political change. and here's the guardian of law and order saying if you don't like something, take to the streets and get rowdy. i mean, that's kind of the opposite message. i mean, first of all, it's not the civil rights unit. this is not 1962. are things completely different. and what is she talking about? our rights are being eroded. which rates? can you be specific? you're the attorney general of the united states. there's so much reckless talk on the left right now that it's starting to rattle people. but that's the last person you would expect saying it. the former attorney general. really? steve: as i recall, the president of the united states was lawful and legal, and he's hit. >> and what exactly are the complaints? i mean, what rights are being eroded? in what ways are we less free? what exactly are you talking about? brian: upon further review, there's almost no follow-up to that.
5:10 am
and final in the bigger picture, no one including james clapper seeing any collaboration -- collusion between the trump camp and russian intelligence. says that the early intelligence report revealed -- they just want to see what's going on. some people should report that the same people say about wiretapping also say about no collusion. >> clapper is the one that told congress nsa wasn't spying on american citizens. he lied and never held accountable for it. and, by the way, a lot of republicans defended him at the time. i wish they hadn't. we have the right to know if the government spies on me. i'm an american citizen and haven't broken any laws, and i have a right to know. and i'm glad the president brought this up because it will have a demand of more clear accounting. brian: i want to know if you're happy sleeping longer
5:11 am
and the only way to do that is to hack your e-mails. >> you have my password already, brian. ainsley: he's only happy if he's flying on the air in the motorcycle. what makes you happy, tucker? >> fishing with my dogs. ainsley: not being on our show? >> not being on your at the as though. ainsley: thanks, tucker. brian: fishing with his dogs. how does his family feel? ainsley: he needs some tucker time. it is his best friend; right? heather, what do you have for us this morning? >> good morning to you and everybody at home. we're going to start with north korea. firing several missiles provocatively close to japan. the chilling intimidation tactic from the communist country coming just days after joint u.s. south korea
5:12 am
military drills kicked off. and just into fox news about president trump's new immigration order. he is expected to sign today. now, under the new plan, iraq will be removed from the countries on the no travel list. but there will be enhanced screening for certain individuals. it also ends the indefinite ban for syrian refugees. and respecting our heroes and our country. u.s. soccer the first sport to require players to stand for our national anthem. now, this comes after megan rapineo kneeled after several matches last fall. said that the protest was to colin kaepernick. was left off the latest national team roster. details about consequences for not standing have not yet been released. and there you go a look at your headlines. steve: that's good news. >> stand up for the national anthem. brian: another reason to love soccer, right, guys? ainsley: that's right. steve: up to two. ainsley: rubbing off on us, brian.
5:13 am
steve: coming up. how far will the media go to take down president trump? what the new york times reporter did just could be a new low. we're going to share it to you. brian: and could the president's critics put a blow in the wall street bump? stuart varney is with us. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:17 am
ainsley: the stock market opening in just a few hours following another high close on friday but will the democrats attack on president trump put an end to the rally? brian: ainsley never asks me hard questions like this. it must be because stuart varney is here from "varney & company." stuart, serious stuff now. what's going to happen? politics weighing down the market? >> in my judgment, the trump rally has stalled. we've gone straight up since november the 8th, we stalled i think at 21,000 and for two reasons. number one, i keep calling it political turmoil because i don't have a better word for it, quite frankly, but the events over the weekend and over the past week, it's such a turmoil in politics that people feel that can wave over toward the president's
5:18 am
legislative schedule like reform obamacare and cut taxes. if turmoil results in a delay in those two areas, the stock market's got a problem. hold on a second, steve. there's a bigger problem. and that is that the republicans are split. flat out split on the reform of obamacare. how do you get that changed if the republican party is split? secondly, they're split on tax reform. the border tax is a huge issue. one half wants it. the other half says, no, you can't have it. that's a split republican party on the two key issues. that's why the trump rally stalled. steve: so for your first point, that's all the democrats have is to jin up their days baste and take it down. as for the republicans, you're absolutely right. they've had seven years to figure out a new plan, and they don't have one. >> well, they're just split. the conservative freedom caucus in the house, they don't want the ryan plan to replace obamacare.
5:19 am
and there are a lot of senators who say you put in that border tax, and you won't get ten votes in the senate to pass it. which means hold up for the legislative agenda, the growth for america. it's being held up. ainsley: are they just waiting? is the financial circle just waiting for obamacare for a replacement plan? >> yeah. it's a show me market. show me that you can reform obamacare and get it done. show me that you can get a tax cut signed by august. ainsley: will stocks continue to soar, you think? >> if you get it. a lot of people on my program saying there's a second leg coming if you fix the tax cut. brian: interesting rate going up bother you? >> it doesn't matter the market. it's a sign of strength in economy. on this occasion, higher rates don't hurt. steve: on this occasion, we pledge to watch your program coming up in 41 minutes over at the other channel. brian: you're the hercules of fbn. steve: what? brian: pocket hercules.
5:20 am
he was a very famous bulgarian power lift. ainsley: wow you're strong. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. ainsley: no one knows what to say when brian makes comments like those. steve: we think it should be insulting. brian: all right. mexico releasing a handy little video on how not to get caught. rule number one, don't -- yep. don't open the door. ainsley: and lawmakers investigate president trump's wiretapping plans congressman jason will be part of the process. what's he looking for? the congressman is going to join us live. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes,
5:21 am
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5:24 am
brian: chairman of oversight committee and government of reform committee also. and he's been in the eye from the obama years to the trump years. congressman jason, good morning. >> good morning. brian: first off, when the tweets come off, what do you believe of? >> we don't have what's happening. devon the new house of the intelligence community will take a lead on this. we'll play a rule the oversight committee, but i'm going to go into it eyes wide open. we've had experience the obama administration has been notorious on this type of stuff. let's remember what they did with james rodein. let's remember that the irs on their political beliefs. and in my own case, i had over 40 secret service agents illegally tap
5:25 am
and dive into my background and that's according to the inspector general. so this stuff does happen, and it's not necessarily done the legal, lawful way. so, yeah, we're going to take a look at it. ainsley: and what happened to those agencies that did that to you? >> it was a one-day story and the national media pushed it over and the chairman of the oversight committee. 40 secret service agents dipped into my community. ainsley: why did they do that to you? >> i was fairly critical of the obama administration. i just said, look, i don't know what the fair results is going to be devon is going to take a supporting role, we'll see what we're going to find. steve: absolutely. the president says it sounds like i was tapped. wiretapped. and you look at the history and there are reports in the mainstream media about how a criminal complaint -- or a criminal warrant was sought in june. it was denied. then it became a fisa request, and it was grounded. so it looks like the administration was trying to
5:26 am
get into the business of investigating trump before a presidential election, which is unheard of. >> well, the graduation is one of the strongest we've ever seen. now, following that fact pattern, again, the intel committee's going to have to look into that. but that paper trail should be fairly evident. brian: will you as chairman have oversight find out if there was indeed a pfizer request made in july and refused and another one in the fall and granted? >> again, house intel will take the lead on that. mr. l ply a supporting role. but somehow between the two of us, we will get to the bottom of it. ainsley: what happens if you find out that, yes, there were these fisa requests? >> look, go i am not going to presuppose the conclusion of this. i've been around this long enough when you come around a corner, you don't necessarily know what you're going to see. brian: there's a report in the new york times that james comey wants the department to come out and says the fbi never wiretapped.
5:27 am
it's according to a senior source that comey feels that way. it's clearly another leak. >> yeah. i saw it's one of the headlines in the new york times, and it said american official. it couldn't be more broad. i did try to contact the fbi director over the weekend, did not communicate back. i understand that. but. well, look, i do think it's interesting that the department of justice has not officially weighed in on this yet. so it's early monday morning, we'll see what happens, but -- brian: who would? can sessions do that? because it's russia involved. and if so, do you go to the deputy who's appointed by obama? >> i don't know. we're not going to have this solved by wednesday, but we are looking at it. steve: and since you're in the business of oversight, how about the fact that the waning days of the obama administration, it sounds like they changed the rules so that they could have the intel they have and spread it all over the place, leaving a million land miles being blown up over the next year to try to destroy donald trump. >> well, look, i saw you had
5:28 am
tucker carlson on earlier. he's exactly right. what is the government doing in that regard? what are they doing with facial recognition, with tracking your geolocation. these are all things we've been trying to get answers from the obama administration on that they would not answer. so we'll continue to look at that. ainsley: let's talk about obamacare. all right. be a replacement this week? there are reports that there could be a replacement. >> yeah. i think that would happen perhaps as early as today and by the end of the week, we may very well see a markup, which goes to the committee, and they can offer amendments and have the back and forth. i love the process that we're going through. rather than the democrats in the dead of the night introducing something and then voting on it hours later. we're going to have an open process where they can actually offer amendments in the committee, and we'll see what the conclusion is. brian: does it bother you that jim jordan and the caucus do not agree about paul ryan's plan? does it bother you that rand paul feels shut out? >> rand paul's in the senate.
5:29 am
he has a pretty good plan. there's lots to like about it. but let the process play out. what we do know is that obamacare is in a death spiral and for those of us who are paying higher deductibles. steve: you have obamacare. >> it's awful. it's terrible. we have such trouble trying to find the doctor we want to use. it costs more, you get less. that's what every american is doing. it is in a death spiral. we are going to repeal and replace it. but appreciate the process where each member gets to weigh in on this and not just heavy handed, hey, here it is take it or leave it. ainsley: senator rand paul was upset over the weekend he was talking about the fact that he was shut out of the process and he was saying remember when nancy pelosi said we need to pass it and then we'll read it? he's saying that's what's happening here. >> no. that's ho hogwash. look, he should be focused on the senate. the house is going to introduce something and we're going to go through this
5:30 am
process. steve: and next after that taxes; right? that's the plan. >> we do get some big things done and that's what president trump wants to do. it's what i want to do. it's what america elected us to do. brian: has the russian turbulence slowed down the agenda? >> no. we can walk and chew gum too. but the democrats are over there flailing with their heads on fire, and they still can't figure out how they lost the election. about his no evidence of collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. there were some incidental communication or contact. but where is the evidence on that? there's just not -- i just don't see it. steve: don't you think if they had information that would tie, you know, jeff sessions, there's a picture of him handing -- getting the envelope, folding the 50s with the microphone. we would have already seen that. >> they want to play that movie, they just don't have it. but, look, the intel committee, the oversight committee, we're taking this very seriously, and we will
5:31 am
dive into it and see where it takes us. brian: chairman, i'll see you on radio. >> very good. brian: thanks so much. steve: thanks for stopping bebi. ainsley: well, the president taking another stab of his immigration policy with new executive order set to be signed this morning. brian: we need something controversial to debate. and hollywood's latest beef with president trump. barbra streisand says he's making her gain weight. thanks, president trump.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
he is expected to sign a brand-new immigration order this morning. steve: going to have some big changes. but the same goal is to keep terrorists out of the united states. brian: all right. chief national correspondent ed henry live in washington with brand-new details. ed, normally this would be the most intriguing story of the day. it's just one of many. >> yeah. it might be the fourth or fifth on the list now, you're right. the president what he did this weekend in terms of wiretapping and throwing out this allegations, you're right. but it's clear that the white house today is really trying to get the focus back on his agenda, which he believes he got a lot of adulation from when he gave that speech to a joint session of the congress and that speech to the nation. bottom line they want to focus back on immigration and enforcing the nation's laws and extreme vetting. i think the difference is night and day last time he
5:36 am
signed it in public. now this time it will be in private instead of public. and last time was now, now, now. this time kellyanne conway told you this executive order will take effect in mid-march. so there's time to think it out and implement it effectively. watch. >> there's an effective date of march 15th and permanent legal residents that are excluded from it. but if you have travel docs, if you truly visa, if you're a legal permanent resident you are not covered under this particular executive action. also iraq is no longer on the list based on their enhanced screening and reporting measures. also, a syrian refugee is treating how all refugees are. >> so your testimony some important substantive changes there. taking iraq off the list. remember, a lot of the
5:37 am
controversy the first time around was about these translators who come over from iraq who actually helped the u.s. military. now they're trying to diffuse that. back to you. steve: ed, there are going to be big changes to phase two. but we can't expect there be all sorts of court challenges; right? >> no. doubt about it. you saw that the first time around, you're also going to have the political aspect of this, which chuck schumer and muslim leaders are going to call this a muslim ban, even if it's not. and this has been facing all of that criticism from day one. but i think they're very clearly trying to deal with not just political fallout but legal fallout by making this more narrowlily focused. brian: and above a fox and friends, we're sorry there wasn't more to cover this morning. i apologize. i owe you a favor. ainsley: you did great. >> thank you. ainsley: let's hand it turnover heather who has more headlines. >> very busy newsday already. and this is something president trump has promised
5:38 am
of course since the start of his campaign. >> we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we're getting rid of obamacare. it's going to be repealed and replaced. >> i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> and now sources tell fox news that top republicans are set to outline their top obamacare plans as early of this week. the gop promising a bill that protects americans with preexisting conditions, expands coverage options, and doesn't weigh with the penalties who will on th opt out of coverage. >> put down failing @new yorktimes. the newspaper is going to hell. >> well, now one columnist openly calling on the president to break the law. nicholas tweeted if you're in the irs, and you a certain tax return that you would like to
5:39 am
leak, my address is nyt 628th avenue new york, new york. by the way, it's a felony to disclose tax information with a five-year prison sentence. if ice knocks on your door, don't open it. at least according to mexico. the country's posting this handy video online with some key advice to avoid getting deported. another morning to those who get detained, don't sign anything. and finally, barbra streisand releasing her latest beef with the trump administration blaming the president for making her fat. yep the broadway for hillary performer tweeted quote donald trump is making me gain weight. i start the day with requested i but after the morning news i eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup. sounds like a personal problem. ainsley: i'm going to use that excuse from now on. steve: politics. ainsley: every monday. i know. i know. that's -- i did pizza yesterday. brian: and you feel guilty
5:40 am
about that? ainsley: yes. i can't help it. i love it. steve: i ate pizza too. ainsley: you eat anything, and you don't gain a pound. steve: we'll have oreos. brian: i went to a nick game during their experience? no sound. steve: what's their experiment? brian: they went an entire half with no announcements. no sound. ainsley: did you like it? brian: no, i hated it. ainsley: did your daughter like it? brian: that was her first experience with a knicks game. steve: so, in other words, you took her to the worst knicks game ever. ainsley: and they didn't even win. brian: the warriors were fantastic. ainsley: the second half they had sound. brian: exactly. steve: while some governors fight the white house, the
5:41 am
governor of mississippi is already taking steps to crack down on illegal immigration. he is going to join us live. we will have the sound for him coming up. brian: giving joel a headache. ainsley: joel shaking his head. brian: and the white house and russia, was it all a distraction? and what could the real story be? a new theory coming up.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
brian: president trump is set to sign a new executive order on immigration. it's happening today. one of the several steps he's taking to help protect our border. and while many governors have push back against the white house, our next guest says he will do all he can to assist the president.
5:45 am
joining us right now to talk about the these steps. he's taking on his own is mississippi governor phil brian. governor, when you heard these words from the president, and he got elected on being tough on illegal immigration, you realize you could help when? >> well, before that. we've been trying, brian, for years during the obama administration to, for example, in november of 2008 i sent a letter to happen saying we do not want syrian refugees here manies very early in this process. we looked at the cause of what illegal immigration was manies some $25 million a year. so we were working and struggling through the obama years trying to say if you will, let us enforce the laws of illegal immigration here in the state of mississippi. there was a program called secure cities. we were once trying to be a part of so we could help enforce those immigration laws through our department of public safety. so when the president said
5:46 am
this, i was encouraged by the fact that we now have a president that will work with governors. our first responsibility is public safety, and that includes certainly making sure we know who is in our state and why they're here, if they violated federal laws, if they're criminals themselves, and how we can identify them. get them off the streets and deport them. brian: governor, is there going to be a priority? for example, if you live there illegally, i get that. you broke the law by being there. but is there a priority in which you're going to be looking for illegals? >> of course we will follow the lead of homeland security and ice. but one of the thing we will look at is our detention facilities. do we have some arrested and immigrants? are they part of ms13, the violent gang members, for example. if they have committed those crimes, we want them to pay their responsibility, their duty here in the state of mississippi and then have them deported.
5:47 am
we're going to pass a law that says you can't have sanctuary cities manies so that you can't hide these individuals from immigration customs. brian: yeah, good. so the governor's going to get on his mayors to comply. governor bill ryan, thank you so much. great seeing you last week in dc and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, guys. we appreciate what the president's doing. brian: by the way, and one of the fastest growing states in the country. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. you've seen the white house and russia. our necks guest says it's a distraction. who's spying on our president? i saw him without a tie before the show. you look all ready now. >> that's called the pregame. brian: yes. >> it's great to see you, by the way. the trump tower, the russians, everything in between. also the travel ban will come your way this morning. we'll tell you how it's different this time. all the talk about russia north korea is making another
5:48 am
move. what it did on sunday. and if that's not enough, we expect republicans to put forward the obamacare replacement plan today. big morning of news. we'll see you in ten minutes top of the hour when we start a brand-new week in america's newsroom. stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ it can seem like triggersth. pop up everywhere.
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5:51 am
steve: you have undoubtedly seen the headlines in u.s. and russia. all of these based on leaks. well, our next guest says russia is the distraction for the ultimate plan, which is to destroy the president. new york post and fox news contributor michael goodwin joins us right now live. good morning to you. you know, you've got a great column out and the final line of the column is chuck schumer saying this a month ago.
5:52 am
>> you take on the intelligence community. they have six ways from sunday of getting back at you. so even for a practical supposedly hard nose businessman, he's being really dumb to do this. steve: why is that so important? >> six ways to sunday they'll get back at you, and i would submit this is the intelligence communities getting back at donald trump. it smacks -- as you say, everything is a leak. none of this is official. none of this is publicly stated. it's all leaks through antitrump media outlets. so it looks like somebody in the government has collected information on the candidate, and then the president-elect and now the president is leaking it. this would be a federal crime. leaking it to outlets that are opposed to his presidency. and it is hard to escape the conclusion that this is a concerted effort from within the government to subvert the president.
5:53 am
i don't know how else to see what we're seeing before our eyes. steve: it does look like that when you look at, you know, was there a warrant in june that they applied for a criminal warrant, and then they got one through the fisa court in october. but what you're suggesting is extraordinary. where a former administration uses the powers at their fingertips to try to destroy the next guy who's going to sit in the chair. >> now, look, it was very obvious during the campaign that the obama white house was doing everything it can aboveboard to stop him, whether they were doing these things underneath, i mean, of course president obama denied president trump's claim that he had personally ordered a wiretap of trump's phones. but i think there's within those denials, there's a lot of room for other things. and clearly, there was some surveillance going on. how else do they know that jeff sessions met twice with the russian ambassador? how else do they know what
5:54 am
flynn said to the russian ambassador? now, maybe that the russian ambassador is being tapped. or it may be that flynn was being tapped and sessions was being swaled, and it may be that trump we just don't know except that something was going on within the government against the trump associates. steve: and there's a curious tweet floating around this morning that talks about something hillary said just before the election. >> october 31st, hillary apparently says in a tweet that computer scientists have found a link between trump tower and a russian bank. ainsley: who are the computer -- somebody from ibm calling? somebody from microsoft? >> and her campaign apparently puts out a statement october 31st saying this is a secret link to russia. this will explain donald trump's admiration of vladimir putin. so this clearly, again, had roots within the obama administration. whether the president himself authorized it, approved it, ordered it, we have no way of knowing.
5:55 am
but it was going on on his watch. steve: real quickly, though. you watch the mainstream media, the left is agassed at the suggestion even by the current president that the last president might have wiretapped him. >> look, this is a very sensational claim. there's no two ways around it. steve: but if it's true. >> if, if with if. right. frankly, i wish president trump had done it in a different way. i think this was so important that it needed to be explained as well as said. and it needed to be argued as well as just simply stated. steve: i've got a feeling there's going to be a couple of investigations, and we're going to get to the bottom of it eventually. michael, thank you very much. we're going to step aside. a sweet surprise you don't want to miss on this monday.
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5:59 am
or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. >> that smells so good. this is one for the road. today is national oreo cookie day. >> more than 450 billion have been sold since they were created in new york city back in 1912. >> where's your hat? >> we're celebrating by dunking oreos in the milk. >> they had these hats >> you use your hands. you don't have to swing it into your face.
6:00 am
ryan. put it in your mouth. [laughter] >> happy oreo day, everybody. >> president trump's new travel ban expected today as there's a weekend fire storm over the wiretapping and russia we're rolling. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> there was no weekend. >> how was the train? >> i'm shannon bream for martha maccallum. the head of the fbi wants the justice department to public


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