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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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wall street is empty. the dow is down 43. oil off again today. well-below $50 a barrel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. stuart varney in for neil. >> changes coming to the republican's bill to repeal and replace obamacare? mike pence holding major discussions with gop leadership. we're on it. first, a powerful storm clobbers the east coast. power outages piling up, forcing folks to dig in and dig out. welcome. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. this is "your world" and we're all over it with bryan llenas in massachusetts. and we're at chicago's o'hare with travelers stranded. and rick reichmuth on how long
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before we're done with it. we begin with bryan llenas. bryan? >> hi, stuart. we're about 30 minutes west of boston. the snow has let up and turning to sleet. the roads have been plowed. there's 3,000 emergency vehicles throughout massachusetts. the governor telling people to stay off the roads. it's dangerous out there. unfortunately we had the death of a 16-year-old girl in new hampshire in a traffic accident this morning. the big concern now also is power outages, especially along the coast of massachusetts. we're talking about gusts of 50, 60, 70 miles an hour winds right now. 45,000 people in massachusetts alone are without power. that number from virginia up there new england is 215,000 customers at latest count. also, flooding is a major concern. you can tell from the video along the coast. high tide was about 1:30.
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expecting moderate to light flooding here in massachusetts. snowfalls have been big. over a foot in some places in pennsylvania like bethlehem. up to two feet of snow in other places like in western massachusetts. whister, for instance as well as the birkshires, western massachusetts expecting two feet of snow over 24 inches. now, some 6,700 flights have been cancelled nationwide. the big concern now for tomorrow will be ice as the temperatures begin to fall, bostonschools, for instance, have been cancelled because of those freezing temperatures and concerns of ice. stuart? >> thanks. now, the storm as he said hitting airlines hard. planes grounded as crews work to clear the runways and de-ice the planes. more than 8,000 flights cancelled nationwide since sunday. airline stocks slammed today. united-continental taking the biggest hit.
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janine is with she's at o'hare right now. janine, how long before things get back to normal? >> well, it's going to take a few days. we had 1,900 flight cancellations yesterday. 6,400 today. expecting 400 to 500 more tomorrow. so it's going to take a few days. if you don't have a ticket or a seat, don't head to the airport. the flights are booked. if you're looking to get a seat, take it thursday or friday. the good news is that when we see ripple effects in these types of situations, that can cause havoc on other regions of the country. the good news here was that because there weren't very many aircraft in the sky today, we didn't see a lot of air traffic issues and other regions of the country. >> janine, one question. if my flight was cancelled say yesterday because it's weather event, do i get my money back?
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>> well, for travelers in these situations, the airlines are very good about waiving their fees. contact your airline and find out if your flight was affected. you shouldn't have to pay a penalty for cancels or changing it. >> that's the good news. we'll take it. thanks very much. millions are still caught up in this storm. hit with everything from hail and freezing rain to two feet of snow. that's creating treacherous driving conditions, this time lapsed video showing just how quickly all of this snow accumulated. obvious question, so when will it finally let up? meteorologist rick reichmuth in the weather center. when will it quit? >> we have 16 hours or so before it's completely gone. exiting across new england. take a look at this. the big winner so far, damascus, pennsylvania, 30 inches towards the delaware water gap. more snow to be had across new
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england and the higher elevations and around parts of the adirondacks and the white mountains. blizzard warnings in effect in all of the coastal areas of maine, massachusetts, parts of new hampshire and vermont hand upstate new york and pennsylvania, the kinds will continue to be very strong. as we move overnight tonight and behind this storm, the really cold air kind of settles in. that's 10:00 p.m. most of maine being socked in. we'll start to see the warmer air move in along the coast and we'll see rain on top of the snow or at least probably sleet on top of the snow that you had in places like portland, maine. 6:00 a.m. it's almost out of here. the cold area really settles in behind this. freeze warnings towards the panhandle of florida, the deep south, the southeast. frost advisories in effect across florida as well. the cold air is coming in. here's today's high temperatures. tomorrow all of that snow that is there and especially along
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the coastal areas that saw the slush, the six inches of icy sleet and slush that's there will freeze and not be able to melt at all very quickly. only 27 in new york tomorrow. 29 in philly. just getting freeze manage d.c. these are the high temperatures. warming up thursday and again into friday. take a look at this. tonight and tomorrow morning, stuart, the temperatures here, 19 degrees in parts of north carolina, 28 in atlanta, into the 30s all the way down towards florida. the cold air is here for a few days. >> yeah and it's mid march. thanks, rick. how about this? politco's headline heading into today's storm. will trump bungle first big snow threat like obama? bungle? really? here's howard kirtz. i think that's a headline,
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right? >> first of all, i couldn't start my car around i blamed president trump and i hit a lot of potholes on the way to work. i thought he was going to make america great again. in the city, it's been shut down by snow. every story has to be about trump and many stories have to portray donald trump as being on the brink of disaster. >> i want to bring something to your attention, something this appeared in "the washington post." there was a headline about vandalism that had occurred at president trump's golf course. initially the headline read -- i'm trying to look at it -- it said it was "daring act of defiance." that was in the original headline. they changed it. let me say what they changed it to. it changed into, "an elaborate act of vandalism." the editor put in a note saying the story was changed to more accurately reflect the nature of
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the actions. what is going on at the "washington post"? >> that is just a head-slapping blunder. the idea that breaking the law and defacing trump's property could be seen as a daring act of defiance by environmentalists just shows you what i like to call trump drama. i can't imagine the paper would have published that headline. it is true if you've gotten hurricane katrina or super storm sandy this a president could be judged by the performance of fema. this is a typical major snowstorm and the idea that president trump is going to be judged by it, he might bungle tells you something about the ten of media coverage. >> i want to go back to "the washington post." i'm astonished at venom this they come up with constantly directed towards president
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trump. the "washington post" is owned by jeff bezos, the co-founder of amazon. what we're looking at now is the aftermath of the golf course after that vandalism that occurred. i think "the washington post" has destroyed its reputation as a major news -- viable outlet. what say you? >> i don't agree with that. i will take issues with some of the stories in the past and major issue with this one. i led my column with it. it's so revolting to see that this could -- this act of breaking the law and vandalism and defacing private property, which happens to be owned by the current president of the united states could be describe almost in glowing terms. well, they stuck it to him. defining act of defiance. a daring act of defiance. just says something about the mindset in news rooms. i don't want to go global and say that the post doesn't do something good reporting or jeff bezos fault and say it was a
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mistake made by some young reporter and corrected with the editor's note. >> i don't think editorials should bleed over into the news arena. that's what -- we'll agree to differ. that's the way it is. thanks. president trump and paul ryan meeting this hour. are changes to the repeal and replace plan coming? and remember who said the stupidity of the voter was critical to getting obamacare through? >> it's a huge political advantage. basically called for stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really critical to getting it to pass. >> now he's calling the republican bill a scam. the white house reacts next.
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>> to wall street, the dow closing down for the second straight session. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also on the down side today. tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern time, the fed is expected to raise interest rates. we shall see. you're about to look live at the wait house. high would you like to be a fly in the oval office right now? the president is on the phone with paul ryan. the click is ticking on obamacare and cutting taxes. looks like the president is fully engaged. is that right? >> he is indeed, stuart. he said there will be a big fat beautiful negotiation the other day. that's the way he put it. right now he's on the phone with paul ryan and kevin mccarthy,
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the number 1 and 2 over there, the house republicans. as you know, there's this gap that exists currently within the republican party between house leadership, the trump administration and those conservative members of the house freedom caucus trying to bring that group over to their side to get behind the american healthcare act. on this phone call right now, we expect discussions to include the managers amendments without getting into the nitty gritty weeds here. that is allowing for changes after a bill goes through a committee but before it gets to the floor. hopefully quelling the concerns of the conservative republicans as it goes to the hhca. here at the white house, sean spicer continued his push-back against the cbo score, the congressional budget office. especially their reading that 14 million americans would go uninsured next year should the plan go through. his big point today is that many of those are currently forced to
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buy the insurance that they have. listen to spicer from earlier this afternoon. >> you've got almost 20 million people in america who have said that they don't want obamacare and they'll pay a penalty or apply for a hardship. those are people that don't have it to begin with. the exchange sought out to cover these people. we're finding out that you have nine million plus that are getting it right now. they have no coverage. >> the point from spicer, they're good at dealing with budgets, but not projecting the attitudes of people. >> blake burman, thank you. vice president opinions is getting in on the action. he's also at the white house meeting with key republican lawmakers working on possible changes to the healthcare bill. to the washington examiner's white house reporter, sarah westwood. it's all hands on deck. get some kind of unity, right? >> exactly. because it's house conservatives
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that are the immediate hurdle to this bill getting passed into law, the trump administration the negotiating hardest with these house conservatives. they're wielding a lot of power. the last things republicans want is to look disunified on phase one of a three-face plan. what we're hearing is the white house is working with congressional leadership to get this management amendment passed. it's a way up for the leadership in the house to make sure that this isn't a free-for-all. that this isn't members all kinds of amendments, some getting voting up, some down. this is a way to ensure there's an orderly behind-the-scenes process where the players knock out what they want to change about the american healthcare act, add the amendment at the last minute before it heads to the floor and pass cleanly on to the senate without a lot of
1:18 pm
debate playing out on c span. >> who is giving way here, i should say? is it the conservatives or is it the ryan people? who is giving ground? any idea? >> in a sense, everyone will have to give a little ground. speaker ryan, if he had his druthers would pass it on intact. he's tried to frame it as a binary choice. vote nor it or in favor of leaving obamacare in place. conservatives get some of what they want. they want to move the update the medicaid expansion phases out. they'll get the changes in the management amendment. at the end of the day, they'll vote for a bill that doesn't go far enough in repealing obamacare. in that sense, they're giving up something, too, even though the negotiations are tilted in their favor. what is being added is what conservatives want. >> but they have to get toget r together. unity is vital. thanks, sarah. >> thank you. >> now report shows business leaders are betting on tax
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>> stuart: this video just feeding in. this is ahead of vice president pence's 4:30 meeting with lawmakers. he's swearing in the new administrator of the centers for medicate and medicare services. verma saying today our healthcare stands at across roads and we have no choice but to change. some of the most prominent ceos are expecting big things from washington. according to a new survey, ceo optimism is surging with business leaders banking on a major tax reform package. president trump jumping on the survey.
1:23 pm
here's a treat. great optimism in america and the results will be even better. if the tax cuts don't come soon, will the good vibes turn bad? heath manning from the independent women's forum and charlie gasparino from the fox business network. this is a show-me economy, a show-me stock market. he has to get it done this year. >> yeah, i think so. i think we should back up and give him more credit on something else. president obama was essentially at war with corporate america. he attacked them as fat cats. beat them up. when he had business meetings with ceo, he had a council of businessmen that he met with. he used to arrive late, leave early, lecture. they used to call it the. three ls, arrive early, leave late and lecture. and didn't listen. so trump goes in there as a businessman, he listens to them.
1:24 pm
off the bat, you get points there. so if this market is -- you need a copy that reflects dow 21,000, which we don't have right now. we need a physical stimulus. >> stuart: got on with it. >> hadley, why is it that i don't read in the newspapers and don't see on the nightly news all of this good news about optimism from business and competence on the part of consumers or even the wall street rally? i never hear about it? why not? >> you'll have to ask those people about make the decisions what to cover. tax reform is a big issue facing ceos. when you look into this survey, the top concern that they have cited for the past five years, this business roundtable ceo survey is regulation. regulation being the number 1 cost pressure on businesses. president trump is already taking action to make some regulatory reforms. whether it's in the healthcare sector or the energy sector or in the department of labor, this is immediate relief. i believe there's good reason
1:25 pm
for ceos to be hopeful that relief from regulations is a very real result of president trump's election. >> hadley, you think there's a new tone from the administration? a new tone in america? you think so? >> i think so, especially in the business community. regardless of what these ceos might think of. trump on a personal level or the policy issue, the major issues impacting business, whether it's tax reform, regulatory reform, infrastructure, training and equipment for the right work force, these are things that people are optimistic about. healthcare reform, i'd put that on the list as well. businesses under former president obama's administration, not only were they feel cut out because of the tone and examples like you didn't build that, but the policies of the obama administration were harmful and burdensome to business. >> i don't want to make this a trump love fest, but i have the
1:26 pm
agree with her. the one thing that ceos like is a certain amount of certainty. the one thing about obama, you never knew where the next regulation shoe was going to drop or more taxes or more obama care taxes. where else will businesses get screwed. that uncertainty is gone. donald trump as president will have to perform, he will have to get through some regulations particularly on dodd frank and banking. but think of it this way. they're thinking about what he's going to loosen up, not what he's going to screw them with. under obama, it was -- they were getting screwed by the day. >> hadley, charlie, both of you, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> stuart: all right. look who is calling the republican's healthcare bill a costly scam. none other than jonathan gruber. and senator benny sanders say thousands will die in the
1:27 pm
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all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. >> stuart: vice president pence meeting with key lawmakers in the west wing, this as the architect of obamacare is calling the republican bill a scam. we have new reaction from the white house in 60 seconds. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia.
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prices. crude oil dropping the seventh straight day. with more crude flooding the market at least for now. oversupply. down goes the price. the white house offering fresh reaction as obamacare architect jonathan gruber calleds the republican healthcare bill a scam. trace is on the chase. trace? >> just so everyone remembers, jonathan gruber is the mit economics professor that once said the reason obamacare passed is a lack of transparency and because of the stupidity of american voters. i'll play on that in a few seconds. but this time gruber calls the gop healthcare plan a scam. listen. >> any replace attempt to pass would result in millions losing health insurance, higher premiums and would result in a huge redistribution from the poor to the rich. now, if they're happy with that and they're willing to do that,
1:32 pm
they can replace. i wouldn't call that a replacement. i'd call that a scam. >> today sean spicer responded to gruber's comments. listen to him. >> for the 175 million people that get player based healthcare, they felt the impact of what he sought out to do through higher prices, fewer choices. so respectfully, i think he should hang out more time at mit and focus -- and allow good ideas to continue to come forward so we can focus on achieving the president's goal of doing what he sought out in the first place. >> the white house also says the cbo that said the gop health plan would result in a major drop in those that will be insured has a history of being wrong. jonathan gruber said the only way the affordable care act passed in 2009 is by manipulating the congressional budget office. listen to what he said back then. >> this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure that
1:33 pm
they didn't show the mandated taxes. it's a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever but that was critical to get it to pass. >> indicating it was a scam. gruber says adopting government-funded healthcare noted as single-payer would be a political challenge. >> stuart: jonathan gruber is not alone calling the gop healthcare a scam. kathy agrees with him. she's with me now. on the opposite side of the fence. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> stuart: you have to admit, it's rich. the american that said americans are stupid voting for obamacare now says that the republican plan is a scam in itself. you have to be almost embarrassed by this. >> well, he doesn't have the
1:34 pm
best choice of words, let's say. >> stuart: that's for sure. >> i do think it's a scam. trump did have the oprah moment that he said healthcare for everybody. >> stuart: you can't be happy to see this guy out front for democrats and obama? can't be happy with this. >> the cbo, you have to understand, i'm sure you the, is nonpartisan. if it is partisan, it's a republican running it from the bush administration. >> stuart: but jonathan gruber said the cbo can get it wrong. they did get it wrong. they scored obamacare way back when as costing a trillion dollars less than it actually did cost. they were out by a trillion dollars. >> but it does sound that millions will lose their health insurance, premiums will go up and a group not exactly ready to retire, aarp is saying -- we trust in them, they're not fake news -- they are saying that
1:35 pm
this is not good for the elderly. so if you're stuck within the 54 to 64 age range, this is trouble. getting -- repealing obamacare is trouble for that age range. those are the trump voters. >> stuart: i want you to deal with the 14 million people whom the cbo says will be thrown off their insurance coverage in 2018. >> exactly. >> stuart: what is happening here, the 14 million people will have a choice. they're not being forced to -- >> we don't know that. >> stuart: that's not the same as being thrown off your health insurance. to have a choice when you want it or not, that's a choice. >> stuart: what about medicaid? we know that people -- >> stuart: what about the 14 million? come on. >> about 24 million -- >> stuart: deal with the 14 million. >> we don't know what will happen. >> stuart: precisely. why does the cbo says they're thrown off? >> it's a republican-running asy. supposed to be nonpartisan -- >> stuart: you can't deflect
1:36 pm
like that. >> perhaps gruber had a problem with it because -- >> stuart: the cbo does not know what the 14 million people will do. >> they're not going to have insurance. >> stuart: yes, they are. >> how? insurance companies want to help the poor and the elderly? >> stuart: at the moment they're forced to have insurance. they're forced to. that changes when obamacare goes away and those 14 million people have a choice. do they -- >> but you go to the emergency room and -- >> stuart: they're not being thrown off. >> we're going to go back to the time when 50 million people did not have health insurance. is that what we want again. >> stuart: i'm surprised at you, kathy. you have you're than gruberer out front fronting for obamacare and calling everybody stupid and still your guy. >> his word choices are poor but i believe in the cbo. i do believe in the cbo's numbers. >> stuart: kathy, thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
1:37 pm
>> stuart: we invited mr. gruber on the program. we expect to have him on soon. yes, we do. north korea just threatening us, the united states, with merciless attacks. and did senator bernie sander goes too far? he says thousands will die as a result of the republican healthcare bill. reaction from john tester next. the yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by switching to geico. huh. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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>> stuart: north korea flexing more muscle today. threatening merciless attacks against the united states. that as a u.s. carrier battle group conducts routine drills in the seas off of south korea. jennifer griffin joins us with the latest on this. jennifer? >> stuart, the u.s.s. carl vinson arrived off the coast of south korea to begin training and send a message to north korea following a series of provocations. senior navy officers are calling
1:41 pm
vinson's training routine, part of annual military exercises involving tens of thousands of americans and south korean troops. north korean has vowed a merciless response if the u.s. carrier violates the sovereignty of the regime. this is as rex tillerson goes to asia where he will visit south korea, japan and china with north cree at the top of the agenda. previewing the trip, a state department spokesman outlined the secretary's thinking. >> what are the next steps to put pressure on the regime, to make them feel and pay a price for their behavior. so all of these things are on the table. none are easy. >> last week north korea launched four missiles which landed 190 miles from japan in response to japanese government announced their largest warship will sail to the south china sea soon. stuart? >> stuart: reaction now from someone that says backing down would just embolden north korea.
1:42 pm
kirk liphold is with us now. seems to me we're not backing down. president trump seems to be taking a more forward approach. the carrier is there, the missile defense is there. the joint exercises are there. this is a new approach, isn't it, from president trump? >> actually it's not, stuart. we've had this routine exercise we've done for years with the aircraft carrier and the rest of the ships to be there and conduct this exercise with south korea. it's routine. so the fact that north korea is -- wants to do these merciless attacks on us, that's the same language that we hear every time. >> didn't we move a missile defense system right in there and we have not done that before? that's a forward approach, isn't it? >> very much so. that's sending strong signal, not just to north korea but to the chinese as well.
1:43 pm
china has aided and abetted north korea. they're the largest trading partner. they're the largest supporter. when it comes to it, i think the trump administration is going to look across the entire geo political spectrum using every instrument of national power to try to get the chinese to get the north koreans to start behaving in a responsible manner. >> there's danger here presumably. kim jong-un is an erratic leader. you never know what he's going to do. here we are taking a forward position. this is a dangerous development, isn't it? >> i think that the times drives it to be more dangerous than others. when you like at the turmoil with the south korean government, the fact they're without a president with a corruption scandal, they won't have elections till may, still continuing to move through with this exercise, which is a strong signal that despite their internal turmoil, we're going to back a principal ally in the
1:44 pm
region. the key is to work with china long-term, how are we going to reunify the peninsula, short term, how to prevent north korea misunderstanding, overreacting a war on the peninsula, which nobody wants. >> reportedly next month, the president from china visited president trump at mar-a-largo in florida. presumably they'll discuss north korea. china surely doesn't want north korea nuclear armed with missiles right there on its border. >> well, north korea has aided an abetted the nuclear program and the ballistic missile program. so having it right there on the border, they don't view as a threat to them. they view it as a counter balance to every other one of the regional players in the area. japan, south korea, australia. they're looking at having north korea as that somewhat unpredictable neighbor next to them that can create the buffer that they need and the fact that it's nuclear armed as well,
1:45 pm
really cree crates the heavyweight and the concern for the nations there. that's why we need to work with the chinese to figure out how we're going to get north korea to behave responsibly. >> thanks, curt. >> pleasure as always, stuart. >> stuart: remember during the run-up to obamacare how far some democrats went? watch this. >> the republican healthcare plan is this. die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> stuart: well, is senator bernie sanders suggesting something similar now? roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income...
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>> stuart: put bernie sanders down as a maybe on the gop bill? sarcasm there. bernie sanders saying thousands will die under the plan. reaction from john tester. senator, you think he's gone far with that one? >> well, people are concerned. healthcare is a big part of the economy. i've been traveling the state since the election anticipation of the repeal of the healthcare bill. i heard from a guy that had diabetes that never could get it under control, he had mental health issues and couldn't keep a job. now he has healthcare, the diabetes is under control, got his mental health under control. another guy my age sitting at home, having is that right pains going down his left and wouldn't have gone to the doctor. it has impacts. rural america, it's huge.
1:50 pm
>> the idea that it will kill thousands -- are you comfortable going back to your voters because you're up for re-election next year, comfortable going back and saying the republicans, that guy trump, montana voted for trump, they're a bunch of killers? >> no, no, no. i'm going to be talking about access to affordable healthcare when i go back to the state. that's important. if these rural hospitals, if their charity care goes up and this is their words, not mine, they end up being put in a world of hurt and closing. that's a big problem many rural america. >> stuart: understood. we went to health and human services and found in montana, the silver plan under obamacare, for example, 44% speak in premiums between 2016 and 2017. if you go from 2014 to 2018, the premiums were up 83%. can you vote against any kind of
1:51 pm
change in obamacare with those kind of numbers in your state? >> i've said from the beginning, we need to fix obamacare. keep the parts that work and keep the part that isn't. the part you're talking about is real and we're seeing folks that don't get any subsidies paying too high a premiums with 2 high deductibles. let's fix that. >> stuart: how would you fix it? >> more transparencies on drugs companies and insurance companies. let's sit down and talk about ways that we can help fix the problem. but to throw everything out and -- by the way, take people potentially off of healthcare doesn't fix the problem. takes us back to a problem where there's more charity care and puts people that are paying the bills at more risk. >> stuart: would you raise taxes? >> would i raise taxes? no. what is in the healthcare bill right now is working. there's folks out there that say it's collapsing. if you take a look at some of the things that have been done
1:52 pm
the last couple months, it may be self-fulfilling prophecy there. the bottom line, there's 71,000 more montanians because of medicaid expansion that have health care that didn't 15 months ago. that's a good thing. people with pre-existing conditions that can get covered. people with high blood pressure that can get insurance. the exchanges being too high? yes, that needs to be addressed. why throw everything out and not have any insurances for those people moving forward? >> stuart: okay. very interesting. john tester, democrat montana. thanks for joining us. thank you. >> stuart, thank you. >> stuart: yes, sir. we will be right back. your insurance company
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won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> stuart: new budget battle is brewing. was that the democrats who slammed republicans over a shut
1:56 pm
down? listen to this. >> they made the decision to shut down the government because they want to make it harder, for example, for a woman to get a cancer screening. >> they don't believe in government. they are antigovernment ideologues. >> a shut down will have a very real economic impact on real people. right away. >> holding americans, their livelihoods, their economy, and their security at stake. >> we work for the american people. they sent us here to get things done, not to play silly games. >> stuart: michael brown on what he makes of this. i have to ask about the timing. we are snowed in in much of the northeast. democrats are talking about shutting down the government. i think that is bad timing. what say you? >> not only bad timing but having lived in washington, d.c., you know if
1:57 pm
there's even a forecast of snow, they will shut the government down. i find it absolutely hypocritical that they would talk about this on a day when most of washington is shut down because of a forecast of snow. i find it absolutely silly. >> stuart: let this straight. they are threatening to shut down the government because funding for the wall on the southern border is included in a particular bill. is that what this is all about? >> i think that's what they want to focus on because the wall as a symbol of president trump's presidency. but what's really going on is, the american public has been led to believe that a government shutdown means they won't get a social security check. they won't get basic services. a government shutdown doesn't mean any of that. nonessential personnel won't show up at the military will continue to do its job. the department of homeland security will continue to do its job. all of these government
1:58 pm
services, what we call essential government services, will continue regardless of whether they collect a government shutdown or not. >> stuart: in the past whenever the government will shut down for whatever length of time, it was the republicans who got the blame. this time around, if the government shutdown again, will be the republicans again who get the blade? >> with all due respect to the media, i think that's what the media will do in the democrats know it. the democrats know they can shut the government down and instead of the media turning around and saying isn't that hypocritical? isn't there a little bit of cognitive dissonance by you claiming you're going to shut it down over a political issue? the democrats are fairly comfortable knowing that the mainstream media will do what they can shift the blame to the republicans and the democrats will skate. >> stuart: i want to ask you about the snowstorm that hit the united states. the northeast. are we at the point where any disaster of any kind, any event has to be made good by the government and that local
1:59 pm
officials, whether it is the mayor or governor or the president has to perform well, has to come up with the money in the event of any disaster? we seem to be at that point. >> stuart: we are at that point buried drives me crazy because what it means is there's two things we need to think about. snowstorms have always happened. what is different? 24/7 news coverage and more people. government officials know they can get votes, they can get accolades, they can get kudos by responding to these disasters. which they should at the state and local level but every time we ask the federal government to step in, it weakens state and local because they know we can depend on the federal government. when it comes to budget priorities, we can trim it back because we know that fema might step in. i think it's the wrong direction. >> stuart: michael brown, former fema director.
2:00 pm
thanks for joining us. do remember, varney and company on the fox business network tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. eastern all the way until noon. that's it from me for now. "the five" is next. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and dana perino, "the five" ." at a dinner with the press, the ambassador from afghanistan was asked about donald trump. he said he was warned to keep it short when talking to mr. trump because of his short attention span. when they did finally speak, he was delightfully shocked. donald trump asked three questions that president obama never did. one, how can you win and his fight against terror? two, what do you need


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