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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tweet @tuckercarlson. see you tomorrow. >> sean: the left is working overtime to destroy president trump. while ignoring a bombshell about the clintonn campaign. and then... >> i'm not saying it didn't >> sean: the obama administration spied on president trump? sara carter is here to weigh in. >> whether we do it or not -- it will be imploded off the map. >> sean: president trump moves ahead to repeal and replace obamacare. republican saboteurs continue to undermine the president's agenda. monica crowley, geraldo rivera have reaction. "hannity" starts right here, right now. reporting from washington tonight. the alt left propaganda media
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continues to push this false russian narrative. why?y? that is tonight's opening monologue. we have been reporting since last week, serious journalists have now debunked the fake news narrative about a connection between president trump and russia. the alt left propaganda media, they did not do that.f they did not properly vet obama. they did not look at obama's radical ties because they have his agenda.ct a dereliction of duty that is now bordering on malice and malpractice. by continuing to run around, that actual journalists are reporting is just not true. take a look at some of the worst examples from propagandaru l pr. >> we are number one nailing down more direct connections between the trump campaign and the russian government. at the time the russian government was influencing our election and number two, at the same time, we are also starting to see what may be signs of
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continuing influence in our not just during the campaign but during the administration. basically signs of what could be a continuing operation. >> vladimir putin in the kremlin did everything he could to put guess who in the white house? >> the nation's top intelligence officials provided information to president-elect donald trumpp anti-president barack obama last week about the claims of russian efforts to compromise president-elect trump. >> sean: there is not a shred of evidence. these people have anyel intellectual honesty? not to mention sources have told "hannity," remember the warrant they keep talking about? it has nothing to do with donald trump and every time this issue of so-called russian collision came up, it was debunked by lawnd enforcement. so when will the destroy trump media apologize and admit they were completely wrong? we cannot forget about the media
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freaking out meeting with the russian ambassador. it is political standard practice, shocker of all shocks, russian spokesman actually said people tied to hillary clinton's campaign did the exact same thing during the campaign. wow. >> did he have certain connections with clinton officials? >> if you look at some people connected with hillary clinton during her campaign you would probably see he had had lots ofu meetings of that kind. but there were no meetings about elections, electoral processes. >> sean: so where's all the liberal outrage? where is the call for congressional investigations? this is a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy. 46 obama era attorneys to resign, even though several
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presidents have taken the same action. instead of acknowledging this fact, the press is now saying that yours truly -- that i am responsible for the president's decision. i would love to take credit but it would not be true. take a look. >> this comes less than 24 hours after fox news personality sean hannity said this. >> sean: for weeks, we have been warning you about the deep state obama hold over government bureaucrats who are hell-bent on destroying this president. tonight, it is time for the trump administration to begin to purge the saboteurs before it is too late. >> coincidence you think? >> sessions decision to clean house comes one day after trump loyalist sean hannity called for a purge. >> sean: i've got to laugh because i was talking about deep state obama holdovers, i do not
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think i mentioned u.s. attorneys once but i am glad those of yout in the liberal media are watching because maybe you'll finally learn something for once. by the way, i would love to take credit that our monologue influenced the president. here is a simple truth. during the campaign, i once suggested that he should stop tweeting. he didn't listen then. the propaganda media, they would know that president trump is his own man and makes its own decisions and if they actually cared about the truth, they would tell you that all the way going back to lincoln, presidents have fired and replaced government officials. it's not new. in 1993 bill clinton fired all u.s. attorneys. take a look at former attorney general eric holder defending the decision way back to congress in 2009. take a look. >> we are working as quickly as we can to put new u.s. attorneys in place. a i expect we will have an announcement in the next couple of weeks.
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our first batch of u.s. attorneys. one of the things we did not want to do was disrupt the continuity of the offices andof pull people out of positions where we thought they might be a danger, that that might have on the continuity and effectiveness of the offices. it is our intention. elections matter. it's our intention, and place as quickly as we can. >> sean: just like eric holder said, trump has his right to put the correct people in place. well, the alt left destroy trump media -- they colluded with hillary clinton and her campaign and are now openly lying to you, night after night. you, the american people, about who president trump is and what he is trying to accomplish. here with reaction, pat buchanan. you did not know it was that powerful, did you? >> congratulations.
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>> sean: 46 in one shot. [laughter] >> sean: i've actually watched the president and action. he makes up his own mind. >> you are a friend of his and a supporter and i think you did the right thing. in 1992, the morning after nixon won 49 states, he said everyone turn in your resignation. the press said, we will pick up the ones he wants to accept andh that is what you do and that's what the president should have done. some have their resignation today, some of you can finish up your work. then you resign and you are gone. >> sean: let us talk about this deep state. there are a lot of holdovers and look at, i have great respect h for intelligence. it is something that is necessary in a world as evil as
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this. i believe we are being spied ona we have to spy on them. we have to know our enemy better than they know us. leaking information selectively hurts the president and country. >> as hamlet said, there is something rotten in the country. general clapper director of national intelligence said on january 20th, he had found after six months no evidence of any collusion whatsoever between the trump campaign and the russians and all these leaks. and yet we get story after story saying "intelligence sources say." either the journalists are lying which i do not believe, i think they have the sources or the sources are breaking their oath and breaking the law by leaking out falsehoods where things they do not know can damage the president of the united states and its being done within the government. >> sean: sara carter and john
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solomon, these are seasoned, real journalist. they are not opinion people like i am, but they are reporting -- they go further, any time the trump campaign issue came up, it was investigated and debunked. >> this thing has been going on for eight months. eight months into watergate, we had seven guys indicted, convicted, prosecuted, and sentenced. they were gone. eight months in, not a single indictment. if there is somebody that did something wrong in the trump campaign, in which clapper said -- then indict him or shut up. these individuals keep going out and say the same thing again and again without any evidence. >> sean: how does nbc even call themselves a news organization -- i am open to seeing it. i have been waiting forever.oe
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>> do you have any real evidence of this because james clapper says -- he runs the whole intelligence agency and he does not see it. >> sean: how critical is it for president trump, i talk about deep state and a purge, i think it is critical. obama holdovers, state, intelligent, they have to go. whoever the leakers are, in the intelligence community, all these agencies -- they areth giving the profession a bad name. i'm certain it is a small few. a >> there only a few people that have this information. only a few people can be leaking that. they ought to run them down, take them out, prosecute them, punish them and fired them. >> sean: do you have faith in comey? >> everything i heard about the guy, he has real character, dignity and honor but i do not understand -- the guys in these
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agencies have an obligation to run out these people that betray their oath's. committing felonies. why does not the fbi investigate that? suppose somebody in trump's t campaign got on the phone after a night of drinking and called the russian ambassador and look, that's not a crime. james clapper says no crime has been committed but crimes are being committed regularly. >> sean: violation of the espionage act. >> the fourth state collaborators. first amendment protection working with these deep state folks. they are trying damage -- >> sean: this purge needs to go to where we are talking. intelligence leakers and obama holdovers. >> you have to run down to any trump folks are moving around with the russians. get into all these leaks, find out where they donald trump, you know what the
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vote was in d.c.? four. >> sean: pat buchanan, good to see. up next on this busy monday news night here on "hannity." >> i doubt that trump was a target directly of any kind of eavesdropping but i'm not saying it did not happen. there's a very good chance it >> sean: senator rand paul on president trump being spied on. sara carter, head of the curve on this, she joins us next. president trump thinks he is beginning to make progress on the g.o.p. repeal of obamacare. why republicans seem ill prepared for the moment. as we hold them accountable tonight. we will check in with monica crowley and geraldo rivera. in a crowley and
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>> i doubt that trump was a target directly of any kind of eavesdropping but i'm not saying it did not happen. i think there is a very good chance it does. i do not have any special >> i doubt that trump was a target directly of any kind of eavesdropping but i'm not saying it did not happen. i think there is a very good chance it does. i do not have any special information but the way it works is the fisa court, section 702 wiretaps foreigners and listens to americans. it's a backdoor surge of americans and because theyme hae
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so much data, they can type donald trump into their vast resources and they can get all of his phone calls. >> sean: that was senator rand paul saying it is possible someone from the obama administration could have beenay spying on the trump campaign. here with reaction -- sara carter. you and john solomon broke this story. i misunderstood a part of it. i want to correct the record t here. your sources are telling you that there were two, one was a fisa warrant. that did allow surveillance but it has nothing to do with donald trump. >> absolutely. there was a fisa warrant taking out to oversee the whole election issue that had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with trump unless there could have been some backdoor issues were as they were monitoring some russians and picked up some communication. and then there was a traditional
10:18 pm
fbi investigation. u >> sean: a second warrant? >> i do not even want to call it a warrant. a traditional fbi investigation into the server that was connected to trump tower. it was registered to trump tower. that investigation was to look into the server and to see they were pings between trump tower and the bank. absolutely nothing nefarious or criminal about that investigation. >> sean: so there was some surveillance at some point of the server for trump tower which is off-site, not exactly at the tower. >> absolutely correct. there was surveillance with a server that was registered to trump tower, trump tower businesses, at that point, they went in for less than two weeks. i don't want to give an exact date but they went in for less than two weeks, found nothing nefarious, no evidence within that server to date. of collusion with the russians,
10:19 pm
whatsoever. it was shut down immediately. d >> sean: of all of the things you have heard, is there any shred of evidence about collusion? a shred of evidence? >> according to my sources, not one shred of evidence. if there would have been evidence, we would have seen arrests, something else. some movement. but we have not seen any movement. at least to date. according to the very high level senior sources that we have beet speaking with, there is no evidence connecting trump with russian hacking. w >> sean: my next question is, when "the new york times" and the bbc and to some extent "the washington post" -- they use the word wiretap. okay, the president saidme "wiretap," what -- are we really parsing words here? either intelligence, the lead up to the election, something was
10:20 pm
going on and i think people have a right to know that they did not find anything and nothing nefarious on the political side of this happening.ct what did the president know? who helped instigate this is a big question in my mind. >> that is the main question. who was doing the original search on the server? why did the fbi pursue any type of investigation? we can answer that question -- >> sean: who initiated it, well, hillary clinton seems to have known about it? how did harry reid seeminglyly know about it before the election? >> correct, there with the briefing apparently. some of the folks were briefed on this. that is what we believe. that is why harry reid came out and was making these big statements like there is going to be fake evidence coming out between russia and the election
10:21 pm
hacking and at the trump campaign. and then remember in december, that is when there were definite -- you don't want to say but people got access to flynn's name on the transcript. that was a completely separate -- >> sean: we learned over the weekend from the putin spokesperson that hillary clinton had t discussios as well. >> this is a normal process. absolutely. >> sean: from a political perspective, is it possible that someone high-profile on the left used their influence or something? you are using potentially intelligence and law enforcement as a means of criminalizing or investigating a political opponent or malposition party during a presidential election. >> you bring up a very good point. it needs to be investigated. b if you look at fisa, whatin happened with flynn. let's use him as an example.
10:22 pm
his name was leaked by a senior u.s. official.pp a senior u.s. official leaked a classified pane. this is a felony. it is a felony. they unmasked the name of a private conversation of a wiretap of a russian ambassador. to take down, apparently it looks like it, to take down or expose a u.s. citizen who was speaking to a russian ambassador. that is a serious felony. >> sean: next question. where does your investigation go next? everyone in the media has been wrong and you have gotten us the information that everyone has wanted, what is next?
10:23 pm
>> we are looking for the person that originally tipped off the fbi. >> sean: do you think you know who it is? >> i think i do know who it is. >> sean: sara carter. you have a lot of work to do between now and then. it gets more fascinating. the media should be embarrassed. you, the american people, are owed an apology. up next, tonight on "hannity." >> more competition, and less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care and i think it will bring it down very significantly. it takes a while to get there unfortunately because you have to let that marketplace kick in. >> sean: the president isit optimistic about the g.o.p. replacement plan. they seem so ill prepared for this moment, that is my mini monologue coming up next. why are senators john mccain and lindsey graham to constantly trying to undermine and sabotage the president? monica crowley and geraldo rivera weigh in. and later tonight... disturbing new music video, snoop dogg showing the rapper pointing a fake gun at a clown dressed up like the president.
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but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia >> a fox news weather alert. the east coast is bracing for a massive nor'easter. in effect for new york city, northern new jersey and southern connecticut. the storm could dump up to 18 inches of snow in new york city and boston. philadelphia is slated to get up to a foot of snow while washington, d.c., could see up to 10 inches. wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour are also possible. over 5,000 flights have been canceled. the storm also forcing angela merkel to postpone her trip to washington, d.c. she was scheduled to meet with president trump tomorrow. trump says he has spoken to the threat to our systems of travel are very significant. more than 5,000 flights are
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already canceled. some subways and trains have been suspended. most schools have already announced they will be closed tuesday. i am kelly wright. now back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president trump believes he is beginning to make some progress on one of his key campaign promises. to repeal and replace obamacare. congressional republicans have done him a disservice. that is tonight's mini monologue. today the president met with victims of obamacare, he heard their stories and how the disastrous health care law is failing so many of us. watch this. >> my entire administration and a lot of people in the senate and a lot of people in the house are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a health care plan that lowers costs, expands choice and ensures access for everyone. more competition and less
10:30 pm
regulation will finally bringts down the cost of care. i think it will bring it down very significantly. unfortunately it takes a while to get there because you have to let that marketplace kick in and it will take a little while to get there. once it does it will be a thing of beauty. it shouldn't take a year or two years but that's what's going to happen and that is the way it works. we are willing to go through that process. >> sean: also today the president tweeted... president trump is pushing ahead and trying to get republic and lawmakers to come together and make a deal that works for you, the american people. number of groups have voiced concerns with the g.o.p. obamacare overhaul. you can see them on the side of your screen. here's my problem with the republican legislation. they have had eight years. all the opposition, they knewic ahead of time. it is my opinion that the
10:31 pm
president has not been well served by the republican party in the house or senate and this public civil war that is going on makes the g.o.p. congress look like they were ill prepared for this big moment. what we do now moving forward? we can't undo the past. doing what they should have done in the beginning. republicans in the house, senate, members of the freedom caucus, ted cruz, michael lee and paul ryan. they need to get in a room behind closed doors, hammer out a consensus bill and personally i would like to see the plan include health care savings accounts. joining us now is a doctor who all members of congress need to get to know. he is the founder of health cari cooperative in wichita, kansas, it is insurance free. has anyone called you ofsa importance yet? >> no, not yet, unfortunately. social media has been ablaze.?
10:32 pm
>> sean: i got 46 people fired last week. i might have some influence. the president said today that there will be free marketwi solutions that have not been even thought of yet. health care savings accounts are a big part of it but so are cooperatives like you have. lemme go real quick. the average adult patient pays 50 bucks a month. that includes unlimited care. what does that include? >> home visits, work visits, office visits.k technology visits. we have no co-pays for anything in the office. any procedure we do in the office is free of charge because it costs us pennies or dollars to do and thenrg wholesale medications, labs, imaging, pathology, 80-90% discount. at the president absolutely right. let the free market takeover. but where he was missing theg point -- this will not take
10:33 pm
years. this is already in pace marketplace and active, and live. let it run wild. >> sean: pennies on the dollar, and mri. broken legs, stitches, and a w even cancer drugs you dispense at 90% off, right? >> whenever we can, we use thehe free market to the get the best possible value for our patients which often means huge discounts. we know that there is a lot of waste in the health care system but we are always surprised to find out the actual cost of health care can be so much less. >> sean: you duplicated this. 500-1,000 practices like yours that have now popped up around the country. it's something we can duplicate and if someone has that plan and they have catastrophic insurance, god forbid an accident or heart attack or cancer, that is inexpensive especially with a high deductible. the average person is saving what compared to what they are paying now?
10:34 pm
>> we are seeing families save between 30-60% on their health insurance especially when working with small businesses. if we decrease the cost of health insurance and health care we would have a one-two punch that this country is not seen in a long time. >> sean: that that is sort of the innovative ideas i think the president was talking about today. up next, these two republicans right there -- lindsay graham and john mccain, why are they constantly undermining and sabotaging the president? then, later tonight... rapper snoop dogg hits a new low, pointing a fake gun at a clown dressed up as president trump.og coming up, straight ahead. up as
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>> unfortunately, not all of our cabinet members could join us. >> unfortunately, not all of our cabinet members could join us. we have four empty seats which is a terrible thing. because the senate democrats are continuing to obstruct the confirmation of our nominees for the department of labor, the department of agriculture, the director of national intelligence, and the united states trade representative. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today at meeting for the first time with his cabinet. still short four members because of democratic obstructionists in the senate but those on the left are not alone in their efforts to derail the president and his agenda. john mccain and lindsey graham, constantly attacking the republican president colludinghe with the alt left propaganda media. do not forget senator grahamme made a promise. he broke that rnc pledge. he did not support donald trump in the general election like he said he would. listen to john mccain, he is on every other night criticizing the president. e >> president trump has to provide the american people not just the intelligence committee
10:40 pm
but the american people with evidence that his predecessor, was guilty of breaking the law because our director of national intelligence general clapper testified that there was absolutely no truth to that allegation. so i think the president has one of two choices. either retract or provide the information that the american people deserve. >> sean: here with reaction, monica crowley, geraldo rivera. geraldo, let's start with you. everyone has free speech. we make are living with free speech. here is the first time republicans have a chance to do really, really big things. it's like a never ending attackk by these two guys. they seem bitter for whatever reason, lindsey graham we know is bitter because he could not get 2% in his home state. >> however much of a pain in the
10:41 pm
neck they are to the president, they represent my wing of the republican party. you might call it the rhino wing, i called the moderate, traditional rockefeller republican wing. they are influenced by the liberal media, the more they oppose the president the more they have access to msnbc and cnn and the other news outlets who want very much to criticize the president. they put on mccain and graham but when the rubber hits the road, look at the rex tillerson nomination to be secretary of state. they both opposed it -- initially and then they both voted for it. >> sean: you and i, we have had passionate debates and you have become like a brother to me. you are one of my closest friends. i love geraldo rivera. we are buddies. if you have a problem with me, what you come to me -- if something you were doing was bothering me as a friend, i
10:42 pm
would say hey, geraldo, what are you doing? why do they have to race to cnn for every five seconds with every minor critique? i lost respect for lindsey graham for not keeping his word. >> i think you really laid it out. i think the problem is, there is not enough of a personal relationship between thesee gentlemen and the president of the united states. you talk about our t friendship, our deep on undividing p friendship. i would never go behind your back on a issue. this is not the relationship that the president of the united states has. the more he isolates himself behind his closed circle, the less he is going to be able to work with them. >> sean: he has invited everybody in. let's bring monica into this. he is inviting everybody now that they have laid out a health care bill, they did not have consensus, now he has to clean up their mess. >> exactly right. to geraldo's point, i wish it were that easy read the
10:43 pm
president could invite senators mccain and graham and all would be well but we know what their track record is -- that's likely not to be the case. i have enormous respect for these senators but they have made careers of being contrarians. they are notorious for breaking ranks with conservatives, aligning with moderates and even democrats to support certainin positions. we know that they are no fans of this president. they want to take everyry opportunity that they can to criticize his agenda and to criticize him. that is not going to change despite any kind of charm. the problem is that the democrats never break ranks ever. the republicans do every 5 minutes. >> sean: i'm not saying they should hold back. one thing they are saying -- work with the president and try -- this country is in a precipitous decline. we have a chance to fix it. they can be part of the solution
10:44 pm
and they are so self-serving. >> they could, but they are so interested in courting the other side. and one a good coverage from "the new york times" and "washington post" which when both men ran for president, they did not get. they get no credit for standing on principle and yet they gethi used by the other side. >> sean: let me give you an example. if geraldo and i had a really big issues we had to deal withss in front of us, we would sit down and i am certain, 100%we certain we would hammer it out and come up with the best idea. no one is going to get everything they want in this bill but if you sit down and talk instead of racing to cnn -- really? what are they doing? geraldo? >> i think a big test will be the congressional budget office, they've given us this stark news, yes you will save an awfuy lot of money but you are going to lose a lot of people being insured on the other. i would love to see what happens no.
10:45 pm
where will graham and mccain go, will they try to finesse it? how are they going to be on both sides? that will really be a test of whether they are truly patriotic g.o.p. members or if they are just outliers. >> sean: me and geraldo could fix this, and then we can bring the israeli-palestinian members together. >> i will help. >> sean: we will bring bo along just for entertainment. coming up, tonight on "hannity." >> sean: snoop dogg pulling al fake gun on a clown dressed as president trump for his new music video. really? niger innis and anthony scaramucci will weigh in on that disgusting display. what if it was barack obama? is w music video. really? we will weigh in
10:46 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," the rapper snoop dogg has hit a new low. which means a lot. take a look at this video.n: ♪
10:50 pm
>> sean: according to billboard magazine, snoop dogg explained, "i did this because i felt like there was a lot ofog people making cool records, having fun and partying but nobody is dealing with the realt issue of this 'blank' clown as president and, well, the 'blank' that we are dealing with out there. i wanted to take out time and push pause on a party record and make one of these recordings for the time being." joining us with reaction, the spokesperson for the congress of racial equality, niger innis and founder of skybridge capital, anthony scaramucci. i do not know what to say. it is obvious what would happen if it was about president obama. we know it is a criticism. that is a big part of it, isn't it? >> and the debasement of a president, be in president obama or president trump is not a good thing.
10:51 pm
i'm very, very disappointed in snoop dogg. snoop has come a long way from the old days. just last summer, you mentionedd in this video there is also debasement not of just president trump but also the police. having police man shoot an innocent bystander. which is unfortunate because this is the same snoop dogg that was very hopeful last summeris when he held a very positive pro police community relations, pro-peace and pro-love peaceful relationship with the police ano community. that snoop dogg is the responsible snoop dogg. i think this snoop dogg is unfortunately going to the lowest common denominator. >> sean: why do i think anthony scaramucci, if it was a conservative saying about obama, we would probably hear people saying that is a threat? or madonna saying what she said, blowing up the white house?
10:52 pm
>> sean, we all know that the intolerance actually comes from the left. at the end of the day the first amendment is okay for them as long as you are saying what they are saying. otherwise you get kicked off a campus or in the situation with snoop dogg, he is probably trying to curry favor somewhereg in hollywood or the music industry and there seems to be an open corridor, an open license to allow this sort of unfavorable behavior to happen but over time i do believe that the mainstream people in the united states will start boycotting people like this. and of course their behaviorha will change. >> sean: it is just sad. because this is where the narrative is. i personally do not believe as incendiary as all of the snowflakes are, or the stupid video, i am not a believer that it creates the atmosphere, that it creates somebody that is insane.
10:53 pm
do you believe that? do you believe that the atmosphere contributes to the mind of a lunatic? that is what they always say about conservatives, when somebody ask nuts and claims they are conservative. >> i certainly think it can. the far left is already protesting and not exercising the first amendment rights but actually inciting violence, acting with violence. destroying property, intimidating individuals, but i think anthony hit the nail on the head. i think snoop dogg who hass come a long way into the mainstream was trying to curry favor with many in the hollywood elites and it's unfortunate that they suffer from trump derangement syndrome. >> sean: do you believe the atmosphere created it or do you hold the person who does something horrible responsible? >> we both know, sean, it is a combination of both. but this certainly should not be tolerated and so in a free
10:54 pm
market system, free-market society which you and i and all of us here believe in, we have to just move with our feet and stop listening to these people, turn the tv off. i have not watched the oscars in sean.ears, my bet is you are into a decade now if not watching them. >> sean: low ratings, low ratings. you know what? they are so formulaic. oh, sex, violence, and a cartoon movie. i like westerns, but still, i think there's another market out there, i am the executive producer of. you are dead on target as usual. when we come back, we need your help. an important question of the day. it is about lindsey graham and john mccain. and, the messages you left on the "hannity" hotline. lindsey d john mccain. and, the messages you left on the "hannity" hotline. see things your way.
10:55 pm
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where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. >> clark: we told you how senator graham and senator mccain are attacking the president. that leads to tonight's question of the day. who would be likely to jump to the democratic party first? go to wooden, a&m on twitter. we always let you hit me with the best shot. these are the messages you left. >> i don't know who did your makeup but you look like a tomato. >> i love your program. do me a favor. when you ask a question, make them short and sweet and don't preach to the choir. thank you again, keep up the good work. >> sean: do you have something you want to say, be as mean as you want, i can handle whatever
11:00 pm
you've got. call the number on your screen. 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow night. preside. here's martha. >> martha: breaking tonight, brand-new revelations from the russians about talks that their people had directly with the clinton campaign advisors this time. and health care with flash, as they tell us who wins and who loses. newt gingrich with his take on that in moments. both of those stories and this shocker from the white house that went a bit under the radar today. watch. >> today, we are beginning the process of a long-overdue reorganization of our federal departments and agencies. we have assembled one of the greatest cabinets in history. i believe that so strongly. and we want to empower them to make their agencies as lean and effective as possible and they know


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