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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. harris: we will watch to see if republican lawmakers can bring obamacare replacement bill to the house floor for a vote. speaker paul ryan is tasked with a way to get conservative moderate republicans on board. and president trump on the road to louisville, kentucky tomorrow night. health care expected to be a main focus for him, we will begin this hour with the confirmation hearing for u.s. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. garrett tenney is live for us at the white house, how much resistance do we expect to see from democrats? >> not as much as you typically expect, democrats had been so busy keeping up with the other political battles over the past few months, everything from the confirmation hearings to the health care bill as well as the president's travel ban. but there has been a bit of renewed saber-rattling over the last few days by senate democrats, many of whom are still upset with republicans
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over president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland who never got a hearing. they are threatening to return the favor so to speak, by filibustering, threatening to filibuster any vote to confirm judge neil gorsuch. republican leadership plan to get him confirmed by any means necessary, though, which is a not so subtle reference to willingness to use the so-called nuclear option. that would change senate rules so judge gorsuch could be confirmed with 51 vote instead of 60. that's why this morning on cbs' "face the nation," texas senator ted cruz said in his mind judge gorsuch is a done deal. >> judge gorsuch will be confirmed, he will get 60 votes and be confirmed or otherwise whatever procedural steps are necessary, i believe within a month or two, neil gorsuch will be associate justice of the supreme court. >> reporter: republicans are hoping to avoid the nuclear option, though, and to do that they'll need eight democrats in the senate to support gorsuch's
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confirmation. over the last few months, the 49-year-old judge from colorado did his best to help with that by meeting one-on-one with 72 senators to try to win them over and address concerns over the hearings, harris? harris: my big question is about authenticity. you would see the democrats beating the bushes with the threat of filibustering to play to the base. as you will see later this hour, democrats on board with gorsuch had good relations with him. that's a little tease. they may be blustering just a bit. what do we expect to see play out this week? >> reporter: to your point, liberal activist groups have given up on efforts to have the public campaigns to build support against gorsuch. there's been almost no spinning on commercials and those things. this week we expect this hearing confirmation to last all week. we expect it to begin with opening statements and
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bipartisan support for judge gorsuch as he's introduced, you can see by president obama's former acting solicitor general as well as the two judges from the home state of colorado, a republican and a democrat. tuesday morning the action begins when the questions start flying judge gorsuch's way by democrats who are asking digs into his personal life, previous court rulings and looking for anything to justify not confirming him as a supreme court justice. we're told judge gorsuch has been preparing for the brutal process, spent the last few days going through intense prep sessions known as murder boards to simulate what he's expected to face in the hearings and practice answering the tough questions he's sure to get, harris? harris: thank you for teeing it up for us. what if you are one of the democrats or one who clerked for neil gorsuch. coming up, teresa warden has a
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story to tell about clerking for the nominee and has thoughts about what we may see and learn during the hearings which begin tomorrow, as you heard garrett talking about. and keep it right here on fox news channel for all the coverage begins tomorrow morning of the judge neil norse -- gorsuch nomination hearing. breaking news, short time ago, the arrival of the president of the united states donald trump at the white house after what he called a weekend away at the southern white house. and, now that he's back off of marine one, we can tell you the week officially has begun on this sunday. and now let's move on. to russia, and any proof of -- or maybe not proof of the nation's attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election. the house intelligence committee set to hold its first public hearing on that matter tomorrow, and they have called fbi director james comey to the hill. on the list of questions, like
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i said, is there any evidence to suggest the trump campaign had inappropriate connections with moscow? committee chairman and trump transition team member devin nunes was asked about that on "fox news sunday". watch. >> give you a simple answer, no. >> no evidence of any collusion? >> no evidence. >> this is after talking -- getting this information from the fbi. >> up to speed, everything i have up to this morning. there is no evidence of collusion. harris: also expected to come up, the president's claims that trump tower was wiretapped. here's caroline shively. >> reporter: the head of the house intelligence committee made big headlines on "fox news sunday" on the two topics his panel tackled monday. russian interference in the election and the president's wiretap claims. first congressman devin nunes said justice department documents delivered to them on friday indicate there was no wiretap of trump tower during the campaign as the president has claimed. and second on the election when
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chris wallace asked nunes if his committee has any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, he said quote, i'll give you the simple answer, no. over on nbc's "meet the press," the ranking democrat on the committee had a different takco. >> i would characterize it this way at the outset of the investigation, there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. that's where we begin the investigation. >> reporter: fbi director james comey and national security agency head admiral mike rodgers are scheduled to testify monday. they'll get grilled on the classified leaks out of the administration. that's how we found out former national security adviser mike flynn was talking to russia's ambassador. the ambassador was under surveillance and flynn was talking to him. flynn was recorded, too. that's legal, but it's the leaking of flynn's name that wasn't. >> the one crime we know that's been committed is that one. leaking of someone's name through the fisa system. that is a crime that's been committed.
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we don't know the answer to that. that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of. were there any other names that were unmasked, leaked and leaked out. >> reporter: nunes believe the leaks are largely from people who used to be in the intelligence community but who are no longer there. harris? harris: caroline, thank you very much. let's look into the evening hours of tomorrow. president trump scheduled to be in louisville, kentucky primarily to rally support for the gop replacement of obamacare, and ahead of that, he spent the weekend again at what he calls the southern white house. he's back in d.c., but it was a very busy weekend for him. kristin fisher reports. >> reporter: president trump is returning to washington in a role he was very good at as a businessman, the closer of a big deal. now comes the first test how good a closer he can be as president. today house speaker paul ryan said trump has been a great closer, able to bring more conservatives on board during this meeting with republicans
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of the committee. does speaker ryan have the votes? here was his answer this morning. >> it's exactly where we want to be. the reason i feel so good about this is the president is a great closer. he is the one who helped negotiate changes to the bill with members from all over our caucus. i call it getting the sweet spot. you got to get 218 republicans who come from all different walks of life to come together to agree on the best possible plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: speaker ryan feels good about it, senator rand paul does not. he said over the weekend he spoke with members of the house freedom caucus, the conservatives whose votes are going to make or break this bill and listen to the advice he gave them. >> they believe the conservatives in the caucus don't want obamacare light. i believe the really negotiation begins when we stop them. you have to stop them, that's why i passed out to them all "the art of the deal" last week because we need to learn from the master and let's make sure we increase our leverage by
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holding the line. >> reporter: his advice to house conservatives, hold the line. vote no on this bill, and that vote could take place as early as thursday, just three days after president trump makes a very public pitch for it at a rally tomorrow night in louisville, kentucky. >> all right, as i said, the political week has now begun with the president back in d.c. president trump gave some of his supporters some facetime in florida, though, a day after he invited people inside his mar-a-lago resort. and here he is, this is just a short time ago, getting out of his car and greeting some fans lining the roads. this is before he hopped the plane back to d.c. obviously. this was on his drive to the airport as he was leaving florida. he decided he would hop right out. greet the people who have supported him. and as we saw when he got off marine one, of course, that's on the white house property. nobody to greet there. he's had a busy social calendar the last couple of days, thanking those people who voted for him, he said. right now, three u.s.
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soldiers are wounded. a shooting happened on base in afghanistan. some confusion now about how it happened. and the secretary of state rex tillerson visiting china just after talking tough about north korea. you know there's kind of a tricky relationship between china and north korea. so how is this playing out on this sunday? stay close. ♪ she'll tease you, ♪ she'll unease you ♪ all the better just to please you ♪ ♪ she's precocious, and she knows just ♪ ♪ what it takes to make a pro blush ♪ ♪ all the boys think she's a spy, ♪ ♪ she's got bette davis eyes
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you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at . harris: three u.s. servicemembers have been shot and wounded after an afghan soldier opened fire on a military base. it happened in the southern hellman province, the pentagon calls it an attack, the afghan army is calling it a mistake. saying the soldier did not intend to pull the trigger. we're looking into it, kitty logan reports. >> reporter: nato says it was an afghan soldier who opened fire at a military base. that afghan soldier was shot
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dead by coalition troops nearby. according to the investigation in afghanistan at the base in helmand province, the shooting is similar to previous insider attacks where members of afghan forces have fired on nato troops. several u.s. soldiers have been killed in these type of attacks before. improved security means they've become more infrequent. but in october, two americans were killed at a military base. the afghan army said its soldier did not intentionally open fire today. there is no claim of responsibility for the attacks so far, but in the past, the taliban has said it infiltrated the afghan security services. there are currently 8400 troops in afghanistan though many are in training and advisory roles, they are often in harm's way, there is talk of raising the numbers too, due to the increasing instability in the country. around 10 days ago, insurgents carried out this brazen attack on a kabul military hospital
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killing 38 people. this particular attack was claimed by isis. and there's no sign that the violence in afghanistan is letting up. in just a few weeks' time, u.s. marines will be deployed to helmand province where the shooting took place today, harris? harris: kitty, thank you very much. check in on the six year civil war in shooting in damascus, al qaeda-linked opposition forces launched surprise attacks on government-held parts of the city. the clashes occurred on the city's east side where there are few rebel-held areas remaining. government airstrikes killed nine civilians in northwest syria. cameras rolling as paramedics and volunteers search for victims and the rebel of that. and the islamic state savages killing citizens in the background of that civil war again. president trump is firing back after facing legal challenges for the new version of his controversial travel ban. so what does it all mean for
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. harris: the trump administration is taking on maryland and hawaii after judges blocked the president's revirused executive order on extreme vetting. now the justice department is asking for clarification on the ruling that happened in hawaii and the administration will file a ruling in maryland restraining order, that will happen this week. will carr is live from the newsroom. some call it a travel ban, i said executive order part 2, second one on extreme vetting. what's coming up? >> reporter: late today, harris, judge watson in hawaii offered clarification doubling down on the temporary
10:21 pm
restraining order he issued last week. you remember this is the second version of the original travel ban. on wednesday judge watson puts the brakes on two components. 90 day travel ban on six majority muslim countries and the suspension of refugee missions for 120 days. in response, the d.o.j. doubled back asking the judge to reconsider allowing the administration to carry out only the order carrying out the part of refugees. hawaii's attorney general fired back stating a partial ban would sigmattize muslims and evidently judge watson said upholding the full restraining order while the initial executive order sparked protests across the country, this has a narrow focus and likely to end up in front of the supreme court. and legal experts believe judge neil gorsuch may be on the court by that time, which harris, could bode well for the administration. harris: have we heard from the administration yet as we kind of look ahead to what's coming
10:22 pm
up? >> reporter: well, it's no secret that president trump doesn't shy away from the fight. he has maintained his administration will take this case as far as it needs to because he says at the end of the day it's entrenched in our national security. >> i was elected to change our broken and dangerous system, and i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families, believe me. not today, not ever. >> reporter: president trump has said the second travel ban is a watered-down version of the first, and that he believes judge watson's ruling in hawaii was unprecedented judicial overreach, and harris, that's a quote. harris: all right, thank you very much, good to see you, and i said it was going to be a busy week, and you know it will be. we know that this happened though for sure in our history. the sinking of titanic, but the fascination with what we don't know about titanic lingers. now for the very first time since 2005, a group of researchers will carry out a
10:23 pm
manned submersive expedition to the wreck site, not just cameras, they'll send people down there. what are they going to be doing? they're going to obtain a 3-d photographic model of the wreck. wow. that could take some time. new expedition is set for may of 2018. looking back in history, the titanic sank on april 15th, 1912 after hitting an iceberg 400 miles south of newfoundland, canada. more than 1500 people died on the titanic. the republican health care plan expected to come to a house floor vote later this week. we've been talking about it this hour. lawmakers said they'd change parts of the bill to please conservatives, but did they move it too far to the right for some moderate republicans? we'll talk about it. and more on our top story this hour, the upcoming hearings for president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. a democrat who used to clerk for him will join us live coming up.
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there are democrats now who are fans of neil gorsuch. what will that mean for the hearings ahead on capitol hill? stay close. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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. harris: let's go fast-forward and a lot of things on radar for the upcoming week. we've been talking about them this hour. capitol hill, ahead of a push from a republican-led congress to pass an obamacare replacement bill. we're looking live now. this will be a hotbed of activity as we move in a few
10:28 pm
hours from now. conservative and moderate republicans have both been critical of the legislation on the table. still, we're hearing it could come to a house vote on the floor as early as thursday. and look out louisville, kentucky. you're about to get a presidential visit. president trump set to hold a rally there tomorrow, he'll primarily be talking about obamacare, in a state he won handily in november. and house intelligence committee is preparing to hold its first public hearing on russian attempts to influence the 2016 election. all of that is tomorrow. fbi director james comey is set to testify and expected to also have answers about president trump's wiretapping claims. and again, also tomorrow, a senate confirmation hearing is set to begin for neil gorsuch. the man president trump picked to fill the empty seat on the u.s. supreme court. tomorrow's hears is more than one year after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. let's bring in a former law
10:29 pm
clerk for neil gorsuch teresa warden. i tweeted you have ideas about why democrats may be kind of quiet this week, they say they may not be. many democrats like him. you in particular know the man neil gorsuch, and say if you are going to nominate someone, this is the man, why? >> judge gorsuch is obviously very smart. he's brilliant. he's a great writer, he has a very successful style which will serve him well on the court, because everyone can understand why he reached the result he reached. and in reaching the results, this is the important thing to me and why i support him. i can say with certainty having been his law clerk for a year, he doesn't let his politics or his personal beliefs get in the way of his judging. he puts those things aside and decides cases based on the law and also based on the facts before him. harris: there's a list -- i don't know if you've read these -- by some who have clerked by
10:30 pm
gorsuch. i imagine you have your own views about. this the three things we learned clerking for gorsuch. don't blind yourself on case's weaknesses. he talks about how to win? >> he does, judge gorsuch was a trial lawyer before he was a judge, and share his what we call war stories, i'm a trial lawyer myself during litigating. and one of the important things as an advocate is not let the weaknesses of your case blind you to how to win it, but i think he used that same type of openness in mind when he was judging because he had to keep a very open mind to hear the party's cases before him and decide the cases based on the law. harris: we have a president who says he likes to win, too. so it might not be a surprise that he picked this person as well. you know, i want to quote somebody who would imagine you are familiar with as a democrat, that was the former solicitor general for president obama neal katyal.
10:31 pm
he said this about neil gorsuch. if the senate is to confirm anybody, do so with gorsuch who sits on the united states court of appeals for the 10th circuit in denver. that person should always be atop your list for anything you do. your thoughts. >> i agree completely. the thing about judge gorsuch is he has a judicial philosophy that some people agree with, and others may not agree with, but applies it in a principled way. not a judicial philosophy that allows him to reach results he may himself like. it's one he believes reaches the results that the law compels. he also has a very firm belief in the separation of powers that he as a judge is there to interpret law, not to make it, and making laws should be done by folks elected by the people. those in congress. because those people are subject to re-election, if the law doesn't suit the people. laws judge gorsuch will not be. harris: you mentioned his conservative politics, and i
10:32 pm
know katyal, the former president obama solicitor general did, too. he said he will have his bona fide days of conservatism and brings it handily as you pointed out. we have this picture that you brought to us what looks like hiking or a fishing trip, this is with the late antonin scalia, and you talk about adding a conservative onto the united states supreme court, this is inscribed by scalia. as democrats look down the road, why do you think it's important, first of all, to back neil gorsuch? i mean, i would imagine that your fight is going to come later with the next seat that you have to fill on the supreme court. >> i can't speak for all democrats, and i'm certainly no expert in politics, but you know, at this point, judge gorsuch is the nominee. he's an excellent nominee. he's going to make an extraordinary supreme court justice. harris: all right. one last thought you from, because i know that some of your cohorts will be watching this hearing. will you watch this week, and
10:33 pm
what will you be watching for? >> i will be watching this week. i think, you know, i'm excited for the senate judiciary committee and the american people to get to know the judge gorsuch that so many of his clerks know. brilliant man who's warm and kind hearted and would make a great supreme court justice. harris: teresa warden, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. harris: north korea, successfully tests a new high-thrust rocket engine, kim jong-un calls it a revolutionary step for country's space program, but president trump has strong words for the regime. >> north korea is acting very, very badly. very badly. i will tell you it's
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. harris: secretary of state rex tillerson spoke with chinese president today as he wrapped up his first diplomatic trip to asia. the secretary talked about strengthening ties between the two nations, but the one topic that dominated his time in asia was north korea. it comes as north korea successfully tested a new rocket engine saturday, just yesterday. stoking new concerns over that country's missile and nuclear programs. rich edson joins us from beijing. rich? >> reporter: well, harris, going into the meeting, secretary of state rex tillerson and the trump administration were very critical of china. they're contending the chinese government isn't doing enough to contain ally and prevent ally, north korea, from testing nuclear weapons and testing ballistic missile program. to that, after this meeting today, secretary of state meeting with chinese president xi jinping state department of that meeting says, quote, both president xi and secretary tillerson agreed there are
10:38 pm
opportunities for greater cooperation between china and the united states but acknowledge there are, and will be in the future, differences between the two countries. following their meeting, both the president and the secretary of state spoke largely only of cooperation. >> i know that through further dialogue, we will achieve a greater understanding. that we'll need to strengthening of the ties between china and the united states and set the tone for our future relationship of cooperation. >> reporter: now while the secretary of state was in china, north korea announced it had tested a new rocket engine. to that, the state department refused to comment, but president trump on the air force one ride back to the washington, d.c., area from mar-a-lago, did mention that he had been briefed on north korea and that north korea's leader kim jong-un was behaving very, very badly. this was the end of a three-country trip for the
10:39 pm
secretary of state, it started in japan, went to south korea and ended in beijing. the secretary of state is on the way back. that the meeting, it started in south korea where the secretary of state talked a little more publicly how the u.s. and partners would try to counter north korea. he said basically that all options are on the table. he said the idea told fox exclusively the demilitarized zone, that the world should not allow japan and south korea to develop their own and obtain their own nuclear weapons to counter north korea is something that would be on the table. he also mentioned that perhaps military action is something that the united states and its allies could pursue, if the north korea weapon program reached a point but refused to expand what the conditions would be. following the meeting with president xi, the state department said secretary tillerson mentioned that president trump would like to meet directly with president xi and perhaps get details when the meeting could take place in
10:40 pm
the next few weeks. harris, back to you. harris: fascinating, lots of information, good to see you. let's bring in evan siegfried, the author of "gop gps," we knew that secretary tillerson's comments about everything being on the table with regard to north korea made a lot of news. i want to get your thoughts about why that was? >> you don't want to take anything off the table. you speak softly and carry a big stick and don't use it until it's the last resort. what secretary tillerson is doing is prepping the ground for president trump and president xi jinping of china to actually stop north korea from antagonistic actions. the way they can do that is by getting china to force them. they're the only global superpower that pays attention and actually gets north korea to listen to them. additionally, what president trump can do to really hamper north korea is to impose sanctions not on north korea but on chinese banks and
10:41 pm
companies that are the pipeline into the global community. harris: okay, great. i'm glad you went there because some of the pushback last week, what more sanctions on north korea. the people are like malnutritioned as it is so the country with spend more on military. how is it going to work? you're saying there is strategy to this that we may be missing if we're not reading between the lines. it's not more on north korea, it's on the chinese banks, and if that's the case, you get on the plane today and you say something like north korea's leader is acting very badly. how do you factor that into the negotiation? sounds like a negotiation now. >> if the chinese banks have sanctions that take the united states and market off the table and same with chinese companies, you bet they're picking up the phone and calling xi jinping and saying make this stop. in order to make it stop, the chinese need to lean on the north koreans to stop their missile test. now the north koreans are saying they'll stop our missile -- or their missile tests, pardon me, if we sop our joint
10:42 pm
military exercises with south korea. that is a false equivalency. our joint military exercises are perfectly legal, take place in south korean territory. harris: every year. >> where as the actions of north korea are illegal in the world stage and the u.n. roundry condemns it. harris: that's where there are sanctions against them. that's why we know it's illegal because we've voted on that, basically. for anybody who happened to miss the nuance of all of this as you move on, as you bring up china and japan mentioned there too, there's a lot in play here and now we're starting to understand, maybe, why president trump chose some of the people he did. speak quickly about the choice of tillerson now that he's in the job. >> tillerson understands what it's like to sit down in a room with world leaders, essentially by running exxon, he was running a private country if you look at size of it and the scope. he knows how to negotiate deals on the highest of diplomatic levels. this isn't somebody running a
10:43 pm
carvel ice cream factory, he ran the largest oil company in the world. harris: i love carvel ice cream. >> it's good. >> the reason i bring that up is the next topic, russia. there have been questions about the administration and russia and as we get ready to go forward with james comey on the hill tomorrow. talk russia. you wrote about it. >> yes, if you look at what we've been talking about on russia, did the trump campaign collude? maybe there wasn't collusion but the appearance of it. all of this feeds into vladimir putin. since the end of the cold war, russia has viewed the united states as chief adversary. well the u.s. looked at other regions, particularly the middle east. now loves that this confusion at home has made us destabilize not only to our citizens or a portion of them but to our allies. our allies are nervous, questioning commitment to nato because of what president trump said on the campaign trail. they don't know what's going to happen.
10:44 pm
the only way we can reassure everyone is not a house or senate investigation, not a special prosecutor but a bipartisan blue ribbon commission that has respected led by people from both sides of the aisle retired with no ambition who say this is exactly what happened and sunlight is the best disinfectant. harris: what i heard you say and saying it in a different way now, this needs to happen as quickly as possible because we need to move on and there are legitimate issues that we have to deal with russia on. >> yes, it plays on -- harris: not that that wouldn't be legitimate, there are things we need to focus on. >> even if nothing happened between the trump campaign and russia ever. harris: and no evidence it has. >> which is true. but if nothing happened, then them saying that gives that seal of approval. especially a special prosecutor, if they say nothing happened, they can't divulge by the law. harris: do you think the democrats will let it go? >> they will not let it go as long as the base are churning it up in the resume rumor
10:45 pm
mill. they are getting tons of attention on the left and not able to let it go until it's put to bed firmly. harris: before i let you go, this was coming into the newsroom and i handed you that urgent report. senior administration official confirmed to fox news the egyptian president will make his first visit to washington during the first week of april at the invitation of u.s. president donald trump. significance and what to expect? >> this would be the first leader of the middle east that the president will be meeting with in his administration. and he needs to actually work with egypt and other middle eastern countries like saudi arabia to solve the syrian crisis causing the refugee crisis bleeding into europe and starting to bleed over into the united states. it's a positive first step. let's hope the meetings produce great results that can keep the country and world safe. harris: interesting you mentioned the refugees because of the litany of things we're going to see roll out is new fresh talk about the executive order part two on extreme
10:46 pm
vetting. quick thought what you expect. >> i expect the left to be very much playing the card of it's a muslim ban, which again, it is not. but i think that we need to talk about how it's being implemented and make sure that there are no false detentions like happened in the first round, that's the best way to go forward. harris: interesting, evan siegfried, great to have you. >> always great to be here. harris: fascinating read on russia. where can we find it? >> the "new york daily news." harris: thank you, i wanted him to say that. pump himself up a little bit. president trump is heading to kentucky tomorrow. we're talking about it. it's for a rally to support his health care overhaul plan. so what do we think he'll say about that, and what can we expect this week as republicans gear up for possibly a big vote on thursday. and president trump's budget plans prompting a political firestorm. >> the vision is that this is what the president ran on. he's trying to do something that politicians are not famous
10:47 pm
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. harris: ready for a presidential rally. some are. president trump is headed to louisville, kentucky tomorrow, and he's expected to talk a lot about the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the legislation faces a huge challenge in the house as you know as conservatives and moderates try to come together with a vote possibly this thursday. joining us now to talk about it all is jay chabria, former adviser to governor john kasich and managing director of firm mercury. always good to have you. >> thank you very much. >> i want to start off with the idea four governors, and kasich is in on this, they got together and wrote this letter and said the current bill the house is looking for does not
10:51 pm
do enough in terms of medicaid and aging people. let's pop up some of the wording on the screen. governors from ohio, michigan, new mexico, arkansas. it provides almost no new flexibility for states does. not insure the resources necessary to make sure no one is left out and shift significant new costs to states. you said there were more people who wanted to sign this letter? >> no doubt about that. the dirty little secret, a lot of governors, republican and democrat that are not for the bill. there are a lot of republican governors that know that this bill doesn't give them the flexibility you need to treat the mentally ill and the working poor and most of all the drug addicted. they wanted to sign the letter, but there's a lot of arm-twisting, white house, house leaders to make sure they don't, they want to pass something. that's the dirty little secret here. harris: i take it the secret part is we don't know how many gop members feel that way. >> there are a lot. harris: can i cut through the
10:52 pm
politics? who cares about that? if they just passed something in the house, it doesn't mean it's going to pass in the senate. isn't that "the art of the deal". you have the senators in the house and somehow they negotiate into the hours of the night and the president gets what he wants before easter? >> yes, absolutely the art of the deal. governors have the responsibility they have to finish this program. republicans oftentimes say the states know what's best. these governors know how to administer their programs and i think it would be smart if washington for once listened to what was going on in the states. >> here's what the house speaker paul ryan says. actually you're right, and that's the fact that maybe more voices are needed at the table. >> right, right. harris: you got that. >> i want to go back on to this. there is a real crisis an opiate crisis, in ohio --
10:53 pm
>> new hampshire. >> they are renting out freezer trucks because there are so many deaths with opioids. if you don't have something on the back end to replace it, what are you doing to treat these folks? that is lacking in the plan right now. harris: let's take kentucky because you say the topic is going to come up in kentucky. one half million people in kentucky gained coverage after obamacare was implemented. this is a state that loves president trump and loved him in november. what do you think they'll hear? >> it's going to be when obamacare phases out, what's going to be the issue? there is an interesting piece in the "new york times" jonathan martin wrote about ohio, kentucky is similar in a lot of ways about the folks that voted for trump in big numbers but realized health care is going to be impacted by this, they're starting to question what's going on there. we got midterm elections going
10:54 pm
on. town halls are stacked with people. harris: they already are. >> and they are, exactly. of supporters, previous supporters, what are they going to say to the congressmen and senators. harris: you have to give the president a lot of credit, though. he had last week, it didn't get a lot of coverage. he has a lot going on. certainly we pointed a finger to this, maybe some people missed it. last week he had people in the white house to talk to him realtime stories, he's been doing this, realtime stories how obamacare impacted their lives in a positive and negative way. he's listening. when he hits the ground and sees the drug addiction, we're seeing it everywhere. >> absolutely. harris: those truths, the honesties should be brought to bear with the president. he's open. >> we think he is a deal maker and will be open and hoping that's going to be the case. and the end result, you're right, this is a lot of sausage that goes in between. that's exactly right.
10:55 pm
governors have responsibility to stake out their claim to say what they need and what's going to work. all of obamacare is topdown, there are problems with it, but parts of it are good and helped people. harris: how to fix obamacare with the one amazing trick. this is, by forcing mostly healthy americans off their parents' coverage would help republicans make good on promise to salvage the health care system, how so? >> this is an interesting idea and deserves more debate out there. i don't know one article should change it. when you look at it -- harris: this is just happening right now. >> right, if you move the number down to 24. harris: age of coverage, from 26 to 24. >> maybe that has impact on it. 26 seems like arbitrary age and i talked to medicaid experts and said that didn't make sense why they picked that number. if we take them all off, where are they going to get care? the millennials are not going to get coverage?
10:56 pm
they're not going to buy coverage. they are going to be treated in the emergency room, which will drive up costs. harris: 26, i pointed this out as former military brat, that is what they call us, is the age the military covers you, government coverage as a dependent. it's not completely arbitrary. >> there are rationales behind it. i think there may be saveings and the republicans should look at that. harris: does the deal get done this week? >> i think they're going to pass something. what is paul ryan going to trade to the freedom caucus to get it done and the moderates? because they're not going to get democrats. the democrats are not going to be voting for this. where is the horse trading going to go? he is probably 20 votes short, why is he going to go to get the 20. harris: jay, always a pleasure once there was a little pig that had built his house out of straw. one day a big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the pig with homeowners insurance.
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