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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 14, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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spring be far behind? "let's hope. let's hope. hunker down, stay safe, everybody. thanks for being here tonight. thanks for being here. i am martha maccallum. ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs a andy levy over at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, sean spicer confronted in an apple store to a woman seeking answers about trump's ties to russia. turns out not everyone in those stores is a genius. u.s. soccer federation bands kneeling during the national anthem. i don't care as long as they don't ban me from changing the channel when soccer comes on.
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back to you, tom. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's walk up our guests. she's been called a magazine maven by npr, one of the cities most influential women by oxygen tv, and a liberal lunatic by some late-night tv host. kathy areu. adult child and comedian joe machi. he's like elvis, a big deal when he went to korea and he'll probably die on a toilet. michael malice. and he's a most interesting man in the world, slightly less interesting little brother. sitting right next to me is comedian joe devito. only slightly. okay, let's start the show. ♪ white house press secretary sean spicer went to an apple store on saturday and met a woman who is still on the fence
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about the trump administration. >> you helped with the russia stuff, are you a criminal as well? have you committed treason? just like the president? have you committed treason, what can you tell me about russia? what can you tell me about russia? >> thank you very much. >> what can you tell me? you know you work for a fascist, right? you work for a fascist, how do you feel about that? how do you feel about destroying our country? how do you feel about that, you feel good about the decisions you are making, about lying to the american people? do you feel good about lying to the american people? >> tom: i don't think he answered any of her questions. the woman tweeted out the video and lady are wrote an online essay about it. she was troubled that he said
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"the united states is such a great country that allows you to be here." her response of a quote is racism." she said "i was not polite, but when does them being impolite mean i should be thrown out of the united states of america? " she is asking questions that a lot of people have not been willing to ask, like open could have you help with the russia stuff? ">> this woman put herself out there, is setting herself up for online trolls to destroy her entire reputation and hopefully that happens as quickly as possible. because we need less of these cretins in this country from the best thing trump has done is make civil discourse and impossibility and that's how you get freedom, when you stop having the government have the
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ability to impose its will on citizenry. >> tom: i think sean spicer was a lot more tolerant of her. >> he's used to talking to people like that on skype and in the press room. sue and you're referring to the fact that sean spicer has opened up -- >> anyone with a skype can do the same thing. she's not only the people, but she asked that tough questions unlike the little skype or is in his press room. >> tom: opened what have you committed treason, too," he has been asked that. >> i was proud of her. >> tom: she's little bit of a pain. >> it was someone he didn't handpick and chose. he's going to answer the tough questions. >> tom: i thought he did well, he's going to the apple store and getting his own ipod. >> who tries to seek truth to power at the apple store?
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let's get a phone made by slave labor. who is the bully here? you know why they do that, they act like they are so brave when they do this, they do this because conservatives just take it. no one can arrest her, he's not going to raise his voice at her. they act like they're standing in front of a tank, when they're just being annoying to someone. >> tom: is like when you're out with a woman and she starts a fight with some big dude, it's embarrassing. >> that what happened to the tank man -- >> tom: how are you always able to debunk these heroes? >> i know a little bit -- >> tom: joe, what's happening? >> i'll tell you what. you would think that sean spicer would have a plan, you know this is going to happen, you're a public figure that lots of people don't like, have a plan.
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when someone asks if i'm comedian joe machi, i say i'm not. i get that all the time, he must be pretty easy on the eyes. >> tom: do people come up to you and try to periscope? >> "you're funny, tell me how you do it." >> what camera is joe on? >> tom: he's just thinking. that's the way he thinks. [laughter] >> if i am even joe machi. >> tom: you'd be good at dealing with this, you're a comedian. what happens in people call out during the show, heckling. >> it would be tough for me to answer questions like that if they're a little loaded, why are you so bad, i'm not going to change your mind. >> tom: exactly. >> haters guy hates, you've got to shake it off. >> tom: i think is quite good at doing that.
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moving on, on monday spicer held a press briefing but someone stole the show. that's him with the glasses behind the woman asking questions, check this out. pretty smooth. people on twitter were impressed and the video went viral, this guy added music. ♪ ♪ >> that's a gif. >> tom: the glasses trick is cool i guess but i could do better. ♪ >> tom: how do you think i did that? >> pretty good. >> tom: it takes skills, the
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kind of skills he doesn't have. you worked the glasses? >> i did. >> tom: do you have to wear them all the time? >> yes. >> tom: why does he have them up on his head if they're not reading glasses? >> to clear his thoughts, helps clear your thoughts when they come direct through the head. [laughter] >> tom: now it's time for -- ♪ i'm sure you've seen this video of a bbc interviewee being interrupted by his kids. it went mega-viral this weekend and followed a familiar path from amused to outrage. this one was unique in that it did it in record time. this twitter user help show us how quickly the lol-ing turned to scolding.
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let's go through the video. i can show why this won. the girl is the coolest. he's obviously raising in awesome kid with a strong sense of purpose. two, this gesture was said to be proof of the patriarchy, that is not true. the hand says daddy is busy, not all time is playtime, stay out of his way when he's working. that's a good message for kids, they're not number one, adults are. three, they led their baby run around in a walker with wheels on it. i certainly loved mine. my parents actually let me go outside and that, i was able to walk into traffic. believe me, that's one way to learn that actions have consequences. four, the incredible mom side.
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of course, patriarchy leftist on the internet showed how racist they really are when they called her the nanny. they were calling her the help, i knew it was the mom the minute she flew into that room. because it she loves her man, that's why she slides like that. now close the door and leave daddy alone. ♪ looked, there were all sorts of things in the complaint of this, a lot of social justice warriors out there, i found it racist that just because the woman was asian -- i knew it was the mom. >> people aren't used to seeing mixed marriages. we don't have ricky and lucy anymore. you can actually marry people from other backgrounds, it's okay. >> tom: she should be more like lucy, she was a mom that would come in and want to be on
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the tv. lucy always wanted to be a part of his show. michael? >> first of all, i think they thought she was the nanny because she didn't have any delivery menus with her, if this was an asian mom for real, when was the last time you saw kids disobeying asian mom? >> tom: it shows you they've got a cool family, doesn't it? >> cool moms don't always raise good kids. >> tom: he was talking about north korea, was he making points? did you watch the video? >> i only saw the gif. >> tom: he was talking about north korea. >> i'm sure everything he said was true but to a point. >> tom: joe, what, what does this video say about us as a culture? >> the tweets, the author was clearly saying the patriarchy is
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awesome. i think it's great, first of all, the child comes into doing a billionaire struct, and then the other one comes wheeling in like a zombie breach. i do think it shows that weird strain of liberal racism that projection, of course she couldn't be anything but the nanny. it reminded me of another great moment, this was kelly osbourne on "the view" i believe. >> tom: run that video. >> if you kick every latino out of this country, who is going to be cleaning your toilets, donald trump? >> latinos are not the only people -- >> i didn't mean it like that, come on. i would never mean it like that. >> i think what you are saying you -- >> that tells you how her mind works.
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her mind is that she's growing up living in a mansion, of course the latino people want to clean the toilets. they're not used to the idea that this could be a happy marriage between a man and a woman of two different races, they can cover hand that. what we really saw there was a cute moment in this family, the way she does the dive at the end, they're all sort of in this together, and i thought this was really wonderful. if they want to ruin every thing, that's on them. >> tom: they want to ruin everything. >> should kelly osborne is strung out. >> tom: i think she's okay, but if you make a comment and follow that "in a sense, what i meant" was, it went -- >> it's very common with the left, they preach antiracism as long as they're the ones running the show. you don't actually have minorities -- >> tom: did you make the assumption about this when you got the video?
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>> i'm the liberal loon, i did not make that assumption. it looks like a diverse family, lovely. teamwork, it was teamwork. not all liberals made that jump. >> tom: what did you think about the rumors that the guy didn't get up because he wasn't wearing any pants? >> i made my own assumptions because history has shown that nothing has ever gone wrong when you see a 22nd clip and assume a whole bunch of different things about something you know nothing about. i thought that might not even be his wife and kids, he's living in his brother's basement where he set up a news studio with an adorable map of the world. so moving on, soccer is a sport that few children in america play. recently, the u.s. soccer federation announced that it was banning players from national anthem protests.
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a player knelt before several matches in solidarity with foxnews >> if you're working for any organization, what are you going to say, you have two absolutely obey them whether it's arbitrary or not. >> how do they get away with it in the nfl? >> grandstanding. >> they are cowards in the nfl. >> i don't know if the next season, colin kaepernick -- it will probably be okay and it wherever he ends up playing. where is your actual sacrifice, your rep resenting the united states national team.
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if that's your choice, don't take the gig. i'll take all these protest more seriously when there's a cost. the idea that "i'm going to protest and not go to work." a school protest, i'll believe them when they have them on a saturday. it's just mardi gras in a -- it's absolutely absurd. >> tom: that might make mardi gras fun. you are shaking your head, what do you think of the protest? the federation says no, you can't protest. >> i don't understand why we have the national anthem anyway, it's a war chant that no one knows all the words to anyway, it's confusing, i don't get it. why can't they take "take me out to the ball game"? we're not going into war, we're just playing a game. it's outdated and they shouldn't have it. >> your rep is ending the united states. >> they're playing each other. >> there the u.s. national team.
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>> baseball is a national sport. >> tom: my favorite part is a national anthem, what do you think, joe? >> i like it, but it seems weird to me to have a song about freedom or you behave. i don't like the protest but i think you have a right to do that. if you listen to the lyrics of the song, "home of the brave, land of the free." if you're free you have to do things that not every but he likes all the time. >> tom: what's going on, what are we going to do? >> you're free to get kicks. >> tom: they're free to do it but we can shame them for it. >> i'm not a big national anthem fan, i think it's hokey and silly. >> do you know the words? i don't know all the words. >> tom: are you kidding me? it's not even about the words,
12:18 am
saying "the flag was still there." in the morning! >> it's a war chant. >> it used to be that the losing team was literally killed. >> we're not doing that now. >> bring that back. >> tom: that's what it feels like sometimes. coming up, internet addiction, should we all go cold turkey or mainline that modem? my first book, "mean dads for a better america" was is availabt go there and get it. ♪ everyone wants to be irish on st. patrick's day - because the irish have all the fun. ancestrydna can reveal your true irish roots,
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even if you never knew they were there. with a simple dna test, you can discover if you're irish, or one of 25 other ethnicities. so save 10% on ancestrydna right now - and find out just how much fun you'll have. save on ancestrydna through sunday.
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>> this is a fox news weather alert, i am kelly wright in washington.
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a major nor'easter has blasted the north coast. a storm could dump up to 18 inches in snow in new york city and boston, philadelphia is slated to get up to foot of snow while washington is slated to get about 10 inches. governors in the affected states are urging people to stay off of the roads. >> 6 inches, potentially an hour, the threat to human life is very significant and the threat to our systems of travel are very significant. >> here's something else, more than 5,000 flights are already canceled. some subway and train services are canceled and some schools have already announced they will be closed on tuesday. german chancellor to postpone her trip to washington, she was scheduled to meet with president trump today. her trip has now been rescheduled for friday. in other news, the justice
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department missing a deadline to respond to lawmakers who are asking for proof to back president trump's claim that he was wiretapped by former president obama. house intelligence committee is now giving the department until march 20th to produce evidence. the committee says it may subpoena the agency if it fails to comply again. winner of the tenth largest lottery jackpot in history has chosen to remain anonymous. ticket was sold in indiana. after taxes are paid, the winner will take home a lump sum of a measly $189 million. i feel so bad. i'm kelly wright. will take you back now to "red eye." for all your headlines, log onto fox ♪ >> tom: it's hard to believe the internet didn't exist ten years ago. now we can't get enough of it.
12:24 am
cat videos, checking the weather, i think that pretty much covers everything. but time online may not be great for us, at least a theory of "new york times" columnist rob. he's calling for a digital temperance movement to help wean us off of our addiction so we can get better and experience the traditional graces of existence, your spouse and friends and children, the natural world, good food, great art. among the suggestions, keep computers out of college lecture halls, put special phone boxes in restaurants where patrons would be respected to deposit their devices, and confiscate smartphones being used in museums and libraries and cathedrals. he also wants kids to grow up in the real world rather than the virtual one, writing that the age of consent should be 16 not, not 13 for facebook accounts. kids under 16 should not be
12:25 am
allowed on gaming networks. kids under 13 should not have smartphones at all. what would kids do without the internet? let's take a look. ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> tom: looks like a wonderful world. >> they need smaller guitars. >> tom: one size, they're going to grow into them. >> i kind of agreed with him, get to know nature and the beatable concept, he wrote it on his computer and excited me to read it on my iphone or some other device. had i looked at the device before he wrote the story, i wouldn't have read the story.
12:26 am
>> tom: you don't think he wrote it in longhand on a piece of legal paper? >> there was was a device invo. >> tom: when i was researching this, i did a search, i wanted to catch him on his phone. i couldn't find a picture anywhere. he may practice what he preaches. what do you think, joe? >> isaac he makes a good point that we are raising a generation of pasty faced hunchbacked. the problem is the real world gets terrible yelp reviews, it's very harsh out there. maybe i think i'm going to go off the grid, but i'm barely keeping myself alive using group on. all of those silicon valley people send their kids to these schools where the writing on chalkboards and stuff like that. maybe they know something. they're sending their kids there. >> tom: they do it too much, i'm the one on my phone because i won't give my kids phones. they don't get them.
12:27 am
>> if you change the age from 13 to 16, there go a half of my facebook followers. >> tom: we depend on these things and we know it's a problem, but what did you do when you rode the subway before you had a phone? >> you used your walkman. >> the failing "new york times" in all these places are freaking out because corporate media is losing its luster. it would be a shame if someone tweeted awful things right now now -- >> tom: you're setting your army on them. >> "the new york times" is being exposed as a biased horrible rag. it's driving them crazy, this is lazzara saying "don't look behind the curtain." pay attention to only us and don't look at another web site, it's exposing them as having an agenda. >> tom: the mainstream media doesn't like these devices
12:28 am
because it's opening up, everybody can get the news their own way and tweet each other about what they think is important. >> i'm tired of people saying "joe, get your head out of your phone." it's like seven of the greatest inventions combined in one. maybe try to be a little more entertaining and i won't have to stop paying attention. >> tom: i was at a bar on the other night and a guy yelled at me for going on my phone, and i said "you're a boring guy." he was boring me. it was a stranger. >> "the new york times" is not failing, subscriptions are up digitally. >> tom: they're having trouble. as are all major newspapers. >> digitally, they depend on those devices. that guy is hurting the company. >> tom: what you think of the age 13? >> i don't know that was a rule, i do know they were on facebook at 13, the kind of scares me
12:29 am
know about my followers. >> tom: 's you agree it should be 16? >> i think it should be 18. >> the unit bomber did his manifesto longhand. it can be done. it is due on coming.
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tds at andy levy over at the "red eye"
12:33 am
news deck. >> andy: all set for the blizzard? >> tom: i am not set. >> andy: none of us are. sean spicer ambushed in an apple store, malice everything you said in the segment was insane but i want to focus on one important thing. he said this country needs less cretins. that should be fewer. i thought that was the most important thing to get out there. >> i could name one. [laughter] >> andy: who? >> bill clinton. >> andy: fair enough, we agree agree. kathy, you said you were proud of this girl for asking these questions. really? i thought the video was unlistenable. did you help with the russia stuff? >> it was a lot like skype in, those are unwatchable and unlistenable. the scraping and the white house, the scribing sean spicer. >> andy: i don't watch that,
12:34 am
either. i've got better things to do with my day. joe, you said these people act like they're standing in front of a tank, this is an thing i've been harping on for a while now so i'm going to do it again. this hero complex of people have sort of developed over the past six months or so where they think sending a tweet or doing something like this makes them, like they're in the resistance during world war ii. >> they're going to be wearing berets while they tweet. >> i also think, i don't know if you've seen it, i've shown it on the show before, the twitter icon where he's wrapped in the american flag and it says "resist." comedian should just quit, nothing will be funnier than that. you say that when a sean spicer said it's a great country that
12:35 am
allows them to be here, he meant here in the apple store and not here in the country. >> tom: it's true. >> andy: is there nothing you won't defend? i'm just kidding. that bbc video, i'm in the minority here. i didn't think the video was all that great to begin with. i know, what's wrong with me? >> i didn't think that wife looks like fran drescher at all. "the busting in, i didn't -- >> andy: oh, god. malice, thank you for admitting that you didn't watch the video that we were watching the story on. you're not getting paid. you can't be a rebel and get a paycheck, i'm told. joe, you decided it wasn't even this guy's wife and kids and he set up a new studio and his brothers basement. that is not true, i did some checking.
12:36 am
>> the whole point is i don't care about the facts. [laughter] >> andy: the whole point is that i do. none of this fake news on my watch. the u.s. soccer federation bans nothing national anthem protest. malice, i agree that when you play for a national team you stand for the anthem. the rules say "all players playing for a national team shall spammer are strictly for a national anthem. which seems right for me for playing for a national team. you say that there cowered in the nfl for not stopping colin kaepernick. i don't have a problem during national team. i don't have a problem with megan rapinoe when it's during a national game. that's totally different than when you're out there rep is ending your country.
12:37 am
>> sure, but i don't really know who colin kaepernick's. >> andy: fair enough, then. >> how about standing during rock anthems? >> andy: always stand during rock anthems. >> we can all agree on that. >> andy: kathy, you said they just need to stop playing the end them at sporting events. >> altogether. >> andy: just a heads up, i suggested that a while ago when i got some really fun responses on twitter. you have that to look forward to. >> andy: joe, why can't you be a rebel and also pick up a check? >> it's too comfortable, you can be a rebel without a cause but you can't be a rebel with a 401(k) and paid vacation days. there has to be some sort of sacrifice especially if you're going to act like you are rosa parks. >> andy: anything else? i don't understand the idea that you can't have a job and also be a rebel. >> you can do that but you can also get fired from that job. >> andy: absolutely. >> be a free agent.
12:38 am
>> andy: digital temperance, kathy, you said that if you didn't have a device you wouldn't have read the story because he probably wrote it on the computer. he's not calling for some luddite return to the pre-electronic era, he's just calling for moderation. >> like a pause, like the muslim ban is a pause, he's asking for a pause? >> andy: he's asking for moderation, for temperance. >> but if i would have it done temperance i would have read his story because i would have been staying away for my device. >> andy: that's not what he said, that's all i'm saying. tom, you asked what you did on the subway before the iphone. you read a book. >> tom: member the paperbacks, i would buy pick paperbacks based on their ability to fit in a pocket. i wanted to take it, if i have -- i would rip it in half. >> andy: most of it was
12:39 am
romance books. malice, i want to ask you something. a digital temperance movement, would create more spaces where internet use is illegal, discourage, or taboo. i think there are a lot of places where discouraged or taboo makes perfect sense. but he had to go a step further and say "illegal." he some kind of natty conservative. >> it's christianity without the mythology, their whole worldview is puritanism on the rest of the country. puritanism is the terrifying fear that someone out there somewhere is right. and that's what he said. >> andy: then we agree. we have 30 seconds left, does anyone want to ask me any questions? >> what do you like best about me? >> andy: i think it's your opinion. >> thank you.
12:40 am
>> i have a question, what else you like best about michael? >> andy: that's it. >> anything on joe? >> andy: i'm done. >> tom: coming up, can a weight scale in an gmb offensiv offensive? will chew the fat next. but first, kennedy.
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because the time to think about tomorrow is today.
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>> i'm kelly wright in washington with an extreme weather alert. the northeast is bracing for what forecasters say could be a biggest winter storm of the season. you're looking at a live shot of new york's sixth avenue outside our studio in new york, and of whether addictions are accurate the city could be under 18 inches of snow by the afternoon. this monster system is excited to blanket at least a six states and d.c., many regions will get more than a foot of snow, making matters worse, the storm is packing if the 5-mile hour wind winds. widespread power outages are possible, and if you're planning to fly in or out of the northeast, be prepared for major headaches. some 6,000 flights have already been grounded. a train is expected to fair much
12:45 am
better. justice department is getting one more week to produce evidence that president trump was wiretapped during the election. the original deadline was this monday, but the justice department claims it needs more time. of the committee says it may subpoena the agency if it fails to comply again. a new analysis by the congressional budget office reveals some of public and health care designed to replace obamacare will cost 14 million americans their coverage next year, and that number is expected to balloon to 24 million by 2026. health secretary tom price says the report is "simply wrong." the federal reserve seems all but sure to raise interest rates tomorrow. it will be the third time in 15 months. the economy is believed to be sturdy enough to withstand another modest hike.
12:46 am
unemployment rate is at 4.7%. that's a look at news this hour, i'm kelly wright, we take you back to "red eye." for all your headlines, be sure to log onto ♪ >> tom: a university in canada has removed the scales from its gym because they don't want students obsessing over their weight. the university's manager of health and wellness says "we don't believe being fixated on weight has any positive effect on your health and well-being." what is he know about health and wellness? some students support the decision, one woman noted "scales are very triggering." i think people are being insensitive similar because they don't understand, they think eating disorders are a choice when they are actually a serious illness. others argue that certain athletes like boxers need to be able to check their weights. and that the school shouldn't cowtown to a small group do a group of complainers. after some online backlash the
12:47 am
university now says it will reconsider the decision. to be fair, the scale was somewhat triggering. look at that. i think shampoo, people like shamu, don't they? that's not necessarily an insult. >> is that rosie's pet name? >> tom: have you done a show without mentioning rosie? >> of course. i mention kelly osbourne. >> tom: scales are needed, people have to weigh themselves. >> i weigh myself every day, this woman is crazy. first of all, eating disorders aren't actually about your weight, it's about control. the scale is not going to be triggering, it's how you look in the mirror. if someone has a full-blown eating disorder, the scale, they're going to find a way to weigh themselves. they're going to weigh their food and weigh themselves in their dorm room, this is absently nonsensical. if you're worried about your eating disorder, you're not going to the gym.
12:48 am
it doesn't make any sense. >> tom: kathy, you disagree? >> anorexics do go to jim's. >> they over exercise. >> that's not an eating disorder, that's a success story. >> tom: michael is correct, they look in the mirror and see someone who is fatter than they are. >> the scale will trigger it, wrestlers and boxers have eating disorders because they have to weigh themselves so much. i think people weigh themselves and get eating disorders, it can be a little frightening. >> tom: these are schools. >> get rid of all the mirrors, too. >> tom: they can get rid of everything, if you're allergic to chalk you can't get rid of the blackboard. >> sometimes i look in the mirror and see someone more successful than i am and realized i have had a lot of nyquil. >> the scale issue, they're not being forcibly weighed, they can avoid the scale. they're not at hanso and gretel
12:49 am
university where they're checking them the time. you are triggered by the idea of the scale, if you have an issue with the scale in a room, you have issues of your own creation. there's got to be a limit, we can't have every triggering thing removed, at this point it's an inanimate object. just don't look at it, don't care about it. >> triggers are inanimate objects, also. >> i think the people complaining inanimate objects. how money things are going to ban, we're running out. >> tom: is that true, joe? >> not yet. we need to ban treadmills. people fall off of those and it is embarrassing. and they should ban people with big muscles. they make other people not feel like they have big muscles. >> tom: you are making sense. you see other people at the gym, you could jealous of them. >> i get a lot of nasty looks. because of my muscles. >> i got that.
12:50 am
>> tom: isn't it true, kathy, for instance, they have that chain of gems just for women because women are insecure because they're getting leered at by men. >> exactly, get rid of the scales at the jim's and maybe women will return and work out with the men. men have eating disorders as well, let's get rid of the mirrors and the scales and other things. >> tom: i never know if you're serious, but i hope they keep the scales and they tell those complainers to go home. coming up, are you feeling guilty about your eating habits? i'll make you guilt free after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" ." -- ♪ how many orders of mozzarella sticks is too many? a delivery receipt has gone viral after the customer felt the need to defend their craving for fried cheese. the receipt, seen here, shows three order of mozzarella sticks, deep-fried pickles, slaw, and diet coke. gotta have the diet. in the comments section, they wrote "i guess, i meant to order
12:55 am
three mozzarella sticks, please don't judge me. i'm having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu." the owner sent a picture of the receipt to his daughter, who posted it to reddit, as daughters do. this confirms what i've long believed, canadians will eat anything as long as it's in the shape of a stick. those are canadian it meets sticks. michael malice, i say people should stop being ashamed of their food choices, i'm sick of hearing that. >> first of all, i'm glad that you pointed out that reddit is for girls and 4chan is for boys. no one should apologize for their food choices, as long as you purge afterwards it's totally fine. i am in shape and i eat gummy candy because it has protein in it and i have a disgusting diet
12:56 am
habit and it works for me. if this person wants to have their binge and have a bad day, more power to them. >> tom: i think there's something wrong with leaving a note. >> i thought the comment section was for how you want it to you have your food prepared. if they sell cheese sticks, they know the deal. move on. >> tom: i think this guy was proud, the restaurant owner. >> it's like when you go to the pharmacy and you're embarrassed about your prescription is. you've got to get -- >> tom: what prescription embarrasses you, kathy? >> sometimes the looks i get from the pharmacist or a little odd and you may feel a little guilty and wish they wouldn't judge and posted on the internet for everyone to see. >> maybe you shouldn't order 30 boxes of sudafed. >> don't judge me, don't judge. >> restaurant receipts are not a place for judgment, they are a place to expect your views on same-sex marriage.
12:57 am
i like that they said lol with a smiley face and doubled up on the diet coke. >> tom: let's take a break and enjoyed some mozzarella sticks. thank you to my guests, good night.
12:58 am
12:59 am
the valiant taste times of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad?
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surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. never miss an episode of "the five." that's it. "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. welcome to washington. republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare is being put to its first test and now lawmakers are going to have to sell results that the congressional budget office has put out. being characterized as pretty rough. the reports on the house health care plan at some of the numbers are giving fuel to critics, but the white house says the house bill actually ensure more people than currently covered. were going to go over the numbers and just a few minutes, house speaker paul ryan will join us live with his reaction to the congressional budget office reports. we begin with chief congressional correspondent


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