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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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get ready for an all new face big broadcast that premieres april 7 at 9:00 p.m. on the big fox. thank you for joining us. >> you are watching the fox support. the first to give americans better health care, leading the charts, republicans on the president of doing what obama trump promised, obamacare replacement. >> their concerns about what will happen to the republicans american healthcare act. here's the next step, the congressional budget office.
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we could see that report within days. it will estimate how many people would likely be covered and cost. some critics of the planned are suggesting the score will only strengthen their case against the bill. republican supporters are dismissing the claim and they did so on the talkshow. the white house is busy trying to drum up support for the new legislation. the president planning to attend a rally to pitch it this week. garrett tenney has more from washington. reporter: there is a lot of political capital going into this push. administration officials have said the president and vice president are fully committed to giving this bill passed. mike pence was in kentucky yesterday rallying support and trump is headed to nashville to sell it directly to the voters as well. today, the white house sent national economic advisor on fox news sunday to defend it in his first sunday show appearance. he insisted under the gop plan, everyone who wants insurance will be able to, including those who gained coverage under
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obamacare. >> we are offering coverage to everyone. if you're on medicaid today, you will stay on medicaid. if you're covered under an employer-sponsored plan, you will continue to be covered under an employer-sponsored plan. if you fall into the middle group, we will provide tax credits so you can go out and buy a plan that you want, not a plan that washington is determining you should buy. reporter: those tax credits are a point of contention for conservative lawmakers who say they are essentially the same as obamacare subsidies. speaking of disagreements, while the president has fully supported the current plan, he is very open to suggestions on how to improve it. >> i know freedom caucus members have been saying they need more time to get into the bill and make some changes. how hopeful or certain are conservative the changes will happen. >> nothings become more clear that republicans will be able to pass it without support of the
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freedom caucus members. they have somewhat soften their tone and said they are now open to negotiations to work out the differences. some of the key points of disagreement they have to work through are the tax credits we mentioned as well as several obamacare taxes and regulations that will be left in place under the current plan. on fox news sunday, and jim jordan described the current plan as falling short of what republicans have been promising voters over the past two elections. >> remember what we told the voters. we said we will repeal obamaca obamacare. they said it's not a binary choice. we would like a chance to amend it, change it and make it consistent what we told the voters. reporter: they are working on putting together a list of demands and they plan to share with the president on tuesday when they meet at the white house for bowling and pizza negotiations. >> i love both those things.
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thank you very much but we will cover the news on that if it happens. let's go to the ultimatum from bipartisan lawmakers to the trumpet ministration. they want evidence to support the wiretap claim by tomorrow. one democrat is asking for answers and said they would likely not face consequences if the deadline were not met. kristin fisher is live at the white house. live on location, we are looking at any indication whether the white house will comply with these committee members request to give them evidence by tomorrow. >> no indication of that harrison. the bigger question is does any evidence exist? today the >> i don't think we will see any evidence. we agree with tom cotton. they are one of two possibilities. either he quite deliberately, for some reason made up this charge or perhaps more disturbing the president really believes this.
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>> to recap, the former charges that obama ordered the wiretapping charges have been denied. even the current fbi director james comey has asked the justice department to publicly reject the president claims. they plan to ask comay about that directly when he testifies before the full committee later this month. harrison: i know it's not just democrats. republicans also have been critical of him on this very issue. if they weren't critical, they were silent last week. >> today john mccain had some very strong words for president trump. he basically said the president has two options. he can retract his claim or give facts to back up the claim. >> i have no reason to believe that the charges is true but i also believe the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute. all he has to do is pick up the
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phone and call the tractor of the cia and national intelligence and say what happened because they certainly should know whether the former president of the united states was wiretapping trump tower. >> in addition president trump will hold his first full cabinet meeting minus the two yet to be confirmed. on tuesday he will meet with the german chancellor, andrea merkel and then he will travel to tennessee on wednesday. on thursday the budget will drop and his new travel plan is set to take effect. another busy week as trump heads into the second half of his first 100 days in office. harrison: 50 days in and the next five look just as busy as the first 45. millions of people are tuning in to see the news about the weather. a dangerous winter storm system headed to the northeast.
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storm watch is issued at this time, expected to stretch across the region. communities brace for possible blizzard conditions. that map may become our reality in the next few hours. that is 12 - 18 inches of snow. forecasters are saying if you are traveling in this region it will be very difficult. they are offering no-cost waivers for flights on tuesday and wednesday. if you plan to travel, check out the waivers and save some cash. up from the weather center, i was extremely anxious to get to you because that map behind you is daunting. it's really the first time this season we have seen that much of it. >> this is the first really big system we've seen and it is stretching over a huge area. this is the pink is the warning area. the conditions are there and were certain this will happen.
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stretching from virginia, getting all the way to maine, if i can take you a little tighter, you notice a little green surrounding new york city and stretching up the coast. this is a blizzard watch which means wind will be near whiteout conditions getting into tuesday. i will time that out for you in just a minute. very cold winter weather temperatures currently sitting at 28 degrees. further inland you are getting into the teens. this cold weather will stay in place as we see moisture running in, really getting late into monday and tuesday. here's what were looking at on our national map. mostly clear for now but there are two systems were paying attention too. one is dropping snow. that will combine with another system in the southeast to lift its way up the east coast. we will see it on the east coast eventually. snow is falling in wisconsin and minnesota. also in northern portions of iowa. this forecast will show you when
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word expecting it to set up. a low pressure system is lifting up the coast. these combined early tuesday morning and that is 3:00 a.m., beginning to see that snow moving into new york city running up the coastal region, continuing throughout the day on tuesday, running into tuesday evening before clearing off closer to wednesday evening. by this point we have seen bands of snow and very strong winds. how much are we talking about? take a look at some of these numbers. you see these deep purples, that indicates maybe 2 feet of snow or more. you get into major metropolitan areas, i think at least a foot, 18 inches on all of these areas. we also want to point out, some of these colors indicate wins 5d
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that's when you see a wideout. rs can hear me in the background saying stop. later in the news cast i want to bring you back because this is daunting. i know they get updated every hour. we will hit it at the bottom, or the top of the next hour so we know what's going on. it will be an interesting 24 hours. >> yes there's a lot to watch. harrison: the trumpet ministration is getting ready to unveil its first budget proposal. we been talking about it. it will pump billions of dollars more into the military while flashing spending in other agencies, some dealing with national security. the second executive order on immigration and travel is about to take effect but a new legal challenge could stop it in its track. take a look. >> there are still constitutional problems of this revised executive order. the president does not get to
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decide if a new executive order rodney and his new business.
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know where you stand instantly. visit harrison: president trump's revised executive order on extreme vetting is expected to go into effect march 16. it applies to travelers from six countries, down from the original seven. lawsuits keep coming. a handful of state generals are expected to try to halt the executive order. will carr is live from our newsroom. has the judge weighed in on any of this. reporter: friday, the federal judge said because of procedural issues he won't make an immediate ruling on whether the restraining order applies to the new travel ban. it will block new visas from
10:15 pm
somalia, iran, libya and yemen. current visa holders will be impacted and iraq has been taken off the list. they have already filed a suit challenging the order and a number of other states plan to file as well. >> in hawaii we care about the security of our state, but don't bring us back to a time that occurred prior to the 1950s. >> we saw mass protest across the country after the first man went into effect. the revised man has a cushion affect. harrison: just so people understand the two areas these attorneys are hoping they can prove this is not constitutional is two parts, a ban on refugees
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and travel from six predominantly muslim countries. they will hang their want for a victory on those two areas because they say they were also in the original travel ban. i am curious to know how much the revised order has placated the critics from the obama administration because they have been very vocal. reporter: not much. on friday 134 policy experts, many from the obama administration wrote a letter condemning the band. part of the letter states that they are harmful to u.s. national security and beneath the dignity of our great nation. the administration has maintained this is all about keeping americans safe. listen to rex tillerson. >> while no system can be made completely infallible, the american people can have high confidence we are identifying ways to improve the vetting process and keep terrorists from entering our country. >> they do believe it will hold up to legal scrutiny.
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harrison: thank you very much. good to see you. let's talk money. the trumpet ministration is set to unveil their first formal budget plan. he's promising more money for the military. we will take a look at where the cuts will come from and will lawmakers get behind it. >> good news on the fight against isis. the last major stronghold in iraq is now
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harris: president trump's family played a prominent role in the campaign. his sons and daughters have kept the flow profile 50 took office.
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donald trump junior spoke last night at a reagan day dinner and he said he is proud of his dad's work so far. >> i want to make sure my kids grow up in the same america that all of our kids do. i will make sure they have the same opportunities and freedoms and that's so important to me. harris: ivanka trump is being more visible and active meeting with leaders from both parties advocating for reducing the cost of child care for working families. the new budget proposal is expected to call for dramatic cuts of all areas of the federal government. the plan also includes tens of billions of dollars more for the pentagon. rebuilding the military is one of the presidents keep campaign promises. with so much change on the table, will congress buy it?
10:22 pm
>> the government iran a $587 billion deficit last year. trump promises to do a lot more with less. on thursday he is planning to send his proposed budget to congress that could make lyrically painful cuts to domestic programs in order to move money and cut back on waste. >> when they need to spend money somewhere, they have to cut it from somewhere else. these are tough decisions but he is ready, willing and able to make the decisions. reporter: that would hit the epa and housing department, the coast guard and. [inaudible] [inaudible] reporter: the big winner is the
10:23 pm
pentagon with a 54 billion-dollar boost for defense spending. the president has promised to rebuild the military and defend the border. the president has promised to leave medicare and social security untouched. they must consider how to fund the gop health care plan. harris: thank you. it is getting nasty between two of our nato allies. protesters clash with police in the streets. they had to use water cannons, so they say. now turkey's president is reaching out to international organizations. what does all this mean for america? success to tell you about in mosul. >> it's not just the territory we've taken back. most important it's the people we have helped free. the islamic state is said to be surrounded in that city. what's next in the fight against
10:24 pm
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learn more at your john deere dealer. the islamic state savages have tasted a bit of defeat. a senior official with the us-led coalition said the isis held city is now surrounded. the terror army has lost more than 60% of the territory it
10:28 pm
once held in iraq. they say the operation to stop isis is working. >> this air campaign is the most precise air campaign in history. it has been relentless. we have killed 180 leaders frome leaders every day. harris: here is more from jerusalem. reporter: it took more than three months for iraqi forces to retake the eastern part of mosul. the push to reclaim the western half is moving much faster. with senior iraqi commanders saying this weekend that the anti- isis coalition is now in control of roughly one third of western mosul, insurgents continue to resist. the fighting is expected to become even more difficult as iraqi troops move in to the old city area where streets are narrow and armored vehicles cannot operate.
10:29 pm
more than 60000 civilians have lead in the last week alone while the fight against isis and iraq has gone slower than planned, it has made real progress in the last year with the help of the american-led coalition which has provided ground troops and air support. they have lost more than 60% of the territory they once controlled, and increasingly top isis leaders are fleeing iraq, heading back to neighboring syria. the next phase of the fight against isis is set to begin later this summer with an operation to retake the area. this will be a big test of the anti- isis coalition but it could destroy the insurgent group as the world knows it. ben collins is a u.s. army special forces veteran and green beret. it's always good to see you. i know you served in iraq and afghanistan, three tours of duty in afghanistan.
10:30 pm
i want to check in on what's happening in mosul. when we were talking three weeks ago, you said it took a hundred days to take the first half of that city and you weren't as optimistic about the western side. you said it will get done but it will take a lot longer. what are your thoughts with reports of victory. >> just to be clear i served three tours in afghanistan but i didn't go to the rack. we looked at that map, it was fairly detailed when we looked at that a couple months ago. what we've done so far, the tigris river dissects the city and they have made some significant progress over the past three weeks. however, they have yet to get into the old city of mosul. remember when we were looking at the pictures, that ancient city with the very narrow streets and tight corridors the between homes, that's where we still need to get into and that will be the most difficult and the most body because they will have
10:31 pm
to go block by block and house by house. isis had two years to prepare for this. they are moving faster than i thought but they've yet to come up against the most challenging part of the fight. >> if i didn't miss it, i think there are fewer people now in harm's way but i'm still seeing the number 600,000. reporter: that's right. there are a number of civilians, they've been getting pushed and pushed into pockets. there are about 600,000 civilians in mosul. isis has been using them as shields. they been corralling them and they are fighting from those positions, using them as shields. they know the american airpower will be very hesitant to strike at targets where they are using a high number of civilians. there fighting from hospitals and places like mosques and schools. they have done dug tunnels under that part of the city so they
10:32 pm
are able to move and pop up where they want. it will be a significant fight. harris: what happens when we take mosul? we will take mosul. reporter: i think isis will lose that part of the rack. they have less of an ability to claim their caliphate, but members of isis will go into the mountainous area and change their tactics from the battlefield army to striking as a terrorist organization and in an insurgent manner. the big question is what happens next. you have a shiite government in baghdad, a sunni majority, the tensions there are what gave isis the ability to cover the ground because essentially they did have a message saying look, you're being ostracized by the government so the kurds are involved, the turks are involved in the big question is who is
10:33 pm
going to maintain, once the last door gets kicked in, who will maintain stability. harris: abu all over again in some respects because we been down this road before. the criticism for the obama administration is our exit was not better, it was worse. let's move on. asad, the president of syria is giving some pointers to present trump? using i don't see a complete plan to fight isis? what's he talking about? >> with the recent news that we've sent in some marines, he was interviewed and said anybody who hasn't been invited by his government into syria are invaders. he also said we should take a note out of president's book in how the russian military assistance and how they were able to retake aleppo.
10:34 pm
as you've seen plenty of pictures, films of what aleppo looks like, that's a victory if there ever was one. they were able to take aleppo back from the rebels but they completely destroyed it. the dynamic here is that you have less than 10% shiite population within syria. you have 90% or so that is sunni muslim. aside only controls about 30% of syria. there is no syria anymore. at the very best there are two areas of syria. there's the area he controls and the rest of the country. harris: it's my understanding from previous talks with you that one of the things that will keep bashar all asad with his tiny little place that he can trolls is russia and iran.
10:35 pm
that's compensated for a spread i want to talk a little bit about what's going on between turkey and the netherlands. those are nato allies of ours. i don't know how much you get involved when two factions are not speaking, but how does this affect america when they are giving up with each other. reporter: what we have to look at is turkey has always had an identity problem, at least when it comes to governance and turns of secular and nonsecular. they've shown over the last ye year, he is pushing his government more and more into the islamists corner. they are 1 foot into the arab world. he essentially called the dutch nazis yesterday which is pretty ironic as over the past year, as we remember effectively shut down the media, arrested journalists, data cleansing of the military leadership, the
10:36 pm
biggest point here is the fact that next week there is going to be elections in the netherlands in france and germany, and a lot of the populist candidates have really been pushing this anti- immigration message. europe needs turkey. they needs turkey to cut off all the syrian refugees coming into europe which is putting a massive strain on the populati population. harris: we need them to for our fight against isis. we need both these countries. reporter: we do. absolutely. we've had iraqi relationships. he has really pushed the line with us. it's a very key base that says yes we do use that space to operate our airpower and it's also the place where we house the largest amount of nuclear weapons at the airbase. it is a very touchy situation,
10:37 pm
like you said the beginning. it's too nato countries, but let's see how that plays out over the election in france and germany because those are two of the pivot points, as they go europe goes. we have just a few seconds left. i know with your three tours in afghanistan i had accidentally put you in another country, but three tours, wow. i am reading this evening that the leadership in afghanistan is trying to get trump's attention with resources so we don't begin to back away from our presence in that country. what are your thoughts on that? i think a lot of countries have looked at president trump and what his focus has been, and it's been getting jobs back. countries like tokyo have tried to reach him in a diplomatic way, focusing on jobs. in afghanistan, yes, a couple years ago i remember there was a study floating around that said afghanistan has a number of natural resources. one of the things they do have, it was the saudi arabia lithium.
10:38 pm
everyone who has an iphone or an ipad or a tablet, lithium is part of that battery component and it's very valuable. how are you going to convince a company to come to afghanistan in the security situation and convince them to actually invest into extracting the minerals, et cetera when the taliban have taken over more territory than they've had since 2001. it will be a tough sell but they're doing the best they can to convince trump to stick around. >> this came after trump said that america should keep the oil after invading iraq, the white house was seen as pulling foxsupport and fighting the taliban. it's exactly as you say, we will have to see how it shakes out and how the realities really are on the ground. you're right about corporations going there and the security issues. it's always great to have you. the fox report. thank you very much.
10:39 pm
harris: we are roughly 50 days into the trump presidency and already news headlines. from travel bands to the border wall and replacing obamacare. how is the president doing so far? jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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doesn't affect it at all. are you sure? positive. huh, so i guess i could just check my credit score then. oh! check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. sorry about that. the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare is facing a new challenge for the nonpartisan budget office is expected to release how much it will cost if past is currently written. would it add or subtract to the national debt? more importantly, millions of americans are waiting to learn exactly how the bill will impact them.
10:43 pm
good to have you both. thanks for being here. let's talk about what the president promised. can we get that on the screen? i think some people are wondering what will we be looking for in this bill? he wanted, as stated, universal healthcare. healthcare for everybody. no medicaid cuts for the poorest among us. and funding for opioid treatment because we know we have opioid addiction running rampant, particularly here in the east coast. what did we get out of his bill. reporter: we didn't get that much. this bill, which the president has married himself to gives a tax credit for every american whereas in different regions there are some places where they will be facing $11000 paid for
10:44 pm
by the government for healthcare and it is reduced to 4000. that take something already unaffordable and makes it more so. we need to see the president and congress work together to fix obamacare and make it truly affordable. harris: before that the freedom caucus and your very own party has to also get its changes and amendments. are they better representing what the president wants if it's not already in the current bill? >> i don't think anyone is satisfied with the current bill except for paul ryan and the president. they are going out and touting it. harris: you just said his objectives are not in it. reporter: exactly but he married himself to it. i don't understand why he did it, but he has not presented a plan of his own despite having set on the campaign trail that he has something terrific and perfect. harris: while it had those three things he really wanted, and maybe, i don't put words in his mouth, but it would make sense of your dependent on the people who do this to a living to put it all in there. now i've got this bill. where are your people. where are the democrats.
10:45 pm
>> there out there saying this is an at all what trump promised and it certainly not what the majority. >> i've been saying for a long time the key for democrats is to back down on purchasing insurance across state lines. that would create competition and drive down prices. it's pro- free market and capitalism. it's good for democrats . >> i personally like it and i know bernie sanders wants universal healthcare but he doesn't really understand what that would mean, what an overhaul of our system that would be and how powerful these insurance companies are. >> look, you've seen the people at the town hall. some of them now, their big mantra is no, we have not been organized or paid. we are looking at the lack of what our dollars are bringing in. look at arizona. everybody points to that. more than one 100% hike and
10:46 pm
health insurance premiums. you don't have to organize them to go anywhere. they're seeing it when they open the envelope. what you say to them as they get ready, are we going to see a situation where it feels like people are coming to the table or is this a gauntlet inside your party. the score that's most come out tomorrow, republicans are privately telling one another you should expect the worst, it will be up terrible score. it might actually be good. that's what happened with obamacare >> i think if we sit down with democrats and hammer out something with the long run. >> until you fly into the stud studio. [inaudible] mypoints you is, before all that can happen, you do have a situation where hhs secretary is saying don't expect the cbo to be accurate on this bill.
10:47 pm
>> that's pr at this point. harris: you think it is? you don't think he knows what it would cost. >> it's a nonpartisan office, it's not going to be good to sell. i think the president needs to insert into this bill. it makes things more expensive and doesn't bring in the free market exchange. what experience or suggestion or advice would you give republicans. >> don't jam it down republicans throat? obamacare just got popular when people became afraid that trump would take away his health insurance and in prices would go up. i think that will happen. it's not just the cbo score.
10:48 pm
we also have brookings estimates this will be a huge election in 2018 and 2020. the president has even said who knew this would be, located. harris: real quickly, the doj, the trump administration is being called upon to find evidence and show it by tomorrow to the house intelligence committee on whether or not obama ordered wiretapping. your thoughts? >> i think the president should produce this evidence. it's a very serious charge. we don't want the president of the united states abusing power which is what he has accused former president obama. >> sunday talk shows were full of it. it doesn't appear there's any evidence they will come forward
10:49 pm
with. harris: well, we don't know. president trump or his administration bumps up and says boom, what's the consequence of that. >> if trump comes up with that evidence, i think that falls under the realm of the special prosecutor. we will need that if that were true. if he comes up with this and either there is no evidence or he comes up with evidence but there was a warrant granted. there is a serious problem. harris: i want to give you the last word jessica. >> i think it's critical on both sides to make huge accusation accusations -. harris: yes they made it against the trump administration. >> absolutely, everyone needs to
10:50 pm
come to the table with their evidence for the american people are not trusting anyone until you show the piece of paper and evidence. the american public is sick of it. the approval rating are down in the dumps and especially if they're not delivering on economic reform. that's what they put him into office to do. i know the job number was good. a little obama bump there, i would say. harris: yes, we knew she had to get it in there. always good to see you. the clock may be springing ahead, but winter, it's going to stay here. where is the groundhog? >> i would rather it be warm again. i'm ready for spring. harris: breakout the boots and the shov
10:51 pm
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10:54 pm
weather alert. we will check in as promised. the northeast is bracing for the largest storm so far this season. adam, we will take a look at how this compares to the rest of the winter we've had. that's important because it's relatively warm. now the ground is frozen. when this comes, we will get what i've read about as the refrigeration affect. reporter: this will definitely be sticking as compared to storms where the ground was warmer and it melts immediately. this will be sticking. we are set up for a big one. we have the most updated information coming in. when winter storm warning from
10:55 pm
d.c. up into boston. we do see the green targeting new york city. that is a blizzard watch. if they change it to a warning we will let you know. that is an area we are concerned for the heaviest note snowfall. there are two low-pressure systems, one into the southeast which is just moving off the coast and eventually will gain energy and head north. one into the upper midwest bringing snow to iowa and wisconsin. these will come together and move toward the northwest, the northeast, excuse me. here's how this comes together. 6:30 p.m. monday, still waiting for its come this direction. this will happen overnight monday into tuesday. that's when the snow falls in the northeast. then it lingers through the day, wrapping up getting into wednesday. here's what i want to show you,
10:56 pm
this is the interesting one. the pink color, that's 2 feet of snow. i think widespread we are looking at 18 inches of snow and harris, what's really helpful is trying to think of a similar event. here are our record snowfall totals in new york city and we have a recent one, back in january last year we had nearly 27 inches. i'm not sure we will get there but there will be places that get close to it. this will be a really big one and it may even be historic. harris: anytime you get beyond 20 inches, that is just a lot of heavy snow on rooftops, it's a lot on these roads. you people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
could be a problem. as they get snow-covered, we lose a lot of problem. that will be hallmark for the storm coming up on the east coast. don't want to miss it. >> i'm chris wallace, president trump rolls out his budget this week and continue offensive on health care. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> action on obamacare is an urgent necessity. >> we will discuss the prospects for repeal and replace. the president's first report card on jobs and his plan for tax reform. with gary, white house chief economic adviser, first sun show interview. then conservative republicans are pushing back on the party's healthcare plan. the. >> the goal is real simple. get rid of this terrible law and do what we told voters what we were going to do.


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