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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you. >> your rushing after the parade, correct? no rushing in new york right now anywhere. >> have a great day. have a great weekend everybody. >> we begin now with a fox news alert, secretary of state rex tillerson drawing a big line in the sand or perhaps snow, given the location, as he threatens north korea with an american attack. the "happening now" for this, . >> as you can imagine, he was ensouled today. he said all options are on the table to determine the kim jong-un regime. this following an exclusive interview with fox news where america's top diplomat refused
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to rule out nuclear is asian of our east asian allies. >> good morning heather. secretary of state rex tillerson reiterated again today the u.s. position that 20 years in current policies towards north korea have failed and allies need to look for alternatives in dealing with the country who continues to advance its nuclear and missile programs. to that, he has been meeting with japanese and chinese counterparts. we asked him whether, among the options at the u.s. is considering all this, is further weaponization, nuclear weaponization of japan and south korea? to that, he said nothing has been taken off the table. i asked again, are you ruling out those options?
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he said, nothing has been taken off the table. if you remember, a year ago, then candidate donald trump was asked about this issue, whether or not nuclear proliferation -- he said what i rather have it north korea have japan sitting there without nuclear weapons in an interview to "the new york times." he said, you may very well be better off if that's the case. essentially, if japan had a weapon and north korea did as well. it later on a tweet, trump said he denied more countries having nuclear weapons. earlier this morning, also talking about the tweets from president trump, he said "north korea is behaving very badly. they have been "playing" the united states for years. china has done little to help!" here in seoul, south korea, secretary tiller's and also that china's reaction to north korea's continued aggression has been "inappropriate and essentially
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troubling." in a few hours, this is the third and final stop second tillers and will go on. he'll travel to beijing to talk to the chinese. back to you. >> heather: later, we'll talk about what it will take to get them on board. thank you. >> leland: right now, breaking news on the domestic front as well. as the man in charge for making president trump's health care plan work if and when congress approves it, health and human services secretary tom price back at his familiar ground, appearing with republican lawmakers saying they are making progress on the obamacare replacement, but deep divisions remain as more republicans are defecting, plus republik and governors signing a letter saying the bill could mean disaster for their state. our men on capitol hill, mike emanuel with more. >> the full court press is underway to get to it speaker paul ryan calls the sweet spot,
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making the right adjustment to get the number of votes to pass in the house. we just saw a few moments ago, president trump, vice president mike pence, having a meeting in the oval office with a number of house lawmakers and the president told reporters just moments ago, that his arm-twisting earned 12 more votes. >> all of these nos were potential nos are all yeses, everything a person sitting in this room is now a "yes" ." we made certain changes. >> dr. tom price was back on capitol hill to meet with his former colleagues in the house. it priced talk about actions he'll be able to take at health and human services after congress takes this action. the possible action we are hearing is adjusting tax credits for older and lower income people. they say they will go to the rules committee and that they intend to go to a full vote on
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the house of representative fuller. democrats suggest it's bad legislation that it will be bad for the american people. >> all the evidence suggests that this bill will worsen every aspect of our health care system. it will return us to a time before the when it was neither accessible nor affordable. >> it sounds like republicans on both ends of pennsylvania avenue sound optimistic that they'll be able to get there for a vote on the house floor next week. >> leland: use of the timeline on capitol hill. thank you so much. >> heather: of their sticking that timeline. glenn hall, u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal" is here. thank you for joining us. a lot has been going on. we just saw president trump speaking there before some conservative lawmakers, he says
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he has 12 additional votes now. here's a little bit more what he had to say. >> all of these nos, or potential nos, are all yeses, every single person sitting in this room is now a "yes" ." we made certain changes, i also want people to know that obamacare is dead. it's a dead health care plan. it's not even a health care plan, frankly. >> heather: obamacare is dead, sounding very supportive, i heard this is supposed to be on the floor with a vote in the next week, do you think that will happen? >> paul ryan is pretty certain that he's going to make that happen. he has to get through the rules committee early next week first there's an opportunity for amendment to be made still. >> heather: clearly they're making some changes, what changes do they need to make to get everyone on board? >> they won't get everyone on board. it there's a divide between more conservative budget to make sure
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that the cost of federal taxpayers is not as high as obamacare, that's the reduction in medicare reimbursement and a few other changes with the elimination of the mandate, also been very important to them. there's more moderates were concerned about the cbo report that suggests a lot of people will either opt out of care or find care not to be affordable in the short term, and they want some changes that address those issues to help seniors, in particular, be able to afford care. >> heather: they need 218 votes, . in terms of insurance, do you want to tackle a bit about that as well? >> i think one of the challenge challenges, the communication challenge in all this, you see reports of people losing insurance. one of the things conservatives and paul ryan himself have been trying to be very clear about is there giving people the choice. it cbo report said people will be likely to choose not to take this care if they don't have the mandate that is currently in existence under obamacare.
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the difference between having it or losing it or having the choice to choose to have it or not. >> heather: depending on who you talk to, that's a good thing or a bad thing. >> that's right. for republicans, they very much want to move this mandate. that's a critical part of the repeal and replace motion has in place right now. that's a critical piece that allows them to tell their constituents, we did what he promised. >> heather: in terms of the people who allegedly will be left without any health care, according to the cbo report, like you said, 24 million over the next decade, 14 million next year alone. do they need to go back in and reconsider that? what they need to do about medicare? >> the president talked about that this morning. he and other in congress are concerned that maybe they need to adjust the tax credit so those who are in the older income categories may not be as harmed by the cost increases
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that might come as protected by the cbo. at the cbo report also showed that younger people, who need young healthy people to balance, they will come out with more premiums. they're trying to balance that out now. >> heather: that's where they run into a problem because a lot of the more conservative members, they don't like the tax credit, they say people are too reliant on tax credits already. >> some people also have concerns about the tax credit being structured in a way that if your cost of health care is higher than what you might owe, the government will give you a refund on your taxes. that's a refundable tax credit. some people say there's too much of a burden. there still needs to be some things to work out. the senate can also completely ets there as well. >> heather: we hear a lot, especially today, about more authority given to the states. is that better? >> that's an important piece of this. that's one of the things that health secretary price has been
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telling everybody as he's been trying to help the president and vice president persuade lawmakers to come on board. it there's much we can do within our powers of the administration to transfer authority to the states to do these kinds of things. this bill brings us a step closer to that and we can amend and help the rule making to make that even more advanced for the states. >> heather: are being told specifically, next thursday, as early as next thursday, there could be a vote. it is unrealistic though? it has to go through the rules committee first. >> it will get to the rules committee fairly quickly, everybody largely wants to get this done. they need to get this done before the next break. as congressmen are going back to their districts, they would like to get it done before that. >> heather: we do not president trump seems to work 24 hours a day sometimes. >> he's been working very hard behind the scenes, having a lot of meetings like we saw today. it's bigger ryan just yesterday praising the president for how much he's been working to bring
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the party together. >> heather: secretary price as well today. thank you so much for joining us. will have you back next week. >> leland: more meetings for the president today as he welcomes german chancellor angela merkel to the white hous white house. that is in about 15 or 20 minutes. later, we are going to have a joint news conference with those two leaders. of course, will bring in the news conference and the chancellor's arrival as it happens. than this. check out that picture. paramedics braving the freezing water inside the car. a 3-month-old baby. it will tell you how this all ends coming up. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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experience exceptional offers on sales event is here. our most refined models ever. get up to $2,500 customer cash on select 2017 models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> heather: welcome back. happening right now, paramedics and illinois are being held a hero for saving a baby from a submerged suv. it take a look at this. this paramedic dove into a freezing lake and swim 50 feet
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to the vehicle, finding the 3-month-old baby floating insid inside. rescuers pulled the infant out of what the water and perform cpr. it the boy is expected to make a full recovery. >> leland: the president's budget report is all receiving hearts criticism from democrats. no surprise there, but even some republicans are expressing doubts. the plan boosts spending, but cuts many social programs that rural communities and the working poor to rely upon. ed strong mixed reaction from the media. look at from pages around the country. increased military betting that will come. "the boston globe" criticizing. kentucky congressman is lurking democrat on the house budget committee. as you might suspect, the ranking democrat has been highly critical of the budget.
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will start with this, the government's choosing, can't have everything. what problems do you have the president's choices? >> let's set aside for a minute whether it's the $54 billion increase is needed. on the other side, we are talking about getting the state department budget by 29%. we have an incredible role to play in the world diplomaticall diplomatically. general mattis -- i think members of both parties oppose buying more bullets. it's ludicrous. what that will do is set back or stop immediately research being done in the medical field. this proposal eliminates a program which is heating and air-conditioning assistance for
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low income families. that would be devastating for community's like in louisville. >> leland: you talk about communities like yours, kentucky, home of the screaming eagles, fort campbell, this is what you said earlier on bloomberg relating to that pentagon spending. >> i know that $54 billion, a one-time bump is a pretty significant increase. i think would be hard for the pentagon to justify all of that. >> leland: now we're back to this increase in military spending. great reporting by our jennifer griffin, fort campbell. half of their helicopters and the 101st can't fly. if they had disarmed a brigade combat team on short notice around the world, possibly to south korea, possibly somewhere else, likely couldn't do it. the buildings at fort campbell, as you know from visiting them, our vintage world war ii and falling apart. you can't tell me the pentagon does any more money. >> is a site, i put aside that
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question for the moment. >> leland: let me have you on to that question. it does the pentagon need this additional $54 billion? will start with that. >> i think they certainly need some enhanced funding. i don't know whether the 54 billion is the right amount. will be proposing an alternative budget the democrats side. it may not be quite as much is 54 billion, but we're going to propose an increase. the question is, we entered into a budget agreement back in 2011 where we basically said we're going to treat a defense side in the nondefense side the same. not only has this administration broached that agreement, they've gone and the other way. were going to raise one and rob the other side. >> leland: they said to make yu said they breached that
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agreement. president trump campaigned on the idea of increased military spending and cutting some would say waste, some is a needless programs or undue report we can programs. this is in a breach of an agreement, this is essentially new governing. the democrats have to deal with it. >> what i'm saying is when congress has to deal with it, congress made agreement back in 2011. they may try to an organ that agreement, but we're going to hold to that principle that if you're going to make cuts on one side, you have to make it on the other side. conversely, if you rent to raise funding, you have to make the kind of investments that are important in education and job training. some of those areas that are every bit as important to the security of american families. >> leland: you talk about increase in social funding, and social programs. >> i'm talking about investments that help american families.
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>> leland: i'm sure democrats would consider the school lunch program one of those. take a listen to mick mulvaney, the director saying it's just not a good deal. >> this was to help kids who don't get fed at home get fed so they do better at school. guess what? there is no evidence they're actually doing that. there is no evidence that it's helping kids to better at school. when we took your money from you, will spend it on after-school programs, the way we justified it, these programs are going to help these kids. a >> leland: about the administration saying these programs don't really do much, you call them an investment in our future. like me squabbled about, i'm sure it will be. big question seems to be that neither you nor the administration is talking about, that is essentially, this doesn't touch entitlements. i know you're going to say obamacare touch entitlements when it comes to medicare and medicaid, but in terms of major programs here come out real cuts in social security, really reforming social security, major a form of medicare and medicaid,
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this budget doesn't touch it. >> i think by their own admission, they said this budget only dealt with the discretionary funds. we're going to wait till may and see what they do then. >> leland: unfortunately, we have to run for breaking news. appreciate it, sir. it will have you back to talk about it as is comes to committee. >> heather: there has been a lot of health care talk already today. a secretary price talking earlier and most recently, president trump talking. now we have a speaker ryan speaking in d.c. let's hear what he has to say. >> there is a provision for a surcharge on your insurance if you haven't been covered and you're jumping back into coverage, but they feel that's too weak to have an effect. at this bill will actually make the market worse than obamacare. >> more importantly, they're
8:22 am
telling telling us the opposite. guaranteed issues pretty much already baked in the cake. we do change community rating, when obamacare did, this gets a little wonky. they're basically going to have young, healthy people subsidize older, less healthy people. it will work if we force them to buy this stuff. that's not working. the individual mandate is not working. people are taking the penalty and exchange, and therefore, this is death of spiraling. it's basically failing and insurers are pulling out. we are relaxing that standard so it goes back to reflect the actual cost of insurance and that is why the tax credit is age-adjusted so it reflects those actual cost of insurance. it's also why we have high-risk pools. we had a pretty good at risk pool and wisconsin. it worked pretty darn well and
8:23 am
there wasn't even a federal funding component with it. it will kickstart risk pools. what that means is, and the estate, individual market, you have extra coverage for people with a catastrophic illness. due to cancer, your costco outcome up, the restful kitson, you don't go broke if you get sick, but it also cap say exposure for insurance for everybody else. that dramatically lowers the price of insurance for everyone else and the individual market. it just to give you an illustration of this idea, 1% of the people in this individual market drive 23% of the cost of insurance. if you have at risk pools, obamacare abolished, we had it, a lot of states had it, that covers that. you deregulate the market place, and you have health savings account underneath to bring the consumer back in the game to have people with his skin in the game, price pressure, a marketplace for competition on choice, on quality, on price,
8:24 am
that is how you restart a viable, individual free market in health care. it's not just a theory where ideas have been worked -- >> heather: it you've been listening to speaker ryan they're speaking before a group of conservative lawmakers. he's talking about insurance rates, age-adjusted tax credits, why he says those are good and state based risk pools. right now, we're talking about something else. >> leland: we move to tragedy in new york city. amateur video capturing the moment when an emergency medical technician was struck and killed by their own ambulance. there is ambulance, you can see it. it people say a two-person emt team stopped in the bronx last night being alerted that a man was riding on the back bumper of their vehicle. that is when the emt jumped out to investigate. the man, who is jewelry at writing jumped inside the
8:25 am
ambulance into the driver's seat and put the ambulance in reverse, striking the emt who then got caught beneath the wheels. here she has, 44 years old pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. she leaves behind a number of children. fdny honor guard already two-acre to rest. this is the man, jose gonzales facing multiple charges including murder and carjacking. >> heather: more now on our top story, the trump administration sending a crystal clear message to north korea. rex tillerson in south korea saying all options are on the table when it comes to the increasingly unpredictable regime of kim jong-un. following an exclusive interview with fox news in which a secretary till her not rule out preemptive military action or arming our pacific allies to contain the threat. let's talk about it.
8:26 am
very strong words, what's your take on it? >> clearly, when tillers and says he's going to arm against japan and south korea, clearly the united states is worry about this. last wednesday, china made some remarks and the public, issuing a public proposal, which they almost never do, indicating some concern in beijing about what's going on in north korea. now you have both u.s. and china expressing deep concern about what's happening. >> heather: not ruling out nuclear is asian. what do we have to do to get china to come on board? >> i think one thing we have to do is the one factor that we have not employed over the last two decades. secretary tillers and said our policies have failed over 20 years. the one thing we haven't done is imposed severe costs on china for aiding north korea's ballistic missiles program, is simply a weapons program, and other commerce.
8:27 am
chinese banks are engaged in money laundering. we need to unplug them, and if we do that, we'll lock markets. if we do that, we'll tell beijing we are serious. we haven't done that and two decades. the president, who is very close to united states, she has now been dismissed by the constitutional court. that was confirmed. there is going to be a so-called progressive who will take her place. the leading candidate is double-digit lead in the polls. of course, he could lose it because the election is may 9th. but nonetheless, he is so far ahead. >> heather: the concern with him are some things he said in reference to north korea and being lenient. >> very lenient, wanting to help north korea try t
8:28 am
north koreans. this has not worked. this is the policy of the 1990s which was a complete failure. also, he does not want the united states to place on south korean soil. he might either curtail future deployments or he might reverse it, getting those batteries off south korea. that would be terrible. this is what beijing wants. clearly, we cannot have china, which is on north korea, to tell us not to protect ourselves. >> heather: what do you think north korea's response will be to this today? >> i think north korea is going to do something. this is a time of year for them to be provocative. the problem is, and february, there were so many instances of instability, showing that kim jong-un now has a dangerously low threshold of risk, he probably thinks he might lose power, so he could do anything. >> heather: we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >> leland: certainly, this will be a topic, as
8:29 am
president trump welcomes german chancellor angela merkel to the white house for their first one-on-one meeting. you can see the color guard outside the west wing there, the marine guard at the door. coming up after their meeting, they are going to hold a joint news conference live to the white house as the chancellor pulls up and also for the conference as well. also, sean spicer and mixing it up with reporters. must see tv as he accuses the press corps of pushing a false narrative on the presidents wiretapping claims.
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>> heather: president trump said to me this hour with german chancellor angela merkel in the mobile office. the president was critical of chancellor merkel during the campaign. kevin joyce is not from the white house with more. this will be interesting. speak out your right. it no shortage of what to discuss between the two leaders. this is that angela merkel's first visit to the white house. there are a number of issues at the two leaders want to talk about. angela merkel bringing the ceos of bmw and siemens. the migrant crisis that continues to show no sign of
8:34 am
letting up and of course, a frank conversation about the u.s. role in nato. the president has been skeptical of nato asserting that other members certainly haven't been paying their fair share. the treaty calls for a goal of states to spend about 2% of gdp. jermaine closed coming in at 2.13%. >> we strongly support nato, we only ask that the nato members make their full and proper financial contributions to the nato alliance, which many of them have not been doing. many of them have not been even close. they have to do that. >> it is also a good bet that the two leaders will discuss the refugee crisis that continues to overwhelm europe. the president, who you pointed out rightly, said that angela merkel made a catastrophic mistake in allowing nearly a million refugees into germany. it's pretty clear both will try to defuse the campaign tone rhetoric, but they are also
8:35 am
mindful that they have domestic audiences that they have to speak to during their time here today. that should make that news conference at around one: 20 today interesting. >> heather: we will carry that live in it happens. thank you. >> leland: back to the white house as news warrants, you can see they're still awaiting the arrival of the chancellor. inside the white house, and the press briefing room, press secretary sean spicer has been getting into it with reporters over president trump's allegation that president obama tapped his phones at trump tower during the election. spicer, accusing reporters of cherry picking information to fit their narrative. >> where was her passion and where was your concern when they all said there was no connection to russia? where was it then? crickets from you guys, because of the end of the day -- no, no, hold on. i'm making a point.
8:36 am
the point is this. number one, it's interesting how whenever evidence comes out and people who have been briefed on the russia connection come out and say there was nothing they have seen to prove the connection, you choose not to cover that, you don't stop the narrative, you continue to perpetuate a false narrative. when he came out yesterday and said i see no evidence has happened, when he said i think it's very possible, you don't cover that part. you only cover the part -- let's go through what we do know. hold on. i am trying to answer your question, jonathan. calm down. >> leland: here is our panel, judy miller and jay nordlinger. great to have you both. happy friday to you. judy, we'll start with you and draw on your wealth of experience covering the white house among so many other places. have we ever seen anything like this or are we just know sort of seeing it more in our face
8:37 am
because it's covered every day on cable television? >> i've never seen anything like it. mr. spicer gives us no end of entertaining sessions. a lot of ammunition and materia material. a new vocabulary, crickets. first of all, that's not true, what mr. spicer said that we haven't covered the claim that in fact, there doesn't seem to be any evidence so far to link white house officials to russia in terms of inappropriate behavior. newspapers and broadcast networks including this one have covered that story. have they covered it as much as the presidents tweets, alleging that president barack obama wiretapped him? no. i also think that is fair. that is something that that
8:38 am
president has alleged. we are so polarized. let me make this point. half the people saying that the president trump says he walks on water, he does. the other half saying that everything coming out of his mouth is alive. the truth is somewhere in between. a spill in the truth is often in the middle, that's all we have you guys to sort it out. to that point, is this a fight that the presence picking with the white house or is us a fight at the white house at some point, the president, is picking the press because they enjoy the foil and 50% of supporters that judy just talked about love seeing the president take on the press? >> sure, the president leveled a very heavy charge. he said something like just out, this is terrible. obama wiretapped me. bad or sick guy. at that is a very heavy charge. it obviously provokes a response. i think the phrase, put up or shut up, even if the accusation
8:39 am
is true or is not. there ought to be some sort of inquiry. i don't really envy the job of sean spicer of people like him. people in the white house called them the elephant room. it they have to clean up after the elephants along the parade route. sean and kelly an end the others say what now? better them than me, let me put it that way. >> leland: i think this means that angela merkel is heading to the west wing. keep talking about this issue of fighting with the press. judy, the white house press secretary passes on a flak jacket that hangs in his office. at some level, it's supposed to be adversarial, that means the media is doing their job questioning the president and the white house. at the same time, the white house is doing their job,
8:40 am
furthering their agenda. >> nobody is forcing sean spicer to go out there and lie about crowd size during the inauguration. nobody's forcing him to go out there and say something which is very hard to defend. as jay says, where's the proof? is there evidence to support the president's charge hashtag if not dumb act on my stomach >> and a sense, someone may be forcing him, his boss, the president. >> leland: then you allow a saturday night massacre situation is possible. we'll leave it there. for some reason, i don't think this will be the last time the press on sean spicer tonsil, i think we can agree on that. we all agree they are.
8:41 am
you just saw angela merkel pull up. guys, thanks so much. judy, jay, heather has more. >> heather: president trump in german chancellor angela merkel meeting at the white house today. we've been showing you those pictures. i do believe that she has arrived. she's ahead of a roundtable with american german and business leaders and then the two leaders will hold a joint news conference. we will have you live for that as well. it will have you back two become one.
8:42 am
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♪ ♪ this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade, told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. >> heather: a nationwide search for a missing tennessee girl. an amber alert issued for a 15-year-old elizabeth thomas. authorities think she is traveling with her former teacher. 50-year-old, her former teacher believes he is armed with two guns and driving a silver nissan. they say that he had shown a
8:45 am
troubling sign of behavior and he may have abused his role as a teacher in an effort to sexually exploit the girl. their last known location was in decatur, alabama. >> leland: the federal judge in seattle who block to the president's first travel ban is now saying his order will not apply to the revision. judge james robards segment two executive orders have enough differences between them. he says he will rule later on the revised travel ban, but keep in mind that two other judges have already blocked the revised ban. to follow the bouncing judges ruling, fred, start with you. just to get a sense. as you look at what's going on
8:46 am
here, you have two judges who blocked it. thus ruling in seattle, does that make a difference or is it a distinction without? >> it is a distinct show without a difference, we do have two rulings from other judges which control. with the judge in seattle said i had one ban in front of me. that was a very preliminary decision. basically what he's saying is this one is sufficiently different that my ruling based on the first one may not apply. he could and it was easy for him to do because two other judges decided they wanted to be activists and they have banned the band for now. >> leland: richard, to an end, the white house is saying this is unprecedented activism to have this second ruling now or ruling on the second travel ban by these two judges. do you agree?
8:47 am
>> absolutely. this is an overreach by the judicial branch. is not not a ban, it's a travel restriction for those in certain countries were outlined. these are countries who have a government that are very loosely established. they can even confirm who is coming out of their country. i think it's a necessary travel restriction. in addition to that, the judge in hawaii for example said campaign rhetoric and use that as a basis. this travel research and is an administrative policy. a >> leland: we actually pulled the sound bite of the judge quoted in his ruling. this big old trump is calling for total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until the countries representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. a >> leland: back to constitution and law class,
8:48 am
that's with the judge is a sighting and saying, because the president and because he said that when he was campaigning, it violates the establishment clause of the first amendment of establishing a religion. are you agreeing with mr. st. paul, counselor st. paul that it's overreach? >> i concur with mr. st. paul. he is absolutely right. i'm i find with this judge did e apsley repugnant. that's not how you determine if a law is legal. offenses dusty little thing that progressive judges can understand and thus the first amendment. political free speech is the most sacred and protected speech. i don't care what he said during the campaign trail, it is not relevant and legally applicable and should not be considered in determining. it they look at the law. what the order does a great said travel restriction on countries that represent less than 50% of the muslim population in this world. to come back and say that this
8:49 am
is a muslim ban, it's just wron wrong. >> leland: as much as the white house, i'm sure, wishes you were two of the judges on the three-judge panel that is going to rule on their appeal coming up, this heads to the fourth and the ninth circuit. the ninth circuit as a circuit that upheld the judges ban on the first ban. richard, any reason to think of a ninth circuit is going to see this differently come around again? >> anyone who went to law school should see this differently. whether you went to law school or graduated. i'm not sure what's going on with this judge in hawaii, but if the ninth circuit gets this wrong, i doubt the fourth circuit will because it's becoming more conservative. ultimately, the supreme court
8:50 am
will get it right. >> leland: that brings us to next week, when the neil gorsuch confirmation hearing begins. that court is tied at 4-4. john gentlemen, i think the stae of limitations has expired. speak out some people say it's an ongoing fraud to practice. >> leland: it will debate that over a few guinness is. >> heather: coming up, some are calling a troubled real transit project and hawaii way over schedule and way over budget. but lawmakers now are doing to get it off the beach you're here to buy a car.
8:51 am
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>> heather: welcome back to "happening now," lawmakers in hawaii now considering a new measure to finish honolulu's troubled real transit project. it's been years behind schedule and billions over budget. critics are calling it nothing more than a boondoggle. i feel so bad for you being in honolulu. >> even paradise has traffic issues. of course, every city needs infrastructure, honolulu offers a cautionary tale that voters should be careful what they vote for. >> it's too late, because it's too late. >> this project began with high hopes. >> it promised people, if we build it, you will come. they lowballed the cost then
8:55 am
they misrepresented the benefits to traffic. >> watchdogs say it's a warning to the rest of us. >> unfortunately, the product is so far along, it's unstoppable. >> the project cost $10 billion. >> i think the cost containment and cost management has to be our everyday focus. >> short of cash, the city considered cutting the track short by 4 miles to save money. if so, the train would downtown entirely. speak out right now, i feel misled. but when we authorized it, it was like, okay, great. >> as for congestion, when finally done, reports show the rail will only cut traffic by less than 2%. >> you don't spend five or $10 billion for a 2% return.
8:56 am
>> advocates say there's another side to this. 40 years from now, right now, all you hear is regret. >> heather: you must another side, that it's much better to be stuck in traffic in hawaii then to be stuck in traffic in new york. >> that's true, without the new york subway, it would be pretty bad. >> leland: no regrets from william for being in hawaii. next hour of "happening now," there's a lot of news coming up. there will be a joint news conference with president trump and german chancellor angela merkel. you see the arrival rate there. warm arrival, you can imagine. they have a lot to talk about. 90 minutes from now, will bring that life. plus the white house standing firm on the accusation that president obama tapped phones and trump tower. this, even as more republican lawmakers cast their doubts, more on that coming up.
8:57 am
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>> heather: we'll see you back here in an hour. a spill in the leaves of "outnumbered" have a lot to talk about. take it away. >> sandra: one of the biggest meetings of donald trump's new presidency happening right now. mr. trump meeting with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house. ahead of a joint news conference. this as both leaders have not had a smooth history. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith coming here today, as faulkner, meghan mccain, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, a couch first timer, ari fleischer. you are outnumbered sir. >> ari: i am a


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