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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 21, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with the tvs a andy levy this before. >> andy: coming up on the big show, democrats on the house intelligence committee tried to get fbi director james comey to reveal details into the ongoing investigation. plus, a priest, a rabbi, and a man in the trump hat walks into
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a bar. the bartender kicks out the man and the funny headgear. researcher says one in four beer drinkers are switching to pot. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. miss america 2008 and conservative for back political commentary, kirsten haglund. he graduated from harvard. harrison greenbaum. comedian and brooklyn tv host, greg johnson. and i'm so excited, this man is a legend. comedian joe devito. okay, let's start the show. ♪ on monday morning, fbi director james comey testified before congress. as always, he was very
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forthcoming. >> i can't answer that, same answer. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. i don't know what to make of that. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. i'm trying to be helpful, but i'm not going to answer that. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. the same answer. the same before. please don't over interpret what i've said, i'm not going to answer. same answer. i don't want to say. i hate the new england patriots. [laughter] >> the weird thing is they were asking every time. >> tom: it wasn't all nonanswers, the director addressed president trump's accusation that obama wiretapped trump tower. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. >> tom: as far trump's team, having to russia's, call he sat
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is an ongoing investigation. what was the most interesting about the testimony? >> no comment, no comment. what's really amazing was the fact that he would not acknowledge, confirm, deny anything. whether they were investigating the leaks, which expose a lot of the information, they wouldn't even go there. i think that was a huge red flag. this is just a show, a total show, they usually don't publicize these hearings at all, they don't put them on tv but they did this time. all the senators, first of all, it was great that he had his hair done. it sometimes he has the spikes, the mohawk, his hair was on point, he really went after, he wasn't able to get much affirmation, but it was a show for these guys to say there being serious and going after
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him and drooling the sky. it was a show for each of the liberals and conservative constituents. >> tom: a total show. is that what it is, obviously its political theater come up the beyond that, as anything except allowing these people to do grandstanding? >> i wish they were a little more exciting while they were doing it. >> gowdy was really exciting, i got really into his performance. >> he's always good at this stuff. >> just to hear james comey say something like "with respect to the president's tweets." i wake up and i say "imagine if this was really happening close call. what i didn't know is he appears to be 14 feet tall. have you seen when he walks in? he's a gigantic, pretty good for a spy. >> tom: he's tall. he started as a spy and worked his way up. >> another thing i thought was interesting, we are acting like it's odd that russia may have had an interest in our election, everyone has an interest in the u.s. election, just as we have
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interest in other people's elections. i think it's because republicans didn't have their password as one, two, three, four, everyone except for the russians probably thought hillary was going to wi win. you and after the democrat because that's what you thought you needed to blackmail. >> tom: that is a great point. one that i have often made over these many months, that the idea that they were hacking the dnc because they were about to elect the next president, hillary clinton. they were after the next president of the united states more than trying to help trump, does not make sense to you? >> as long as there are no follow-up questions, yes. of course you called it. i was in the waiting room of a bank, don't ask to, today. there was a waiting area, this was on tv and people were passed out, this wasn't the most
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exciting television, it was exciting when they mention twitter, when imagine the patriots -- by the way, patriots fans bring on that hate. they invite that hate. this is incomplete to me, trump is going to say this is a victory, liberals will say it's a victory because now it's exposed that they are officially investigating any russia versus the 2016 election tie, and it's all interesting how trump uses everything as a distraction. he wants to get away from what was done and why and focus on the leaks. it's like if watergate became less about what is you know and why and more about indicting deep throat. >> the leaks are a huge threat to our national security. >> so is russia's hack of the election. >> tom: wait a second, i don't think, i will be more concerned about people in our own government committing felonies. when, as joe said, the russians have been hacking across the board, into american politics
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ever since they had a computer. >> you don't buy the leaks of information by asking a public official to leak more information. his job is to not leak that information. >> tom: go back to what you were talking about. i thought you were going to be productive about your being on protectable right now. >> there asking him to leak information about the ongoing investigation. >> tom: they are asking him to answer questions. they know he's not going to say something. >> he's admitting, they've been doing this investigation since july 2016. he was all hillary emails, talking about that, constantly getting in front of the public to talk about how there was an investigation, reopening an investigation, no mention of that until now. that seems a little biased. >> i want to go on record as a saying i love the new england patriots. >> tom: did you hear the follow-up from comey? he said the reason he said that about the patriots is that they were so effective at what they do. they suffer from excellence or something like that.
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>> i didn't understand the context of that. the whole thing was a snooze fast, i sorry. >> if you have a job, why would you deliberately comment on an investigation about the leakers? which deliberately makes your organization looks bad. he said that he would comment on the investigation that they were investigating russia hacking the election but he wasn't going to comment on whether or not they were going after the leakers. of course you're not going to try to sit there before a house committee and make your organization look bad. it's what anyone else would do in that position. >> what if michael flynn has to go under oath and give testimony and answer questions? then it will get really interesting. >> tom: i wouldn't mind that. the more we hear, the better. moving on, they put the live in libation. a new york city cocktail bar refused to serve a customer because he was wearing a certain red hat.
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he and some friends stopped at a place called "the happiest hour." according to the lawsuit, a waitress brought him a $15 jalapeno margarita and his buddies at some beers. when they tried to order a second round, a bartender noticed his hat and skipped over them. another service at "i can't believe you would support someone so terrible and you must be as terrible a person." he then told a manager, who told him i i of what i spoke directy to the owner and the owner told me that anyone who supports trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here." they were kicked out. fortunately, around the corner was a more welcoming bar. he >> not the village. that bar was not in the village, definitely. >> that should just be a yelp review. this should not be a national story. >> tom: it became a story because he did file a lawsuit.
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what's your deal? >> i find it ironic that a guy who is upset about being, having the freedom to drink wherever he wants is trying to support a candidate who who is worried at the freedom to pete where he wants. >> tom: now you're getting predictable. >> trump and pence both support an act that allows to discriminate against bartenders for their sexuality. you're allowed to say that you will not serve some buddy because you disagree with their morals. >> tom: i don't want to talk about it but i don't think that's what it is, i'm going to invite you back and were going to do a whole segment on it. >> fat lies? >> he called me fat.
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>> tom: joe, what do you think of this guy? >> i actually agree with harrison that there is no lawsuit here, he should just get on yelp like the rest of us do. >> he should be doing it for them giving him a jalapeno margarita. >> $15. >> here's what i think, we either to decide that you're either allowed to deny service to someone or you're not. if you disagree with a person's viewpoint and we are not talking about race or some thing like that, we are talking about something a person is expressing, either you're allowed to do that or you're not. personally, if someone comes in wearing a trump hat and you decide that's intolerable to you, if you think that's okay then you can't say that a baker has to write a certain message on a cake. that's denying them service, that's denying service and saying if someone gay comes and you will not make them a cake. that is discrimination, but if
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you make someone write something you are making them express viewpoint that is abhorrent to them. i put the statement you don't agree with, i save you're going to say a baker can't do that, you can't say that they can't throw this person out. you can't pick and choose which one you think is reasonable behavior for denying service. >> tom: i think you might be biased. >> they shouldn't be required by law -- if you can make someone leave forming a hats on the net somewhat dim excess of the you don't like on it, you can't force a person to express a viewpoint on a cake. >> tom: you show up at bars wearing this hat and i don't think you ever been thrown out. >> that's so cute. >> tom: johnson, you wanted to get in on this. >> the trial of the century. this is the most b.s. lawsuit, i'm sorry. i think these bartenders have the right to serve whoever they want, at one point it said the bartender served him but he slammed down his drinks, i don't think that's because for a lawsuit.
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if i was suing every bartender that treated me poorly i'd be buried in litigation right now. doesn't that sound like a liberal would be suing, not a conservative? >> that's the whole point. trump supporters that get so obsessed with calling people who are two sensitive snowflakes and all of that, which i agree, a lot of people can be way too sensitive which is why the sky is a prime example of a snowflake. seriously, you're spending your hard earned money on this lawsuit, filing a lawsuit cost a lot of money, paying this lawyer, if you look at the photo and the article, the lawyer is posing, holding his jacket, trying to look like a lawyer. this is a total sham, go home, go to a bar that serves you well, do not waste your energy. >> tom: i bet he's trying to give them a taste of their own snowflake medicine. >> he's trolling. >> i think there's a lot to be said for "i'm going to take my business elsewhere." that's the way the system should
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function. you are free to take your business across the street. >> he should not have paid $15 for a margarita anyway. go somewhere else. >> bartenders do not talk like that, they don't say things like we don't respect you, they just throw you out. >> it's a new york bar. >> tom: if you want to get around this, you just lie. "you guys have to leave, were out of jalapenos coastal. a connecticut-based marketing company has a unique screening process for job applicants. here's the ceo on "fox & friends." >> i wanted to be able to have individuals work for my country that would fit the culture, not the culture of our company but the culture of our clients, we needed to have people who aren't snowflakes. >> tom: yes, snowflakes need not apply. the owner of silent partner marketing created a snowflake test, to weed out as he puts it "whiny, needy, entitled little brats." [laughter]
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i said nothing. what would disqualify for someone from a job? >> what answer would qualify them from a job? >> and answer where you don't of the difference between they're/there/their from a spelling purpose and someone who is not proud to be an american. >> those are so different. >> tom: i'm proud to be an american but definitely guilty of the first thing that he mentioned. it not my finest week. >> it got lots of likes. >> tom: the 30 question survey has lots of questions like "what does america mean to you? what does privilege mean to you? how do you feel about police? how do you feel about guns? and what are your top 25 toby keith song's? i've got 26 at least close call. here's more. >> we work very closely with a lot of police department and you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect. >> how do you feel about guns? >> we do a lot of work filming
12:16 am
with guns, i carry a lot of our team and our clients wary do not carry as well, we have very hard-core american company so you have to be comfortable around them. >> tom: a "red eye" has long had a snowflake test for our panelist. here's the first question. what are you a federally ice crystal typically displaying delicate six --" ours is more literal. >> you guys gave me the test at that "you might be a redneck if" that's a different test. >> tom: what do you thing of this, this guy has his clients who are "hard-core american companies." >> i think he's smart because he framed them all in "this is a business reason for that and not just a personal preference was well. it's not just "do you share my values," but things they like to see in the workplace. whether or not but is legitimate is another question, but i think it's more that he did that. you have someone who has to work with law enforcement, you don't want them coming in wearing an nwa hat or something.
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it's not going to work in that culture. i'll say this, it's sad that it's come to this in the workplace. i worked in an office and hated everyone i worked with, not for their political views but because someone was eating my yogurt and that made me angry. that made me want to do an open carry. >> tom: did you put a post on it? >> a series of post-its! the only networked was putting poison in it. >> arsenic works every time. >> tom: do you think he can get in trouble for this, he's admitting that he has this litmus test. >> he's got the right to do what he has to do, he's not discriminating on race or gender or anything like that, he's doing what he needs to do for his company and that's fine. the danger he runs into, first of all, i really appreciated the fact that in his article that he wrote, he explained this policy, he said "this refers to all snowflakes no matter their age, this means millennials, baby boomers, gen-xers.
12:18 am
"as a millennial who gets accused of being a spoiled brat, it's nice that people realize that spoiled brat ines goes across generational lines. the danger of this, if you don't go out of your bubble of people that think just like you, what good is not in a company? how do you have innovation, growth, potential insight into different perspectives of people that you want to serve. i actually think that it hurts him from a competitive business perspective, not to have more viewpoints are presented. also he can help those snowflakes grow into beautiful summer leaves. >> tom: harrison, would you pass this test? >> probably not. i do not want to work for a company where they film things that have real guns. what kind of idiot put real guns on a film set? >> tom: what if you have two film -- >> what if you film an action scene -- >> tom: you bring up a good point. >> who has guns with bullets on a film set?
12:19 am
i'm not sure which is the real one, everyone is dead. >> tom: that's a good point. >> i can't follow that. >> what does this guy's company do? >> silent marketing. >> he's all over the news channels. >> i love how you says you have to not misspell they are and you have to carry. those of two main things. >> by the way, question number one -- >> you're watching. >> question number one says "do you use the term snowflake." >> tom: coming up, is it all right to criticize hollywood groupthink? watch everyone respond the same way. and my first book "mean dads for a better america," it's like obamacare, you've got to buy it to find what is in it. go to to find out how to order. ♪ careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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>> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm kelly wright. good morning, here's what's happening. the fbi is investigating possible ties between russia and associates of president trump. that's according to testimony from fbi director james comey. he spoke at a congressional hearing that's examining russian interference and last year's election. comey also knocking down comps claims that he was wiretapped by the obama administration. >> with respect to the presidents tweets, i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all its components. >> starting today, some electronics will be banned from
12:24 am
carry-on luggage on some u.s. bound flights. this means passengers from eight middle eastern and north african countries will not be able to use their laptop, ipads, and cameras on board. according to fox news sources, the increased security is not the result of a specific threat, but due to an increase in terror-related chatter. a man arrested near a white house security checkpoint saturday allegedly made a bizarre statements according to court records, he first said he had a bomb in his truck. later he allegedly claimed he had an asteroid in his trunk, and that he communicates telepathically with president trump. the man is now facing charges that could carry a maximum of ten years in prison. the hunt for tom brady's missing super bowl jersey is over. relying on a tip, investigators traced the game jersey worth about $500,000, to mexico. it was found in possession of a
12:25 am
former mexican tabloid newspaper executive. i'm kelly wright. ♪ >> tom: comedian tim allen did an interview on friday with my rival jimmy kimmel. he seemed defensive about admitting that he has attended presidential inaugurations. >> you went to the presidential inauguration. >> i was invited, i did a vip thing for the vets, i went to the inauguration. >> i'm not -- >> you got to be really careful around here or you get beat up. if you don't believe what everybody believes, it's like 30s germany, i don't know what happened. you know what, we believe is right, well, i might have a problem with it -- i'm a comedian, i like -- >> tom: he likes going on both sides. he feels that in today's hollywood, that's enough to incite people's wrath.
12:26 am
slate raced to prove his point by quickly prove this point. he'd didn't support trunk, he spoke against him during the election, but the slate article wastes no time in tying him to tromp and tromped to white supremacist. is he right? >> everyone knows that people in the artistic community, whether it's hollywood or broadway, it's full of liberals, very enthusiastic liberals. it is very difficult to have an opposing opinion. i love tim allen, i grew up in detroit, he's like a home guy. i think he's hilarious. i really am tired of the nazi
12:27 am
germany references. let's save that for when there is a legitimate fascist anti-semite calling for the destruction of the jewish peopl people. let's save it for that. >> smears the press and tries to scapegoat minorities -- >> smearing the press is it different from legitimately building concentration camps. >> tom: he was making eight joking reference to being put on a list, which i think it's proven that he has been. he saying it's worse than ever, even though he is not a trump supporter, he is lumped in with them. >> slack-jawed is the preferred way to read things on slate, you get the most out of it. >> everybody is saying here, he didn't say nancy, he said germany in the 1930s. >> they were empowers in the 1930s, they were democratically elected -- >> i think he makes a good
12:28 am
point, we just talked about a guy getting kicked out of a bar for wearing a hat someone didn't like. if you're conservative in the entertainment into your street, if you think you don't have to learn to keep your mouth shut, that's the case. i feel bad for nazis actual, now everybody is a nazi, i feel left out. >> if a government drove by down the street with a camera on it, you'd be rioting and going to washington, but if it's white with the moji's and google on it, you are waving at it. they are taking pictures of your house. >> tom: does this kind of thing make you nervous? >> he's saying that if the government was doing it, we'd all freak out. but the google people go by and i'm just kind of looking at the car like it's kind of cool. >> that is interesting, it's a broader conversation. there is a time you wouldn't want pictures of your baby out
12:29 am
there like that, but now all of that information is out there. i know tim allen is joking but it's funny to hear someone say he's repressed in hollywood when he made $50 million playing a character named buzz light year. >> he's doing just fine. >> would he be doing better if the nazi's came back? he has so much less competition in comedy. >> broadway, hollywood, there are so many jewish people in broadway and hollywood. >> i kind of wish there were more conservatives in show business to that end, because there would be more combative nature -- >> tom: they're there but they're in the closet, that's what he saying. at this point he doesn't care, there are a lot of people who are past it, they're older, more established. they can't really be blacklisted and those are the only people. >> i think part of this is brought on by people themselves. you perceive that people are going to like them because of
12:30 am
whatever, just go on and be yourself, say your opinions -- >> tom: say yourself, guess who is himself? "halftime" with tv's andy levy next. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs at andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: happy monday. let's get to it. comey. i had the same thought, we now live in a world where an fbi
12:34 am
director said under oath "with respect to the president's tweets, i have no information that supports those tweets." >> it's not monday anymore. >> andy: it's monday for us. in hawaii where were on it prime time it is monday. >> big in hawaii. >> andy: joe, you also talked about his pastor being one, two, three, four, there was a rumor that his password was "password," but there was no information to back that up, and his email would not less you let you use password as password. >> how about his hotmail account? >> andy: you said trump uses everything as a distraction, i'm not saying that's true but congrats to eric trump announcing during the hearing -- [laughter] >> love you, eric.
12:35 am
>> andy: you said they're basically asking comey to information about the leaks. technically it's not leaks when you are asked by the house intelligence committee. >> that's fair. they've been pretty obsessed with leaks pee and this entire administration. or they will say that makes them number one. >> andy: a man sues a bar for being refused service for wearing a maga hat. >> if you look at mike pence and his indiana legislation, they wanted to apply it more broadly. >> andy: they had it amended. >> tom: what you meant to say was up about harrison, what you said was mostly wrong." that's what you meant to say?
12:36 am
>> a harbor to be. >> andy: joe, you said if you're going to say a baker can't make a cake, you can't kick someone out for wearing a hat. >> i got very confused halfway through. >> andy: here's the thing, federal protected classes, some states like new york where this bar is, and colorado where the bakery is, they add others like sexual orientation. nowhere on either list is political beliefs, so legally you could kick someone out for wearing a political hat, where is decided to refusing to bake the cake violated the sexual orientation part. >> i thought that was a distention that existed only in my mind until about 8 minutes ago. could we just say that the red
12:37 am
hat is really gay and he would've been protected under sexual orientation. >> tom: >> andy: you would havea better lawyer than his lawyer. they're saying it is part of his creed. he's trying to claim that this wasn't a political thing, it's creed. >> if make america great is a religion, it's called. >> can we agree that that band of socks? >> i like creed. [laughter] i'll be the lone creed to support her on. >> andy: greg johnson, i agree with you, this lawsuit is a dum dumb. this was good too, you talked about this guy being primary sample of a snowflake, his lawyer says, this was his client
12:38 am
quote. "saddest hour." >> if that was the saddest hour in his life he needs to go to africa and experience -- >> he came out of the 9/11 memorial. and that was his saddest hour? >> andy: i am genuinely happy for him that this is the worst thing that's ever happened to him. his >> he just walked out of the 9/11 museum. >> he would definitely not be hired by the guy who runs the silent marketing company. >> andy: let's talk about him. >> he had sadder hours. >> andy: let's talk about the snowflake test, you set as a millennial you are happy that this guy did not single you out. as a fellow millennial, i could not agree more. >> thank you. >> andy: harrison, you weren't happy that this guys using real guns to fill movies. he says they do a lot of work "filming with guns" which could mean a lot of things.
12:39 am
he could be shooting stuff with actual guns, but not on a film set. >> he didn't make it very clear and there should be some clarity about guns on film sets. >> andy: a little snowflake he of you. greg, i agree with you. you run a marketing company, settle down. >> andy, you're the man, dude. >> andy: you run a marketing company, you do p.r. >> you guys get any more buddy buddy, someone is going to refuse to ice your cakes if you know what i mean. >> andy: i'll have to look that up on urban dictionary. [laughter] >> andy: tim allen compares hollywood to 1930s germany. i agree, we need to chill on the nazi references. it's in bad analogy but it was a throwaway line on a joke. >> i will because i'm from detroit and i like tim allen. >> andy: just lastly, i want
12:40 am
to play a clip that i think will be huge on social media today. >> i feel bad for actual nazi's. [laughter] >> his career is ruined. i'm confident that no one is going to look at me and think "master race." >> you don't give yourself enough credit. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, are people switching their drug of choice? see why the beer industry is going to pot. ♪ if you have medicare
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♪ >> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm kelly wright in new york. here's what's happening, new rules for airline travelers headed to the u.s. and canada. as of this morning, certain electronic gadgets may no longer be carried aboard flights originating from ten middle eastern and north african cities. so far, the restrictions apply only to nonstock voyages destined for new york, chicago, detroit, and montreal. the reason remains a mystery at this hour. fbi director james comey says the agency will "follow the facts wherever they lead to." he confirmed yesterday that his agency has been investigating russian interference in the presidential campaign since
12:45 am
july. the fbi is determining whether there was collusion between president trump's campaign associates and the russians. he also said that there is no evidence that the president claim that the obama administration ordered that trump tower be wiretapped. mr. trump jetted to kentucky last night where he was greeted by a packed house of supporters. the senate judiciary committee, confirmation hearing proceeded today. they are aiming to confirm him before april 10th. families may be drinking bottled water for a few more years in flint, michigan. there tapwater became contaminated with lead from a
12:46 am
new york river, and the latest assessment is that a series of underground pipes need to be replaced. that will not happen until 2019. i'm kelly wright, now back to "red eye." ♪ >> tom: a quarter of american beer drinkers say they are switching to pot. they are swapping one body for another. this according to a new study from the "cannabiz consumer group" ." they said they are buying a legal weed instead of beer. or they would do so if the drug was legal in their state. if they said that if it was legal internationally it would cost the beer industry in sales. what does this mean? here is a typical beer drinker. [laughter] and here is a beer drinker who switched to pot. [laughter] that so they look like.
12:47 am
>> the ambassador has never looked better. >> tom: greg, first of all, do you believe this, they asked 40,000 people. >> i think this is a biased organization doing the study. cannabiz is not objective? >> people don't want to drink for five hours when they could take a toke of something and feel the same way, that's real talk. pot can be cheaper, not give you hangovers, not as bad for your health, not as much sugar, aluminum, alcohol when you're drinking 20 beers. >> tom: i didn't know all those things were in beer. >> lots of carbs. >> tom: you are an advocate for smoking weed? >> i have never seen weed. >> there are at least two
12:48 am
co-liars on this panel. >> that's true but i have never met but i have seen beer. if you are going to switch from one a horrible drug to another, maybe one of them is better than the other. this would help eliminate some of drunk driving. it would make guys less douchey at bars. >> tom: have you had experience with potheads and beer drinkers? >> yes, potheads are more polite because they make a move and if they aren't getting it, they move move on to the next one. here drinkers are very persistent. >> i have so many follow-up questions. >> tom: will get into that, you can ask after the show. terrace and, what the deal? >> i think pot could learn from the beer industry. there is miller but also miller lights, we should have
12:49 am
pot-light, which doesn't have the munchies. >> tom: i think the pot shops sell different -- >> they are like stores, they ask what kind you want -- >> kind of like herbal tea. >> would you like to play video games all night or watch a cartoon and think it's funnier than it is? >> tom: that's where it's heading. obviously the beer industry, they don't want this. >> they've had the market cornered for so many years. i didn't realize we were taking mack taping in squares tonight. i have seen it before. >> i know what it smells like, i live in new york. >> the problem with stuff like this is i kind of feel like people who smoke pot are going to do the same thing that craft
12:50 am
beer enthusiasts have to deal with, it used to be fun and now you have to listen to eggheads talk about it and they ruined i it. the thing about pot is that you had to hide it and be sneaky. >> you had to do illegal things. >> you talk to people at dispensaries, i like this one, dude, you are a buzz kill. >> tom: takes the fun out of it. all right, joe likes of the illegal way. coming up, which billionaire playboy it donned a killer robot suit?
12:51 am
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♪ [laughter] >> tom: amazon ceo jeff bezos had a decent year last year. his net worth rose by $27 billion, thanks largely to an early investment in the big mouth billy bass. he got in early on that one. he is now the third richest in the world behind bill gates and warren buffett. i think power is going to his head. here he is inside a 13-foot mechanical robot known as the
12:55 am
method two. he was demonstrating the armor at an annual robotics conference, let's see him in action. [laughter] >> why do i feel so much like sigourney weaver? >> tom: he was occurring to this classic sigourney weaver seen. >> are you the key master? >> not that i know of. >> tom: love that movie. bezos, do you think he should cool it on the killer robots? >> terrifying. i think i've been on the show and we've talked about robots before and how scary they are, artificial intelligence, people are going way too far and getting too excited, this is a little too "transformers" for me. he has so much power and money,
12:56 am
he doesn't need to be a robot, too. >> tom: i like the robot, i want to get in it myself but i don't think he should be in it, let the interns have some fun. >> is there anyway that we can see the jeff bezos picture that you showed earlier, if a man has ever looked more like a shell less turtle than he did, he and elon musk have it so much money, they are having contest to see who can create the most technologically expensive substitute, not an exoskeleton, don't show off in an exoskeleton. >> tom: we need these guys to develop stuff. they are the new -- >> you don't need to develop things that are going to kill us. to >> if amazon starts delivering everything by drone it, the only way to be safe is to get inside a giant robot. so they're not flying in your
12:57 am
face constantly. >> tom: johnson, do you like this? how square is he that he comes out in the coolest looking robot outfit and decides to make a sigourney weaver joke? >> tom: we all use amazon. good night, everyone. >> good night.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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>> bret: dueling hearings on capitol hill. fbi director confirms an investigation of russia's interference in the election, including possible connections between the trump campaign and russia. he pushes back against president trump's tweets on wiretaps. all while democrats on the other side of the capital bring up past grievances as the gore goh confirmation hearings begin. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. as a day. i am bret baier. center of attention in washington, capitol hill where the house intelligence committee held a rare open hearing with the dr


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