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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 11, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. an outspoken man appointed by former president obama has been fired. he became famous for aggressively rooting out government corruption, going after republicans and democrats alike . he was currently investigating corruption allegations against bill de blasio. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour inside of american headquarters. i am marcel neville. >> confirming he was let go after refusing to resign as part of an all remaining us
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attorneys who were holdovers from the obama administration. >> rob schmidt is live in new york city newsroom with the latest. what can you tell us? >> it's a big name here in new york. the us attorney as well as 45 other obama appointed us attorneys out of jobs today. the white house asked for resignations and he declined and had to be fired. in each week from this afternoon, hesaid i did not resign . i wasfired . being a us attorney will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life. he was appointed the us attorney to the southern district including manhattan by president obama back in 2009. he appeared to be a big standing with president trump after being told to stick around late november after being with thenewly elected president at the tower . after the meeting he did not reporters. >> had a good meeting. i said i would consider staying on. i agreed to stay on and i've
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already spoken to senator sessions. he nominated me to be the attorney general and he also asked me to stay on. >> looking good until recently. it's a bit of a swamp trainer himself ousting some serious political heavyweights for corruption. the former speaker of the new york assembly, sheldon silver said he was untouchable now facing 12 years in prison. dean's gallows faces five years for corruption. he is handling number of terrorism cases as well as high profile wall street cases. chuck schumer had some words for the president on friday saying while it's true that presidents from both parties made their own choices for us attorney positions across the country, they have always done so in an orderly fashion and it doesn't put ongoing investigation at risk. they ask for letters of resignation but the attorneys
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are allowed to stay on the job until they are confirmed. he is looking into new york city mayor, a democrat, bill de blasio force shady fundraising tactics and looking into the democratic governor, andrew cuomo for bribery. a suite like this is not uncommon to see. this is what happens when you administration comes into place although some questions how quickly and fast it's happening with these 46 today. we can tell you jeff sessions was fired from his post as us attorney for the southern district of alabama back when bill clinton took over in 1993 and put in reno in place . >> not unusual. we will cover it over the next few hours. thank you, rob. >> in the past hour will confirm the identity of an unwelcome visitor to the white house who made his way onto the grounds by scaling the fence. it happened while president trump was inside.
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the president praising the secret serviceteam for doing a phenomenal job . agent say the man jumped the fence by the e. executive avenue near midnight. they caught up with them shortly after and on the south lawn. kristin fisher follows the story live in the white house. kristen, unusual that someone would make it that far after jumping the fence. >> unusual but not unprecedented. the spokesperson with the us attorney's office said the intruders name is jonathan tran and he is expected to be arraigned in court sometime today. accused of jumping the fence here at the white house. shortly before midnight and he was captured by the secret service at the south entrance to the white house. that's the entrance that leads right to the executive residence which is where president trump was when all that went down. he is praising the secret service for doing a fantastic job while describing the intruder as atroubled person . his motive is still a mystery but they say they found nothing
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hazardous inside his back pack. nor did he have a criminal record but trump didn't seem to they seem to faze. he spent the afternoon at the trump golf course in virginia where i to our long working lunch with the part cabinet and several members of the senior staff with homeland security secretary john kelly and steve munition and his chief strategist with lance previous and shawn spicer. the president says they discussed the military, economy and healthcare plan. it's coming along quite nicely. few hours later you and mike pence trying to convince conservatives to support this bill. back here at the white house ã everything appears to be pretty much back to normal. anytime you have intruder getting this close to the president ofthe united states, it raises a lot ofquestions about the agency that guides them . >> absolutely. >> thank you .
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meanwhile, mike pence rally support for the gop health care plan with a visit to louisville kentucky. mr. pence tells the crowd that obamacare has failed the people of kentucky and has got to go. the vice president takes time to speak with small business owners to get their thoughts about healthcare reform. >> gary is live in washington where he is been following the story there . hey, garrett. >> with all the debate about the gop replacement plan is important to remember that it's not democratic lawmakers that need to be convinced for it to pass. it's the republicans. one of the most outspoken critics has been kentucky senator, rand paul. where mike pence will pitch the obamacare replacement plan directly to bluegrass state voters. >> it will be a battle in washington. for us to seize this opportunity repeal and replace obamacare once and for all , we need every republican and
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congress and we are counting on kentucky. >> kentucky supported president trump in november's election and the administration is trying to utilizethat popular support . they are in other states were republican lawmakers are questioning the gop health care plan. the president himself got in on the action tweeting from his personal and presidential account ãwe are making great progress with healthcare. obamacare will only get worse. republicans come together to get the job done. >> in the weekly address, they counsel the gop proposal saying it is exactly what he came in for. >> house republicans have put forward a plan that gets rid of this terrible law and replaces it with reforms that empower states and consumers. the house plan follows the guidelines that i laid out in my recent address to congress. expanding choice, lowering cost and providing healthcare access
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for all. >> on tuesday the administration continues the outreach by inviting members of the conservatives over to the white house. the president will try to win over with the healthcare plan with some pizza and bowling. >> pizza and bowling? >> i like that. >> garrett, thank you very much. >> good combination. >> i think so. >>. [music] temperatures in the country are falling back 10 ã20 degrees below normal. the northeast and now bracing for the possibility of amajor winter snowstorm . live in the fox weather center with adam. how bad might this be? >> we could be talking about a really big one. it's all set up like you said
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by the very cold temperatures and we continue to see it throughout the rest of the week. you look at numbers across the upper united states falling down below freezing and 20 in minneapolis and chicago. this is much cooler than it was 24 hours ago. there is a 24 hour temperature change we look pretty drastically anywhere from 15 ã 20 degrees colder now than it was yesterday. the cold air is in place once we start to see the system goes to the northeast. here's the rain in here is the activity. it's stretching from texas over towards georgia and we are looking at rain heavier to the north back into arkansas and maybe a wintry mix. the system is in the northwest and it will be another one we pay close attention to. it's the system that will move towards the northeast. we see it beginning to run up bringing rain through portions of oregon towards washingtonand it will catch some of the upper level wind . there is the upper level wind and you see the cold air. with everything in the blue
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they take you to the weekend and it's running you towards monday and tuesday. both of the systems that i showed you and before you know it they build off the coast and thisis getting into tuesday. this is where we could set up for a very largesystem . a lot of snow for the northeast. several days from the soul but we will watch it closely . >> i had to check the calendar on thursday to make sure it's still wintertime because it's so warm. >> clearly it's back. >> a fire still burns today at the site of a train derailment in rural iowa. more than 36 hours after it started. the ntsb says 27 tanker cars were carrying 25,000 gallons when they went off the track. that's thursday night. hundred and 50 miles from des moines. the crewmembers escaped unharmed and the cause of the
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crash is under investigation. >> federal judges in texas rule that some congressional districts in the state much the must be blown up and redrawn. >> train versus car and the driver walks away. the marathon rescue is ahead. divisions in the gop over replacing obamacare. why lawmakers say the healthcare bill is doomed. >> a fox news work on the
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intruder who scaled the fence at the white house last night and was captured by us secret services. he was in court just a short time ago we have information from a producer who was inside the d.c. security room as the alleged intruder, jonathan tran, was brought into court. he was injured shooter in the courtroom and he was held over expected to be transferred to the us district court for arraignment. in addition to being charged with unlawful entering, he had two cans of mace in a backpack that he was carrying. he is asked acted to dark tall and glasses with asian dissent. we will have more on this white house intruder as we get it. >> vice president mike pence
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rally support for the gop health care proposal and louisville kentucky as we have reported. this is the white house with a push to repeal and replace obamacare. the gop is divided over healthcare reform as congress still faces many hurdles.>> lauren blanchard joins us now from washington with the latest. >> the vice president made his way to kentucky to make his healthcare pitch after a group of 40 plus caucus members are calling the gop plan obamacare by different form. here is what the members say are the main concern. they believe the refundable tax credit to help individuals purchase insurance is a new entitlement that obamacare's medicare expansion remains until 2020 and obamacare's cadillac tax on high-cost insurance plans returns in 2025. some representatives say house leaders aren't being honest with the white house on what
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congress members really thing. >> we have to keep our commitments to the american people. we promise we repeal obamacare. the house leadership plan is not a repeal of obamacare. keep substantial parts of obamacare in place and copies and repackages other parts . >> number of high profile senators have promised that the bill as it stands would be dead upon arrival to the chamber. the chairman of the house committee that visited the white house on friday say despite the disagreements, they are unified in the belief that obamacare needs to go. >> if you hear nothing else that i say ãthis is the most important. there is so much more that unites republicans then divides republicans on this issue. repealing these taxes and subsidies and mandates that have heard the local businesses ãwe unite behind that. >> the reforms of the american people asking us to do ãwe are ready to go in the worst thing
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we could do is hit the pause button and continue obamacare with the broken policies hurting the people.>> there is still a long road ahead for this healthcare bill. it will head to the budget committee this week and the rules committee before the house floor. >> thank you so much. >> this is a rockier road than many may have expected. let's talk about that. let's bring in bento is a staff writer for the hill. republicans now control the house, senate and the white house. president trump made repeal and replace a rally cry so why is it going more smoothly? >> they have run into a roadblock within their own party. you would think democrats would be the spoil but with commanding controls it's the republicans. it's really just the face-off between the leadership and the conservative members. a lot of their concerns are about what they see as another type of name. the issue that they run into is
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that there is competing interest. on the flipside you have more moderate lawmakers with the house and senate who embrace medicare expansion ãmedicaid expansion. they don't want to see anything that speeds up the expansion and they are getting rid of that. there's a lot of competing interest.>> the republican senator is house could start over, get it right and don't get it fast. it's a lot of concerns that they talked about earlier. i think what the republican leadership is arguing is that this is the best needle they could thread. we can't call this further to the right without upsetting people like susan: and other more moderate senators who are
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concerned about the issues like medicaid. really, they are in between a rock and a hard place in the pitch is that this is a pioneering. it's not a get what you want or get what you can get ãthis is either we get this bill or we get that bill but obamacare will stay. >> one of the big issues here is money. they had to go in there was a clock ticking. they say this bill will reduce the cost and the congressional budget office is expected to issue a report next week that could answer the question there are some people saying that the estimates might be that it will increase the federal deficit . then what? >> the score is going to be quite's an independent analysis. the bill goes under and they will go through a number of things like premiums and the deficit. obviously when you repeal a mandate , there is people who
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lose coverage but the question will be, how does that affect cost for the premium and the deficit because you can see with tax credits rolling back, you can see a situation where the number puts those caucus members and the more conservative members in a tougher spot because they don't want to be in support of anything that will raise the deficit either . >> as you pointed out ãthat was a lot of competing interest. everyonehas an idea of what the bill should have and shouldn't have. president trump has showed a willingness to listen to critics .he says the visions are as wide as reported. what will he have to do to satisfy enough lawmakers, especially the conservatives. >> it's going to be interesting to see how the president toes the line. he has been in support of the bill as is and siding with paul ryan and others. we have heard some trickling's
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out from the caucus members that thepresident might be oh open to negotiation. i think , obviously, the president has the whole power of the white house and i think it's one that we know more than most. he could command control on the conversations with a conventionalmedia , alternative twitter and things like that ã she really has a lot of messaging power behind him and support from people . this is a president who made his career off the art of the deal. will he ultimately shift and decide that maybe we could have more negotiation? that could take the wind out of the sale and put it back into a negotiation. >> he doesn't have ownership of the name. no one wants to call it trump care. they are calling it obamacare light or obamacare light or even ryan care because of his lengthy address. what you call it? >> i don't call it anything.
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i call it the name of the bill because that's what i have to do but it's interesting. you have out republicans with obamacare that jumped it was to try to use the negative that people felt towards obama and they are now seeing a similar thing play out on the other side where conservatives don't want to throw this to trump just yet because there is controversy. you see democrats wide open with trump care because they want to rally up there and rally at people who did not vote for trump against the bill. >> thank you, ben. >> time for a quick check at the headlands. federal judges ruling districts in texas racially gerrymandered with the state legislature redrawing congressional maps because some of them are unconstitutionally them against the voters.
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officers arresting a land for smuggling and cocaine. they say he flew from the dominican republic to new york with 10 pounds of cocaine taped to his leg. it was worth more than $150,000. a california woman safely rescued after her car was hit by a train. it took firefighters an hour to free her and miraculously she suffered only minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation deadly violence breaking out in damascus. twin explosions at sacred religious shrines killing pilgrims in an attack that bears the markings of isis. >> the war against terror escalates with more us boots on the ground in the former special forces officer joining for a closer look at the strategy. first, here's general jacking. >> we cannot ignore the sunni arabs in the region and we
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funeral services in guatemala as the death toll in the fire at a youth shelter rises to 38. this comes after mattresses were set on fire by residents during a protest earlier this week. 19 others died >> the shopping mall and western germany was closed today after a terror threat. they were ticked off by other agencies about a potential attack. they were questioning one man in the case. >> rtl archaeologists say it was found underneath the shrine.
2:30 pm
they say it's the palace of a king who ruled against them 2700 years ago. iraq he pilgrims at two holy sites targeted by twin boss. similar attacks before against the religious shrine. this comes as forces ramp up their presence on the ground and local fighters prepared to take back iraq on the capital. john huddy is in the bureau with more. >> rick, it was a bloodied day after 40 people were killed and 120 others injured. twin bombings in the country's capital. the attack happened in the max is and isis causes the explosions carrying buses to
2:31 pm
the holy site. there is another unconfirmed reports of a suicide bomber carrying out one of the attacks. so far no claim of responsibility the rebel groups fight the government and they launched attacks in the country's b4 along with isis and they have been more in common in damascus.the violence comes as us back syrian forces back up to take them to the capital. us officials announced this week that 400 more troops are now on the ground to provide logistical and artillery support for syrian democratic forces and the kurdish white pg. this causes tension between the us and turkey. turkey considers them a terrorist organization. the contributor, jack king, talked about the complicated situation in syria on the editorial report. >> we are currently aligned with the syrian kurds. this so-called white pg. the reality is that the white
2:32 pm
pg is affiliated with other kurds who try to overthrow the turkish government. turkey has been attacking the very forces that are special operations are aiding and abetting. that's how complicated this is. >> they say they have also been fighting syrian president michelle shot to resume. president asad said in an interview that he considers the us troops to be invaders because they don't have the government permission to be on the ground and what has become the increasinglycrowded battlefield . >> john huddy reports the reporting from jerusalem. >> more us boots on the ground in northern syria with a deployment of an additional 400 marines. the new contingent is assisting local forces for the rock from isis.
2:33 pm
the former special forces contributor this is a significant change in strategy by president trump. is this the right move? what will help us with the mission? the introduction, these marines are bolstering one of three main pillars in the strategy. one is the enablers and that is the artillery and logistics in the close air support. that's providing support to the local ground forces. the second is the advisory act effort. these are the special forces that are closest to the front lines but not kicking in doors and pulling triggers. helping the local forces close to the fight and the third piece is the special operators in the dead of the night that are going after the isis leadership and his lieutenant.
2:34 pm
i don't know it's necessarily a strategy shift but we are bolstering each one of those pieces as we move closer and what i worry about and where general keane is worried about is who is going to take them. the turkish foreign minister said if the kurds go into rock i will be a serious breach of us turkish relations. you know we have many other things to worry about. that's why obama is able to put them on the ground without an in game or a plan for post-success. do we know president trump's endgame? here's the question ãwould he stand to be more successful because president asad says he wants to work with president trump? >> well, two things. on president obama had been elected reluctant.
2:35 pm
just because it's complicated doesn't mean we don't get involved. we have seen what happens with massive migration flows into europe that have destabilized the threatened homeland. peaceful protests will be turned into a civil war and every introduction to russia. the security backing would be a suspicious choice at best. >> this current move is still
2:36 pm
going to bring about a series of questions ãquestions like should assault bequests didn't and playing on the battlefield. you say it's a crowded field. is it okay for asad to remain in power after the war is over? to my point about putin ãare the premier fingerprints on this? he is been asad's biggest supporter. >> two points. it's easy and oversimplistic. the russians are the they are to support a murderous iran regime which is closely aligned with iran. the iranian regular forces are on the ground fighting alongside the russians and asad regime. i don't think that is our choice.this is why the state department and diplomacy is so critical. we have to set the political stage that we are working towards.
2:37 pm
it could be a national government with a power-sharing type of arrangement or it could be a partition of syria. we have to look at what's best in the us contrastand that's keeping extremist that they , iranian and sunni, isis at bay. creating a structure that bring stability to the middle east with safe zones. >> there is all kinds of ãbif you're talkingabout a separated syria , it will be a huge challenge for someone to come into the outside, not to mention people saying that president shot should stay in power and some people say he shouldn't because of civil rights infringements. >> one of the greatest disasters in modern history but again, we need to get the state department staff in america has to lead in the region. hosting the counter isis
2:38 pm
admission we have to put a strategy in place that figures out what it looks like and move the strategy to achieve it. military and economic issues are critical and the whole of government approaches. what we will find is a five way war between russians, sean, iranians, turks, kurds and a ribs. >> should be a major reason to be concerned? >> wouldn't it cause problems? then you invited isis waiting for american troops to come to them. >> i don't know that we impose democracy but we have seen the
2:39 pm
fallacy of the wrong decision behind saying it's too hard or tie your hands. the worst thing we could do is have forces over there but have overly restrictive roa and over concern about civilian casualty and not let them do their job. i think we can movetowards a power-sharing agreement . i don't think it will include asad at the head of the government. we could look like lebanon's power-sharing agreement with my worry with the petition is that a lot more bloodshed will be there and i don't think the
2:40 pm
localized governments could keep extremist elements at bay. it's definitely complicated. i appreciate youranalysis. we will have you on again . it's an unfolding situation over there. >> thank you. >> it's a mess. >> a huge challenge. >> republican congressman facing tough questions during a town hall meeting in his home state. what made voters so angry? a surprising new study. three diet ãnot such a healthy diet overall. >> you could spend days weeding through financial documents to refinance your home. or, you could push that button. [rocket launching] skip the paperwork and get a mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with
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and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. republicancongressman jim stein
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steinbrenner met a rowdy crowd dennis will state . constituents talking over him. and each other leading to this moment >> okay, folks. when are you going to let people speak? this wasn't me speaking. this was mr. clayton speaking. >> okay ãcan i ask everyone in this room to promise not to interrupt speakers. >> when that did not work, he called for 1/32 timeout and that drew a laugh. the experience is not unique. it's been happening to his fellow republicans all across the country. >> promise not to interrupt. >> a new report raisingserious health concerns about the gluten-free diet . researchers at harvard say gluten-free diets could
2:46 pm
increase the risk of developing type ii diabetes. let's take a closer look at the benefit and risk with doctor jan connell as a family physician and aassistant professor . she is here now with this very important study. a lot of people thought that a gluten-free diet would make them healthy that this study shows theopposite. it says the dangers could be severe . specifically the study found that the people with the highest intake had an 80 percent lower chance of developing type ii diabetes which has no cure so , if you don't eight gluten you are less likely to get diabetes and a few ã? >> the more gluten you eat, the better chance you have of not getting diabetes. >> the less chance you have of getting type ii diabetes which is contrary to what a lot of people think.
2:47 pm
they had to fill out a log. sometimes we don't remember what we ate. in this study you are right ã more gluten summary in the study, the less chance they have of being type ii diabetes which is a little bit different than what people think. >> putin is a protein found in cereal. it's a lot of food you might not expect.
2:48 pm
is there a benefit to avoiding gluten?>> you go to the grocery store what do you see? gluten-free this and that. and the point being is, if you have a medical reason to avoid gluten ãavoid it but as a family doctor, i am a diet fanatic for a balanced diet. have protein and gluten and all the things you need. we don't have a lot of evidence that suggests that cutting out gluten for nonmedical reasons makes you any healthier. this study shows a contrary. eating more gluten could almost make you healthier by lowering the risk of type ii diabetes.
2:49 pm
we want to do the things that you know that keep you healthy. we know those things keep you healthy. >> we are not doing it, doctor. >> i am glad to hear it. >> thank you. >> doctor jan ãi believe there is gluten in those doritos. >>. [laughter] a longtime tradition. why one elementary school is considering a new name for the annual father daughter dance. >> dear predictable, there's no other way to say this.
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longer hold a father daughter dance. it is introducing the family dance. in california with the west coast bureau and more on this
2:54 pm
now. tell us, what's with the name change? we have been discussing in the set and we don't know >> looks like the father daughter dance is the social convention to be challenged across the country while the common is obvious that weddings and schools it's becoming a controversial subject at the elementary school in sacramento. the pta president says several parents recently complained so in response, they decided to rename the event, the family dance and now they pursue more gender-neutral events. >> i got a request from parents to be more inclusive and change the name. >> the child can bring whoever they want to bring with them. >> in recent years, several states have seen them transition from father daughter to family dance.
2:55 pm
in 2013, the aclu got involved after a single mom said she could not attend dance and the solution is they named it a family dance and everyone was able to attend.we want to know what you think. this is great ãprogress in his great inclusivity isgreat. not only for kids with lgbt parents but single parents to . molly 252 says why is it a problem? fathers and daughters had something special and they have a family dance another time. strong opinions on both sides. >> absolutely ãalways. thank you will car.>> it's a whole new world. >> i was going to sing it but i won't. >> coming up, america's news headquarters double set and new details about the man accused of jumping the white house fence and what the president says. >> six states fighting president trump's revised travel plan as a legal panel will debate if the arguments hold water. [music]
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rick: dominating the headlines this hour, a high profile u.s. attorney known as an outspoken crusader against corruption is thousand out of a job. the manhattan federal prosecutor tweeting earlier today he was fired after refusing to resign. hello and welcome to another hour of "america's news
3:00 pm
headquarters," i'm rick leventhal. arthel: and i'm arthel neville. while it is customary for u.s. attorneys to leave their positions when a new president takes office, bharara's situation seemed to be different. the federal prosecutor saying he was asked to remain in his position during a november meeting with then-president-elect donald trump. rick: rob schmidt is live from the our new york city newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: a city official telling fox news that bharara is blowing this out of proportion, he as well as 45 other obama-appointed attorneys out of a job. but this a rare move, he actually declined to resign and now says he had to be fired. in a tweet he said: moments ago i was fired being u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york will forever be the greatest horn -- honor of my
3:01 pm
professional life. he was a appointed to new york's southern district by president obama back in 2009, and he appeared to be in good standing with president trump, maybe keeping that job after being told to stick around in late november after meeting with the newly-elected president at trump tower before he moved into the white house. after that meeting bharara did speak to reporters. >> we had a good meeting, i said i would absolutely consider staying on. i agreed to stay on, i have already spoken to senator sessions who, as you know, is the nominee to be attorney general. he also asked me to stay on, so i expect i'll continue in the southern district of new york. >> reporter: a swamp drainer himself which goes along with president trump ousting a couple pretty serious new york political heavyweights for corruption in recent years. he was doing pretty solid job. senator chuck schumer said friday that the fact that the trump administration is not allowing these u.s. attorneys to stay on until their replacements
3:02 pm
are confirmed is compromising current investigations. bharara looking into mayor bill de blasio for shady fundraising tactics. finish a m.d., though, saying -- the administration saying his first assistant will take over, and nothing will change, saying everything is going to be just find. rick: and we're hearing hur mores that perhaps he was trying to get more attention because maybe he's mulling a run for governor? >> reporter: yeah. that's speculation coming from our sources at the white house, but, yeah, that was one of the possible angles that they said he might have had for making this into a big deal for getting a lot of press coverage, maybe he's after cuomo's job. rick: he did not go quietly, that's more sure. rob, thank you. arthel: we are learning more about the white house fence jumper and what he was carrying when he made it onto white house grounds as our president was inside. it happened at about hid night
3:03 pm
last night -- midnight last night near executive avenue. secret service agents nabbed him near the south lawn. kristin fisher is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: the intruder has been identified as jonathan tran, and he just made his very first appearance this court where he was charged with entering and remain anything restricted grounds while using or carrying a dangerous weapon. according to court documents, that weapon was two cans of mace, a passport, a laptop, a book by president trump and a letter that he'd written to him. when a secret service agent stopped him right around midnight just outside the south entrance to the white house and asked him what are you doing there, tran allegedly said he was a friend of the president and that he has an appointment. then when the agent asked him how'd you get there, to the door that leads literally directly to the residence which is where the president was at that time, tran said he jumped the fence. he was then arrested and taken into custody. well, today president trump praised the secret service for
3:04 pm
doing a fantastic job. he described the intruder as a troubled person, and he could the whole situation very sad. the last time that a fence jumper got this tar was back in 2015, the iraq army vet made it all the way inside the white house, and he had a knife on him. that led to the resignation of the director of the secret service and a full congressional investigation. in response the secret service announced plans to replace the big perimeter fence at the white house, they announced plans to replace it by next year, they're going to increase the height by about 5 teat from 6 feet to 11 feet, and there is all because there is this long history of fence jumpers here at the white house. by our count, there have been 78 fence jumpers since 1991. arthel? arthel: kristin fisher, thank you very much for those details from the white house. rick: vice president mike pence making his itch for the gop health care -- pitch for the gop
3:05 pm
health care proposal, speaking about the plan while visiting kentucky today. the state's republican governor and junior senator are among the most vocal critics of the bill to replace obamacare. garrett tenney is live from washington with more. >> reporter: well, rick, kentucky's also a state that president trump won by 30 points in the election x the vice president's visit is part of the white house's strategy to rally support for the health care bill by going directly to the voters who put him in office. by doing that, the administration hopes it will help change the minds of republican lawmakers such as senator paul who have criticized the gop plan as a version of obamacare light. and that strategy was on full display in louisville where vice president mike pence listed off the failures of obamacare, how it's hurt folks there in kentucky and told the crowd there's going to be a battle in d.c. to get rid of it. >> we need every republican in congress, and we're counting on kentucky. president trump and i know the end of the day after a good and
3:06 pm
vigorous debate, we know kentucky wil will repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. [applause] >> reporter: and in the white house's weekly address, president trump made the case that the health care system as a whole is in danger if republicans don't do anything about obamacare. >> through seven long years of botched rollouts, soaring cost, canceled plans and bureaucratic mandates, americans have called out for relief. we will deliver relief to american workers, families and small businesses who right now are being crushed by obamacare by increasing freedom, choice and opportunity for the american people. >> reporter: and both the white house and republican leadership are anxiously awaiting the verdict from the congressional budge office which is expected to announce on monday the financial details of how much the gop plan will cost. that, of course, could have a big impact on how easy the plan is to sell to critics.
3:07 pm
rick: absolutely. a lot of work left to be done, garrett. thank you. >> reporter: a lot. ♪ ♪ arthel: music. [laughter] it's that time of year again. yep, daylight saving time is about to begin. tomorrow millions of americans will lose one hour of sleep but gain an hour of daylight -- i like that. the time switch will happen sunday at two a.m. your time, wherever you are -- except, like, in arizona, i think, right? anyway, spring forward usually means warmer temperatures, but that is not the case for many, many folks across the state or across the country. adam klotz, what's up with this weather? >> reporter: i know, you're thinking spring is here, but that's not the case. we're looking at incredibly cold temperatures right along the upper third of the country, in some cases stretching fairly far to the south, 39 in memphis, 26
3:08 pm
in cleveland, very cold air in place for some moisture that eventually is going to be lifting up to the northeast. we're going to be talking about that in a couple of minutes. on the radar right now, rain stretching from texas all the way over towards georgia, so this is a large system lifting off the gulf of mexico in the northern stretches of this where you begin to run into some of that colder air. we're seeing light know through the ohio river valley and farther to the north, that's an area where you may see some of that wintry mix here off and on tonight running into early tomorrow morning. now, another system we have to pay close attention to, this one up in the pacific northwest because this is going to be affecting a large portion of country before it's all said and done. there it is moving across portions of oregon, up towards washington and moving this direction. it's going to be grabbed by some upper level winds, and that is going to carry it across the country, through the midwest, eventually impacting the east coast. pay attention to our time stamp up there in the corner, so this is from saturday, you begin to see there that system is working
3:09 pm
its way across the midwest early on monday, continuing to kind of regain force there eventually make itself monday night into early tuesday morning. we're talking about a nor'easter off the coast of northeast, and again, that's a long ways to travel, but this could be a big storm system. here's our forecasted precipitation for right now, and you start to see some of these very deep colors. this could be well over a foot of total snowfall. this is a system, arthel, we are going to be watching very, very closely throughout the rest of the weekend and early into next week. arthel: airlines are already watching out because they're making changes to travel plans, if you have something scheduled for monday or tuesday, call your airline. >> reporter: yeah, this is a wig one. yep. -- big one. rick: guess who's going to cover that snowstorm? [laughter] arthel: you. rick: i'm going to be in it. how did you know arizona doesn't observe daylight saving time? arthel: because i have friends that live in arizona. rick: amazing. is the great divide growing over
3:10 pm
replacing obamacare? the next step brings with it the potential for fresh fallout for the gop. we'll tell you all about it. ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis
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i'm ricardo, a sales and service consultant here at the xfinity store in bellevue, washington. here at the store, we offer internet, tv, phone, customer service, home security. every situation is a little different. it could be about billing, simple questions like changing the phone number. sometimes, they want to upgrade, downgrade, but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ ♪ ♪ rick: it's full steam ahead in the white house push to repeal and replace obamacare.
3:14 pm
vice president mike pence today rallying support for the health care proposal in kentucky, a state that would be heavily impacted by any repeal. some half a million people in the state gained insurance under obamacare, and the republican governor and junior senator are two of the most outspoken critic obviously the bill -- critics of the bill. lauren blanchard joins us with more on the hurdles that lie ahead for congress. >> reporter: the vice president made his way to kentucky to make his health care sales pitch even as a group of 40 plus house freedom caucus members are calling the gop health care plan obamacare by a different form. here's what those members say are their main concerns. they believe a refundable tax credit to help individuals purchase insurance is a new entitlement, that obamacare's medicaid expansion remains until 2020, and the so-called cadillac tax on high-cost insurance plans returns in 2025. and some representatives say house leaders aren't being honest with the white house on what congress members really think.
3:15 pm
>> we have to keep our commitments to the american people. we promised that we were going to repeal obamacare. the house leadership plan is not a repeal of obamacare, it keeps substantial parts of obamacare in place, it copies or repackages other parts of obamacare. >> reporter: a number of high profile senators have also promised that the bill as it stands would be dead upon arrival to their chamber. but chairman of house committees that visited the white house on friday say despite disagreements, they are unified in the belief that obamacare needs to go. >> if you hear nothing else i say today, this is the most important one: there is so much more that unites republicans than divides republicans on this issue. reealing these awful -- repealing these awful taxes, those subsidies, those mandates that have hurt our local businesses, we unite behind. >> it's the reforms that the american people asked us to do. we are ready to go, and the worst thing we could do is hit
3:16 pm
the pause button and continue obamacare and its broken policies that are hurting our people. >> reporter: there's still a long road ahead for this republican health care bill. it will head to the budget committee this coming week and then the rules committee before the house floor. rick? rick: arthel? arthel: all right, let's bring in phillip bump, washington correspondent at "the washington post." good to see you this afternoon. one of the major points of contention, medicaid expansion. health care for low income americans to be phased out by 2020, as we just saw in lauren's report. conservatives wanting it to be out of there next year. the president says he's, he supports phasing out medicare, but we're not sure where he is in terms of how quickly. >> right. arthel: so you've got 31 states plus the district of columbia accepting the medicaid expansion under the aca, medicaid expansion, the federal government is paying for 90% of the program covering the states'
3:17 pm
expenses. before the aca, that was 50. all right? we laid that out. so talk about these proposed changes and how it's going to unfold. >> so i think the fundamental thing, and you hit on the key issue here. the key political issue is what happens to those folks that are now covered under medicaid. obviously, the states don't want to assume the burden of paying for all of that medicaid expansion that's taken place since the passage of the aca, but it's going to be politically tricky to crank -- to yank that cover average away from folks. you said half a million people in kentucky gained insurance coverage under the affordable care act, but it was 38% of the state was uncovered before, now only 13%, that's 25%, a quarter of the state gained insurancing through this program. that's a really hard political ask for the president to make to anyone saying, hey, we're going to pull this thing away, and you have to deal with it. you need to vote for this thing being pulled away especially if the time frame moves up from 2020 to before 2018.
3:18 pm
arthel: it's already confusing for folks to figure out, if they these to, to find another place to get health care coverage. and if they have to do it so quickly, it would be really, really bad for a lot of people, as you pointed out. we though that next week the congressional budge office, very independent arm of government, will release its estimated price tag for trumpcare and the impact on the insurance coverage. so what kind of heat will that put on trumpcare? >> i think it's going to put a lot of heat on them. the white house is already anticipating the numbers are not going to be helpful politically. this week sean spicer, the rest secretary, came out and said, hey, the cbo's numbers have been wonky on obamacare in the past, but the brookings institution, for example, estimates 15 million people will lose their coverage, standard & poor's estimates between 6 and 10 million. it's going to be millions of people, and then part of the reason i think this thing's being rushed through congress as quickly as it is, is they don't want to have to have town hall meetings where people come and
3:19 pm
say, hey, we're worried about losing our coverage. i think that's part of the reason why this thing's moving so quickly, part of the reason why they didn't want to wait for the cbo's analysis of this. again, that's the critical political question that next week really begins as opposed to ending. arthel: yeah. and then you have the cadillac insurance, as it's called. this plan would also replace the federal insurance subsidies in the aca with age and income-based tax credits. i mean, that's causing some controversy. >> it is. so there was a great analysis done by the kaiser family foundation which looked at literally every single county in the country and estimated the extent to which this would affect people. and, essentially, it's mostly less, people with less income and older people who are going to bear the brunt of having less of their insurance subsidized by the government. the irony here, of course, is that the same group of people that's going to be affected most is the same group of people who voted heavily for donald trump to be president. we're starting to see some folks
3:20 pm
who are a little weirded out by this guy who they really supported thousand i is backing a proposal which could affect them disproportionately. we'll see. if thing is still fairly early in the process, there certainly can be changes that will be made, changes are going to have to be made if it's going to pass the house and senate based on what we're hearing from the hill, so that may not survive. again, who loses coverage and who pays for it. arthel: any compromises that you see in the foreseeable future by president trump? >> i think this is his first time taking a stab at this sort of deal making. he's used to one-on-one deal making, this is a whole different wall game. i think he is less concerned about the particulars of the thing than he is figuring out a package that can get through the hill. i'm not sure there's something immediately available. arthel: but then, like you said, his core, you know, ardent fans will look at this and say, wait a minute, okay, it's no longer called obamacare, it's called trumpcare, but it's kind of the same thing. >> yeah, i mean, there's
3:21 pm
definitely some subjectivity to the extent which it's the same thing, but this is the trick about being president of the united states, you've got to figure out the middle ground here. we just heard in that package a republican saying, well, we have a lot more in common than we do differ. the problem is that the republicans are differing like the democrats are going to vote against this, 100% of them. they have to be united, come up with a package, donald trump needs to figure out what that package looks like. right now they're not terribly close to it. arkansas it's a -- arthel: it's a tricky, tricky thing to figure out. good to see you. rick: the pentagon sending hundreds more u.s. troops to syria as part of final preparations for the impending campaign to take raqqa back from isis. meanwhile, violent and deadly protests this south korea over the impeachment of its president throwing an already unsettled landscape into complete turmoil as tensions with north korea intensify. could this affect the depth of u.s. involvement this that region?
3:22 pm
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rick: we have new details about last night's white house fence jumper, new sketches of jonathan tran appear anything d.c. court today after he was arrested for scaling a white house fence last night. court documents show tran was carrying two cans of mace, he was also carrying a book authored by donald trump before he was elected president. tran faces a charge of entering restricted grounds while using or carrying a dangerous weapon, a crime punish bl by up to ten years in prison. he is expected to be arraigned in federal court tomorrow. arthel: and another fox news alert as more bloodshed happening this syria today after deadly explosions ripped through crowds of iraqi pilgrims in da has cuts. at least -- damascus. at least 100 people killed and 40 injured.
3:27 pm
isis has carried out similar attacks before against religious shrines. the fresh violence comes as u.s. forces on the ground help local fighters prepare for the impending battle to take back raqqa from isis. john huddy is in our mideast bureau with more. john? >> reporter: arthel, it was a bloody and violent day in damascus after 40 people were killed and more than 120 others injured in twin bombings. the attacks happened near this cemetery in damascus, officials say ieds caused the explosion explosions. there have also been other unconfirmed reports of a suicide bomber carrying out one of the attacks. so far no claim of responsibility, but rebel groups fighting bashar al assad's government have launched attacks in the country's capital before along with isis, though isis attacks have been more uncommon in da has cuts. now, the violence comings as forces gear up to take back the
3:28 pm
capital of raqqa. u.s. officials announced this week that 400 u.s. troops are on the ground outside raqqa to provide logistical and artillery support for the more kurdish ypg. this has caused tension between the u.s. and turkey, turkey considers the ypg a terrorist organization. fox news contributor and retired army general jack keane talked about the complicated and dangerous situation in syria on the journal editorial report. >> we are currently aligned with the syrian kurds, the so-called ypg. the reality is the ypg is affiliated with other kurds who are trying to overthrow the turkish government. so turkey has been attacking the very forces that our special operation forces are aiding and abetting. >> wow. >> that is how complicated this is. >> reporter: and these same u.s.-backed forces have also been fighting syrian president
3:29 pm
assad's regime. presidents assad said in a recent interview with chinese television that he considers u.s. troops to be, quote-unquote, invaders, because they don't have his government's permission to be on the ground in syria and what has become an increasingly crowded battlefield. arthel? arthel: so complicated. john huddy there jerusalem, thank you. rick: south korea has upheld the impeachment of president park this week, ening the embattled leaders corrupted term in office. the ouster comes ahid a bleak diplomatic landscape as the country scramblingses to respond to the north's expanding missile arsenal. white house press secretary spicer reaffirming the alliance with seoul but saying america would not weigh in on south korea's upcoming elections. >> it's a domestic issue in which the united states takes no position in the outcome of that election. it's up to the korean people and their democratic institutions to determine the future of their country.
3:30 pm
the united states continues to be a steadfast ally, friend and partner to the republic of korea. rick: joining us now, stuart holliday, former ambassador for special political affairs and former special assistant the president george w. bush. ambassador, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. rick: the ouster of the south korean president could shake up that region this dramatic ways including the term call high altitude area defense, the former president okayed it, the new president has expressed concern about it, and that gives the u.s. less than two months to get it installed, correct? >> that's right. secretary tillerson is on his way out, and this snap election which has to be held in the next two months is likely to yield a liberal government. you recall that was the government when they were in power, they advanced the so-called sunshine policy of rapprochement with north korea. so the united states is pushing this, the liberal party leader
3:31 pm
who is likely, mr. moon, is like to be elected and saying there's not any rush, but on the other hand he's saying -- he's reaffirming the importance of the alliance with the united states. it remains to be seen as to whether this could be a bargaining chip with the chinese to get them to put more pressure on the north koreans. rick: the chinese are not happy about it. ambassador to the u.n. thicke key haley spoke about the need for the missile system this week. >> in terms of the t.h.a.d. with south korea, tell me why we wouldn't do it in light of 24 ballistic missiles, in light of two nuclear tests, knowing that we're going to protect our allies in we are not going to leave south korea standing there with the threat of north korea facing them and not help. rick: ambassador, you mentioned that the next likely president of south korea, a liberal, says he's concerned with this missile system, that it'll make china their worst enemy.
3:32 pm
since china's infuriated by this weaponry being installed on its doorstep, so there's reason to wonder and worry whether this is going to happen. >> i think the challenge is that the four missiles that were recently launched from north korea or from a location near the border with china, and china is concerned that the t.h.a.d. system is going to be, in effect, give us the edge, qualitative edge in terms of the balance of military power there. but i don't think we really have an option but to continue to advance the deployment. we do have other options for ballistic missile defense including sea-based systems in the area, but the t.h.a.d. is a very effective system, it is 13 for 13 so far this tests, and obviously it's a key part of our strategy the keep south korea safe. rick: moon, the front-runner for next president of south korea, also says he wants a profound change in relations with north korea, you mentioned the return to the so-called sunshine policy of the last liberal
3:33 pm
administration which would mean opening dialogue with kim jong un. he says he's america's friend, but he also says south korea needs to say no to the u.s. what should we expect there this man? >> he's participant of a -- part of a generation that backed many more authoritarian governments. north korea's behavior is actually the most obvious, i think, changed circumstance, and i think it's going to be very hard for the south korean president -- even though he's a liberal and his party is more accommodating -- the just go back to the sunshine policy. i think they're boxed in on that, and they're going to have to come up with manager new and work with the united states more effectively. rick: but he seems to think that dialogue could be a good thing, and maybe it is a good thing. but there's no indication at this point that kim jong un is a guy you can talk to. >> absolutely not. of course, the chinese tried last week to to get the united states to the table by saying if we halted our military exercises, that they would get north korea to stop continued
3:34 pm
ballistic missile activities, but it hasn't worked in the past, and it's not going to work in the future unless there's some sort of change in attitude or government in north korea. rick: i just want to ask you about south korea's first female president. kid you ever -- did you ever meet her? >> i did, yes. her father, of course, was president, and she visited the united states several times and was somebody who i knew the u.s. very well. rick: first female president of south korea, first president removed by impeachment this south korea, and that sparked violent protests among supporters and opponents, and they're gong on, as far as i know, today. is there any end in sight -- whether well, there is. it's about a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 support for her removal versus the protests. so i think the vast majority of south koreans see her as a corrupt figure. and, of course, want a change. but they don't all agree necessarily on the next government, and that'll be where the issue lies. rick: i guess the key question, ambassador, should we be
3:35 pm
concerned about the state of affairs in south korea and north korea because of this change this politics there? >> well, it actually shows the vibrancy of south korean democracy which hasn't always been the case. but it does pose a challenge for us, but i don't think it's one that we can't navigate. and, again, the north koreans are creating this dreadful environment, and obviously pushing the south koreans to, you know, consider more forceful action. obviously, nobody wants a war in the korean peninsula. it could be a regional war which nobody wants, and so these are very delicate matters, but it's going to be probably two tracks. one is some sort of talks that are advance ared by the liberal party if they get this, the other is cooperating with us to create a deterrent. rick: and clearly moon, the most likely incoming president, has concerns about china because china has concerns about this missile system, and he seems to
3:36 pm
want to placate china while he tries to placate the united states at the same time. >> yeah. and while the chinese are calling for boycotts of south korean businesses which is already creating a backlash in south korea, so the koreans are very determined people, they've been through a lot, and and they're not going to be -- they're not going to succumb to pressure. rick: stuart holliday, we appreciate your time today, sir. >> thank you. arthel: well, the son of an american icon questioned at a u.s. airport for the second time in a month. why one lawmaker is calling the incident, quote, religious profiling. plus, attorneys general across six states are joining the challenge to president trump's new travel ban. six states, six different complaints. will any of the arguments hold up this court? our legal panel debates. ♪ ♪ all.year. long. don't waste it on a pricey wireless plan. lose the contracts, mystery fees and overages. switch to straight talk... get coverage on america's largest and most dependable... ...4g lte networks.
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hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at ♪ ♪ rick: the son of legendary heavyweight boxing champ muhammad ali says he was
3:41 pm
detained for the second time in a month at one with of our nation's airports, the latest incident friday at reagan national. muhammad ali jr. says he was stopped and questioned for 20 minutes. the incident was first reported in a tweet from congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz. she writes: on way home on domestic flight, muhammad ali jr. detained again. a tsa spokesman says ali jr. was not detained and was free to leave at any time. on february 7th he and his mother were held by immigration officials and reportedly questioned about their muslim faith at a florida airport. arthel: attorneys general there six states are now pursuing legal action to challenge president trump's revised travel ban which is set to take effect on thursday. finish here are some of the complaints. oregon claims the order hurts residents, employers and the economy. in washington state officials say it has the same illegal
3:42 pm
motivations as the original ban and that it harms state residents. minnesota, leaders there argue that president trump cannot override his initial ban with a new one. new york calling it a muslim ban by another name. massachusetts claiming the ban is unconstitutional and discriminatory. and finally, hawaii, the first state to take the president's order to court, says it harms the muslim population, tourism as well as foreign students. let's br now robert chalke and alex little. i want to start though, gentlemen, with the breaking news coming out of the criminal justice world, u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york bharara fired after refusing to resign yesterday. as you well though, it's part of 46 federal prosecutors, obama administration holdovers, who were asked to resign yesterday
3:43 pm
by the trump administration. now, this one is a big deal because he was personally asked to stay on by president trump and then-attorney general nominee jeff sessions at the time, although the trump administration moments ago, moments ago saying this account was never confirmed by the trump transition team, but was solely an account from bharara himself. robert are, your reaction first. >> yeah, i've been practicing law in the state of new york my entire career. he's above reproach, and i think it's unfortunate that political, you know, decisions are being made to take a man out of office who investigated his own political party. he has open investigations against the governor of the state of new york and the hay or your of -- the mayor of new york city. he does it the right way. unfortunately, he was asked to resign. he's one of the best we've had here this a long time, and it's upsetting that there was, obviously, a miscommunication
3:44 pm
or -- as to whether or not he was asked to stay or leave. but i wish he was asked to stay, because he does it the right way every day. arthel: alex? >> it's an incredible insult to the prosecutors who stand up in court and say i represent the united states, to take somebody like that who is not political, who is doing the job right and kick him out the door. it's an insult to those people and another sign that this administration is gutting, you know, bureaucrats who are doing their job right. arthel: so do you feel there's going to be follow-up to this? we're not hearing the last of this. >> well, look, you've got -- he's not the only one, it's happened nationally, in districts across the country, and you have folks who work underneath him who have to feel like the president -- arthel: but, i mean, he does the have the right to -- >> he absolutely can. arthel: -- ask him to leave. >> but there was never, never the accusation that preet was not doing that the best.
3:45 pm
arthel: robert, do you want to add mig anything to that? >> again, you're politicizing an office where the man's job is to enforce the constitution of the united states of america or and the laws of this great country, and he does that every single day. just to -- yes, there's precedent for it. janet reno had 93, i believe was the number, u.s. attorneys to resign back in, i believe, 1993. and the thing about it is just was there's precedent for it doesn't make it right. you these to ask yourself is the right person in office to enforce the laws of the country and to keep the citizens safe, and he does that. >> and, arthel, it's also how you do it. if the president had people in place, his own people who were ready to go, this administration hasn't nominated a single u.s. attorney yet, and so you leave these offices without a commander. and that's incredibly difficult to do. to actually then effectively prosecute cases across the country. it doesn't serve the president's interests even if he wanted other people doing it. arthel: well, we need to move on. there will be more conversations about this very topic this
3:46 pm
weekend and next week as well, but let's move on to the travel ban, 2.0. supposed to take effect next thursday, march 16th. two days there now though, monday, you've got five additional states planning to file complaints challenging the revised ban. hawaii already filed a complaint, and today, guys, the same judge who issued the order blocking the original travel ban refusing to block the revised version saying the states' lawyers, well, they needed to file more extensive documents. so do these state attorneys general face an uphill legal battle, alex? >> yeah, they do. it's difficult to overturn an executive order. the only reason it was so much easier or to overturn the last one is because it was so poorly constructed. courts tend to presume that the president and congress drafting laws do so competently, so you have the high bar to overcome. one of the biggest problems for the president here is that the previous ban happened at all. you know, that's history the court's going to take into account.
3:47 pm
this is going to proceed more slowly, the courts may be more deliberative about the challenges. i think, ultimately, a couple courts will find this unconstitutional or otherwise to problematic. arthel: what's your take, robert? >> no, i think there's definitely an uphill battle for the states because the ninth circuit court of appeals, one of the most liberal in the country and, you know, this was forummed for that specific location, and the thing that you have is they never even addressed whether or not the president's executive order was lawful and whether he had the power to do it. anyone who reads the law, it's clear that the president can do what he did. the question becomes whether or not there is proper constitutional questions being raised by the states that harms their constituents and their citizens. and you have to have standing. and that's, the constitutional thing of standing, we could sit here and do a two hour segment and most of us still wouldn't understand it. the state of washington is trying to claim that their university employees are being harmed because some of them are nationals, and they can't travel around.
3:48 pm
the problem is this, is that the state is acting on behalf of the university who's acting on behalf of the teachers. those teachers might have standing, they would be the ones to file the lawsuit. standing is something that the supreme court is a stickler for. even if this gets moved and the thros are -- tros are granted, the order would remain in place. arthel: alex, will the revised travel ban pass? or will it pass maybe of after even more changes? >> i think it's going to stay in place for a while. think the ultimate question is whether the folks who have brought suits can prove that there was a religious and anti-muslim animus that really drove it. if the courts believe that's the case, and this is certainly a lot of evidence in terms of tweetses and statements of people who were involve inside it, that suggest that's the case. and if the courts determine that it was motivated by religious bias, it's not going to stand up. arthel: i have to leave it there. thanks for you both. rick: one california school says it won't be holding a
3:49 pm
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category. an elementary school in california will no longer hold a father/daughter dance, instead it's now introducing the family dance to make more families feel welcome. will carr has more on the family dance. will. >> reporter: hey there, rick. father/daughter dances have been popular for decades, but it's now a matter of controversy in sacramento. the pta president there says that several parents recently complained, so in response the school decided to rename the event the, quote, family dance. they're now pursuing more gender-neutral events. >> a request from a couple parents to be more inclusive and change the name. >> the child wants to define family, whoever they want to bring with them, they're able to do that. >> reporter: in recent years several states have seen schools transition there father/daughter the family dances. back in 2013 the aclu got
3:54 pm
involved in rhode island after a single mother said she couldn't attend the dance. we want to know what you think on twitter, lisa writes: sad that promoting strong healthy father/daughter relationships is non-p.c., wondering what p. c. police will ruin next. then mo tweets: at first blush, i thought this was another p.c. issue gone bad, a dance for the entire family on one night is okay. and in sacramento, there are still some schools that do have father/daughter dances on the calendar, and the school board plans to review gender-related policies. rick: i think it might be more fun than father/daughter dance. family dance. >> reporter: get everybody involved. rick: sounds fun. arthel: i like it. rick: okay. family dance. arthel: let's all get out there ask cut a rug. rick: i know you will -- [laughter] arthel: hey. hey, matt. well, listen -- [laughter] it happens every year, you can set your calendar or by it.
3:55 pm
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arthel: the windy city is going green. well, the chicago river is anyway. yep, officially kicking off st. patrick's day celebrations across the city. rick: today thousands of people turned out for the annual river-dyeing events which dates all the way back to 1961. all the way back to 1961. arthel: who wrote that? rick: when i was a little baby bouncing on hi mommy's knee. the city says it takes more than 45 pounds of the environmentally-trendily vegetable dye to color the water, and it typically lasts about five hours before slowly fading away. arthel: and when you drink enough beer, you don't even know it's green in the first place. rick: you know, i lived this -- in the chicago for a year and a half. arthel: i did too. rick: it's always green. arthel: no, it's not. what's your favorite pizza? rick: i'm a new york pizza guy,
4:00 pm
i like the thin crust. arthel: okay. well, that's a good answer. rick: i don't like those pie size -- one piece and you're full. it's not pizza. arthel: okay. see, that's it for us. we're going. nice to work with you. rick: it's been a pleasure. arthel: julie banderas is up next. julie: one of the most high profile federal prosecutors in the country says he was forced out by the trump administration after refusing the order to quit. i'm julie banderas, and this is "the fox report." preet bharara was the u.s. attorney for the southern district of manhattan known for his prosecution of public corruption. he announced today that he'd been fired and did not resign as asked. well, that request c attorney general jeff sessions who asked 46 u.s. attorneys held over from the obama administration to submit their resignations. well, today preet bharara tweeted this: i did not resign. moments ago i was fired.


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