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tv   The First 100 Days  FOX News  March 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a cardiologist up there when he does press conference. brett: first 100 days with martha starts now. >> martha: breaking tonight. president trump and angela merkel went face-to-face and trying to make it work. i am martha maccallum. president trump was a harsh critic to merkel's strategy and she suggested he is looking at vladimar putin with rose- colored glass. president trump pushed her hard. they faced the cameras earlier today. >> president trump: i reiterated
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our need for nato to be paying their fair share and protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism. immigration is a privilege and not a right. >> it is a privilege to talk to one another. it is important. and germany needs to increase. >> martha: are we have ed henry with more. >> it was a super frosty. they are not even shaking hands for the cameras as they sparred over germany getting the better of trade deals and then in the east room. and the contest of the sound bytes, the senior producer said president trump pressed the chancellor for not paying their fair share of tus in nato.
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a mark that merkel failed to hit and promising to do. this was tense because the president's blunt criticism of how the chancellor allowed so many syrian refugees in germany which many are backing away from. including merkel. and when a german reporter pressed the president. he couldn't resist a tweet about the obama administration listen nothing on her cell phone. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess this past administration at least we have something in common perhaps. >> reporter: there was one lighter notes. they had extensive notes with the economy and president trump praising merkel on job training
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and apprentice. she said i like that word. >> martha: joining me to discuss the significance is chris wallace. good to see you today. >> thank you. >> martha: we have seen chummy with world leader and this was not that way? >> no, what was most striking was the name putin was not mentioned and the question of russia and the from the kremlin very differently. there was a veiled reference to migration and they down played it. but they see differently in the question of opening borders of refugees coming out of the question of middle east and they didn't get in the sharp differences of the european union. germany is the great pour in europe now and in the european
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community. president trump famously as a candidate backed brexit. i was struck more about what they didn't talk about. >> martha: it is opposite world now, right? this is a relationship barrack obama and merkel were on the same page with climate change and they agreed on issues of trade essentially and when it came to the stuff of refugee and back lash she got, he didn't press her on that? >> no, that's right. and one of the things that strikes me when i see the president with world leaders is the degree to the fact he's there in the east room holding joint news conference is a statement about how they tremendous shift we have in this country. it was a popullist wave.
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and we have's new sheriff and new way of looking at the world in charge and in town. and the old relationship between old europe as it used to be called and united states changed dramatical willy. and you could see it in the questions, quite tough questions that president trump got from the german press. one reporter asked him if he is isolationalist and "fake news". and he bristled and he called that german reporter an example of "fake news" and there was another question of wiretapping. they were to a large degree not asking about german/u.s. relations but trump and the domest pic relations here in this country. >> martha: it is so interesting to watch the dynamic and when i heard her opening comments wrapped into that. and yes, we are going to paying
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more of our fair share to nato. this was an idea when president trump brought it up as candidate trump, everyone scoffed it is ridiculous and not right. the u.s. is such a huge country and has a gd, and fine. she buckled on that, chris? >> yes it was a subject that was brought up in the past. under obama they made a commitment to try to reach the two percent. a lot of countries would pay lip service and let it slide. if they let is slide this summer you know, he will bring it up again. the art of the deal. and this is something a lot of americans support him on is the idea, we shouldn't be pay ping the freight for other country s in terms of defending country. >> martha: the numbers show they do.
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on the wiretapping issue. he was asked about that tweet. i seldom regret anything that i tweet. he will stand his ground on that. what is the take away on the end of the story. >> i think there is surprise. we'll have public hearings on it monday and the house intelligence and the head of the fbi and some of the top intelligence people on the record, you have the attorney general, you have the heads of the house and senate intelligence committee saying they see no evidence of wiretapping of candidate trump in trump tower. maybe people got surveillance and swept up in that when they surveyed the russians and the people know who is their boss. sean spicer saying we stand by it. mar are mar comey may be the
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last word on that that will be on monday which will be fascinating to watch. the first fascinating thing we'll watch on sunday is fox news sunday. >> thanks. >> martha: secretary of state rex tillerson hurling the united states confrontation with north korea. some analyst said it may be straight ahead. it is friday, end of the roller coaster week for the president. is the take away high or low. we have the latest scores on this presidency later in the show. liberty mutual stood wits when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance it's the simple things in life when liberty stands with you™. that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus 10 grams of protein
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>> martha: breaking tonight, secretary of state tillerson responding to north korean ark gregz saying nothing including military actions off of the table. here are the estimated ranges of just how far north korea's weapons can travel. these are the american military installation all within reach of the missiles. we have more are from south korea, hi, rich. >> reporter: secretary of state
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tillerson said the era of patience is over. he is trying to figure out a new approach to counter north korea's missile program and nuclear weapon's program. he visited the demilitarized zone earlier today and we spoke with him and asked him do japan and south korea as a way to counter north korea, is the united states ruling out further weaponization of those countries including nuclear weapons? >> are these options on the table as were discussed in the campaign? >> we are exchanges views as i did in japan with the prime minister. this afternoon, i will exchange views with the north koreans as our views on the approaches. >> reporter: you are not ruling out. >> nothing has been taken off of the table. >> reporter: tillerson refuses to take the military option off
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of the table if the north korean weapons reaches a point. and he said the united states wants to avoid military conflict as much as they k. he critized china. he will leave here to meet with counterparts in/beijing. martha? >> martha: joining me is neil, and rex tillerson points out. we have had dickades of diplomacy and given north korean's aid and the promises have always fallen through to curtail their ambitions in terms of nuclear weapons. iran doesn't have them yet, but north korea does.
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is it time to deal with him differently? >> the aid to north korea is food aid. and otherwise many people would starve. and so it was not done to control their behavior because they are adolescents in north korea. but they at least have been contained and that is the policy for democratic and republican presidents. is there anything we can do without putting a u.s. alley and americans at risk. >> martha:? carl? >> they are not contained because they can reach outside of their boundaries. if one of the miss pils leave it down. shoot it down and then we destroy the installation. north korea understands needs to
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understand we will take action. and maybe they will stand down. >> and now on to china. we know that the president chi will be in florida with president trump next month. this is the tweet he has to it grapple. north korea is behaving badly and playing the united states for year and china has done little to happen. and nikki haley spoke this morns. >> there was a soft approach to china and now we are going harder. if you want to partner with us and stop the nuclear testing going on in north korea, prove it. >> martha: matt, what do you think? >> we'll see. tillerson will clean up a lot of
4:17 pm
things that the president does. china is problematic and they are a major player. and everything in asia revolves around them. treat them carefully and not necessarily caution. and that is not a trump strong suit. >> martha: what do you think, carl? >> china is a big player, but north korea threatens us and our will allies in the area, we need to act. and if china is not on board we need to make it clear and potentially talk about the fact we have to it strike a military installation in north korea without their consent or support. >> martha: it is evident that mattis and tillerson don't have their picks in place. how problematic is that? >> it is enormous especially for secretary tillerson. he doesn't know how the state
4:18 pm
department is supposed to run unlike secretary mattis who was a four star general. secretary tillerson is all by himself. he tried to get a deputy approved. he is home alone. >> martha: it makes them to appear they don't have a lot of power. your thoughts. >> it falls on the senate for not cramming them through. and president trump needs to center a line of people ready to be appointed with all of these thing and fall on tillerson and mattis to get the people in the door. if they don't, it will be a weakness to the counterparts. >> martha: thank you very much. we are just days away from judge neil gorsuch's hearing. the white house wants him in place. they feel it would be beneficial when the travel ban hits the court.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. secretary of state rex tillerson putting north korea on notice. he will not rule out weapon zaugz or military action to deter the rogue state. he stood in the joint security area. he said the past 20 years of policy with north korea has been a fail and you are patience has ended. a new u.n. report said migrant deaths rose sharply. migrants tried to make the mediterranean crossing from north africa and turkey and the u.s. the number of mediterranean casulties was up 35 percent despite more organized rescue.
4:24 pm
>> martha: white house officials pushing back on the claims that they apologized to the british that spicer put out the report that british helps obama spy to the campaign. >> reporter: gqsu is the center of security and as a rule they stayed mum but allieses that it was used by former president obama prompted gqsu to break normal practice and is called the allegations that it was absurd. it was on this show that judge andrew napolitano made the claims about gqsu. >> guess what foreign enitty. british spying agency.
4:25 pm
they could have obtained the information sources tell and you say translated the raw data in to transcripts shared it with someone in the west wing. >> reporter: then when sean spicer was asked about the house and senate intelligence committee that they have not seen it. he spent ten minutes reading media reports including the comments made by judge napolitano and during the press briefing with angela merkel he was asked. >> that was made by a talented lawyer on fox and you should talk to fox. not me. >> reporter: despite the media reports that the trump administration made an apology.
4:26 pm
they said press secretary sean spicer and mcmaster explained to uk officials that spicer was reporting public reports. and downing said we made clear that the allegations are utterly ridiculous and received assurances they will not be repeated and for the record, the new's division here in fox news channel did not independently verified claims from the gqsu or trump tower or administration. >> martha: law makers looking into the wiretap claims from the president in the 2016 do want answers. in the open hearings in combf these matters, fbi director james comey will testify before congress. people are anxious to hear what he know and hopefully get answers on monday.
4:27 pm
the former chairman of the house intelligence committee. he is a former trump campaign national security advisor and we have a democratic . >> you said that michael flynn was picked up some of the urnt cent and you say three episode indicate that at least a few in the intelligence agencies are willing to risk the security of the u.s. as thaw see as a higher purpose and in the process betray their oath and tarnish the organizations. regardless of the fact they haven't found anything yet. you think there is something going on in our intelligence agencies. >> i think it is clear our intelligence communitiee and leadership have failed american.
4:28 pm
with the massive data breach with bradley and snowden and cia, the intelligence community doesn't have the proper procedures to keep our secredits secret. and then what happened with general flynn. this is sensitive information that is collected america communication with foreign targets that is supposed to be buried and never to become public. someone in the intelligence community transscribe today and gave it to the media. they are huge breaches. there may be issues with the trump administration, but the biggest story here is the complete failure and the crisis within the intelligence community in this terms of protecting the cyber data. >> martha: it is fascinating to me, jessica. this story is very comscompleks
4:29 pm
obviously the intelligence community came forward. we have seen them saying we don't have evidence that the president was wiretapped by the former president at trump tower. that is specific. but it feels like there are other parts of this that need to be clarified does it not? >> absolutely. i hope james comey will do that coming forward. i think it will unfold as the months come back. i push back a little. this is the big story of what is going on in the cian and yes, that is a big story. why can't the big story be that and also the president of the united states america made a baseless claim that the former president of the united states of america was wiretapping him and him that order today. why does that not matter? why does the administration have
4:30 pm
trouble with personal responsibility. and we didn't apologize to president trump. >> martha: i understand what you are getting at. pete, would the president need to say something about that? >> the president needs to now let the committees do its work. i am sure there is internal investigations going on in the intelligence community to find out what other lapses there are. if they can't protect their database they can't with certainty declare that the tools used spy on foreigners, those tools in certain cases may not have been used by rogue elements to spy on america. this investigation will go f on for sometime. the intelligence committees will focus on that and they are
4:31 pm
important issues because they have to restore the trust between the intelligence community and american people that they have control. >> martha: we have to go. there was so is much privacy on manning and we have to go. we are out of time. good to see you both. coming up. they took you behind the scenes of the election and coming back to cover the trump administration. co-host and executive producer mark mckennon will be back with the season under president trump. and neil gorsuch's confirmation hearing. and will they get smooth sailing? we'll preview the battle, coming up. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet.
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>> president trump: we have appointed a justice. his name is justice neil gorsuch. he will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. >> martha: that was president trump in nashville touting his supreme court pick. and his confirmation hearing is less than 62 hours away. tax reform on hold. and many point to this. the judge's potential confirmation as something that the trump white house can put it in the win column. here now is a david who is a trump support. with the travel ban influx and shot down twice since it was rolled out, david. if they can get neil gorsuch on the supreme court before the easter, they think that will work to their benefit?
4:37 pm
>> yeah, no question about it. his confirmation will tilt in favor of conservatives. and can last three decades and it is critical, we have seen a federal judiciary spinning out of control. they have gone and morphed from courts of law to far left political activism and that needs to be stopped and the executive order shot down by hawaii and maryland, they cherry picked one statement that president trump made after the orlando massacre and shooting it down and say we want extreme vetting and not a muslim ban and need time to figure out what is going on here. >> martha: in fairness, they have a bunch of comments. they have stephen miller and rudy guiliani and they have come back to haunt them. >> they had, martha. >> martha: do they regret those
4:38 pm
statements are said. >> he a mended his position and that's being ignored. extreme vetting of hot beds of islamic terrorism and not a muslim ban. they have a political agenda of the guy who appointed them, mr. obama. it is not a surprise. >> martha: democrats, how will they do that in the road blocks? >> this is a stolen seat and that can't be said. >> martha: move on, that is over. >> having said that, margaret a i agree. jo judge gorsuch could be confirmed and he will be. but the idea that his confirmation will reset the trump for a fantasy. trump will not pivot and he's not going to. and waiting for the presidential
4:39 pm
trump is waiting for gado. the play will end. >> martha: do you agree, stephen. in terms of accomplishments and failures so far. >> no, everything trump tries to do will be met by a lawsuit and they will probably end up in the high court and they will be 5- 4 conservative majority and mr. trump will win and that's why democrats are on google trying to search for something to throw at him. >> martha: put the poll up while we are finishing up here. of the trump voters, 56 percent of them said scotis is the most important issue. if he wins here, they will feel good about that, no doubt. >> it is a win and goes in the w column and they will feel good about it. no doubt. he's been confirmed since the
4:40 pm
>> martha: a done deal. >> the market already priced the confirmation. >> martha: happy st. patrick day. molly jackson with the rates for the trump presidency and remember the circus following the step of the presidency soshowtime. they are back with their hundred days version. we have is a sneak peek on sunday's must see episode. we'll be right back. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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>> martha: you remember last time showtime documentary "the circus" taking you behind the presidential election. every twist and turn and there was a lot of them. now the show comes back. the drama of the trump white house and inside of the beltway high jinks. we are excited for a sneak peek. nliterally in history of washington how many staked out. >> probably the first. that is a d.
4:45 pm
>> did you ask? we are like, we are like lucy on -- >> we are open for business and the lunch rush is beginning. we are open for business be. we are a little early. and you know what we can do. we'll deliver them pizza. >> deliver food upstairs. i will plead with her. give us behind the scenes, what happens. going up. >> deborah, how is it going. this is for you. you get slices for those who work hardest. >> co-creator. mark, good to see you. >> exciting world of the congressional budget office. >> that is the congressional budget office exciting. and i am not sure the reporters
4:46 pm
have been in there and we found out why. >> martha: troebl -- probably terrified. what made you come back. >> the ringmaster is putting on a hell of a show and the show is still going on. and people are transfixed by what is happening. there is more interest of what happened in dc as to the election. and that is what is happening in washington, people have never seen this act before this way and it is dramatic and interesting and fascinating. and no matter where youor the dial, people are tuned in and they have an appetite to get more on what is going on. >> martha: i hear you. that's why we did the first hundred days. you had to keep going with this incredible story and it is the reality tv show of our time.
4:47 pm
people are fascinated by it. mark was on air force one and you spent time with rand paul and ted cruz who are involved in the health care thing. what is going on in this moment? >> this moment this week. we follow to tie things occupy sunday night f. you are not following the news of the day. it is hard. we put it together in a half-hour documentary style so you can get a quick hit sunday night and go to work or school and have a sense of what is going o. health care, this is a lot going on in the trump administration and world. every hour something new and interesting. the main thing that is happening is the health care debate. people on the left opposed and people like rand paul and ted cruz on the right. we got into the freedom caucus. and it is unclear how many
4:48 pm
members they have. i went in the room and saw rand paul in there and there were 20. all it takes is 20 votes to kill a bill. this is it the first and biggest piece of legislation and most important for the trump administration. and so it is very important to get this thing through and it is wobbled out of the starting gate. mar are mar there is it the art of the deal. >> rand paul message is never take the first deal. >> martha: mark, i hope you come back again. >> martha: thank you. >> martha: up next, friday brings an end to a tumultuous week. how did the president do? guy and molly and bud, here with their grade books and big pens when we come back. that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus 10 grams of protein and 25 vitamins & minerals. it doesn't get better than this.
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4:53 pm
presidency. here's a look back at another intense week. watch. >> obamacare is imploding and a disaster and 2017 will be the worst yet by far. numbers that the white house doesn't like. 14000024 million. those are the number of people uninsured almost immediately after the plan goes into affect. >> how confident that president trump that anyone will support. >> he is extremely confident. >> a federal judge in hawaii ruled a restraining order. and the second one. and we have done more. and more than anybody's done in this office in 50 days, that i can tell you. >> having an america first president and budget. >> where was your passion and concern when they said there was no connection to russia.
4:54 pm
>> i am 100 percent in favor of the folks who love this country. >> martha: what a week and joining us now is guy benson editor and fox news contractor and molly hemming way. and democratic strategist. welcome all. you had a good look at what everybody dealt with and covered over the course of the week. guy, we'll start with you. what stands out plus and minuses for the trump white house. >> over all it was a tough week politically for the white house and president. first he got slapped down by the republican control senate, intelligence committee and britain hq on the wiretap claim and tough headlines that were misleading on the health care bill and on the president's budget proposal but on the other hand observers said all along
4:55 pm
that a republican health care success to repeal and replace obamacare would take republican leadership and he's exhibited that leadership in a big way. and lastly the president got a big assist from a host on another network making a big deal out of tax returns that ended up was nothing and at best good for him. >> martha: your thoughts on this morning, it was fascinating to see the president in the oval office and said everyone in this room was a no and they have turned around and all yeses. and theab kind of active diplomacy he is doing seems to be working on health care. what do you think? >> i think my understanding they are yeses to begin with and he can't pass trump care with everyone. he needs to expand that. it is not going to pass the
4:56 pm
senate. he would be extremely lucky if it pass ps the house and things are going to have to change for that and if we are looking to give him a grade for working american and poor people an f and wealthy people who are getting tax kruts, and poor people lose health care under trump care, they will get an a. and with an administration populated with people by wall street and multimillionaires what we are seeing so far is not unexpected. >> martha: it strikes me in the end molliy is what the american people take away from all of this and what is their experience with this budget. what is their actual experience with health care and do their premiums go down a bit? and does their choice expand in time? those measures are a long way.
4:57 pm
and that is for fairly or not. and this is a good week for the economy. and janet yellun said it is time to see how it is confident. this is underreported issue. and that is a big part of his message being after years of a sluggish economy and release of the budget that has minor cut and they are symbolically significant and mach a first strike against the administrative state and that is a man theme of the presidency and that is a roll back here and there and no where near enough to what we have in the size and scope of the federal government and it is it a start and the roll out of the health care bill did not go well and cbo and whether you think they are good or not. it would be better to repeal obamacare and replace it with a shell of a obamacare on top it
4:58 pm
of. >> martha: i was struck by merkel's comments. yes, we are going to pay more of our fair share and working to that two percent gd, goal in germany and struck me as outrageous brought up on the campaign trail and now it is a offhanded remark of what merkel had to say and a done deal as far as germany is concerned and there will be pressure on members of nato to follow suit. what do you isn'ting >> we'll see what happen and what you are seeing is diplomacy and something that the trump administration is deficient in. and now she has to work with the administration and she will do the best she can to throw an olive leaf in his direction. >> guy? i mean, it seems to be when it is met with so much admonishment and shock and granted the
4:59 pm
comments of nato, people did find shocking and even members of the administration don't agreement but it is clear that the game has changed in the relationship with germany. look at the discussion with merkel. and flip side of benjamin sort of mirror image and they are working on them. >> yeah. you said it right. it's a new reality and the german chancellor's remarks at the press conference reflected that. and i think overall, one of the big take aways from that press conference was merkel standing up there and saying i think we have learned that it's better to talk to each other than about each other, which suggests that they had a very good, constructive conversation which sounds to me like something other than deficient diplomacy. >> martha: thank you so much, all of you. great to have you here. before we leave you tonight, one more bit of irish on this friday it's a quote of the night and a toast. here to a long life, a merry one, a quick death and an easy one.
5:00 pm
an happened some lad and an honest one. a cold beer and another one. cheers. the five is live up next. i'm martha maccallum. ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm eric bowling along with kimberly guilfoyle juan williams. it's 8:00 in new york city. this is the five. ♪ bill o'reilly is on assignment tonight. we thank him for turning his hour over to us. >> thanks, bill. acre acre w>> we begin with breg news. a stunning confession from donna brazile. donna is finally admitting to what we all knew all along that she leaked cnn town hall questions to hillary clinton during the campaign while she, donna brazile, what was a


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