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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> for the win! that is a good one. it is going viral. "fox and friends" first starts right now. ♪ ♪ so good ♪ so good ♪ abby: good morning. a little james brown to get out of bed this morning. watching "fox and friends" first with a shot at new york city. rob: president from hitting to capitol hill. abby: republicans making crucial changes to the bill.
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rob: do details on locking down some key votes >> reporter: let's start with donald trump, now as president returned to the bluegrass state seeking report on the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. he arrived in louisville monday night appearing before an enthusiastic supportive crowd of 16,000 people, talked about several topics but focus on why he supports republican plan to end obamacare. >> very big tax cut, but cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare so we can get this bill passed in some form so that we can pass massive tax reform in other words we have to know what this is before we can do the big tax cuts. we got to get it done.
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>> the bill includes the following changes, give states flex ability for their medicaid programs, provide a more generous reimbursement for elderly and disabled decayed enrollees, inshore americans have the help they need to access care that is right for them and protect life by prohibiting taxpayer dollars from being used for abortion services. republicans support the new plan, it faces step opposition from the house freedom caucus but the president is urging republicans to stand together. >> the state motto of kentucky is united we stand, divided we fall. we are united. >> on capitol hill the republicans are very much divided. the wall street journal reports the house freedom caucus against the new republican plan despite the overnight changes they have been working on. they believe they have enough votes to block that bill and we will find out where the house vote on the measure this
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thursday. thanks so much. abby: the hot seat get hotter for supreme court nominee neil g gorsu gorsuch. what can we expect? good morning. >> reporter: yesterday was the opening statements, the prelude to what should be a big clash today. democrats made clear they are seeing think about eric garland, president obama's supreme court pick who was iced out but i can tell you there was nothing but warmth for president trump's first pick for the high court. is all about presenting himself as a humble westerner, honored to be nominated and for president trump who has been awash in one controversy after another in recent days, he jumped at a chance at the rally
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in kentucky to wrap himself up in neil gorsuch and talk about how much consensus he would be building. neil gorsuch talking about bringing people together. >> judge neil gorsuch whose hearing is underway in the senate, i urge members of both parties to swiftly approve his nomination. he is an outstanding man. >> i have participated in 2700 appeals. my law clerks tell me 97% of those 2700 cases i have decided were decided unanimously. i have been the majority 99% of the time. >> democrats get their first crack at questioning neil gorsuch today, across examination during day 2 of these hearings, they will try to paint him as a tool of corporations was he will push
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back by saying cases he stood up for disabled students which he will make the case he is not just a consensus builder but all about applicability. abby: watching the first hundred days, martha commented that he is a fisherman so he has that. >> a humble guy in washington, you don't hear that very often. talking this morning, slamming democrats for putting politics over their own voter base as a reason to vote against neil gorsuch. >> reality is there is a guy in front of us who knows what a judge's job is that he should be confirmed 100-0 and a bunch of democrats want to vote against him because of their own politics and partisanship and concern about their base and hard to know what their substantive arguments are against the guy. he would be upholding the
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constitution. >> the white house ramping up airport security against increased terror threats. all electronics except cell phones are banned from airlines that fly from the middle east and africa usn replaced and checked bags. the ap reporting new guidelines impact tween 9 airlines and 10 airports in eight countries. the new band will last indefinitely. >> a desperate manhunt, accused of kidnapping one of his own student, ted cummins seen in a tennessee store days before adopting 15-year-old elizabeth thomas as he appears to have women's hair dye in his heart. elizabeth's family says the day she disappeared, call police if she was not home by 6:00 that night. police say come into his arms plotted the subduction. abby: families of the victims of
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the worst terror attack in american soil taking action against saudi arabia. 15 of the 19 al qaeda hijackers came from the arab. accuses its government to funding the terrorists through charity and helping them find apartments and take passports. the suit does not specify how much money the families of the victims are demanding. change many liberals in hollywood desperate to preserve their lavish lifestyles so maybe it is no surprise a golden globe winner, martin sheen, making sure malibu, california is a sanctuary city. >> the level of fear gripping so much of our nation, we urge a resolution declaring the city of malibu a sanctuary city. >> malibu, beautiful place, 92% white and one of the wealthiest cities in la county, los angeles times reporting this is made of illegal aliens.
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the staff upscale restaurants as well as beachside mentions abby: dramatic ice rescue in central park, 16-year-old boy walking on a pond falling through the thin ice. you can see, the officer using a rope letter to blue him from below freezing water dragging him to safety. the boy is okay. just 24 hours earlier two other teenagers fell into the pond. you may remember six boys were rescued after falling through the ice. security being stepped up ponds throughout the park. rob: a slight warm up for the first day of spring the two storms on the horizon. abby: tracking the forecast to
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tell us more. >> reporter: we are tracking a couple spots across the country. rain early in the morning and afternoon. mid-atlantic none of this but at least shower activity stretching up and down the coast, the larger system paying attention to on the west coast, there is some heavy rain and it has been a very active winter and beginning of spring for northern california stretching to the pacific northwest. that rain is heavy at times but for everyone else the story will be warm temperatures. the forecast rainfall totals out west, you start to see yellow and orange, six to eight inches of rain cover that is the heavy rain. the high for the day, to the 80s close to 90, 57 in new york city so feeling like spring on the second day of spring. >> march madness full of dramatic moments, watch the student pull off an incredible
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shot. >> for the win! that is the game! abby: three students at unc charlotte passed around a wad of paper and behind the back to the garbage bin, classmates carry him out in a chair. the teacher standing with the back to the class and they turn around like they're really surprised. rob: the head of the fbi in the hot seat. >> do you have any evidence that any votes were changed in the states i mentioned to admiral rogers? >> no. >> still no proof, what the fbi is saying about alleged russia meddling in the presidential
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election. abby: the pc police calling and backup. students at one school taking more dramatic measures to keep bias off their campus. abby: tom brady's missing super bowl mystery solved, surveillance video enter - national press, that $500,000 prize. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance. that's what i'm talking about! geico also gives you 24/7 access to licensed agents! booooyah. good game, you really crushed it. no son, geico crushed it. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" first, live shot of new york city. we begin with leaks from the white house taking center stage on capitol hill, just comey confirming an investigation into russia's election meddling. catherine herridge has new details on why the white house is not backing down. >> authorized by the justice to confirm that the fbi is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere and that includes any links between the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> the senior democrat based on circumstantial evidence and media reports, former trump campaign manager paul manaforte, roger stone, carter page and moscow. >> it is possible, maybe more than possible that they are not coincidental and not on related.
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>> reporter: the white house spokesman shot back. >> it is fine to look into it but at the end of the day they will come to the same conclusion everyone else had. >> reporter: the republican chairman emphasized russian hacking did not impact tallies in swing states. >> do you have evidence the fbi that any votes were changed in the states i mentioned? >> no. >> reporter: the fbi director said the russians believed hillary clinton would win and the hacking was designed to damage her presidency. >> they wanted to hurt our democracy. heard her, help him. >> reporter: president obama ordered wiretaps on the trump team, on the unmasking of americans whose communications were swept up to surveillance of foreign targets including national security adviser mike flynn. the and as a director said 2 dozen people had that authority. >> would director brennan have access to it us citizen's name, susan rice with an as -- unmasked us citizen. >> reporter: the fbi and nsa
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director testified leaking an american's name is a serious federal offense, only hinted at the existence of a federal criminal investigation. ♪ >> reporter: that brings us, house speaker newt gingrich talking about why every american should be on by director comey's attitude. >> very disturbing to look at the lack of fbi aggressiveness with so many secrets leaked. they are dangerous to national security. i find the performance by the fbi director very disappointing and a little alarming. he has too much power to be as politically clever as he is. >> college students complaining about racial battle fatigue. a senior at virginia
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commonwealth university is starting the black lives matter project, mental health in african american community. one of the topics is racist micro aggressions, a pain many students feel attacked even if they are simply asked where they are from. they are ready have a bias response hotline was now the pc police are calling and backup, university oklahoma using taxpayer dollars to launch a bias response team for students who feel micro aggressions ruining their safe spaces. school say faculty and staff, little -- verbal harassment, hazing, the 24-hour hotline cost $15,000 your taxpayer dollars to maintain. >> it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour and a church school denied funding for a playground. that is one case before the supreme court. how would having neil gorsuch on the bench change things? our next guest breaks down the
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cases. >> why ivanka trump was sued by a clothing company.
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>> know what else is that? tom brady's super bowl jersey back in boston was the nfl and fbi tracking at all the way to mexico. >> from the patriots locker room, super bowl night may have cracked the case. how police saw the supermystery.
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>> reporter: a break in the case of tom brady's missing super bowl jersey, a tip from an informant helping houston police tracked down what they believe or two of the new inland patriot superstars missing jerseys in mexico, the nfl, they have the jerseys and are trying to authenticate them. >> we are confident the the jerseys. >> reporter: us and mexican officials of night identified the suspect but authorities are reportedly investigating a former tabloid newspaper executive as possible please. fox sports what is reporting authorities point to this man as the suspect who swiped the jersey after the patriots win over the atlanta falcons last month. he is seen in this video following the team into the locker room. >> you don't come to texas and you don't feel when the eyes of the world are upon our state and i am proud of our team that went out and found the suspect and as a result has been covered. >> reporter: the jersey is said to be worth half $1 million. police celebrated jersey that went missing after the 2015 super bowl win over the seattle
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seahawks and the super bowl helmet belonging to a denver broncos player. the mystery of the missing jersey created headlines for days after the super bowl. >> if it shows up on ebay somewhere, let me know. >> reporter: brady released a statement thanking investigators and saying he is happy his jerseys have been found. >> he was keeping the towels? >> i'm waiting for the pizza, i guess. >> reporter: j blazer broke the story and he will be on "fox and friends" this morning and have more answers i am sure. the president catching wins, colin kaepernick having trouble finding a job. >> don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump.
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if i remember that when i will report it to the people of kentucky because they like it when people stand for the american flag. >> reporter: the president referring to his national anthem protest which i now over maybe because he is looking for a job. >> reporter: another store targeting ivanka trump, a restraining order against her product in the state of california. san francisco's company reporting blaming her for its poor sales claiming she hurt their business by using the white house to boost her own sales. >> 25 minutes after the hour, banned from us bound flights. live at an airport where travelers have learned the news. >> reporter: front and center at the louisville rally.
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what are voters saying? it was exciting last night. >> reporter: it sure was. the 60th day of the trump presidency he went to the podium with the people in louisville, one week to the trump administration, we are here at berger boy diner with good eats and getting the pulse of the people in their reaction to that speech on "fox and friends" and "fox and friends" first. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness.
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we have large quantities of excitement. goodbye. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at abby: president trump electrifying a massive crowd in louisville, kentucky, thousands of voters joined his fight to repeal and replace obamacare.
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rob: a crucial meeting over the healthcare replacement bill. >> reporter: the president appeared before a crowd, supporters at a camping style rally with the crowd chanting usa and cheering for president trump, no doubt the president hoping the same enthusiasm will boost support for the republican plan to replace obamacare. the present explaining to 16,000 supporters why obama the care must be end >> if we didn't do anything over the next week obamacare would not last six month. >> president trump spoke about his campaign pledge of reducing taxes, creating more jobs, fighting crime and illegal immigration, he said americans are feeling a sense of pride as
2:31 am
well. >> a new spirit of optimism is sweeping across our land and a new national pride is swelling our heart and stirring our souls. imagine what we could accomplish if we stand together as a united american people. our economy will be unleashed and millions will be lifted from welfare to work. >> with that the president added a message to urge americans to overcome the issues that have divided us and find common ground that unites us. >> whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same the red blood. we also lose the same great american flag. we are all made by the same almighty god. this is your moment, this is
2:32 am
your time, and this, the united states of america, is your country again. >> donald trump enjoying a moment of solidarity in kentucky. in washington republicans are divided on the gop healthcare plan. conservatives believe they have enough votes to block it so the plot thickens as we wait for thursday. >> the president headed there to do some dealmaking and pull the republicans over today. >> pete with at the rally last night talking to voters. >> he joins us now live from louisville. >> if there was any thought that enthusiasm has waned for president trump that was dispelled, that they got rid of it so the crowd could flow in. it was a raucous crowd, the back yard of senator rand paul of mitch mcconnell, obamacare
2:33 am
looming large, he talked to trump supporters and those at the rally, here's what they said. >> how long did you wait in line? >> by 11:00 today. >> what motivates you to wait that long? >> the will to get things done. he will go anywhere to go see him. >> would you like about what he is doing? >> the jobs is the first thing and several other things. >> reporter: amazing things the press never showed. they were not going to have any seating of their. it is now packed. there is not an empty seat in the house and enthusiasm is hot.
2:34 am
there is no place i would rather be than here tonight. >> we chose donald trump and our little horse. we were yelling. >> my healthcare tripled so i know how it is. i didn't get to keep my plan, everything he said happened so i know what they are trying to do. >> i'm worried about mitch mcconnell putting the obamacare thing together. >> if you have one message for president trump what would be? >> he needs to stay the course that he is, keeping his promises and that is great because we have a president who is going to do that. >> he works really hard. >> he has to get up early to watch "fox and friends". >> and keep tweeting. >> reporter: they want him to keep tweeting. they want to keep fighting.
2:35 am
fascinating to hear the level of enthusiasm, the agenda to continue including obamacare with a big week ahead and big players in that discussion so while we were watching the package, breakfasted pickup. and if you are in the louisville area come to louisville, berger boy, and and the pulse of people in louisville to see how they react and what their thoughts are. >> you have to head into the kitchen, and the pancakes for it. >> the best part of being with the people. see you around. >> the hot seats get hotter for judge neil gorsuch.
2:36 am
>> faces -- president obama's nominee. >> and henry live in washington dc where the drama is about to unfold. >> round one in a boxing match, taking a measure of each other, opening statements today, democrats get their first crack in terms of questioning the decisions as a federal judge. he presented himself as a consensus builder. democrats made their case, being an originalist, who has a strict view of the constitution, they believe that is a code for him standing up for the powerful at the expense of the middle-class. >> i am honored and humbled, pledge to each of you and the american people if confirmed i will do all my powers permit to
2:37 am
be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> concern when i hear judge neil gorsuch is an originalist, who sits on the supreme court, should not simply evaluate legalistic theory and they must understand the court's decision have real-world consequences. >> reporter: you can expect to hear more about judicial independence, democrats trying to tie neil gorsuch to present trump's controversial comments, going after various federal judges on twitter and elsewhere, you're expected to hear him push back with the same script we heard yesterday, a simple humble man from colorado and he will be his own man on the bench. >> confirmation hearings don't look like any fun. ♪ >> we have some snow to melt and
2:38 am
hopefully we can do that. >> reporter: we are warming up across the country, tracking spring showers across the country. a little rain moving through the mid-atlantic states. this isn't a heavy shower, light rain moving through the east coast. more on that in a moment. the other thing we are paying attention to across northern california, heavy rain nevada, upper elevation, colder, that will be snowfall, looking at precipitation up or stretching to the west, looking at those yellow and oranges, 6 inches of rain piling up the next couple days, soggy out there for everyone else temperatures across the nation, warm spots getting to chicago, 57 in new york city, is feeling more like
2:39 am
spring. >> reporter: spring has sprung. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and isis fighters finding new ways to finance their despicable actss, one terrorist using your tax dollars to train more potential killers. >> reporter: denied funding for a playground. and how would having judge neil gorsuch on the bench change? breaking down the big cases. abby: why sit in traffic when you could just go over it? a commuter's dream come through. ♪(music plays) ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go
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>> a long day for neil gorsuch, expected to faces of day of confirmation hearings on capitol hill but he is getting support of the republican party and is expected to be confirmed. abby: if he is confirmed, three major cases. thank you for joining us. let's begin with the big one. president trump said he would take it to the supreme court. it is being challenged. what do you see happening with this. >> very likely the trump administration is going to appeal this case, he is on the bench has a better chance of winning regional reality with
2:44 am
neil gorsuch or without him, the administration has a tremendous case and is likely to win on the merits because the supreme court does not want to get involved in setting a precedent that is dangerous in hawaii, washington, and campaign rhetoric made an impact on a president's national security power. the supreme court wants to go there. the president has been awarded, and even if neil gorsuch is on the court or not, wait until he is, the trump administration will win it. abby: another one? rob: a bosnian serb applies to be a refugee in the united states in the 19s, and statements, get to the country,
2:45 am
they find out her husband fought in the war and is up like to be a refugee, they take it back and the argument is whether or not to take that back, whether you can revoke citizenship based on lies there is a process. >> an interesting case that would not have received as much attention had president trump not been in office, the refugee status, citizenship of so much amplified more now. this case is very interesting because it comes to the point whether she made false statements that on the pretense of entering the country, the bosnian refugees lied and said she was actually needed refugee status, her husband did not fight in the civil war in bosnia, that lie when getting into the country even though it
2:46 am
wasn't revealed until later, a lot of questions whether citizenship is revoked after you are naturalized, the original statement you made in the first place. abby: the next involves religious freedom and separation of church and state, trinity lutheran church, the church school was denied the preschool, they were denied state funding for playground. what do you see happening? the argument set for april 19th. >> this is a huge case and it will make a huge difference because the supreme court delayed this case, an unprecedented move for a year, they did not, so important they did not want it to end. so much ramification for religious liberty so trinity lutheran church as a playground
2:47 am
applied for state funds, and they were denied it, has to do with their religious practice. a lot of conservatives feel it is an infringement of threatening things as religious liberty and freedom of religion, and actual religious practices and equal protection getting access to these fund and these are the cases if neil gorsuch is on the bench, likely that conservatives will side with the church on this one. >> always interesting to see. >> let's check with brian kilby and for what is going on. >> a long night, it will be a relief to talk about it. you know what is going on yesterday.
2:48 am
kellyanne conway will talk about healthcare, the negotiation yesterday's testimony. newt gingrich will be here, extremely upset by what the fbi investigation is doing. trey gowdy, questions on either side joining us life, dean haim, j glaser, the man who broke the story about the investigation that revealed tom brady's jersey. and how we all got it back. the best dogs of the world, only on "fox and friends" because we do it all. >> i love j glaser. an episode for baller. >> they might be. we will be right back, stay with us. can solve problems
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>> airport security ramped up overnight. >> cell phones abandon us down flights from 10 international cities. >> liz dahlen live this morning. >> good morning, this will change travel for many people on daily flights into jfk each and every day. we are told by different airlines are going to be affected by this band. what does it mean? laptops, ipads, electronics, going to be temporarily banned later today. and passes on certain flights will not bring such devices in
2:53 am
their carry-on luggage. it will apply to nonstop flights. and including egypt, morocco and dubai. and by the airline, royal jordanian which has flights in and out of cairo airport. the air carrier said in a tweet that cell phones and medical devices were excluded but everything else will need to be packed in luggage. homeland security secretary john kerry reportedly called lawmakers brise them, these recent airports, but we are told airlines like egypt there awaiting potential changes to hear from the tsa. we are live from jfk international airport. >> in indiana, a new tablet for
2:54 am
the purpose of corruption exposing the technology bill to help convicts day connected with families, calls rethink your network and electronic kiosk in 23 facilities, 26,000 offenders across the state. >> and isis recruit, three young kids who joined the terror group in syria. he may have used text technology for this as well. the sunday times reporting the expiring extremist, $1000 in uk benefits and use this money from london to head to the middle east. was acquitted of murder in 2000 and call was radicalized. >> after you get ready to head to work imagine a world where you never have to sit in traffic again. >> it may be closer to reality than you think.
2:55 am
>> it is the bum rider and it is turning heads all over the room. >> viral marketing team to draw attention to a verizon device, in case you forgot where you park it, pretty cool. they have to lower it to get to the stop light. >> doesn't look like it will be coming. >> it is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. one mcdonald's customer not loving it. what sparked this knockdown drag out drive through fight. >> the mystery over this big bird taking media by storm. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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>> heather: time now for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. up first the good, a mom thanking a sheriff in walton county, florida, for arresting her daughter for underaged drinking on a beach during spring break. the officer posting the letter on facebook. the mom says in this day and age officers get a bad rap, but she is grateful he nabbed her daughter the arrest scared her and she hopes the teenager learned her lesson. rob: certainly love that way. a baltimore mcdonald's worker gets attacked by a man no climbs right through the drive-thru window. the worker fights back punching the man several times forcing him to retreat. he want.
3:00 am
>> heather: he wanted fries with that look at the giant chicken in kosovo. terrified people thought the monster fowl was man in a costume it's a real bird which can grow up to 19 pounds. rob: that looks like 90 pounds. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we are going to start taking care of our country. [cheers and applause] we are going to drain the swamp. we're going to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. rebuild the united states military. to repeal and replace obamacare. >> fbi is investigating any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government. >> i think it's fine to look into it but at the end of the day they are going to come to the same conclusion that everybody else has had. >> i will do all my powe b


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