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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 9, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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he was escorted off over the cost. epic fail. accidently post a picture with the editing instructions. look the model sur roundinged by arrows with the word please slim. the company says it was a mistake. do you think so? >> bad mistake. abby: happy thursday. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> we are going through what i would call the sort of typical growing pains from being opposition party to a governing power. >> at this hour lawmakers in the house energy and commerce committee continue the work on this bill. >> the bill as it stands now has serious problems. >> the president indicated they are working to make it better. >> we have confirmation that u.s. marines are on the ground in syria. >> that will bring these marines very close to the islamic state de facto capital of syria. >> tapped jon huntsman to be the u.s. ambassador to russia. hawaii is nau the first state to challenge president trump's
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new travel ban. >> the entire history and culture of hawaii is based on nondiscrimination. >> fbi is on the hunt for a mole inside the cia. >> we need to find those people and stop them. they are traitors. they should be treated like traitors. ♪ i'll keep my i will dirty little secret ♪ dirty little secret ♪ just another regret. ainsley: brian is telling us his dirty little secrets. brian: it was wrong to do that. i apologize. steve: what dirty little secret? brian: i can't tell you. steve: you two have secrets from me. 20 years and that's what i get. ainsley: we are pretty boring no. secrets. brian: first floor of the white house up and the second floor. i hope they are whispering.
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steve: that's the kitchen. it could be donald trump alone. ainsley: across the street the lights are all on. the lawmakers have been up all night talking about obamacare. steve: there is a fox news alert. overnight house ways and means about 4:00 this morning passed a republican legislation they have been marking it up for 16 hours. that means they were essentially writing the law. now it is going to go onto the house budget committee where it will vote in the full shows shortly and proceeds onto the senate. the senate is really the problem. keep in mind 52 republican senators so that means the president could lose two. but right now 8 republican senators are skeptical not real crazy about what the house is doing. ainsley: needs 51 votes. and there are 52 republicans. steve: and then mike pence could then break. ainsley: the tie. brian: through ways and means. took till 4:00 in the morning.
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i don't think they were working. a big delay again -- they were working, excuse me. steve: if you call that working. brian: throwing things away and stopping this whole thing in a big slow down and then homage to elizabeth warren or that's what senator chuck schumer would do. so it gets through. i'm not convinced it yet has the numbers for the house. because how much play do they have? they have about 20 votes in the house. freedom caucus has not been sold yet. and that's why we are going to have bolling next week. not eric but actually bowling that's in the white house. working the phones last night. and is the president and special dinners is the president. so, i think it's going to be very -- ainsley: if the democrats do not like this repeal and replace plan. they were stalling. they were dragging it out all night. some democrats said we need to you read every single word out loud in this bill and they did it. that took a lot of time. that's why house ways and
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means didn't pass it until 4:15 in the morning. brian: i did my book on tape. did you your book on tape. it's brutal to read 320 pages out loud. ainsley: you should have brain children's book because that's pretty easy. brian: absolutely. steve: paul ryan says, look, this is going to pass the house. i got 218 votes. i don't know where he is coming up with them. nonetheless he says what is going on right now is typical when you were the opposition party and now you are the party in charge. here's what he said last night to tucker. >> we are going through what i would call the sort of typical growing pains from being an opposition party, fighting barack obama and nancy pelosi and harry reid to a governing party. and now we are translating that legislation, that plan into a bill. look, i'm really excited. brian: so what i essentially am getting from this is do you remember obamacare passed as an outline not a detailed bill. kathleen siebe wrote the whole
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thing with input obviously. steve: on christmas eve in harry reid's office. ainsley: nancy pelosi said we will read it after it passes. brian: because they hadn't written it yet. that's the key. it's there we haven't showed you. we haven't outlined it in detail yet. what tom price is saying and he knows the inside like nobody else plus he is a doctor. now is he is secretary. put the ones in that are conservative principles. he has to sell that plan not only to us the american people. he also has to show the freedom caucus and other conservatives. i have to pass it this way for legislative purposes. it's got to go to the senate and work. i will put in the conservative principles i have been talking about for seven and a half years. steve: we have tom price on with us and senator rand paul as well. i have heard that's a nice lineup. ainsley: two republicans on different sides of the
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healthcare proposals. brian: both look happy in those proposals. steve: the blows was shocked to see some of the things donald trump ran on for president was not in phase one. when the house showed them the bill hey, where is this part? and then there was some explaining to do. brian: right. weave do understand it will be in phase ii and donald trump tweeted it out two days ago. don't worry you will be able to buy insurance across state lines. steve: that's phase three. brian: tort reform. it will be worked in gradually. ainsley: bottom line there are three different phases and hopefully they will get this all worked out of by the time the third fades is here. brian: the question is donald trump going to have the flex ebility? is he going to use his negotiating skills to say hey, elijah cummings i know you want big pharma and prices brought down i hear you i will put that in. i hear you jim jordan i will
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push paul ryan to do that or will it be just do what i want you to do. ainsley: disagree with some of it. every senator might weigh in and say i want this, i want this, i want this. every house member doesn't mean that the president needs to put it in. brian: is he going to show any flexibility? is paul ryan going to show flexibility? steve: donald trump would like to have the house and senate pass stuff that he campaigned on. once again, you know, it's all about the campaign promises and we have seen so many campaign promises kept with the executive orders. and, yesterday, there was a surprise, adp, the processor revealed that the economy here in the united states added close to 300,000 jobs. that was about 100,000 more than were expected. ainsley: for the month of february. steve: exactly. brian: that is something we have not seen. drop the overall unemployment rate down to 4.7%. i have never seen something as off as predictions. we usually see 10 or 20 up or
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down but 100,000 off from the projections. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: amazing. that's great. first there was carrier and ford and boeing and lockheed martin just to name a few. we have continued to see jobs, jobs, jobs. this morning there is a report saying that samsung doesn't just make smart phones and tvs. they also make appliances. steve: they do. ainsley: they are going to bring 500 jobs from mexico to the u.s. to make oven ranges in america. steve: $300 million contract which would be greats. building stuff here in the united states again. brian: good news for us in our new studio we are going to have an oven. range oven. so maybe make a bid on it. receive steve exactly. donald trump the president of the united states keeping campaign promise to bring more jobs to the united states. what about his number one signature issues when it came to illegal immigration. according to the secretary of the department of home land security in the first month as president, illegal immigration into the united states from our southern border has
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dropped 40%. ainsley: look at the numbers. january, they appear prehensded more than 31,000. february, 18,000. steve: 40% down. is it the rhetoric? is it the policies? secretary john kelly, the general, talked about that last night. listen to this. brian: in fact it's a full screen, steve he does not want to talk on camera. he typed it out can we get the typing noises? steve: hold on i have my keyboard. brian: drop? >> slow down they will know it's not me. the drop in apprehensions shows a marked change in trends. since the administrations implenty station of pause. executive orders to the enforce immigration laws. apprehensions and inadmissible activity trending toward the lowest monthly notes at least the last five years. steve: that's the key enforcement. enforcement and deterrence.
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ainsley: i was surprised to seat number go down because, to your point, i thought more people would start coming in because they know the wall was going to go up. steve: that was december. they were trying to get in before the inaugural. finally speaking of immigration and we have been talking a lot about refugees. fellow running for mayor, he has been elected five times. his name is christopher loris up in rutland, vermont, he had a platform. he said i'm going to bring in 100 more syrian and iranian refugees every year to help stir the economy. and as it turns out the people of rutland, vermont did not like that idea. he lost his re-election. brian: here's the quote. ainsley: he said though i wanted to think this was not a referendum on refugee resettlement, i continue to believe as i have articulated that rutland is a microcosm of the national conservation on immigration and refugees and ultimately it was not an election on the issues but an
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election based on emotions. brian: that's the micro. in the macropicture you see the american people voted for donald trump in many cases as the president of the united states because they were being totally ignored. refugees resettlement. we're going to be moving manufacturing out. this is the world economy as it is. these jobs are gone forever. and it turns no, we are voting for the other person. the election message was sent. again, this is what this mayor is saying. i totally missed because have you to check in with the people. you are telling the people what they should want and they don't want that. ainsley: right. look at what happened when the last election. hillary clinton want the refugees and wanted to help all the people coming into the country. didn't want to do the vetting process at least when she was running. steve: people of rut land, vermont. ainsley: surprises me vermont liberal area. steve: president of the united states getting up today has to feel good jobs up and illegal immigration down. ainsley: at some lawmakers
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need to listen to cintsd or they are going to lose like this mayor did. brian: ambassador to russia has been named and it is going to be governor jon huntsman. and joining us now for more on this is abby huntsman. abby: you are terrible. can you confirm or deny this an be a can i only confirm what the white house is saying but i will say he will be fabulous. brian: great news for america. abby: thank you, brian. breaking news we want to get to. a fox news alert. the fbi launching a massive investigation to hunt down the mole who leaked top cia secrets. thousands of agents and contractors exposed secret hacking programs designed to spy using smart phones and tv's. now weeks is warning more documents on the way tweeting this. wikileaks has released less than 1% of vault 7 series. publication yesterday year zero.
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at&t customers experience 911 outages coast to coast. the ftc going to get involved. wireless users in 14 states unable to contact the emergency hotline last night. according to the "the washington post" the issue resolved after about 90 minutes. still unclear what caused the outage. the ftc is vowing to get to the bottom of this. woman's march organizer with terror ties one of 13 arrested outside the trump international hotel yesterday. linda is an anti-israel activist. police in new york city say she and a dozen others were blocking traffic protesting on a day without women. so far they have not been charged. she is known for controversial statements israel and praised child terrorism on her twitter account. those are your headlines. steve: all right, abby. thank you very much. meanwhile one of our nation's top universities accuse of trying to silent free speech. what conservative students are saying now coming up.
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>> what we're having here is passing this first installment which is to gut obamacare. repeal the mandates, the taxes and spending. then replace it with conservative republican tax policy. those will pass here in the house it only take as majority. put pressure on the senate to pass it. steve: have you house speaker paul ryan confident with the first step to repeal and replace obamacare. brian: what others in congress
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think now that their healthcare overhaul just pushed through a committee overnight. ainsley: fox news correspondent griff jenkins on the hill to find out. you have been up a long time. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. it's unbelievable. two house committees said to pass this thing. the ways and means did it at 14:17 a.m. the energy and commerce committee has gone into 19th hour talking about budget reconciliation. i cannot imagine what could be more boring. the chairman there you are seeing greg wall continue greg . they can do it. inflict pain and want to make it difficult. this is the president's first legislative test. so with all this battle raging we end went up on capitol hill to find out exactly what's going on. >> do you have confidence in the republicans to get something that can pass the house? >> yeah. i think we are off to a good start. >> i don't think it's going to work. i don't really think it's going to work. i don't think they have the votes as of today. >> we have got to find a fix
3:19 am
that both democrats and republicans can work together on. >> so many ways to look at this. but americas are going to be paying a lot more as a result of this or are restricted coverage and harder to get access. >> i think they want to rush it through and then you have got a pig in a poke and you don't know what you have bought. >> bad for the american people? >> bad for the american people. >> obamacare has failed it failed in its goals. it failed in its promises. this is our opportunity to bring back choices. bring back competition. bring down costs of healthcare. >> the democrats here in washington want to continue to control people's healthcare if america and that's not what the people voted for. >> i think we are going to hang back and watch the republicans do the sir could you layer firing squad as they say. such a bad bill they can't defend it among themselves. >> how worried are you about republican criticism or folks that may not be on board fully yet? >> so i'm confident at the end of the day we're going to unite behind this measure. we will back president trump
3:20 am
versus obamacare. >> the white house is engaging and president is engaging. a promise he made to the american people. i hope republicans listen to this. this is what folks asked for and we are going to go out and get it done. >> this is the first step if it passes this committee have to go to the full house floor for a vote and then to the senate and hopefully republicans president to sign before easter. based on this battle, i'm not sure that's going to be the case. we will see what happens. steve: could take a while. all right, griff, thank you. ainsley: thanks, griff. coming up we have a fox news alert. u.s. marines on the ground in syria ready to fight isis. what does this mean in the fight against terror? we will ask colonel david hunt next. steve: putting together ikea furniture can sometimes lead to some blow-out fights at home. hey where is that dowel thing. they made a change. find out how ikea can save your marriage. >> it's an institute you can't disparage
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they are only available in japan. do you have trouble assembling ikea furniture? >> how is that coming along. >> ikea doesn't assemble itself you know. >> ikea is making it easier to assemible furniture. it could save your marriage. they snap together like a jigsaw puzzle instead of all the screws. the secret is a ribbed joint caught a wedged dowel and it comes preinstalled. great news. hallelujah. brian, you can stay married now. brian: thanks, ainsley. a fox news alert marines with heavy artillery guns arrived in syria. part of the mission to take back the city of raqqa from isis. what dots it mean for the fight against the war on terror? and once we take backrack can take back raqqa.what do we do. >colonel, welcomeback.
3:26 am
great to sigh. >> thanks, brian. brian: thousand troops in country. we don't know exactly where they are and i wouldn't tell you if we did. but roughly 20 miles from where going to go and that's raqqa. how do you feel about that? >> we have had for years now been fighting in iraq. we have had special operations guys in syria. what happened a couple days ago though is a major step up. we put rangers in these strike armored vehicles and crossed the syrian border and now put marine artillery in to support them. this is a major operation. still down south in mosul fighting with the iraqis and now we're going full up after isis. i mean, we will take care of this. we will kill thousands of isis soldiers, brian. it's a great military. we have been doing this for 16 years. the issue is once you kill isis, what are you going to do with syria and iraq and how are we going to get at these unstable failed states which
3:27 am
are still going to be breeding grounds for terrorism? i'm glad we are killing terrorists. i just think we need more in the fight against terrorism so not doing it 16 years from now. brian: the secretary of defense knows that mattis. is he not a bureaucrat put in that position. he actually does the fighting. that actually makes us feel better about it colonel, do you know or do your sources tell you if we are going to be training and supporting or do you think for the first time we are going to be taking et lead? because i know the army's elite 75 ranger regiment is there and that's the one you are referring to. >> yeah. we have gone from training and assist in iraq to actually being in the fight. we are doing both, to answer your question. and we'll be doing both in syria. the issue, brian, we thought we had like 6,000 in iraq. we have got close to 10,000 now between iraq and syria. and staging more. it's a very serious commitment. i'm glad we are killing isis. but like i said mattis is a good guy. i actually know him. i served with him.
3:28 am
and i know kelly over at homeland. these are good guys. i'm just saying there is a bigger picture. we have got to keep killing terrorists. we have to get at these unstable countries and the 60 million refugee issue. brian: north korea possibly as big a challenge as ever been posed to a president. as militant and on the march as ever before. we have military exercises going on so they are shooting off a bunch of rockets. we are going to put a missile defense system into south korea and china says we don't want you to. here is there foreign minister yesterday. >> it is like too two accelerating trains coming towards each other with neither side willing to give way. the question is are the two sides really ready for a head on collision? our priority now is to flash the red light and apply the brakes on both chains. brian: your reaction? should we listen to china's urging? >> every year at this date almost to the hour chinese and north koreans yell about an exercise going on in south korea for 40 years.
3:29 am
u.s. military, army, navy, air force, marines with the korean military do a training exercise for two weeks. every year the chinese and north koreans yell. it shows the world that most importantly north korea and china that the u.s. is committed to the safety and security of south korea as we have for 50 years. seoul is 20 million people, brian. and is less than 30 miles from some of the largest artillery in the world. this is what -- we should not stop it. we have to pay attention to china, of course. but it's a very very important exercise for the defense of south korea. brian: put the system in. meanwhile have you exciting news today. your book is out. it's called "without mercy. "it's a novel but based on everything you have learned, colonel, and which have you experienced in the military. so tell us what we can expect. >> yeah. thanks. "without mercy" is apocalyptic
3:30 am
thriller written with r.j. pineiro international best seller. we have a premise that has pakistan intelligence giving isis nukes. isis blows the nuke up. there is u.s. reaction, of course, led by a female president, an fbi agent who happens to be a woman and female -- fighting a female terrorist and the characters that are built around it. it's as fast-paced page turner as we have ever done. i think in the genre it's the best out today. can you get it without go to facebook. can you also text mercy at 63566. very exciting. very big page turner. very proud of the book. brian: i got charged. i got paid first and book arrived in the mail. that's okay. congratulations. >> thanks for having me. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead. is one the top universities
3:31 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: so on tuesday we celebrated national pancake day. today it is all about the meatball. steve: today is national meatball day and this morning we are celebrating by learning how to make the perfect
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meatball with dan mancini. good morning. ainsley: good morning. steve: not just italian. i grew one a swedish grandma and she made meatballs too. >> absolutely. favorite comfort food. after today it will become the national breakfast food. brian: fantastic. beats cold cereal. kellogg's. ainsley: what's the secret? >> i learned how to make these meatballs from my grandmother. steve: momma mancini. >> momma mancini. brian: can you whisper them. >> like brand that did we leave one out. the key it is whatever ingredients you are when we make ours from momma mancini. all natural. nothing fake. all beef because that's what my grand mother used. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you. put the beef in there and then what did you add? >> parsley, onions, pap --
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eggs. ainsley: that's it no breading? >> bre bread crumbs. steve: how does she feel about you leaking this out this isn't weeks? ainsley: she doesn't mind. >> here is my grandmother right here. ainsley: is she holding you. >> yeah. she is holding me. key to this is. wash your hands so the meat doesn't stick. don't overtwoncht made with love. ainsley: put it on the pan and in oven. >> 350 degrees. ainsley: that's it. >> brown them and finish them in the sauce for a couple hours. nice and simple. steve: newest breakfast food. >> just buy the package. make your life easy. brian: celebrate national meatball day in your house using your stuff. >> thank you. steve: thank you plug mancini
3:37 am
thank you very much. ainsley: hand it over to abby. abby: save one for me. brand new chilling surveillance video of a suspect wanted for killing a police officer. you can see the man rubbing across the street in detroit. take a look at this. just moments after a deadly shooting in november. wayne state university sergeant collin rose seen right there was investigating car break-ins when he was shot execution style. weighs 29 years old and engaged to be married. sad story. turning now to extreme weather and deadly wild fires fuel flames. 100 acres scorched so far. a wall of fire burning through oklahoma. incredible video out of kansas. a state trooper risking his life to save a trucker stranded in thick smoke. watch? >> semi-truck blocked. get in. abby: he is a hero.
3:38 am
trooper and trucker surrounded by flames as they drive to safety. one of the top universities accused of trying to silence free speech. cornell tell campus reform fork over thousands of dollars security fees in right wing events. groups admitting they never paid fee force similar events. university officials say fee is based on how controversial speakers are expected to be. what do you get when you take jlo and add a rod? the answer, j rod. this is the newest celebrity couple nickname pop tar jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez are reportedly dating. a source telling "people" magazine she is really excited but staying cautious because she knows he is a ladies man. no comment from a rod. what do you think of that couple? brian: i think they are going to work. their track record says it's going to work out. brian: it's going to be who breaks up with the other one first. they are great of braking one people after a short period of
3:39 am
time. ainsley: we wish them all the best. brian: we hope things break right for them for a change. naomi campbell is taking the stage. >> your father is a pig and he only cares about one thing and that's himself. why don't you come back home to me to london. father can. ainsley: step into the fox light. michael tammero got inside scoop on that show from naomi campbell herself. >> she told me about her character's difficult relationships. newspaper any campbell thanks for stepping into the fox light. you look amazing as always. >> i have never been here before. >> delighted, never had an icon here before newspaperly campbell. let's talk star. >> basically i'm the mother of alexandra crane. and she has gotten herself caught one this lovely guy next door in atlanta which i'm against all of it. my daughter is rebelling big
3:40 am
time for how her rock star father who is played by crafts and her fashionable try to be rock star mother kind of abandon her as a child. >> why did you tell people i was dead? >> i mean, you might as well be. >> era you came up in 90's whole supermodel. whole era. i don't think it's going to be duplicated again. >> i love the ladies i came up with. we are all so interactive of each other and supportive of each other. and proud of each other. i'm really blessed and wouldn't want it to be any other way if i could turn the clock back. >> thank you for saying yes and coming here. >> thank you for having me. >> we can catch you wednesday nights on star. >> thank you. 9:00 on fox. steve: hanging out with the supermodel.
3:41 am
ainsley: i'm glad to see that her career has continued to blossom. brian: how long has she been british? i thought she was american? i thought it was accent. steve: since tuesday. brian: it's working for her. >> during the austin area on sunday swing by the violent crown austin cinema. catch a special screening of prison break. i will be moderating a q and a with fans and cast and crew. starting at 1:00. in austin. ainsley: lucky for you. one of hottest new books on amazon right now. called reasons to vote for democrats. a comprehensive guide. why is it doing so well? well, we will tell you the secret. all those pages are blank. we're going to talk to the author. steve: oh e man. of the fbi scrambling to find the source responsible for leaking nearly 9,000 cia
3:42 am
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3:46 am
who is this new mole? senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. we don't know specifically who it is. we know how fervent they are to find out who it is quickly. >> we do know how fervent they are to find out quickly who it is. it's too late. because the 9,000 documents thathat wikileaks released yesterday is 1/7th of the trove that's about to come. the documents really demonstrated what a lot of us have been saying all along. that this that we carry around in our pockets is actually a listening device. the modern ones you can't turn off. we also learned that certain television sets when you think they are off. they are not really off. here is a very disturbing thing that i wish the fbi would look at. we learned about a collaboration between samsung, south korean electronics manufacturer whose ceo and chair has been indicted in south korea for bribery and mi 5 the british intelligence to
3:47 am
allow mi 5 to watch americans in the united states when the television set is off. steve: wait a minute. >> wait a minute is right. what i'm saying is the fbi has a lot of work here. they are not only interested in hot mole is. they are interested in who is spying on americans unlawfully? is it the cia which is not allowed to you spy in the united states? is it mi 5 which is not allowed to spy in the united states? and are there foreign electronics firms involved in this? they are not allowed to collaborate with foreign spies to the spy in the united states. ainsley: so tour of find the mole. if someone were at fox news were leaking something we weren't supposed to our it department would find out who it is immediately. these are the best of the best. these are spice. >> these are people whose job it is to steal secrets and keep secrets and they know how to erase their fingerprints. theoretically, there is what is known as electronic fingerprint every time
3:48 am
something is downloaded. but these are experts at hiding fingerprints. brian: we think it's a contractor. there was a report from another news organization that they are looking into a russia leak into doing this, into the ones who might have breached this. >> this is again why there should be outrage because we have foreign governments reaching literally into our living rooms. the russian allegations are just allegations. steve: sure. >> the mi 5 and samsung it's demonstrable there. ainsley: anything we can do as a country to prevent the brits from doing this. brian: live with the amish. >> live with the amish, no electricity. the president during the campaign said i love wikileaks because they were leaking things about his opponent. really has a lot on his hands. i don't think he wants americans being spied on illegally by the cia. i don't think he wants americans being bid on illegally by foreign spies. steve: you know what, judge, if there is a silver lining to
3:49 am
this whole episode, it is the fact it looks like when you look at the classifications it's not the super secret stuff. it's older devices impacted. talked about how to use 3.5-inch floppy disk. maybe this is older stuff. somebody further down the food chain. >> you are going to see the newer stuff coming and some of it is creepy. the computer chip in a microwave in your kitchen when the door is open can be accessed wirelessly as a listening device. who is doing the accessing? the fbi needs to find that out. just as important as finding the mole is to find out who is spying. steve: if my microwave oven has a microphone in it. this is what it is going to pick up. herry, hurry. >> does it talk back to you, steve? steve: i have got to pop that corn. >> do you pop meatballs in microwave oven? steve: mama man seeny.
3:50 am
we are going to the author coming up next. ainsley: remember the day without women protest yesterday it was literally being led, look at that by a man. michelle malkin joins us in the next hour with her thoughts on that. ♪ secret asian man ♪ giving you a number ♪ an and take away your number ♪ beware of
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3:53 am
♪ ainsley: well, despite loses the election, democrats are clearly catching the eye of amazon users. a new book called reasons to vote for democrats, a comprehensive guide, has made it to number 6 on the amazon best seller list.
3:54 am
and it was only self-published on that site last month. so what makes it so popular today? the author claims the reason is because it's, quote, the most exhaustively researched and coherently argued book on the market. here to explain why is the author michael knowles. michael is also a correspondent for the daily wire. hey, michael, congratulations on the success of this book. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry, i have to correct you. i just checked before we went on. and the book is now the number 4 best seller on amazon and the number 2 in new releases. ainsley: we have been teasing it all morning. i think we should get some credit for that. >> i appreciate it. ainsley: book is called reason to vote for democrats. comprehensive guide. when i read your book very quick read. why is that? >> i'm so glad you read it. the host won't read the book. ainsley: only took me 15 seconds.
3:55 am
>> you can go cover to cover to 15 to 20 seconds. i appreciate you putting the effort in. ainsley: when you flip through it i notice the pages are blank. >> that's right. >> why is that. >> took a long time to research this book. i have been observing the democratic party for at least 10 years now. when i observed their record and the reasons to vote for them on reasons of economics or foreign policy or home land security or civil rights and so on, i realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank. ainsley: i want to go through some of these chapters because in all seriousness you are a yale graduate. you studied politics. and the first chapter is values. why are the pages blank when you talk about democrats and their values? >> well, when i started researching the book and going through this exhaustive study process, at first i turned to the 2012 democratic national convention when it turned out they were dividing whether or not to include god in their party platform and the democrats booed god. that's not good. i decided probably if i'm not
3:56 am
going to make a good case to vote for democrats probably just leave that chapter blank. ainsley: this one surprised me. civil rights, why are those pages blank? >> i have always heard that the democrats party of civil rights. i thought that would be easy one to write it turns out it was easy one to write. it was formed in opposition to slavery. the democrats were the party of slavery. the democrats were then the party of jim crow and the democrats actually during the civil rights act of 1964, it was republicans who voted for that act with over 80% support against democrat obstruction. unfortunately then the policies of the great society which the democrats pushed ended up dramatically hurting the very people they were intended to help. so i divided to leave that chapter blank. ainsley: all right. good deal. michael knowles. if anyone wants to pick up the put 266 blank pages $8.99. we can find it on amazon. >> extensive blibbography i promise great scholarship there.
3:57 am
ainsley: congratulations on the success. >> thank you very much. ainsley: packed show. tom price, michelle malkin, ransd paul and ari fleischer all on deck. look at that lineup it is march madness almost. we are celebrating it on the plaza. don't go anywhere. e cancellatio, in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah
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with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> we are going through what i would call the typical growing pains from being on session party to a governing party. >> ho going into 19th hour. >> the bill as it stands now has serious problems. the president has indicated they are working to make it better. steve: illegal immigration into the united states from our southern border has dropped 40%. >> we have confirmation that u.s. marines are on the ground in syria. >> major operation. we will till thousands of isis soldiers if. >> this morning there is a report saying that samsung, they're going to bring 500 jobs from mexico here to the u.s. to make oven ranges. >> the fbi is on the hunt for
4:01 am
a mole inside the cia. >> we need to find those people and we need to stop them. they are traitors. they should be treated like traitors. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: got to hand it to these kids it's st. john's band performing can't stop the feeling. here's the thing. they are here in new york city for the big east tournament which means they were up late last night at madison square garden and now they are up early for us here at "fox & friends." brian: turn back the clock and led by chris on the sideline almost beat georgetown by one. the 1980s all over again. ainsley: games have already started of? brian: patrick ewing is a
4:02 am
senior this year. ainsley: how long does it last? brian: until they are done. ainsley: good job. steve: until villanova wins. brian: they will be there. we have a special guest at the end of this show. so far from done it's not close. meanwhile straight ahead, happening right now on capitol hill. lawmakers still at it, debating changes to the republican replacement plan for obamacare. wearing the same thing they did on wednesday. steve: that's because they were you were all night. the ways and means committee passed the bill at 4:17 this morning. democrats still delaying the process at this hour. they are running out the clock. ainsley: that's when you are like i picked the wrong committee. griff jenkins joins us live. >> unbelievable. 20th hour. debating 120 page bill. why? first for starters democrats are giving the president a test on first legislative initiative here in washington and it is clearly being met by resistance. why?
4:03 am
well, you know, ultimately, the president hopes that get this thing passed republicans are not really sure about it look, with all this madness, we decided to go up on capitol hill and simply find out for ourselves what was going on. take a look. >> so many ways to look at this. americans are going to be paying a lot more as a result of this or have restricted coverage. >> how worried are you about republican criticism or folks that may not be on board fully yet? >> so, i'm confident at the end of the day we're going to union night behind this measure. we're going to back president trump versus obamacare. >> it's just amazing to watch thieves guys still at work. the bags under their eyes. if you want to see what democracy looks like, i snapped a shot of a staff valiantly hanging on, trying to stay awake for his boss there his eyes were so heavy. he was trying to get it through. this will, this is just the first step. now if it passes this
4:04 am
committee and of course it passes ways and means have to go to the full house floor for a vote and then to the senate. republicans hope that it will reach the president's desk by easter for signature. but i'm just not so sure with this kind of fight. steve: all right. griff. no kidding. brian: griff loves this stuff. ainsley: he was up all night and happy about it michelle malkin is the senior editor of conservative review and host of michelle malkin investigates. good to see you. >> good see you all. ainsley: fbi is scrambling to find out who this mole is in the cia. they have launched a criminal investigation. what do you think of this? >> as well they should. i think it's very troublesome to think about so many of our programs endangered by these kind of leaks. i was concerned about it under the bush years when so many of these very highly sensitive operations were exposed. and you have to ask for what
4:05 am
purpose and towards what end. just because some of these leaks may benefit one party or the other doesn't mean it's necessarily in the best interest of this country. steve: he'll, and to your point, donald trump when he was running for president said i love wikileaks after john podesta stuff came out. now it's kind of like whoa, wikileaks, whose side are you on? they are on the side of exposing stuff. i suppose their point of view is i think the american people need to know how much their government can spy on them. >> yeah. that is certainly true. but i think especially if you have a broader view of american history and certainly the role that many of those institutions have played in protecting this country over the years. and especially in the age of global juwaad. i think that there is a lot of civic education that needs to be done on that that hasn't been done and people have lost sight of that. brian brian i also think julian assange has not done anything negative toif russia in seven years.
4:06 am
i think he is doing the russian's work. there is nothing admirable about anything is he doing as he is held up in the bolivian embassy in london. meanwhile, you wonder where this is going to stop and investigation starts. they actually found out about this in the fall and now the documents are just beginning to release. 99% of these documents have not been released yet. >> yes, brian. i think that is especially chilling. now, i will say i suppose on wikileaks behalf that they did redact. steve: the code. >> how many ever lines of cofd there are. there obviously at any mommy they might release that as well for their purposes so that's troubling. steve: michelle, let's back up one topic. griff jenkins was live on capitol hill where now this house ways and means committee has passed onto the full house budget committee now the republican's plan to repeal
4:07 am
and replace. "wall street journal" got an item about how hospitals, doctors and even seniors are urging republicans to put the brakes on this plan because they just don't like it. it's not what they thought they were going to get. do you like the plan? >> i do not. i think it behooves limited government conservatives in washington, d.c. to push as strongly and fiercely as possible for the best repeal and replacement. as for the doctor's lobby and the ama, well, they helped get us into this mess. because they allowed themselves to be tools for obamacare in the first place. and one might say the same thing about so many of the other industry lobbyists. let alone the big labor bosses who all signed on to obamacare in the first place. brian: and the insurance companies. >> absolutely. absolutely. so many of these lobbyists have dug their own grave.
4:08 am
and meanwhile millions of people in the individual market like myself who are self-employed, who do not get health insurance through corporations, they are the ones that have us so screwed and they have no lobby. there is no one speaking for them. steve: we don't know how much it's going to cost. they have not received the score from the congressional budget office and they don't know how many people are going to get knocked off of the healthcare roles. but ultimately it's all about choice. if you don't want to buy insurance, you won't be forced by the government. >> yeah. that's right. and, look, the problems that were created in the first place, that obamacare were supposed to solve, were the problems of government intervention. so the less of it that we have, the better off we will all be. i mean, i had had three health insurance plans in the individual market in colorado cancelled because of obamacare.
4:09 am
ainsley: michelle, he ran on repealing and replacing that. that's getting done. he also ran on immigration distances and it looks like he is getting credit, at least, for being tough on immigration. the number you have illegals crossing the border has dropped dramatically since he has been elected. compare of the numbers there back in january 31,000 came over. and in february about 18, 19,000. so a big drop. >> yeah. well that is because he actually has credibility on the issue like so many of the democrats and republicans who paid lip service to border security and didn't do anything about it. the trump effect is simply by plimging allegiance to the rule of law, he is tee terg people from coming here. and separating own families to get it. the mayor says how can you spray families general kelly was asked about it. considering it.
4:10 am
he wants to send a message to people. this is not the answer. got to stay in your country and work it out. you can't come here and try to circumvent the system. it's all about who has got the magnet. is it south or is it north? he is shutting off the magnet. >> that's right. that is the humane and compassionate thing to do. i think that immigration enforcement activists and advocates are finally showing who the people are that are making life worse for these young kids. i mean, you've got drug cartels and human traffickers who are exploiting this situation. shoving unaccompanied minors here and there is a whole entire react that was created why the obama administration for central american minors taking advantage of the system. they are coming here and being reunited with illegal alien families and collecting taxpayer subsidies to provide foster care for their own illegal kids. that's another scam that has to be shut off. steve: you have got illegal
4:11 am
immigration on southern border dropping 40% first month as president of the united states. up in rut land, vermont. the mayor there for five terms, he is not being reelected because he had as part of his campaign pledge he said we're going to bring in to this town of 16,100 new syrian or iraqi refugees every year. the people there didn't like it. they didn't like the secrecy, the way it was being done. they didn't like the idea of security as well. what do you think about that? what's the message there? >> that's right. well, the message is that it's not just right wing communities that are understanding the impact it's not just at the border tiny communities like this bleeding hearts are understanding finally that it's their own native population that loses because it's welfare, it's education, it's healthcare, it's all of those costs.
4:12 am
and to say nothing, of course, of the potential national security and public safety risks. you see more and more of these democratic mayor's whose eyes are being opened to it. brian: you know what's so interesting. this is a microlevel, small town in vermont, i get it same thing you could say about germany, same thing i could say about france and the same thing you will can say about the country. but your first loyalty if you are a leader is to your citizen he is and what's in their best interest. these liters are losing their jobs and elections because they are not looking for the people who about put them in office? >> yeah. that's right. on my show at michelle malkin investigates we have entire show on the refugee crisis. another one on cross-country juwaadist who came to this country and then of course the economic security as well. so this is why, you know, people are revolting against things like h 1 b. it is systemic the ways in
4:13 am
which american politicians have not been looking out for american citizens. steve: well, there is a new sheriff in town. we have heard that. and there are changes. thank you for joining us today. >> you bet. take care. >> next gestles says he knows that russia wasn't trying to help president trump. one problem he can't get his handen the truth. brian: democrats have come up with their answer to president trump. oh, you are looking at it. both. ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ got nowhere to run to, baby ♪ nowhere to hide s ♪ than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> it's interesting how there is sort of a double standard when the leaks occur how much outrage there is. so i do think it's important while i don't want to get into confirming or denying this particular thing, i think it is interesting how different subjects are approached. steve: good point. the white house there weighing in on government leaks as the fbi hunts for the source of that massive data breach at
4:18 am
the cia. this is judicial watch demands to see documents on russian interference in foreign elections. the conservative watchdog group has sued them, the cia in december and said they should have been produced already. what's the hold-up? here to discuss all of it is judicial watch tom finton. tom, what exactly are you suing for? let's start there? >> we just sued yesterday actually. we requested it in december. it is for a report the cia did or intelligence community did on russian interference on european election lsz. we know it's out there. we know there is unclassified version. yet it hasn't been released because we believe to release the information would undermine the obama and left wing claim that the russians were particularly interested in the election of donald trump when, in fact, they had a broader concern about messing in elections all over the west. so why not release the info and then, frankly, if it was helpful to their cause they
4:19 am
would have released it which really makes it interesting to get it out. we have the bureaucrats and holdovers in the permanent establishment refusing to answer our freedom of information act request. and now this is a conundrum for the traveled. because out president has it within his power to get these documents released out there. we can figure how the who had these problems. >> you are saying if the president of the united states is watching right now he could pick up the phone and call who at what department and say release this because this is a foia request it is legal. what can we do for them? >> that's exactly right. he could quality cia, the justice department, the fbi, the national security agency, the department of defense, whoever might have access to these types of records and we could start getting the information, rather than waiting for congress to do it. we have got over a dozen freedom of information act requests to -- now two federal lawsuits they have to answer.
4:20 am
steve: you say, tom, that if this information came out you feel it would help debunk the media narrative that there was collusion between trump and the russians? >> in our experience, steve, if there is information helpful to the obama administration to their cause they would have released it. when they withhold information like this against the law, it tells you there is something up. steve: while president trump is president, they still haven't taken power. there is still a lot of bureaucrats and other political jobs out there that he needs to fill because right now a lot of people who are not on his team have those jobs. >> that's exactly right. you don't work in government because you are a tee pattier for 20 or 30 years. it's because you are a bureau accurate who likes big government. bureaucrats in these agencies hate donald trump. doesn't matter democrat or republican. they hate would reform. we need to understand in many agencies they are running the
4:21 am
show and there aren't appointees to heal. steve: tom fitton from judicial watch. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. steve: huge surge in the housing market. - is it time to buy? bob massi joins us next. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. abby: back by popular demand news by the numbers. first 2020 this could be a preview of the next democratic presidential ticket. senators elizabeth warren and corey booker will headline a progressive conference this may. their goal build an opposition to president trump. next 52%. that is first lady melania trump's approval rating. a new poll shows roughly 60% jump.
4:25 am
unclaimed tax refund more than 1 million americans could get a payday if they didn't file 2013 tax returns. you have got until april 18th to file and collect your money. go for it. over to you guys. ♪ ♪ brian brian thanks, abby. there is rising confidence about the housing market. is now the best time to buy or the best time to sell? ainsley: that is a great question. brian. let's ask bob massi the host of property guy joins us now. is it a good time for individuals who have never had a house before to buy? >> it is a good time. and the millennials obviously are embarking on home ownership. here is the first thing we want to talk about first of all location, location, location when you buy a home. particularly if you intend to have a family close to the hospitals, schools, supermarkets. convenience very important. undeveloping area but new
4:26 am
development what does the next forgive years look like. noble had any rainy day money, if they lost a job, reduction in salary have some rainy day money put away. it's so, so important. this is chickee brian and and i lynn we all thing this the pifer perfect room and then the garage door opens and half the house is inside the garage. the question is, you know, should you get a two bedroom or three bedroom? now, three bedroom house could be a better selling tool down the road but look to see what your future is, what your expansion is. and maybe that three bedroom or four bedroom, depending upon your finances is a better buy. brian: let's talk about sellers now. and you say as a seller you should say timing, one of the things you say timing is everything. >> man, it really is, brian. i mean, look, first of all, for the buyer it's always in the buy. and for the seller you have got to look around and say
4:27 am
what's happening with the marketplace? what is this area that i'm living in? what are you doing? and if you are in investments you look to see what's the next five years look like? how do you know that? you talk to the people that live in that area. you talk to good real estate brokers. you welcome with the chamber of commerce and business developing. you try to find out if this is a good time to sell. the biggest thing that causes a lot of problems, brian is seller disclosures. they don't disclose things when they sell that they should. they don't disclose those problems with the roof. they don't disclose they've had problems with any electrical issues. so a seller has to be beware that when you sell have you a duty to disclose. know your buyer as best as you can. how do you know that you? talk to your realtor, have that realtor talk to the buyer's realtor. make sure the buyer coming in is the kind of buyer going to qualifier as best as you can with a dialogue with your agent.
4:28 am
>> ainsley: bob, the election is over and interest rates are good is it a time across the map to buy right now? >> i just talked to some people in vegas the other day that are really, really in the know in development. for example, they say if the next like in vegas, ainsley, if they build 6 to 8,000 homes a year, that's okay. same thing like in different florida areas. if you start getting where you are building 15, 20,000 a year like vegas did years ago, then you can have a problem with overbuilding and overselling. right now i will tell you it's a good time to buy. it's goofed to see growth. as we talked about a few minutes ago make sure you have rainy day money. something happens in your life you are able to get through that i think from investment perspective and first-time home buyer i think it's time to buy.
4:29 am
brian: might be moving to your town soon. >> i'm from the pittsburgh steelers. how many games do you think i'm going to go to? brian: you are going to go to every game because you are dying for pro-football and radars could be going there and las vegas is ready. ainsley: bob massy massy, thanku sso much. while you were sleeping making changes to obamacare and still going at it. brian: wow, that is live. health and human services secretary tom price and finally. ainsley: republicans and democrats agree on one threatening. chelsea clinton' clinton's green pancakes are awful. brian: thank you, honesty ♪ turning and tossing ♪ tossing and turning all night 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver,
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steve: happening right now. you are looking live at
4:33 am
capitol hill where lawmakers still at it debating changes to the republican replacement plan for obamacare. ainsley: the ways and means committee passing the bill earlier this morning about 4:17 a.m. the democrats and the energy and commerce committee still delaying the process at this hour. look at that. brian: all right. let's bring in the secretary of health and human services. former congressman still doctor if in case of an emergency if you are ever on the side of the road tom price. welcome, mr. secretary. >> thanks, brian, so much. wonderful to be with you all again. brian: so all nighter. nothing but delay of game tactics for democrats who gug in and kept asking the same thing over and over again. what does it mean that it passed ways and means. >> that's the first step in this process. energy and commerce committee is still going in the house as you mentioned. it's important for people to appreciate once again why this is all being done. it's being done because the affordable care act, obamacare as folks know it has been a disaster for people ons individual and small group market. premiums are going up. deduct dibles are going up. people are getting priced out
4:34 am
of the market. we have a third of the counties in this country that only have one insurer. five states of only have one insurer. we learned e. learned this past week there are counties in no. this plan does not work at all. it's a failed plan. what we are trying to do is fix the healthcare system and move it in a direction where patients and families and doctors are making decisions not the federal government. steve: one of the things supposed to drive down the cost of healthcare and that's what we are awful interested in is being able to buy across state lines. >> exactly. steve: the president of the united states ran on that. when did he find out it wasn't in the bill? >> well, there is a collection of items that we're going through. one is the bills that are moving through congress right now. the second called phase ii are the things we can do here in the department by rule and by regulation. you all remember of the american people remember all of the rules that the previous administration did. and then there is a third face which some of them will occur
4:35 am
item. >> steve: people didn't realize there were going to be three place us real peel and replace and now it's like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> we talked about them but didn't separate them into three phases. the messaging might not have been absolutely piercing to folks but we talked about them in the totality of it. but there are three phases. and that's how we are going to move forward. and what those three phases do in their entirety is to incorporate all the things that we want including purchase across state lines. brian: all right. so jim jordan is one of the harshest critics of this plan. is he very conover sent when it comes to healthcare almost at your level. he said this over his last few appearance as about what he is really concerned about. let's listen. >> my read of what was brought forward yesterday by the leadership, i don't think it's going to bring down the cost of insurance. i don't think it's going to bring back affordable insurance because we still have regulation concerns that are out there. we still have to implement
4:36 am
some of the things we just talked about, purchase across state lines, association plans. that sort of things. those have to happen. let's start with what we all agree on. what unites republicans. clean and repeal get rid of obamacare libleg e. like we told the. brian: does he have legitimate concerns or have to wait for phase ii. >> he is a great guy. things he mentioned purchasing across date line. providing more competition, all of those things are incorporated in the totality of the plan. remember, that there is some things that occur at the same time. as bepeek we're going through regulations that we believe are driving up coasts. we will go through hundreds of them literally and determine if they don't help patients then we will do away with them. that's the process we are going to be going through. it's a broad spectrum of things that will occur. jim's a great guy and we look forward to earning his support. ainsley: secretary, in january, president trump told
4:37 am
"the washington post that everyone in america they should have insurance. and they should get it. and should be available through obamacare. is that going to hand? i know if you don't want it, you can opt out and you are not penalize i had. is it offered to everyone with your pain? >> with this plan moving forward now. every american will have access to it signed of affordable coverage that we believe is the highest quality. those are the tenants, those are the principles. 21 million people in this country decided to either take the penalty for not signing up for obamacare other to ask for a waiver. there are more individuals who to comes penalty than signed up through the subsidy that didn't have insurance before. this is a failed plan. a failed system. it doesn't work for patients and that's the key. we are focusing on patients and what will make it so that they are the ones in charge. ainsley: what about deductibles? we have heard some on our show saying the deductibles are $6,000. $15,000 for their family. what are you looking at with
4:38 am
your new plan? >> folks will be able to bring those deductibles down in a major way because they will be able to choose the kind of coverage that they want. i have talked to some my former physician colleagues they tell me that patients, when they recognize that their duct dible is 6, 8, $10,000 and the physician is recommending something that they can't do and it crushed because they know they have an insurance card but they don't have care. that's the key. steve: absolutely. of course, the reason so many people up on capitol hill are saying, dr. price, this is our one chance is because the buy of the republicans are doing it putting this into the budget reconciliation stuff. you are glosming it all together. because have you 8 skeptical republicans in the senate. if for some reason it does not get through via this group at the budget conciliation is there a chance to do it this year or some time going forward? >> no. we're going to get this through. we are working with every single member of the house and
4:39 am
the senate. steve: so 100 percent it's going to pass. >> i believe it's going to pass. i do. we are working with every single person trying to address the concerns that they have. i have had meetings in the past two weeks. government more meetings this week and today met with the governors the last time they were in town. we are trying to address all of those issues in a positive way again, so we get to patient-centered healthcare. brian: everyone has the goals. you would be the person if you were still in the house pushing to get everything across the jim jordan is pushing for. so i think what you are saying is i'm going to get it but legislative live i have to do it this way. elijah cummings, a democratic made his way to the white house yesterday on parental to the president. of the one he is concerned about is the cost of drugs and medicine. who were his concerns? how was it relayed to you and what are you planning on doing. >> i was privileged to attend that meeting with representative consumption and welch and the president. they have appropriate concerns.
4:40 am
the president has been talking about this through the entire campaign and since he was elected. that is the high cost of drugs and how we are going to work to bring those costs of drugs down so that people have access to the kind of pharmaceuticals that they need to care for themselves and for their family. there are a number of ways to address that whether we are talking about utilization of safe and suring that drugs are coming from other country thes. trying to make certain we talk about comp tigs t. tuition and criminal. brian: can you do that? mr. secretary, i know that's the problem but what are you going to do about it. still have a plan and still unaffordable people are going to be upvu accept yet. >> the president committed hand committed to working with representative cummings and everybody in congress who wants to address this issue in
4:41 am
a positive way so we can bring down drug costs. brian: so you don't know. >> we haven't worked through the bill. representative cummings actually gave a bill to the president and the president is committed. we are comifted to working with representative cummings and make certain we do things. we have got to make certain -- remember, there is a huge factor of safety afternoon efficacy that is that the drugs work for the american people. when you get up in the middle of a night and give your child mekdz i want to make sure it's safe. that's the responsibility of the federal government. >> how. ainsley: how do we pay for it. the price of this new rye peel and plea place is going to come down. how far are we going to pay for it. >> pay for the plans with competition? with the opportunity to choose the one that you want not the one that government forces you to buy forces across state lines and ability to join large pooling mechanisms so that you join other individuals so that you get the purchasing power of millions, and there is so much
4:42 am
good that can be had by being age to select a plan that works for you and your family instead of being forced to do so by the federal government. steve: all right. exit question. are you a good bowler because i know a bunch of the folks are going to the white house to go bowling next week. >> nick mulvaney is advocacying a bowling party for folks coming down to the white house. i'm a fair bowler. steve: worst thing you could do is a gutter ball just saying. [laughter] steve: thank you very much for making a studio call today. >> thanks so much. take care. brian: we will continue to debate. this meanwhile, next, the other huge story we have been covering. the huntington is on for the mole who leaked thousands of cia documents exposing our nation's secrets and all of us for the world to see. ed henry has the very latest on the special unit just deployed to plug the leaks. ainsley: and conservatives countered a day without women with a social media movement
4:43 am
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4:46 am
abby: we're back with a fox news alert. at&t customers experience 911 outages from coast to coast. now the ftc will get involved. wireless users in 14 states unable to contact the emergency hotline last night. still unclear what caused that outage. also in this morning. a school is accused of body shaming girls in its prom dress code. high school in illinois published 21 page rule book online. only rule for boys wear a tux or suit. but girls have line reading this some girls may wear the same dress.
4:47 am
due to body types one dress may be acceptable while the other is not. also this, republicans and democrats don't agree on much. but here is one thing that is bringing them together. how terrible chelsea clinton's green spinach pancakes are. she posted this picture online saying she made them for her daughter and there was bipartisan outrage online. chelsea responding saying dear internet my daughter needs iron so we put spinach in everything we can the pancakes may not be pretty but she eats them and they are iron. i'm all for putting things in my pancakes like chocolate chips. steve: put spinach and my kids would have moved out. ainsley: dr. seuss did green eggs what's wrong with green pancakes. brian: one was funny, one was fiction. steve: fbi launching massive investigation into thousands of intel employees to try to figure out who the mole is that leaked some of the nation's top hacking secrets to wikileaks. ainsley: thought white house calling out democrats over
4:48 am
their lack of outrage. brian: our chief national correspondent is ed henry. he is in washington, d.c. and has the latest. >> good morning, guys. intense leak investigation too get to the bottom of. who gave wikileaks the entire hacking capacity of the cia that sparked embarrassing revelations that the cia has the capacity to break into smart phones secretly turn smart tvs into microphones record conversations kill someone by hacking into a char that's connected to the internet. now the cia last night put out a statement acknowledging this is a very damaging leak that could jeopardize american personnel and operations in the hunt for terrorists. but the cia also insisted while they have these tools, they say they are not using them to spy on americans. spokesman declaring, quote, it's also important to note that the cia is legally prohibiteprohibited from conducg electronic surveillance targeting individuals here after the home. including our fellow americans
4:49 am
and cia does not do so. the cia's activities are subject to rigorous oversight they say to make sure they comply fully with the u.s. law and constitution. meanwhile as you noted, sean spicer yesterday talking about selective outrage by democrats. >> there is a big difference between disclosing john podesta's g mail accounts back and forth and his undermining of hillary clinton and his thoughts of her on the personal nature and leaking of classified information. there is a massive, massive difference. the interest in the outrage that occurred last year by a lot of drafts when it comes to leaks doctoring we are not hearing as much outrage now. >> apple declaring 80% of their users has the most updated system. while samsung says privacy is a top priority for them. remember what judge napolitano said earlier on this program that there are reports out there that samsung allowed
4:50 am
british intelligence to tap into samsung tvs here in the u.s. when the cia says we are not doing it other intelligence services may. steve: or any hacker that know what is they are doing. they could do it as well. they could turn on the phone in your pocket right now and listen to you all day. ainsley: even when the power is off. >> we will be talking about this more. i'm filling in for tucker at 9:00. steve: long day. good thing we get overtime. meanwhile, straight ahead, on this thursday. ainsley: we have carlie shimkus is coming in to tell us what's trending. that includes jennifer lopez. who is she dating now? brian: whoever she is dating, this one is going to work. i promise. steve: come on in, carlie. you are next on "fox & friends." ♪ even if you were broke ♪ my love don't cost a thing ♪ when i took a chance ♪ thought you'd understand ♪ .
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built for speed. built for business. ainsley: yesterday's day without women protest sparking backlash online. viral #not my protest. and we show up urging women not to miss work. steve: here with more fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. yesterday, a day without women. there were protests and now the fallout. >> that's right. the protest as we expected were a lot smaller than the women's march in washington. a lot of the conversation surrounding this really did play out on social media. the greatest message that we see coming in from people who he ho oppose it is that we are are going to show up to work to prove our economic impact. the #not my protest started trending across social media. let's get to messages.
4:55 am
robin writes real women are going to work today so we can support our families. we don't need to protest to know our worth. another person said and i love message. i spent 20 years flying for the navy as a woman. and i never felt the need to not show up to prove my worth. how about that? jenna says i show up to work or school because screaming feminists myth won't make me a successful woman. hold on to #there as well. brian: a lot of women protest early on. why is. steve: they just don't like donald trump. brian: two major women protest in 40 days. steve: people like ivanka trump. >> talk about a powerful woman. this protest really was all about business and the economy. ivanka trump her company just reported record sales and she also celebrated international women's day with a quick twitter message. take a listen. >> these awesome girls really inspire me.
4:56 am
>> happy national women's day. >> these awesome girls -- >> she is saying that she is surrounded by women. a lot of them inspire her. a lot of people are congratulating her. her sales are up some 350% skins january to february. steve: wow. >> isn't that incredible? a lot of social media messages coming and congratulating her as well. steve: meanwhile brian's favorite story j rod or alo? brian: going to work. track record leads me to believe. >> i always took you for such an optimist. >> she went out with ben affleck. drake. p diddy. married a guy in between. married a couple guys. >> marc anthony. brian: who else did she go out with. ainsley: are you saying she doesn't have. brian: she went out with backup dancer. that's how she introduced him. >> i like this couple. about the same age. she usually goes for younger guys. they both have a big thing for new york.
4:57 am
they are both new yorkers. they both have kids. ainsley: he has the prettiest eyes i have ever seen. >> this is the number one topic on social media today. everybody is talking about it that and the pancakes. ainsley: the green pancakes. big hour next.
4:58 am
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multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> we are going through what i would call the typical growing pains from being an opposition party to a governing party. >> the energy and commerce committee into the 20th hour. >> we're working with ever single member house and senate interested in getting to a solution. i believe it will pass. >> illegal immigration into the united states from our southern border has dropped 40%. >> we have confirmation u.s. maroons are on the ground in syria. >> it's a major operation. we'll kill thousands of isis soldiers. >> the fbi is on the hunt for a mole inside of the cia. >> they're not only interested in who the mole is. they're interested in who is spying on americans unlawfully.
5:01 am
>> what is really great about this book, you can go cover to cover in 15, to 20 second quarters. when i observed their record, it realized it was best to leave all the paper. pages blank. ♪ ♪ brian: we're in one lucky guy slot, is one lucky guy. on the arms of another cheerleader, as we give you the marquette -- ainsley: marching band. brian: marching band and their cheerleaders. selection sunday is sunday. ainsley: selection sunday is when the bracket is chosen.
5:02 am
brian: you have the big east tournament. they're all playing each other. steve: selection sunday, they're playing "uptown funk." right now it is midtown funk, right? ainsley: good point. brian: fox sports 1 is where you can watch all the action including marquette. ainsley: who will win this year? steve: villanova. ainsley: they won last year. steve: they win a lot. brian: i will do the bracket. ainsley: i will go up against you. i don't know hot teams are but i might win. steve: i won the company bracket a couple years ago. i didn't actually do it. my daughter did it picked them based on the mascot. ainsley: what they do in the tv newsroom, journalists from all different networks, to compete against each other. i filled it out, my husband actually filled it out. i won or came in second. i can't remember. brian: you can't remember?
5:03 am
ainsley: clearly it is not really my thing. brian: let's talk march madness. it is happening on capitol hill. fox news alert. the house ways and means committee passed the republican legislation to fix obamacare by replacing it at 4:11 this morning. you're looking live at steve scalise. he is the house majority whip. what he is doing is trying to whip up members of the energy and commerce committee to vote for it as well. brian: they're still debating. they have nothing but delays from democrats who do not want to see obamacare. they would like to see it implode right in front of their eyes. they don't want to extend it or see this happen. they have been up 24 hours. a lot of people say this is my wednesday outfit. i have yet to lay out my thursday outfit we're in the middle of thursday. once they get out of committee they will have a hard time to get to 215. ainsley: one congresswoman took
5:04 am
out her contacts had her glasses on. up all night your eyes start to hurt. the amendments are dragging out the process. we'll read the entire bill out loud. we want to know what is in it. that would cause them to be there a little bit longer. steve: that is all they got. it will wind up passing. they're doing regular order where there is debate. there are moments added, but all for naught. eventually paul ryan will get his vote. the question is -- brian: do you think he got it? i don't think he will? steve: i said he will get the vote. i don't think he gets total. there is item in "breitbart." he says paul ryan misled the president about the support in congress. paul ryan said it is in the bag. not going to be a problem. rand paul is one of the u.s. senators who said it is obamacare light. it is dead on arrival. he is not the only one. susan collins of maine doesn't
5:05 am
like it. there are eight republicans in the senate who are reluctant to support it. one of them was ted cruz who was invited over to the white house last night along with his wife heidi and their two children for dinner with the president. the president is in sell mode right now. brian: he is in full sell mode. he is doing everything from the bowling next week, to dinner, to having lindsey graham for lunch and taking the cruzs out for dinner, not on a crews. steve: that would be a fun dinner. brian: in the picture president has to understand where everyone's hot button is. he is constant conversation with senator rand paul. the president will call if he thinks you're not on board yet. that is it what he is doing. my take, are you taking input or listening? are you listening to rand paul. cassidy-collins has a bill. one of the provisions you can keep obamacare in your state if
5:06 am
you want to keep obamacare to your state. answer to your constituents. you can have the bad bill if you have a democratic governor that likes it or governor kasich who seems to adore it. if not, i don't think rand paul necessarily agrees with that. everyone has their own reasons. if you're listening to weave something in, that is the way process should be. ainsley: it is good for the american people if it's a great idea. we interviewed tom price, the health and human services secretary earlier on the show. to your point we were talking about the vote on senate you need. you have the eight skeptical senators. the vote needs to pass 51 votes. there are 52 republicans. if you have eight are skeptical it might not pass. steve: if you have two drop out it might not pass. ainsley: we asked him about it earlier why we have to fix this and why we have to repeal and replace. >> that is the first step in this process. the energy and commerce committee is still going in the house as you mentioned. it is important to appreciate why this is all being done.
5:07 am
it is being done because the affordable care act, obamacare as folks know it, has been a disaster for people on the individual and small group market. premiums are going up. deductibles are going up. people are getting priced out of the market. 1/3 of the counties in this country have only one insurer. five states only have one insurer. we learned counties in tennessee and mississippi next year will have no insurer at all. this plan does not work. it is a failed plan. so what we're trying to do is fix the health care system and move it in the direction where patients and families and doctors make the decision, not the federal government. brian: democrats would ahe free with that but the problem republicans don't agree with him. steve: sure. i said, i said two, if two republicans senators drop out you're dead. actually you need three. they could actually lose two. this is the thing, part of the negotiation going on behind the scenes, the house leadership, we'll have kevin mccarthy on with us in a little bit, is
5:08 am
saying look, we've got to pass this, because if we don't pass this we'll not pass tax reform, we'll not pass infrastructure. all the stuff you want but you've got to pass this. brian: color me naive but if you actually want to get this done in a way that would be effective and last four years, or eight years, depending when donald trump gets done with office, president trump is done in office, you have to somehow weave democrats in. most of them, who aren't named nancy pelosi this is blowing up and has to change. you're not taking a successful program and ripping it up. personally if it was rolling along and solvent i think this would be two years down the road. this is a flashing light ambulance. steve: the president had elijah cummings in. they talked about how to fix drugs. maybe there is bipartisanship stuff. that is something we don't see over capitol hill over last eight years. this president made very clear
5:09 am
he is open for negotiation. rand paul said he doesn't think this thing is growing to pass. ted cruz said he doesn't think it will pass like this but there could be changes. ainsley: rand paul is coming up on the show. we'll ask him what he thinks about the latest. brian: jim jordan said i want to repeal it. take two years, write something else, try to convince seven democrats along, get 60. why don't we do that? nobody has any faith democrats in the big picture outside of joe manchin and jon tester. ainsley: they all will have a chance to weigh in on this. it's a three-phase thing. hopefully we all can be confident hopefully all these republicans who do want to add things in like rand paul it will happen and they will listen to him. steve: let's listen to abby hunt man. it starts with a news alert. >> good morning. a lot of headlines this morning. the fbi launching a massive investigation to hunt down a mole who leaked cia top secrets.
5:10 am
thousands of contractors will be questioned oversee credit hacking programs designed to spy using smartphones and tvs. wikileaks is warning more documents are on the way, tweeting this. wikileaks has released less than 1% in vault 7 series, part one, "year zero." president trump get tough policies to protect the borders are working. >> we must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders. >> illegal immigrants crossing the southwest border dropping nearly 40% during the president's first month in office. u.s. customs also revealing border apprehensions at at five-year low. homeland security calling the drop unprecedented. women's march organizer with terror ties, one of 13 arrested outside of trump international. she is a anti-israel activist. she and dozen others were blocking traffic, protesting on a day without a woman.
5:11 am
so far they have not been charged. she is known for controversial statements about israel. reportedly praised child terrorism on her twitter account. first lady melania trump's popularity is climbing. new cnn poll find 52% of americans have a favorable opinion of her. that is up from 36% in january. more men are in favor of the first lady than women are. what do you think about that? steve: there you go. >> everyone i know that knows melania trump say she is a wonderful woman. brian: she lightened her hair. it is in "the daily news." steve: maybe she was out in the sun. brian: just building on abby's point. steve: she has been at mar-a-lago four out of five last weekends. maybe the sunshine. brian: write us, at friends at ainsley: what shade do you like her hair?
5:12 am
steve: straight ahead. 8:11, america's secrets exposed for entire world to see. a search is on for the mole at the cia. house majority leader kevin mccarthy here on that. brian: and does taking a selfie make you happy? ainsley: sure made us happy. brian: what if we told you the government spent half a million dollars, your tax dollars trying to find out. there is more where that came from. we're on the waste watch with senator rand paul. steve: please speak up. brian: senator jeff flake. ♪ because i'm happy, if you know what happiness is to you ♪ clap along if you feel that's what you want to do ♪ like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections,
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5:16 am
>> the opportunity to choose the plan that you want, but not the one that government forces you to buy, to purchase across state lines or to be able to enjoy the ability to join large pooling mechanism so that you join other individuals so that you get the purchasing power of millions, and there is so much good that can be had by being a able to select a plan that works for you and your family. steve: okay. health and human services secretary dr. tom price weighing in as lawmakers on capitol hill are still at it at this hour,
5:17 am
pulling all-nighter and now all-morning, debating republican replacement for palm cair. here is house majority leader, republican kevin mccarthy from california. how are you? >> good morning so you. steve: you're burning the midnight oil. the house passed their version in 4:17. what is going on in energy and commerce. >> they're going through theirs. democrats try to slow it down. most of that work deals with the medicaid expansion. ways and means did their work repealing all the taxes in obamacare. we're starting the process. remember this is phase one of the process. because of the senate rules, because we have to go through what is called reconciliation through a budget process we can not put everything in the bill when it comes to replacement. the second phase as you are seeing, dr. tom price, who a lot of power in the aca was given to the secretary. there is 1400 point within that bill that allows the power of the secretary.
5:18 am
he will be taking his role. and then the third phase, which some of that will even start as we're moving this, those bills that take 60 votes, getting insurance across state lines, tort reform and others. steve: that is in phase three. congressman, i heard the president was surprised across state lines thing wasn't in this first bill. >> yes. we want it to be in the first bill. the only reason it is not because the senate rules will not allow it to be through reconciliation. steve: sure. >> that is something we will pass, this month as we go. we will have that moved over to the senate. steve: right. >> to move for that to become into law as well. steve: that is part of phase three. until this week, kevin, people didn't realize this was a three-phase plan. people thought, boom, we'll get it done. >> we would love to work it that way. we've been working so many times to make this go forward. why are we here today? obamacare did sentencely three things.
5:19 am
it took control of health care to the federal government. it was exchanges and expansion of medicaid. if you look at exchanges today, 1/3 of the counties in america, 3,000 countries, roughly, 11022 have only one provider. some will have no providers at all. they created 23 co-ops in obamacare. gave them $2 billion. in short amount of time, 18 of those failed. expansion of medicaid will cost us one trillion dollars in the 10th year. that is equivalent to all the money we spend in discretionary spending in government today. that is not sustainable. steve: no doubt obamacare ain't working t has to get fixed. with this plan i know there is a lot of headwinds, particularly in the senate. paul ryan said he will get the number of votes he has but "breitbart" has a story up right now that says senator rand paul says that paul ryan, he feels, misled the president about the amount of support he has got in congress?
5:20 am
>> that is just not true. i've been in the meetings with paul ryan, with the president. the president supports this plan, working for this plan. i think everybody should get on board. this is one of three phases. if you want to see obamacare replaced. this is the best opportunity to do it. if you want to see replacement that lowers premiums and gives greater quality of care, this is the only option we have going forward. if you think you can repeal obamacare, and think you're going to find 60 votes in the senate, that will blame be on us for failure of obamacare. i think that is the wrong way to go. we want to solve this problem. this is the best option. that is why you will find because this will move through the house and get to the senate. those who read it and see one of three phases will understand why the president backs this plan and believes it is the best move forward. steve: okay. three phases now. house majority leader kevin mccarthy of the great state of california. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: you bet.
5:21 am
8:20 here in new york city. he is a christian music superstar. that almost didn't happen. rather, steven curtis chapman opening up like never before. his inspiring message next. ♪
5:22 am
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♪ ♪ lord of the dance ainsley: grammy-winning singer and songwriter steven curtis chapman is one of biggest stars in christian music history. he can add another word to his bio as well. now he is a an author.
5:25 am
steven curtis chapman is here to debut his memoir. it came on on tuesday. it is called, "between heaven and the real world, my story." an honor to have you you here. i grown up listening to your music. you influenced many people, god is using you in a mighty way. tell us about the new memoir and what you share with the readers. >> thanks. it is great to be back with you guys at "fox & friends." thanks for having me. ainsley: you're always welcome. >> it is, gosh, where to even begin. my story, for a lot of years, i've thought, one of these days, i'm going to sit down and take the time to tell this unbelievable journey, at least it's, hard for me to believe. and i look back growing up in paducah, kentucky, imagining some day i would be on "fox & friends." i would get a chance to play a concert at carnegie hall just down the street. ainsley: i know. >> it is amazing. it has been an a great adventure
5:26 am
and amazing journey and got to share about that finally. ainsley: you and your wife started an organization of called show hope. you're a big advocate of adoption. you adopted three little girls from china. you have three biological children n 2008, i remember the christian community prayed for your family. you had tragedy, you lost your little girl marie in a tragic accident. >> yeah. that was again part of, i think what compelled me to feel like, you know what? i'm at a place, nine years ago, almost. ainsley: she is little one? >> she is the little one. ainsley: what happened to her. >> there is steve and maria, on the day of doughnut with dad at her preschool. i don't normally wear the little thing around my neck, the boa, but we, maria had her fifth birthday and she, we had a tragic accident at our home, in our driveway. she was struck by a car, and that our son was driving. and so it was, tragedy throughout --
5:27 am
ainsley: how did you get through that from a faith perspective. at the hospital you prayed god would bring her back to life. he didn't answer that prayer. >> yes, that was my, i was convinced i wouldn't leave the hospital without her and honestly the title of the book, "between-ven and the the real world.." i stood at the door of heaven, it, i've written songs bit my whole last 30 years and it really is, our faith and the hope that the story is not over. that has sustained my family and i. my wife, maribeth, wrote amazing book of her journey. we got to share that on "fox & friends" years ago. it has been our faith and our hope, that i'm going to dance again with my cinderella. one of my songs written inspired by her, and her big sister
5:28 am
stevie joy, just believing that the story is not over yet and that it's still kind of unfolding in the best is ahead of us. ainsley: what were the struggles with your dad? you talk about that in the book. >> one of the things i wanted to -- that was excited and thankful i got a chance to share about is really just the journey that i've been on, that began in paducah, kentucky with amazing family. i have an incredible dad and mom. love them dearly but my dad didn't have a father growing up. he was an alcoaaholic. my grandfather was. passed away when my dad was a little boy. it was faith that even transformed my family growing up. we sang together. we played music together as a family and, to begin to see my dad who just didn't really know how to do it because he didn't have an example. and so he see how faith and, as a family we just end up on our niece together praying.
5:29 am
we, direct us and help us and my older brother, my brother herb by, who is hero of mine, my dad is a hero of mine, and my mom, you know, just getting to share what that was like growing up, you know. just being a kid trying to figure it out and having an amazing family in the process. ainsley: i know he, i know your parent are so proud of you now. 23 albums. most awarded christian music. if you buy his book, between heaven and the real world. steven curtis chapman. what an honor. congress is been up all night debating changes to obamacare. now we're hear from senator rant paul. as much as the mainstream media would like to sell a conspiracy about president trump and a russians, we know one group who says they can prove it is not true. ♪ your insurance company
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. steve: fox news alert. happening right now, live from capitol hill, lawmakers still debating changes to the republican replacement plan for obamacare. brian: ways and means committee, passed it already early this morning at 4:00 but democrats in the energy and commerce committee delaying the process. congressman from pennsylvania speaking right now. joining us from the capitol kentucky senator rand paul, in the eye of the storm in constant contact, along with senator jeff flake in constant contact with the president and something you're expert at, health care. you're here to talk about what is happening with waste in our country that will outrage people.
5:34 am
i want to bring up the fact, senator paul, we had congressman, health and human services secretary tom price on a short time ago, he told us this is just phase one. by phase two and three a lot of provisions that you want in this bill will be in the bill by the time it gets to the senate. are you comfortable with that? >> you know i think the main thing to get this passed we have to find what we all agree on and i think there is a lot of unity on repeal, not so much on replace. there are several aspects of their bill i think are obamacare light and i don't support. i don't support a new entitlement program. i don't support keeping the cadillac tax. i don't support keeping an individual mandate to the insurance company and i don't support insurance company bailout. we're still pretty far apart on replace but i think we're together on repeal, and i think if we did what we did a year ago vote on repeal by itself. i think if we put replacement together at the same time but in separate bill i think we have a better chance. steve: sure. senator, you were interviewed by
5:35 am
"breitbart" yesterday and you said you feel paul ryan misled the president of the night on how much support there was in congress for this bill. explain on that. >> i don't think this will be an easy passage with the obamacare light provisions in it. and so i think every time the speaker goes on television saying, oh, it's a slam-dunk, we have the votes, i don't think that is accurate. there is a great deal of dissension on replacement. there is a great deal of unity on repeal. i think we need to think this through to get it right because obamacare is a disaster but if we to partial repeal and replace it with other big government programs i think we run into great problems and there are a lot of people who elected us in 2010 in the house, 2014 in the senate, now the white house who will be unhappy if we do partial repeal or if we replace it with obamacare light. ainsley: senator, are you confident that you can come to a compromise together and work together as one unified party? >> well i think compromise is,
5:36 am
we should vote on what we agree on. for example, on repeal, we've already voted on that. everybody voted for it. so i think there is a unity on repeal but not so much on replacement. we could vote on a variety of replacements to see what happens with that and do it on the same day as repeal. but i think you have to separate the issues to get agreement. brian: let me ask you something, excuse me for not knowing this, do you you need 60 votes in the senate to repeal, do you need 60 votes to replace? >> if you put everything together on reconciliation bill you can do it with a simple majority. so i think you can do repeal with a simple majority. some of the replacement ideas will have to be separate anyway, because they're not eligible under the budget rules and will require 60 votes. ainsley: let's bring in senator jeff flake now because both of you guys are working on the sour 16 tournament of government waste. could you explain what that is, senator flake? >> every year we look at waste
5:37 am
in government and tag it to the sweet 16 and the final four and try to get people to focus attention on the wasteful spending, and there is a lot to be focused on. just a way to get the focus on it. steve: sure, we have some examples. this cost us close to half a million dollars, binge watching funded by the national science foundation and department of defense. what were they doing? >> well they programmed computers, actually a robots, to watch "desperate housewives" and the -- steve: finally. >> to binge watch, 600 hours. ainsley: $500,000 of taxpayer money to do this? >> to see if they could predict behavior somehow. i think probably first time you see a computer throw up after that binge watching about i don't think the taxpayers got much out of it. steve: too bad we didn't put blood pressure cuffs on you guys to watch your blood pressure as we describe this. brian: squad goals funded by the
5:38 am
national science foundation. costs $1.1 million. i don't know what that is. ainsley: determining if cheerleaders are more attractive in a squad? brian: is that what it is. >> cheerleaders supposedly more attractive in group. they studied this he effect, determined you're probably better off have wing man, wing women when you date because you are more attractive as part of a group. brian: hence on "brady brunch," greg went out with peter and they had a great time in the drive-in. >> there you go. brian: you could watch the sitcom. ainsley: i am glad they spent one million dollars to determine six pretty girls are more attractive than one. steve: this question to you, dr. paul, was this money well-spent, $3.5 million, the drilling dentist, to figure out why people are afraid of dentists? >> just one thing after another. i've been seeing these waste things since i've been a kid. senator flake is a leader getting rid of earmarks which helped.
5:39 am
we have to do more. you remember senator proxmire from the '70s? he had the golden fleece award. and it is still there. a lot of it comes from one agency, the national science foundation. ii want to have reforms, actualy where we reevaluate how they get their money or how much money they get. ainsley: this is laughable. senator flake, how do these things get passed? if i were a senator and i read that, absolutely not, we're taking that out. how do these things slip through the cracks? >> senator paul is right, we got rid of congressional earmarks but that doesn't mean wasteful spending is gone. we appropriate authorize the programs, national science foundation decide how to spend the money. problem it is very difficult to dig in. you have to do a lot of research to exactly find out how they spend the money. part of the rules simply are on transparency. what they're spending this money on. then go in and say, you simply have too much money floating around if you're spending money to see if cheerleaders are more
5:40 am
attractive as a group. ainsley: right, right. steve: we have cheerleaders on our program today. we're not going to say anything about it. thank you, senator paul. ainsley: they did not charge $1.1 million to be here. >> good luck on that project. brian: if you have time, pass health care. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, if they can, the massive cia leak exposing serious security issues in washington. where does the white house go from here? we'll asking former white house press secretary under george w. bush, ari fleischer. he is next. steve: we're kicking off march madness here in the plaza. ainsley and brian in the dribbling contest. ainsley: what? first i heard of it? steve: get a bib. ainsley: get ready, brian. ♪ fact.
5:41 am
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♪ ainsley: we are back with come quick headlines, democrats continue to cry foul over claims of collusion between president trump and the russians. one group says they can prove it never happened. earlier president of "judicial watch" tom fin ton, weighing in on this. >> why not release the info? frankly it was helpful to their cause they would have released it which really makes us interested in getting it out. the problem is we have the bureaucrats and hold overs and permanent establishment refusing to answer our freedom of information act requests. >> "judicial watch" filing two federal lawsuits over democrats refusal to release investigation reports. are you searching for a good reason to vote for a democrat? then you might need this book. reasons to vote for democrats, a
5:45 am
comprehensive guide is number four seller on amazon. it features 266 blank pages, with quote, researched reasons to go with the left. the author says the blank pages just made sense. >> first i turned to the 2012 democrat national convention when, it turned out they were deciding whether or not to include god in their party platform. the democrats booed god. that is not good. so, i decided probably if i'm going to make a good case to vote for democrats, probably leave that chapter blank. >> the book already has 400, five-star reviews. brian, take it away. brian: thanks a lot, abby. specialized fbi unit scrambling at this hour to find out who leaked nearly 9,000 cia documents to wikileaks. it will be way over 9,000. security was supposedly tightened after edward snowden and bradley manning leaks appeared in the system. how should the white house
5:46 am
handle this one? former white house press secretary under president george w. bush, ari fleischer. if you were the president of the united states this is disasterous. we heard senator mccain weigh in. you can't minimize it but how do you handle it? >> president has to set the stern tone of leadership that we will get to the bottom of it and we will. you let the fbi and cia do their job which i have high confidence than they will. nobody takes this more seriously and alarmed more than our cia officers and fbi agents. they will get to the bottom of it. they have the technology to figure it out. you hope the people don't flee like edward snowden did and they're brought to trial. brian: i found out they say, experts say it was remarkable so much of this stuff was unclassified because they wanted to pass it through the internet and not go through legal hoops to do it. which means it was left open. >> i don't know how this happened. i just know it happened. and you would have thought that the united states government would have learned the lesson of the nsa, national security agency when edward snowden was
5:47 am
able to crack their files and give them out to everybody. happened twice now? brian: this an opportunity for the president to get on the right side of intel, maybe they got off to a rocky start the way he handles this? >> i think he could help there. when the president sends that message nothing is more important than preserving the secrecy of what our cia officers are doing to protect our country, 99.9999% of the people in the cia will support him on that. brian: ari, at 4:07 in the morning house ways and means passed through was pushed for by paul ryan and. how significant is that? >> let me make an overall point. the news media way things are full of what is wrong. this group opposes it. that group opposes it. they don't tell you what is right. the fact of the mat are house passed a budget to move the bill which is highly unusual and highly early and ways and means passed it last night. hillarycare in 1993 didn't even get a vote in ways and means
5:48 am
committee of the under speaker ryan they're moving trains forward. this has the chance to be enacted into law despite the criticism. now it is controversial. there will be amendments. there will be changes. welcome to congress. brian: what is so different is, the democrats were almost in lockstep for eight years with the president. i don't know where the heretic was. joe manchin spoke out. didn't get access for eight years. we're seeing a lot of people take on a lot of people in the same party. >> well, that's right. republicans will have to realize how do you govern? are we capable of being governing party or just opposition party? a bill like this tests that. many republicans in the house have never been part of a majority party before with republican president. if we fail to legislate we will get our clocks cleaned in the 28 midterm election. republicans can not be party of opposition. they have to get party of get things done. brian: maybe it will pass another committee and whole house on to the senate. it will be phase one. >> that's right. brian: always great to see you. >> my pleasure.
5:49 am
brian: meanwhile, that is ari fleischer. much more show to come. we have some fun. next on the run-down, kicking off march madness this weekend is selection sunday. ainsley found out she had another outfit an in a dribbling contest with me. i'm not sure what she is doing right you no. that is why i'm going to toss it over to shannon beam to see what she is doing in her show. >> going with ainsley. she is warming up. she will have the edge on you. i saw her moves. counting on that. brian: counting on an injury yes. >> we're watching. right after that. you heard it, one hurdle down, many more to go. as republican leaders push the new health care law forward. going into a full-court press to win over conservatives including the bowling summit. house majority whip steve scalise joins us live. fbi and c independent a launch a search how critical intelligence material got into the hands of
5:50 am
wikileaks. michael hayden says they're now acting like a agent of russian federation. george soros, we'll debate that when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
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♪ ainsley: it is march. you know what that means. we're gearing up for march madness this morning we brought the big east conference live out on the plaza. steve: st. johns took home a win in the first game in madison square garden. we have members of the pep band to celebrate. brian: mascots, seton hall, marquette, butler all here today. most importantly, donnie marshall, uconn standout turned -- [cheering]
5:54 am
brian: cheering the eagle. big game last night, right? >> huge. best part of the st. johns, george town game, chris mullins, st. johns head coach and john thompson iii going at it. it reminded but the old big east. there was a push and scrum. chris mullin had to be held back by the team. he said in the locker room, thanks for having my back. steve: the most fun sport to watch on television is college basketball. >> it is right in front of you. no fake news with basketball. it is what it is. brian: weekend on fox sports 1. >> gosh, villanova, obviously number one most of the season. seton hall, reining big east tournament champs. butler is playing well. one of those times of year everyone can speculate. we get ready for the office pools. brian: sure. >> no better time. this is for college basketball i think the big east is the best
5:55 am
tournament in the country. [cheering] ainsley: we'll have a competition. we'll dribble and see who can win. what should we do? [cheering] >> pace yourself. ainsley: pace yourself, brian. brian: who took the air out of my ball? steve: tom brady! ainsley: are we ready? [inaudible] >> whoa, whoa, whoa. brian: he didn't say go. keep in mind we have only so much time left. ainsley: butler versus seton hall. >> on your mark, get set, go! [cheering] [inaudible]. [cheering]
5:56 am
brian: that was too exciting. >> someone miss ad cone. more important no one got hurt. that is the most important thing. steve: watching fox sports 1. ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round of applause. two minutes. ♪ (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand.
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5:59 am
major. >> this is one for the road. popularity is climbing. a new poll finding 62% of americans have a favorable opinion of her up from 36% in january. >> bill: wow, that's good to know for her that's a good poll and by the way watch tonight on fox sports 1 and that's the end
6:00 am
of the show. [crowd noise] >> johnny thank you very much. see you back here tomorrow. go big east. >> bill: good morning, everybody. there was a marathon session to repeal and replace obamacare underway right now on capitol hill finally scoring in the first fight to deliver on the party signature promise to peel back obamacare. i'm bill hemmer. a big show how are you doing. >> shannon: there are coffee runs. i'm shannon bream in for mar that mac callum. they're going to hold a series of meetings with republicans this hour as conservatives continue to sound the alarm saying


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