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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i think we're heading in the right direction. >> trish: happy to see you, happy the st. patrick's day. you do have green cuff links. >> i didn't let you down. >> trish: thanks to neil cavuto for letting me sit in here. you can catch me. happy the saint saint have a great weekend. >> hello everyone and happen i st. patrick's day. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> president trump had his first face-to-face meeting with german chancellor angela merkel today. mr. trump had accused the chancellor of ruining germany with the influx of refugees. today the president defend is his agenda to protect the country from radical islamic terrorism.
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>> president trump: our two countries must work together to protect our people from radical islamic terrorism. and to defeat isis. we also recognize that immigration security is national security. we must protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism, extremism and violence inside our borders. immigration is a privilege, not a right. and the safety of our citizens must always come first. without question. >> merkel defended her commitment to helping refugees despite the threat posed to her country. >> we have to protect our external board errings and we have to work on the bases of mutual interest with our neighbors, migration, immigration, integration has to be worked on obviously. traffickers have to be stopped. but this has to be done by looking at the refugees as well.
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giving them opportunities to shape their own lives where they are. help countries who right now are not in an ability to do so. sometimes because they have civil war. i think that's the right way of going about it. >> okay. well a lot of discussion, people saying how did this go today? dana, between the president and angela merkel? i think perhaps it was a little bit strained over these issues. >> but i do think it could have been more strained. there is some talk that he ignored her request for a handshake. i would like to believe he didn't hear the request and that was just an awkward moment. i don't think anyone will dwell on it. i think this continues the introduction of several world leaders that come to the white house to meet the president. this is important for her back home. one of the things i like to do, when you think about a joint session like this is not what they were trying to accomplish together, which i think today was just establishing ale personal relationship because they will have to work together on several issues, but if you think about their domestic
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audience, in particular hers, she is facing a pretty tough reelection, these been in office for a long time. there's interest in a guy named schultz who is running a very anti-trump campaign p he's not bound by any of the restrictions of office like she is. she is like i have to be the leader of this country. i think this visit showed back home for her domestic audience that she is the mature adult, the right politician to be able to have a relationship with the united states and figure out a way to keep germany in the forefront of the eu for her it was good and for the president just fine. >> eric do you think any progress was made? >> i don't know if there's any progress made. i don't think there was any push back at all. i think i agree with dana, it was a very matter of fact kind of formal feeling type of meeting. the two themes that have really defined donald trump's conditioned did i da sir and presidency, were front and
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center. if you listen to not only the comments president trump made but also the answers to some of the questions, he hit on two big things, for me i heard something very important when he was talking about trade. he said he's a fair trader and a free trader. right before that at the said something that caught my attention, he said reciprocal trade policies. the point i'm trying to pull out is the repip try cal part. if you go into other countries, china, brazil, european union, we may massive at amounts to put our products into those countries, without them having to do the same. it's a heads up and dana and i have talked about this, how are they going to administer a border tax? that may be the first shot across the bough of these countries, if you're charging us 3.4% you may get charged that same 3.4% back in here. bra spill 8.3%. that's trade. also security. you know we talked about nato.
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the u.s., the requirement -- the alleged requirement under nato is you're supposed to spend on defense, germany happens to spent 1.2% on defense. they're going to have to get their funding of nato up. france, germany and turkey are below the 2%, a couple others are below 1%. in order for security, the world, if they want us to continue to play by the nato rules. >> that's something he talked about during his exam pain. greg and juan will get in. the president took a question from a german reporter about the america first and pushed back that he is pursuing isolationist policies. >> president trump: i don't believe in an isolationist policy s i the also believe a policy of trade should be a fair policy. the united states has been treated very, very unfairly by many countries over the years and that's going to stop. but
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i'm not an isolationist. i'm a free trade sxer a fair trade ter. i don't know what newspaper you're reading. but the i guess that would be another example of, as you say, fake news. >> oh my god, never misses his chance. greg what do you make of this? >> i have two points to raise. let's talk about the trade thing. germany makes amazing cars, let's be honest. guess where they make a lot of them? here. 400,000 of them in south carolina. >> i do like a nice mercedes. >> the trade deficit is deceptive, when you have a population of 80 million people and america is four times larger, our gdp is 17 trillion, theirs is 7.3 trillion. thank you wickipedia. you have to look at size and why the deficit really isn't as important as they make it out to be. free trade does matter. germany helps our country.
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that's 750 thousand american jobs because of german companies in the united states. now on to the stuff about -- >> can i address that before you go on? if you threaten to say to china you're charging us 3.4% we're going to charge you too, maybe you get them to lower it, maybe you get them down to the global average of 2.5% and save american corporations putting products into china a boat load of money. >> but eric i was looking at germany on wick i speed i can't, not on china. [ laughter ] >> i want to talk about the migration thing. we keep positioning this argument that you're either pro or antirefugee and it's not fair. we are pro refugee, we're just pro refugee wisely. trump looks at jer man any and says we can't do all of that t like when a friend of yours gets married and gains a lot of weight, oh, wow, he let himself
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go. we as a the country cannot let ourselves go. we watched in the my the grnt process we watched germany essentially let itself go. it's going to take along time for that change. i think merkel lecturing about refugees to us is like hillary lecturing you about winning or her husband lecturing about keeping his pants up. it's not up to her to tell us. >> low refugee diet? >> exactly. >> we're slim jim compared to germany. they've let millions in, with their smaller population. they have done a great deal. they see it as a mercy mission. >> why do they do? >> some on who do. >> they feel guilty about the past. >> i think so. yeah. ask their therapist. it's possible that will they see this in a way we need to shift. they're bringing younger people in who are willing and able to
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stir their economic engine. >> or to stir literally pots. >> i don't think so. >> they're looking for young people to take care of older people. >> that's right, if you look in terms of social security the. >> no, it's mean meaning actually cook. >> i think it's a similar thing in response to what eric was saying, you have to worry that the other side punches back and say you guys want a trade war? >> no one wants a trade war with us. >> we're so powerful. >> we're the most powerful on the planet. if you look at bmw, they employ americans and export. >> a jer man car built in america exported to germany isn't charged the import tax. >> it's exported all over the world and we get the jobs. i thought this was the jobs prese president. the reason i thought this meeting was so interesting is that, you know, you listen to
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trump and it's all about this kind of pop u lift national lift, the kind of things we've been hearing about. this week you had, in the dutch election, gert wilder the trump of the netherlands lose. and in france it's coming up. right now the message that's being sent is that populist energy seems to be fading. by the way, in terms of angela merkel herself it seems like her chances of reelection, picking up on what dana was talking about, are growing. >> have you seen the cover of the economist in the. >> no. >> it says global his many is on its way down and economic nationalism around the ward is on its way up. they're using hot air balloons. showing these countries that are focussing on their own borders. >> the german's right before this meeting with donald trump they were talking to the chinese about building new
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relationships. >> you used one example. >> i'm citing. >> we don't know yet. i know for a fact what happened to wilder. >> we would agree with that. >> dana. >> i just think that one of the things where merkel and trump could possibly agree on the refugee issue is the key to this is actually solving the refugee problem at its source. and president trump has said that he would like to see something about some safe zones? syria. everybody has a national interest because they're export pg terror and leaving many people desperate and hopeless. so people who have big hearts, them. to bring them in to their countries, because they care. then it's a security risk. the solution to it is to solve it as its source. somebody like merkel and trump together as a partnership leading nato in may at their meeting could be helpful. >> it would be i strong
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alliance. perhaps this is the first step toward that. they needed today meet in person. >> let me add on to that. i would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear them talk about vladimir putin. merkel has a view and experience with putin in terms of the ukraine very different from donald trump. >> we happened to be able to get in russia, in the a block, there we go. well the president gave a morbid diagnosis for obamacare today. it's dead. hear that coming up. a programming note, it's your lucky day on st. patrick's day. a double dose of us. we're going to be back at 8:00 eastern for another live edition of "the five." don't miss it. back in a moment. >> yeah! meta appetite control... it helps put some distance between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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happy instant instant. [ laughter ] . >> juan: that's something. the president met earlier with conservative law makers to rally the vote for obamacare. >> president trump: i want everyone to know i'm 100% behind it. i want everybody to know the press has not been speaking
2:17 pm
properly about how great this is going to be. this is going to be great. i also want people to know that obamacare is dead. it's a dead healthcare plan. not even a healthcare plan frankly. it's a disaster. obamacare is dead. nothing to do with these people. nothing to do with me. it's on res sir rate or and it's just about ready to implode. >> juan: a vote on the legislation is expected in the house next thursday. at his news conference earlier mr. trump expressed confidence the bill will pass>> president trump: it's going to be passed, i believe, i think substantially pretty quickly. i think we have a very unified republican party. health care is a very, very difficult subject, complex subject and a subject that goes both ways. you do something for one side and the other side doesn't like it. but it's really something that's come together very well and i think it's going to be very, very popular, extremely popular. >> juan: greg the president is clearly putting his prestige now
2:18 pm
on the line. he has these 13 members in the oval office. he says he's convinced them. he's going to do more in terms of work requirements, blocking of medicaid, block grants instead of caps. is this gonna be a winning -- is this a winning ticket? >> greg: we were talking about this, go he loves this sort of thing. he's a natural salesman. he likes to build stuff, hence the wall. he likes to sell stuff, hence the bill. scott adams calls him the master persuader. the harder it is to sell something the more he loves selling it. he's got an interesting opposition, that is everywhere you go, no matter what it's always about killing grandma and the kids. everything republicans do you end up killing somebody. and the that argument you're finding out is losing more and more power and weight. if trump's health bill made all healthcare free, the media would say well what about my pets?
2:19 pm
what about my spa treatments? i want massages, so you can't win. so i think he's aware of that. and i think he relishes going in and persuading. it sounds like he's doing it. >> juan: greg says he can't win. double that? >> greg: no, no, no, no. >> dana: i think he said he can win. >> greg: i said he can win. i said against the left he can't win. >> dana: meaning the left is never -- even if trump were to say here is universal healthcare the left would say, wait i the want more. >> juan: the reason i misunderstood the professor is that in fact republicans are the ones who he's persuading. >> dana: and i think that he is actually doing it. today was the best day for this bill in its short week long history, partly because they were able to get the bill through the third committee, with only three defect seans from the republicans, that's actually pretty good. he's had a lot of meetings this week. they don't have a lot of air cover from the outside.
2:20 pm
instead of obamacare that dragged out for months they are pushing this through very quickly. i think that when he said today i'm 100% behind this bill, the members of congress know that he -- president trump and ryan are in lock step on this, and i bet next thursday it is going to pass, because he decided to put his shoulder behind it and to stand with ryan. whether you like the bill or not, i still think it will pass next thursday. >> kimberly: yeah. >> juan: eric do you agree it will pass next thursday? >> eric: i hope not. i really hope not. dana if 100% right when he said he was behind the bill. he just renamed it from ryan care to trump care. here are the numbers. >> kimberly: better brand bui building. >> eric: you need 218 to pass. you need 19, that means you have 19 wiggle room. there's 29 members of the freedom caucus who vote as a group. these guys, if you have, i guess if you have the majority of the
2:21 pm
freedom caucus on board. >> dana: they want to get to yes. they want to support the president. >> eric: when i heard that my jaw dropped. i was listening to the press conference. did he say i'm 100% behind it? i started making calls. >> dana: i liked it, from a political standpoint it's impressive. >> eric: the freedom caucus members weren't in that meeting. so i'm like what don't i know? apparently there's a lot i don't know. >> dana: they're probably being reached out to by pence. >> juan: they could be but this was republican study committee folks in the meeting. he's trying to just fix it. paul ryan was opposed to any changes. this week he says changes. >> eric: you need the freedom caucus, it's a problems i vote. >> dana: they're going to get it. >> juan: fox news polling indicated 54% of americans disapprove of the republican plan. president trump who initially didn't seem like he was totally behind it, now, it's my plan,
2:22 pm
it's going to pass. >> kimberly: rasmussen poll says 48% of americans agree that obamacare is collapsing. he's saying the united states needs to act decisively to protect americans and give them quality healthcare. i think this was a turning point today. i agree with dana that he put muscle behind it, put the magic of the trump branding and said i'm going to own this, it's not just ryan care, i support it. i'm got skin in the game, i'm going to make sure it gets through. i take him at his word he's going to go out there and sell it will and push it and even if they have to go one by one, and he said something important which is that they made changes. perhaps there's been accommodations that will be pivotal. >> eric: if the only way to get the premiums down, the only way. >> kimberly: competition. >> eric: competition across state line. >> kimberly: across state line. >> eric: 60 votes in the senate. >> juan: that's the point. he says obamacare is dead.
2:23 pm
i'm think toing myself, they just indicated 12.2 million people enrolled. we'll see what happens. >> greg: barrier receive is dead you know? >> juan: i saw that. >> greg: 25 million, had a long run. died at 25 million years old. >> juan: do you think we could resuscitate it? >> greg: i wouldn't do mouth to mouth. >> juan: stay right there. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter.
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get the largest refund they deserve. one million people can benefit from precision cancer care. 197 million passengers can fly with less turbulence. i am on my way to working with one billion people. i look forward to working with you. . >> eric: time for the fastest seven minutes -- i'm sorry -- [ laughter ] >> eric: entertaining stories. the floor director looked at me like, really? you've done this how many times? late night hosts enjoying a ratings bowl than sa since donald trump won the presidency. steven colbert, jimmy kimmel rating well by taking shots at the president. >> not only does donald trump
2:28 pm
want to put a stop to federal funding for public broadcasting, he's already started cleaning house at pbs. >> i say you're fired. >> what? >> and star jones kicked your butt whether you like it or not. >> i guess we have to find a new place to live. >> too bad but that's the way it goes. >> eric: it's working for them. >> greg: i think it's right. that bird is a mooch, it doesn't need federal assistance, if you hate government and trump why are you taking money from it? by the way turduckin, it. >> eric: do you want to talk about the funding or late night hosts? >> dana: all media is up, right? all across the board. everybody is highly energized, whether you love him or hate him, you want to read about it, watch it, can't stop talking
2:29 pm
about it, it never ends. >> juan: well i don't have a whole lot of love. but i used to be a host and had to raise money for them. in the big cities there's no problem. there is no problem for npr, big bird who now works for hb o, they don't have a problem. i think they could be self sufficient. the problem is when you get out into the small rur ral areas, don't have big city newspapers or radio stations, sometimes don't have papers. >> you mean the base? >> eric: trump world. >> juan: there was a piece talking about what we were discussing, appalachia, the delta. >> kimberly: i like humor, right? i sit across from it every day here. it seems to en that you en that you me. >> greg: it's called my face, kimberly. >> kimberly: i think it's fun and done in a nice way. some of the stuff i've seen isn't so appropriate, which i've commented on before.
2:30 pm
>> eric: stay right there, remember the clip bbc ran of the skriept interview between a newscaster in england and where the guys sneak into the room behind him. guys from new zealand say how would is things go down if it were a mom? >> shifting sands in the region, do you think -- >> it's unclear at the moment what effect former president impeachment will have, unfortunately discontent is not only related to the -- >> you do look rather busy there. >> very likely it face jail time, too, i would argue in an attempt to make an example of here. >> what does this mean for the future of south korea? >> the future of south korea really hangs in the balance. >> is that a bomb? >> it will be interesting to see. [ laughter ] >> eric: she's multi-tasking.
2:31 pm
>> kimberly: oh my god that is my life every day. i don't even though. caught on fire a couple times, but it worked out. you've seen this type of thing, it actually happens. you're freaking out, trying to make sure to get everything done at once. you work it out. there was a you tube video of a man doing that with the kids onni coming in and the nanny trying to pull them out of the room. >> juan: you have to give up sometimes. that's terrific. not only terrific but i think every woman in the world apparently not just kimberly, but i think every woman in the world said yes, we deal with it, we make it happen. god bless them. >> kimberly: i like the bomb diffusing. >> eric: she didn't take the dog out. >> dana: she went to work, she didn't stay home. i can do it all, bring home the bacon, friday it up in the pan. i remember when i saw the video, you make a split spec'd decision, live television, he decided not to pick up the kid.
2:32 pm
if he would have it would have been just as much of a sensation. >> greg: i don't agree with anybody here. i thought it was atrocious because it's sexist. they're saying that moms are better than dad's at being moms. why can't dad's be moms? we're living in a gender free society. that was het ter row normative. it's been at tack on people who prefer not to be seen as a mom or a dad. women can't do everything, i'm sorry. >>goodness. >> eric: are you all good dancers, guys? do you have the moves? greg, juan and i got the moves like jagger. prince william? what do you think? watch. [ music playing ] . >> eric: juan what do you say? moves like jagger? >> juan: you know i think the
2:33 pm
man is having fun. let him be. to me, i don't understand why he can't just go to the club and party. i go to a club and party, i hope no one is doing that. i might look worse than that. >> kimberly: we know about that juan. >> eric: suburban dad dance terror moves like brew know mars? >> greg: i think he does all right there. it just tells you no one is safe. you can't let your cork flag fly, because nobody has their phone. was that at a wedding? >> eric: it was a club. >> greg: it's like they should have clubs now where you put your phone in a basket when you walk in. put it in the basket or you're not allowed in. >> kimberly: there are places like that, you just don't get invited. they take your phone, no one is allowed to bring any kind of electronic devices and that's that. >> greg: what are you talking about kimberly? >> kimberly: parties. >> greg: which party? which one are you talking about? i know which one you're talking about. >> kimberly: no you don't.
2:34 pm
you don't know. >> greg: i know what happened there and it was disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself. >> eric: the future king busting a move. >> dana: prince william will always have to dance like everybody is watching, which means you probably don't dance at all. maybe you should go home and be with your wife. >> eric: i loved it. i thought it was great. >> kimberly: have some fun. >> eric: ahead dana is going to take us on board a ship of hope and healing, she returned this week to show us what mercy work ships is doing in africa. guys, let's bust it out as we go to break. >> kimberly: bust out what? [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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oh dear. thank goodness zerowater's five-stage filter gets to all zeroes the first time. so maybe it's time to upgrade. get more out of your water. get zerowater. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> dana: on monday my husband peter and i took earn landers on another trip to africa on mercy
2:39 pm
ships. we were in the congo at the start of mercy ships mission there and we it didn't see the results. this time we did. their floating hospital has been docked for nine months in the republic of benin. we got to witness all kinds of miracles aboard. check this little girl out. she's dance fog a reason. because there's great cause for celebration. 70 patients treated by mercy ships the week an arrived in benin can now see again. special cataract surgeries healed their blindness and there was much joy to go around. he will be celebrating soon, he's a candidate for cataract surgery at the end of the month. this is his sweet twin sister.
2:40 pm
they're among nearly two and-a-half million citizens of developing nations to receive free surgical care from the volunteers of mercy ships an international charity founded in 1978. the africa mercy is the world's largest private hospital ship, 35% of them are american. dr. mark shrine is one of them. assistant professor at harvard medical school volunteers two months a yearly. i asked how he was able to juggle jobs thousands of miles apart? >> people are doing it on their vacation time, time off they have. most of my career in the u.s. is research. 20% clinical. i'm able to juggle the research and do the research here on the ship. people are here to serve the patients, in the countries that we're in. [ music playing ] . >> dana: dr. shrine performed four surgeries alone our first morning aboard.
2:41 pm
many patients get to spend time out side on friday afternoons. i played connect four with one of them on deck seven. he beat meet twice. but i surprise the us both when i the won a game. [laughter] [ music playing ] . >> dana: in addition to treatment on board ship based teams serve in local villages. while i was there a party was held follow children from a local orphanage. ashley receives co. runs it with her husband john. they're adopting the cute toddler she's holding named kojo. she wishes she could do more to help others in need. >> i think i resolved to know that i can't change the world but i can change a small part of the world. >> this is mercy's hope center. it's where patient's well enough
2:42 pm
to leave the shipping to fully recover and some pre-op patients are sent to prepare. when she retired she wasn't ready to settle, she was ready to do. boy has she done a lot, martha receives. reeves. there was a celebration for three women who had their fistulas repaired. they were left incontinent for years. sorry many of these sufferers are ostracized for their condition in this part of the world. nurse amy jones has treated many of them. >> they have a condition and have to be sent back home. a lot of times they will be completely march january allies did, divorced by their husband's. fist tu la patients are given a new dress after surgery as a
2:43 pm
symbol of their restored ula paw dress after surgery as a symbol of their restored life. >> just really a celebration of women. they've been through something terrible and come out the other side. [ indiscernible ] >> i said okay we are going to do the surge are i for you tomorrow. and i was amazed. >> there weren't many dry eyes in the room, full of songs, dance and prayer. at the end of the ceremony the nurse in charge of the women's clinic had one request for the three honor ease. they seed all we ask is that when you leave here today let god walk with you. you are not alone. god is walking with percent i ships to help bring hope and healing all around the world.
2:44 pm
. >> dana: so the africa mercy heads to cameroon this summer. you can check out opportunities for volunteering, go to mercy they need a lot of positions filled, engineers, dentists, cooks, teachers, and they absolutely need a principal right away. >> greg: i would be the greatest principal. i've always wanted to be a principal. if i doing, would i be able to get some elective work done on myself? like maybe a little lipo, botox? >> they don't have that ability yet. they're a little busy. you would probably be low on the priority list. >> greg: i would be a really good principal. >> kimberly: you would be really bad. >> dana: do you remember last friday when i was on and you asked me how they could help and i said they need a mechanic. the next morning a 25 year old christian man from america who is a veteran of the eye rack war said he is a certified mechanic and he's interested and he did a
2:45 pm
full application. >> eric: fantastic. >> juan: i read your piece on fox you pointed out the difficulty in follow-up. people leave and there's no way. >> dana: the ship might come back to benin in a few years. like here if you have surgery you go back to the doctor, if you have a problem or you might -- >> kimberly: follow-up. >> dana: they might did a research study on you. there is a little boy named emanuel from conga, he was saved, he was amazing. >> eric: very quickly. obviously if these situations you have to perform triage, you take the most sick and needy first. what is the gap between available resources and needed resources? >> dana: in a third world country like benin? it felt like the most hopeful country. they have a new president who is a businessman who is trying to improve the economy. but the health care is dire.
2:46 pm
in a port city you could probably maybe see a doctor for some things. those women there that were getting help for the fistulas, some had tried to be repaired three times and you have to try pay each time. >> kimberly: my brother regularly contributes, people can go to mercy did you dana. >> dana: you can check out the essay and other videos. it was great and the people on mercy ships are amazing. thank you fox for letting me do that. stay right there, facebook friday is up next. the command performance sales event is here. experience exciting offers on our most elevated suvs ever. get up to $2,500 customer cash on select 2017 models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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. >> greg: facebook friday. . >> kimberly: wow! >> greg: got to do it fast. we have an odd couple of minutes. >> kimberly: high energy. >> greg: one question from carly g in honor of st. patrick's day if you could have a drink with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? pete burns from dead or alive. no. thanks, he's dead though. that would count. any way i'll start with you kimberly. >> kimberly: i think i would choose saint patrick.
2:51 pm
all all that's mine. >> kimberly: yeah [ laughter ] . >> juan: why saint patrick? >> kimberly: because it's his day, he's the big honor ray. >> dana: he would probably pop out the red wine, too. >> greg: he might not have been a drinker. he's like why are people throwing up on third avenue? this is not what i wanted. >> kimberly: i would cheer i am with a nice club soda with a lime, which is green. >> juan: who was the guy in my three sons? >> greg: fred mcmurray? >> juan: how about car 54? you never know. tip o'neal and ronald reagan. they started the eye rish lunch in dc. >> kimberly: i was thinking about them. >> eric: i don't know. maybe a philosopher. do i have to speak the language? >> greg: you could have a translator. >> eric: aristotle, plato.
2:52 pm
really brilliant. >> dana: you know who came to mind? ma mary lou, retan. >> greg: you're taller than her. >> dana: i admire here and i was thinking i like her. i don't know why she's on my mind. >> dana: she got the perfect ten in the olympics. >> greg: it's weird how people's things -- that's in your brain if a reason. >> dana: i really want to meet her. >> greg: that's very strange. i'm going to say zig sygmond, freud. i think he would go that's more than a cigar, son. you're going to have to get out of here. >> kimberly: you would mess with his hair. >> greg: he would pull his hair out. "one more thing." that's up next. ♪ green acres is the place. farm living is the life for
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[ music playing ] . >> kimberly: it's time now for "one more thing." kimberly. >> eric: you called yourself. >> kimberly: i can never get enough of these. honoring heroes. this is a great story. [ music playing ] . >> kimberly: here is a video of u.s. air force major john feloti surprising his son in his first
2:57 pm
grade classroom after returning from kuwait. his class was awaiting a mystery reader. lo and behold they introduced the reader, it was incredible. big smile on his face, greeting his son. major saloti is a c130 pilot, my favorite. his previous dee employments most recently in kuwait, thank you for your service. happy to see your reunion with your son. so happy for that. >> juan: we hear so much about the troubles in chychrun. guess what? some of our fox colleagues have taken it to heart and done something about it. recently eboni williams, richard fowler and carlo went on the power within tour to visit high schools in chychrun and talked to the students about their lives and how they over came obstacles to become successful to join us here at fox. the tour was inspired by a moment on air between fowler and
2:58 pm
general call well when they were arguing about what's happening in chychrun. john was in chychrun. there was a flight going home. it was terrific that instead of talking they made something happen. they paid for it out of their pocket and made a difference. i think you guys set a model for us all. congratulationses. >> kimberly: three class acts, you the couldn't meet nicer people. >> greg: on a related note i'm not a good person. i didn't do anything like that. >> kimberly: we got the message. >> greg: saturday night 10:00 pm we have a great show, cat tim of, the great receive lou, dobbs does hip hop. he knows a lot about snoop. st. patrick's day i love the holiday, i'm part irish, my grandmother is from county cork. i hate people who can't handle
2:59 pm
their boos. you're taking something beautiful like alcohol and ruining it by not controlling it. it gets me so angry. you know, throw up in our own bathroom for god's sake. >> kimberly: something so beautiful. dana. >> dana: reese witherspoon. she has a clothing line called draper james and the blog was honoring women's history month. i got to work with a wonderful women, you can find them on line and on our photo line. >> eric: phone rings my son at college saying happy st. patrick's day i'm at bob beckel's daughter's search rote at this, she happens to be a huge fan of "the five.." >> eric: and a fan of his. >> eric: wearing the green. >> kimberly: happy the st. patrick's day. >> dana: how is bob's daughter? >> eric: she's away in europe, a
3:00 pm
semester abroad. >> kimberly: that's it for us now. don't forget to join us in two hours at 8:00pm eastern, a live >> president trump doubles down on his wiretapping claim while standing next to a world leader who was spied on by the obama administration. this is special report. ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington i met brett bear, happy st. patrick's day. president trump hosted german chancellor angela merkel at the white house this afternoon, both leaders offered to work together where interests aligned and gave public recognition to areas of cooperation especially in afghanistan and ukraine. it was president trump pointing to a possible shared experience that raised eyebrows and produced even more questions on a story


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