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tv   Americas News HQ  FOXNEWSW  March 19, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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4:00 eastern. a lot going out there. really interesting to watch her coverage from dallas. >> yeah, that we do. we're at the bush center here. throughout the day will look at the events here. xp had a look at the average to the military that such as these painting the president has been made. stay with us. >> advice and consent. replacing conservative icon on the supreme court. our fans balanced legal panel will break down just global dominate judge neil gorsuch's hearing. >> plus, kentucky bound president reaching out for support in the heartland for congress and the player to repeal and replace obamacare. our political panel sent this message in chance for success. elizabeth: an insider job. opening fire on u.s. army soldiers inside a base in the volatile helmand province. we will have the very latest on
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those who were wounded in the attack. ♪ elizabeth: happy sunday to you. i am elizabeth prann. welcome to "fox news hq" from washington. leland: great to be back on set with you, listed it. i am leland vittert. judge neil gorsuch, nominee for the supreme court begins his column senate confirmation hearings tomorrow. a big question as to whether democratic senators will draw out the process as payback for the gop blocking former president obama's nominee, merrick garland. garrett is live at the white house without could go down if they decide to end if they decide to play nice. reporter: hi, lee land. a beta battling judge neil gorsuch. it is believed ultimately he
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will be confirmed. the reason why they have given up trying to fight it and opted not to invest in ad campaigns to sway public opinion against him. democrats are still insisting the latin asking a lot but questions. some are collecting to block a vote by filibustering. mitch mcconnell said republicans will get gorsuch concerned by any means necessary. on face the nation, senator ted cruz echoed those remarks. >> judge gorsuch will get come in. he will either get 60 votes and be confirmed or whatever procedural steps are necessary, i believe within a month or two, neil gorsuch will be an associate justice of the supreme court. reporter: neil gorsuch spent the last month may be one-on-one with 70 senators over the last few days we've been going through session known as deciding to replicate the high-pressure scrutiny during those confirmation hearings.
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the question one actually begin until tuesday. tomorrow is your opening statements from all 20 senators on the senate judiciary committee. judge gorsuch will be here all day we'll hear from him in 10 minutes for and when he gets his opening defense. lee land. leland: the senator sure likes to hear himself talk. it has been a busy couple of days at the white house even though president trump was there yesterday. a security scare were someone hopped over the barricade to make his way up to the fence. video from the north on yesterday. overnight, yet another security scare. >> that's right. you were here yesterday during the first security incident as the individual did not make it over the fence, but did go over the barriers in front of the white house. late last night, one-person officials tell if an individual drove up to a checkpoint outside the white house and told us there was an explosive device inside the car.
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the individual was taken into custody. at this point, we don't know if there actually were an inside and no word on what it was at this point either. the individual is being questioned by secret service. they will certainly come up tomorrow when house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz and john kelley discuss white house security issues. >> would ask a lot of questions about the incident last weekend. -- the gorsuch confirmation will begin tomorrow. greg dare host a special edition of america's newsroom with all the action from the senate chamber starts tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern time. dare i say, must-see tv. elizabeth: president trump
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heading back in just a few hours only to turn around tomorrow. the president heading to kentucky for a rally expected to promote the health care bill which is expected to move to the house floor as early as this week. this while it still faces opposition to members within the gop. kristin fisher is live in florida. what is the latest? reporter: well, president trump says he's very confident that he will be able to get this bill through the house. this morning, paul ryan was on and while he would pay if he had the 218 votes necessary to pass this bill, he was confident he would be able to bring it to the house floor for a vote by thursday. >> we are now going to go to the rules committee. we feel good where we are in having conversations with numbers, making fine tune improvements to the bill to reflect people's concerns and people's improvements. >> house speaker paul ryan told that about it. ran paul's eldest night and he
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said over the weekend, his talk to members of the house freedom caucus. the conservatives who votes will make or break this bill. listen to the advice he gave them. >> they still believe conservatives in their pockets don't want obamacare lie. the real negotiation began when we stop them. you have to stop them. the art of the deal last week because we need to learn from the master >> senator rampal trying to out negotiate. president trump turning out to be a strong closer. on friday, president trump is suing dealmaking with numbers at
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the republican study committee and he was able to earn some of their support after making changes to medicaid. president trump is making process, but even he considered this negotiation is turning out to be a tough one. >> it's complex because you have to make disc are happy. now you make them unhappy and they go back and forth. the answer is we will get something done. i think it will be terrific. reporter: tamara president trump will push to build another big rally in louisville, kentucky. the same day you have fbi director on capitol hill the same day that the confirmation hearings began for judge neil gorsuch. i feel like i say this every week, but it really gives another big week for the white house that had. elizabeth: i think it's going to be a great week. thank you. we appreciate it. more on the gop house care plan, they bring in white house correspondent tara westwood. i want to break this down and one of the parts highlighted is
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that two very start reactions that were seen. yes, two chambers we saw house speaker paul ryan really fairly confident in the d.c. senator rand paul of the other chamber saying he doesn't think the bill will go through the house. it is sunday and we should be c&s as early early as this week like we had that maybe even on thursday. what do you think? >> the house leadership on a schedule before a vote for the health care bill him as they were confident they have the 218 votes necessary. in the house, the chances are working better and better. conservatives who have concerns about the bill still have a lot to me for negotiating table. they are still suggesting tweaks that would get them to guess on the bill. president trump has launched a full-court press personally involved in shepherding legislation through the house. in the senate, and that math is a lot more difficult because republicans can only afford to lose three senators. there's only 52 seat majority in the senate.
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they have said they are not happy with it. it's been exactly. grandpa, mike leigh has said he is unhappy. susan collins. they have to get the senator's two yes and they will yield a lot more power because each of their votes is proved in the house. each lawmaker voice is not as valuable. you will have to see potentially changes being made in the senate for this bill to survive in the chamber. trade to what i'm curious about is the changes made in the house or senate. you don't want to be the lawmaker who sees obamacare stay the way it is. am i right? even if your member of the house freedom caucus or a senator who has conservative values and you don't want to go back and say you didn't get what she wanted. >> that's the exact argument the president of paul ryan are making. and it was obamacare. paul ryan has presented.
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tom cotton has presented its walk the plank. the conservative house members if you vote in favor of this bill, this boat will stick with you because it will fail in the senate and you will walk around trying to need to constituents why you voted for something called obamacare like, obamacare to point out. something other conservatives have portrayed is even worse. the lawmakers on the fence. are they going to have to deal with the consequences voting person and that becomes an albatross for conservatives or something that is the health care system in in the direction republicans want. true to what are you hearing from lawmakers that they will be most concerned about as they see the for this week here can you expand on that because we see that an article is to clarify what that includes. and if i'm not mistaken, the medicaid expansion. that is also a sticking point.
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>> right, the medicaid expansion continues until 2020 and wanted to move the date of the end of that expansion of closer to 2018. conservative lawmakers haven't gotten not in the manager's amendment yet that they have gotten some tweaks like a work requirement to offer medicaid. basically a manager's amendment is just a way to change the bill at once without having to go through the free-for-all of adding a bunch of amendments voted individually to create chaos with the build this large. one of the problems that conservatives have is that the administration keeps promising them the things we don't see in this current legislation like interstate mobility across state lines. they keep saying it will be a different phase. >> but in the third phase, the legislation has to go through regular order, then it has to get 60 votes, not 52. they are promising even more in
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the subsequent legislation but the legislation will have an even higher hurdle to clear the democratic cooperation. it's hard for some republicans who envisioned the cooperation having anything else but within the bill now. >> promises aren't on the promises a month or in writing. thank you for breaking it down. there's so much. leland: even then. senior white house source tells me they haven't done a formal whip count yet, but they are awfully confident. they have enough votes to pass the president's first big piece of legislation thursday. the president is pulling out the stops including taking air force one to kentucky tomorrow making directly to the heartland. reagan and our panel, ben whistler, move increased intake, the prius up &-ampersand college. nice to see both of you. chris then, start with you. president trump one kentucky.
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is that the claim he needs to be making his pitch or should he go to some of the states, where shall we say, is a little bit more on the margin especially for the congressman there. >> well, this can only help trump. kentuckians made it very clear what they won in november. and it's not more government aid. they want obamacare repealed and replaced. they want their job, the freedom to earn a paycheck and they want their coal mines back. liberals don't understand this and that is because the air totally out of touch with working-class americans. obamacare has been a total disaster. everyone knows it. kentuckians are no exception. and yes, obamacare did expand coverage in kentucky, but a lot of the folks who got coverage got stuck with the.bulls as high as $15,000. what good is coverage if you can afford the deductible.
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leland: where does this go from here? the power of the presidency a scientist once said is the power of persuasion. and make a lot of noise when it shows up and it's hard to find anybody better in front of a big crowd in president trump when he takes a cable television tomorrow night. >> will be able to convince house republicans to lock this point. if they do they fall directly into shark infested waters. the problem is not only is the not right-wing enough, it is also a political pawn to bomb. you could fill 10 stadiums. leland: lifted away from the debate in terms of whether or not the merits of the bill and go on to the politics of passing it or not in the sense of how much political capital is the president have to president have to spend and is he going about it the right way? >> right now the president is totally focused on getting the right flank of the house on board. everything he does will make the
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bill worse for regular constituents, which means moderate republicans are going to be less likely to run about for a commotion if you were one of the something that the energy bill in 2009 to cost a lot of house members their jobs. he's just doing a something to solve tomorrow's problem admitting the problem next week to the sharks. leland: it is probably no surprise that president trump is heading to kentucky. he is passing up the art of the deal trying to out deal to deal master. the question is how much political capital as president trump willing to spend to try and appease the far right part, whether it needs senator paul, senator cotton are the numbers that the freedom caucus. what do they get out of them.
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that is not obamacare is not working. leland: they may be able to agree they don't like obamacare, but they have yet to grant how to repeal and they certainly don't agree on how to replace it. vered tos a potential problem. lower costs. this increases costs for people. they can agree on what they want. >> i don't think trump care is the perfect solution. everyone is going to need to compromise. no one is going to be 100% happy. rant follows at 100% happy. and the democrats are not going to be happy no matter what donald trump does. we have to meet in the middle
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and republicans need to take action if they want to repeal and replace obamacare. if he wants to follow through on that campaign promise. people in kentucky are hurting because of obamacare. premiums have doubled since 2013 alone. >> the uninsured rate has gone from 20% to 7.5%. almost half a million people have insurance now than before. what they don't want us to have it ripped away. that's this proposal. >> these numbers are inflated. a lot of people did not want insurance. they were forced to get insurance because of obamacare. >> are not required to get insurance. they signed up for it and it's changed their lives for the better. ask anyone and they will say no. leland: nobody gets the last word because you both had appeared republican from arkansas to talk about the whip count on this bill. take so much, guys. good to see you.
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leland: make sure you stay tuned right after our show. house speaker paul house speaker paul ranked fifth on an exclusive interview to talk health care. what is then, without of the bill in the budget. in another exclusive one-on-one, chairman david núñez on that hacking investigation and the wiretap investigations all starts at 2:00 eastern, about 42 minutes from now. elizabeth: this fox news alert we told you about earlier in the show. army soldier shot and you did in and helmand province. the latest on the suspected shooter. what can you tell us? reporter: hi, elizabeth. we understand the afghan army who fired at this u.s. soldiers. the soldier was killed by coalition troops nearby. we understand the soldiers are now receiving medical care.
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the nato-led mission in afghanistan said the incident happened and helmand province. in the southwest of the country in the afternoon local time. the shooting is similar to many previous so-called insider attacks which have killed many soldiers including u.s. troops in recent years that have 99 of these attacks previously but with decreasing frequency is that prevent them. but they haven't been stopped entirely. the most recent insider attack were two americans were then killed at a military base. his attacks have typically been carried out by afghan police or soldiers. previously the taliban has said what it claimed to infiltrate the afghan security services. to give you background, currently 8400 u.s. troops still
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on the ground in afghanistan. many in an advisory role, but those numbers are expected to rise with more u.s. variants arriving in the country in the coming weeks. elisabeth. elizabeth: the details are still coming out. thank you so much. leland: brand-new threats from north korea towards america. but they claimed to have done. boss secretary of state is in the region. a bitter anniversary for ukraine. russian alla break vladimir putin's acts annexation of crimea that happened three years ago this weekend. at the house intelligence committee starts hearings to indications of russian meddling in the 2015th election. >> would have at the factoring of the russians were trying to get involved in our campaign like they have for many decades. they also try to get involved in campaigns around the globe.
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leland: north korea has conducted a ground trust of a high price rocket engine. if it's true and here's the video we have of it, it is a big step forward in that nation expanding missile program. later can jong un says that
10:25 am
satellite program is for peaceful purposes and claim much of the global community is peace. as you might imagine. the rocket test came as u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson was enabling china and north korea's nuclear program was on top of the agenda for his entire trip. >> the american people will get a hand on classified account of any russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 u.s. election. the fbi and the national security agency will testify tomorrow before a congressional panel. on deck issues with enormous. national security diplomatic and political implications. caroline shively joins us now with the very latest in a ton of stuff going on until tomorrow. traded absolutely. they cap mindset of fox's m.a. from the head of the committee.
10:26 am
the russian interference in the president's wiretap claim. republican chairman of the house intelligence committee said justice department documents delivered to them on friday indicate there is no wiretap during the campaign as the president claimed. on the election come when chris wallace asked if the committee has any evidence between the trump campaign in russia who said i'll give you the simple answer, no. the ranking democrat on the committee had a different take on the pollution issue. >> i would characterize it as the investigation. there's circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence of deception. that is where we begin the investigation. reporter: fbi director james comey and admiral mike rogers are scheduled to testify before the house intelligence committee tomorrow. there will also be grilled on the classified leaks coming out of the administration. that is how we found a former national security adviser mike
10:27 am
flynn was talking to russia's ambassador. the ambassador was under surveillance and flynn was talking to them. that is legal, but the leaking of flynn's name wasn't. god is a crime that has been committed. we don't know the answer to that. >> of members of the committee are behind the league. they are no longer there. appreciate it. fox news will bring all the live coverage of the testimony at the intel hearing tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern. leland: video from crimea on the anniversary of russia's controversial annexation of the
10:28 am
peninsula from ukraine. it's been three years good and residents waved a russian flag with 3000 gathered in the economically vital port. the united states and european union has imposed sanctions on russia for the annexation of the trump administration calls and illegitimate occupation, russia says any giving it up. elizabeth: after the break, neil gorsuch has his first day before the senate tomorrow as his birthright for questioning from both sides of the aisle. we'll have a fair and balanced political panel weigh in on just what made it. the republican push to repeal an to repeal them if they the cure is focusing ahead. donald trump is pushing for as many guess those are seeking to. >> the president is bringing people to his table and i'm very impressed by the president is helping us close this bill, making improvements we've been making, so we feel very good where we are. elizabeth: joining us next with what lies ahead but the
10:29 am
obamacare replacement bill.
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leland: a fox news alert at the white house are working through the weekend with those for the health care bill. president trout club rally support in kentucky. meanwhile washington the bill will go before the rules committee. expected by the entire house later this week as we hear from republican. fairly confident, joining us now another competent republican steve womack in the great state of arkansas. >> do that later. leland: all right, there you go. arkansas still playing in march madness. i forgot. how could i forget. back to health care. in the break we were talking, you said president trump is a closer. what does that mean? >> he wrote the art of the deal. he's closed a lot of important negotiations in his professional
10:34 am
life. this is a very serious negotiation we are engaged in what the american public right now. elizabeth: the president is in negotiations with members of his own party. senator tom cotten saying that this bill passes in its current form, the house majority therapist. you've got rand paul getting out copies of art at the deal saying we need to extract more professionals from the white house. while cookies are on the table, what sticks are on the table? you are within a couple days ago. >> i wouldn't call them cookies. >> no roads, no bridges. >> of course not. that happens all the time. >> to the point, and the effort to make the bill that is before the house today, to make that little better and in the committee market the other day, we had motions to amstrad going to the rules committee that would give states more flexibility. that's a cookie if you will a
10:35 am
lot of members want to see more flexibility for states. how we treat low-income seniors specifically to say? in this particular bill, so motion before the rules committee to instruct the rules committee to do things necessary to improve that part of the bill. this is the first step in a very lengthy deliberative process, where both the house and senate will have an opportunity to take what is before them and make it better. >> there is the first step in terms of the first step the first step of faith on the first at the phase one and also this discussion about phase two and phase three. it seems clear although it's been difficult for republicans to admit it. there are going to be people who are worse off in the bill that has passed inside. how worried are you about the potential backlash in arkansas? we saw the town hall the town
10:36 am
halls and how angry some people were. you did see that as well. how worried were you about that? >> this is why people hired us to come to washington, some very difficult issues. let's not forget the fact that doing nothing is not an option because doing nothing means this particular affordable care act what is going to implode by itself under its own weight. i think it's incumbent on congress to take action now so as not to create a situation where obamacare imposed on it own. again, take what we have. it's been a long process, part of our better way agenda. we've all been on it, the president ran on it to make this bill better, get consensus on the side of the capital and get this to the desk of the president. transfer of another president said he is counting on you for the success of the party if he will revolving around this. you are in the budget committee. i watch her thoughts on the
10:37 am
president's proposed budget. arkansas is the third poorest state in the country. 61% of kids on free and reduced lunches. yet the president's budget come your president's budget from the republican party got so many of the programs that folks in arkansas town on come your constituents count on. >> once again, the president proposes a budget. they budget. there will be budgets offered by the house in different factions of the house. these budgets will be considered by the relative by day, house of representatives. leland: you're behind the health care bill, but not behind a budget yet. >> the priorities outlined by the president and we know defense has suffered some disproportionate cut over the last many years that homeland security defending the homeland is important and that we have issues regarding veterans. we've talked ad nauseam about that. look, we are at a time in our
10:38 am
lives for the government cannot continue to be the panacea to everything. i think it's refreshing that a president, first of all is advancing the issues he ran on number one. the number two that we are beginning to recognize in a fiscally comes ran budget environment and that's all another story that will eventually have to talk about. it is refreshing to see that we are now going through the process of trying to outline what the priorities of our country are. go hawks. leland: thanks, congressman. >> my honor. elizabeth: you can hear people screaming for their lives. a terrifying scene. we'll have an update for you. judge neil gorsuch returns to capitol hill less than 20 are
10:39 am
ours. >> in most cases when we talk about items like abortion,, donald trump's travel ban, democrats on this big picture id. c. is going to end up on the conservative side.
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>> very rare images inside the u.s. supreme court. president trying to replace the late antonin scalia. judge neil gorsuch inside the executive office building where the former clerks are pestering him with questions about his record. judge gorsuch is expected to take the hot seat on tuesday before opening statements. for a preview, let's bring in our favorite panel of supreme court experts, president of the
10:44 am
constitutional ability singer and carrie savarino, chief counsel and policy director at the judicial crisis network. latest come i appreciate you joining us now. kerry, i want to start with you. fireworks that there's a possibility, but if you're the judge he joked watt fireworks. >> a lot of democrats are trying to answer questions you're trying to sell you vote against an employee and therefore you must have employers. it will be pretty easy to go through the record. that is why they have such broad bipartisan support for the people who served before him. also tried asking sick and adequate. he could not comment on the supreme court, but unfortunately a lot of the questions would love to hear his answers on. they will be sitting on the bench to know how he will feel about this hot button issues because he can't comment.
10:45 am
>> elizabeth, senators are smart so they can strategically ask questions trying to get answers on how they can want future cases, but probably bring up past decisions. when you think will hear about this week as far as the history? >> before you get to a specific record, there will be some really big looming issues is going to have to wade through. that is the burden on has placed on him by making all these comments in recent, criticizing judges to rule against him are religious are in a follow the law. by criticizing his judges, calling an illegitimate if they don't vote the way he wants, he makes it seem as if his favorite judges to kind of job that rules the way he wants. neil gorsuch will have to purge of the senators on the judiciary committee that he is not that judge. his independent, willing to serve as a check on the executive branch including the president will put us in florida and will follow the law and the constitution to all americans, not following a particular
10:46 am
political agenda and show favoritism to president trump is putting his name for any special interest otherwise. in the religious follow the law where it leads. >> is that hard for a judge to walk that line? >> in terms of independence, his own record as an illustration because the death has a uniquely independent record showing alexei cases not because of politics, but simply how the law is. >> i don't think is a special burden because a lot of cases in the past. president obama famously at the state of the union called the supreme court in front of them in public. >> you never called anyone a so-called judge. >> listen, elena kagan was not asked by their basically threatening the court in that case and justice ginsburg was not the comment about all the scandals surrounding the quick nomination. i think it's inappropriate to try to bring in all of the political swamp into this judicial thing.
10:47 am
we should be talking about judicial opinion and not try to bring and not policy. >> you think it could get to that level? >> are trying to ask a lot of questions off the table. >> the independence of the judiciary is not a political situation. the judge's ruling in the muslim ban cases. we've seen george w. bush appointees willing to call them out and i don't think it's political or judge gorsuch to say when you attack legitimacy for simply engaging in a berlin that you don't agree with, the legitimacy of these judges calling them so-called judge is ,-com,-com ma blaming them for any potential attacks that might come, which is unsupported by the national security record in those cases. that is something he can comment on. sitting judges are commenting on republicans, conservatives. >> with you for cm? >> it's exactly what president obama did. he blatantly attacked them and
10:48 am
misconstrued in front of the entire country and supreme court. i don't think it's that different to say this is something the judge himself should be commenting on during the confirmation hearing. the best evidence is he is uniquely critical of the other branches extending their power. in many of his cases. >> effectively contrasted judge carlin -- judge garland. his record should be what the democrats are looking for. this is a someone who will go to scott pruitt or at the devos because they seem not to have decade-long career. i think his own record is his best. leland: elizabeth: opening statements to market elizabeth kerry, fascinating. thank you, appreciate it.
10:49 am
shannon bream will be hosting a special edition of america's newsroom with all the action from inside the senate chamber tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern. after the break, we told you about the devastating ring leading to deadly mudslides. howard has led some towns completely cut off. a showdown between one state and the federal government is unfolding under present no bugs travel ban. what's next in the standoff over executive order number two. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours, proven full 24-hour blood sugar control, and significant a1c reduction. and along with toujeo®, i'm eating better and moving more. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes.
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elizabeth: the state of hawaii said the federal government's request to a part of president trump's travel ban which is currently under a temporary restraining order is substantially lacking. the state and the trump administration are in a standoff over the travel ban which could mean a drawnout legal battle. life two will car in our los angeles bureau with an update. reporter: there's been a lot of a lot of political backing for the past couple days and ultimately this may end up in front of the supreme court. the latest executive order was supposed to start this past thursday and included a 90 day travel ban on six countries, 120 day suspension of refugee
10:54 am
admission and want to cut down on the total number of refugees allowed into the united states. a short time before the ban was set to go into effect, judge eric watson in hawaii issued a temporary restraining order. doj now asking judge watson told that the administration to carry out the part of the order covering refugees that would mirror a ruling from a federal judge in maryland on thursday. filing on saturday ,-com,-com ma hawaii's attorney general about allowing any part of one or both of the section to stand perpetuate the exception executive may make policy predicated on hostility to a particular faith and advertise muslim citizens. the administration has maintained for the beginning this is all about keeping america's days. listen to president trump on thursday. >> the order you blocked was a watered-down version of the first order. we are going to win. we are going to keep our citizens safe.
10:55 am
and regardless, we are going to keep our citizens safe, believe me. reporter: outrage and protest across the country. it works its way through the court system. he will take all the way to the supreme court if necessary and at that point, judge neil gorsuch may be sitting on the floor of his confirmation hearing this week and that may bode well for the administration. elizabeth: thank you so much, well. we appreciate it. leland: and when we return, remembering one of the founding fathers of rock 'n roll. ♪ americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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