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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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heather: heather thank you for joining us today. >> one of the most important appointments of his administration. >>. >> the fight for supreme court justice, nominee, neil gorsuch to begin. >> chief national correspondent ed henry live at nation's capital with details for nation's top courts good morning. reporter: good morning, 13 months since antonin scalia passed away vacancy on court 4-4 split would be a moment for president trump to try and tip balance on court first bike one that he has been hailed wild by conservatives for picking a sharp legal mind in judge neil gorsuch democrats flummox objectioned -- flummoxed talking about a possibly phil nil filibuster to
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it, graduates from columbia university honest harvard law school s court of appeals a law clerk on supreme court. including for kennedy not a hard-core conservative more mainstream conservative fusing krim lead senator ted toed to say likely to be confirmed. >> 50-50 whether democrats filibuster don't have good arguments against gorsuch but furious that we are going to have a conservative nominated confirmed. >> i believe within, a month or two, neil gorsuch will be an associate justice of the supreme court. >> now, there are in thats like richard blumenthal of connecticut making noise about a potential filibuster tweeting last night if judge gorsuch doesn't reject trump's litmus test i will' his scotus
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nomination relentlessly at tend, a hint of a filibuster with potential for two, three, may be four supreme court picks, over the course of this first term in office for president trump there is some sense in washington that democrats may make a lot of noise, but hold back on an actual filibuster this time around knowing that or gos ignores is going to be harder to stop than potentially other picks down the road. >> all strategy, i just like to use flummoxed. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> just hours from now president trump is heading to louisville pushing health care replacement plan rally taking place ahead of the high stakes vote on bill expected this week. >> i think thursday is most likely our day to bring forward we feel good where we are conversations with members, we are making fine-tuning improvements to the bill to reformist concerns the president back great closer the one helped negotiate changesch this bill
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members from all over caucus i call it getting the sweet spot. >> 15,000 people in lieville freedom hall arena, president -- in kentucky since winning the election. >> the states separate -- on capitol hill focus russia allegeded meline in election fbi director james comey will testify people members expected to grill him about leaks in the administration, and also any evidence, supporting president trump's claim that he was wiretapped by the obama administration. heather: a big question, is the president at white house secret service feeling heat three scares in one week. >> a grilling on capitol hill from homeland security, and congressman jason. >> kelly wright following the developments on. >> good morning. reporter: good morning to you as well due to numbers security breaches at white house, you can imagine, and
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quite understandably there is increasing concern about president trump's safety, the latest taking place over the weekend, that is when one rove p to a white house checkpoint, after 11 pm saturday night, claiming to have a bomb in have car. well secret service took driver in custody and questioned him earlier on saturday. a man jumped a bike wrack a barrier in front of the white house causing secret service to put white house in you full lockdown before capturing him march 10 jonathan tran jumped three fences to enter white house grounds before caught 16 minutes later, a former secret service agent says white house is a magnet for potential attacks. >> beyond a -- a few things witch's brew in trump proprietarycy of thets magnet appropriate turn evolving terror threat figured out
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don't need 9/11 attack 10, 20 questions i ak-47's because damage you saw targeted attacks hyperpartisan political environment rabid far left portion of the democratic party that sees trump as some unique threat to republic. >> there is a man who claims on social media to have snuck into president trump's home in florida saying security tight at mar-a-lago snouk by secret service to catch selfie might have told us got into there secret service disputes claims explaining the selfie was taken in an area, accessible to members and guests. >> all right, thanks so much. heather: thanks kelly. >> behind insider aattack left three u.s. soldiers injured of a gapsold opening fire on military base in southern province helmand ending after attacker was shot and killed since october at least seven
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americans killed there, one of them in a separate insider attack. >> a police say islamic extremity attack second largest airport in practitioneris drunk and high, toxicology report found he had cocaine marijuana alcohol twice the legal limit in his system. police say that he grabbed assault rifle at airport screamed in name of you ara shot dead before he could fire the weapon. >> speeding up deportations getting illegal criminals out of the country, faster doj says immigration judges transferred to six detentioners? four in state of texas, reuters reports 12 cities including new york los angeles have high populations of illegals with critical charges can expect more judges. >> massachusetts having a cloud of regrets about a pot law this morning state is holding a panel of hackers to consider a mic changes, saying
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several concerns with original law including public safety issues concerns over how many pot plants ep person is allowed to grow inside home taxation of the drub may be addressed in rewrite. ♪ that is pretty the first day of spring, so when will it warm up. >> the snow on the grounds, brown snow in new york city. heather: brown. >> meteorologist adam klotz. >> spots first day of spring feeling like the first day of spring look at numbers, these are current temperatures out there right now middle of the country, 72 degrees, this morning, in kansas city so there are some warm spots that is going to funnel east you do not -- cold temperatures, if you are on eastern half of the country this morning he mostly clear, not a lot of rain zoom in on a couple areas thunderstorms through midwest up towards chicago i wouldn'ts he northern indian out on west
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coast, there is another large low precious system a busy active winter for the pacific northwest continuing here on first day of spring as look being at least times very heavy rain in northern california continue throughout all day some precipitation numbers precipitation start to see some darker colors as yellows oranges getting up to 4, 5, 6 inches total rain before the day is over, obviously, spring showers on the way for west coast, why he the first day of spring is first day of spring but doesn't kick off until 6:29 eastern today, there is a look at temperatures a are in the country 94 degrees phoenix, 91 degrees dallas feeling like summer in spots in the country guys. heather: not official until 6:29, not 6:30. >> sweet -- >> two with huge upset in second round ncaa tournament.
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>> south carolina stunning duke, with 5 points, in second -- 65 points second half, final score 88-81 takeing down zucchini. >> the west number two louisville knocked out, michigan wolverines 8th seed 73-69, south number one north carolina survived second half scare by arkansas tar heels wen 72-65 you like carolina. >> rough for wichita state head coach did not no -- team lost his wife reported escorted for cursing. >> smiest went to south carolina i went to north carolina. >> it is not just men lighting up the court for march madness take a look at this unbelievable 70 foot march madness buzzer beater. >> whoa.
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>> oh! my goodness. >> oh. >> there is jesse, nailing a nearly full court shot as time expires half teammates celebrating as west virginia leads stunned to say at least 83-56. >> wow. >> amazing 10 minutes after the error you coming up return to sender, president trump facing a new problem in his fight to get illegal immigrants out of america, ones that committed crimes, the country's that are now refusing to take these criminal aliens back. >> he o what everybody believes -- >> comedians takes on liberal hollywood backlash he is now receiving. ♪ here is the open not a very
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. to sender -- no such number ♪ ♪ rob: very appropriate for next story brand-new numbers shedding light how hard to get criminals out of this kin more than 20 nations refusing to take them back 23 in fact, texas congressman henry now expressing outrage saying government is still issuing visas to citizens from these same countries, he is not pushing for cost two to
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enforce a law on books allows the u.s. to withhold visas from nations that do not take back their criminals. it is one of the largest cinco de mayo celebration in those philadelphia this year organizers pulling the plug over fears they say, of a mass immigration raid. a post on facebook page canceled over concerns for the well being, and safety. now people come from as far as chicago, organize rs are worried this massive event or so they say will kavpt the attention of immigration officials there you are. heather: while has been sleeping unhinged hillary clinton supporters haverolling between tossing and turning from latest liberal affliction president trump s induced insomnia the article on yahoo!.com described as something in dead of night dozens across country describe
2:16 am
pillow punching, fraughtsleep self-stories from blue state voters proclaim president trump for nightmares stress eating. tim allen destroying hollywood liberals overintolerance comparing to nazi germany. >> you've got to be careful what everybody believes 30s germany. >> out spn command bashing hollywood for not being able to handle political views mentioned creepiness living in a world where technology keeps close eye on all of us. ♪ ♪. >>. rob: time to brew on first amendment controversy, brewing over texas high school's prayer room, the state attorney general claims specifically taylor to students. heather: praying up to 5 times each day in between
2:17 am
class don't have time to attend mosque a letter to superintendents calling this clear violation of the first amendment jay says he is trying to politicize the issue all students regardless of their faith are welcome to join in the prayer room. >> where the students are organizing -- stay out of 245 allow them freedom to practice their religion should they dedicate rolls for student pray or is that separation of church and state kind of line. heather: comments, "fox & friends first", we will share them later in the show. like to brew on this with you at home -- top of the hour fox news alert -- search for missing -- hour, the brand new evidence, had police zeroing
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2:22 am
married father recently fired from the school after trying to have inappropriately relationship with elizabeth the family desperate to get her back. >> she was -- like completed the family made everything better. >> we are going to get her back. they are going to get her back. >> authorities admit they have no idea where he ince the surveillance video at gas station in columbia tennessee from one week ago. and manhunt for a man that police public enemy number one he intensifying this hour antonio rite accused of fire-bombing a house in battle more leaving two teenage boys injuring six others a four and 11-year-old police say wright seen here throwing molotov cocktails calling it a code bloodied act, there is a 12,000 dollar reward for information on wright. . >> kaepernick in unemployment
2:23 am
line, general manager tells report most don't want to sign kaepernick think there might be protests or president trump will tweet about team that could do damage, gm says 70% of teams didn't like his national anthem previous to, kaepernick says are over, maybe because now he needs a job. milk, with cereal, coffee symbol of hate according to one college student writing in op-ed california state university student says drink has underens to government pushing drinking milk in guidelines despite potential harm on african-americans who do not need as much calcium as white people do, she says. there you go. heather: i believe this is -- >> fox business personal information exposed online, you have heard about it this
2:24 am
happens time and time again from thousands of customers at a major department store, so could our accounts be at risk. rob: we hope not cheryl casone with what we need to know. >> if you shop at 5th avenue this is the store that had in breach s exposed this is a doozy tens of thousands e-mails addresses ip addresses really big one product codes things they bottle only published online for anyone, to see. a reporter pointed this out to sax saying as bad as it gets when it will comes to breaches. >> -- we are trying to figure out how netflix -- >> this is general motors trying program did in new york instead of owning vehicle for
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15,000 a month get to up 10 models 18 times a year basically there is app on your phone you order up a new car go turn on get a new one to drive different cars you never own anything play the a flat fee 15,000 dollars. >> or 1500. >> 1500 dollars -- rob: i was going to say 15,000 a lot. the next one he we have the spring freepiece on first day of spring? >> this is the first day of spring doesn't feel like it a lot of us on the east coast trying now, a couple places giving us deal to cell braet spring, from 12 to 9 pm free italian ice if you come in the store, you get a free small vanilla cone with twirl on top those are a couple spring deals dairy queen on plaza for "fox & friends" this morning come on apply, fox plaza get your ice cream.
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>> vanilla and dipped in chocolate. rob: i used to love chocolate malts from dairy queen. >> first day of spring life a little. >> thank you. rob: 25 minutes after the hour the app of the resistance one social media company to take down trump administration by gathering -- the reasons behind this. heather: back in 1854 republican party was founded, and then in 1968, signed a bill removing gold booking from u.s. paper money. ♪ ♪ i'm so happy.
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oh, yeah, ♪ heather: good morning you are watching "fox & friends first" i'm heather childers. heather: rob 30 minutes, one hour until first day spring one more hour president trump closing to one of the most important -- >> this morning, the confirmation fight for supreme court justice nominee neil gorsuch set to begin jay chief national correspondent ed henry live. reporter: for all time media spent talking chaos crisis in trump administration this nomination of neil gorsuch something has gone at least so far, according to plan, remember, that back in the campaign, donald trump said as a candidate if elected there were nearly two dozen nominees conservatives that he would nominate to supreme court for justice scalia's seat fulfilled that promise with gorsuch now trying to get him through the senate and you can see right there that still
2:31 am
photo of neil gorsuch with the late justice antonin scalia he conservatives believe he is very much in same mold one an originalist believes in interpreting the constitution about strictly not making laws from bench that is why senator ted cruz said he is likely to get through. >> it 50-50 whether democrats filibuster don't have good arguments against gorsuch for us a that furious a conservative nominated confirmed. >> i believe within a month or two, neil gorsuch will be an associate justice of the supreme court. >> hearings get under way a couple hours democrats making noise about a potential filibuster senator blumenthal tweeting last night the following if judge gorsuch doesn't reject trump's test i will oppose scotus nomination relentlessly litmus test referenced abortion relentlessly a hint may be
2:32 am
opposing with a filibuster talks republicans may need the so-called "nuclear option" to push through with 1 votes instead of 60 since democrats realize he is eminently qualified it is hard to sustain a filibuster why not just flummoxed but discombobulat discombobulated. >> a twofer. is president safe at the white house, kelly wright with meeting to get an answer. reporter: white house supposed to be one of the safest plates on earth lately too much security incidents taking place has quite a few people concerned jason chaffetz will be meeting with the acting director of the secret service and homeland security secretary, to discuss how to deal with this issue. now the latest incident took place saturday night, a man
2:33 am
drove a stolen car, up to a white house check point of after 11 pm claimed to have a bomb in have car, secret service took driver into custody questioned him early saturday a man jumped a barrier a bike track in front of the white house causing secret service to put white house full lock down mode before capturing him march 10 jonathan tran jumped three fences to enter white house grounds, before being caught 16 minutes later, he former secret service agent former nypd officer explains what he believes the secret service needs to do to improve security there. >> whether they need is an entire remodeling of the security plan they don't need to make it on -- don't need 22 foot concrete wall but double fencing increase special weapon personnel north and south lawn increase presidential protection
2:34 am
division manpower basic structure, secret service has pay cap no one else has given the hours they work causing a massive brain drain don't have good people left they are all leaving. >> very good point making there, he points out that he believes, this current partisan political environment divide living in is contribute to go increase of people attempting to get in white house to, i guess, say hello or express frustration. heather: make a name for themselves jooe i would be nevers getting shot jumping over white house fence keep in mind secret service these are the best, of the best very good very good. >>. rob: president trump to louisville pushing the republican health care replacement rally ahead one of high stakes final vote on bill expected this week. >> all republicans in the house, senate and president, made a promise to the american
2:35 am
people that we would with repeal and replace this faulty collapsing law we are going to make good on that promise. >> exactly where we want to be until we bring the bill to the floor we are always make improvements one way to describe what is going on legislating. >> 15,000 people back is to louisville freedom hall arena tonight, the president's first time back in kentucky since winning the election. heather: the first family will be living under one roof president trump's wife melania son barron making move in june according to tmz, barron will finish out school year in new york city before the two head to washington, d.c. . and happy birthday in order for first son barron turns 11 years old today! great age. ♪ ♪ happy birthday today is first day of spring, so when can we expect to feel like it. heather: the weather is under with that answer for us good
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morning. reporter: good morning. the first day of spring, he technically aways away look at temperatures across the country this is what we are expecting, some spots feeling more like the dead of summer 94 in phoenix 91 degrees in dallas area, plenty of spots to get warm-up feeling more like spring how about the spring showers we notice mostly dry across country a couple spots to zoom in on, see what is happening one across the midwest stretching from chicago, to across northern indian towards toledo cleveland a line of thunderstorms heavy rain, may be a quick-moving system that is not all day rain a little bit heavier rain, that is moving into the really northern california at this point we talk 4 to 6 inches of rain for the first day of spring guys if you are still chill yee on the east coast, we are going to warm up in the next couple days rob and heather. >> thank you, time about 20
2:37 am
minutes until top of the hour donna brazile admits it has her job to lie, cheat and steal so long as democrats won. >> you put it in that -- e-mail, no one has ever, ever shared questions with any of us, involved in cnn. >> should we give that to long list of democrats also got pass from media, fair and balanced debate ahead. rob: also, check, you know the earth is round; right? >> it is true, the -- >> what the earth is round. >> i drove from coast-to-coast, and [bleep] -- >> [laughter]. . >> be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪
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station. the first commercial launch from kennedy space center historic at 39a. rob: powerful moment fun to watch one month after historic takeoff spacex dragon was you'll returns to earth with 3800 pounds scientific sam pedaled from international space station blasted off from cape canaveral, florida the same launchpad for nasa appall apollo moon mission off the coast of southern california where spacex is. heather: this -- >> do you or owe voters apology for questitown hall. >> i wish when you got your fax you read the e-mails. >> i did read a lot of them.
2:42 am
>> you nut could not have a read my e-mails no one ever, ever shared questions with any of us involved in cnn. heather: is change in tuna donna brazile admits she not only leaked questions but says it was her job to lie, cheat and steal as long as democrats won should we add her to long list of democrats getting a pass from media to debate democratic strategist, fox news contributor tammy. >> before we begin take a look right away what donna brazile lad to say this was the end of her quote said but sending those e-mails was a mistake, i will never forget she began that quote by saying my job was to make all our democratic candidates look good worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen. i will start with you is there ever, ever any skews to do something like this. >> look, donna herself said she regrets sending those e-mails i think she is still
2:43 am
will remain one of the most respected operatives in democratic politics but if you read the larger part of her piece and point here the reason why we're having this conversation, is because of unprecedented -- interest from russian government -- the conversation -- >> before you spin it go that direction we are having this conversation because she got caught. right? tammy. >> -- yes decided to -- that is why -- to make it -- look like. >> right now we're seeing it play out the right now very specific issue, the brazile admitted to this not just her issue, former west wing organizer, i know that the messaging always was tend justifies means when i can't compete, with details of the issues you are going to obfuscate, going to make things up going to is misrepresent do what donna brazile did which is give the candidate hillary clinton the
2:44 am
questions in debates that is cheating when you think that is what you need to because your candidate is unprepared that is what you are going to do at the same time they want you to think about the shiny -- talk about russia, something not rue reinforcing. >> is it part of larger problem to look at other instances he certainly isn't first time richard blumenthal claimed served in vietnam this was his quote we have learned something important since days that i served in vietnam, and you exemplify it whatever we i think about war we owe military men and women unconditional support in campaign stop honoring vets problem is he never served, and then elizabeth warren people certainly remember this claiming she was part cherokee said that she was proud of it listen. >> -- brothers and mom and
2:45 am
dad, my -- >> this is he i am so proud of it. >> then finally, of course, we have former president bill clinton saying he did not have a sexual relations is in a i want you to listen to me i am going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky. >> indeed i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky not appropriate in fact it was wrong. heather: you have to admit it is a pattern. >> well, i appreciate the montage, sorry you picked examples from the from -- saying it didn't happen. >> look at sitting president of the united states, donald trump himself. has not been exactly forthcoming with american people i think moving forward, what people care about is honesty transparency donald trump refused to release tax returns refused to give us answers about how he is going
2:46 am
to cover the 24 million who are set to lose health insurance, that is what people care about right now, i'm sorry -- politics is dirty we understand that on both sides of the aisle. >> donald trump -- >> right now. >> yes, tammy you get final word. >> look this is about american people on do you want honesty why donald trump is president difference between not want to go answer question a different approach to policy different one lying directly to american people about being able to keep your policy your doctor your hospital, there are recent examples this is infection win dpat party liberalism in general make things to up get your way because the american people don't want what they are selling, and they know it. means they have got to mislead american people in order to try to at least maintain power. >> there is argument about that 24 million people losing their health care coverage as well that is not true. thank you both for joining us
2:47 am
this morning, appreciate it. >> let's keep talking about this -- democrats lying and cheating to push agenda or media for giving them a pass, log on to "fox & friends" for live debate harbor keep talking check check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> ice cream outside in the plaza is in a we do first day of spring dairy queen is here, free ice cream. if you are in the neighborhood, meanwhile, a busy day wades neil ignores going up to cal hill to start the process news of the day with congressman duffy omarosa is here from trump white house we have panetta jason chaffetz all things political two comedians created a song, dedicating to the people who just do not get over the fact that donald trump is
2:48 am
president. so-called snow flake, listen to this. if you don't know what -- you must -- ♪ ♪ you will have are aous talk to both of them, "fox & friends" kicks -- of heather right here on channel everybody trusts morning news. heather: looking forward to it thank you very much steve wu will be right back after this. ♪ it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow...'s how well you mow fast. woooh! it's not how fast you mow... it's how well you mow fast! it's not how fast you mow... it's how well you mow fast. they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r with the accel deep deck to mow faster, better. take a test drive and save up to 250 dollars on select john deere residential ztrak mowers.
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capitol hill. . rob: fox business alert, politeness a popular neither working sight accused of helping organize riots against president trump and you might not believe who is behind this. >> cheryl casone from sister
2:52 am
network with that. >> good morning a bit of a surprise here a particular site meet us people join based on interests sports music politics. is doubling down on plans to encourage members to fight president trump's policies. the sight reportedly hired former hillary clinton aide to help coordinate through sight protests among more than 120,000 activists that are a members of anti-trump meetup groups there is about 1,000, hashtag meet at groups phrase comes from ceo scott hypeman to goal to get infrastructure to execute large responses made comments in interview with press, intelligent companies reportedly met privately this men and women in new york to brainstorm ways to push back, against trump's immigration transgender protection women's health policies as well as proposed cuts to funding of the arts,
2:53 am
as much as meetup kick-starter airbnb yelp weighed in on politics this might be a trend may be not good for business but doing it anyway back to you. rob: all right. heather: thanks. rob: thank you so much -- according to -- the bizarre ranch he dismisses gravitate is in a i dry from coast-to-coast [bleep] i am saying i drive from florida to new york flat, new york seattle flat -- flat. rob: wow, all discussing on podcast claims from cleveland cavs player irving. >> asked about satellite imagery proving earth is round shaq responded could be made up, he is playing with everybody. >> there is a new girl on --
2:54 am
julia friend of elmo's -- >> -- different -- so -- >> julia is part of a new initiative to take away stigma from children who are autistic. >> on 0 minutes last night -- 60 minutes last night. >> 6 confirm on the east coast a school facing plash for creating a special prayer room some parents say is meant only for muslims is the school overstepping. >> hammer head a battle -- a shark creating a firestorm.
2:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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. .
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♪ >> heather: time now for brew on this responses. a texas school under fire for creating a special prayer room that parents say is meant for muslims as the states attorney general students are getting preferential treatment. but the school claims all students, regardless of faith are welcomed in the room. so we asked should schools dedicate rooms for student prayer oar does that cross the line?
2:59 am
your response is showing some mixed feelings. angela emailed us all for the prayer of meditation room as long as all religions are able to access it pauline posting this on facebook, it is simple either allow all religions in school, or none. no special treatment for one or the other. period. thomas commenting on instagram. crossing the line. going to great lengths to kick christians out of the school but this is okay? rob: time now for the good,ed bad, the ugly. now for the good. you scream, i scream, we all scream for ice scream. holdinhold dq holding free cone. ask you put change in the jar for children's miracle network hospitals. next, coming up, of the bad. spring breakers sparking outrage online after using a beached shark's teeth to open a beer. slamming the can into the shark's mouth before this young man takes down the beer. not sure if the shark was
3:00 am
alive or dead but still doesn't look too good. finally the ugly, celebrating team's win by thanking two women. >> and i appreciate my wife and girlfriend -- i mean my wife, yeah. i'm so sorry, my wife. i love you so much. thanks the wife and girlfriend in post game interview. is he an athlete. >> heather: waiting for explanation on that. "fox & friends" begins right now. see you tomorrow. >> i think thursday is most likely going to be our day to bring it forward. the reason i feel so good about this is because the president has become a great closer. >> first round of confirmation hearings for a new supreme court justice. we will see neil gorsuch on the hill. >> i believe within a month or two neil gorsuch will be the new member of the supreme court. >> have you seen any evidence of any collusion? >> i will give you a very simple answer. no. >> there was circumstantial


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