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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 22, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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been ordered a massive fine. cough up $21,000 after tying 100 balloonsen through chair. look at that soaring above the clouds and nearly hitting a 747 plane packed with people. yeah, that bombed. rob: he had a death wish. that he was crazy. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: have a good wednesday. >> it's time to get busy, get to work, and to get the job done. >> the president just came here and knocked a ball to the park. he knocked the cover off the ball and explained to our members why it's important to unify. >> i have think they should cancel et vote because they don't have a vote. >> there may not be a second shot at this opportunity. >> outrage rok ago town of maryland. illegal immigrants accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. >> horrendous event and terrible and disgusting. >> what does it take for people on the left or the right for somebody to wake up and stop this insanity with the illegals.
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>> it's been a marathon today for judge judge gorsuch. >> there is n thing as democratic or republican judge we just have judges. ♪ i don't care, baby, by the way. steve: thank you, farrell singing he is happy. we are happy you would join us live from new york city and live shots in washington, d.c. we were just talking because coming up very shortly you know you have seen those tv commercials from my ancestry. ainsley: trading in lederhosen for a kilt. steve: you know we are from ireland and we have got swedish roots. brian: who believes their parents? steve: they believed what they were told. now through science we are actually able to figure out what our roots are. ainsley: our parents lied to us. steve: they might have. they may not have known any better. we are going to find out one
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at a time what our d.n.a. shows. brian: start with ainsley. steve: no, i'm first. he he. ainsley: you are at the middle and i'm at the end. receive steve i'm 6:30. you are 7:30 she is 8:30. brian: i remember every year at fifth grade we had to come up with our family tree and we had to talk about the moms and dads and put little branches down below. are we going to have to blur the branches? are we going to have to go back and say i just swabbed my mom's cheek and now it turns out my family tree is -- i won't get an a. ainsley: in 58 palestinians you are going to find out. brian, we had to swab his mouth with a q-tip. we mailed it in and today we are getting the results. it's easy. not a blood test. it's easy. tell you all about it and how can you do it at home, too. steve: last thursday when a 14-year-old girl down in
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montgomery county, maryland e at the high school there, she was raped in the boy's room by an 18-year-old young man and a 17-year-old young man who were apparently both in this country illegally. we know for sure the 18-year-old one was. but the 17-year-old one, the immigration status has not been released because he is a juvenile. brian: we know the 18-year-old because he was stopped in texas a few months ago and given an order to appear and he wasn't appearing. 1982 law anybody who shows up in a district and wants to go to school and if you are school age, you get free schooling in public schools. so then as one parent said, you have 18-year-olds from other countries sometimes that don't speak the language public school system that oftentimes is under funded, has to all of the sudden cater to these in many cases students who don't belong here e and in this case did something absolutely horrific. ainsley: yeah. and the system is so flawed.
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that is exactly what president trump ran on. threes why he is saying that the borders need to be secure. because, when these children are in classrooms. these guys were 17 and 18 years old taking freshman english classes with a 14-year-old. this little girl's life will never be the same again. i don't know if the school systems need to change and they need more security in bathrooms and hallways. brian: bathroobackground check. ainsley: background checks. but, listen, there are kids failing in sceels already that are american kids. those resources -- we are sending real sources to take care of these illegal aliens, illegal immigrants and not using resources on americans. steve: here is what it ultimately goes down to. do you know, if you have children in school, do you know who is in their classroom with them? them. ainsley: exactly right. steve: apparently these two young men in the country illegally and 17 and 18 years old with a ninth grader. the superintendent of schools there jack smith, says some
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would like to make this an issue of immigration. we would like to change the conversation. he also said this we are a public school system and why serve all of our children when they come to us. it's not only the right thing to do and good thing to do and it benefits the students and our community and our state. it's also the law of the land. steve: it is the law of the land. brian: you are a public school. you are a principal, superintendent, you got your hands tied in many respects regardless of how you feel. i thought it it was also significant roger e the montgomery county council president said this on ice releasing the suspect. he says one of the two individuals was stopped by ice in texas and released. how is this on us? it wasn't right in texas because that was a different president at the time. and it's not right for new maryland to green light them. steve: it's just a different federal policy.
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with barack obama, it was catch and release for the most part. and show up. go see a judge some time. apparently the judge schedule had never been on the docket for that 18-year-old man. but now, according to what donald trump ran on, he is going to change all that. ainsley: all i kept thinking steve and brian is this poor child. she will never be the same again. she is 14 years old. we won't tell you the details of what happened to her. i'm sure you can find it online. it's horrific. no child should go through that no one should go through that first of all. secondly i feel bad for her parents. they dropped her off at school that day. they thought she was safe. she comes home and her life will never be the same and neither will theirs. you know they are blaming themselves. of the principal of that school, the superintendent of that school. i understand they are saying they want to give every child same h education. but they need to say we are really sorry. we're sorry for this child. where did the ball drop? what do we need to do better? brian: if there is a crime that's committed.
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every time i take in an illegal that doesn't belongs in the country, that's money paid by taxpayers for a student that doesn't belong here. and that's a little bit less that your kid is getting. meanwhile, one of the moms spoke out, concerned about what this means in the big picture. >> what is the next step to make our kids safe? i have a daughter come here next year. i have two. i would like that to be safe for our kids and older school. i know the school is going to do everything. i'm a little shaky for right now. is the law that governed that immigration. that put a kid illegalfully a school. that is more my concern than anything else. >> i just don't want 18-year-olds and 14-year-olds mingling. i don't really want my child in with a criminal that is, you know, that just walked across our border. you know, of the one young man was -- had already been convicted of a crime. they had wanted to deport him. so i don't want my son
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involved with him. ainsley: i keep hearing 14-year-olds and 18-year-olds shouldn't be in the same class together. 18-year-old gig a senior failed several grades. sometimes that does happen. that's a problem in and of itself. steve: sure. the larger problem is sanctuary cities and states. sanctuary area. keep in mind in 2005 through 2011 in northern virginia they had crackdown on illegals. so they left wes virginia. went across the state line to maryland. this town, this area apparently montgomery county is pushing to become a sanctuary for immigrants. it's already given ice a hard time. and it was four days after this event when in the state house of delegates. four days after the rape they passed legislation to make it a sanctuary state, giving illegals more protection he is. making it harder for ice to enforce the law of the land. brian: general kelly is bull dozing right through. following the president's orders.
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we will see where that goes. meanwhile, abc, cbs, and nbc covered it this way -- they didn't. no time at all with the networks. you make the call. were we right just now or were they right last night? let's talk about something else perilous has to do with education. kitchen table politics. healthcare in this country. of the house put together a bill. change it significantly. four separate ways to get it passed through the house. it doesn't seem like they are there yet. as many as 33 republicans will vote against what's put up thursday for the vote. if you believe the last whip we are hearing and insider reports we are getting. here is the president last night. >> on november 8th, the american people voted for historic change. the american people gave us clear instruction he is. it's time to get busy, get to work and to get the job done. [cheers and applause]
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that legislative effort begins with thursday's crucial vote. and it really is a crucial vote for the republican party and for the people of our country. to finally repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. steve: earlier in the day he didn't sugar coat it he said to a bunch of republicans who had gathered to listen to him. you know a lot of you probably won't wind up essentialfully these chairs in two years unless you vote for it. he was joking but the message was if you don't help me with, this it's going to be trouble for all of us. ainsley: is it a joke or just a reminder to them to listen to their constituents. steve: here is the other thing they are way short of the votes because, what's the number one thing we always hear about obamacare, it's too expensive. well, under this plan, the paul ryan plan, essentially the premiums don't go down for most people. so today at 10:00 in the morning, the budget committee is going to have a thing where
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they look at all the amendments i and there a a whole bunch of them. keep in mind one fellow from down in texas, joe barton end medicaid expansion faster. let's see if they vote on that. mo brooks a freedom caucus member had an amendment to completely repeal obamacare. let's see if that even winds up as a vote. brian: mark meadows was told to stand up by the president because he headed up the freedom caucus. mark, your seat is in jeopardy. kind of having funnel. he was putting the pressure on. paul ryan loved he was putting the pressure on. question is donald trump doing the right thing? yes. however, if he does get this passed and it ends up not producing the way he wants it to produce, it could end up boomeranging on him. i'm wondering if he can make the changes to get it to the senate in order for the senate to make the changes where they can work something out in conference that will actually make the system better. not a victory for anybody, but make the system better. for some reasonable there is people in the senate who don't
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even want this bill, don't want the opportunity to change this bill. steve: well, it doesn't do what it was supposed to initially. ainsley: side note he was speaking at the national republican congressional committee and they raised a high of $30 million last night. let's hand it over to abby. abby: good to see you this morning. other headlines to get to while you were sleeping. north korea's fresh nuclear test failing overnight. the communist country trying to flex missiles exploding seconds after launch that. kim jong un intensifying with the latest show of force after threatening to reduce the u.s. to ashes. south korea vowing it's ready to respond to any nuclear harassments. we now know an isis terror alert is the reason why the white house is ramping up airport security. all electronics except cell phones are banned now on flights come from 8 majority muslim countries. terrorists designing bombs that could fit into laptop batteries.
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the u.k. putting a similar ban in place over the increased threat. just hours from now the supreme court nominee judge nowch back in the hot seat for round 3. this after democrats tried hammering the president's pick for nearly 13 hours. but struggled to even make a dent. >> i have no difficulty ruling against or for any party other than based on what the law and the facts and in the particular case require. there is no such thing as a republican judge or a democratic judge. we just have judges. abby: committee questioning could wrap up today. the next step witness testimony. he looks very calm, consume and collected through those hours. steve: what a job interview. coming up on this wednesday. more on the two illegals rah could you seed of that brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl in rockville, maryland. a mother who lost her daughter at the hands of an illegal who says enough is enough.
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all-too-familiar story for our next guest. this woman's daughter was killed by illegal immigrant and she joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. ainsley: first of all, i will get your reaction to this story. what happened to this 14-year-old girl in high school? >> it's just another point that our children are at risk in this country. and the laws that are already there, they are here, they need to be enforced. the ball was dropped again. the ball was dropped again. the kids that did this to this poor girl, her life, as she knows it will never be the same again. ainsley: your life will never be the same. >> no. of course, my life will never be the same again. when it first happened to me i was like, god, i think i'm the only person to say to anybody around me, my daughter was murdered.
3:19 am
then i joined the club that nobody wants to join the remembrance project. and i have become very friendly with many angel moms and dads. ainsley: we had a guest on earlier saying she would rather be a security mom than an angel mom. she would rather be on that spectrum. what happened to casey? >> casey was brutally murdered. she was stabbed over 15 dimes and shoved in a closet by someone claiming to be her friend. she knew him and her boyfriend knew him, but they weren't friends. ainsley: right. right. >> i knew awful casey's friends. ainsley: illegal immigrant did this to your daughter? >> he was illegal immigrant. just served 17 years for attempted murder. he got acquitted for a murder. and then he was sen said in jaio one of his inmates he would get away with this again. he didn't because there was
3:20 am
overwhelming evidence. ainsley: why do illegal immigrants in jail believe this they can do this again and again and again. >> exactly. he turns and looks at me during the trial and says i did not kill your daughter when he had already admitted to his cell mate. ainsley: what's the solution? >> the solution is we have ice. we have the federal government. ainsley: ice caught this guy years ago and let him go. >> let him go. the day he got out of prison for those 17 years. if ice doesn't have enough people. if they are loaded with case loads of work with illegal immigrants in this country. criminal illegal immigrants, then hire more people. you have to -- i our children are our hope for the future. they are -- you know, precious. ainsley: they are precious. they are our babies. you hold that baby when they're born and you want the best for their life. >> you do not want to bury your own child.
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ainsley: wendy hartling, bless you for being here: ainsley: back with two employees with the snowflake survey. they are here to tell us all about it. ♪ and always working to be better.
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. some quick headlines now. new york city liberal mayor putting deep freeze on ice agents. bill de blasio teaching schools to revista. what to do if agents show up. holding workshops for parents. the mayor says ice won't be allowed inside unless they have a warrant. they can actually follow you around. a barack obama day will not be celebrated in the former president's home state. lawmakers in illinois voting down the proposal to honor his
3:25 am
birthday as a state holiday on august 4th. republicans pointing out the fact that the president ronald reagan was also born in illinois and he doesn't have a holiday in his state. what about that? steve, talk about something different. steve: talk about another state. the connecticut marketing company taking on so-called liberal snowflakes. >> so you young activists, you champions of character, you eighth place trophy holders, until you realize that this is earned by this, then you will never be able to actually survive in the working world. steve: that ceo paid "fox & friends" a visit one week ago today and his company has been flooded with resumes from people who want to work there. keil reyes is the ceo. he is back with two of his employees who peaced the snowflake test please welcome alli director of operations and devaughn who is the visual content creator.
3:26 am
good morning to you all. >> thanks for having us. >> good morning. steve: after you were on "fox & friends" a week ago where you talked about some of the questions on the snowflake test and why you gave it, what was the reaction from the world? >> 15,000 emails. 7500 applications. a whole ton of one star reviews from people angry. a whole bunch of five star reviews from the people fighting. the people who left one star reviews and social media war. steve: ultimately the reason you wanted to start with the snowflake survey of new employees was? >> i needed to read through the overabundance of applicants who had no idea what we do for a living. steve: alli, when you realized to get this job i'm going to have to take this snowflake test what did you think? >> it was during the interinterview. i was very conversational about it i was really taken back. why does he care whe i last cri. why does he care my stance on what it may be. now working for the company i totally understand. steve: when was the last time you cried was one of the questions.
3:27 am
>> yes. steve: did you give an answer? >> i think at the time i had just been to a funeral so it was probably that. steve: okay. did h.defensive the last time yu cried could have been related to a romance. >> yes, sure. steve: that's a good answer. >> very fair. very fair. so other questions what does america mean to you when he asked you that question. >> america is the home of the brave. it's home for us. that's what it means. steve: what do you think of his whole idea where i'm going to weed out the snowflakes. i don't need snowflakes working for me. i need people who actually don't feel like they're entitled to a job. >> i totally get it. with all the stuff we go through on daily basis with our clients and what not it makes sense want people who wouldn't get offended easily. steve: these are. so questions that kyle asks potential employees, what does privilege mean to?
3:28 am
i when was the last time you cried and why? how do you feel about the police as alli mentioned and how do you feel about guns? why is the gun question important? >> we do a lot of work with police and first responders and filming guns. we were out firing a 50 caliber for a show called the real man show online the other day. i need these guys to be very very okay with that. steve: alli, when you tell people i work for that company that has the snowflake test what do people say. >> i get mixed reactions but a lot of people love it. steve: do you have any snowflake friends? >> there might be a few. steve: you don't have to name names. are they offended by that? >> i don't think they're offended by that, no. steve: they just think it's curious. >> yes. steve: defensivedevin, what's tl to the story? >> if you pass it you will get hired. steve: we would like to ask.
3:29 am
so viewers questions about the snowflake survey. we will air them a little later on in the program as well. if you got 15,000 emails from folks. >> let's do this. steve: they will be back in two hours. email all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: devon, alli and kyle as well. remember when susan rice went around all the five sunday shows pushing the false excuse about benghazi? >> a direct result of a heinous and offensive video sparked by this hateful steve: now there is ao. different president in the white house. suddenniblely she is worried about the facts? have you to hear this one. you have seen the ads on television. look at this. >> i'm looking for my grandparents. oh my god. steve: well, we all took the test and coming up next we're going to find out about the doocy family roots when we unviolate results live coming up next.
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3:34 am
lover's quarrel. brian: i want to fight i'm too exhausted and i'm not good at it. ainsley: those are not the homeowners. the two at&t workers on the clock. brian: they will be on pay per view. steve: cable guy. ainsley: slowest fight ever. did they slow down the video. brian: can we disagree we are not good at this and 21st finger. steve: basic cable fighting. coming up, we will go into my family tree with the gla, the doocy d.n.a. brian: raw nervous? steve: i'm a little curious to see what's going to happen. abby: incredible shootout with police all captured on the officers' bodofficers' camera.
3:35 am
watch this. [gunfire] >> i'm struck. abby: domestic violence suspect opening fire without warning in cincinnati, ohio, hitting the first officer. amazingly the man's gun jammed just after one shot likely saving that officer's life. the suspect now facing attempted murder charges. and susan rice is back warning americans about the white house allegedly twisting the facts. the former obama national security advisor writing an op-ed in the "the washington post" saying this, quote, when the white house deliberately assembles and distort discon toe facts it's actions pose a serious risk to the america's global leadership. what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video, a direct result of a heinous and offensive video.
3:36 am
sparked by this hateful video. an ant obama administration later admitting that the attack that left four americans dead had nothing to do with that video. a professor who called the election of president obama an act of terrorism in class was just nominated for a teacher of the year award. we're not kidding. >> one of the most anti-gay humans in this country. our nation is divided. we have been assaulted. it's an act of terrorism. abby: that teacher making headlines for that disgusting rant back in december. her colleagues in california just nominated her for faculty member of the year. she turned it down. no word yet on why. and two police officers going above and beyond the call of duty to help a teenager caught shoplifting. it all started as a lesson for the 14-year-old boy trying to steal candy from a store in georgia. the officers making the teenager give it all back before driving him home only
3:37 am
to find an empty fridge and nothing in the kitchen cabinets. $50 later, the kind hearted cops making surety teenager had enough food to last for an entire week. story, i love that all right. be back with you guys soon. can't wait to hear what we find n segment. steve: you have seen et ads on television. >> oh my god. [laughter] >> these are migrate grandparents. >> and 2,000 relatives i didn't know existed. steve: have you ever wondered about your family history? brian: we did. so we decided to find out. ainsley: joining us now with steve's results with collaborator with my and author of a book called something beautiful happened there is the name of the book who tells her story eevette. steve: look at my d.n.a. and see where the family tree goes. >> we are going to look at your d.n.a. not only your d.n.a. but discovered more about your
3:38 am
family history through your d.n.a. steve: here auto is wh is why is wondered about it my grand mother doocy was adopted. her mother was 100 percent cherokee indian. so we don't know exactly what the family tree. >> hetree. ainsley: her biological mother was? steve: wee don't know. she was adopted. story was she arrived in iowa on the orphan train. >> great story a lot of history in your family. we have broken down a few surprises for you. are you ready. [drum roll, please. last time we talked but having irish roots. you also mentioned you were having swedish. steve: that's what we thought. >> actually more than half swedish. your results were you are 60% scandinavian which consists of sweden, fenway and.
3:39 am
he 19% that's all? baltic. lithuania and respect en. steve: not russia, is it? are stop wiretapping mean. >> separate segment. 2.9% finish. steve: sounds like for the most part my people stuck in the cold parts of europe. >> exactly they came on over and guess what we found some census documents proving whether your family came over. we talked about your irish background. this time we found your swedish family in the u.s. we found a census document from 19150 that shows your great grandfather was ben peter burnt. im. steve: that's right. >> he came over and married anna larson who came over in 1900. anna lost no time finding a husband. steve: his name was peter. >> his name was peter. exactly. steve: wee have continued that family name.
3:40 am
>> some are spelled differently. back them so many of the immigrants were illiterate. look at the documents some inconsistencies. steve: bernt was a family name so was sharp. please tell me i am related to the electronics giant. >> we do know land barron though. your great grand physical therapist brother's map. steve: wait, there is more. >> what you didn't know are your baltic roots. we found some of your baltic bal baltic 2k0789s. kristin fisher came over to the u.s. steve: kristin fisher. wait a minute i'm related to kristin fisher. >> yes indeed you are. >> he is prussia, which is, actually, yes, it was russia, poll land and lithuania. brian: quick question.
3:41 am
how does it work between d.n.a. and research? like you merge them both? >> steps phenomenonnal. you take cheek swab which you guys did a couple weeks ago. takes about a month for the results to come back. this is then sent to a lab here in texas. the scientists then extract your d.n.a. they upload it and what they do is put it in a database. instantly on my heritage d.n.a. it matches you with relatives from around the world. once you log into the computer, you see your d.n.a. breakdown and then instantly it links with you people with the percentage of d.n.a. you share around the world. those who have 88 million people around the world have profiles on my heritage. if you have a family tree it instantly links your family tree. brian: steve could be inheriting money from litan roo. >> could be a prince in your background. steve: kristin fisher not the white house correspondent perhaps the other kristin official his or her died in the 1800s.
3:42 am
>> something like that. steve: that is fantastic. can i go over to ikea and get an employee discounted. ainsley: don't create a crime she has your d.n.a. now. >> wait for you guys. steve: brian you are next and then ainsley. steve: that's really cool. brian: coming up straight ahead, democrats trying everything to take down supreme court justice nominee neil gorsuch. >> i had a career in identifyinidentifying absurdity. >> the president have authority to ban all jews from the united states? brian: how did he hold up against these ridiculous attacks? steve: why was al franken there again? brian: i'm not sure i think he got elected. ainsley: kitchen aid releasing new pink appliances angering social justice warriors. they are sexist. but they are ignoring the most important part of these appliances.
3:43 am
we will tell you what it is. brian: i wore pink on monday. steve: unrelated. good morning, new york city. ♪ ♪ z2a1fz zx9z y2a1fy yx9y kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom?
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irresistible kings hawaiian foods. coming this spring, barbeque sauce. (sfx: 2 kids scream) ♪ ♪ brian: democrats stirring up fake outrage on supreme court justice neil gorsuch. during his senate confirmation hearing it was a marathon. here is a little of it. >> i had a career in identifying absurdity. and i know it when i see it. >> would the president have the authority to ban all jews from the united states? >> how do we have confidence in you that you won't just be for the big corporations, that you will be for the little man? brian: lou will did the next associate justice of the supreme court hold up against the attacks. jonathan turley is a law professor. how did he do yesterday?
3:47 am
>> he did exceedingly well. he is really truly sort of the gold standard for supreme court nominees. he is highly intelligent. he writes very, very well. all right. most of these nominees are trained, quite frankly, by the justice department to just hit grounders. one of the reasons they get in trouble is when they try to put one over the fence. these are people who are told just hit grounders. don't try to make any news. don't go for those throws in the corner of the strike zone. and he did that. he stayed very close to his prepared remarks and close to the rule that he set out that he wouldn't talk about certain issues. brian: here's the thing. senator schumer said and there is not much push back on it not one democrat has openly said they will vote for him. there is also an undercurrent from elizabeth warren and company who said we are not going to vote for him because there is a russian investigation going on.
3:48 am
let's find out essentially if donald trump is really president. >> well, brings a new meaning to justice delayed is justice denied. it's an odd position to take. it's the wrong position. look, this seat has been subject to a lot of controversy with merrick garland and other delay issues. it's got to stop. we need to get this court up to its nine members. this is not the doing of judge gorsuch: he is widely respected by democrats and republicans. frankly, it doesn't get much better than this. brian: i haven't heard much push back on the quality except he should answer more questions but no one answers questions you just outlined specifically about cases like roe v. wade. i think his response was noteworthy when asked did donald trump ask you would you overturn roe v. wade he said if he did i would have walked right out of the room. >> right. brian: that's pretty definitive.
3:49 am
day three starts at 9:30. he might not have a complete day of questioning. there might be others coming in at the end to speak? >> yeah. i'm concerned about that. because i'm actually supposed to testify. i don't know when i'm supposed to be there. he seems to be moving through these questions very efficiently. so he may, in fact, finish up early. there haven't been any knockout punches. there hasn't been any great controversy. he has done great job in explaining his past decisions. he is not out of mainstream. is he conservative. but presidents are given deference in selecting someone that shares their jurors juris t prudential views. there are three justices who will be in their 80's during this term. there is a good chance this is not going to be his only nomination. brian: probably don't want the president with a nuclear option with f. that happens.
3:50 am
next fight even greater. jonathan turley thanks for getting up early and and putting on the gel early for us. brian: match made in heaven. does ted cruz have a man crush on the new supreme court candidate? i don't know. i'm seeing something. radial with the answer to that very question. i hope she doesn't have an attitude today. ♪ i think i'm in love ♪ my bladder wake me up from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪you're a crazy big fan of sports. and you don't wanna miss a thing.♪
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3:53 am
ainsley: judge neil gorsuch
3:54 am
grilled on capitol hill in round 2 of his confirmation hearing. steve: it was senator ted cruz of texas who stole the spotlight on twitter during his round of questioning with this look of admiration. he likes him. carlie shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 sirius channel 115 on xm is here with more. he seemed to enjoy what he was hearing. >> he had a good day yesterday. that picture was taken during yesterday's round of questioning. the tweets and memes came rolling. in. so best of them. laura find someone that look at you the way that ted cruz looks at neil gorsuch if only we all could be so lucky. brian: is he in legal love. >> another tweet he looks at enough like hneil gorsuch like g to buy a timeshare from the world's most charismatic salesman. is this a confirmation hearing or a date e ted cruz is looking at neil gorsuch like he hung the moon and stars. how romantic.
3:55 am
you can replace gulch's picture with just about anything. like the guy here holding a stack of hamburgers. i have got to say at this hour of the day i only look at a cup of coffee like that. ainsley: might have been so fired because it had been so long he needs to hold himself up. brian: this is something i have a passion for. steve knows. this sexist aplingszs. is this another case no which what's going on? >> a new line of kitchen aid products. pink kitchen aid products some are calling sexist because the advertisement for them said they were specifically for women. what a lot of people don't know. steve: there is a reason for that. >> a portion of the proceeds for these pink products go to a breast cancer charity. ainsley: back fire. >> got hammered on twitter for this. hazel said are you actually serious, kitchen aid and included a bunch of something that one of them like kitchen appliances be kitchen appliances every day sexism.
3:56 am
but then kitchen aid uk sent out explaining in this color sports pink is a symbol of hope it raises awareness to find a cure. another comment from neil said they do blue range for men. oh no, i forgot we're only allowed power tools, right? so a lot of people were quick to judge before they even got the full story. steve: read before you tweet. finally wheel of fortune, i don't know anybody except one person who was actually plays who made this mistake. >> take a listen to this hilarious stuff. >> 600. >> k. [gasps. [ buzzer ] >> no. steve: a streetcar naked desire. >> maybe he was nervous? this guy's name is kevin. i marines maybe he needs to read a little more. a lot of tweets on this one though. people were loving it yesterday. steve: carlie, thank you very
3:57 am
much. >> thanks a lot. steve: that's just bad. straight ahead, david bossie, president trump's deputy campaign manager is going to join us live at the top of the hour. brian: he doesn't same as happy as he does in that picture.t $4.9 steve: doesn't look like ted cruz. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
3:58 am
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but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪ he. >> it's time to get busy, get to work, and to get the job done. >> the president just came here and knocked the ball out of the park. he knocked the cover off the ball and explained to her members how it's important to unify. >> the president did a good job but that doesn't change the four corners of the document. >> outrage and horror ground in maryland two illegal immigrants accused assaulting a 14-year-old girl. >> laws that are already there they need to be enforced. the law was dropped again. >> it's been a marathon today for judge neil gorsuch. >> i have no difficulty ruling
4:01 am
against or for any party other than based on what the law and the facts in a particular case require. >> your results are, you are 60% scandinavian. steve: no wonder i love the volvo. that's not russia is it? ♪ think what i'm saying. steve: working it out. what they are trying to do on capitol hill. big vote tomorrow and they don't have the votes on the president's side yet. what are they going to do? welcome to hour two of "fox & friends" for a wednesday. ainsley: that's right. the former deputy campaign chairman for president trump david bossie joins us now live from washington, i believe. and, david, i understand you live in montgomery county, the top story this morning that everyone is talking about besides obamacare is what happened to that 14-year-old little girl in the bathroom of a high school in that county. two illegal immigrants
4:02 am
allegedly raping her in the bathroom. you live in this community. that community, from what i understand, is trying to become a sanctuary city. what's your reaction? >> well, first of all, it's just horrendous crime and i just -- my heart goes out to that family. i have four kids in the school systems in montgomery county, maryland. i have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school. i can tell you this story has reverb rated around the county and the town. they are trying to make rockville a sanctuary city and maryland a sanctuary state. the governor has very courageously come out and said if this pasts the house and senate in annapolis he will veto it. hopefully this shakes people up in montgomery county to understand exactly what's going on and the dangers that some of these people present to the community at large.
4:03 am
brian: have you 820,000 of the 11 million estimated illegal aliens here are convicted criminals. >> those are the ones. and we all know those are the ones that president trump is really concerned about. those are the ones that he is saying we need to get out of the country right now immediately. that's what he has told the department of home land security to really focus on. this is a perfect example. it is a horrendous thing to have happen to this young lady. and i think the american people once again will wake up to the dangers that are presented. steve: we know for sure one of the -- the 18-year-old is in the country illegally. we don't know about the 17-year-old because he is a juvenile and ice will not -- and the courts will not reveal his immigration status. but, you know, the 18-year-old was stopped in texas a couple of months back and they had the opportunity to turn him around but because barack obama's policies were such they wrote this guy a ticket and said okay, some day -- day-
4:04 am
steve: people crossing the border. >> you are going to be sent back. that's what needs to happen. that's a huge deterrent. you will see a downturn in people just trying to make the cross. once the american law enforcement community really prosecutes the laws that are on the books. ainsley: are these countries going to take them back. yesterday in the news these countries don't want them back. >> first of all, they are not going to have a choice. president trump, i don't think, the negotiator that is president trump is going to be standing for countries and leaders of countries telling them they're not going to want their own citizens. i'm not worried about that. they are going to take them back. brian: let's talk about politics and negotiator in chief. he was down in capitol hill meeting with the republican
4:05 am
caucus yesterday trying to get the votes necessary 215 estimated to pass this healthcare reform and get it over to the senate. it doesn't look like he's got the votes yet. what's at stake for the president because some would say that he probably doesn't really -- there are so many problems with this bill and so much could go wrong he might have a quick victory now but when it's implemented it could be a big loss. >> well, you know, i think trying to get to the vote of 215 is really the hurdle for the moment. and i think that that's why he is not able to -- really it's the house leadership. it's not president trump at all. let me be very clear about this. president trump is a leader who has campaigned and stated i want to repeal obamacare as quickly as possible. the house leadership it's their responsibility to come up with that bill and really bring together all parties. put together the best bill for the president's consideration. steve: sure. >> so i think that they have really not done the best job in trying to get this to
4:06 am
brian's point of what it looks like when it's implemented. also, have you people saying this is not going to bring down premiums. this is not going to allow people to cross state lines. those are problems that were fundamental in obamacare. fundamental in what president trump ran on. when the president has learned that some of these things aren't in the bill over the last several weeks, he has made sure to change them. he is a negotiator and he is somebody who is willing to make a deal. brian: he put it in phase three, david. that needs 60 votes. just like. so idealogues in the snad just clean repeal and replace it what we want. they are north going to get 60 votes. that's not realistic either. >> you are right, brian. that's never going to get 60 votes. those are some the things that i think should go from the third prong to the first prong. i would like to see some changes made today. look, they have time. this is not a problem. i think that the house leadership is now fully aware and i know having talked to top level people at the white
4:07 am
house they are fully aware. and they are going to make a deal today. steve: tom price said yesterday the administration is done negotiating so it makes it sound -- kind of sounds like when paul ryan said a week ago take it or leave it undergone many changes. so is this just the next in many, okay, we're done but there is probably some more negotiating down the table? >> i think that that is exactly right, brian. we're going to see continued changes today and possibly even up through the vote tomorrow. and that's perfectly fine. that's the way legislation happens. and as long as it's transparent and the american people know what's going on, unlike nancy pelosi will have to pass it before we know what's in it. i think this is a good process. i think the president is going to come out wanier tomorrow night. steve: premiums have got to come down. brian: you said you talked to your sources and you believe they're going to have the votes? >> i think they are going to make a deal.
4:08 am
i think they are going to make a deal to get the votes. i think they are going to continue to change this bill, as i said, over the next 36 hours or so until tomorrow evening. i have no problem believing that. ainsley: there has been so much news to report on this week including judge gorsuch. he was grilled yesterday by some of these democrats who were in favor of him when he was up for the tenth circuit of appeals. listen to what some of these democrats -- listen to some of their questioning. we will get your reaction. >> i had a career in identifying absurdity. and i know it when i see it. >> will the president have the authority to ban all jews from the united states? >> how do we have confidence in you that you won't just be for the big corporations? that you will be for the little man? ainsley: was your reaction to, this david? >> well, it's the campaign against president trump. that's all that is that's desperation and them trying to apiece their hard core leftist
4:09 am
base. that he was all that is. look, judge gorsuch is by all accounts an incredible intellect, incredible judge. voted on unanimously to go on the court a few years ago. he is going to pass and he is going to be on the supreme court in the next few weeks. steve: sure. >> the left has no choice because they have no ideas to offer. they only can be against what president trump is for. even if it means quite honestly looking a little fool another a hearing because judge gorsuch is handling them very easily. steve: absolutely. what's interesting is i know it's driving the democrats easy is they will ask about an issue and he won't respond. he is simply using what they refer to as the ginsburg standard where when we went through the hearing back in 1-g9 93 she said she wasn't going to give any hints and no forecast how she dealed with any issues. and that's appropriate. >> it is completely appropriate. no matter hot supreme court nominee is, whether we like it
4:10 am
or not, you don't want a justice -- one of the nine to have already predecided a answer to a o. david, martha maccallum looks exactly like that. brian: you will be there. i know the russia thing is going to come um j.d. gornt gordon. carter page. u. have other names that have come up. have you ever come in contact when you were involved in the campaign in any russian influence and these names where they were major players? >> that's great question. i have never been asked that i was one of the -- i was the deputy campaign manager and i s.ver had any whatsoever look, once we were in the transition, it was perfectly appropriate for mike flynn and many others to have contact
4:11 am
with many world leaders, with many representatives of countries during that transition time. it's perfectly acceptable and has been done for hundreds of years. this issue again is part of the permanent campaign against president trump. and to be quite honest. i think this is very dangerous ground for the democrats because they are really using this political angle to really ruin our foreign policy we a major foreign power. and i think they shouldn't be doing it so lightly. brian: david bossie thanks so much. ainsley: we will be watching tonight. great to sigh. send it over to abby who has headlines for us. abby: good morning, guys. great to see you as well. while you were sleeping north korea's fresh nuclear test failed. commune isles country trying to flex nuclear muscles. mifl exploded just seconds after the launch. latest show of force after threatening to reduce the u.s. to ashes. south korea now vowing it's
4:12 am
ready to respond to any nuclear harassment. and the white house revealing president trump will make his first overseas trip. he will be heading to brussels in may. meeting with nato leaders. this comes as our commander-in-chief demands our european allies start paying up for our defense. >> i guarantee you when i ge get -- many of the member countries were not paying their fair share. >> i don't say get rid of nato, but we're going to readjust it. you know what? if they won't do it? bye-bye. >> president trump also set to meet with nato's secretary general at the white house next month. and here it is, brian. it is our first look at tom brady's super bowl jersey after it was recovered in mexico. it still, as can you see there, has the green turf stains on it also getting a clear look at the mexican journalist accused of that heist. mauricio ortega seen walking around the locker room after
4:13 am
the game. can you see a bag under his arm and quickly walks down the tunnel to escape. so far he has not been charged. what do you think? i bet he will be charged with that. steve: put the texas rangers on the case and they solve it. ainsley: not going to end well. brian: i don't know about mexico's laws. i will study it in the break. latest attempt to take down trump. maxine watters tweets this get ready for impeachment. ed henry is here to explain. he. ainsley: that map right there is politically incorrect these days. brian: it should be round. ainsley: pc apolice attempt to change the world again. it's not round, brian? brian: shaquille o'neal says it's flat. ♪ untain coffee and fair trade,
4:14 am
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4:18 am
doing that before he was even elected. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us now. well now, ed, one big democrat has gone to twitter to say get ready. >> that's right. good morning, guys. it's interesting because maxine watters as you say has been talking about impeachment since before president trump was sworn. in she has been talking about it for months now. yesterday she sort of unleashed this mysterious tweet that simply said get ready for impeachment. now she did not add any details and that may be because when she has previously raised this subject the details, frankly were pretty murky. she said her case for impeachment may rest on the idea that president trump is too close to president putin of russia. she said at the time that putin had invaded korea when she meant crimea in ukraine. here is maxine watters tour of the world. >> whether is he talking about his relationship to putin and the kremlin.
4:19 am
knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in -- in -- yeah, in aleppo. and the fact that he is wrapping his arms around putin while putin is continuing to advance into korea. >> korea, no. it was actually crimea in the ukraine. if there are going to be articles of impeachment drafted you would assume they will get those details down a little bit. brian: if press would help you when you are stuck like that. crimea. brian: senator feinstein came out and asked by constituent what's going on with trump? is he going to get impeached? she said he might get himself out. this is not just maxine watters. there are a lot of democrats who feel is he on his way out. >> remember last week when we first reported about the v.a. offices around the country not putting up the president's
4:20 am
official portrait who cares? what's the big deal. vets are still sending emails about this when they go down to the v.a. offices some are hanging photos. is he going to be impeached anyway why hang the photo. that's what bureaucrats are saying. steve: ed henry, hats off to you. your report got the ball rolling and now there are pictures in the v.a. offices. ainsley: flash point in one community after illegal immigrant is accused of sexually assaulting a high school student. why is the mainstream media flat out ignoring this story? mark steyn is here to react coming up next. steve: this morning getting back to family roots with a test of our d.n.a. >> you are 60% scandinavian. steve: look at that. >> which consists of sweden, norway and denmark.
4:21 am
steve: where is brian from? a big question that has puzzled many for a long time. brian: who has my swab ♪ working on a mystery ♪ people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. there'try phillips' fiberway to ggood gummies.. they're delicious... and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm. these are good. nice work, phillips'! try phillips' fiber good gummies!
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♪ ainsley: some quick headlines for you. troubles with school edition. schools sparking outrage over its new transgender friendly locker room policy. a family suing a school district in pennsylvania for violating right to privacy. the school says students should be tolerant of the situation. breaking from tradition in the name of political correct anywise. a boston school district now replacing classroom maps saying they are culturally unfair. why? because some say they intentionally make north america and europe appear bigger than they really are
4:25 am
the district now switching the map which show the continent wants true proportion. steve? steve: thank goodness. the community of rockville maryland just north of washington, d.c. in a state of shock after a 14-year-old girl allegedly raped by two immigrant students in a high school bathroom. one of the suspects originally from guatemala was here in the united states illegally stopped a couple of months ago in texas and then let go. and many are now laying some of the blame on disastrous sanctuary city policies that specifically direct law enforcement not to cooperate with ice. joining us now is fox news contributor and "new york times" best selling author mark stein. mark, good morning to you. >> good to be with you, steve. steve: okay. so, montgomery county where this happened is pushing to become a sanctuary county. maryland apparently has passed legislation where they are trying to become a sanctuary state. >> right.
4:26 am
steve: that frames what has happened in rockville. what do you make of it. >> this is the depravity of the political class. basically willing to offer up their own citizens, 14-year-old school girls and sacrifice them on the altar of diversity and virtue signaling. and the shameless political posturing. you know, as we saw in the gorsuch hearing democrats, particularly, have great empathy in theory but the practical consequences of that poser empathy are what happened to this girl in this school bathroom a few days ago. there is no benefit to the citizens and legal residents of the united states infetish sizing illegal ima congratulation. shame on this county and the state of maryland for going along with it. steve: we know at least one of
4:27 am
these guys was in this country illegally. suburban school district 19 languages are taught and used in the school. in this case in particular, you have got adult men, in this case in this country illegally sitting in the same classroom with teenage girls. >> yes. steve: ultimately as a parent, you have got to wonder who is sitting in the same classroom with my kid today? >> yeah. and this is in a culture where if you were to propose reading huck bur huckleberry finn. safe space. you can't have safe space for grown adult man in the country illegally. he was supposedly detained at the border and then let go by u.s. immigration. i brought in a five piece band from montreal a couple of weeks ago on h 2 b visas. a guy told officer williams at the high gate bshed post in vermont detained them for longer, i would wager, than this illegal immigrant was
4:28 am
detained on the southern border before he was released supposedly to report to an immigration judge in 5, 10, 20, 27 years time. this is a corrupt, broken system of which lawful citizens and residents of this country are the victims. steve: mark, both these guys apparently came into the country during the barack obama era where it was catch and release. even if you were within 200 miles. let them go. they will show up for a judge eventually. donald trump goat elected. at least he won the nomination on the promise that he would do something to crack down on the people coming in to this country illegally. >> yeah. that's what he should do. that's what catapulted his campaign. all around the murder of kate steinle, you know, every country has its share of rapist and murderers. that's one of the johns americans can do. you don't need to import additional people to do that.
4:29 am
so, in someone who has been detained by your government, then commits a rape, as this guy did, that is not just a human failure, that is a failure of public policy. one of the great things that president trump said was when he said that he wanted to move to an australian and canadian style system of points. i don't think canada and australia have particularly great immigration systems. but at least the principle is that immigrants to a country should be of benefit to that country. and that's exactly the opposite of the immigration patents in the u.s. right now. steve: well, it is a terrible situation. terrible story in rockville. mark, thank you very much for joining us today from new hampshire to talk about it. >> thanks a lot, steve. steve: have a good week. meanwhile, she may be out of the woods, is she back in the political game. why hillary clinton could be saying the third time's a charm. and this morning, just about an hour ago, i discovered
4:30 am
about my family history through a d.n.a. swab test like you see on tv. >> you are 19% irish which we knew. steve: that's all? 19? >> i told you there were surprises and there is more. ready? 12.2% baltic. baltic. lithuania and estonia. >> that's not russia is it because all of a sudden i will wind up -- [laughter] steve: brian is in the big reveal for him is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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can i bring that up. steve: we love them. ainsley: we love them. brian: wrote a song for us or came on the show uninvited. steve: maybe they will be inspired. in less than two minutes we will find out where you are from. a lot of people wonder where are you from planet wise? brian: who do i think i am and who i am might be two different things. ainsley: we saw that american flag. you are american now but where are your roots. steve: we have found out through d.n.a. ancestry commercial put it through the test. took us about a month. the answer in two minutes. who is he? brian: just tell us what i need to know. abby: other headlines before we get to you, brian. hillary clinton is coming out of the woods and maybe getting ready to make a come back. rumors are now swirling that the failed presidential candidate could run again in 2020. her former campaign manager saying don't rule anything out just yet. >> i think what matters right now we have got to get to the bottom of what happened in
4:35 am
2016 and then started worrying about the next cycle. abby: clinton delivering a campaign style speech in philadelphia over the weekend only adding more fuel to the rumor fire. stay tuned. 17 minutes. that is how long a white house fence jumper hung out without being noticed. surveillance video shows the man tying his shoes, jiggling a doorknob, even appearing into windows white the president was inside the white house at the time. all of this happening while sirens were blaring. jonathan tran was arrested and caught carrying two cans of mace. lawmakers now demanding that the secret service make some serious changes. the teenager who sparked national outrage saying he was too rich to know the difference between right and wrong wants another break. ethan couch's lawyers now asking the texas supreme court to throw out current two year jail sentence arguing that the judge had no right to put him behind bars for violating probation and running off to mexico. couch was 16 when he killed four people in a drunk driving crash back in 2013. and i love this story.
4:36 am
a former shelter dog does some saving of her own. that is peanut. now a hero after finding a lost 3-year-old girl shivering in the cold. the dog started barking uncontrollably after being let out. leading her owner to the front of the ditch where they netsed a little girl. she was taken to the hospital. luckily she is okay all thanks to that dog peanuts. police are investigating how she ended up there to begin with. back to you guys. steve: thank you very much, abby. ainsley: we have all seen those my heritage ads on tv like this one. >> oh my god. >> these are migrate grandparents. >> and 2,000 relatives i didn't know existed. ainsley: have you ever wondered about your family history? steve: wee did. so we decided to find out. last hour rerevealed my results and now it is brian's turn. brian: here with the results is collaborator with my and author of something beautiful happened joins us right now.
4:37 am
ivette you breaks down my heritage when have you done now you factor in some genetic testing to somehow merge the two? >> that's really cool about what my heritage does as you can see we can swab for d.n.a. steve: don't have to take no blood. >> 40 second test. swab your cheek mail it off to the lab in texas about. a month get your results. they break down your d.n.a., your ethnicity and automatically link with you relatives from around the world. steve: i have known brian for coming up on 20 years. i have always heard you are half irish half italian. is that true? >> well, drum roll, please. that is very close. the numbers are slightly off. we have even more to talk about today. so last time we were here we talked about mostly you're irish. brian: yes. >> here are the results. brian you are 31.1% italian. brian: okay. >> next 21.6 north and west
4:38 am
european germany, france and switzerland. brian: germany, france, and switzerland. and then 20.2% irish. brian: how did that happen? there is a big gap there. a few branches and circles that make no sense. >> there is more. 14.4% ball can. serbia, gull delaware i can't. steve: knee too, russia. >> 12.7% of a whole bunch of other places. that's a technical term. brian: how does that make sense. >> they are able to break down your ethnicity going back generations and generations and gives you a big picture of who you are today and where your ancestors came from which is quite shocking. what my heritage does when you get your results shows you image of a globe and shades the areas where your family is from. so you can see where everybody migrated from. brian: did you have what steve had. signing the book of different recordings?
4:39 am
>> i actually have are you ready. >> last time we talked about: we immigration documents that my heritage found: we know that your great grandparents andrea along with your three sons arrived in new york naples on september 20th in 1900. ainsley: that's not naples, florida. >> we have an image of the ship they came over on. steve: we just saw it? >> the kaiser wilhelm. that was the ship. irish side of the family. this is where it gets interesting. so last time we talked about your family having roots in you were manhattan. your grandmother ran a boarding house on saint nicholas avenue. we found that your family had roots in you were manhattan even further back. we found a census from 1910 where your great grandfather john mcniff born in 1800 in ireland came to the news 1901.
4:40 am
we have the census right there. he was married to mary kirk mcniff. brian: 1801. >> 1901. he was married to mary income niff two daughters mary and margaret which was your grandmother. brian: right. so now. great grandfather you were manhattan, we know he was a plumber. but that's not all we know about him. i have a little present. brian: really. >> this is your great grandfather mcniff draft registration. auburn hair and gray eyes. and he arrived in the u.s. in 1901. and he registered for the draft in 1917. that's the actual document. brian: that's fantastic. that's my grandmother's father. so that would be. >> so your great grandfather came over from ireland and then about 14, 15 years later registered for the draft. steve: interesting that you are able to figure out that he was a plumber. >> yeah. weighs plumber. but then on this document he
4:41 am
weighs a long shoreman. he came over from ireland as a plumber and worked here long shoreman. gray eyes and auburn hair. brian: over here says couldn't break into broadcasting had to break into plan b. steve: broadcasting had not yet been invented. brian: long shoreman. >> saint nicholas avenue. brian: it's my brother that's really good with his hands and doing everything like that. steve: that is so cool. brian: that's fantastic. steve: we have learned so much today. , read more about it at my go there and use the promo code fox you will wind up with free shipping for your test and discounted price of 79 bucks for a limited time. i got an email from my wife. we're going to do all the kids. actually we would only need to do one. she wants to do it. brian: there is a special, right? >> there is a special we just said $79 and free shipping for fox friends.
4:42 am
>> promo code fox. come back at 8:30. surprises for you. steve: can hardly wait. ainsley: everyone would love a raise, right, if you are working. do you know how to actually get one when you talk to your boss. financial expert nicole is here with how to land that raise that you have been dreaming of. ♪ la ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips,
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and stay with us just two times? spring time. badda book. badda boom. or... badda bloom. seriously? book now at
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brian: about 30 countries are now refusing to deport their ecitizens convicted of crimes here in the u.s. can they even do that? the answer no. but it is still happening. and our next guest says it's time to do something about it joining us right now is texas congressman henry. plane of the committee and so much more. congressman, what leverage do we have as a super power to give these criminals back to their home countries?
4:46 am
>> well, first of all, those countries should be taking those criminals back, you know, after we apprehend a criminal we need to send them back. the reason is they will do it for different reasons. deny it saying they can't identify this individual. we can put pressure on them and we need to. this is an issue i have been working on since i was in the homeland with michael mccaul back in 2008. we can either stop granting their work visas or their steward visas, whatever visas for those countries because, look at this, the number one violator of this, china. and then have you got cuba, have you vietnam, have you many other countries. and i do family size none of the countries south of us, mexico, central america, south america, none of those countries are on that list. and actually that list has varied because home land will look at it. it's now a 20 countries.
4:47 am
but there is up to 62 other countries that are giving us a hard time. we just need to enforce the law that's been on the books for so many years. brian: there is obviously, trade depending on the country, that really will yield how much leverage we have. congressman, the big picture,sog towards these dreamers, these people taken here as young kids to stay here, those who break the law as illegal immigrants almost make it impossible. so are you joining with the president on that, making that scoop up the illegals who are convicted of crimes and getting them out? >> look, for many years before president trump got elected, my position has been very clear. i do support immigration reform. strong border security. have some sort of guest worker program. and then what do we do about the 11 or 12 million undocumented persons we have? but if somebody breaks the law, we don't want those individuals here. we do not want those individuals.
4:48 am
and they need to be deported. this is why i have working with john and appropriations we have 55 new immigration judges. there is another 25 more that we want to hire that are -- that it's in the fy 2017 appropriation. and i want to hire more judges because those judges should make a decision either somebody stays or somebody should be deported. >and ice has to be able to send those individuals as soon as possible. we don't want those individuals here. brian: talking about this 14-year-old raped by two illegal immigrants one 17 and one 18 in maryland and one of which had a deportation supposed to have an appearance when he was scooped up in decks and allowed to go. what would you like to see happen to them and how much harder does that make your job when you talk about a path to citizenship? >> you know, first of all, i think any, we have to show our sympathy and support for any rape victim whether, you know that person was raped by an
4:49 am
undocumented person or by somebody from here. it doesn't matter. we have to support those rape victims. but, again, this is what i have been saying, we have a backlog of cases, 452,000 and we are waiting, we need to deport people that have criminal records as soon as possible. brian: congressman, i know you are standing up to your party in many cases like that. thanks so much for joining thus morning. i appreciate your insight. >> thank you so much. brian: and your hard work on this topic. asking your boss for a raise is not the easiest threatening to do. how should you ask -- who should you ask, financial expert nicole lapin weighs in. she joins us with that answer and so much more. ♪ ♪ let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee
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♪ steve: have you ever wanted to ask your boss for a little more money or for some extra vacation time but you didn't know how to do it? ainsley: well, it turns out you are not alone. joining us now with tips on how to succeed and getting what you want at work is financial expert and author of a new book that i'm not really allowed to say the title on tv. let me give awe hint. it's called b and then the "b" word. there is a picture of it. a simple 12-step plan to take charge of your career. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: everyone wants a raise. who is going to say no to that? ainsley: how do you ask it. >> great lesson to tell your daughters. for parents who want to empower young women to ask for more. only 7% of women ask for a raise. 57% of men do. so going in, having leverage is really important. so even if you don't want to jump ship, a good way to get a
4:54 am
fire in your captain's belly is to say that somebody might be offering you more. it's really expensive to hire. they don't want to lose you. steve: but, at the same time, if you say hey the guy across the street just offered me this, it's like wait, you are looking around for a new job in i'm heart broken. >> you don't want to mention that per se but it's a good way to start the conversation. and, you know, of course, they might call your bluff. so be ready for that. steve: say you better have another job lined up. ainsley: leverage is everything. the second one is don't forget time something everything. what do you mean by that? >> friday afternoon not the most amazing time to go in. ainsley: really even though they are in a good mood? >> you don't want to talk about your raise after bad earnings report. a great evaluation a s. a good time to ask for raise. have you to set a calendar meeting. this is not like i'm going to pop into your office and hey i want to ask you a quick question. this is an important conversation. steve: that's why you should, as i just saw on the billboard right there, gather your
4:55 am
evidence. in other words, this is why i got the evidence, exhibit a why i should get a raise. >> you put together presentations for so many other things. why not put together evidence for this. come in with documentation. print it out on nice paper. that presentation matters. ainsley: okay. put community first. what do you mean? >> when you are talking about your compliments, don't go meme meme me. there is no i in team. i know there is a me in team. that will get you a no, no, no, no, no really quickly. talk about your accomplishments, vis-a-vis how that is helping the company at large. that's what a boss wants to see. they are north going to automatically open up the corporate covers. steve: you have got to be creative. if you are creative oh, i hadn't thought about that. >> not just basalry. you need to think about your over all compensation package. maybe working from home on friday which helps some parents or even if you a have a dog. maybe more vacation time. more cell phone bill paid for. come in with a couple of options, a perks option.
4:56 am
a salary option. maybe a combination of both. the combination could actually be more valuable than the bump in pay salary. ainsley: all those perks add up to a raise. >> it's your money fight for it. steve: one of the perks of this show is unlimited coffee. we get as much coffee as we can possibly drink for free. >> i'm probably the only financial expert to argue to buy your morning latte. you are welcome, guys. steve: thank you so so much. check out the new bic it's called boss b. shock and outrage sparking in one community after an illegal is accused of raping a high school student. a 14-year-old. wait until you hear what the superintendent had to say down in montgomery county in maryland. ainsley: and do you remember the marketing company taking on the liberals? the ceo is back with two employees who passed what he calls the snowflake survey. they are here to tell us all
4:57 am
about it and answer your questions. ♪ ♪ it's gonna be a bright ♪ bright ♪ bright ♪ sunshiny day ♪ allergy symptoms distracting you?
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>> your great grandfather we know is a plumber but that's not all. this is your great grandfather world war i draft registry >> wow. >> wow. >> he arrived in the u.s. in 1901, and he registered for the draft in 1917. ♪ ♪ steve: well, if you cruise by 48th and 6th avenue right now, that's what our skyscraper looks like. come inside, it's the world's number one tv news show where we have learned so much about our heritage so far. ainsley, we're going to find out what her dna, her people indicate this hour. brian: well, i have problem at home because my background was just revealed, and i told my wife before marriage that i was 50% italian, 50% irish,
5:02 am
she doesn't know what to believe anymore because i'm 22% irish. there's going to be a lot of explaining to do. before anyone gets married, please schwab your cheeks. ainsley: you give your kids irish names, they're not even irish. steve: i have discovered i'm 60 some pertinent scandinavian. ainsley: caitlyn may not be 22% because don's dna is in there today. brian: maybe i don't know exactly who she is. ainsley: put in my because if you put in the coupon code fox, they send you a kit, all you do is take a could you tip, you send it in a few weeks, and find out. brian: and then you go right to a therapist to find out who you were.
5:03 am
steve: i thought i was irish. not so much. brian: we have this story to tell you about. it took place in maryland, and it was happening in a high school where a 14-year-old reportedly was -- she was raped by two students here illegally. came here illegally. one 18, one 17. and they were in 9th grade classes because. ainsley: they don't speak good english. brian: yeah, and we don't know about their learning curve but there's some outrage in that community. steve: you can understand. i just saw on the e-mail machine i got a note from a 30-year veteran teacher, which is keep in mind this particular suburb is just north. it's the northern suburb of washington d.c. this 30-year vet in the teaching system down there says that it is not unusual to have a 21-year-old man in the same classroom with a 13-year-old girl. they see it every single day. and that just brings up the
5:04 am
question. these two young men obviously in the country illegally. one from el salvador, the other from guatemala. the guy from guatemala apparently within the last nine months or so was stopped in the texas border by ice agents and border patrol. and you know what? during the obama administration they did what they did. they caught him and released him and said. okay. we're going to write you up. go see a judge. we'll let you know when. of course he disappeared until last thursday when he allegedly raped that woman. ainsley: well, as a parent when you drop your child off, you know, that's our job as parents to protect our kids. when you drop them off at school, you expect them to be protected. steve: that's what we're paying for. ainsley: absolutely. and donald trump said we don't want the borders to be open, we can't just welcome in anyone. well, this is an area discussing whether or not they want their city to be a sanctuary city. some people want the state to be a sanctuary state. the superintendent is saying he has to open his doors to everybody.
5:05 am
listen. >> we are a public school system. and we serve all of our students when they come to us. and when we look at that, it is not only the right thing to do and the good thing to do, and it benefits the students and our community and our state, it's also the law of the land. brian: back to 1982, that was the law of the land. if there's a kid in your town, you've got to give them free school. and i just want to give this quote from director vaughan. she says there's a huge surge of central american kids in this area. it has been a significant problem in many of the school districts because a lot of them have very little money anyway. the teachers are taking money out of their pockets anyway for school supplies and now you have more kids who don't speak english taking away from your kids who in many cases do. ainsley: well, last night i was watching sean hannity show, and he had two of the angel moms, the women who were with donald trump on the campaign trail because they lost one of their children to an illegal immigrant.
5:06 am
laura wilkerson, she's been on our show too. her son joshua was brutally killed by an illegal immigrant. listen to what she said about this. >> that girl is going to do something for the rest of her life. she will never be the same, and i'm sure the two kids that came over were undocumented children by themselves. you cannot mix the cultures and some of the things together and have it mesh. it's not working. they're criminal for being here in the country in the first place, and they need to be gone. this voice program that he's putting together needs to come quickly. steve: speaking of quickly, four days after this alleged rape, passed legislation to make it a sanctuary state, which would give additional protections to people in the country illegally harder to deport. and of course, you couldn't ask about the immigration status, which you just can't do. mark steyn was on with us about a half hour ago. he says this was all part of a system in this country that is
5:07 am
busted. >> i think this is the tragedy of the political class. they're basically willing to offer i happen their own citizens, 14-year-old schoolgirls and sacrifice them on the alter of diversity and virtue signaling and the shameless political postering. there is no benefit to the citizens and legal residents of the united states in mass illegal immigration. and shame on this county and the state of maryland for going on with it. this is a corrupt, broken system of which lawful citizens and residents of this country are the victims. ainsley: well, that first, the angel mom when we played that byte, she was basically saying you can't expect them to come here in high school and middle school and assimilate correctly. she says that has to be difficult. not only on the americans that are dying at the hand of illegal immigrants but also for these illegal immigrants.
5:08 am
she's saying it's not fair to all of them. he also had another angel mom last night who was holding up the urn of her son and said no mother should hold the urn of their child. brian: why are we importing illegals to wreak havoc? and these stats, 820,000 are convicted criminals and 75% of the drug trafficking convictions are from illegal immigrants. steve: sure. brian: that goes to 2015 stats. meanwhile abc, nbc, cbs knew all of that and did no coverage at all. ainsley: that's not even -- this is a news story. for them not to report on that baffles me. and what about the child? they care more about their narrative and not making it sound like did illegal immigrants are doing anything wrong in this can you be, what about the child? they have a responsibility to that child and that american family. steve: and of course this is one of the reasons donald trump won the nomination on the republican side because he said he was going to do something about this to stop this system the way it is.
5:09 am
well, let's hope that they do. because what happened is just disgusting and so sad. brian: and the other thing he was elected to do was repeal and replace obamacare but right now there's a lot of peril and a lot of entry going on because paul ryan's plan has been changed at least four significant ways over the last week. it has its fourth committee to pass, that is the rules committee and tomorrow will be the vote. when it comes to the overall republicans, not democrats. just republicans getting to 215, there's about 33 republican "nos" on estimate. they can only afford to lose i think about 21 with the vacancies. steve: right. brian: they either got to make some changes or the freedom caucus has to get some promise from the senate that they're going to change in a way that they eventually will approve in conference. because right now they're not. steve: tom price hhs secretary said the administration is done negotiating. however, david bossy was on with us just an hour ago and said
5:10 am
they've got to make a deal because the votes aren't there. the president himself did not sugar coat it yesterday and went and talked to a bunch of congressman, republicans up on capitol hill yesterday and didn't sugar coat it and said many of you will lose your jobs unless you pass it. he was kind of joking. however, he wasn't joking last night before a big fundraiser when he said this particular vote on thursday is important for all of us. trump: on november 8, the american people voted for historic change. the american people gave us clear instructions. it's time to get busy, get to work, and to get the job done. [applause] that legislative effort begins with thursday's crucial vote.
5:11 am
and it really is a crucial vote for the republican party and for the people of our country. to finally repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. brian: the reason why obamacare couldn't get passed by teddy red blood cell very late, franklin red blood cell very late, or harry truman. and that's why it was so hard for barack obama to do it. look at dave brad who spent 20 years as a economics professor. he said believe me. by rejecting this, we're doing donald trump a favor because premiums are going to go up. not to confuse you. donald trump wants it out of the way, softball a lot of people. but if we get it out of the way the wrong way as a country, that party will be to blame. steve: but this particular bill as it stands today is not what a lot of people vote for. ainsley: that's why people blame the obama administration and that's why president trump won. but they're still blaming him for the problems of obamacare. brian: he wants to make it better. steve: he wants to make it great again. did you hear about that? ainsley: let's hand it over to
5:12 am
abby. good morning. abby: we do have news coming into our newsroom, president trump's former campaign chairman fighting back despite reports that he worked for the kremlin, this comes that paul manafort was secretly involved with a russian billionaire more than a decade ago to quote advance the interest of vladimir putin. manafort slamming that report and saying i worked almost a decade ago representing him on business and personal manners in countries where he had investments. my work for mr. deripaska did not involve russian political interest. telling fox news the trump campaign was not aware of manafort's past with mr. deripaska. also failing the communist country trying to flex its nuclear muscles but then the missile exploded just before launch. kim jong-un with his latest show of force after
5:13 am
threatening to reduce the u.s. to partners just a couple of headlines. steve: all right. thank you very much, abby. ainsley: is it ever okay to compare president trump with hitler? what if i told you that that was happening inside your children's classrooms? two moms are outraged about this. we're going to talk to him next. steve: because it happened there. and remember susan rice? she went on five sunday shows and lied about the benghazi attack. well, she's back to teach the president a lesson on telling the truth. that's just crazy. ♪ z2a1gz zx9z
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thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at steve: talk about the trouble at schools comparing plump to hitler. it happened inside one high school classroom in saratoga, springs new york. and our next guest said they've had enough of those types of politically-moat invade. they started a group called the conservative chicks to keep those teachers honest, and they join us today from albany. ladies, good morning to you. >> thank you for having us. steve: all right. so, julie and marny, how did you first
5:18 am
hear that apparently one of the teachers through a powerpoint presentation or something like that was comparing donald trump to hitler and mussolini? >> okay. steve, prior to the lack we formed our conservative chicks group, which is a group of like-minded conservative women who came together due to our love for politics, our support of our president, and our friendship. and what grew out of our group was an -- was a group acting as advocates for both students and parents who are dealing on a daily basis with the political liberal indoctrination that's going on in our school system. we wanted to provide other -- we wanted to provide students and family with that mode of communication if they weren't comfortable going to the school directly. steve: okay. so that's why you got started. tell us about this particular
5:19 am
instance. one of your kids came home and said, hey, you're never going to believe what i learned in school. they compared trump to hitler. >> yes. actually, i received an anonymous e-mail with the link to the website, which i -- steve: school website. >> yes. this is a public school district website where -- and i immediately said this to our school district for review. steve: and you had a child in that class; right? >> yeah. so it was more than one class because it was a school wide presentation. it was held by different classrooms. my child did sit through one of the presentations, yes. >> well, you know what? the superintendent defended the lesson. he said teaching about fascism as a political movement in the context of world war ii is part of the curriculum. and then when asked about how donald trump factors into world war ii, the guy had no answer. so it, you know, you look in at this, it does look like indoctrination to some. is that how you see this?
5:20 am
>> absolutely. and things like this, we have more stories we could actually do additional segments. but the fact that the board of education met last night, and this was not discussed. not one word was spoken of the national coverage and the parent concern over comparing our president, who i teach my kids to respect the president of the united states of the united states. not one word was spoken about comparing our president to brutal dictators who were responsible killing millions of innocent people. that's not okay. steve: i've got a feeling after this segment where you're on worldwide television, i have a feeling they're going to be talking about it later today in your school district. >> we hope so. steve: thank you very much for joining and telling us your story. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile we've been talking about the illegal immigrant accused of sexually assaulting, raping a 14-year-old girl at that school in maryland,
5:21 am
allegedly. all the while that community is considering sanctuary status. but are they sacrificing legal status for illegal immigrants? that debate coming up next ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's to all of you early risers, what's up man? go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it.
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brian: some quick headlines right now. new york city liberal mayor, mayor de blasio putting freeze to ice agents to resist the law. employees what to do holding workshops for parents. the mayor says ice won't be allowed inside unless they have a warrant. and if you build -- if you want to help build a wall in mexico -- between mexico and the u.s., then you won't be anything else in berkeley, california. unanimously voted to ban
5:25 am
businesses from city contracts. other cities are also now considering shutting president trump's friendly companies, just because they bid on the right to build a wall. unbelievable. hi, ainsley. ainsley: hi, brian. parents in rockville, maryland outraged after the assault of a 14-year-old girl inside the bathroom of a high school in rockville. listen. >> i know that if this country enforced the laws that were on the books, those two young men would not have been here and this horrendous rape would not have occurred. >> i'm really outraged by the situation in montgomery county. i'm a lifelong resident. >> they're just come on, come in. if you're 20 years old, go to high school with a 14-year-old. >> fellow students, one of them an 18-year-old illegal immigrant. there's his picture. all of this as the city considers becoming a sanctuary city. so is the city putting its legal residents, its american citizens at risk? here to debate this is director of policy studies at the center for immigration
5:26 am
studies jessica and francisco hernandez. thank you, both, for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. ainsley: who's to blame for this? >> this is fall out from the obama administration's catch and release policies. they literally spent billions of taxpayer dollars resettling more than 100,000 unaccompanied minors and families who came from central america into communities all over the country that have had to absorb this population, and it's causing a lot of problems. ainsley: so you blame the obama administration? >> yeah. this is the fallout from that policy. ainsley: okay. francisco, the child's name. the alleged attacker, he's 18 years old. as she was saying, the catch and release program, ice caught this kid and released him back into the community. we heard one of those moms say that this would not have even
5:27 am
happened if the law had been enforced. what do you say about it, francisco? >> well, the shame of it is they were taking a tragedy, using it for political gain. sanctuary cities are not -- there's no such thing. but it would not have prevented it, and it was the only person that participated in it. ainsley: what do you mean there's no such thing as a sanctuary city? >> they don't exist. i can call myself brad pit, it doesn't mean angelina jolie -- ainsley: how can you say that? there's a sanctuary city in california where kate steinle killer was and was deported i think five times. he lived in a sanctuary city. >> a city cannot keep ice from coming in and arresting somebody and taking them. it doesn't exist. it's just a political phantom. everybody's afraid of it but nobody can touch it and nobody can see it. you cannot oppose ice from coming in and arresting somebody and taking away. ainsley: jessica, he says they don't exist. do you agree? >> no. that's completely wrong. there are about 300 jurisdictions in this country
5:28 am
that have policies that are deliberately hindering immigration enforcement. >> you're saying these policies can keep the federal government from coming in? >> but they are deliberately -- >> the federal government, they can't. ainsley: hold on. one at a time. >> criminal aliens and just one week in february, ice found more than 200 people who had been released by sanctuary jurisdictions, including someone -- >> why didn't they pick them up from the sanctuary city? >> in philosophy. >> why didn't they pick them up from the jail? >> because the jails have policies or are forced to have policies by political leaders that prohibit them from cooperating with ice and so they release individuals, even though they know that ice is trying to take custody of them. >> no. >> and, unfortunately, many of them go on to reoffend. ainsley: francisco, what would you say? you're defending these illegal immigrants. what would you say if you were standing in front of the mother of this 14-year-old. how do you defend them then? >> i am not defending
5:29 am
anybody. i'm just saying no jail or city policy can trump the federal government. ainsley: okay. let's move on from that issue. what would you say to this mother of this 14-year-old young girl. her life is changed forever. >> it is. it's awful. use it for political advantage. even this channel, the politicians, donald trump is doing it. what happened with plump said i'm going to fix this the first 30 days i'm president? what happened to his ten-point plan. ainsley: he tried to do that. the ninth circuit court of appeals stepped in. the liberal judges. >> no. no. no. that was a travel deal. i'm talking about the immigration reform he talked about. there's not a single proposal in congress for his ten-point plan. i came on this channel and said you know what? i may not like the whole ten-point plan, but it's good enough. where is it? let's look at congress. ainsley: jessica, what do you say to that? >> well, the trump administration has already taken steps to end this
5:30 am
problem. they ended the catch and release program. they looked at the influx of asylum seekers at the border, they're moving immigration judges into that area to deal with these cases, they've stepped up interior enforcement and allowed ice officers to enforce the law as it's written, rather than restricting them to a narrow set of priorities. so they've already made good on a lot of the promises that were made during the campaign and we're already seeing an effect. >> all of that was policies from the last president. that's not right. that's absolutely inaccurate. absolutely inaccurate. in order to hire all of these people, you have to get the money from congress and impress hasn't acted. all of this is policies and actions that began before -- remember, president obama deported 2.5 -- >> it doesn't take more money for ice officers to do their job. >> give them the money. ainsley: the bottom line is they're all illegal immigrants, they're here
5:31 am
illegally. if the law had not been broken, these individuals would still be alive, these angel moms would still have their kids and does little girl, her life would be totally different. this 14-year-old would have a normal life going forward. we appreciate this. do you remember when susan rice went on five sunday talk shows and then lied about the benghazi attack? well, she is back to teach the president a lesson on telling the truth. and it is marketing company taking on snowflakes. >> you eighth place trophy holders until you realize that this is earned by this, then you will actually never be able to survive in the working world. ainsley: the ceo is back that just passed the snowflake survey. they're here to tell us all about it and answer your questions. ♪ what makes thermacare different?
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steve: a note to ainsley's family. she told everybody vitac that her dna profile would be on at 8:30. it's actually on at about 10:30. ainsley: now i'm sorry. you have to watch the show a little bit longer. steve: it's not just watching the show. you get headlines. ainsley: that's right with abby. abby: quite the introduction. a lot to live up to. ainsley: they're all wopping. abby: all right. other headlines to get to, including a incredible shoot-out with police captured on officer's body cameras. watch this. [gunfire]
5:36 am
>> i'm struck. abby: a domestic violence suspect opening fire in ohio hitting the officer. amazingly the man's gun jammed just after one shot likely saving that officer's life. the suspect now facing attempted murder charges. and susan rice is back, warning americans about the white house allegedly twisting the facts. the former obama national security adviser writing in in the washington post saying quote when the white house deliberately contorts the facts, its actions pose a serious risk to america's global leadership. but remember when she repeatedly said this about the benghazi terror attack. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video, a direct result of heinous and offensive video sparked by this hateful video.
5:37 am
abby: the obama administration later admitting that the attack left four americans dead had nothing to do with that internet video. and breaking just a few moments ago, president trump will deliver this year's commencement address at liberty university. cbn news saying he's looking forward to the ceremony on may 15th. the school is right outside washington d.c. in lynnberg, virginia and claims to be the largest christian university in the world with about 110,000 students. was one of the president's prominent evangelical backers in the campaign. still look forward to that one. and the moment we've been waiting for. steve: all right. we do get to the dna in a moment but first let's talk snowflakes. remember the marketing company taking so called liberal snowflakes. remember this video? >> so you young activists, you eighth place trophy holders, until you realize that this is earned by this, then you will
5:38 am
never be able to actually survive in the working world. ainsley: the ceo paid fox and friends a visit one week ago today and his company is now flooded with résumes with people who want a job. brian: the silent partner marketing group back with two employees who passed the snowflake test. let's welcome chief of director operations and devon. the visual content creator. congratulations, guys. >> hi. >> hello. brian: what did they do to qualify? >> well, they didn't whine, they didn't complain, they didn't come across as entitled, and they were willing to take a stance and doubled down on that. ainsley: so you took the task. you're tough, you want people who work for you to be tough too. here's the questions. when was the last time you cried and why? allison, how did you answer that one? >> i think i said it was from a funeral i had just been to.
5:39 am
steve: good answer. brian: not happy for the funeral. but good answer. ainsley: how about you? >> i would say probably something family related. steve: all right. here's another question that kyle asked potential people to work for his company. what does america mean to you? >> well, it's the home of the brave, it's our home, and it's where we stay. steve: all right. and halle. >> it means i can wake up every day and do what's happy, i can achieve whatever success is for me. steve: now, kyle, those are different answers but both appropriate? >> yeah, absolutely. steve: what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for people who are proud to be here in our great country and willing to serve the men and women who protect us as well. ainsley: is there anyone that said ai'm not willing to work for you? >> yeah, about 60% of the applicants drop out right away, which was the point of the test, but we have people who is police shouldn't be armed that we should be fighting for freedom in our
5:40 am
other countries, bye. brian: has anyone ever passed the test and then not living up to expectations? >> thank god no. so far the point of the test is really to find people that are going to be a fit for our company culture and the culture of our clients as well. ainsley: alex put this question in. this is pretty awesome. so i guess my question is any job openings? where can i apply? >> we do have job openings. i post them on my facebook page. steve: so neither of you consider yourself snowflakes; right? >> absolutely not. steve: do you know snowflakes? do you have snowflakes as friends? >> there might be a couple. they're hedging right now. they lost snowflakes as friends. steve: last time you were on the program just about a week ago, so many people saw what you were doing. what was the response? >> overwhelmingly positive. we've had hundreds of people leave five star reviews to balance the people leaving one-star reviews. across the country saying we wish we could do this. we can't. brian: thank you for
5:41 am
continuing this review process. congratulations in your job. i'm sure you're going to be very happy. steve: and for the people who are watching right now, if they would look, where is it? brian: coming up straight ahead while democrat's attack supreme court justice neil gorsuch every turn, our next guest treated him with honor and respect. do you believe that? so what are democrats missing? senator lindsey graham joins us next. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, cause serious liver problems during
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5:45 am
that you will be for the little men? brian: our next guest took the time during the hearing to praise the next justice of the supreme court. senator lindsey graham joins us now. you've been through all of these. where does this stack up in terms of competence and equality? >> well, if it were a fight, they would have stopped it. the democrats got knocked down about halfway through yesterday. the bottom line is he's the most quantified person could have chosen. 2700 decades in the last decade as a circuit court judge. one reversal by the united states supreme court. 97% of his opinions, you know, were in the unanimous 99% and the majority. he could not have chosen a better qualified conservative. and the democrat attacks on him at times were absurd. they're under a lot of pressure by the left to vote against judge gorsuch. they change the rules to stack
5:46 am
the court in 2013. i am hoping my democratic colleagues will look at judge gorsuch the way i looked at kagen. i would not have chosen them, but they're qualified. that's why i voted for president obama's picks, president trump's pick is qualified. this man will make an outstanding justice to the supreme court, and he will be on the court no matter what it takes. brian: so, senator, how important is it that a democrat votes to get over the 60 threshold for the supreme court? >> i think it's important that this man gets 60 votes for the future of the united states senate. the united states senate has been deemed the most deliberative body in the world where senators rise to the occasion. if he fails to get 60 votes based on his long life in the law, outstanding qualifications, un, but unblemished character and performance, it means politics replaced qualifications, that the hamilton papers advice
5:47 am
control of the senate has given away to shear politics. it will be a sad day for the senate and terrible day for the court. brian: senator schumer says not one democrat has expressed to him a willingness to vote for justice gorsuch right now. we'll see where that goes. there's also a murmur from elizabeth warren and company that says we're not going to vote for him at all because of the investigation link to russia. your reaction? >> crazy, ridiculous, and they're losing their mind. you know, president trump won the election. he has the right to do what president obama did. pick somebody that's qualified to serve on the court. this is one of the most qualified people he could have chosen from the conservative catcher. unanimously well-qualified. what the democratic party did in 2013 was a power grab to do away with the minority rights they have to say about circuit court judges. they're about to change the
5:48 am
rules. if we don't get 60, then the republicans will be forced to change the rules. brian: and, senator, finally, people are looking what happened to the intelligence community in the house and say there is an investigation into russia's role and the election as well as what the trump campaign did or didn't do. what did you pick up from monday? >> number one, that there's no evidence that the obama campaign wiretapped or surveilled, the obama administration surveilled the trump campaign. number two, there was nothing to suggest that there's evidence of collusion. clapper said he saw no evidence of collusion between the russians and trump. but the fbi did say there was an investigation. and here's what congress should do in my view. let the fbi do their job without political interference. brian: okay. don't hold your breath. we'll see what happens. >> yeah. we will. brian: hey, senator, you're a marathon man. another 10, 12 hours today. i look forward to seeing how this ends up and maybe
5:49 am
everyone will do the right thing. senator lindsey graham. thanks so much, sir. >> go. brian: i learned something about my family's history thanks to a dna test. >> this is your great grandfather world war i draft registry. steve: wow. brian: and over here it says couldn't break into broadcasting. had to have a plan b. steve: it has not yet been invented. brian: now it's ainsley's turn. the big reveal coming your way. but first, let's check in with senate. we're not quite sure where she came from. we're just glad to have her. >> well, thank you. i'm here. we'll figure that out another time. it is crunch time for the president's bill. will the tough talk pull the gop together or push his critics away? we've got critics on both side, including reporter doug collins and if the bill passes, is it dead on rival in the senate? we will ask senator, he'll be live here as well. plus serious new allegations about paul manafort.
5:50 am
once a key part of the trump campaign what he is saying today about allegations that there's now proof he was engaged in shady dealings with the russians. we'll see you top of the hour for america's newsroom. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪
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5:53 am
steve: each hour this morning we have relieved the results of the test. now it's my turn after we discovered i am a viking. brian: right now the collaborator with and something beautiful happened. welcome back. >> i'm sure there's something shocking in here. ainsley: well, we've had something shocking from everyone, surprises from everyone. we had some really cool stuff for you. ainsley, you and i have talked about how your family has been here for many, many generations and perhaps we discovered some of the history
5:54 am
before that. are you guys ready? steve: yep. >> okay. here we go. so in the past, we knew you had deep german roots; right? ainsley: uh-huh. >> we have discovered that you are 68.5 northwestern european, which is german, france, switzerland, and belgium, so that makes sense. steve: right? >> what we did not know is that you are 29% scandinavian, which is norway, denmark, and sweden. steve: 30% of me. >> it's the blonde hair. not only that, we discovered that you were 1.6% middle eastern. steve: there's a tan dot. that. >> that actually shows the region where you're from. maybe jerusalem, bethlehem. >> israel, saudi arabia, that whole area of the world. and then i have one last surprise for you. ready? ainsley: ready. >> .8 sierra leonian.
5:55 am
so ainsley can get a scholarship. i've actually heard people check to see if they can diversify. so that's interesting. not only that, as we have with you guys, we also took that information and dug deep to see what historical documents we could find for you. you ready? so we know that you have german roots; right? and we also found documents to support your swedish heritage this time. we have the -- steve: what? an ikea repeat? >> i know you guys want to take that trip to ikea. but this is a document from 1850 that shows your great, great, great grandfather on your mother side. it shows that he was a merchant living in south carolina, and it shows that his place of birth was sweden, which of course speaks to the swedish heritage we just found. but that's not all. so we know you have deep german roots, and we found from historical records that your great grandfather lewis was born in germany, and he moved to the u.s., and we
5:56 am
discovered that his occupation in 1870 was actually a saloon keeper; right? ainsley: wow. steve: cheers. ainsley: was his son phillip? >> that i don't know, but i do know a little bit more about louis, he was a saloon keeper, and it was just across the brooklyn bridge at 75 courts street, and we found the corner showing where his saloon was. we can't see the actual saloon but you can see it's tucked behind the tailor shop and the real estate shop. so it's there on the right side. ainsley: mom and dad, when you come up, we'll have to go see it. brian: that's fantastic. ainsley: that's so cool. steve: find out how you can do the same thing we did after a brief timeme out. like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend?
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uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs.
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[ sighs ] there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. >> well, if you'd like to do what we just did and find out what your dns says about where your from go to and
6:00 am
put in promo code fox and you'll save $29 for the limited time. >> sorry to keep your family waiting. i hope they thought it was worth it. >> it was great. very much. >> and if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert as we hit crunch time on the effort to repeal obamacare as president trump delivers a stern warning saying pass the bill or risk losing your job. i'm shannon bream live in "america's newsroom." tough words. >> good to see you after covering the hearings in washington. i'm eric shawn. bill and martha are out this morning. it's the final stop before the full vote on the house floor which can come as early as


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