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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 23, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> a deadly attack in london. a new twist in the case of president trump's wiretap claims, and some republican lawmakers claimed the republican president is on track to lose a historic vote on obamacare set for tomorrow. this is "special report" ." good evening and welcome to washington on a very busy news day. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. "special report" is following three major stories tonight. the bill president trump is backing to repeal and replace obamacare may be on life support tonight. just hours ahead of a crucial vote in congress. the president claims vindication after the house intelligence chairman said there was
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"incidental surveillance of trump transition officials, maybe including mr. trump himself." an attack outside the u.k. parliament leads at least three victims dead and scotland yard is treating the case as an act of terrorism. benjamin hall joins us from london with the latest. good evening. >> good evening, james. you could not find a more iconic location for a terror attack to take place for that's what happened today at the heart of the country. the attackers truck at 2:35:00 p.m. at the very heart of the u.k. government where tourists from around the world gather. for sheer exposure, he picked an ideal place. sick of the location of this attack was no accident. the terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital city where people of of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate liberty, democracy, and freedom of speech.
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>> the prime minister had just ended her weekly questions to the house when a car veered on the sidewalk and began mowing people down along westminster bridge. at first, some eyewitnesses thought it was just an accident. >> the car speeded up and passed me. another victim hit. stick with the car continued towards the houses of parliament, ramming an entrance. the driver got out and ran into the courtyard driveway where he attacked one policeman with a long knife before charging at others. they call that him to stop, then opened fire. the policeman he attacked and the terrorist himself are among the four dead as well as a 30-year-old lady. 20 others are in critical condition. a large part of surrounding london was immediately shut down in a massive police operation. the river itself was closed and
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people inside parliament locked down for many hours. even tourists among the london eye were stranded. isis propaganda has called for its followers to carry out attacks like this. they've been calling on followers to carry out more attacks. this is the same day that an anti-isis collation of 68 foreign ministers met in d.c. did to discuss the battle against them. on top of that, it is one year to the day that 32 people were killed in the brussels attacks at the airport and at the metro. now scotland yard are trying to piece together who was behind today's tragedy. >> james: benjamin hall reporting live from london. thank you. back here in washington, president trump says he feels somewhat vindicated after a bombshell announcement by the house intelligence chairman who said he has seen evidence the trump transition team and possibly mr. trump himself were
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subjected to surveillance having nothing to do with russia during the final days of the obama administration. congressman devin nunes added that the incidental surveillance was legal but in his words, inappropriate. extraordinary development on a day when new documents surfaced appearing to establish further ties dating back a decade between the president's former campaign chairman and leading figures in vladimir putin's russia. john roberts has it all from the north lawn. >> good evening. for weeks the white house staff has been trying to find a way out of the public relations hole president trump dog when he tweeted saturday morning that president obama had been wiretapping him. today president trump was thrown a lifeline. the bombshell came from the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes who reported the trump transition officials were the subject of so-called incidental collection by the intelligence agencies. >> recently confirmed on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected
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information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. >> the intercepts appeared to be authorized by the foreign intelligence surveillance act. the information urgent enough that nunes rushed to the white house to brief the president. nunes provided no details, transition officials may have been instantly picked up talking to foreign officials who were the actual targets of surveillance. >> we knew there was some incidental collection. does this go beyond that? 's ego attack only goes beyond what happened to general flynn. we don't know yet officially what happened. >> nunes says the collection was legal and not tied to an investigation into russia or any criminal investigation. what troubles him is that transition officials picked up in the surveillance were unmasked. michael flynn's name was made public. a felony. >> the president is concerned and he should be. he would like to see these reports and hopefully when we
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get them, hopefully they will get them to the white house also. >> president trump last week promised there would be evidence to back up the claims of surveillance, he was asked if he feels vindicated. >> i somewhat do. i somewhat do. i appreciate the fact that they found what they found but i somewhat do. >> the fact that the chairman raised to the white house to reef the president drew sharp criticism from the ranking democrat who nunes hadn't shared the information with. adam schiff arguing that the chairman's actions have jeopardize the investigation. >> if you have a chairman who is interacting with the white house and sharing information with the white house when people around the white house are the subject of the investigation and doing so before sharing it with the committee, it throws a profound doubt over whether that can be done credibly. >> the intelligence committee chairman are at odds, the chairman and ranking member of the oversight committee are on
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the same page. wanting to know what michael flynn was up to before being named national security advisor. they have requested that agencies provide formation on flynn's contact with russian officials and payments from other foreign nationals. >> devin nunes did not reveal the source for what he told us today, he suggested it didn't come for many agencies like the fbi, cia or nsa. it was an individual or individuals who came to him privately to tell them what they knew, which is really only adding to the intrigue. >> james: indeed. paul manafort, who served for a time as a candidate trump's campaign manager the back in the news. >> the associated press was running a report today that suggested he was operating in tandem with a russian oligarch, a person who had close ties to
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vladimir putin. manafort suggesting he wanted to do business with him that would "greatly benefit the putin government." we reached out to a representative for pauwhile he a business relationship with him from 2005 to 2009, at no time was he involved in representing russian political interests. manafort and his representatives trying to shoot down the notion he was operating on behalf of the russian government or to the benefit of the russian government. >> james: standby for a moment. president trump campaign on his record as a master of the art of the deal. tonight a core group of republicans in the house is threatening to torpedo the first major test of mr. trump's ability to close the deal. lawmakers openly declaring that the legislation to repeal and replace obamacare cannot survive a vote on the house floor tomorrow.
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the house rules committee is busy crafting the terms for thursday's debate. peter doocy is alive on capitol hill. good evening. >> at this hour, there are 41 republicans either planning to vote no on the american health care act, leaning no on the bill, or they have serious concerns. that's 20 more than leadership can afford to lose. defectors from the conservative house freedom caucus apparently were not moved by a last-minute appeal by the vice president mike pence. they say they want a do over. >> we believe they need to start over and do a bill that reduces premiums. >> members of the freedom caucus are concerned that the american health care act doesn't go far enough. many lawmakers from the freedom caucus visited the white house today on the eve of a make or break day for the young
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administration's top priority. >> vote tomorrow in the house. >> freedom caucus members explained that the trump administration is asking them to build a -- pass the bill now so the senate can fix it later. scott perry says that's like asking for a blank check. at least one of the senators, rand paul, says he doesn't think the current bill will make it to the house floor. >> if this ryan plan has to be pulled down, when it is pulled down, we will continue the debate. >> speaker ryan didn't dismiss senator paul's prediction. >> i'm not going to get into hypotheticals. we are working towards a goal. we are adding votes by the day. >> ryan insists the dissent is not a surprise. >> we are in the fourth quarter of the house passing this bill. now that we are getting to the
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fourth committee, that's when a lot of negotiations intensify. that's what this is. >> members of the freedom caucus are suggesting it may take more than a day until the bill has been modified to their liking. >> i think we will get it done. the question is when. >> democratic lawmakers are preparing for the majority's leadership to fail in its effort to pass the american health care act. bringing in a familiar face. >> i ain't going anywhere. this is not going to pass. >> biden used a four letter word to celebrate the passage of the health care law. >> [bleep]. >> that's a line the highest ranking lawmaker today recalled. >> if we can beat trumpcare and prevented from passing, it will be, as our former vice president once said, a bfd.
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>> as they continue on the effort, the white house says there is no plan b. sean spicer insists the administration is confident in plan a. tonight, an outside group urging lawmakers to vote no. >> the quote may go down in history as vice president biden's most memorable. we want to bring in john robert john roberts. as you both may know and as we are disclosing, at around 5:30 p.m. eastern time tonight, we suffered a cancellation from the republican from louisiana, majority whip, was supposed to be on set with us. his aides told us at last minute he couldn't do the program because he was called into some last-minute whip operations.
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do you get the sense that the trump white house is panicked? >> they are pretty concerned. sean spicer up there at the podium saying this is your one and only chance, republicans, to repeal and replace obamacare. this chance is not going to come around again. the white house is tying it to tax reforms, saying if you want to do tax reform, you have to do health care first. a white house official told me they feel pretty good about where they are. they think they are changing some minds. dave brad of virginia and mo brooks, members of the freedom caucus at the white house today. they were heading to the residence at about the time the president left the west wing. wondering if he invited them over for lunch. they continue to work the phones, they need to get the 216 votes. a familiar figure here has been
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senator ted cruz of texas but he has been trying to craft a bill that could satisfy conservatives by taking apart the regulatory part of it. there has been some discussion whether it would violate senate rules to do it but he believes he's found a way where he can do that, satisfy conservatives in the house, and get it through the senate as well. we will see. >> james: we heard late today some comments from representative mark meadows, who is the leader of the conservative group, house freedom caucus. demanding changes to the repeal replacement legislation. meadows telling a reporter somewhere that he is seeing some encouraging signs in last-minute negotiations. >> in the last few minutes while john roberts was giving the tag, meadows told reporters they are willing work as late as possible to get something done.
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it does seem like there's a chance. we are led to understand something the house leadership, led by speaker ryan, leader mccarthy of the white house are considering letting the house freedom caucus basically get an amendment in that would repeal title i of obamacare which is what deals with the essential health benefit, some of which are unpopular to the conservative wing of the republican party. things like breastfeeding care and birth control coverage. they think if they are allowed to make adjustments to the essential health benefits, it would bring down the costs a lot. the reason why the white house and the g.o.p. leadership are considering it at that freedom caucus is requested because it lets them repeal a little bit more of obamacare but is in theory would bring down the cos cost. they think it would. it sounds like it's not over ye yet. the latest count in terms of people who are voting no or
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leaning no is not enough. leadership does not have enough unless there is a change, an agreement tonight, to fix it. >> james: high-stakes stuff. thank you so much. up next, judge gorsuch faces a second marathon day of questioning. republicans way using the nuclear option. here's what some of the affiliates are covering. fox 29 in philadelphia, city's top prosecutor finds himself in trouble with the law. seth williams pleaded not guilty today to bribery and extortion charges. charging williams with taking over $160,000 in gifts, trips, and cash. fox 25 in boston, the cofounder of a massachusetts pharmacy was found not guilty of causing the deaths of 25 people in a nationwide meningitis outbreak. he was convicted on conspiracy racketeering and fraud charges. the outbreak in 2012 killed 64
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people and sickened 700 others. live look at portland, oregon, from fox 2. planned by state lawmakers to protect recreational marijuana users from having their identifying information exposed. the proposal wouldn't require pot shops to destroy personal information of customers. that's tonight's live look that's tonight's live look outside the beltway fromways wi.
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especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> james: welcome back to "special report" on an extraordinary news day. judge neil gorsuch, president trump's nominee to the supreme court, was back in front
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of marathon hearings. it's still going on. >> i've got a copy of the transcript from that day. the remarks you were supposedly praising were made and are recorded on page 53 of the transcript which i offer into the record and i ask unanimous consent to offer portions of the transcript and a copy of the email into the record. >> james: questioning from senator mike lee of utah, republican, presumably sympathetic. chief legal correspondent shannon bream reports that some of the most significant action in the battle to fill the seat left vacant by the death of antonin scalia took place outside the hearing room. >> i don't wish to get involved in politics. >> that didn't stop committee members from pressing judge neil gorsuch on numerous fronts.
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from comments made by the president to how he would rule on specific issues. >> what worries me is you have been very much able to avoid any specificity, like no one i've ever seen before. >> the principal of the nominees refusal to weigh in on conflicts is widely viewed as having been established by justice ginsburg. >> it would be wrong for me to say how i would cast my vote on questions the supreme court may be called upon to decide. >> historically there has been some level of bipartisan approval of nominees. that gap has narrowed from the days of unanimous confirmation. chief justice roberts was confirmed with the help of 22 democrats. months later, the road was much rougher for justice alito.
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he ultimately made it through 58-42. justice sotomayor war was confirmed with nine g.o.p. votes and five g.o.p. senators voted in favor of justice kagan. republicans hold 52 senate seat seats. democrat leadership is increasingly suggesting it will enforce a procedural hurdle that will require 60 votes. will the g.o.p. invoke the nuclear option and dropped the threshold of 51? >> we will do what's necessary to conform judge gorsuch. >> democrats say not so fast. senator warren tweeting "a lifetime appointment to the supreme court from a president whose campaign is under investigation." >> it is unseemly to be moving forward so fast on confirming a supreme court justice with a lifetime appointment while the
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big gray cloud of an fbi investigation hangs over the presidency. >> nine senators who joined the effort to filibuster justice alito are still in the senate. chuck schumer and dianne feinstein. the last effort to block or filibuster someone was launched by then senator john kerry with support from joe biden, hillary clinton, and barack obama. >> james: shannon bream. thank you. despite promises by federal officials to address problems within the veterans administration, a report finds nearly 30% of calls to the va's suicide hotline were redirected to outside emergency centers. the report says seven previous recommendations to address the problem have not been implemented. house committee on veterans affairs plans to examine the issue next month.
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once an iconic name in american retail, sears has notified the securities and exchange commission there is "substantial doubt that the company will be able to keep its doors open." sears has lost more than 10 billion over six years. analysts believe the company may have passed the tipping point. sears employs 140,000 people. it's been selling assets. mixed bag on wall street. downtown 7 and s&p 500 up 4. nasdaq closed up 28. amid a national debate on how to contend with illegal immigration, maryland house of delegates has approved a bill to make maryland a sanctuary state. one whose law enforcement officers do not cooperate with federal authorities. did delegates vote occurred days after maryland authorities charged to immigrants, one of them confirmed to be here illegally, in the alleged rape
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of a 14-year-old girl. doug mckelway has been on the story and brings us to lead us. >> tv cameras were barred from the pta meeting last night. administrators tried to calm parents. it didn't keep concerned citizens from videotaping from their cell phones. >> i am outraged by the situation. i am a lifelong resident.he cont up social media. one tweet. hot tempers on one side matched by those on the other. >> racist, hate filled rhetoric about different people based on different characteristics. >> controversy heightened by the introduction of an ordinance to make it a sanctuary city.
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she did not respond to requests for interviews. the house of delegates voted this week to make maryland a sanctuary state. the legislation was introduced last month. >> it would outlaw the use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration law. >> denying that the bill provides sanctuaries. >> i have not seen a single legal document that defines what a sanctuary state means. >> americans republican governor larry hogan as having nothing to do with it. >> we are going to do everything we can to kill this bill. >> governor hogan is lashing out at the montgomery county school system for its lack of cooperation with state requests for more information about the rape while voicing the frustrations that many parents have. >> why is an 18-year-old man in
1:28 am
a ninth grade class with 13 and 14-year-old girls? why was his status not known? >> tomorrow governor hogan is tentatively slated to visit an elementary school here in montgomery county. he will be accompanied by a woman who many believed to be the foremost threat to public education status quo, the secretary of education, betsy devos. >> james: thank you. as our viewers know, president trump has vowed to crack down on sanctuary cities and one city that could soon feel the heat is los angeles. the mayor has taken bold steps to protect illegal immigrants. national correspondent william la jeunesse reports. >> you can count on your privacy being protected. >> l.a. declared itself a sanctuary city on tuesday, saying no city employee or official can cooperate with the federal government in
1:29 am
identifying, detaining, or deporting illegal immigrants. >> we don't separate children from their families. we don't demonize our hard-working neighbors because they speak a different language or come from a different countr country. >> we look to be able to strike the balance between public safety and public trust. >> l.a. county sheriff, his patrol deputies don't enforce immigration law but he opposes policy that bans police from communicating with i.c.e. he is one of the few politicians, mcdonnell, opposing statewide sanctuary bill. >> we can allow i.c.e. access to the individuals. that's one of the main reasons i look at senate bill 54 as something that's unnecessary at
1:30 am
this point. >> california man -- may enact policy other states have introduced bills to penalize sanctuary cities financially. mississippi became the first state to pass such a bill. trump administration claims that sanctuary policies are illegal and vowed to withhold millions and federal funds. we expect a statement from the department of justice tomorrow. a spokes man at homeland security told me they are trying to come up with what level of noncompliance defines a sanctuary city. >> james: william la jeunesse in los angeles. syrian arab fighters looking to evict a terror group isis from the city of raqqa have the deployed enemy lines -- deployed behind enemy lines. coalition spokesman said
1:31 am
fighters received protective fire from u.s. marines. another attempted missile launch by north korea ended in failure. u.s. officials tell fox news the ballistic missile exploded seconds after it was airborne. north korea launched four ballistic missiles that landed roughly 190 miles from japan. secretary of state rex tillerson refused to take options off the table in dealing with north korea which has been making progress toward developing nuclear weapons that can strike the u.s. an internal battle between the top house intelligence leaders after the chairman asserts intelligence collection netted some members of the trump team, evidence the ranking member said he hasn't seen
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>> james: this is a fox news alert. i am james rosen.
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you're watching "special report." we have an update on the horrific events in london. police saying that the suspect in the london attack was inspired by international terrorism. officers believe they know the individual's identity. they have not yet revealed his. the attacker plowed his car into a crowd of pedestrians on westminster bridge, then attacked a policeman with a knife inside the gates of the parliament building while the prime minister was nearby. police shot the attacker, who is now dead. four innocent people are also dead and at least 40 others, up from 20, including french teenagers, romanian tourists, are wounded, some quite badly. stephen hayes, david catanese, lisa boothe and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, you have reported on a lot of terrorist incidents and actions.
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scotland yard fairly firm and its conclusion. >> has all the hallmarks. comes on the one-year anniversary of the brussels attacks. looks a lot like, in-kind, like the attacks and nice, the attack at ohio state. the big question will be, is this isis inspired? is it potentially isis directed? what we learned about that? part of a network, part of a broader network? have they communicated, had he communicated with others about the attack? was there planning, what are the ties to transnational terrorist groups? we want those questions answered quickly. >> james: other stories with event tracking but quickly, david, does an event like this have the potential to perhaps change the way people view these executive orders on immigration by president trump? >> it may in the short span but news moves so fast that, and
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frankly, these attacks are becoming more and more common that i think it's harder to get people focused on them and to feel like there's a sense of urgency because they have become normal. what i thought was interesting, striking about this, the way president trump reacted. it was a tempered response. it was a statement saying he had spoken to the prime minister, theresa may, and that we would as a nation stand with britain. but it wasn't automatically pointing to radical islamic terrorism like it was pointing right to isis, as he showed at some points during the campaign. i think either that was reined in by some of his advisors, a more tempered approach. >> james: very measured and very presidential. the president also commented today on the extraordinary allegation unschooled by the
1:38 am
house intelligence committee chairman, devin nunes, republican of california, who alleged he's seen official intelligence community evidence that some members of the trump transition team possibly including president-elect trump himself were swept up in a dragnet of legal but inappropriate surveillance. followed by statements from the ranking member on the intelligence committee. let's look at how it's unfolded. >> i have confirmed additional names of trump transition team members were unmasked. what i've read bothers me, and i think it should bother the president himself and his team because i think some of it seems to be inappropriate. >> reporter: was the president correct in what he tweeted? >> it's possible. speak with the committee has not received the intercepts and it's impossible for us to evaluate wt
1:39 am
the chairman has said. >> i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact they found what they found. >> james: charles, is president trump right to claim some measure of vindication? >> well, we don't know. there's so much about this dh report that we don't know. we don't know what kind of communication was intercepted, i assume it was legal. i assume therefore it involved a foreign person, for example, an ambassador. he told us it had nothing to do with the russians. this is not new. we have known that the idea that obama ordered the tapping of trump, there's no evidence for that. there has also been a second story we have talked about continually which is that there appears to have been for sure
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illegal, if not illegal, improper unmasking of americans appeared we know that is so because of the flame the unmasking piglet we didn't know until today, did it apply? did it involve wiretaps that did not involve the russians? we don't know if this is listing it on trump operatives, trump himself, or whether it is chatter by others about the trump transition. until we know about those questions, we are in the dark, the same way the leading democrat on the committee is in the dark. >> james: there were some veiled allegations lodged at chairman nunes today, to the effect that he was unmasking america-u.s. persons, perhaps including president trump. the democratic national committee put out a statement saying that the chairman was involved in "a protection racket for donald trump."
1:41 am
>> depending on what information continues to surface in relation to it, there's been so much focus on the trump administration, the allegations against president obama and the obama administration but perhaps there should be a closer look at the obama administration. when you put the allegations out there, saying we have the additional unmasking of u.s. citizens, the fact that there is been personal information with little to no foreign intelligence value that was widely disseminated. you put that in the backdrop of "the new york times" article about the obama administration rushing to preserve intelligence in relation to the russian hacking. also the backdrop of the obama administration rushing to change the rules at the nsa to make the reporting more widely available, it certainly does raise questions. i think we don't know enough yet. perhaps our needs to be a closer look at the obama administration and what they were doing. >> james: lisa reese is the point about the directive in the
1:42 am
final days of the obama presidency whereby the rules were loosened to allow nsa intercept information to be shared more broadly across the intelligence community. one former high ranking republican writing me today telling me that changing the rule in that way ensured this kind of information would be spread more widely and be more easily legally leaked. what have you discovered about the decision to change the rules governing how widely this can be shared? >> not much. the reality is there is so much we don't know. there is an elaborate game of telephone taking place. nobody knows much about what's happened. that is what is so striking. we call our sources. my sources are your sources.
1:43 am
you call around and nobody can give you the full picture and that is sort of the nature of what we are talking about. much of the information is compartmentalize. not supposed to be widely share shared. their claims that chairman nunes is making today, he is implying there may have been reversed targeting. they may have sought to collect more on trump-associated individuals by broadening the collection against foreign persons. there's the question about improper unmasking. did it take place? but we haven't seen evidence of it. this is what is infuriating, these answers are knowable. somewhere there is paperwork that can answer these questions in an expedited fashion bird we ought to see it.
1:44 am
we are beginning to look like a banana republic. we need to have radical transparency on these questions and we need it now. >> it should be clear, incidentally collected, which is what the chairman said today, is different than what president trump's allegation wa was. i think that bears more questions but democrats are in a tizzy now. we need more transparency. they are saying that nunes spoke to the media talking about classified information and it's wrong to go to the media first, so now it's a partisan issue. they want a special commission. there's a question within the intelligence the political community, how much should they be revealing? should comey have been more forthcoming? is there to watch out now? >> what chairman nunes said today also threatens in essence to expand the entire matter
1:45 am
beyond the russian investigation. not just talking about the unmasking and the leaks but perhaps what he calls inappropriate surveillance unrelated on the trump transition. do you have a problem with the way that chairman nunes handled it? >> he is in a position that is utterly impossible. he should have spoken with the democratic colleagues first, his committee first and then perhaps the press and then the president. i'm not sure exactly what the rush was to go to the white house but these are smaller matters. the big matter is what is in the intercept? what disturbed him? we have to know and it's going to have to be released. sooner the better. >> james: the first person he should have reached out to was me. ten they get the votes to repeal and replace obamacare? we will talk about it. stay with us
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..ay with us
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>> take a vote tomorrow in the house. >> they don't have the votes. we believe they need to start over tomorrow. >> start over, do this thing right. >> we still haven't seen the movement we bond. >> i think he's going to have to give conservatives the table. >> we are not losing votes come up we are adding votes, and were getting really, really close. >> james: the movement was fast-moving on capitol hill, claiming that the g.o.p. leadership efforts to repeal and replace obamacare this week is heading in the right direction numbers-wise despite some strong words from wayward conservatives in his own flock saying, in
1:50 am
essence, mr. speaker, you and the president do not have the votes you need. let's bring back our panel. lisa boothe, you have spoken with mark meadows, kind of the ringleader here of this effort to force changes on his own party's leadership in the white house. what did you learn? >> full disclosure, used to work for him. i think they are willing to play ball. some of the things they are looking at and asking for our ticket rate of title i and the essential health benefits, sort of looking at that and hoping to drive down premiums even further. i think they're willing to play ball. i think there was conversation happening. but i don't think they have the votes and less some concessions are made paid the question with some of those concessions, especially looking at the essential health benefits is come up with that invoke or trigger or violate the byrd rule in the senate. i think that is what they are looking at and some of these conversations that are happenin happening. but i think right now, they don't have the votes if this were to come before today.
1:51 am
>> new mexico one congressman meadows changed his own rule a bit, let's hear from his most recent set of comments. >> we are making great progress. we are not there yet. we are willing to work as late as it takes tonight and hopefully at least make sure that any unresolved issues get some resolution. >> and one of the congressman's colleagues, jim jordan, republican of ohio, and he had some very strong words today. >> this bill was rolled out three weeks ago. we were told it was a binary choice. the only amendment being offered by leadership, no other amendments allowed to be offered. no witnesses showed up at the hearings. no witnesses allowed to testify. that is the kind of legislative process that supposed to happen they quit his country in the world? >> james: steve, your thoughts? >> i think the leadership is about five to seven votes short right now. they are working hard to bring
1:52 am
people aboard. i think you are right to point out the change in tone from mark meadows. the most striking development of the day. it's not just that he says they are working together and talking, it sounds like he wants to be with leadership on this. that's something we really haven't seen much from the freedom caucus until this point. and if you've gotten them hammering out the details of some of these changes and expressing their interest in being aboard the bill, that is quite a change. >> james: david, president trump likes to invoke comparisons of himself with president andrew jackson, but it seems to me in this particular context where he is trying to twist arms here, his model might more be lyndon johnson getting the johnson treatment to these lawmakers. do you see president trump attempting that and getting that? >> this is where his wheelhouse is, right? his whole campaign, i should say, was based on the art of the deal. well, it really doesn't matter if they have the votes right
1:53 am
now. it matters if they have the votes in 24 hours, 8:00 tomorrow night, at 9:00, i think it will be a late night. that is what matters. i think so much is going to happen over the next 24 hours. what i'm hearing from administrative sources is that trump's pitch is broader. does he really care what is in the pill or does he want to find something in the bill? what he is saying is, moderate and conservatives, hey, get on board and we can do so much other bigger things, tax reform, tax cuts, infrastructure, immigration. let's get past this. if we don't, it is going to sink us. >> james: charles krauthammer, do you see president trump in this moment facing a make or break moment? >> well, it is early in the presidency to save make or brea break. but it would certainly really damage the trump presidency. and that's why i think, in the end, these things happen in every presidency. but when you have the fate of the presidency and the fate of a
1:54 am
speakership hanging on the road, hard to see that in the end his own party will repudiate him. we saw in the early '90s, the clinton administration, and a tax hike that went on to the last minute, and a once-member of congress, marjorie, one vote to put clinton over the top, she lost her seat as a result of that. i would add is a happy note, she gained a daughter not since her son married to chelsey. i'm not sure that's going to happen in this case. i think, in the end, so much at stake, and i think there is a cruise option or he is suggesting that they take a risk and that a change in what is called the coverage mandate. all of the things that obamacare requires that you have in your plan, which is the worst part of the deal, that they are promising now, the hhs secretary
1:55 am
will take out. conservatives are saying a new hhs secretary could restore it, so we wanted in the law. i think that would be a reasonable offer to give conservatives. and that would ensure its passage. >> james: we just heard from congressman mo brooks, another member of the house freedom caucus, recalcitrant conservatives that hope nothing has changed for him. we'll have to keep an eye on this. the president and the house g.o.p. leadership can only suffer 21 defections from republicans if we assume that all of the democrats vote no against this effort at repealing obamacare. thank you all, panel. that will do it for the panel. but stay tuned. we have the online show coming tonight, also, when we come back, an unexpected guest on the new york city subway system. ♪
1:56 am
1:57 am
♪ >> james: finally, tonight, on a date where we could all use a laugh, a viral video showing a source of many chuckles across the big apple last week when an unexpected visitor showed up on the tracks of the new york city subway system and members of new york's finest, the nypd, were ready. >> all in a days work. all in a days work. all in a days work.
1:58 am
>> james: officers kevin conway and michael black helped this confused dock off the tracks were it was splashing around in dirty water. the offers escorted the friend to a nearby park and let it waddle off with a warning instead of the usual $50 fine. as a native new yorker, i can tell you i've encountered more than a few quacks below ground in gotham. that's going to do it for "special report." in a few moments, this makes special edition of "special report" online. up next, "the first 100 days," hosted by our great friend and colleague, martha maccallum, starts right now. ♪
1:59 am
bridge lose the arrests were made overnight. >> intelligence reports clearly show the president-elect and tes
2:00 am
under surveillance. >> "fox and friends" first starts right now. abby: you are watching and friends first on thursday morning the day somber morning. rob: we begin with the deadly terror rampage. abby: police making several arrests in birmingham linking the attack outside the british parliament, four people i did including a suspect, 29 others injured. a terrorist plowed through a crowded sidewalk, video showing a woman forced to jump into the river below.


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