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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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edition of "the o'reilly factor," the trump agenda, i and eric bolling in for bill o'reilly who will be back on monday, please remember, the spin stops right here, we are looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," a wild week in the news, republicans already in a near civil war, the president has accused his predecessor of spying on him, perhaps illegally, and wikileaks embarrassed the cia. one story will open with tonight. the effort to kill obamacare is not the only contentious part of the new republican health care bill. the health care act would also cut off federal funding for planned parenthood that amounts to more than $500 million here, but 40% of its budget. planned parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider by far, so unsurprisingly, those of you
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abortion is the linchpin of human freedom are upset about it. the trump administration says it will happily restore funding as long as it stops providing abortions. the group says it is not interested in that. candidate in the recent race for dnc chair, she joins us live tonight. thanks for coming on paid >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: the planned parenthood line is that abortions are just a small part of what planned parenthood does, all the vital services they provide, and that is why they need federal funding. the trump administration saying, okay, then don't provide abortions, and you get your half a billion dollars a year of taxpayer money. why would they do that? if it is a small part of what they do, why not get rid of the abortions? >> tucker, i think we should start with being honest with your audience that there is no such thing as a federally funded abortion. there is a law that prohibits that from happening. and so that is certainly not something that parenthood , plad
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parenthood supports this legislation but they abide by it. to your question, planned parenthood's line -- >> tucker: since he moved off topically, let me ask you question. if you didn't like the nra's lobbying for the second amendment, the u.s. engage the nra, i have a billion dollars a year in federal funding, and they said, well, it has nothing to do with our lobbying for the second amendment, it's for something else we do, gun safety, he would say correctly, money is fungible, of course, it subsidizes the things that i don't like, and the same is true with planned parenthood. as you know, it is money, it is liquid, it flows wherever it needs to go. >> you know that money is flowing? it is going to cancer screenings, to std screenings and testing, it is flowing to ms where health care providers are scarce and health professionals are scarce, planned parenthood is, in many ways, the number one source of health care.
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and i heard you at the top of the segment say that this is planned parenthood's line. i would ask you to go to any woman in their life and see what her line is on planned parenthood. because there are 2.5 million women each year that are served by planned parenthood's health centers. this is not an issue of removing these funds and they will be another place for these women to go. it is proven, proven, but that is not the case. >> tucker: let me stop and agree with you -- >> thank you. >> tucker: i am taking what to say at face value, whether it's not it is true. >> no, it is true. >> tucker: why then, board planned parenthood say, because what we do is so important, the only health care provider, as he just said, in some places in the country, assuming it is, why not get rid of the abortions? what are the abortion so
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important? if the rest are so important, why not give up the abortions? why won't they do that? i don't understand. >> tucker, abortions are illegal, medical procedure periods point that's not an answer. >> in this country. that is something that you're just going to have to just reckon with. there is a lot of talk, i've heard you on your show say so many times, donald trump won and we need to stop litigating this election. guess what, the question of the legality of abortion was decided before the two of us were even born. this is a legal, medical procedure. >> tucker: stop, stop, stop. you just undercut your own argument. he just said it is the law that taxpayer dollars do not fund abortions. it is the law for a reason because we don't, as a country, consider abortion just like any other medical procedure. i'm not contesting its legality. i'm not contesting what role the wayside. i'm just asking you the same
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question for the third time. if planned parenthood services are so vital, what is the attachment to abortion. if planned parenthood does so many great things, let other people provide the abortions, if you are so invested in supporting that, you can contribute to those. >> tucker, seriously. the services they provide in the education they provide in communities and even the schools, unintended pregnancies are down, are down. why isn't -- answer this question, tucker. why are you is it that you ando intent on big government, so make every issue, except when it comes to my uterus and my vagin vagina? that is not ever going to be allowed by you or any of your male counterparts, and it is time that we get past this issu issue. >> tucker: get back to the issue of planned parenthood
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funding? this is the fourth time. you are saying that planned parenthood does all these great things. we'll continue to fund these great things but we are worried about the abortion part, half of the country thinks it is murder. it is not about genitalia. >> at 70% of americans are pro-choice. guess what, 50% of donald trump supporters don't want planned parenthood to be defunded. guess what, abortion is also a critical legal medical procedure. >> tucker: really? >> let's talk about the domino effect. you take abortions away, let's talk about the domino effect. then what? then life is actually more complex than you want to talk about in this situation. >> tucker: hold on. slow down. why should people who think abortion is immoral, and there are a lot of them, it's not 30%. it's much higher, about 50%.
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why should those people have to see their tax dollars subsidize it? that is the question. and you are basically answering with -- >> their tax dollars are not paying -- >> tucker: i don't understand. >> they are paying for low-income women to go into a health center in a community that has no other health center available to them within hundreds of miles so that they can get a breast cancer screening. >> tucker: a mammogram? how many mammograms? >> this is not only women. this is man. sport are they getting a lot of mammograms at planned parenthood? how many do you think last year they did? >> i don't have that last number. >> remarks board i don't think they did in the last year. you are on the board, not me. do not have the answer, jehmu? i'm trying to get the answer from you. >> in rural areas, in many
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communities, there are no other options. no other options. >> tucker: how many mammograms mammograms? stop the propaganda. >> you are talking talking points to demean an organization that provides critical health services. >> tucker: thanks, jehmu. get back to me on the mammogram question. i appreciate it. building a wall seems to be a priority in congress, but >> rent didn't list paying for a while as a priority until he mentioned it to him. here is what is happening south of the border. in most couples, six murder victims have been found in the last two days alone, a man and n also found shot to death near the airport. elsewhere in mexico, 87 people arrested for participation in a murderous gang. what happened to these bad hombres? how do we keep them out of the
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united states? with hope? being financed by its own government for daring to bid on a contract for building materials. the prime minister of france told the company that it should "reflect upon its interests because it also has social and environmental responsibilities." that is ominous, and to say the least. attacking a cancer patient this week, calling him a nazi. up next, talking to a writer who says her worst mistakes are being overlooked. more talk than ever that the same regime, that regime, is trying to sabotage the current regime, the trump administration. we have details next. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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>> tucker: comedian samantha be having a pretty tough week, during an episode of her show "full frontal," she told this joke. >> this year, the bowties were gone, replaced by nazi hair, nazi here, nazi here. >> tucker: kind of a lame joke in the first place. turns out that one of the gentleman has stage iv brain cancer. focused on the fact that she attacked a cancer patient, but a writer over at "the hill" had a different stance. why is it okay to call him a nazi in the first place when he couldn't defend himself. so, joe, this seems consistent with her show, i'm not a watcher, is this a normal joke on the samantha be show? >> is a very hateful show, it is what late-night has become, not
6:14 pm
the days of jay leno or johnny carson, this is what it is about. that is the main focus here, not so much -- they wouldn't have attacked this kid if they knew he had stage iv cancer. any reasonable person would say that. but we knew, on national television, show a 20-year-old college student, and you call him a nazi in the context of his hair and the conference that he is attending, here are the consequences that could happen. take the cancer part out of it. go back to kansas, you think he gets mocked and bullied? given the hostility on college campuses, probably. what happens next? he either brushes it off order goes in another direction that we have seen on so many college campuses, and that is that it spirals into a thought process of possibly even hurting yourself or worse. we saw a sought out in new jersey were a kid was exposed as being and before youw it, he threw himself off the bridge. that's how quickly these things can spiral out of control.
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and samantha bee hesitant to apologize for calling this kid and other kids there a nazi, instead she does this affect apology. "we're sorry we offended you." pick up the phone. this kid has stage iv cancer. there is no stage v. apologize to him in your own voice instead of a stupid tweet that wasn't an apology in the first place. sorry, i don't get emotional, talker, but this got me angry. >> tucker: the other thing, this doesn't seem very funny. is this the state of late-night political lectures rather than jokes? >> i don't know if you would ifu cut stephen colbert on election night, he did a show that was supposed to be a celebration of the victory, doesn't have any jokes planted hillary clinton actually lost, doesn't know what to do when it is clear that trump is going to win pizza we had somebody on his panel, and her name is janet friedman, an alleged comedian, how are you feeling right now, let me give you the quote, this is what
6:16 pm
comedy is in 2017. she says, "i feel as if i'm about to give birth to a baby that is already dead." stephen colbert is a about catholic -- a devout catholic. we hear it all the time. instead of saying, gets that we are in a politically incorrect world, he doesn't say anything. instead, he makes a joke, he says, hey, that is the kind of panel discussion you have on short on these days. that's where we are in 2017 207 these days. we call strangers nazis without them having the ability to defend themselves, then we are comparing that to stillborn births. >> tucker: here is something i did find kind of funny. not that funny. this is funny. i read the other day were samantha bee was going after somebody for not being diverse enough, someone is racist and hasn't reached the elevated moral status of samantha bee. not hiring enough women of color, i think, was her accusation. here is a picture. here is samantha bee and her
6:17 pm
raters at one of the award ceremonies. those are her writers. doesn't seem like a diverse group to me. where is the self awareness, joe? >> she went after another cable network, msnbc, said they don't have enough black women on the network. since i'm a journalist, i was curious, gee, i wonder how many black women work for the samantha bee "full frontal" show? i looked at all the writing credits and directors and producers, and i found 33 people. guess how many out of those are african-american women? >> tucker: i don't know, 25? >> one. >> tucker: one. >> she is preaching what diversity and hiring more black women, and she is 1 for 33. sponge is 33 people writing for her show? >> raters and segments producers. >> tucker: how much is her show? >> once a week, about an hour.
6:18 pm
>> tucker: i could make my cocker spaniel i start with a staff of 33. [laughs] and would be more diverse than her staff. >> you own a cocker spaniel? >> tucker: joe, great to see you tonight. >> tucker: the the press claim illegal immigrants rarely commit crimes. if anything, much more legal than you are. in talk to ann coulter gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> tucker: and fresh talk today that holdovers from the obama administration are doing their best to undermine the current administration. for more detail, we go now to the great trace gallagher standing by. trace? >> a, tucker. this is kind of a "i told you so" moment, others who have been banding about this. that holdovers from the obama administration were leaking information to derail the term presidency, and that the former president himself was staying in washington to be actively involved in an alleged shadow government. then-g.o.p. congressman mike kelly speaking at a dinner with fellow this. >> president obama himself, said he would stay in washington until his daughter graduated. go someplace else because he is only there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to run a shadow government to
6:23 pm
totally outside the agenda. speakers and is the private dinner comments went public, they created a ton of interest, but congressman kelly wasn't alone. today, white house press secretary sean spicer said this. watch. >> i don't think it should come as any surprise that there are people who burrowed into government during eight years of the last administration and, you know, may have believed in that agenda and want to continue to seek it. >> the congressman kelly's office is now trying to walk his comments back a bit saying, "it is worth clarifying that representative kelly does not believe that president obama is personally operating a shadow government. he does believe it would be helpful to the new administration if the former president would personally call for an end to all leaks and obstruction by personnel from his administration. and we should note today, attorney general jeff sessions asked for the resignation of the 46 remaining obama-appointed u.s. attorneys in order to
6:24 pm
ensure with the white house called a "uniform transition." tucker? spun trace gallagher, thanks, trace. well, president trump has created a new office in the department of homeland security for the sake of tracking crime committed by illegal immigrants here. white house press secretary sean spicer reiterated that holding illegal immigration is a top parity for the new president. watch. >> he has made enforcing our nation's immigration laws a top priority, signing executive orders that start work on eight southern border wall, that enhance the public safety americans through ordering these strong enforcement of immigration laws on the books, the jurisdiction of the united states that don't comply with federal immigration rules, and wrecking the department of homeland security to hire a combined 15,000 new officers and agents to support the system and protect the nation. >> tucker: what a waste of time, said "the new york times," "the washington post," the associated press, and virtually everyone else in washington.
6:25 pm
illegal immigrants, they tell us, commit far fewer crimes than native-born americans do. ann coulter spent a lot of time researching this and she says they are full of it. you are routinely described as a provocateur, but at least on this subject, you are an expert, you wrote a book with a lot of original reporting. i read it, a lot of people dead, they can vouch for it. on this specific question, immigrant crime, "the times" told us again and again, that is not true. what are the facts, what are the numbers on this? >> i have all the numbers, that we have, there aren't very many, i think it's interesting that it's my side that wants the real numbers. and hope we will get them under attorney general sessions. i think that is the reason for the history, they want to take sessions out, because they want to get the stump of a third
6:26 pm
world going on america. there is a lot of evidence that immigrants do commit more crime, i don't think they would be so hysterical, oh, why are you deporting if it is just a small crime. how many small crimes have you committed? and these are guests in our country. but it is also the kind of crimes they are committing. one thing that's been driving me crazy has been hearing paul ryan, his specialty is, we've got to reform entitlements, and that means you americans, you're going to have to wait longer to collect her social security and medicare, something you've been paying into your whole life. it is true it is a ponzi scheme, but i have another idea, and that is to stop bringing in immigrants whose specialty is committing crimes against our entitlements program. i've been trying to capture this for my book, "adios, america" .e in america. i have seen these names and a
6:27 pm
phonebook in america 20 years ago, up in michigan, very heavily arab, heavily hispanic new york, all over. these aren't crimes we are used to. american criminals are dumb, which gives the police a little bit of an advantage, but they don't understand that in other cultures, it isn't just dumb people who are criminals. and there is a specialty in computer hacking and credit card stealing and ripping off government programs, which is barely even considered a crime. >> tucker: put these numbers should be hard to get because people who are processed through the system, adjudicated in prison, we ought to have numbers on where they are from, what their legal residency is, do we have those numbers? they must exist somewhere. >> no, they don't. no, he drove me crazy. that is how "adios, america" became "adios, america." i had already drafted a few chapters for the book i
6:28 pm
originally was going to write, which i still think is a great idea for a book. maybe i'll write it someday. and i got to the immigrant crime part because i thought, i mean, isn't that the most basic thing we should know what people we are bringing into our country, people who have nowhere to be here? forget about, you know, how much they are contributing to the system or how much they're taking art and welfare. how many are committing crimes, what kind of crime, how much does that cost the country. and i am a fanatical researcher. you cannot get that information. every time i describe the process of what you find when you go looking for it, the census collects all kind of information. i can tell you how many samoans have battery-powered radios, how many americans have broken stair railings, but if you want to find out how many immigrants are in prison, state or federal, good luck to you. >> tucker: clearly, this is willful and it is an effective cover up. it is what is happening in sweden right now where the government makes it a policy to lie about the facts of the
6:29 pm
immigration policy. >> yes, that's right. and it's not just that we are bringing in criminals. we always hear -- even if it were true that immigrants, and i mean legal and illegal -- were committing crime, the number we want is zero, it's not like we don't want the same number of criminals as the native population. that's crazy. as i said, you have bad food in your refrigerator, you don't go out and get other bad food to bring in. no, you can pick any food you want! get the fresh food. that's us with immigration. let's get only immigrants who are smarter, make more money, and we ought to be like the patriots recruiting players. >> tucker: exactly. the others that you often see padded down by "the new york times" and others is that immigrants consume a lot of welfare benefits, and so the line you read is, actually, immigrants, legal and illegal, consume benefits at a lower rat
6:30 pm
rate? >> what they do is define only certain programs as welfare. or there are other tricks. they are all kinds of lies that are used when it comes to the immigration topic, but one interesting little fact is that the 1996 welfare reform bill, as part of that bill, i was working with the senate judiciary committee back then, one of the provisions was, immigrants cannot collect welfare for the first five years they were here. across america, people were saying, that's not already the law? no, no, no. they were very upset about it. "the new york times" denounced that provision over and over again. that provision, you can't accept welfare for the first five years you are here if you are a guest in our country, the biggest cost savings of welfare reform. >> tucker: huh. >> overturned now, by the way, thank you. >> tucker: no factual basis to the claim that immigrants consume buffer at a lower rate than americans? >> quite opposite.
6:31 pm
center for immigration studies has the numbers. i think generally what they are talking about is what used to be called aid to mothers with dependent children. one in particular, that one particular, if you define all all other forms of welfare, subsidized housing, section 8, food stamps, free health care, if none of that -- or social security disability. if none of that is called welfare, a, they are looking at one program, also, a hawk, b, if an illegal alien drops a baby in america, that is not an illegal immigrant. maybe an immigrant. suddenly the baby is allegedly an american citizen, something no congress has ever passed that law, no court has ever upheld that. a child born in america is not a citizen, and i hope trump starts enforcing what the real law is. >> tucker: ann coulter, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: great to see a period of next, there's not a lot of evidence that
6:32 pm
vladimir putin hacked the election, hopefully none, but there's plenty that want fracking to be banned. talk about a fracking foe about whether this is a means to hurt the united states. ♪
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every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> tucker: vladimir putin has been routinely accused of "hacking the u.s. election. he may be trying to hack energy policy as well. reports saying that the russian government using -- air it dozens of anti-fracking documentaries and stories. if russian support d legitimizes the campaign and administration, does it also delegitimize the enterprise movement?
6:37 pm
the codirector of the food and water justice project, he joins us from new york. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on, talker. >> tucker: a single question we have to ask in the middle of this new cold war. you, apparently, where the beneficiary of russian propaganda. have you or anyone in your organization have contact with russian intelligence or members of the russian government in the past several years? >> absolutely not. that's a ridiculous question. >> tucker: why is it ridiculous? >> why? because we work on fracking for the very, very troubling impact it is having on american health and welfare. it has nothing to do with what any foreign later thinks about fracking. i don't know what putin thinks about fracking. >> tucker: i do know. >> you do. >> tucker: it says that the russian government has mounted an anti-fracking movement in the united states but this is a fair question, where you hacked as
6:38 pm
well? >> absolutely not. i don't follow what putin thinks about fracking. if you want to know what putin thinks about fracking, perhaps you should speak with rex tillerson, he and exxonmobil signed an agreement back in 2012 to start fracking in russia. i have no doubt that once the sanctions are lifted, remarked that there would fracking in russia, perhaps then putin will be a fan of fracking because he will be making money off it. when we talk fracking, it's not a political issue for us. it's not a partisan issue for us. we focus on fracking because of the documented significant impact that fracking is having on surface water, on air quality, on climate. that is why we work on fracking. not for partisan reasons, not for political reasons, putin's views on fracking are irrelevant. >> tucker: that is a fair answer. i was asking half in jest, points to the ludicrous nature. that doesn't delegitimize your views, to be totally honest with
6:39 pm
you. i think that not all of your views are crazy, but i also think that energy extraction is always a mixed blessing. it is never allgood. there is always some risk. but given that fracking, whatever risks it entails is also basically made the united states energy independent and lower the cost of energy for poor people in this country. there is a lot of goodness that comes out of fracking. will you at least acknowledge that it has been really good for huge parts of the country? >> no, it is another form of fossil fuel extraction that is bad for this country. for example, in pennsylvania in 2014, they released the results of 243 instances of ground and drinking water contamination from fracking. if you look at wyoming, texas, colorado, again in pennsylvania, case after case after case of how fracking is impacting the health, safety, and welfare of americans on a regular basis. released a report last week,
6:40 pm
estimates and the thousands and thousands of wells in this country that up to 17% of them are experiencing leaks on a regular basis. >> tucker: okay. i'm willing to stability that that's true. i think you're likely overstating it, but there are risks. why wouldn't there be? there are risks in writing. my only point to you is, do you see the other side. so fracking is taking place, some of of the most economicaly depressed places of the united states. no denying for make that people who are living there have benefited. there are no jobs. you live in new york city amongst rich people. can you look up and say there has been an upside economically from fracking pittsburgh of those people should be given jobs in renewable energy systems, not fossil fuel systems. i think we should all agree that, as a nation, as a world, as a planet, we would be better off if we were 100% renewable solar and wind as soon as possible and we put aside our fossil fuel addiction. that's what we should be driving
6:41 pm
toward. >> tucker: i get it. as you know, we are literally nowhere near anything like that. there is no way to store that energy, as you know. can we just be real for a second? we'd all like to see wind and solar as the basis of our energy program, but we are not ten years away from that, we are not 20 years away from that. why can't we say that out loud instead of pretending it will happen tomorrow? >> we are not 100 years away from that of willow exxonmobil and other energy companies to dictate our energy policies, which is what we have been doing paid we look around the world and we see a highly industrial countries like germany, july 25th, 2015, the summer of 2015 -- i'm sorry, 2016 -- they achieved 78% of their electricity needs through pure renewable energy. small developing countries like costa rica are up to 99% renewable. even uruguay -- cosponsoring
6:42 pm
costa rica inn, a nonindustrial country -- code >> and germany, 78%. >> tucker: you are a conservative, you believe in american exceptionalism, why are we chucking execs, exceptionalism. >> tucker: i think you're smart enough to give him a smart answer, but you're not. here is a simple one. where are you on nuclear power. no one has died -- why would you be? because your donors are against it. what is the reason? >> the reason against nuclear power is because nuclear waste is highly toxic and dangerous. we want to see renewable. nuclear is not renewable power. we want to see solar. we want to see wind. we want to see geothermal. >> tucker: there is a literally limitless supply of energy that comes from new numeric nuclear power. >> there is a limited supply of energy coming from the sun.
6:43 pm
i would rather see sunlight subverting our energy. >> tucker: if you care about co2 emissions, presumably you do. >> absolutely. support nuclear energy produces none. it doesn't pollute if kept contained. in the amount of waste, actually, is negligible, and no one's ever died from it. from a scientific perspective -- >> no one has died from nuclear power? >> tucker: in this country are not aware of anybody. >> and it's only a matter of time. why would we want to have radioactive waste is a byproduct of our energy system question marks born deep in a salt mine, it doesn't hurt anyone. >> when we can move to renewables. i think what we can agree, the basis of our disagreement is how quickly, get to renewables and e driving motivation to get there as quickly as possible? i don't think were going to renewables. wake up saturday and have 100%
6:44 pm
renewables. we have a goal, my organization has a goal that we believe we can get to 100% renewable energy in our electricity generating sector by 2025. >> tucker: in the meantime, to use cars or airplanes or anything like that, and if you do -- >> of course, we're not asking people to go back to middle age ages. >> tucker: not you. i mean you, who thinks they should opt out. >> we don't think consumers are the problem here. >> tucker: i'm asking about you, not consumers. >> i am a consumer. i am a consumer. >> tucker: dedicated to getting rid of fossil fuels -- >> we are dedicated to getting rid of fossil fuels and replacing them, not asking people and not asking myself to go without electricity and to go about energy. we understand that we live in a
6:45 pm
current situation in which we rely on cars, rely on fossil fuels, because that is how the system is now ot saying we can d of that tomorrow and mark shut down fossil fuel production tomorrow. we're saying that we need to transition as soon as possible for the betterment of this planet and for our children and grandchildren. >> tucker: one last question. you're worried about fracking. these pipes that could contaminate groundwater. you live in new york city. there are countless sewer pipes and natural gas pipes coming up with water pipes. are you worried about that? seems like it would be a real risk. human waste phone mixture drinking water. >> right. that's why we also work on sewage treatment systems and clean water act issues and multiple other issues. >> tucker: you still got to have sewage pipes. >> you absolute you have to have sewage pipes. yes, we work on them. the difference being sewage pipes and fracking pipes is, sewage pipes are highly regulated under the clean water act.
6:46 pm
back in 2005 when dick cheney and halliburton and his buddies past exemptions from literally every environmental law, clean, healthy from the fracking industry, not an accident. when scott, thanks for joining us. good night. next, a very brave professor went on to facebook and said refugees do not share the values of this country. the college left slipped. why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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>> tucker: a professor at the university of minnesota at morris, he posted a critique of the emigration on facebook, he wrote that illegal immigration is, "about as harmful to an
6:51 pm
economy as autonomy" even worse because he said, "many of them here to a religious political called with repulsive values." angry students protested, calling it an abuse of privilege, but the professor has not apologized, he joins us from sweden where he is on sabbatical. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having a son. >> tucker: your point to refugees, and i'm quoting, "no country is taking the current crop of urges immediate work. none of their neighborhoods are safe, not everyone has an extra 100 grand to avoid them." pretty direct. >> i wrote that during the heated moments after the president's first travel ban. many of my academic friends were posting their own heated ramps, and i thought i would provide some pushback. i felt that they the narrative,
6:52 pm
switched from wretched immigrants today are the best of us model. i wanted to speak out a little bite and point out that, if we are taking refugees, this is an act of charity, this is something that we are probably taking a hit on, and we can't discount the hard work and often successful work we do in training of the next generation of americans and act like somebody arriving on our shores, who come from the worst circumstances in the world and who are taught views that are antithetical to our own is, on average, on average, not prepared to be as good an american as our own children so when considering the work i didn't university, i'm assuming that others took you up in the spirit of open-minded academic debate on the issue? >> i had about two or three days
6:53 pm
of fairy just vigorous but productive conversation on the issue on my facebook post, my facebook page, i'm in sweden, sinnott personally. almost all my friends are on the left and i love them and we have a great time. but somebody took a screenshot of the post and listed it in isolation from everything that my friends know about me and the other views that i have, which are quite nuanced, about the issues, and circulated it. including some faculty members circulated. and even taught lessons with the screenshot anonymized in their classrooms. it sort of created a bit of a controversy on campus. >> tucker: i bet it did. you are in sweden now. it's your time here confirming or refuting what he wrote on facebook? >> well, biased confirmation --
6:54 pm
confirmation bias is a worry, but it is confirming. i think there were five murders this week in stockholm. the people i'm talking to in sweden are very distressed about what's going on here. >> tucker: thank interesting. dan, i'm amazed he didn't get fired for writing that. thanks for joining us. i hope you'll come back when you get back from sweden. i love to hear what you saw there. >> thanks, tucker. will do. spoon coming up, what we told you the federal government was spending billions and the effect was to kill 50,000 americans a year? that's next.
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
1.5 billion 1.5 -- overdoses killed 1.5 people per 100,000. this epidemic, opioid painkillers, is killing a staggering 10.3 people per 100,000. five times more and it is getting much more much, much w. 250,000 killed by drug ods, opioids were the worst culprit. things are so bad that life expectancy in america is falling because of that. even more appalling is that much of this is financed by the federal government. thousands of opioid prescription's are paid for by medicaid providing pills that can then be sold on the black market. for big sums. the crisis is terrible. what is washington doing about it? not much. what can they do? that would be the focus of many future segments on the show. stateroom for those. that is about it. tuning every night at 9:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy
7:00 pm
of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," for speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us in a few minutes, first, i've said since 2008, journalism in america is dead, and now we see just how low the all cleft propaganda destroyed trump propaganda will go to destroy trump at every turn is tonight's opening monologue. here we are, today is day 50 of the trump administration, the commander in chief has been rapidly moving to keep his promises to you, the american people, he detailed a very specific agenda and has been gor mcdonald is checking items off one by one, and


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